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  1. Nineball

    Happy birthday MARLIN MIKE

    Happy B-day Happyhappy B-day!
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    WTB-Seine netting or similar for batting cage

    He still does have the whole kit and kabootal. he said it is supported with aircraft cable so you can collapse it. He has a two-tire jugs pitching machine that he said might need bearings lubed, etc the frame was bent in a snowstorm but he went ahead and had everything fixed. when I asked...
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    WTB-Seine netting or similar for batting cage

    I will ask my boss if he still has his old batting cage. I think a windstorm messed up the frame some years ago iirc. His kids are grown now. He might still have it. Long shot but I will ask him today.
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    Double Ooops

    oh I got your answer... as soon as this state ain’t blue. oh sorry, I think that was out loud
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    Hood Canal/South Sound Chum Advice

    Yeah, maybe. I don’t know why you would keep a chum though. They are fun to catch! and I’m sure there are going to be others that say if you do this, or that, they are good to eat. I’m just not a fan of pink or chum.
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    Hood Canal/South Sound Chum Advice

    Dabob bay coho is probably good. I was on the pier at Bangor yesterday and the seiners were right out front.
  7. Nineball

    Vancouver (WA) Mule/Hold & A Report

    So, I’ve got Matts hunting gear, Ricks thrashers, and Eriks puller. I have space so no concern there but it might make sense if everything went over to the East side at once. I’ll let you fellers figure it out
  8. Nineball

    Need manual transmission rebuild Seattle area

    Well shoot, Shouldn’t you provide some type of specifics. Not everybody works on everything. i had a ‘69 GTO that ate Muncie 4-speeds for breakfast. young and dumb on my 3rd transmission when sold that puppy for$600 (455BB baby) god I regret doing that now
  9. Nineball

    WP 10/8 tuna

    Boat looks familiar. It’s killing me so I have to ask, was this the same NR that was having trouble with a bilge pump on a Saturday? Only to get called in and take over our bait stop on a Sunday? One crew with a cowboy hat and another working iron off the bow??? Goddam we were sure tickled...
  10. Nineball

    End of season clearance

    I feel ya, but this isn’t Craigslist. If a BD member burns another member SHAME on them! That’s why shit gets sold on this classified’s. And yes, I would like to be in line for either of the thrash/Avet rigs
  11. Nineball

    Anyone in Bremerton, that could bring something over to Seattle (general area)?

    I could pick up for you but I don’t go over the bridge very often. I am picking up a pot puller for blindpig and it needs to go to the northend btw
  12. Nineball

    Westport albacore fly rod madness

    Great stuff! I inquired about the flies after first trip and Guy was gracious enough to send out a care package for free!! unfortunately, I had them prepped for the last trip but ran out the door in a hurry and left them behind.
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    End of season lead melt

    Disclaimer: This is a superficial and totally fabricated lead melt. It sounds like fun though.
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    End of season lead melt

    You know you lost a thing or two. Keep eye on weather. Seahawks lead melt and gear swap (Or just whatever) At Patrick’s place Sunday at 10am kickoff Somewhere in backwoods gig harbor. With special guests happydaze and southsounder and maybe Minnesotadave and Toomanyhobbits and bigeater among...
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    Ryder’s Big Westport salmon

    And OBS love! nice job making memories
  16. Nineball

    Weather conditions?

    Good luck. If you make it to tuna waters they absolutely picked the 2 x-raps out of our spread multiple times. One was purple and the other in chartreuse and it was decided early on that the 20 size was outworking the 30 size
  17. Nineball

    3 br House chico area

    Not that you are going to have any problems finding a buyer, but yes, my coworker was not ending on a good note locally (Couple deals fell through) and he just got keys for a place in Tacoma. I will share the info with the Bangor crowd
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    Electric Scooter

    Fuk that thing is sexy kinda like a backwards can-am:boobies:
  19. Nineball

    The partY happened near 126

    Alright fine, I can spread some gossip @TooManyHobbies , @slicklasers, @skagittarius, and I got to ride out “towards” the 126 courtesy of @Captain Decent on the Bert. Iced up and a couple of scoops and away we went as it turns out we threw a private party before the 126 and y’all missed out...
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    Tough day of Westport

    She thinks your boat is sexxxxxx-aaaaaaAAAAYYYY it really turns her on...... the promiscuous shark that is
  21. Nineball

    Quick Westport salmon report

    Nice Andy Those gallons look nice and chilly in their ice casket
  22. Nineball

    Experienced Ho.

    Erik is a hali whisperer, oh and ling too but we won’t talk about that debacle I caused being a pussy and grabbing a $2 goodwill net from cabelas instead of gaff. POS Fiberglass mutha-f’er anyways:Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
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    Tough day of Westport

    Were you guys baiting for them on purpose or were they fouling up a bait stop?
  24. Nineball

    WTB Suzuki prop

    Yup, they just fixed my 4 blade powertech for $280. Throw it in a lock box after hours, once they call you that it’s done- pay by phone. Then pick up out of lock box. that was easiest on my work schedule
  25. Nineball

    Westport info needed

    Mikey can clean his spatula as fast as he likes dammit
  26. Nineball

    Yellow spots under Albie skin ??

    So, Covid has been around for years.... i always take the those scraped off spots and add it to my chicken broth for extra flava
  27. Nineball

    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    That’s a different take on it. amperage counts on some level, but treagers aren’t based on current. It’s a basic closed loop PID system (without using any derivative). Sounds like the thermocouple is to blame here. If you decide to scrap it, please give me a shout before you do. But yes: my...
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    Westport info needed

    Bait my ass, that sounds fucking phenomenal beats the hell out of my standard hungry whale BBQ burritos
  29. Nineball

    It's Been A Long Time! Epic Saturday!

    Yeah, we had a long ride back in on Friday due to the windshield coming loose. Didn’t get to gather any info and wasn’t even sure it was fixable on the fly. We did make good time on the fix Saturday morning and had bait and ice heading over the bar at 1030. At least the water was nice and...
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    Westport info needed

    Nice to know, is there a preference on zee beers? Speaking gringo spanish doesn’t help from the scoop I got Saturday LOL
  31. Nineball

    It's Been A Long Time! Epic Saturday!

    Glad you guys got into them. I didn’t get the memo I guess. Ran SW 30/20 and found Pepe Le Pew
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    WP Labor Day weekend

  33. Nineball

    WP Labor Day weekend

    Who is in? looking at tomorrow, possibly Saturday.
  34. Nineball

    Any one move from a 3/4-ton to 1/2-ton and regret it?

    But between bowtie, mopar, and blue there a clear winner? LOL just kidding, hashed out a thousand times over on this board sorry Matt, carry on
  35. Nineball

    Open truck: Portland to Seattle

    Hey Siri, pm Eric can you please bring me a steak dinner from the acrop with live footage thank you
  36. Nineball

    Tuna and such....

    Jeff, That shit ain’t fair man! Super jealous nice work you dirty rottens, even when that weren’t from 2day, it still is cool az FUK
  37. Nineball

    Electrical Panel Help

    I could buy that, I do like knowing when power is back on after certain lights are lit up though
  38. Nineball

    Electrical Panel Help

    Don’t forget to wire in your 10 circuit gentran while you’re at it
  39. Nineball

    Place to stay in the San Juan’s?

    Don’t be making no babies now Andre, there is no rut either this year
  40. Nineball

    7n Crab bait

    Apologize For the highjack: I paid over $7 for dam Atlantic salmon heads at the shop-n-cart last weekend BTW, I don’t know how you would use a 1 day old fish cark because that Nosy F&G dude that boarded my vessel without asking permission opened every hatch and cooler questioned where I got...
  41. Nineball

    Your Tanacom 750 may need service if...

    I bet Benjamin threw up just at the sight of that picLOL 🤢
  42. Nineball

    1998 26’ Osprey for sale

    We already know how it unfolds, some lucky bastard is going to end up with a bad ass ride
  43. Nineball

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    New lower is ready for install, all before the tuners buy their tickets for the 40 mile ice ride
  44. Nineball

    WTS Complete Scuba Setup

    Well then hit me up for your boat seat if you are in the General area. I have the cushion for it too. Been saving it for ya
  45. Nineball

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    Traded the boat for a mid-life crisis
  46. Nineball

    WP slip aug

    Main I have problems with my lower unit:1041677399:
  47. Nineball

    WP slip aug

    Engine problems Vance.
  48. Nineball

    WP slip aug

    Spoken for
  49. Nineball

    WP slip aug

    Had to wrap up my time in WP early. If anyone wants a slip until the end of the month PM me
  50. Nineball

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    Dr Curran calling dr Curran room 206 please
  51. Nineball

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    Agreed thanks for the hospitality
  52. Nineball

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    Never happened
  53. Nineball

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    I am dragging ass and not going to leave today. If anyone wants the camp site for tonight pm me. You could listen to DB and MM tell lies. If anyone knows that it will give property management a case of the red ass then please chime in.
  54. Nineball

    Surfboard wanted WP aug

    I guess I envisioned a short board, thanks
  55. Nineball

    Surfboard wanted WP aug

    regular stand up board for my 15-yr olds to mess around with.
  56. Nineball

    Surfboard wanted WP aug

    I know I can spend a bunch of money and rent by the hour but I’m looking for a reasonable daily rate next week. Or sweet deal on used board. Does anybody have anything they currently aren’t using? Long shot I understand edit: I sure fucked this up
  57. Nineball

    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    Hey one gash I called out for you on 16 that one day and you never got back to me 🖕
  58. Nineball

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    You forgot about stripers with etecs Kinda sorta the same thing without a back roundhouse and a 2liter bottle involved if you know what I mean
  59. Nineball

    Need to borrow outriggers.

    PM’d you Chris
  60. Nineball

    Alright I peeked

    Is that when Patrick is the only one out there?LOL The last time he had to have Daniel stop cutting up fish for a few minutes and I was like:eek:
  61. Nineball

    Alright I peeked

    Thanks Squared is too sporty for my crew. I don’t mind missing days either. Good info here thank you!
  62. Nineball

    Alright I peeked

    6aug2020 Westport Large tide swing do it really need to cross before 5am and come back across around 4 pm? what say you? Those in the know?
  63. Nineball

    WTB: bean bag

    Thanks Norm i will be hiding some packaged Q-coves (in not so appealing colors LOL) for you to find. Call it Easter at the mayors house
  64. Nineball

    WTB: bean bag

    Deal Thank you!
  65. Nineball

    WTB: bean bag

    Anybody have one they can part with? Should be in WP by 8/4.
  66. Nineball

    How is L1

    Best wishes to to you and your family. Hope 2021 season gets back to normal and we can all see you out there!
  67. Nineball

    26' Duckworth Offshore

    Maybe the dude in Juneau wants to trade???
  68. Nineball

    How is L1

    his posts are missed, hope all is well. @TexMojoII
  69. Nineball

    WP Slip available

    Twerent me dang it. Nice chatting with you tho Bud.
  70. Nineball

    WP trailer parking

    Pm sent bud
  71. Nineball

    WP trailer parking

    Got moorage for Aug/sept. Is that field where lots of trailers are usually parked safe for longer term or should I run the trailer back to Kitsap?
  72. Nineball

    2019 parker 2120

    Sounds like a case of wifey tells me I must sell the boat if you ask me:D btw there are more pics on the CL ad. GLWS
  73. Nineball

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    Very informative Benjamin👍
  74. Nineball

    No complaints

    Cool pic with the youngster guarding the catchLOL
  75. Nineball

    ARSC is Bloody!

    Holy shit Eric You have tremendous height AND eyesight I presumeLOL bring’em home Mark, I like being right
  76. Nineball

    Road trip 2020

    Dam, closed due to covid restrictions>:(
  77. Nineball

    The moment the light goes on. Searching old posts.

    Another item I remember Benjamin talking about is a pair of miniature bolt cutters stashed in a vac seal bag. I’d hate be in a position to need to cut a barb off but having those would certainly end the agony faster. Since I already have a spare lanyard these are next on my list.
  78. Nineball

    Road trip 2020

    So I planned out a quick little road trip for next week with the kiddos. Never seen the Oregon coast or redwoods. camping was by reservation only and sparse but I was able to get: Night> 1) Jesse honeyman Planning to make reservations first thing tomorrow with Ridin dirty ATV for some...
  79. Nineball

    Bloodydecks gear review

    God dammit Ben, why? 🤮🤢
  80. Nineball

    best shrimp bait for a rookie?

    Duh Definitely green bank. that’s tatoosh in the background and Canada off in the distance
  81. Nineball

    Etec’s toast....

    Still at 1/3 can after 20 years. It’s the good shit. Ford had the same stuff in the 90’s. I would guess somebody is still making it
  82. Nineball


    I predict first 2020 wash landed longfin on this beauty! On the 4th of July LOL And where’s mojo??
  83. Nineball

    I need a new marine insurance policy.

    If you switch to Pete (Nova) from anchor make sure you send in a cancellation form. It’s not like when you don’t pay auto and you aren’t covered, they assume you still need coverage and you will get a bill within a couple of months. But even if you find yourself in this pickle, guess what...
  84. Nineball

    wtb Rehau 2080 style fittings

    Mostly 3/4” stuff but willing to share
  85. Nineball

    Fine China

    das boot
  86. Nineball

    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    Traeger on smoke setting =160° +-20°, pellet feed is minimal turn up to 275° for cooking whatever, usually brisket any other use of the tool financially makes zero sense, although I admit I haven’t tried a pizza at 400 for 20 minutes or less for high heat sear have a small charcoal grill...
  87. Nineball

    Someone here NEEDS a project

    I thought it had the look of a swisher sweet too, but there is no evidence of a “correctly installed” BTW clamshell in the pics aside from all the sarcasm above, it’s a nice looking tin can
  88. Nineball

    Someone here NEEDS a project

    I thought it had the look of a swisher sweet too, but there is no evidence of a “correctly installed” BTW clamshell in the pics aside from all the sarcasm above, it’s a nice looking tin can
  89. Nineball

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    I see what you did there! Now you are in the “sharing motor parts” group with Patrick and Mark. sweet ride and well done by all
  90. Nineball

    Neah bay reservations

    I got a call from mike a week and half ago. It is on hold until things open. Your moorage is still good even though it might be August. I planned on being there the first 10 days of August anyways so it works for me.
  91. Nineball

    Clearing the air

    I believe the term is called infant mortality
  92. Nineball

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    Somebody’s Arlo is going to go off one of these times and god help the beating the toothless fucker that finally gets caught will endure. we should keep a tally..... for every thread that has been posted up on here, the gibberish talkin underbite gummin waste of oxygen gets another boot to the...
  93. Nineball

    Is defiance expanding?

