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  1. Contractor.aten

    WTB Aluminum Pipe Clamps

    I am making some custom rod holders for my boat and need the weldable pipe clamps with 4 screws. Do any of you Gents know where to buy them?
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    WTB Need help finding rod retriever

    Does anyone know where to buy that gadget that you use to grab the rods from the top rod holders while standing on the deck? I have seen it a dozen times and can't remember where.
  3. Contractor.aten

    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    Taco Outriggers $75, Anchor $15 Radio w/ 4 speakers $75.00 Hydro foils $20 ea. Make offers boys I am feeling generous!!!!!!
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    For Sale INMARSAT Sat Phone

    This has over 700 hrs on it still The contract is up on Oct 29,2020. I want to just do the Iridium Go now. $1,000.00
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    Boat Transportation from Florida

    I want to buy a boat in Florida and ship to SD. Anyone do this ??? If so I need to pick your brain
  6. Contractor.aten

    Need help With Raymarine Axiom

    It seems that I never get my fish finder working correctly. Just need someone to get on the boat and help go thru it. Naturally, someone who knows Raymarine. I will pay in cash. Thank
  7. Contractor.aten

    FREE Tommy Gomes

    Does anyone have a email for Tommy Gomes fro Catilina Offshore?
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    Here is my Christmas Tree

    I had to do it and post this pic..If you have seen it great and if not better... Enjoy!!!
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    For Sale Airmar B 164 Transducer

    This is a Airmar B 164 transducer 20 degree. I just put a new 175 on. First $150.00 gets it. As of Friday it was working fine with my new Raymarine Axiom system .
  10. Contractor.aten

    For Sale For Sale Raymarine Electronics

    Guys or Girls..... I have a Raymarine A 78 that Shelter Island installed last summer. It is in great condition .I also have a Raymarine E 125 -12" that is at least 5 years old(came with the boat) I have the CPU 300 Sonar Module. The mounting brackets, power cords and misc cables. $1,500.00...
  11. Contractor.aten

    Barricuda Ceviche

    Ok guys... I have never kepted any slime sticks for eating!!!!!! Until now. My buddy said made into Cevechi it is great!!! So I did and it came out tasty. We tossed back at least 20 fished but kepted 4. I also gave some fillets to my neighbor and he cooked some up , that was some great tasting...
  12. Contractor.aten

    Live Bait Tenders

    Does anyone remember the all aluminum live bait storage that advertised on BD? It was Blue with the bottom that rises when retrieving bait. Leave in water type..
  13. Contractor.aten

    Seakeeper 2

    Well I tested that baby out and I was impressed. The 2 is a bit smaller that the previous 3 and could fit nicely in my 29 footer. Any thoughts????
  14. Contractor.aten

    Honda Outboard Water pump and telltail

    So I put my motors in the water a got the overheat alarm, the pee stream was working when we got under way. I returned to the dock and conected the hose to the rinse out connection, no water came out. I tried to put 200# leader up the pee hole and put the water to it again!!!!!! No water...
  15. Contractor.aten

    Guadalupe 290 Maintenence

    OK boys!!!! Change Order in out of the water for maintenece. New water pumps( by the way 430 hrs and they looked great), paint the bottom, new spark plugs, motor and gear oil change, replace rub rail and reseal( that was a bitch) ,new brake pads on the triple axel trailer, clean up the...
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    Paint Help

    My pilot house floor is all scuffed up I would like to clean it up by painting it. Does anyone have any paint reccomendations for the fiber glass floor ? The anti skid is good .
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    Rub rail

    Ok I need 75' of Flexible rub rail. It looks like it comes in 50' or 70'. Anyone know where I can buy at 75' lenght?
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    I tried looking for his web site. Does anyone know how to reach him? I need 4 knife holders. I dont have Instagram
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    My son and went out Buggen in SD Bay. First timers and we had 12 by midnight. Not bad for rookies.....
  20. Contractor.aten

    Deck boots other than Xtra Tuff

    Does anyone remember the booth at FH that had the form fit deck boot? They had a little Orange tint to them.
  21. Contractor.aten

    Steering and Throttle in tuna Tower

    OK guys Im ready to put a second station in the Tuna Tower. I have Twin Hondas. I have the steering figured out, ordered the new electronics. What is required for the ignition and the throttles?
  22. Contractor.aten

    2 Pin Waterproof connectors.

    Does anyone know where to but the 2 pin waterproof connectors in the SD area?
  23. Contractor.aten

    Navionics Cali/Hawii/Baja

    Going to West Marine to buy this any better deals out there ?
  24. Contractor.aten

    Rocker switches

    Does anyone remember the booth/company at Fred Hall who provides the laser etched rocker switches??? I need to replace around 30 of them on my boat.