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  1. karlow

    85 Outrage Rehab

    Mine and Bill were basically falling off the boats. I pulled them and mixed the epoxy/glass and filled all of the holes. On my boat I used some kitty hair to patch over and level some of the locations (it was my goto filler for cosmetic work this round) . After I painted it I re-drilled the...
  2. karlow

    85 Outrage Rehab

    I went over the bottom paint on my boat with a black bottom paint. It looked great the first year. Now it looks like I need to redo it and it has not spent all that much time on the water. you can wipe that paint off with your hand! Are you going to pull the rails off? I had to redo all of the...
  3. karlow

    85 Outrage Rehab

    Remove the caulk prior to painting it. I used epoxy mixed with ground glass for the small repairs, holes and to install the thru holes. How dry are the thru holes? Too bad it not in the 90's to help dry things out! Is there a drain the anchor locker? I added one to my rig
  4. karlow

    85 Outrage Rehab

    See the tag on the tank pic above. It was about $700 a few years ago. I would pull the floor and clean up the tank and check for pitting. U need to redo the hoses anyway.
  5. karlow

    85 Outrage Rehab

    If you search for Whaler Rehab you will find my project from a few years back. Same rig just a few years older and rougher shape she was. I found holes in the top of the tank under the front breather connection. There were a number of other spots that would have failed as well in short order...
  6. karlow

    85 Outrage Rehab

    You could try to pressure test that fuel tank, or just pull the trigger and replace it now. You need to pull the deck and replace the hoses anyway. Break out the impact driver you have about a hundred screws to deal with. Your boat started out in better shape than mine! You are making progress.
  7. karlow

    Sat fun at catalina

    No man, it all true. Whats life if not a little adventure right? You can stay at the dock if you like. FYI there was a 17ft Whaler at the island that day as well. I'm not sure where they came from or how they got there. I guess it's not about the size of the boat but I never took my 17ft Whaler...
  8. karlow

    Dana point bonito and lobster 10/29

    Like he said no more than 1/8" of sea water and a frozen water bottle and they will be good for about 20 hours. Don't use ice.
  9. karlow

    Catalina Thurs and Friday

    WTF! I'm calling BS on that being a 3Lb bone!
  10. karlow

    Sat fun at catalina

    Its a classic 18 ft BWO. No room for the display. Maybe you could mount it to the rail with a RAM mount. Most likely it would have to be attached to the pipe. The single 6" plate W/O backing would not work for me. If you build one, you should mount it to the console and the deck. The first time...
  11. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    My original unit had too much corrosion. It had a small leak in the main cylinder. It still worked but leaked a few oz of oil on every trip. As for the replacement, I will live with its issue.
  12. karlow

    WTB Volvo 280 Trim Tilt Assembly

    Those are such fun to work on! If you can get the rams apart you can rebuild them.
  13. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Yep it does, Most of the trim units out there look about the same. They might be made by just one or two companys and just badged and painted for the Outboard conpanys. My replacement unit will get stuck in the up position if you run it all the way up! that is not what you want to discover at...
  14. karlow

    Sat fun at catalina

    All I need is for someone to stand in the bow with a radar dish in one hand and a display mounted on their ars and we will be golden. Short of that I don't realy have anywhere to install it. Same story with the windless and wash-down pump. Small boats don't have room for everything!
  15. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Jimmy any pics?
  16. karlow

    SOLD Kodiak pro flow 22 bait tank

    I will take her off your hands. i texted you u. Thanks good deal on the B tank. That's a nice rig you have there, I would not want to drill any more holes in her as well. FYI after that round tank fails to live up to your expectations again, you can make an adapter out of that cutting board...
  17. karlow

    Sat fun at catalina

    We caught one bass, about 13" and what looked to be a legal cuda. I have not been out in fog where it was foggy at the island as well. That would be a serious issue. As for the big container ships not making noise, not true. The first time We ran into fog in the chan we discovered that you can...
  18. karlow

    Sat fun at catalina

    The plan was to make the hop over to Cat with a tank of deans and min macks to look for YT. Plans and reality are not the same. As we got close to the LBC it became clear that the forecast was carp. Spotty fog after 5pm my A! As soon as we left the dock it was clear that we would have about 50...
  19. karlow

    Local Bassin 29th

    Thanks for the report, I hope the beering is good on Sat!
  20. karlow

    Buggin with bug rider

    That's a grip of dead bugs! You are worst than RAID! save a few for me.
  21. karlow

    Mid-life crisis boat options?

    You need more truck. I have a 2003 Tacoma V6 Auto. I used it to drag a 1990 17 Whaler around. It was the most boat that rig could handle. I used to drag that boat everywhere from Dana to Silverwood. That rig is rated to tow 5000lbs but don't bet on it.
  22. karlow

    Bugged in LBC

    5 traps! Dude u got to get a bigger boat! Nice going, but u got to get a bigger boat my man.
  23. karlow

    Catalina YT (10/24/2020)

    Dam! Thats a nice one!
  24. karlow

    Maritime skiff thread

    Make sure you take extra measures to seal that foam! If not water will slowly migrate through it. You can end up with old BW issues. A question,it that a tiny wheel at the helm? I like the look of that console with the top and windshield. It looks like a great solution for small skiffs.
  25. karlow


    Hey that midnight run home from cat can be the best water you ever hit on lake pacific!
  26. karlow

    For Sale boston whaler parts

    Fuel tank price?
  27. karlow

    For Sale boston whaler parts

    Vintage Whaler parts are worth thier weight in Gold! What did you want for the fuel tank and which one do you have? Post a pic of the console.
  28. karlow

    Buying an LLC owned boat and not paying sales tax

    In Cal if you buy a vehicle in any other and pay their sales tax (typically lower or none), when you go to reg it in Cal you get nailed by a use fee which is magically equal to the difference between what Cal would have charged for tax you and what you paid the other state.
  29. karlow

    Late 80's Whaler Outrages 18-22

    Yep, Like he said. Soft spots are not always on that removable deck section. Other than that, your plan sounds OK. Make sure you go and inspect it before you drop the cash. My buddy brought one mail order. He is still finding out what all is wrong with it. It seemed like a good deal at the time...
  30. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Yea an a sore ankle. another thing, we made it out bug hunting on Sun. Someone got rope around the prop and trimmed it all the up to clear it and it got fing stuck! It could have been ugly. I dropped the trolly to go an get a trap that was about 30 feet away and it did not seem to be going...
  31. karlow

    For Sale 12 Gal portable fuel tank NIB never opened

    I picked it up for my 17ft whaler and never used it. $70. It's the lower profile tempo tank. My bad it a low profile Moeller 12 gal tank. The box is 12" x 18" 25" If you search for it Ebay says its 24,51 x17.19 x10 82 It looks like this one.
  32. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Did you use an impact to attempt to take you motor apart? Yea it took four days to get it apart! ETHTBAPITA ! The top is frozen on the starboard side and the pin was frozen on the port side, The fun does not end there, noooo. As it turned out the different between the replacement and original...
  33. karlow

    Rocky point 10/18

    That looks great! I will have to go there and give it a shot!
  34. karlow

    WTB Tee Top

    What kind of money are we talking about Ken?
  35. karlow

    WTB Tee Top

    I'm looking for a tee top for a 82 Outrage. If you have something say something!
  36. karlow

    Crawl marches on...

    Like he said between 7 and 70' deep
  37. karlow

    105 YT are here

    That's a nice one!
  38. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Well its that time. I picked up a trim unit on Ebay and decided to go for the install on Sunday. I was hoping to get her done and be ready to go bug hunting on Sat. But nooooo everything has to be a pain in the Arss! You can't replace the trim unit without pulling the motor. Then u have to pull...
  39. karlow

    17 montauk stripped center console screw fix

    That's old school, low rider. You are setting too low. You should raise the motor up. Check out the Whaler forums.
  40. karlow

    10/8 PL Buggin

    U r moving up in the food chain!
  41. karlow

    Got butter? Limits of bugs

    OK, I guess I am a violator Ron. I will check with you for that on the water report around 9pm. Good luck out there!
  42. karlow

    3 steps

    Punto Nuevo Style ! Where are the beans and tortillas my man?
  43. karlow

    Got butter? Limits of bugs

    Simple, leave in ice chest over night with 1/8" of sea water and a frozen water bottle. They will be happy for about 20hours. Snap off an antina and trim off about 1/3". Wear gloves! you can use a knife around the tail to help a bit, twist off the head and twist the antina up the wazoo and pull...
  44. karlow

    Where are my bug reports!

    That's a good idea at least that way u should not hit anything really big, just most boats under 30 ft or so! I'm just running my cat tracks on the chart. Pucker power boyZ!
  45. karlow

    Lack lust start on the bugs but no skunk!

    That was the worst fog I have ever been in. It was maybe 30ft Vis to the stearn cotton off the bow! If you did not have decent electronics, I dont know how you could find your way home. It must have been down to about 15-20ft when I go to the dock! Be safe out there BoyZ
  46. karlow

    Where are my bug reports!

    I was out there and stayed to about 8:30. I left because the fog was closing in. It was my first solo bug run. There were only three or so boats around me earlier. I got there around 5PM plenty of time to drop traps and fish bass. Only a bump! In the end I ended up with 6 keepers and about 50...
  47. karlow

    Lobster opener Forbidden Izor

    I have thought of giving it a shot but the gear tax would be too high! All that structure is very tempting I'm sure the bugs are there and they are safe from me! Have at it boys. We are going to lose a lot more jigs after all your nets get stuck down there!
  48. karlow

    Lot's of Big Bonita 10/3/20

    Hell Headless seals are the best king of seals!
  49. karlow

    Hooping pt Fermin area

    Hey I have seen those guys before in my nets! Heavy ars fog and crab pots is No No! Somebody did not make it home!
  50. karlow

    Perseverance Pays Off

    Thats soo cool. I didn't know they made 2 speed E-reels! That a hell of a nice catch you have there.
  51. karlow

    17 foot Boston whaler Build for my dad

    I have done both. On the boat I replace the drain with brass. For the outrage, I made glass ones from scratch. My thought is that is the best way to get the right size. Install them with thick epoxy. If you are not going to paint it, I would use brass with the gel-coat. If you are going to paint...
  52. karlow

    17 foot Boston whaler Build for my dad

    Now go back and replace the thru holes!
  53. karlow

    Made lemonade out of lemons

    Hey he is just being a little extra careful while illegally fishing the rigs! Those bumpers are important when you are sitting six feet from the rig.
  54. karlow

    17 foot Boston whaler Build for my dad

    You got lucky, my bottom paint was a lot thicker that yours!
  55. karlow

    Ride Share Thread?

    Sounds good where are these boats located? What days are you looking to go out? How well are the boats maintained?
  56. karlow

    Weak tell tale after impeller change

    Great, I have that motor and I have never got a good steam from mine. It does not over heat except on the muffs. I replaced the water pump, and thermostats. I have chased the tubing thru the VST heat exchanger. Salt-X vinegar flush. I usually only get a trickle. It almost looks normal when its...
  57. karlow

    17 foot Boston whaler Build for my dad

    Been there done that, its so much fun! Uses a black plastic puddy knife to scrape the bottom paint (HF). Use the paint/lacquer stripper the one in the gold can from HD. Don't get any of it on you! Use heavy gloves! Eye protection! When you get done, you will not do it again! That stuff will...
  58. karlow

    5 dollar grill mount

    Friends don't let fries use PVC to mount stoves on boats!
  59. karlow

    1545 Jon Boat Conversion

    I like it! nice job
  60. karlow

    2nd trip everything was good.,til it wasnt

    Two things, this issue and the guy with the white powder in the fuel tank pickup are caused by saltwater in your fuel. Note the corrosion does not occur where the O-ring seal goes but is present on both sides of it's location.
  61. karlow

    East of Osborn Bank 8/20/20

    WTF! U are getting 3.89 MPG! What kind of war wagon are you pushing?
  62. karlow

    Overheating Issues - Honda 200 (2009)

    FYI The only time the overheat alarm goes off on my Honda 150 is on the muffs. So put it in the water and run it. It might not be broken. It's dam hard to fix ain't broken. There are two thermostats on the 150 located on the top of the engine. If you have not done so replace them, it's a easy...
  63. karlow

    Diamond Valley & Skinner

    A Skippy is a heavy boat, It's overkill for our little lakes. It is also likely to troll too fast. You really want to get her down to about 2Knts. Those big 5L and 5.7L engines burn some gas at idle speeds as well. You can swap the prop for a small on to get the speed down, but then you can't...
  64. karlow

    Whaler question (Time sensitive)!!

    Whats the description of the boat, and the asking price?
  65. karlow

    Diamond Valley & Skinner

    Nice Skippy, but that's not the right tool for the job. It's more of a go to Catalina boat. For those lakes we do a lot of trolling for stripers. Skinner is not a large lake. DVL is a good place to get skunked. I have not fished it in years. I have fished Skinner quite a bit, typically early in...
  66. karlow

    Izors 7/20

    Nice pig! I need one
  67. karlow

    WTB T Top for BW 18’ Outrage

    Me too! I want one for my 18ft Rage
  68. karlow

    I hate to fish alone!

    It was just a boat ride, my luck has not been so great lately. last two trips I Iost a YT in the kelp! Empty sacker
  69. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    A shelf would be in the way. Currently I just put the covers on the batteries and toss a piece of carpet on top. I still need a new trim unit for the Honda and a Tee top would be nice.
  70. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    You know when I finally got around to trying the trolling motor she just went is circles! As it turns out, when you convert the trolly to I-pilot, you need to twist the wires or it screws up the compass. My last update was to raised the console a bit. Its a better ride now. It's only about...
  71. karlow

    I hate to fish alone!

    Going out with Mike in the AM. Tuna run on my B-day!
  72. karlow

    How to deal with my bottom paint

    Touch up the paint, and don't touch when you wash the boat, That stuff is designed to shed like that. If you touch it, your hand turns black!
  73. karlow

    Swim platform mounted 30 gallon bait tank?

    Been there done that. Thru bolt all of the swim step brackets on the top. If not, the birds will help you find that tank later, but only if it has bait in it when u lose it! Also the gaff make a great recovery tool. FYI you gaff the step, not the tank! I'm just saying.
  74. karlow

    O-Side bait

    What is the bait like out of Oceanside? what are their hours like? I might be going out on Firday and I would like to avoid running out of Dana. We might be going to SCI so there is no reason to run of of SD if the bait situation is any good out of Oside.
  75. karlow

    Which one of you kooks is this?

    About three years back with Joe on his 18ft Gregor at the 43 with the 3 day boats. We got YFT up to 45lbs! It was way flat that day but those little tin boats will beat the crap out of you in seas that flat! Can't recommend it, but with a 60Hp 4 stroke she was good for about 7MPG. So you can...
  76. karlow

    WTB WTB honda power trim

    Honda power trim unit 130 250 HP 2000-2007. My housing is corroded and it leaks. I had to strap it up to get her home today.
  77. karlow

    WTB 2005 Yamaha F250 lower unit

    Mike says it has about 600 hours on it 2006. Its been sitting 2 years.
  78. karlow

    WTB 2005 Yamaha F250 lower unit

    Mike has one. he blew a power head about a year ago.
  79. karlow

    I hate to fish alone!

    It would be nice but it's called fishing. Sometimes its good but sometimes the weather is the best part of the trip! I'm in the SGV, if I'm towing over two hour both ways I need some incentive! Tuna or I' fishing out of the LBC or MDR.
  80. karlow

    6/21/2020 Horseshoe and Izors report - with underwater footage

    That is a friking storm of calico under your boat! The strange part is I have never caught one of the those perch out there. never
  81. karlow

    Good jig stick reel

    338 my friend. Last week I was slinging light iron with a cortez on a 270H. It looks like my new new iron reel! My Torium 20 was killed by a seal. It was not good for chunking iron but it was so fluid to fish with. The Dog broke my dog dam it! I think the one way bearing is now a two way...
  82. karlow

    Catalina 6/23/20 - just fishing report

    Welcome to the club! Two trips to cat this year and no YT or WSB love for us to date. I'm sure three will be the charm, last fri we had the candy as well! I did manage a legal butt. Nothing big but dinner for tonight!
  83. karlow

    21’ Outrage aluminum deck plate

    Are you going to pull the deck to run the plumbing for the tank? I would also want to reinforce the seat mounting like Whaler did if possible. You never know how stable the deck is on an older boat. Drilling and tapping the Al plate under the deck is simple. At lest you know that tank is not...
  84. karlow

    I hate to fish alone!

    You guys are a bit too far south. I'm only going down there if the tuna are calling. They talk to me later in the year so stay in touch in case they don't come up to Dana point.
  85. karlow

    SOLD New Bait tank hoses

    Where r u located?
  86. karlow

    6/18/20 Catalina report they are still biting

    Will be out in the AM. Thanks for the report.
  87. karlow

    Cat 6/15-6/16

    I'm going on Fri with Mike, Rick and Dominic. The currrent plan is to start on the back side. Going for it full trottle!
  88. karlow

    Never give up! 6/13/20 report

    Todd, you got a nice butt! actually two! Does saying that make me sound gay or just jealous? On my last try I got two both shorts..
  89. karlow

    Davies & Sunset HH Launch Ramp.

    Bring wrenches just in case.
  90. karlow

    6/14/20 Cat Frontside report

    How deep was the water? We were near White with no love on Fri,
  91. karlow

    I hate to fish alone!

