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    Glass vs. Plastic

    Yes I have them now!!!!! The little thin wire ones.
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    WTB 32-35 gallon bait tank

    I have one off my Rampage I will let it go cheap I is about 35 gal
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    Glass vs. Plastic

    Oh forgot to add!!!! I lose them sooner than I damage them!!!!! lol There is 6 pair of Costas and 1 pair of Maui Jims at the bottom of the Pacific.
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    Glass vs. Plastic

    I agree 100% Glass will outperform plastic but the cost could be a factor.. i have a few pair in glass a some in plastic.
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    Converting East Coast livewell to West Coast bait tank

    I just took the crappy live well out of my Rampage 33 and put in a 75gal Blue Water tank. I tried to modify that POS no bueno.
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    WTB Aluminum Pipe Clamps

    I am making some custom rod holders for my boat and need the weldable pipe clamps with 4 screws. Do any of you Gents know where to buy them?
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    For Sale INMARSAT Sat Phone

    thanks i already picked one up
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    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    ok i will be in Rubidoux around 9 0r 10 tomorrow
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    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    Call me Friday 95152208six four
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    Cuttin bait for lobster

    I use a 2 inch diameter copper pipe about 2 ft long. Fill the bucket up with sardines and mash up and down.. A piece of wood at the bottom of the bucket is a great idea also.
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    For Sale Kite fishing package

    ok so what is the cost for all?
  12. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Kite fishing package

    How much for the elect reel??
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    Please kill the TranX 500 already....

    FYI My Tranx and I pit some wood to 150 pound Blue Fin. And I know some young commercial fisherman who used them to sling jigs like mad. and catch
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    WTB Need help finding rod retriever

    Thanks I got a new boat and the top holders are a bitch to get to.
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    WTB Need help finding rod retriever

    Maybe I need more info.... It has around a 5 ft handle on it... You reach up and lift the rod/reel from the upper rocket launchers.. I keeps you from hanging off something to get to them
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    WTB Need help finding rod retriever

    Does anyone know where to buy that gadget that you use to grab the rods from the top rod holders while standing on the deck? I have seen it a dozen times and can't remember where.
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    For Sale INMARSAT Sat Phone

    The phone is 2 years old. It is still a current model, and the Sat store still sells that exact one. It is like new still. I had a plan thru the Satellite store in Sd and never used up my minutes.. they would roll over. I lost at least 600 min when I didn't renew it.
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    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    Speakers and stereo are gone with the wind.....
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    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    I have these also 18 footer econo line outriggers with rope and clips. they are year and a half old but only on my other boat for one day.. stored in container since. Hot sale $550.00 lets go boys
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    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    sure im in riverside after 12
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    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed should you will need to buy stainless steel nuts and bolts
  22. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    the 300 is available is that the one you want?
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    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    sorry those suckers went like a hot knife in butter
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    SOLD Pacific edge bait tank 115gal dual side

    I had that model on my Defiance Guadelupe and that thing was BADASS!!! Supe deal
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    WTB Fujinon Techno stabi binoculars 14x40

    give me a couple of days and I might have one available. I have 2 and just bought the Frazers s250. Going to take the to Baker for a tune up on Tuesday. So in short 2 Fugi is going to go bye bye.
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    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    Taco Outriggers $75, Anchor $15 Radio w/ 4 speakers $75.00 Hydro foils $20 ea. Make offers boys I am feeling generous!!!!!!
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    SOLD Fraser gyro binoculars

    what do you consider low ballers???
  28. Contractor.aten

    SOLD Fraser gyro binoculars

    Are these still available?
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    CHP citation help!

    This is a CHP issue or a City commercial enforcement. I will cost you about 150 bucks a year or less. This is not a big deal, get a CA number then the permit and BAMB all done . Thius is not serious.
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    SOLD Fraser gyro binoculars

    Where are you located?
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    Weak tell tale after impeller change

    it was pretty good when i have done it. It is usually a solid stream
  32. Contractor.aten

    Weak tell tale after impeller change

    I had Hondas Poke the pee hole with 200# flouro and maybe dislodge some debris.
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    Pressed a couple of more hats..

    Make me some MAGA hats and its on
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    For Sale trailer tires $50

    do u still have those tires?
  35. Contractor.aten

    Boat Transportation from Florida

    Can I call you and pick your brain.? Thanks
  36. Contractor.aten

    Boat Transportation from Florida

    I am looking at a 38 rampage.. How much? name of shipping company? how long did it take?
  37. Contractor.aten

    Boat Transportation from Florida

    ok Change of plans..... The boat is in Florida> Has anyone ever shipped on a ship?
  38. Contractor.aten

    When you dont have crimpers for battery cables.

  39. Contractor.aten

    Bluefin vs. The Senator.

    oh I did the tranx thing already
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    Bluefin vs. The Senator.

