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  1. titos334

    What knots should I learn

    1 terminal knot - uni, sd, palomar 1 connection knot -uni to uni, bob sands, RP, albright 1 loop knot - surgeon, double surgeon, spider hitch If you can tie at least one knot from the 3 categories you're golden
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    Farnsworth Onshore MPA

    No Calico fishing in that area.
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    Are SD lakes are open for fishing?

    Santee is open. Skinner and DVL are open for boating. People have been going to the CO river lakes as well.
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    This has gotten beyond stupid...

    Stop being so myopic. For someone that prides themselves on the facts it’s quite self-evident what direction this is heading.
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    The plan is to kill upwards of 100,000 Americans to own the libs.
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    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    I’ll send it back I don’t support this commie socialism
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    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    Last 3 corona flu-like virus' are MERS('18, '15, and '12) not from China. Also in the meantime since the last SARS outbreak(ended in 04) were Zika, Ebola, H1N1 and other non-corona and not of Chinese origin.
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    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    I suppose you’ve never heard of MERS and aren't one to look up what you don't know.
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    Pretty much every disease starts that way. The novel means unique like, a virus that's not been seen before. It's why it's far more dangerous than the flu despite having similar symptoms. There's no immunity and your bodies autoimmune response has no antibodies for it and your own bodies defense...
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    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    At midnight the whole San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose bay area is going to shelter in place mode limiting to only essential travel.
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    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    It’s nice but much smaller. It’s like twice or three times the size of PCS but way smaller than Long Beach. It makes it much more relaxed though.
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    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Listening to the CDC, WHO, and other health professionals is a bridge too far I suppose. Nothing a politician or president can do like decree travel bans? Work with hospitals and health insurance companies to offer testing or reduce cost of copays? Stop opportunities for the disease to spread by...
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    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    He has everything to do with how our country responds to this crisis as head executive like firing the pandemic response team. He's in charge is he not? If he's not maybe he should get out of the way and let people do what needs to be done. He spent time talking about how it's a hoax and...
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    Attn. Ali causes a 60% drop in BD traffic

    Obviously just buying bots to keep the numbers stable /s
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    Green bass. 2/24

    Better than sitting at home!
  16. titos334

    Looking for a fishing buff

    How big of a noggin you talking, whats your fitted cap size?
  17. titos334

    Bass club

    Too much show not tell so there's no discussion and it just dies. Hard to have a "club" feel plus there's precious few dedicated bass fisherman
  18. titos334

    Glass or Graphite for Yoyo?

    Por que no los dos? Composite
  19. titos334

    Peak Season for Surf Species?

    You're a legend
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    7ft 6 inch rod

    Depends what you're looking for but I have a 7'6" and a 7'9" inshore rods and they feel noticeably shorter than my 8 footers but depending what I'm doing it's desirable.
  21. titos334

    Long rods artificial only charter.

    Said the sensitive snowflake melting in the winter sun
  22. titos334

    Do I need a 30lb live bait setup?

    I'm a fan of having a dedicated setup for every line class but the 270-8H can fish 30 no problem and I'd favor that over using the 6480 for the job. The 800M would be a great dedicated 30lb stick.
  23. titos334

    Breathable waders

    Felt soles are becoming poo-poo'd more and more places because of concern that organisms can hide out in the felt. Cleats/spikes are becoming the norm. But I think OP was refering to waders with built-in shoes instead of stocking-foot waders.
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    Put me in coach I'm ready to play KC 38 - SF 24
  25. titos334

    Rod/Reel Recommendations For Hard Jerkbaits (inshore)

    I dont find rod/reel makes a huge difference although I would recommend a 300 size reel and 65lb braid to 40lb or 50lb to muscle bass out of the kelp or boilers. I've used extra fast rods like a Phenix M1 MH and slower rods like the black diamond 807L, doesnt really matter and ultimately I...
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    If You Only Had One Jig

    If I only had 1 then I'd use the one I had
  27. titos334

    Is this BD Today?

    What is this deep-state liberal trash you can't fool me into applying anything liberally. Apply conservatively or get out of this country.
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    I use braid to fluoro anywhere from 12-20# depending on the situation and what I got tied on. Docks and rocks I got no problem using 20#.
  29. titos334

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Maiming animals has never been cool or acceptable. If you’re going to shoot one at least shoot to kill and not be chicken shit and maim it with a pellet gun.
  30. titos334

    Looky there, Utah scoring defense ranked higher than tOSU

    Feels like 2008 all over... if only we could end the season making Max Hall cry again
  31. titos334

    Looky there, Utah scoring defense ranked higher than tOSU

    Now lets look at Rush defense :D
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    A composite of the 2 and you're locked and loaded
  33. titos334

    What Does Hook "3X Strength" Really Mean?

    It means it’s stronger than 2X and weaker than 4X just like 4/0 tells you absolutely nothing other than it’s bigger than 3/0 and smaller than 5/0
  34. titos334

    Leaving your fish on the boat? Giving away your catch?

    Not always an option. The captain is literally the king of the castle it’s not always advisable to cause shit with the king. I’ve been on a boat where the captain was absolutely adamant that no fish were to be released as he swore up and down the street it’d put the school down and fuck the...
  35. titos334

    Cousins CLB 80L

    Pretty sure the 80L is like a 20lb or 25lb. The CLB stands for conventional live bait so it’s going to have a softer tip to fling live bait out there and then a stiffer backbone to give it some pulling power. If memory services me right the ML is probably what you’re looking for although the M...
  36. titos334

    Lucky Craft Lures, how to cast from shore, & night fishing from Shore

    I agree with SouthBayKiller.. that’s a stout setup for the dainty LC 110. I’d using my steelhead rod or light baitcaster setup with like 10lb or 12lb for a LC110. I’d grab a Daiwa SP minnow in the 6” size for your setup, it would work a lot better simply because of the size/weight of the SP...
  37. titos334

    dove canyon reservoir

    It’s legal to fish the smaller pond. It’s got a good population of smaller fish up to 1.5lbs with 2 main access points to fish. Dove people fish on the weekends when the water district people are gone or at night. Obviously fish at your own risk but for what it’s worth i haven’t heard of...
  38. titos334

    Bass set up advice

    Might want to put a brake check on RSM. It's been dead for years and finally they're getting waters to be suitable again for fish. AFAIK they only stocked some little bluegill and whatnot, not sure if there's even a 12" bass, or bass at all, in there at this point. There are a couple other lakes...
  39. titos334

    Bass set up advice

    Great advice! 7'-7'6" 10-17lb MH rod is for sure my recommendation for a one rod quiver as well. A 200 size reel, curado, SLX, or (I'm a Lews guy) a speed spool would be more than fine. 10 or 12lb would be my all-around line size. For rods there's a ton of brands like Fenwick, Falcon, Dobyns...
  40. titos334

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    The airline industry got their act together and is now safer than ever.. why is this industry any different?
  41. titos334

    Fish processers @ 1900

    Yeah there are dock carts you could use
  42. titos334

    LMB in south Orange County?

    Laguna Niguel Lake isn't bad at all, fun place to fish. Irvine Lake opening is gonna be the big attraction again here pretty soon. Free to fish and only $5 to park so it'll be a mad house once the word gets out but it'll be good im sure.
  43. titos334

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    I agree. When we've lowered ourselves to the point of comparing homeless people to wild animals we really are in whacked times.
  44. titos334

    A Way to Fish Cheap

    The Breezers was a privately owned and ran sport boat, just a guy that had the money and liked to fish and do their own long range trips. I'd imagine you'd need to have some nice legal documents because without some assurances you wouldnt want to be stuck with more than your fair share it's too...
  45. titos334

    Need tips for keeping bass alive in bait tank

    Are you catching them deep? It sounds like they're having air bladder issues.
  46. titos334

    10 lb Huddleston Bass!!

    Nice fish!!! GJ
  47. titos334

    Perris 9/19

    Is that one of those Megabass Spark Shads?
  48. titos334

    Any lakes or ponds

    Laguna Niguel Lake is the only legitimate place to fish. I've done quite well there over the past couple years, it's hit or miss and takes some time and patience but I've had some incredible days and of course lots of not so good days. Solid place overall. There's quite a few community and golf...
  49. titos334

    limits of the black diamond 909h

    I'd say Hinkle and Mother are the limit. I have the 8'6" version and it tosses the 8" and 10" hudds. The heavy saltwater lures tend to cap out around 5-6oz so you could throw pretty much whatever you wanted.
  50. titos334

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    I don't get how or why Penn is at fault here. Cabela's is the one that did people dirty.
  51. titos334

    Tips On Fishing SD Bay

    Are you fishing from shore or from a boat?
  52. titos334

    Search a shop for rod repair?

    Consta is the man and does great work!
  53. titos334

    Who still sells the J pot?

    I got mine from Performance, don't know if it's a regularly stocked item or not I don't go there very often
  54. titos334

    Davies Ramp Question

    Is that why it's free now? damn machine used to just eat my quarters
  55. titos334

    Best knot for braid to braid

    No need for an albright with a bimini to bimini. You'd want to use a loop to loop connection like the cat's paw you mentioned.
  56. titos334

    Replacing Rod Tip - Phenix Black Diamond

    Tip tops are really easy to DIY. You probably already have pliers and a flame so you just need some hot melt glue like the ones from Flex Coat. Since it's Phenix it's most likely a Fuji Aconite guide like this: There's a gauge you can get...
  57. titos334

    Boat Registration Question

    I got replacement stickers pretty easily through AAA.
  58. titos334

    O.C. Lakes and ponds 5/25/18

    From the couple times I've seen bass take the crank the side hooking comes from fish attacking from the front or sides, they swipe at it and can miss it in their mouth. Fish attacking from below and behind tend to choke it more. Could be anything though I usually don't get to see fish eat the crank.
  59. titos334

    DP Lake 5.29.18

    Thanks for the timely report! Weather sure looks good out there today
  60. titos334

    Yummy Flyer Info

    A tackle store near you or from their website
  61. titos334

    Backpacks to use as tackle bag?

    I can fit 4 3600 plano boxes or 2 3600 and 2 3700 boxes and then 2 smaller boxes into my jansport. The front pouch has room for my fluoro and pliers.
  62. titos334

    Sea Adventure 80??

    Yeah the bunks are down the middle and staterooms on the outside. Depending on if it's full or not you might get lucky. The staterooms with the double wide beds are awesome.
  63. titos334

    Fishing knots HELP

    For #2 I'd go with an albright unless it's a really short leader then seaguar or double surgeon is good
  64. titos334

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    /thread time to lock it up
  65. titos334

    Storing plastics

    I normally throw them all together in a ziploc. The plastics definitely don't melt into each other anymore unless it's the Zman elaztech stuff, they don't place nice at all with plastisol stuff. Chartruese, purples and reds can potentially bleed over to clear or light colored plastics.
  66. titos334


    In Patriots 24 Eagles 20
  67. titos334

    Rail Rod Length for Private Boat

    What PB of that size has a nice rail for it? From my experience on those size boats it's all out of the rod holder if it's not going to be stand up. I've been on Parker's, Skipjacks and a striper and none of them were suited well for rail fishing. 6'6" or 7' has got it done.
  68. titos334

    Does Shimano USA service/warranty reels made for the EU Market?

    I'd contact Shimano for a quicker response but I don't think they would, they don't touch Shimano JDM product.
  69. titos334

    Small Bait caster advice needed

    I personally really like Lews. The super duty would treat you well. If you can still find the silver inshore reel is dynamite, I also use my team lews lite. Can't go wrong with Lews, I've had really good times with all of the ones I've used.
  70. titos334

    2018 California Fishing License Reseller Fees

    I agree, I think if you're gonna call yourself a tackle shop you gotta sell fishing licenses. It just sucks the state isn't providing any added value but asking for $780 to keep what they already had.
  71. titos334

    2018 California Fishing License Reseller Fees

    $15/week is pretty steep, there is very little money to be made from license sales anyway. Having them in a tackle shop is about providing a service to fisherman not making money. Sucks.
  72. titos334

    Wish list fish.

    Smallmouth bass Spotted bass WSB Opah Wahoo Redfish Speckled trout Bonefish GT
  73. titos334

    Low profile reel for the bay

    I personally like 40lb or 50lb braid but some guys prefer 30lb or lighter. I'm a big time fan of Lews reels so I'd recommend one of those for sure. For the fancier I'd go with the Team Lews Lite, more middle of the pack I'd go with the bb1 and for a more budget friendly reel the Laser MG is a...
  74. titos334

    To Kill A Ling...

    Fillet sardine is the skunk saver special, it tends to kill it when normal tactics aren't working well.
  75. titos334

    Why no "West Coast" popping rods?

    I'm not sure why Seeker or Phenix or whoever hasn't made one specially for Socal but I'd bet a lot manufacturers sell more popping rods in one month, maybe even a week, in Florida than have ever been sold in Socal. Probably doesn't make much sense to spend all the time to build rods that will...
  76. titos334

    Bad news for you Abalone fishermen. Closed for good?

    I don't really get it. Are you suggesting the rec guys are just getting shafted out of spite or something and that the abalone are actually doing quite well?
  77. titos334

    The San Diego 3/4 - 11-21-17

    Stoked! The power of the flow knows no limits. Glad he got a nice yeller!!
  78. titos334

    Crimp Once or Twice?

    You mean sleeve twice? When I crimp I make sure the whole sleeve is crimped except for about 1/8 inch at the ends. I have used two sleeves before just for spacing but I don't like it, just feels wrong since one should be good enough.
  79. titos334

    Turkey day trip ideas

    I'd hit up Pacific Mistress in Dana, definitely won't need a passport and he's real good about getting late and offseason yellows.
  80. titos334

    Dana wharf halibut trips??

    The drift trips are on Friday and Sundays. They limit the load to like 26 or something to allow for everyone to get on the upwind rail. They just drift all day for the halibut. I'd fish 12-20lb fluoro leader and a 8oz or 12oz sinker in just a carolina rig style or reverse dropper loop. Don't...
  81. titos334

    Ringed vs non-ringed hooks

    I typically don't use a ringed hook. For circle hooks specifically I don't tend to not buy ringed hooks because I'm gonna be butt hooking 90% of the time and just don't feel like a loop or ring does anything for me. For J hooks I normally try and buy non ringed but if they only have the...
  82. titos334

    Best rod for bass in SD Bay/PL kelp?

    For the bay I'd use something like a 7' or 7'3" 10-17lb and inshore I'd go with a 8' 15-25lb. I personally like Phenix and Cousins but there's no shortage of manufacturers and price points to check out.
  83. titos334

    Where have the Rock Crabs gone?

