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  1. Sherm

    San Diego fish market

    All good options. Tommy at Catalina Offshore advertises on this site.
  2. Sherm

    My Parker 2120

    Love all the work you did on the boat. Really like the cup holders. My only complaint about my 2510 Parker is the lack of cup holders.
  3. Sherm

    SD Hooping 11/19

    Going to be on water tonight Matt. Give me a call if you're out there
  4. Sherm

    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    Yeah........too much tide movement can be a problem in the bay. Can't get out this week but let's see what I can do next week Matt.
  5. Sherm

    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    I been having a pretty successful season so far buddy. We had 17 keepers for three guys last week. We were done by ten pm. Give me a pm and we'll get out there soon.
  6. Sherm

    2510 Walkaround

    I have the same tank on mine and two scoops stays nice all day. :-)
  7. Sherm

    Marlin Dope Saturday 10/1

    Larmo delivers! Nicely done. Tell your bro I said hello amigo. I gotta get you guys out on the new boat one of these days soon.
  8. Sherm

    Marlin Dope Saturday 10/1

    I call BS without pics :-)
  9. Sherm

    2510 Walkaround

    I'll try them.
  10. Sherm

    2510 Walkaround

    I've got one just like it except white hull and a half tower. Fabulous boat. Love every bit of it. The only complaint would be lack of cup holders. :-)
  11. Sherm

    Kayak and accessories for sale

    It's a great deal.
  12. Sherm

    Kayak and accessories for sale

    The vest is not included. I may have extra one though
  13. Sherm

    Kayak and accessories for sale

    Sent you a response. I'd keep it but the new Parker 2510 is just what I needed
  14. Sherm

    Kayak and accessories for sale

    I finally up graded to a real boat so after ten years of the kayak thing it's time to get rid of it. It's a Cobra fish n Dive. Comes with ultra light weight carbon fiber paddle (makes a big difference on those long paddles.) deluxe high back seat, fish finder, and wheels for hauling around...
  15. Sherm

    6th Annual Kids Military Fishing Trip...

    Looking forward to it. Do you want me to see about media or just show up and help the kids? Anything I should bring?
  16. Sherm

    6th Annual Kids Military Fishing Trip...

    I'm in amigo if you will let me on the boat.
  17. Sherm

    Dana to 181+dick move

    You can't fix stupid
  18. Sherm

    The new ride

    Thanks for offer Doug. However, grandkids are in town so we have been fishing the bay and getting break in hours on the motors out of the way. Tomorrow I'm taking the grandson and my dad on a quick trip to the kelp beds for a little fishing and putting the last hour needed on the motors to...
  19. Sherm

    The new ride

    Still gotta get through the engine break in period Doug. Still got about four hours left to run motors under 3000 rpm. As soon as that's done I'm out there.
  20. Sherm

    The new ride

    Let me know next time you are up this way Bert and we will try and get in some fishing
  21. Sherm

    The new ride

    We will get on water soon Troy. Just gotta get through the ten hour engine break in period before I can crank up the RPM's on the motors and head to fishing grounds
  22. Sherm

    The new ride

    Gyros may be next on the purchase list.
  23. Sherm

    The new ride

    Here she is...
  24. Sherm

    The new ride

    I'll try and get pics up today.
  25. Sherm

    The new ride

    Splashing at 10am at mission bay. No bubbly yet but will have a party when time is right :-)
  26. Sherm

    The new ride

    The boat is being delivered this morning. Can't wait. It's being delivered here in SD at 10am. I'm as giddy as a school girl on prom night.
  27. Sherm

    Slob yellowtail 7/2/16

    It's a toad of a mossback that's for sure.
  28. Sherm

    Slob yellowtail 7/2/16

    Cedros quality yellowtail locally off a paddy. Congrats.
  29. Sherm

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Hey Ali. You are more than welcome to drive boat anytime. I have some expensive stuff on the boat that could drop overboard. But I'll probably have it secured to the boat with more than an extension cord plugged into an outlet. :-)
  30. Sherm

    Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    Check homeowners and boat coverage. Boat coverage may be limited on amount of money available for tackle. Most policies are limited on the dollar amount to just a couple grand. If you get stuff stolen out of your car......homeowners insurance usually has better coverage. Don't know what...
  31. Sherm

    The new ride

    The boat is finished. Should be delivered Tuesday
  32. Sherm

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Great story and write up. Bummer about the boat. My Parker 2510 is being delivered next week amigo. You know where it will be slipped. Let's break her in together.
  33. Sherm

    The new ride

    I'll get some pics soon. Bottom is painted, new motors are hung, auto pilot and electronics are installed, half tower is on, just need to finish up bait tank install and await delivery. Thanks again Kevin and the crew at Westcoast Marine
  34. Sherm

    The new ride

    The new ride is getting closer to being ready. They're painting the bottom and finishing the last bit of install. Should be ready very soon. Can't wait to see the finished product. The half tower is almost complete. The boat will have fifteen rod holders when finished. That's enough for my...
  35. Sherm

    BD'ers who live in SD district 7, go vote....

    Just got back in town. Thanks for the support guys........I think.
  36. Sherm

    The new ride

    Small world
  37. Sherm

    The new ride

    See you on the water Alan
  38. Sherm

    The new ride

    Thanks guys. Four more years of this. What was I thinking.. On boat name I'm thinking "Shermanator" or "Board Meeting"
  39. Sherm

    The new ride

    Always an early riser
  40. Sherm

    The new ride

    Haven't had one of those for a while Scott. May have to arrange soon
  41. Sherm

    The new ride

    May not need the vest on the new boat. There is just a little more storage on the new ride
  42. Sherm

    The new ride

    Changed my mind. Having dual 200 yamaha outbards installed instead of the 150's
  43. Sherm

    The new ride

    It's the deep v hull and if they let me I will call in my votes to council from the water ..................I wish.
  44. Sherm

    The new ride

    Waiting as long as I did I had time to figure out what I wanted. Can't wait!!!!!
  45. Sherm

    The new ride

    Finally pulled the trigger and Kevin at West Coast is setting me up with a brand new 2510 cuddy cabin with dual 150 yamahas on the back. Getting it set up with 64 gallon bait tank, Simrad electronics, and a half tower. Should be ready first week of July. Can't wait to get out on the water...
  46. Sherm

    Local Knowledge Series Preview

    Nice show. Couldn't agree more with how the show captures what is so cool about Baja. The people and the experience of the travel is almost as fun as the fishing. Almost. The other part of the episode I really liked was watching Ali farm grouper after grouper after grouper.
  47. Sherm

    Local Knowledge Series Preview

    Nice show this morning. A better looking host and this show would be perfect. :-)
  48. Sherm

    Lower 9-mile Jumping Yellowfin

    They were midshipman. Large schools of them form out there every year bout this time to spawn
  49. Sherm

    slang for small fish?????

    Small halibut is a pop tart. Dink, runt, firecracker. Short Dorado is a neck tie
  50. Sherm

    5th Annual Bloody Decks Military Kids Fishing Trip!!!It's Time!!!

    Any room left to help out on this trip Frank? I need another T shirt. Let me know what I can do to help
  51. Sherm

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    Any time Paul.
  52. Sherm

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    Paul, I am pretty sure the answer is none. I haven't looked to be sure and don't know the names of all the people who work for the Chargers. Dont want to give you a definative none and then find out somebody donated fifty bucks that works for the Chargers. You can always go to the San Diego...
  53. Sherm

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    So....if the taxpayers are going to spend that money anyway. Why not spend it on a new stadium that will keep the NFL in SD and bring back the superbowls. Not to mention all the other events a new multiuse stadium could host.
  54. Sherm

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    We will be spending the money (taxpayer dollars) anyway on the stadium. To the tune of 10 to 15 mil a year. Unless we bulldoze the thing then we won't have to spend the money. But an asphalt lot with nothing on it generates no money at all.
  55. Sherm

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    The stadium currently costs taxpayers 10 to 15 million a year. The new plan spends about 7mil a year for thirty years. If you extrapolate 10 to 15 mil a year for thirty years.........we may be a head of the game.
  56. Sherm

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    The hardest part about looking at the revenue and economic impact of the NFL is that it is just very difficult to quantify just how and when revenue is generated. For example. The city is going to host the MLB Allstar game in 2016. That event will reach something like 100 plus countries and...
  57. Sherm

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    This city (taxpayers) are in the hole 10 to 15 million a year on the current stadium. if you extend that out over 30 years you see the 300 million we would have spent on an old stadium that is falling apart. Keeping the NFL in San Diego is important to generate the tax revenue needed to keep...
  58. Sherm

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    Nope. Way before this job. Plus I'm still not a politician. Just surrounded by them
  59. Sherm

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    Not like the early days when there weren't as many BD stickers out there. Everyone knew the BD salute. I remember once on the freeway in El Cajon. I have two Bd stckers on my bumper by the way. Suddenly I noticed a highway patrol vehicle pull in behind me and shadow my lane changes for a...
  60. Sherm


    We do need more wardens. I've tried the cal tip number and even when I got through no one showed.
  61. Sherm


    I was on the kayak in mission bay a few days ago and there were some shore fisherman fishing close by. I watched this guy and his kid catch eight rays and they killed every one. Then they would just through them further up the shore to let the birds eat them. Why kill something if you are not...
  62. Sherm

    Yellowtail Tuna on the powerbait at the Coronados 4/22

    The double Ed's jig is for surface iron halibut fishing. Get it right. The double jigs simulate a school of bait fish the surface halibut find irresistible. I'm just pissed Jason let the cat out of the bag regarding the double ed's jig set up.
  63. Sherm

    ARE THESE SALAS 6x jr DAMAGED???????????

    I like George's loaner gear idea. I will have to remember that for my next Cedros Trip. I'm always outfitting guys for that one. Good idea George.
  64. Sherm

    Sherm's proposal for Chargers Stadium

    It's much easier to pick apart an idea than to create one of your own.
  65. Sherm

    Sherm's proposal for Chargers Stadium

    Possibly that long. It could go faster with the proper political leadership at the city, county and state level to speed up the process. I didn't want to assume political courage by leaders on those fronts that's why I left timeline for completion as that long. But if we get buy in from the...
  66. Sherm

    Sherm's proposal for Chargers Stadium

    There were three options I put forward. High, medium and low density. The rendering of what the site could possibly look like was a rendering of the most dense version. I didn't want to sugar coat what might be possible. In the rendering parking is envisioned with three very large parking...
  67. Sherm

    Fred hall Saturday

    I'm still not a politician Carl. Just surrounded by them. 25 yrs as a business owner and two yrs in politics. I will always think like a business owner and not a politician.
  68. Sherm

    Fred hall Saturday

    The CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) is a national group that promotes conservation of our marine resources. They promote conservation and not environmentalism. Conservation from the recreational Fishermans point of view. Who better to promote common sense conservation than the fisherman...
  69. Sherm

    Fred hall Saturday

    My pleasure. Stop on by......we can talk fishing, new chargers stadium, city politics......whatever. :-)
  70. Sherm

    Fred hall Saturday

    Going to be manning the CCA booth at Fred Hall on Saturday morning. Stop by......sign up ..........and say hi. Hope to see you all there. It's been too long. Tight lines, Sherm
  71. Sherm

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Multiple use stadium surrounded by nightlife, parks, and development. If the deal is right. There will be no reason for the Chargers to leave anytime soon.
  72. Sherm

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Yep the city dropped the ball on that one. Twice there has been opportunity to do this but you had Mike Aguirre first then Donna Frye was completely against it when she represented the area. I'm pretty sure the guy who represents the area on the council now wants a deal to be reached.
  73. Sherm

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Well said but I think you nailed it about the downtown site. Not only would you have to go through the city, the port, and the coastal would most certainly be sued by Cory Briggs and the environmental groups he "represents". Petco has done amazing things to downtown. I...
  74. Sherm

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    The best part is if you do all can build a new stadium without taxpayer dollars. It takes vision and understanding that things will change in the valley. But if done with the proper planning and leadership it could be amazing.
  75. Sherm

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    We can develop the Qualcomm site and the Chargers will stay. The city has 166 acres (that's the equivalent of 66 blocks downtown) in the middle of Mission Valley. The chargers play in existing stadium while we build a stadium next to it in the parking lot. Then you tear down the existing...
  76. Sherm

    I got beat up on Sunday

    Cute little fish. Can't believe you let a fish that size kick your ass. Must be getting old. Congrats on the cow amigo. Nice looking fish
  77. Sherm

    Longest lurker, first post

    Beautiful ghost and a nice YT to boot. Keep up the reports.
  78. Sherm

    Green mark on avatar

    I just saw the green in my Avatar. I'm assuming it still means advertiser/sponsor
  79. Sherm

    Green mark on avatar

    Green used to mean you are an advertiser. May mean the same now. Not sure though.
  80. Sherm

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    Follow up........ Made some bait tubes and went back to the spot where the sea lion incident occurred. Shortly after I set I see them coming for my gear. Well........they saw my tubes and left me alone the rest of the night. They worked great. Too bad the crawl wasn't going with only one...
  81. Sherm

    Men vs yellowtail vs seal

    Well done gentlemen. Those dogs can be relentless. Several years ago at the islands I was in a tug of war with a big knot head over a yellowtail. I yelled at my buddy Steve to throw something at the sea lion. The dumb SOB looks around the boat and the only thing he can find to throw is a...
  82. Sherm

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    I've never had them bother me when fishing from the yak only when buggin and this was the first time they were so crazy aggressive.
  83. Sherm

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    I've been meaning to make some tubes but hadn't had problems with the sea lions in a while. May have to get back to making a couple.
  84. Sherm

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    I have never had it that bad before amigo. These guys actually made me nervous. The amazing part was the one determined bug that stayed clinging to the bait cage. Antennas all up and defiant like.
  85. Sherm

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    Put the yak on the water last night for a bug hunt. I hit the water just as sun was setting and dropped hoops with just a little bit of light left. I was half way through a cigar when I see a big knot head moving for my hoops. This dog was relentless......he kept at my bait cages until he...
  86. Sherm

    Is it November?

