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  1. migelito

    Question on hollow spectra insertion.

    I always use my smallest loop needle to open up the spectra first. The flouro or mono will go right in as long as the end doesn't have any sharp edges to catch the fibers. Loop and latch needles are the only two I've used in the last 5 years. Before I started opening the spectra with the loop...
  2. migelito

    Rod for makaira 20 sea silver

    silver mak 20- viper 76 gunmetal mak 20 wahoodad 3x gunmetal mak 20 axis 720 x3h gold mak 20 SS 2x4
  3. migelito

    Double Wall Wind-0n leader, Advantage?

    How long were you on that fish. The more circles it does the more line twist you get. That tightens the spectra. Causing the loop to flouro section to get shorter. This sometimes makes the flouro pop out of the spectra . When you try to wind it through the first guide POP. There goes your fish.
  4. migelito

    If you picked one but reel what would it be

    80-130# line class - Mak 20Sea 80-130# class BFT - HX raptor
  5. migelito

    Reel servicing/repairs

    Try Rocky's reel service. He is close to you and less lead time then Savons. Give him a call see what he can do for you. I'll PM you his number
  6. migelito

    Wind on’s

    I started off making 3 25' served windons from one 25yd package of flouro. Now I cut it into 4 sections almost 18' each. Windons are quick and easy to change out. I've made these from 80 to 200#. Personally I have never had a failure on one of mine that i have made for myself or anyone else...
  7. migelito

    SKB 7200 custom

    I picked up a used 7200 skb. The previous owner had put bigger rubber bumpers on the bottom. Then put a piece of cork, possibly wine bottle cork in the hole to keep it from squishing down. This was enough to allow the door to open all the way when in the rack with about a 1in lip
  8. migelito

    Heavy Flouro, Big Bait - rigging

    Have your skippy rig ready at all times day or night. Keep it in the closest rod holder to the stern you can get. Either catch your own or be ready when someone yells out "any one want a skippy". Mak 50. SS 3x5, 200spectra, 25ft leader of 170 or 200# premier flouro crimped to an 11/0 -13/0 7691...
  9. migelito

    Kite fishing for bluefin

    7 day they should be making flyers at the island at night. I was on a recent 4day trip that didn't charge. They would make flyers at night and use the live till they ran out then switch to the their frozen. I could understand an overnight boat charging to use flyers since they dont get the...
  10. migelito

    Changing wind on leader

    I only do one loop through when doing loop2loop. I see some go two or three times. Never seen one of mine fail only going through once. Much easier to separate one loop then multiples.
  11. migelito

    De-gilling BFT

    Its where the intestines attach to the anus. You cut that so you can pull out all the insides at once
  12. migelito

    Marking rods?

    I put a blue zip tie right where the foregrip ends and the rod blank begins. Never had any problem with this. Some have been on the rods for over 10 years and never moved. When I played paintball we would always lose paintball pods so I marked them with diff color tape green, white, red...
  13. migelito

    Skin splitting on my finger after saltwater fishing

    Start putting the O'keeffe or some other dry skin lotion on your hands the week before your trip.
  14. migelito

    Finally got a chance to use/test my Makaira 20 SEa

    15T for 50/60 16 for 60/80/100 Holding this 16 all day isn't that bad. After holding 20s or 50s all day you'll wish it was a 16. Youll probably be chasing fish so you wont have to actually hold it all day anyways.
  15. migelito


    Nice mod. I moved the lower strap catch bolt back about 1/2-3/4 inch. This allowed the lid to rest back a little further back so everything doesn’t fall forward. You can also order another strap from skb for dual lid support.
  16. migelito

    Which reel next, Mak20ii or Mak16ii?

    Get the 16 it will fish 80/100 your 30 will fish 100/130. Then get a 20 next. Rent a 50 from the long range boat Till you can add a 50 to your arsenal. Personally I like the 20 over the 30. If you need more line then the 20 will hold you probably needed a bigger reel anyways.
  17. migelito

    Avet HX 5/2 versas JX6/3-MC Rator for 60#

    You are correct. Use 60#on the JX-raptor and 50# on the HX non raptor. If the JX is full of spectra capacity shouldn't be an issue unless you hook into something that would spool the HX aslo
  18. migelito

    Best Connection for 200lb Leader?

    200# leader FG or L2L to braid. Sato crimp nail nub or serve. Then crimp a ring or swivel on other end. You can add a split ring to swap out flat falls or poppers
  19. migelito

    Trying to find a new H/XH set for bigger tuna

    If you’re considering the fathom 40n Size. An HX raptor would be closer in size then the JX. The HXr will handle 80# leader much better if needed. The heaviest I would comfortably fish the fathom is 60#
  20. migelito

    Documented covid testing?

    Kaiser seems get test results back within 2-3 days. Making the appt is what takes time. You have to speak to a Dr. then they give to a referral. Someone will call you back shortly to schedule place and time for test
  21. migelito

    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Your bernzomatic should work fine with the black flux. For smaller rings you will need to use the 1/32 silver solder. For heavier gauge rings the 1/16 will work. Practice on rings without the jig to get the hang of which ring solder combined works best
  22. migelito

    Rod for Komodo SS 463P

    Tesoro handle is a straight swap. No need to file anything. Order the metal nut and screw as well.
  23. migelito

    Rod/reel pairing advice

    100# spectra is heavy for the fathom 30 you lose a lot of capacity. I’d go with 65#. The mak30/axis 3x is a good combo for 100# leader. If you plan on using 130# leader a 4x would be a better option.
  24. migelito

    Advice on ice chest ...s

    I’d put a few layers of news paper between the fish and the dry ice. Or wrap the individual pieces in news paper.
  25. migelito

    Super Seeker 1x3 vs. Seeker OSP 1x3 for 80#?

    Have you checked the freespool on that reel? 80# might be a stretch if it hasn’t been worked on. I can’t remember the exact numbers but the one I had out of the box barely had enough freespool for 60# line
  26. migelito

    Which rod for a 50visx?

    Like previous posters said. Fill it with 130. Step up the last 50-100 yards of 150 or 200 spectra if you plan on using big baits or the kite. I fish my 50s with 130 to 200 flouro and set them up according to application
  27. migelito

    Which rod for a 50visx?

  28. migelito

    Fishermans Processing or Five Star jerky?

    Mario’s Tuna jerky is very good. Hard to stop eating once you start. Sweet and spicy. Fisherman’s I’ve only gotten it once the teriyaki was pretty good the pepper was too dried out
  29. migelito

    HXJ 5/2 2 speed

    Id go with the raptor. You can usually find them for under $400 down to around $350.
  30. migelito

    WTB DaiHo splicing kit for hollow braid

    In OC Longfin and Meltons usually carry a good selection. I only use the loop and latch needles now. Some will say you can get it done with just a piece of doubled wire. I'll stick with the needles for now.
  31. migelito

    Makaira 50ii SEa too big?

    Most boats will have their own kite setups. I wouldn’t think about a kite set up till you had all your other setups squared away. The 50 will work fine on a 2x4 with 130. If you start to go heavier fishing bigger baits you’ll want a little more rod then the 2x4. Like an invictus, osp4x or 3x5...
  32. migelito

    Okuma Makaira 15t vs Shimano Talica 20ii

    I always prefer fishing with the heaviest line possible. But I tend to use the 100# more often during the daytime sardine fishing for a stealthier presentation. If I was using jigs or bigger bait I'd prefer the 130
  33. migelito

    Okuma Makaira 15t vs Shimano Talica 20ii

    Its preference. I have 2 with 130 and 2 with 100. I’ll go 100 to 100 or 130 to 130/150
  34. migelito

    Okuma Makaira 15t vs Shimano Talica 20ii

    Can you lift the rod with 30# of drag over under and back over other anglers? Especially after fighting that fish for an extended period of time. The Mak 20 with 130threadlock will definitely handle it. Its up to the angler to make it happen.
  35. migelito

    1.5 day trip for BFT gear

    1.5 day with the possibility of big blue fin. Why go minimal unless you’re traveling far. Take what you think you’ll need. Be prepared it doesn’t do you any good sitting in your garage.
  36. migelito

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    If we caught them under 18in. at Hurricane I’d pin one on and send it out. I’ve had friends say they used them at Clipperton. I never thought to ask the size.
  37. migelito

    Home Built Line Winder

    I’ve seen these on eBay. They don’t look complicated to make
  38. migelito


    A dedicated covid board is way over due.
  39. migelito

    Home Built Line Winder

    Put another flange bearing on the other side to avoid any wobble. Use longer bolts to help align the bearings. A foot pedal and drill that has adjustment on trigger gives more control.
  40. migelito

    Makaira gold upgrades

    You can get the upgrade with or without the gear change. some prefer to keep the higher ratio
  41. migelito

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Tesoro handle and keeper
  42. migelito

    Long Range shutdown?