    I've caught some in deep water 150-200ft off Dana. Nothing great in terms of numbers but they were there last year.
  84. titos334

    Best Bait Caster

    Easy. Lew's American Hero or Laser MG. There was a time when a $60 baitcaster was basically one step up from garbage but those days are mostly over. Daiwa Laguna is another great reel in that price range. I don't personally use reels in that price range, although I have borrowed friends reels...
  85. titos334

    12 month fishing license bill dies

    Enforcement is such a joke that I bet many people are just skipping buying a license. It's a disgusting attitude imo but whatever we live in a sad world, i'll keep doing my part.
  86. titos334

    PAN PAN PAN very early Saturday 8-26

    Not likely since that's 4 1/2 years old
  87. titos334

    Deck Hand Rods

    Calcutta is a certain species of bamboo
  88. titos334

    Fish Cleaning...Inside...or Out ?

    I Believe you could do so in SD Bay and LB/LA but definitely not in places like Newport, Dana, etc. A quick way to know for sure is to contact the local harbor master in the harbor you intend to clean fish at.
  89. titos334

    Inshore vs. Islands

    What are you trying to accomplish? Catch the biggest single fish possible? Biggest limit? Most fish possible? I hit the Island when the weather and wallet will let me. I also go only when I'm trying to catch a giant or a big bag. I don't only go to the Island when trying to catch big fish but I...
  90. titos334

    0 for 4 on Dodos...

    Dorado can absolutely bite you off, they got some teeth on em. Although if it's a real clean break I'd suspect it was a normal break off from having too much pressure on the line rather than a chew off. They got teeth but they aren't razors. Although they typically aren't monsters Dorado have...
  91. titos334

    Fresh water fishing Long Beach???

    The lakes in Huntington are cleaner, Laguna Lake in Fullterton is a nice place as are all the OC Park lakes. Despite the appearances El Dorado can actually be really good, although I understand it's not the best place for your 3 year old.
  92. titos334

    New GPS Finder but wheres the best place to find the numbers?

    Download the Navionics charts onto your chip, it has all the countours and will show you every high spot out there as well as MPAs etc. Check out the free navionics chart viewer on their website, Navionics is the bomb.
  93. titos334

    number 26 is an idiot

    Lmao it doesnt "have" to be an asian market but in this case the OP identified it as such Dumpster or conspiracy? It's gotta be the conspiracy
  94. titos334

    Boat limits

    It is what it is. Boats will routinely take over-limits if it's available and the interests of the individual have never come before the interests of the many.
  95. titos334

    are there rules for Seiners?

    They'll wrap fin bait and squid in pretty shallow water at times
  96. titos334

    Mini feathers (fred hall)

    The Sumo tackle Mini jet is pretty darn small
  97. titos334

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    If you took even a cursory look into fish stocks and stock assessment you'd see how your questioning is erroneous. Fish stocks are always at 100% because a stock is the total biomass in a given population.
  98. titos334

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    It's only unanswerable if you never decide to look
  99. titos334

    Catalina, 14 mile bank - Sat 7/23

    thanks for the report, curious what 4 species of bass you got?
  100. titos334

    Won a 869hxf

    I fish the Lexa 400 on my 869H and it works perfectly for throwing irons and big plugs. I fish it 65# spec to 40# fluoro.
  101. titos334

    Best casting mono for jig reel?

    Nothing has less memory than braid :D:jig:
  102. titos334

    Surface iron applications

    They're one of my favorite calico lures, avatar pic was on a tady 45. People catch LMB/Stripers on them every once in a while, they're just not as effective as other lures so don't see sustained usage really.
  103. titos334

    Photobucket needs replacement

  104. titos334

    Spinning Gear? I left and what happened???

    They need to catch up to our live bait availability
  105. titos334

    BBQ'S! Who uses gas, Charcoal, or wood pellets?

    Propane, taste the meat and not the heat. Pellets make your food taste like wood, propane lets your meat taste like meat.
  106. titos334

    Is this the real deal?

    If it wasn't crimped I'd take it back for sure, don't know of any doing it yourself crimp ringings. Not sure what the "real" flyer is as far as companies or what all companies are considered to make good product but it doesn't look like a carolina yummee.
  107. titos334

    Newell Blackie 344 F

    Check ebay sold listings, looks like it could go for $175-$300
  108. titos334

    Rod Warranty Experience Question

    Great product, great people too but they're just small and isnt't the easiest to talk to the right people or get a specific item.
  109. titos334

    Rod Warranty Experience Question

    There is no verifiable way for a manufacturer or really anyone to determine whether or not it was manufacturer defect. They typically only consider rods that break within the first couple trips to ever be "defective". Due to this the customers story is what has the biggest impact on whether or...
  110. titos334

    Light line drag questions

    On light line if I were to use a scale i'd set it at 25%. For 20 and under I don't really ever use a scale. I just pull on the line and as I feel the line start to stretch a little is when I want the drag to slip.
  111. titos334

    Deckhand salary

    From the couple I've talked to they get paid a flat fee for the trip. Like $40 for a half day, $60 for 3/4 and $100 for a full day, something like that. They're expected show up before the trip leaves to get the boat ready, gassed, baited etc. then also stay after the trip ends to clean up and...
  112. titos334


    Blackwater is a lot like Blue label.
  113. titos334

    Did the impossible..

    Make a big move. If there's a condition that's just not doing it at all, in this case clear water and lack of current, move to find something different. It might mean going from west cove all the way to the east end but sometimes that's what it takes.
  114. titos334

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    The snow crab at the Pala buffet does it for me but the scallops and risotto at Roy's Fashion Island was pretty tops too.
  115. titos334

    Galley Grub

    Anything but fish and it's good by me
  116. titos334

    What to replace my junk Phenix rods with?

    So the inserts on the guides are popping out?
  117. titos334

    First time taking PB to catalina.

    From Pedro it's a less than 3 mile difference between two harbors and Avalon so I wouldn't let distance be a deciding factor really. Since you're coming from Pedro you could do something like stay in Avalon, go backside and check out the Vs and Palisades in the morning. Move around and fish the...
  118. titos334

    Cedros Calico Setup

    Should work perfectly. 40lb or 50lb fluoro leader is the way to go.
  119. titos334

    MB 6/1 Seaforth or Dana is the way to go for boat rentals in the harbors really at MB or SD.
  120. titos334

    Rank the freshwater salmonids for *flavor*

    my doctor says salmonella is really dangerous you probably shouldn't be tasting for flavor
  121. titos334

    If you could target 1 exotic...

    I want to catch an Opah on the Freelance with 80 people
  122. titos334

    Vacation Isle Boat Ramp?

    It's a good ramp. All the ramps in MB are good. South Shores is a little steep at really low tides but they're all fine.
  123. titos334

    This Years Wind vs. Last Years Wind?

    Idk about 10 degrees but wind increases evaporation and evaporation is a cooling process
  124. titos334

    Dixon lake?? First time tips

    Drop shot tends to be really good there with natural colors, green pumpkin, clear/smoke shad type colors as well. I'd fish 6lb or 8lb fluoro. I'd just fish outside the tullies 30ft or so. Hard and soft jerkbaits can work well too. Dixon tends to have ~1lb wolfpacks that'll chase the faster...
  125. titos334

    Fishing the hamburguesa rig

    Mac on an iron usually under a balloon
  126. titos334

    Understanding the Mexican requirements.

    So is it better to take a risk or play it safe? I dunno tough choice.
  127. titos334

    Rod limit inside and outside of SD bay

    Unlimited rods, no more than 2 hooks per line for rockfish.
  128. titos334

    Mission Bay - Dana/Paradise Point : will these work?

    3-4" plastics on 1/8th-3/8th heads will work real well. The whole place is loaded with spotties. From shore I like the sunset/dana landing area, perez cove, west fiesta island, and santa barbara cove for starters. Spend some time moving around fishing the little plastics and you're bound to get...
  129. titos334

    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    They're not trash but they are generally wormy and not as good as other species of rockfish due to softer meat. On the plus side they tend to be larger than other species.
  130. titos334


    I'd just add more to it. Bimini to bimini, if the connection is too close to the top for your liking then just flip the line.
  131. titos334

    Super Abrasion-Resistant Fluoro

    Blue label or blackwater are both tougher than Premier. 25# Premier is like 20# Blue label. Your line is still going to get roughed up though if they get you in the rocks. Just gotta button down the reel and keep em out.
  132. titos334

    TranX 500HG

    Phenix 909xhj
  133. titos334

    MPA Update in today's OC Register 3/28/17....long read.

    This kills bass fishing, let's not do that.
  134. titos334

    Baby yellowtail lure

    Did someone say baby yellowtail lure?
  135. titos334

    Prespawn Large Mouth Bass...?

    Full blown spawn at most Socal lakes.
  136. titos334

    Daiwa Saltist BGs....anyone using them?

    They haven't changed. They came out with new Saltigas. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with new saltists just like Shimano updated the Trinidads before touching the Toriums. The BGs are still great reels and probably one of the bettter value buys for an all aluminum star drag.
  137. titos334

    Advice: Baitcasters drag ratings (Tranx/Komodo/Lexa)

    You should be able to easily get 10-15lbs of drag out of any of those. I have no idea how they've gotten the high end numbers. Maybe they test it with 1 wrap on the reel or risk damaging internals to get the drag so tight. I've tested a NACL 50, Beast 60, Curado 300ej, Lexa 300HSP, Komodo SS...
  138. titos334

    You Can't Fish, Now What?

    Holy shit! There ya go that's some solid fishing.
  139. titos334

    You Can't Fish, Now What?

    This winter when the weather was not good I went fishing
  140. titos334

    Best Bay Reel? (spotties, etc. )

    If you can find one somewhere the Lews BB1 or BB2 Inshore are tops for the 200 size. If you prefer the ALX style reel that's a little smaller the Team Lews Lite in insanely good. I'm kind of obsessed with Lews for the smaller baitcasters, they're all really good reals and imo the best at each...
  141. titos334

    King of The Crawl - King Pacific Corp. location ?

    I haven't been there but they should be on Metzler inbetween slater and talbert.
  142. titos334

    Recommendations on a 4 pack

    Pacific Mistress out of Dana he's been slaying yellows and wsb all winter long
  143. titos334

    Lead Ban Reversed

    Not a ban
  144. titos334

    Can anyone name this plastic

    Savage Gear Sand Eel
  145. titos334

    Baby Great White Gaffed @ Huntington Beach Pier

    They're probably going for some sea turtle action too. I've seen some in HB harbor and out along San Clemente. One day I saw a turtle with 2 GWs near it. Speaking to that sea turtle sightings are becoming more rare, they're probably overpopulated and should be hunted down too.
  146. titos334

    Flock of birds, boiling fish, What lure do you throw?

    Tady 45 mint/white for yellows, Tady 9 blue/chrome for tunafish. With that said I try to fish the conditions not history so I'd be more inclined to use something that has been working recently. If I'm taking a shot in the dark I'd use what I listed above though.
  147. titos334

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    North up for sure.
  148. titos334


    There's no limit to the rods allowed. If that were the case there are a lot of people who troll who'd be looking like poachers. Same goes for Ytail, Cbass, Halibut guys and more.
  149. titos334


    I mean I'll use a MH 10-17lb rod every once in a while for fishing inshore but I don't consider freshwater rods anything more than a novelty for inshore. They're my main choice for spotties though.
  150. titos334

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Boats last a long time but there's still a couple new boats out there. Boats running into islands with intoxicated crew is just negligence and doesn't reflect the sport fishing industry anymore than a drunk private boater doing the same represents the rest of us. Anymore it's just seems to be...
  151. titos334

    Glass vs Graphite Composite

    For the most part: graphite = thinner, lighter and faster action Glass = thicker, heavier and slower action
  152. titos334

    If I could only own 1 fishing rod it'd be a.....

    I'd quit fishing if I could only own 1 rod.
  153. titos334

    The Blob is gone

    Albacore went extinct, they had a memorial and everything 2 years ago
  154. titos334

    mileage info

    He touched your clothes? That's messed up why'd you do that Randy?!?!
  155. titos334

    How to Fish the Larger Lucky Craft Flashminnows?

    In my experience they're pretty good at handling issues with their lures, have you contacted them? Sooner the better.
  156. titos334

    OBB Roll Call

    Guess I won't be since I don't know what OBB is
  157. titos334

    You just won your (realistic) dream fishing trip...

    It's in Mexico near Mazatlan
  158. titos334

    Mint colored surface iron...

    Jigs are something I'd always buy in person. There is a bit of variance in the jigs themselves and the actual shade of the mint on the jig, especially when it comes to Tady and Salas. It'll take a while to get all the different mint colors. I'll always buy a mint jig wherever I go if it's not...
  159. titos334

    You just won your (realistic) dream fishing trip...

    It'd be either Calico or Largemouth! I guess I'd choose Salto since I haven't been before.
  160. titos334

    You just won your (realistic) dream fishing trip...

    If you need to stay in one spot I'd pick 3 weeks at Cedros or El Salto, something like that. If I could move around for this trip then I'd spend 3 weeks going across the southern part of the country hiring guides at different lakes from CA to FL.
  161. titos334

    Where to Launch When S.I. Launch closed?

    Glorietta is a pretty prime location for fishing the bay as long as you aren't getting bait.
  162. titos334

    Sustainable Tuna Fishing is not Good for The Climate

    Well they're not wrong, the editor is for picking a terrible title though. Meat in general takes the most energy to produce and really isn't great for the environment. Far from the most important issues but it's also not good to ignore completely.
  163. titos334

    Just one more drift . . . Sunday

    Depends if you're over the line or not
  164. titos334

    San Felipe please help

    Sounds like he isn't ever going to be on board. Tell him you're going to Arizona and make a wrong turn.
  165. titos334

    Bimini Twist and Loop to Loop for Joining Solid Spectra

    Instead of making the loop with your knees/legs make the loop using a post and you can make much smaller loops that'll be just big enough to pass the spool through. The resulting connection is pretty small.
  166. titos334

    Dana Bassin 12/8/16

    Rad bycatch for sure and a tough fight on my freshwater setup
  167. titos334

    Dana Bassin 12/8/16

    Went out of Dana with a buddy, left the harbor at 8am. No reason to get out earlier, I knew the fishing was gonna be slow. Fished the pipe and a few rock areas in 50-65ft to start. We picked up a couple bass from the stones, 1 bite sometimes 2 from a spot. Went out deeper and got a sand bass in...
  168. titos334

    Artificials for sheephead

    I've caught whitefish on small jigs similar to megabaits at SCI. Friends have caught Sheephead on swimbaits. If you're allowed to I'd fish a white skirted jig or bucktail and tip it with squid.
  169. titos334

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    They've never stopped being the best boot
  170. titos334

    Hoop Net...Best Knot to Use

    Most of the ropes sold for hoop netting are hollow so you can insert it back into itself. Just open a little space, shove it back into itself and poke, prod and massage it along til you get about 2ft in and you're set. Or you can tie a Uni or an SD jam.
  171. titos334

    Island Fishing Order North to South

    You're probably going to want a map but: Lupe is out SW of El Rosario, it's way out there. Rocks are way out from Mag Bay. There's few Baja Islands on the pacific side that are regularly fished by the SD boats San Martin, Geronimo, Benitos, Cedros, Natividad, and the long range guys fish near...
  172. titos334

    San V

    They bite just fine if you can manage the winds
  173. titos334

    American Fishing Wire-or so I Thought

    But still same! AFW is good stuff
  174. titos334

    Humbled at the Pipe, Izor's 10-30

    Way to grind it out, 12 bass to 4lbs is not shabby at all. Good job!
  175. titos334

    Shelter Island launch Ramp remodel

    Unless your boat is an amphibious vehicle I don't think you'll be fooling anyone. That ramp doesn't really seem like much of an improvement.
  176. titos334

    Got APP'S?