    I went out with Mike and Joe on Sat. Nice day but we did not do so well at Catalina on this one. Where are you fishing stripers? It's always more fun to fish with other people for me, I need the competition.
  92. karlow

    Cat 6/13

    Great job! I see we fished the wrong side of the island with the wrong bait!
  93. karlow

    Role call!

    There is not much to report. We went out on Mike Parker. The weather was very nice till around 2PM. We hopped over with our scoop of deans around 7AM. The plan was to drag deans for YT on the front side and we did. We caught short bass, mostly 20" cudas and some kick ass bone heads. Those bones...
  94. karlow

    Role call!

    I will post up Good, Bad or Ugly. Plans have changed. I will be out fishing with Joe and Mike on Mikes Parker. YT hunting, it should be a good one! I'm bringing my sling shot so Bobo better keep his head down!
  95. karlow

    Role call!

    Who is fishing Catalina in the AM (Friday)? It looks like I will be out fishing with Joe out of Davies on the OutRage AKA Rehab. What do you know?
  96. karlow

    Long Beach Local 6/12 - any updates?

    I was out last Sat, not much of a report, it was windy and nasty! I might be out on Friday
  97. karlow

    BFT fishing Thursday 6/11

    I'm off on Friday and ready to go if you need a Ho! I have my papers! I can swing a gaff, and buy you some bait, some fuel. Hit me back with an invite, I have done zero tuna fishing this year.
  98. karlow

    Top installed at home

    That really looks great! It looks like you can zip on the some glass or ? to the canvas.
  99. karlow

    What is the best boat battery for my situation

    Classic Outrage?
  100. karlow

    18.6 ft outrage whaler bait tank.

    Is that you Bill?
  101. karlow

    I hate to fish alone!

    I need some more fishing buddies. I have been off all week and I did not get out. The weather looked OK to me, The fishing looked OK. My buddies were all busy doing something. I'm too lazy to go alone unless things are really jumping. So here is the deal, I hate to go out by myself unless I'm on...
  102. karlow

    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Nice fishy you got there! I would like one. Great job
  103. karlow

    SP limited out ... on mylar Balloons

    You do know they are a go to bait for lingcod.
  104. karlow

    Rpt.-Tue.-05-26-20 Big Bass Galore!

    You guys are making it loo easy again! Izors. Rocky, 150, shoe?
  105. karlow

    Cat 05/23/20

    I'm loving what you guys are doing there. Great going there.
  106. karlow

    Fished LB on Sat.

    I think it came from amazon for about $35. As for slow trolled deans, yea that's a winner for sure. With more and more guys doing it, the dogs are learning new tricks.
  107. karlow

    Fished LB on Sat.

    I went out with Joe on his rig. The plan was to go out an hunt for butts. The forecast was 5 to 12Knt winds all day with 3ft swells at 7 sec. We picked up one pass of deans and fished in 90 to 70 ft of water in the shoe. We picked up some nice sculpin. No butts. I'm thinking if we are catching...
  108. karlow

    5-22-20 bird school

    Thanks for the report. They are great smoked, but I typically use them for ceviche. Send them bad boys up to long beach!
  109. karlow

    Need Some Advice for Fishing Out of Ventura, CA

    Leave the cooker shrimp at home and buy some frozen squid and maybe raw shrimp with the heads on. Asian markets (AKA bait shops) are your friend~
  110. karlow

    Airmar B175HW Transducer- necessary to install in cool area AWAY FROM INBOARD ENGINE?

    Two thoughts. Most electronics are rated to 50c (122F). Water is a very effective heat conductor. I would expect that as long as there is no large IR heat source, you will be OK. That said, an inboard engine would qualify as a large IR heat source. My recommendation is the install new pickup in...
  111. karlow

    Boat Sat for a few years..

    Don't run it until you get it sorted out. First check the oil system to make sure it's primed. It might be just that it's lost it's prim from just sitting. Here is another safe option. get a 6 gal fuel tank and and make some pre-mix. Connect it to the 6 gal tank then it will be safe to run it...
  112. karlow

    Echomap 94sv

    something might be blocking the reception. I'm not sure where the sensor is and I have not noticed a screen where it will show all of the sats.
  113. karlow

    Out to Catalina Island for the first time 5-8-2020 with underwater footage.

    That's cool but I think the 4knt speed limit is the real problem. It needs a lot more power to really useful outside of a lake. But it would be cool to check out some lakes. I'm not sure the local water clarity would workout down south, but mountain lakes should work out great.
  114. karlow

    Catalina 5/9 bby

    Hell man you don't have to tell everyone! It's also the very best way to feed the dogs.
  115. karlow

    Garmin problem

    I have inspected it and it looks great. This is not a old unit and this issues started to happen almost from day one. At that time The unit was over a year old. The boat had been a project so the unit had not been used.
  116. karlow

    Garmin problem

    When I rehabbed my outrage a few years ago I picked up a 94SV. I had it about a year before I got a chance to use it. It has a reoccurring problem. I start it up and it says the transducer is not attached. I power it down, remove and reinstall the pickup and turn it back on. Some times it's OK...
  117. karlow

    SOLD White bimini top

    Where are you located?
  118. karlow

    Buddy boating today with member Split172

    Thanks for the report, the water is getting cleaner!
  119. karlow

    Taco Wednesday

    Maybe, the last time I went out I failed to find the rock fish. Maybe I will have better luck on Sat. It looks a bit bumpy
  120. karlow

    Sat inshore report

    We got to Davies around 6:30 to find the lot was filling up fast. Lunched the boat.... That's about the end of the report. We were back on the trailer by 7:30. You may have seen Joe's Tracker not running out there today. So where are the reports? I saw all of the trailers out their. Damit.
  121. karlow

    Where should I launch

    It's a bit bumpy and lumpy out there, how much boat do you have?
  122. karlow

    Rpt.-Thur.-04-23-20 Great to get out, very slow!

    Thanks for the report, at least you got out of the house! I might be out on sat.
  123. karlow

    Need a bow rail

    A bow rail for a Valco trout boat? Good luck with that. U need a welder that can bend pipe.
  124. karlow

    Catalina 4-16-20

    I picked that motor up about 5 years ago for a project and never used it. I did a compression check when I picked it up and it came with a print out, but I don't know much about it.
  125. karlow

    Catalina 4-16-20

    I will take a stab at it. I have worked on a couple of Fi outboards. I'm not sure yours is the same but on the ones that I worked on there is a VFT Vapor Fuel Separator. It's a box with a needle seat, and float like a carb. In the bottom there is a HP electric fuel pump. Its supplied by the...
  126. karlow

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    This is a fish report page right. Any intell about the Albies next door? They are a bit too fare from LB, or Dana point.
  127. karlow

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    The answer is its payback time baby! You guys down south get the launch for free and catch tuna within 10 miles of shore for months on end! It leaves us green and envious just like our water up most of the time! Now you get the tow up north for two hours hoping to just hang a few fish like the...
  128. karlow

    Covid19 tuna spike

    I'm liking what u r doing. I'm going to have to stop at HD and make me one!
  129. karlow

    1978 Tiderunner

    That's a good deal on that trailer. I paid about 1200 for a galvinized one a while back and rebuilt it. I sold the old one for $700 and it needed a bit of welding.
  130. karlow

    4 - 15 San Clemente Island offshore run

    I heard the "A" word! Where is the report? Where did you get bait from?
  131. karlow

    Izor's reef 4/11/2020

    The plan was to run outside the fish for rockies and then fish izors for sandbass. We left at about 7Am and it was a washing machine out there. We had to go slow or get beat the hell up. She does not want to stay on plan below 18 knotts. Tabbs might help. We ran outside of the rigs. The weathers...
  132. karlow

    1978 Tiderunner

    Thats a lot of work and money that you have put in on this one. You have completely redesigned that boat. You have redistributed the weight, relocated the thrust vector and added a large bending moment to the rear of that structure. It will be intersting how it performs when she is back on the...
  133. karlow

    Need help with a 60 HP 4 stroke Mercury wiring

    Thanks for the reply, I have got her back on line.
  134. karlow

    Planning 4/2/20 LBC Run

    I was thinking Sat. for rockfish but its not looking good this Sat!
  135. karlow

    For Sale Bimini Top for sale now

    what are the dimentions and where are you located?
  136. karlow

    85 Skipjack Pilothouse RePower

    Friends don't let friends add aluminum parts to a raw water exhaust system! I don't know who thought that adding an aluminum riser spacer to the exhaust system of a marine engine was a solution, but they should be taken out to the shed. They were trying to add a O2 sensor for the FI system. They...
  137. karlow

    For Sale Bimini Top for sale now

    Take some measurements for me. How long are the legs, and how wide is it?
  138. karlow

    Need help with a 60 HP 4 stroke Mercury wiring

    I helping a buddy get his rig back online. Its a mid 2000 rig. I need a wiring diagram that shows the Mercury ignition switch & trottle interlock wiring. I get can it crank by bypassing it.
  139. karlow

    Boat Ramps closed?

    It looks like I will get to sleep in this weekend. Please post up any new info about Davies. Do you know if MDR is closed?
  140. karlow

    Need Fish Bud with Tow vehicle

    It will take a real deal 3/4T truck to get her done. There are a few hills to deal with. How much fuel does the boat hold? Whats her range? Mex permits for boat?
  141. karlow

    Orange County's Launch Ramp Status

    Did you see the post about Washington? We may very well be on borrowed time boyZ! It says their Rec fishing has been closed by their governor. Monkey see monkey do. My guess that our gov will soon follow their lead. If you get a chance to go out, you might want to take it!
  142. karlow

    Cabrillo launch/ San Pedro bait open?

    Last weekend we were sequestered about 12 miles off shore. A seal stole a few reds from us and my virgin octopus on its 2nd drop! Those dogs r smart as hell. you did not see him up top he would hide in the bow by the boat so you could not see him come up for a breath. No cattle boats out there...
  143. karlow

    85 Skipjack Pilothouse RePower

    Volvo drive?
  144. karlow

    85 Skipjack Pilothouse RePower

    The aluminum intake is a non-starter unless you change it over to freshwater cooling.
  145. karlow

    Cabrillo launch/ San Pedro bait open?

    How about an update. Can you tell me is Davies is currently open? It was good last week, but now they are closing down a bunch or parking lots. Can we get some mid week lintell? This is Tues anyone out today, Wed or Thur?
  146. karlow

    Saturday Awesome Visability LA/Catalina

    I was out by the rigs and Joe noted it. You could see Cat, SCI and SBI without glasses! It was just noting short or spectacular out there.
  147. karlow

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    You guys missed the part where they said that fishing was a vital nation interest. They did not specify it it was commercial or sport, so we will take the push. It any one asked, it vital nation interest, but we may have to make our own bait! Tight lines, but no more than two people per each...
  148. karlow

    Wrap or Paint which is it

    The prep work would be the same, you need smooth surface to start with in ether case, With paint, the next step would be a coat of epoxy primer, I would do this step for the wrap as well on any repaired sections.
  149. karlow

    Best starting battery for a Ford 7.3 diesel 3500 pickup Truck?

    A Big Stanky is noisy compared anything you fiind on the road! They have a certain character.
  150. karlow

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    32 on a 20, and a 22 on a 18
  151. karlow

    Adding windlass to older boat?

    That last bit is key, you need head room in the locker for this to fly. I think 18" in minimum.
  152. karlow

    Quick bug run

    Dude you need to give the little lady a pair of gloves. It's not like shes not earning it.
  153. karlow

    2020 crew

    Put me on your list. I have my Mex permit ready to go! I have gear, I can drive the boat, gaff the fish. I'm not the best at cleaning them, but can. I can fish weekends and mid week with enough notice. I don't bitch or smoke! I like riding on a larger boat some times!
  154. karlow

    Lobster taco Tuesday

    WTF! You caught some bugs out of Dana! That sht never happens!
  155. karlow

    Looking for outboard mounting advice/ videos

    I would drill them just a bit oversize and paint them with epoxy. Maybe even thin it a bit. No need to redrill.
  156. karlow

    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    Its that blue meat my man! Tha Ling. WSB and butt are blan. BFT is mighty good but ling is it!
  157. karlow

    What Transducer for 17' boat

    It's location and hull design. On my whalers I can get a clear screen at a full clip. On the Skippy, not so much. Note, I put a thru hull PU on the Skippy. Not so great. Good luck.
  158. karlow

    Too much bait tank

    Nope, You can't. If you had a nice Kodiak 14 gal might work. It's just like she told you man.
  159. karlow

    40lb test tackle suggestions

    Trolling with a 40lb setup. On PB we do it all the time and never on a cattle boat. This season I replaced my BT670 with a FHC (800M). The reel is a JX 2 speed. That was good for a few YT on the troll and some nice YF on the fly-line. Nothing huge, tuna up to 45lbs.
  160. karlow

    Wrap or Paint which is it

    I would expect that your would have to cut a section out of wrap. Patch the hull and repair the Gelcoat. Then install a section of wrap. It's a bit like contact paper. I can see two issues, one is the wrap is likely to have faded. The other issue is the wrap is not likely to just be a single...
  161. karlow

    Wrap or Paint which is it

    My buddy has had one on his trailer boat for about three years. so far, so good. My first questions is how much work is involved in removing it? It looks like the surface need to be in very good to apply one. It's a a lot like a window film. It has multiple layers to it including a UV clear coat...
  162. karlow

    capsized whaler in newport harbor??

    Hell that would suck! Yes, unsinkable but they may prefer to float belly side up given a choice.
  163. karlow

    Possible help need to raise motor 1 hole???

    It's a one man job with a cherry picker. I have done it a few times. I have also done it with just the jack and maybe a bit of help from the power trim. This is all easy, but if you are planing to seal the power trim to the transom, you need to get in there. For that you need a cherry picker to...
  164. karlow

    MacGyver lobster net puller

    Yes that can get old when the traps are weighted and empty! Are you fishing at Cat? We fish deep over there
  165. karlow

    MacGyver lobster net puller

    How deep are u fishing your bugs?
  166. karlow

    MacGyver lobster net puller

    I would also be concerned about how the base is attached to the boat. I don't think most rod holders are up to the job.
  167. karlow

    Older Boston whaler.

    Why would u do that? Just hang it on the back like everyone else.
  168. karlow

    Determining battery needs

    Wait, The first question is how much boat do you have? When you fish in the ocean, you should always have two batteries. You should always have reserve power to start the boat. I use two GP27 batteries, they are in the console. When I go out I use one battery all day. I should not need to use...
  169. karlow

    For Sale Prop for sale for Suzuki outboard 60-140 HP

    That is what it says on the box. It's lightly used. I had on my DF70 /Whaler for a bit, but it was over proped 17". It's a 13.25 x 17" pitch SS prop 13 Teeth. It's yours for $100. I also have a 16" pitch Suzuki prop for $150. Its the right one for a DF70 on a classic 17ft Whaler
  170. karlow

    Ice chest / fish box

    Nice work! Next time you can make it wider to fit some YT! As for the bait tank in the splash well, you do realize that sometimes when you are on the water, you need to raise the the motor to clear the prop. The other option would be to go for a swim! The kill box you can move out of the way...
  171. karlow

    For Sale 14.25” 17 pitch Rapture prop

    I will bite for $100. I'm in Covina I can pick it up after work on Tue if you still have it. Karl
  172. karlow

    Boston Whaler Montauk Re-Power

    Well my 17ft had an early DF70 on her, two GP27 batteries 20gal of fuel and 20 gal bait tank. She would top out at 28 knts. That DF70 is a heavy 4 stroke. It was mounted 2 up and swung a 16" prop. I always assume she was butt heavy, but she was quite as a mouse and popped up on plane in a...
  173. karlow

    Ice chest / fish box

    Cool how about a pic of it installed on the boat?
  174. karlow

    For Sale Rail, console-T Top

    That's a beefly looking tee top. what are the dimensions?
  175. karlow

    Sealing nav light base

    That light is located on the bow and you really want to try to keep your whaler dry inside. I would go with the life calk.
  176. karlow

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    I meet a guy on Sat at the wash down at Davies with a 1st generation early model 17ft Whaler CC. He had just came back from SCI. he had been out killing the tuna! It had a 90HP Merc 2 stroke on it, but that would be one long ride on that hull! I bet it would cruse at 35Knts if your back can take it!
  177. karlow

    SD BAY deep drop Lobster 11/17

    That's it! Now that what I'm talking about some real quality bugs there! Not them, are you sure you want to post them because they look a bit short bugs!
  178. karlow

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    My first concern about the bucket is the handle my very well fail on you, but it's better than nothing! As for taking a shot over the stern of a 24ft Skippy that would be some serious seas. A Outrage could be used for a swimming pool under those conditions! Hopefully the engine would stay above...
  179. karlow

    18ft Outrage bait system show and tell time

    I like what you have done there. That is one nice Rage! Can you post a pic of the front deck so we can see more of the bait tank installation? Your console looks taller than mine. Did you modify it. I went with the std stuff it under the leaning post option. It would be nice to push everything...
  180. karlow

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Joe says $500. Mike's was $1000 Boat rules, if the gauge goes on, the bug goes back! I have tossed back a dozen like that the last few weeks and have not came close to a limit on my boat.
  181. karlow

    Long Beach yellowfin

    There are no Skipjack haters when the weather is up!
  182. karlow

    Stainless steal prop vs aluminum

    Its simple, if you don't plan on going anywhere the AL prop is OK. If the plan is to run offshore, or run to the islands, outer rigs and burn some gas, the SS prop will pay for itself in fuel savings.
  183. karlow

    1st Thresher

    Good job on your first T-Shark! Your son has some mad boat skills. I would not want to end up in that mine field! FYI, That is why you don't troll Rapalas for T-shark. They like to slap the bait with their tail and end up tail hooked. Then they end up drowned. Then you may or may not be able...
  184. karlow

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    Are you guys estimating the cost upfront? You know what the launch, truck cost, bait and some idea what you are gong to burn in the boat. Everyone should know what their end is going to be upfront. If you don't have that cash in hand, maybe next week. Given that if they flake, they are out...
  185. karlow

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    I thought this spot was for sharing fish reports, non-reports, and intell! I have not been to the farm since early this year. We were getting YT that were about 20LBs then. So here is today's tip don't troll with 20lb test! We troll straight 40lb w/o floro and we take YT home. That is with a...
  186. karlow

    Pierpoint Enterprise 10/26/19

    Strange tech. I have done that once fishing with Andrew. It was a 8oz torpedo and a 4ft leader. Run up to the the ponies get to the fish. Stop, drop, fish the slide and hang on. We got a few.
  187. karlow

    Solo mission tonight

    Hey I want in, I would love to go out and fish some new spots for bugs, share cost. We got one limit for three on Sat local. How deep were you fishing?
  188. karlow

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    Nice, I went on my my first trip of the season with Dave the welder and his Bro. We ended up with one limit and about 70 shorts or more out in rocky point with dozens of our closest friends. It was a nice crawl, a nice tide, but we just got so so results. It was a great night and a great time...
  189. karlow

    Yellowfin on the skiff

    I'm liking what I'm seeing here! Nice job guys!
  190. karlow

    Anyone fish the rigs lately? Sand Dab show up yet?