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Glad you boys stumbled across a couple.
  87. Sherm

    Hooping report 10-25 SD Bay

    I have had a good year so far but the last trip was a struggle to find em. the beginning of the season was great though. It started strong but not continuiung so far.
  88. Sherm

    Buggin with the grandson

    Keep at em Matt. My two biggest bugs this season (5 and 7lbs) came from new spots. Let me know when you want to go out.
  89. Sherm

    Buggin with the grandson

    Usually out side the bay.
  90. Sherm

    Buggin with the grandson

    Possibly Paddling out Sunday night Spyder. You want to paddle along?
  91. Sherm

    Buggin with the grandson

    The best way to vacume seal a whole bug is to remove antennas and legs and cut off sharp points that will puncture bag. I then lay some paper towel on one side of the bag and then vacume seal the bug with the bottom of the bug facing the paper towel. then vacume seal away. You can also wrap...
  92. Sherm

    Buggin with the grandson

    I got a call from him yesterday and he was telling me all about how cool his friends thought what he did was. I'm sure he will be buggin me to go again next time he is out to visit.
  93. Sherm

    Buggin with the grandson

    The kid will be coming back around Christmas time Rich. I'll definitely give you a call for that trip.
  94. Sherm

    Buggin with the grandson

    My grandson is in town visiting from Sedona Az. He has been buggin me for a while now to take him out to catch lobster so last night was the night. I couldn't fit him and the hoops on my kayak so I called my good friend captain Clowers. He took us out on his boat and we set the hoops about...
  95. Sherm

    Mission Bay Lobster Hunting

    MB is slowing down. The first week of the season was very good. I got two limits with a five and 7 LB bug. Since then slow and short.
  96. Sherm

    Long Beach – Yellows, Rockfish, Lobsters

    Time with dad is priceless. My pops couldn't make our last annual outting to Cedros because of health. Every trip with your Dad is to be cherished. And you guys got a good day of catching to boot. Great job and congrats on creating more memories with your dad.
  97. Sherm

    Lobster MB

    I have had a few good outings in MB. Congrats on the haul
  98. Sherm

    lj canyon bonanza

    LJ and areas of the coast are on fire. Congrats on the nice day on the water.
  99. Sherm

    Sept 2 YF,YT, Dorado, Bonito, Marlin 302 - 226

    A couple more days and those paddies should be on fire. Great paddies out there but serious pressure over the holiday weekend. Congrats on the nice trip.
  100. Sherm

    unprofessionalism of the Thunderbird Captain

    Just took popcorn out of microwave. Carry on
  101. Sherm

    226 yesterday

    Fished the 226 yesterday with my buddy Scott. We found some massive paddies south of the 226. These paddies were massive barn door size paddies. There were so many people out there yesterday that the fishing was a little tough. There were fish around but lots of pressure. We managed a few...
  102. Sherm

    My Daughter makes the front page before me, Proud Dad for sure.

    Proud papa for sure. Looks like you raised her right John.
  103. Sherm

    Jumping off OB Pier

    Got a chance to jump off the OB pier yesterday with the mayor and a bunch of graduating junior lifeguards. A great cause and lots of good memories. Also met a junior lifeguard who saved a life by performing CPR on a kid who got covered in kelp in the surf and had drowned. Amazing young man...
  104. Sherm

    Cedros ?

    Sounds like it was last time this time of year. Calico fishing gets tough but the yellows get bigger. Mint and white was the color last year too. I am bringing extras:-). Thanks for the info.
  105. Sherm

    Cedros ?

    Heading for Cedros in 7 days. Anybody have any reports on what the fishing is like down there right now? Any news would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sherm
  106. Sherm

    **WARRIOR KIDS 2014** Fishing Trip Pics and Report

    Hurry up and get the new boat Tommy. It's going to have a room right?
  107. Sherm

    **WARRIOR KIDS 2014** Fishing Trip Pics and Report

    You can't keep the fishes head out of the water and expect a head shot with the gaff. Good thing I took the fish with the crappy gaff job.
  108. Sherm

    **WARRIOR KIDS 2014** Fishing Trip Pics and Report

    Brandon........You forgot to mention my terrible gaffing ability.
  109. Sherm

    **WARRIOR KIDS 2014** Fishing Trip Pics and Report redeeming quality huh? Not sure that out weighs the rest of the issues. :-)
  110. Sherm

    **WARRIOR KIDS 2014** Fishing Trip Pics and Report

    Thanks for the fun time everyone. The kids seemed to have had a blast. And for the record..................I'd take Carl on the boat over Brandon anytime. And Frank deserves a big thank you for doing this.
  111. Sherm

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    It's an evening fishing session. The sun will be low. We should be ok. I will bring a hat just in case.
  112. Sherm

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    8:00 pm make sure you tune in then knucklehead
  113. Sherm

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    7:40 this morning on KUSI. Should be some good stuff about the trip and helping the kids.
  114. Sherm

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    Channel 10 may be going on the boat with us to do a full story. I'll keep you posted. Stand by.
  115. Sherm

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    Thanks Scott
  116. Sherm

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    couldn't clear security huh Frank
  117. Sherm

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    Good news. KUSI is going to be doing an in studio interview with me Friday morning regarding this trip. Trying to get a couple of the kids to be on TV too.. Maybe even Frank if they will let himm through security. What I ddo need if ppossible are some pictures of paast ttrips that we might...
  118. Sherm

    BD etiquette

    BD and etiquette together in the same sentence........really?
  119. Sherm

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    Looking forward to Friday. I put it out to the press for coverage but that is the same night as the first big night of comi-con. We will have to see if we get any body. I would like to think that the children of our military heroes are at least as important as ComiCon
  120. Sherm

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    Did Carl get permission from the courts to be on this trip?
  121. Sherm

    238 YFT report, also I am afraid the 425 has been wipped clean by Seiners today at 6:30pm

    Fished the 425 yesterday. The seiners must have come in after we left. Good YFT bite and all on the troll. Not much sign of life on the surface but a huge mass of fish out there. All blind strikes in about 66.8 to 67.5 degree water. The warmer water produced no strikes from the tuna. We...
  122. Sherm

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    Put me down for a Benjamin Frank. But I don't see my name up there for helping out.
  123. Sherm

    Need Help with the Military Kids fishing Trip!...

    Do you still have room Frqnk. I checked my calendar and I can make the trip. I can also come up with a few bucks for you. I will push it with the media too. Maybe I can get some good coverage. Let me know amigo.
  124. Sherm

    Big Calico

    Nice bass. Reminds me of the 24 pound calico I got just off the beach at La Jolla cove. There I was on my kayak but I didn't have any gear heavy enough to deal with a calico that big. Then I remembered the harpoon I keep stowed just for such an occasion. Grabbed the harpoon, stood up and let...
  125. Sherm

    Ted Nugent Dead.........

    He's dead again?
  126. Sherm

    La Jolla 35lb Yellowtail Video, on Kayak

    Great video. Nothing like the LJSleigh ride and the excitement you showed when you sunk the gaff was great.qq People always ask why I stay out all day fishing LJ. You can tell by the time line on the video why. Put in the time and you will be rewarded. Great catch and thanks for sharing.
  127. Sherm

    WA dominates BD?

    That's because there is a lot more to do here in than in Washington. Nothing to do there but fishand look at the crappy weather.
  128. Sherm

    Some freeway fireworks

    Check out the cylinder that rockets out of frame at about 2:50 into the video. Cool stuff. I hear in Russia most people have dash cams (so to speak) for insurance liability purposes.
  129. Sherm

    WFO Barracuda La Jolla 5-9-2014

    Snot's what's for dinner.
  130. Sherm

    San Felipe fishing

    Those sierra sure make good ceviche
  131. Sherm

    Survey to Evaluate Project on Potential Improved Spiny Lobster Catch

    Was beginning to think I was the only one that noticed.
  132. Sherm

    Top Gun 80 into big Bluefin

    I bet the 60 pounder landed was the baby and the lost fish were much bigger. At least that's what I would say if I lost one. :-)
  133. Sherm

    FMM Permit Info

    That is what we are trying for. If all goes well you will only need the multiple entry visa and it will be good to go by land or sea with no need to check in when you arrive in port.
  134. Sherm

    FMM Permit Info

    The visa is only required 24 miles from shore (pretty sure that's the distance) the water past that is not a problem. Also.....this new visa will be good for land and water travel.
  135. Sherm

    FMM Permit Info

    The trip to Ensenada was another good one. Still moving forward with a multiple entry visa and we should be good to go in a month or two. The Let's Talk Hook Up radio broadcast from the hotel Coral was a big success and the Mexican commissioners of international relations and sport fishing who...
  136. Sherm

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    Nice grade of fish and the Nemo jig is very cool
  137. Sherm

    FMM Permit Info

    A multiple entry system in time for the fishing season is my goal. We need to get this in place soon. The upcoming season is looking promising.
  138. Sherm

    Big Mako Catch!

    Freedom is a two way street. People have the right to post what they want and others have the freedom to matter how well thought out or how stupid the response is.
  139. Sherm

    FMM Permit Info

    Meeting with the Governor of Baja this weekend to keep the multiple entry visa ball rolling. I'll let you all know how it goes. Stand by
  140. Sherm

    Slapping Tuna Ass and Taking Numbers - 4/23/14

    thanks for the report. Looks likke a lot of fun.
  141. Sherm

    targeting crabs??

    The crabs we have around here sure seem to be a lot of effort for the reward. The shells are very hard and too much of hassle for me most of the time. The meat is excellent if you want to go through the extraction hassle.
  142. Sherm

    From the Outhouse to the Penthouse - Live Mackeral Style

    Nice report. It was like being there. And ditto on the couple that look ravaged by seals.
  143. Sherm

    FMM Permit Info

    I wouldn't count out another boat just yet. If all goes well we will get the multipple entry visa issue squared away in tthe next few months. Then you should be able to go on line and puchase a visa that is good for mutiple ttrips and for an extended period of time. (hopefully annual) Then...
  144. Sherm

    Womens World Record Yellowfin On Maximus

    Too cool! Congrats to the angler, boat, and crew on such an impressive catch.
  145. Sherm

    PB Cabbi

    Big Cabbi for sure. Congrats
  146. Sherm

    FMM Permit Info

    One of the main reasons I applied for this job was to give us a voice. It's my honor to represent.
  147. Sherm

    FMM Permit Info

    Let's be clear about the long term visas. They can be purchased for up to (I think) 180 days but that is for 180 days in Mexico. It is not for multiple entries into Mexico. I recently met with the commissioner of immigration in Mexico city. Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the Lieutenant Govenor...
  148. Sherm

    42 Inch Halibut.....From the Beach! 4/7

    Very nice surf flattie. Congrats!!!!
  149. Sherm

    Good luck Capt Ron

    Buena suerte este manana Ron
  150. Sherm

    Heading to Mexico

    Gavin was very nice and I was very glad that he wanted to come with us to the meeting. Glad he wanted to help.
  151. Sherm

    Heading to Mexico

    I met with the Mexican commissioner of immigration and Mayor Faulconer along with Lieutenant Govenor Gavin Newsome. We had a very good discussion and he told us that we should have a multiple entry visa ready to come out in two to three months.!!!!!!!! He said that Mexico already has a...
  152. Sherm

    Heading to Mexico

    Leaving in just a few hours to meet with the Mexican president and the director of their immigration department. Hopefully Mayor Faulconer and I will have some good news on the multiple entry visa issue to report. WISH US LUCK!!!!!
  153. Sherm


    Nice rattler Kelly. Looks like a great day on the water.
  154. Sherm

    So do private boaters need a permit to fish the Nados?

    I hear we are going to have an El Nino this year.
  155. Sherm

    So do private boaters need a permit to fish the Nados?

    I don't think they don't want us fishing their waters. They are just looking for regulation and a few bucks. I'm sure if there were a lot of Mexican boats coming to La Jolla and fishing we would be trying to do something. Working together I'm hopeful we can fix this problem.
  156. Sherm

    So do private boaters need a permit to fish the Nados?

    I am going............beginning of April :-)
  157. Sherm

    So do private boaters need a permit to fish the Nados?