    It's a GPS/chart plotting software. It's free or you can pay to upgrade it. At the very least it's a free gps that doesn't require cell service and will tell you your heading, speed and location. It also has the contour lines so you can find the banks or get an idea of the inshore layout.
  177. titos334

    Got APP'S?

    Navionics is probably one of the nicest apps to have while on the water, even if you already have a gps
  178. titos334

    Smart fish!

    Most cover/structure oriented fish are going to make an effort to reach cover/structure whenever possible, I wouldn't call it them being smart but its what they do.
  179. titos334

    Pond hopping...learning experience.

    Idk pond fish find a way. They probably eat a lot of baby bass and bluegill. There are probably craws in there too. There's a lot you can't see, way way more than you can see. Some of the biggest pond bass i've seen have come out of places that look completely void of bait at all.
  180. titos334

    Pond hopping...learning experience.

    Sounds like some pond fishing to me! It can be a tough go, getting one is a good trip. It can take a while to figure out and what they want can change quickly, all part of the fun. I'd look for pockets in the weeds and throw a slimk senko in there. Drop shot works alright because only the...
  181. titos334

    Revo toro beast 60

    The Beast 60 is smaller than the Lexa 400, I believe the 60 gets 180yds of 65 and the Lexa gets 200yds. Although I know it can do it, i'd feel more comfortable with the Lexa. I wouldn't have the Lexa or Beast as my only option though, I think a Torium 20 or equivelent does the same job but just...
  182. titos334

    Looking for a Perfect for a Curado 300 E J

    If you want shrink tube and split grip, pretty sure you're going to have to go custom. The Phenix PSW808MH has a shrink tube handle but it's not split grip. There are lots of split grip rods but they're either EVA, Cork or a combination of the 2.
  183. titos334

    Dana Point afternoon session 8/4/16

    I don't usually tank bass but on this day I did. I just hang on to em to take a photo and then release them at the end of the day. I don't weigh or tape anything, I just like having a couple photos. I C&R everything pretty much. I just fish for fun, I don't like eating fish at all so bass...
  184. titos334

    My biggest July/August bass

    I'm pretty jealous that's awesome! How was talking to Gary?
  185. titos334

    Seaguar premier or blue lable?

    Premier is IGFA rated line, it's weaker both to abrasion and tensile strength but thinner diameter so softer and easier to tie knots. Blue label is not, it's stronger and more durable both with abrasion resistance and tensile strength, real close to Blackwater. I don't ever use the premier...
  186. titos334

    Surveys at the launch ramp

    I answer it pretty much every time. It's only a couple quick questions. I fished X days, I targeted calicos, I caught calicos, I released calicos, fished dana, here's my zip.
  187. titos334

    SoCal Outfitters-Bass Fishing Highlight Video

    Nice vid! Was that right after the DVL ramped opened?
  188. titos334

    National Geographic Article - Warmer West Coast Water

    The sand must be real comfy
  189. titos334

    Technique if you're about to get spooled?

    Put maximum pressure on it and hope for the best result. Cut the line before it breaks at the spool.
  190. titos334

    San Quintin locals ask San Diego party boats to leave high spots (240,the 6 )

    The sport boats aren't entitled to anything, if they think they are that's a big problem. It's truly a privilege to fish in Baja. I'd feel really embarrassed to be on a boat that's stepping on the locals and the little guy.
  191. titos334

    In Regards to BD for sale ads..... I have an idea!!

    I had to go and read the for sale post. Jeez, I'd probably skip out of responding to someone blowing me up like that. That's some crazy I don't want to deal with for a private sale. I don't see how anyone got done dirty, seller didn't want to deal with that and sold it to someone else. Legit.
  192. titos334

    Dana Point afternoon session 8/4/16

    Thanks. That's very likely, I spent a lot of time there this spring and early summer
  193. titos334

    Okay so where are the fishing reports....?????

    It's called flying a kite. Boston Big game for trolling, Aftco all-weather for drifing. 8" Yummee flier or mack. It's a secret though so don't tell anyone.
  194. titos334

    Fishing calicos at the wall

    For whatever reason sand bass tend to be the dominate species during the day and the calicos at night. You just gotta grind it out til you find areas that produce more for you, i know its tough cause it all looks the same. Fish the inside/outside look how the swell or current is pushing against...
  195. titos334

    Eileen Inseiner!

    Looks like you're crosssing his bow
  196. titos334

    Weather over the next week??

    its really hard I know
  197. titos334

    Aftco Fish Ninja

    It'd probably only cost like $5 to get a neck gaitor of your choosing sewed on your performance shirt. I can't think of anyone who makes a shirt like that.
  198. titos334

    Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    its offshore fishing. All the fair weather tuna jocks are out there clueless as can be because it's the only time of year they can catch fish and then back slap each other about how awesome they are. Just do whatever you feel like, it's what everyone is doing.
  199. titos334

    Dana Point afternoon session 8/4/16

    Went out of Dana, launched around 3pm and headed out. The weather was great but the water was kinda lumpy. I fished up the line cause I figured might as well make the uphill move first. The better fishing has been down south but I woulda gotten destroyed trying to make that kinda run today. No...
  200. titos334

    El Capitan?

    I'll consider it, that's a pretty good name and a good pun. It's got a ring to it. Alan's a good captain and a fishy dude. If you like slinging jigs i think it'd be a good idea to ride the boat at least once just to watch him and pick his brain a little. Or don't cause the boat dimensions are...
  201. titos334

    Surface Iron - Phenix Abyss/Axis/BD?

    909XHJ or 909XH for Tady 45/Salas 7x 40/50lb line. 909H for 25-40lb and Tady C or 7x JR. If you only want one surface iron stick I'd get the 909XHJ or 909XH, basically the same rod but the J is slightly more powerful. I use the 909XHJ and 869H.
  202. titos334

    El Capitan?

    Brave of you to out yourself like that
  203. titos334

    El Capitan?

    Did you try talking to him in English? :D
  204. titos334

    Am I Acting Weird?

    That sucks. There are definitely better people out there. As long as you're upfront and vocal about your expectations throughout the day then you're not crazy they're just assholes for signing up for something they weren't down for.
  205. titos334

    Tady jig question?

    Throw them my way
  206. titos334

    7/23 Foggy Cruise to the 14 on the 14' Skiff

    You bottom fished at the 14? That's smart. Good job getting out there and braving the boaters.
  207. titos334


    I can't believe people are killing the baby BFT, not cool boats are just killing our future BFT before they can even spawn
  208. titos334

    Fishing for calicos and spotties in dana point

    Any of the rocky areas will produce bass. Whether it's along the island or inside/outside the jetties. The long jetty tends to be the best both from the outside and the inside. Swimbaits, hard jerkbaits like the Daiwa SP Minnow, waxwings, bama rigs, megabaits etc can all be very effective.
  209. titos334

    What are we doing wrong?

    If you're striking out at the barber poles and the red buoy off the point I'd head south and make em at middle kelp or in the kelp off and south of the pier(edison reef, barge, san mateo, san O). Trolling the sabikis can work well if you're not really sure where to be exactly. Watch the meter...
  210. titos334

    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    He'll have a record of some sort. Looks like the largest caught by a man is 158lb 8oz. That girl that caught the 184lb in Cabo must've been one happy girl.
  211. titos334

    Reel to pair with a Super Seeker 804? Good, Better and Best?

    Good: Daiwa Sealine 20/3. or Penn 525Mag Better: Avet SX, Fathom 15 Best: TN10/12 I guess this is a pretty traditional looking list. Although I'd say the Penn 525Mag or a Pro Gear 255 is really tops. On paper they might be considered lesser but in practice they're perfect.
  212. titos334

    I would like help on drag settings

    27lbs is about right, you probably could go a little higher and be fine too depending on the hooks/rod/line type. Having something hit the taught line though adds a ton of pressure and would likely result in a break-off either way unless the drag was really light.
  213. titos334

    The ice breaker!

    fuckin toad! Nice fish for the new boat
  214. titos334

    7/8 209/289 For a Bigun

    Love the SP Minnows, glad to see the tuna liked it as well. Good report and Pics!
  215. titos334

    Braid cutters / scissors

    I gotta agree with Carl, the Boomerangs are my go to choice for cutting braid. I too like the short snips but the longer ones are good too.
  216. titos334

    116 miles

    Wow you posted a fish report instead of being an internet cop, nice job! Sounds like you put in some solid work, you'll get em next time.
  217. titos334

    Big Yellowfin Moving In Locally

    You're reading comprehension has failed you. Take a look at the 2nd pic again. Nice fish Cole, gotta love when hard work pays off!
  218. titos334

    Bluefish Tuna...?

    ITT no one knows how newspapers work
  219. titos334

    Bluefish Tuna...?

    Poor Debs, probably spent tried to do solid work and the editor shoots it in the foot
  220. titos334

    Knot for 130 lb wind on leader

    I'd strongly recommend going spectra -> Bimini -> wind-on. Otherwise you might as well just tie the 130 to 60lb mono with an albright.
  221. titos334

    sword fishing guide

    Todd Mansur runs the Boardroom out of Dana so I'd start there
  222. titos334

    What Are The White Markings On The Bait Ball?

    Definitely seems like the right answer. On the 2nd picture it says you're in 84ft with the white marking showing at 84ft. It's likely the fish is so tight together it's thinking it's bottom.
  223. titos334

    Lure for super weedy area?

    The weeds go all the way to the surface? A frog, weightless senko/ika in any pockets or holes, pegged texas rig for punching. If there's an outside edge to the weeds a swimbait or spinnerbait could be good. Lipless crankbait works well over submerged vegetation.
  224. titos334

    Cat 6/18

    Aint that the truth, the Calico fishing there is unreal!
  225. titos334

    Smallmouth Trip!

    My fishy senses wana say that's Lake of the Woods but I have no clue. looks like a hell of a trip and can't wait to hear more about it!
  226. titos334

    Thumb Guard / Protector

    Flex tape is the only thing I use but I rarely use it.
  227. titos334

    Big BFT Gear

    I've been hearing more people catch em on stuff like a Lexa 400, TN20/30, Tranx 500 etc than any big reel like a Mak 16, Tac20, HX etc.. As far as I can tell people are using heavy leader for abrasion, not tensile strength. But that's just from the dozen or so guys I've talked to that have got em.
  228. titos334

    Improved squid rigging

    They're strong enough for big yellows, I wouldn't worry about them.
  229. titos334

    Dana Point 5-27 Report

    Nice report, good times! Thanks for releasing my friends.
  230. titos334

    Mission Bay or SD Bay?

    Mission Bay is my favorite by far for spotted bay bass
  231. titos334

    Went to Laguna Lake 5/19/16

    It's the cousins raze 701S rated light 4-10lb
  232. titos334

    Went to Laguna Lake 5/19/16

    Went to Laguna Lake in Fullerton and fished senkos on light line in the grass and got some chunkier fish. City park lakes are awesome fisheries, lots of fun.
  233. titos334

    osprey attack

    That's crazy, glad you are okay.
  234. titos334


    I love fishworks, especially their pants, actual shorts with pockets and belt loops, and jackets. There are a ton of socal fishing apparel companies, they all make good stuff and I'll wear whatever I like.
  235. titos334

    Too many hooks?

    They're legal and a lot of fun. Only restriction is no more than 3 treble hooks on a lure, rockfish aren't ever going to be on board when I'm using a rig.
  236. titos334

    Surface Iron Analysis

    If it's Mint it's probably the right jig. JRI, Salas, Tady and Kicker all make some cool mint jigs, keep the fish fresh with some mint in their mouth.
  237. titos334

    Laguna Niguel - Spring 2016

    I think the county picking it up solidifies that there will never be boats as long as they run it. Some people are hopeful for tubes but I don't see that happening either but who knows.
  238. titos334

    WTF!! Damn junk rods...

    If I'm getting this right you bought the rods used or possibly used 7 years ago, left them on the boat for 3 years and some rings popped? I don't know why you wouldn't think the rod is worth wrapping, if you like the blank you like the rod. Put new guides on it and you have a brand new rod, no...
  239. titos334

    Just throwing it out there

    It's just that they're relatively new, we've been doing it a lot longer. Even today it's not like we're all that much better. Look at the BP oil spill, look at Porter Ranch gas leak, Gold King Mine leak etc. India and Southeast Asia probably produce more total pollution since they have close or...
  240. titos334

    Just throwing it out there

    Don't worry they still have a long, long ways to go before they can catch up to us
  241. titos334

    Laguna Niguel - Spring 2016

    I've been fishing LNL a ton this spring. The lake has been fishing pretty darn well. I've caught fish on pretty much everything imaginable and in pretty much every fishable spot, it's what makes the lake so interesting almost anything can work. Spawn is pretty much completely over, not a lot of...
  242. titos334

    Everingham price increase.

    For all we know they've been losing money and this price increase is long overdue. I like the company and support them doing what they need to do to stay in business. I'd rather them raise prices than for me to continue to benefit from lower costs and then have them go belly up.
  243. titos334

    Everingham price increase.

    If they can they should, that's smart smart business practice.
  244. titos334

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    Plz wear a body cam and start a youtube channel
  245. titos334

    How to fish the current/wind?

    IMO Water Color/Current are tied for #1 on importance. Neither of which you have any control over and it can be very localized. I'll prioritize color and current, if I see the condition I'm looking for even if it's not where I would typically fish I'd check it out, can be very good even in...
  246. titos334

    Thoughts on New Ulua

    Glad you know your role, keeping sucking from the teet.
  247. titos334

    Need reliable weather predictions...

