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  1. ckster

    Federal 9mm at walmart

    I just left the walmart in Orange and they had 100rd boxes of Federal 9mm 115grain fmj priced at $25/box but at checkout they were $18.97 each. I had to do a double take at the box to make sure the specs were right but just giving you guys a heads up if you're in the area.
  2. ckster

    WTB Trinidad 16

    Got a 16a in great mechanical condition with a little bit of rash (say 9/10) $350. SD also.
  3. ckster

    YETI 160

    $550 In good shape. No stains, no major scratches. Missing "yeti" sicker on front but includes basket and handles. These are $679+tax retail and more importantly on back order for months through vendors. SD preferred but OC is possible
  4. ckster

    Talica 16ii + PSW-660H660H

  5. ckster

    Da Bears, 09 Nov 16

    I was at the game. First defensive TD I've seen in years....
  6. ckster

    70% off tobacco rack at Haggens

    Interesting, what area are you in? Maybe wait a few days and try again. The one here was definitely 60-70% off.
  7. ckster

    70% off tobacco rack at Haggens

    Just thought I'd put it out there that most of the tobacco rack (cigs, dip, black n milds etc) at the Haggens in Mira Mesa is still full and it's discounted at 60-70% off. The rest of the store is 95% empty but since nobody sees the tobacco counter in the corner it's still half full. Likely...
  8. ckster

    Shimano OCEA Jigger 1500hg LNIB

    Bought this here on BD a few months ago and had it spooled with new 50# spectra, haven't fished it. In immaculate condition. Comes with aftermarket handle. Includes box and box contents. Will include felt Shimano reel bag. Same size and specs as 12a. This is the LIMITED edition gold version...
  9. ckster

    damn kids

  10. ckster

    shimano 40N and Torsa 16 plus other reels and rods

    Nobody jumped on that 40n yet??
  11. ckster

    Well that's a first... Boss tells me to take a "Sick day"

    it's only gay if you make eye contact :supergay:
  12. ckster

    Well that's a first... Boss tells me to take a "Sick day"

    the funny thing is one of my bosses actually is gay. :gay: But not the one that pays for my fishing.
  13. ckster


    If you sell one with white knob can I buy the stella knob off you for $30 shipped to SD?:)
  14. ckster

    Thresher vs. Sea Lion

    Whoa crazy
  15. ckster

    Wahoo Selfie! Solo Thursday.

    Man Law Article 17.44: No man shall ever take a selfie unless it is with a large gamefish, or a bikini clad girl's ass in the background. ...ok youre good
  16. ckster


    The Dodgers will never make it to the WS so long as Don Mattingly is the manager. We shouldve gotten Joe Maddon with Andrew Friedman. No idea how we missed out on that. And now look at the Cubs!
  17. ckster

    Well that's a first... Boss tells me to take a "Sick day"

    had to cancel and haven't had the chance to go yet. Other owner had mental meltdown and things have been busy (albeit smoother with me running things). But that translates to no time for fishing overnights for now... Hoping in a few weeks when things settle down, those big bft make a pass on...
  18. ckster

    Can you Vac-Pac my fish for a fee?

    Pack the bottom of the icebox with block ice then fill the rest with ice. Fish will be fine to drop off the next morning or even afternoon as long as its been gutted. Thats usually what I do....having a yeti helps too.
  19. ckster

    Can Sandy pitch the next 2 games for the Dodgers?

    And Mattingley is still worthless...
  20. ckster

    Dorado From Mexico Declared by NOAA an At-Risk Species

    That's weird I thought they were one of the fastest growing species of fish and reproduction wasn't much of a problem at all.
  21. ckster

    Jaime Camil...Typical Ford Truck Buyer

    What really bugged me was that the little Spanish blurb he mentions in one of the previous ads, was grammatically incorrect. And I'm not even a native Spanish speaker and I picked it out....
  22. ckster

    Holy shit Carl has stepped up to the 21st century

    Now you can go on BD on your phone. Well...maybe go back to the flip afterall...;)
  23. ckster

    Insider Trading Fantasy Football

    $350k Xmas bonus....
  24. ckster

    yellowtail popping in Korea 2015

    Very cool!
  25. ckster

    Trini knob

    whatcha gonna do with the ehite knob? Pm me a price and ill take it off your hands... :)
  26. ckster

    10/5 Mission Belle 3/4 and big props to PLSF

    Usually don't post reports much, since I don't take pics very often. But since this is a sort of follow up to my other thread about my boss paying for my fishing trips, and there is some useful information I can give out, I thought I'd post up. tl;dr backround info: My boss offered to pay for...
  27. ckster

    16a Clamp Width

    I have my 16a on a PSW-809h. I used to just have a little bit of finger tape under the clamp to stop slippage, but now that I've finally gotten around to putting on shrink wrap, I'm noticing that the screws are so snug against the rod, the bolts are really difficult to put on. Anyone having...
  28. ckster

    Overnight SD

    Had the day off yesterday so I jumped on a 3/4 Mission Belle trip out if PLSF. Slim pickins on paddies til we found the mother paddy with a buoy and a blue flag on it that had apparently kicked out 1000 baby yft the day before and the sonar was thick with markings still. Anyways the prowler and...
  29. ckster

    FS Trinidad 14A

    Still better than craigslist and Facebook ...but not by much. Anytime I post anything on fb and cl I get multiple responses that just say "250". No dollar signs no introductions no nothing. Just $229 below retail offer. It's like really dude? But im starting to see that on here too lately so I...
  30. ckster


    I have never had a problem getting things serviced/repaired/replaced by Shimano and each time I'm surprised at how good the service is. To each his own, but I like my Shimano products and especially like their customer service.
  31. ckster

    Looking for reel servicing?? Don't have 6 weeks wait time any help??

    is Ken's in Oceanside one of the ones you called and had you at 6 weeks?
  32. ckster


    Pm sent
  33. ckster

    Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak

    that's a good movie.
  34. ckster

    Towing / Boat Weight

    thanks thats the kind of info I was looking for!
  35. ckster

    Well that's a first... Boss tells me to take a "Sick day"

    Funny update.... I kept the 3/4 trip booked, switched it out so I paid for it out of pocket. Went out to what I think was the 302 yesterday and it was 7-8ft+ at 3 seconds so the entire fleet turned around. They gave me 2 free vouchers for future 3/4 day trips as a raincheck. Now I have 2 free...
  36. ckster

    Day at the Docks raffle disappointment

    I've never had a problem with PLS. they are a world class operation and I have received nothing but respect and politeness from anyone and everyone in their office in person and on the phone.
  37. ckster

    Well that's a first... Boss tells me to take a "Sick day"

    not married but you're giving me ideas here!
  38. ckster


    If this was week 10 I'd take the chargers but this being an away game week 2, outlook not so good...
  39. ckster

    Lexa 400 and phenix abyss

    I would get the black diamond 809h. I had an 808 and 2 809 abyss rods and sold them and replaced with psw809h. Tips too soft and not enough lifting power. Rod bends to the handle on bigger fish. Thoroughly happy with my psw809h Fyi I had the lexa400 on the psx809 just liked you're talking...
  40. ckster

    Well that's a first... Boss tells me to take a "Sick day"

    Thanks! Limited load of 22 out of Point Loma was 165. Its a smaller boat but I just cant do 58 on a boat no matter how big the boat is, for $145. And yeah I wish I could do a 14 day...but I'm also hoping he becomes MY principle investor in the future too, so can't be losing his trust now!
  41. ckster

    Well that's a first... Boss tells me to take a "Sick day"

    The principle investor, in other words one of my bosses comes into my work today and we chit chat as we always do. He asks if I've been fishing recently. I say not since a few weeks ago. He hands me his AMEX and says "here, book a trip for Monday, you deserve it." I say no way, that's too...
  42. ckster

    Loosen drags for storage

    Here's my wash down routine: 1 Tighten drags first and spray down with lube or salt off solution. (I use Getsome). This brings the salt "out" and the tightened drags keep the salt from going deeper into the reel for step 2. 2. Hose down reels with fresh water. 3. Dry thoroughly with towel...
  43. ckster

    Will Shimano ever make a replacement reel for the Trinidad 40N?

    Not saying this in a mean way, but this topic comes up every few months. In the 2nd link, bantam the shimano rep explains in...
  44. ckster

    Talica 10ii or Trinidad 16???

    I have both. 50#spectra to 20fc for the 16a paired with a psw809h. My 20# chovy setup for offshore tuna. 50 hollow to 30fc on the tac10 paired with ss6480 (tib clamp needed). 30# live bait setup. Happy with both. Usually end up using 16a more just cuz it still has the power to catch up to...
  45. ckster

    Towing / Boat Weight

    looking for anything that'll get me 20 miles offshore maybe 30 pushing it. 18-19 ft center console in the 10k and under range. Im basically looking to pay 15k for a nicer boat, a cheaper used boat and down payment on a new truck, or cheaper used of both all under 15k total spent. Would prefer...
  46. ckster

    More than 2,000 enslaved fisherman rescued over past 6 months

    Did not even know this was going on... wow
  47. ckster

    I want to learn how to make Sashimi

    Catalina offshore products near Morena blvd. Point loma seafoods. Mitsuwa. The 3 places I'd trust for sashimi grade fish in SD. And I'm a sushi chef.
  48. ckster

    We won a battle....Not the War

    Much respect for sticking through with it!
  49. ckster

    For Sale: Shimano Ocea Jigger Limited 1500HG

    Thanks for the sick reel! Nice meeting you Alain.
  50. ckster

    looking to fish 16th,17th,18th

    This is gonna be interesting....
  51. ckster

    is it me or is BD web site slow again?