    I'm heading to Mexico City with our new mayor in a few weeks on official business. Private boaters and fishing local Mexican waters are definitely going to be a topic of discussion. Hopefully we will get some movement on a MULTIPLE ENTRY (water only) VISA. Wish us luck!
  158. Sherm

    Looking to buy a Tundra

    I will sell you my slightly used Tundra. It just went through the break in period and only has 345,000 miles on it. :-)
  159. Sherm


    It's called the oversize vehicle ordinance. The main purpose of the law is to address the people who leave their motorhome (or live in them) and take up space on public streets for long periods of time. 72 hours in same spot. This started from concerns in the beach and bay areas for the...
  160. Sherm

    Share your Grand Father fishing stories

    Had many good trips with grandpa. Started fishing at Rancho Buena Vista with gramps when I was thirteen and grandpa was 63. My last trip with him was when he was 90 and he caught a 205 pound marlin in Hawaii. I gotta find the picture of him posing with his Marlin holding the sponge Bob...
  161. Sherm

    274 pound American Angler tuna on PENN 16VSX

    Nice fish and beard
  162. Sherm

    birds hunting humans!!!

    A good fake........but a fake
  163. Sherm

    Halibut on float tube 2/15/14

    Very nice. Great report.
  164. Sherm

    Childrens Passports.....

    City hall is now issuing passports.
  165. Sherm

    halibut hunt, san diego bay and kelp line

    Nice job Ted. Beats being at home. A couple more weeks and the butts should be on the chew.
  166. Sherm

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Now that's funny.
  167. Sherm

    Sea Biscuit ran aground at Anacapa

    That's a small job.
  168. Sherm

    Sea Biscuit ran aground at Anacapa

    I bet their insurance premiums are going to be going up. Glad no serious injuries.
  169. Sherm

    Tijuana-Ensenada scenic road collapses

    Isn't that spot of road just Southof where someone is trying to sell plots of land to build houses? The spot with all those locking brick walls is where I am thinking of.
  170. Sherm

    It's about time the Chargers...

    The Chargers have been screwed several times by a bad call or a call not made by the refs. Good to see us get a break every once in a while. Go Chargers!
  171. Sherm

    radioactive tuna

    Now that's the most appropriate response yet. Well done.
  172. Sherm

    Merry Xmas...

    This thread has been too much fun. Merry Christmas everybody!
  173. Sherm

    Darn Seals!!

    I wonder what cologne that guy was wearing. Very effective on seals.........either that or there was something larger and toothier in the water that seal wanted away from.
  174. Sherm

    Lab vs. Golden

    Labs are the way to go. Not as high strung an great bird dogs. Black labs are my favorite but a buddy of mine had a great chocolate lab that was an amazing retriever of water fowl. Just my 2 cents.
  175. Sherm

    No God is Welcome in San Diego.......per U.S. District Judge Larry Burns

    Agnostics are people who are just hedging their bet incase there is a heaven.
  176. Sherm

    dam knee

    Looks like no fun. Hang in there. Sorry to hear of the complications. I need my knee replaced soon. Stories like this are not making Me want to run into surgery.
  177. Sherm

    Raw Power Unleashed

    Sometimes the predator doesn't win. Cool video.
  178. Sherm

    No God is Welcome in San Diego.......per U.S. District Judge Larry Burns

    Agreed. This is just a few people who want to be noticed. The guy who originally started the lawsuit is dead yet the lawyers keep going. Actually this ruling is a good thing. The last time this went to the supreme court they refused to hear it. They sent it back to the circuit court...
  179. Sherm

    Santa brought the wife a new ride

    I thought you meant because I didn't know much about what I was talking about :D:D
  180. Sherm

    Santa brought the wife a new ride

    So now Santa needs to sell her old ride ASAP. Anyone interested in a 2002 Toyota Solara Convertible? Very nice looking vehicle that runs great. The wife is meticulous about maintenance. She still loves her Solara but she loves the new ride more. Send me a PM if any interest. I know how to...
  181. Sherm

    It was a good Thanksgiving!

    That's one small turkey:rofl: congrats on the bug. Yak hoopin is my favorite way to get them.
  182. Sherm

    Hooping report from Catalina

    Did you weigh it? Looks to be 10 or 11 pounds. Very nice haul. Congrats.
  183. Sherm


    Do the cheese cloth cover and baste every 30 minutes. You won't be sorry. I usually use three or four layers of cheese cloth so the basting liquid absorbs well. It will be one juicy bird. Can't wait to hear how it turns out.
  184. Sherm


    Going to the sand dunes for Thanksgiving again this year and once again we are smoking a turkey. I have a smoker that is attached to the BBQ so there is no water bowl. I put it in a good pan and cover the entire outside of the bird with butter. I usually add some rosemary on top of the bird...
  185. Sherm

    Last Night In Da Big Bay

    NIce Matt. Good getting the kids out. Nice night and not a bad haul for the light tide movement the last few days.
  186. Sherm

    new to spotties

    X2 on the light gear. 6lb test is my go to for spotties.
  187. Sherm

    new to spotties

    Jerk Shad with bullet or sled head.
  188. Sherm

    Any lobster reports this weekend?

    Good crawl last night. Had one hoop with four good keepers in it. Done by eight o'clock.
  189. Sherm

    SD Mayors race

    I'm putting together a robo call just for you big boy!!
  190. Sherm

    Pretty pissed with Shimano customer service right now...

    Send it back to them. If it is truly a factory defect........they will take care of it. They may even cover your costs if their product was truly defective. But they can't find out if you DON'T SEND IT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  191. Sherm

    Bloody Tuna Video. Maximus

    I miss PV. Thanks for reminding me of what an amazing fishery down there. Great video.
  192. Sherm

    Hey Frank, Happy New Year.

    Congrats on making another one Frank! At least you are still looking at the right side of the grass.
  193. Sherm

    Hmb crabbing 2 hour soak

    Never been crabbin. Are you guys allowed to use real pots that the crab can't crawl out of or do you have to use hoop nets like we do for lobster? Congrats on the nice crabs. My mouth is watering right now.
  194. Sherm

    Tyson, well deserved WIN!

    Congrats to your buddy on the big win, the coin, and his up coming wedding.
  195. Sherm

    Does Bloodydecks need a bullying policy

    That's how you deal with a bully. Classic.
  196. Sherm

    A few recent shots

    Great shots
  197. Sherm

    How late do you get trick or treaters??

    Same here. 130 kids last year and the last ones came by at 8:45.
  198. Sherm

    HELP...forgot boat keys at home in Yuma going to Baja...

    Can you switch out the entire ignition? Also check around in Mexico. I have found many an unusual part while down there. Junk yards and such turn up all kinds of parts.
  199. Sherm

    Surf fishing San Felipe

    Ditto. Puertocitos has much better shore fishing. Crocs and plastics and Gulp baits work well.
  200. Sherm

    Washington Redskins name change...

  201. Sherm

    Finally got out for some buggin

    Great. AI I'm out of town for Thanksgivin. Maybe before i leave we can get out.
  202. Sherm

    Finally got out for some buggin

    The bugs we pulled showed no signs of molt but some diver buddies of mine grabbed some last weekend that were fresh molts. We gotta get out again sometime soon. Team I'm off needs some time on the water. Bay Bass tourney down the road amigo. We need some pre fishing :-)
  203. Sherm

    Finally got out for some buggin

    If it were my boat probably would have done the same thing. But......since it was his boat I figured pulling the hoops was the right thing to do.
  204. Sherm

    Finally got out for some buggin

    Finally got some time to go out on the water and look for the roaches. It was a great night Monday with a good tide flow and the huge moon didn't come out until later which made for some good buggin. Went out with my buddy Rick after my council meeting. Rick was nice enough to meet me at the...
  205. Sherm


    Nice report.
  206. Sherm

    Blonde Handy Woman

    A blonde joke I hadn't heard before. And funny too. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.
  207. Sherm

    Wandering in the Eastern Sierra

    Now that's living. phenomenal pics!!!!!
  208. Sherm

    Play of the Week...

  209. Sherm

    Play of the Week...

    That was just a great block not a personal foul.
  210. Sherm


    Probably cheaper in the long run then what I spend to go catch them.
  211. Sherm

    UFC on Fox Sports.....Fight Night....

    Never been a big fan of the circus
  212. Sherm

    UFC on Fox Sports.....Fight Night....

    And I'm going in to the Jacobs Center to listen to a mayoral debate. You have all the fun Frank. Throw one back for me.
  213. Sherm

    Chargers at Raiders

    And I gave up buggin to watch the game............STUPID
  214. Sherm

    Chargers/Raiders game time......

    Glad I turned it off after the first Raider touchdown. Chargers win every other week. next week they will look good. And to think......I passed up buggin for that game. Never again.
  215. Sherm

    Yep still taking money.

  216. Sherm

    Maya's first time Lobster Fishing | Hoop Netting out of Dana Point

    You should be proud Tommy. Your girl did great. Ran out of gas a little early but that is to be expected. Congrats on the time on the water with your girl jason. She wont forget that night for the rest of her life.
  217. Sherm

    Yep still taking money.

    The trash isn't being picked up in DC with the shut down. Give it a week of garbage piling up and they will come to a conclusion.
  218. Sherm

    Best burger joint! Help please.

    I thought Frank would be the first to point that
  219. Sherm

    Yep still taking money.

    More involvement by everyday taxpayers is what's needed. Too many of us are busy keeping a roof over our head and keeping the kids fed to take the time to get involved. Unfortunately, not having the time to get involved leaves it to those who do. Leaving a large segment of the population...
  220. Sherm

    Best burger joint! Help please.

    Nope.........not looking for help finding one. I'm hoping to get your help to assist some friends in winning a contest. KGB radio station is having a contest for San Diego's Best Burger joint. The Longhorn Cafe is in the finals and happens to be owned by some child hood friends of mine. I...
  221. Sherm


    We have a hook up. Didn't take long
  222. Sherm

    Meet the newest BD member,my Grandaughter.

    Congrats Gramps!!!!!
  223. Sherm

    Flagstaff Kids Killing Tuna again! 9/21-9/22 Pac. Queen 2 Day

    I lived in Sedona about 25 years ago. I understand the fishing you are talking about.
  224. Sherm

    Flagstaff Kids Killing Tuna again! 9/21-9/22 Pac. Queen 2 Day

    A lot better than lake Mary or Oak Creek trout huh. Congrats......looked like a great trip.
  225. Sherm

    Great White Attacks Seals off PV on 9/19/13 - Caught on Video

    Circle of life. I'm amazed this hasn't degenerated into a mako or GW debate yet. Kids commentary was great.
  226. Sherm

    I will put you on blast..

    You have to admit.............. that's funny!
  227. Sherm

    Go big or go home YFT BFT Dodo and YT on the 18fter

    Love the gas can photo. Reminds me of the long trips on my Buddy Steve's 19 Baja Runner. RIP buddy. Glad you guys were rewarded for the long trip. Congrats.
  228. Sherm

    Local Kayak Fishing!

    Ali is going to be expecting a cut of the revenue for the advertising.
  229. Sherm

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report September 22

    excellent report again. Thanks.
  230. Sherm

    Go Chargers!!!

    You are asumming I want to be. ;)
  231. Sherm

    Go Chargers!!!

    I quit watching when they ran three runs in a row and punted. I knew what was coming. Typical Chargers. Get everyone thinking they are going to win and then do everything you can to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.
  232. Sherm

    The Salute

    Nice. The guys in the truck look familiar. Not exactly a fishing boat. I wonder what those two were planning on doing at sea that day.
  233. Sherm

    SEA bass

    Very Nice yak ghosts. congrats
  234. Sherm

    Americas Cup...

    Kind of tough to troll at that speed. And where is the bait tank and rod holders?
  235. Sherm

    "Bloody" Decks and Blue fin mayhem on the First String

    Great trip and beautiful dodo pic. Congrats
  236. Sherm

    Prayers needed for my Mom

    Hang in there Mike. You are a good son! Prayers for more recovery are on the way.
  237. Sherm

    Anybody know this guy?

