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  1. ror_sal

    Lead free 8-71/2

    I appreciate it man. Thanks!
  2. ror_sal

    Lead free 8-71/2

    Looking for lead free dove loads. Anyone have a spot where it’s available. Haven’t hunted them since the ban on lead.
  3. ror_sal

    How do you keep your lobster?

    I’ve always just wrapped them in foil and they last a while.
  4. ror_sal

    Been a while, overnight

    Ok cool. Turns out my buddy only has one setup so I’ll be bring a couple extra anyways. Thanks!
  5. ror_sal

    Been a while, overnight

    Fishing the tribute 10/4-5. I haven’t been on an overnight in a long time. How many rods Would be too much? I want to bring a 20,30 and 2/40# sticks, but also want to bring my 60# just in case we run into some bigger grade fish. If I could bring 6 I would. Limited load, and just have a lot of...
  6. ror_sal

    Cat 8-2 - YT on the Spinner

    Those fluke baits are super underrated saltwater candy. Have caught a lot of stuff on them the last few years.
  7. ror_sal

    Spar urethane over cord grips

    Thanks guys maybe I’ll do a test run or two before I put it on the brand new seekers.
  8. ror_sal

    Spar urethane over cord grips

    Did some tarred twine for a buddies new set of rods, he didn’t want the stock cork so wrapped over it. He is asking to have them “spar urethane” coated for a tackier feel. I have never done this to any of my tuna cord grips. Any input on this? I feel like it won’t stick the the tar coat on the...
  9. ror_sal

    Rod and reel type

    Great report...
  10. ror_sal

    Catalina Island 6/12 Fishing Report

    Good on you man. One hell of a trip
  11. ror_sal

    I'll take it

    Poach the deans in olive oil. So good
  12. ror_sal

    La jolla inshore report - Memor

    Had that same exact hull for my first boat. Cool skiff
  13. ror_sal

    Muscle sticker

    Got my new registration sticker, but how do I get the new muscle sticker? I only fish the ocean but just in case I decide to take it elsewhere, would like to have it. Also what does it run? Thanks!
  14. ror_sal

    5/15 coronado —- middle ground slugs

    why? Two totally different fish. Regulations are regulations.
  15. ror_sal

    WTB Livingston 14’ WTB

    I have a 14’ I may be selling soon. Currently doing some work to it (re securing the console and a couple other cosmetic things). Has a 4 stroke Yamaha 25hp that has roughly 100 hours on it. She ain’t perfect but runs great and is very sea worthy. Galvanized trailer that’s in good shape...
  16. ror_sal

    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    What boat are you on down there?
  17. ror_sal

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    You sir, just made my friggin day. Can’t fish until next week but I’m guessing this weekend will be packed anyways. And maybe Dana will be up and running by then. Thank you for the intel!
  18. ror_sal

    San Diego Harbors are open starting tomorrow

    So will the launch ramps be open?
  19. ror_sal

    Turkey hunting or hunted?

    this is so good. I get it. My grandpas rooster “killer” would fuck us up as kids. They would wait for us on the back porch and start taking swipes with their Spurs the second we came out of the house. Haha.
  20. ror_sal

    Offshore report and FD vent

    I just want to launch my boat and fish, doesn’t matter for what or how at this point
  21. ror_sal

    Commercial hacks

    This report is amazing....
  22. ror_sal

    Is BD hacked wtf is happening

    It’s a way for the site to make money. Do them a solid and click on it then X out. They will earn from people visiting the site via BD. We don’t pay shit, they need to make money. Would be nice to see relative adds to fishing/outdoors but you don’t always get to decide. Podcast have adds...
  23. ror_sal

    Postcards from Catalina: April 5th

    Heard there was one case but that’s it.
  24. ror_sal

    Turkey hunt 3/30-4/1

    Short story: shot a turkey Headed out to a property I’ve been cutting down trees/stacking firewood for the owner the last couple years. Hunting wasn’t even in my mindset with everything going on. Got the call on the 29th “We are at our other place in AZ, could you take a drive out to the...
  25. ror_sal

    For Sale Boat was stolen and found stripped

    Man this sucks. Hope you get reimbursed somehow, someway. All thieves can burn in hell. How was it stolen? From your house? Did you have a hitch lock on it? Just asking for the reason of keeping everyone aware of there boats in the driveway. I have the hitch lock and motion lights, still...
  26. ror_sal

    SOLD 8'6" Conolon blank...raw

    Where are you located?
  27. ror_sal

    WTB Affordable 12ga for trap/birds

    I have a cheap mossberg 500 and have shot plenty of ducks, dove, turkeys, quail, pheasant and other stuff just fine. Maybe I’ll upgrade one day but for what I do it works just fine. Just practice with it and know your pattern.
  28. ror_sal

    WTB 60# 8’ bait stick

    Looking for a 60# 7’6”-8’ stick. Something to put my 40nii on. Maybe a calstar 800xh? Blank would be better so I could put my own touch on it, but a factory or prewrap would do just fine. Thanks my dudes.
  29. ror_sal

    For Sale Kayak

    Selling my kayak. Nothing special but have fished LJ and both bays no problem. 12’ long 29” wide. Stable and easy to fish. Has a little storage bucket/ bait tank that will keep a handful of mackerel Alive for slow trolling. Comes with paddle, seat, life jacket, 3 rod holders, and fish finder...
  30. ror_sal

    Yup, a clear day on Lake Pacifica

    eyes where a little bugged out...
  31. ror_sal

    For Sale Pro Gear CS600

    noted. Supposed to be picked up Sunday.
  32. ror_sal

    For Sale /trade Newell S338-5

    Letting go of my last Newell. Works great. Tiny bit of wear but overall great shape. Works perfectly. Bearings are getting a little bit noisy but has the Bocas that where installed a couple years ago. Maybe have them replaced but I bet a little bit of lube and use would quite them down since...
  33. ror_sal

    Yup, a clear day on Lake Pacifica

    fished yesterday and only came across a full paint can from PL to LJ. Oh. And a burlap bag with a bunch of white shit in it.... definitely drugs but couldn’t tell what. It was soggy AF. Limits of Reds and a sheepie to boot.
  34. ror_sal

    Islands visible from shore

    Could see it last week from SD. Usually after the rain, sky clears up really nice. where is this photo taken?
  35. ror_sal

    For Sale Pro Gear CS600

    Selling my older model Pro Gear CS 600. I’ve had this reel for 10+ years. Has been a solid performer for me. Mainly used as a slow troll reel. Everything works as it should. Bearings and drags where replaced two seasons ago with hardly any use after. Definitely has its cosmetic issues with boat...
  36. ror_sal

    Yellowfin limits in November 11/21

    Filmer vin? So sick. Great report!
  37. ror_sal

    Fish processing

    . It’s $2 for a 20# bag. I don’t spend anywhere near $1000 on fishing annually. I don’t fish sportboats either. Usually my skiff locally and maybe a few trips a year on a friends boat. If you wanna spend 4-5 bucks more a bag, Good on your for supporting the landing. I don’t even have to buy...
  38. ror_sal

    Fish processing

    SD ice is a block away from 5 star. Ice is super cheap there.
  39. ror_sal

    Fish processing

    5 star. Marco will take care of you.
  40. ror_sal

    There still out there.

    Mono is fine. Fish circle hooks and pull hard. Braid and flouro is cool but I like pulling hard AF. Mono comes in handy for that. To each there own. Thanks for the report
  41. ror_sal

    Easy Trigger - DP 11.02.19

    Calico is one of the best eating fish we have. With that said, never had trigger fish.
  42. ror_sal

    11/1 Catalina Cherry Popped

    That’s a bomb ass bowl of poké there. Congrats.
  43. ror_sal

    He's got it

    Great read. So pumped to see kids out there gettin it. Great shot too, I might add! I’ll be out for the first time this year on Friday.
  44. ror_sal

    Dont know where this belongs....

    Bring it up with the capt. If nothing is done, email or call the boat owner and notify the landing. This happened when I worked at seaforth once, and if I remember correctly he was given a replacement setup out of the unclaimed lost and found. It’s crazy how many nice setups where never...
  45. ror_sal

    Boating etiquette

    Pretty much if you both cast and the lures could hit each other, you’re too close. Most people are on 72 Just call out, for example, “Hey center console drifting about 200 yards off lions head, care of I swing in behind you?” Time on the water is going to be your best teacher. If it feels...
  46. ror_sal

    Actual 40 pound tuna .

    your phone takes good photos.
  47. ror_sal

    Yellowfin/skipjack hooks

    I run circle for nose hook, but have been butt hooking them a lot lately. The J hook makes that a little easier. If your fishing really light line, circle hooks are great for not getting chewed off.
  48. ror_sal

    Cow Bell Tuna

    Jesus. Great video on how not to gaff a fish.
  49. ror_sal

    MDR (Fish ID) what is this???