    Oh I forgot to add...... The Capt gets on the horn to tell us that he is metering some big fish down deeper and suggest that we put on some weight with heavier line>>>>> So my dumb ass grabs my 9 ft jig stick with 40 on it tie on a hook and whaalaa i am in business... That was a day to remember..
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    Bluefin vs. The Senator.

    ok here is my 2 cents!!!! 1995 on the Producer hooked and landed a 98 pound Blue Fin on 40# test with a Jig Master. So why not on the 6/0.. I forgot to add... The reel wast toast after that 1 hr battle.
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    Boat Transportation from Florida

    did u have a boat hauled over? if so how big, tower, etc?
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    For Sale INMARSAT Sat Phone

    This has over 700 hrs on it still The contract is up on Oct 29,2020. I want to just do the Iridium Go now. $1,000.00
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    Boat Transportation from Florida

    I want to buy a boat in Florida and ship to SD. Anyone do this ??? If so I need to pick your brain
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    WTB Pomponette or Precision Marine Outriggers

    These are 18" two piece text me at 951.five 22 0864
  46. Contractor.aten

    WTB Pomponette or Precision Marine Outriggers

    I used them once. They are the 2 piece and have the rigging on them
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    Retrofitting a rectangular livewell to make it oval? Other tips for keeping bait alive?

    I thought the bait barge said that a Legit scoop was 5 lbs of bait!!!! not sure though.
  48. Contractor.aten

    Retrofitting a rectangular livewell to make it oval? Other tips for keeping bait alive?

    15 ga....l more than 30 sardines and you are pushing it. I used to use a bait bag over the side and anything more than that was No Bueno. Rounding your existing tank is good idea
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    Where can I buy Mexican fishing license

    I bought one direct from the Mexico site and got ripped for $7000.00 charges. Go to Squidco or Baja Travel if you are a member.
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    S5100 or west coast rail

    I have a Defiance with the taller rail, and that gives us confidence when slinging jigs
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    Question for you defiance owners I’m a newbie

    I didn't build I just own it. But I agree
  52. Contractor.aten

    Question for you defiance owners I’m a newbie

    On my defiance that switch is used to power that outlet. Plug something into it and turn it on and off.
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    Barricuda sashimi??! Say it ain’t so...

    they think it is nasty because it is slimy
  54. Contractor.aten

    Barricuda sashimi??! Say it ain’t so...

    BTW it is the shit ceviche style also!!!!
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    For Sale Heavy duty Clamp-on rod holders for up to 2" rail.

    Text me at 951.522 zero eight six four. I will be at shelter island launch ramp 830 til 930 tomorrow morning
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    sure wish I had thunk this up!

    Over here in San Bernardino County they can shoot your ass out of a helicopter.... That works pretty good!!!!!!
  57. Contractor.aten

    Air guns for big game

    I have 22 and 25 cal PCP and they will kill a Coyote... There are some big bore ones out there that will pack a punch but from the videos I have seen you need to be close. Just saying
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    Need help With Raymarine Axiom

    Thanks I wsill do a run thru saturday
  59. Contractor.aten

    Need help With Raymarine Axiom

    I do have a 2000 bait pump near it and I replaced the transducer to a 175 H/W a year ago. Almost all the transducers I have seen are in close proximity to the pumps. I do have a second transducer that I don't use. Maybe I should disconnect that one..
  60. Contractor.aten

    Need help With Raymarine Axiom

    Sorry for late response. I get funny vertical lines and cant figure out to set the range manually to 200 ft.
  61. Contractor.aten

    Need help With Raymarine Axiom

    It seems that I never get my fish finder working correctly. Just need someone to get on the boat and help go thru it. Naturally, someone who knows Raymarine. I will pay in cash. Thank
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    Just a little more bad news

    Darn it!!!! I am going to stay home and make a Tom Collins !!!! or 2 Hang in there guys
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    FREE Tommy Gomes

    I am just looking for his contact info. On the first day of FH, he had a great recipe, and I just need to know the Japanese special sauce name he used. I found the Kewpie mayonnaise on the Catalina Offshore website.
  64. Contractor.aten

    FREE Tommy Gomes

    Does anyone have a email for Tommy Gomes fro Catilina Offshore?
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    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    They will stop you for trying to launch or being on the water?
  66. Contractor.aten

    WTB Large pvc pipe

    I have 30 or so ft of 6" c-900
  67. Contractor.aten

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    I have my 30 footer in the slip..... who has the Halibut honey hole?????
  68. Contractor.aten

    Best Fuel Stabilizer

    i buy the Techron by the gallon. just get something in that fuel
  69. Contractor.aten

    Fishing Etiquette Two

    i dont have any problems bring guys close!!!! i don't get butt hurt!! I even have called in sporties
  70. Contractor.aten

    covid-19 and sport boats

    They will have to quarantine at Gudelupe for 2 weeks!!!! lol
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    Long Beach FH Long Beach Vendor cancellation due to the Corona Virus

    I will be at the FH in 2 hrs...... Let’s do it!!!!! Pinche Corona Virus...... I just got back from Vegas and got the Vodka virus for 3 days!!!!!! Lol
  72. Contractor.aten

    Long Beach FH Long Beach Vendor cancellation due to the Corona Virus

    Just a 99 cent bottle of hand sanitizer and all good.....But if you are OLD SCHOOL!!!!!Vics Vapor Rub...that shit can cure anything...that's what my mom thought
  73. Contractor.aten

    Long Beach FH Long Beach Vendor cancellation due to the Corona Virus

    I really don't remember there being many Chinese people at the Shimano booth. Most of the guys there Red Blooded Americans answering questions.....
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    Thru-hull install referrals?

    Hey Mattanza!!! Remember last season you broke down with dead batteries??? I was on the way with cables. Hahahahaha better to be good to people than a JA
  75. Contractor.aten

    Thru-hull install referrals?

    if Mattanza cant do it give me a jingle
  76. Contractor.aten

    Thru-hull install referrals?