    Sent to DFG - - - Updated - - - Sorry. DFW...........sheesh
  238. Sherm

    Stolen Avets, Calstars, Seeker Seaforth Landing

    Lynn, Check with your homeowners insurance policy. Many times they will cover items lifted from your vehicle. Worth a try. Good luck on finding your stuff. Thieves suck.
  239. Sherm

    Good Kelp

    Awesome job guys
  240. Sherm

    Cedros Adventures 8-19-2013 Great time, Great fishing, Great facility and service

    Great report. We had the same experience on our trip right after yours. We just had to deal with a tropical storm too. Namazing quality to the yellowtail. Our biggest was 49lbs and biggest bass 8.5 pounds. Glad you guys had such a good trip and thanks for the sabiki handoff at the Ensenada...
  241. Sherm

    Cedros report

    On our way back today. Turned out to be another great trip. We got out of port at about three in the afternoon the day it was supposed to be closed all day. Three hours of fishing and six YT. The largest YT of the trip went 49.8 pounds. Sweet. The smallest YT went 32 lbs. Amazing grade of...
  242. Sherm

    Cedros report

    The weather is clearing but the frickin harbor master won't let us out of the port. Ridiculous. 10 mile an hour winds and no white caps and the dumb ass says it's to rough to go out. What crap.
  243. Sherm

    Cedros report

    Almost forgot......picked up my personal best calico bass yesterday. 8.5 lbs! A nice bass for sure.
  244. Sherm

    Cedros report

    Thanks buddy. With his age and health I may not get too many more of these opportunities. Each trip like this with pops is more precious than the last. - - - Updated - - - Thanks buddy. With his age and health I may not get too many more of these opportunities. Each trip like this...
  245. Sherm

    Cedros report

    Weather is supposed to be good tomorrow. We will be out there. Thanks for the sabikis! They were a life saver!
  246. Sherm

    Cedros report

    Great day fishing yesterday. Mexican limits of yellowtail with the smallest being 30 pounds and the largest being 43 lbs. No fishing today as this tropical depression is smacking us in the mouth. 35mph winds and sideways blowing rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be good. We will have to see...
  247. Sherm

    Something I have been waiting to see happened last night.

    That's what I'm waiting to see later this morning. I hear it's a pretty good deal but I will have to wait a few more hours before I see it.
  248. Sherm

    Something I have been waiting to see happened last night.

    Filner was moving boxes out of the Mayors office. The end is near. I will see what the deal looks like later this morning. Hopefully it is something I can support and vote for. This would be a great start to my Cedros trip. No more Filthner and fishing with my father. I feel like the cat...
  249. Sherm

    Possible tropical system developing this week/weekend off the Baja Coast

    Just so long as Cedros island is fishable. Leaving tomorrow morning.
  250. Sherm

    URGENT - Lobster Season in Jeopardy!!!

    :rofl::rofl:I would be hitting the like button if there was one. Thanks for the laugh!!!
  251. Sherm

    Hey Carl.....more Sherman TV time

    That screws up Carl's entire dating strategy.
  252. Sherm

    Hey Carl.....more Sherman TV time

    I was thinking about sticking my head in the bowling ball buffer to get it extra shiny. Sounds like you think I should go the other direction in my thinking.
  253. Sherm

    Hey Carl.....more Sherman TV time

    Don't forget the knucklehead who was only using the plug of a power cord to secure the light to the boat.
  254. Sherm

    Hey Carl.....more Sherman TV time

    You guys are the reason I'm here. I will be on BD now and always my friend. Remember..........I'm not a politician I'm just surrounded by them.
  255. Sherm

    Hey Carl.....more Sherman TV time

    7:30 this morning. Maybe I can work in a BD salute.
  256. Sherm

    Hey Carl.....more Sherman TV time

    This morning on CNN amigo. More mayor bashing.
  257. Sherm

    Point Loma & SD Bay

    Fished the same are off point loma with a bunch of guys and gals from Wounded Warrior. Good times but fishing was tough. Cut squid and filleted sardines seems to be the ticket. But the fishing was slow.
  258. Sherm

    My first offshore trip ever!!!

  259. Sherm

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    Nope. Just chumming a bit this morning
  260. Sherm

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    Very true. But it doesn't change the statement that they may have a ton of fish so you may have to do like 20 trips. Math is still the same. Now if they would have said we will have tons (plural) then the 20 trips would hold up. Plus I just like giving people shit in the early am. Trust...
  261. Sherm

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    Case in point........500 lbs per cart would be four trips not 20. 2000 pounds (1 ton) divide by 500 ( pounds per cart) equals four trips
  262. Sherm

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    I read this entire thread and the only thing I learned is that fisherman are way too fucking sensitive and get all butt hurt over a little criticism and that many people need to go back to school. Terrible spelling, grammar, and math in this thread.
  263. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    Trip is full. Thanks guys.
  264. Sherm

    Happy Birthday Maggie

    Happy b day to our team mom. Have a great one Maggie. You deserve it.
  265. Sherm

    9- 302-224 Poor Conditions - Thursday

    Thanks for the intel. Verifies what I have been hearing about that area.
  266. Sherm

    Full Moon Fishing

    I was in east cape the last full moon phase. Fished two days and caught 5 marlin and 20 tuna. The full moon didn't seem to bother them much. Have a great trip
  267. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    I enjoy taking on the mayor all the time my friend!!!!
  268. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    I can't believe nobody wants to go on this trip! The fishing down there is amazing and the food is even better.
  269. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    Better make sure that person is male if they are going to be around city hall. Although the next week and a half should be safe.......the mayor is in rehab. Probably the club in Vegas with the same name though.
  270. Sherm

    Make-A-Wish Wish Kid fishin trip on the "El Gato Dos" 8.5.2013

    You guys rock!!!! Make A Wish is such a great organization and they are very lucky to have champions like Harry and Lan. Way to go gang!
  271. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

  272. Sherm

    Yellowtail for sushi?

    Been eating it raw forever. My favorite sashimi fish. Better than ahi in my humble opinion.
  273. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening still available. Should be a great trip with a bunch of good guys. We could even discuss all the behind the scenes stuff regarding our piece of crap mayor. The latest is......he harassed and groped a couple women at a veterans event. The veterans event was to help female...
  274. Sherm


    What's next? A guest appearance on Wicked Tuna?
  275. Sherm

    Ali and Jason on Let's Talk Hookup this morning

    Lots of good off loading last couple of days!
  276. Sherm

    Ammo is starting to come down

    Anyone find any 30 cal carbine ammo? Still having a tuff time locating that round.
  277. Sherm

    Ali and Jason on Let's Talk Hookup this morning

    The usual MO for Jason. I wish the sun would come up. At MB right now ready to launch the yak and start slaying the spotties.
  278. Sherm

    Ali and Jason on Let's Talk Hookup this morning

    Can't wait to call in and give the guys a bunch of shit. :2gunsfiring_v1: They are on AM1090 at 7:00 this morning.
  279. Sherm

    Dorado Shootout and Los Barrlies question.

    I forgot to follow up with a report. No Dorado for us but plenty of marlin and tuna. Cedros in a couple weeks. Can't wait.
  280. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    Yesterday morning? Must have been and old clip. I haven't bashed the mayor on TV for at least a couple days now. What quote was it? Probably the one about "taxpayers shouldn't be on the hook to hire a babysitter so the mayor can control his urges"? Trip still open by the way.
  281. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    Shit. I thought I had the spot filled. Now it's open again. Any interest send me a pm.
  282. Sherm

    58lb Yellowtail at La Jolla...

    That was an awesome catch
  283. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    A Bloodydecks lapel pin would be cool. Ali?............when are you guys going to have that on the swag list?
  284. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV defense money for the mayor and we will countersue if the city is on the hook for legal fees because of his actions. Big victory for tax payers.
  285. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    I can't wait :hali_olutta:
  286. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    Wish me luck in closed session today. The mayor wants his legal bills paid for by the taxpayer.:rofl:
  287. Sherm

    what happened to fishing manners?

    There is common courtesy when fishing. Most people adhere to it and ask for an ok to slide up on a paddy. Unfortunately......some people have forgotten courtesy and just think solely about themselves. Is it ok to slide up on someone's paddy? No......but it will happen. If it does......catch...
  288. Sherm

    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    Much respect for the release!!! Congrats on the big fish.
  289. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

  290. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    It may be subtle.....but the next time I'm on I will try to work it in.
  291. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    Agreed buddy. That's why I got in and don't want to run for another office. Just bringing a big shovel down there with me to clean up the mess. I know where my roots come from.
  292. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    That wouldn't take long. A short pay per view event for sure.
  293. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    KUSI may have it on their site. San Diego people is the name of the show. - - - Updated - - - I figured you were always patrolling BD. Next time I have to call you? Sheeeeesh.
  294. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    Hell no!
  295. Sherm

    1 Paddy 3 Species Killer Day

    Reminds me of a magic paddy from a few years ago. We had BFT, YFT, YT, and Dodos all on one paddy. Congrats on the awesome trip and thanks for the report!!!
  296. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    Someone has to.
  297. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    I refuse to wear makeup so you will have to put up with the shine.
  298. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    Carl is always giving me a hard time for not letting him know when I'm going to be on television. Here you go Carl. Today (Sunday) I will be on KUSI at 10 am talking about our poor excuse for a mayor. Poor excuse as a man actually! Hope to hear what you think Carl.
  299. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    The spot is still open.
  300. Sherm

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    Your supposed to keep your money in your shoe and $20 mordida money in your wallet. That way you can say that's all I have. I have not had to pay mordida in a long time. Two years ago I wasn't paying attention to the traffic lights and ran a red. Oops. I was stopped by police and they would...
  301. Sherm

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    Your supposed to keep your money in your shoe and $20 mordida money in your wallet. That way you can say that's all I have. I have not had to pay mordida in a long time. Two years ago I wasn't paying attention to the traffic lights and ran a red. Oops. I was stopped by police and they would...
  302. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    I'm still waiting to see where the money is. Haven't found it yet.
  303. Sherm

    Fish ID please

  304. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    Now that's funny.
  305. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    3 full days. Plenty of fishing last trip. Check out the thread of last years trip....Cedros Fly in Trip is the title. Awesome fishing. Big yellowtail in the morning, calicos and other fish mid day, more yellowtail in the afternoon. We were driving away from big Threshers because it wasn't...
  306. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    Lots of Marlin (pesky things) and 15 pound tuna. Very little Dorado. Great time thou. Cedros is next.
  307. Sherm

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    I still haven't had any problems in Mexico and I go there a lot. College days don't count since I brought that on myself while down there.
  308. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

  309. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    Last year I gave Rick the report. Looking forward to the other way around.
  310. Sherm

    Dorado Shootout

    I was at that tournament. Returned on Sunday and was at the weigh in. I saw the fish that came out of the dorados belly. The thing I found interesting was that the baits from the stomach showed no signs of abuse and were very large. Hard to see how the dorado could have consumed that many...
  311. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    Cool. Look forward to your report in the airport.
  312. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    I have a spot that opened up on my upcoming Cedros Adventures trip. 9 guys and one of them is my father so you have to be on somewhat decent behavior mode. Good group of guys who like to fish and have fun. The trip leaves Aug 23rd and returns the 27th. $2100 and everything is included...
  313. Sherm

    Dorado Shootout and Los Barrlies question.

    All packed and getting on a plane in a couple hours. Thanks for all the info everybody. Fish report to follow in a few days.
  314. Sherm

    Dorado Shootout and Los Barrlies question.

    He won't figure that out before I get back. I'll keep reminding him though. :D:D :nutkick:
  315. Sherm

    Dorado Shootout and Los Barrlies question.

    Thanks. May be worth the extra coin to have the gear with me. Kind of like golfing without your own clubs.
  316. Sherm

    Dorado Shootout and Los Barrlies question.

    I just go aroused reading that..............out of here tomorrow morning and on the water Friday AM. Can't wait. Another question if you don't mind. What's the situation with taking your own rods and reels on the plane? Alaska Airlines flight. Thanks again!
  317. Sherm

    Dorado Shootout and Los Barrlies question.

    Heading down tomorrow to Los Barriles for the Dorado Shootout and was wondering if anyone had some info or fish reports from the area. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sherm
  318. Sherm

    San Diego/Mission bay inshore

    I'm stuck at city hall and these great reports are KILLING ME!!!!!! Congrats on the nice fish. Catching with Carl around is quite an accomplishment.
  319. Sherm

    Jumbo Blufin

    Nice grade of fish. Congrats on a great trip. The smiles say it all.
  320. Sherm

    More SwordFISHING this weekend - 7/13 - Getting closer.

    Keep at it Ali. The time will pay off my friend. Keep at it. Can't wait to see the first one come over the rail.
  321. Sherm

    Early bird ..........You know .

    Now that's a good day of local fishing. Great job and congrats.
  322. Sherm

    Kayak WSB and Pesky Bycatch

    Pesky bycatch. Hate when that happens. Awesome day on the water. Congrats on the nice fish.
  323. Sherm

    Non Albacore Year?

    I remember a stretch back in the mid 70's where they disappeared for several years. In the old days the 4th of July was the traditional start of albie season. They may show up. However.......with the water temps right now I doubt it.
  324. Sherm

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    I can't believe I read this entire thread.
  325. Sherm

    Aaron Hernandez led out in handcuffs

    Doesn't look good. Dead friend found next to car Hernandez rented. He destroyed the security tapes from his home, and hired a maid service to scour and clean his house. Hmmmmmmmm
  326. Sherm

    Paddy BS

    You don't even like me pointing at a paddy when boats are in bino range. People should find there own cabbage. Paddies seem to bunch up in areas and if there is one there are usually others. Go find your own patch.
  327. Sherm

    Councilmen and yellowtail........

    Thanks for that Scott. I couldn't stop laughing for quite a while.
  328. Sherm

    Councilmen and yellowtail........

    Great day fishing with you yesterday amigo. Hopefully we can reproduce that effort for the Shootout. See you tomorrow night at the captains meeting.
  329. Sherm

    Yellowtail on squid.

