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  1. Ryan_J

    Outrider 2.5 11/27/20 - 11/30/20

    Looks like a fun set up for that size fish. Nice catching!!!
  2. Ryan_J

    Santa Rosa Channel Islands 11/28/20

    Looks like a great day on the water! Sounds like a blast on the jig and lighter gear. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Ryan_J

    For Sale 17-M Yamaha stainless counter rotation props

    Where are you located to take a look at them?
  4. Ryan_J

    For Sale Twin power Saragosa Stradic

    Some clean spinners there!
  5. Ryan_J

    Report for Catalina 11.04.20

    Slow troll the macks. I like to run a 4 oz torpedo sinker inline with quality swivels to prevent line twist and 4-5' flc leader with a 5/0 j hook through the top of the macks mouth. This keeps the mack a few feet below the surface and not a target for the birds. Slow S pattern between 80-110'...
  6. Ryan_J

    Catalina Island Report 10/22-10/23

    We took 4 kids on Monday and was wide open bonito action by Red Bluff in 90 feet of water. Anchored up an it was a fish almost on every bait. Great session for teaching the kids. We headed to Eagle Reef after that and had a great pick on calicos. I love Cat in October and November!
  7. Ryan_J

    Bonito pullin 8/10

    Doin it right Dad! Any time away from a screen is the best time! Cheers!
  8. Ryan_J

    Long Beach Yellowtail

    He says record me babe, not the other. Great stuff! A yellowtail on the surface iron is very exciting. Way to take advantage of a quick opportunity.
  9. Ryan_J

    small gelcoat repair in slip - Alamitos Bay

    Good Morning Gang. I have some gelcoat damage that I need repaired and was hoping it could be done in the water and not have to haul out. I keep it slipped in Alamitos Bay. Any recommendations in the Long Beach/OC area? Thanks! -Ryan
  10. Ryan_J

    BFT 8/31/20

    How do you like that WorldCat Skipper? Sounds like you make good time out there?
  11. Ryan_J

    BFT 8/31/20

    Great write up and way to put a plan into action! Time on the water....turns of the prop.
  12. Ryan_J

    NP, 14 mile , 8 miles off Catalina

    So stoked for you and your son! Early season Dodo. Good eats!
  13. Ryan_J

    Twin 2018 yamaha 300's - starboard rpm's and burn

    Gang - I have a Jupiter 31 that we repowered 2 years ago with new Yamaha 300's. Everything has performed great until about a couple months ago. The engines have about 310 hours with services at every 100 hours. I'm getting a lag of RPM's on the starboard engine by about 200 rpms when ever we run...
  14. Ryan_J

    SOLD Fs AquaWorld bait tank

    PM sent. Very interested.
  15. Ryan_J

    SOLD iCOM vhf M504 radio $50

    Working icon M504 vhf radio. Updated electronics and upgraded. Unit works fine. $50
  16. Ryan_J

    WTB Bait Tank 30 - 40 gallon

    Looking for a deal on a 30-40 gallon bait tank. What ya got sitting in your garage collecting dust? :cheers:
  17. Ryan_J

    6/22 report - 277 to the 312

    Thanks for the report. Things are moving North and I like it :jig:
  18. Ryan_J

    06/20 – Offshore – BFT Skunk – YT Saves the Day

    Great catching and great sushi spread!!
  19. Ryan_J

    For Sale kodiak 32 gal bait tank

    Did this tank sell?
  20. Ryan_J

    Bait Pump Problem with Acceleration

    KMAN - thanks for the insight! I have access to a press and will hunt down the centering bit. Is there any negative effect of doing this?
  21. Ryan_J

    Bait Pump Problem with Acceleration

    KMAN - Did you drill the holes out yourself? How did you do it that clean? Drill press or just by hand? I'm thinking of doing this for my boat but want to make sure I don't ruin a new scoop. Thanks!
  22. Ryan_J

    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    Nacho had squid on Wednesday morning.
  23. Ryan_J

    Cat 05/23/20

    Great report! Sounds like the island is starting to come alive :cheers:
  24. Ryan_J

    COVID Calicos - Nados 5/21

    What a great report! Thanks for sharing. So much fun on the SP Minnow!!! What color is the one you were using? Looks gooooooood :jig:
  25. Ryan_J

    SOLD Small Fiberglass bait tank, 15 gal

    Is the flow in vented or just the 3/4" inflow hole?
  26. Ryan_J

    Klamath CC Redo

    That was a great read with my morning coffee. Such great work and attention to detail! Excited to see how you tune up the 21' that followed you home :jig:
  27. Ryan_J

    5/16 and 5/17 Newport

    Thanks for the report! Sheephead indeed makes great ceviche, never done with whitefish. Calico also makes great ceviche. That's a great looking skiff you have there. How long is it? Looks like you recently re did it?
  28. Ryan_J

    WTB Claw or Plow anchor 10-14 lbs

    Looking for a claw or plow style anchor. 10-14 lbs will work. Clean out your garage. What ya got?! Thanks!
  29. Ryan_J

    Who has better cell phone coverage off shore and around Catalina?

    I have Verizon and can usually start to get service once near the quarry on the east end. The closer to making the turn towards Church rock, the worse it gets. The closer to Avalon, the better it gets.
  30. Ryan_J

    Cell service in or around Cat Harbor?

    Thanks guys. Hoping to be able to make a couple of calls as I work my way down the backside in the morning.
  31. Ryan_J

    Cell service in or around Cat Harbor?

    It's been a while since I've fished the backside of Catalina. Is there cell service in or around Car Harbor? Thanks!
  32. Ryan_J

    Cat for the Bs

    Thanks for the great report! Heading to Cat on Tuesday morning. Hoping to get on em!
  33. Ryan_J

    4-22 Cat report

    Tell us more about the ride with triple 350's....... 😮
  34. Ryan_J

    For Sale Revolution 4 props

    What hp Yam did you have them on?
  35. Ryan_J

    TRADE Luna 300 new

    I know this is an old post but is the Luna still for sale?
  36. Ryan_J


    Where are you located?
  37. Ryan_J

    For Sale Boston Whaler 190 Outrage

    That is a great platform! Can you give details about the bait tank? What year is the Yami?
  38. Ryan_J

    Side Curtain with Wings - Vendor Recommendation in Orange County area?