    If you need help let me know.. I have the drill, grinder and you will probably have to buy the hole saw..
  77. Contractor.aten

    Live Bait Tenders

    I know what to use now!!! I just cost me $600.00 bucks... Too funny
  78. Contractor.aten

    Thru-hull install referrals?

    no brainer!!! I could probably do it while in the water(JK)
  79. Contractor.aten

    Live Bait Tenders

    Went to my construction yard today and saw this way in the back>>>> Brought back memories!!!!
  80. Contractor.aten

    For Sale 2010 Defiance 290 Guadalupe Dialed in and Ready

    Trailer could go with purchase. Sea Deck ???
  81. Contractor.aten

    WTB 2520 Parker want to buy

    Look at the Boat for Sale classified
  82. Contractor.aten

    WTB 2520 Parker want to buy

    29 long x 10 wide It is set up for fishing and Bad Ass1
  83. Contractor.aten

    WTB 2520 Parker want to buy

  84. Contractor.aten

    42' defiance?

    me me me me
  85. Contractor.aten

    2 Drifts 4 Baits and 2 Fish

    WOW!!!! Not barn doors but they qualify for SHed doors!!!!!LOL
  86. Contractor.aten

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I found that the white bait containers get hammered in comparison to the black.. So I have all black, and the dogs don't bother them...
  87. Contractor.aten

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    Try these Bad Boys!!!! The Dogs haven't gotten into mine!!!!
  88. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Advice on upgrade

    I have a bad ass Defiance Guadelupe 29 footer foe sale
  89. Contractor.aten

    Albacore on Netflix

    That Yellow boat is Bad Ass!!!!!
  90. Contractor.aten

    Looking for these.

    Darn!!!! I looked like hell for those also... no luck for me
  91. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Firestone 285/60R20 tires and OEM Dodge wheels - $1100

    I will let you know, One of my employees needs tire on his dodge. let you know shortley
  92. Contractor.aten

    Here is my Christmas Tree

    Too funny
  93. Contractor.aten

    Here is my Christmas Tree

    I had to do it and post this pic..If you have seen it great and if not better... Enjoy!!!
  94. Contractor.aten

    (El Sueno) Offshore Looking to add to my call list!

    I dont think it does! It is just a statement letting some know that ....Hey there are other cost than just the daily expense that a boat owner pays
  95. Contractor.aten

    (El Sueno) Offshore Looking to add to my call list!

    That is basic 101 for fishing on someone's boat.
  96. Contractor.aten

    Kite set up

    The Big game is good but you will need a back up if the wind isnt blowing. The Lewis 100xl will work with much less wind and put a ballon on it.
  97. Contractor.aten

    Light sticks- do they attract or not?

    The bastard Sea Lions will love them!!!!!
  98. Contractor.aten

    Kite set up

    There is a couple of young guys at Meltons, get your stuff from them, and they will tell you what you need to know and need to have. But what the post from fishboy is good advice.
  99. Contractor.aten

    For Sale BRAND NEW 2019 COBIA! MSRP $240,894

    You got me with the full tank of fuel>>> I will take 3. JK that is a nice boat
  100. Contractor.aten

    Need a referral for welding aluminum bayrunner hull

    Just go McGyver on it. JB weld the hole, scuff the inside up and brush some epoxy on it.. You can get a 2 part epoxy from White Cap or Hub Construction Specialties. That will work for at least 3 years or more and probably less than 150 bucks..... Dont forget the rubber paint shit on the TV...
  101. Contractor.aten

    Tuna entertainment

    keeps me wishing!!!!!
  102. Contractor.aten

    WTB Wanted, Charter Boat

    I have a Bad Ass Defiance Guadelupe 290 for sale. It has some good stuff on it.
  103. Contractor.aten

    42' defiance?

    You got me..... Thanks for the response
  104. Contractor.aten

    42' defiance?

    That is too funny!!!! When someone puts probably $250,000.00 into finishing or modifying a boat they can do what they want.!!!!!!! Can you front that kind of cash G-Spot??????? Too many opinions ....Just be happy for the guy who is building it....
  105. Contractor.aten

    Ferdinand's Parker

    Welcome to the boat owner club!!!! Now you are officially hooked!!!!
  106. Contractor.aten

    SOLD Penn Jigmaster 500 w/ Tiburon Frame / Clamp

    my first 90 plus pound BFT was caught on that set up with 30# test. hahahahaah
  107. Contractor.aten

    ID on Clear Popper?

    We used that popper on the BF and it got wrecked!!!!!
  108. Contractor.aten

    Tranx 500 vs. a Trinidad 20A

    This is dead on..... Butttttt. I cant toss the shit out of both of them .... I have both of them set up for throwing jigs!!!!!!
  109. Contractor.aten

    SOLD Fraser Optics Mariner binos with power cord and eye shield

    ok i am collecting some cash on saturday i will call u when the hundies are in hand. thanks
  110. Contractor.aten

    Guided Hog Hunt?