    The word is out there So Every time you go out in public you are knowingly putting yourself at risk. If you are high risk or have people at home that are at high risk why would you go on a trip if you weren’t willing to accept the responsibility.
  43. migelito

    Bet on if Day on the Docks will be cancelled

    I vote postponed
  44. migelito

    Braided fishing line cutter

    For a gift get him the pitbull spectra cutters. He wont be disappointed. The pliers you mentioned will eventually open up just a little from using them to pull out hooks and cutting other material. This will make them undesirable for cutting spectra
  45. migelito

    Puddingstone Lake - Frank G Bonelli Park

    Till the end of Feb. it’s free to get into the lake on non holiday weekdays
  46. migelito

    Nomad Madmacs

    Can someone please confirm the valabity of these statements
  47. migelito

    OK How Big Of A Freezer Do I need :)

    What you need would determine on how much you actually catch. Since it’s a fly back option you could be back in SD a couple days before the boat gets back in to decide and purchase what you need You could get away with two or three of the larger ice chests. Line those with dry ice wrapped in...
  48. migelito

    Jig Storage

    U-line also sells square plastic tubing that might work. I was going to go with the u-line tubes and ammo box but the wife got me this Calcutta bag. I cut some 1/8th plastic sheet to fit diagonal in the tubes. Added to the capacity and versatility
  49. migelito

    Independence Sportfishing 15 day trip report.. Nov. 29- Dec. 14

    Soda, It was a pleasure to finally get to fish with you. We see so many names on here but hardly get to meet them in person. Hopefully we get to share the rail again someday. Nice report.
  50. migelito

    How do you mark your gear

    For reels I use an engraver or dremel to put initials under reel seat. Coat over with clear nail polish. Reels that have serial numbers, take a picture of it and put in file on your phone Factory rods colored zip tie and or colored tape. The reflective tape used for wahoo bombs is super sticky...
  51. migelito

    Keep fishing or not ?

    Did you share your dream with your husband? He may be more compassionate then this lot
  52. migelito

    Custom Halco 220

    Thanks. I picked up the black&purple and pink flouro What colors work best?
  53. migelito

    Custom Halco 220

    More then the DTX Nomads?
  54. migelito

    80lb .48mm dia - PE 8 , max topshot size and needle size

    I would use the small loop needle. This will open up the weave so the mono goes into the spectra easily, as long as you buff any rough edges off the end of your mono. A short piece of 27# wire doubled over will do the trick also. I just use the loop needle since I already have it
  55. migelito

    New To Crimping

    Seems like a good deal to me for the person who wants to start crimping their own leaders. Very informative to help ease the learning curve. I was looking at purchasing that Jinkai tool but the new one I saw didn't have a hole to add the adjusting screw.
  56. migelito

    Makaira 50 rod for use on private boat

    If your straps are to short. This could pull you off balance. I’ve seen a guy come off his feet and fly into the rail from a hard strike others pulled up against the rail. Lower gunnel in a private boat would have been disastrous
  57. migelito

    Makaira 50 rod for use on private boat

    Make sure your harness straps are set for the person using it. Improper set up and you be swimming with the fishes
  58. migelito

    Yield on the big tuna processing

    Most are gilling and gutting before they send into the RSW. Those fish will yield a little more since you are not the counting the guts as part of the preprocessed weight.
  59. migelito

    For Sale Makaira 10 silver

    Cerritos or La Verne
  60. migelito

    For Sale Makaira 10 silver

    Silver makaira 10 sea very good condition just back from Okuma service. $400
  61. migelito

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    We can show you how to make a loop on the way down. You could even go strait inline splice if that easier. The loop at the end of your mainline is easier done with a latch needle but if you go inline a doubled piece of wire will work also
  62. migelito

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Its all what you are most confident and comfortable with. Windons are quick and easy to change out. I use both methods. I've never had one of my windons fail so thats what I use primarily. But I always have a set up with tony pena to solid. Staying flexible and adapting to the conditions goes a...
  63. migelito

    What jigs are hot?

    Are you guys changing out the stock hooks to singles or stronger trebles
  64. migelito

    Fathom 40n how much drag at strike?

    Make sure the lever is pulled all the way back. Mine I actually had to feel it click when disengaged. I thought I was losing free spool as well but it was just operator error
  65. migelito

    My BFT Flat Fall leader system

    On a sport boat you should be fine with 5' even up to 8'. The bigger problem is the swivel wont go through your guides so you'll have deal with the extra leader when storing your rod in the racks. You want your jig placed where its not going to snag anyone not line wrapped around the handle and...
  66. migelito

    WTB Calstar 690J and 700XXH blanks

    I have a basic grft 700xh blank. If interested pm me
  67. migelito

    Lx raptor bearings issue

    Do a search for Noisy Avet This doesnt seem to be an uncommon problem. Rocky does great work on avets also. I can send to his info if you would like
  68. migelito

    Pre-rigged flat falls

    Buy from a reputable tackle shop. Many of the above names know what they are doing. I’ve seen quite a few hack jobs on people trying to sell pre rigged flatfalls. If you don’t already know what a properly crimped sleeve looks like. You owe it to yourself to search on here or YouTube.
  69. migelito

    Independence 2.75 day

    50-70# bluefin. Was the last i heard.
  70. migelito

    Nomad Gypsy before and after

    The nomad gypsy lures I have seen don’t have that flat side towards the bottom. Could those be another model?
  71. migelito

    FG knot test

    For those that want to burn the end of the spectra look into electric lighters. They don't produce a flame like conventional cigarette lighters and work better in the wind. you can even cut mono with them if needed
  72. migelito

    Spectra Capacity

    1200yd spool for two reels if you have some left over transfer it onto a smaller spool. In case you get into tangles and have to cut some off or you can use to make wind on leaders
  73. migelito

    Rant for the day...

    If you were advertising on craigslist. Maybe he just wasn't impressed with the pics you sent
  74. migelito

    Fillet Table Suggestions

    If you are cutting a lot of fish get something high enough so you wont be leaning to far over.
  75. migelito

    BIG BFT..... Any 300lb + models this year?

    Text the picture to your email address then save it to your computer
  76. migelito

    MAK 10 vs TAC 20 for flat fall/bait

    The Mak 16 would be more comparable to the size if the tac20
  77. migelito

    Turnaround time for Service

    Call and ask. Let them know how fast you need it. Okuma is very accommodating I am sure they will work with you if you just ask
  78. migelito

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    3x5 is a lot of rod for 100#. Go 130 or even 150 with a flat fall or glow egg sinker in the dark. Use the 2x4 as your 100# bait rod
  79. migelito

    loop to loop

    I only go through once also. Never had a failure. I've used the same mainline loop 3 or 4 times before cutting it off and making a new loop. I'll cut off about 50ft of the spectra mainly because after a few decent fish the spectra tends to get twisted from the fish circling
  80. migelito

    300lb test leader on a 250 glow flat fall. too much?

    300# does seen a little over kill, but if that's all you have then use it. On an 80# set up you should be using around 25#s of drag so your fight shouldn't be over extended unless you hook a monster. Anything under an 8' leader will be fine on a sports boat trophy tackle does a nice tutorial...
  81. migelito

    welding rings on hooks

    Has anyone looked into the resistance welders on theringlord web site? It would seen to me if you are ringing enough hooks and lures this might be an option.
  82. migelito

    Spooling an Andros 12 II

    How much 80 seagaur did you get on the andros
  83. migelito

    Clamp Standoffs too long?? (HX)

    they are now
  84. migelito

    Clamp Standoffs too long?? (HX)

    You have them in backwards. The end with less threads goes into the reel
  85. migelito

    Fishing the Jumbo's, use Rail or Fighting Belt/Harness?

    If your not very mobile now. How mobile do you think you will be strapped into a harness. The 2x4 is a pry bar you are going to want to put it on the rail and lean into it.
  86. migelito

    WTB - Needlecrook Leather Sheath for Pliers and dykes! know he is trying to be just like you
  87. migelito

    WTB - Needlecrook Leather Sheath for Pliers and dykes!

