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  1. Nineball

    End of season lead melt

    You know you lost a thing or two. Keep eye on weather. Seahawks lead melt and gear swap (Or just whatever) At Patrick’s place Sunday at 10am kickoff Somewhere in backwoods gig harbor. With special guests happydaze and southsounder and maybe Minnesotadave and Toomanyhobbits and bigeater among...
  2. Nineball

    The partY happened near 126

    Alright fine, I can spread some gossip @TooManyHobbies , @slicklasers, @skagittarius, and I got to ride out “towards” the 126 courtesy of @Captain Decent on the Bert. Iced up and a couple of scoops and away we went as it turns out we threw a private party before the 126 and y’all missed out...
  3. Nineball

    WP Labor Day weekend

    Who is in? looking at tomorrow, possibly Saturday.
  4. Nineball

    WP slip aug

    Had to wrap up my time in WP early. If anyone wants a slip until the end of the month PM me
  5. Nineball

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    I am dragging ass and not going to leave today. If anyone wants the camp site for tonight pm me. You could listen to DB and MM tell lies. If anyone knows that it will give property management a case of the red ass then please chime in.
  6. Nineball

    Surfboard wanted WP aug

    I know I can spend a bunch of money and rent by the hour but I’m looking for a reasonable daily rate next week. Or sweet deal on used board. Does anybody have anything they currently aren’t using? Long shot I understand edit: I sure fucked this up
  7. Nineball

    Alright I peeked

    6aug2020 Westport Large tide swing do it really need to cross before 5am and come back across around 4 pm? what say you? Those in the know?
  8. Nineball

    WTB: bean bag

    Anybody have one they can part with? Should be in WP by 8/4.
  9. Nineball

    How is L1

    his posts are missed, hope all is well. @TexMojoII
  10. Nineball

    WP trailer parking

    Got moorage for Aug/sept. Is that field where lots of trailers are usually parked safe for longer term or should I run the trailer back to Kitsap?
  11. Nineball

    Road trip 2020

    So I planned out a quick little road trip for next week with the kiddos. Never seen the Oregon coast or redwoods. camping was by reservation only and sparse but I was able to get: Night> 1) Jesse honeyman Planning to make reservations first thing tomorrow with Ridin dirty ATV for some...
  12. Nineball

    Is defiance expanding?

    Just drove home by the airport and see a new building going in between the storefront and the build shops. Whatever it is, it’s going to be ginormous. I was just wondering if maybe the tin lineup was getting more work space.
  13. Nineball

    Seat and prop

    I took Ryan’s pimpanette seat off of this full height base and swapped it with this older Todd seat. Note: the plastic handles are not turning the stainless nuts for adjustments, plastic is stripped I also have this SS prop off of my old OMC cobra ski boat. Michigan 14 1/2” x17 wheel is...
  14. Nineball

    Simrad TM275LHW

    Looks like one would spend around $1600 for this unit. Does anyone know of any rebates, deals, reach-arounds, or COOP-UNS before I get serious with an online retailer?
  15. Nineball

    WTB galv rims

    I could use a couple galvanized rims of the 14”-5 lug variety. Anybody have anything laying around? thanks
  16. Nineball

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    I will be there for the next week and a half. I know that eBay sells lots of used tanacom from there. In fact, I bought my 750 bull on eBay a couple years ago for$240 + $40ship. I’ve been looking on the internet and YouTube for places to find the used market over there. I did find a youtube...
  17. Nineball


    I need to know some facts. After many years of fishing avets (and many other lever drags) l humbly admit that I don't know about thumbing the reel. Yes, it seems obsurd, I'm a dumbass. I've been getting these barely fixable birdnests while 100% trying not to. What I'm talking about is...
  18. Nineball

    WTB apple masher

    Would like to borrow a masher to try a run of asian-pear hard cider. Anybody have anything?
  19. Nineball