    Large porn downloads up bd hq again....
  52. ckster

    Anchovies ,,,,, yes ,,,, Anchovies !

    Schoolie size yft on 20# and a size 2 with a chovie on a curado 300ej and a bass rod. Few things in fishing are more fun than that right there.
  53. ckster

    28 foot Christ Craft

    I hear that with Christ crafts it feel like you're walking on water... (Sorry I couldn't resist)
  54. ckster

    Used fishing net

    I guess I was mistaken you really were looking for a fishing net...
  55. ckster

    Used fishing net

    he probably meant what kind of fishing net you dickhead. If you're going to ask a question, then be specific enough about it so we know what the hell you're asking. Don't ask a general dumb ass question then attack someone because they're trying to help you out. There are many different kinds...
  56. ckster

    Dana 9/11/15

    Title says Dana 9/11/15, so I'd guess Dana Point?
  57. ckster

    sportboat name changes

    Oh man, the GW! Summer in the mid 90's my dad would drop me off in the morning and I'd hop on the GW and sit up in the pilothouse with the Captain (friend of my dad) and then my dad would come pick me up later after work. Daycare in the mid-90's! We used to talk baseball and the Dodgers and...
  58. ckster

    Anybody baiting/chunking the mini yellows?

    Seems like a great way to ensure that we no longer have yellowtail in our waters in the future.
  59. ckster

    Cool Underwear

  60. ckster

    Anyone heard of catch and release

  61. ckster

    Towing / Boat Weight

    good call... took a look on craigslist and im seeing alot of better than beater trucks for 5-8k all with low miles and 4x4.
  62. ckster

    Avet blem reels

    Ive got an SX blem I picked up from M&Ms while I happened to be there. Sold as a blem because I think the handle was supposed to be gold or I'm not quite sure. But ironically my blem looks ALOT better than the standard gold one. But when I see those green ones with red side plates and whatnot I...
  63. ckster

    Anyone heard of catch and release

    If this is in reference to the speared marlin, the guy said his family would not waste any of it. And it was the shot (and ride) of a lifetime. Kudos to him. I make sure to eat what I kill. Even if I didn't kill it and it was a living breathing animal and it winds up in front of me as food, I...
  64. ckster

    FS Diawa Lexa 400HS-P

    Your name and the reel sounded so familiar...then I remembered this. I liked this pic on I.g. a long time ago lol
  65. ckster

    Reel Case suggestions?

    I've got this same one but mines branded OpenWater. I believe the Nomad one is the same design. I like it just fine. Funny thing is I've got all my shimanos in there and I'm looking for a Shimano bag now, opposite as you. I took out the middle circular pad to fit a tiagra in between the other...
  66. ckster

    Aerial Drone Video and Photo services for your boat sale...sell your boat faster!

    I would like to purchase the boat in that video! ...ok I guess it worked on me
  67. ckster

    Best store bought cookie?

    Famous Amos is my favorite mass produced cookie
  68. ckster


    I use thr Mission brand light blue one from Lowes for $20 or so. The one D.Wade endorsed. So far so good.
  69. ckster

    Towing / Boat Weight

    Ok thanks for the replies guys!
  70. ckster

    Seasons SportFishing?

    If you dont go, just go ahead and delete your bd account and sell your rods!! ;)
  71. ckster

    Towing / Boat Weight

  72. ckster

    Towing / Boat Weight

    Hey guys, Trying to decide one of 2 things here. 1) Buy a new truck and then a boat later 2) Buy a new to me smaller center console boat now and tow with what I've got and buy a new truck later. What I've got: 2005 Honda Pilot v6, 4wd, 255hp, rated for 3500# (regular trailers) and 4500# boat...
  73. ckster

    How do you cook your fish?

    Looks great! Those would make it the tables at my restaurant for sure!
  74. ckster

    Killer whales off Domes today

    Wow that must have been so rad!
  75. ckster

    That is all...

    86 in Solana Beach today... ;)
  76. ckster

    Need hwlp on how to clean bonito for smoking

    Just exactly like tuna
  77. ckster

    Curado 300DSV Question

    $25 to get it worked on at Shimano hq in Irvine. Just got my 300ej back and it is smoooooooth.
  78. ckster

    Lexa 400 hsp with clamp

    No worries. Now I have an extra $190 to spend on other fishing goodies :D
  79. ckster

    $400 for someone's talica 8,10,12ii

    I stand corrected. Retail is 499 vs what I thought would be 479 (stores out here) and didn't see that it says rods and reels not included in free shipping deal.
  80. ckster

    $400 for someone's talica 8,10,12ii

    Yup no tax free shipping gets you right at $400
  81. ckster

    Lexa 400 hsp with clamp

    coulda told you that when I saw who was replying to this thread... :deadhorse Anyways ill call you in the morning but apparently my boss likes telling me at midnight the day-of that I have labor day off after he asked me to come in and I cancelled my 6 pack as a result, and now cant get back on...
  82. ckster

    Lexa 400 hsp with clamp

    Its one of those things I want but dont need. Just lookin ahead to calico fishing in the off season and a 3rd backup to surface iron reel (lol). If it sells that helps me not spend $200 on something I dont need. If you still have it by Wed I'll take it off your hands. Thanks for offering to hold it.
  83. ckster

    Lexa 400 hsp with clamp

    Great deal! I just sold my lexa because I replaced it with a tranx but if nobody takes this by the time I'm up in OC on Wednesday I will take it, Rob.
  84. ckster

    San Diego report

    Awesome! Glad you and your family had a good time. 2 yellows on a half day trip! Impressive!
  85. ckster

    WTB Talica 12II

    Refresh the classifieds. Someone's got 2 in your price range in SD. Haven't seen any tac12 ii go for less than 400 yet so might be worth the drive (?)
  86. ckster

    For sale: home or office rod rack-holds 24 rods

    That was quick. I was gonna make up a reason to drive to OC for this...
  87. ckster

    YFT behavior

    All my bigger grade this year have come on the long soak.
  88. ckster

    Puppy contest help

  89. ckster

    disposal of leftover fish

    There's an apartment complex down the road.... Err... I mean. I triple hefty bag them and throw them away at proper disposal sites.... :rolleyes:
  90. ckster

    What is the best drag setting percentage?

    I tend to go closer to 25 with braid also. But with 20# offshore I'll do closer to 33% because I set at 7#. 8.5#for 30 and about 11# for 40. Awhile back I hooked into some nice 50# yft on my 20# rig and had to button down the drag quite a bit. After I landed the fish I checked the drags and I...
  91. ckster

    trinidad 12a

    Trade for 16na? Not in best cosmetic condition but hasnt seen water since being serviced by shimano and more importantly it has a clamp lol
  92. ckster

    WTT Phenix Hybrid 700xh

    Interested in selling? Pm sent
  93. ckster

    Squidco Front Page!

  94. ckster

    Seeker A-660H 6'C - Penn 4/0 combo

    $75. Our else I'll just keep it as a backup troll rod.
  95. ckster


    Woulda looked better in Dodger blue ;)
  96. ckster

    Fs: Shimano tranx tiburon clamp

    Ah gotcha.. yeah that's why I didn't get a 12a back when they were on sale at West Marine. For what it's worth I have this exact clamp for my tranx on a psw809h and it is badass! Solid indestructible metal frame and thick galvanized screws.
  97. ckster

    Fs: Shimano tranx tiburon clamp

    they do. ...
  98. ckster

    What combo do you pick up first...

    I start 30 and if no takers go 20. If I see the fish are small and coming in one by 1 I'll go down to 20. If they're bigger grade and need 40 I'll go up. If it's a wfo bite I might go up to 40 or even 60 (if bouncing is an option). Or if 30 is the right call I'll stay 30 obviously.
  99. ckster

    Shogun Skiff Trip

    They show reruns of this trip on FSW "Stoked on Fishing" definitely my favorite episodes. Like most. ..if I could I would!
  100. ckster

    Which one of you asshats has a red miata?

    makes me wanna tip the galley alot better!
  101. ckster

    Gonna be in San Diego next week...

    Dana landing is a cool tackle shop. Really nice ppl, great sammiches. Squidco is a local fav for tackle but its a small shop so if youre just window shopping its not much to see. But joey is the owner and is great. Fishermans landing tackle is in the heart of the "docks". Foodwise, phils bbq...
  102. ckster

    Which one of you asshats has a red miata?