    I don't get it! I just defrosted the freeze. I found a gal bag of them. In hope they will make good bug bait! I never liked the really soft texture! My sister won't even take any from me and she likes cuda!
  191. karlow

    Hooping ho....

    AKA East of East LA!
  192. karlow

    Hooping ho....

    Humm you are in my back yard Covina, We could have gone last week. The plan is to go with Dave this week, but things may change.
  193. karlow

    Saturday nights alright for fightin'!

    My sling shot and 1/2" glass balls showed up today! BoBo better keep his head down around my rig!
  194. karlow

    The tuna bite

    Sounds about right. I was out there on Monday and the count has been better each day since. We got about 80 YFT and 30 Skippys. Since then the count has been closer to twice that. Come soon, but make sure you avoid fishing near the full moon. Its on fire right now. You need to fish 15 to 25lb...
  195. karlow

    YFT on San Diego Full day trip

    Yep it's really nice to be able to back it off just a touch at the end of a battle. No broken lines or pulled hooks for me on Monday. I'm sure the Jaws rod helped a lot as well!
  196. karlow

    YFT on San Diego Full day trip

    FYI We had great weather and a great trip. Some of you guys could have stayed home. 45 is a bit much to chase tuna even on that great boat. I think everyone on the boat caught at least one fish. The hot sticks were good for 8 fish or more ( I just made that cut). There were at lest 4 fish caught...
  197. karlow

    YFT on San Diego Full day trip

    Nice! I'm booked for Monday. I waited out the full moon cycle. I planed on a light load Monday. The bite slowed on Thur, and was worst on Fri. Today it came back baby. I checked their sight and there was only one spot left for Monday! WTF you people should be at work not filling up my boat...
  198. karlow

    I see 4ft at 8 sec from the north East

    The report is for the west end of Catalina for Sat. I should have gone out last week. The wind forecast is not bad. ENE wind 5 to 10 kt becoming WSW in the morning. Sunny. W swell 4 ft at 9 seconds. Wind waves 1 ft or less.
  199. karlow

    I see 4ft at 8 sec from the north East

    That might be good for testing the boat! How bad is that?
  200. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    I have not been out recently, but I did finish another mod. I had planed on mounting it on the starboard side, but there is a rod rack mounted under the gunnel on that side. With this setup, two people will be on the same side of the boat. So anyone want to share some bug spot with me? bring...
  201. karlow

    Who's crafty work was this?

    Sorry I totally missed the green and blue color scheme. Its jacks rig. As for LOL he did get two limits of YT today. So while we are laughing that PVC is working for Jack!
  202. karlow

    Who's crafty work was this?

    If it has a new Rude Dog hanging on the back its Jacks ride! Note, watch what you grab as you work that fish around the boat! Also, he did get a good deal on that boat but that PVC is all Jack! He can build you one too!
  203. karlow

    Screw hole fiberglass repairs, what’s your method?

    Typical glass repair. Epoxy, ground fiberglass, a syringe, and shipping tape. Don't use 5 min epoxy! mix the epoxy and paint the hole with it to make sure everything gets properly wetted. then state adding the glass in and mixing it you want it as thick as you can use with syringe. If you don't...
  204. karlow

    Acceleration Issue

    I push the throttle WFO over about 4 sec. Hold it until she jumps on top and pull it back. On the Rage the whole process takes about 10 sec. On the SkipJack I just push it to about 3/4 throttle and wait for the RPM to come up to 3200RPM and pull it back. The Skippy is a heavy deeper V boat. The...
  205. karlow

    Acceleration Issue

    Just a thought, did you trim it down to launch it? I it were trimmed wrong with the bow up, you will push a lot of water around before you get her up.
  206. karlow

    Lobster 2019

    Get the fricken Raid! Hes got bugs, BIG ones! So baja style, yea baby we need beans, rice, flower tortillas and Bohemia! Flash backs from Puerto Nuevo Baja.
  207. karlow

    Need help with gunwale flush mount rod holders

    Yea, but it might help if you are trying to stop 100+ lb blue fin in your skiff. You will need to be using a bent butt rod if you want to play wicket tuna! You would need the rod holder mounted vertically in the stern if it's going to swivel. You might also need to reinforce it. We are talking...
  208. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Hey M I have not made enough runs on it to be sure. As far as I can tell I am still a bit over propped. I made it to 5800 RPM with the 3 blade Al prop in long beach. The SS 4 blade 14.5 x 16 prop fully loaded and in LB as above, we were only able to turn 5600RPM that was good for 32Knts (37mph)...
  209. karlow

    Ho to Go!

    The season starts on Sat. If you need a Ho let me Know. I can pull a few for ya. I will be picking up my card in the AM. It looks like it will be windy, but kind of flat for all of u MDR guys. I have a couple gal of deans and some gear if needed.
  210. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Yep that is 4 shure! She is a lot better now! A total war wagon. I might build a little house for her next.
  211. karlow

    So I just bought my second boat. How’d I do?

    I see she is set up to fish bugs, how bad can it be! She runs, She floats, so go fish.
  212. karlow

    Catalina or Bluefin

    Well, Where is the report?
  213. karlow

    FishMaster Leaning Post

    Looks sweet! Nice piece of kit u got thar
  214. karlow

    WTB Pilot house console

    4 $2600? Does it come with a boat attached? I like the design but to steep 4 me.
  215. karlow

    The weather look OK for a run to Catalina in the AM.

    Who is up to try for some YT? The count is not great, but they are getting some. The home guards are on patrol. Afternoon Light W winds with a slight chop. Very small mid period waves. Winds: W 8 to 11 knots. Seas: SSE 2 feet at 11 seconds.
  216. karlow

    For Sale Adjustable T Top

    What is the height to that cross pipe above the door on the port side? What is the height from the deck to the head knocker?
  217. karlow

    9/15 Sunday - Who’s Going Offshore?

    Well, the weather was nice on Sat!
  218. karlow

    Have rod can travel!

    Anyone need someone for Sat? I might be lucky. I prevent the skunk on the last boat ride. I can bring my own gaff, rods, gear,..... Mex permit, kill bag, ice, Let me know, I'm ready to go.
  219. karlow

    Need 1-2 people for a Friday 9/13 Tuna Trip

    Hey where is the report! Sorry i guess I'm a bit early. No wait, how about the on the water report! Yea that's it. Report please.
  220. karlow

    I'm open for Sat.

    Anyone need a Ho, or want to go? Maybe try our luck at Cat? Your ride or mine? What cha got in mind?
  221. karlow

    N00b tips for a 3/4 to full day trip...

    There is a lot of water out there! Thanks for the report. How fare offshore did you get? Where did you go? Where did you go out from?
  222. karlow

    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    Yea it could be they missed with the key. I did that one this year! Or the tube the connects to the water pump missed. It should be a simple 20 min fix If they didn't break anything.
  223. karlow

    Catalina Weather for tomorrow?

    Hell, he has a big one why not?
  224. karlow

    First Trip to SoCal

    Yada Yada Yada The pursuit got 19 YT today. That would be at Cat, that means they are there and they are biting. If you can't take them home, that's on you! The best bit on the tuna is south of SD. The ones outside of SCI are no joke! You would need to bring you A-game and some flyers if you...
  225. karlow

    Dek-King PVA teak to use as a coverup

    Hey it looks good I could use it on my OutRage if you still have it!
  226. karlow

    2005 Mako 171 Bait Tank

    Your best bet is to dump that seat and get a PF 22 and a leaning post. It will be good for a 1/2 or maybe a full scoop. There is no need for a 32 gal tank in a 17ft boat. If you are solo, you don't need all that bait. If you are with friends you don't need the extra 75lbs in your stern. With...
  227. karlow

    9/7 - 9/302/corner etc - looking for buddy boat

    Going to have to pass on this one. I needed one more day of good weather. Better head in early boyz. Breezy WNW winds with moderate choppy seas. Moderate short period waves. Winds: WNW 14 to 19 knots. Seas: WSW 6 feet at 7 seconds.
  228. karlow

    9/3 Big BFT - YFT Limits and a short boat ride

    Dam! Man You are going to need a bigger bag!
  229. karlow

    Tuna processing at home?

    After you finish cleaning, its time to trim! No Skin, it gets dumped unless you have room to save it for crab bait. FYI the blood line are the dogs portion. They go crazy for that stuff.
  230. karlow

    Tuna processing at home?

    I guess I have been doing it all wrong! Can't bury anything in the back, dogs. No room in the freezer. Trash day is Thur. Fish stores better and takes less space after it's been smoked. Caned fish is good for years...
  231. karlow

    9/7 - 9/302/corner etc - looking for buddy boat

    Saturday WNW wind 10 to 15 kt. Patchy fog before 11am. Mixed swell...W 4 ft and S 3 to 4 ft. Wind waves 1 to 3 ft. Saturday Night W wind 10 to 15 kt. Patchy fog after 11pm. Mixed swell...W 5 ft and S 2 to 3 ft becoming SW. Wind waves 1 to 3 ft. Sounds like a good day to leave the 18ft boat at...
  232. karlow

    Newport Beach, Balboa

    This should be interesting. Happy hunting and post up your fishing report.
  233. karlow

    9/7 - 9/302/corner etc - looking for buddy boat

    I will be out with Magic Mike and the Blind Squirrels on his Parker Nostrolia. We should be leaving MB at sun rise. We will be on 72 and on or way to where the fish are. We still have 3 days to discover where we are heading! Pirates rules and tight lines Location, Location, Location. On our...
  234. karlow

    Point Loma 9-2

    That's a dam nice butt your girl has their!
  235. karlow

    209,312,181 out of dp 9/3

    Thanks for the report, but why not trailer south? That's where the fish are.
  236. karlow

    9/2 got one!

    Good Job, it has taken me three trips and two boats to put one YFT on a boat! I will try and improve my success this week!
  237. karlow

    Wrapping An Aluminum Boat

    Makes since to me, After all you never see any dam paint on outdrives outboards do you?
  238. karlow

    Wide Open Yellowfin Tuna Light Line Limits (video)

    Dam Corey! You make it look easy man. We were out there just scratching at them in the wrong spot. Next time. See ya on the water.
  239. karlow

    Going out 9/2/19 from SD any intel would help!

    I was out with Mike, Joe and Rico on Mikes Parker. It sounds like that party was near the 226. We were somewhere south of that with a few the Chef and a few other party boats. We were late to the party. There were a dozen or so PBs as well. The fish were blowing up around the party boats. We...
  240. karlow

    Yellowfin east 226 8/31

    Nice job, looks like someone is getting her done!
  241. karlow

    Quick and I mean quick report 8/30

    Looks like another s-storm 4 us in the AM! Tight lines guys! See ya in the AM,
  242. karlow

    279/209/312 80 Mile Loop. Great boat ride

    Well, you know the first rule of fishing right. We all do and we all break it. Typically its the wrong choice. There is a lot of water out there. Don't leave fish to find fish! I would most likely have marked it looked around and came back, or maybe a 6 Oz and a rubber band would be in order?
  243. karlow

    279/209/312 80 Mile Loop. Great boat ride

    Sounds like Sat solo run, but with lower water temp and 5 gal more burned. Complete with trolling with the pony's for nada.
  244. karlow

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    That's a lot to consider. A low stern allow water to come in, but it also allows it to leave. If you can push the throttle it should leave by the back door. That can only work if the motor stays running. As for pulling the drain and jamming. It might work for a small boat, and it is the reason...
  245. karlow

    Would have been changing my shorts...8-24

    That's any night in Arcadia and that's a small one. I have no problem with them. I don't go into Arcadia, not at night, after dark on trash night. They tear into the trash about every night up there.
  246. karlow

    Oceanside 8.24

    I ran you previous route 312 209 181 ect on Sat for nada. I only say a few birds, lots of pony's and very little kelp for my efforts.
  247. karlow

    Oil rigs

    I was chased out along with a dive boat last year by a OC sheriff in a CC of all things! You could see him coming for miles! We used to fish tight to it before 911. I did not return for years, but after they opened LB harbor to fishing....
  248. karlow

    Drain Plug How much water?

    If you are asking, the boat is sinking! My Skippy typically has a cup or two, but the drain plug is only finger tight. If I run from Catalina in the afternoon with seas and typical cross wind, she can pickup enough water to set of the high water alarm. That takes a few gallons. You can get that...
  249. karlow

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    That's Kodiak. Went out on Sat and ran about 60 miles out of Oside not finding tuna. The bait was a mix of deans and macks, I lost about 10% of the deans. I had a nice 1/2 scoop. Like I said, it works for me. I just need to find some fish to show them too next time
  250. karlow

    Money making opportunity this weekend

    Maybe I should get some insurance.... It looked about the same out of O-side on Sat.
  251. karlow

    1973 whaler outrage splashwell

    I think you need to redo the brass drain tubes. They don't last forever. I'm not familiar with that hull. It is different from mine but my sump drains sit below the waterline. It is also likely your boat has been gaining weight over the years. That plastic part is not original.
  252. karlow

    Whats up for Sat?

    Yea, that is what I see. Anyone want to buy me some bait and fuel? The boats I looked to today did over 3 per rod. I'm not sure the size, but it's looking like tuna boyZ, but they r 2 hours away for the launch. Crap 12 -16 Knts 4ft at 9 sec in the AM! 4-7 Knts in the afternoon for Fri. I hope it...
  253. karlow

    Whats up for Sat?

    Now, I'm looking at the fleet, I may have to head south. It's going to look like the cuda and sand bass are on the chew!
  254. karlow

    New Forum Member: Inquiring About Lake Skinner

    Skinner is a strange lake, the Stripers their are in love with chicken liver! Give the buoy line a shot. Try both fly line and the Carolina rig their. If they are biting you will see other catching them their.
  255. karlow

    Whats up for Sat?

    Any plans? Local? Catalina? I'm thinking I might try some local halibut fishing unless the fish report looks too good the next two days?
  256. karlow

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    If you say so, but... it works for me!
  257. karlow

    Yellowtail Tuna Fishing

    I'm thinking that may be more of a two legged tail you be a chasing thar. Just keep winding when you get bit or she will get off for shure. Don't swing on that thing and you better hold on she will take you for a ride.
  258. karlow

    2006 Yamaha F250 thermostats

    Good job. Next time use an impact. If it breaks A mig will get her done. I have done it about 6 times over the years on outboards, cars, generators, and my 7.3PSD! If it does not work on the firt shot, you can get a couple more bites! You just drop a nut on the stud, weld on the inside and hit...
  259. karlow

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    A 30 Gal? WTF. its a small 17ft boat! You want a 17-20 gal. It will be good for a half. Run it with a 700-800 GPH pump. I had a Kodiak tank. It worked great. I have a larger Kodiak on my Rage and it is not a dam 30 gal tank but it's good for a scoop (same pump). With a 4 stroke, you don't want...
  260. karlow

    Need to dispose of old fuel

    You are too fare for me to help' I polished about 50 gal from my rage last year. It was about 1/3 water. just run it thru a water separator. It will only remove water until it is full. You have to test it to determine if its all gas or all water! Dump the water and repeat. It took a while. I did...
  261. karlow

    Question any truth to YF caught on the 9 yesterday ?????