    It's winter

    Brisket is on:finger:
  20. Nineball

    WP 8/23

    Whose in for Friday?
  21. Nineball

    WP fuel

    Looking at running on sat. I need to top off with non-ethanol. Without having an account to fuel up across from the Hungry whale, are there any other land-based options? If not I may have to roll over Friday afternoon and hit the fuel dock?
  22. Nineball

    Huge bump just before elma

    Cut out for a repave near a bridge. Not well marked.
  23. Nineball

    WTB 16" Marinco Wiper Arm

    Fixing up the broken wiper. Looking for a wiper arm. The splined base was corroded and could not be saved. Napa couldn't match it up to anything to get me by for now. Its got straight cut splines and is 16" from center of shaft to center of wiper. Thanks
  24. Nineball

    Wheeled 128

    Found a use for the old wagon Just add new handle And rod holders
  25. Nineball

    Possible open seat WTC

    Just keeping it honest. It seems as though at least one of my crew lost his hall pass after spending the weekend catching pinks at sekiu! :Beat_Them I will know more by Friday. Are there any experienced tuna killers out there looking to fish on the 10th? If so PM me. No promises made until...
  26. Nineball

    Tekota 500LC handle is tight

    The handle appears to be a squeeze rivet with no way to take it apart. The handle turns but it doesn't spin freely like I'm used to. Its been soaking in oil for a couple of nights now and it is exactly the same. I know people like these reels. Is this a known characteristic of the handle...
  27. Nineball

    WTB: natural cedar plug

    I have the variety that is brandy new, polished painted. I was looking for an unpainted one that has some tenure, and proven kill numbers, to shotgun out behind the new ride. It would just be a cool memory to maybe have the first one come in on a plug that didn't get shipped from Amazon. Will...
  28. Nineball

    Baby barnickles?

    I had the boat moored in Port orchard in transient moorage against the breakwater for 10 days while I worked on the trailer. During that time it looks like barnacles started to take over below the waterline..??? It's a calcium-like buildup in tiny circles and a bitch to scrub off. I've been...
  29. Nineball

    F'ing chipmunk

    So, After 20 years of no problems this f'ing chipmunk bitch decides it's cool to enter my premises and "hang wid chall!" Attitude! Not cool!!!! It Entered into the crawlspace (and there is no sign of where it found egress believe me) Then, It Tore down insulation from under the master bath...
  30. Nineball

    WTB kitchen fridge

    Mine is quickly having issues. Tore the freezer apart on Monday. Thermo and heaters were good. Also cleaned the underneath from dust buildup. It worked for a few more days. Next up is to pull it out and clean the back and perform more checks. In the meantime, does anybody have a side-by-side...
  31. Nineball


  32. Nineball

    WP ice

    Can I get the lowdown on getting ice at WP? I know it is at Westport seafood down at the end past Colemans boats. The bait pen is on the water side, the salt ice has been brought out by forklift on the road. We also bought a box of frozen chovie when we paid for the ice. We went around the...
  33. Nineball

    Spring break 2019

    So the 7.3 has new batteries, coolant change, and pressure wash. I have a nice camper (courtesy odin7) and ready to check out somewhere new. Thinking of driving south for a few days with the kids. I've never seen the redwoods so that seems like a good choice. Any thoughts to expand on this...
  34. Nineball

    Bad news for WTC

    Well, I've been reading about the rules and Shit, so here is the low down. I apologize in advance. 1) it's my first Event. I have no clue what I'm doing. Beginners luck.....check 2) I'm flying in my best friend from Indiana. We have killed many redear and crappie together, no big bass tho...
  35. Nineball

    Boat show tix

    I will be unable to attend due to work schedule. I have a couple of tix available at will-call. Will xfer to the bruthahood if anyone wants them. Please pm
  36. Nineball

    Canvas Dude

    There is a new canvas dude working around SK/GH. He has done a couple of rear curtains for me now. I like his work and his work ethic. When I had a new top built for my arima 2 years ago I took Charlie's feedback and used Greg's custom upholstery in GH. He did an absolutely amazing job...
  37. Nineball

    Rod is A star!!