    Just drove home by the airport and see a new building going in between the storefront and the build shops. Whatever it is, it’s going to be ginormous. I was just wondering if maybe the tin lineup was getting more work space.
  94. Nineball

    Mac's Prop Saver - Model #3 (fits 9.9's)

    Good deal! No reason to spend any more money on the adventure marine SS after trying both GLWS
  95. Nineball

    New Qcove flashers, Tica, Lamiglas, Scotty bases, rod holders, DR Balls, circle hooks, Goldstar

    Dang it Brian. My PM went through first lol .... sent you pm if you want to split’em
  96. Nineball

    Titan/Dico Model 10 actuator

    I have a brand new reverse solenoid laying around somewhere if anybody is interested in this. Freebee
  97. Nineball

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    So, basically what PATrick said
  98. Nineball

    Seat and prop

    It’s all yours. No rush, we can find a way to get it to PA. I will be heading to Neah for Hali opener on May 16. kidding on that date BTW! I’m just dreaming
  99. Nineball

    Seat and prop

    Bump Prop is gone this would make an excellent barbers chair!!
  100. Nineball

    Winter boat projects...

    Oh my! That looks badass! My brother found us one of these last month
  101. Nineball

    Seat and prop

    I took Ryan’s pimpanette seat off of this full height base and swapped it with this older Todd seat. Note: the plastic handles are not turning the stainless nuts for adjustments, plastic is stripped I also have this SS prop off of my old OMC cobra ski boat. Michigan 14 1/2” x17 wheel is...
  102. Nineball

    Simrad TM275LHW

    Sent Thank you!
  103. Nineball

    Simrad TM275LHW

    Looks like one would spend around $1600 for this unit. Does anyone know of any rebates, deals, reach-arounds, or COOP-UNS before I get serious with an online retailer?
  104. Nineball

    Fishing closure statewide

    You have got to be fucking kidding me, but at least the punch card is full for the year:finger:
  105. Nineball

    New Radio and Antenna

    Not directly related to your thread but I took the advice of this board and picked up one of these as well
  106. Nineball

    Whomp there it is

    Makah res is shut down at least until May15
  107. Nineball

    Best video ever. Fuckers

    And giving Patrick’s banquet a shake LOL
  108. Nineball

    FREE COVID Cleanout stuff

    I vote for west side lead pour at Jason’s abode. Maybe next year though. Nice place!
  109. Nineball

    New wiring on TJ - diagram

    What is the recommended heat source? And if it changes to an iron for smaller gauges please address that as well I have some marine connections to make in my very near future and I’d rather work to the advice of this board before anything else
  110. Nineball

    Best knife

    God damnit elaine and I know Charlie is still lurking thumbs up BBJ! It’s far from degrading
  111. Nineball

    Connecting Main Engine to a trolling motor

    There is an EZ-steer option for a gen1 etec. It uses 4 existing bolts for the lower shroud and comes with 1/4” longer hardware. It works ok but like discussed above it requires leaning out quite far and if that detent set screw needs adjustment underway it requires a few curse words.
  112. Nineball

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Sum bitch just took out Joe Diffie😠
  113. Nineball


    Somewhere in A7 Thank you Steve and Becky
  114. Nineball

    Fishing closure statewide

    Very well said, Inquiring minds want to know. When is the last time you fished with BV? When is the next time you will fish with BV? Who the hell Is Tuesday? And did BV have anything to do with the barbed hook conundrum of 2013? Also, was that halibut real or photoshopped? Did just a...
  115. Nineball

    Bennett’s time capsule

    The item with the most hours of use by my boys thus far has been a sleeping bag for those chilly, early morning runs out to the grounds :)
  116. Nineball

    WTB galv rims

    Appreciate the offer Eric. The other leads didn’t quite work out for me, so I’m looking for something closer to home.
  117. Nineball

    WTB galv rims

    That is still worth the trip. I’m planning on running to the East side on Friday. I will let you know
  118. Nineball

    SOLD Case 530CK Backhoe (Diesel) SOLD

    I have a few pistons and a couple sleeves from my old case 310B that the buyer can have. What is really worth the time to pick up is a complete injection pump that has been soaking in diesel for the last 15 years. The engine was a 188.
  119. Nineball

    New bait stop platform

    That’s called a true slalom
  120. Nineball

    WTB galv rims

    Yes sir
  121. Nineball

    WTB galv rims

    I could use a couple galvanized rims of the 14”-5 lug variety. Anybody have anything laying around? thanks
  122. Nineball

    OP Derby

    I stumbled upon a goat limping down the highway in Bremerton. she just needs a couple of bandaid’s. Good as new! She stills looks good from far:D
  123. Nineball

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Uncle sugar just sent me home for 2 weeks on admin. Shucky darns
  124. Nineball

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    You basically slide the decimal two places to the left. So roughly, $490 for what I bought.
  125. Nineball

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    I saw Salmonator heading towards the narrows bridge Monday morning! alright, so here is my report. Took trains and busses throughout the morning to hit up the Joshuya place. I have only found 1 tackle shop in Yokosuka and he wanted almost 50,000 yen for a used 500. i found team sency a nice...
  126. Nineball

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    24 hour/day tackle
  127. Nineball

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    @Redzwulf have you confirmed differences in the 750’s? I have heard the same “potential” for problems with my grey market kubota, but when I needed parts they were not an issue. if you will turn away service on a 750 that has Japanese characters on the face, well then I would definitely take...
  128. Nineball

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    Yup, ‘Twas team sency who said the 500’s get it done. no more cat for me! I think the squirrels ate him!o_O
  129. Nineball

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    I will be there for the next week and a half. I know that eBay sells lots of used tanacom from there. In fact, I bought my 750 bull on eBay a couple years ago for$240 + $40ship. I’ve been looking on the internet and YouTube for places to find the used market over there. I did find a youtube...
  130. Nineball

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Got any more pics of that beaut
  131. Nineball

    Video of Running into a Gale in the Straits of June De Fuca

    Awesome videos by all. I remember trying (keyword) to Hali fish out of PA when BS like this came on fast. Makes one learn the respect real fast. I hi-tailed it back in because I was in a sixteen footer with an iron duke. rod, I also have that same glorious memory of running SW for tuna on...
  132. Nineball

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Ummmm, it seems like MAYBE.... this should have been part of the podium discussion at the captains meeting. I definitely was not made aware of the info. Disclaimer; I was not a part of said side pot.
  133. Nineball


  134. Nineball

    Life raft 350.00

    And it’s $350 for a 6 man!! great deal
  135. Nineball

    15 HP Kicker, 1.25 hrs. Still under warranty

    The kicker in question was promptly returned after the season was over. It is for my baby Arima side project. Andres is a solid dude. Suggest getting a T8 or T9.9 at 120lbs and enough thrust to keep you moving back to port.
  136. Nineball


    I got the first bottle of makers mark to give to @Cohoho we can make our own prize pack
  137. Nineball


  138. Nineball

    It was a great day, turned bad

    I propose a side bet......uh-hmmm Everyone who PayPal’s me at [email protected] right now will receive the entire payoff kitty if your post is directly above the post we expect to receive from MO explaining the whole situation Now, how much is a TM275lhw? it’s still winter Garrett, and yes I...
  139. Nineball

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Yes you missed the funny It is mark we are talking about, classy peeps
  140. Nineball

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Upon calling again, scott is taking calls and agrees that this has gone on too long. people are being reasonable, good luck Benjamin and Travis.
  141. Nineball

    It was a great day, turned bad

    I tried calling Ryan, scott, and Shannon, in that order. voicemails for everyone, which I didn’t leave one. Tried 3x let’s get this sorted out folks. It shouldn’t be a big deal, I know I ain’t nobody, but let’s not forget who stood on the podium last year.
  142. Nineball

    Vinyl boat wrappers -- need recommendation

    :eek: Makes that bowtie look like a toy truck
  143. Nineball

    Neah Bay Moorage

    Thanks for the heads up. I called for about 30 minutes until boo picked up. Got the 1st and 3rd weeks booked in H23 at the end of the dock. He said there will be somebody behind me on a 56' dock. I did not confirm the price.
  144. Nineball

    Something wicked this way comes

    Apparently, you're going to need a chaperone
  145. Nineball


    Dibs on the old shit
  146. Nineball

    Neah Bay Moorage

    We should start a floatilla and get Ryan's pontoon for a ferry Just kidding, I do love the place and supporting the community. Washburns has what you need usually. My kids have been there every year of their lives. The gym, the Eagles, hiking flattery trail, finding the mouth of the waatch...
  147. Nineball

    Sportco/Outdoor Emporium Membership - What's up?

    Do you know how to tell if you have a problem??? If somebody says to you , "you have a problem!" And yes Chris..........
  148. Nineball


    If say things worked out just fine!! Thanks Vance
  149. Nineball


    120 for a BDBBF/CM and I will PP ya. No neon rose will be negotiated
  150. Nineball

    World Cat 266sf

    Off to Louisiana
  151. Nineball

    Made an app

    Post 2 caught me off guard. After reading first post I gather that you are not too many years ahead of my boys. If they took the initiative that you have for fishing I would certainly be behind them. Welcome to BD....carry on
  152. Nineball

    Made an app

    This thread just reminds me that that douchbags are everywhere and should not be trusted. Your post #1 was where????
  153. Nineball

    Boot Dressing

    You f’rs had me looking for the Obenauf’s. Yes, they had it at whistle where I just got these bull runs. They gave me 2oz of their beeswax product free sample, and I just beat the hell out of them (heavy on the back) coated, soaked, coated again. Should be ready for action.
  154. Nineball

    New in box, TekotaA 500's for sale

    Guess that ends any debate over stars&stripes...I will take stars thank you very much!
  155. Nineball

    Winter boat projects...

    AKA @Walker Inc.E.dink
  156. Nineball


    It seems like most of us agree on the usage, I do prefer the FG and it works great. Tobec sees things differently and I respect his views. They line up with my initial assertation, that some people think it’s negligent to use external reel friction. I will continue doing what is working for...
  157. Nineball


    Prob j-peps in the bottom and topped off with chick broth. I did a run with my boss after we got back from killing and I forgot to mention that chick broth was an option. I told him to get distilled. Well, it turns out that he could tell the difference (compared to some of my prior results)...
  158. Nineball


    This is exactly what I do, Also its intriguing that the okuma seems to do so well but I will say that I brought a couple in on Ryan’s Bert with an okuma on a wasabi and it performed outstanding
  159. Nineball


    This is exactly what I'm talking about. Not casting. Just feathering line out with a swimmer with enough resistance (like hardly any) to not let the spool pop back-and-forth. At least it sounds like this is typical technique, as it seems best to me. I will replace line over the off season and...
  160. Nineball


    Mike, All of the above. I don't consider myself a dumbass and have been bass/bluegill fishing with a light touch since I was 7. What I'm looking for is how, if it's more correct, does one not thumb the spool if that is indeed what people are capable of with an avet. And yes, I can (and have)...
  161. Nineball


    I need to know some facts. After many years of fishing avets (and many other lever drags) l humbly admit that I don't know about thumbing the reel. Yes, it seems obsurd, I'm a dumbass. I've been getting these barely fixable birdnests while 100% trying not to. What I'm talking about is...
  162. Nineball

    The future...

    I have an aardvark as a pet
  163. Nineball

    WTB apple masher

    Would like to borrow a masher to try a run of asian-pear hard cider. Anybody have anything?
  164. Nineball


    I got a package o' jigs today to split with bugeater. Thanks so much Andre! :food-smiley-014:
  165. Nineball

    Downrigger advice

    You make it seem so enticing, I need to put all the knowledge you gave me last year to the test before the "switcherman effect" is substantiated. There is no disputing what you, Jeff, and "seal team" Steve (my nickname lol) bring to fruition
  166. Nineball


    Roger that I told Andre in in no hurry tho
  167. Nineball


  168. Nineball

    Best tool for the job?

    Jus use a "laser" Jeez Louise
  169. Nineball

    This is going on my next cat...

    Doubles as a bullseye for pukers!
  170. Nineball

    It's winter

    I was waiting (and anticipating) said clarification after I started this train wreck at 0830:D You already have me working too hard to make ceviche for the coworkers, and yes they are asking for the recipe....garrett Over and out bitches
  171. Nineball

    It's winter

    Well fuq It appears that I burnt the flat prior to reaching my temp of 203. It hit 198 during my afternoon vag nap and ran out of pellets. I will let it rest and try my damndest to somehow stomach some of it before throwing out the rest to the squirrels:food-smiley-014: Traeger was running...
  172. Nineball

    It's winter

    LOL Beer stays cold all day! I can run you over a 1/4 of it if your home around 5. It was a 14lb packer
  173. Nineball

    It's winter

    Beeyoops Oh well, it was sprinkled with salt (and pepper) and there is a pan of water involved so it makes the saltwater report section
  174. Nineball

    It's winter

    Brisket is on:finger:
  175. Nineball

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    7 posts up says you DID NOT! Congrats
  176. Nineball

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    Members who liked rimtheoutside's rinky dink postbieber :D:Smoke_Emoticon:
  177. Nineball

    Florida refit

    Oh my!
  178. Nineball

    Ice Tote

    I have the same one as Brian just sitting here waiting to do its job.
  179. Nineball


    All of Patrick's previous threads still apply. We all know what they say. Let's stay on track with a new repower. Congrats bro :cheers:
  180. Nineball


    Andre Im probably your #1 biggest fan, don't get me wrong. I had over 1100 hours on my 17' arima with 75 Etec. Ran like a top the day I sold it. They can go, just don't expect the same hours as a good 4-stroke.
  181. Nineball


    I wasn't finished with that reply but it got sent
  182. Nineball


    Andre Put down the books on making boats and read more about outboard motor
  183. Nineball

    Wp chovies

    Not my parade but the supply/demand business model seeks to make a profit. Price variance is part of the deal usually. Why can't they play along at $100/scoop for a short time? I'm sure people would pay. Captain decent showed me how to make one scoop and one IQF work until we ran low on ice...
  184. Nineball

    Tuna Tuesday?

    Andre If you have time you should pick up this kicker. It's still out in front of the house. I don't need it until next year. Hopefully you don't need to ever make use of it. If you tell me you are coming by I will make sure the tank is full of non -ethanol mix for ya.
  185. Nineball

    Pursuit of Tuna!