    Well, Not the norther 9. We were there on Fri. There were no fish, no bait, no fishermen, no birds.... The water temp was over 72, but no one was home. We saw a small fleet cashing tiny tuna a bit south of the corner. Not catching, the radio fish were further south. We caught a couple of YT and...
  262. karlow

    Boston Whaler 13 Pilothouse Build Pic Heavy

    Thanks for the intel. Once, I bought some polyurethane foam sheet. It worked great, it was expensive, and they could only ship it in 4 x 4 ft sheets. I can peal sheets from HD
  263. karlow

    For Sale Taco Neptune II Leaning Post

    Hey , That's the same one that I put on my Outrage! Someone has improved it by adding the two snap tabs. The foot bar has also been upgraded, mine does not fold. Yep, I need to add that upgrade to mine the Velcro is not cutting it! That is a quality seat, It is great if you are tall (6'2")
  264. karlow

    Boston Whaler 13 Pilothouse Build Pic Heavy

    What kind of foam sheets did you use and where did you get them?
  265. karlow

    Box anchor / Slide anchor

    If you look, you will see all of the cattle boats have a claw hanging on the bow. What else do you need to know?
  266. karlow

    Skipjack 20 fuel tank?

    Hummm, I don't think so. I have a 150 Honda on my Rage. I don't know what is light about it, it weighs in at about 500Lbs! My 85 Skippy is a pig, she has a 62 gal tank. With a 130HP most likely she will be a real dog! FYI the Rage has a 72 gal tank She is good for about 4 mpg. I'm still...
  267. karlow

    Help I need a little welding

    That could work and it in my back yard! thanks! I will look into it.
  268. karlow

    So Cal fisherman needs some Nor Cal help

    Picky, Picky! The boats up north are smaller and a lot faster than what they are running down south. Our boats are typically 65ft or larger and they crawl around at about 8 knts. The northern are doing 15 -20 knts. No gaffs, just nets up north. They drift with people on both sides of the boat...
  269. karlow

    Help I need a little welding

    Aluminum welding that is. I need a to build a few parts for bug season. I can fab the parts, but I can't weld aluminum.
  270. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    We made another run to cat on Sat. This time I got to test the 4 blade prop and the trolling motor. We got her up to 5600 RPM with a full load. Yep a bit over propped. The trolly is OK, but it is a bit of a pain deploying it under the rails, but it does work. 4 blade props cause vibrations just...
  271. karlow

    Boat Buddy request for Catalina

    I can make that run with you sometimes but not this week.I run out of Davies typically but. That could change the tuna are coming and they are calling my name....
  272. karlow

    Do you guys make bait at Catalina or get a scoop?

    Well, on Sat we picked up 1/2 scoop from Noch and and made about 3 dozen macks. In Lb before we headed out. We did not do much at the island with all that great bait this time, but we had it!
  273. karlow

    So Cal fisherman needs some Nor Cal help

    The trolling with 30 line seems crazy to me.. Here is the fish report. I took the rage out of Davies with Joe. We launched at 6 and picked up a 1/2 scope of deans from Noch. We ran to the center opening to make bait. I did a speed run to test out the new 4blade prop. It's a but too much, we...
  274. karlow

    Outboard bracket suggestions

    You guys do realize that the " flotation bracket" does not buy you much right? If the boat is not sunk, its all about displacement and not flotation. The bracket is just a little boat back their displacing a bit more water. If it leaks or cracks, you will have the same issue as a foamed in fuel...
  275. karlow

    So Cal fisherman needs some Nor Cal help

    Thanks guys! Got to love this site, great intel! If we end up trolling 20 deep off the stern, I'm going to shoot some video!
  276. karlow

    So Cal fisherman needs some Nor Cal help

    That boat is about 50ft and I see limits for 30 on their site. That would be at lease 26 customers. How do you troll with 26 customers on a 50ft boat? 5 or 6 at a shot and rotate every 15 or 20 min? Sounds like a lot and waiting around. I can see drifting with everyone on the same side of the...
  277. karlow

    So Cal fisherman needs some Nor Cal help

    Thanks guys, how much weight do they use? 1lb balls? How much weight do you need for the rock fish? It looks like maybe 25, & 30 rigs are all we will use. Maybe a Lexa, and a MX?
  278. karlow

    Catalina Yellow 7-30

    So sad, It someone post up within casting range...cast! Let them know they are within your kill range. After a few dings in their rig, they will get the point right? Accidents happen! PS don't cast toward any Outrages it might be me trolling a bit too tight. No one told u to anchor in that...
  279. karlow

    Haven't caught a white seabass in 20 years till now

    So that's what they look like! Nice work I have not caught one in a while.
  280. karlow

    So Cal fisherman needs some Nor Cal help

    Its not a fishing report yet, but I have a boat ride on the Cal Dawn out of Berkley next week. My question is what do you guys use in the way of tackle for halibut, salmon or rockfish? Down here it would be 25lb for halibut (6-12 oz), 40 string on a 3/0 for rockfish and we have not had any...
  281. karlow

    150/Rocky point anyone??

    FYI, This year I learned that in SM Channel there are white fish below and rockies above. Stay above whitey if you want to take home some color! Strange but true Mr whitey is very aggressive.
  282. karlow

    Cedros Sportfishing

    Extra yo iron, I almost ran out. BL/Wht and scrambled eggs!
  283. karlow

    Need help regarding maximum horsepower

    Not so fast their guys, It would depend on when the boat was built ! A 200hp 2 stroke will weigh a lot less than a 200HP 4 stroke. That max Hp spec might be based on a typical 200Hp 2 stoke weight.
  284. karlow

    Engine Revs and Speeds Up/Down on its own

    At 12-14 knots the boat is likely trying to get onto plane. When it does the drag on the hull will drop and she will speed up. Both in revs and speed on the water. It's a planing hull right?
  285. karlow

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Got to love a BIG butt! Even if some other guy is hanging onto her!
  286. karlow

    Izors reef Saturday 7/27/19

    FYI, I would not anchor there unless I was using a reef hook. It's an anchor graveyard. Sound like a great trip! See ya out there
  287. karlow

    Clemente/Cat 7/25-7/28

    Thank you for the report!
  288. karlow

    Livin the dream

    shat, it looks like I have more anodes to change! I have only replaced 1.
  289. karlow

    125 merc on 19ft help

    4000 rpm at 13MPH says you are not on plane. You are pushing the whole ocean. 5000 RPM and more speed. How much speed? It sounds like u spun the prop, and it sounds like you were over proped to start with. I would expect that you want to be closer to 6000RPM at full boogie. I would drop down 2"...
  290. karlow

    Best washdown pump

    4 gal bucket for the rage! Those 5 and 7 gal have too much volume for my small boat! Its actually a Costco detergent bucket.
  291. karlow

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    Wahyyy everyone gets better mileage than me! I'm only getting 16 on the freeway with big stinky! She is a 2000 7.3 SDD auto 4X4 exd cab. I'm thinking she will drag anything run into but I'm not going to get over 18 MPG ever and I mean ever! She only has 250K on her and she is good for another...
  292. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    Good luck, your toys are newer then mine!
  293. karlow

    Catalina 7/19

    I see I have been fishing the wrong spots! Happy hunting guys!
  294. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    Here you go. Take a look at what u are up against. Also see he other tool that u need.
  295. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    Crap, that is not going to work. That bearing is inside the bell housing. It has a shaft that inserts into a sort of clutch plate on the engine and a female section that mates with the shaft in your hand. I'm not sure if you can replace it without pulling the engine! I have one in the garage, it...
  296. karlow

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Cool, now you can estimate your distance traveled calculate your burn.
  297. karlow

    24' boat to Catalina

    Geez guys it just a run to Cat! I have done that three out of the last 4 weeks on my 18ft skiff! Here is the issue, Windy says it will be blowing 14 -20 knts in the channel by 1pm on Sat. That makes for a short day. I think I will have to pass this weekend.
  298. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    Well if you can spin it and it makes noise or is not smooth like butter, you need to change it. The issue is, it's in the bell housing behind the motor. It may or may not be OK. As for the puller,the chain worked and my prop survived. You might want to add some protections to that nice shinny SS...
  299. karlow

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Hey is 2:45 PM and blowing about 14knts out there. Where is our fish report?
  300. karlow


    Which harbor ans how deep?
  301. karlow

    7/15. Cat on the Pursuit

    It looks like someone is making money, and they catch fish as well! I have not been on that boat in years, too many people! It was one of my favorites.
  302. karlow

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Base your return time based on weather forecast, observations, and fishing conditions. We were there last Sat, stayed to about 2 and made it back without seeing a single whitecap! That was on Sat, Sunday was a completely different ocean. My buddy Joe went back on a big CC. They scratched at them...
  303. karlow

    July 11 2019 Need Tips Coronado Islands on San Diego

    Love that boat! I'm thinking Tue or Thur is your best bet. I'm no the only one that likes it!
  304. karlow

    Catalina this weekend

    How did it work out? Whats your report?
  305. karlow

    Lots of gas for no ass!

    I see next time I need to look u up! Looking good there grill master!
  306. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Well show me your update! I may still have to add a Tee Top if I find a nice one.
  307. karlow

    Are you calling me Yellow? Punching well above our weight class at Cat Isl.

    Its good to see that someone is getting it done at Cat!
  308. karlow

    Weekend Warrior Flotilla-Nados 7/14

    That is a bunch of YT you got there! I think you might have to fire up the smoker to deal with there! Great job boyz
  309. karlow

    Cat 7-13 quick report

    I was fishing the front side on Sat. We went 1 for 4 on the YT and a single cuda on the slow troll. Next time you see someone get bit on the troll, please resist the temptation to just drift where they are trolling. If you want to hang some fish follow their lead if you like but don't just get...
  310. karlow

    Help me buy a boat!

    That's too flat, a 17ft whaler would work. Its a bit small for 3 people. An 18ft to 20ft BayRunner would be a good option.
  311. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    You need special tools.
  312. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Went on our 4th run to Cat today. great weather. It was overcast all day with little wind no white caps. The swells were maybe 2 ft at 10. Ran over at 19Knts and back at 20. The bait tank worked perfectly. The motor was mounted all the way up and it did not seem to be an issue (14 x 17 AL prop)...
  313. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    Yea baby, now the fun begins! You should R&R the props each year to clean and lube the shaft. If not it could come and bite you in the A!
  314. karlow

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    I guess my rig is getting more valuable as I dive it! I have a 2000 7.3 extra cab with the auto. Currently at about 250K. That would be 1/2 life or 1/4 life for the motor. It's a 4X4 and not for sale. The trans has had some work done on it. Its currently working fine. She is a primitive beast...
  315. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    Like said, I turn my own wrenches.
  316. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    What no fresh water cooling? I'm not sure most of these guys have worked on Volvo drives. I did 2 years ago. Butterfly valves in the risers, right! There may be one in the exhaust bellows.
  317. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    Order the upper (drive shaft) bellows. You need to drain most of the oil on the bottom. Disconnect and remove the shift cable. Lower the front of the trailer all the way down. Trim the out-drive all the way down and remove the upper section. Clean it up, replace the bellows and hope that the...
  318. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    OK, FYI You are looking at the wrong bellows.
  319. karlow

    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    Like he said! The Jump packs should be charged about once a month. The old school ones are bulky and heavy. The new Li ones are small, compact, fragile. Don't drop them, or bang them around. If you crack it open, the LI battery will burn when it contacts air. It can burn your boat or house down...
  320. karlow

    Your experience with Fishdope

    Joey how far are u getting on yak?
  321. karlow

    Tilt \ Trim motor Troubleshooting

    Well trim motors need two wires. Connect 12Vdc across them and the motor runs one way. Reverse the connections and the motor runs the other way. I would not go chopping up the wiring unless it is bad. Just jump 12 to the connector.
  322. karlow

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    That it very strange. It has to be the bellows. The drive shaft bellows. You have to drain the fluid and remove the upper section, and bellows. Clean up everything and replace the bellows. Do it now before the u-joints rust up on you.
  323. karlow

    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    I always run with two batteries. I always run on one battery. If it starts to crank the engine slow. I can used the other battery. If the 2nd battery starts to crank slowly, you have to run home. With good batteries, you should be able to run all day on one GP27 batt (fish finder, bait tank and...
  324. karlow

    Boat launchers need this

    I need one of those. Say you are launching one day at say Newport. Say you get tired of waiting for you your buddy. You launch it solo. If there happened to be a rope on the bow that hung up on one of the boat guide rails just as your boat clears the trailer. Just a bit of a tug....
  325. karlow

    Boat rage

    He does not look that old, last of the kamakazies is my guess. In the old days those guys never survived, He does not seem to very good at it! Have to admit, he is giving it his best shot. He is more of a short bus kamakzie (or would that be short boat).
  326. karlow

    1982 20' Shamrock Pilot House

    Nice looking rig. I looked at a 22 a while back. It seemed massive. I was not sold on the cab. I'm 6'2" and it seemed tight. It seems like I would have to always sit to pilot the boat.
  327. karlow

    Finally going to make the crossing

    WTH! Where is our update? I have taken the rage to the island three times since this thread started. Talk to me! I hate when they don't finish the tail.
  328. karlow

    Best way to fix my dash

    It looks OK, but if you ask the right question you get. ABS is not suitable for outdoor applications because of its poor UV resistance. Current UV stabilized grades refer only to color fastness not mechanical property retention. It might be OK for a few years. I think PVC is a little better.
  329. karlow

    Anyone fishing this week?

    US or Mex waters? Joe was out there on Wed with Tito and the brought one home.
  330. karlow

    Strange forcast

    This is true, but I'm pushing 4 nautical MPG in the Outrage vs 2.1 on the Skippy. I would have to go and get the Skippy (parking is an issue there). I'm still working on the Outrage. Its a decent riding boat for an 18 but it is an 18. What do you mean by bay boat! She holds 62 gal of go-go...
  331. karlow

    Anyone fishing this week?

    I have been wondering the same thing! It looks like 15 knts in the channel by 1PM. 3ft seas 1ft wind waves. Friday says in the AM in the PM its 5 sec. Light and variable winds with smooth seas. Very small very short period waves. Winds: E 3 to 4 knots. Seas: W 2 feet at 6 seconds.
  332. karlow

    Need help wiring ACR to Suzuki 250AP

    Its not that complicated boys. The boat has a common ground between the batteries. The relay is also grounded somewhere. What the relay does is attach both battery positives together when the motor is running to share the charging system. That will charge which ever battery is lower with the...
  333. karlow

    Strange forcast

    Here is one for you for Sat 6/29. It looks sporty. My back is starting to hurt just reading about it! Maybe it will drop down to 2ft by Sat if not those YT that don't bit for me at the island will be safe... That is unless I dust off the Skippy for a run. SSE wind 5 to 10 kt becoming WSW in the...
  334. karlow

    Keep or just let it go????

    Well, why r u taking it apart? How was it running? 700 hrs is nothing. How do the bores look? How was the compression? You can fix it for a few hundred or replace it for a few thousand. Your choice. Stop breaking things! Use an impact and heat. Breaking things comes from being in a hurry. I...
  335. karlow

    Fuel Questions

    First, you can't afford to get water into the fuel tank. The water will settle to the bottom of the tank. The fuel will float on top of the water. Install a water separator filter. When the water is rough or when you are coming on plan you are more likely to find out how much water is in the...
  336. karlow

    84 wellcraft nova starter

    Is it a green 21ft Nova? 289 Ford?
  337. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    On my last run to Catalina, my bait pump setup would not working at speed. This was a new issue caused by my attempted repair of the water pickup. Duct tape fixes everything right! It fixed OK, it was causing the pump to lose prime. Most likely it was causing some cavitation. Originally it was...
  338. karlow

    WTB Leaning Post for CC boat

    Like he said what is he asking?
  339. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    She has had a bit of a hard life. I was not the first one to paint her. I painted the top, the bottom and the deck. One of my buddies gave me a gal of Sherwin Williams B65 V625. Its a 2 part polyurethane. It was a perfect color. One thing that did not work out was the thinner. I used acetone. I...
  340. karlow

    Shake it again Sam!

    We made it out again today and fished the front side of Cat. It was flat, and I got a chance to run her a bit. The boats was full and rigged for war. I was running the 17P AL prop. In Long Beach we got it up to 5500 RPM. It is likely that we could have got a bit more out of her if the water was...
  341. karlow

    Catalina Island Patriot 3/4 day 6/19/19

    WTF doesn't anyone got to work on Friday anymore? It might look like last Sat out there in the AM boyZ. If you see me out there, stay off my A. We are dragging baits 150 ft back. Good luck post those reports, good bad or whatever. PS working on Fri in the summer is 4 people who don't know how 2...
  342. karlow

    Catalina serves up humble pie – and fish tacos

    Hell yea! Thanks 4 the report. I need some of those reds! Those are quality fish for sure. Good times plus taco meat! In my case it more of a fish and chips thing Its a Win Win!
  343. karlow

    Strange forcast

    Thanks for the report, we are going to give it a shot on Fri.
  344. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    You are looking at it. She is fully loaded with bait tank running
  345. karlow

    6/16/19 Catalina, no YT :(

    Did you check the bulb? It should be solid and hard. You could have an air leak in the fuel system. It sounds like its running out of fuel. How much was in the tank?
  346. karlow

    Strange forcast

    How did you make out at the farm? We went to Catalina on Sat. the ride was better than the previous week.
  347. karlow

    1982 montauk 17 upgrades t-top and fuel tank

    It was on the boat when I got it. This is a 18ft outrage. I had to rebuild the ram. Its nice. on my 17ft I had no feedback cable steering. The hydro steering has a very light touch. It is very good when you have to do a lot of steering in lumpy seas. With ether one you can let go of the wheel...
  348. karlow

    1982 montauk 17 upgrades t-top and fuel tank

    You seem to have more space inside there than I do! How is that possible? I can fit thee life vest in there and a throw cushion in there, but that is it! No room for that shelf or grey bins. You are looking good!
  349. karlow

    Shake it again Sam!