    NOAA/ is the absolute best. I check it for every trip and I've found it to be extremely accurate. The information is pretty good in the 3-5 day range but really on the point within the 1-2 day forecast. The best part about NOAA is it changes forecast from area to area. If you click...
  248. titos334

    Fred Hall Show

    Go to the chowder barge and bring a rod and reel :-)
  249. titos334

    2/28 diamond valley

    That's killer man! DVL seems like a pretty nice place to be right now
  250. titos334

    Lake Murray 2/25/16

    Yeah I got a LMV membership but it's not worth it for me anymore to try and bass fish there. I'm well versed in the local ponds/golf courses but I don't do that stuff anymore either, not trying to get a trespassing ticket and more and more people are hitting those spots making it even sketchier...
  251. titos334

    Lake Murray 2/25/16

    Yeah I don't do a lot of freshwater fishing, but like to stay well rounded and get a largemouth at least a couple times a year. SD Definitely kicks the crap out of OC for freshwater, LNL is pretty much all that's left other than some tiny north county spots.
  252. titos334

    DVL 2/26/16

    Went to the lake with a friend, he had fished it on Thursday and done really well. I've never been out to DVL before so was stoked to hear my friend had some experience with it. We got there around 7am after leaving OC at 5am and headed out on foot. The bass were up spawning pretty good...
  253. titos334

    Lake Murray 2/25/16

    Went to Lake Murray Thursday with a friend, it was our first time fishing the lake and SD lakes in general. Left OC at 5am to get down there, rented a boat and were fishing by 7am. Tried fishing deeper water off points and tullies for nothing using worms and jigs. At 11 after noticing the bass...
  254. titos334

    Anyone fishing Dana Point tomorrow despite the 7.5' swell?

    This is what I'm looking at: It's always been good to me.
  255. titos334

    Anyone fishing Dana Point tomorrow despite the 7.5' swell?

    Today is 4ft at 18 seconds and has looked beautiful out there, tomorrow is 4ft at 15 seconds so I'd say you're no dummy for going out.
  256. titos334


    Daiwa DXSB,Daiwa Proteus Inshore Okuma Shadowstalker, Cousins Raze, Cousins SSW, Phenix m1, Phenix Black Diamond or Swimbait rod, Shimano Terramar, Seeker Inshore, there are a ton of good rods at different price points without more information the only advice I can give is to go check them out.
  257. titos334

    Tension Knob Help

    The spool tension knob sits directly on the spool shaft. Side Play is when the knob is backed off and allows the spool to wiggle. If the reel has magnets or centrifugal breaks then I adjust the knob to allow for a slight wiggle. I then use the magnets to take care of most of the cast control...
  258. titos334

    Hardbait / ripbait stick??

    I personally fish a lot of the Daiwa SP Minnow in its 2 sizes and the LC 190, occasionally the 110. I pretty much just cast and retrieve it without adding in any jerks or twitches just some pauses here and there.
  259. titos334

    Hardbait / ripbait stick??

    The 734 would be a good one for saltwater. It can handle the bigger baits and the smaller ones really well. I'd go for the shorter rod if you're looking to move the lure with the rod. Even though they're jerkbaits a lot of times I use them on a straight retrieve with maybe some pauses so i use...
  260. titos334

    Fish amounts

    That's hilarious. The only "shit" I'm throwing is your words back at you.
  261. titos334

    Local BFT

    Did they see any bass out there though?
  262. titos334

    Laguna Niguel 2/18/16

    I don't remember
  263. titos334

    A little further inshore

    Awesome! The lake looked great this morning. Good job landing the trout
  264. titos334

    Laguna Niguel 2/18/16

    Cousins rod. Went back this morning before work and got one on a jig
  265. titos334

    Diamond valley 2/20

    That's legit, nice bass and good times for you and the kid! How was the rental? Been thinking of making my way out there some time.
  266. titos334

    Fish amounts

    Still waiting on yours and you have way more posts trying to sell stuff than OP... dont mind me :puff:
  267. titos334

    Local Knowledge with the Boys

    I've had a few bittersweet days like that where the fishing doesn't meet expectations but it's still a great day. Way to go out there and give it the effort! The crappy part of fishing all the time is having more bad days, but at least you get more good days too.
  268. titos334

    Laguna Niguel 2/18/16

    Went to Laguna Niguel yesterday to try for some largemouth. I haven't really done a lot of freshwater bass fishing since Mission went south and stayed away from LNL cause of price. With OC Parks taking over it's a lot more accessible, hell the lady at the gate even waved me in and saved me $3...
  269. titos334

    Success PV trip 2/11 - 2/15

    Really awesome to see that blade runner squid catch a giant tuna! I was figuring it would only be good for sculpin and rockfish.
  270. titos334

    Sunline Fluorocarbon leader

    I have some of that stuff in 35lb, haven't tried it out yet but it seems nice.
  271. titos334

    Catalina Feb 11/12

    Glad to hear it! I've been slacking on reports lately so it's good to see someone enjoy it. It really pisses me off when I can't figure something out and the fish get the best of me. Glad I got the opportunity to go back so immediately to try it out again.
  272. titos334

    Catalina Feb 11/12

    2/11/16 The weather this week has been fantastic and too good to pass up. With that in mind I went out on Thursday to Catalina with a friend out of Dana. The weather could not have been better and the crossing was easy and as we moved up the backside. The fishing was fairly slow but we picked...
  273. titos334


    Im in Panthers: 31 Broncos: 27
  274. titos334

    California F&G news

    "Hunting groups believe animal rights advocates want to outlaw the pastime entirely. They point to recent laws banning bobcat trapping, the use of lead bullets, coyote killing contests and the hounding of bears and bobcats." Banning commercial trapping for the sale of furs to china is not a bad...
  275. titos334

    Just picked up a Phenix Inshore... Now what?

    Lews BB2 Inshore or an Okuma Komodo would be pretty killer depending on what size reel you prefer.
  276. titos334

    # Setups

    Do you go on long range trips 5+ days? If not then I wouldn't even consider anything to use for 60#+. 50lb is really the limit of what you'll ever need to use 99% of the time.
  277. titos334

    San Mateo Point report 1/31/16

    Perfect conditions for a little kayak fishing
  278. titos334

    The Long Range Character thread.

    I can tell you're distressed, you can have some of my likes to cheer you up.
  279. titos334

    Cousins Raze series

    I have the 808HT, it's rated very modestly at 15-25. I like it a lot for everything inshore bass fishing. You shouldn't have any issues with bass, maybe grab the line instead of straight bounce on a sportboat if you get a 7lb+
  280. titos334

    Cousins Raze series

    I don't own the 839T but played with it a bit and it's really stout. It feels good for throwing Iron but might be a bit heavy for swimbaits.
  281. titos334

    SD Bay 1-23

    Awesome job, way to get em!
  282. titos334

    Spotty Session 1-13-2016

    My buddy got a good one, his new PB 2lbs 6oz. Mine looks way smaller but was 2lbs 1oz. It was a fun night and fortunately some decent fish decided to bite.
  283. titos334

    Bend it comes again...!

    I don't really see where anglers are taking in the shorts. Seems fine to me.
  284. titos334

    Phenix Black Diamond VS Abyss

    I use a Black Diamond 869H and 909XHJ to throw iron. I prefer the Black Diamonds because they're faster action than the Abyss. The Abyss is a composite that comes out feeling a lot like glass and has a more moderate action. I'd also look at getting an 8'6 or 9' if you're looking for a more...
  285. titos334

    Huntington 1-20-16

    Since last week we took my buddies boat, this week we took my boat. We tried to recreate the magic of last week in Huntington. Left my house at ~8:15pm with boat in at 9pm. We had the exact opposite conditions from last week. We got a spotty pretty quickly and then had to grind it out for a...
  286. titos334

    New Posters aka noobs

    If they're using that knife they aren't
  287. titos334

    good morning guys, i bought a psw909mh

    Torium 16, Fathom 25N, Lexa 400
  288. titos334

    F&G - fishing without a license:

    That's it, I'm finally convinced. The State of California is looking to make all fishermen destitute because they can't follow the simplest and most basic requirement that all participating anglers agree to.
  289. titos334

    3/4 day on the Pacific Voyager

    Nados, 6-12lbs
  290. titos334

    F&G - fishing without a license:

    I keep mine in my wallet, I never go anywhere without it. As for the OP, at arraignment they'll likely offer a plea deal. If you don't like it then plead not guilty. By waiting for the hearing you might get a better deal you might not. There shouldn't be any counsel required unless you want...
  291. titos334

    Spotty Session 1-13-2016

    Thanks Brandon!
  292. titos334


    I specifically like the stiffness that the coating on the PowerPro gives it. It does seem to come off after a little bit and get limper, but that's okay. IMO the stiffer braided lines cast a lot better than the really limp lines.
  293. titos334

    Spotty Session 1-13-2016

    Yeah I like the paca craw a lot, most of my fish came on a Keitech crazy flapper I had texas rigged. Switched to the football head/paca after losing a punch rig of sorts that I didn't feel like taking the time to re-rig. I think I like the Keitech better but was running out since I only ordered...
  294. titos334

    Spotty Session 1-13-2016

    Ran into a friend earlier this week and made plans to go fishing wednesday night. Fishing in the bay seemed to make more sense then fishing inshore so we took his 13ft Whaler out to Huntington. I've never fished there before and my friend hadn't really either. We were both figuring the trip had...
  295. titos334

    Full drag VS Line size??

    Yeah the one with more drag in theory could handle larger line. 25lb or 33lbs of drag to fish 40lb is way more than you'd ever want. It's just a pissing contest some of the manufactures get into. I think there is an implication among consumers that the reel that produces more drag is somehow...
  296. titos334

    El Chapo

    He might need a remodel now:
  297. titos334

    Catalina Monday

    Did ya make it out to Cat?
  298. titos334

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    You can't, the site admins decided that's not up to you.
  299. titos334

    Anybody want free deckhand/pinhead work?

    Good thing you're not a prospective employer
  300. titos334

    Accurate DPX2-30N

    Perfect answer, although the 30N does not have an ARB.
  301. titos334

    Anybody want free deckhand/pinhead work?

    What's the matter Wils, did your bingo game get cancelled?
  302. titos334

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    The rules stay the same.
  303. titos334

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    If it ain't a bass, it isn't close enough.
  304. titos334

    Braided fishing line

    If it's for backing, I don't care what brand it is. If it's my main line like on my baitcasters or a kelp cutter rig, it's gotta be PowerPro original. Pro is rough and stiff, the limper spectra like izor can be tougher to cast, especially in the wind. The smoother stuff like Daiwa Jbraid or...
  305. titos334

    19.5lb Calico?

    Lol you're kind of a wimp if you need to put on a glove to hold a calico, even more so with a dead one.
  306. titos334

    Anybody want free deckhand/pinhead work?

    Don is the head of the Hanson family, he started the wharf and is largely responsible for the wharf today. Mike Hansen and Donna(also a Hansen, diff last name) are the people that run the wharf for the most part. They're the people that will hire you to work one of their boats. Todd Mansur...
  307. titos334

    Dana shore fishing?

    Yeah you can fish the beach. The only closure is north of thousand steps.
  308. titos334

    New Years Eve Bay Day - 12/31/15

    Withdrawls aren't good. If you're available thurs/fri let me know, I'm sure something can be done.
  309. titos334

    New Years Eve Bay Day - 12/31/15

    Thanks! That's weird about the pictures, they show up just fine for me. I'll reupload them, thanks for the heads up.
  310. titos334

    CA fishing licenses 2016

    The license cost is the same. The county took over planting at Laguna Niguel Lake and have done an outstanding job, stocking 2lb-3lb fish.
  311. titos334

    New Years Eve Bay Day - 12/31/15

    I finally had a day off that aligned with one of my good fishing buddies and we made the trip down to Mission Bay. We left my house at 8am for a nice gentleman's start and got down to Dana Landing and had the boat launched around 9:45am with lines in the water by 10. I've been fishing the bay...
  312. titos334

    what's with the new look??

    The ability to see the last commented post from each forum and be able to click and jump right into the most recent discussion, gone. That kinda sucks and it's a feature lost. Being able to see each sub forum within each larger forum like CA fishing reports or Mexico and jump right to it, also...
  313. titos334

    what's with the new look??

    Here it is: I sympathize, it can be easy to miss with the crap layout and even worse navigation.
  314. titos334

    Did BDO get hacked again??

    I get this for a homepage, an ad that loads slow and holds up the page and it's also conveniently right by the icon I want to hit.
  315. titos334

    what's with the new look??

    The option to switch back to the better format is going to go away?
  316. titos334

    How do ppl like phenix m1 inshore

    I fish 65lb braid to typically 40# or 50# fluoro. I've caught a couple nice ones on it, it's got some pulling power and I definitely feel it's rated on the low side.
  317. titos334

    How do ppl like phenix m1 inshore

    I have both the M1 Inshore 82MH and the Cousins 808HT, both are really nice rods and have worked quite well for me fishing bass. They're both do anything rods pretty much, leadhead plastics, weedless, jerkbaits, iron, bama rig etc. they do it all. It's nice when there isn't a wrong choice.
  318. titos334

    Stolen Boat HELP!! Long Beach

    lol that could work. "Thank you for breaking into my vehicle, please take the time to look left and right, smile for the camera. Have a great day!"
  319. titos334

    Shogun 12/19 report

    That's his go-to line, don't take it away from him!
  320. titos334

    11lb bass flippin (central florida)

    A shallow bass is a biting bass, good job!
  321. titos334

    Online fishing license purchase

    Unless it's changed you print out your temporary license and they send you the real deal in the mail.
  322. titos334

    2015 The Fishing Year in Pictures

    That definitely makes it even better! I think I had a $50 spottie at last years spots 4 tots, hopefully ill see ya in the bay this year!
  323. titos334

    2015 The Fishing Year in Pictures

    Really cool photos and as always, good story telling! Did you catch a calico this year though? I see Decker and Matt did LOL
  324. titos334

    December 9th Fish and Game Commission meeting...

    For every pier or jetty guy that only has 2 hoops, even if they bought new they'd have to go a hell of a lot to get to even spend $200-300. To get back to the $1000 average it's going to take an equal amount of boat guys that spend over $1,700, for every person that buys a card and doesn't go...
  325. titos334

    Winter Fishing In Socal?

    Spotted bay bass in newport harbor
  326. titos334

    December 9th Fish and Game Commission meeting...

    I just can't wrap my head around the $37Mil. In 2012 there were 37,193 cards sold, unless im missing something it's suggesting the average angler spent nearly $1,000 on lobstering?
  327. titos334

    No bugs I got this instead!

    hard to catch lobster on a dropper loop :D
  328. titos334

    Tady Lures website

  329. titos334

    DFG Sets Trap for Lobster Poachers

    The article is pretty BS when it comes to the talk of an "operation" on the jetty. People poach off of the short jetty all the damn time, if anything this article goes to show the incompetence/lack of patrols more than anything. It really doesn't take much thought to catch these people... .
  330. titos334

    reel display case?

    If you want a display case, which I think is cool, there are lots of them online. As far as I know there aren't fishing reel specific cases but plenty that I'm sure will work for you. The cases don't have to be bland, with a little DIY lighting, mirrors, padding, decals etc you can make any case...
  331. titos334

    Fishing Surface Iron

    Well out of a boat full of the "best" jig fisherman there was only one sidehand comment about Alan Faye using wire. They were catching bluefin so either he had the foresight to use wire or he likes how it swims. #44 and #69 wire is pretty small and certainly wouldn't hurt the action of a 45 or 7x.
  332. titos334

    deckhand rod with reel seat

    Deckhand rods do not have reel seats
  333. titos334

    fishing depth ?