    I'm looking for the same thing for my 31 Jupiter. Please post pics if you have any
  39. Ryan_J

    Custom Rod for Cows

    A lot of great things to consider here. Awesome off season discussion! :jig:
  40. Ryan_J

    For Sale Phenix Axis 780XH

    Does this model have the aluminum reel seat? Any pics?
  41. Ryan_J


    Anyone have info if Nacho has squid? Asking for a friend ;)
  42. Ryan_J

    SOLD Shimano Saragossa 6000 Reel Only

    Are you willing to sell the Saragosa only?
  43. Ryan_J

    Calstar Recommendations?

    Sounds like the 90J for your jig stick and an 800M for your 30 pound bait rod would be a nice addition to your quiver. Do it!
  44. Ryan_J

    JV Shakedown Bonanza 11/24

    Great report and pics! Sounds like an epic trip on a new rig. Sushi for Thanksgiving!!!
  45. Ryan_J

    10/24/2019 - Offshore Bait Report

    Thanks for the report. I'm planning on doing the same route tomorrow out of Alamitos Bay. Hoping to come up on something to cast on. Did you troll anything while you were out?
  46. Ryan_J

    WTB Torium 14 HG new or used

    Like the title says...... what ya got?
  47. Ryan_J

    Couple on the troll

    Good stuff! Seems like they're making a return finally. Cedar plug? Feathers?
  48. Ryan_J

    Trolling speeds

    How do you rig the halco with weight? Inline torpedo sinker ahead of it?
  49. Ryan_J

    Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    Jonathan...... were you throwing bait to keep the school near the boat while you were working them?
  50. Ryan_J

    Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    Great work Jonathan! This is going to get people fired up!!
  51. Ryan_J

    Lots of Show and Some Go - Newport Beach Bluefin Report

    Not sure if you have already, but this topic would be great for one of your articles or "how to" youtube videos.
  52. Ryan_J

    SOLD Like New HAX 820 XH

    What's the line rating on that rod?
  53. Ryan_J

    Catalina - 6/29/19

    Good stuff! Sometimes it's nice to be laid back and tug on the calico.
  54. Ryan_J

    Hidden bank 1BFT, 5 YFT

    Gotta love the cedar plug! How far back were you running them?
  55. Ryan_J

    BFT and Yellowtail - Father's day

    Great stuff! What was the spinning set up you got on the popper?
  56. Ryan_J

    For Sale shimano Saragosa 5000SW

    Is this reel still available?
  57. Ryan_J

    SMB 5/11

    Great stuff! Love the orange in the calico's cheeks. Getting ready to do the love dance!
  58. Ryan_J

    Local island action 12/23

    That's a great spread there! Merry Christmas!!!
  59. Ryan_J

    ShimANo, Shimano and more Shimano

    Is the Medium 8' Terez a cork handle grip?
  60. Ryan_J

    San Pedro Washing Machine 12/12/18

    Grinding...... good work brotha!!
  61. Ryan_J

    12/9 PV/Redondo

    Great post! What a fantastic way to spend time with your dad and son. Looks like you caught a nice break in the weather. Cheers!
  62. Ryan_J


    Texas Tackle split ring pliers. Green handles that are beefier for larger splitrings.
  63. Ryan_J

    Afternoon trip thanks to Fish Dope info

    That's a great score! Thanks for sharing. Did you hit the 209 from Pedro? That's a heck of a round trip!
  64. Ryan_J

    Mussel Pharm, 150 and outside

    Tough making macks? Yeah, we had a heck of a time last Sunday night making 20 pieces around Nacho's barge. Usually it's wide open. Tried all the tricks and only picked away at about 15 after an hours time of effort. Strange.
  65. Ryan_J

    For Sale Yamaha twin 300 HPDI - 2004

    Bump. Willing to split up.
  66. Ryan_J

    For Sale Yamaha twin 300 HPDI - 2004

    I might consider splitting them up. PM me what you are thinking.
  67. Ryan_J

    For Sale Yamaha twin 300 HPDI - 2004

    Pair of 2004 Yamaha 300 HPDI motors. 1 Good, 1 Bad. Port runs good, had been rebuilt. Compression pictures attached of Port engine when warmed up. Starboard ran good but high pressure pump died, has not been rebuilt. 1074 hours on each. Engines are off the boat and have crates ready to...
  68. Ryan_J

    West of tuna canyon

    Heck yes!!! Great work. Thanks for sharing!
  69. Ryan_J

    SOLD Axis HAX-720XH

    Liam - is the XH still available?
  70. Ryan_J

    Any tips

    Great stuff and great first thread! Bonito are great eating when done right. Also make for great fun on light gear. A great fish to get new people hooked on fishing! Ryan_J
  71. Ryan_J

    Any tips

    Don't you feel like a shmuck.....
  72. Ryan_J

    WTB Saragosa 6000

    Looking to buy a Saragosa 6000. New or used in good condition. What's out there gang?! Who needs last min fireworks cash :D -Ryan
  73. Ryan_J

    Friday backside of Catalina with full-size squid conditions look great

    I'll be running out of Long Beach Friday morning also. plan on getting squid in Avalon too. Not sure if we're going to run the front of the back side. I'll ping you on 72. -Bamboo
  74. Ryan_J

    Catalina report 6/11 to 6/13 – From Barny to Bad Ass and Back Again

    Mike - another great report! Always love seeing when you post em, they are a great read!! Do you mix your squid and macks in the same tank? I'm heading out tomorrow morning and thinking of doing that. Not sure if the macks are big enough that the squid will not kill em?
  75. Ryan_J

    WTB outboard fuel tank 12-20 gallon

    bumpity bump....... anyone find one over the weekend? :)
  76. Ryan_J

    WTB outboard fuel tank 12-20 gallon

    Curt - That is exactly what I am looking for. Do you ever make it up to Orange County area?
  77. Ryan_J