    Hey, MFS back in action holding the tuna up to the gods! Good to see you back @MarkFromSea
  186. Nineball

    Saturday Tuna Report

    Best first post of all time :appl:@Dougmoz
  187. Nineball

    Saturday Tuna Report

    We laughed after it happened the second time as Ryan said, "this boat actually hails fish!". Beautiful beast of a boat, great crew, glad to be a part of it and learn a heck of a lot. Ryan is top notch, and he put the hurts to them with iron from the helm (death from above) :jig:
  188. Nineball

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    As in 12lbs?? Anyone else seen a Mikey fish next to their boat (cutting through their spread) since the report I got from well-standing member first hand 3 weeks ago??
  189. Nineball

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    Well, there goes the neighborhood before I got my question out :eek:
  190. Nineball

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    I just went back to the other thread about bleeding. It goes right along with this thread. Care to elaborate just a bit? That thread left off with some folks using fingers to break gills free, others using knives (including MM). After the bleed barrel slurry heading towards the ice box make...
  191. Nineball

    2014 26’ North River Offshore

    Bigger question is: what are are moving up to from here?? Nice ride!
  192. Nineball

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    I heard her say I don't listen well. What!!! She was talking about empathy vs. sympathy, then blah blah blah something
  193. Nineball

    Garibaldi OTC report

    The motor started up on the third pull. It wasn't moving water to the outlet. I shut it down and went to kitsap Marine for a new impeller kit. The parts were installed this weekend and the motor is ready for your pickup. I've texted you my address. It starts first pull now, idles down to...
  194. Nineball

    Trolling squid for salmon

    Are you feeling OK today? Worried about you bruh...
  195. Nineball

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Ho's arent crab bait, well the carc is...
  196. Nineball

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Ready to bring my own tote full of ice when you need crew Brian :cool:
  197. Nineball

    Selling Tuna

    I just grab 2-3 bags of ice from the Hungry whale. Sounds like I need to grab a study session from Benjamin too!
  198. Nineball

    New blob..

    Seems like that's when the humbolts were in the straights
  199. Nineball

    Live bait

    Thanks Patrick L1 has clarified has that before on this board. I still f'd it up. We ran a scouting mission 2 days before the classic and I only had $80 at the time . I said "whatever you can do for $80" He said 1 1/2. I swear there was still two full scoops. Does tipping beer really go...
  200. Nineball

    Live bait

    All newbs on my last trip. We launched and they thought the skipper forgot bait. I laughed and got the tank filling. We got to the bait dock and I told José 2. Handed the Newb holding the stern line the Benjamin and said give this to him. He was staring at Jose when I said "get in". He...
  201. Nineball

    Selling Tuna

  202. Nineball

    Open seats for a fun bottom fish charter

    Not to mention you ARE fishing with Rhett!
  203. Nineball

    Illwaco fishing

    And Travis must be fishing
  204. Nineball

    Illwaco fishing

    There is a guy on this board who will only send proper cords through pm, @Nosecrets i believe. He helps people out all the time.
  205. Nineball

    First Time Tuna

    Now don't take the humor out of Greg's post.:D Seriously tho jim and Andres. Watch out for this walker feller. He is NOT fun to fish with! Don't spend about the same about of money (yes, a little more pp) to ride around and catch oodles of fish in a wonderful ride with room to jump up...
  206. Nineball

    Online fiberglass resin

    Based on Eric spokeloo's input years ago I picked up some raka epoxy from Gulfstream composites. Well priced and free shipping over $100 iirc
  207. Nineball

    Aux Tank WTB or Borrow

    Old school 5's and 7's in the shop. UV time stamped of course
  208. Nineball

    Overnight Float Imminent this Weekend

    My truck overheated the LR brake, put your truck to work and LET'S GO
  209. Nineball

    Overnight Float Imminent this Weekend

    If someome wants to pull the boat over on sun let's Rock
  210. Nineball

    Is this considered Hypothetical

    It will still tow
  211. Nineball

    Tuna Sunday:)

    L2 Guess what setup I deployed to get the iron hookup.......thank you I used it at the end of a baitstop once the newbies were all looking at me (mouth breathing) with no idea how to rebait lol There is certainly a good game of working iron. Kamen did the same thing during my first trip on...
  212. Nineball

    Bait tank, last minute purchase

    I put frozen chovies in a helmet with 2 oz of lead. Toss over side during a convert. One one-thousand....two Bam! Jk But I bet it would work this year
  213. Nineball

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Roger that. I ran out of owners. Had my buddy run over to Defiance before we headed out. I had already called ahead to make sure they had what I needed. They said that they were out of the owners but had a few packs left of the Gama. Lesson learned Of course my newbie crew gave me this...
  214. Nineball

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Bite did not die early for us last week. We didn't have lines in until 10am. 2nd troll convert was wide open and a seasoned crew would have not left them. They were biting iron. Looking back, I should have chummed more because we bagged up lots of healthy swimmers at 3. And Gama #2 ringed...
  215. Nineball

    Garibaldi OTC report

    The kicker has a small tank built in. Get a fuel line with a primer bulb and also a collapsible fuel bladder (or 1 gallon can). While the kicker is running out the first tank of fuel you have time to fill up the aux tank from the main and add oil that you already have onboard.
  216. Nineball

    Garibaldi OTC report

    I've seen you out by seal rock in past years. I also was the first person you met at the ramp for the WTC. You said you were going to fish it solo. I was like "whuht?" I have an old suzi 4hp 2-stroke shortie that you can hang on there for the rest of this season. She ain't been fired up in...
  217. Nineball

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    No My boss jim Mech engineer Matt And "Tommy from the bar" - just a cool dude I promised a fish adventure to. Great guys. I had dinner at blackbeards paid for on the first night and then again at the pinetree the second night!
  218. Nineball

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    I have some expired flares and the need to understand the range of them. You know, it's a safety test of sorts. Sorry that I didn't happen to see the asshole who was nearby:pee: Oh, and I had a newb (my bossLOL) keeping the "boat straight" while I used the 5-gal bucket facilities in the...
  219. Nineball


    That was actually a really helpful maguiver first post. Way better than asking for fintel
  220. Nineball

    WP 8/23

    It was a washing machine going out. Slow going Lines in where I caught our last fish 2 weeks ago 30 /40 Nada 59° Screw that! Picked up and ran to 30/50 when it got 65° bam Bobs cedar plug entices another troll fish. Played that game for a couple of bait stops. Second one was wFo. 2...
  221. Nineball

    WP 8/23

    Me, you, and blindpig all running sw
  222. Nineball

    WP 8/23

    Come on Rod, you have plenty of space in the pantry!
  223. Nineball

    WP 8/23

    Whose in for Friday?
  224. Nineball

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    Heading over tomorrow night to run on Friday
  225. Nineball

    Westport exotic. Not pelagic

    Ain't a DAM thing wrong with a BBQ burrito and a packet of hot sauce with a large coffee!
  226. Nineball

    What kind of baitfish are these?

    I just happened to find these sorting through Kamens gear. I think these will go into the troll spread on Friday
  227. Nineball

    WP fuel

    I took a likin' to the place over spring break. Rented Matt's VRBO and had an amazing house for 5 days. The Tru Value had all kinds of stuff right next door; the "local bar" served up 5 tasty burger meals one night! The kids would go play on the beach for hours Memories were made! And...
  228. Nineball

    WP fuel

    I called "the local store". They have it available until 9pm 7 days /week. Thanks
  229. Nineball

    Raft Certification?

    I pm'd you my receipt last night. $1088 for a revere 6-man with no valise. Seattle safety marine
  230. Nineball

    WP fuel

    The boat is already in WP.
  231. Nineball

    WP fuel

    Looking at running on sat. I need to top off with non-ethanol. Without having an account to fuel up across from the Hungry whale, are there any other land-based options? If not I may have to roll over Friday afternoon and hit the fuel dock?
  232. Nineball

    yamaha 150 4 strokes for sale.

    I assumed the ad was for 2 each -not 4 each
  233. Nineball

    Westport Tuna 8/11-12/19

    Nice first post Paul N! Now go read what is required and report back
  234. Nineball

    Taking a Buddy WP Friday

    We caught our last one of the day quickly on the troll at 33/43 before we dumped bait.
  235. Nineball

    WTC 2019 Wrap Up

    At least you gave him one of those fancy embroidered beanbags John hooked people up with a couple years ago
  236. Nineball

    WTC results 2019

    Fun times being had. I can go back to work for the winter now!
  237. Nineball

    Taking some vets for wtc

    Jumpers?? OK, I believe you then
  238. Nineball

    WTB: natural cedar plug

    Sent the oldest (the one that used to catch Cali fish:D) back from the center and got the first 3 fish into the boat, including a bait stop. This ones for you Bob
  239. Nineball

    Huge bump just before elma

    Cut out for a repave near a bridge. Not well marked.
  240. Nineball


    Please explain the shaping process
  241. Nineball

    WTB 16" Marinco Wiper Arm

    Thanks much Tim I thought you were up here this year. I will try englunds tomorrow Cheers
  242. Nineball


    I heard from patrick, and one of marks boats (secret squirrel) that they are at the 124fifty-----------------> straight out wFo
  243. Nineball

    WTB 16" Marinco Wiper Arm

    That would be the one. Where is it located?
  244. Nineball


    Only if you drop something
  245. Nineball

    WTB 16" Marinco Wiper Arm

    I think this is what I need I just can't wait for it to come in on wednesday because I will be heading over I could make most anything work. I still have the whole apparatus minus the corroded splined part that joins with a rivet
  246. Nineball

    WTB 16" Marinco Wiper Arm

    Fixing up the broken wiper. Looking for a wiper arm. The splined base was corroded and could not be saved. Napa couldn't match it up to anything to get me by for now. Its got straight cut splines and is 16" from center of shaft to center of wiper. Thanks
  247. Nineball

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    I can pitch in on cookies, cupcakes, etc
  248. Nineball

    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    Dam fine job Dave and crew!
  249. Nineball

    Wheeled 128

    It's just a wagon with a lid. First one that talks back gets the first ride LOL kidding! I probably should hide the scrap. Maybe they won't figure it out :shake: Worst case scenario I have to buy a couple new FIT bmx bikes they been asking for :Bawling_e
  250. Nineball

    Half Tote Capacity

    I have a full tote you can use this weekend. I just need it next wed
  251. Nineball

    Wheeled 128

    Found a use for the old wagon Just add new handle And rod holders
  252. Nineball

    WTB: natural cedar plug

    Bingo Thanks Bob
  253. Nineball

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Don't trust anyone in sweatpants
  254. Nineball

    Possible open seat WTC

    We've met. PM was sent. Maybe add a bug catcher into the mix too - no spidey sense thoughLOL
  255. Nineball

    Possible open seat WTC

    Just keeping it honest. It seems as though at least one of my crew lost his hall pass after spending the weekend catching pinks at sekiu! :Beat_Them I will know more by Friday. Are there any experienced tuna killers out there looking to fish on the 10th? If so PM me. No promises made until...
  256. Nineball

    Can’t find the clipped crab

    That's what she said!!! Oh and watch your stepLOL Nice work
  257. Nineball

    Loaded the boat.

    You must have enticed them into some long bait stops finally
  258. Nineball

    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    Like this Easy peasy
  259. Nineball

    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    The big question is : Will you be running the Bert this weekend with pics that show you bringing in a nice fish?
  260. Nineball

    Tekota 500LC handle is tight

    I have been internet searching since this post, This seems to be a known issue. Alan Tani and others say the handles are a weak link. No biggie, it is an easy fix and I'm going to catch fish on it in a couple weeks before it gets replaced this winter It seems to like it's new home on the...
  261. Nineball

    Tekota 500LC handle is tight

    The handle appears to be a squeeze rivet with no way to take it apart. The handle turns but it doesn't spin freely like I'm used to. Its been soaking in oil for a couple of nights now and it is exactly the same. I know people like these reels. Is this a known characteristic of the handle...
  262. Nineball

    Tuna are here!!

    I don't see what the big deal is...???:beerbang:
  263. Nineball

    Tuna are here!!

  264. Nineball

    WTB: natural cedar plug

    Sounds like I definitely need more than the one that currently have!
  265. Nineball

    WTB: natural cedar plug

    Who would that be?
  266. Nineball

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    My bro is looking for a sweet duramax dually under $30k, '08 or newer. Is this a unicorn? He has a nice clean 2010 F250 gasser single cab as trade. I told him to sell his rig and go private party but he is looking for a "reputable dealer" (straight face :confused:) to work with. His life...
  267. Nineball

    WTB: natural cedar plug

    I have the variety that is brandy new, polished painted. I was looking for an unpainted one that has some tenure, and proven kill numbers, to shotgun out behind the new ride. It would just be a cool memory to maybe have the first one come in on a plug that didn't get shipped from Amazon. Will...
  268. Nineball

    Try this again...CQ roll call..07/31 - 08/06

    I'm missing something for sure here (most likely an inside joke I assume) Isn't anywhere south of sekiu like the sol duc river and hot springs about 5 times? It seems like canned corn is Matt BE who is likely killing without telling via the interwebs slightly east. This is all just a fallacy...
  269. Nineball

    Tuna Rods Reels Tackle for sale

    Got it Ron! That Avet is in good shape. Thanks!
  270. Nineball


    Here is an awkward bomb of TTP's thread for absolutely no good reason
  271. Nineball

    Place to crash at Westport

    The Hungry whale $5 parking became u-haul parking a couple years ago. Since then I've backed the boat into the open lot across the street (kitty- corner) from the knotty pine many times. It hasn't been an issue. Very convenient too if you happen to shut down the pine
  272. Nineball

    This is killin’ Me

    Picked up a MXL6/4 before I was aware it was a Benjamin, Sooooo Tradsies.?....I can throw in some of the boys ' old Pokémon cards to sweeten the deal for ya LOL
  273. Nineball

    Need some knowledge.........

    Dude, No offense, Get the 9.9HT yami and be done. Any other decision you make might take you backwards in $ and have potential regret. Just do it! Also, put the Mac's troll saver on it for $135 vs the Adventure Marine SS for twice the money. I rendered the advice of this board and pulled...
  274. Nineball

    Tuna Rods Reels Tackle for sale

    So, Can I still get a price for the 2-speed? Thanks NB
  275. Nineball

    Neah Bay for newbies

    What he said!! 20 years in a row now, worth it every time. Be careful because my teenage boys have made friends with the locals of similar age. I won't mention any details on here but we lost 2 crappy walmart bikes on our last night in town. Just be careful
  276. Nineball

    WTC. Still room for teams. Lets GO!!!!

    Putting the kiddos up on the 3rd floor of WP inn Wed -sun and booked moorage last Sat. Is WP inn a totally bad choice? I hope it is OK. Based on my experience recently with teenagers and boats, they would rather not go out for even a "3-hour tour.....a 3 hour tour" I think if they have...
  277. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    George I still haven't had any motion all around the house. My long term solution of a cat decided to not come home after all the fireworks (he was a good mouser too). He ate well on some nook belly scraps thanks to teamJB at NBLOL I still haven't used the A24. You are welcome to give it a...
  278. Nineball

    Box of fiberglass matting, tape, rollers

    Rv fridge is usually an easy fix, at least for running on electric. There is a heating element that usually goes bad. $30 and a couple of wires/plug and back in business On the girlfriends new lacrosse, it also took out a small glass fuse
  279. Nineball

    MA 4 Neah Bay

    It's all Chris, Jeff, and Steve's fault too. And maybe t-jacked! Darn assassin's of the blue y'all are!
  280. Nineball

    Black Cod recipe?