    The depth hunter line works and checking your retrieve rate and counting cranks off the bottom works. If there is a specific lure or weight you like to use you can go to shallower water and find out the rate of fall as well.
  334. titos334

    Did you turn in your lobster card last season.......? $$$

    Yup. IMO they couldn't make it any easier on the angler but people still like to complain.
  335. titos334

    2015-11-22, San Clemente Island, on the Dreamer

    That comment has got to be a joke(Lal's), there is no way it's not. His fishing adventures are frequently posted but it's usually Tunaslam doing the posting.
  336. titos334

    Dana Monday 11-23

    SCI Sounds like fun, hope the fishing is good! This weather might be good for my local stuff, wind and waves should help get rid of the aquarium water, looked worse than the clear water at Cat!
  337. titos334

    Got a citation for "illegal take" inside the Footprint reserve.

    You're just begging for a bad confrontation. Trying to deal with judicial and legislative issues with a cop isn't going to work out in your favor, but best of luck to you.
  338. titos334

    Dana Point halibut 11/22

    Lol that's exactly what OP said they weighed. Good job on the butts!
  339. titos334

    Got a citation for "illegal take" inside the Footprint reserve.

    Take is defined as: Hunt, pursue, catch, capture or kill fish, amphibians, reptiles, mollusks, crustaceans or invertebrates or attempting to do so. So "illegal take" is just what the basic term for a fishing violation is.
  340. titos334

    Got a citation for "illegal take" inside the Footprint reserve.

    I believe you, but with law officers and courts being unaware or ignorant doesn't really work. Getting off with just that ticket is him being nice and also him doing his job.
  341. titos334

    23hr Bomber Misson to Mission Bay_11.22

    Good work, sounds like a hell of a long day and well worth it! Those Smitty pads are awesome!
  342. titos334

    Got a citation for "illegal take" inside the Footprint reserve.

    You were admittedly fishing in a no-fishing SMR, you even had the balls to cast out in front of him? I think you got off really lightly.
  343. titos334

    Dana Monday 11-23

    Took the boat out with some friends on Monday, left the harbor at 7am. Haven't been out a lot lately, weather has consistently sucked since my last trip out. The weather was outstanding but the conditions were horrible. The water was the clearest I've ever seen it in Dana with easily 20ft+...
  344. titos334

    Christmas reel

    Torium 20HGA
  345. titos334

    shimano evair or xtratuff?

    Xtratuff for me. If you want a shorter boot, Xtratuff makes boots in a wide variety of styles.
  346. titos334

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    You might need to get a group together then if you want 5 or 6 days of fishing. I know for COA the standard trip is a 5 day which is 3 1/2 days of fishing. Last year there was a group of 3 there that I think initially were on a 6 day and they just kept staying longer and longer.
  347. titos334

    8 day on AA 11/1-11/9. We caught one of these...

    I don't know the ID of the fish but bleaching can be used to describe something getting whiter or lighter in color, not that there is literally bleach in the RSW.
  348. titos334

    Same thing ... Same place ... New sled

    It's Box Canyon and fishing is primarily yoyo/dloop. You can follow the sportboats to the spot, I'm sure that's what OP did.
  349. titos334

    Tony Reyes trip in May?

    I'll be going down the beginning on May, from what friends tell me there is no bad time to go. I hear it's a lot of cabrilla and YT, which sound more than perfect for me. I'm not worried about weather, can't control storms and there aren't waves to contend with other than what wind can kick up.
  350. titos334


    I guess it's really fat, like 2 put together and better suited for a trokar/beast weedless style rather than a leadhead.
  351. titos334

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    That's a rite of passage for them. They load the boat up, go "fishing" and if they successfully get their haul to a "fish" market then they're in.
  352. titos334

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    For bass fishing, the bulk of the knot doesn't matter so again that's not important. What is important for bass fishing and beyond is having a knot you're confident in and can tie. Uni, and the others are all perfectly reasonable knots. Choose one you like and try it out and repeat til you find...
  353. titos334

    Rockfish spreader bars?

    There is a 2 hook maximum so you're not going to see anything too fancy
  354. titos334

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    I guess that's what you're not getting, leave your pissing contest of what knot breaks higher to long range they really love that stuff. For bass fishing which connection knot to use is pretty far removed from whats important. As long as you can tie the knot correctly it really does not matter...
  355. titos334


    Church rock has some yellows, look around in 60-125ft
  356. titos334


    For me, a viejos will almost always be rigged on a leadhead. I typically use warbait but you could use any triangle/shad head with or without a weed guard. Size will vary 1/2oz to 2oz, primarily I use 1oz-2oz with the lighter ones only coming out when fishing the breakwalls. The weight of the...
  357. titos334


    For calicos I prefer the viejos over the standard swimbait. 5, 7, 9 and the weedless 7" or slug all have their time depending on what you're fishing. For Colors I like buying a variety but they basically fall into 2 categories for me either baitfish-ish and brown/red-ish. From MC the baitfish...
  358. titos334


    as long as you do it in saltwater
  359. titos334

    Laguna Niguel Lake

    It's not totally dead, there are still catfish, bass and panfish in the lake. A guy I know has been doing pretty well on cats 6-12lbs
  360. titos334

    oil rigs off hb/ map w/ names?

    baja directions has a good map showing it
  361. titos334

    Crab Warning - Lobster?

    I will be the kings servant and test for anyone hesitant on crab/lobster, just throwin it out there
  362. titos334

    Rod recommendations

    The super seeker is going to have a faster action, stiffer tip. The weight and action though are pretty similar. The super seeker is gonna have nicer guides and reel seat usually, I know they changed the guides on newer black steels to lower costs. I personally like the feel of the black steel...
  363. titos334

    Rod recommendations

    Seeker 6470H or Cousins CJB 75H/70H for 50lb yoyo and bait. A phenix m1 inshore 82MH or 82H would be good for your second rod, seeker 809 would be good too.
  364. titos334

    5 Day cedros/bentios island trip

    Turn star all the way forward, there it's set. If it's not sold out by Christmas I might have to get on that trip!
  365. titos334


  366. titos334

    VIP Elite Member

    VIP Elite Member
  367. titos334

    Trying to decide on a reel for 50/60 lb

    I'd use the JX or HX Raptor for the 50/60 line. I've used both quite a bit and they're both great. Due to the change in gear ratio/size they retrieve at the same rate so the HX with lower gears is just easier to use for most stuff.
  368. titos334

    Free gaffing

    It appears to just be lazy moderating. Instead of warning users and deleting offensive/abusive posts the whole thread gets locked.
  369. titos334

    What would you have done?

    Well before the trip I'd probably have doubts and back out. During the trip, not much you can do other than sit there and hope not to die like you did, maybe wear a life jacket and prepare to bail before he crashes into rocks. Post trip, he might be a cool friend to hangout with but would firmly...
  370. titos334

    California Fish Stocks Declined by Over 70% Since 1970

    Wikipedia is not a bad source, it is peer reviewed and source cited.
  371. titos334

    California Fish Stocks Declined by Over 70% Since 1970

    What is gained by denying warming?
  372. titos334

    The DFG Has Spoken, It's Time For A Change

    Narrow the focus and stay away from the calico bass
  373. titos334

    Trolling Motor - Is GPS worth it

    If it has the anchor function, it's definitely worth it, it's my favorite feature on the minn kota.
  374. titos334

    Dana Pt Bassin' 10/26

    Yeah, probably my favorite double i've had so far
  375. titos334

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    They should be so proud of themselves that's a hard-fought battle! Trophy fishing at its finest.
  376. titos334

    Dana Pt Bassin' 10/26

    It works quite well and holds up great! Our local BD writer erik landesfeind recommended it.
  377. titos334

    Dana Pt Bassin' 10/26

    Got invited to go fishing with a friend for some local bass, left at 7am got back around 1pm. We moved around from Salt Creek down to San Clemente. Water was greener up north and cleaner down south but it changed quite a bit depending on the area and mostly 71-72 degrees. The kelp is getting...
  378. titos334

    Lucky Craft Combo

    I use a 7'6 or 8' 10-17 rated rod and a lews bb2 or calcutta 250 with either 12lb p-line or spectra/fluoro
  379. titos334

    Was Anybody On The Patriot Today 10-24-2015 ?

    Best idea ever! :D
  380. titos334

    Furbag Learns to Fly-Hilarious Video

    harbor seals are awesome
  381. titos334

    Shimano Rod Warranty- Huge props

    Damn hope they lose my stuff next time
  382. titos334

    Furbag Learns to Fly-Hilarious Video

    poor harbor seal
  383. titos334

    Long Beach Double Whoooooo!!!!!

    Nice! Havent heard of many being caught on a bomb
  384. titos334

    BUG TIME!!!!!

    I feel like you're in an alternate universe that's 3 weeks behind, cause lobster is in season and has been since the 3rd.
  385. titos334

    Opinions on Cousins raze series

    I have 4 raze rods and love them all, they compare nicely to anything out there and come in at a real nice price
  386. titos334

    2015 is it over

    Best flying J stop you've had in your life before heading to sevier county
  387. titos334

    2015 is it over

    Lower provo is starting to heat up
  388. titos334

    2015 is it over

    Parowan is still a vacation for some. Hildale is better, but he probably would fit in and find it comforting.
  389. titos334

    What would you do?

    I don't think you're a dick for expressing your displeasure of someone pulling up to the paddy you're on. If you cuss them out or harass them if they decide to stay then that's being a dick.
  390. titos334

    San Felipe 10-12-2015

    That looks incredible! Could you expand on the fishing, particularly the bass?
  391. titos334

    OC Wahoo on a bass setup!

    Is there a CA line class record? The IGFA for 16# and 20# are monster hoo. Regardless, OP that is an amazing catch, completely incredible!
  392. titos334

    Accurate FX2 600NN

    Its a fury
  393. titos334

    Today sucked

    You didn't let me finish my report. It sucked cause I was at work and my football teams lost
  394. titos334

    We went Wahooping instead

    Nice job!!! When does the service start chef?
  395. titos334

    Today sucked

    Yeah it sucked for me too
  396. titos334

    Line size for artificial lures

    Tady 9, Iron Man 3 and Coltsniper all got bit on 40# by BFT.
  397. titos334


    ...and there is no way for you to correct your mistake since the admins took away that ability and reserve it for slow acting mods. Sorry I got no info on the Liberty, if you go out hope it all works well.
  398. titos334

    Bass fishing

    Good job getting out there and whacking some bass!
  399. titos334

    Global Warming for So Cal

    I'm all for the nice offshore action but if the water continues to stay warm or get warmer it's not going to bode well for inshore and already has had some adverse effects
  400. titos334

    Wahoo Spread

    You don't want spectra anywhere near the mouth of a teethy fish
  401. titos334

    daiwa.lexa 400 vs. shimano tranx 500

    Both reels are great and both reels are shit, just ask the right person!
  402. titos334

    Anyone use the fathom lever drag 2 speeds

    Ok so you're perfect then. Your number is 250+. His is setup with 300/65# and 30/40#. All you do is have a 200/65# and boom easily 75yds+ hitting that criteria and giving you your 250+ line total.
  403. titos334

    OSBORN BANK 10-13-15

    Those seiners do not make a living from catching YFT, not even close. I have zero problem with seiners in general, I think it's great they make a living wrapping up baitfish meant for a variety of end market destinations. Pulling the "they make a living" card in defense of YFT wrapping is...
  404. titos334

    2016 Salt Water Bass Tournament partner wanted

    I've been considering doing the bay tournaments, if you ever have a mon/tues to fish let me know and we can catch some spotties
  405. titos334

    Possible New California State Record Wahoo??

    I wasn't aware the state was even accepting Wahoo records. I've heard of 80lb wahoo landed, 90lb+ would be pretty darn cool
  406. titos334

    YOYO YT Action ... Sunday Report

    Hell of a video! Really like the jig choice, feel like not very many people would be using it.
  407. titos334

    Izor's Reef 10/15/15

    Very nice work! The best fish in the ocean!
  408. titos334

    OSBORN BANK 10-13-15

    How does that info apply to 2015? The data reported is strictly from 2012 and there are no guidelines for commercial take shown. My take from that data is the Yellowfin harvest by commercials in CA is so little they must be doing it to stick it to sportboats and rec anglers. One school of tuna...
  409. titos334

    OSBORN BANK 10-13-15

    YFT is not what shows up in canned tuna, it's typically albacore and skipjack. YFT is also not used as pet food which is typically sardine/anchovy/random junk. I doubt most of the YFT stays in the US, but maybe it ends up in a restaurant somewhere.
  410. titos334

    What is going on off Torrey Pines State Beach?

    Do you know what depth and are the Reds biting? Cause those are my favorite
  411. titos334

    You Avet Critics Crack Me Up#

    This is true of every reel manufacturer. Fishermen rely extremely heavily on personal experience and treat anecdotal evidence as gold. Pretty much everything good/bad is used as confirmation bias by someone.
  412. titos334

    Lots of Wahoo....

    You just need to say you're going to write an article on Rooster surf tactics in IB and then it'll happen, seems like thats how it works
  413. titos334

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Have you or anyone you know of done much bass fishing with these reels? Specifically fishing 65/80 braid // 40lb+ Fluoro on the bigger fishies
  414. titos334

    Lobster from pier?

    That's cause the harbor master has banned all hooping inside Dana Point Harbor
  415. titos334

    NaCl or new lexa 400

    I'd pick either Lexa 400 over the NaCL for tuna and yt
  416. titos334

    Dana point fun inshore 10/7...

    It's right off the Point on the outside corner of the kelp
  417. titos334

    Another Top Shot Question

    The concept is that the fish don't care about the spectra, short leader also helps the angler by not having a knot going through the guides all the time. Result? The fish tell me they don't care and bite it well. Pretty much the only reason I hear from people that runner longer fluoro leaders...
  418. titos334

    Another Top Shot Question

    So you're getting bit just fine and want to use longer leaders because you have a mental hangup?
  419. titos334

    Is There a Good Map of LR Fishing Grounds?