    Fisherman's landing parking lot a few days ago! How to crush a man's joy in 2 seconds. LOL
  103. ckster


    Sold pending funds
  104. ckster

    Phenix Abyss PSX-809

    Not interested in another abyss. Thanks though. Looking for Psw-700xh though.
  105. ckster

    medical records

    At first I was like wrong forum...and then i was like :appl:
  106. ckster

    PHENIX rod for my TALICA II 8

    Maybe not on a 1/2 day but a year like this one, the 50 may come in handy. I have 50# on my 16ii and fish a flatfall or yoyo. Best case scenario you run into a school of something big and you tie on a 4/0 hook real quick.
  107. ckster

    FS: Misc. Reel Covers M-L-XL-30W

    SOLD thanks Jon!
  108. ckster

    Phenix Abyss PSX-809

    Basically new. Taken on 2 boat rides never had a fish hanging on it larger than a sardine. Purchased brand new from Squidco in March. No scratches or anything, hence my previous statement that it's basically new. With reel seat. 8ft. 20-50 You hopefully know what it looks like, no need to...
  109. ckster

    Mexican Navy Boats at the 302 Today?

    quite sure that will make it WORSE not better as far as Americans fishing in Mexico goes....
  110. ckster

    Phenix Rods

    Surprised these haven't all sold yet. Thanks for the rod Mike!
  111. ckster

    PHENIX rod for my TALICA II 8

    Got my tac10ii on a ss6480 and love it.
  112. ckster

    55 hour work week

    Im at about 65 avg july thru dec. 40-45 the rest of the year. But I enjoy what I do so it's not so bad.
  113. ckster

    El Dorado 3/4 day 8-21

    $44.....6 hours, dont have to wash down the boat or pay for gas.....but 75 anglers??? Yikes
  114. ckster

    El Dorado 3/4 day 8-21

    Yeah saw the counts for that day. I was wondering what happened... thanks for the info. At least you're looking at the bright side. Any day of fishing is better than a day in the office!
  115. ckster

    "check engine light"

    I take my car to Aiwa autoshop in City Heights. They have 200+ yelp reviews and a 5.0 avg rating. "Lee" in the office is as honest Joe as it gets. I can't tell you how many times I've requested service and he says I dont need it yet, wait another 15k.
  116. ckster

    Bananas, Bozos, and Broken Vows

    Freakin hilarious! Great report!
  117. ckster

    Seeker A-660H 6'C - Penn 4/0 combo

    Still available BUMP
  118. ckster

    Psw 809xhj 909xh or 909xhj for TranxHG?

    Nevermind called Joey at squidco he said go with the 909xhj. Carry on!
  119. ckster

    Psw 809xhj 909xh or 909xhj for TranxHG?

    Looking to purchase one of these for throwing surface irons and poppers. Any weigh-ins on what I should get? Is the 909xhj at 30-80 overkill for the Tranx? I have 65# spectra to 100y 40# mono on the reel.
  120. ckster

    50 or 65 power pro

    I've got 50# on mine. I tie RP knots for my connection.
  121. ckster

    WTB Talica 12
  122. ckster

    WTB Talica 12

    Dunno if youre in SD and doubt its still avaikable but someone put one on SD craigslist for $330 yesterday.
  123. ckster

    Best SwimBait Rod & Reel combo for the Bay

    Citica 200g7 on a gloomix imx does the trick for me. Actually I don't even fish the bay anymore you wanna buy it? Lol
  124. ckster

    Great Poke Recipe

    Combination of the above 2 posts is the poke bowl at yoshinos in carlsbad. Now you know.... :)
  125. ckster

    trinidad 40N

    there's a general feeling around here, that has pretty much all but gone away now, that this is a community of fisherman who share info tips, good times, and pass along deals...rather than a swap meet of strangers trying to gouge eachother. Back in the day it wasnt uncommon to just pass things...
  126. ckster

    trinidad 40N

    not saying he's a jackass. But someone who may have or would try to get $675 for one would be a jackass.
  127. ckster

    Right Boat, Wrong Captain

    Absolutely no useful information in this thread.
  128. ckster

    Weighing your fish...

    my thoughts exactly! Nice fish!
  129. ckster

    Recommendations for a 40lb jigging reel?

    Talica 12ii seems to be pretty popular I have a Talica 16ii that I use for 50#/yoyo and a Trini 20a and TranxHG for surface irons and poppers with 40#. 500+ w/tax if retail but you can find them for around 400 in the classifieds here.
  130. ckster

    WTB Rod Phenix PSW-809XHJ or PSW-809H

    You and me both! If I cant find one by next week I'm gonna give Joey a call at squidco and just buy new. Also... it took you 3 years to make this your first post?? What took you so long? ;)
  131. ckster

    Shimano Flat fall Jigs for Sale - SOLD

    You seem like an alright guy from your previous posts. But don't be that guy Dan...
  132. ckster

    Fred Hall LB vs. DM

    I go to both because I have problems. But LB is bigger and better for above mentioned reasons. What it boils down to basically is that all the sd guys go to LB. But hardly any of the LA guys come down to DM.
  133. ckster

    trinidad 40N

    You can be a real jackass and try to get 675 each for them in the classifieds :D
  134. ckster

    join the fish studs

    They followed me on instagram so I followed back. They seem to catch fish but with a sure heck of alot of antics and unnecessary theatrics. Maybe I'm turning into an oldtimer (31) but I just want a relatively quiet boatride, a group of nice fisherman and cold beer. Catching fish is an added...
  135. ckster

    WTB Float Tube with Gear

    If you ever come down to sd I have an odc420 light sitting in the garage collecting dust. Will let it go for 120.
  136. ckster

    A little good news...

    Nice! #1 next year!
  137. ckster's what's for dinner!!

    you WA guys are great! Lived up in Seattle area for 8 months. Everybody up there actually acted like human beings. Kudos to you guys! On a related note.... here's some of that giant bft we've been getting down here :p:
  138. ckster

    looking for the leather guy who makes holders

    Needle crook/Jed...I think you get it by now
  139. ckster


    :D (look closely at the map) I've already fooled a few friends with this and just shook my head.
  140. ckster

    It official... I've seen it all... pontoon boat tuna fishin

    I think i saw this guy trailered driving north on the 163 yesterday!
  141. ckster

    Boat recommendation to take my 9yo on

    Mission Belle out of Pt. Loma has a lady deck hand (forget her name) but she is the sweetest nicest lady who is the raddest deckhand and knows her fishing stuff. Was on a 3/4 earlier this year that she worked and we had a few kids on the boat and she gave them such great attention I made a...
  142. ckster

    trinidad 16Na

    I've got 310y 50# izor spectra on my 16na and fish 20# short fc leader. 450y 50# spectra on 16a fishing short 30# fc leader and 350y 65# spectra to 30/40# fc on my 20a.
  143. ckster

    What reel to buy..

    Here's my take on talicas 8,10, and 12... 8 is kinda small. Not too small for a 25-30# reel, but it's only a little bigger than say a metaloid 5ii or avet sx and you dont really need a 2 speed reel in that class anyway. 10 is an ok size but at 13# max strike drag (20 at full) that's kinda low...
  144. ckster


    The new teramar west coast b series feel pretty nice at a $200 brand new price tag. I picked up a 8ft for my tranx, havent fished it yet though.
  145. ckster

    ... 909h in that thread located in Chino. Dont know the seller just pointing it out. Also realize its not a 908 but I have an 808 and 809 and didnt like the 808 bevause it felt too light.
  146. ckster

    FS: Shimano Talica 12ii

    Offering $300 ($100 below very fair asking price) for a near new, VERY in demand $479 reel makes him whatever the OP wants to call him. I mean if you can't afford it don't even look.
  147. ckster


    Surprised nobody has picked these up yet with all these big blues around....
  148. ckster

    FS: Shimano Talica 12ii

    Firm means I can lowball the shit out of you right?:deadhorse
  149. ckster

    Sea sick patch and dramamine

    I take dramamine the night before or 6-8 hrs before I step on the boat. Then a 2nd dramamine the minute I step on the boat. Works great no matter how choppy it is but makes me drowsy. I keep these in my tackle bag they help alot. The few times I didn't take anything and felt green the...
  150. ckster

    Looking for better way to store irons

    that's a great idea!
  151. ckster

    Daiwa saltist 30t silver

    30t mechanically 9.5/10 super smooth. Outside not so much (see pics). 65# white izor spectra to 100y 40# izor mono. Spooled late 2013, only fished line about 5 times. (Reel has been fished much more than 5x). Asking $110 SOLD
  152. ckster

    Seeker A-660H 6'C - Penn 4/0 combo

    Sold thanks Robert
  153. ckster

    Help me decide.... overnighter, 1.5 day, longer? Outta SD

    1.5 minimum. Why pay $250 to fish til 2pm and go home? Tribute if new lo an is booked.
  154. ckster

    FS Avet SX and Lexa400 power handle

    I do but I have enough interest here in SD that I'll probably sell it before I make it up there in a few weeks
  155. ckster

    FS Avet SX and Lexa400 power handle

    Few items for sale: 1. Lexa 400 HSP Like new condition. Always kept in reel cover when not being fished. Brand new 50# white izor spectra to the top. $200 or trade for psw-809xhj SOLD 2. Avet sx (non MC single speed) Very light signs of usage. Gold with chrome trim (blem) but looks real nice...
  156. ckster

    Looking for better way to store irons

    I put those owner hook covers on too and put them in a rollup sleeve that I bought from Dana Landing. Rolls up and slides into the side pocket of my Openwater backpack. The covers are like $3.50 for 10 or something. I dont take more then 10 jigs on a trip. Maybe 15 max if im on a 3day. All of...
  157. ckster

    Phenix rods and Shimano Trinidad reels

    Thanks for the gear, bud!
  158. ckster

    Pay it Forward/If it Fits it Ships Thread

    Nevermind, carry on!
  159. ckster

    Booking a fishing trip.