    WTB outboard fuel tank 12-20 gallon

    Saw that one. Hemet is a long ways from Long Beach :(
  78. Ryan_J

    WTB outboard fuel tank 12-20 gallon

    Joe - Thanks for the offer. Those tanks are far too nice for my application.
  79. Ryan_J

    WTB outboard fuel tank 12-20 gallon

    Looking for an above deck outboard fuel tank. 12-20 gallons would be ideal. Clean out those garages!!! What do ya got? Thanks gang. -Ryan_J
  80. Ryan_J

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    You just made me buy myself an early birthday present :) Happy Birthday to me! :cheers:
  81. Ryan_J

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    Congrats on the quality fish! Thanks for the great post.
  82. Ryan_J

    yamaha 300 hpdi losing fuel pressure/prime

    Hey guys. Sorry, haven't had a chance to work on the boat until yesterday between work, weather and 2 young sons..... Found the culprit. When we changed out the fuel filters the port side threads on the basket got some gunk caked in em not allowing it to seat tight enough, slowly letting air...
  83. Ryan_J

    yamaha 300 hpdi losing fuel pressure/prime

    Thats a good question, not sure. We don't have a lot of history on these engines. Will have to check out the condition and functionality of the low pressure pump. Thanks for the insight!
  84. Ryan_J

    yamaha 300 hpdi losing fuel pressure/prime

    Ok gang..... I'm putting my new to me outboards(twin '04 yami 300 hpdi) thru their paces and have done a few repairs and changed out the main fuel filters under the cowlings and the fuel/water separators for both engines/tanks too. Everything has been fine until this morning. The port engine...
  85. Ryan_J

    Prop repair?

    Wilmington propeller. Gary does fantastic work!
  86. Ryan_J

    SOLD White Shimano Stradic 4000FJ

    I'm interested in the reel but in the pictures, the handle looks really bent inward. Might just be the angle of the pic?
  87. Ryan_J

    Weird starfish

    Fishing must be slow...
  88. Ryan_J

    2004 Yami 300 hpdi's fuel filters

    Thanks Shad. Looks like I have some work to do. The saga has begun...
  89. Ryan_J

    2004 Yami 300 hpdi's fuel filters

    BD Gang, My family just got a 2004 Jupiter 31 with twin 300 hpdi's. I understand these engines are sensitive and have been problems for some. We've run it a few times and everything was good until a few days ago. The port engine is lagging in max RPS, only getting 46-47 vs 53-5400 we were...
  90. Ryan_J

    1.5 Colonet, New Lo-An

    That's a sweet score of fish tacos and sushi. What did it hit trolling? Cedar plug.....rapala.....halco?
  91. Ryan_J

    Rapala Husky Magnum 15' (4 for $40 shipped)

    Glenn - Thanks for the great deal. Lures shipped quick. Perfect condition! -Ryan_J
  92. Ryan_J

    1/18 Long Beach Bass

    Great local sesh! Those sandies look chunky :)
  93. Ryan_J

    Catalina Report 01-15 to 01-17

    Always enjoy your posts. Those bonito are great grade! Were you trolling x-rap 15 or 20?
  94. Ryan_J

    Free Spotted Bay Bass Webinar Thursday 1/11/18

    Will it be posted on the Navionics YouTube channel?
  95. Ryan_J

    Aborted Cat Trip Saved by the Bass

    Erik - I think this would be a great article topic for you to do if you haven 't already done one for BD. Happy New Year!
  96. Ryan_J

    Jan. 2nd - Limits of BFT on the 60 mile bank

    Freaking Awesome!!!! Those pictures are priceless!!! Happy new year.
  97. Ryan_J

    Took the Kids FOG Fishing LB to PV 12/30

    Kurt - I always enjoy your fishing reports, posts on your new boat saga and your YouTube vids(I hope you continue to post more :)) Boat fuel topics always intrigue me and I love to read everyone's opinions/thoughts. I run Ring Free in my 2003 Yami HPDI 2-stroke but struggle if running 89 or...
  98. Ryan_J

    Bass, bass and more bass!!!

    Full moon has em on a late bite?
  99. Ryan_J

    37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    SHIT HOWDY!!!!! Shit howdy.......
  100. Ryan_J

    Rockpile Bluefin 11/5

    Great November report! Sounds like a heck of a day on the water. Tight Lines!
  101. Ryan_J

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    We tried EVERYTHING else too. Popper, colt sniper, surface iron, flatfall, waxwing..... it was exhausting!!! It was hard to see such good bait get brailed with no results :mad: We had it raining sardines and they wouldn't come up. Definitely awesome getting YFT almost in November.
  102. Ryan_J

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    Thanks Cory! We've been trying on those fish all summer. Felt good to finally score so close to home. We celebrated with a couple :cheers:
  103. Ryan_J

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    Yes. The owner re powered earlier this summer with new Mercury 200 2 strokes. On the way home we were tickling 40mph. It's a sweet ride!
  104. Ryan_J

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    It's a comfortable boat. Has room for 2-3 guys to sleep up front and decent room in the stern to fight fish. It handles small to medium chop REALLY well!!! Cuts right thru it without beating up your back. The only negative is that it seems to rock a little harder in a side swell than other...
  105. Ryan_J

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    I hope the YFT stick around for a couple more weeks. This cool weather isn't helping the cause but I'm going to check that zone out again in the next couple of days.
  106. Ryan_J

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    Not sure why the pictures aren't showing now. They were up last night. Will try to fix. Any ideas?
  107. Ryan_J

    Another day at San Clemenete Island Sunday 10/29

    Those bass are chunky! Good stuff. Saw you guys splittin as we were pulling into the area. We worked those dolphins for a couple hours and finally got 2 to hit a cedar plug and a black/purple feather. Wouldn't touch anything else!
  108. Ryan_J

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    Don't post often enough but here it goes..... Kept reading reports that the local YFT below Catalina were showing more in the afternoon so my buddy Taylor and I decided to take a late start and not push off until 10:30 am on Sunday morning. It was nice to sleep in and the wifey was happy that...
  109. Ryan_J

    Solo Swordfish

    Gotta love it when a plan comes together!!!! Well done sir. Well done!!
  110. Ryan_J