    Had a good day yesterday in the same area fishing with my buddy Tommy. Limits of Yellowtail for two guys. Also lost one at the kelp beds south of south island.
  330. Sherm

    Win a Pair of Costa Del Mar's - Guess the winning weight for the YTSO

    Our best three yellowtail yesterday totaled 57lbs
  331. Sherm

    All Aboard................Go Padres!

    Gp pads!!!!
  332. Sherm

    Win a Pair of Costa Del Mar's - Guess the winning weight for the YTSO

    Whatever the weight of my teams bag will be the winning weight. 70.1 is my official guess though.
  333. Sherm

    la jolla fathers day yellow

    Nice home guard yellow. Congrats.
  334. Sherm

    Crazy homeless fishing

    He cut off Carls right hand?
  335. Sherm

    Crazy homeless fishing

    Palomar knot on the stick with a Double Uni knot for the mono/ flouro leader.
  336. Sherm

    Puerto Vallarta - Charter

    Manny is a great skipper. Or if you want to go the panga route try Lora. Most are listed here.
  337. Sherm

    Crazy homeless fishing

    At least the DFW is good at follow up. Just got a call asking for info on this guy. Sounds like they have run into this guy before.
  338. Sherm

    Need input please!!!! Shipping a boat east to west!

    Make sure you or the hauler have the right insurance. Insurance sometimes can be difficult hauling across country.
  339. Sherm

    Crazy homeless fishing

    I guess we should let rob a bank too. After all he is just trying to get some money to buy food. Plus......"trash fish" have their place in the ecosystem too. It's all connected. My humble opinion of course.
  340. Sherm

    Some shore fisherman.............sheeeeesh

    Quick update.....DFW warden called back and left message for me. Doing a follow up on my report. Playing telephone tag but they got back to me.
  341. Sherm

    Crazy homeless fishing

    Don't know what the law is on how many lines, hooks, etc but I do know the regs on undersized fish. He kept just about everything except the rays.
  342. Sherm

    Crazy homeless fishing

    I couldn't resist
  343. Sherm

    Crazy homeless fishing

    On second may have just been Carl.
  344. Sherm

    Let the trash talk begin

    Make sure to bring the banana cream pie.
  345. Sherm

    Crazy homeless fishing

    Well now I've seen it all. Yesterday morning I had an early morning TV appearance with some time left between morning meetings. I decided to head down to the bay and toss some plastics from shore since it was a good low tide. When I arrived at Fiesta Island there was a guy with a bike and...
  346. Sherm

    Anyone been on these boats?

    Either boat is a good option.
  347. Sherm

    Some shore fisherman.............sheeeeesh

    Next time it's photographs. Camera will be at the ready.
  348. Sherm

    Some shore fisherman.............sheeeeesh

    A few weeks ago I was fishing MB from my yak and saw a shore fisherman catch a small ray and then he spiked it in the head and threw it away. Why would you kill something you are not going to keep? When I finished I went by the spot where these guys were fishing and there were FIVE dead...
  349. Sherm

    Let the trash talk begin

    At your age you need em. Great pic amigo. Can we fish next to you again this year? Been getting used to watching you guys catch the winning fish
  350. Sherm

    Let the trash talk begin

    Another run to Clemente in your 21 footer Tommy? Maybe we can find fish closer this year. Or just find some fish. Looking forward to following Leo around the ocean this year.
  351. Sherm

    Brown Bait Lings - 6/2

    Brown baits? That's a blast from the past. Nice dinosaur fishing.
  352. Sherm

    Keeping fish in the freezer

    If it's over three months in just a freezer bag. I just make sure it cooked well after the burn is cut off. Just wouldn't sashimi it up after that long unless vacuum sealed well.
  353. Sherm


    He has to be financially disciplined. He has 11 kids in 10 states by 7 different women. He is going to be broke forever even if he is financially disciplined.
  354. Sherm


    If Rogers-Cromartie plays anything like Antonio Cromartie..........then the Doncos are screwed. There is no wimpier player in all of football. Giant pussy :finger:
  355. Sherm

    Indy gets a 100lb bluefin

    You should have a lot of experience with that feeling.
  356. Sherm

    Did 6000 members get banned?

    What new format?
  357. Sherm

    Rpt-8 day on the Excel ending 09-23-11

    Awesome Cory. Congrats on an excellent trip
  358. Sherm

    Punta Mita 4/25

    The kids look like they had a terrible time:D. Nice report. The pictures said it all.
  359. Sherm


    Hard to argue with that. Ouch indeed
  360. Sherm

    Epic Wahoo Beat Down

    Very nice quality Ono right there. Congrats.
  361. Sherm

    25 cent bino's

    Too funny
  362. Sherm

    How to turn #1 into #2...

    I knew I could count on you Scott.
  363. Sherm

    How to turn #1 into #2...

    I so want to make a "length of peni comment". I leave it up to you all though.
  364. Sherm

    PB Spotties, Fun Calico Fishing, and Lots of Pictures!!!

    Very nice. And you already know how to pose for pictures. :rofl: Keep it up.
  365. Sherm

    Giant Mako attacks Swordfish

    Awesome video!! The Mako had a broken pectoral fin that looked like a fold up wing on a jet fighter. Awesome shark.
  366. Sherm

    Launching a Porsche at SI ramp

    Now that was one dumb drunk bastard to wind up there. I wonder where the owner is?
  367. Sherm


    Loreto used to be my favorite spot for Grouper. Skippy or Bonita with a big weight and hevy line and rig. We would always get bit. Mlanding them was another story.
  368. Sherm

    Wear the fucking life jacket

    Gods speed. Sorry for the loss but thanks for the words of wisdom. Your words may have just saved someone from going through what you and your family are dealing with. Stay strong.
  369. Sherm

    "SOLD" !!!! For Sale: 2003 29' Amato (Marlin)

    Very nice. Wish I was in the market.
  370. Sherm

    Want to buy a kayak

    I guess I'm just lazy. I got my fish n dive 9 years ago. If it ain't broke don't fix it I guess. I still fish that piece of plastic. Slower than the other yaks and a paddle yak.......but it gets the job done, is very stable, and has tons of storage area. It is great for hooping too. But...
  371. Sherm

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    I know a good insurance guy :rofl: Nice sled..........congrats!!
  372. Sherm

    first post

    The only stupid question is the one not asked. Welcome to BD. Are you sure you want to be associated with this bunch a degenerates?
  373. Sherm


    Congrats on your first. Welcome to the addiction. Don't worry about fishing early before work and what people think. I keep my fishing rods and rubber boots in the truck for just such an eventuality. The low tides the last few days have been great for an hour of stretching a line.
  374. Sherm

    Gonzaga bay and driving Baja ?

    Leaning towards hwy 1 for the trip down. May take the scenic route on the way back.
  375. Sherm

    Gonzaga bay and driving Baja ?

    Just the 4x truck. Not going to haul the trailer.
  376. Sherm

    Gonzaga bay and driving Baja ?

    Anybody know what the road is like from Gonzaga south? May be driving to Loreto in a few weeks and trying to decide route. Any info would be appreciated. Sherm
  377. Sherm

    Manti Te'o to the Chargers......

    Hopefully he's better at picking up running backs than he is at picking up chicks.
  378. Sherm

    Nice pre work corbina 4-22-13

    Nice Bean
  379. Sherm

    30" halibut and spotties on the spinnerbait-- Video!!!

    Nice. Fished MB Sunday morning for the same kind of action. Lot's of butts biting in the bay right now. Nice video and thanks for sharing.
  380. Sherm

    Question for residential contractors...

    Floor first then paint. just be careful painting and yu will be fine. Do the floor and then clean well and paint,
  381. Sherm

    This guy really knows how to word his craigslist boat for sale ad

    I wonder if this guy needs a job selling insurance. i bet he could sell refrigerators to Eskimos.
  382. Sherm

    Mexico Insurance??

    Discover Baja is a good option or you could call my wife at the office. She has been writing Mex insurance for over twenty years and used to work for a Mexican Insurance company in claims. Either way you should be set. Just remember......Mexico Insurance covers your car and boat on...
  383. Sherm

    First Time in Saltwater!

    Welcome to the addiction. Great first trip. will have to excuse me. I'm just about ready to launch the yak in MB for a morning of bass slaying.
  384. Sherm

    Poachers busted!

    Douche bags!!!! Glad they were caught.
  385. Sherm

    Sick Tarpon and Rainbow Bass Fishing in Nicaragua

    Fantastic pics. What a great adventure you all had. Congrats on the fishing.
  386. Sherm

    Varmint got my dog

    In Allied Gardens myself and have lost a cat to yotes. They know how to go "urban hunting". I've seen them in the early AM running down the street. There is a family of them that have a den in the bushes on the 7th hole at Mission Trails Gold Course. They know how to adapt to urban...
  387. Sherm

    San Diego bay yellowtail

    Dropper loop with live squid?
  388. Sherm

    Boat Driving Vs. Driving to Ensenada?

    The wait at the border is a good enough reason not to tow down there.
  389. Sherm

    Suicycle Insanity...

    At least that one guy crashed into an ambulance. Now that's efficiency.
  390. Sherm

    114# Ahi from Kayak

    My new bucket list item. Awesome.
  391. Sherm

    Oh no.... now they are going to outlaw Exacto blades & similar weapons!!!

    If you want to blame someone or something other than the person using the weapon then let's look at the 24/7 coverage of these tragedies. Maybe some other emotionally unstable people wouldn't get the idea to get noticed by shooting up a school. Or blame the politicians who use tragedies to...
  392. Sherm

    Oh no.... now they are going to outlaw Exacto blades & similar weapons!!!

    Yes I do. The straw man here is blaming the gun for the actions of a psychopath who used the gun. Blaming the weapon is the straw man in this debate.
  393. Sherm

    Oh no.... now they are going to outlaw Exacto blades & similar weapons!!!

    My gun is no more than a paper weight if I am not using it. I have many guns and not one has got up and run amuck.
  394. Sherm

    Oh no.... now they are going to outlaw Exacto blades & similar weapons!!!

    Some big assumptions there. To state that the elementary school attack started the run on firearms is wrong. It was the governments reaction to that tragedy that started the run on ammo and firearms. The talk of banning guns started the run and not the shooting.
  395. Sherm

    Oh no.... now they are going to outlaw Exacto blades & similar weapons!!!

    Again though.........those high cap mags and guns would not be a problem if it wasn't for the person holding it. Why is it when someone gets behind the wheel drunk and kills we ask "what's wrong with that person". When someone stabs someone we say "what is wrong with that person". When someone...
  396. Sherm

    Oh no.... now they are going to outlaw Exacto blades & similar weapons!!!

    I think he was pointing out that inanimate objects like knives and guns are harmless unless someone picks them up and uses them malisciously. And I don't remember him bringing up five and six year olds. That was your interjection.
  397. Sherm

    Oh no.... now they are going to outlaw Exacto blades & similar weapons!!!

    I think Saluki is try to point out absurdity by being absurd.
  398. Sherm

    Oh no.... now they are going to outlaw Exacto blades & similar weapons!!!

    I'm very concerned. I know martial arts and taught it for 12 years. I know how to kill with my bare hands. How long before my hands are banned. Wait a minute. My hands would not be dangerous if it wasn't for the brain that contains the knowledge. Better ban that.
  399. Sherm


    No problem. Now you know about spotties in the bay and sound willing to listen to how most do it around here. Good for you. And please don't let the BD masses get to you. We like to give guys crap but most on here are very good people. You just need to understand that you need thick skin...
  400. Sherm


    A lot of spotties there because most people release them.
  401. Sherm

    Its just that easy

    My thoughts exactly. Nice to have that sedated marlin there too.
  402. Sherm

    dumb question #1

    We know.
  403. Sherm

    4th Annual Tin Boat Regatta Gonzaga Bay

    Sound alike a good time. If the wind doesn't blow.
  404. Sherm

    Lures for Rockfish?

    Mega baits or gulp baits if you still want to go with artificial baits. What George said about the laser minnow is golden too.
  405. Sherm

    But no size to 'em! Wanna-be SBB thick as fleas

    Good spottie fishing yesterday in MB. No dinks and a small butt too.
  406. Sherm

    Something new in the works.

    Looks like a BD lure with that look. Nice
  407. Sherm

    A maybe IGFA record Mahi???

    Great pics and big dodo. Congrats
  408. Sherm

    But no size to 'em! Wanna-be SBB thick as fleas

    Sounds like fun. Getting ready to fish MB this morning. Hopefully the spotties will be bigger. Last week saw one that went 18 inches.
  409. Sherm

    .22 ammo....$.30 a round...?!?!