    Felix, I work about 10 min from Young's and have never been there. I'll swing by tomorrow and see if they have any in stock. If so I'll text you some pics
  88. migelito

    Nicopress Crimping Tools
  89. migelito

    Phenix Axis rods review?

    I've seen two axis rods break. Both due to operator error. One from being high sticked and the other from being used on the rail too far up the blank. I've caught plenty of big fish on the phd and axis rods Use it properly and you'll be fine.
  90. migelito

    Wanna buy my son a ticket

    Which Condor trip are you guys going out on? Ill be on the boat this weekend with a friend and his son. hopefully we get into some big fish
  91. migelito

    Flat Fall jigs

    How long does it usually take for savons to braze the rings on these jigs?
  92. migelito

    HX 3 Speed

    What do your intended use? If you plan on fishing 100# with it and a high drag setting. The longer spindle shaft can bend under heavy load
  93. migelito

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    16 days in November. Go with the mak 50. You already have two of the 20/30 size reels. You will be glad you went 50 after a big fish or two. Early morning late evening in a hot bite you want something you can pull hard with heavy line. For 12 days or longer the min. I'd want to go with would be...
  94. migelito

    Bait on long range

    Dont forget to bring some squid jigs also.
  95. migelito


    Denver 28, Carolina 24
  96. migelito

    How I Plan to Rig and Fish...

    Nice line up there Jim. Very similar to what I like to take in the heavy stuff. 4- 20/30s and 4- 50s. I would switch the 770xxh and 2x4 though. For me the 770xxh is more forgiving if you do decide to use 80 on it. If you stick with the 100# both are ideal
  97. migelito

    Calstar 770 xh for 80

    Normally I'll fish 100 on the 770xxh but on my last trip I used 80 on it, with an HXW Raptor. Worked great. The tip on the xxh has enough forgiveness for 80. When fishing with the smaller hooks this is my go to rod.
  98. migelito

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid w/ Mak 10 sea

    For a Mak 10. I would go with the xh. I fish my mak10/phd760xh combo with 40 or 50. The mak 10 is a lot of reel for 30#. I'll even go up to 60 with the right rod For 30-40 the 760h should be fine though
  99. migelito

    Need help on Penn 525 mag

    If it was working fine before you took it apart this is probably what happened. I would double check to see if the eccentric mechanism is installed correctly
  100. migelito

    Talica 20ii or Makaira 20ii which casts a sardine best?

    Simple answer is yes the Talica 20 is going to cast 100# better. If you hook into something decent the mak 20 will give you better odds of landing it. The chance of you hooking into a cow at Guadalupe is very very slim to nil. The Mak 20sea is still a decent caster though. My reel of choice...
  101. migelito

    80 or 100 spectra for 80lb. flouro

    Either should be fine for Lupe fishing. If your fishing the smaller Tac20, HX raptor, or Mak16. I would go with whichever gives you more capacity. A bigger reel like Tac25 HXW Raptor Mak 20. Go with breaking strength or diameter.
  102. migelito

    What size allen bolt on JX Raptors?

    for the exw. Base: 9/64 Side to frame: 7/64 Shifter: 3/32 Lever and drag: 5/64
  103. migelito

    Best rod for tranx

    For popping look at the phenix titan or megalodon. They are super light with the stiff tip you need for a good popping action. I have an MXP-800h paired with a lexa 400. Eventually Id like to get a tranx HG for it. Another thing I like about them is the 7'6"-8'8" versions are 2pc. Which is...
  104. migelito

    How relevant is rod length ?

    They say ever boxer goes into the fight with a plan, that is until the first punch. How long was that 24# of weight comfortable for? Try holding it there for 10, 30 or even 60 minutes. Sometime around that 30 min mark if not sooner. Your forearms will start to burn and that rod will end up on...
  105. migelito

    GoPro: Advise Me!

    Thy this gopro forum. There are comparisons that will show you the differences between the models
  106. migelito

    JX vs LX

    If you plan on trolling I would go with the HX. The LX was to wide for me when on a bigger fish.
  107. migelito

    GoPro: Advise Me!

    You can also get a micro hdmi cable and watch it directly from your camera to you hd tv. Go pro app will let you download footage to your tablet. Or make adjustments with a smart phone.
  108. migelito

    Brian...Thanks for the smooth transaction

    Brian...Thanks for the smooth transaction
  109. migelito

    Okuma Makairas

    If you have a 20/30 size real already then get the 50 and visa versa. If its your first cow size reel then I would go for the 50. During the day you'll find yourself reaching for the 30 size most of the time, but at night or when the skippies are around that 50 will be you go to reel. Another...
  110. migelito


    I tried doing a search. It must have sold
  111. migelito

    Best 100lb Hollow?

    The best 100# could be 80# jb. While going through the paulis site for some 130#, after the post about 100yozuri pulling out of 130jb. I noticed some of the 80# spectra brands were a larger dia. and had higher breaking strengths then their 100# The JB 100 has worked great for me also. Its...
  112. migelito

    Found: Mods please delete

    found: thanks for the deal Raj
  113. migelito

    Reel recommendation for Calstar 775XXH 7 1/2 foot 80-130lb rod.

    I would go with the 20SEa. Unless you plan on using a long 100yd top shot or so of mono. Then look into the 30SEa For the price of the ATD you can come close to, if not buy a 20SEa and 30SEa. I had a CX76 viper built this year that I plan on matching a 20SEa with. It was a tough decision between...
  114. migelito

    WTB bulk sinkers

    Ill pm you the buisness card of the guy I see at most of the fishing swapmeets. Give him a camm if you buy in bulk maybe he can cut you a deal also. He is local also.
  115. migelito

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    Follow along this time. My post was calling you out on your BS comment that. Show me where I was narrow minded and said one style of hook was superior to another. I went through my tackle box this weekend to see if I needed to make any last minute purchases for an upcoming multi day trip...
  116. migelito

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    Brain or no brain even in my smog enduced coma I can see. With that statment, your still full of shit and you know it. But go ahead and keep arguing your point. I think the seasoned fisherman on this site can see that also.
  117. migelito

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    I find this hard to believe that 99% of seasoned fisherman that you have spoken to that are only using circle hooks is, because thats what they were sold or told to use. Where are you talking to these fisherman? At the end of Newport Pier?
  118. migelito

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    What if the guys that do push carts left "that guys" fish at end of the ramp. Do you think he would get it? Probably not though cuz those guys never really do get it.
  119. migelito

    WTB: Seeker 1X3

    I have a couple. Sent you a pm
  120. migelito

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    I have to agree. I see guys that have no problem pulling on big fish all day. But when it comes to helping with the carts. They all of a sudden come up lame.
  121. migelito

    Conditions for Yo-Zuri pink fluoro

    Check out the Paulus site also. For actual tested results.
  122. migelito

    Spectra bunching up

    If you dont already have a set of calipers that you use. Look into one of these. digital thickness gauges
  123. migelito

    Super Seeker Rail Roddage

    Is the ss80xh the same blank that is used on the ss6480xh? if not do you know what the difference in actions are? thanks
  124. migelito

    Need to replace reel

    The Mak 16 and HXW Raptor are both good choices. The Mak 20 sea is also great choice, but that still might be heavy for you. If you felt the penn 30 getting heavy. If you go with the Avet. Think about the HX-raptor instead of the HXW-raptor. It holds plenty of line and drag for dropper loop fishing.
  125. migelito

    Spectra bunching up

    Are you opening up the spectra first, wih a loop needle or piece of douled wire? You coud have snaggad a thread inside and its not letting the weave to open up or smooth out at that spot.
  126. migelito

    Avet HX 5/2

    PMs replied
  127. migelito


  128. migelito

    Okuma Makairas

    A lot of good advise on the Makairas. But you didnt really say what you were going to use this reel for. Other then 100yds of 60/80# topshot. There are a couple great deals on the buy/sell board for a blk mak 16sea and a gold mak 20. For 60/80# I would go with the Mak 16sea plenty of drag and...
  129. migelito


  130. migelito

    super seeker 63xxxh vs xxh.

    When your talking xx and xxx tuna rods. Tip sensitivity usually doesnt come to mind. They are meant to for 28+ lbs of drag. Are you using the 130# braid because of structure? Is it tied straight to the hook or are you using a leader. Another good option since your using a JX is the 1x3 it has...
  131. migelito

    Avet HX 5/2

    La Verne. Im in North OC every day also
  132. migelito

    Penn Fathom 60 LD2

    I like my 40n, but if I fish 60# on it again. Ill set my drag to 20#s at the full position. Then use sunset as my my full. Ive landed a 90-100 yft on it. Also lost a bigger model after it chewed through 60# blue label. Even though i was using a circle hook. Plenty of freespool for live bait fishing
  133. migelito

    super seeker 63xxxh vs xxh.