    Better Grade Yellowfin - 9/29

    Nice local tuna Jonathan. Tis the season :)
  111. Ryan_J

    Penn Warfare 30 levelwind loads to the right

    Thanks tunanorth! I'll check these out and see what the washer status is.
  112. Ryan_J

    Penn Warfare 30 levelwind loads to the right

    I have a pair of Warfare 30's and one of them stacks the line more to the right of the spool. Any adjustment tips for this? Thanks gang! -Ryan_J
  113. Ryan_J

    08/26/17 Saturday Catalina Island

    Sounds like a well rounded day at Cat. Nice work!
  114. Ryan_J

    Pretty Hen

    Sweeeeeet. That's a huge hen! Nice work.
  115. Ryan_J

    Trevala TFS63M

    That's one heck of a post.......glws
  116. Ryan_J

    OPHA caught while fishing for BFT

    Good eats!!! Great catch.
  117. Ryan_J

    Catalina same day report 8/13

    Everything about this post is awesome!!!
  118. Ryan_J

    Reminder: Change your fuel filter with pictures

    Tell us more please :)
  119. Ryan_J

    WTB - Terez 7' Heavy

    yup but I prefer local pick up.
  120. Ryan_J

    Penn rod for Fathom 25NLD2

    Looking for a Penn rod to pair with my Fathom 25NLD2. I'm going to load it with 80 # braid and this will be my heavy tuna rig for the west coast. Dropping the flatfall or bait rig. 40-100 pound set up. Ya never know what size bluefin we'll run into these days! What do ya recommend? Thanks...
  121. Ryan_J

    WTB - Terez 7' Heavy

    Looking for a new or used Terez 7' heavy conventional rod. What ya got??!! -Ryan_J
  122. Ryan_J

    Yellowfin - 7/29

    Nice picture on Lake Pacific :) One and done?
  123. Ryan_J

    Grand daughters first fishing trip 7/20

    Great stuff Grandpa Hardcore!!! Great stuff!!!!
  124. Ryan_J

    Sea Shocks Helm Pad.....Just buy one!

    How did the helm pad work for you? I'm on the verge of ordering one for my Whaler. Thanks for you input!!
  125. Ryan_J


    "got a YFT just outside the 150 area"....... are you referring to the 150 out in front of Pedro/Long Beach?!
  126. Ryan_J

    Reels for sale

    I'll take the Penn 25NLD2. PM sent.
  127. Ryan_J

    Catalina 6/18- son's first time out

    Well done Dad! Well done!!!!:appl::appl:
  128. Ryan_J

    Whaler wackattack 3x3

    Tell us more of the story! Freaking awesome!
  129. Ryan_J

    La Jolla Father's Day - 06/18

    Nice post! Great to see the share a ride part of the forums work out like it should. Great stuff!
  130. Ryan_J

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    Man that tuna was huge! From a 22 foot boat no less! Whats beer?
  131. Ryan_J

    (Second Go) Catalina - 6/4

    Great trip and great post! That's a piggy calico in the last pic. Nice dark colors too!
  132. Ryan_J

    2-stroke oil conditioner?

    Thanks Shad. I couldn't find anything on it but thought I'd ask the group.
  133. Ryan_J

    2-stroke oil conditioner?

    My BW 210 Outrage w/ 2003 Yami 200 HPDI has been sitting most of the winter and I will be getting ready to take it out sooner than later. Wondering if my 2-stroke oil tank needs any conditioner like fuel does? Will oil breakdown like fuel does if sitting too long? Thoughts?
  134. Ryan_J

    WTB - matching pair trolling rods

    Looking for a matching pair of med power rods for trolling. Primarily for when we're cruising around Catalina. Looking for 6-7 feet and 20-40lb. Want it to still be sporty on the bonito and calico. Doesn't need to be perfect condition just smooth guides and properly working reel seats. What...
  135. Ryan_J

    WTB - Shimano Tallus 8' Med or Med/Light power

    I have a Med/Heavy and really like it. Looking for some lighter action.
  136. Ryan_J

    WTB - Shimano Tallus 8' Med or Med/Light power

    Looking for a clean Shimano Tallus in Medium or Medium Light power. Conventional. Cash burnin a hole in my pocket. -Ryan_J
  137. Ryan_J

    Need NMEA 2k to Simnet adapter kit

    Looking for a Simrad NMEA 2000 to Simnet adapter kit to connect my AP24 to my new NSS Evo2. Cant find anyone in LB or OC area with one in stock. Hoping to set it up today or tomorrow. Anyone know of shops that might have one other than West Marine? Thanks gang!!
  138. Ryan_J

    WTB Heavy Rod

    Taylor - what are the specs of the heaviest rod you have now? We can determine if that is a better jig stick or bait stick, then go from there.
  139. Ryan_J

    WTB Heavy Rod

    What size reel are you putting on it? 2-Speed? Are you fishing from a private boat or sport boat?
  140. Ryan_J

    Where to buy Minn Kota Riptide in Long Beach / OC area?

    Gang - I'm wanting to pull the trigger on a Minn Kota Riptide Terrova in the near future. I need recommendations on where I can find the best deal. Are you guys buying them online of from local dealers?
  141. Ryan_J

    Two Stroke Oil?

    Time to stock up for summer. Triple WM points and buy 1 gal, get one free. Comes out to a little less than $15 per gallon.
  142. Ryan_J

    Two Stroke Oil?

    I've burned WM oil in my 2003 Yamaha HPDI and have never had problems. Wondering the same thing when I re power in the future.
  143. Ryan_J

    Firewood at Izors

    Rudder adjuster right there! Good on you for pulling it out.
  144. Ryan_J

    Twin Mercury Optimax 200 For Sale

    Clean Mercs there. Move to classifieds bud!
  145. Ryan_J

    Minn Kota @ Fred Hall?

    Planning on getting a Minn Kota Riptide for my 21' Boston Whaler Outrage, just not sure what model and accessories to go with. I cant remember if they have a booth at Fred Hall Long Beach? Any tribal knowledge would be appreciated.
  146. Ryan_J

    How to Fish the Larger Lucky Craft Flashminnows?