    Trying to take my staff shooting next weekend. Any body know where I can find some 30 cal. Carbine ammo?
  410. Sherm

    Another Mexican insurance question

    If youvare with progressive I can get the wording for you.
  411. Sherm

    Another Mexican insurance question

    All good stuff. I have seen the Progressive wording that talks about Mexico coverage and they will cover 75 miles from shore in any State, province, or territory of Mexico. Just remember......LIABILITY IN NOT COVERED!!!!!! Also........American companies will not pay for the...
  412. Sherm

    mission bay/ big bay tips

    Weedless jig heads and swim baits work great. I also like the Gulp Jerk Shad with a sled head. Great weedless setup and the fish cant stay off them. A good early low tide this weekend bodes well for some good bay fishing. Good luck.
  413. Sherm

    Walmart Part II disrespect intended but why do you run right to asking people if they served when defending yourself? What does that have to do with this thread? Thanks you for your service but just because some people didn't or couldn't serve doesn't mean we are a bunch of cowards. Sounds...
  414. Sherm

    Another Mexican insurance question

    Let me weigh in here. Mexican law requires you to have MEXICAN INSURANCE for liability in Mexico. Your vehicle and boat need to have Mexican liability insurance while in Mexico. Many US companies will cover the loss or damage to YOUR boat on the water while in Mexico and some say they cover...
  415. Sherm

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    Everything tastes better than balut.
  416. Sherm

    Fuck Walmart!

    They ran out of vagasil?
  417. Sherm

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

  418. Sherm

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: you guys are killin me. Thanks for the lunchtime laugh.
  419. Sherm

    One step closer to remodeling Shelter Island Launch Ramp

    Received and appreciated amigo.
  420. Sherm

    One step closer to remodeling Shelter Island Launch Ramp

    Getting Gov. To hurry up and spend allocated money is frustrating. I have my staff checking into expediting this entire process. We will try everything we can from this end to speed up the process. That ramp is terrible at low tide (or any tide for that matter) and needs replacing right away.
  421. Sherm

    quote of the day ..more bonus points

    John Adams?
  422. Sherm

    HEY SHERM............

    Frickin Tommy.
  423. Sherm

    HEY SHERM............

    So that's where my vest ended up. It had my license in it. I have to go track her down. If anyone sees her at the show make sure to send her over to the 5th Avenue Insurance booth.
  424. Sherm

    Happy Birthday Otto!

    He still out fishes his old man. Happy birthday youngster.
  425. Sherm

    Getting Married.

    Don't let her eat the wedding cake. There is a secret ingredient in it that kills the sex drive in women.
  426. Sherm

    30lb YellowTail!!!!!!!! Go fishing!!!!

    Fishing usually picks up around Fred Hall. Wish I could get on the water. Congrats.
  427. Sherm

    Now I've heard it all about the seals in La Jolla.

    Not a politician ..........just surrounded by them!
  428. Sherm

    Now I've heard it all about the seals in La Jolla.

    Some lady on the news said this morning that they have had "poaching, shootings and mutilations" of seals at the children's pool. I sure would like to see proof of that. People amaze me. They spout so many lies that they start to believe it.
  429. Sherm

    Tough guy now.............. but just wait until it gets real.

    That piece of crap will cost a few million dollars to incarcerate for life. I know the price of ammo has gone up but it is still cheaper than life in prison.
  430. Sherm


    Very nice.
  431. Sherm

    Looking for .22 bricks

    Good to know. Maybe the gun shop told me incorrectly regarding number of rounds. May have been just proposed.
  432. Sherm

    Looking for .22 bricks

    Can't buy that many bullets at one time I guess. I have tried to find the sme thing to no avail.
  433. Sherm

    How Many Have An EPIRB For Offshore?

    EPIRB gets you a discount on insurance (with most companies) as well.
  434. Sherm

    Real estate we go again

    The market may go back down but no time soon. The price of money is historically cheap. If I were in the market I would be buying now.
  435. Sherm

    RedHot tuna bite - Cabo

    Very nice family outing. Congrats.
  436. Sherm

    Frankenfish rears it's ugly head, GMO Salmon approved for food, unlabeled...

    We have been eating genetically modified food for a long time. What is the issue?
  437. Sherm

    Fishin the "San Diego" at the Nados 3.13.13

    I'll see you there Harry. We are having a booth again this year and raffling off a tackle box full of schwag.
  438. Sherm

    No Cowcod allowed in Calif?

    Rumor? That was fact a couple months ago. On some good news. The gov did a research trip out to the 43 and found that cow cod were very plentiful along with most other rockfish species. Maybe they will open it up soon.
  439. Sherm

    When is it time to upgrade trucks

    U derstood. My trailer only weighs about 8500 fully loaded. It tows that fine but over 10,000 pounds would be a problem longterm. A great truck though.
  440. Sherm

    Fishin the "San Diego" at the Nados 3.13.13

    Awesome Harry. Fred Hall must be getting close. Fishing always seems to go off when Fred Hall comes to Del Mar.
  441. Sherm

    When is it time to upgrade trucks

    I'm probably going to upset Some guys here.......but my 2005 truck with 312000 miles on it is a Toyota!!! This truck has been amazing. I change the oil every 25,000 miles and have serviced the transmission once and replaced a timing belt. There was nothing wrong but the manual said to do it...
  442. Sherm

    When is it time to upgrade trucks

    I never thought I would be in a automatic ever. But my truck has 312,000 miles on it and only serviced the transmission once. It's an 05 and still going strong with all those miles.
  443. Sherm

    New Boat Owner

    Don't forget insurance. I know a guy I could hook you up with if you need a quote. :D
  444. Sherm

    That was a nice jolt.

    I thouht there was a little shaking.
  445. Sherm

    Coronado 3-7-13

    Fun catch and great pics. Congrats on the big fish on the light line.
  446. Sherm

    How NOT to pull a boat out of water

    A little bailing wire and duct tape and it will be good as new.
  447. Sherm

    Happy Birthday Sherm

    Thanks everyone. The well wishes are much appreciated. From this point on....every day looking at the right side of the grass is a good one.
  448. Sherm

    my son attacked

    Prayers for you and your boy.
  449. Sherm

    My SEVENTH "thread".......'nuf said.

    "Ali a politician"? Now that's funny.
  450. Sherm

    3-2 Taco Time!

    Looks like a great trip.
  451. Sherm

    gonzaga bay return many times can ya get inspected ?

    When you see those clouds coming over the mountains you know the wind is going to blow. Nice pics.
  452. Sherm

    Need some prayers for my dad

    Prayers sent. I pray all turns out well.
  453. Sherm

    Accident in San Diego Bay!!!

    Pair of pliers? A real man would rip that nail off with his teeth or just cut the finger off and get back to work. have nine others.
  454. Sherm

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    You sound like a politician.
  455. Sherm

    Accident in San Diego Bay!!!

    Who cares about your boo boo Rob. Where were you hooping? Numbers would be appreciated. Rub some dirt on it and get back to buggin. I gotta get out soon. This new job has been keeping me off the water.
  456. Sherm

    My SIXTH

    That sure was a long winded way of saying "if you fall off your horse the best thing to do is get right back on." Still don't understand the "idiots" or "Santa Claus is coming" references. Maybe it's just a way to get people to pay attention to your ramblings or maybe I'm an idiot.
  457. Sherm

    La Jolla Help

    Both good tips. You will need a fish finder if you are going to work the bottom spots.
  458. Sherm

    We have lost a friend

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and Dom's family.
  459. Sherm

    POLL: Best fishing related movie EVER

    Ols man and the sea. The original with Spencer Tracy. It was one of the movies that inspired my love of fishing. Maybe that's why I like the yak so much. Kind of like the old man and the sea. Well........the old part anyway.
  460. Sherm

    My FIFTH post...or "thread"...with one reply.....Its going to get personal boys...

    Man I can't wait for the fishing to get better.
  461. Sherm

    what do you think

    That's a state issue.
  462. Sherm


    X2. Nice and easy.
  463. Sherm

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

    I take a flea bath every night when I get home.:rofl:
  464. Sherm

    what do you think

    Ridiculous and embarrassing.
  465. Sherm

    My THIRD a few friends...

    Just you my friend.
  466. Sherm

    My THIRD a few friends...

    See you at the BBQ Frank. May I be on the real people list? I've been trying to get on that list for a while now :rofl::hali_olutta:
  467. Sherm

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

    The gov scare tactics continue. This morning they are saying we will lose all food inspectors if we don't do something to stop the sequester. Shameful.
  468. Sherm

    My THIRD a few friends...

    He's still trolling
  469. Sherm

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

    Why is it they cut the programs everyone likes first? Trying to play on sympathies I guess. I noticed they didn't get rid of the 86 mil they spend every year subsidizing snacks on amtrack or any of the other wasteful crap Just hit people where it hurts so they can ask for more money from...
  470. Sherm

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    Very well said. Who wrote it for you?
  471. Sherm

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    This guy does know how to troll. I'll give him that.
  472. Sherm

    Correlation between age and sports

    You know you are getting old when.......4 o'clock in the morning is when you get up ......not when you get home.
  473. Sherm

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    You going to the BD BBQ?
  474. Sherm

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    I'm just amazed you were included on the list :rofl::rofl: :hali_olutta:
  475. Sherm

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    But have you been buggin George. That is the important fuckin question. And quit typing so many words per minute........ Your posts are too long for my limited attention span. And for the original poster...........if you don't like what you are looking at.....don't log in. This site is a...
  476. Sherm

    Can invasive lionfish be stopped?

    Are they good to eat? It's going to be very difficult to remove them. Almost impossible in my humble opinion.
  477. Sherm

    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    I always enjoy and the Fred Hall Del Mar has some great deals at the end of the show.
  478. Sherm

    Date of 2013 Yellowtail shoot out??

    Another San Clemente run? :rofl: :rofl:
  479. Sherm


    I use bigger bait than those :rofl: Just kidding......nice rainbows!! A day on the water with family can't be beat.
  480. Sherm

    Which Bass Taste the BEST?

    Black Sea Bass!!
  481. Sherm

    Green Bay Packers Fan Thread...

    There are only a couple packer fans here on BD. What's the point?
  482. Sherm

    Detachable Penis

    Actually there is a secret ingredient in wedding cake that causes that.
  483. Sherm


  484. Sherm


    I don't piss people off Frank ;)
  485. Sherm


    I figured Carl didn't watch. I left my phone in my pocket and was afraid he would call during the segment. No ring meant no Carl.
  486. Sherm

    What is wrong with us?

    The press made it a gun control story by the way they presented the facts. The guns were locked up where the kid couldn't have access. There is no way my kids could get to the guns in my house because they are in a large gun safe and the kids don't have the combo.
  487. Sherm

    What keeps you coming back to BD?

    I keep coming back because this is the only site that hasn't kicked me off.
  488. Sherm

    What is wrong with us?

    Another good point. Litigation for everything is a serious problem. It costs everyone but the attorneys.
  489. Sherm

    What is wrong with us?

    But they do have a bunch of councilors at the school to help the children cope. COPE WITH WHAT!!!!! An e-mail they never knew existed until it was blasted all over the news? Ridiculous!!!!! No wonder our kids are growing up the way they are. It's getting to the point that these kids need...
  490. Sherm

    What is wrong with us?

    Watching the news this morning and it turns out that a 12 year old kid sent a threatening e-mail to a teacher with the reference to using a gun. The cops respond to the kids house and confiscate about 10 guns that were locked up and stowed away at the time. So that is what it's coming to? A...
  491. Sherm

    Lake Poway kids fishing derby

    I will be looking for you Wayne. Should I bring you a cigar? ;);)
  492. Sherm

    Volunteers Needed Feb 9, 2013 Lake Poway Kids Fishing Derby w Captain Ron

    See you in the morning. My Grandson Nathan and I will be there. Fishing instead of volunteering this time. I'll try to help where I can though.
  493. Sherm

    Wannabe boat owner here just looking for some good advice before I pull the trigger

    Very good idea. Save some coin and wait until next winter. Another good idea is to have someone look at the boat you are thinking about buying. Unless you are very familiar with's good to get an expert to look at it. I insure boats and too many times have seen guys jump into a...
  494. Sherm

    Lake Poway kids fishing derby

    I will look for you all tomorrow. Thanks for all the advice. I was thinking about the camping part too. Depends on timing tonight....may try to join you all on the camping.
  495. Sherm

    Lake Poway kids fishing derby

    Any bait suggestions?
  496. Sherm

    Lake Poway kids fishing derby

    Thanks. Should be fun having the grandson fish this time.
  497. Sherm

    Lake Poway kids fishing derby

    I'm going to take my grandson to the kids fishing derby Saturday and need some tips on trout fishing that lake. I don't do the freshwater thing much and haven't fished trout for a long time. Any one have tips for lake fishing for the five year old grandson. Just want to they and put a couple...
  498. Sherm

    Good business or bad business?

    It must be a marketing strategy because that situation exists down here too Frank.
  499. Sherm

    Good business or bad business?

    Mission gorge?
  500. Sherm

    So what is this about?

    I'm old so the age of children did not go high enough. My children are 25 years old. I'm amazed I'm still looking at the right side of the grass.
  501. Sherm

    Driving straight to Cabo

    It's doable but not recommended. Break the trip up. Night time driving down there can be an adventure at best. Take two days and relax a bit.
  502. Sherm

    Banging in the Big Bay

    Nice. Picked up a 27 inch butt the other day using the same baits. Congrats on the flattie.
  503. Sherm

    Semi Official Super Harbowl Thread...