    Fairmont Park in Riverside.Ca Lol Look it up. hahahah
  111. Contractor.aten

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Come on guys!!!!! Just grin and bare it!!!! Everything about fishing is expensive!!! It is only 1 burger and you should think about bringing snacks to hold you over. By the way!!!! The boats are trying to make a buck also.
  112. Contractor.aten

    Video Edit - Bluefin Tuna Pacific Voyager June 2018

    Great job!!!! Almost Quentin Tarantino !!!!!
  113. Contractor.aten

    WTB Parker or defiance Boat

    PM ME !!! I have a bad ass Defiance Guadelupe for sale. Ready to fish NOW!!!!!!
  114. Contractor.aten

    Lobster report 10/5 Newport

    Lets compromise!!!! LIGHT YOUR GOSH DAGMIT BOUYS!!!
  115. Contractor.aten

    Looking for jumbos

    Into The Depths will be your best chance for a Cow. Those boys can find them and catch them!!!!!! Look them up and it is money well spent.
  116. Contractor.aten

    SOLD Brand new Tanacom 750

    Do you still have the reel?
  117. Contractor.aten


    FYI getting thid butt wipe to court and getting anything out of him is very unlikley. I have won judgements from large companies and have a hard time collecting. A solid ass whipping would be more satisfying1!!!!
  118. Contractor.aten

    Yellowfin due when?

    August 3 at 2:37 pm That was on the last year forecast!!!!lol
  119. Contractor.aten

    Shimano Coltsniper Stick Bait

    Here is a interesting fact!!!!! We used poopers, colt snipers, hydro pencils and Mint Salas..........They all got hit!!!!!! And we caught a BF on each one!!!!
  120. Contractor.aten

    Shimano Coltsniper Stick Bait

    Give them to me and I will tell you!!!!!!lol
  121. Contractor.aten

    For Sale For Sale Raymarine Electronics

    there is a short adapter cable in the boat,, i will look at it friday
  122. Contractor.aten

    Pacific Queen suddenly got ultra popular?

    just a FYI!!!!!! They should be the Pacific King they way they have put the wood to the Tuna the last few years..!!!!!! Just saying .... Props to those guys
  123. Contractor.aten

    Isla Guadalupe '19

    Of course it is not fished out. That island just produces when it wants to. Is Coronado fished out??? No it just produces when the fish show up too. So go get them
  124. Contractor.aten

    Isla Guadalupe '19

    lets just roll up to the island and roll out. If the Mexican government detains use we will just tell them that we are Political Refugees seeking asylum! Hell it works for them!!!!!! LOL
  125. Contractor.aten

    Fuel costs SD Bay?

    .\$4,29 yesterday at Harbor West 125 gallons
  126. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Boat Pouches or Parker Pouches

    What are the dimensions of the one that goes by the helm?
  127. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Boat Pouches or Parker Pouches

    I need one for my Defiance.. I have been looking for just that
  128. Contractor.aten

    Airmar B164 compatibility with new Simrad units?

    i have a Raymarine a78 that is 9 months old. that will hook straight into that. $300.00
  129. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Airmar B 164 Transducer

    This is a Airmar B 164 transducer 20 degree. I just put a new 175 on. First $150.00 gets it. As of Friday it was working fine with my new Raymarine Axiom system .
  130. Contractor.aten

    For Sale For Sale Raymarine Electronics

    Guys or Girls..... I have a Raymarine A 78 that Shelter Island installed last summer. It is in great condition .I also have a Raymarine E 125 -12" that is at least 5 years old(came with the boat) I have the CPU 300 Sonar Module. The mounting brackets, power cords and misc cables. $1,500.00...
  131. Contractor.aten

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival ?

    Bottom line is it is just another day to take off work and see fishing stuff. Hell I am in every year even if I dont buy a thing.
  132. Contractor.aten

    Lobster Buoys to be banned soon in San Diego

    Wait to Gavin Newsome starts digging in!!!!!!!!Hold on boys and girls.
  133. Contractor.aten

    2120 Radar Pedestal Issue

    Blow the holes out, maybe even drill them out . Get some JB weld and fill the hole flush. Let it dry and redrill the hole just a bit smaller than the new stainless lag screws that you can put back in. Bamb..... JB weld 2 part epoxy is some bad ass shit
  134. Contractor.aten

    You Had One Job...

    What do you expect!!!! Those are government workers!!!!our tax dollars wasted!!!!By the way if a private company was in charge of that I bet you those back up generators would have be exercised weekly just in case.
  135. Contractor.aten

    And a Lobster in a Pear tree

    Hey Steve we saw you go by we were near the 3 white flashing light on the breakwater. I was in the pilot house with the tower.
  136. Contractor.aten

    And a Lobster in a Pear tree

    I got some of that action last night also!!! 2 limits by midnight.
  137. Contractor.aten

    Flashing LED lights on hoop floats

    Squidco in San Diego has the Promar LEDs and another type in stock. They usually have 60 or so in stock
  138. Contractor.aten

    Mutu Hybrid?

    Yes I purchased them for the picky Tuna bite and they worked.
  139. Contractor.aten

    2018 Pheasant Opener

    Do you have a Hunting Dog?
  140. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Old school line winder

    I will give you $5.00 for firewood!!!! JK
  141. Contractor.aten

    Raising the trailer tongue

    Air bags will solve that.
  142. Contractor.aten

    WTB Boat stands 2-4

    Just make some out of 2x4s 12 inches long.
  143. Contractor.aten

    Basic brine for smoked bonito/barracuda

    Here is a good one!!! Do what they are telling you in the previos responses but use a Cedar plank under the Bonita... after it has completed the smoke time remove the Bonita from the Cedar...Throw the bonita in the trash and eat the Cedar plank!!!!! I have waited all year for this joke...
  144. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Bait Receiver/ Pen

    Not to be a negative person Butttttt the Beach Marine unit is a fail. I will post pics of mine. Sea Lion put thje wood to mine!!!!
  145. Contractor.aten

    Lobster buoy GO ID marking

    Grey duct tape around the rope near the bouy and black marker
  146. Contractor.aten

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Great Whites are our friends!!! Lets go Sea Lion Hunting!!!!
  147. Contractor.aten

    Lobster Opener. Limits for three by 9:20pm

    We got limits for 4 of us. We stayed out til 2 am in 40 to,50 ft of water.
  148. Contractor.aten

    Anyone know what these are just got 4 of them

    those are no good!!! I will throw them away for you!!!!
  149. Contractor.aten

    Jst a silly question!!!! Did u sell yor boat?