    I just did that with a cab fillet and will have to admit I wish I had made more.
  281. Nineball

    Neah Bay 27-30 June

    Twas nice seeing you out there Greg. Absolutely gorgeous day!
  282. Nineball

    Ocean Salmon opens June 22

    Wow Thanks for the report Mike
  283. Nineball

    Open seats opening weekend salmon @ WP 6/22 & 6/23

    Dammit Brian Its got spots on the tail!!!!!!! Nicely done!!! And clean that boat up dammit!!
  284. Nineball

    Baby barnickles?

    I will admit the CLR did the trick for my needs. I did squirt it down twice followed by a fresh water rinse of the AL trailer after each application. Even cut through some rust spots on the transom. Now to give her belly a nice massage tomorrow
  285. Nineball

    Outta da Way!

    I've been watching Abbott and Costello on YouTube. This definitely fits the vibe
  286. Nineball

    Ocean Salmon opens June 22

    I had camp and moorage arranged too. I called this morning and was able to get both changed to next tues-sat
  287. Nineball

    Make it stop

    Am I the only one that likes Chris Stapleton...? See you on Saturday team JB!!!
  288. Nineball

    In floor heat parts

    I'm interested in it too. I have 8 zones of 3/4" PEX for my shop slab doing nothing until I get rich enough to heat it. I don't need the fittings though. I would shoot you an offer but maybe someone really needs this before I do. Please reach out to me if the right BD deal doesn't fall into...
  289. Nineball

    Baby barnickles?

    I bought some CLR and was going to try a little test spot. I will report back if does anything good, or bad. I doubt it will hurt anything. It must be done before Friday along with the laundry list of other important items including installation of a 6.0 trans cooler in the 7.3. Yes, I...
  290. Nineball

    I’ve heard of junk in the trunk.!!!!!!

    And I thought I had problems
  291. Nineball

    Del Stephens interview

    Very informative The part about the Bluefin possibly being in close to feed on coho is something not previously discussed on this board.
  292. Nineball

    Make Fishing Great Again

    Hey Gooch Edgar needs your help again
  293. Nineball

    WTB kitchen fridge

    Thanks for the refer last night Greg!
  294. Nineball

    Bad news for WTC

    45 teams Here's the play-by-play Goat is at the top of the leaderboard Followed by Pete and Chris for a BD 1-3-5 Jason is leading Tommy to round out the top 10 :frehya2:
  295. Nineball

    Missed connection...

    Jez us Mike get dat boot outa Der!
  296. Nineball

    Missed connection...

    Sadly I Remember it lol
  297. Nineball

    Bad news for WTC

    I now have the douglas squirrel cedar plug in my arsenal! Sucks for everyone else Happy birthday to us Chad! Thank you for your service, much respect brother! See you in tuna town!
  298. Nineball

    Missed connection...

    Good lord miles..... WHY?? Fuk
  299. Nineball

    Curmudgeon Reunion

    Black velvet.... Is this you???? Sorry about the summers "eve" gone by
  300. Nineball

    Missed connection...

    New members have to follow the rules stated on the board....
  301. Nineball

    Baby barnickles?

    Well, I don't know if scrubbing immediately after pulling the boat would have helped because I did not do that. I can tell you that after the hull is dry they are a bitch and now I have hours of scrubbing. I have lots of respect for Bob's line of work now
  302. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    My boys ran under the house and grabbed this trap. Headed for the wash. One of them wanted to do the dirty work. I didn't trust him, WE got it done together :D They did pretty good with the shooting skills too. Oh, and we picked up Alfie from the humane society. He is a 6-month old...
  303. Nineball

    Baby barnickles?

    Well fuc& Wrong forum and spell check I wish the OP could delete and /or change the title Ali and company. If you like us you should make it priority ahead of giving us annoying pop-ups (i.e. Thread tools -delete thread) Edit: thinking about it now I can hear Benjamin explaining that a fresh...
  304. Nineball

    Baby barnickles?

    I had the boat moored in Port orchard in transient moorage against the breakwater for 10 days while I worked on the trailer. During that time it looks like barnacles started to take over below the waterline..??? It's a calcium-like buildup in tiny circles and a bitch to scrub off. I've been...
  305. Nineball

    6/6/2019 Westport Hali

    How did you reset it, just push upper RH pushbutton for >2s? I just downloaded the manual and I don't see where it has internal OL protection.
  306. Nineball

    6/6/2019 Westport Hali

    Get that door open!LOL
  307. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Well it's not that. Pm sent
  308. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    As the thread implies:D I picked up 2 smaller dual-doored traps. They were like $42/each. I exchanged the two traps under the house with the 2 new ones, each baited with a quarter dollar dab of peanut butter followed by pushing sunflower seeds into it. The bait is on the rising edge of the...
  309. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    You are going to love this.... So, my neighbor have me the phone number of his pest control. I gave them a call and got the same answer that I did last week, they aren't licensed blah blah blah. But they did give me the number to US Wildlife Services, who could give me more local contacts for...
  310. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Oh the joy of seeing a perfect release as evident by the subsequent floater. I would so much love to give it a try right now
  311. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Looks like laurences suggestion of the dual-door trap is the ticket. I have a trap to wash when I get home from buying more cameras. And now another trap! Sitting outside wilco right now.
  312. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Wish I knew why I gotta face like a family of them too Sooooo many questions. I might go to the humane society tomorrow to ensure that my long term goal is within site. Maybe I will wait until Friday and let my kids pick out a cat. They will choose well.
  313. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    That Dam thing fought the other 2 off to get at the sunflower seed. Once he ate all of the loose seeds bringing him inside the trap the mutha F'er actually Sat on the tray and picked the seeds out of the peanut butter. The trap did not go off and I thought the trigger was pretty sensitive. So...
  314. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Fumigate with??? I need to get some camera action going in the attic too because I still haven't caught one on any camera outside the house, and that surprises me. I just sighted in another pellet gun, a ruger (made by umarex). Reason is because it's the twins' birthday in a couple of weeks...
  315. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Oh Fuck my life Not 1 Not 2 At least 3 more of the fuckers today I am truly worried. 13 more days until the exterminator comes. The A24 was in Buffalo today due in on the 11th. Hoooooly Fuck! This shit is far from funny
  316. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Oh Fuck my life Not 1 Not 2 At least 3 more of the fuckers today I am truly worried. 13 more days until the exterminator comes. The A24 was in Buffalo today due in on the 11th. I don't see how getting a cat at this point would work out. I want to take a neah trip in two weeks so feeding a...
  317. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Yeah you fuc$er. I just got an allergy shot in each arm 1 hour ago. I finally threw in the towel and went to see a Dr. See you on the water soon brother
  318. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Well now ya made me go and fetch Indiana born and raised! Except for the 3 years I lived out in Dutch harbor where I rode Honda big red and 250r 3-wheeler for primary transportation. Solo trips to summers bay through the "back way" if anyone has ever been there. I used to hunt these F'ers...
  319. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    I believe mine may have ended. I sat in the crawlspace for over an hour this morning before work. I exited and discharged the pellet. As I turned around the dam thing was outside the house on the south side. It was looking through a vent, trying to figure out why KISW was cranked up:D. I...
  320. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Yup I never had a problem until the old clawed killer past away summer before last. I loved that cat. He would leave me rabbit guts and moles at the back porch. This would have been childs play for him. RIP Grey kitty! (I never was good at names)
  321. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Alright so upon better footage Steve is correct, not chipmunk. Whatever, the F'er must die! I only took half the advice for covering traps and covered the dual door. I put it over by where I saw the burrows outside the house. I guess the bastard doesn't go there (east side). So, he came...
  322. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    I believe It is a Townsend's chipmunk, the largest of the 4 species in WA. I did find that all of the piles of Ramick poison were gone and had to replenish last night, so something is dying. For some reason I can't get any camera footage of one leaving, or entering but I found another burrow...
  323. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Time for a commercial break...
  324. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    I will cover the traps tonight. I have found the place of egress on the east side of the house. There are about 5 quarter size holes there in the grass in an area about 4' x 8'. Yes, the dam thing has somehow made its way under my foundation. I have been sighting in a swiss arms TG-1 pellet...
  325. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    I just keep moving cameras around. I did just pick up a dual door trap and baited the tray with peanut butter and sunflower seeds. This morning she ran off towards the south end of the house so the new trap and camera are towards that direction. Here is this morning. I kinda hope it doesn't...
  326. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Single. Good point. I will try to find a dual. Thanks
  327. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    Rebaited live trap and 2 rat traps after this. Also moved everything out a foot or two. First half is pretty funny. I'm slightly optimistic that this is progress. New high powered pellet gun in hand and I might get a second live trap tomorrow. Still blasting KISW into the wall LOL
  328. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    OH hail NOOO! That sucks Ben This shit has got to end. I think I need more camera coverage to find the egress. This house has never had an issue. Cats may even seem like a reasonable solution at this point. That's what my boss is suggesting. I called around and found the only pest control...
  329. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    She was chewing Shit up this morning at 5am :Death_To_Above: Timely screen name BTW:daman:
  330. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    I've had cameras watching the exterior since Monday. No motion on the outside of the house for 5 days now. I also sprinkled Ramick ground squirrel bait every 20' around the perimeter of the house. Apparently, they won't go for most baits but this one should get the job done. Success will be...
  331. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    I figure it has to be female 1) because it's prob nesting And 2) because a dude would never just invite themselves in and start breaking [email protected], see other popular thread for more details :D Any and all caddyshack comments will be considered unjust lol
  332. Nineball

    WTB kitchen fridge

    Thank you Laurence, i'm hopeful that the thermostat has dirty contacts. Freezer is working again. I will definitely keep this in mind. I would love to focus on the boat instead of working OT and the house issues.
  333. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    So, After 20 years of no problems this f'ing chipmunk bitch decides it's cool to enter my premises and "hang wid chall!" Attitude! Not cool!!!! It Entered into the crawlspace (and there is no sign of where it found egress believe me) Then, It Tore down insulation from under the master bath...
  334. Nineball

    WTB kitchen fridge

    Thanks Greg Based on the fact that your current pre-remodel would make for an awesome upgrade for me, I will keep this in mind if it continues to bring me strife. And thank you jamie Da brotherhood is very strong Now about this f'ing chipmunk problem :Death_To_Above:
  335. Nineball

    WTB kitchen fridge

    Appears that the problem is a bad Thermo on the cool side, not the defrost Thermo, so crisis averted for the time being.
  336. Nineball

    New to Pacific Northwest. Looking for tips, suggestions, & recommendations

    Others will chime in. Until then the search function works well and will get you reading lots of good info.
  337. Nineball

    WTB kitchen fridge

    Mine is quickly having issues. Tore the freezer apart on Monday. Thermo and heaters were good. Also cleaned the underneath from dust buildup. It worked for a few more days. Next up is to pull it out and clean the back and perform more checks. In the meantime, does anybody have a side-by-side...
  338. Nineball

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    edit: I see that rick is still in. This is the BD brotherhood. Just let me know if things don't work out. Cheers
  339. Nineball

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    Did rick take this? My kitchen fridge is on life support. Anyone else have anything?
  340. Nineball

    Tactical Strike heading to the Hali holes

    Since he's already gone to the dealer for the shiny new model, Maybe he is just working out the details of the "private sale" on the gently used ride I could envision how well TS would glimmer sitting in Robo's driveway Hmmmm...?? Either way, good on all of you!!
  341. Nineball

    Open seat lapuss

    The stars can't line up for me on this one or I would be all over it. I heard these pahkah owners are ass holes tho! Seriously though it's a kid weekend for me, otherwise I would love to get out with L2 and get the education that comes with that open seat.
  342. Nineball

    Boat window?

    Robo, you must be some kind of whore'der :D I just find value (pennies worth of value I might add) to things everyone else considers trashLOL These are twice the size you are after but free makes them worth considering. Comes with 1976 reinell curtains in puke yellow Here is the old closet...
  343. Nineball


    He's not here anymore I'm pretty sure
  344. Nineball

    Hali and ling gear to use

    Carrie and Norm are the best! It's no wonder why he is the new mayor of TT!
  345. Nineball


    And something about a 2 liter bottle :rofl:
  346. Nineball


  347. Nineball

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    I paid the price for y'all by having to cancel last minute :cussing: Its bound to be plenty fishable now that I won't be there. You're welcome!! :cheers:
  348. Nineball

    Shopping for Handheld VHF

    Just picked this up. I didn't want to ask first and let you F'ers spend more of my money on something newer and shinier.
  349. Nineball

    Full totes available

    I got mine Friday night Thanks Jason
  350. Nineball

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    Smart enough to get a cabin at hobuck. Not smart enough to secure moorage this year. Houston....we have a problem Oh well, Hope to see some of you f'ers up there. I think the clown show is entertaining. Be patient, have fun, the picture above says it all!
  351. Nineball

    +1 for Shockwave seats... -1 for Verado... Literally!

    More like Pair of mercs Will separate If you look close there might be a crack in the transom..., hard to tell This dude could get excited and high 5 about taking a good dump! Crazy good dump!!!!
  352. Nineball

    WP ice

    Thanks guys, I needed the info because I almost always have the camper on the back, so if I went this route it would be due to crew having a truck to help out with. I guess I will wait in line this year, it doesn't seem terrible
  353. Nineball

    WP ice

    Can I get the lowdown on getting ice at WP? I know it is at Westport seafood down at the end past Colemans boats. The bait pen is on the water side, the salt ice has been brought out by forklift on the road. We also bought a box of frozen chovie when we paid for the ice. We went around the...
  354. Nineball

    Testing the waters

    None of that will sell :D Too bad im broke or I would fill a new tote with some of that stuff Glws but you don't need any luck
  355. Nineball

    La Push Sublease?