    I wonder how many Ravens players called their parole officers when the lights went out. They aren't supposed to be out after dark.
  504. Sherm

    Semi Official Super Harbowl Thread...

    I guess the replacement refs found jobs as electrical engineers.
  505. Sherm

    And the SB halftime show reaches a new LOW

    Sounding like a charger fan.
  506. Sherm

    Semi Official Super Harbowl Thread...

    I guess the 9'ers halftime adjustment was to throw a wrench into the transformer for the lighting system.
  507. Sherm

    Credit card surcharge for LR trips?

    The boats should be able to charge what they want for cach or credit. Government should not be involved. If a boat wants to recover the fees the credit card company charges them then they should have that option with the government staying the hell out of it. if we don't like them charging the...
  508. Sherm

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Fishing must be slow. This thread just keeps going.....and going.......and going
  509. Sherm

    The kid is going to grow to be a pussy, just like his dad.

    I think it won't take 30 years for the NFL to go away. I give it fifteen years and the lawyers and do-gooders will have the game outta here. I hate to say it but Seau's legacy to football will be ending it. His family has filed all kinds of lawsuits against the NFL and the flood gates are...
  510. Sherm

    Homer Simpson/Duff Beer Progression pics.

    Just awesome. Incredible work.
  511. Sherm

    Mexican visa issue

    Will do Mags. I have a follow up lunch meeting scheduled with them in a couple weeks. I know you and the BD crew will be there when I need you. Thanks for everything.
  512. Sherm

    Mission bay spotted bay bass

    Find the next good low tide and drive down there. Usually on a good minus tide you will get an idea of where the weed beds are. Most of the weed beds are just beyond the extreme minus tide line. Do you have a fish finder on your yak? That helps too. I fished MB last week for about an hour...
  513. Sherm


    She needs to take better care of spent clips but overall not a bad performance. I did notice she only went after the close targets,
  514. Sherm

    Bay Bass Tourney

    Glad we could contribute Rich.
  515. Sherm

    Mexican visa issue

    I thought you did........twice. Oh yeah.....that was supposed to be our secret. :rofl:
  516. Sherm

    Mexican visa issue

    I think the meeting was productive. They were very happy that I took the time to come see them. The heat seems to be getting turned up and they seemed to have a couple answers on how to solve this. There may be a solution on the horizon. I wish I could say more but I don't want to screw...
  517. Sherm

    Mexican visa issue

    I meet with them later this morning. Should have some signatures from the other council members too.
  518. Sherm

    Mexican visa issue

    I think I'll start off trying to find common ground first. No sense in puffing out the chest in the first meeting. Might set a bad tone.
  519. Sherm

    Mexican visa issue

    I'll be talking about sport and private boats for sure.
  520. Sherm

    Mexican visa issue

    I'm meeting with the Mexican Consulate General today to discuss this issue. Wish me luck!!!! Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on a solution.
  521. Sherm

    bassin in the big bay

    There are two types of strickers on the shrimp. One has a spear type Stryker and the other Mantis shrimp has a club like striker. I saw one crack a five gallon bucket once. I hear the club type striker has the power of a 22 round.
  522. Sherm

    The important things.

    :rofl: :rofl: maybe in twenty years or so.
  523. Sherm

    The important things.

    I like the last two pictures of him casting. The first pic is all about power. The second is a good example of grace. The kid is a natural.
  524. Sherm

    The important things.

    It's on the calendar Mags.
  525. Sherm

    The important things.

    Next to "father"'s the best title you can have.
  526. Sherm

    The important things.

    Yep......too much fun. The granddaughter is two. She will be next.
  527. Sherm

    The important things.

    Yep. I let the little guy jump off the yak last time. We were close to shore and he had on the vest so I felt safe. He felt the water temp and hasn't wanted to jump in since.
  528. Sherm

    The important things.

    I don't bother attaching him to yak. I would hate to roll or sink with him attached. I just make sure his life vest is on at all times. He moves around too much anyway.
  529. Sherm

    The important things.

    He started holding a fishing pole when he was about a year. Got him actually fishing when he was three.
  530. Sherm

    The important things.

    Let me see if I can get out there. He would enjoy it for sure.
  531. Sherm

    The important things.

    Took my five year old grandson Nathan out for a little fishing on the bay yak style. We had a blast hanging out together and catching spotties. He caught three all by himself. He did the casting, hooking, and reeeling in of the fish. He is a spottie catching machine. He loves to cast. When we...
  532. Sherm

    Going Belly Up?

    Was that interview on the air? I looked for it and didn't see it. Did they show me hooking up with a spottie?
  533. Sherm

    Going Belly Up?

    I have meetings set up with Mexican officials next week to try and deal with this issue. Also meeting with the mayor to try and deal with this too. I understand the Mexican Government wants a little piece of the pie and the tourists to come back. This isn't getting people to travel to Mexico...
  534. Sherm

    Advice: 1 month (May) any spanish speaking country

    Panama or the southern Pacific side of Costa Rica. Very good surfing and fishing.
  535. Sherm

    Belafort vs Bisbing.....Free!.....

    Good. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
  536. Sherm

    The battle continues

    Gee........the pro fishing side starts an organization and they enviro nuts get all bent out of shape. I guess they don't like when someone uses their tactics against them.
  537. Sherm

    Sea Vee 39 "Spanish Fly"

    Saw that boat the other day at Dana Launch Ramp. Nice looking fast ride. Three outboards across the back of that boat.
  538. Sherm

    Belafort vs Bisbing.....Free!.....

    So how did it finish?
  539. Sherm

    Please Help A Fellow Angler.

    Most of us around here are dicks. Don't get too upset about it. It's just the way things are on BD.
  540. Sherm

    Sexy Marge Simpson Weave.

    I may have to order one of those. Awesome work.
  541. Sherm

    Ocean/Fishing Tattoo

    I don't know if Tatuna is still on here but he did some good work.
  542. Sherm

    When to set the hook??

    No need to wait to set the hook. When I feel a bite I start to reel quick to "Load up" then a gentle set of the hook with the surf perch. Keep at'll get it.
  543. Sherm

    Bait question ?

    That doesn't work :D
  544. Sherm

    Del mar trying end the gun show 6pm tonight

    Like you have a nickel. Typical of politicians over reacting to a tragic event.
  545. Sherm

    Punta Mita report!

    Lora is the man. Looks like a great trip
  546. Sherm

    2 hoops lost 1/12/13 San Diego Bay

    Check with harbor patrol. They find them a lot. Did you get any bugs?
  547. Sherm

    This weekend, sale come in

    Some good looking deals Tommy.
  548. Sherm

    Surfdoc's New Year's Wreath

    Fuckin Stan. Great wreath.
  549. Sherm

    Avoid for fishing in puerto vallarta

    I used to fish with Josh Temple when he was down there. Also fished with Lora, Capt Juan Moll and Capt. Manny. All three are excellent skippers. Lora is an amazing inshore and panga Capt but can run for tuna too. Juan and Manny run larger (more expensive) boats but know how to put the big...
  550. Sherm

    R.I.P. Mom

    RIP and let me know if I can help Rich. Sorry for your loss.
  551. Sherm

    How to catch a damn Thresher??

    Go to Cedros in early August. They were all over the place.
  552. Sherm

    Took a Newbie

    Newbies always bring good luck. Nice haul.
  553. Sherm

    Wonder Why We Did Not Hear About This In The National Media...

    You are not in the middle amigo. People in the middle usually wait for the majority to form and then hitch their wagon. You are just a contrarian. :hali_olutta:
  554. Sherm

    Mammals Invade La Jolla

    I wonder what the frenzy would have been like if you dropped back a bait?
  555. Sherm

    Mammals Invade La Jolla

    How long did the dogs stay with you? There must have been twenty of those things just hanging where your bait shouuld be. Great video by the way!
  556. Sherm

    What is this?

  557. Sherm

    Fishing in winter?

    bay fishing this time of year is great. Light line and grumpy bass. All C&R stuff but a very fun time.
  558. Sherm

    California Fish and Game Now California Fish and Wildlife

    this happened a while ago. Just actually changed as of the New Year. probably an indication of where the agency is going.
  559. Sherm

    Looking for buddy boats for lobster hooping

    Sorry. Not enough room on the yak. Good luck.
  560. Sherm

    It seems that...

    You forgot "male prostitute and thrill seeker" Carl
  561. Sherm

    It seems that...

    I thought you were all that and more amigo.
  562. Sherm

    Firing Norv Turner

    All good things come to those who wait. It will happen soon.
  563. Sherm

    He is comming home!

    Sounds like a fishing trip is in order. God bless him and the rest who serve.
  564. Sherm

    Assault Weapon Ban II - Thanks Dianne Feinstein (D

    Sounds like I'm batting 500 with ya. I'll take that any day. Happy new year!
  565. Sherm

    Assault Weapon Ban II - Thanks Dianne Feinstein (D

    Most politicians are arsonist firemen. Create a fire and then come put it out to look the hero.
  566. Sherm

    Firing Norv Turner

    Norv's knows he is outta here. Have you listened to him lately? The writingison the wall. I hope his stuff is waiting for him on the street when the game is over.
  567. Sherm

    Sexy "Santa's Little Helper" video

    I knew I shouldn't have opened that.
  568. Sherm

    Penn Topless 30S, 50S and 50SW

    Nice Christmas gifts. Maybe the wife wants you out of the house more :D
  569. Sherm

    Assault Weapon Ban II - Thanks Dianne Feinstein (D

    You have to remember. These laws are not being put forth with the idea of actually making things safer. It's about the anti gun people feeling good about themselves that they did something. The results are not what matters to these people. It's about feeling like they tried to do something...
  570. Sherm

    Got Bianca Hooked!

  571. Sherm

    Bears Sign New QB.....Win Superbowl

  572. Sherm

    I love the Chicago Bears...

    That's why you play craps amigo. No one to screw up your deck.
  573. Sherm


    No work for me today. Already down at the sand dunes. Getting ready to start the prime rib slow cooking all day.
  574. Sherm

    Communists are pretty funny

    There are many instances of people with weapons standing up and defeating a large army. Drone strikes and such can work to a point.......but when every man, woman and child are armed it becomes much tougher. Syria is losing a civil war right now with a large military fighting against a lightly...
  575. Sherm

    I love the Chicago Bears...

    You should make it Morton's. A MUCH better steak house. I'll make that wager with you next time the bear cubs and the trickle chargers play each other.
  576. Sherm

    San Diego Chargers on the Pro Bowl team

    At least it's easy for you to count the numbers of chargers players on the pro bowl roster.
  577. Sherm

    Christmas Day with Surfdoc!

    Fuckin Stan........I miss the big lug a lot.
  578. Sherm

    Communists are pretty funny

    The 2nd amendment was put there so the citizenry can protect itself from government. Not so the people could go hunting or form a militia. The founders of our country understood that an over reaching government was the biggest threat to our freedom. Hard for the government to become a kingdom...
  579. Sherm

    Speargun build

  580. Sherm

    Catalina with Dave Hansen

    Sounds like a fun trip. Congrats.
  581. Sherm

    Communists are pretty funny

    I just read about a guy who killed his grandmother with a hammer. We better outlaw or restrict hammer ownership. Maybe people should only be able to own rubber mallets instead of those terrible hammers.
  582. Sherm

    Southern Costa Rica, Nov 2012

    I love fishing that area. Nice vid.
  583. Sherm

    Communists are pretty funny

    I just checked. My guns are still where I left them and they have not run amuck.
  584. Sherm

    Merry Christmas EveryBody !

    Same to you. Big plans for today?
  585. Sherm

    Merry Christmas everybody

    Those might work.....along with slacker, burden to society, and hermaphrodite.
  586. Sherm

    Merry Christmas everybody

    So sorry! I should have said " Perverts, degenerates, Psychos, bullies, loafers, fellow fishermen, and Carl". I still can't figure out a category for you. Merry Christmas amigo!!!
  587. Sherm

    Merry Christmas everybody

    I just want to say Merry Christmas to all you perverts, degenerates, ruffians, bullies, psychos, loafers, and fellow fisherman. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!! I'm proud to be associated with you guys. This may be a rough site but the generosity and big hearts here never...
  588. Sherm

    Raiders vs Chargers

    Norv should look at this as a job interview with his old employer.
  589. Sherm

    Merry Christmas to all,and to all a good bite!

    Sweet trip. Thanks for the report.
  590. Sherm

    Coastal Kayak Fishing San Diego

    That's one big tree fish. Nice job
  591. Sherm


    I agree. That picture is totally disgusting...........those guys haven't trimmed their beards in weeks. GROSS!!!
  592. Sherm

    Japan Tilefish Awesomeness (pic intensive)

    The more important question is what brand of cigar are you puffin on?
  593. Sherm

    Hobie Mirage Pro Angler

    The pro angler has an amazing seat. Very comfortable. A little heavy but worth it for the extras on that platform.
  594. Sherm


    They make terrible bug bait. I speak from experience. I know that the humbolts eat just about everything. However....I am sure they have been around for A LONG TIME! And the fish are still here. Aren't the giant squirts part of the natural cycle of things? Plus they don't live that long so...
  595. Sherm

    Brown Trout in SoCal

    Nicely done. Congrats.
  596. Sherm


    You don't suppose the Mayans were right. First the election and now this?
  597. Sherm

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    10/22 is a great weapon.
  598. Sherm

    Which truck do you prefer?