    Jst a silly question!!!! Did u sell yor boat?
  150. Contractor.aten

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Coke fueled party!!!!! I am in!!!! And will get some crete poured!!!!
  151. Contractor.aten

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Primos would have been nice
  152. Contractor.aten

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    As unfortunate as it may be not all people are able to live life finacially like some others do.
  153. Contractor.aten

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Lets face it guys doing business in California is a ball buster. The labor cost will kill a business like rod building .. Just wait when the minimum wage goes uo to $15.00 a hr. Thank those Democrats and Gov. Brown.
  154. Contractor.aten

    EGR Delete

    By the way!!!! my friend got rid of all that crap and reworked the exaust and Baaaaaam! over 90 new horses and better fuel economy.. Hid Dodge 2500 hauls 3 to 4 vehicles on a trailer to AZ every day, Hr said that at least 4 more miles to the gallon. Now if he gets caught well hell.
  155. Contractor.aten

    EGR Delete

    Bad info buddy!!!! My 2016 just had the smog check. take shit off after 100k miles
  156. Contractor.aten

    San Diego -Tackle Shop

  157. Contractor.aten

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    All joking aside but !!!!!Aint no epoxy going to structually hold that crack together!!!!! Just have a welder fix it.
  158. Contractor.aten

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    Go see Tom at tower fab ...He will fix it.
  159. Contractor.aten

    SD Bay Gas Prices

    Harbor West
  160. Contractor.aten

    Barricuda Ceviche

    These were Nado BarricuDAS.....You had me scare
  161. Contractor.aten

    Barricuda Ceviche

    That is exactly what we did!!!!!!
  162. Contractor.aten

    Barricuda Ceviche

    Ok guys... I have never kepted any slime sticks for eating!!!!!! Until now. My buddy said made into Cevechi it is great!!! So I did and it came out tasty. We tossed back at least 20 fished but kepted 4. I also gave some fillets to my neighbor and he cooked some up , that was some great tasting...
  163. Contractor.aten

    Need custom rocket launchers

    Tom can do it. He can weld Cat shit to glass!!!! So that rod holder is eazy.
  164. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Dock side bait pen

    $$$$$$$ would be nice
  165. Contractor.aten

    SOLD live bait pen/keeper

    What type do you have Chad? What dock are you on? I sure that big knot head has took a look at everyones out there.
  166. Contractor.aten

    SOLD live bait pen/keeper

    Holy Shit that is my destroyed bait pen.. Was the Papparazz following my son around when we loaded it in the truck!!!!! By the way that dirty clothes hamper would get brutalized by that bastard Sealion!!!!
  167. Contractor.aten

    Fuel dock prices; San Diego harbor

    Woops !!! When the heck you buying Sticky Business 16?
  168. Contractor.aten

    Fuel dock prices; San Diego harbor

    I paid $4.55 a gal last Sunday!!! So at least that much. Harbor West fuel dock
  169. Contractor.aten

    Mexican fishing license question??

    I did it online once and my ATM card got abused!!!!!Be aware
  170. Contractor.aten

    Live Bait Tenders

    I spoke to the owner today and the guys was nice to offer a new one at half price!!!! I am going to remove the aluminum mesh and replace it, put to additional 3/4" pipe rings around it that will make the mesh exposure only about 10" between vertical supports. I am also going add aluminum spikes...
  171. Contractor.aten

    See lion prove bait cage? Does anybody know who sells a good one?

    Funny Doug!!!!! That is my cage.. How the hell did you get that pic so fast?????? LMAO
  172. Contractor.aten

    Live Bait Tenders

    Does anyone remember the all aluminum live bait storage that advertised on BD? It was Blue with the bottom that rises when retrieving bait. Leave in water type..
  173. Contractor.aten

    Vacuum Sealer Options

    I have the Vac Master 112. It works like a charm and you will save buying the bags>>>>> The food saver bags are pricey .
  174. Contractor.aten

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Pay my ass that contract amount and I would been done. But for real!!!! That job most likely has issues with design and existing conditions that were not addresses at bid time. I suspect that the Port Authority is choking on Change Orders and is most likley not seeing eye to eye with the...
  175. Contractor.aten

    Seakeeper 2

    So after futher discussion with my son...... I have noticed that when we run with full tanks of bait, fuel and 4 bodies my boat does not run as good....It feels real sloppy. The Seakeeper will add 420 pounds plus 2 more batteries.....not good.
  176. Contractor.aten

    Seakeeper 2

    What da heck!!! Give me more details
  177. Contractor.aten

    Seakeeper 2

    I went out to meet the installer today. There is a little glass work, electrical and thru hull fitting that i will do before he installs the unit. It will all be less than $26,000.00. I also looked into the maintenance and they will do a yearly fluid change and inspection for about $500.00 ...
  178. Contractor.aten

    Seakeeper 2

    I am waiting fot the rep in San Diego to check my boat out. I think it will be easy to install. i can remove my fresh water tank that i dont use and drop it straight in. Run some wire, put a new thru hull for the cooling and Bam!!!! Write a check!!!!
  179. Contractor.aten

    Seakeeper 2

    Well I tested that baby out and I was impressed. The 2 is a bit smaller that the previous 3 and could fit nicely in my 29 footer. Any thoughts????
  180. Contractor.aten

    WTB Tower/belly hoop

    Sorry It was picked up on Wednesday
  181. Contractor.aten

    How come no one uses 2 piece rods on the west coast?