    Sooo, It might be too early but how is this 32' beauty making its way here? Same kind of deal as omega?
  356. Nineball

    Spring break 2019

    Change of plans, that's how I roll I have matts beach house in grayland until Friday! Thanks Matt!! Now, are there any "must do's" while I'm there??? I plan on finding a place to camp on Friday night (because the house is already booked) so we can participate in the clam dig on sat Better...
  357. Nineball

    Spring break 2019

    I reserve the right to tell them this is an option. Damn, that sounds like fun. This logical reasoning is the sole purpose of the thread. Thank you for your intuition Greg. I have all of these thoughts
  358. Nineball

    Spring break 2019

    So the 7.3 has new batteries, coolant change, and pressure wash. I have a nice camper (courtesy odin7) and ready to check out somewhere new. Thinking of driving south for a few days with the kids. I've never seen the redwoods so that seems like a good choice. Any thoughts to expand on this...
  359. Nineball

    Bad news for WTC

    So, basically, you are saying Norm doesn't know how to run a boat??? That's like saying Carrie doesn't know how to loin an albacore! I have seen both and was impressed, as well as humbled, by their outlook on life. Hey its BD Laurence, please forgive me! I'm sure now I've doomed myself to a...
  360. Nineball

    Bad news for WTC

    So, question I thought there would most likely be ample transient moorage. I plan to stay from aug6-11. Should I be trying to reserve something instead??
  361. Nineball

    Guess where Billy bob

    Kitsap lake flushing out PB253 engines....!!!????
  362. Nineball

    Bad news for WTC

    Please don't share these cords!!! This is where some boat with an awesome Deckhand named Daniel found the fish last year!!! 20/10 or Maybe a little farther south. That's exactly where we left them on the chew last year so I can only assume that they are bigger now. Head on down and please...
  363. Nineball

    Bad news for WTC

    I completely agree, I sling mud! I do look forward to it though. I'm also hoping that Lami spinner setup that I picked up from you entices some nice fish into the bleed barrel :food-smiley-014:
  364. Nineball

    Bad news for WTC

    Bryan The way I see it rooks should earn the right of passage. Like we did on kool-aids defiance. It really tasted like a good steak although a tad too rare for my liking.
  365. Nineball

    Liferaft inspections

    Just got my revere coastal commander 6 man done with seattle marine safety. It was $980 + tax = $1088. Took 2 weeks
  366. Nineball

    24’ allied

    Isn't it about time for you to cash in that hall pass. You said you were a year away in 2018
  367. Nineball

    Bad news for WTC

    Well, I've been reading about the rules and Shit, so here is the low down. I apologize in advance. 1) it's my first Event. I have no clue what I'm doing. Beginners luck.....check 2) I'm flying in my best friend from Indiana. We have killed many redear and crappie together, no big bass tho...
  368. Nineball

    Bob Double Stroller

    I was pushing my twin boys through the farmers market when they were like 3 yr old. I heard one of them say "Sh1T" I said "hey, we don't say that!" As I flipped him on the ear. He reached up and grabbed his ear as he said "fu*k!" Omg, I was in tears trying not to laugh! Those strollers push...
  369. Nineball

    Camper repair

    Not a thread jack but maybe a diversion. I need to quit cranking on my camper jacks. Any feedback for which ones to go with? Apologize in advance eric
  370. Nineball

    Lead melting pot

    Allen can you explain or show how the valve works on that beast?
  371. Nineball

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Whats the timeline on the build? Are you thinking that it will be running on aug10? Just curious
  372. Nineball

    Splashed the North River 29

    Somebody has been talking to Norwood. Beauty!
  373. Nineball

    Port Orchard concrete

    Don't use John roberts. Company name was strongarm construction unless you happen to like 1/4" swirlmarks
  374. Nineball

    Complete 9mm Ar upper

    I had this one ordered up from JBO 2 weeks back. Then I noticed that for $30 more there is a spikes tactical with the LRBHO in the lower. OH well, just have to get the matching upper and do it that way.
  375. Nineball

    1973 Chevy K20 4wd Cheyenne w/ 454 Vortec

    1/2 mil on a domestic gasser Love it!!!!
  376. Nineball

    What to do with TUNA

    You are supposed to give it away to share the love! Seriously tho, thaw slow like Chris said. Once it's ready to eat, let it sit in ponzu about 10 minutes each side, then sear on high heat. Don't brine for too long or it will absorb salt beyond recovery. Don't cook until the middle changes...
  377. Nineball

    Truck Questions

    OK, now I'm curious What chu talkin bout Willis? I haven't changed the coolant since I dropped the 100k diesel in my '97 back in 2008. I did notice a slight use in coolant last year (meaning I added a quart or so last year). Otherwise, I have been overheating the tranny on long hauls but...
  378. Nineball

    Turkey fryer/crab cooker

    Some little known Japanese towns only use these cookers in condition NIB to braize Lingy-ichi (Lingcod collars). These go for around $400USD plus an extra $200USD to send along two cod collars. There is a waiting line and sometimes the bids go as high as $800 for buy it now
  379. Nineball

    Boat show tix

    I think they are spoken for.
  380. Nineball

    Boat show tix

    I will be unable to attend due to work schedule. I have a couple of tix available at will-call. Will xfer to the bruthahood if anyone wants them. Please pm
  381. Nineball

    Sportsman show tickets

    No SS tix but I won't be able to use my boat show tix from registering for WTC. Boss is going to make me work this weekend. If Ryan could free them up for another BD'r that would be great.
  382. Nineball

    Winter derby side pot part 2

    Watch out for this shady fucker. Big brother is watching
  383. Nineball

    Siemens 200 amp Panel

    Well, rats Sloppy seconds behind Josh please
  384. Nineball


    12aug2018 Two days after my B-day and Daniel lays the knife to 44 Im sure it was one of the best albie days of the year!! God it was fun just trying to do a mirror image of what Daniel was doing with the outriggers and troll gear. School was in session and the fish were found at 20/10 that day!
  385. Nineball

    Best X-mas gift ever

    Santa came by the name tunahore this year
  386. Nineball

    I need a new top!

    Dan doesn't know Greg. He first saw Greg's work when he made the rear curtain on my arima last year. Greg made the top and sides in the spring of 2017. He used 1" thick wall stainless tubing for the hoops measured and cut to allow me to stand at the helm of my arima. Canvas was sunbrella and...
  387. Nineball

    I need a new top!

    RTB used Greg's custom upholstery from gig harbor. Older gentlemen that has been doing tops since tiderunner was building in the harbor. He made me a bad ass top for the arima. He is hard to pin down though at times. His number is: +1 (253) threezeroseven-6775
  388. Nineball

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    My 2018 tuna season consisted of a full-on seminar by our own Patrick and Daniel calling it quits with 44 bled and iced! Daniel had all of them proccessed as we entered GH. Highlight of the day was when I stepped up on the bow to get out of the way of multiple hook-ups happening aft towards...
  389. Nineball

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    Can't see the Pic because BD seems to have denied common folk access??..
  390. Nineball

    Diesel heat

    Explosive vapors due to poor connections comes to mind. Propane vapors are heavier than air. That's why one of those pics shows the burner under the vehicle. Ethylene vapors are not as dense but even more dangerous. They both provide a combustible atmosphere if trapped at high PPM, which is...
  391. Nineball

    Diesel heat

  392. Nineball

    Diesel heat

    Mine is going in here along the STBD side (pic is looking back from cuddy). I will take your advice Steve and get fresh air from under the rear bolster.
  393. Nineball

    Canvas Dude

  394. Nineball

    Canvas Dude

    There is a new canvas dude working around SK/GH. He has done a couple of rear curtains for me now. I like his work and his work ethic. When I had a new top built for my arima 2 years ago I took Charlie's feedback and used Greg's custom upholstery in GH. He did an absolutely amazing job...
  395. Nineball

    Diesel heat

    Some assembly required Working on the layout now. Since the fuel fill and vent are on the port I'm going STBD. I believe I want the exhaust above the rubrail even though it is a walk-around. Might warm your boot on the way by if your not careful. This is the general location whether it...
  396. Nineball

    Rod is A star!!

    Dam Rod, I had no idea you made a movie!! Or that you used shimano gear
  397. Nineball

    Adventure Marine Prop Guard

    And you didn't have to drill through the zinc like I did on the Mac 's. I need to install one on the new ride so this was good info
  398. Nineball

    Be ready for road side repairs.

    Dang Pete, That sucks, Since nobody was hurt and that beautiful boat is not damaged, somebody must be looking after ya. Hope you get her ready to go real soon!
  399. Nineball

    Anyone Know Anything About This Boat?

    Sounds like you could have been drugged... And that sucks Ryan, for fucks sake Why do these morons get to walk the earth?
  400. Nineball

    Parker 2820 vs Osprey 28/30

    JESUS RICHARD!!!!! You left out any deratings for pass-thrus, 6" deck lids, or "waterproof" clamshell stuffing tubes (Proprietary to xtaro btw) WTF?
  401. Nineball

    My hat

    C'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even think of that Mikey. Sammy did get back to me and gave me back 25% today. Veteran's day sale going on.
  402. Nineball

    My hat

    I let my hat get away from me at the gym a few weeks ago. Did someone return it to the desk. Fuh-huk no! These hats look and fit great. I found that my gf regularly stole it as well Trying to order another one tonight but it seems like Ramos don't want my money. There is a problem during...
  403. Nineball

    Anyone ship a boat minus a trailer?

    Would love to see it. I think we have made the choice for you Ryan:)
  404. Nineball

    Happy Halloween!!

    Wearing extratuffs for dropping a deuce..... Priceless!
  405. Nineball

    Diesel heat

    I Hear ya. It's imposed by some that there are all of these previous threads that make this choice almost inconvenient to reply again lol. It's far from true. Threads in the last 6 years have done basic discussions but few (if any) show what the end result looks like. Basic surface temps...
  406. Nineball

    Diesel heat

    I took your advice Eli, picked up the D2 from heatso. Went overboard and just added the marine kit with it just because it seems like the right choice. Nice insulated exhaust and a super quiet muffler. $24 in shipping and all processed super fast/easy using amazon account. Just under $1400...
  407. Nineball

    Diesel heat

    I know it's been hashed out many times before but, well, it's winter anyways. So, here you go. From what I remember the espar is a very solid choice. Looks like a D4 unit with marine kit is upwards of $1500. I noticed that Benjamin is running a webasto. Maybe some feedback and pics...
  408. Nineball

    Lance Camper SOLD

    Don't I wish!
  409. Nineball

    Lance Camper SOLD

    But, like they say there is a price for everything! And yes, I did buy Georges camper ( same vintage) that was in this pristine shape, and I have Zero regrets!
  410. Nineball

    Boat Pictures

    That is a nice shop! I didn't get to this thread in time to save my buddy from putting up a badass stick built 40' x 40' with 4 each 8' wide doors 10' tall. I said "WHAT? " He barely wants to admit that he regrets it already
  411. Nineball

    Installing a 45 Gallon Bait Tank

    Please keep that Kali sport confined to yo-selves! Nice boat tho!
  412. Nineball

    Garage sale.

    In line for the truck box too please
  413. Nineball

    Garage sale.

    Hey Chris Shoot me a text if you are home today around noon. I will swing by
  414. Nineball

    Garage sale.

    Sent you a pm Chris. I would like to swing by after church and grab a couple weights
  415. Nineball


    It won't let me upload the video. It just shows snips of 80lb braid one after the other
  416. Nineball


    Here is my unboxing lol. It's slightly bieberish but it does show that they work well.
  417. Nineball

    Just dodged a bullet.

    Ex-tero feedback again Howard? Didn't you learn your lesson?
  418. Nineball

    Just dodged a bullet.

    So let me get this straight Bud and Steve have some magic formula whereby Eric believes that Chris caught some really nice salmon but Brian doesn't give a fuck so Rick (being from Mexico) put the fire out by pouring a corona on it after he was drunk due to an act of a salmon God named Laurence...
  419. Nineball


    Yep, just ordered 2 of those for $9 each after watching a YouTube review
  420. Nineball


    I haven't done much searching but I think locally tested is better anyways. I was out with Mark a couple of years ago and his crew used the snips for tending line. When I was out with Patrick a couple months ago Daniel and I were tending gear when he asked "don't you have some of these yet?"...
  421. Nineball

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    trying to ignore all the bashing from either side, I've already learned a ton. Still trying to learn more, which makes this thread valuable. 1) call the Coast Guard, why wouldn't you???? 2) bail like hell if you are taking on water, there was no talk of saving the vessel like Luke pointed...
  422. Nineball

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

  423. Nineball

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Whatchu talkin bout Willis! I would love to run at least once and I'm not seeing it.
  424. Nineball

    Need somthing transported?

    I suddenly got a hankering for pineapple. Don't know why
  425. Nineball

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    C'mon Ryan There aren't even any commercials, less the ads at the bottom of each page. Nowadays, these reality TV shows stick about 1/2 hour of content into an hour broadcast. Plus it may be that the insurance is in the middle of it, so it's not surprising. Did I miss the post where the...
  426. Nineball

    9/28 JUMPERS!

    Nice work gents! Thanks for the report Tony
  427. Nineball

    SS prop 14 1/2" x 17

    Michigan Prop 013002 14 1/2" x 17 RH Fits Evinrude/OMC It's very shiny No dings Had it on my OMC cobra long time ago. Don't know what else it fits but probably alot of Evinrude/johnsons Make offer (maybe $50) I will also throw this in free to sweeten the deal for any buyer of vances neon...
  428. Nineball

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Patrick, the boat i speak of is a NR and none of those things come to mind when I think of that manufacturer
  429. Nineball

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I laid eyes on another vessel that got really thirsty earlier this year and was surprised to see those ping pong ball style scuppers beneath the waterline. Didn't seem logical to me at all. This particular boat was far from a trophy too. Wonder how common of a practice it is and why
  430. Nineball

    Generator FREE!

    Nice chatting with you Jamie, thanks again
  431. Nineball

    Generator FREE!

    Pm sent
  432. Nineball

    17' arima sea chaser

    Drop to $10k.
  433. Nineball

    Puget Sound Coho Reports

    Nice work out there!
  434. Nineball

    Ace brutus

    Tim's got first if anyone can vouch for a lurker LOL Benjamin is in the bullpen Thanks guys, the new ride needs insurance Sam at anchor got me in at 431 btw
  435. Nineball

    Trailer Storage- Rent

    I have no idea why I decided to put the wannabe goober-grape in that mix
  436. Nineball

    Ace brutus

  437. Nineball

    Trimmer and edger

    Bump How's about a hundy on the husky...
  438. Nineball

    Ace brutus

    Bump Hows about $300
  439. Nineball

    Bait Tank $150

    bump $100
  440. Nineball

    Boat down today?

