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  1. skillett

    WTB Need engine help

    I need new power. I have a 95 5.8 351w that needs to be rebuilt or replaced...what is out there? Willing to repower with a 5.7. I have a Dp290 behind it now, it willing to do a package deal if it's a good combo. TIA....Doug...
  2. skillett

    Bait in Santa Barbara

    I'm looking to fish Rosa, leaving out of Santa Barbara which I haven't been out of for years... Is 5here a bait receiver there, what are their hours of operation and what do they have to offer? Thank you in advance...! :)
  3. skillett

    Channel Islands 20-21st

    Looking for buy or catch, leaving Sat AM...Any help would be appreciated
  4. skillett

    Fishing Anacapa/Santa Cruz Wednesday

    If anyone is going out and wants to possie up and share info...Ill be launching outta Channel Islands Harbor and hitting the islands....Viveca II, channel 68/16
  5. skillett

    To keep, or not....SCULPIN.

    Ive seen posts saying the take of sculpin is restricted...true? The regs say open all year for southern cal...what gives? Any info is appreciated...
  6. skillett


    Heading to SBI friday night for fishing saturday...anyone know what's happening there, or is going? Knothead and Blue Wave ch 72 hit us up and we'll share info...
  7. skillett


    I just signed up for the site and received no password...nhow do I get in?
  8. skillett

    seeking channel island info

    Planning to spend some quality time with my.daugter this long weekend at the Channel Islands, probably anacapa/santa cruz...has there been any action up there?
  9. skillett

    WTB....bait bag

    Need a bait bag.....Doug 818.388.6637