    Boy!!! This thread is going to go on for at least a couple of days!!!! LOL
  182. Contractor.aten

    How come no one uses 2 piece rods on the west coast?

    I tossed all my Zebco shit away when I was 8 years old.!!!!!
  183. Contractor.aten

    Why are nearly all Parker boats underpowered?

    I have to chirp in!!! My Defiance 290 has twin Honda 225 and 3 blade props. Runs pretty darn good. All this talk makes me want to put 4 blade props now!!!!!
  184. Contractor.aten


    Same here. I flush with regular water than switch over to the salt away, let it flush for a bit , then shut it off before the solution is clear. This just leaves some salt away in the motor instaed of plain water.
  185. Contractor.aten


    So I flush with Salt-Away!!! I have 430 hours on my 225 Hondas and did the waterpumps, very little build up on the metal parts. I first flush with water than Salt-Away and leave a little in the motor. Works for me!!!!
  186. Contractor.aten

    Lobster season...a bit of a bust

    That is funny you say that!!!! We were right next to the rocks and did well. We replaced the bait everyh other drop.
  187. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Tiagra 50A- NIB w Spectra

    I am in the I.E. Where are you at?
  188. Contractor.aten

    Spooling my Avet 50 for a Yummy

    A good friend of mine was killing the BF last year!!!! He hooked 16 of those bitches 125# to 230# plus. He used the 130 spec and 200# mono, then the yummy nrig with 400#. That worked well for him and the numbers show. Suerte
  189. Contractor.aten

    WTB Tower/belly hoop

    The measurements are 60"x 40"
  190. Contractor.aten

    Lobster season...a bit of a bust

    This was first nigh out, 2 rookies
  191. Contractor.aten

    Lobster season...a bit of a bust

    We had 3 trips with limits for 3 of us each night. We were first time buggers.... We also used the square bait boxes , i think they are called "Roach Coach" out of LB. Those things were bringing them to the pots 5 to 1.
  192. Contractor.aten

    WTB Tower/belly hoop

    See ifm this works for you?
  193. Contractor.aten

    WTB Tower/belly hoop

    i got one!!!! Tom has it in his shop
  194. Contractor.aten

    Insurance Rates

    Hahahah Dont forget this is California we pay for everybodies shit!!!!!
  195. Contractor.aten

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    Call Tom @towerfab he can custom build someting.
  196. Contractor.aten

    How did you last get Spooled?

    1993 just bought my first Jigmaster 505HS for throwing iron., we are on a good Albie bite Capt says" Big fish on meter drop some weight and 40# to get to them"" So i do!!!! Landed a 100 plus pound BFT. Spooled twice and ruined my 505. But got the gaff in Da Bitch!!!!!
  197. Contractor.aten

    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    This is Tito.. Going boat shopping again????
  198. Contractor.aten

    Honda Outboard Water pump and telltail

    Figured it out>>>> Ok the water pump has a rubber fitting that goes over the tube that feeds water to the motor. That rubber piece was pushed up from the water pump pressure and that was my problem. I took apart the lower end and bamb all done.
  199. Contractor.aten

    Catalina Bug Dive

    Abalone ceviche!!! Blow your taste buds!!!!
  200. Contractor.aten

    Meat preservation advice from Wicked Tuna

    Just bring it on deck, bleed it and put it on ice. I don't believe that most of us have the refined taste buds to figure out if the fish wash too squirlly and the meat quality changed. All the Pico de Gallo I put on my fish tacos they all taste pen raised!!!!!JUST DO IT!!!
  201. Contractor.aten

    Honda Outboard Water pump and telltail

    Thanks guys...i have a good idea what to do. I bought the thermostats for backup.. Going to SD tomorrow to go thru it.
  202. Contractor.aten

    Honda Outboard Water pump and telltail

    the Hondas do that>>> just to make sure I put water to the port motor and it does
  203. Contractor.aten

    Honda Outboard Water pump and telltail

    i will take a compessor to blow into the pisser first. The thermostat was suspected could be a issue. Im just trying not to drive my trailer all the way from the Inland Empire to remove the lower unit!!!!!!!
  204. Contractor.aten

    Honda Outboard Water pump and telltail

    The newer hondas have a rinse out connection for the hose... The telltail still didnt pee water...Come on guys!!!!
  205. Contractor.aten

    Honda Outboard Water pump and telltail

    The impellars are new ... First time in the water other than water muffs
  206. Contractor.aten

    Honda Outboard Water pump and telltail

    So I put my motors in the water a got the overheat alarm, the pee stream was working when we got under way. I returned to the dock and conected the hose to the rinse out connection, no water came out. I tried to put 200# leader up the pee hole and put the water to it again!!!!!! No water...
  207. Contractor.aten