    There is one. I dont use it because I just check the individual landings but I know there is one that alot of people use.... someone will post it soon iI'I'm sure.
  160. ckster

    Avet Raptor, Seeker Rod, Calstar Rod, Penn Rod, SX, LX, 2 speed, MXL

    Willing to trade? I have like 12 hats that say finbomb on them. Gotta be worth a few bucks right? ;)
  161. ckster

    Phenix rods and Shimano Trinidad reels

    Pm sent im in encinitas too. I'll take the 14a and psw 809 and maybe more.
  162. ckster

    wtb single speed talica

    Not mine but I've seen this one on here for awhile now. .. Also you may want to tell ppl where you live if you want local only ;)
  163. ckster

    Yellowtail now in Canada!

    Crazy! You pnw guys are getting salmon, albacore and yellowtail at the same time?? Not fair!
  164. ckster

    help! First time on 3/4 day

    Everyone is saying New Seaforth. But that's usually the half day boat that they put 60-75 people on but I'm guessing maybe they're running it as a 3/4 that day? Usually the 3/4 out of seaforth is the San Diego which usually books out at 58 anglers. The SD finds fish for sure but it's crowded...
  165. ckster

    Phenix Rods, which setups for this our Great Season?

    I have a few abyss rods and they do have rather slow action but great back bone just like willie said. Hooked into a 50# yft on the 808mh and the rod was so bendo the line was almost touching the rod between guides. I think the abyss is better suited for bass but capable of handling offshore...
  166. ckster

    So Cal tuna Help

    I use mostly size 2 and 1/0 owner ringed flyliner hooks for my 20 and 30 pound rigs and 3/0 ringed gorilla for 40# as far as hooks go. 20# reel has about 250y of line, and 30# has 350y of line. I use 30# 90% of the trip. 40# for anything with a jig on it. Tribute and new lo-an are the...
  167. ckster

    Turners Californian rods...opinions

    The newest models are the abyss black. According to the manager at the el cajon store.
  168. ckster

    Smoking Section on Sport Boats

    The title of this thread has 26 letters. So does the word "gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy". Coincidence?
  169. ckster

    Tribute or OuterLimits?

    Tribute but I urge you to consider a 1.5 day trip. That sundowner bite can make our break the entire trip. If you look at reports, overnights have been getting 10-15 fish per 30 anglers while 1.5s have been getting 80 to 100+
  170. ckster

    japanese models

    Wait I thought this was the BotD section...damnit carry on.
  171. ckster

    Dykes Skim/skip thru that to the last page. All the info you need in there. Needle crook makes those killer sheaths.
  172. ckster

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    Email sent to needlecrook! This thread keeps goin!
  173. ckster

    YFT from the Jetty!!

    Anyone know if this has ever happened in the last 20-50 years?
  174. ckster

    Capt. Markus

    markus is definitely cut from a different cloth. I mean what other sportboat captain has a bachelors degree in marine biology?
  175. ckster

    Line capacity for tuna?

    Drag settings 1/3 like amadeus said (I tend to go closer to 1/4 because I have braid to short leader) are very important, as are double and triple checked knots. Sd jam knot pulled tight til the knot resets, rp knot for braid to leader. 300y should be fine. Ive landed a few nice pigs on as...
  176. ckster

    Oside 7/23

    Wow very nice!
  177. ckster

    fs talica 12 2 speed, Trinidad 20a, Trinidad 16a, Trinidad 14a

    Called and left a msg about the 12ii and 14a together for your asking price of 750. Call me back if you don't wanna get low balled by 2 different guys.
  178. ckster

    Great deal on Trinidad 10A/12A

    fyi the one on rosecrans wont honor the 15 off coupon code. Manager said cant double up on discounts which is understandable. Still banging my head over not buying a 12a from Glenns in Costa Mesa at 50% off when they had their going out of business sale. :imdumb:
  179. ckster

    Nice half day trip......

    Nice report sean! Bummed I didn't go!
  180. ckster

    Phenix & Calstar rods for sale

    Pm sent about phenix rod
  181. ckster

    WTB yellowtail jig casting reel

    I have a daiwa saltist 30t and love it. (I can sell it but im in sd and youre in la) but its a cheaper alternative to a trinidad.
  182. ckster

    WTB Reel Bag

    If you're looking for individual bags/cases then Crown royal bags are perfect especially because they come with a free 5th of whiskey with each reel bag purchase! But if you're looking for a case to hold multiple reels for a LR trip then nevermind...
  183. ckster

    Shark Protection Cages for Beach Bathers

    They should make them in seal and tunafish shapes/colors.
  184. ckster

    San O Dodo

    Nice dodo! Looks like a great time was had! Perhaps of nuclear proportions!
  185. ckster

    Midweek six pack

    I read a report on here a few days ago about a charter heading to catalina but never made it because they came across a wfo boil so I'd take some tuna gear if I were in your shoes, yea.
  186. ckster

    Tribute looking for tile guy and painter

    I thought we had a business hookup section somewhere. Admin please relocate to appropriate section. Just saw on FB that the tribute is looking for tile guy amd painter. Just passing along info in case someone is looking for extra work in this economy.
  187. ckster


    Apparently caught by a fisherwoman too
  188. ckster

    sea bass yellow tail

  189. ckster


    First time I watched this, no sound regular screen. I was like wowwww. 2nd to 20th time I watched this, with headphones on full screen. Holy shittttttt that is nuts!!!
  190. ckster

    Sea Trek out of Helgren's????

    Lotta ppl here on bdo call it the sea wreck but the previous captain is no longer on the boat so things might be different now. :confused: But if you end up going, please update us on the :_diarrhea_: situation. :D
  191. ckster

    Looking for Avet reel and shimano rod

    did you read the part where.... well nevermind
  192. ckster

    Looking for Avet reel and shimano rod

    What color was your avet in case I see some low life fishing an avet mxl teramar combo
  193. ckster

    Another nice SQ WSB

    I like them nice big basses :indabutt:
  194. ckster

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Great news! Looks like you're havin one hell of a roller coaster 2015 so far! Hang in there bud we got your back
  195. ckster

    Finance's first yellowtail 7-19

    Looks like you got a keeper there! Oh and look a fish
  196. ckster


    2 of each color please :rolleyes:
  197. ckster

    shot in the dark. ride from pacific beach to ramona

    So uh just so I know what truck not to buy.... watcha drivin'? :eek:
  198. ckster


    Wow!!! That was sick!
  199. ckster

    Few Fishing and SD Related Pics

    Never noticed we had a photography section til now. Thought I'd share some pics I've snapped recently. Mostly Fuji x100 or Sony a99. The avocado ones won me a nice Tady care package :)
  200. ckster


    Fisherman's hardware in HB...?
  201. ckster


    I know the 6480h is "accounted" for but im hoping the deal fell thru and you still have it because I want it. :) Fwiw I have the 6480 and its my favorite rod. I need her bigger slightly heavier sister...pig:pig:
  202. ckster

    Anyone have a few good poke recipes???

    this is pretty similar to a poke recipe I got from a salty old kona born chef I worked for back in the day.
  203. ckster

    What's your go to knot?

    On the sd jam knot when I pull super tight with the megabait, there IS a slip where the knot moves a bit. Then I clip the tag end and it doesnt slip again after that. Probably why your knots are slipping.
  204. ckster

    Avet sx or new Shimano torium 16?

    You guys are all wrong. Get both ! :) I would say sx though as I have had enough bad experiences with the old toriums that I have no intentions of buying the new model. Sx: - Less maintenance the whole thing is milled aluminum so all you really have to do is hose it down with fresh water...
  205. ckster


    Crazy. On live tv.... and the commentator didnt seem to understand what was happening or somethin.
  206. ckster

    What's your go to knot?