    The Pacifico Sur page in the Baja Directions fishing map has all of the ones you mentioned. Not sure where to get topo type maps for the outer stuff like Clarion
  420. titos334

    Lure rating

    That should do nicely
  421. titos334

    Lure rating

    Those rods have a really light tip for live bait fishing and I'd say they're not a good surface iron rod. The ML will probably load up really funny when retrieving the lure just from water resistance and be borderline unusable for surface iron. The tips *probably* won't break but they'll load up...
  422. titos334

    Lure rating

    It depends on the rod and how the lure weight feels on the rod, you'll probably be fine if it's a saltwater bass rod. Sometimes it just feels really heavy on the rod and doesn't cast well because the rod is loading up too much and is just sloppy.
  423. titos334

    Jetty Bugging

    If the hoop is strictly setup for the pier/jetty it's a little less expensive but still like $45 a hoop and you can use 2. I've had close calls but I don't lose a hoop very often. It does take constant over watch though, the slack rope getting tangled in a rock is a bigger danger than the hoop...
  424. titos334

    Jetty Bugging

    It's pretty mellow and low risk if you take some time. If you can't get on a boat it's not a bad way to kill some time and maybe get one
  425. titos334

    Jetty Bugging

    I hoop off the Dana Jetty occasionally, it's really easy for me to do there. You gotta find the right rock to stand on and have a powerful flashlight to check the water in front of you for rocks. It's not that great for yield but I almost always pull stuff up.
  426. titos334

    Best mono line for saltwater???

    I work at a tackle shop at thats just BS. I've had some Izor spectra not be tight from the factory but I've never once seen a spool be under-wrapped. I've burned through thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of yards of izor the past 2 years, not one spool was ever under-wrapped from the...
  427. titos334


    I really love that boat in your articles
  428. titos334

    10/4 on the Freedom

    Dana had nice full size Chovy so a #2 or #1 wouldve been appropriate
  429. titos334

    What is an Outfit?

    You'll end up like me with 6 setups for bass fishing and that's 6 for calico/sand and 6 for spotties not to mention all the other fun stuff
  430. titos334


    I liked my Phenix Mirage 6'7" a ton, 7'6" could be good too, I also like 4lb flouro. My favorite mini jigs are the 1/32oz trout trap stingers(have a little trailer) in grasshopper and the chart/orange. By the far the most important part of mini jigging is the proper action.
  431. titos334

    What is an Outfit?

    In his defense, it's probably the most common knot but saying it's the quickest and easiest is a stretch. It's also been proven to be one of the weakest knots. This guy did some research:
  432. titos334

    Will we see YFT over 100lbs?

    It's because those boats have been stuffing themselves on Wahoo too much to notice the lack of sizable YFT. A friend got back last week from an 8 day and got 14 hoo 40-60lbs, it's been so good YFT are a trash fish.
  433. titos334

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    You got it all wrong, if your rod doesn't have a minimum of 12" diamond wrap then it's like why are you even fishing?
  434. titos334

    Catalina fishing

    It's shit like this where the Mods really earn their value, such a stellar job ghost mods! A+ work!
  435. titos334

    Crawl Prediction

    They do not need one provided they are doing nothing to contribute to the take of lobster. DFG gave you a straight answer. If they don't have a card all they can do is sit and talk to you, no baiting pots, no measuring lobster, no pulling rope etc.
  436. titos334

    Crawl Prediction

    I'm hearing some pretty good things from some divers and anglers frequently catching them on accident. I have a feeling it could be a good season.
  437. titos334


    On the inside I like to fish lighter weight heads, 1/2oz, 3/4oz or maybe 1oz on a really big bait. I like 3.5" and 5" or creature baits of similar size. I have 3 colors I fish at night for the most part: halloween, black widow, and a really dark brown bait. Most of the bites are on the fall. I...
  438. titos334

    Newbie question - Bass guy lost in the Salt

    I'm a little confused cause at the first you say it's for swim baits/light iron which that setup is killer for and then want to fish rockfish and yellows? Your setup is a perfect saltwater bass setup and can catch YT, Dodo, smaller tuna etc. Rockfish can be caught on anything.
  439. titos334

    Long Range Dudes I have a question

    It's not like they'd go after some random person online, so really there is no need to edit
  440. titos334

    Iron selection

    Tady 45 in a mint color. For yoyo I favor Salas, 6x, 6xj, 7xjr, 7x, pl68 they are all good just depends on the situation and again a mint color is my favorite.
  441. titos334

    Dana Point 9/30

    Ask Dave Hansen about Mud Darts LOL
  442. titos334

    150 lbs blue marlin in Long Beach at the green buoy 9/26/15!!!!!

    All this hate on Erik is pretty rich, I especially love my favorite video spammer hardcor's special words on the subject. It's all standard Davies stuff, it's actually pretty tame for what goes on at the ramps. A silly arm got broken, no big deal but I'd call out someone for it and drive away too.
  443. titos334

    I'm not getting it...

    Virtually no bait offshore, all the little yellows probably ate it. Other than looking for wahoo and marlin I'd say the offshore fishing around Dana is pretty close to being done.
  444. titos334

    Rod for Lexa 400

    You can put it on almost anything, I have it on a Phenix 869H or 909XHJ
  445. titos334

    Closest ramp to LA jolla

    Dana Landing
  446. titos334

    Those of you with Facebook, can you please post some positive comments about the 662.2lb Marlin?!

    It's not even facebook, it's the comment section of an online article which is one of the darkest saddest parts of the internet
  447. titos334

    Dana Point question

    If you've been to all those areas then you're in the right zone. If there are a lot of boats stacked up at Onofre and/or Barn then you don't want to be in the fleet, go to another area with similar conditions and you'll find yours.
  448. titos334

    Dana Point question

    Salt Creek, Pipe, Middle kelp, San Mateo, Barge, San Onofre and Barn have all had yellows and still do at times. Anchoring and chumming or slow trolling have both been successful ways to target em.
  449. titos334

    So Cal Exotics

    Pacific tripletail speared 8 miles off LJ!
  450. titos334

    Big blue!!!

    Nice fish, the guys are gonna have to grow a some to fit all that in their stomach
  451. titos334

    PL Mix bag on the JRI 4

    Thanks for the report! I've yet to experience anything remotely close to that reaction of seals while fishing inshore calicos, that's a real bummer. May your jig rest in peace, a real tragedy to lose a good jig like that.
  452. titos334

    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    Trolling for the shit post of the month
  453. titos334

    Water temp question

    Since the bouys have consistently read well above 71.9 I'm guessing your temp gauge is off. 20" down shouldn't have a 4 degree difference
  454. titos334

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    It's because people complain about subjective things that are normal expected occurrences while fishing and usually way after the fact and expect to be princesses when they're the fat old uncle. Your case while late, would be taken seriously by the board because it's clear objective failure of...
  455. titos334

    Does boat passenger need to have license if not fishing?

    I've known captains to take over limits too
  456. titos334

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    Hope that scenario is purely hypothetical
  457. titos334

    Does boat passenger need to have license if not fishing?

    They can be on the boat but can't drive the boat, cut bait, assist in any landing of the fish, no touching rods, nets, gaffs etc.
  458. titos334


    Yeah because the boats were ordered out of the harbor at 3am and were unable to pick up passengers.... San Mateo did pretty good
  459. titos334

    No Wake Ticket.

    You just got to follow the process. I'm assuming you signed the ticket, as the guy says it's really not an admission of guilt. I don't know what you said so hopefully you didn't say much. It should just be a little moving violation so no arraignment, show up in court and take your lumps if given...
  460. titos334

    Extinction of the yellowtail tuna

    yellowfin counts are way way way from last year, not gonna be any left in 2 years
  461. titos334

    Love for the Deckhands

    No need to duck...
  462. titos334

    Love for the Deckhands

    Is that what we're calling the baby boomers now? LOL
  463. titos334

    Where to launch

    I'd imagine it's in the $6-$7 range
  464. titos334

    Avet SX Reel Problem..........

    no, probably the pinion bearing
  465. titos334

    Where to make bait in Dana point ?

    most people go to the red buoy off the point(cant miss it) or to the barber pole(can miss it)
  466. titos334

    Shimano cumara (black)

    Finding a new one would be so nice
  467. titos334

    San Diego or Mission bay

    I'd go to Mission Bay for sure. You can't rent a little skiff from either Seaforth Boat Rentals or Dana Landing. It's a mellower bay with a speed limit for the majority of the bay, fish are everywhere the whole place is essentially one giant eel grass bed.
  468. titos334

    Daiwa Lexa HD

    that sucks, hope my NACL don't crap out on me, the beast seems pretty cool though
  469. titos334

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    Damn, I feel really sorry you. If only you had a boat you could go out and do specifically what you want and all your problems would disappear!
  470. titos334

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    There really is no room to complain about stupid crap like this
  471. titos334


    So troll, account is private
  472. titos334


    cause it's the internet and that's what you're supposed to do
  473. titos334

    Turners Gift Card

    you normally have to take a bigger hit when trying to launder gift cards
  474. titos334

    WFO Catalina Yellows 8-31 Native Sun

    I never see boats there, now it's gonna be crowded for sure!
  475. titos334

    Dana Point Yellowtail?

    There are tails being caught in nearly all the kelp
  476. titos334

    TRuline D8 for sale

    they were made in an era with less regulation, rods now can't be made the same anymore because it's illegal. Not saying it's better or worse but it's different and can't be replicated
  477. titos334

    2 speed reels

    Do you own a car or a multi-speed bike? It's the same thing
  478. titos334

    Chinese spectra.......... NO BUENO

    Spend hundreds or thousands for fishing and cheap out on the thing that matters most, classic
  479. titos334

    Why Doesn't anyone Guide their Line anymore?

    Ain't got time for line winding, gotta spend time complaining about bait, boats and seals
  480. titos334

    Dana Point 8/31/15

    thanks, odds are when you're fishing I'm working haha
  481. titos334

    Dana Point 8/31/15

    Headed out with my buddy at 7am after grabbing a scoop of bait. The Sardine was nice and healthy and quite a bit smaller than the standard so far this summer. Headed south down the line, wind was blowing pretty good from the south making for a little bit of a bumpy ride with swell from W/WNW it...
  482. titos334

    disposal of leftover fish

    I like the illegal dumping idea! Normally I freeze it and wait until the day before trash day
  483. titos334

    Having money doesn't dictate someone knows how to fish

    It's offshore fishing, it happens every year and it's never going to change. I don't get mad, I think it's funny when people pull up on me
  484. titos334

    Phenix PSW 809H vs 809HXF. Difference?

    809HXF is Xtra Fast, it has a noticeably stiffer tip
  485. titos334


    Better Business Bureau isn't likely or able to do anything, they're just a nonprofit that does it's own thing. I'd report this to an actual government agency. If they're doing shady stuff theyre likely committing fraud or dodging taxes or something.
  486. titos334

    Headed to the Osborn

    From the people I've talked to that've killed big makos, they hardly eat seals
  487. titos334

    The Horseshoe ?

    An ass for a smartass
  488. titos334

    Fake Flatt falls

    So pretty much the same price but he'd have to leave his house
  489. titos334

    Shimano Torium 20hg Upgrades?

    What lb line were you fishing and what was your drag set at? On the surface it doesn't appear that this is an issue with the reel or it's parts
  490. titos334

    Anyone have info on this? (fishing "accident")

    I follow the buddy system
  491. titos334

    Wolf Pack Confirmed In California

    Seems like a good thing
  492. titos334


    $1800-$2400 usually
  493. titos334

    Fake Flatt falls

    Pretty funny how with some money you can go from imitating to "real" the sheeple will never awaken
  494. titos334

    City of long Beach incident 8/19 @ 1415

    City of LB runs out of Los Alamitos with Long Beach Marina Sportfishing and not Pierpoint. The Marina part is key and separates it from berth 55 of similar name. According to Sportfishingreports the captains name is Jon Batts but they sometimes have out of date info.
  495. titos334

    City of long Beach incident 8/19 @ 1415

    They're all pussies compared to Suge Knight but he's already lined up to do more hard time
  496. titos334

    Stollen gear

    Damn that sucks, hope you catch em and give em what they deserve! I've had 2 friends get gear stolen from their locked vehicle, hope those thieves rot.
  497. titos334

    Sport boat fillet cleaning prices??

    That's probably about right
  498. titos334

    Mission Bay 8/17/15

    It's been a while since I've made a report here and been awhile since I've fished spotties, pretty tough finding someone who wants to go with me haha! My coworker and I made the trek down to SD and launched at 7am. The wind was blowing pretty darn hard and straight from the south. It's not a...
  499. titos334

    Fish Dope and Others

    dishonest is obeying forum rules?
  500. titos334

    Fish Dope and Others

    Probably doesn't want to get banned or comments deleted
  501. titos334

    WSB/YT Fishing etiquette

    The problem is everyone is right and everyone else is wrong when it comes to fishing spots like 150, shoe, 105, san mateo, barn, LJ etc.
  502. titos334

    8/14 Offsore Morning Run

    Pretty funny coming from you
  503. titos334

    Jackpot Drone

    The point is just because it's lawful doesn't make it right. The operator of the drone was lawfully in the right, but socially in the wrong. The guy casting at it was lawfully in the wrong but socially in the right. It's human nature to do what the guy on the pier did, was he legally wrong...
  504. titos334

    Jackpot Drone

    Have you read anything I've written? It looks like I was right, you really are just projecting your ignorance on to others.
  505. titos334

    Jackpot Drone

    Yeah, I already knew that. I'm glad you're learning something new though, keep it up you're doing great!
  506. titos334

    Jackpot Drone

    You're having your own conversation, I tried to respond to you but couldn't keep up with your mental gymnastics. You insult my intelligence, frequently change topics as it suits you, marginalize opinions you disagree with and best off all you're projecting so hard I can feel you touching me.
  507. titos334

    Jackpot Drone

    ....And the tin foil hat comes out
  508. titos334

    Jackpot Drone

    I didn't skip any part, from the very moment the drone got to the pier it was flying close to it. You brought up that random hypothetical with riding bikes on boardwalks, not me.
  509. titos334

    Jackpot Drone

    The drone was flying too close since it was in casting range and in an area where the operator knew people were casting. For me it has nothing to do with video recording, it's a proximity issue. If a person puts a camera or really anything in my face within arms reach i'll probably smack it away.
  510. titos334

    Jackpot Drone

    No and I don't feel the fisherman did either. It's like flying your drone into a driving range or a batting practice, there's a good chance it'll get hit. The operator failed to maintain a proper distance and as a result had a fishing line snag it.
  511. titos334

    Jackpot Drone

    If a drone is that close buzzing around the pier, it kind of deserves to get hit. The guy made a hell of a cast to hit it like that first shot!
  512. titos334

    So this guy was fishing tuna next to us yesterday with his spinning gear...

    Surprised the handle didn't break off haha
  513. titos334

    6 packer out of Dana

    Rampage, Boardroom and Hot Spot
  514. titos334

    Frozen bait cases

    What kind of bait? I'm sure you could setup to buy any of the frozen bait a tackle shop sells by the case.
  515. titos334

    Fluorocarbon ..... Just the Facts.