    I've had similar problems with the Daiwa Salt Minnow. I found taking the oval split ring off and tying a loop knot directly to the main eye gave it a tighter/better swimming action.
  147. Ryan_J

    Loreto Fishing Report December 16th 2016

    Thanks for the report. Im going to Loreto for the first time in Feb and trying to learn all that I can about the loal fishery before I go.
  148. Ryan_J

    Stradic 4000 rod recommendations

    I have a couple of Stradic FJ 5000's and have them paired with Teramar 7'6 MH and like the balance. The H is too stiff in my opinion especially for bass. I recommend taking your reel and try it on some rods at your local shop. Will give you a feel of the balance which is important.
  149. Ryan_J

    Tanner bank Wednesday 12-14

    Way to commit to making it happen! The bite goes on...
  150. Ryan_J

    Rpt.-Thur.-12-15-16 SCI Reds, Coppers and More!

    Another great read with my morning coffee! Nice work Cory!
  151. Ryan_J

    SCI 12/12

    Can I put a day like that on my Christmas list?
  152. Ryan_J

    PENN Fierce 4000 - uneven line lay

    Going to hit a couple of the local shops and find one of the shim/washers. Thanks for the insight. Will let ya know how things pan out.
  153. Ryan_J

    less "grippy" braid for spinning reels?

    Thanks for all the replies gang!!! So, one of my fishing buddies has recently re spooled one of his reels with Sufix 832. I will see how he likes it before I pull the trigger on some fresh braid. Also, I am going to do the bucket/weight trick and wash/condition my existing braid. I'll keep...
  154. Ryan_J

    Dana Bassin 12/8/16

    I caught a trigger on the front side of Cat last year. They sure fight hard for their size. Good times!!!
  155. Ryan_J

    PENN Fierce 4000 - uneven line lay

    I have a Fierce 4000 spinning reel that has been a great reel(especially for the price) except that it is starting to stack the line more towards the top of the spool. There is only one thrust washer and I don't know where to find another to tune the spool a little higher. Any ideas?
  156. Ryan_J

    late report 11/19 - Newport YT

    Jonathan - Thanks for the compliment. Vindication indeed :D Saw you listed your Luna 300 in the classifieds recently, very very tempting after how mine performed on it's first big fish. If you lived closer there is a good chance it would be in my fleet of reels now :eek:
  157. Ryan_J

    late report 11/19 - Newport YT

    Wasn't my best filet job but we loaded up. Need to tune up my knife skills!!!!
  158. Ryan_J

    late report 11/19 - Newport YT

    It was a lot of meat! :) Thanks for relaying the stoke. That's great to hear Nacho was pumped :-) We've always had great experiences with Nacho. Show him a little respect and gratitude and he will take care of ya!
  159. Ryan_J

    late report 11/19 - Newport YT

    We were fishing the Pipe. About 75 feet deep on the North side roughly 50 feet off the start of the structure.
  160. Ryan_J

    late report 11/19 - Newport YT

    Sorry about the late report. Between work, travel and the holiday I've been slacking on the formal report :/ The Short - After getting the skunk on any type of tuna all summer I decided to go local to enjoy pulling on some bass with the chance of a yellowtail or WSB. Well........ a homeguard...
  161. Ryan_J

    San Vicente 11-18

    Great work on the light line bass. Stoked to see you posting videos again! Keep em coming :)
  162. Ryan_J

    Top rated spinning reel in the 2500-3000 size ...

    Love my Stradic reels.
  163. Ryan_J

    less "grippy" braid for spinning reels?

    Going to load up my fleet of Stradic FJ's with fresh braid. Some of the braid I've used in the past gets very "grippy" and sticks to the spool as I try to flyline baits or let light jerk shad baits flutter down. Anyone have a particular brand/type of braid they like for spinning reels? The...
  164. Ryan_J

    Lake Havasu

    Fantastic stuff! Great pics of your son and those monster redear!
  165. Ryan_J

    who follows Tred Barrta

    Really enjoyed his shows. Sad to see the roller-coaster he's been through the last few years.
  166. Ryan_J

    SOLD 2006 Parker 2520xl - SOLD

    Great boat. What kind of performance do you get out of that 250?
  167. Ryan_J

    Larger Grade Ahi - 10/9

    Nice work Jonathan! The freezer will be full again :) Looks like perfect conditions out there. Were there birds working with the dolphins?
  168. Ryan_J

    Caught my first tuna ! YFT 6/29

    Nice work on your first tuna!!!
  169. Ryan_J

    Izors 090216

    Nice day on the water. Thanks for the report.
  170. Ryan_J

    Hi Cory - Hope you are doing well. Any new videos coming out soon? I sure miss the great...

    Hi Cory - Hope you are doing well. Any new videos coming out soon? I sure miss the great action, humor and tips your videos provided. -Ryan
  171. Ryan_J

    Shimano Stradic 4000XGFK Upgrade knob

    I have a new 5000 with the larger knob and am looking for the flat paddle handle that comes on the 4000. Let's trade? I'm in Long Beach. -Ryan
  172. Ryan_J

    7/9 14 mile bank

    Thanks for burning the fuel and the prompt report. Beats the heck out of working :)
  173. Ryan_J

    14 Mile Bank 7/9

    Nice way to check things out. Thanks for the report.
  174. Ryan_J

    Catalina yellowtail report 7-6 to 7-8

    Fantastic report! What depth were you getting bit on the slow troll?
  175. Ryan_J

    Cat Island 7/6

    I was there this morning and couldn't get squid.
  176. Ryan_J

    Yellowfin @ the 277

    Great fish on Lake Pacific!!! Stoked!
  177. Ryan_J

    Trolling east end Catalina

    Sounds like a great day! Be sure to check your lures every now and again for getting fouled up with grass/seaweed. Nothing more frustrating not knowing how long you've been trolling with something snagged on the hooks of your lure ;)
  178. Ryan_J

    New Sedona reels

    Thanks for the clarification Bantam1. Makes much more sense now! Love the upgrades Shimano made for this reel.
  179. Ryan_J