    Glad that all are safe! Wow
  441. Nineball

    Tuna this Sunday 9/16

    is there much difference in the wind from the North vs. South? I have been out on a day when the north wind (blow was n to s) was blowing 15+ and i was caught in between 2 feelings, 1) never feeling so alive, and 2) possibly laying in the fetal position crying to mama. Either way I will take...
  442. Nineball

    Tuna this Sunday 9/16

    Ohhhhhhh..... I think I get it now.... I thought that we've been talking about "tid-deez" this whole time, and who wouldn't want large ones? That's why I've been confused... :boobies: Where is mark the weatherman these days?
  443. Nineball

    17' arima sea chaser

    1985 Arima Sea Chaser 17' 2007 75hp ETEC (approx 1100 hrs) runs perfect. Most of the hours are at low RPM's. I can print out a detailed report with software on hand. 2014 Yamaha 9.9HT kicker (not for sale separately) Salt boss fixed kicker bracket New soft top in 2017 is made of sunbrella...
  444. Nineball

    Parker 2310 Walkaround For Sale

    And how I can't wait to get her wet and bloody! Thanks Kamen!
  445. Nineball

    Trimmer and edger

    Edger is gone. Thanks Patrick
  446. Nineball

    Trimmer and edger

    The neighbors appreciated the fact that I got their ethenol problems fixed year after year. They decided to give the stuff to me this year lol I don't know what they are worth Thinking $125 on the husky trimmer and $75 on the TB edger Prices are if I don't have to F with them again
  447. Nineball

    Ace brutus

    Used it once. Works like it should. Overall great condition $350
  448. Nineball

    Bait Tank $150

    Pics added to show dimensions upon request
  449. Nineball

    Bait Tank $150

    Well, it looks like I don't have a need for this. So, back up for what I paid Kellen, $120
  450. Nineball

    Westport-tailwalking it

    "Did you know Vance put Doe-in-heat in MM's boot? " "yeah, and he couldn't tell the difference! "
  451. Nineball

    Found. Goatrams new business card

    Let the battle begin…??? I'd say the mods might wanna step in, but then I look at vances avatar (and realize that the present one is rather tame) Carry on
  452. Nineball

    North River seats

    I will give him $50 cash money, but no more!
  453. Nineball

    WP 8/12

    Hopped on a boat today with a couple shady characters Patrick and Daniel. We left port and this guy goes SW for like ever and a day! Shot the shit with a crew of older gents who were a hoot. Anyways, this captain (colonel klink) was a complete jerk, shouting obscenities and being generally...
  454. Nineball

    17 Foot Mako in trouble!,ss:44&prmd=sivn&prds=num:1,epd:18206539667067117723,paur:ClkAsKraX-8QCTvJ7IQyQcHf6LKJS0Op_7ByjBfi3icIH-FftDdpiuMNvK5QwOrWDWYZmfBR4HhLoN1xOh1YYSE57Zm3ukPK2XwtRzi7QDskzE...
  455. Nineball

    Too Close

    Yes Eli I agree with what you are saying. Part of the reason for this thread is for some honest feedback about what my unit is capable of. This gear recently came off of a Parker so I have some faith it's not entirely shitty. But no, I don't see the level of detail that you have on your...
  456. Nineball

    Too Close

    I was viewing with an inner ring = 1/16 mile and an outer ring = 1/8 mile. As that message popped up that had me on high alert we were on plane. With me going 10+ knots and them coming at me at whatever speed they were at the routes intersected so darn fast I could have casted for coho into...
  457. Nineball

    Too Close

    Yes, I am crossing those boundaries I believe. Pat or Mike might set me straight. Note: i am already seeing AIS or this could have ended poorly.
  458. Nineball

    Too Close

    dependent upon visibility. There were sections of that run where the water was dead calm and we could see for a long ways out, 2-2500rpm during those times is about 12+knots. That is the fastest we made going out. When this happened it was during a patch of increasing fog and swells. We...
  459. Nineball

    Too Close

    Headed to swiftsure Sunday morning. I finally got my radar working on my C80 and have been getting comfortable with it this year at neah. Ran in the fog on Saturday and felt pretty safe. Following our tracks back out to swift on Sunday let my bro navigate, after all we had better both be...
  460. Nineball

    Newbie looking to get some shrimp but don't know where to go.

    So, from where you will be camping at I would look for deep water first. Then I would grab a Verizon phone to get cellular service. After that you post pics of the wife and/or gf. If the pics are above PG you might get a pm. If that doesn't pan out well in A12 I would use the best pair...
  461. Nineball

    Bait tank drain question

    I remember a time back in like 2005 that the anchovy was boiling right by the fuel dock at neah. Filled a small bucket with a sabiki in less than 10 min. I have always looked for them when I'm there and I have never seen it again. Always wondered why. I tried the rig off the docks last year...
  462. Nineball

    Westport Tuna Sunday July 22

    Good luck Tom!! Hope you get into them
  463. Nineball

    Well That Was Fast; A9 Closes 7/23

    Democratic party…???8-)
  464. Nineball

    When is your Albacore season really going up there?

    This is true but if he makes his way over to kitsap he can stay at my place and be 2 1/2 hours from WP, or better yet get lodging in wp and wake up fresh. I'm serious about helping a brother out BTW. There is plenty of room on 2 1/2 acres. Passing the buck that was given to me last year...
  465. Nineball

    Cost effective Yami oil changes?

    Good humor right there! Question: Will Rush and Ali admit to a motor failure with the brand new Andros? That is "IF" one were to present itself? Totally unbiased opinion here. When mine no longer pencils out I will just call DJ and get yami Hindsight makes me edit and apologize for the...
  466. Nineball

    Cost effective Yami oil changes?

    So basically.... Motoroil's motor oil! But I'm on the other end of the spectrum, running TC-W3 on an etec I bought with 800+ hours. Over 1100 now with a run it til she breaks and repower with yami attitude
  467. Nineball

    Looking for best price- new Yamaha 9.9 high thrust 25” shaft, elec start

    The T9.9 with tilt and electric start is 120lbs and do yourself a favor and get a fixed aluminum bracket for it. You will be so glad you did.
  468. Nineball

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Nice looking setup. Congrats Eric! So, here's the thing... That camper is a pain in the arse to load and unload. You just don't want to do it!! One failed attempt will take take out a Jack and could lead to serious repair bills You are much better off just using it for fishing trips (I mean...
  469. Nineball

    NB Salmon Roll Call

    Leaving in the morning. I took the tanacom and the avets out of the launchers the last 3 nights. Everything else was not tampered with. There are some good size chinook at SS and reports of coho out there doing the dance as well.
  470. Nineball

    Pipe jig hook location

    I just picked these up to get a little variety. I was told to put a large single hook on the bottom. Are there any different opinions on hook placement for Norwegians? Doesn't seem like it but I'd rather ask now than lose gear unnecessarily. Also, if I were to fish swiftsure can I expect...
  471. Nineball

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank for Duramax

    GLWS but I just gotta say that sounds like a badass project!!
  472. Nineball

    Suspicious people of westport

    Looks like he finally tied the knot
  473. Nineball

    Rv site for opener NB

    I just wanted to put this info out. I just cancelled full hookup site 306 at the cape. After chatting with him I don't think there is a waiting list. He will take the first caller.
  474. Nineball

    I could use a bit of advise with my Dragonfly Sounder...

    Looks like there is a good temp break at the 11:01 line!
  475. Nineball

    WP bottomfish 3/29/18

    Went out with Rhett on the slammer Thursday. I had a plan to take my mother out for what might very well be her last time on big blue. She worked crab boats and processors out of dutch back in the day. She loves the PacNW but has been extremely limited in regards to mobility the past few...
  476. Nineball

    Charter rec for ADA

    Thanks Patrick, I am working out the reservations now
  477. Nineball

    Charter rec for ADA

    My buddy is going out on the slammer on Tuesday. He said it was booking at $145 so I was looking at their website. I found where they state that they accommodate ADA. It got me thinking, maybe I could get my mother back on the water and make some memories. She used to work on crab boats and...
  478. Nineball

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    So, to summarize The theme of the party is... drop it like it's hot!!!! Which sounds great, but it doesn't work with the hali opener for those of us booked at neah. Norm is the new mayor of WP by general consensus!!!
  479. Nineball

    Gardiner / Oly Pen durby

    I noticed that Carrie was on the board this morning Nice job TS and also bitentime!
  480. Nineball

    My Shoes

    Get the boat man! Something within your means. Or boats plural. It's a lifestyle, one that my grandfather taught me and you should be sharing with your soon to come children.
  481. Nineball

    Swag gift

    I ordered myself one too. Email says it's shipped out in about an hour :food-smiley-014: :appl:Jim and raybone @sammyhooker
  482. Nineball

    Swag gift

    My best buddy growing up races full time in our hometown in Southern Indiana. He sends me this and says a t-shirt is coming my way I felt the need to return the favor. He's gonna have some splain'in to do I think I will wait till he asks for details before I try to explain...
  483. Nineball

    Painting a Fiberglass Boat?

    Here's an example!
  484. Nineball

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    Well, that's because you don't happen to have a couple of TB750's Allen! LOL
  485. Nineball

    Arima Transoms

    This 1981 was completely saturated and still solid after 35 years. 60 lbs of wood replaced with 20lbs. I used marine ply because I know it will outlive my needs for it.
  486. Nineball

    Arima Transoms

    Taken from a reliable source------ There was some wood in every Arima up through the 2012 model year. The wood was cut into smaller sections and glassed in so that resin is between all of the pieces of wood. What this ensures is that even if someone changes something out and does not...
  487. Nineball

    Slightly older Electronics

    I will take the tm260 for four-hundred alex :frehya2: Glws Brian
  488. Nineball

    Precision 7.62x39 AR upper

    Turned out awesome! Thanks for scratching up literally everything else I needed to complete the build of my lower for a fraction of what it would have cost piecemealing it together! Can't wait to try it! thanks again steve :cheers:
  489. Nineball

    Halibut Bill on Catch Card

    All hooked up and ready to go George! Your old camper is on the truck too. I will certainly be there if and when this comes together.
  490. Nineball

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    What's the weight? Lead acid? Amp-hours? Guess I can Google it. I bought a well-used tanacom 750 off eBay for $240. Shipping from Japan was $45. It should be here in the next day or two. I'm hoping it holds up well even though it shows some rash on the face of it.
  491. Nineball

    Fictional Fishin Friday

    Hmmm, IIRC you were crutching along an air cast on the left foot Thursday night:D Also met Jim @sammyhooker and Ray-Bone, picked up some fishpimp apparel, thanks a lot fellas!
  492. Nineball

    Fictional Fishin Friday

    Please figure out how to display cords on that mfd. Inquiring minds need more info. Thanks in advance Edit Furthermore, the more I think about it... Confucious say that Tues and BV are prob one in the same. Nothing more than a ficticious lurker who happened to photo shop a hali and might have...
  493. Nineball

    Portland boat show

    I was just keeping the reference to the davit's alternative use in my post in a joking manner. Seeing some of your previous davit mounts welded into the gunnel is kind of what led me to believe that this install could be much cleaner with minimal effort. I guess I don't see why the cup can't be...
  494. Nineball

    Portland boat show

    I have one. Since its easy to criticize something I will never be able to afford, why can't the lower stripper pole mount be sunk down and flush with the swimstep? Maybe it's just me. Even the top bracket need not exist on the boat if it were attached to the pole where it could lock into the...
  495. Nineball

    Jura Impressa E8 Expresso Machine Parts & Spare Filters *FREE*

    I used to have a triple group head Simonelli at an espresso biz. I have an extra hot water valve. Paid $60 on eBay and never used it. Howard, it's yours if your machine has the same valve Kurt, sorry for the thread interruption
  496. Nineball

    Picked up the new boat last night!

    That sums it up! Hope she brings you great times in good company
  497. Nineball

    Tandem trailer for sale

    Kinda hard to see with it crammed into that small shop! Glws
  498. Nineball

    Bulk 45 and 22lr ammo

    Pm'd you to split 22 Ryan
  499. Nineball

    Islander MR3 and MR2

    I think robo beat you to it and picked them up as a pair!
  500. Nineball

    WTB: Transducer for C80

    Rereading these old posts, one can see how much knowledge there is on this board. Priceless The good: i still have patricks ducer brand new in box. I tried to return it about a month ago but nobody was home. If anyone has a need for it, we will figure things out with patrick, I'm sure...
  501. Nineball

    We got Crabs, Big Crabs, Lots of Crabs

    That looks amazing and i just had a delightful breakfast at Kelly's in gig harbor.
  502. Nineball

    Avet MXJ with MagCast

    The real shows even better than the pics. Thanks again Jeff!
  503. Nineball

    Moving metal carport

    Pete, Give me a shout if you need an extra hand. You know i'm a couple of miles away. Pc50 excavator but no trailer
  504. Nineball

    Avet reels 10% off

  505. Nineball

    Coyote's and Pets

    Well dammit Dave! :Beat_Them
  506. Nineball

    Another one goes to Bob’s blast and paint

    Uhhhhh..... Lighter shades of pink If that's what your into..
  507. Nineball

    Another one goes to Bob’s blast and paint

    Well that ain't gonna happen but i agree that matching that stripe looks pretty sharp.
  508. Nineball

    It’s over.....

    Well now you made me scroll back and see if that was Brian. Hope not. But then, i notice that there is a random pallet Jack in there :DWhat thuh?
  509. Nineball

    Tuna Lures

    Shipping was included and items received in perfect condition. Helluva deal! Thanks again Dave!
  510. Nineball

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    Skinned both sides and cut into long thin slices. Marinate on soy for 25 minutes. Traeger smoked with the lid propped open about one inch with a wire brush cleaner handle for about 12 hours before i read jeff's comment about the sweet chili sauce and chili flakes. Said "hell yes" and went...
  511. Nineball

    Lower unit knockKnock does not rise and fall with engine speed

    Your transducer is hanging by the cable and hitting swimstep:frehya2:
  512. Nineball

    Open Seat WP Tuna Saturday

  513. Nineball

    Tuna Lures

    I pm'd ya a little bit ago Siv.
  514. Nineball


    It was a great day on big blue! Got the invite from Kamen and rolled into town friday night where i met Leif (Mazu). We tied up some shit, talked shop, and got a few things ready. Erik (blindpig) pulled in before 5am and we were on the water by first light. Had a bait tank scare but...
  515. Nineball

    Edmonds coho

    Well done! Fished just north of the oil docks from 530 till 11 with one coho. Back on trailer and launched at Manchester at 2. Fished southworth, dolphin point, and gig harbor shoreline til dusk with no more keepers. Long day for us but an awesome time with my bro. You did well from what...
  516. Nineball

    Looking for an old friend.

    OH MY! Nice work
  517. Nineball

    Bradley smoker temps and times

    Im eating all of these trimmings and most of this thin sliced belly for dinner! On another thread i think there are tires for sale too! Kept it simple with a short 6ish hour soak in kikoman followed by 6 hours on the traeger for trimmings. A little longer for belly
  518. Nineball

    85 Tiderunner gas tank

    We found better than a half dozen of these last friday on clockwork!
  519. Nineball

    A place to rest my head in Westport

    They don't do that anymore. Filled that side of the parking lot with u-hauls. Bummer too
  520. Nineball

    8/25 Lumacat report

    ......yes there are tuna in Washington :eek: Whuuuuuhttttt!
  521. Nineball

    My greatest day as a captain.