    Are you trying to catch humans?
  516. titos334

    Curado 300e w/phenix inshore assassin

    Might as well kick OP in the nuts and insult his mother while you're at it
  517. titos334

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Just a reminder, don't be a dick and follow your rule #1. Congrats on your fish.
  518. titos334

    star drag vs lever drag casting

    It depends what you're casting. Light weight lures/bait the star drag casts better, if you're throwing anything heavier it's pretty much the same.
  519. titos334

    Phenix Heavy Live bait rod???? Pair with my 20A

    PSW700XH or PHD700XH, there's also a 760xh and 809xh in the hybrids if you want a longer rod
  520. titos334

    raingear/ splash gear question

    They're even a little cheaper than that! The gage are awesome, definitely recommend them for catching splash once in a while. If you're getting really hammered by water then the grundens clipperton are good, hercules if you beat up your gear.
  521. titos334

    Phoenix Black Diamond Series Rods

    I fell down the Phenix rabbit hole, hell I even bought a phenix trout rod and surf rod at one point! I'm slowly climbing out of the hole with Cousins but it's a nice hole and I'm comfy here.
  522. titos334

    Anyone have Gos # for the barber pole?

    Kelp at the point around and north of the Red Buoy is also a really good spot
  523. titos334

    Bluefin Boat out of Fishermans Landing

    It's called the Bluefin, it's a smaller looking sportboat. I've seen it a lot sitting in Dana Landing, must be a new operation.
  524. titos334

    Spooling Spectra Melted spool?

    Yes it's supposed to be that way, it's from putting pressure on the spool so you're spectra goes on nice and tight. I'd just thank them for doing it right.
  525. titos334

    Calico bass infested with worms!!

    You're pretty much right except eat Beef or animals with hooves, they taste better.
  526. titos334

    commercial rod and reel license

    I know you need a purveyors license of some kind to sell your catch to restaurants. The rod and reel permit for it is easy to get, seems like everyone has one.
  527. titos334

    Braid Marauders

    Are they single hooks with ball bearing swivel?
  528. titos334

    caught and released shark off San Mateo point, can you ID?

    Looks like a Mako to me but I'm far from an expert.
  529. titos334

    Which 8' Phenix Black Diamond for 30lb?

    My buddy just got the 809hxf and used it today with a torium 16, it handled very well against the tunas and yt. I use the 809h but both are good.
  530. titos334

    solid spectra to solid spectra

    If it's gonna be 200yds down I see no reason to not use the bimini to bimini or a hollow connection
  531. titos334

    Dana Point BFT 7/13/15

    Went out of Dana today got bait and headed out around 6am. The bait wasn't so hot, right away a guy on the radio said all his bait was dead. Every time I checked our tank another 5 or so were dead and every one of them was beat up, some worse than others. Anyway, we headed to the 267 and boxed...
  532. titos334

    Dana bluefin 7/12

    Nice fish mike! Way to go
  533. titos334

    30 yft on a 3 day

    HM is saying 46YFT and 8YT
  534. titos334

    San Pedro Tuna - 7/11

    Terrific report and awesome pictures as always!
  535. titos334

    I need a trout pole...

    A lews BB2 Inshore would be a good low pro baitcaster for the job. It's a wide spool version, it could probably hold close to 300yards of 20# spectra. A Phenix psw806ml would be a nice rod to pair it with. A Cousins Raze 807 would also be great. Lews would run ~209.99. Phenix rod is like $269...
  536. titos334

    Hollow to mono connections

    Yeah run the mono in without a needle. Not totally sure what size needle, depends on the size hollow but its only used for fluffing so just small enough to fit into the hollow.
  537. titos334

    Hollow to mono connections

    A rigging needle to help fluff the hollow, a fine grit sand paper to smooth off the mono to make it enter easier, #20 or #30 spectra for a bunch of half hitches and thin zip kicker to hold it all down and make it stay nice and pretty. That's what i've learned to do and it works well.
  538. titos334

    polaris supreme

    It's 24 people on a really nice big boat. It's definitely worth more to fish on that boat with that load. Whether it's worth the price is up to you, if I had the money to do it I certainly would.
  539. titos334

    Yo-Zuri trolling speed and skipping issues need help.

    Is it one of the Crystal Minnow ones? I've had a tough time running it on 60# but they've worked great on lighter 30# or 40#
  540. titos334

    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    It'll get better and more steady each week. Each day might not be better but I'm sure each week will be. It is hard because the season is getting hyped up so much, but there have been some pretty noteworthy stuff going on. It really is rare for 100+BFT and 50+YFT to be caught like they have and...
  541. titos334

    Light tackle for CA Yellowtail. Discussion and Suggestions.

    I don't like the Spiderwire Invisibraid, it's dyneema and I prefer Spectra. Secondly, I have 0 faith in the "invisible" claim stuff. The box says transparent but it's really not. Go ahead and use it though, I don't think it'll make a difference over white or blue or green. I also doubt you'll...
  542. titos334

    Calico Bass Report

    here ya go
  543. titos334

    Calico Bass Report

    Do it, doubt you'll be disappointed. Rocks are the bomb for bass, shallow or deep it doesnt matter they hold tons of bass.
  544. titos334

    Calico Bass Report

    Honestly, it's wherever you want it to be. I haven't fished a jetty yet that hasn't produced quality fish
  545. titos334

    The Island Has Been Stocked......

    Thx for slaying yellows, plenty of Barrie's to go around too! Sucks the calico fishing is so bad and completely unworthy of the effort
  546. titos334

    Calico Bass Report

    It's Orange County
  547. titos334

    Avet JX 6/3 OR FATHOM 25N 2 SPEED

    I'd pick a fathom 25n 2spd over the JX 2spd any day of the week and I really like the JX. Either way you can't go wrong cause you'd be owning an awesome reel.
  548. titos334

    dana pride fishing with 91 othet tanglers 7-3

    It's also 95ft and nothing short of giant. Way better fishing 90 on the pride than 50-60 on many of the boats that constantly are crowded.
  549. titos334

    dana pride fishing with 91 othet tanglers 7-3

    and Dana isn't even close to as crowded as LA/LB or SD, those places are a mad house and not even close to worth it
  550. titos334

    Lets keep catching 4th

    Nice junk fish, glad you had a good day
  551. titos334

    Best jig rod

  552. titos334

    PHENIX rod for my TALICA II 8

    I mean it's no 700xh but it'll do, great for 25!
  553. titos334

    PHENIX rod for my TALICA II 8

    Yes, it's rated 15-40.
  554. titos334

    Dana Yellowtail 6-29-15

    It's a Blazer Bay 1860
  555. titos334

    Looking at inshore rods

    Cousins 808 or 798, phenix m1 inshore 82mh or black diamond 807l all very cool and very effective rods. I'd check out Phenix or Cousins for sure, they're making some of the best bass stuff imo
  556. titos334

    Dana Yellowtail 6-29-15

    Left Dana at 5 something with a half scoop of sardine with my friend Josh. We headed down towards the 267, it was kinda rough going in the early morning. Just shy of the 267 we headed north towards the inside of the 14 in search of patties. We stopped on 4-5 for nothing before we got up by the...
  557. titos334

    6-27 Dana to the 209

    Good job! Thanks for the info
  558. titos334

    Best monofilament for surface iron

    and Izorline is a brand not a specific line so there ya go
  559. titos334

    Catalina Wed/Thurs/Fri report

    Can't bounce it, can't keep it
  560. titos334

    Flat fall for YT in Cedros?

    Yeah you're hunting for mackerel, the biggest you can possibly find
  561. titos334

    6/24/15 Oside / DP, 4-6 Miles Offshore

    Start using it before throwing more onto the pile?
  562. titos334

    Patch Monkey stuff with my friend - Catalina

    I haven't earned my first patch yet. My friend has a patch or two I think so does that count? Yeah you found me, took a break from Vegas it was getting a little too much to handle. I told my friend you were into man ass so he obliged and decided to show a little skin for you :gay:
  563. titos334

    Gf and buddy looking for a new rod

    Sounds like you got your girlfriend dialed. A good 8ft rod for jigs would be a seeker 6480 or a phenix 809xhj.
  564. titos334

    Patch Monkey stuff with my friend - Catalina

    Tired of long boring days offshore so decided to something fun for a change. Decided to hit up Cat with a friend for a day of bassin today 6/23. Left Dana at 5:20am for rough crossing, took about 2 1/2 hours to get to the zone and start fishing. Worked the whole east end backside in the skinny...
  565. titos334

    Bass knuckles idiots

    So glad I found this thread. Love the hate being thrown around by Biggy T, ignorant hate is the tastiest and best hate.
  566. titos334

    Sharks and Surf

    Would they also the following the non-closure of rockfish from shore?
  567. titos334

    Strong knot for heavy leader please?

    San Diego or double Diego 100lb id do 4 turn, 150 3 turn
  568. titos334

    FS Shimano Curado 300EJ

    I'm selling a Curado 300EJ. Just came back from Shimano and is completely good to go. It's spooled with 65# Red Power Pro. The reels in really good cosmetic and mechanical shape. Local pickup in South OC only. Willing to trade for NaCL 50/60 HS Have Box $180
  569. titos334

    Dana Skiff'n

    It's been known to have some yellows at time, most of the activity in that area recently for yellows has been 2-3+ miles out. There are more specific names for all the inshore stuff but for offshore and in general pretty much anything in that whole area just get's called Salt Creek
  570. titos334

    June 10, 2015 YFT again.

    If you haven't figured it out yet I feel bad for you
  571. titos334

    Dana Skiff'n

    For Dana Yellows I'd go out a bit off Salt Creek and zig zag around heading south looking for kelps. If that doesn't pan out I'd just fish the kelp at creek or down off Poche
  572. titos334

    Where --- Grip N Hooks ?

    Not SD but Jig Stop in Dana has them
  573. titos334

    Rods to bring on overnight

    Bring em all, why not
  574. titos334


    I'll provide the pitchforks. --E --E --E Let's get em boys!
  575. titos334

    Dana Warf not catching fish

    That's just the way it goes. Dana had a good YT bite from like Oct-March with some down times. Currently it's a short lull before it picks back up again. They are still picking off YT here and there. Go to Dana or don't go, I don't think anyone will care either way.
  576. titos334

    When do you use an all white surface Iron?

    White is right! For some reason not a lot of surface irons are all white but yoyos are made in all white. Bone color(basically white) kills it with waxwings and lipped hard baits, I'd chuck it whenever you feel like throwing iron.
  577. titos334

    Green sticks

    That's because it's not a West Coast thing, it's a Hawaiian thing. It's pretty gnarly to watch them in action! I bet they'd work pretty well if someone put in effort.
  578. titos334

    Swells at the 150?

    The seals aren't your problem, Obama is
  579. titos334

    Float Tube Help

    Are your waders the "breathable" waders or neoprene? Long johns or jeans work well underneath the breathable waders. For the fins I wear my wading boot and the fin straps to that, i think it's the best for cold water since you stay 100% dry. The anchor could be nice if it gets blowing, I've...
  580. titos334

    Charter master and/or sponsored trips.

    1. Typically for a sponsor they donate gear equal to the amount of one full ticket price. For a CM to have their name on the trip they just have to be the one to book the trip. 2. Charter master can go for free sometimes, it's up to them. They are on the hook for the total trip amount so it...
  581. titos334

    Another LJ Report: Slow Fishing

    It ends up all being the same, after a while it's just work. Different fish, same job less sleep haha
  582. titos334

    Another LJ Report: Slow Fishing

    Sweet report, sounds like a decent 1/2 day of fishing! Congrats on the new job!
  583. titos334

    Flouro leader Question

    Yeah it pretty much works, the bait will still have to swim with the heavier though and you still have the same casting
  584. titos334

    sure didn't stop the Mexicans (BFT)

    Mex license is 46.40 and CA is 52.15. You might pay high dollars but it doesn't cost high dollars to fish Mexico.
  585. titos334

    Anyone Else Shove A..

  586. titos334

    What's your go to mono?

    XXX smoke or clear, CXX clear or blue, or big game
  587. titos334

    Part II of Just to see what you think? Catching fish or fisherman??

    I think that'll catch both, looks awesome
  588. titos334

    reel help

    300yds means it's gotta have pretty long topshot cause it'll take close to 500yds of 65 braid. Somewhere in the 400-500yd range of total line should be good. The JX will cast pretty well, I've thrown surface iron and it casts well, works really well for yoyo. You can add braid to what you have...
  589. titos334

    reel help

    The JX is a sweet 40lb bait outfit and it's at a killer price. I think the JX is a nicer size than the TRQ40 and the 2spd is handy! Torque is a fine reel but that JX is certainly the sweeter deal.
  590. titos334

    Passports required to fish in Mexican waters

    Boo hoo, they don't owe you or anyone a notice and if you don't like it stay in the US. It's not like you like Mexico anyway, just want to use what they give you and talk shit about it.
  591. titos334

    Am I undergunned?

    If it's anything like last year you have to be under gunned to hook one. The big BFT didn't care much for 60lb and 50lb bait outfits. Lots were hooked and boated with 30lb and 40lb but of course lots are going to be lost, you gotta do what it takes to get bit.
  592. titos334

    shimano trinidad 16 gold drag question, won't tighten up???

    Yeah definitely watch out for the little spring when removing the handle, if it goes flying it's gonna be tough to find.
  593. titos334

    Crankbait question?

    Strike King 5xd and norman deep lil n are both pretty darn good for most bays. Matching the right crank to the right depth is whats most important. For eel grass you want it right above it, occasionally ticking grass. For rocks you want it digging down to the bottom bouncing and deflecting off...
  594. titos334

    SCI Tackle Question

    half dozen 8oz-12oz sinkers, how many you lose varies immensely for a whole host of reasons. Mono is fine and usually preferred for dropper loop and the distance between sinker and hook is 3'-5' typically.
  595. titos334

    opah yf and dorado

    Fishing is happening. Love your posts, always super entertaining for the wrong reasons.
  596. titos334

    umbrella rig advice

    I can't really recommend one since they all break, I guess the blade runner tackle one is pretty strong. Just get a couple, throw whatever random stuff you feel like on it and toss it out there and bring it out to the boat. It's really that simple and easy...
  597. titos334

    Help me select rod for my Shimano TranX

    Phenix 809xhj
  598. titos334

    Calico/swimbait setup?

    You can throw swimbaits with a conventional setup but a baitcaster is preferred. If you're into using artificial for bass I'd get a baitcaster, the setup you got would be killer for fly lining for bass fish.
  599. titos334

    Question about fishing YT and WSB fishing Catalina

    Leaving the day or night before can make sense for WSB since you'd want to be setup fishing at like 5am. For YT it doesn't make a lot of sense to leave the night prior, most of them don't really bite til the sun comes up. If you leave at like 5am for the crossing you get there with plenty of...
  600. titos334

    For sale Trini 16n

    So clean not even a pixel is showing!
  601. titos334

    Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    I will formulate my future fish reports accordingly, thank you.
  602. titos334

    late report from 5/14 SD Bay

    Easiest way to tell is that white sea bass don't have large fangs
  603. titos334

    Catalina - Where's The Bait?