    New Sedona reels

    I've always liked the Sedona reels for boat reels that the kids can use when anchored up at Catalina. I want to get a couple new 2500's or 3000's. I'm a little confused on the new part #'s. Can someone help me understand what the SEC300FE, SE2500FEC and SE2500FE represent? I'm confused with...
  180. Ryan_J

    Subscribe to Youtube for Local Knowledge

    Looking forward to tomorrow's new episode. My favorite fishing show!
  181. Ryan_J

    Daiwa Luna 300

    Thanks for the great reel. Just as described. A pleasure to deal with! -Ryan_J
  182. Ryan_J

    Daiwa Luna 300

    Ryan likey. PM sent.....
  183. Ryan_J

    Subscribe to Youtube for Local Knowledge

    waiting like Christmas morning for the new episode to post....... :)
  184. Ryan_J

    Nachos bait

    Perfectly put!
  185. Ryan_J

    San Clemente Yellowtail on Oceanside 95 3/26/2016

    Great report! Went perfect with my morning cofffee :) Do some of the yellowtail look thin/skinny or is it just the picture?
  186. Ryan_J

    Pre Easter Yellows

    Nice grade of fish! Easter dinner just took a step up :)
  187. Ryan_J

    Subscribe to Youtube for Local Knowledge

    Looking forward to tomorrow's new episode!
  188. Ryan_J

    Rpt.-03-01-16 The Pipe, NP Reef, 150 and Reds at the Rigs!

    Great report as always. Way to make due considering the conditions. What size coltsniper were you using for the rockfish drops?
  189. Ryan_J

    Local Knowledge with the Boys

    How was the Andros? That thing looks sweet from what I've seen on the show.
  190. Ryan_J

    Catalina Feb 11/12

    Thanks for the detailed report! Trying to understand the condition change and why they did or didn't bite is what keeps me up at night and going back for more! :) The puzzle that is always changing.....
  191. Ryan_J

    Newport/HB Hard Bottom 2.13

    Quality fish! Thanks for the report.
  192. Ryan_J

    Subscribe to Youtube for Local Knowledge

    Baja part 2 is cut short on YouTube this morning. What a tease!!!!
  193. Ryan_J

    Scenes from the Road - Baja

    Looking forward to it! Watching them on Amazon Prime / YouTube app. Refreshing style of fishing show. Hope it sticks for many years to come!
  194. Ryan_J

    Subscribe to Youtube for Local Knowledge

    Have watched both episodes using Amazon Prime/Firestick and the YouTube app. Great show! It's been a while since I've been so eager for the next episode of a show to air. Eagerly waiting for next Sunday morning :)
  195. Ryan_J

    2006 Parker 2520XL Twin 150 4-strokes only 560 hours

    Damn...just realized original post was from 2014.....
  196. Ryan_J

    WEST Western Elite Saltwater Tournaments

    Is there mooring if I motor over in my boat?
  197. Ryan_J

    FS teramar

    are these casting or spinning rods? What color?
  198. Ryan_J

    Used Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl 50 For Sale

    Does it come with the power handle too?
  199. Ryan_J

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    Last fish of 2015. With my little guy on Christmas day morning.
  200. Ryan_J

    our new winding station!

    Sweet set up! A great way to start the year.
  201. Ryan_J

    Shimano teramar$80

    Cork grip?
  202. Ryan_J

    Terez waxwing rods $175 ea

    Any details on the rod?
  203. Ryan_J

    FS: Daiwa Lexa 300HS

    Saltwatered? Have you had it serviced recently?
  204. Ryan_J

    Half Day

    Thanks for the report. Time to start dusting off the bass rods.
  205. Ryan_J

    2005 2520 Parker Pilot house SOLD SOLD

    Can you explain your reasons for going with twin 150's and not 200's on this rig? A great boats.....I need to find a partner!
  206. Ryan_J

    2005 2520 Parker Pilot house SOLD SOLD

    Great looking boat!!! What is your cruise speed and burn rate? Top end speed?
  207. Ryan_J

    8/17, East Horseshoe /105, 6YT

    A fantastic report!!! Great work and thanks for all the details!
  208. Ryan_J

    Fortress 11 aluminum anchor for sale

    Any chain with the anchor?
  209. Ryan_J

    Once in a Blue Moon - Slayed em DP 8/1

    Great report and pictures! Way to put your buddies on the fish away from the fleet. Good work!
  210. Ryan_J

    Finance's first yellowtail 7-19

    Nice work! Sounds like you may have beat the weather home. What spinning reel is that? Looks like braid too? I want to get my wife a set up and it needs to be a spinner too.
  211. Ryan_J

    Catalina 7-12 277 152 long point action

    Great work on the troll. We fished on Saturday between Avalon and Long Point for a bunch of quality calicos but only a rat yellow. How deep were you trolling?
  212. Ryan_J

    Piggy back report to Bluefin Heart Break report GoPro ( Video )

    Another great video by Hardcor! Thanks for posting. I always feel like I learn something from watching your stuff. Can't wait to watch more.
  213. Ryan_J

    Father's Day 150 and 105

    Sounds like a nice solo run. Macs or sardines get hit?
  214. Ryan_J

    Another 150 report

    That first pic is fantastic!!! Need to frame that and put up in his room.
  215. Ryan_J

    Shimano Tour Event at The Longfin 06/13

    Yes they will. They were there last year and I have seen it on a few of their ads for the event. One reel per person.
  216. Ryan_J

    WTB - Anchor for 21' Whaler

    Had to cut my old anchor and rope a couple of weeks ago at Catalina. Looking for a new used one. What do ya got? Long Beach / OC area.
  217. Ryan_J

    The New Shimano Stradic FK

    I'm pumped to see a thread started on these new reels. Can't wait for the release and for the FJ's to go on sale :)
  218. Ryan_J

    Sunday at the 150

    That is a jumbo yellow! Nice work at the 150.
  219. Ryan_J

    WTB - Shimano Trevala MH 6'6"

    Looking for a deal on a new or used Trevala MH 6'6" Thanks guys! -Ryan_J
  220. Ryan_J