    What are you using the rod for? Why are you using a JX on it? Were you just using it to test the rod. The 770xxh might be a good alternative. Depending on what your intended use is. Also are these black steel or SS seekers
  134. migelito


  135. migelito

    Avet HX 5/2

    Black avet HX 2spd. 3/4 full of 80# spectra. $300
  136. migelito

    Too Many set ups for Lupe.

    Leave the 50sds and the 30w. put the 30/2sd on the 2x4, and the hxw raptor on the 6463xxh. depeding on what kind of drag and freespool the 30/2 has. Your xxh rods are all 80# rod and the 2x4 will fish 100 or 130.
  137. migelito

    WTB Tiburon mag kit for TLD30

    Savon in santa fe springs might have some also
  138. migelito

    Okuma 30

    Lots of great reviews. Check the Alan Tani site or do a Makaira 30 search here. What is the intended use?
  139. migelito

    Long Range Dudes I have a question

    I doubt any LR capt would be fishing that close to the island. Might want to edit your post
  140. migelito


    That area has been hammered for about a week now, even boats from San Diego are fishing it. Its one of those should have been here yesterday things. Check out the counts. Your boat wasnt the only one that had a slow day
  141. migelito

    Indy staterooms

    yes there is one for each bunk and another by the sink
  142. migelito

    Mak 8 ??

    I prefere the mak 10 over the 8. The drag numbers of these reels allows you to fish 40-60 with no problem. Since your used to fishing with 30s and 50s the difference in size of the 10 over the 8 isnt an issue. I'd much rather have the extra capacity over the small weight difference. The 10s...
  143. migelito

    Mak 8ii, a 40lb live bait reel?

    Just get the mak 10 especially of you plan on doing to 2+ day trips like you posted. You wont regret it. I you were only doing shorter trip then the 8 would be fine. Longer trips bigger fish, more chances of tangles and losing some of your spectra. If you hook anything over 100#s its going to...
  144. migelito

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  145. migelito

    Makaira SEa Oil

    When did okuma start puttting the tsi in with their makairas? I think you can get it through smoooth drags web site.
  146. migelito

    slang for small fish?????

    "Clicker" for a barley short lobster
  147. migelito

    slang for small fish?????

  148. migelito

    Epic day on the 9!! And something odd!

    How did the Lexa do on those nice BFT?
  149. migelito

    Mak 15 SEa

    What type of drag numbers are you getting with the okuma tdc?
  150. migelito

    Long range gear setup question

    My advise would be take that exw50 back and get a standard 50. Preferably the 50Sea. Then fill it up to the top with 130 spectra of your choice. Last couple of cow reels I went with threadlock. The heavier spectra step up is more of a confidence thing. I do it on my 150-200# skipjack rigs...
  151. migelito

    Local Socal BFT- What has worked for El Gato Dos

    nice one...Have you tried fresh dead squid? If its available. Or those medium sized ones you see in the asain markets. Around 12-15in long. Maybe a long leader under a ballon while on long drifts.
  152. migelito

    Simple top shot question

    I have a couple places around the house, that I know are 25" in a straight line from point A to point B. Find a way to atatch flouro to point A and back up to point B. Cut and repeat. If your doing 50' sections either double it for find a A(50')B spot. Now you can roll those up back onto your...
  153. migelito

    What am I doing wrong with this knot?

    Check this out. If they are only getting 10.+ lbs on 15# mono you not doing too bad. post a picture of before and after, might help narow it down by looking at the break Also mark the spot with a black sharpie. Where the mono tag comes out of the spectra. To see if its breaking inside the know...
  154. migelito

    Any good reels for big southern california bluefin?

    Another vote for the HX/HXW raptor. Mount it on a PHD 700 x3h good for 60 or 80 if you think you'll dropping to 50 go with the 700 x2h These outfits are still light enough to fish with all day.
  155. migelito

    Making your own Top Shots

    Best to file or sand a nice smooth round end on the flouro. Shouldnt be any rough edges. I dont incert the flouro into a needle for heavier test. I open the spectra up with a loop needle.
  156. migelito

    TALICA 20 or 25

    Have you considered the HX/HXW Raptor option. As far as capacity goes the HX seems to hold more line that the 25... this is according the the mfg spec. Ive never felt like the Hxw was to wide either. Also the raptors have a lower low gear at 1.9 instead of the 2.3 for the Tac. Really helpful...
  157. migelito

    News on the Andros 12s

    That would be perfect, just in time for my Nov trip.....for the second time.
  158. migelito


    The PHD would be ok for 80# but the calstar 3x is too heavy for 100#. The 770xxh would be a better choice for 100# For phenix take a look at the axis 720h3x Edit: If you dont already own the two reels mentioned, save some money. Get a mak16 if your mostly going to fish 80# or the mak 20 for...
  159. migelito

    Bluefin: #50 2sp Reel Thoughts (Talica or Fathom)

    Kind of thinking I might just get the fathom 40ld2, put 65 or 80 lb izor on that and maybe even spring for something like a Calstar 700XH and have that sitting around on the boat ready to go as my #50 set up if we get into the right size fish. That reel really should be able to handle a couple...
  160. migelito


    Mak 50Sea. I have them both and reach for the Mak first everytime. Because of its smoothness and freespool it makes a better reel for bait fishing. Ive had Cal work his majic on my SDS but I still prefere the 50Sea. The SDS is now my dedicated night time jigging reel. Dont forget the 5yr free...
  161. migelito

    Making Wind On Leaders

    I wouldnt use that method for anything over 50# either. Can you please explain how you tension the leader? Are you clamping the spectra flouro side then pulling the spectra side very tight?
  162. migelito

    Making top shots for Giant Tuna ahead of time

    With the 100# and 130# flouro I'll usually cut up a couple spools into 25' lengths at home and put then into binders. Then through out the year I serve them up when I can. I have a couple places around the house that I've measured out to 25' so it takes some of the guess work out of measuring...
  163. migelito

    1 day or 1.5 day

    If your driving back to vegas right after, the 1.5 would be my choice. You get more fishing time overnighters get back in the evening so you would be driving back 5 hours in the mddile of the night after being in the sun all day. If you stop for a bite to eat youll be lucky to get back by 5 in...
  164. migelito

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    Loop to Loop....your still going to have a crimp, serve, glue, or nail knots. When I purchace or have a rod built I go with rings. Its a choice not fashion statement. They are lighter, less maintenance and cost less. Comparing GBFT to YFT fishing styles is like comparing apples to oranges. Its a...
  165. migelito

    Braid to top shot ratio

    It might depend on the reel you are using. For example my buddy just picked up a Saragossa 6000 shimanos specs say 65/140 and 50/195 spectra. He will be using 30 and occasionally 40# leader. I'm suggesting he go with the 50# spectra because of the low capacity of this reel. Had he gone with the...
  166. migelito

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    X2 Okuma should show some goodwill to thier customers who preordered them and give them a 5 year warranty on the andros reels that we have been so impatiently waiting for. What do you say Okuma step up the plate.
  167. migelito

    Glove advice needed

    I have been using cut resistant gloves for the past 5 seasons. for durability I prefere these. Global Glove Samurai PUG-555 Taeki5 Cut Resistant Gloves, Black Shell, Black Polyurethane Palm...
  168. migelito

    Info Popping rod??

    Take a look at the phenix megladon also. These rods are incredibly light and powerful
  169. migelito

    want to buy 8-12lb spinning reel

    Okuma makes spinners with the baitrunner feature also.
  170. migelito

    Do not deal with "gtw7983"

    Famous quote from Madmax Auntie:"What's this!! Do you think I don't know the law?! Wasn't it me who wrote it?! And I say that this man has broken the law! Right or wrong, we had a deal... and the law says, bust a deal, face the wheel." The Collector:"Bust a deal and face the wheel!" I think if...
  171. migelito

    Calstar and seeker stock

    LA Co...check out Savon tackle in Santa Fe Springs. OC....Longfin
  172. migelito

    Nice meeting you John, smooth transaction on Talica.