    :appl:Well done Norm! I must have just yawned while reading this, or these allergies maybe
  522. Nineball

    VHF testing needed

  523. Nineball

    Maui Jim and Costa Sunglasses

    Glasses arrived in great shape. Thanks Jeff!
  524. Nineball

    The answer is always no

    If you dont ask! If a seat for the WTC happens to open up please consider sending me a pm. I would be honored to participate. Thursday is my 47th birthday and Norm has personally invited me to the party but i have to work on friday til 3. I fully expect the crickets to chirp on this...
  525. Nineball

    Port Townsend 7/28

    Is your dad the marine biologist that was super cool at the docks in nb a few weeks ago? We were staying at the village and i saw him there as well. Very humble and a pleasure to talk to
  526. Nineball

    Maui Jim and Costa Sunglasses

    Sorry Josh, Payment has been made. Trade ya towards a tuna trip tho:rolleyes:
  527. Nineball

    Any Kings in Westport

    Nah, it was a nice fish but i think my bro-in-law played long arm midget man for that photo:D No5 coyote in green and glow naked at 135' at 53/21 The only fish kept today was a nice silver in 130' off the windmills on a herring in helmet with 4oz banana, go figure
  528. Nineball

    Any Kings in Westport

    There were some to be caught today. Pretty much on patricks #'s.
  529. Nineball

    WTB: Transducer for C80

    Ok, well back to the drawing board. I would need a 12 degree model so this one is a no go. Still looking, and i pm'd you John for more details. Patrick, i will return the B60 once you get back this way. Its a whopping 3.9 miles between our houses.
  530. Nineball

    WTB: Transducer for C80

    Ducer is in my shop, thanks again Patrick! Couldn't pass up the exchange rate which included some banquet. Guess i will have to get out in the shop and get that radar tower built too.. I will run it this year and see about getting the 1K next year. Once again the brotherhood comes thru...
  531. Nineball

    WTB: Transducer for C80

    Patrick, that's an amazing offer! Thank you, i will almost certainly have to take you up on that. Problem is, it seems like this thread is turning into how i need a 1000W unit. See excerpt from patricks blackmouth seminar notes (last bullet in section 6). I should probably practice what he...
  532. Nineball

    WTB: Transducer for C80

    Yeah, that's what i would prefer. I have a P66 on a furuno right now. I'm hoping for better results on the raymarine unit. I've been reading about that M260 John and it seems like everyone is happy with it. I guess my concern is how much do i invest into this legacy gear? Semingson hooked...
  533. Nineball

    WTB: Transducer for C80

    Guys, I am looking for a good transducer for my C80 which has a DSM300. Figured it is worth a shot to post here since it seems that many folks are upgrading. Cheers
  534. Nineball

    Shop/Boat storage

  535. Nineball

    Let's help Kevin and Cindy out with a little BD love

    Done, Kevin came down to the shop to help me out after hours. His direction was just to tell him when "I" could be there.
  536. Nineball

    Some people

    Some people are just assholes! But other people are not! You know, the Carrie and Norm or the Patrick type. This is a story about the other people. Set up camp at the village sun. Monday was blowing so just did a shakedown cruise and let the kids play while i addressed minor issues. We...
  537. Nineball

    Macs on a t9.9

    Propguard is mounted. I did drill near the edge of the zincs more than i wanted. I persoanally think the install looks better this way but i think that there is plenty of edge margin to mount it on top of the cav plate and spread it out to miss the zinc. Overall spacing would be better as...
  538. Nineball

    Macs on a t9.9

    Steve, Are you talking about that omc glue that comes in a rubber cement type of container? I have some and find that stuff to be exceptional for gluing down valve cover gaskets, etc. Ford used to make a similar product but i couldn't find it last time i needed some but this stuff is as good...
  539. Nineball

    Macs on a t9.9

    Ok Dave you got me there. I would bring it over but i can't seem to locate my map! I called and was told to put fasteners right through the zinc. She said that it doesn't matter if the guard is above or below the cavitation plate as long as there is 1/4" of clearance. It will be bolted up...
  540. Nineball

    Macs on a t9.9

    Huh........? They are pretty adamate that it touches the zincs. Dissimilar metal corrosion complaints maybe? The way i read that "important!" note is twofold. One for the t9.9 and the clearance note for other users. I think its worthy of a call tomorrow at the least. Thanks for the info fellas.
  541. Nineball

    Macs on a t9.9

    Correct, i think this is the intended location. Someone will most likely confirm before i poke holes tomorrow. Going back to my boeing wingline days - this placement gives me sufficient edge margin on all the holes (including the 2 that i put in the zinc ughh) while being far enough out of...
  542. Nineball

    Macs on a t9.9

    Ok, Since the search function didn't pan out i will ask the board. Does anyone have a pic of a mac's on their t9.9? Specifically, the location of the cav plate hardware. It says on the sticker "for yami 9.9 ht mount to bottom of cavitation plate against zincs" If i center this bad boy up...
  543. Nineball

    Mac's prop saver

    Thanks again brutha!
  544. Nineball

    Crabbing This Weekend

    Is that a bud light prison sandle?? Nice haul!!
  545. Nineball

    I'm backkkk!!

    "Neah Bay Salmon opener this weekend, who's gonna be out there?" This has been mentioned in another thread as well. Are we talking about the weekend of the 1-July here?
  546. Nineball

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    Here's the link to that one i saw. It was $999. Ive been dreaming of a BGE since the last thread on this topic. I believe it was sennert who raved about that one too. Missed one at stokes auction right...
  547. Nineball

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    I've been using traeger for years with no complaints. I was in silverdale Costco on Thursday and saw a really nice looking outfit for $999. This thing has a large hopper and and large grilling area. Mounted to the right hand side was a hot smoke box with a cold smoke box above it. There...
  548. Nineball

    What do you do on your Birthday when you have nothing better to do?

    Tides were awesome on Sunday so i have this bday pic
  549. Nineball

    Looking for open seat - Westport Sunday

    Nice job mdw! Any others out there? once mdw is all set of course. Otherwise, I'm on task to go solo with my 17' and find that honey hole 12 miles out :rolleyes:
  550. Nineball

    La Push for Hali opener

    Ntsfsrt What is a forecast? Is that why the avet mc's are more expensive? I just got fri off and looking to be in nb in the pm:finger:
  551. Nineball

    Help Name the Lumacat...
  552. Nineball

    Scotty 1106 downrigger for sale

    Nice price! Wished i could justify the need for another. I'd say glws but it will sell itself.
  553. Nineball

    WTB - transport east side to west

    Update, I had the gear in hand the very next day. Picked up in tacoma. Thanks Laurence. Of course he wouldn't take a dime so i was on the phone talking with Danny for 1/2 hour the same night. Got to meet two BD'ers. Oh, and one bad ass tuna setup also made its way into my arsenal. Thanks...
  554. Nineball

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Better get someone to put sin kitty up for you Greg. That's a good one!
  555. Nineball

    WTB - transport east side to west

    Well shit, Gomer corrected his original post. Laurence, that could work if we could meet after 4pm. Any day works for me.
  556. Nineball

    WTB - transport east side to west

    No, what I'm asking about is if someone were coming over towards port orchard from bellevue i would gladly kick out like $20 for their time. The common theme i see on here though is that if someone does it they most likely would tell me that they dont need my $. I was kicking ideas around...
  557. Nineball

    WTB - transport east side to west

    Just putting the feelers out there. If anyone happens to be heading west across the narrows from the bellevue area, transport of 2 rods is wanted. Payment could be beer or cash, or donation to danny
  558. Nineball

    Craftsman Tablesaw

    Nice meeting you Jason
  559. Nineball

    Destination details

    Sad day, i had no idea. I lit a candle out there and put some flowers by it hours ago. Still burning The family is together over there i think. Nobody coming or going.
  560. Nineball

    Destination details

    Folks, komo is apparently at my house looking for info on the boat that is missing in ak. My neighbor operates the Destination. They asked for a phone number to call his wife. I respectfully denied that request. I dont really know what, if anything, there is to do but i left work to head...
  561. Nineball

    Man down.

    Condolences wow Rest well
  562. Nineball

    Help! Need Tasty Tuna App recipes!!

    Feedback from the peanut gallery who tasted please. Good thread. For my 2 cent feedback i finally found what i like for spicy. Fine mince of red and green jalepenos, and habenero (equal parts of each kind) seeds left in! 2 somewhat heaping tablespoons into each 1/2 pint widemouth with a...
  563. Nineball

    I need $363.98. Please and thanks!

    Done Awesome job arranging this Chris
  564. Nineball

    Building Plans

    I have a 40x60x20 with a 3/12 clear span metal on a mono slab. Went with premier steel because they were the only one, at the time, to play ball with stamped engineered foundation drawings. Everyone wanted to sell me steel, nobody cared about the slab. Not nearly as nice looking as kimH's...
  565. Nineball

    NMFA - what's it mean to you?

    Need My Footwear Assholes! ??
  566. Nineball

    Bait Tank $150

    I was gonna say that Patrick wasn't talking about bait tanks and then post a link to the abolishing photos that degrade women thread. Where the hell did that thread go? Im gonna miss stair guys pic of that chick standing on the pulpit:drool:
  567. Nineball

    Bait Tank $150

  568. Nineball

    2016-MA13 Minter Creek Coho Returns

    Wow! Saw them stacking up from the bridge a couple of weeks ago!
  569. Nineball

    Is this a good deal

    The engines are a china knock-off of a yanmar design. Sold under various names. Mine was fotma (aka jinma tractors) 3600 rpm air cooled noisemaker. Smokey. Tier level = huh? Don't put it under cover next to your motorhome or the exhaust will turn your rim black from soot. Mine is open...
  570. Nineball

    Thursday tuna run?

    In for monday! On whatever channels mark, ian, and jarrid are on:food-smil
  571. Nineball

    Crab catch card.....

    Same here except i might have not exited out correctly so this year i took screenshots after each report.
  572. Nineball

    2 seats tomorrow. Tuna. Westport

    Let's go get that legend bloody thap:-)
  573. Nineball

    Found these fish 1 hour from Westport

    Just revived an old thread and got the# for westport seafood. Called and confirmed they will have live bait tomorrow morning
  574. Nineball

    North Olympic Peninsula help with Raymarine radar issue

    I have a dome for my c80 sitting here until my winter projects start.
  575. Nineball

    WDFW offers free fishing while license sales are suspended

    If i happen to be in 12 south will i still need an attorney on standby to deploy a second set of gear?
  576. Nineball

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Knew it would be worthwhile! At like midnight fri norm responds to a pm and gives me a spot on TS. I was pumped and ready to throw some sh&t in a backpack and drive to wp. One problem, my fiance not feeling well. After deliberating, i "made the right choice (i guess)" and stayed with her...
  577. Nineball

    Paying for it!

    Why am i imagining TP handing this out while delivering a 20 minute semi-inaugural speach??
  578. Nineball

    Tuna reports

    Due to my lack of experience and participation i can respectfully say Pats last sounds about 20% f'd up and arrogant and 80% badass. Love it! Cheers to all and GL to the underdog. Come on Norm -you can do it!
  579. Nineball

    MA 7

    Please don't forget number of boats in viewing range Ron, thanks for the post
  580. Nineball

    Across the border .

    Dam Erik No need to be so snotty! Geez He said he searched the hole internet and didnt find an ancer!..................................... .....GOSH! And tues still a fag!
  581. Nineball

    Tough Day at Westport

    Followed the rampage thru most of the bar. When they got a little ahead i snuck in behind the pescatore. He was heading nw and left me in the dust. Then we headed w out to the fleet working at 200+feet. Fished all morning without a takedown. Everything from fresh herring in a helmet to grand...
  582. Nineball

    Sat 23

    Just got settled at the hungry whale for $5 thanks to the bd bro thread last week. Anyone else chasing nooks tomorrow? Juanita on 68
  583. Nineball

    I need a bunch of new windows

    I misread as a "bunch of new widows" with all these pictures thru various houses..... Then i realized it wasn't larry2 and there was no immediate duress
  584. Nineball

    Newcomer to West Coast

    Meanwhile my kids are swimming at pacific rv. I pointed out ms eliza and looked close -but no touchy- Patrick's boat. Hope i make it out to 200' tomorrow and get one of those 3 boys hooked up!
  585. Nineball

    Upgraded rod holders

    F'ing gorgeous
  586. Nineball

    Reels and Guns

    Seems like he likes his ladies on top. I can totally correlate
  587. Nineball

    King opener Area 2!

    Dam son, good on ya. Nicely done!
  588. Nineball

    Rod holder Radar tower How much do these co$t

    Thanks, I like his work is why I ask. He did a rockin job on koolaids WC. I have the materials to furb my own but now it's time to fish. From what I read prior to buying the dies and material 1 1/2" sched 40 (1.9" od) was the right choice but now I'm thinking the 1 1/4" would look better.
  589. Nineball

    Rod holder Radar tower How much do these co$t

    Do you happen to have any pix of that Tony?
  590. Nineball

    Saluting the short bus

    Plenty Of Room For A Logo, And Prob Enough Time For install
  591. Nineball

    Area 3 & 4 Hali 6/11??

    Kitsap side. Went to sportsmans silverdale and got a big blank stare. Trying for NB so going to call swains and see if they have any (robodad?).
  592. Nineball

    Area 3 & 4 Hali 6/11??

    Pretty please!???
  593. Nineball

    2006 wellcraft coastal 290

    Nice ride Matt! Glws
  594. Nineball

    Wtb: surge brake actuator

    Gotta love this place! En route to pick one up from Tom
  595. Nineball

    Wtb: surge brake actuator

    Not ready to go EOH just yet and found my reservoir in need of replacement. Does anyone happen to have anything on the cheap? Will find a new one soon if this doesn't work out. Thanks Chris
  596. Nineball

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Go ghetto and put that 225 merc on it! Then go fishing!!!! Free to my belfair BD bro lol I also have a neon "open" sign that needs a ballast if that part matters:D
  597. Nineball

    Shit fuck damn it........