    Sounds like a bunch of fake mumbo jumbo
  604. titos334

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit etc. all allow nudity, just small sites though
  605. titos334

    Summer Foul-Weather gear?

    I wear the Gage and really like it. It's lightweight, not too warm but warm enough in winds and when getting wet. I think it would work well for you and sounds like a good fit as well.
  606. titos334

    Shimano Colt Sniper and Flat Fall techniques

    When bringing up the flat fall there are some variations that you can do. You can just reel it up like a yoyo, you can "bounce" it up by winding a couple cranks and lifting the rod and letting it flutter down and slowly bring it up with a lot of fall action or you can short pump it by cranking...
  607. titos334

    our new $20 dollar bill

    Men played all the roles in government because it was against the law for women to vote...
  608. titos334

    our new $20 dollar bill

    Very interesting point of view
  609. titos334

    About the Opah

    I think it's pretty cool they swim with the pectoral fins instead of the typical caudal fin
  610. titos334

    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

    Sweet video! Looks like you guys found something good there on the secret side
  611. titos334

    Fishing Radio Channel

    16 is what I sit on. If I felt like talking to a boat i'd try 68 or 72. Ch. 11 to listen in to the Dana fleet
  612. titos334

    our new $20 dollar bill

    Yeah like Susan B. Anthony and Sacajawea
  613. titos334

    our new $20 dollar bill

    I think it's already done some good
  614. titos334

    Per Jason's Advice...

    Yup, tried to go yesterday. You made it farther than me. Ended up messing around in the harbor for a little bit.
  615. titos334

    Spectra to mono knot - The "John Collins / Royal Polaris" knot

    You just start wrapping the other way, it's pretty simple and the tag end goes out the way it came in. Knot tying starts @4:56
  616. titos334

    Spectra to mono knot - The "John Collins / Royal Polaris" knot

    Albright you only wrap back to the loop. John Collins you wrap down and back and it's specifically 5 wraps each way.
  617. titos334


    I'll find more at the pier because no one will let me dig around their boat. I too wish there were more wardens, it's pretty clear there aren't enough to go around.
  618. titos334

    h m landing new website

    I think it's better in terms of homepage layout and navigation. It's a lot simpler and easier to use. The only downside is the software they used for booking change and it is a really, really nice feature to see how many people are booked on each trip. Overall it's a pretty slick site. If you...
  619. titos334

    Backorder on TAli12II drag ~ 3 Months wait - is this the norm?

    It's becoming the norm and not just for Shimano..
  620. titos334

    Tuna Kama [Collars]ll along.

    That's pretty neat. If only I could trade collars for actual wagyu beef I'd be really excited.
  621. titos334

    Light jig stick blank recommendations...

    I'm getting a Phenix 869h made for smaller jigs and other cool stuff to compliment my 909xhj. Anyway, as today I'm out with the old and in the new. I like graphite a lot, lot more for jigs. I have a 690j I could use bit it sits there, it's older and the new is better Imo. I like graphite for a...
  622. titos334

    Best home remedy for seasickness

    I hear chewing on some ginger root is supposed to help
  623. titos334

    Sea Dek

    It's pretty nice, on the bow it's not a huge game changer but is certainly more comfortable and provides more traction but on the back deck it's insane how much it helps especially since it's one slip and you're in the drink. I'd be much more hesitant to stand on the back deck without the sea dek.
  624. titos334

    (The Real) Sea adventure 80

    Structurally the boat is killer, not much to dislike about the boat itself. Has 2 showers, roomy staterooms and enough for maybe 1/2 the boat the rest is a big bunk room, a nice galley with plenty of seating. Has a good amount of tackle storage/rod holders on deck and plenty along the cabin. I...
  625. titos334

    Phenix M1 Question

    I have that rod and really like it. I'll fish 2oz heads no problem and throw the bama rig on it. I fish 40lb+ flouro on it with tight drags. It does bend a bit but does stop, pulls on bass just fine and I actually really liked it when getting some yellows too. To each their own though, I don't...
  626. titos334

    Catalina or SCI this Saturday?

    Yes it'll still be closed 200 yards off. With that kind of closure and your situation I'd ignore Clemente completely. Catalina has been biting pretty well for bass and cuda with yellows in the mix and a much shorter distance. It can really suck being the 3rd+ wheel in a CC going that far, like...
  627. titos334

    Need some chart plotter help...

    That unit should have an SD card. Take it out and download Navionics or other chart onto it that has the MLPA zones and it'll display in gps mode.
  628. titos334

    5/1/15 Newport report

    Yeah right, stop trying to keep all the cows to yourself. You're not a very good liar. Biggest prankster on here trying to get people to eat more bass trash lmao. :cow:pig::turkey
  629. titos334

    Power Pro Maxcuatro

    Why not just go to a tackle shop and buy 4 yards
  630. titos334

    When Will SWYC Get it Right?

    This shows evidence they do need wardens at the dock. If an illegal fish is even making it into the harbor then laws have been violated. Maybe tickets need to be written to deter ignorance or even worse.
  631. titos334

    I'm still excited!!!

    I caught one like that at the launch ramp! Look just like it but weighed 25lbs less
  632. titos334

    BEST insoles for XTRATUFF Boots???

    Sport Chalet has them. Not a lot of difference, has to do with your arch length and the support that you might need.
  633. titos334

    BEST insoles for XTRATUFF Boots???

    Superfeet green or blue would probably be the best over the counter insoles
  634. titos334

    Power Pro Maxcuatro

    #80 is .41mm / #65 is .36mm / #50 is .30mm not sure about 100lb but based on the trend it'd have to around ~.43mm
  635. titos334

    Power Pro Maxcuatro

    For diameter #80max = #65pro / #65max = #50pro / #50max = #40pro
  636. titos334

    5/1/15 Newport report

    Nice job, love em on the iron!
  637. titos334

    Daiwa has the worst customer service Done with them and their product

    I don't think I fish too much, I'm at 2x a week sometimes more. It's the reels that thought I was going too much, they didn't like it.
  638. titos334

    Daiwa has the worst customer service Done with them and their product

    That's interesting, I stopped using Shimano because I fished too much and the reels couldn't come with me because they spent too much time getting worked on.
  639. titos334

    Can someone explain?

    A G is the prefix for the Black Steel series which are graphite and E-glass. The "regular" 870 part of the American classic/Black Classic series are all E-glass. For the sake of simplicity, a 7' rod will not work for throwing surface iron. If you want to toss the surface iron on 40# look at...
  640. titos334

    Advice on Level Wind for surface iron?

    The Lexa 400 is super solid. I've been throwing surface iron with it a lot and I love it, about to buy a 2nd to throw iron with.
  641. titos334


    Relocation of large urban populations does not address the issues that are causing it in the first place. On an individual basis, sure moving will work. The problem with what you're saying is it only applies on a small scale and just leaves the whole issue behind.
  642. titos334


    That's true, if only it was the same quality everywhere. There are real barriers preventing people from getting a quality elementary and high school education. The American education system is one of the biggest problems domestically for a whole host of reasons. I think you're doing a good job...
  643. titos334


    The whole country is a shit hole if you're uneducated and poor, might as well have people with you.
  644. titos334

    Its on in Dana Point

    Much wow so surprised such amaze
  645. titos334

    Which Phenix Rod should i buy?

    I have the MH and it's a really nice rod. It's my go to for swimbait/leadhead combo, works really well for yanking on bass and whatever else.
  646. titos334

    Swimbait reel questions

    Round reels are all for the most part lower gear ratio, I'll use them on Slugs and thats about it. The low pro high speed reels are the way to go for nearly everything imo.
  647. titos334

    What is this swimbait?

    Reminds me of some that I used to use, had a little fish face molded into it too.
  648. titos334

    Surface fishing yellows

    My main stick is the 909XHJ with a Lexa 400 65spec to #40/#50 leader and always a tady 45 Im getting a second stick made a 869H with probably a Lexa 400 65 spec #30/#40 leader
  649. titos334

    40# 2 speed for bait and yo-yo

    I really love the FX2 500 but it is slightly slower than the others. Out of what you listed the Penn FTH30LD2 or 25N sound the most appealing
  650. titos334

    Orange county water temps

    Water has rolled but the temps have consistently been 61-64 which is still quite warm
  651. titos334

    Lexa 400 durability

    I love the Lexa 400, it's a great reel and hasn't let me down. I'm rather impressed with it's durability.
  652. titos334


    The middle is my favorite, love that section of river. Most places you don't wade much more than knee deep so breathable is fine. If you move much deeper than that it starts feeling cold. The water temps are pretty stable because it's a tailwater and is fed by reservoirs(for mid and lower). May...
  653. titos334


    I've had 2 guys come out with me and use spinnerbaits inshore on beach hard bottom and did alright on sandies and some calico. I think there are better lures out there but a nice 2 1/2oz spinner rolled along some shallow sand or deeper rocks could be good for halibut and sandies.
  654. titos334

    Metaloid 5ii Reel Advice - SD 1.5 Day trips

    I'd say the metaloid would make a better 30lb than 40lb reel. I'd probably use that as my 20/25lb reel from you have and use the torium 16 for 30lb and then add a reel for 40lb.
  655. titos334

    Surface iron rod

    The 909XHJ has been my go-to surface iron rod since I've gotten it. I've had no urge to pick up the Ulua93H or Calstar 690J. The Phenix just casts really well, fights fish really well and is just awesome. It casts the 7x and 45 like a dream. Only problem with it is my friend wants to borrow it...
  656. titos334

    4-13-15 Catalina Island

    Nah, I don't post reports there. Don't want to give them more encouragement to kill more calicos. Thanks for your comment!
  657. titos334

    4-13-15 Catalina Island

    Went on a maiden voyage to Catalina. Left Dana at 5:45am with the intention of catching yellowtail. We went straight to the farnsworth, metered and trolled around for nothing. A friend worked the East end and we stayed in contact. Since nothing was happening we hit the beach with the surface...
  658. titos334

    279 - 4/11

    Thanks for the report Dylan! I'll chime in that I went to Cat on Monday. On the way back we stopped on 2 patties south of the 14 a tiny bit. Warm water, no bait and no fish.
  659. titos334

    Lexa 400

    I love the 7:1 for surface iron. It does really well and it's my go to for the surface iron.
  660. titos334

    Dana Point 4.9.15

    Just take a Salas 6x with a siwash and pin a mac on, it's a somewhat common way to fish c-bass
  661. titos334

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    She got mugged so someone could buy a 2speed for #20
  662. titos334

    Tuna Jigging knot

    You don't need any hollow on your reel for a wind on. Just get one premade and tie a bimini in your line and you're good to go.
  663. titos334

    Phenix Rod

    Hybrids are a little bit stiffer, little faster action but doesn't really add weight to the rod at all.
  664. titos334

    Phenix Rod

    For 30# sardine I'd go with the PSW 809H. For yoyo I'd go with the psw700H. 760H if I had to pick only one.
  665. titos334

    Can we fight back???

    I believe it's a condition to them having whales, dolphins, seals etc
  666. titos334

    Feds about to Shut Down Commercial Sardine Fishery-Meet 4/12

    It's not a fishing report and there are 2 posts about it in the proper forum
  667. titos334

    Looking to buy a Phenix black diamond blank for 30# jig stick

    The 909h would be a killer 30lb jig stick, I'd check out the 909xh as well. I've been fishing the 909xhj and love it.
  668. titos334

    May 22nd Independence 3 day

    25# -bait 30# -bait x2 if you can 40# Bait/surface iron/slide jig x2 if you can 50#/60# just in case
  669. titos334

    Need mono to flouro knot

    double surgeons, seguar knot or uni to uni. It's your preference, can't go wrong with any of those
  670. titos334

    Got my new reel today for surface irons

    I use a Phenix 909xhj and Lexa 400 with 65 spectra to 40lb fluoro
  671. titos334

    Marlin hooked up at the 9?

    Here ya go, buy maps
  672. titos334

    Annual fishing license

    I'm fine with it. I fish Jan 1st to Dec 31st, doesn't bother me. I can taste the tears of people forgetting to renew after 365 days from here.
  673. titos334

    Tip of the month

    Not special, just an advertiser. You could be one too if you wanted.
  674. titos334

    Setup for learning to fish the surface iron?

    Forgot to mention, polarized sunglasses are a key component to iron. Having good vision will get you more fish.
  675. titos334

    Setup for learning to fish the surface iron?

    9' Is probably the best to start with and most forgiving. You'll probably want a moderate, moderate fast taper which is most commonly going to be a fiberglass rod. For the reel, I find something wider a little easier and gets you better distance, 16 is doable, a 16n is really narrow. A daiwa...
  676. titos334

    Need help for a buddy-Pricing a penn reel

    Penn internationals are still used a ton back east and in baja. If posted on eBay it should sell no problem at all.
  677. titos334

    5 day rod and reel recommendations please

    7' is probably by far the most common length for yoyo. 7'6" will work too but if you're getting into the bigger 35lb+ models you'll probably want to stick with the 7'
  678. titos334

    Old Torium 30 vs Avet jx 6/3mc

    That's because the Tallus rating is a spectra rating, the 30-65(which is the 80m) is a spectra rating which I find to be completely useless. The 80m would probably have something like a 15-30lb rating if it had a more normal rating. I use a Black Diamond 909xhj for throwing iron most of the...
  679. titos334

    3/22 Thunderbird yellowtail 3/23 bad weather and Tbird turn around back to Daveys

    Peteking is the baddest dude alive, this is a perfect example of that
  680. titos334

    Coronado trip 3/28/15

    It's a little late for you I'm afraid
  681. titos334

    Coronado trip 3/28/15

    Peteking is a dick but he wasn't talking to you lmao, but you've probably included yourself now
  682. titos334

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    If you put it that way then absolutely not and you'd be ruining it for everyone else
  683. titos334

    Torium for yo-yo iron?

    16 is just fine if you're gonna be yoyoing for yellows, 20 has more capacity but thats really a non issue for yoyo.
  684. titos334

    Getting serious this year....

    It's missing some Cousins stickers/decals!
  685. titos334

    seeker 6480 and surface iron 30 or 40lb test

    How many lbs of drag are you using?
  686. titos334

    Mono life span

    If it's cloudy or has a lot of memory it's bad as far as I'm concerned. If you aren't happy with it, it's bad. There is no set time limit or guideline and experiences may vary.
  687. titos334

    Ranger Bay Boats

    Very true! Still gotta know the area though
  688. titos334

    Newport, 3-26-15

    Yeah it's rough when that happens, but you did great with what was given to you and thats what counts!
  689. titos334

    Newport, 3-26-15

    Awesome way to get out there! 3 legals in an hour and a half is pretty darn good fishing, excellent job!
  690. titos334

    Fury FX-400N size comparison to Avet SXJ/MXJ

    It's got the line capacity more similar to the sxj, weighs more like the mxj and has way more juice than the 2 of them combined.