    WTB VacMaster VP215

    Hey I own one of those. Good luck finding a used one!!!
  208. Contractor.aten

    Fred Hall Set Up and Tear Down Help Needed

    I have a 20 strong son who will probabaly help with tear down.
  209. Contractor.aten

    Scary Dream

    That was hella funny!!!!!
  210. Contractor.aten

    Paint Help

    It just has stains on it that wont come off. I have scrubbed the crap out of it. It just needs a clean coat of paint.
  211. Contractor.aten

    Paint Help

    No biggie I was just trying to get ideas on what paint.
  212. Contractor.aten

    Guadalupe 290 Maintenence

    OK boys!!!! Change Order in out of the water for maintenece. New water pumps( by the way 430 hrs and they looked great), paint the bottom, new spark plugs, motor and gear oil change, replace rub rail and reseal( that was a bitch) ,new brake pads on the triple axel trailer, clean up the...
  213. Contractor.aten

    Paint Help

    My pilot house floor is all scuffed up I would like to clean it up by painting it. Does anyone have any paint reccomendations for the fiber glass floor ? The anti skid is good .
  214. Contractor.aten

    Rub rail

    Ok I need 75' of Flexible rub rail. It looks like it comes in 50' or 70'. Anyone know where I can buy at 75' lenght?
  215. Contractor.aten

    Looking for a "bait bag"

    Bag, brackets and believe pump. I am in Highland. New they around $200.00 plus $135.00 and its yours.
  216. Contractor.aten

    Looking for a "bait bag"

    i have one it is about 4 years old but I only used it twice. it is up in my garage rafters.
  217. Contractor.aten

    Found Ambush Hoop Net at Catalina12/30

    I think its mine>>>> Round, black net ambush series!!!!!!! Just kidding.
  218. Contractor.aten


    Feliz Navidad to you!!!!! Only in So Cal
  219. Contractor.aten

    Deck boots other than Xtra Tuff

    It was the Tingly boot. The Grundens look like some amazon stompen rain boot!!!!LOL
  220. Contractor.aten


    I forgot Shout out to SQUIDCO for setting me up with 10 Ambush hoops, flashing LED lights and seal proof bait containers...
  221. Contractor.aten


    I tried looking for his web site. Does anyone know how to reach him? I need 4 knife holders. I dont have Instagram
  222. Contractor.aten


    My son and went out Buggen in SD Bay. First timers and we had 12 by midnight. Not bad for rookies.....
  223. Contractor.aten

    Deck boots other than Xtra Tuff

    Does anyone remember the booth at FH that had the form fit deck boot? They had a little Orange tint to them.
  224. Contractor.aten

    WTB Duckbill Pliers - Found

    I thought I saw some at fisherman landing
  225. Contractor.aten

    BFT @ 60 Mile Bank 12/14

    I was out there also that day. 2 limits for us. I was the Pilothouse with the Tower. I am going again Wednesday or thursday
  226. Contractor.aten

    Bait Tank - Size/Shape

    Just an observation. Maybe you are putting too much bait in the existing tank! You said that you want to put 2 scoops in a 65 gal, my 115 gal takes 3 scoops and I take a risk with any nmore. I also have a 2000 gph pump. The rukle that 7 to 8 mins to fill your tank is pretty good. Just FYI
  227. Contractor.aten

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    LOL. Try the Ginger drink with Lemon juice in it. I take my pill 4 hours or so before we get on the boat. I start feeling a little weezey so I drink half the bottle of Ginger Soother and BAMB!!!!! all good. It calms my stomach and if needed just barf and all good.
  228. Contractor.aten

    1st Offshore Season in New Rig

    Its not over yet!!!! I am running to the 60 Tuesday!!! Lets buddy boat
  229. Contractor.aten

    Go Army

    I was there in person. This Cali boy froze my ass off!!!
  230. Contractor.aten

    Trout Fishing in Riverside

    Rancho Jurupa near Mt Rubidoux. They stock trout every two weeks. This is where i broke in my son. Now he is my right hand deck hand. Be careful!!!! Keep him away from the playground. Hahahahahaha And dont fish yourself, just be the help and both of you will enjoy it.
  231. Contractor.aten

    Which reel to put on custom 9" Rod being built for throwing jigs?

    Get the Tranx 500 I have 2 on my jig sticks. My son throws one and I toss the other. That baby can sling a jig!!!!! Don"t get into multi purpose reel , like using it for some thing else... That jig stick set up is for one thing only. You are not going to pull the reel of and put it on...
  232. Contractor.aten

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    I agree with the Mex license. Go thru the corner and throttle down!!!!!
  233. Contractor.aten

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    Nothing. It is international waters.
  234. Contractor.aten

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    A bad ass helm chair with a suspension pedestal is the answer . My Defiance 290 feels like a different ride when I made the change.
  235. Contractor.aten

    Gyro binos

    Who cares!!!! I understood what he meant . I did not know that we were being reviewed by English Professors.!!!!
  236. Contractor.aten

    Gyro binos

    Got my Figinons back from service dept. $325.00 and Im back in business.
  237. Contractor.aten

    Vacuum Sealer Machines

    I have the VP215 also and it is a bad ass machine!!!! I have given away 15 month old fish and people swear it was caught yesterday. You dont have to worry about the liquids or juices fouling up the sealer like the other sealers. The bags are are much cheaper to use. A roll of the foodsaver...
  238. Contractor.aten

    hunting urban coyotes

    Dudley613 has the right idea. Bring a PCP rifle and lets have a Coyote shoot. Hell yeah!!!!!!
  239. Contractor.aten

    hunting urban coyotes

    I have the answer!!!!!!!! 2 story house, Just get a bad ass PCP air rifle and keep the muzzle in the room as you shoot..... The neighbors wont hear a thing and the coyote will drop like a bad habit. the trick is keep the end of the barrel at least 2 foot inside. The 2 nd floor will get you a...
  240. Contractor.aten