    Sd jam knot. For flyline hooks I hang it on a megabait, hook to hook and do the twirl 7-8 times then use the megabait as a handle to pull it super tight. I caught a 45#, 50# and 30# yft on 3 consecutive casts on 20# short fluoro leader, same hook same knot. The deckhand commented on that being...
  207. ckster

    Open Spot on The Fortune 1.5 Day Leaving Tmw (Sunday Evening)

    Oh man wish I could take time off work! Bump to get someone's attention!
  208. ckster

    Taliban 8 10 Trinadad 16 a

    Ambidextrous trigger button... er... handle.
  209. ckster

    Recommendations 3/4 or day trip

    tribute would be my 2nd choice. Free parking too. $16 saved.
  210. ckster


    Correction, stella :)
  211. ckster

    Recommendations 3/4 or day trip

    New lo-an runs overnights on monday nights I believe. I prefer my trips to end in a ".5" but for overnight, new lo-an hands down.
  212. ckster


    I remember watching a video once and according to Shimano you're supposed to hold your terez rod at 45 degrees and wind your tranx? :D
  213. ckster

    Taliban 8 10 Trinadad 16 a

    How are the drags and anti-reverse on the talibans? I hear they have a tendency to blow up.
  214. ckster

    Need help deciding witch boat to board... Tribute vs Voyager Overnight Trips

    Tribute, and I would guess 9/10 of the next responses will say the same.
  215. ckster

    Gutting tuna

    What he said. Also the best tuna sashimi is tuna that's been dead and refrigerated for 3 days. Kinda like dry aging steak. Sounds gross but at 3 days is when the meat has just begun to decompose but is still fresh and according to most Japanese sushi chefs is the best time to eat it.
  216. ckster

    Talica16 question?

    That's a horrible deal.... ripoff!! ... what's your friend's ph #? :D
  217. ckster

    HB surfer bumped by GWS

    Yikes. I would've insta-chummed the water right away.
  218. ckster

    SKB 7200 box $160

    Too bad im in SD. PM sent though... :D
  219. ckster

    Free Chest Freezer...with a catch/stink I will pay you $30 to take it.

    I was thinking about buying a second hand chest freezer...but methinks I'll keep looking.
  220. ckster

    SOLD: Corey Perry Signed Hockey Stick

    Pm sent. It'll go nicely with my j.s. giguere signed jersey :)
  221. ckster

    130 Pound Blue Fin 9-mile Bank New Lo-Ann

    Heard about this. Very nice! NLA is the best!
  222. ckster

    Fish cleaning station

    Folding table, a 40" cutting board and a hose.
  223. ckster

    WTB Phenix rod

    I have one with reel seat. Purchased new from Squidco in March, caught a few firecracker yellows on it. Basically new. $170?
  224. ckster

    Saltists BG20 BG40 30T

    Updated prices
  225. ckster


    Sorry for your loss. I always have and will continue to enjoy your posts here brother.
  226. ckster

    Mexican license Near Mira Mesa

    this pug? My lunch date?
  227. ckster

    Mexican license Near Mira Mesa

    Funny you should say that. Last year I looked for the closest place from tierrasanta in a bind and dana was the closest choice.
  228. ckster

    which boat?

    I've neither experienced nor heard anything bad about the Tribute. That is however my 2nd favorite boat in the fleet for 1-2.5 day trips as the New Lo-An is my absolute favorite.
  229. ckster

    What else do I need?

    Would have to say stay with what you've got and put that few hundred $ towards a 1.5-3 day trip.
  230. ckster

    Fishing newbie, rod/reel suggestions

    Can't go wrong with an avet. They're like the glocks of fishing reels. Zero maintenance. Sx can handle em big or small. I landed a pair of 50# yft on my sx with braided line and short leader a few weeks ago but maybe mxl for the extra line capacity would be better. Paired with a good 15-40#...
  231. ckster

    Saltists BG20 BG40 30T

    BG20 in solid shape cosmwtically and mechanically. 50# white spectra 90% full spooled last year SOLD BG40 in 8/10 cosm 9/10 mech ready to fish with 65# spectra to 80y of 40# pline mono spooled this year. SOLD 30T outside beat to shit but mechanically a 9.5/10. This thing is smooooth, really...
  232. ckster

    Pizza and pussy joke

    Pizza Hut... better crust
  233. ckster


    It's H&M..what did you expect?
  234. ckster

    New LoAn Wednesday 43 fathom spot - good fishing, great cook

    Yup sounds about right! I don't go on any other boat for overnight or 1.5 day. Did you get any of the jalapeno cheddar bread that Steve makes?
  235. ckster

    Pizza and pussy joke

    True story. So I'm sitting at a job interview a few months back and the manager says "I want to see how you think on your feet, tell me a joke." And the only freakin joke I can think of is the pizza and pussy joke from this forum. Well, I'm enjoying my new job... Edit: Joke (I think posted...
  236. ckster

    WTB: Rod for Shimano Curado 201 E7

    I've got a dobyns 7'3" 10-17# rated rod with micro guides. Exact model as the link below. 9.5/10 condition. $100. Pm me if interested.
  237. ckster

    Looking for a californian calico special rod

    I've got one. But you can't have it. Lol.
  238. ckster

    Curado 300 and terramar combo 200$

    This is a steal. Already have way too many 300 size reels. Bump for a great deal.
  239. ckster

    Midgets in Vegas

    Good one!
  240. ckster

    This is a good day

    1-15 ... still got the chargers one more time. :(
  241. ckster

    Church anyone??? splitfin

    How else do I check scores on Sunday?
  242. ckster

    Church anyone??? splitfin

    Lol. Thanks I fucking opened this at church. (Seriously)
  243. ckster

    Chargers vs Chefs...

  244. ckster

    Shimano Torium 30 w/ brand new spectra

    Bump price dropped to 120
  245. ckster

    Chargers vs Raiders...

    Looks like firing Dennis Allen is working out for you guys already and Derek Carr looked promising. McCoy probably whispered something like "Hey come down to SD we're gonna need a good qb in a few years" in his ear after the game.
  246. ckster

    Melton Tackle

    Here's a solution for the whole Charkbait Meltons debacle = Longfin. :D
  247. ckster

    Where's the .22LR??? Here's one answer....

    Dicks in point loma has a bunch of bulk .22lr for $2.50/40 as of today.
  248. ckster

    Mossback Yellowtail and Rockfishing Tips...

    That's a nice grade of rockfish! What's important is the drag. I was on a half day the other day and most people lost 2-3 fish each. Some landed zip but hooked up on 3 too. The captain was real pissed. I was one of the only ones to land all my fish, and because I set my drags to exact...
  249. ckster

    Lobster Hunting Fail!

    Lol awesome video!
  250. ckster

    Tool sheath for sale

    Was hoping you decided to dump your new one already when I saw this thread. :Pogo_Stic got me all excited there.
  251. ckster

    Flat fall jigs at west marine on rosecrsns

    Everyone's got em. Turners even has them for 14.99.
  252. ckster

    Chubasco II 3/4 day 9/03/2014

    I don't think so. I was the one who was ktfo up top while we were waiting for bait. Def not a morning person haha. That was a great trip though. Went home with 11 mixed fish and sent a pic of my cooler to my buddy who bailed on me that day. :)
  253. ckster

    Chubasco II 3/4 day 9/03/2014

    Holy shit I just realized I was on that trip. Lol. No wonder you looked familiar in the pic.
  254. ckster

    Chubasco II 3/4 day 9/03/2014

    Yea I can see that. A yellowtail with the kelpline in sight might pull with everything it has knowing it just has to go 50 yards to the kelp line. And now that I think about it yft do tend to take off multiple times expecially once they get within gaffing range. You may be right.
  255. ckster

    Chubasco II 3/4 day 9/03/2014

    I beg to differ. I always feel like a yt fights 1.5x harder than tuna. Pulled in plenty of 30# yft on my curado. Been nearly spooled a few times on homeguard yt on the same rig same drag settings.
  256. ckster

    For Sale 1/2 day passes Fisherman's landing

  257. ckster

    New plier sheath

    Very nice! And here I thought I was all set in the pliers department... it never ends does it?
  258. ckster

    Proper Way to Clean/Rinse Reels

    Yea Johnny contacted me and got me up to date. Inox is in the trash bin.
  259. ckster

    Proper Way to Clean/Rinse Reels

    What he said.
  260. ckster

    Marlin on the 302, Got em! 9/28/14

    Sweet! So should we be expecting to see some marlin decals soon? ;)
  261. ckster

    Proper Way to Clean/Rinse Reels

    Inox lube sprayed liberally on the reel brings the salt out. Then freshwater rinse with the drags tightened and then loosened after I wipe down with a dry rag. Inox again after if I'm not fishing for more than a week.
  262. ckster

    Shimano Torium 30 w/ brand new spectra

    Gameday bump. Go bolts!
  263. ckster


    That's a nice looking bt530! Too bad I have no need for 9 footers. ...and you mean woven? :)
  264. ckster

    Shimano Torium 30 w/ brand new spectra

    Shimano Torium 30 with 375y of 65# white izor spectra to 100y of smoke izor mono spooled on by Turners "$5" bimini to albright connection included ;) haha Line hasn't been fished, reel has. Little bit of boat rash but not too bad. Mechanically fine. Rod clamp included. Local deal in SD only...
  265. ckster

    Double wahoo strike at the 9 lands BOTH!

    That's wicked!
  266. ckster

    line for San Diego 1 day trip.

    I've been using 6-10ft leaders all season on cattle boats with nobody giving me grief. Just stay in front of your line.
  267. ckster

    Novice with spectra

    Your new best friend.
  268. ckster

    Pizza and Pussy...