    I know ... just couldn’t resist putting up a picture of it.
  50. ror_sal

    MDR (Fish ID) what is this???

    Kelp greenling Sarcastic Fringehead Largemouth Blenny It’s a Blenny
  51. ror_sal

    Fall turkey

    Public has been really spotty. I’ve been making the trip up north the last couple years.
  52. ror_sal

    Thomas Ave 9/22

    Snuck out of the house at 5:15am. Grabbed a rod and my pack and made the long three block drive to the beach. A little early so waited for the sun to peak out. Around 6 I got my feet wet. First fish came early. A few spread out in the next couple hours. Ended at the pier with a nice 19” Corbina...
  53. ror_sal

    Tax man came to play

    You forgot the period at the end of your sentence...
  54. ror_sal

    X zone opener

    Still gettin it! That country look beautiful. Id imagine it’s a lot harder to glass up a buck with that much tall greenery around! 65?!? Don’t tell the wife. I still use the excuse “I have to get out there while I’m still able to do it”.... I’m 33...
  55. ror_sal

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    Love my 30-06. Have a 3.5x10 50mm mounted on it. Not a super expensive rifle, good glass, good boots.
  56. ror_sal

    SD skull work

    Those look really good. I’ve used a pressure washer then boil and scrape. Comes out pretty clean.
  57. ror_sal

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Exactly. I never understood tipping someone for doing there job, especially if they are being asses (unfortunately I run into that more often than not on 1/2 and 3/4 day trips. Can’t speak for long range stuff). But hey, maybe if someone had smoked a little meth, someone would of been awake to...
  58. ror_sal

    Dive boat tragedy - Conception

    Pretty crazy. It had to have happened in a blink of an eye?!? Why are people so concerned about multiple post about something like this? Don’t read or comment and move on, or...go fishing?
  59. ror_sal

    Is the 9 mile inshore or offshore?

    It’s extreme offshore in my Livingston 14!
  60. ror_sal

    Old Fenwick help

    worth rebuilding? Looks like it’s been hardly used.
  61. ror_sal

    Old Fenwick help

    unfortunately no line rating or model number. 5 guides with a roller tip... I’m guessing it could be rated that high since it’s super stiff. Was thinking of re wrapping into a troller.
  62. ror_sal

    Old Fenwick help

    so I’ve never owned an old Fenwick. Sabre’s Calstar sand seekers I can identify pretty well. This one has me stumped. A co worker asked if I wanted an old rod he had laying around from his dad or grandpa. Didn’t think anything of it until He brought it in and I saw the Fenwick logo. No specs...
  63. ror_sal

    Any good spots to fish in Mission Bay?

    Trout rod and sand crabs in the surf.... it’s been on fire.
  64. ror_sal


    Bought a bunch out of the Dana clearance box after the show for a buck. I think I got em all though...
  65. ror_sal

    La Jolla backup plan 5/29

    Thanks for the LJ report. Nice red!
  66. ror_sal

    San Diego Bay Light Line Live Bait (video)

    You ever fish mission bay? Don’t think I’ve seen a video in MB... could be wrong
  67. ror_sal

    La Jolla YTs

    Nice! Way to bring it together and put em on the boat
  68. ror_sal

    First time fishing on own private boat

    Honestly, study bottom structure and high spots. If you don’t know where to look, things can get Sketchy in low light/ dark hours. If your hanging close to the island, keep the motor running unless you’re on the hook. Head on a swivel at all times. Double and triple check safety gear, first...
  69. ror_sal

    My annual Texas pilgrimage for piggies

    Awesome hunt! Thanks for sharing
  70. ror_sal

    For Sale 2006 Livingston 12T *Custom* *4-Stroke* *EZ Loader Trailer*

    Any more pictures of the setup inside? Just want ideas for my LV14
  71. ror_sal

    Jalama Newbie AdviceMike

    I have two setups. A light spinning combo and a 15# baitcasting combo. 9’, 10-20#, 4 piece travel rod w/ a Curado 200. 30# braid and attach whatever size leader is appropriate for what I’m fishing. Usually 12-15# flouro but have bumped it all the way up to 30# when I was fishing for jacks in...
  72. ror_sal

    4/25/19 SoCal Inshore & Catalina Report!

    . It’s a common story. Guy fucked up a while back, paid his dues, apologized numerous times. But there are a lot of people out there who a perfect angels who’ve made the right decision every time in life that look down on the company. I don’t fish them cause they aren’t my style but Everyone...
  73. ror_sal

    MB 4/23/19

    Ive been working on the skiff the last couple weeks. Getting it dialed for summer. ( side note, Shelter Island Inflatables was awesome and had my lower unit rebuilt on my 4 stroke Yamaha 25hp in a week or so. They contacted me through the process to keep me informed on price and what work was...
  74. ror_sal


  75. ror_sal

    4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    It’s a shot in the dark per each trip. When I decked we never moved anyone’s gear. Sure we would take a couple out of the rod holders to clean blood off the house but would put them back immediately. My last couple trips on sporties have turned me off of them. Had a deckhand on the new...
  76. ror_sal

    Yamaha 25hp

    Looking for a Yamaha mechanic in San Diego. Noticed some gear oil mixing into my water pump housing. It’s a 2009 Yamaha 25hp 4 stroke. Gear oil was milky. Even if someone could chime in with a ballpark price so I don’t get ripped. Any info on this would be much appreciated. I know it’s either...
  77. ror_sal

    3-18-2019 pursuit report

    Heavies!!! I could go for a batch of those.
  78. ror_sal

    SOLD 17’gregor 40hp evinrude

    Sick skiff at a good price.
  79. ror_sal

    New Podcast

    Good stuff! Been listing to all the episodes. Nothing like hearing people talk about bass fishing that are in to it as much as I am. Makes me want to get out there! Been thinking about doing a podcast like that out of San Diego for a while now. Might have to pull the trigger...
  80. ror_sal

    Lj 3/18

    I was out there in my skiff. Passed you and went to LJ. Kinda quiet out and did look fishier more south. Got to the high spot and realized I forgot all my weight. Wind came up and headed home. Thanks for the report! It’s gunna pop here soon...
  81. ror_sal

    Week 4 still biting

    Nice. Boat work for me this weekend...might hit it Monday. Thanks for the report
  82. ror_sal

    Mission Bay 3/13

  83. ror_sal

    Mission Bay 3/13

    After a very long day at work, I decided to hit it when I got off. Got to the spot at about 10pm and fished for an hour. Wrecked them the entire time. Wasn’t counting but in the area of 15 fish, between 10-13”. Lots of missed ones. Except the last fish, that one went 18”. May have been a bit...
  84. ror_sal


    Fished out of Mission Bay. Hit a couple a bass spots that have been producing the last couple weeks. Slow bite. Headed north to try some rockcod spots. Steady pick at average size cod with a lingcod kicker. She hitch hiked her way up on a barber pole. Wasn’t hooked, just trying to down the...
  85. ror_sal

    For Sale Livingston LV14

    How did you bolt down the seat? Curious, I have the same skiff
  86. ror_sal

    The last couple months

    The calico fishing has been off the chain lately. Certain tides and times BITE! Heavy swimbaits for the most part, flat falls for the deeper stuff. Sandies deeper, that eventually turns straight checkers as you go over the bump. Really close to home!! Get out if you can dodge the weather...
  87. ror_sal

    Fishing /ed 3/3 out of Channel Islands

    Sweet ride! I haven’t rockfished that area in some years. All I can suggest is looking up closed areas. I’m sure someone who knows a little more will chime in. Good luck!
  88. ror_sal

    30min from the driveway

    I think it was a tide thing. Got it just right.
  89. ror_sal

    30min from the driveway

    Took the day off to get on the water at the last second today (2/28). Hooked the boat up at about 10:30 after a trip to the dog park to tire out the pooch. Launched from Dana, on the water by 10:45. Get to the spot at 11. Went to a little bump that’s been producing recently. Bass where fired...
  90. ror_sal

    SOLD PENN Squall 25N Brand New

    Bump for a great budget surface iron reel. I fish it next to my fathom 25n. Both cast equally as well. Rinse and repeat for 2 seasons with no issues, lots of yellows.
  91. ror_sal

    Cedros Island - If you could only take one Rod/Reel combo.