    Does San Diego have our own killer whales pod

    Hope they cruz around Coranado and eats some fur balls!!!!
  241. Contractor.aten

    Looking for a pellet gun / air rifle

    Yeah what is the name of the Paintball shop. I am looking as we speak for another PCP
  242. Contractor.aten

    Looking for a pellet gun / air rifle

    I have 10 air rifles. Break barrel Diana 34 is a good choice but it does make a little more noise than expected. A pump Bengiman is a great choice, you can pump it as many as 10 time down to 4 and it will smack down rodents all day long. You want quiet than a Brocock Compatto is my fav, it is...
  243. Contractor.aten

    marijuana on a private boat

    What a thrill seeker!!!!~ Have some kick you in the nuts sea how that works
  244. Contractor.aten

    Gyro binos

    I have the Fuginon 12x40 and they work great. I have a 29 ft pilot house with a half tower and we use them all day. I was on a friends 70 ft Viking a few weeks ago and he owns the high dollar Fuji, i was able to use both side by side. my $1400.00 pair work just fine
  245. Contractor.aten

    Securing Lures While Underway - Tuna

    Rubber bands. You can get the good ones on Amazon. I learned this trick fishing on a boat in Maui. Put on a quick wrap and if you lose it it was only a few pennies.
  246. Contractor.aten

    But it's a dry heat.........

    i was in the foothills of Palm Desert today 121 in the sun. We got out of it by 2 pm.
  247. Contractor.aten

    My vent thread...... don't do this to people!!!

    What is this Dear Abby column,. Just get over it!!!!!! Ok he flaked. Go hire a contractor with a real license and that job would have been $1500.00 minimum.
  248. Contractor.aten

    Yamaha controls for 2nd station. Tower is sold

    hey at met you this weekend a West Marine... Do you have the tower still?
  249. Contractor.aten

    Tweeker Free Zone

    Holy Cow!!!! I kept my space at Marina cortez just incase the Shelter Island Ramp caused a shit show.
  250. Contractor.aten

    Cleaning really dirty vynil seats amd bolsters

    Soft Scrub and a little elbow grease
  251. Contractor.aten

    Why do you choose to go out?

    Sometimes you just have to get on the boat.. How many times did the boat you were on just go off????? If conditions are ok just get on it and go. Some one has to be on the boat that stops on the big foamers.
  252. Contractor.aten

    Steering and Throttle in tuna Tower

    OK guys Im ready to put a second station in the Tuna Tower. I have Twin Hondas. I have the steering figured out, ordered the new electronics. What is required for the ignition and the throttles?
  253. Contractor.aten

    2 Pin Waterproof connectors.

    Does anyone know where to but the 2 pin waterproof connectors in the SD area?
  254. Contractor.aten

    Boat towing discount

    Don't worry about the discounts!!!! I had a 60 mile tow in from mexican waters and It would have cost over $5,000.00
  255. Contractor.aten

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    The bottom line is.... Just be prepared to do what you have to do!!!!! If you are solo Run your gear to the truck, come back pick up fish, push fish up the ramp,bring up truck, load fish. Sorry guys no real answer. We love to fish!!!! This is what we do.
  256. Contractor.aten

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    I think having people to unload our fish is a great idea. But!!!!!!!!!! Here is the skinny on that idea.. Wake up this is California. A company providing this service would have to provide Workers Comp, pay payroll taxes and possible insurance. The other issue is that no one is going to hang...
  257. Contractor.aten

    Autopilot Install

    Ed at shelter Island Marine just put one in on my boat. He did a great job.
  258. Contractor.aten


    Those scratch awls work great and they are inexpensive
  259. Contractor.aten


    I bought that fancy stainless steel spike with the Skull on it and shit broke on the first fish.. The head came off.!!!! Hahahahaah
  260. Contractor.aten

    Can you reccomend a satellite phone?

    I have the Irridium Go . It is the satellite hot spot for your smart phone. I can text easily with it but the voice quality is so so. I am trading it in for a stand alone hand set.
  261. Contractor.aten

    Tuna tower with sunshade

    Did you sell it???
  262. Contractor.aten

    Tuna tower with sunshade

    I very interested. Do you have a photo from the front? That would make my decesion easier
  263. Contractor.aten

    FS: Under Gunnel Rod/Brush Rack

    My number is 951 five two two 0864
  264. Contractor.aten

    FS: Under Gunnel Rod/Brush Rack

    I will take them. I'm at marina Cortez. I will be there Tuesday evening.
  265. Contractor.aten

    Navionics Cali/Hawii/Baja

    Went to Bass Pro and they price matched Cabela's price.
  266. Contractor.aten

    Navionics Cali/Hawii/Baja

    I like the Navionics for the new Point to Point feature that goes with my Raymarine system
  267. Contractor.aten

    Navionics Cali/Hawii/Baja

    Going to West Marine to buy this any better deals out there ?
  268. Contractor.aten

    Rocker switches

    Does anyone remember the booth/company at Fred Hall who provides the laser etched rocker switches??? I need to replace around 30 of them on my boat.