    Geez guys if we keep leaving this thread on the front page Pastor Mike is gonna come yell at us! Shhh
  269. ckster

    Stripey on a 3/4 sportboat?

    Anyone else see that the SD out of seaforth caught and released a striped marlin? Anyone on it that boat snap a pic?
  270. ckster

    Shimano 300ej what can this reel do

    I've caught 25# yellowtail, 32# yellowfin tuna, 15# dorado. In addition to bass and halibut. I have 50# spectra to short 20# fluoro leader, usually set to 5.5# of drag on a G.Loomis 12-25# rod. Not even near the drag max so I'm sure it can handle even bigger, so you mean what can it not do?
  271. ckster

    He must have been in a real hurry

    He just really wanted his donuts! :D
  272. ckster

    My new pliers wrapped by Chad Gee on BD!

    Quick death for tuna once it's caught reduces the enzymes and not so tasty things getting into the meat while it flaps around on deck dying. Also less flapping around on deck means less blood everywhere. That's a sick spike! I'll have to get me one of those!
  273. ckster

    The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    I can do Sunday! Lemme put in my calendar to eat a bunch of extra Mexican food on Saturday...
  274. ckster

    Hammerheads and Tuna O My

    Wow. Sounds like a pretty epic weekend! In the words of Roger Murtaugh: "I'm too old for this shit!" No way I could go back to work/class like that! And you got balls jumping in with the shark. Respect!
  275. ckster

    Flat Fall Jigs

    Every tackle shop has them in stock now at regular price ($13-15 a piece). Get this shit out of here you fucken newbie trying to rip us off, you're a few weeks too late anyway.
  276. ckster

    "San Diego" - Seaforth - 3/4 day spots open

    Damnit you just had to quote me before I corrected my own grammar! o_O
  277. ckster

    "San Diego" - Seaforth - 3/4 day spots open

    So... fishing with 48? Still better than Sea Wrek I suppose ;) Btw im pretty sure you can transfer your deposit to another trip.
  278. ckster


    My favorite reel for that class. 50# spectra to 30#fc leader. I've handled up to 35# yellows with no problem. Light weight so you can fish it all day and not tire out your arm from just holding the rod but plenty of power.
  279. ckster

    Talk about crowded...

    420 anglers! :D
  280. ckster

    Flat fall jigs

    Picked some up from Dana Landing. $14.99-15.99 now?
  281. ckster

    Thank You San Diego!

    Angels and Dodgers WS??
  282. ckster

    Saluki. I'll buy you a nice asian boy. Come on back brother.

    From the looks of it I thinks he's going to take one anyway. :D
  283. ckster

    Official, "I wasn't there but I know what went down thread".
  284. ckster

    Sea Trek 3/4

    No no dont do that. Pastor Mike might show up and start preaching...
  285. ckster

    Saluki. I'll buy you a nice asian boy. Come on back brother.

    Wow bajabills took this thread to a whole new level there. Dude chill out this is a fishing forum, not Sunday school what did you really expect? If you're really that repulsed by something just hit the ignore button.
  286. ckster


    Yea I would have filed a police report right away to get that on record.
  287. ckster

    Need 3/4 boat recommendation for next week

    Wow yea I cant read apparently! :o
  288. ckster


  289. ckster

    Need 3/4 boat recommendation for next week

    Just make sure you're not ethnic and/or bring your own tp. Although with a name like whitebrian you should be ok. :D
  290. ckster

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    Interesting...they ran a 3/4 today for 13 yft and the san diego got 150 yft on the same day...
  291. ckster

    Need 3/4 boat recommendation for next week

    I knew the #s on the site were off. Its listed as 60x18 on their site but yea I can believe 48x14. Its a small boat. For what its worth the 3/4 bite shut off the past few days. Overnights and 1.5 are fishing SCI for CA limits if the extra $100-150 per person isnt an issue.
  292. ckster

    shimano flat falls

    Were they $24.95 due to "shipping expenses" ?? :gay:
  293. ckster

    Spectra...What is it?

    In addition to what others mentiined, the small diameter, the strength, no stretch, Spectra is great because it cuts through stuff like a saw. Particularly kelp. Here's a great example: the other day I had some time so I jumped on a half day pm boat and we ended up fishing the kelp beds for...
  294. ckster

    Need 3/4 boat recommendation for next week

    Right now the mission bay boats are doing better than the big 3 for some reason (probably because theyre fishing US waters straight west to northwest). That said, the San Diego out of Seaforth has been on the fish. Counts from 170 to 325 yft this past week. Downside is they fish 51 anglers on...
  295. ckster

    shimano flat fall at fishermans hardware

    I was just there a few days ago :(
  296. ckster

    Late report wife got first dodo

    Same here. ":eek: wife got her first whaaat???"
  297. ckster

    Holy shit, raining like hell here in SAntee

    Its coming down all right here in Tierrasanta.
  298. ckster

    Shimano Borona Tackle Bag

    This is a steal. had 3 guys lined up for mine that I just sold for 85.
  299. ckster

    (2) Chargers tix for sale SUNDAY 9/14 vs Seahawks

    Was tempted but I ended up watching the game in AC. :cool:
  300. ckster

    what rod are u guys using for flat fall?

    Those flat falls are garbage! Just mail them to me and I'll get rid of them for you! :D
  301. ckster

    Which one of you Clairemont guys is selling fish?

    LOL. Made my morning.
  302. ckster

    stolen gear!!!!

    Too many of these threads on bdo... :mad: House is being tented right now. Wonder what all will be missing when I get back. It's not unheard of for tweakers to go in under the tent to grab their hearts desire of goodies while homeowner is away for a week. :(
  303. ckster

    Spouting off!!! Shimano Flat Fall Jig sellers on Ebay Rip off!

    Guy tries to sell overpriced flatfall on bdo, we yell at him, "don't sell that here, sell it on ebay asshole!" Guy sells overpriced flatfall on ebay we say, "did y'all see that asshole on ebay selling overpriced flatfalls?" :Pillow_Fi :D
  304. ckster

    WTB Shimano Bahltair Reel Bag

    Not mine, but I see it whenever I search for shimano on craigslist.
  305. ckster

    Shimano Butterfly Whirligig

    Anyone use one before? They look like a hybrid between the flatfall and the butterfly flat sides. Just picked up a few at the Longfin in Orange, never seen em before. I'll let you know if I catch anything in a few days but just wondering if anybody has used them before.
  306. ckster

    Shimano fishing boots the low cut ones

    Theyre comfortable but theyll fill up with water on rough days real quick.
  307. ckster

    The Buffoonery on Ch 72 !

    I would've been rolling on the deck laughing at the Vietnamese impressions.
  308. ckster

    leftover monofilament

    Bingo! I pre-tie 6-8 ft long double drooper loops with swivels and stick them in little baggies to attach to the end of my braided line. You can feel every little nibble with the braid and the quick access to pre-tied dropper loop leaders is great in case you get stuck in the rocks or what not.
  309. ckster

    SOLD Daiwa Lexa 400 PWR-P

    Interested in an mxj?
  310. ckster

    WTB - TORIUM 14 Rod/Reel Clamp...

    fishermans landing tackle?
  311. ckster

    Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    You can betcher ass there are NO spanish mackerel for bait on that boat. No ethnic baits allowed!
  312. ckster

    Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Anyways... sounds like our good captain is in favor of some ethnic cleansing for his boat. LOL Sorry couldn't resist!
  313. ckster

    Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Nice one. For what it's worth I've heard 2 bad reports about the sea trek from friends plus this one here on BDO, and zero good reports. I fished the o side 95 a few weeks ago and had a good time. But after seeing this mess I won't be back at Helgrens. So maybe I'm an idiot. Maybe we're all...
  314. ckster

    Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Posts like this make me wonder if you're pretending to be the captain just to ruin the business. But then posts like this make me realize you really are the captain and you really are that bad at running a business. Newsflash dude, this site isnt just private boaters who will never step on...
  315. ckster

    Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    This is the best thread I've ever seen on BDO. :ele:
  316. ckster

    fighting on the radio Options out of LB?
  317. ckster

    Owner Hooks - which style is best?

    I'm selfish. I like Ultra Thins.
  318. ckster

    Oceanside 95 Tuna

    Good to know you're putting that teramar to good use!
  319. ckster

    absoltue YFT slaughter SW 425 9/5

    I believe it. I ran into a school at the 371 on Wed and they were hitting half dead dines as soon as they hit the water. Kept retying hooks after each hookup until I got to my braid and just fished straight braid for 3 more.
  320. ckster

    Which ties do u use to secure your rods?

    Izorline shoulder strap. Looks like this, doesn't come with the girl unfortunately.
  321. ckster

    fish handling 3/4 day boat no rsw

    All the boats have those big ice tubs. Unfortunately they only hold about 60 fish so if you end up getting into a hot bite and get over 100 then not all of your fish will be in ice water. I've found that they'll put the morning catch on there but the afternoon catch will stay out. The best you...
  322. ckster

    How big are the yellowfin w/in 30 miles?