    If you HAD to, lexa, tranx 400/ calstar 6480h. 65# power pro and different leader sizes. I just don’t see any reason to only bring one rod.
  92. ror_sal

    2/19/19 SMB - Shark ID

    Looks like a white. Too thick to be that short of a mako. Could be wrong
  93. ror_sal

    PV 11/17-21

    . Yea. Probably a 1/4 mile up from the pier. It was pretty wide open for most of the trip.
  94. ror_sal

    PV 11/17-21

    Thought I’d give an update on this for anyone who might be interested. Booked a charter through “masterbaiter sportfishing”. The dude working there was super nice and helpful. (He was American so asking questions was easy). He had a book of different boats to pick from. We jut wanted to get on...
  95. ror_sal

    SOLD BNIB - Shimano Torium 14HGA Reel - SD

    I have a cousins 6480h....
  96. ror_sal

    Local YT

    Thanks for the report. Great fish. Headed out Monday if weather permits.
  97. ror_sal

    For Sale 1976 24 skipjack flybridge

    Only if I had a place to put it.
  98. ror_sal

    SOLD Newell G235-F $75

    Used Newell G235-F. I have had it for 18+ years as one of my main Halibut reels and slow troll for yellows. Great reel. Perfect for inshore. Drags are new in the last two season and haven’t really fished it. I’ve always cleaned and greased my reels religiously. This one just been on every...
  99. ror_sal

    SOLD 8ft Truline

    I can’t decide if I want this or a new skiff.
  100. ror_sal

    San Diego - Phoenix

    Headed to Phoenix in March. I’d really like to camp on the way. Any recommendations for a good site in the desert? Most like just 1-2 nights.
  101. ror_sal

    LJ 1/28

    Decided to take the right towards LJ. Water leaving the channel was green and little visibility. Once past crystal pier, blue and clear. Temp was between 58-61 all day. Warmed up on the incoming tide around noon. That’s when someone hit the switch for the bass to start stirring it up on the...
  102. ror_sal

    MB 1/27

    After checking out the Dana event, I had to get on the water. Not enough time to launch the skiff so I rolled the kayak down to the bay. Pretty consistent spotty bite. Couple decent ones. Lots of clones but fun none the less. Water was 58.8. Fished an area that rises from 20’-8’. Throwing a 3”...
  103. ror_sal

    Favor for you Fishing Chicks out there.

    where did you get that console?
  104. ror_sal

    Rockfish in Mex

    I’d just call them and ask.
  105. ror_sal

    Corvina, summer 2018.

    Didn’t get to do much of that this year after getting the boat. Hopefully they are around this winter again. Nice fishing dude
  106. ror_sal

    Santa Catalina Island

    . When was the last time you spent days hiking in the interior?
  107. ror_sal

    Santa Catalina Island

    uh no.
  108. ror_sal

    Santa Catalina Island

    yea. Native island fox
  109. ror_sal

    Santa Catalina Island

    Hunted a couple weeks ago. The conservancy just so happen to not have buck tags on opening day for local season.... bastards. One of there ways of trying to kill all the deer. So ended up with two doe tags in my pocket. Fuck it. Meat is meat. Anyways, shot four deer between the three of us...
  110. ror_sal

    Rpt.-Tues.12-04-18 BRRRRR, but decent Bass'n!

    Those are some chunky sandies. Looks like fun!
  111. ror_sal

    Free bug bait

    8582049173 text me. Located in pacific beach san diego
  112. ror_sal

    Free bug bait

    im defrosting my freezer. Have a milk crate of skipjack for lobster bait. I’m not gunna make it out this year. If you want it come get it. If not it’s going in the trash this afternoon.
  113. ror_sal

    For Sale 14’ Livingston

    Love mine. Bump for a big little boat
  114. ror_sal

    Newell Reels Today

    Still use my 332 for throwing iron and yo-yoing in LJ. And my 235-5 for slow trolling macs. Figure I’ll fish them until they fail.
  115. ror_sal

    PV 11/17-21

    Headed down for my honeymoon Nov 17-21st (this month). Looking to do a 3/4 day style trip with the wife. Something that could accommodate just us would be nice but not necessary. Any recommendations? Bring gear or not? What’s going down this time of year fish wise? Tips on bringing...
  116. ror_sal

    17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    everything is relative man. Go fly a kite
  117. ror_sal

    Smoke 'em if you Caught 'em - LJ 10/20/18

    Thanks for the detailed report! Don’t be scared to eat some of that as sashimi and poké while you’re waiting on the brine and smoke. Just stick a good loin in the freezer wrapped in a little plastic wrap. Once it’s firm, just slice or cube it up. Just as good as any sashimi. Little different...
  118. ror_sal

    San Diego launching help??

    Dana landing or south shores in MB are going to be your best bet. South shores is huge and plenty of parking but Dana has the shop.
  119. ror_sal

    Slaybor Day

    Good read. Thanks for the report.
  120. ror_sal

    San Diego full day yellowtail

    Thanks for the report. Where they not using the RSW?
  121. ror_sal

    2nd annual Tow Down

    oh I bet it’s more than that
  122. ror_sal

    WTB VHF + antenna

    w/ or w/out antenna?
  123. ror_sal

    Taking Some Kids Fishing

    Newport has some of the best spottie fishing. Dropshot a fluke on a 1/2-1oz and make some drifts through some grass or structure.
  124. ror_sal

    WTB VHF + antenna

    Looking for a radio! Need it for my 14’ Livingston CC. Anyone have an opinion on the smart antennas as opposed to the standard? I’d rather not sword fight the standard with my jig stick anymore.... Thanks
  125. ror_sal

    Adding a battery

    just purchased a 14’ Livingston CC. I want to add another battery since I’m introducing an fish finder and VHF. I have a 4 stroke Yamaha 25HP that charges the battery while running. Questions is, how do you set up an auxiliary battery and a battery dedicated to the motor? Or do I even need...
  126. ror_sal

    Smelt for YT?

    I got a yellow to go on a big jack smelt when I was in your same situation. Couldn’t find macks anywhere, caught a couple smelt and Slow trolled. If that’s the bait that’s around, that’s what they are probably eating.
  127. ror_sal

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    This happens all too often. Even on some of my favorite boats. 1 or 2 deadheads can be a good thing sometimes. Helping rig tackle and hanging fish for costumers. I’ve been a deadhead many times, but end up working half the time. Especially after I put a couple fish on the boat, I focus on...
  128. ror_sal

    Off the bottom

    good ones! I miss it over there. Used to live in the Isthmus . was so nice to be able to have a 14' skiff and fish the entire island.
  129. ror_sal

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    he’s taking a picture of the scale numbers.
  130. ror_sal

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    look at which way the shadows are casted. How would it be in the picture?
  131. ror_sal

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    Family is from the island. Legit fish
  132. ror_sal

    WTB CC 5k

    sold my 18’ CC a year or so ago. Got approved to spend around 5k on another boat. Figured I’d throw this out there to see if anyone finds something I might miss. Thanks!
  133. ror_sal

    Speckled brown tuna

    My kinda report!!! Stuck it to em!
  134. ror_sal

    There's no fish in Oceanside

    So it was wide? Haha. Thanks for the report
  135. ror_sal

    Great day sailing and fishing off pt loma

    The rapala has been money the last couple years! Way to put a few on the boat.
  136. ror_sal

    Fathers day on the Freedom

    I’m suprised the captain didn’t hand off those fish to you. Thanks for the report!
  137. ror_sal

    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    Sardines are amazing. I’ve caught a bunch of sardines this year while making bait. I’ve thought about putting some on ice and taking them home to jar up or brine and grill. Thanks for the report. And paying for bait is for suckers.
  138. ror_sal

    La Jolla 5-23-18

    Thanks for the report. Way to change it up and put one on the boat.
  139. ror_sal

    MB Night 5/22

    Fished a dock after work for an hour or so. Bite was steady with some better fish mixed in. 3/8oz underspin and 3”MC. Got bit on the pause 99% of the time.
  140. ror_sal

    Vessel Assist in SoCa

    Nathan Lins runs the tow service and repair dock in Avalon.
  141. ror_sal

    For Sale Sako Riihimaki .222

    That’s the round I grew up hunting with. Great looking rifle.
  142. ror_sal

    Understanding Lever Drags

    Make sure your drags are backed off when adjusting them
  143. ror_sal

    Dead creatures

    Man that looks fun! How’s the process of getting the meat back from the island to the mainland?
  144. ror_sal

    La Jolla fun

    Nice fish. Sounds like a shark on those break offs.
  145. ror_sal

    I know many will bash but...

    Work different depths and look into bounce balling
  146. ror_sal

    Water Temprature

    It’s been windy also. Which causes upwelling. Which pulls cold water from deep to the surface. But this is “normal” compared to 5-10 years ago.
  147. ror_sal

    Kodiak Spring Bear 2018

    How’d you pack out all that meat?
  148. ror_sal

    Catalina, Front?

    Front side is facing land
  149. ror_sal

    Tady 45, Plain or Hologram?