    Nice meeting you John, smooth transaction on Talica.
  173. migelito

    spectra to mono splice help

    50# and under I was using the RP/JC knot. Now that I am a little more proficeint with the Pena knot. I feel more confident with that knot. Learn them both and see which one you can tie better. Take a piece of mono or flouro and tie a RP on one side and a Pena to the other. Then test to see which...
  174. migelito

    Super Seeker 2 x 4 of Wahoodad 1 x 3

    Is it an ss or bs 6463xxxx. Ive fished both those with 130 and 150. I use the ss mostly with 150 for my skippy rig. I haven't caught anything bigger over 100 on the whd XXX so i havent really given it a good workout
  175. migelito

    Super Seeker 2 x 4 of Wahoodad 1 x 3

    I would stick with the heavier line on the 2x4. It is a noticably heavier stick. When I spoke to Dave about the wahoodad 1x3 being a true 100# rod now, he said he hadn't actually caught anything of size on it, but others that did, said they liked it for 100#. To me it depends how you like to...
  176. migelito

    Internet on LR Boat?

    With newer technology and faster prossesors in our mobile devices these thing suck up data a lot faster then they did a year ago. I'm not sure if you took an actual poll, but I wouldnt be surprized if there were more devices on board then you realized. Not everyone brings them up to the salon to...
  177. migelito

    Avet fading from UV

    What color accurate did you get? Did you get another purple reel so you can compare what it looks like in 2 years?
  178. migelito

    Amazes me!

    Small phones, fat fingers, auto correct...these things dont help either.
  179. migelito

    Rod sling
  180. migelito

    Rod sling

    Couple guys on my last trip made some out of a climbing gear holder. They looked pretty sweet. The one I have is from Izorline I got it at takas a looong time ago. now I just use it as a shoulder strap for my duffel bag It was similar to this. Attatch a clip to it with some paracord and your set
  181. migelito

    Beware of Sellers

    Your title says beware of sellers.....what about beware of buyers...In your other thread you said you took it to the park and was casting a 3oz sinker. If there was something wrong with it you probably would have noticed it then. If I buy something and wait 11 months to find out something is...
  182. migelito

    What Avet reel for BIG BFT???????

    If you want to go prepared for 100/150# tuna this would be the minimum I would want with a prefererence towards the HXW raptor. 25' of 80 or 100#premier. Bigger 150+ tuna you'll want a 30exw min. With 100#. This could double as your trolling outfit also. Can you land fish this size on a 50 or...
  183. migelito

    Be cautious when buying a Reel

    Did you already contact the seller, If so what did he say? Your saying a couple months. Are you sure its not closer to a year? Are you sure it hasent been used since? Was the drag left engaged while stored? lf you purchased it from 5aught. (Same ser. number). He noted it was never used. That...
  184. migelito

    Go to rod for local

    Anything local to short range I never leave home with out my 270-H black steel. 20/25# Reels I have or still use on it sl30sh, 975cs, 525 mag.(bait) Next would be a seeker SD8 with a saltist 30 or 40. 30# line( jig or dropper)
  185. migelito

    Mak 10

  186. migelito

    Mak or Talica 10

    The mak 10 will fish 40/50 with no problems. Even 60 if you want. I have one loaded with 80 spectra and another with 65. Short leader of your prefered flouro and you have a fish killing machine. The maks beefiness will feel like overkill when fishing for schoolies but you'll have the confidence...
  187. migelito

    Avet MXL Raptor vs Saltist 50LD 2 Speed

    Take a look at the fathon FTH40NLD2 it holds over 500yds of 80# spectra
  188. migelito

    searches not in chronolgical order

    Lately when doing searches I have noticed they are not listed in chronological order. Did I change the settings on accident or is this the norm now?
  189. migelito

    WTB Makaira 10II

    Email sent
  190. migelito

    Makaira reel clamp bolts too short?

    I would call okuma to see if they make longer bolts for the larger diameter rods. Another option is the reel seat base of a Mak 8 they use studs instead of modified bolts.
  191. migelito

    Penn Fathom FTH25NLD2

    X2 Id like to know where also
  192. migelito

    Flat Fall Jigs for big tuna ?

    Last Thanksgiving trip I tried the 160gr glow, switched out the hooks to the heavier owner. Didn't get any hits on it. The night bite didn't happen for us untill 2nd to the last day. Thats the night I should have used it, but I was soaking a hot skippy. I just couldnt bring myself to switch out...
  193. migelito


    La Verne
  194. migelito

    Spectra Lifespan?

    The toilet tank trick works great, but make sure you weight it down or know that its not going to float around. You don't want to get home and find your toilets been running all day.
  195. migelito


    Im 1.5-2 hrs from oceanside
  196. migelito


  197. migelito

    Mak 10

  198. migelito

    A variety of Rods for sale

    pm sent on cedros and titan
  199. migelito


    If your going to use a long top shot of mono, go with the 60/65# braid. Short leader go with the 80# braid. For wahoo I have my hxj raptor filled with 80 solid to a short leader of 130 flouro. Rick Ozaki style. You'll need a rod withmore backbone for this style. you didnt say if this was your...
  200. migelito

    Tackle Bag Recommendation?

    For LR I personally use the larger WFO tackle and reel bags. Well constructed never had any issues with either. If I had to travel by airline I would seriously consider the SKB. Its heavy and clunky but it will stand up to the bagage gorillas. They have a lifetime warranty just incase.
  201. migelito

    iphone 5

    what carrier
  202. migelito

    WTB: Swifty Line Remover.......

    Here are some pics, before the swifty I made my own version
  203. migelito

    Questions about Andros 12iia

    In between the Mak10 and HX
  204. migelito

    Andros A 12 sizes coming soon.........

    I was in your same situation, pre-ordered the Andros A-12SIIa in Sept. Was told end of Oct. A week and a half before my 15 day trip I had to make a decision. I pulled the trigger on the fathom 40 2sp. I have to say I wasn't 100% happy with the penn. May of been operator error may not have been...
  205. migelito

    Shimano Flat Fall Jigs - Rings?

    I saw that video also and thought its a great idea in theory. But with the jig sliding around. I would be worried that there would be too much line chafing IMO by the way Jim, those megladon rods are awsome(you had recomended one in the past)
  206. migelito

    Makaira corossion

    X2 Thats good to know Chris. Ive ordered a few reels from you and was contemplating removing the line and treating the spools before they get put away till next season. looks like I dont have to worry about it now. Ill usually put either carnuba wax or the boeshield. Havent had any corrosion...
  207. migelito

    Phenix Rod for Cows

    The Calstar 770xxh is more of a 100# rod. If your looking for a 130# Phenix rod I would go with the PHD 700 x4h. Don't go too small on the hooks either unless you don't mind pulling a few. Another Phenix rod worth looking into is the new axis.
  208. migelito

    Daiwa Lexa 400 PWR-P Spooling

    phenix megladon 800h. filled with 60# threadlock
  209. migelito

    10 day Intrepid Nov 2-12 report

    This puts a whole new meaning to the term "reach around" When we drop this much money on a FISHING trip we automatically expect it to be a catching trip. Thats not always going to be the case. I can understand the dissapointment and second guessing of a captain especially if he isnt the marquee...
  210. migelito

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    Did your Lexa have the power handle or paddle? Let the rod do its job...lift and wind down
  211. migelito

    Mak 10

    thanks Felix 50s traded
  212. migelito

    Drag spec question

    Ask some of the reps on the mfg. boards. I believe some will tell you their standard is they test at the 3/4 of a spool.
  213. migelito

    Mak 10

  214. migelito

    Fathom 25NLD2

    How do you like the quick shift? I am looking at a 40n for wahoo. Did you use bait or lures on the 25n for wahoo?
  215. migelito

    TIP OF THIS WEEK-dont tell me what to tip on bloody decks

    Just the tip...I promise
  216. migelito

    TIP OF THIS WEEK-dont tell me what to tip on bloody decks

    I tip 10% to eveyone that responds to my post. More or less depending on quality of information
  217. migelito

    Indy Veterans?

    Give Judy a call at the Indy office. She should already have your spot number and bunk assignement
  218. migelito

    Indy at the Potato Bank

    Less then a month Joe...can't wait
  219. migelito

    Which boat has the best DVD collection.....