    At the 302 on Wednesday, 7lbs to 25, mostly in the 17-20 range
  323. ckster


    That's awesome!
  324. ckster

    Grande or sea adventure II

    1 Vote for Grande. Been fishing that boat since I was a little kid. Also heard some rumblings about the Tafts (SA2 and TG80) as non-customer oriented captains ie assholes here on BDO and that's enough for me to not stray from the boats that my dad and I have always stuck with.
  325. ckster

    shimano toruim 16 drag questions

    I had sonething similar happen with my tor 14. Ended up just getting a service and drag upgrade with a price tag of $65. Pretty hefty but now the reel feels brand new and free spools like a calcutta so I'm pretty happy with it. Toriums tend to break down quick though. I think the next time I...
  326. ckster

    Keeping BLUEFIN in Mexico: Is it Legal? FD says no, it is not legal.

    The fin color changes to yellow... :deadhorse
  327. ckster

    Caption Contest! Winner gets $50 and free gear!

    "I heard you boys needed your rods serviced"
  328. ckster

    4-6 person charter - San Diego - Tuna - September

    If it's 4 then there is no better choice than with Duane at
  329. ckster

    Calico Skiff Trips

    There was an episode on Stoked on Fishing where they went out in skiffs at Cedros and double hooked up on 35# slug yellows then realized they forgot to bring a gaff. Lol. But yea those skiff trips look like a blast! And they sell out fast. Hopefully some of the other guys will start running em too
  330. ckster

    Tuna Fishing without RSW

    Most of the 3/4 boats ive been on at least have a "portable" green rsw bin but those hold about 50 of those 25# yft max. Some boats even have plumbing built in that keep the gunny sacks wet constantly. The pt loma and chubasco have both. And if im not mistaken the san diego is the only boat...
  331. ckster


    Double uni for me too especially because its braid to braid so you dont really need to worry about knot size. Its simple and effective. I dont trust my tony pena knots been broken off twice already so back to double uni for me.
  332. ckster

    where are the bluefin

    Sportboats wised up and stopped reporting bft when they realized the ban was never lifted
  333. ckster

    First overnight which boat?

    New Lo-An... but between those 2 the SA2
  334. ckster

    Torium 16 or Torium 20?

    I would suggest upgrading to carbon drags. The factory drags on the toriums are garbage. The drags on my 14 were even cracked when I took it in to get serviced.
  335. ckster

    Estimating Wave Height

    I want to say 3-4 with a one 5-6 mixed in. So since it's the Internet, we can all pretend it's 9.
  336. ckster

    YFT from the kayaks

    That's sick!! Yea I was thinking hammerheads too... eek
  337. ckster

    Limits YFT 8/19

    As the saying goes, "Pics or it didn't happen!" :D
  338. ckster

    F/S-jigs and ....

    Can you do 85 shipped to SD?
  339. ckster

    Windy and Epic! 8/17

    CPR tuna, only in 2014! Nice report!
  340. ckster

    Help me choose a reel

    Avet LX is a great choice.
  341. ckster

    Sealine X vs. Seagate

    Just get a saltist BG. I like them so much I have 3 of them. They're like another 20-30 bucks more than the seagates
  342. ckster

    Catalina 8.13 Son's first Yellowtail

    Great report! Your kid is gonna be hooked for life!
  343. ckster

    Great White chewing on an Opah at the South Nine

    Eager to see that video. Got a youtube account? Maybe upload it there and post the link?
  344. ckster

    Over night San Diego tackle advice

    Take a 50 or 60# with a 4/0 hook just in case. Some of the 1.5's are bringing in bft so maybe you'll get lucky in your o/n!
  345. ckster

    show off your cooking skills

    Hosted a dinner with some friends to get rid of some of my catch. Seared yellowtail, yellowtail with jalapeno and cilantro, miso glazed yellowtail, eggplant and roasted tomato with seared tuna and a bunch of misc sushi. Here are some of my recipes: Spicy tuna 1# of chopped tuna (meat scraped...
  346. ckster

    Catfish stuck in her ass.

    Slap that bass
  347. ckster

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Yell "WIND WIND WIND PULL UP THE ROD NOW WIND WIND WIND!!!!" at the top of your lungs at everyone who has a fish on next to you all day and then walk off the boat with 1 tuna as everyone else has limits. Happened 2 days ago. Guess who was yelling "WIND WIND WIND" in his ear when he was on his...
  348. ckster

    sizing braid to mono/fluoro

    Also take into account your reel size. But I have 50# going to short 20 and 30 flouro leaders in my avet sx and daiwa bg20. 65# going to 100y of 40# mono on my saltist 40 and 30 for irons. If you have bigger reels you can go 65 to 30 and 80 to 40 I suppose but I can get close to 250y of 50 on...
  349. ckster

    FS: Corvalus, Clarus, Okuma Halogen

    Those are some great deals. Too bad for me youre in LA.
  350. ckster

    which seaguar fluoro

    Pink is relabeled red at the price of blue. Like mr green jeans says blue is more abrasion resistant so I use that for calico fishing since its rubbing on kelp all day. I use premier for offshore because the knots hold better and when you have a big fish on knot strength is more important imo.
  351. ckster

    SD 3/4 day trip questions

    I also left the jig stick at home. We had one guy throwing iron at the bow and I heard the captain yelling "get a bait in there you're missing a hot bite throwing that thing"
  352. ckster

    SD 3/4 day trip questions

    Hopefully the deck hands will tell people to scoot and what not but if they don't then don't be shy and just tell them to move and follow their line. If they dont, then keep a pair of scissors in your pocket :D. But hey it could be worse! Theres a report on the first page about a guy who went...
  353. ckster

    182 and 43

    Was out there Wed. They were boiling and jumping like the stove was left on.
  354. ckster

    Dana Point or Mission Bay?

    If the guy can afford a boat I'm sure he can afford a $65 piece of paper. What problem?
  355. ckster

    Tuesday 3/4 day trip out of davey's locker

    What are you doing fishing up there fighting 80 people for 1 yellowtail when you live in SD?? I've had 3/4 day trips this year where I've caught 15 yellowtail 15# and up and the entire boat limited out before noon.
  356. ckster

    So Many YFT, Not Enough Fish Hold 8/13

    Awesome! Great report and nice catching
  357. ckster

    Dana Point or Mission Bay?

    Take the extra drive. I got limits on yft yesterday between the 302 and 182. My buddies went out today and did the same and were back by 1pm with limits also. If you're coming down here for the hot tuna bite why go half way?
  358. ckster

    Offshore 411

    Step 1: Drive down to San Diego. Chovies on a size 2 live bait hook and a 1/4oz sliding sinker and a little bit of know how on casting it out away from the biat without either killing the bait or ripping it off the hook and you'll be fine. Sometimes the tuna prefer chovies over sardines. My...
  359. ckster

    do tld 5 and 10 have value?

    Just sold off my tld15 for $60.
  360. ckster

    i got boat you got gas

    If you ever get out on Wednesdays I have 2 or 3 that will be down to cover $$.
  361. ckster

    Salmon/Tuna Combo 8/5

    My two favorite kinds of sushi in one trip?? Nice!
  362. ckster

    *Birthday fishing BD Tuna Jihad Style! 8/9/2014*

    Great report! Happy birthday indeed!
  363. ckster

    Mexican Navy

    I've only heard of them being by the pens or islands.
  364. ckster

    Baits situations?
  365. ckster

    WTB Reel Clamp for Sealine Slosh30

    Anybody got one laying around? Got one thanks junkyarded!
  366. ckster

    Inexpensive live bait reel

    Saltist bg20 or avet sx imo.
  367. ckster

    Cheap stand up and trolling rods

    Pm sent about saltist
  368. ckster

    Service and upgrade torium20

    Not a fan of toriums. They just feel cheap. That said, I get my Shimano reels done by fisherman's landing, as they are a Shimano authorized repair shop. Our if I'm in the Irvine area I just drop it off myself.
  369. ckster


    Opah gangnam style.
  370. ckster

    Chovie Setup

    Bass guys use spinners for their lightweight dropshot and finesse applications which is pretty much the opposite of what you want for offshore tuna fishing. As for the east coast guys using spinners, that's exactly what it is. An East coast West coast thing. Conventional reels were invented...
  371. ckster

    Daiwa Lexa 400H vs. Avet SX?

    Msrp on a lexa 400 is $100 higher than the sx of course he's gonna upsell you on the more expensive reel. Sx makes a nose when you real in but it's just the gears working and it doesn't bother me. It actually makes the reel feel more solid and tight. My lexa 300 at times feels loose like...
  372. ckster

    Rod for a curado 300ej?