    Offshore seems to be the place for the hologram, my favorite jig literally has no paint left on gets bit
  150. ror_sal

    CA Big Game Regs 2018

    thanks dude. Here’s what I found for anyone else looking into the same question. page 32 So if I’m understanding this correctly, it’s means I purchased my restricted D16 buck tag. So now I cannot buy another tag until...
  151. ror_sal

    Question regarding 5yr old on 1/2 day

    I also think the dolphin has discounted trips on Monday’s if you’re trying to avoid the crowd. NSF is my favorite half day boat.
  152. ror_sal


    awesome. Definitely want something that’s going to last and not fail me. Thanks!
  153. ror_sal

    CA Big Game Regs 2018

    what does that entail? Tried looking it up, but of course the info is hard to find on their site
  154. ror_sal

    CA Big Game Regs 2018

    no draw for D16 this year?
  155. ror_sal


    Looking for a good 2-4 day pack for hunting. Any opinions on the subject? Don't want to spend a whole lot of money but don't want anything super cheap either. Something comfy while the rifle is slung over my shoulder. Thanks for any suggestions
  156. ror_sal

    Turkey hunting?

    Ive successfully bagged two public turkeys here in SD county, but my spot was leased to the city of san diego this year and is now closed to all hunting.
  157. ror_sal

    Calico Bass San Bass and Barracuda @ the Whistler buoy (video)

    Nice pick of fish there. Looks fun on the bass gear
  158. ror_sal

    For Sale 97 GMC Savana 3500

    As title states, I have a GMC van for sale. 77,000 Miles. Very low for a 1997. 1 ton, could tow just about anything. I used it as a camper for local campgrounds. Runs awesome. Set up with a bunk for two with storage under bunk for boards and rods or whatever you desire. Has locking shelves...
  159. ror_sal

    La Jolla 4/3

    Don’t mind dirty water, just want that consistency of water. Biggest yellows I’ve caught have been in green and brown water. Same with seabass. Thanks for the report! Beats the hell outa work!
  160. ror_sal

    SOLD Torium20hg and cedros12

    I can pick up torium if still available
  161. ror_sal

    Coronados on Open Party Boat, ever try trolling for Yellowtail between stops? What Lures What Luck??

    Cedar plug all the way. He may stop and throw bait if it is a yellowtail strike. If someone’s trolling and gets a strike, I like to let my yo-yo or flatfall sink out behind the boat. If there is any room
  162. ror_sal

    For Sale Diawa Lexa 300 $115.00

    What handle does the lexa have
  163. ror_sal

    MB 3/13

    just gotta get out there and start working structure. Night time is the right time
  164. ror_sal

    MB 3/13

    not close enough! Haha. MB has been turning out some better grade fish!
  165. ror_sal

    TRADE Fishing kayak for hunting/fishing gear

    looking for all types of fishing gear and hunting. Rods, reels, packs, Binos etc...
  166. ror_sal

    For Sale Bow

    older Bear archery bow. 45# draw. New sites and arrow rest. Used as a fun target bow while camping. Comes with release and arm gaurd. $50 obo
  167. ror_sal

    FS: kayak

    getting rid of a kayak that is taking up too much room in my garage. Set up for fishing. Ain’t no pro angler but have had it out in LJ and MB plenty of times. Has fish finder but you’ll need to remount transducer. Comes with paddle and seat, has three rod holders, little storage bucket that I...
  168. ror_sal

    MB 3/13

    Fished from 10pm-1am. Bite was funky. Definitely getting bit but getting one to eat the whole jig was tough. Couple smaller fish here and there. Finally set the hook on a good one. Ends up being the biggest spotty I’ve ever seen in person. Big ass head like it was part sculpin. My bud and I...
  169. ror_sal

    MB 3/12

    the night time is the right time!
  170. ror_sal

    La Jolla fish report

    I’ve never see a ling with that pattern. Cool fish
  171. ror_sal

    SE Bank, Double Rigs, Izors 3/12

    Corey’s awesome. Taught me everything I know about the saltwater bass scene. Was lucky enough to work with him when I was in high school
  172. ror_sal

    SE Bank, Double Rigs, Izors 3/12

    Try the MC slug for a cheaper option. I’m assuming they where eating it on the fall.
  173. ror_sal

    MB 3/12

    Fished two different sessions yesterday. Bass where out to play for sure! Hit mid and front bays from 2:00pm-5:30pm for the first outing. Nothing stand out except one decent one on the watermelon fluke at my first stop. Hit a few more areas for a bunch of the 8-13” stuff all on the t-rigged...
  174. ror_sal

    SOLD Daiwa Lexa 400 HP-S (Grey Model)

    Thanks for the reel! Put it on my old 6480 from high school that I just rebuilt!
  175. ror_sal

    MB 3/7

    fished from 10pm-12:30am. It bit. Really good. T-rigged flukes and brown swimbaits with 3/8oz yellow warbait. Caught about 20 fish all in the 10-13” range. Most being right around 12”. Lots of bait in the water. Get out there!
  176. ror_sal

    For Sale rods&reels price drop

    Please text for faster response 858 two-zero4 9173
  177. ror_sal

    For Sale rods&reels price drop

    Rods sold. Newell’s still up. Price drop
  178. ror_sal

    3-1 La Jolla

    Thanks for the report. Some good ones in that mix
  179. ror_sal

    MB 2/28

    fished from 10pm-midnight. Tons of fish but all 8-10”. Still fun, got bit on everything cast I think. All fish caught on 3” MCs and BH with a 3/8oz VMC boxer head.
  180. ror_sal

    For Sale rods&reels price drop

    Rods pending. Newell’s still available
  181. ror_sal

    For Sale rods&reels price drop

    First up, I have three older rods for sale. One (older,better) Sabre 6’6” 20-50# rod. I rebuilt this rod a year ago but first trip a guide insert got cracked. Still needs to be fixed. Sold One Seeker American A 270-7’ 12-30#. This rod can be fished. I fixed a couple guides on it and could use...
  182. ror_sal

    SD Bay 2/18 and 2/26

    Drop shot anything haha thanks!
  183. ror_sal

    SD Bay 2/18 and 2/26

    ive been lucky enough to get out on the water a couple times the last couple weeks. Fished moving tides in the afternoons. The bass bite was pretty steady. All averaging 10-13 inches with maybe a legal or two mixed in. One pig sculpin. A tonage of short halibut but managed a handful of legals. I...
  184. ror_sal

    Diving for Lobster in SD

    Agreed with a 2 piece 5 mil. Kept me warm year around. And the 2 weeks a year it’s really cold I’m not out there anyways haha. Beaver tail and pull over is up to you.
  185. ror_sal

    Pick up the action again (ViDeO )

    Nice fish! What rod is that?
  186. ror_sal

    SD Harbor Waterways Access Rights?

    Just ignore them and keep fishing. There is something in the code book that says you can’t harrass fisherman. So let them call the cops. *edit* Question: Is there some kind of regulation that makes it unlawful for someone to interfere with or harass a hunter or angler who is hunting or...
  187. ror_sal

    8 pound Largemouth DVL released ( Video )

    I need to try my hand in fresh a little more. Nice fish!
  188. ror_sal

    How to stop squid from egging in my tank

    Really no way around it. Mackerel do help. But I’ve seen squid kill a mackerel so a couple might be in order. Fresh dead works almost as well also!
  189. ror_sal

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    please enlighten me on how a five year suspension is equivalent to life In prison...
  190. ror_sal

    Drop Shot Spotted Bay Bass Light Line (video)

    Fished the same technique on Monday behind the bridge. Bass where wide! Halibut where chewing too
  191. ror_sal

    Quick PL Run

    Weedless in winter. Awesome! I can’t wait to get out and go drop on some pots in LJ. Last year this time was bonkers. Water was not clear though... thanks for the report!
  192. ror_sal

    Bay Bass Seminar-Feb 18th

    Can’t wait! Sounds like a blast
  193. ror_sal

    Sick looking Spottie

    Nice fish. Rad colors
  194. ror_sal

    MB 1/29

    Thanks for the report!
  195. ror_sal

    WTB 90j blank

    Looking for a 90j blank or something equivalent. Interested in any blanks 8-10’
  196. ror_sal

    La Jolla Beach

    Jerk baits work well in the surf. Always check regulations before you head out. A few closures along the coastline. Waters cold so if you have waiters, bring em
  197. ror_sal

    Light Line Big Largemouth Bass Diamond Valley (video)

    Good stuff! How often do you re-tie when fishing light line that?
  198. ror_sal

    MB this week

    Showing a lot better sign over the last couple weeks. This week the numbers have gone up and a lot more action. A lot of smaller fish with a few good ones in between. Underspins with baitfish patterns during the day. Straight swimbait at night.
  199. ror_sal

    Spotted Bay Bass in San Diego Bay ( video )

    Everything always seems smooth as butter on your boats. Clean operation you run there. Spottie fishing is one of my favorites.
  200. ror_sal