    What are your numbers? What motor? What is your mpg? Moving motor up will reduce the drag. It might also cause cavitation or it might just cause cavitation in rough seas. It works best with a SS prop. On a Whaler from what I have read they run better with the motor mounted higher. My 17 was 3...
  350. karlow

    Leaning Post and Bait Tank

    You have no room behind your leaning post to install a bait tank. You will have to have to come up with a custom tank that fits under the seat. You only need about 25 gal, and that should fit. What size is that boat?
  351. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    I have had a few runs to Catalina. To date she is only good for 3 MPG. She has been swinging a 19" laser II. She might be over propped. I did move the motor up a hole. Nothing bad happened so it must be a good thing. I have updated the throttle so now it can reach full throttle. No more banging...
  352. karlow

    Father’s Day at the island

    Happy fathers day! You gotum!
  353. karlow

    Shit show at Catalina today

    Was there a turny going on? There were a ton of boats posted up where we wanted to troll! I have never seen anything like that! We a guy get one on spin gear with a net about 1pm. They did lap after lap with net in hand. We never say the fish so maybe they did not get. After all the bozos...
  354. karlow

    Shake it again Sam!

    I made another run to Catalina on Sat. The seas were a little nicer. The fishing was better. The performance was about the same. We fished the front side. Slow trolled and ran home out of Davies. We ran an estimated 52 miles and burned 17 gal. She is still getting 3mpg (82 18ft outrage w 150...
  355. karlow

    Catalina report 6/14 yellows and Dad

    Thanks for the report. I would have expected the candy would have done a lot better than the fin bait, but I'm no yeller Tail. Great job!
  356. karlow

    Tailgated me all the way home!

    So you found that out in the sticks somewhere? How fare did u have to go to get her>
  357. karlow

    Boston Whaler 13 patch and paint

    Looks like progress to me!
  358. karlow

    Strange forcast

    Not so much fun at 5 sec. in a small boat my friend! If I could change $2 into $3 I would rich! 50% is 50%! Talk to me in percentages because nothing else matters my friend.
  359. karlow

    Empire yellowtail

    It has to be a hoot catching YT on 15lb string!
  360. karlow

    Strange forcast

    You do know that 3 ft seas are 50% larger than 2ft seas.
  361. karlow

    Strange forcast

    So you think 3 ft at 5 sec is similar to 2 ft at 6 sec?
  362. karlow

    Strange forcast

    I see Variable winds less than 5 kt becoming WSW 5 to 10 kt in the afternoon. Patchy fog before 11am. Mixed swell...W 2 ft at 6 seconds and S 2 ft at 13 seconds. Wind waves 1 ft or less. Or I get Winds: WSW 4 to 5 knots. Seas: W 3 feet at 5 seconds. Both of these forecast are for mid Catalina...
  363. karlow

    Catalina 6/11 solo run

    Dam it! U R killing it. Great job man!
  364. karlow

    Boston Whaler 13 patch and paint

    More Whaler love? At least you did not over pay for your hull! Looks like fun? I picked up a 13 and had it for about a year, patched just a bit. She was in good condition, Then I woke up and thought what am I going to do with a 13? I built an interior for her and sold the boat! The guy that took...
  365. karlow

    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    That plastic is a polyethylene, like Teflon things do not stick so well. You can sand it with 80 grit and try 5200, but you better add some screws if you want it to stay.
  366. karlow

    A shake down and what I learned

    This has been a project for over a year. It came with the motor hung like that. It might need to be move up more. For the next round I have pushed it up one hole today. I read on the whaler forum that 19" was the correct prop, but they were not talking about a Laser II prop. I do have a 17"...
  367. karlow

    A shake down and what I learned

    The speed is 19 to 24 knts at 3800 to around 4200 RPM. The motor is currently mounted all the way down. Like I stated above I do not currently have the max RPM numbers.
  368. karlow

    A shake down and what I learned

    As for the trim, she seems to be running pretty flat. She is trimmed to come on plan fast, but I don't think I readjusted once it at speed. The bow was not up, and we were not plowing the sea. The bow only rises when she is falling off plan at about 16knts (no tabs). I think the forecast for the...
  369. karlow

    A shake down and what I learned

    Tom 2.44 out of a 21ft Outrage does not seem to bad. My 20 Skippy typically does 2.12, but she is a totally different beast. The stuff that had us slowing down for in the 18ft bout would require no adjustments in the Skippy. Skippies don't slow down for crap under 3ft. 150hp on a 18ft Outrage...
  370. karlow

    A shake down and what I learned

    I took my Outrage to Catalina today for the first time. I learned that the YT are not cooperating. We used more fuel than I expected. My bait tank leaked like hell all day. The leaning post works out well, but I need to add some type of latch. The swell was 2 to 3 for the most part at about 8...
  371. karlow

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Friday, Sat is likely the same. This Mid chann 2ft at 8 sec all day. Afternoon Breezy W winds with moderate choppy seas. Very small short period waves. Winds: W 10 to 13 knots. Seas: WNW 2 feet at 8 seconds. Should be OK
  372. karlow

    Best way to fix my dash

    Snazzy! What awg? 316 or 304? Pic?
  373. karlow

    Long Beach 6/4

    "As soon as you set that rod in the holder..." Famous first worlds. "As soon as you set that rod in the holder... a stripe bass stole my bait!" "As soon as you set that rod in the holder... and made one cast with my iron, the the reel started screaming!
  374. karlow

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Once you do that, you could be ready to go! How was the parking in Dana at 7am?
  375. karlow

    It this legal?

    It's not legal to sale sport caught fish in So Cal.
  376. karlow

    Horseshoe reds

    Soups on! Not a good pic. I will try again on Tue! A few week ago they were eating really bad squid and fresh cut. This Sunday not so much. They were also full of tiny shrimp.
  377. karlow

    San Clemente 6-2 big butt

    DadadaDAM! I am loving that big girl! I like big butts and I can not lie!
  378. karlow

    Horseshoe reds

    I went out with Joe on his Tracker on Sunday. The plan was to fish outside the outer rigs form the red fish. We picked up some deans with plans to troll for some local YT as well. We were having a hard time scratching up a bite on what were some good spots a few weeks back. We decide to join...
  379. karlow

    Finally going to make the crossing

    You don't need Boat US! You just need to make sure that someone on your boat has Boat US before you leave the dock!
  380. karlow

    Best way to fix my dash

    It looks something like this. I should have painted more of the console around the dash.
  381. karlow

    Best way to fix my dash

    I went with multiple solutions options. I used wood and foam to plug some holes epoxy fill and sand. I fabed a dash out of 1/8" aluminum plate. I painted the top of the consul with the deck paint.
  382. karlow

    Chancing it

    Where is your fish report?
  383. karlow

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Well so far the weather looks OK, but the fishing not so great. It might improve by Sat. The wind looks OK. I would make sure you have two bulge pumps and add a high water alarm. Its nice to know when u r sinking! Its a real attention getter when the alarm lites off mid channel on the way home...
  384. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    More rework. I did her out once with the trolling motor. it seems OK, but I have for the update after some adventures with my buddies boat last week. We hung an anchor at Havasu and put some serious stress on the front on that Tracker trying to get it back. He had another little issue when his...
  385. karlow

    1982 montauk 17 upgrades t-top and fuel tank

    Where are you on this project? What is your call on the TeeTop? I thought it was too much for that boat. It looks like it would be in the way 24 7 but it might be nice really in July and September. Or a hat might have been a better solution. I have one that I picked up to put on my outrage, but...
  386. karlow

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    It looks like someone is having a great season! Great job and thanks for sharing.
  387. karlow

    I can go out in the AM who is up for It?

    The weather looks OK at least to about noon. Any plans?
  388. karlow

    5/13 Catalina/Oil platforms

    Joe and Andy only got some barries today.
  389. karlow

    5/13 Catalina/Oil platforms

    Thanks for the report we always appreciate them. That's strange Temp break indicates cold water around the rigs but 62F around the island. Joe and Andy are out there right now. The overnight boats got some on Monday.
  390. karlow

    Yikes Termites on my Skippy!

    Humm, two thoughts, When I was working on my outrage deck I saw a few bugs walking around that may be termites. The deck was up so I mixed up some termite spray in my pump sprayer and sprayed everything and put the deck down for a few weeks. I have not seen anything moving on it since. Here is...
  391. karlow

    Skipjack steering question

    On my Skippy (85 open), the steering is just fine. It has an automotive style power steering pump. Its smooth like butter. The only thing that I have replaced is the hoses. Disconnect the cable and see what you find.
  392. karlow

    Mussel Farm

    Were you metering anything? Bait balls?
  393. karlow

    Anyone need a Ho to fish YT at Catalina on Sat?

    Just thought I should ask. Beats sleeping in! Sometimes.
  394. karlow

    Boating to catalina

    I have a different question for you. Did you pick that boat up from Bo? He had one out of Dana about 12 yrs ago. The trailer was in such bad shape the last time I saw, it looked like it might not make it home. About 3 miles from Dana!
  395. karlow

    Native Sun 5/8 Yellowfins?

    They r safe from me I will be at work on Friday. Have fun guys.
  396. karlow

    Catalina 5-9-19

    Weather! what weather? There is a chance of random electrocution after 11 on Sat. Other than that it look flat out there and those tails look great!
  397. karlow

    May 3-May 8 Inshore/Catalina Info/Report

    Very nice intel! thanks a bunch my friend. See ya on the water!
  398. karlow

    Upgrade G2 to G3 garmin maps?

    Mine has the G2 maps, I need an upgrade! The bigger issue is it does not include maps of our local lakes. It's dangerous to pull u-rigs w/o a conture map.
  399. karlow

    Where to try for wsb this Sunday.

    The tack has got a few in their count the last few days so they can't be that fare.
  400. karlow

    Native Sun 5/8 Yellowfins?

    Those are nice questions, but given the count the real question is how small as in tiny are these fish! Are you boys planing to run to the island to butcher babies? Should be fun on bass gear at any rate. Get real you don't see local counts of 90 8lb YT, their would be too many losses on fish...
  401. karlow

    towing 17foot bayrunner

    That boat and trailer should be around 2500lbs is my guess. It should be OK. How many miles on that car?
  402. karlow

    4/30 Local Yellow Bite

    Thanks for the intel, we went 2 for five on Sat afternoon.
  403. karlow

    5/3 Long Beach Yellowtail

    That will work! It's small boat season now boyz! Send in the fleet.
  404. karlow

    Cory update Thursday

    Best wishes my friend. We need you to get better soon. We depend on you mid week fish reports to guide us weekend warriors on or efforts Cory!
  405. karlow

    1978 Skipjack 20

    Interesting, I have been going the other way. I have spent a grip of spare time over the last year getting my 18 CC in shape so that I can afford to fish the islands! I expect to get about twice the mileage and range over my Skippy. FYI, the Outrage has a pretty nice ride so far, but it's not...
  406. karlow

    First time fishing on own private boat

    I's hard to say, the overnight boats out of long beach are getting some YT. The Pursuit did not get any. they tend to fish the front side of Cat. The overnight boats could be a different island. When are you planing on going, and how much boat doyou have?
  407. karlow

    First time fishing on own private boat

    First things first, which island? Remember to ask the question, did you out the plug in? Always check to see if the boat is sinking prior to leaving the trailer.
  408. karlow

    No 5/4 yellows

    It sounds like you arrived too late and left too early on Sat. The wind started to come up at the rigs, but it only lasted about 40 min and never got that bad. We left them a bit after 2, and it was flat. We should have left sooner. When we arrived in the zone the fish were up and ready to play.
  409. karlow

    It was some fine weather out there today

    It was enough to get us started. After that we had to settle for the fine young cannibals. I also got a few scuppies on the chrome iron.
  410. karlow

    It was some fine weather out there today

    Pens, farm. Muscle farm Its the same bite that been on for over a week. The Enterprise did not get them on Sat, or today and they have been the most consistent. It may have slowed down again. It's simple if there are a ton of boats there u are not likely to see any YT. After everyone give up and...
  411. karlow

    It was some fine weather out there today

    The wind never came up. We were in the water about 7am. Just in time to see some poor guy who launched his boat without the plug in place. He backed into the ramp at high speed with water spilling from the motor hatch. Not his day! We picked up some stinky red squid from a guy at the ramp...
  412. karlow

    Minimum Boat Size "Safe" for Outer Banks

    Timing is everything Mike said 3 hrs out and 3 hrs back. He hit the sweet spot.
  413. karlow

    First time boater

    Strange, no one has asked the first two questions. Do you have a place to store your trailer boat? What do you have to tow it? You can go out inshore in almost anything sometimes. Take a look out there when the cuda show up. If it floats it will be out there. If you are a tech, you can buy fix...
  414. karlow

    Minimum Boat Size "Safe" for Outer Banks

    I don't know but Mike went to Saint Nic about a week ago in his Parker 2320. It's single 300Hp Yami. Its getting about 1.5 MPG. It was good for closer to 2 MPG when he had a 250Hp.
  415. karlow

    Couple Large mouth to make it a good week ..LOL

    My bad, i thought that lake was only for testing boats!
  416. karlow

    4/30 Local Yellow Bite

    Its going to be reel fun by Sat, and event better on Sun. We are just spooling up for spring here! Just like when the Cuda are in town. Only these boyz might break something! Dogs will be fed! Hearts will be broken. Launch the fleet! This should solve the parking problem at Dana for a week or...
  417. karlow

    4/30 Local Yellow Bite

    Sa What! Gas is at $4+ a gal. I need all the intel that I can get. I'm a weekend warrior! You know how we do it! Learn all week, put a plan together, fix the boat and put the knowledge to work on the weekend! I still have to work for a living. Fishing is just my obsession. See ya on the water.
  418. karlow

    150 hp Honda trim question

    No, the trim. Make the motor go up and down, or in my case also leaks.
  419. karlow

    4/30 Local Yellow Bite

    Soooo where did you go to get the yellows?How big are the yellows!
  420. karlow

    Tuna Grounds Sunday

    Well, where is the report?
  421. karlow

    150 hp Honda trim question

    That will not work 4 me. The issue is corrosion. There is a leak in the housing somewhere near the bottom. It might be in the rear. I have been trying to seal it with epoxy. It has to be clean and dry 4 that to work. It's hard to tell where it is leaking with it installed.
  422. karlow

    150 hp Honda trim question

    I have been fighting this thing for weeks now. It leaks and I am going to have to pull it off to fix it or replace it. The question is how do you gt it off? Is it possible to pull the trim unit off without removing the motor? Is there some trick to it? I pulled the top pin and the bottom bolt...
  423. karlow

    I just drilled a bunch of holes in my boat

    Oh he's good! Dam good!
  424. karlow

    Custom bait tank

    That's a nice tank!
  425. karlow

    My new Gregor "Super Baja"

    I see all kinds of problems with this project. 4 people in a little 16ft tin boat in the ocean, no. As a CC it would fish one, maybe 2 people. Kill switch wiring for dual motors, interesting will diodes work of do you have to go with a duel pole switch? Someone must make a kill switch for duel...
  426. karlow

    My new Gregor "Super Baja"

    I see all kinds of problem with this project. 4 people in a little 16ft tin boat in the ocean, no. As a CC it would fish one, maybe 2 people. Kill switch wiring for dual motors, interesting will diodes work of do you have to go with a duel pole switch? Launch that thing out of Davies and fish...
  427. karlow

    Dana Point Bass Bight 4-14-19

    Maybe you need to have a flair gun at the ready to bounce one off their helm. You best put that in a 12 Awg marine pump shooter. The problem is if you have to use it you are going to end up swimming by the 2nd shot! Maybe bird shot, flair, buck shot!
  428. karlow

    Yamaha F150 4 Stroke peeing cold

    I have one on my Skippy Oil switch and over temp switch. It's gone off a few times, kelp!
  429. karlow

    Prop Safe to run

    Looks good to me, does it run smooth?
  430. karlow

    Yamaha F150 4 Stroke peeing cold

    Yep shes got rocks! I fired her up and she was dribbling after 2 min on the hose. I basted the pee hole with the air compressor. No help. So I pulled the hoses of the VST heat exchanger and basted it with the air compressor. She spits rocks, salt, corrosion or sand. I blast her again an...
  431. karlow

    Yamaha F150 4 Stroke peeing cold

    She is a bit rough, but I have only had her about a year. The motor was in much better shape than the rest of the rig. Not so true anymore.
  432. karlow

    Steering wheel help

    Yep, that is where Joe's 60 HP got stuck! Lest than a year old and it seized up! Disconnect is slide it out and lube her up! She like it like that!
  433. karlow

    Yamaha F150 4 Stroke peeing cold

    Nope, no gauge currently.
  434. karlow

    Yamaha F150 4 Stroke peeing cold

    My Honda hardly pees at all! It may have stones. It has not over heated, but I don't have a good feeling about this. It pees a bit when its first started and then just dribbles even at speed. It's a new pump. The Thermostat is due on Monday. It will at lest make me fell better!
  435. karlow

    Problems at the pump

    Humm. you are running out of fuel after about 15 miles. That is over 5 gals. Then the fuel pump is sucking like hell collapsing the bulb and cavitating due to lack of fuel squealing like a pig. The fuel line of fuel line liner might be collapsing somewhere. If that were the case, you should be...
  436. karlow

    What size boat/trailer for Toyota Tacoma v6

    17 MPG towing must be nice! Hell Big Sinky can't get 17 mpg not towing! But she is a $7000 diesel so my mileage may vary, but my truck is paid for! If she was a Dodge she would be good for 20, but she would still be a Dodge everything in life is a trade off.
  437. karlow

    What size boat/trailer for Toyota Tacoma v6

    Tacoma V6, What year? I have a 2003 with an auto. Its bearly enough truck to drag a classic 17ft whaler up to the wood! Now the S10 with the 4.3V6, soft suspension and much better ride and tow rig. It could drag that whaler up to pyramid lake with no problems! A 20ft skippy is going to be...
  438. karlow

    Rough & slow at the Horseshoe 4/3

    Only if u r getting bit! Nice to here someone is getting out and getting her done!
  439. karlow

    Auto pilot for 19ft Bayrunner

    It looks like you can get the hardware for about a grand if you have hydraulic steering. It's not too bulky, there is a box, a pump and maybe a pickup unit, you should be able to fit it under your console. The interface with your FF on the Nema 2000 bus. Nice tech!
  440. karlow

    I want to have my keel reinforced with fiberglass...referrals?cost?

