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    Mackeral in Sd bay

    Anyone find them? Suggestions for places to look (besides bait barge)? appreciate it
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    Yamaha F115 oil leak below skeg?

    VF115LA : 2016 FOUR STROKE OB 115 SHO I noticed a small (2 tablespoon) oil leak below skeg. First time. It looks like it might have come from lower oil plug. Cleaned it up hasn’t come back. Could it have been the heat? Safe to run? Has about 300 hours.
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    Boating in La Jolla

    between the mpa, underwater park, etc...i'm confused as to whether i can boat into la jolla cove area? i'd like to take the family snorkeling, swimming in the caves and cove area. can i do so? how close to beach? is it marked? appreciate it.
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    Anyone catching mackerel in SD Bay

    Headed out to coronados tomorrow. Deciding if its worth bring bait, but would like to slow troll if i can't find bird schools. Anyone had recent luck on YT with bait at coronados? Any place to make macs in Sd bay?
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    WTB Komodo Reel Clamp

    Need to mount a komodo 471 to a deckhand rod. what you got?
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    WTB How to Read Your Color Sounder

    Looking to purchase a copy of this video by pacific edge
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    I'd like to fish my 113h for Yo-Yo. It currently has a jvariance aluminum, narrow frame. Is there anything else i'd need to make it capable for 40lb yo-yo? i've seen some posts about drag stacks and internals, but it seems the cost of those would suggest its better to buy something else. Is...
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    RedRum Baits

    Picked up some 4" and 5" tube baits with 1 ounce heads at fred hall. Anyone have any feedback on how they fish or modifications since you have to cut them?
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    SOLD Avet SX 5.3 Silver !

    Lovingly used and serviced. $100 OBO. San Diego Pickup
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    9/23 South Island Yellowfin

    Started the day o'dark thirty from pepper park. Half scoop lasted all day and much better than what i've gotten from MB this past month. Wind was up at was we left the point and water was green and cold (66) . Cruised through south 9 before it started to warm to 70. Dropped the troll and had...
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    9/3 LJ Dodo

    Having had success a couple weeks earlier, decided to try again with the whole family if the conditions would cooperate. launched boat, bought bait and picked the family up at 9am. plan was to see if the yellowtail at LJ was still biting, but decided to look outside since the weather and wind...
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    8/18 LJ Dodo

    launched from Dana at 5am. Waited for bait for 30 minutes. Small (4”) dines. Stopped to make mackerel outside north jetty. Didn’t have bait or a Sabiki so stopped after catching 1. People with cut squid were catching easily. Plan was to hit 178 to 182 to 181, but felt like change and did...
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    7/21 coronado islands, boat first 'tail!

    Rented a slip for a couple nights to have a weekend full of boating fun. Spent friday evening looking around la jolla. water was ugly, no signs of life except just outside the north mpa. Caught a couple barracuda on the purple/black rapala outside the kelp on the way to the south mpa. good...
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    9/24 LJ Shark

    Spent the day trying like everyone else for yellows and bonito. Slow day overall, water mostly 67.5. Tried north to the glider port, lots of kelp but no other signs of life. No bonito, no yellows. Scratched a calico and a rock fish... And this shark. Can anyone tell me what kind of shark...
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    San Diego Boat Restoration

    Are there any recommendations for someone to help with gel coat & fiberglass repairs if i get an old project to be restored? what about anyone who would build a custom console. San Diego preferred. Thank you.
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    Advice/Perspective for a newbie in San Diego

    First i want to thank everyone who contributes to these forums. i've learned an immense amount. its such a great resource. i've been on the forum for quite a while but recently bought my first boat to fish the bay and inshore stuff (on the right day). i'm a m-f, 9-5'er and try to fish 1 day...
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    Prowler 7/26

    I just returned from a 1.5 day and wanted to send some good vibes to the captain (Jim) and crew. They ran with only 4 of us which was a treat. Needless to say everyone was super comfortable. It was my first time on the boat and I thought it rode and fished very well. Boat was in great shape...
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    Top Gun 80 2.5 day (9/29)

    we left right at 7pm for the long ride down. the seas were calm and spirits high. we woke friday morning and the offshore weather report was mostly wrong (shocking). the swells were mixed and large as they predicted 10+, but the wind was way up 20+. it was fish-able but not comfortable. we...
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    Polaris Supreme 09/25

    nothing sounds better right now: 1. watching football all day sunday 2. limiting on bft/yft on monday 3. monday night football at sea, 4. and a good nights sleep before a gentleman's arrival @ 11am. lets get this sled of the docks...jump on the boat. :finger:
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    Any overnight boats leaving 4/21

    awfully quiet on the schedules for the landings. any options for fishing overnight thursday/friday?
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    Steel vs composite guides

    i'm trying to learn a little about rod making. i'd like to have to rods built: 8' calico stick 8' surface iron/jig stick most i speak with suggest steel guides are the way to go, more durable, worry free, etc. Any arguments for using the composite guides? Is weight the only issue? when...
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    Cedros Island Rod/Reel Suggestions?

    i'm signed up for a fly-in cedros trip in early july. fishing in a panga. i wanted some ideas for appropriate rod/reel setups. i currently have: toro 50 / CSC-70MH senator 113h / sl2050c66 torium 20 / cfgr-700m avet sx / tmc-x76h can i make it work? anything missing that is a must have...
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    slime sticks on 5/28

    Any half day options targeting slime sticks this friday out of san diego? I have a few things i must do in the am, but i'd be good anytime after 11am.
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    coronados still biting?

    did the storm kill off the bite? any reports from yesterday/today? thinking about going out on saturday. anyone think its a good idea ?
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    Intrepid Trip #2 6/4

    Reserved my spot on the boat. Anybody know what to expect in early june on a 3 day? where do they fish? what is seasonal at the time? thanks.
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    Squid Monday?

    I'd like to try for the squid. Any definite options for getting out monday (2/22) evening?
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    Colnett in December

    I'm thinking about taking an open charter to colnett for 2.5 days (leaving 12/18). Just curious what to expect. -How is the ride? -How is the weather? -What to expect for quarry? -Any other tips/suggestions/advice? thanks.
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    How's the ride?

    My sea going experience has been on displacement hulls from 50-85'. i'm considering purchasing a boat in the 25-30' range. Can someone explain how the ride will compare to the larger boats i have travelled on? What mainly effects ride quality, boat length? hull type? etc? any info would be...
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    Would you support a change in pricing for Open Party Boats?

    If you have an opinion, let it be heard. I'd like to see open charters change their pricing model to reflect cheaper fares for fuller boats. I originally posted this as a suggestion in a different thread (paraphrased below)...
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    Weekend Fishing

    Can anyone shed some thoughts on how the weather/conditions/fishing look this weekend? Also, interested in going on 1.5 day tomorrow night 5/29. Anyone able to add something about the following boats: Legend - offshore Aztec - SCI New Lo-An - ?? thanks.
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    Weather This Weekend

    I'm considering going out on the "holiday" (point loma, 1.5 day) this friday (11/14). I don't have the strongest stomach and wondered if anyone knows what the weather is likely to be this weekend? Also, are there some good resources on the web to gauge the conditions? What are some of the...
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    Carlsbad Canyon (Ponto)? Any good?

    Anyone had any luck fishing carlsbad canyon off Ponto?
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    Small Boats (Why does size matter)

    I was at the fred hall show this weekend @ del mar, and was tempted to purchase my first boat. Because of storage concerns, i was considering the boston whaler 15' montauk. This would fit both my budget and garage (important). I really want to understand what i should expect when it comes to...