    246 YT on the am 1/2 Day

    there is a size limit after 5. If you couldn’t keep small ones, people would only be keeping breeders
  201. ror_sal

    Boy this looks like fun

    Sand dab fishing is an old winter time tradition for sure. Pops still loves to target them. Any kind of fishing is my kind of fishing.
  202. ror_sal

    Bowfishing Bow

    Trade a Newell 338 for it?
  203. ror_sal

    Spottie Bite

    I personally like to fish from the rocks at high tide and sand at low tide. Fish the weeds really slow. I use a 2.5-3” swimbait with a weedless 1/4oz head. T-rigged flukes, grubs, and other assorted baits work well also. But I prefer swimbaits. I use an assortment of bass gear for different...
  204. ror_sal

    12/2/17 yellowtail

    Try the tail grab next time.... usually better results.
  205. ror_sal

    Manual meat grinder

    it’s only one turkey, hand grinders have always done the job for me. wild turkey... found one at my pops house. Worked out perfect. Cajun turkey burger is now part of the freezer selection
  206. ror_sal

    Manual meat grinder

    Anyone know where I could pick one up in San Diego?
  207. ror_sal

    IV dove/pheasant

    thanks for the updated report! Sounds like a good day. You guys look down any ditches for ducks?
  208. ror_sal

    Turkey Hunt

  209. ror_sal

    Turkey Hunt

    Spending Thanksgiving in Gold Country. What a place! Got super lucky and was allowed permission on my sisters friends property. 30 acres of Gobbler heaven. Oaks and acorns and pines as far as you can see. Pulled into the place around 5:30am yesterday morning. Waited for the sun to peak out a...
  210. ror_sal

    Thank You for support and sorry for not paying attention on the 60 yesterday

    Shit happens. Glad he’s good to go. My brother had child epilepsy growing up. Definitely a scary situation.
  211. ror_sal

    Favorite LF Ammo

    Particularly 30-06. Doing a hunt in a lead free zone. I know nothing about lead free ammo.
  212. ror_sal

    hunting urban coyotes

    Oh I totally understand. They extreme is called the extreme for a reason. Was just trying to share some knowledge of them that I find pretty interesting and super crazy.
  213. ror_sal

    hunting urban coyotes

    I’m talking back in the 20s-40s. City laws weren’t in affect like they are now. Where do you get your information on this stuff? I’m going off actual hours and hours of research and studies on wildlife biology.... There are coyotes everywhere. Not just cities and human occupied areas. If...
  214. ror_sal

    hunting urban coyotes

    then how come we basically wiped out the wolves and never dented the coyote population. Even with poisoning we couldn’t effect the numbers. Look at the harvest numbers from the years that there where bounties on them, they stayed the same and even rose in certain years. They are adaptive little...
  215. ror_sal

    hunting urban coyotes

    I've heard this too. If you start shooting coyotes, they will just start having more pups and start dispersing into other areas or pack up. If the coyote(s) aren't really causing any trouble, Id just leave them. Of course trouble ones should be dealt with. And it is true that owls take out...
  216. ror_sal

    1911 and 357

    interested in any trades?
  217. ror_sal

    14’ Westerner Skiff (Need Gone)

    5,500. 91' so it still has the kick start along with the electric start.
  218. ror_sal

    14’ Westerner Skiff (Need Gone)

    Never knew what one was until I bought it.
  219. ror_sal

    Calstar Orange Thread

    I bet the guys at squid I could tell ya
  220. ror_sal

    8/28 Solana Beach Yellowtail

    Awesome. Mission accomplished! We where in LJ too. Lots of bones. No love on the yellows. Way to find em!
  221. ror_sal

    need help on the west coast

    yes, aware of it here, i fish the beach here often, just wondering whats up on the east coast
  222. ror_sal

    need help on the west coast

    kinda what i figured. Wasn't sure if the ultra light surf fishing was out there too. I use a 7' 2-8# rod out here.
  223. ror_sal

    any east coasters?

    so my uncle needs me to wrap a ton of rods for him to give to his brother in laws for christmas. Im a die hard fisherman but live in san diego where we do things a little different. He needs 7 trout rods for fishing the rivers, so those I'm assuming a 7' 2-6# rod wrapped for spinning gear, or...
  224. ror_sal

    need help on the west coast

    so my uncle needs me to wrap a ton of rods for him to give to his brother in laws for christmas. Im a die hard fisherman but live in san diego where we do things a little different. He needs 7 trout rods for fishing the rivers, so those I'm assuming a 7' 2-6# rod wrapped for spinning gear, or...
  225. ror_sal


    Best report of the year so far! Thanks for the write up. Good stuff
  226. ror_sal

    Advice on selling small collection of 9 rifles/ shotguns

    here or armslist
  227. ror_sal

    Trolling motor

    I have an 18ft CC and looking out put a trolling motor on for fishing the bay and kelp lines etc. what size will I be looking for? Boat weighs in around 3k. Powered with a Honda 90hp 4 stroke (probably irrelevant) hull is a 87' seaswirl 18ft CC.
  228. ror_sal

    Calstar 100J

    I have an older seeker american series rated 25-50...
  229. ror_sal

    Calstar 100J

    Trade for a glass 8' 12-25# E- glass blank?
  230. ror_sal

    Rpt.-04-06-17 Catalina Bound uturn to Izor's!

    Another awesome write up. The island is very green. The deer and buffalo must be having a "hay" day....
  231. ror_sal

    Camp Pendelton kelp beds

    Way to find em! I've never fished that area. I'll have to add it to my list.
  232. ror_sal

    Sunday on the water

    Nice! I think I saw you out there. We made it to LJ around the same time. Loaded up on rockcod.
  233. ror_sal

    03/30/17 Sardine Bait Ball at Izor's Reef

    Rad! Thanks for the report. How'd the water look up that way? We where leaving mission bay yesterday, just inside the jettys was tons of sardine and candy bar size mackies. Literally so thick at one point, my shallow water sounder came on. Took us a couple minutes to load up and watch people...
  234. ror_sal

    La Jolla BENDING

    Thanks for the report. Headed out today to give it a shot. Yo yo or surface iron fish?
  235. ror_sal

    Off Shore Guy Needs Help re Fishing Mission Bay w/ 7 yr old Son!!

    3/8 oz warbait with a 3" swimbait. browns reds and greens. OR trig fluke in white
  236. ror_sal

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    This is exactly what im talking about. You dont get pat on the back for doing your job. You do if you go above and beyond everyday.
  237. ror_sal

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    I get it, I worked a fuel dock for a little while making $8 an hour and tips where pretty much necessary. But you cant count on them, which is why I moved on to a better job. Just saying, if tips are make or break for ya, Id start educating myself in a better trade. I just think some people...
  238. ror_sal

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    side note, as soon as i see a deckhand throw his ciggy butt in the water, no tip
  239. ror_sal

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    depends on the trip and crew. I usually never was in the jackpot cause I was a 0 ticket. Those guys do work hard, most the time. some are assholes. If someone wins jackpot and had to spend a lot of money for the trip in the first place (relatively) then tip the crew a few bucks and pocket...
  240. ror_sal

    Raymarine A50D $150

    still available?
  241. ror_sal

    VHF Antenna for sale

    I want it! In SD also. Pm me if still available.
  242. ror_sal

    O'side 3-9

    thanks for the report. conditions have been bunk. can only get better
  243. ror_sal

    Sanddab advice

    look for mud. I always find them in the mud when i drift of rockfish spots. Sandab is very tastey! My pops favorite fish to clean and eat haha
  244. ror_sal

    Anything at Cat West End?

    from what I hear its been kinda slow. better coastal. Bugs are probably different story
  245. ror_sal

    FS: pre 64 Winchester 94 hardware

    ill post a picture when im home
  246. ror_sal

    FS: pre 64 Winchester 94 hardware

    wasn't paying attention when i purchased. Its all the hardware for a PRE 64 winchester model 94 30-30 from brownells. Spent $45 on the kit asking $25 or a case of beer, box of rounds or something similar.
  247. ror_sal

    WTB Honda throttle control

    As stated in title. Looking for a outboard throttle control for my Honda outboard. Thanks
  248. ror_sal

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    1. mackerel of crystal pier 2. Yellowtail on the iron 3. Yellowtail collar on the grill/ sashimi while it cooks 4. Crawfish boils in New Orleans at my sister in laws Family
  249. ror_sal


    Always leave Something cleaner than the way you found it! Whether it's hunting fishing or hanging at someone's house! Now I don't go searching for the wad out of every shell I shoot. But I pick up everyone I come across. I always thought if everyone did so we wouldn't have any laying around...
  250. ror_sal

    Valley report 11/14

    definitely stick it out with the dove to make it worth it. Waterfowl where scarce but who knows. With all the rain and snow up north about to happen...maybe we will have a good fly down
  251. ror_sal