    Why not add the keel guard? It is on a roller trailer?
  441. karlow

    Slip rats....

    They may have got in the same way wiring does.
  442. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Yea buddy that's today's concern! 1/4" plate would have helped. Today I rigged a towing clamp for the head. It will help mainly for horizontal motion. It clamps the head to a rail upright I need a solution for vertical motion. I have a piece of the 1" plastic left. my plan is to fab a support...
  443. karlow

    The Old (RIP) Topless Ducky

    That is a grip of fish!
  444. karlow

    Just acquired a boat/trailer, how do I register them?

    This is going to be fun! You will need to take it with you. You might want to shop for your DMV. I went thru some of that last year. Three trips, over 7 hours of my life wasted there! good luck.
  445. karlow

    Garmin G3 mapping???

    Well, I took the Outrage to Castic on Sat. to fish for stripers and nothing on fing map! It's hard to troll u-rigs w/o a map.. Garmrrrrman!
  446. karlow

    1989 Larson 225DC

    FYI, when you do glass work, step one grind down to the glass do not attach you new glass to the gel coat.
  447. karlow

    WTB WTB ankor roller

    Thanks, but I picked up one online and installed it on Sat.
  448. karlow

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    A diesel is not going to like your 5 mile commute. It will never get up to temp. I would avoid getting a 6L ford diesel. A 7.3 should go 500K miles. If its an auto, the trans will not. The truck is a bit primitive. I have a 200 7.3 4x4 ext cab and you can have one for about 7 to 10K. At that...
  449. karlow

    Big Butt landed on Sunday

    That is one dam big butt u got there! Got to love it! There out there.
  450. karlow

    For Sale Todd cooler seat $150

    I was looking for one about 2 months ago.
  451. karlow

    SOLD Kodiak Tank

    I can pick it up today after work if you would like.
  452. karlow

    Swimbait Striper (video)

    I was wondering were Bob was! I'm going to have to try that area next time. What were you guys throwing?
  453. karlow

    1978 Skipjack 20

    I don't know but if you are going to rebuild using epoxy you can stop grinding. Epoxy will stick almost anything.
  454. karlow

    Del Mar 13

    Nice I would add an ice chest with the padded lid. Maybe a 70Q. I would install it length wise. Mount it w/o cocks, maybe brackets on the floor and straps. Or build a custom bait tank/seat. Oval shaped with a half lid and half padded seat. Build it the same width as the console. Its got to keep...
  455. karlow

    Found oil on floor .What do you think

    Most likely they installed a speed sleeve. It looks like some seal had failed and allowed water to get there. Found it before it screwed up your bearings. You dodged one and just cough a flesh wound this time. You ever notice how you can always count on a boat to prevents the accumulation of...
  456. karlow

    Skipjack 20 1979 Santa Barbara

    So your head clears the rod racks by an inch or the top by an inch? If it the top, add foam, if it's the rack, don't forget to duck! I was fishing on Mike's Parker on Sat. I'm 6'2" I believe I have more than 1" while sitting on the port side. It was not that bad for the most part, but I got...
  457. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Update, it been dry for over a week! A little update, when I sold the 17ft boat I let it go with trolly on it like a dummy. I did not know how to mount it to the Outrage with the bow rail. I should have looked it up. Now I have wasted a bunch of money buying another TM, and converting it to...
  458. karlow

    Skipjack 20 1979 Santa Barbara

    Nice! See ya out there!
  459. karlow

    I need a piece of plastic

    Its not close, its not cheep, but it is exactly what I needed! Getting a bit closer.
  460. karlow

    I need a piece of plastic

    I'm off on Fri. I will try to get something done. In think I will make the run to Santa Ana in the AM. Thanks guys.
  461. karlow

    I need a piece of plastic

    Sounds good to me. OC is close enough. I completed the trolling motor conversion on Wed (to V2 and to I pilot). I'm getting close, I have to do something about the cable and get a battery.
  462. karlow

    1970 Skipjack Open

    Here is 2 cents for you if it's too late. Do not attach any copper to your aluminum in any location that will get wet. Do not sit it on treated wood (the green stuff) it contains copper. Also avoid attaching any SS to your aluminum where it will be wet. You might want to paint you grounding...
  463. karlow

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    Dam It! I should have went. So what did you catch? Well from here next Sat looks the same, but Fri is only 2ft. I don't know what the timming is.
  464. karlow

    Catalina 3/10 - No Yellow Tales

    What were u throwing for platics?
  465. karlow

    I need a piece of plastic

    Thanks for the offer. I'm hoping to find something more local. I'm in the SGV.
  466. karlow

    WTB WTB ankor roller

    I know someone has one just laying around I'm looking to put an ankor roller on my Outrage. It needs to be about 11" long. What cha got?
  467. karlow

    I need a piece of plastic

    From my mock-up it needs to be about 9" wide x 16" long or larger. It needs to be an inch thick to clear the lip. The foam block in the pic is 1.5" thick, That would also work. 1-1.5" thick.
  468. karlow

    I need a piece of plastic

    I'm looking for a 1" thick piece of HDPE to adapt a trolling motor to my Outrage. (AKA StarBoard) Anyone have any lying around?
  469. karlow

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    Thanks guys for talking me down. Cut the grass, spent way too much money on fishing crap today. I also spent an hour or so working on the trolly install for the Whaler. More tackle-craft on Sunday. I'm taking off next Friday. There better be some decent weather for a change. Hey Simmo, thanks...
  470. karlow

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    The plan is to take the Whaler out. Just fishing inshore with in 10 miles. The re[port has looked the same for a a few days except the time was not avilable. Saturday N wind 5 to 10 kt becoming SW in the morning. Mostly sunny. W swell 3 ft at 7 seconds. Wind waves 1 to 2 ft. Light WSW winds...
  471. karlow

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    5-10Kts. How bad is it? typically if it were 14 sec, it would be no probelm in a small boat. What do you think? I need to get out.
  472. karlow

    Rockfish opener looking for a solid boat Ho!

    Yea, there was a good bass bite before that last round of rain. That would be my plan 2. or plan 1. Then you would be looking 60-100ft.
  473. karlow

    38lb Halibut Newport Kayak

    Got to love it! Every man loves a big butt! I just wish my butt was as big as yours! Maybe I should pass on the 25lb string next time! Just in case a big A butt shows up.
  474. karlow

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    I sit corrected, 18ft Parkers demand very good resale prices. I do see them in that price range at times. I too have been know to suffer from FTR! Case in point, I found one but no Tee top, 1801 Center Console Parker - $19500 (Orange)
  475. karlow

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    FTR! You guys don't read. He says he has owned those Whalers in the past and they are too $$. He also says the Parker 18 rides like a POS. Note a 18ft classic Outrage is about 18.5ft. It should fit if you can find one worth the price, good luck with that!
  476. karlow


    I will bite. I'm in Covina, Where can we meet? I will take one off your hands
  477. karlow

    1977 28' Ricky Scarborough

    I like what I see! You have put in some great work!
  478. karlow

    Repainting skiff

    Life is short. You need to de-wax. After I cleaned it I would go over it with 80 grit. Patch it, prime and paint. Don't waist time striping gel coat. Skip the bottom paint unless you are going to keep it on the water.
  479. karlow

    No SoCal love for aluminum PH's?

    Well that could be the issue. Last year I was working on my newly painted Outrage in 100F weather. It was hot enough to cook your A! I could only work on it for a couple of hours. That's just off white paint. It it was diamond plate Alum, it would have been heat stroke for sure! My guess is they...
  480. karlow

    LB Breakwall calico, sand bass, and halibut 2/24

    Nice, and you never even left the harbor! Nice going on the toad Grumpy! Cory said the water was cleaner inside, I guess it paid off Whaler Nation!
  481. karlow

    Horseshoe Bass wide open Friday 2/22/2019

    Hot Dam! But it's going to be raining next weekend again!
  482. karlow

    2/23 isthmus

    Dam, that area used to be solid! a I guess the party is over!
  483. karlow

    Rpt-Sat.-02-23-19 Limits of Frozen Bass!

    Great Job guys. I had considered going out today after all that rain. The forecast says totally fishable. The issue was, no fish reports to motivate me. I stayed home slept in and worked on the boat instead. I got something done. I'm a bit more ready to go out. Thanks guys for the intel!
  484. karlow


    Problem solved. The boat now turns over like it should. The cable came with two 3/8" lugs installed. I cut it and crimped two 3/8" lugs on the other end. The only down side is, the cable was not plated. As fare as the tool. it worked at least twice and it cost $23. I contacted GLS and advised...
  485. karlow

    Private boater noob to saltwater

    Well that weekend kind of sucked, so how did it work out?
  486. karlow

    Boat inquiry

    Damm make me want to stay home, or at least only fish with skinny chicks! So did it just turtle on you?
  487. karlow

    Rewiring my lobster puller

    I have that puller as well. The Brutus uses a 2 wire version a 25amp twist lock connector. That connector will work as well, but you need to keep that connection dry.
  488. karlow


    My dubious quality Chinese hydraulic crimp set has arrived with a bit of shipping damage and 8 dubious die sets. It looks like it will crimp anything that I will ever need if it holds up. So far not a bad buy for $26. My cable should show up tomorrow. If its dry I might even get something done.
  489. karlow

    1970 Skipjack Open

    As for the finish, I'm not sure what you should do, but this is what I have done on two tanks. I used a KBS kit. I thinks its the frame coater kit for about $70. It's everything u need to finish a AL tank. I did the Skippy over 10 years ago, and the Outrage last year. So fare so good. A...
  490. karlow


    The crimp tool that's on order looks like the HF tool above. I also ordered some 3/8" lugs as well, they look to be the right fit for the starter, or the battery gnd. They might be the right fit for the battery switch and engine gnd as well. the cable come with lugs on it, but I'm not sure about...
  491. karlow

    Upgrading electronics help Bass Tracker Pro Team 175

    Where are you located? Look for some of tht stuff on Great Lakes Skipper. Check the shipping cost as well.
  492. karlow

    26 skipjack converting cable to hydraulic steering

    It should be a great solution for dual stations. My 20 has hydro assist cable searing (Volvo). It works great! The pump is a std GM automotive part. All I have ever done is replace the hydraulic hoses. The cable is completely run inside the boat so it should never fail. Good luck, the question...
  493. karlow


    Thanks that's a great off but GLS ships fast and it's on it's way! I've done the solder thing on one of these cable before. There is a lot of copper, it takes a bunch of heat and kind of melts the insulation! That may hae been a 2/0 cable.
  494. karlow


    Dam it! I already placed an order for the cable and a crimp tool. That's about $150
  495. karlow


    Not realy my friend came up with 175-180 for a 175 efi Mariner. Might be close. I estimated the voltage drop on Wed. Cable resistance is: 6 awg = .391/1000ft 38ft = 0.0145 177 amp =2.57V 4 awg = .2485/1000ft 38ft = 0.0094 177 amps = 1.664V 2 awg = .1563/1000ft...
  496. karlow

    WTB Harbor/local skiff

    Nice rig, but you need to relocate that bait tank if you want to arive with good bait. The bait does not like to ride in the front of the boat. The smaller the boat the more importent it is to keep it in the back.
  497. karlow


    I don't know the history of the boat. It has a Honda on it. The batteries have been relocated and there seems to be a splice in the battery cables. The motor cranks slow. I did a load test from the starter location with my cheep HF tester. It says bad battery 8Vdc under load. If I add a jumper...
  498. karlow


    I have a 18ft CC with a 150hp Honda 4 stroke. I need to replace the battery cable that runs between the console and the engine. The cable is about 17ft. The question is what gauge wire do I need to run?
  499. karlow

    82 Boston Whaler Montauk upgrades

    That is one real nice rig u got there. Lots of shinny new parts $$! I had planed to mount the TeeTop on my whaler with AL L bracket like you have there. I ended up picking up U channel instead. That will give me a bit more head room. My boat has that same tiny console (same vintage as well). My...
  500. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    I found some two part epoxy primer and a bit of acid primer pre-wash. I did the jitterbug, de grease and prep tonight. The plan is to prime on Sat after it warms up and drys out. I think I have just enough deck paint to finish the job! I should have it installed by mid week if we can get a few...
  501. karlow

    1994 Hydra Sports 2000cc

    The next time you do this, you should finish the wood and use monel staples. They don't cost that much and you want have rust stains running down the sides or your boat! Also the thread should be cotton that use use to stitch.
  502. karlow

    How to register an inflatable w/o hull numbers?

    FYI It does not require reg. unless u put a motor on it. Feel free to reg it, and make sure you get the quga mussle stamp as well. Welcome to the PRC!
  503. karlow

    Montauk bow eye

    It's a lifting ring, if you use it it might rotate 90 deg. I would not worry about it.
  504. karlow

    Montauk bow eye

    Good going! FYI, that is plated bronze and the threaded rod is 300 series SS. I tried to replace it with one of those cheep SS ones that you can pick up for about $20 or less online. They look great, but I guess those Chinese guys never got the memo SAE threads! aka it was a nice paper weight...
  505. karlow

    Montauk bow eye

    Well it depends on how far down the rabbit hole u are up for. On my Outrage she was in such poor shape, I pulled all of the rail off and filled all of the mounting holes with epoxy. Same story with the rub rail. For the sealer, HD sales a Loc-Tite marine caulk and 5200. The loc-Tite stuff was...
  506. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    I Need a solution that I can implement.I will see if it come in a rattle can or brush/roller application. You better get it in gear or fishing season is right about now my friend! Joe went out and got a limit of trout on Wed!
  507. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Got to get her ready for the long ride., I need to mount the leaning post. I have some 0.185" Al plate to use to spread the load so the deck will not fail. I need to drill and finish it with something. It's about 36" x 3.75" wide and mount with SS screws to the deck so it's under foot.. A good...
  508. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    No more seats next time, I found a sweet leaning post on CL. It's my current project. I can side the bait tank about 40% under the seat. It could go deeper, but you might want to be able to put bait in that sucker as well!
  509. karlow

    Refinishing deck need help with priming/paint

    I did this earlier this week. I'm replacing the pedestal seats with a leaning post. Remove the screws sand flat and wipe down with acetone. I don't have access to the far side of the hole. Just mix up about an oz of epoxy add in the shaved glass until you get to the consistency of peanut butter...
  510. karlow

    Tax Assessor

    All my boats are too old and have fell off the roles. No Lux tax for me anymore. Don't jinks it!
  511. karlow

    Montauk bow eye

    You may be able to tighten it. You need to seal it. Onmy 17ft baot , I never got it to move. So I did not replace it of refinish it. On the 18ft, I took it off to refinish the boat & re seal it.But you need to avoid damaging the hull when you do it. you need to hold that bow part with a large...
  512. karlow

    Mystery Maintenance Checks

    I'm not sure, but the continuity circuit sounds like the bonding circuit. Its the ground circuit between the fuel tank, fuel inlet and the water which may involve the engine and or outdrive.
  513. karlow

    96 Glass Pro

    Dude, that is a huge bug. It might be older than u are.
  514. karlow

    Stern Saver or Stern Pad to mount a structure scan ducer?

    This sort of thing? It's HDPE about 1/2".
  515. karlow


    how many hours were on it when you had it done?
  516. karlow

    WTB 17’-18’ Whaler Montauk

    There are no Whalers at decent prices on the west coast!
  517. karlow

    WTB Leaning Post/ seat

    Thats a good deal, but it's likely too big. Its over 40" wide. There was a nice on CL on Tue, but I picked it up last night. It's also a bit too large for what you need. The GWS sight has a number of them. I was looking at their sight last night. You can also find them on Ebay. Happy hunting!
  518. karlow

    Towing Vehicle for Skipjack 24 Open

    That is the right truck for a Open 20. I used a 1990 HD 4x4 auto 5L. It was fine, but I did not go up any really big hills ( Pyramid lake, Ventura, or SD). It was AOK for Dana, LB, MDR, O-Side. For a 24, I would think you would at least need a 5.7L.
  519. karlow

    To cover boat, or not to cover boat, that is the question...