    White Shark sighting

    Sounds like a good place to release all those sea lion pups that Sea World is rehabbing..........
  221. Ryan_J

    San Diego Bay 5-9 Part 2 Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Spotted Bay Bass( video)

    Another fun video to watch. I love the enthusiasm in all your videos. From 1 pound bay bass to 30 pound tuna or schoolie striper with TO, you are always pumped to be catching! I dig it.
  222. Ryan_J


    I'm interested in the Volatile. Are you ever in the Long Beach/OC area?
  223. Ryan_J

    Its on in Dana Point

    Dave - How do you like to prepare your calico? I saved a few from my Catalina trip yesterday and plan on grilling them tomorrow for lunch with my lady. They were also crushing the sardines and macks at Cat.
  224. Ryan_J

    WTB - 15P SS prop for yam 200 hpdi

    Thanks for the info T! Who did you get your prop from?
  225. Ryan_J

    WTB - 15P SS prop for yam 200 hpdi

    Bump...... no dice? I'll take an aluminum. 15-16 pitch X 15ish dia. Help me out fellas!
  226. Ryan_J

    WTB - 15P SS prop for yam 200 hpdi

    Bump. No one out there with a 15P x 15.25 SS? I've got cash and can drive 1-2 hours this week to pick one up. Trying to get before Thursday. Heading to Cat on Friday morning. Thanks guys!
  227. Ryan_J

    WTB - 15P SS prop for yam 200 hpdi

    Tony - Thanks for the reply and your insight. I have the outboard serviced at Westcoast Marine every year and it has a clean bill of health. I'm going to try a 15P ss. Hopefully someone has a used one here that they want to get off their hands.
  228. Ryan_J

    WTB - 15P SS prop for yam 200 hpdi

    Looking for a used 15P X 15.25 SS prop for my 2003 Yamaha 200 hpdi. Currently running a 17P X 15.25 SS. Performance is ok when running a light load, get about 5000 max RPM and 34 mph. From what I read I should be getting around 5500 max rpm with this outboard. BUT......when loaded with 3...
  229. Ryan_J

    used t-top for center console

    Is this T-top still available? I have a 21 Outrage that I would like it for.
  230. Ryan_J


    Great work on your first! Let the chase for more begin.....
  231. Ryan_J

    WTT Shimano Trevala TVC66M for TVC66H

    Jigging for bigger fish this year? :)
  232. Ryan_J

    Marlin hooked up at the 9?

    Thanks for the report. Let the games begin!
  233. Ryan_J

    Bama rigs. Umbrella rig. Tomato. Tomatoe

    What Walmart did you find them at? HB, LB? I actually have a giftcard there that I thought I'd never use. Now I will!
  234. Ryan_J

    2014 Season Fish/Dive Video Compilation

    FREAKING fantastic video. Has me all hot and bothered to get out on the water!!! Thanks for posting.
  235. Ryan_J

    Red and Yellow 2 day LA Report 1/27- 1/28

    Way to keep at it. Paid off with a nice one today! Thanks for sharing.
  236. Ryan_J

    Yamaha 200 HPDI on Boston Whaler Outrage 21 - low RPM's

    My top speed is about 35mph when I'm light and trimmed out in smooth water. Acceleration is good when light but a bit sluggish when 3-4 guys and bait tank full. Prop only cavitates when I trim up too high, not under normal conditions/settings. Seems like this is the path I'm going to take...
  237. Ryan_J

    Yamaha 200 HPDI on Boston Whaler Outrage 21 - low RPM's

    Guys - Thanks for all your thought and ideas. It seems that it's going to be a game of trial and error while recording performance changes between props. ShadBurke ..... PM sent.
  238. Ryan_J

    Yamaha 200 HPDI on Boston Whaler Outrage 21 - low RPM's

    I have a 2003 Yamaha 200 HPDI on my 2000 Boston Whaler 21' Outrage. I've got it out of the water and doing work on it during the "off season". Can't really call it that but I had to make a mental break to pull it out. I had the outboard serviced and it has a clean bill of health but after...
  239. Ryan_J

    First Skiff

    What a great looking boat! Can't wait to see future posts of what you catch on it. Go get em!
  240. Ryan_J

    Calicos and Sandies Sat

    Sounds like a killer day on the water. Were you catching them on bait?
  241. Ryan_J

    1/10/2015 Rainy Day Wide Open Yellowtail Bite. (Video)

    Heck yes!!! That was fantastic!! Great video, not too long, only the good stuff!
  242. Ryan_J

    Sunday @ Cat

    That's a great fish!! Nice way to start 2015! Good luck this weekend.
  243. Ryan_J

    Izors Reef Sand Bass 5 JAN

    Those are some nice sandies! Nice work on figuring out the locating and drifting over the structure. The more you do it, the easier it will be!
  244. Ryan_J

    Hookup to Landing Ratio w/ Weedless (MC 7")

    I didn't expect to kill a half an hour this morning on just one thread. A fantastic read!!!!! Thanks for all the info and a great way to start 2015.
  245. Ryan_J

    "War On The Wall"'d things end up? We fished hard from 4-10pm and it was SLOOOOOOW! We only had 1 keeper in the well and the bite was dead. Anyone know where to find more info?
  246. Ryan_J


    That sandie is a TOAD!!! Nice work man.
  247. Ryan_J

    "War On The Wall"

    Ty - Thank you for the info. I'm very excited to take part in this. I will keep my eye out for you, your son, and your Ranger. Fish on!
  248. Ryan_J

    "War On The Wall"

    This is my first time fishing in any type of event like this. What is the protocol? Sign in, shotgun start? My boat is already in the water so I won't be launching from Davies, just driving over from my slip in the bay. Can I sign in early? Thanks for any help. I just don't want to be the...
  249. Ryan_J

    "War On The Wall"

    I will be there. Looks like the weather and tides should be great for night fishing.
  250. Ryan_J

    Horseshoe Yellows

    I had the same situation on Wednesday morning. They hit the yoyo but wouldn't touch our macks. We did catch a few huge bonies on our macks though!
  251. Ryan_J

    Latest Fish Story

    Great post! It went perfect with my morning cup of coffee! What a great memory for you and the family.
  252. Ryan_J

    fishing friday. maybe big yt in la jolla or offshore.