    Valley report 11/14

    Picked up a couple buddies at 4:30am and headed towards IV. Game plan was to hit a couple ditches on the way to an empty feed lot I usually do pretty well at. No ducks at the first few ditches. Went to the lot to find out that it has been bought and posted by a club. Damnit. My bud knew another...
  252. ror_sal


    IV is pretty mixed up but they are out there. I tend to find one or the other when i do. The wetland projects always seem to have euros flying through
  253. ror_sal

    Quail report 10/15

    Rattlesnake is good. Ive had it a few times. We called it sting cheese chicken when we where kids
  254. ror_sal

    need a place for kids to shoot

    i always head out to ocotillo
  255. ror_sal

    Blank coloring

    dude thanks. banana rod project is a go!
  256. ror_sal

    Blank coloring

    Could I use a marbling pigment to, let's say make a giant yellow banana rod?... don't ask
  257. ror_sal


    Ok. Thanks for all the input. Worked out great.
  258. ror_sal

    Bait tank drains

    thanks guys. I'll post pictures here when I'm done
  259. ror_sal

    Bait tank drains

    I have a 25 Gallon tank I'm about to put in. Looking at a 700gal pump and I'm wondering what size drain I'm going to go with. If anyone knows the math on that or if its just a general size and could throw me a bone, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  260. ror_sal

    Giant BF and YF, Dorado too.

    I broke my wrist 10 weeks ago and still have 3 weeks until I might be able to fish. Could be worse.
  261. ror_sal


    Ok cool. Did you use adjustable bunk brackets? First timer here. Any info would be sweet. Thanks
  262. ror_sal


    haha. Appreciate that
  263. ror_sal


    My buddy was telling me that his friends got ticket for working on the trailer in a public parking lot.
  264. ror_sal


    It's an 18' center console that sits about 25" off the ground at its lowest point.
  265. ror_sal


    looking to rent or borrow some boat jackstands so I can move the bunks to the proper location. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be much obliged. Thanks. Will trade case of beer or a fishing trip or something along those lines...
  266. ror_sal

    Heads Up, Huge So/Cal Naval Exercises thru 8/4

    Sooo. Should we be expecting a visit from another country?!?
  267. ror_sal

    marbling products

    bought some stuff and thought one of them was white powder but its called "mud". its a paste and not a powder. Whats it for?
  268. ror_sal

    18' boat trailer $200obo

    Gone! Thanks @skipjack floyd. Good luck with the project.
  269. ror_sal

    18' boat trailer $200obo

    no. But found a good one on harbor island. Bump. Price update. FREE! Come take this thing
  270. ror_sal

    18' boat trailer $200obo

    Will post some when I pull the boat off later today
  271. ror_sal

    20 gallon fiberglass bait tanks blems

    Bump. Just got mine in the mail. Will post pictures when installed.
  272. ror_sal

    18' boat trailer $200obo

    Cross members need to be replaced asap. Rusted through. Got a new trailer so this one needs to go. Has boat winch and trailer jack. The jack has seen better days but works. Had a 17.5 CC that weighs in at around 2,500lbs on it. Lights are toast. Will throw in magnet lights for an extra $30...
  273. ror_sal

    boat weight.

    I only drive from pacific beach too the launch ramps. So not too far. Never go over 35
  274. ror_sal

    boat weight.

  275. ror_sal

    boat weight.

    The trailer it is coming on is almost rusted to nothing. Going to do some temporary bracing with a welder and some strut. It's on a single axel trailer now. But seems like the weight calls for a double axel. Would like to keep the trailer as small as possible due to driveway length. I have a 4.0...
  276. ror_sal

    FS- Lowrance-LMS-337cDF-GPS-Sonar-Fish-Finder-GPS-WAAS-Combo

    ok. Buying a boat tomorrow if all goes as planned. May purchase if it goes through
  277. ror_sal

    FS- Lowrance-LMS-337cDF-GPS-Sonar-Fish-Finder-GPS-WAAS-Combo

    trade for a newell g229 and some cash? pictures?
  278. ror_sal

    boat weight.

    buying a 17.5 seaswirl CC w/ Four stroke honda 90. The guy says it was around 2500lbs. Does this sound right?
  279. ror_sal

    Wanted 17' boat trailer

    looking for a trailer that will work with my 17.5' CC. Runs about 2500lbs.
  280. ror_sal

    FT Newell g229

    Thats the same reel im trying to trade
  281. ror_sal

    FT Newell g229

    Yea. Perfect bait reel for yellowfin and slow trolling for yellowtail. Great halibut reel and throws a Swimbait miles! I have two of them so 1 only makes it out with me. I want the 220 for calico fishing.
  282. ror_sal

    Shimano Teramar Jig Sticks For Sale

    Interested in any trades? Got a Newell 229.
  283. ror_sal

    FT Newell g229

    looking for a Newell 220 or sealine 20 or similar reel. Also interested in rod blanks.
  284. ror_sal

    San Diego YT counts dropped over the weekend, so it's time to go again!

    The San Diego has always been a fishy boat. Nice outing!
  285. ror_sal

    Feeling Skunky!

    thanks for the report. Hopefully our front yard turns around here in the next couple weeks. That lingcod doesnt look like a skunk to me!
  286. ror_sal

    Same Day report 5/13

    thanks for the info. Seem like alot of boats out?
  287. ror_sal


    take her on a 3/4 day out of here(san diego) They have good numbers at the islands right now. just need your passport...
  288. ror_sal

    osprey attack

    Pretty rad story. I mean, no bald eagle, but pretty cool. hahaha Cut deep enough for stitches?
  289. ror_sal

    Old sabre rehab

    like you said it a good veristle rod. I fish it as a yellowtail bait stick most of the time but do fish rockfish with it when the yellows aren't around.
  290. ror_sal

    5-4-16 frustrating BFT are moving North

    still have some hamachi to fillet up! monster tree fish!
  291. ror_sal

    To go or not to go when the counts are down??

    way to pick one off. Plus a few nice yellowtail bonuses
  292. ror_sal

    Old sabre rehab

    same rod! Is it 20-50# 6'6"
  293. ror_sal

    Old sabre rehab

    First time I've fully rebuilt a rod(minus reel seat, left the original one.) Xtube gribs, Refinished blank, replaced all guides. Pretty stoked how it came out for my first one. Definitely learned some things during this. Happy the way my machines turned out. Built everything for about $50...
  294. ror_sal

    Winchester Model 94

    and like i said. There is some wear and tear on her. And the receiver could use some love. (was worse when i got it but cleaned up decent). I dont think the receiver can be blued but ive seen some guys use cerakote, and it looks rad. Just dont have the time to do it myself. Im looking for a...
  295. ror_sal

    Winchester Model 94

    and research the year. thanks for the patients
  296. ror_sal

    Winchester Model 94

    hey sorry guys. Couldnt for the life of me find the keys to my safe. (in a temporary living situation for a couple months so everything is packed away.) Found them this morning so i will post pictures asap.
  297. ror_sal

    Man vs Seal and seal lost!!!!!

    dogs are part of the game in LJ. I wouldnt even look at one funny though. If anyone was caught trying to hurt one...get ready to bend over. I hate them too but thats what 40# and buttoned drags are for!
  298. ror_sal

    WTB plotter/finder combo

    thanks. Good to know. Would the one it comes with not work? not worried about marking when going fast. If we could mark at a slow troll, it would be perfect. One other question. When buying a unit with gps/plotter, do you need the correct software to load your fishing grounds or is it all...
  299. ror_sal

    WTB plotter/finder combo

    worked on sportboats growing up and lived on catalina, fishing boats with all different finders and plotters. I understand the technology and how to read bottoms, differ bait from target fish etc... this is just the first time ive had to buy one for myself. We mainly fish Del Mar- Coronados...
  300. ror_sal

    WTB plotter/finder combo

    thanks for the info! For what we had on the boat (a 4" greyscale screen POS finder only) i think the HDS 5 will be a major improvement. Its an old wood and fiberglass commercial boat so a through hull is out of the question. We plan on using the boat for a season or two more then uprgading. I...
  301. ror_sal

    WTB plotter/finder combo

    we have a 19ft center console. Don't need anything fancy. So far the HDS 5 is looking like the best bet
  302. ror_sal

    WTB plotter/finder combo

    looking for something in the price range of $200-$300. Gps/finder/plotter. New to the electronics thing so any input on what i should be looking for please let me know. My brother and I are done "winging it" haha
  303. ror_sal

    Winchester Model 94

    thanks! Ill look at home. i work at a school. cant be on gun webs haha
  304. ror_sal

    Winchester Model 94

    couldnt give you an exact year. Unless you know if a way to look that up via serial numbers? It was grandfathered to me about 10 years ago. I know its at least 20+ years old. will post pictures after work tonight
  305. ror_sal