    Which boat has the best stationary bike.
  220. migelito

    Everingham SD Bay needs a customer service lesson

    After rereading OP yourself you would have noticed that he said it looked short when nephew brought bucket back, then they moved. Op should have went back as soon as he noticed bucket was short. If he knows how full the bucket needs to be to fill 20 bait tubes.And the bucket wasnt full enough...
  221. migelito

    Everingham SD Bay needs a customer service lesson

    Winner winner chicken dinner
  222. migelito

    WTB okuma metaloid

    A-12SIIa 560/20 (0.42) 420/25 (0.48) 320/30 (0.55) 6.4:1, 2.1:1 48.4in. 15.7in. 6BB 34lbs 27lbs 24.7oz
  223. migelito

    Mak 10

    Price reduction bump
  224. migelito

    Mak 10

    Unfortunatly it does not have the high speed gear. They are still awsome cow reels though. if they dont get sold they will definatly have a spot in my reel bag after Thanksgiving.
  225. migelito

    Strip screw on trinidad

    drill and easy out should work. That small screw shouldnt be too difficult Sav-on is very backed up on reel service
  226. migelito

    Mak 10

  227. migelito

    Penn Fathom 40N and 60 questions

    Im not a fan of wide reels either, but the HXW Raptor is not that wide for its height. It fishes 80 without any problems The 40N's specs looks like it will fish 80 also, although capacity might be an issue if tuna fishing. I am going to take a good look at this reel for wahoo
  228. migelito

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Ordered a crimper and crimps today. They gave me a great deal over the phone, more then I would have expected.
  229. migelito

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed

    Thanks for the info...I'm surprised Penn doesnt advertise this. Its a great selling point.
  230. migelito

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed

    Where did you see that the fathom 2spd has a trust bearing. Penns website only says •Full Metal Body and sideplates •Stainless steel main and pinion gear •Quick-Shift™ 2-speed system •Dura-Drag™ washers •5 shielded stainless steel ball bearings •Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse •Line Capacity Rings
  231. migelito

    Mak 10

  232. migelito

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    How much 80 on the 12A?
  233. migelito

    Carbontex drags.

    Leave the stock drags in your saltist. Your other post said you plan on putting 30# on it. The stocks have plenty of smoooth buttery drag for 30 or 40. JMHO
  234. migelito

    Daiwa saltist 40H line???

    Bait: fill it up with spectra of choice, short mono or flouro 30-40 or 50 Jigs: give yourself enough room for 100yds of mono. Not sure why but I can cast a jig further on the 40H than the 30H. 90yds of 50 on the 40H and I am feeling the knot hit my thumb just before the jig hits the water...
  235. migelito

    newell and penn Reel advice.

    I am not a fan of the power pro. Some like it, not me. Spectra and mono are all preference. I mostly run full spectra to short flouro. But on the reels i do go longer I have 1lb spools of big game(15-50#) I have been pulling off of for the last 5 years or longer, havent had any problems with it...
  236. migelito

    Small Baitrunner available?

    Okuma trio-bf Not sure if these are small enough I was too slow typing...which one did you get?
  237. migelito

    newell and penn Reel advice.

    I just had a 525mag spooled with 40# izor braid to the top. It took just over 300yds. This might give you a reference of how much mono you should put on if your going to be casting jigs with it. I would use the 525 and 220 mainly for bait. 525 with short 8' flouro or 50' mono depending on your...
  238. migelito

    Seguar Threadlock Breaking Strenght

    Useful info. Thanks Rick What are the actual diameters?
  239. migelito

    Mak 10

    bunp for lower price
  240. migelito

    Best Setup For Mossback Yellowtail Holding Deep...

    1/2 an hour on 20/25# line probably more the angler not the fish going that deep 40# min I would do spectra to 10-20' of 50# premier. less stretch for that initial freight train
  241. migelito

    Mak 10

  242. migelito

    Lost nets please help if possible

    Current or an unlucky boater. You need to weigh your nets down when the current is ripping. Too long a rope and a big bouy will help the current move your nets also
  243. migelito

    Mak 10

  244. migelito

    Mak 10

    Its carfully. Mak 10 gold Sea upgrades I added a w/ to avoid any more confufion
  245. migelito

    Mak 10

  246. migelito

    Mak 10

    1. Penn 50s traded 2. Penn 50t cal 2spd tib handle. Picked up in trade....sold 3. Mak 10 gold w/Sea upgrades full of 65 izor, has a scratch above clicker. $350 recently seviced by Okuma
  247. migelito

    BD biggest asshole poll

    I dont know anyone of the 3 polled personally so I can only vote going by the reading thier actual posts and responces to others. Lets break it down. Quinn....I wouldn't concider him an asshole, there are probably better words to describe him. I really dont think he knows what he is doing. Its...
  248. migelito

    Flat Fall Jigs

    :ele:And todays Beider award goes to Ryan from Newport beach.....come on down ryan .....for trying to stick it to your fellow BDers youve won a years supply of:indabutt::supergay:
  249. migelito

    On the hunt for Lamiglas or Fenwick

    Not quiet 30-50# Fenwick pb78c Not sure what the 30oz stands for
  250. migelito

    saltiga 30t

    I used the tib clamp last week on my saltist 30h for the first time... I wont ever go back to the stock. TCU-XL Universal Rod Reel Clamp Kit (X-Large) Daiwa Saltiga 30T - 50 Daiwa Saltist 20 - 50 Daiwa Saltist LW40 & 50 Shimano Trinidad 20A, 30A & TN40N
  251. migelito

    Avet SX 6/4 2 Speed Blue Reel 180 or obo

    I see your the first one to PM that troll. I have an SX just like that one if interested same price 180 , no box tool oil or clamp though. If interested send a pm with number
  252. migelito

    Main line or pre-fab??

    It's preference. If you only have only one setup in that line class you might want to make a couple up ahead of time with either a loop or long enough end so you can put a new leader quickly In a hot bite If you have multiples then it's just as easy to go directly to reel and re-rig when convenient
  253. migelito

    Homemade Line Winder.

    Eventually I would like to get something smaller, but this works for now. Ive seem some on ebay and craigslist for around $80.
  254. migelito

    Homemade Line Winder.

    Harbor freight has the orange measuring wheel. I modified it for my line counter I'll try and post a pic. later The digital one reads higher but will shut off after a little while of non use. very annoying if you dont catch it and start winding again
  255. migelito

    MAK 30SEa or 50SEa

    Min what do you consider a good one, weight or toughness? Also what part of that setup do you think it was that allowed the fish to work you? I use that same set up for one of my 100# sardine outfits. With that outfit once I realized how much bend I can get on that rod I would put it on the...
  256. migelito

    MAK 30SEa or 50SEa

    Get them both a 50Sea and a 30/20sea. When visiting cow country I would like to have at least 2 50's and 2 20/30 size reels. I know you have a 50sw but your probably not going to fish it that much. Like you will the SDS or Mak. Whatever you decide rent or borrow to fill the gap
  257. migelito

    Calstar 770XH

    Get the 770 xxh for 100# I would even use the xxh for 80 Sea is the upgraded freespool w/open bearings and lower gearing 30 if you plan on fishing mainly #100 on it, but it will do 130 no problem(sardine makeral) 50 if your fishing #130+ (skippies man bait)
  258. migelito

    Homemade Line Winder.

    Nice job... How are you controling the drill speed? Here is a tip for tapping the holes is after drilling. Leave the material still in the drill press, UNPLUG PRILL PRESS, chuck up the tap in drill press, now bring the tap down the the work slowly turn the chuck by hand while bringing down...
  259. migelito

    Which boat to cortez?

    The freedom used to do Cortez trips around oct/nov. The ones I used to go on were charters. I would start calling the landings and ask if anything is scheduled.
  260. migelito

    Which boat to cortez?

    Probably going to depend on the weather. Ive been on a couple trips that were booked as cortez trips but ended up fishing the islands
  261. migelito

    Owner Hooks - which style is best?

    Don't discount the mustad hoodlums 5/0 and up. For your 16 day trip. They are very good hooks.
  262. migelito

    Shimano Flatfall Jigs

    When they start showing back up in stores. Let's see if shimano raises their free fall jig prices or keep them the same.
  263. migelito

    Mak for 60#

    You didn't really give an explanation of what your intended use will be. I would go with the mak10 or 15. If you plan on going full spectra to short leader go with the 10. Longer topshot I'd lean toward the 15. If you really feel you need capacity then go 16. With that being said I will probably...
  264. migelito

    Owner Hooks - which style is best?