    Dam Rod, I had no idea you made a movie!! Or that you used shimano gear
  38. Nineball

    My hat

    I let my hat get away from me at the gym a few weeks ago. Did someone return it to the desk. Fuh-huk no! These hats look and fit great. I found that my gf regularly stole it as well Trying to order another one tonight but it seems like Ramos don't want my money. There is a problem during...
  39. Nineball

    Diesel heat

    I know it's been hashed out many times before but, well, it's winter anyways. So, here you go. From what I remember the espar is a very solid choice. Looks like a D4 unit with marine kit is upwards of $1500. I noticed that Benjamin is running a webasto. Maybe some feedback and pics...
  40. Nineball


    I haven't done much searching but I think locally tested is better anyways. I was out with Mark a couple of years ago and his crew used the snips for tending line. When I was out with Patrick a couple months ago Daniel and I were tending gear when he asked "don't you have some of these yet?"...
  41. Nineball

    SS prop 14 1/2" x 17

    Michigan Prop 013002 14 1/2" x 17 RH Fits Evinrude/OMC It's very shiny No dings Had it on my OMC cobra long time ago. Don't know what else it fits but probably alot of Evinrude/johnsons Make offer (maybe $50) I will also throw this in free to sweeten the deal for any buyer of vances neon...
  42. Nineball

    17' arima sea chaser

    1985 Arima Sea Chaser 17' 2007 75hp ETEC (approx 1100 hrs) runs perfect. Most of the hours are at low RPM's. I can print out a detailed report with software on hand. 2014 Yamaha 9.9HT kicker (not for sale separately) Salt boss fixed kicker bracket New soft top in 2017 is made of sunbrella...
  43. Nineball

    Trimmer and edger

    The neighbors appreciated the fact that I got their ethenol problems fixed year after year. They decided to give the stuff to me this year lol I don't know what they are worth Thinking $125 on the husky trimmer and $75 on the TB edger Prices are if I don't have to F with them again
  44. Nineball

    Ace brutus

    Used it once. Works like it should. Overall great condition $350
  45. Nineball

    WP 8/12

    Hopped on a boat today with a couple shady characters Patrick and Daniel. We left port and this guy goes SW for like ever and a day! Shot the shit with a crew of older gents who were a hoot. Anyways, this captain (colonel klink) was a complete jerk, shouting obscenities and being generally...
  46. Nineball

    Too Close

    Headed to swiftsure Sunday morning. I finally got my radar working on my C80 and have been getting comfortable with it this year at neah. Ran in the fog on Saturday and felt pretty safe. Following our tracks back out to swift on Sunday let my bro navigate, after all we had better both be...
  47. Nineball

    Rv site for opener NB

    I just wanted to put this info out. I just cancelled full hookup site 306 at the cape. After chatting with him I don't think there is a waiting list. He will take the first caller.
  48. Nineball

    WP bottomfish 3/29/18

    Went out with Rhett on the slammer Thursday. I had a plan to take my mother out for what might very well be her last time on big blue. She worked crab boats and processors out of dutch back in the day. She loves the PacNW but has been extremely limited in regards to mobility the past few...
  49. Nineball

    Charter rec for ADA

    My buddy is going out on the slammer on Tuesday. He said it was booking at $145 so I was looking at their website. I found where they state that they accommodate ADA. It got me thinking, maybe I could get my mother back on the water and make some memories. She used to work on crab boats and...
  50. Nineball

    Swag gift

    My best buddy growing up races full time in our hometown in Southern Indiana. He sends me this and says a t-shirt is coming my way I felt the need to return the favor. He's gonna have some splain'in to do I think I will wait till he asks for details before I try to explain...
  51. Nineball