    Winchester Model 94

    Looking to trade for a speargun. Preferably a Riffe but open to hear offers on other types or other fishing/hunting gear. The rifle has seen better days but shoots straight and is very reliable. could use a little love as far as looks go but operates smooth. I own a 30-06 now and it never...
  306. ror_sal

    rod finish

    Im in the process of revamping an old sabre rod that i like alot. What is used to refinish the actual blank? Is it Flex coat? Thanks for any info!
  307. ror_sal

    Shogun 1.5

    and hollow core spectra right? haha nice fish. perfect haul home IMO
  308. ror_sal

    Wtb jig stick

    got a picture. could be intersted
  309. ror_sal

    WTB: 20# rod

    graphtecs are nice rods too.
  310. ror_sal


    How much you want for it? Used or new?
  311. ror_sal

    I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    what a trip! way to find the big guys. Welcome back
  312. ror_sal

    F/S: Newell s229

    good buy. caught alot of yellowfin on these last year
  313. ror_sal

    REELY! -Added Rods

    Pm'd you about the squall and pro gear.
  314. ror_sal

    FS Pro Gears

    how much for the lot
  315. ror_sal

    Shimano Teramar 90H

    whats the specs on them? deckhand style?
  316. ror_sal

    Monday 03/28

    That's a tough one. If it's your only chance to go anytime soon if jump on it.
  317. ror_sal

    Dana Point sheephead 3/20

    sheepshead is a great fish to eat. if you only take what your going to eat then i dont see any problem with it. its the fisherman who catch tons of fish..freeze it...then come next season they are tossing it to make room for more fish... thats what gets on my nerves. and yes, as a diver i see...
  318. ror_sal

    La Jolla 3/23/16 it's here

    nice fish... i find that any yellowtail over 25# is a different animal. they have the shoulder they put into you. if you ever need someone with gas money and great on the gaff...give me a shout!
  319. ror_sal

    Stolen gear, moderators feel free to move this

    I think the same way. I'd rather the guy be scared to come back to the area then get away with it and feel untouchable. Most likely he isn't going to go to the cops to say he just got beat down for trying to rip someone's shit off. My truck has been broken into three times in two years because...
  320. ror_sal

    Daiwa Saltist BG40H

    Still available?
  321. ror_sal

    Daiwa saltist 40h

  322. ror_sal

    WTT: 322 for surface iron reel or g220

    I have a g229 I'd trade.
  323. ror_sal

    Newell 229-5 w/upgrades $115

    id buy it if i didnt have 2 already. great reels for just about anything
  324. ror_sal

    San Diego - Mission Bay advice

    3/8 oz weedless head and 3" Swimbait. If you go to Dana Landing and tell them what you wanna do...they will hook you up. I'm not much of a batray guy myself and think the bass fishing is more fun. Out if you put a piece of squid on you'll find them.
  325. ror_sal

    San Diego - Mission Bay advice

    if you have a bass rod... bring it and pick up some swimbaits at Dana Landing, which will be close to you. Pound the rocks at high tide and sand at low tide. slow and low for the retrieve. the bass bite has been excellent. Are you staying at Paradise Point? If so, that place is really good...
  326. ror_sal

    Went Looking 2-26 ( Video)

    thanks for the report. I wonder what you where marking?
  327. ror_sal

    Local Seahorses ?

    I've seen them on Catalina. Or around Catalina I guess I could say
  328. ror_sal

    Rod suggestion

    just picked up a TLD 25 and wondering what blank would match best to this reel, fishing anywhere from 50-80#. has anyone fished 80# on this reel? Is it too much? I'm novice to bigger gear cause I only fish local waters and up until last summer, I didn't see any reason to fish anything over...
  329. ror_sal

    No Seabass No yellows

    My bud told me the same thing. No current. That's never a good thing. You'd think with all the swell moving around that the current would be moving. I have a good feeling about March. I think we will start seeing some fish move in on all that bait and start eating. Water seems to be warming...
  330. ror_sal

    No Seabass No yellows

    How did the water look? Blue, clear, green?
  331. ror_sal

    No Seabass No yellows

    Sounds better than work. Thanks for the report. Hoping the bite picks up soon. Getting yellowtail fever.
  332. ror_sal

    Clemente overnight

    booking a overnight to San Clemente March 26th. Need ten more guys and just wanted to let you guys know. Seems like a lot of good dudes in this forum. Want experienced Fisherman who know how party boats operate when fishing. Or at least a someone who can learn quick and is fun to be around...
  333. ror_sal

    Killed the BUGS

    As long as you have the multi card you're good. Other than that you can't even catch 7 lobster if you have one in the freezer.
  334. ror_sal

    Underwater video of yellowtsil in shallow water!

    Cool video. Fish didn't look spooked at all. Rad!
  335. ror_sal

    Overnight Clemente in March

    Just called them. Sounds like the right guy. Just need to get a head count after I crunch the numbers to see who's all in. If we have extra room, you in?
  336. ror_sal

    Overnight Clemente in March

    hopefully a beer and some yellowtail fillets.
  337. ror_sal

    Overnight Clemente in March

    Planning a trip for my brothers bachelor party in March (when rock cod opens). I've never charted a party boat before but have fished them many times. We have about 10-16 guys who would go depending on price but willing to have up to 20 people on the boat to bring the price done. 90% of us...
  338. ror_sal

    Overnight Clemente in March.

    Planning a trip for my brothers bachelor party in March (when rock cod opens). I've never charted a party boat before but have fished them many times. We have about 10-16 guys who would go depending on price but willing to have up to 20 people on the boat to bring the price done. 90% of us...
  339. ror_sal

    LJ-2-14-16 report

    right. If anyone was to be pissed about keeping calicos, they need to do a half day trip mid summer and watch the hundreds of calicos takin in one day. One kid keeping one fish is how it should be.
  340. ror_sal

    LJ-2-14-16 report

    im sure the seabass in your profile pic was a breeder also... but you tossed it back right?
  341. ror_sal

    fish finder/gps

    looking for a combo that wont break the bank but will suffice. My brother and i are rebuilding his boat and want to replace the current older depth finder. any suggestions? looking to spend around 200 on the right deal.
  342. ror_sal

    Took 1 for the team! Offshore 30 miles exploratory trip!

    thanks for the report. if they are here next month, ill have no vacation or "sick" time left by June!
  343. ror_sal

    Yellow bling

    You win?
  344. ror_sal

    Warm water break-Tuna?

    I rememeber when we had epic albacore fishing when I was in high school. And all anyone wanted was YFT. Now the YFT fishing has been epic and we all want albacore. Give us what we can't have!!!! Hahahaha. Im guilty of it. Im also itching to feel my bait take off and start peeling line from my reel!
  345. ror_sal

    2/7/ late report birdrock-off MB

    I call bs until pics are posted. You don't catch a yellowfin in February without taking a picture of it.
  346. ror_sal

    18' Klamoth w/ brand new Etec

    I want this so bad. How is it to the 9 mile and back?
  347. ror_sal

    Pro Gear CS 550

    Still available?
  348. ror_sal

    Seeker Ulua 93H & Newell P332-F - SOLD

    same. was just looking for someone who would carry parts etc... thanks! i love my newells and would have a hard time putting them away cause of maintenance issues.
  349. ror_sal

    Seeker Ulua 93H & Newell P332-F - SOLD

    Where did you have your Newell rebuilt? I have a s229, g229 and s338 that could use some love. Thanks for any info.
  350. ror_sal

    Pt. Loma Kelp Calico

    thanks. I remember when I was younger that it would close over 20 fathoms. Wasn't sure if that was still the case. Appreciate the info!
  351. ror_sal

    Pt. Loma Kelp Calico

    Is rockfish closed in general? Or just over a certain depth. Are "Johnny bass" and those sorts of inshore rockfish closed?
  352. ror_sal

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    Some are cool. Some suck. Same as police officers, lifeguards, any and just about any person. Fight it. Worth a shot. Where were you fishing and what was the ticket for? I've also heard the the gamies down south or a lot less informative and helpful to sportsman and more ticket writers.
  353. ror_sal

    Slow Jigging - Tairaba (Madai jig)

    Solid fishing.
  354. ror_sal

    Starting to get good

    Killed em!
  355. ror_sal

    Wister 1/9

    Hunted the ditches the same day. Ducks where high and little shot opportunity. Jump over 60 ducks.(jump about 50 at once but all where spooky and jumped before we could get close enough). Shot 5 ducks in the last hour out of a canal that was holding a lot of birds. 1 common goldeneye and 5...
  356. ror_sal

    Stolen Boat HELP!! Long Beach

    no. I live up by Kate sessions park. Nice and quite neighborhood. But they aren't going to steal from the poor hoods...
  357. ror_sal