    My Tundra has 304,000 miles on it without a problem. I haul my toy box with it a bunch. Either to the desert or into Mexico. 304,000 miles and still the same motor and transmission. An excellent truck.
  599. Sherm


    The food and accommodations were excellent. The fishing was phenomenal. Shoot me a pm if you want details. I did a report here back around the first part of August titled Cedros fly in fishing or something like that. Good pics of the place.
  600. Sherm


    You could do the fly in trip with Duane at Cedros Adventures and bypass the whole mess. Stay on the island and fish from pangas.
  601. Sherm

    Cows on the Maximus + a SUPER!!!

    Very nice report and pics. Congrats on an epic trip.
  602. Sherm

    Chargers kick the living shit out of the Steelers thread

    A nice farewell present.
  603. Sherm

    Chargers kick the living shit out of the Steelers thread

    What is the big deal? It's just the Steelers.
  604. Sherm

    Oh hell yeah

    That's getting it done. Nice job.
  605. Sherm

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    Holy colossal cow batman!!!! I missed the weight by 20.5 lbs. Congrats to the angler. May not be an official record but by far the biggest YFT taken on rod and reel. Outstanding. Congrats to the angler, boat and crew. Outweighs my avatar by 230lbs. I guess I have a new personal goal to...
  606. Sherm


    I remember hunting quail when I lived near Sedona Az. Lots of fun chasing birds all over the mountains......I'm not a very good shot. Can't seem to recall sheep though. Must be specific to your part of AZ. Almost enough day light to launch the yak now. Carry on.
  607. Sherm


    It's 62 degrees out and there is no wind. This thread has been fun..........but I'm going fishing after a night of catching lobsters. What's happening in the PNW?
  608. Sherm

    Slow down...

  609. Sherm

    Bye Norve, Bye A.J.

    I recognize that kind of statement. Sounds very political to me. If I read between the lines the quote roughly translates to "which one of you MF'ers leaked to the press". I would put my money down on both leaving if I were a betting man.
  610. Sherm

    Hey Frank!!!

    Glad Francine is still with us. Is he more docile now?
  611. Sherm

    Considering taking my 5 yr old son on half day...

    Very good tip about Getting some meds in him the night before. I like to have that suff in someone who getsnsick bloodstream 24 hours before our trip. Take some the night before and when you get up and the kid should be fine.
  612. Sherm

    Considering taking my 5 yr old son on half day...

    You should be fine. Try going mid week when the boats are not so full. I took my daughter on her first cattle boat trip when she was that age. She had a blast.
  613. Sherm

    410 YFT on EXCEL

    I like the technology that is allowing anglers to land a 410 pounder.
  614. Sherm

    Hey Frank!!!

    At least you aren't full of shit anymore. Good luck buddy. I said a little prayer for you last night because I need you to survive. Somebody has got to pay your insurance premium :rofl: Thinking of you my friend.
  615. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    I've used the Cal Tip number. Success one time and a few with no response.
  616. Sherm

    Bob Costas

    Maybe he should stick to sports casting.
  617. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    Nope. It's open to the public........even you.
  618. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    You coming down to the swearing in ceremony later this morning? Oh yeah......if anyone writes that book it would be found in the fiction section of the book store.
  619. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    One of the things I am trying to work out Carl. How to pay and how to get through the EIR process without a lot of hassle.
  620. Sherm

    12/02/12 short trip

    Nice ones. That puller makes everything look way too easy. Question now is how do I put one on my yak.:rofl:
  621. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    Agreed. That fishery is not as good as it used to be. The fishing is still pretty good though. I think there are two factors to the "not as many fish" problem. 1st is that the bay is shallower than it used to be and 2nd is the amount of shore fishermen that are keeping everything they...
  622. Sherm


    I thought bears fans were more the "raisan Jack" brewed in the toilet crowd.
  623. Sherm


    Who did you steel the beer from?
  624. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    It took a while but was a lot of fun. I should have re tied after that fish. The next spottie broke the string.
  625. Sherm

    Halibut handoff (way late)

    Nice. I love the sleigh rides in the yak. Too much fun.
  626. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    The only growth in government I advocate is the establishment of a "department of common sense".
  627. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    I figure I will get sworn in and then sworn at.
  628. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    I heard the hali fishing for the tournament was kind of small. i usually catch big fish just before and after tournaments.
  629. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    I fished the bay this morning with a nice incoming tide, no wind, and NO BOATS anywhere to be seen. It was just me and the brants swimming nearby. What a great and peaceful morning. The bite started out very good with four fish in nine casts. Most of the spotties were in the cookie cutter 12...
  630. Sherm

    Cortes Bank Lobster opener

    I would love to see pics of the inside of that wreck. Sounds like an epic trip guys.
  631. Sherm

    Bay Bass Fishing

    A Citica 200E and and a Seeker CR-706. That combo should be just about what you are looking for. I'm getting ready to go use mine down at the bay shortly.
  632. Sherm

    Saluki's got the Moves!!

    Damn....not available on my iPad
  633. Sherm


  634. Sherm

    Any have or used one of these boats?

    A yak would be a good start. I have gotten my monies worth out of it and then some. Most yaks are pretty stable. Many yak shops will let you test paddle before you buy. I hoop and fish off mine and have never flipped it. Well.....once coming in in big surf but that doesn't count. 8 years...
  635. Sherm

    Biggest fish on a Penn Jigmaster 500/501

    125 LB striped marlin with 25 LB test. It was 1978 and I remember it like it was yesterday.
  636. Sherm

    Fox News

  637. Sherm

    Report:Home guard yellows!!

    Some nice fish for sure. Congrats
  638. Sherm

    Way Out West...

    Doesn't get better than that.
  639. Sherm

    SD Bay Bugging Night before Thanksgiving

    Current and structure. Try to be up current just a bit from the structure you want to hoop. Scent will be carried to the bugs that way. Lots of time on the water and paying attention to conditions when you do start to find them. Congrats on the turkey alternative nadoislander. Nice catch.
  640. Sherm


    The ignore list is your friend.
  641. Sherm

    Fish ID

  642. Sherm

    A nice surprise while rock fishing :)

    We had the same thing happen a couple years back while fishing rock cod at the Banda bank. Hooked a fish down deep and watched the line headnstraight to the surface. Hard to keep up with it reeling in line. It does happen. Congrats on the bonus catch
  643. Sherm

    The Lobsters in Baja!!!

    I like thengrill method too. I just cook them in reverse. Shell down first and finish off with the grill marks. Eithernway they are great.
  644. Sherm

    RIP Raul Martinez (Nochinges63)

    R.I.P. I'll miss his contributions to the site. God bless his family.
  645. Sherm

    Ravens vs Bolts

    To show everyone what he is capable of. If he could turn around this franchise he would be a legend.
  646. Sherm

    Dear Sherm...

    Getting used to it and expecting it are two different things. I expect it but will NEVER get used to it............GO BOLTS!!!!! Bring on Chuckie
  647. Sherm

    Ravens vs Bolts

    Bring on Chukie!!!
  648. Sherm

    Dear Sherm...

    At least the bay fishing was very good yesterday and I find myself becoming a fan of TV Blackouts. At least i don't have to watch.
  649. Sherm

    Dear Sherm...

    Definitely down wind of that mess. Seems like the stench goes away after football season but the smell is unbearable from around September thru January.
  650. Sherm

    Ravens vs Bolts

    They sure did last week :hali_olutta:
  651. Sherm

    Ravens vs Bolts

    Still stirrin huh?
  652. Sherm

    Dana sheepheads 2 days report

    Nice goats. Good on ya for getting out with the boy.
  653. Sherm

    Ravens vs Bolts

    Now where did I put my steel toed boots?
  654. Sherm

    Ravens vs Bolts

  655. Sherm

    Scamming guides & six-pack operators?

    I wonder how many people actually respond.
  656. Sherm

    Ravens vs Bolts

    High school cheer squad doesn't count as a sport. Go Chargers!!!
  657. Sherm


    Have a great Thanksgiving bruddah.
  658. Sherm

    One more Superstition Mountains trip with Pops.

    Thanks Brandon. Those were some impressive sheep.
  659. Sherm


    Have a great thanksgiving Jeff. You are a good man.......I don't care what everyone else says. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  660. Sherm

    One more Superstition Mountains trip with Pops.

    Very rugged mountains but there is something special about that place.
  661. Sherm

    One more Superstition Mountains trip with Pops.

    The Dutchman's gold was just our excuse to go into those mountains. We mostly went just to go camping and hiking.
  662. Sherm

    One more Superstition Mountains trip with Pops.

    We launch out of first water over by apache junction.
  663. Sherm

    One more Superstition Mountains trip with Pops.

    That's the area. Wish I had better computer skills to zoom in. There are three of the biggest bighorn sheep I have seen. Three big full circle rams. I will try to enlarge the photos but I'm not that great with this technology stuff. Your line on the left side goes right over the biggest ram.
  664. Sherm

    One more Superstition Mountains trip with Pops.

    I was lucky enough to get in another camping trip into the Superstion mountains with my father and his buddies that I used to backpack with when I was a kid. We now go back on horse back but the adventure and good times are the same. Kind of nice to have the horses haul your gear back into the...
  665. Sherm

    More quality bugs!

    I knew you would want to know.
  666. Sherm

    How much is too much? Horsepower that is.

    I bet that boat just lost it's insurance by surpassing the max speed allowable.:D:D:D
  667. Sherm

    More quality bugs!

    The shoe is for size comparison. What the hell is that white thing doing there?
  668. Sherm

    New to me Boat 1985 216 Cabo cuddycon

    Very nice little ride you have there. Looks like new! Did you insure it yet? :D
  669. Sherm

    Need help please

    Cool....sounds like you still have it. I'll call you to make arrangements.
  670. Sherm

    Need help please

    Not quite as much as the truck. The bike is three years old and only has 47,000 miles on it.
  671. Sherm

    Need help please

    Awesome!!! I'll call you later this morning. Thanks.
  672. Sherm

    Need help please

    I normally would but it's making a funny sound when running and I don't want to chance making it worse with the ride up there.
  673. Sherm

    Monster Calicos lured into kayaks!

    Nice catches. Nothing better than big fish on the yak.
  674. Sherm


    Sad to hear. Good luck with your future endeavors.
  675. Sherm

    A good truck

    He would probably break it.
  676. Sherm

    Need help please

    Well. Go get em.
  677. Sherm

    Need help please

    Nope. The front tires are too wide.
  678. Sherm

    Need help please

    I need to see if anyone has a small trailer I could borrow or rent to haul my Spyder motorcycle from San Diego to Vista. The bike needs to go to the shop and the U haul type trailers don't open wide enough to allow the two from tire into the trailer. The front tires span 5foot 2 inches so the...
  679. Sherm

    Officially SCREWED by F&G Commission

    There are always different people with different ideas on what is right. However, the conserve side of things is very well represented on this board. I probably release about 90% of what I catch. It didn't used to be that way so I believe the conservation side of things is taking hold...
  680. Sherm

    A good truck

    Like there is anything left :rofl: Kidding.....couldn't use it anyway.
  681. Sherm

    A good truck

    I have heard the belt breaking doesn't waste the motor like they used to. I had an old porsche 924 that had a belt go and that was one expensive repair.
  682. Sherm

    Just when you though it was safe to re-power

    Your sled is pretty sweet the way it is Dennis. Plus you can miss seeing a lot of stuff on the water going slow.
  683. Sherm

    Officially SCREWED by F&G Commission

    I'll be getting sworn in soon and will be contacting some of those interests you and Joe mentioned. Hopefully I will be getting some responses from them on supporting the effort with a little more urgency.
  684. Sherm

    Elections and friendships. (Not a political thread)

    Well Saluki anyway. :D :hali_olutta:
  685. Sherm

    Fucking Fedex

    That looked more like someone wanted what was inside and not a blow out. Keep the calls coming. eventually they will tire of you and take care of it to make you go away.
  686. Sherm

    Officially SCREWED by F&G Commission

    I agree with a lot of what you said and it was said with passion and reason. The one thing you did say that I would like to take issue with is " unless someone steps up to get these players together". I hear "someone needs to step up" all the time. Are you voulnteering? Or is it that someone...
  687. Sherm

    A good truck

    Only after haggeling on price.
  688. Sherm

    A good truck

    I have had it serviced before. Unless the shop charged me for not doing anything.....I don't think they are sealed.
  689. Sherm

    Live Bait in the Bays

    I've caught many a flattie on artificials. Caught them in both bays. You may be able to get more bites on live bait but it can be done on the fakes.
  690. Sherm

    A good truck

    The back end is a little light. My yak is back there most of the time so that helps a little.
  691. Sherm

    A good truck

    That's what the IRS asked me when they audited me. they wanted to see my mileage logs because they couldn't believe I was driving that much. :finger: (the previous icon is for the IRS and not gecsr1)