    You guys are getting a lot more life out of those white tarps then I'm getting out of the cheep silver ones. I guess I need to do some shopping! HF is 14x14 mesh, 1000 denier 9mil.
  520. karlow

    To cover boat, or not to cover boat, that is the question...

    My first thought is it depends on where you are going to keep it. For my 17ft whaler, I picked up a nice cover online somewhere for under $300. It held up great for the 6 or 7 years that I had the boat. For my Skippy it came with a nice custom cover but I made the mistake of trailing it home...
  521. karlow

    Installing new engine kill switch (MOB) - Advice

    ? KIS, Connect the two wires back together and fire up the boat, then untwist them. If that stops the engine, you have your answer and the right wires. If not search for the wiring diagram online.
  522. karlow

    They’re still here....1-26-19

    Hey your famous! I met your DFG guy an he told me about the 16Lb tail Sweet job!
  523. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Went out of Davies today. I can only get about 28Knts at 4800 RPM. This is likely because you can't get to full throttle because it hits the radio. On the way in the harbor I had an alarm go off after crawling in at 5 knts.I think it might be the over heat alarm. Strange, I cycled the power and...
  524. karlow

    Is it me?

    I went to the shoe today with epic bass bites dancing in my head! It was not so epic for me. I fished three different spots in 75 and 85 ft. The meter looked good. I did nail about 10 bass with maybe 3 over 14". Today's tides did not look great, but they were OK. What worked best was Lal's...
  525. karlow

    Dana Point Butt 1/25

    Hey! What a day and in the dead of winter! Killing it!
  526. karlow

    Poly Bait Tank Repair

    Where did you find a new poly drain to weld on?
  527. karlow

    Yamaha f300 500 hour service

    Really, dam I cant afford that. I better sale my boat quick... Oh wait I can't do that the fish r biting. Good thing I turn my own wrenches, or I would have to learn golf. What parts? Plugs, fluids, water pump, and what else?
  528. karlow

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    Thanks Cory, I think I will put chasing bass on my Sat to do list! I will swing by Turners on the way home to inspect their inventory of clear with red flake! Have a great trip on the Relentless!
  529. karlow

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    Be safe out there guys, I took a fall on Wed as well tripped over a dog! They get a bit crazy for treats. How deep were u fishing at the shoe?
  530. karlow

    Prop replacement advice

    Well not so fast there bucko. The prop on a boat is like the gears on a bike. You will get the best performance over a narrow range of operating conditions. You have to start by doing your homework. What motor? what is the maximum RPM that the engine is rated for? With the boat setup like u plan...
  531. karlow

    Rub rails

    I install a original replacement kit. It has a had plastic rub rail with rubber insert 3 pc kit?. I think it was a little under $250. The problem is for the 18ft boat the price is double, the kit fits a 22ft boat. Do a search for a rub rail kit for a 17ft whaler and you will see. Rick that looks...
  532. karlow

    Rub rails

    Like he said, but it is not as heavy duty as the original rub rail. Its a lot cheaper, and looks OK on my 18', but I prefer the one that I installed on the 17ft,
  533. karlow

    DP Butt Action

    Oh great, so you can catch more lizard fish with lizard fish. In my experiance if we fishing for Butts and not getting any lizard we dont catch any butts as well.
  534. karlow

    What do the Whaler guru’s think?

    A first gen DF70 is good for about 29Knts on that hull. If you need speed, you need more ponys.
  535. karlow

    Found oil on floor .What do you think

    Yea maybe, first smell it. Does it smell like your dip stick? If so check your filter. If that's not it, pull all of the plastic off the motor and hunt down your leak. If it does not smell like your dip stick, you are going to have more fun.
  536. karlow

    1979 corwin enterprises 21ft "ghetto build"

    Yea man we are all standing by for some mad progress. Whats up!
  537. karlow

    My new gregor hoopster

    Thoes are some nice looking bugs you got there!
  538. karlow

    looking to repower my boat...

    As fare as I have heard, any 4 stroke will get you on the water anywhere in Cal. A new 2002 Honda? how does it look? Where has it been? Do you get to pick it up at a 2002 price?
  539. karlow

    My new gregor hoopster

    Americas most wanted lineup!
  540. karlow

    Finally finished new bilge blower

    That will work! You might want to go back and seal the wires on the fuel tank sender. I use liquid tape & heat shrink tubing or the heat shrink crimp connections as much as possible.
  541. karlow

    Reference for custom dash panel?

    You can always roll your own. The main issue is all of those rectangular holes are going to be a real PITA without a punch, and who is going to have one of those! If you screw one up....dam that would suck! I hate re-work.
  542. karlow

    2015 Mercury 4st mystery

    Have you checked or water in the fuel?
  543. karlow

    1978 Skipjack 20

    I would gas the hell out of them and cover it would a tarp for a week. Just to be sure. After that I would continue. If I found any more alive, I would have to come up with a plan 2.
  544. karlow

    Gregor pac19 rebuild help

    The first move would have been to drain the tank and take a hard look at what came out of it. Put it in a glass jar.Is it fuel? is it water, salt ? If is all water it will be hard to tell that it's not all fuel, so just add a little fuel to it. The fuel is lighter than water. I went thru that...
  545. karlow

    1970 Skipjack Open

    On my 84, the fuel tank is foamed in place. The hull design is different on the earlier Skippies, That boat looks great from the front!
  546. karlow

    DIY Swim Platform?

    There are lots of Skippy's with them. One thing,do your self a favor and thru bolt that thing in place. Mine was not originally bolted in place. It's amazing when you turn around and look back only to note that the bait tank is gone. And the swim step is gone!
  547. karlow

    "Broken" Outboard Steering

    Is it common for a motor of that size to have cable stearing with no power stearing?
  548. karlow

    Gregor pac19 rebuild help

    What kind of fuel issues? The me tell you a bout a little tin boat that liked to play in the big water. It had a 60HP 4 stroke and ran great until it didn't. It goes into the shop and they fix. It all good until it was not! I looked at it once when it was running crappy, the fuel filter was...
  549. karlow

    Rod Holder Broke under gunnel

    Humm, well like this perhaps. FYI, you do have to weld on the inside of the nut.
  550. karlow

    Fuel Tank new installation grounding.

    Well there are some considerations with grounding things. On my Outrage the fuel tank was grounded to the fuel inlet and a bronze ground that's mounted to the outside of the hull below the water line. The ground is mainly to prevent the build up of static. In the world of electronics, grounds...
  551. karlow

    Whaler running lights

    You get to have some fun now! The wires on most Classic Whalers are run under the rub rail. You have to remove the insert to replace the wiring. A heat gun will help, but depending on the conditon of the rub rail. It might be a lost cause as the insert might come out in bits. good luck!
  552. karlow

    Rod Holder Broke under gunnel

    There is no simple flx fa a small broken screw on you boat. You can't drill it, its too small. You may be able to slot it if it extend out enough. Most likely, you will have to grind it down and fill it. The you will have to relocate the rod holder, or drill a new hole in the bracket to relocate...
  553. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    U have to love this crap. Made a 2nd run out of Dana for nada. When I got home before I could put the boat away, one of my new and improved tries went all snakey on me. I tried to pump it back up with a can of air, but no love. It turned out to be separating! It was snotty out there, we took a...
  554. karlow

    12/29 Dana Report

    They have removed about 60% of the parking for your boat and trailer. They are using it to park cars. Dana was always parking challenged. Now it will be totally FUBAR when the season gets going.
  555. karlow

    12/30/18 Newbies and taco meat out of LB

    yea baby beats the hell out of my DP skunk Stripe!
  556. karlow

    Search is Finally Over! Meet My New Fishing Machine!

    Yea, More pics please! FYI, that's a 20ft Skippy. They didn't make a 21ft.
  557. karlow

    12/29 Dana Report

    It sucked.. It was cold as hell. We didn't catch anything but lizard fish. They have perfect med size deans. The boat ran OK, the rocks are biting north of the point. The parking sucks and its going to really suck latter next year. The truck ran OK! We fished north,south, and in front, 130 ft...
  558. karlow

    Project boats or Trash???

    Well, it looks like two tri-hulls and a speed boat. I know the twins fish YT at the 105 and the striper derby at Havasu in an old Ski boat with a Force outboard on it. So if you need a boat almost anything that floats will due. So, how bad is your itch?
  559. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    More fun today. I found myself losing sleep concerned about the state of the tire. Today, I replaced the tires and one of the bearings did not sound right when you spend the hub. If they make a sound it's not good. The hubs and the trailer are a bit none std. It came with 13" wheels for some...
  560. karlow

    Boston Whaler Montauk VS. Super Sport

    I have an answer. The hull on the classic is the same for the Super Sport, New Port and Montuck. Depending the year they sold it as a 16ft or a 17ft boat. Because of the size, the New Port is likely the best layout and the lest common. For small on the ocean, I find it best to travel on your...
  561. karlow

    Thermostat ??

    I don't know but... Raw water cooled marine engines operate at lower temperatures to prevent salt water related damage. Operating at lower temperatures result in lower engine efficiency. That is why you car does not have a 160F thermostat that we used to run back in the 70's.
  562. karlow

    Dana Point 12/27

    Hey at least someone is going fishing, and getting her done! How deep were you fishing in BC?
  563. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    That is going to hurt! I serviced the lower end on mine a few weeks back. I had to redo all the seals. It took a few weeks with breakage and ordering parts. When I put it together, I missed the alignment on the water pump drive and had to rework it. Did you do the work, or hired out?
  564. karlow

    Aluminium Boat Welder Needed (in Westminster)

    That looks like a problem. Think about it, how do you install the wood after welding the transom? You can't replace the wood and then weld it. It looks like they weld the outside hull, install the wood and then the rest of the sheet metal. Its a lot more work than it appears to be. Good luck
  565. karlow

    Auto Charging Relay Q&A

    IMO you are doing this wrong. You need two good batteries and they both need to start off fully charged. I run two deep cycle GP27 batteries. Always, Always, Always run them one at a time.You need a battery switch to make it work. If you can, set a low battery alarm on your finder at at about...
  566. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Well Now it is Christmas. I picked up a SS Laser II 19" pitch prop prop on CL for $125. I had to pickup a hub kit online for $35. Today I installed a battery charging cable, and another rod holder. I tighten up the hardware on the console, and installed a horn. In the AM, I will to install a...
  567. karlow


    That will give you about 105 gal capacity. on my rig that would be a 73 mile range! That works for me. what did the saddle tanks run you? Do you have drawing 4 them?
  568. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Yep, its stainless. just clean it up a bit it should be OK.
  569. karlow

    New Trailer for 13' 1975 Whaler Sport?

    Keep the faith and keep searching. Get a trailers with real wheels on it!
  570. karlow

    Fiberglassing Tools

    Sounds like a plan, but remember cold water not hot water is your friend to get that glass off. I used the respirator from HF (about $20) but you would be better off with a full face shield respirator $$. you are doling a lot more grinding than I did.
  571. karlow

    Re powering with an Etec

    Al ready then, happy hunting!
  572. karlow

    Fiberglassing Tools

    You have to decide epoxy or polyester and buy a gal or two. Then you need a bunch of really cheep brushes, like 3 for a dollar. Chopped or ground glass for filler.
  573. karlow

    1978 Skipjack 20

    It looks reel solid to me. If there are any failure I would expect rot in the rear or delamination in the bow. Baby powder and cold showers are your friend! Now why are we cutting up a perfictly good Skippy again? I must of missed something?
  574. karlow

    Re powering with an Etec

    Does the prop from your old engine fit? Can you get it to fit by swapping out the hub? Can you borrow one from a friend? You are going to need to load the boat and take it out to determine the best prop for it, unless you can find someone with the same set up has done the legwork for you. Note...
  575. karlow

    12/16 Dana Point Report

    Sheepers? Really. I'm thinking everything on the deck is better than any sheep!
  576. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    East of East LA in the land of the brown skinned people.
  577. karlow

    Re powering with an Etec

    Wait a min, how do u get the Mil surplus hookup? I might want one
  578. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Too bad, you are in SD, I would drop by and fill her up!
  579. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    how bad does it smell?
  580. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    You should pile up some cash for a donner if you have a place to put one. It is by for you cheapest route. Most boats are trailer queens. They don't see many hours so the engines should be good unless they have had an exhaust system failure. This way you get all of the parts, gauges, matching...
  581. karlow

    It looks like a redo for Sat only wit the right kind

    I'm thinking of returning to scene of the crime. This time with out all the shark action I hope. Back to Dana! Who is going to be out here on Sat?
  582. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    I see your doner boat onthe OC CL for $650 u might want to call them
  583. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Not Sure, but from the pic the tank seems to have spot welds on it and appears to be SS not aluminum. I would remove it and inspect it. The hoses are most likely shot and need replacing. As for getting it on the water, there's planing and then there is reality! I picked up a crappy looking...
  584. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    That is a SPL of wire! I would pull the tank and check it on all sides. That said, it's unusual. it looks like SS! Heavy, but It should be in great condition maybe. As for those electronics, they look original. Dump them all! I would avoid adding a tru hole PU. I have one and it did not work...
  585. karlow

    Dana Point Halibut Driftin’ 12-8

    Next time I will give the salt creek area a shot. It's strage that the Dana b uts are in such deep water. at Long beach we would always fish them inside the harbor. Maybe its a time of year thing
  586. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    That sounds about right except, he likely needs to replace the fuel tank. Painting the over epoxy is not a problem you just need to use an epoxy primer. I would do the repairs in epoxy. What kind of mileage are they getting on 20ft Skippies with outboards? You are likely to see about 2.5 Mpg...
  587. karlow

    Good fish finder

    FYI, The ability for a finder to work at speed is mostly determined by the transducer installation and hull. I have three boats a 20skippy with a transom mount and a thru hull mount sender with older Furuno FF. It works to about 18 knts if its really flat maybe. The 17ft whaler works at full...
  588. karlow

    Dana Point Halibut Driftin’ 12-8

    Good Job Boys, We were out there too. I think we took to honors in the shark turny! 9 Sharks, & zero butts! We will have to wait to the next boat ride to get our. See ya on the water!
  589. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Yea, I'm refinishing the side door on the console this week. Soon will cleaning up the 17ft (Wet Ride) going to put her on the chopping block. I have done the oil on her top and bottom, The only question is how much time do I want to put into her before letting her go. It looks like I should be...
  590. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Rusted bolts are such fun! I worked on a maker light on my trailer on Sunday. Rusted bolt. I dont waist time with them, I just grind the head off! The problem is, on your boat it would catch on fire! Too much heat!
  591. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    What I should have done, it raised the console a few inches and pushed it forward a few. There is lots of space in front but not so much in the rear. Its short and small. The one that I built for the 17ft boat is tall and wide (a bit too wide for a 17ft Whaler). I really missed it today, it was...
  592. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Dana Point Shakedown! After all these month and sketchy weather on the weekends. I finally made it happen, I got her wet! The good news, she floats OK. That bait system worked, as in zero dead in the tank! The steering worked OK, All of the instruments and the radio! No trailer issues except...
  593. karlow

    My new gregor hoopster

    Well that looks like it! Bugs on the barbe! Thats the the way it is done!
  594. karlow

    Fishing Sat!

    That is for sure! Hopefully it will be a bit cleaner down south.I saw the pics of all that burn rubble headed down stream. That is a serious mess.
  595. karlow

    For Sale Priced to Sell, Your Score - $12000

    I like it, but 4mpg at what speed? It could be a good solution because the boats that you cited are too small for your needs. 4 people fishing a 17ft boat is too tight. Very few 17ft or 18ft boats have the legs for SCI we are talking a 60 mile run one way. We are talking a 140 mile day min! For...
  596. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Well it looks like its going to happen this Sat. Saturday Variable winds 5 kt or less. Sunny. Mixed swell...W 1 to 2 ft and S 1 ft. Wind waves 1 ft or less. I did a compression test and installed new plugs on Tue. The compression was 182, 179, 190, 180. Not great but OK. The battery was low and...
  597. karlow

    Fishing Sat!