    Stolen Boat HELP!! Long Beach

    . San Diego isn't much better. I've had my truck broken into 4xs in the last two years. Tools gone, golf clubs gone, took all the change out of the center console... People suck. Police don't look for them, and don't care. The one time I did file the officer was so bummed he had to be there to...
  358. ror_sal

    Brawley DMV

    Here are a couple photos.
  359. ror_sal

    Brawley Dmv hunting trip

    So the decision to go worked out well. Shot some dove before the DMV appointment and also jump some ducks(didn't take a shot because I was scared I wouldn't be able to retrieve them where they were flying). The DMV appointment went flawless, and out in 10 minutes. Checked out a little spot...
  360. ror_sal

    Brawley DMV

    So the decision to go worked out well. Shot some dove before the DMV appointment and also jump some ducks(didn't take a shot because I was scared I wouldn't be able to retrieve them where they were flying). The DMV appointment went flawless, and out in 10 minutes. Checked out a little spot...
  361. ror_sal

    Brawley DMV

    . Thanks. hopefully the forcast holds true and it's a light wind and sun tomorrow! I'll post a report here.
  362. ror_sal

    Brawley DMV

    Got an appointment at the Brawley office. I need a photo retaken for my license. And an excuse to go hunting... Anyone have a report or weather conditions?
  363. ror_sal

    Brawley DMV

    has anyone ever been? Have to renew my license and I'd rather go do some hunting for the day. Any wait there? I'd have to spend the whole day at the one in San Diego.
  364. ror_sal

    11/25 2nd season dove IV report

    Thanks for the report man. How was the wind? I was out there the 25th also and it was blowing like a mofo
  365. ror_sal

    Last weekend's birds

    Cool stuff. Got em good. Thanks for the report.
  366. ror_sal


    Yes! Oh well. probably going anyways. Need to get out there. You never know unless you go. Thanks for the report man!
  367. ror_sal


    Has anyone shot the ditches for ducks yet? Thinking of heading out tomorrow and trying my luck. Any birds?
  368. ror_sal

    Local one - Public oinker

    Nice one too. Way to go. Tough challenge right there. I'm still trying but you just gave me some motivatation that was much needed haha. Good work!
  369. ror_sal

    Fall Turkey?

    Would calls and stuff work this time of year like the spring season?
  370. ror_sal

    Fall Turkey?

    I was going to try and head out this next week sometime. Towards Mt Laguna/Julian area. Good luck out there!
  371. ror_sal

    Clay shooting

    found a place about 1 1/2 hours out of pacific beach. it was trashed from other people but we picked up everything we brought in. fun place to shoot and ride
  372. ror_sal

    Clay shooting

    true most clays are biodegradable but if people are shooting hundreds at a time...they will stick around for a while. That's for sure. I was more just asking if there is a place that is like that, public land but that area is just kinda dedicated to it. Of course all shells get picked up. Only...
  373. ror_sal


    When does it start out there?
  374. ror_sal


  375. ror_sal


    Yea. For some reason I thought I read the season started on the 18th. But it was the 24.
  376. ror_sal


    anybody give the ditches a shot yet?
  377. ror_sal

    Clay shooting

    Anyone know of any public land where this is ok?
  378. ror_sal

    Local paddy hunting.

    Anyone been out in the 9 mile bank area? Wanted to go look for some dorado and yellowfin one more time before the season ends. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  379. ror_sal

    Lobster buoy management...

    Those where commercial bouys. Saw those too.
  380. ror_sal

    9/20 on the point loma

    Good report. That's a good captain. Seems I run into more people these days in the fishing industry who don't seem like they like there jobs very much. Good to see that there are some good guys out there still. Way to whack em. What size YF did you guys get into?
  381. ror_sal

    Fortune 9/19/15 YFT limits, almost a marlin and skin, Mex Navy, ER visit

    No fish pictures? Hahaha. Fucking with ya. Damn that looks like a good one. Where was your helmet?
  382. ror_sal

    Shelter Island 530 launch

    Always preferred to gaff my own fish. Especially if it's the skunk off the boat. Then no one feels bad except the catcher and gaffer. I'd hate for someone to loose my fish. I'd feel so bad for them. It's the worst feeling in the world.
  383. ror_sal

    Dove hunting Laguna MT

    thanks for the info. What's the best map to buy for up there? (I.E. Private,non private land etc...). I've grew up hunting Catalina Island as a kid so the private land thing is all new to me. I've read that if the property isn't properly marked, like every 50ft or something along those lines...
  384. ror_sal

    Dove hunting Laguna MT

    . Yea. I know the areas where you can shoot. And I know the areas where you can't. Was just wondering if the archers stay in the rec area for the most part. I don't want some guy drawing on a deer and me fire my shotgun at a dove a mile away a ruin life for that guy. Ya know?
  385. ror_sal

    Dove hunting Laguna MT

    was wondering if there was any good dove hunting up there saw them at the campgrounds a couple weeks ago. Not in huge numbers but a few here and there. The only thing detouring me is that deer season seems to be in full gear right now and don't want to be blasting up the joint if people are out...
  386. ror_sal

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    i would just make my own bait. i usually do anyways cause there is a kid on the mission bay barge that is a dick to us every time. its a monopoly. if they don't want to take my 25 bucks with a 5 dollar tip...then i guess zero dollars works for them. It sucks too cause they're are a couple...
  387. ror_sal


    I gut and gill my tuna as soon as they get to the boat.....
  388. ror_sal

    Ready for rat and mouse season?

    Makes sense.
  389. ror_sal

    Ready for rat and mouse season?

    Now you're just getting weird. I'm sure you spouse would love to see that comment.
  390. ror_sal

    Ready for rat and mouse season?

    Haha. I thought the same thing when that dog in the picture ran out with it the first time. It's my roommates dog toy.... She came running out with it and I was like....."uuhhhh. Where the hell did you just get that?" Hahaha. Still not sure if she lied to me and didn't want to fess up....
  391. ror_sal


    Just [email protected] shoot the thing. Jesus. You still drive a horse powered wagon too?
  392. ror_sal

    Tag reporting

    Do you need to turn in a tag If nothing is taken?
  393. ror_sal

    Ready for rat and mouse season?

    Thought I'd share my rat gun with everyone. Hunting, last night, was good around my chicken coop and under the house. Put the light on it today so I won't have to shoot one handed with a flashlight. I almost have as much fun as anything else. Cold beer and a pellet gun shooting rats out of a...
  394. ror_sal


    anyone seen any?
  395. ror_sal

    where can I, where can't I?

    i actually saw a really nice buck last december. really nice wide 3x2. with a forker a spike and a couple doe. my brother and I stalked them for a while but only had are eyes to look at them with haha. it was mid day and a light snow going on, no snow on the ground. got me thinking about...
  396. ror_sal

    where can I, where can't I?

    thanks guys appreciate it!
  397. ror_sal

    where can I, where can't I?

    I was up in the Mt. Laguna area doing some hiking, I was in the store grabbing a beer and talked to some hunters while I was in there. They said rifle and archery where open up there. I was under the impression that it was archery only. Any enlightenment on this? I've looked for info online...
  398. ror_sal

    2014 Deer season/hunting San Diego

    Hey guys, new to hunting San Diego. Born and raised here but had the luxury of hunting Catalina Island my entire life. But with now pigs or goats for the last 10 years, I'm looking for a new hunt. I do hunt deer on the island still but want to change things up and hunt new land. I have been...
  399. ror_sal

    Shooting areas?

    looking for a open area..i've been to both those ranges...i don't like shooting inside. and last time I went to south bay.. the dog hit on my car at the border patrol check cause of the recently fired rifles...they where cool and just let me go through when i told them i was just coming from the...
  400. ror_sal

    Shooting areas?

    I was wondering if anyone was willing to point me in the direction of a place to go shoot/sight in some rifles. The only place I have been able to shoot is on Catalina Island (Im lucky to have my dads side of the family from there) without having to go to a range where there are 30 people...
  401. ror_sal

    Thompson Center Venture Rifle RECALL...AGAIN!

    The rifle is a nice one. its a good "throw over your shoulder and hike for miles" gun cause it was as much as my red ryder. i just dont like the fact that there as been 2 recalls now. seems like someone is dropping the ball over there. I have also left numerous messages at TC without anyone...
  402. ror_sal

    Thompson Center Venture Rifle RECALL...AGAIN!

    Does anyone else here have the TC Venture rifle that was recalled AGAIN! I have left numerous messages with the head of customer service asking if I could swap out the rifle for something else with no response. Seeing as how I have sent it in already due to misfire issues and they sent it...
  403. First San Diego seabass.

    First San Diego seabass.

  404. Little Harbor, SCI.

    Little Harbor, SCI.

  405. lil bit of everything

    lil bit of everything