    Not sure if you are asking if anyone is going or telling that your are?
  253. Ryan_J

    10-16 Wahoo, Dorado, and Rat Update out of DP - Gopro clip

    Nice work on the "late" season dodos. Not sure what to call this time of year!? Late? Mid? Beginning? Unreal to catch footage of the wahoo at the beginning!! Thanks for sharing.
  254. Ryan_J

    Catalina Yellowtail GoPro Vid. (The right kind!)

    Great video. I love to see the fight and the bendo!! How deep of water were ya in?
  255. Ryan_J

    Point Loma Kelp

    Congrats on the boats first Yellow! Always a great feeling to check that off the new boat list.
  256. Ryan_J

    A couple of firsts

    Congrats and great vid! I really enjoyed it. Simple, good music, makes me want to fish!!!
  257. Ryan_J

    Missing boat Avalon to PV

    WOW! Glad they are save. No radio, flares ect.............. :shake:
  258. Ryan_J

    Missing boat Avalon to PV

    Anybody have more info on this?....
  259. Ryan_J

    PL YT 8/4

    Nice yellers on the skiff. Great stuff!
  260. Ryan_J

    Catalina YT

    Those are some great fish! Must of been a great fight on that gear. What were you catching them on?
  261. Ryan_J

    SCI report - 6/28

    Ho.........Lee.........Chit! Nice catchin.
  262. Ryan_J

    07/30/14- Out of Long Beach, paddy hopping and Catalina

    Thanks for the Catalina report. Way to get the first yellows on the boat!
  263. Ryan_J

    Bluefin and Yellowfin 7 -28 at the 209 (video)

    It sounded like he was his nephew and that he was teaching him the ropes. Didn't even get angry when they lost one. Cant learn to gaff w/o losing a few. Wish I had an uncle like that. Nice work Cory on teaching and passing on the stoke to the younger guys!
  264. Ryan_J

    CALICO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    Ceviche the fillets, deep fry the rib cage and main bones.... taco meat... make fish soup out of the heads and body.... nothing gets wasted.... WELL DONE!!! That is literally eating the whole fish. I usually ceviche the fillets too. Never thought of deep frying the ribcage and main bones...
  265. Ryan_J

    CALICO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    Great report. How do you prepare your fish? Steam them? Grill them?
  266. Ryan_J

    Thresher Shark Surprise

    Damn.....that's a sweet catch!!!!
  267. Ryan_J


    It's about to get CRAZY!!!
  268. Ryan_J

    Half a day in Huntington

    Epic! Quality local fish. I blew a lot of fuel on Monday to catch much smaller grade calico at Catalina.
  269. Ryan_J

    First yellow of the year for us at Catalina

    Don't be afraid to search if one area isn't producing. We roamed 4 different spots before we found the fish. Go get em!!
  270. Ryan_J

    First yellow of the year for us at Catalina

    Sure is. It was tasty! Made great ceviche. Thanks for asking.
  271. Ryan_J

    First yellow of the year for us at Catalina

    Tady A2 scrambled egg. The jig hits were right at day break. Drifting squid the rest of the morning. Good luck tomorrow dschifan!!! Go get em.
  272. Ryan_J

    First yellow of the year for us at Catalina

    Fished the front side of the island and was able to put one on the deck. Lost 3. Yoyo and live squid were the ticket. The calico were on the chew also. Hitting the irons we were dropping for the yellers. Good luck this weekend gang!
  273. Ryan_J

    Two Trips One Week

    Great report. Way to work the LBC!
  274. Ryan_J

    La Jolla/ Del Mar Report 05/26/14

    Great cuda report! I hope they keep moving up the coast.
  275. Ryan_J


    Way to work the LBC. Thanks for posting!
  276. Ryan_J

    Jungle Fishing "Banging The Wall" LBC

    Nice work in the LBC! Great to see some quality fish coming off the wall.
  277. Ryan_J

    Windy Day Dock Fishing - Nice Spottie

    Heck yes! Nice spread there!
  278. Ryan_J

    Halibut in the bay!

    Great hali on the spinner! Slow roooooolllll
  279. Ryan_J

    Dp bass & barracuda

    Seems like the cudas are moving into the area.
  280. Ryan_J

    The close one 4/19

    She's a slug. Nice fish. I hit Cat on Saturday also and got our asses handed to us on the trip back to LB.
  281. Ryan_J

    Cat 4/14

    Nice chunks!
  282. Ryan_J

    Sand Bass

    That thing is a tanker! Nice work.
  283. Ryan_J

    First time at The Wall - Big Success 3/7/14

    Great wall report. That is a grumpy sandie! I've been kicking around the idea of mixing in a creature I have the motivation!!
  284. Ryan_J


    I went Saturday morning for a few hours and had very little luck. A few small goats is all we scratched.
  285. Ryan_J

    East End Catalina 01-29-14

    Nice work on the bones! Good eats.
  286. Ryan_J

    Dana point Bass\Hali

    Great way to end 2013. Those are some solid fish on the spinnerbait!
  287. Ryan_J

    Fished Los Alimitos Bay for some light tackle sandies

    Fished the LAB for a few sandies on light tackle. All were shorts but still a great way to kill a few hours last week. Happy 2014!
  288. Ryan_J

    Nacho bait

    Natcho had squid a couple of days ago. Not sure of a phone number tho.
  289. Ryan_J

    The Wall

    Nice work on those fish. That's a quality winter time calico off the wall!
  290. Ryan_J


    All I can say is WOW!! Cant wait to see your reports for 2014!!
  291. Ryan_J

    New Years Day Breakwater Trip

    Nice work on those calico's! I think I saw you two heading back in around noon. I was in my 21' Whaler near the start of the wall. I was able to scratch out a few short sandies but that was it.
  292. Ryan_J

    LAB Fishing

    Nice work in the LAB. I've fished is a few times the last couple of months with similar success. Lot's of mid sized fish but always fun to catch!
  293. Ryan_J

    Thank you to these guys-The Point

    shit like this makes me emotional. nice work guys!!