    This SH!T don't happen with etec's! You shouldn't have switched! JK buddy that's just crap. Sorry to hear Todd.
  598. Nineball

    LaPush Lings

    Here's your sign!
  599. Nineball

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    Hmmm, I kinda feel like pics or it didn't happen doesn't go with this thread for once.....but we still have to ask don't we???:frehya2:
  600. Nineball

    Merc 225 offshore/hydraulics/bracket

    Yes, like this one
  601. Nineball


    found it! Hmmm, ok then let's assume it's a close relative in a defiance!
  602. Nineball

    Merc 225 offshore/hydraulics/bracket

    I have a '97 merc offshore carbed with all wiring, gauges, aux oil tank, manuals, etc. It was in excellent shape when I picked it up for $2k a couple years ago. It came off as a runner when a wellcraft Intercoastal upgraded to a Honda 4s. I was able to work out a deal to leave the hydraulic...
  603. Nineball


    Think so. Now where did that salute looking pic run off to???
  604. Nineball


    It left after this post! Those darn things have a mind of their own. Somebody's bound to see it and post. I've been looking but every time I get near that luiza barros link I get sidetracked :eek:
  605. Nineball


    Is that who I think it is in that grundens ad? Is that a BD salute as well?? :confused:
  606. Nineball

    WTB: radar

    Looking to throw a little tax return $ towards radar. Anyone upgrading? Saw a furuno one go for $500 on CL last week. Now this one is posted I prob shouldn't go much over the $1k mark if possible. Thx
  607. Nineball

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Looks terrific. What's the purpose for the upper stiffener across the old name?? I'm sure there is one when it gets cadded or solid edged
  608. Nineball

    Downrigger Ball Mold

    I would like to attend if possible. If anyone knows a good source for lead shoot me a pm please.
  609. Nineball

    Wishing you all a happy new year

    Happy New Years bitches!!!
  610. Nineball


    :indabutt::indabutt::indabutt: Well let's just hope they are still tweaking cuz these hearts need to be swapped for a simple "thumbs up" for the pacNW anyways!!!!! Kali boys can talk to their counselor about it if they don't know the difference
  611. Nineball


    If I'm going to get anything done in the shop this winter I need some cords! Rpcole gave us boys a helluva deal last winter and so far the shop is cozy warm. Thanks again Pete!!!!! Going to baker tomorrow... Hopefully we make it safe and sound back to b-ham for the night. All new helmets and...
  612. Nineball

    2015 Best Moments

    Looks like they have already been peckin on that eyeball which is what happens when my boys touch fish! Lol
  613. Nineball

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Superb shot taken in between white caps!
  614. Nineball

    Pepper Jelly

    Well sh&t, now I gotta makeshift a cold box off of the treager to accomplish that one!!!!! JB had a thread on it. More to come.
  615. Nineball

    Pepper Jelly

    Downdraft took care of most of it
  616. Nineball

    Pepper Jelly

    My buddy grew a variety of hot peppers and brought a jar of PJ in to work for me. I made the mistake of sharing it with the crew. 20 mins later it was gone and we were asking how to get more. I pulled some strings and for a sixer of Rebel Rouser it was game on. He brought over two grocery...
  617. Nineball

    Let's name Cornfed's new boat

    I'm sure this one puts some pressure against the "decided one". Nicely done!:drunk
  618. Nineball

    Three days to fish

    Already got a Verizon 5 and restored via the cloud. Didn't even lose a pic. It's a wonderful thing!
  619. Nineball

    Three days to fish

    I will try to bring my boys over for the crab feed. These shots are as good as any. Need another Scotty on the stbd side so don't laugh but put a zeb33 with a fishflash and herring-in-helmet out for Larry after my first one thinking it was easy pickings on 3-4lb fish. Nothing for a half hour...
  620. Nineball

    Three days to fish

    Beautiful "tides" out of pa. Bite was on around the yellow can but died as we drifted west with the current. 2 dinks in the box and 12 small crab in one pot in 5 hours. 8 in the next two hours for a limit. I was hailing hawksfan and Bugeater but nobody home. Missed coming by to see ya this time...
  621. Nineball

    Three days to fish

    I wonder if I'm going to get any painting done tonite before it starts to rain:food-smiley-014:
  622. Nineball

    Three days to fish

    Eric, I'm all ears for a trip west on 112. Or we can chat if we r both at PA. Keep in touch. Sent Matt a pm earlier too.
  623. Nineball

    Three days to fish

    I was thinking PA on Sunday too. That's Matts stomping grounds though and he just directed us right on past with that "nothing to see here" innuendo:D
  624. Nineball

    $450.00 REWARD

    This is what happens when Larry stays up late with fireboll and perkasat
  625. Nineball

    WA Record Opah for ARSC?

    First there's a mako that eats well, then an opah, followed by yellowtail. WTF, the palate changes with children when it's Mahi from Costco. After that my Hali and bass were referred to as "Mahi' because the kids rave about it. My smile was as big as theirs to watch them not turn their nose at...
  626. Nineball

    So it looks like I will get out for a tuna trip this Saturday...

    A years supply of Kotex won't stop the bleedin that shortly ensues!
  627. Nineball

    Where do you buy your pellets for smoking/grilling?

    Cash and carry sells bear mountain for less than $10/bag. Using it voids the treager warranty:food-smil
  628. Nineball

    Blown engine on the Kelli Ann

    Skirt failure on a parent metal block...ouch! That's tough to swallow. Here's to making it right! She is dead sexy up on blocks tho!! :cheers:
  629. Nineball

    Where did everybody go today?

    Thanks to Jason on Friday here's what I've got going on. Bro-in-law came over and did one of his seat-of-the-pants brines which included Johnny's seafood and dill (and some other stuff that's his secret I guess lol). We did a big chief vs. treager challenge:cheers: Brined about 14 loins as well...
  630. Nineball

    Where did everybody go today?

    Here's a pic of both ya's ha! That crew worked together great!
  631. Nineball

    55 hour work week

    Are we talking work or "puttin time in"???
  632. Nineball

    Happy f'n bday

    Procedure for 4-stroke models Run the engine under load (in gear with a propeller installed) for 10 hours as follows. 1. First hour: Run the engine at 2000 r/min or at approximately half throttle. Second hour: Run the engine at 3000 r/min or at ap-proximately three-quarter throttle...
  633. Nineball

    Happy f'n bday

    I wish that were the case. Quote from manual: Low oil pressure warning indicator The oil pressure lamp is on when the engine is running and oil pressure is normal. If oil pressure drops too low, the lamp goes off. As an additional alert of the low oil pressure condition, the engine runs...
  634. Nineball

    Happy f'n bday

    Just bought new t9.9. Had initial problems with a brand new motor (major failure on first start). Dealer took a while but came through with another new motor. Went crabbing with it over the last few days. Enjoying the crap out of it. Then I go to retrieve pots tonight and quickly found out the...
  635. Nineball

    Neah Bay this week?

    Saw a wheelbarrow full of longfins get pushed by while I was cleaning up the boat yesterday. Something about 15 miles away but I don't think sekiu sells tuna????
  636. Nineball

    Open seat for tomorrow...

    Still looking to get my 3 boys on salmon/tuna. I understand it's way more than you asked for but we are making our way over late tonight.
  637. Nineball

    Canning question

    Depends on BTU's below it. Turkey cooker vs side burner etc
  638. Nineball

    WTB - Power head for 130 Evinrude or replacement engine

    Out of your posted power range here but I have a '96 merc 225 offshore sitting here with absolutely everything needed. I've been "sure I would use it" for over a year now. Controls,gauges, external oil tank stainless prop...blahblah.
  639. Nineball

    Dave said it would be fine if you dropped off mine at kitsap marina as well. Chris 3606202638

    Dave said it would be fine if you dropped off mine at kitsap marina as well. Chris 3606202638
  640. Nineball

    Do you work at kitsap marina?

    Do you work at kitsap marina?
  641. Nineball

    Ride out to the grounds with Team Genie Aye. ..

    No sir, I don't remember having a cavitation problem......
  642. Nineball

    Dinner treat tonight

    Since I didn't get to taste it, it didn't happen! Sounds great, definitely gonna try.
  643. Nineball

    Boat for a day

    Agreed, I've been out on the Reel Tight and met Darrell last year when i was on Ms. Eliza. It would be a pleasure to be with any of the above. We are starting to work on the travel arrangements and I will make some calls once the dates solidify. I was assuming that August would be a tough...
  644. Nineball

    Boat for a day

    Looking to get a six pack for a day in August. Any day of the week. I'm trying to get my best friends dad (whose 75+ and navy Awnry)out for the best fishing experience ever. Paying it forward at any cost Damn, Danny I should have thought about you sooner.
  645. Nineball

    Seasense 8200

    Stopped by lowes for a couple tubes of 5200. $9 ea and it was regular cure. Guess the other stuff will find itself sealing something around the house or stashed in the motorhome for an oh-shit now what moment!
  646. Nineball

    Seasense 8200

    I have a tube of this unopened and a quick search was vague. I am swapping OB's and kicker brackets ,etc. Should I ditch it and and just use the 3m 5200?
  647. Nineball

    Bottom fish westport

    We definitely need a popcorn widget to go with the:hali_olutta:
  648. Nineball

    Very short period of time left to take advantage of the following offer.

    Thanks for the heads up Matt!! I thought those were cool a ways back but forgot to check back in. You can choose your color too! PayPal works in like 10 minutes even with an expired card.
  649. Nineball

    Fish or die tees and hoodies

    Heather, XL hoodie for me as well please. I will try PayPal if I can remember password. If not, it will be check.
  650. Nineball

    Koolaid and other groceries

    Got the word from Koolaid that we needed to make a quick run to the grocery store on the nw side of town. Last min decision to go after my rounding up my bro for a 3rd passenger. Headed out at 2 sat morning and made it to the first store by about 9am. Their Hali selection wasn't the grade we...
  651. Nineball


    There is a 1995 2120 cc on Bangor base for $8k. It looked like a lot of boat for the $. It had a late 90's 150 merc offshore on it but it cleaned up well overall. The open transom is not ideal and scuppers kinda sucked. Tandem trailer not bad. Just passing along some info. All my cash has...
  652. Nineball

    3 shrimp pots FS/FT

    Thanks Jake and Matt!
  653. Nineball

    FS/FT Downriggers and Salmon Rods

    Couldn't pm ya for some reason. Would you consider selling a single dr?
  654. Nineball

    1980 19' Glasply 2100

    Very clean boat! Saw it last weekend while picking up the sounder. Glass stringers and solid floor. Somebody's going to get a good one
  655. Nineball

    3 shrimp pots FS/FT

    The bruthahood is strong in this one! Thanks Matt!!!
  656. Nineball

    3 shrimp pots FS/FT

    Another pm
  657. Nineball

    3 shrimp pots FS/FT

    Pm sent
  658. Nineball

    I am being SUED by my HOA. Need Lawyer!

    Too bad you can't dig and pour a below grade slab. Problem would be you would also be building a swimming pool unless it had a drain.
  659. Nineball

    Jason AKA KOOLAID is a hero

    Classy is an understatement. He popped my tunamangina and said he would still respect me in the morning!
  660. Nineball

    Snow Creek resort

    My buddy loves to stay there after I took him fishing years ago. He has already made reservations for August but reached jake via email only. I will pass this thread along to him but wtf sno-creek? Ive launched and stayed there for years now??????
  661. Nineball


    Bd deal done right. Now I'm paying the 3 boys to get what has to b better part of a cord near the shop stove. Thinking $5 each if I don't help 8-)
  662. Nineball


    Thanks Pete. Looks like a winner to me!
  663. Nineball

    Should have called someone down with their boat....

    Now that's badass. I just filled propane for $1.29 and when I told my neighbor he said he just filled for about the same and wasn't even surprised.:chestram2
  664. Nineball

    Steiger Craft

    Hmmm, fantasy BD MMA........... Cornfed vs Hawksfan. Question is, what will Tony's odds be......
  665. Nineball

    Go Seaducks!

    Consider giving Troy his account back please. Then you can reply back to this waste of a thread....
  666. Nineball

    can i get my name back?

    Why is this so difficult? I don't get it at all..... Give the gentleman whatever username he likes. Fucking ridiculous if you ask me. I guess I didn't realize we were on a children's website. I didn't see a purple dinosaur so forgive me
  667. Nineball

    Tuna helper

    Pacific Northwest style ;)
  668. Nineball

    Canning tuna

    Mine sat covered in the fridge overnite due to kids' soccer and such. Some things just work themselves out. Buddy gave me a handful of habaneros too so i was able to put fresh slices into some of the jars. I used the big bro smoke brine found quickly via Internet search and it is a good one...
  669. Nineball

    Canning tuna

    Well I did a teaspoon of olive oil and filled with some distilled for the last round. I was thinking a dash of salt as well until I read the early replies. Tuna steaks marinated in soy/brown sugar for dinner! 6 fish is plenty to deal with :food-smil Thanks goat for giving the opportunity to...
  670. Nineball

    Canning tuna

    So I have brined about 1/2 of my catch then smoke and canned. I was looking for some links to other recipes for just putting fresh loins in the can with ??? Having trouble finding the history on this. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  671. Nineball

    Annoying popup

    Is there a LMFAO button????????
  672. Nineball

    Annoying popup

    I mean this kind of garbage!
  673. Nineball

    Annoying popup

    Well I'm glad it's just not me. Otherwise, I had to assume 3 things: 1) SOMEBODY jacked my phone 2) forgot to turn off cookies And 3) found some boobies on the Internet!! Glad I don't have to hunt down whomever would do such a thing!
  674. Nineball

    Annoying popup

    Anyone else getting this annoying popup for the last day entitled "related"? Shit is frustrating at best....if it is a recent change please ditch the new feature admin. No likey!!!
  675. Nineball

    Open seat

    Pm sent
  676. Nineball

    Custom 23' uniflite sportfish diesel ***sold***

    My place works out well! Just give me enough notice to scrub and reconnect the hour meter.
  677. Nineball

    Ramp at ocean shores?

    Hey thanks so much everyone. My johnson 50 has served me well over the years but I just confirmed my suspicion that the top plug is getting a light rinse of NaCl H2O so the arima heads to the shop for the year. I think she needs a yammy 70 as suggested by terry at defiance. First things first...
  678. Nineball

    Ramp at ocean shores?

    This gives me low tides for the morning bite with a bar crossing around 6ish and coming back across around noonish each day (correct???). Not so sure this makes a lot of sense to pull the boat over with A RV and do any good with a small boat... I'm open to suggestions. Any buddy boat opportunities?
  679. Nineball

    Ramp at ocean shores?

    Sorry, should have done some homework before posting. Looks like the place is quinalt marina and it is inside (makes sense) so there would be a bar crossing. Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon /Low Time Feet Sunset Visible Sa 9 Low 6:13 AM -1.8 6:06 AM Set 4:54 AM 94 9 High 12:55 PM...
  680. Nineball

    Ramp at ocean shores?

    Ok tide dependant and no bar crossing????
  681. Nineball

    Ramp at ocean shores?

    Last minute invite to ocean shores for the weekend. The bro-in-law seems to think there is a boat ramp there????? I have never heard any chatter on this board of such a thing...what's the skinny? Trying to throw a small arima in and troll the shallows based on some reports from here.....ramp...