    The OP asked for opinions on owner hooks for a 16day. I would like to know how often cows are caught on 94150's I use both the gorilla and offshore hooks for my long range trips. In my opinion the rings on the offshore's from owner are too small so I dont even bother getting the ringed ones...
  265. migelito

    tuna cord grip

    I've looked for it online, but haven't had any luck. I even took one of my rods down to acidrods to see if they had it. The lady there said they didnt carry anything like it and it looks like paracord. Thats why when I saw it here I asked. I searched using the description posted also. So if...
  266. migelito

    tuna cord grip

    Can I ask where you got the flat cord from? Some of my rail rods have that same cord on the forgrip. I would like to get some to put on some of the others Thanks Mike
  267. migelito

    All Coast Website???

    Allcoast was my first internet fishing site. Now she is like that ex I only call on her late at night during that time of the month when BD is doing maintenance.
  268. migelito

    Tuna Blood 0 Housewife juice 1

    There you go...I knew sooner or later someone was going to mention the Lewinski stain
  269. migelito

    WTT: 22lr for flat fall

    Bump 2 jigs for one brick
  270. migelito

    What line???

    I hope you did not pay saltiga money for that real because that one is a saltist... If you're going straight mono 20 or 25 with spectra 30 and maybe 40. I just picked up a lw30h for the kid to jig with, spectra to short 30 flouro
  271. migelito

    Which rod should I use from my collection

    what do you guys think about the pdh760x2h for popping is the tip stiff enough?
  272. migelito

    Tuna Blood 0 Housewife juice 1

    Wait for it...............
  273. migelito

    Tuna Blood 0 Housewife juice 1

    Wait for it.....
  274. migelito

    Custom Black Steel 6463 XXXX

    Black Steel 6463xxxx all roller. Rail rod cold skrink forgrip built just under 6'8'' Pm for pictures $225pending
  275. migelito

    Sport Boat Loses all your Fish? What do I do

    I would have taken care of it right then and there. Let the person who was handing out the fish know you wanted to speak to the captain. Did you pay to have your fish filet? Right there they should know how many and what you had . Sounds like one of your new friends made off with your catch or...
  276. migelito

    New Andros Vs.Makaira SEA

    $360 shipped. Gold with sea upgrades filled with 65# white izor ??????
  277. migelito

    What is your favorite 50lb mono?

    Have you tried different knots? If so are you having the same problem?
  278. migelito

    Spinning reel advice

    Check this site out. I have been looking into spinners the last few weeks after purchacing a 50/60# spinning rod by accident. I figured I would give it a try I ordered the Lethal 100 from pelagic should be here friday. I go down the 57 in the evenings(not too far from Y.L.). If you want to...
  279. migelito

    BFT on iron - Flat-Fall, other flutter jigs?

    what mfg and size of poppers thanks
  280. migelito

    WTT: 22lr for flat fall

    I had some extra 22lr and would of liked to trade for some flatfall jigs. I can let go of none of these bricks for 0 flat falls. Pm me what you have to trade size and color. Sorry no shipping Only one of these bricks....not all 3 NO LONGER AVAILABLE...sorry guys you had your chance
  281. migelito

    Flat fall jigs

    What is the difference between the flat fall and the flat side jigs?
  282. migelito

    8-22 Deja Vu at the 302 YFT limits for 3

    Here are a couple of links.
  283. migelito

    using owners flyliner hooks

    After you take the first one out untangling the the rest is a pain. I was given some similar for fresh water and I ended up cutting the hooks off to tie my own as needed
  284. migelito

    Where to buy TSI 301?

    How long does the TSI last after service if it just sits in your reel bag? Does the oil dissapate?
  285. migelito

    Help me choose a reel

    X2 on the JX over the LX
  286. migelito

    sizing braid to mono/fluoro

    If your going to use it for mostly 20/30# go 50# spectra. Mostly 40# go 60/65# spectra. If capacity is an issue go 50# spectra.
  287. migelito

    Can a JX Raptor 2 spd stop a 150 lb class ahi?

    Michel on the Indy caught a 150#er one night while jigging up skippies for chunks using a JX raptor I would say it all depends on the fish. Hook up to a mean sob with a lot of line already out the odds are against you. Close to the boat you have a better chance Go with the HX raptor plenty of...
  288. migelito

    JB hollow

    Savon tackle. Wherever you go I would call first. Im sure a lot of the tackle stores are selling more than usual with the current fishing conditions.
  289. migelito

    Where did the bluefin go! ????

    They have been mixed in the yellowfin. I picked up a couple on Tues. straight spectra to 6-10', 30# premier, 1/0 or 2/0 owner offshore hook, 1/2 oz weight and most importantly a lively sardine. The week before I cought 2 more on pretty much the same set up. I'll admit I did fish most of the day...
  290. migelito

    tackle tips

    Take some 1 and 2 oz torpedoes maybe even some 3's. Use thin rubberbands to atttatch to your line about 4-5' up. With this set up the weight will fall of if hooked up or you can change or remove quickly if needed. The birds were soo bad tues. I would drop right over the side with a 1oz slider by...
  291. migelito

    Searcher 6-28 7-2 trip report

    You and Gary look like twins with your phenix shirts and mirrored
  292. migelito

    Seeker Rod Suggestions for Makaira 16 SEa

    If your looking for a 60# rod. The new Wahoodad(OSP) 1x3 are 100# rods. The standard 1x3 is more of an 80# rod. This might better for you. The calstar 770xh or h are other good options.
  293. migelito

    WTB Xtratuf Boots Size 9

    I usually go a size bigger because I like to add some comfortable inserts
  294. migelito

    1 day offshore gear?

    If you carry needle nose or dikes reach under the gill plate and pull out or cut a gill or two. It helps them bleed out and only takes a few seconds.
  295. migelito

    Got one - WTB Jig Bag

    I like your jig box. Its always more rewarding to use something you made yourself. I am going to steal your idea. Hopefully I can find some clear tubing so I can tell the jigs apart easier. The idea of keeping your weights in there also is really going to free up some space in my WFO tackle bag
  296. migelito

    9 rigs for a 5 day too many?

    You'll be fine. I dont see a troller in there sure you dont want to make it 10
  297. migelito

    Topshot Question

    I haven't used Basils windons. Do they have the little curl also? If not then ask him if he doesnt mind sharing his technique to prevent the curl. If you do find out please pass it along
  298. migelito

    Topshot Question

    You probably don't need a 3" serve. I usually only serve about 1.5" for 100# up. For light line you can prob get away with 1/2-1". I've tried the nail nub but After testing I feel more confident with the serve. I say do what you can consistantly replicate and feel confident in.
  299. migelito

    Avet SX for anchovies

    Your power pro could be the problem also. It can get sticky. you might not notice it on the first few yards of your spool but as you get a little further down you will see the line doesnt come of the reel as smooth. It wont come off the top of the spool but will come loose at around 90deg
  300. migelito

    Still In Love With The Tuna Pens?

    Then somene should start sardine pens. Can you imagine how good the fishing around those would be.
  301. migelito

    MK-50 SEa Conversion for MK-50 Owners

    How much for just the 1:1 swap?
  302. migelito

    PQ 2 DAY SET UPS - OK?

    With high speed single star reels you need to let to rod do its job...short strokes....lift wind lift wind Spectra is only a problem if people won't follow their bait or keep sliding over
  303. migelito

    Are the Bluefin mixed with the Yellowfin/Yellowtail?

    I went out on Mon. the first stop of the day was bft and yft (47)mixed together 15-20lbers. The day before the boat caught an 80pounder. I would start with good 30# outfit and go up or down depending on the bite. You might not have a choice and have to fish light line because your bait is so...
  304. migelito

    Bob and Jamie's very preliminary Tac Glue testing

    Tell that to the caps of all my squeeze bottles of CA glue
  305. migelito

    3/4 tackle recommendation

    4s and 2s if they have anchovies 2/0 and 4/0 for the sardines or maks. Some might say 3/0&5/0 but I tend to fish smaller hooks. 20 or 25# for smaller bait 30/40 for bigger
  306. migelito

    Makaira Handle Replacement

    Have you thought about the Mak 50 handle? The 10 and 15 SEa models have the original 20 handle and the 20SEa went up to the 50 size handle.
  307. migelito

    Launching yak in NPH?

    The spot on Balboa blvd right after M st should work for you. Check it out on google maps. It puts you right inbetween where you want to be
  308. migelito

    Launching yak in NPH?

    What part of NPH are you wanting to fish? About 1/8mi before you get to the jetty if you want to fish the mouth. Same place they launch the rental kayaks. If you want to fish further back. Usually next to the blue public docks there is a good spot to launch a kayak
  309. migelito

    Please keep eye out for stolen gear!