    It looks like Sat is totally fish-able this week. My plan is to run out of Dana for sea trails and flat fish dreams! Hopefully every thing will work out!
  598. karlow

    Storing Lobster in a ice chest

    This is what I do. Only leave about 1/8" of sea water in the bottom of the ice chest. They can drown in stagnet water. Freeze 1L bottles of water. Make sure they don't leak leave a 15% air space in the water before freezing. Put two or three in a 30Qt cooler. You can catch a limit of bugs on...
  599. karlow

    2009 Boulton Sea Skiff Redecking Project

    That's a nice looking rig you got there! Next time use epoxy on all side of your plywood. You can get a 1 gal kit of under $100 online. It would give you a waterproof finish. It should hold up better.
  600. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    The Skippy with the house on it is sweet! I might have to convert mine. What kind of mileage are you getting with the outboard? For a Skipjack I would expect you need about 200HP.
  601. karlow

    What is the best way to remove old failed gelcoat

    Start with 80 and end with 80. That will work for primer & paint or primer and gelcoat. That will give the primer something better to grip. These are thick finishes there is no need for a smother finish to work with. If you go with gelcoat, you are going to have to sand about 30% of it off to...
  602. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    You should fish that thing until the end of the year. Then you can go into rehab mode. But u know we are on the best coast so we fish 360 days a year. You can chase butts or stripe bass all thru the dead of winter.
  603. karlow

    Radoncraft 18

    Dude, say what, she got.. crabs man!
  604. karlow

    What is the best way to remove old failed gelcoat

    Yea that looks like work! I would start with the hungry 80. You can use a palm sander, but the main issue is you need it to be even, flat, no divots!
  605. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Well that was the plan on Sat, but the weather did not look so good. I ended up at lake Silverwood on Joes Tracker. Currently this Sat looks even worse. I will take another pass. Saturday WNW wind 10 to 15 kt. Showers likely after 10am. Mixed swell...W 5 ft and S 2 ft. Wind waves 1 ft building...
  606. karlow

    What is the best way to remove old failed gelcoat

    Well I have. That is because it was gel-coat on epoxy. I have never seen it on a boat. My concern about the line-X is if it fails it's going to going to be a bear to rework. Other than that, it would be great because it would cover everything. Pics, we need Pics!
  607. karlow

    Saturday Santa Monica bay

    I was looking to run out there on Sat, but the forcast as something like 4ft @6 sec. so I passed.
  608. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Thats a great deal on CL, you get a boat for the price of the trailer! The power package on that boat is worth an investigation if its still there. FYI for CL items, you have to be quick like a bunny w cash-in-hand.
  609. karlow

    Radoncraft 18

  610. karlow

    I wish I would have stayed in bed. DP 11.17.18

    That looks like a Nova. I used to have 21ft. It could run tru 4 footers like they weren't their. It was a great boat until u stopped then it just rocked like hell! That would be a complicated recovery. I would try tying the trailer axle to the truck. Backing down to the boat.Unhitch the trailer...
  611. karlow

    Dana Point 10-18

    Headed south Stopped on a rock pile at 65ft? Where is the rock pile? How far south of the harbor is it?
  612. karlow

    1978 Skipjack 20

    Props man that thing is nicer than mine! Let me know if you want to sale the arch. Well now that I have seen your pics... you got some work to do to clean up that beast!
  613. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Your best best is to find the total package. That way you get everything that you need. You don't want to piece that thing together. I think Rock Lobster was going to replace his 4.3 package with an outboard. Search on here for his post. He built an 20Skippy about 10years back or so.
  614. karlow

    Clean your pee hole!

    Dude, you got junk in your junk!
  615. karlow

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    That will keep u busy for a min. A 4.3 would be a great choice. On a small boat more deck space would be really nice as well. The outboard would get u there but it would $$ you.
  616. karlow

    How To Handle Old Fuel

    u never gave a location
  617. karlow

    How To Handle Old Fuel

    My mother has gophers! A 20 ft Skippy will burn dam near anything at about 2 MPG. It sounds like all you need is to do a bug run to Cat.! Did it pass the scratch and sniff test?
  618. karlow

    Kelp cutter

    That looks like it would work great at speed. I thought you guys were building something to shave the kelp off the prop at lower speeds.
  619. karlow

    Kelp cutter

    Post a pic. What do they look like?
  620. karlow

    How To Handle Old Fuel

    I don't know but I'm a cheep bastard and gas is $4 a gal. The first question is how bad does it smell and how much do you have? On my outrage project, I separated the fuel from the water and used it in my truck. That was about 50 gal and about 10 of that was water. If it still smell like gas, I...
  621. karlow

    Live baitwell pump help

    Pull the pump and try to turn the impeller. It should turn freely and smoothly. If not buy a new one! I run 800. You can add a valve to reduce the out flow.
  622. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Sat was a possiblity, but now I have to show up at work. The Butts are safe from me this weekend!
  623. karlow

    Us vs the seals

    You guys all ask the wrong question! Why didn't you go out of MDR? It's a lot shorter run.
  624. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Its alive! I was wrong about the pump. The issue is when I installed the pump, the key slipped out of position. It was a 20 min fix. She is running and pumping now. Not quite as smooth as I remembered, and not as smooth as that DF-70 on the little boat but OK. She has a bit of a random miss. I...
  625. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    On the brass, you can see from that pic I have formed the one end. I replaced them on the 17ft boat years ago. On that one it was not too hard. It would not have been a issue on that sump as well. Except the hole on the bottom was over sized and not smooth enough. It might leak. I never bought...
  626. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Update. I fixed the sump drain this week. It was the only drain I had not inspected. It looked OK from the top, but it had a clam shell on the bottom which made it hard to see inside. The first problem was the screws were not in good shape but a dremel tool solved that.
  627. karlow

    My new gregor hoopster

    Bugs love kelp, butter and garlic!
  628. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Hey your ugly girl even came with a head! Other than all the extra holes, she seems to be in really good shape. But no mater what shape she is in, those things are just odd ducks! She should be nice in the winter time. You need to track down the prior owner and take away all his drill bits man!
  629. karlow

    Pour foam

    I bought it online from two sources. One was Ebay. They both worked fine. There is an issue with the Ebay product. I ended up with an extra kit. After is sat around for a month or so, one of the bottles sprung a leak. No problem, I contacted them, and they sent me a replacement kit. I left it on...
  630. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Well Harold, where are the pics? I show u mine the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  631. karlow

    Long Beach Harbor lobsters

    That dam thing is a MONSTER! FYI, the craw died at the change of the tide.
  632. karlow

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Sure, you are only about 2 months too late for the Dodos. You should be able to pick up some bone heads trolling on the front side. If you are really lucky or good you might find yourself a yellow.
  633. karlow

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Interesting, what size is the engine and bait tank? She has great fishing space. We need more pics!
  634. karlow

    I Think I'm Going To Need a Bigger Boat

    On the clamps, its not that simple. His clampe are likely all SS. You would have to find some that are all 316SS for them not to rust up some.Those are going to be less common$$. I like the wash down option, but i don't think my bait would like me stealing their water. Where can I find that...
  635. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    What's this out of the pan and into the fire? A Menemsha is a rare and strange bird. I broke that drive shaft seal carrier trying to remove it today! You would think they would have made some provisions to remove the dam thing, but no. Lets just mount it in some cavity with no access. It looks...
  636. karlow

    Panga Marine Marquesas

    Yea, right! Its all about the $$. It's price and performance, don't get it twisted. How much boat can you afford use? Gas is pushing $4 a gal right now. So can u live with 1mpg? 2 mpg? 3 mpg? do you need to get 4 mpg? All these are typical numbers for boats. Then you need to drag them around and...
  637. karlow

    Help! How to prop a boat? Bayrunner Baja 21 Owners

    What is your cruze speed? What is your top speed? 3.5 MPG sounds low to me. Have you weighed that rig?
  638. karlow

    Hooping LB (10/28) - thiefing

    Well, that all find, but you could have just narked on him. You can only fish five nets. If you get caught out there solo with more than 5 nets on your boat, that's going to cost you!
  639. karlow

    11/1: Dana Point 1/2 Day on the Clemente

    It looks like you have a killer fisherman on your hand now! Good job!
  640. karlow

    How to make a mount a baitwell on swim deck

    There is a 32 gal tank on the swim step on my skipjack. The first step it to thru bolt it! Otherwise you too may have to hunt it down some place off Dana! PS, Just look for birds, they will find it first for you. Next, It will affect how fast you step up on plane, that is a lot of weight that...
  641. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    More boat fun this weekend.I was waiting for the parts to repair the VST. The fishing reports looked more like fishing than catching. So I figured I would get something off the list. I went to replace the prop seals. I had changed the oil earlier and i did not like the look of the oil that I...
  642. karlow

    Lobster forum

    oh I see, next time I need to bring a bigger Ice chest! How deep were you working?
  643. karlow

    Honda 150Hp help!

    Typically I can fix almost anything, but today I got stuck. I decided to replace the seals on the lower leg. I had replace the oil a few months earlier and it had some water in it. I thought I would get some time on the water with her this season an deal with it latter. I order some parts weeks...
  644. karlow

    Lobster forum

    Here you go. I went out with Mike on Wed after work. We went througth about 60 shorts for 13 legal. Three were big, two were the no need to measure size, and the rest need the gauge. We had dog on us all night, I think he was after the shorts. We were in about 40ft of water in the SMB and went...
  645. karlow

    Dana point bonito help?

    No way,that's what up with the Skippies!
  646. karlow

    Dana point bonito help?

    I would troll something small, Shinny works great. Bonita feather if you can find them. Hoochi chains, 4" plastics. Small deep diving luckycrafts are deadly on bones. Troll around 3knts should get her done. A Cast Master XL would be a good bet (last week a Skippy broke mine but it was working...
  647. karlow

    First solo trip

    I'm impressed! look at all that space in that garage! That thing is clean. He can even fit a boat in there!
  648. karlow

    Second trip

    Tail , clean them trim off the sharp points drop them in a 1gal freezer bag. Add water to cover and freeze. Thaw them in the fridge for two days. Chop them in half and grill over charcoal. Last week I found one in the freeze. It was from last season, and it was great! We had a seal escort...
  649. karlow

    Honda fuel problems

    Two things, the boat did have one installed and you can push water through those filters. They separate water from fuel, but not water from water. I used one to polish the fuel from the failed tank. It had about 50 gal of fuel/ water. At least 10 gal was water! As it turns out, the VST looks...
  650. karlow

    Smoke 'em if you Caught 'em - LJ 10/20/18

    That looks great! For my smoke these days it 3 hours wet brime, Rinse about 15 - 20 min to dry and glaze and 3 hrs in the smoker. It's an electric smoker. Its set for 225, but its under powered and spends most of it time around 190F or so. The main problem is cleaning all the racks and crap! I...
  651. karlow

    Parts for volvo 5.0fi -Ford 302 fuel injected

    Boat Barr Marine Manifold Exhaust Fm-1-83 & riser 20-0082 Ford 5.0L - $400 (Rialto)' From CL, a bit strange he has a complete engine for $900 as well
  652. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    The VST functions like part of a carburetor. It receives fuel from the low pressure fuel pump. There is a needle, seat, and float assembly similar to a carb. It's job is to collect fuel in a small storage tank to supply a high pressure fuel pump which is located in or feed from the bottom of...
  653. karlow

    Horseshoe bonito on the troll 10/22

    Great, you caught dinner and you are ready for your next two bug trips! Bone heads are friends not food! Do you know what makes really good tuna sandwiches, smoked YT! Try it it is the very best. My smoked YT is better than my smoked YFT. I don't know why even if they are done at the same time...
  654. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    I manage to pull the VST on Monday, today I managed to open it after a bit of work with the hot wrench. As it turns out, the needle is stuck in the seat there was almost no fuel in the VST. time to order parts. See below, that gold tip on the needle is corrosion.
  655. karlow

    Honda fuel problems

    Hey thanks! That's todays project. The fuel tank had failed, but the engine was running great on the trailer. Now that I have boat rehabed, She don't run no more. My guess is too much salt water in the fuel has caught up with her.
  656. karlow

    WTB used Volvo 302 or 351 Manifolds -Wanted

    I have seen those motors mosy commnoly on Ski boats. You know the classic inboard ones. That SBF seems to own that market (351W). I had one in my 1979 Nova as well. It should not be hard to find them. Barr marine makes them. My Nova had a Mercuser outdrive on it 302 Ford.
  657. karlow

    Parts for volvo 5.0fi -Ford 302 fuel injected

    Post some pics, they may or may not be somting special. Is there a O2 sensor mounted to one somewhere?
  658. karlow

    walk around hull input

    Yea, I like the look and the idea of an inboard power plant. My fishing buddy Bo used to have a pen yan. It has that same center mount inboard design. I don't think the performance was better than or as good as my Skippy, but the design was simpler. You might be looking at a bit over 2knt/ gal...
  659. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Its always something. After a few days off, I went to start her up to check the new fuel gauge today. You know, to get the battery voltage up to 14.5. She fires up with a rump rump rump. I try the bulb it seems to work at first then it gets worse and dies. Time was up, I had to run to my sisters...
  660. karlow

    10-19 on a one day

    I saw the reports and booked a ride on the Grande out of H&M today 4 me and Joe. We both played hooky from work today. Its one of the largest day boats out there and they had a lighter load. Today they did a good job and went the distance for us. I think we got called in by the San Diego. One...
  661. karlow

    Bait tank Replacement

    Small boats, right! That might be you best bet or a separate leaning post and tank. Those factory built-ins remove some of your options,. You can try to fit a tank between the two built-ins but you lose access to over 2 ft of your boat right. Its a wide boat so the weight might not be an issue...
  662. karlow

    Danger boat

    WTH, are those bronze exhaust, and fresh water cooling! A Volvo outdrive! Sha-wing!
  663. karlow

    walk around hull input

    You boyz are talking some tall corn! We are a long way from a 21ft Gregor now! I'm not sure he wanted to go that far but it must be nice. Nice dry and warm! Auto pilot, micro wave, cabin heater, fresh water tank.... Anything is possible!
  664. karlow

    Starboard and caulking

    Sure you are right! I need to do the same. Seal the dash panel to the dash before something goes south. Even silicone is OK
  665. karlow

    Used boat advice needed

    Don't know, what ever the market is. That trolly motor has the I troll conversion. Spot lock is great 4 sitting on stones at Izors. The FF was updated to a 7" last year. Includes a Kodiak bait tank and a new pump. She could use some cosmetic work, my gel coat on the console did not work out so...
  666. karlow

    Used boat advice needed

    What is your price point? I'm going to be putting Wet Ride up for sale soon. She comes with a DF70.
  667. karlow

    10/16 Horse shit!

    Yea that's Whaler stuff, if you launch w/o the plug, you just install it from the inside. I have only done it once. From the count it looks like most of the action is down south. There are also some bones in the count out of MDR. I hope something is happening by the weekend.
  668. karlow

    BW Outrage

    Installing the stereo is no problem. All the work involved is installing the speakers.
  669. karlow

    walk around hull input

    Well, sounds like a plan. You can shop for a Grady White. Most are setup for outboards, and they have large fuel tanks. With a 4 stroke you may be looking at something between 3 and 4 mpg, or 2 and 3 mpg. What are you getting in you current ride? You need something with about a 120 mile range...
  670. karlow

    20-foot Skippy open fuel tank removal

    Yep, most likely if the foam was not attached to the tank it had been R&R. All you need to leak check it is a shop vac and some soap. Any leaks will just foam right up.
  671. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Well none of that actually worked. I pulled the main pin and retracted it all the way. The problem was the the system was pressurized. You have to remove the cap on the reservoir and let the pressure out to make any progress. I also connected a vacuum pump to it. It seem OK today no dribbles. I...
  672. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Well, its always something right. We have sprung a bit a leak and I have been chasing it for over a week. When I took her for that little drive the trim was leaking when I got back. As it turns out the issue is corrosion not seals. So some grinding and JB weld and more leaking. Clean with brake...
  673. karlow

    Mac bait

    Its not the macks or the deans its about the right day on the water. We have missed the boat again! Sea ya out there trolling and wishing!
  674. karlow

    Best way to secure rods when trolling

    FYI those plastic Zips are not UV stable so you want to replace them every year before they get brittle. I use them as well, a lose one around the reel seat is a easy place to attach the clip.
  675. karlow

    Best way to secure rods when trolling

    Well not so true. I went to Cat about 3 weeks ago. We were slow trolling for YT on the front side using mini macks. My rod was in one of the rail mounted SS holders. I'm skipper and I'm getting bit at 3 knotts I head for the rod and just barely got there. The rod holder had rotated down about 30...
  676. karlow

    My 17' 1996 Outrage II

    I 'm using the 12v strip red LEDs I cut strip into two pieces and mouted one under each gunnel with clamps. You have to solder small wires to the cut end. I also used a small section for the compass light.
  677. karlow

    Time to kill some crab and prawns

    For 600-700 FT you better stand! That is way deep! what size rope do u use? We tried a few bug traps at 120ft deep (150ft ropes) that is a lot of rope 2 deal with! It was not productive.
  678. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    Welcome 2 the club. My power trim is still leaking some. I'm going to test her with the bait tank pushed all the way to the stern to see how she handles the weight. I also decided that I can't mount the crab trap puller to the top of the gunnel. it's just too low. I need to develop a taller...
  679. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    I had not herd that about the acetone. That could be the issue, my guess is it flashes off too fast. I ended up with lots of sections that seem like over spray. The guy that gave me the paint said to use the acetone to thin it and the spray it. A smoke bomb sounds like the oil injection is...
  680. karlow

    Time to kill some crab and prawns

    That looks great. How deep are u going to be working?
  681. karlow

    My 17' 1996 Outrage II

    Nice upgrade! I need to update the fuel gauge and tone down the red zone lighting.
  682. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    What r u running on you rig Harold?
  683. karlow

    20-foot Skippy open fuel tank removal

    On the OutRange and 20ft open, the deck section is screwed in place. So, I'm not the one to ask about the deck repair. As for the foam, I did not remove it. It was not water logged. I just cleaned it up on the Skippy and slipped the tank back in there. The Outrage is a whole different kind of...
  684. karlow

    20-foot Skippy open fuel tank removal

    I will have to post up the setup, It worked on the Skippy and the Outrage. You start by using a hand saw to cut around the perimeter of the tank. The saws saw blade may not be long enough for the Skippy ( I did use it on the Outrage). You make the t-bar just a bit shorter than the depth of the...
  685. karlow

    Sufficient power

    Jake how much difference did it make on mileage? Who's kit did you install? What size Skippy?