    The answer is always no

    If you dont ask! If a seat for the WTC happens to open up please consider sending me a pm. I would be honored to participate. Thursday is my 47th birthday and Norm has personally invited me to the party but i have to work on friday til 3. I fully expect the crickets to chirp on this...
  52. Nineball

    WTB: Transducer for C80

    Guys, I am looking for a good transducer for my C80 which has a DSM300. Figured it is worth a shot to post here since it seems that many folks are upgrading. Cheers
  53. Nineball

    Some people

    Some people are just assholes! But other people are not! You know, the Carrie and Norm or the Patrick type. This is a story about the other people. Set up camp at the village sun. Monday was blowing so just did a shakedown cruise and let the kids play while i addressed minor issues. We...
  54. Nineball

    Macs on a t9.9

    Ok, Since the search function didn't pan out i will ask the board. Does anyone have a pic of a mac's on their t9.9? Specifically, the location of the cav plate hardware. It says on the sticker "for yami 9.9 ht mount to bottom of cavitation plate against zincs" If i center this bad boy up...
  55. Nineball

    WTB - transport east side to west

    Just putting the feelers out there. If anyone happens to be heading west across the narrows from the bellevue area, transport of 2 rods is wanted. Payment could be beer or cash, or donation to danny
  56. Nineball

    Destination details

    Folks, komo is apparently at my house looking for info on the boat that is missing in ak. My neighbor operates the Destination. They asked for a phone number to call his wife. I respectfully denied that request. I dont really know what, if anything, there is to do but i left work to head...
  57. Nineball

    Sat 23

    Just got settled at the hungry whale for $5 thanks to the bd bro thread last week. Anyone else chasing nooks tomorrow? Juanita on 68
  58. Nineball

    Wtb: surge brake actuator

    Not ready to go EOH just yet and found my reservoir in need of replacement. Does anyone happen to have anything on the cheap? Will find a new one soon if this doesn't work out. Thanks Chris
  59. Nineball

    Merc 225 offshore/hydraulics/bracket

    I have a '97 merc offshore carbed with all wiring, gauges, aux oil tank, manuals, etc. It was in excellent shape when I picked it up for $2k a couple years ago. It came off as a runner when a wellcraft Intercoastal upgraded to a Honda 4s. I was able to work out a deal to leave the hydraulic...
  60. Nineball


    Is that who I think it is in that grundens ad? Is that a BD salute as well?? :confused:
  61. Nineball

    WTB: radar

    Looking to throw a little tax return $ towards radar. Anyone upgrading? Saw a furuno one go for $500 on CL last week. Now this one is posted I prob shouldn't go much over the $1k mark if possible. Thx
  62. Nineball

    Pepper Jelly

    My buddy grew a variety of hot peppers and brought a jar of PJ in to work for me. I made the mistake of sharing it with the crew. 20 mins later it was gone and we were asking how to get more. I pulled some strings and for a sixer of Rebel Rouser it was game on. He brought over two grocery...
  63. Nineball

    Happy f'n bday

    Just bought new t9.9. Had initial problems with a brand new motor (major failure on first start). Dealer took a while but came through with another new motor. Went crabbing with it over the last few days. Enjoying the crap out of it. Then I go to retrieve pots tonight and quickly found out the...
  64. Nineball

    Boat for a day

    Looking to get a six pack for a day in August. Any day of the week. I'm trying to get my best friends dad (whose 75+ and navy Awnry)out for the best fishing experience ever. Paying it forward at any cost Damn, Danny I should have thought about you sooner.
  65. Nineball

    Seasense 8200

    I have a tube of this unopened and a quick search was vague. I am swapping OB's and kicker brackets ,etc. Should I ditch it and and just use the 3m 5200?
  66. Nineball

    Koolaid and other groceries

    Got the word from Koolaid that we needed to make a quick run to the grocery store on the nw side of town. Last min decision to go after my rounding up my bro for a 3rd passenger. Headed out at 2 sat morning and made it to the first store by about 9am. Their Hali selection wasn't the grade we...
  67. Nineball