    I've got mine on a 8' GLoomis GL2 12-25lb. Or sometimes I'll put it on an 8' Californian Calico Special 12-30lb depending on if I'm fishing live bait or throwing swimbaits (usually 5" hammers on 1/2 to 3/4 leadheads) for calico bass. I've got 50# spectra and almost always 20# flouro. As for...
  373. ckster

    Chovie Setup

    Last time a guy brought a spinner on an offshore tuna trip the captain said put it away or he'll turn it into some structure for rockcod to hide out in :D Get a size 1 or 2 ringed hook so it allows the chovie to swim freer and a 1/4 oz sliding sinker so you can toss it our a little further...
  374. ckster

    WSB Release Saturday 8-2

    How long til they're 28"?? :D
  375. ckster

    YF Limits for 12 on 1 stop!!!!

    Awesome. Now I can't wait for my trip in a few days!
  376. ckster

    7/28 Prowler Video of Kids Catching Tuna

    Nice! I was around 8 too when I reeled in my first tuna. Been hooked since.
  377. ckster

    Torium 20, Fathom 25H, Saltist Black/Gold 35H ??????

    I have both a torium 14 and a bg20 as my 20-30# reels. They sit on a teramar tmc9015-30 and/or a seeker bs 15 (20) 40. My torium feels plastic-y and in fact is getting serviced right now in the middle of the peak season because the strike knob broke. BG20 feels solid no loose parts. Feels like...
  378. ckster

    Sushi Knife Recommendations?

    Looks like you purchased one already, and the global is a good choice. I have a few global knives I use regularly at work. If anyone else is looking here are a couple links. The first one is a local SD shop. My main sushi knife is the masahiro that he sells for about $100. Same quality as the...
  379. ckster

    The best burger of my Life... made with dorado

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  380. ckster

    Grande Overnight YFT Madness

    Very nice! Bloody decks for sure!
  381. ckster

    Spineless Cousinstackle2

    Now I see why Shimano stopped their rod warranties...
  382. ckster

    Daiwa Sealines and Penns

    Still got the slosh? And can you ship to SD?
  383. ckster

    Looking for 1 or 2 for Wednesday 7/30/14

    I'm interested too. Looks like you've got a few takers this time but I'm always free on Wednesdays to go again (my day off). I have all my own gear and here's the kicker: I work as a chef and I can make sushi on the spot if thats your sort of thing! Pm sent with my #
  384. ckster

    CALICO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    It's entirely up to the individual of course, but it's common among the SWBA guys and other calico enthusiasts to release 18"+ calicos so they can spawn and keep the population healthy. Maybe that's why? But nothing wrong with keeping your limit of fish!
  385. ckster

    Yellowfin and Yellowtail, Line? Hook? Weight?

    If I had to take 2 for yt/yft fishing I'd take two 30# setups or maybe a 30# and a 20#. The reason you want the 20# is if the yellows are line shy and dont bite on the 30#, but so far this season I havent run into any line shy yellowtail, hence the 2nd 30. But you really also want a 40 or even...
  386. ckster

    Are the Bluefin mixed with the Yellowfin/Yellowtail?

    Most of the bluefin were 65lb and above up to 100lb. I dont think going from 20# to 25# will make much difference ;) Ive got 20, 30 x2, 40 and 50 when I go out to the paddies. Backed with 50, 65 and 80# spectra. The guys trying to catch the 80lb bft on 30# gear were getting spooled or snapped off.
  387. ckster

    9-months Later

    haha wasn't expecting that
  388. ckster

    Shimano torium 14

    PM sent if deal falls through!
  389. ckster

    LR boat stateroom photos

    Wasn't aware that only Klan members and internet fktards were allowed to fish LR boats
  390. ckster

    21 Baja BAY RUNNER with 90 HP MERC FOR SALE

    Sorry to hear about the kids... If it was a little smaller I'd be on my way over with cash! I really need to get a bigger truck!
  391. ckster

    10/5 to 10/13/2013 - spirit of adventure

    Great report! Loved all the food pics!
  392. ckster

    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    Super seekers too...
  393. ckster

    Big bear cabin

    How bout Lake Arrowhead? PM sent
  394. ckster

    Alright, we've had the first winter rain for SoCal

    Saw 4 accidents driving from Fisherman's Landing to Kearney Mesa at 5pm. Interesting part was it looked like there was a hit and run right at the 163/8 interchange and then about 500 yards later looks like the getaway car spun out, did a 180 and hit the center divider. Karma justice served!
  395. ckster

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Bring your own sack to a calico tagging trip.
  396. ckster

    What's your favorite Rod/Reel to fish live bait (Anchovies/Sardines)?

    Custom calstar 195 7'6" w/ avet sx 50#/20#
  397. ckster

    Jaguar Gets His Gator

    that's awesome! just like a house cat playing with a lizard i guess... LOL
  398. ckster

    WTB: Daiwa Lexa 300 HS w/ Power handle

    Yea I saw those and realized I can't get them delivered on time. Too bad...
  399. ckster

    WTB: Daiwa Lexa 300 HS w/ Power handle

    Need one before Tuesday. Who's got one? I see a bunch on craigslist but nobody's responding to my emails/texts. Maybe you're a BDer. PM me if you've got one. Willing to pay $150. I'm in SD.
  400. ckster

    Chilean Sea Bass

    Looks like edamame (soy beans) to me, not lima beans. Also fwiw, most restaurants substitute Alaskan black cod for Chilean seabass now. They taste almost the same.
  401. ckster

    What age did you start fishing?

    Probably since I could walk. But I remember summers when I was about 10-12 my dad would drop me off at the half day running out of Belmont Pier in the morning and I would ride a double half day hanging out with the captain (his good friend), then get picked up 12 hours later. First overnight...
  402. ckster

    3 kings kingfish

    wow that last one had my jaw to the floor! great stuff!
  403. ckster

    September Bass(VIDEO)

    Nice vid!!
  404. ckster


    if you're in the IE, why take a 1.5 day from OC to fish the same waters that 3/4 days are fishing in SD?
  405. ckster

    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    Man, bummed to hear about this! This was my favorite tackle shop in OC back when I was living up there. Glen and Bobby, good luck on your future endeavors!
  406. ckster

    Rods For Sale

    Nice meeting you today Bill. I will definitely put the rod to good use. Just saw your new Phenix rods in another thread. NICE! Also, if my better side doesn't talk me out of it, I may take 1 or more of your grafighters after your 10 day..they oughta make a reality tv show about us...
  407. ckster

    Free bass tagging charters posted at 6:30pm

    Cool! email sent!
  408. ckster

    A School of White Seabass, No Spear

    nice! looks like it's time for me to book a CISCO trip!
  409. ckster

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    Damn, I just signed up for 3/4 day on the Chubasco 2 tomorrow...
  410. ckster

    Swordfish on a 1/2 Day?!

    So that makes it a pocketknife-fish
  411. ckster

    Great White Attacks Seals off PV on 9/19/13 - Caught on Video

    ok, you owe me a beer and a keyboard for that one!
  412. ckster

    Please Pray

    Thoughts and prayers.
  413. ckster

    Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    Wow, that sucks. Courtesy and service are big ones for me so I'll be staying away. Although I remember being on that boat as a kid and I didn't cry, so it must not have been that bad back then (15 years ago).
  414. ckster

    Great White Attacks Seals off PV on 9/19/13 - Caught on Video

    Someone needs to report that shark to PETA. ... Nice vid!
  415. ckster

    Swordfish on a 1/2 Day?!

    Would have been more interesting if there were 60+ on the boat. But wow, how often does that happen?
  416. ckster

    Local Kayak Fishing!

    I don't think he has enough keywords in his post.
  417. ckster

    Come on GIANTS! Bring me a win today!

    outlook not so good... wow I don't think anyone was expecting that!
  418. ckster

    My Latest Surface Iron

    Looks great! I'm gonna have to go down to AC and pick some up!
  419. ckster

    Swimming with Dodos, video

    Nice vid! Keep 'em coming!
  420. ckster

    Calstar/Seeker?Phenix blanks 30% off

    Glenn's is good people. One of my favorite OC tackle shops (from when I lived in OC)
  421. ckster

    dumb question about shimano crucial

    As long as you're not chucking the 8oz sinker 30 yards out, I don't see what the problem is. But then again I haven't tried it myself. I use a 8-25lb rated CS 195 and put upwards of 8oz lead on there for bottom fish and it works fine. I chuck it out there 10-20 yards on occasion too.
  422. ckster

    Curado 300 EJ

    A bunch of people cleared out Amazon's stock when they were mistakenly priced at $79.99. Could be why you see so many for sale.
  423. ckster

    Avet sx or mx and which rod?

    I have an SX on a custom Calstar 195 7'6" 8-25lb rated rod that I use for basically everything you described. Super fast tip with 50# braid and I can feel every little tap on the other end of the line. My favorite setup by far. Has more than enough line capacity to fish 250ft of water for...
  424. ckster


    Deckhands on the Dolphin are nicer. Probably because they get alot of first timers on that boat for some reason (maybe bc of the name?) New Seaforth seems to have a loyal following among more seasoned anglers who don't have the time to get out on longer trips, so it's a totally different...
  425. ckster


    I keep a folder with the title "Fish Counts" in my browser and open them all up when I get home. Here you go:
  426. ckster

    Avet MXJ 4.5:1

    damn just missed it. i guess i got the cheese!
  427. ckster

    Rods For Sale

    PM sent!