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  1. TrixKelly

    SOLD Sold- Thanks to Good Buyers

    Hi BD. I have One Shimano TLD 30 Shimano TLD 2 speed - $200.00 The reel has been well cared for and have put many fish on the deck for me over the years. Time for them to move on. TLD has been in the quiver for many moons and has been a great tuna killer. it’s time for someone else to enjoy...
  2. TrixKelly

    SOLD Reels- Penn, and Shimano

    Hello BD, I have for sale three reels for sale here. Time to make some room. Prices are negotiable, make me an offer. Shipping available or pick up North San Diego County just off the I-5 in Oceanside/Carlsbad. Reels: 1. Penn Formula 15KG 2 speed. box and clamp included. Been on many boat...
  3. TrixKelly

    SOLD 2002 Acura TL/s

    02 Acura TL type S 200k miles. Good tires brakes and runs great. Has all the bells and whistles. Leather, Nav, sunroof. Needs a new home. $2500.
  4. TrixKelly

    For Sale Slot machine in my garage

    just like th ad says. I’ve got this slot machine that’s go to go. The machine functions as a piggy bank. Does not pay out. The bill collector works and allows the machine to play. It’s good times especially if you have a game room or man cave. wife says it needs to go. $350.00 DM me...
  5. TrixKelly

    Need some solid advice for a 3day on the Royal Polaris

    Hi All: I'm so stoked! My wife hooked me up on the Royal Polaris for a three day trip at the end of July. (two weeks from now) I've mainly fished 1.5 day trips previously and could use some input on gear for this three day trip. Took a minute and printed down the gear list from the RP site, and...
  6. TrixKelly

    Great fishing with Producer overnight

    Fished the PRODUCER on an overnight Friday. ride was good, crew was very good, fishing was awesome for a short trip. Lots of rat yellows, football yellowfin, a few nice Dodo's and one fat jackpot albie.(45+ lbs) for an open charter, it was a good experience. A few newbies and plenty of...
  7. TrixKelly

    Where to find offshore weather/water conditions

    ok, I"m sure this has been asked, but I"ll do it again. where can I find offshore water and weather conditions? i.e. swell, wind etc. I went to the NOAA site and thought i got a good report, but have read here that many times their reports are not all that great. what say you that are in...
  8. TrixKelly

    Ok Love my SX now what?

    Hello to everyone (Merry Christmas) I got my first AVET this season and did some damage to the Albacore population with it. that little reel packs a punch (sx5.3) I love it! now, I'm looking to add another AVET to my arsenal and retire one of my old TLD's. (15 or a 20) I'm looking for...