    There is a 1995 2120 cc on Bangor base for $8k. It looked like a lot of boat for the $. It had a late 90's 150 merc offshore on it but it cleaned up well overall. The open transom is not ideal and scuppers kinda sucked. Tandem trailer not bad. Just passing along some info. All my cash has...
  68. Nineball

    Tuna helper

    Pacific Northwest style ;)
  69. Nineball

    Canning tuna

    So I have brined about 1/2 of my catch then smoke and canned. I was looking for some links to other recipes for just putting fresh loins in the can with ??? Having trouble finding the history on this. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  70. Nineball

    Annoying popup

    Anyone else getting this annoying popup for the last day entitled "related"? Shit is frustrating at best....if it is a recent change please ditch the new feature admin. No likey!!!
  71. Nineball

    Ramp at ocean shores?

    Last minute invite to ocean shores for the weekend. The bro-in-law seems to think there is a boat ramp there????? I have never heard any chatter on this board of such a thing...what's the skinny? Trying to throw a small arima in and troll the shallows based on some reports from here.....ramp...
  72. Nineball

    The boys

    All I am sayin is I got 3 boys that need to catch. They are 12 and 9 yr old twins. I can take them to NB on my 16' arima but would love to show them more. We are on vaca til next thurs and again from the week of jul-25 thru jul-31. If anyone wants me to cover all costs for a salmon trip (or...
  73. Nineball

    BD survivor

    Will he survive?
  74. Nineball

    Hobuck parking

    I'm sure I already know the answer but I will ask anyways. Is there anything to tie off to in makaw bay? I hav a 15' arima and I want to camp at Hobuck and then be able to fish father and son without traveling to town. Kids would enjoy it more if they had more time digging in the sand and less...
  75. Nineball

    Where did it go??????

    Alright, considering the fact that everyone on here SEEMS to have caught some fish last year, what did you do with it?????????? I know for myself I took some to work blah blah but I only processed 5 tuna and 4 coho last year beyond what was bbq'd fresh. I have 8 quarts of tuna and 1 pint of...
  76. Nineball

    Reel Tight 11-may

    Man, dinner was phenomenal last night considering it never happened! Forgot my camera:shake: Went out with TT and Andrew for a great day on the water. Got to meet Mark as well. It was pleasurable to catch and not have to slave over boat duties. Kudos gentlemen!
  77. Nineball

    Bracket question

    I'm doing a bracket install and looking at motors too. I have a standard fully closed floatation bracket with 30" setback going on a 21' reinell pilothouse. I've only been looking at 25" shaft motors. Now I am questioning the possibility of a 20" length so the float bracket will sit lower on...
  78. Nineball

    Sellers remorse

    Circumstances got the best of me last August and I had to let go of my 24' fixer to pay some bills. I hadn't worked on it yet but she was a 85 trophy ht with a Volvo 280. Needed some engine/OD work and some trailer work too blah blah. I thought it had great potential for my limited budget...
  79. Nineball

    Tasty hot?

    I am currently pressure canning a few coho. After a simple brine of 2-to-1 brown sugar to salt (with a variance on other flavors) I always remove excess salty flavor by rinsing/soaking in apple juice for another 1/2 day. Put the 2-3" sliced fillet pieces on the traeger smoke setting with...
  80. Nineball

    PNP 10/12

    Put in at kingston and immediately my 50 johnson decided it wanted to pee like its passing a kidney stone. Put it back on the trailer and went to the washdown. Back pressured thru the outlet and ran it on the muffs to no avail. O well, i guess we're on the kicker. After over an hour of trolling...
  81. Nineball

    Any open tuna seats for 9/14 or 9/15?

    Looking to get my cherry popped...will gladly pay to eat some beating albi heart. Boy a bean bag chair in a WC sounds like the way to go!! But I'm not picky. Can't go thru the week or I would have been out with Mark Wednesday. cheers