    I am not a shimano guy so I dont know if they have them, but all makairas have serial numbers. I hope you wrote this down or took pictures. Give okuma a call maybe they keep some sort of record so in the future. If someone ever tries to get it serviced you might get it back. I know the thief...
  310. migelito

    Sick and tired of bad sellers and buyers

    It would be nice to have some sort of feedback feature on BD. I now know what to expect when dealing with a lot of the craigslist losers. I just dont expect to deal with that kind of behavior here. Some people just get weird when comes to selling, either they are hard up for cash or just have no...
  311. migelito

    plunker rig ?

    I've mostly used it on the slide with a 1oz chrome torpedo and 3ft flouro leader. Sometimes during a slow bite if they are holding deeper. 1/2 to 1oz. This is with anchovies. Never really used it with sardines.
  312. migelito

    Question....on paint ball CO2 tanks..(maybe a dumb question) :)

    A good tip is. Keep them out of the sun for long periods of time. I sure you know that heat causes the CO2 to expand. A long day on a hot boat or in the back of your suv can test the burst disc of a full tank
  313. migelito

    Question....on paint ball CO2 tanks..(maybe a dumb question) :)

    If they are the smaller 9oz or less aluminum tanks they dont need to be hydro tested. Unless you know some one that has a hookup. A paintball shop is going to be aroud $20 because they are just the middle man. A dive shop might be cheaper. You are right though it might just be cheaper to buy new...
  314. migelito

    Question....on paint ball CO2 tanks..(maybe a dumb question) :)

    What size are the paintball tanks? Here is a reference to see if hydro testing is needed.
  315. migelito

    MAKAIRA 20 SEA II brand new

    Since you didnt post a price. I will offer you $375
  316. migelito

    Advice on 100lb reel

    From what your asking (100 possibly going to 130) the Mak20Sea is the reel for you. Your also saying that this might be your only 15 day trip. If your not going to bump up to the 130, then the HXW Raptor or 16SEa might be other good alternatives because you would get more use on your shorter...
  317. migelito

    Spectra Adhesive

    Sounds simple and almost fool proof. Did you test it on anything other then the JB? Like segaur threadlock. Also what does the point where the flouro goes into the spectra look like? Normal superglue tends to wick up creating a nub there. thanks
  318. migelito

    Spectra Adhesive

    Is this the same stuff I have seen at the gun shows? I thought about picking some up and trying it over serves. Looks like you guys have already done the testing and taken it to the next level with the short insertions...
  319. migelito

    Recommendations on an 80lb rod to pair with MAK16

    You will not be disapointed with the mak16sea for 80# the makaira drags are amazingly smooth. The hx raptor is another good choice. It has taller gearing so its something you have to decide what better suits your needs. Personally for the type of fishing you described I would lean toward the mak.
  320. migelito

    Recommendations on an 80lb rod to pair with MAK16

    All 3 are great suggestions, with the 770xxh being more of a 100# rod. Do you already have the 20sea? If not the 16sea might be a better option for 80# Look at the 1x3 Wahoodad also
  321. migelito

    Old School Penn Intl's

    I am curious to know how big this little fishy was that spooled your penn 50sw. Where you running straight mono or did you just not have enough drag to stop the little fishy? I'm sure bob sands will do a fine job of servicing your reel but it sounds like a visit to cals will lessen the liklyhood...
  322. migelito

    Splitting costs

    I would say 50/50 and if I was the buddy I wouldnt have a problem with splitting it 50/50 Ask yourself....If your buddy asked if he could bring his son or grandson along would you want to split it 3 ways? in the end your boat your rules
  323. migelito

    Replacing original sx,mxl mounting screws with Allen Screws?

    I believe they are 8-24 or 8-32 screws. Im sure you know to get the stainless. My mistake they are 10-24 7/8" long
  324. migelito

    Big Bear Shoreline Tips

    Sometimes you have to experiment with a longer leader when the grass gets long
  325. migelito

    To do or not to do...... what is the consensus?

    Check with the crew. I like the ball bearing swivels. Fish it opposite the boatline. Sometimes you have to do something different, if the crew is ok with and I'm putting a rapala out I always use a 16oz torpedo. It helps to track straighter and lower so it wont tanlge the feathers.
  326. migelito

    Should I trade it?

    If your worried about capacity I would move up to the HX before the LX. most will say the HX is overkill but I personally dont like the width of the LX. For me it was a little to wobbly
  327. migelito

    Thieves on long range boats?

    If it was a substantial amount I would have demanded the captain contact the police dept to be there at the landing when we got back it or he could have called them himself as soon as he had cell reception and asked what was his best cource of action. Maybe call the landing and explain it to...
  328. migelito

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    Sav-0n Tackle in Santa Fe Springs. Been going there over 40 years. Your one stop shopping center for just about any kind of fishing you want. Rod and reel repair, large selection of gear to put your hands on and get an actual feel and size comparison. They give back to their customers in...
  329. migelito

    Newport Landing 1/2day go down to where it says How do I replace a lost or destroyed fishing license? UPDATED Hopefully this will end this discussion Its not up to Newport landing or any other landings responsibility to hand out free replacments
  330. migelito

    Cow fishin the Pacific east coast style

    The only problem with using the chafing tool out here is that you have 20+ other anglers with line in the water. Someone else's spectra gets cought up and that would end badly. The best time for us to use it would be at color when you can see whats going on, button down the drag and hope it...
  331. migelito

    Super seeker

    when did google start selling rod blanks???
  332. migelito

    chovie Rod

    My go to rod for 20/25 is the seeker BS 270H-8. Its light and easy to fish all day. Been using it for around 10+ years. Lots of yellows and some albies when they were around. I cant imagine going on a 1/2 to 5 day trip without it. I've never fished 30 on though.
  333. migelito

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    Its surprising Jeff would leave early for yellowtail. He is a big fish hunter.
  334. migelito

    For Sale: Okuma Makaira 10II - Gold

    Price seems fair to me. JC is a good seller and buyer. Takes care of his eqiupment. I still dont know why people feel the need to qoute prices on someones tread. Send a pm with a suggestion or offer. Your not doing anyone any favors like you might think.
  335. migelito

    JL and Min

    Larry and John H. in there too
  336. migelito

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    Learn how to manage your ballon. Whatch the guys that are doing it right and the ones who just dont have a clue. Timeing when you deploy your balloon is just as important as when you bring it in. Also what side of the boat to let it out can depend on the wind. Just like tangles with flyling will...
  337. migelito

    Looking for "THE" Spots

    Here are a couple more links, a lot of overlapping spots but with a little more info
  338. migelito

    what rod for a avet raptor hx?

    How are you spooling it up? Ive seen guys fish 100# on the hw raptor. I am going to put my hxw raptor on a 770xxh this year 50# 700h 60-80# 700xh calstar or phenix 80# PHD700xxx or 1x3 or 770xh 100# whatever you favorite 100 rod is I'm going with the 770xx, a 775 xx would be a something to...
  339. migelito

    WTB Tuna Starter Set 3 rods and 3 reels - South Bay, CA Check these out for stater reels, the rods...meh...but for those prices 545 can be used for 30, 40 maybe even 50. The 535 15-30# no prob. 555 was too wide for my liking. I've used all the GS series reels and never had a problem with them.
  340. migelito

    Indy Staterooms

    In stateroom A not everyone realizes it , but the steps to get up to the bed lift up so you can store stuff in there. B and C are kind of a pain because you have to step over your room mate to get to top bunk. I believe B has a little more room than C also.
  341. migelito

    Rod holder/carrier, wasn't sure where to post

    Looks good, have you thought about countersinking the screws?
  342. migelito

    Washing braid

    I would remove the tape.
  343. migelito

    FS old line winder project

    I did a search even though I knew it wasnt a variable speed motor. You wouldnt want to sell someone something that wasnt as decsribed scroll down to Q&A Answer by ThomasP Additional information about ThomasP could not be loaded...
  344. migelito

    Long Beach Bait ???

    What time does cabrillo usually open. I want to try and go out on a friday, but dont want to go too early if I cant get bait...thanks
  345. migelito

    Childrens Passports.....

    Not sure if this is one of the ones you mentioned, but dont forget this form also. If you havent already gotten it...
  346. migelito

    Favorite 100lb reel?

    Which rod(s) do you mount your HXW raptors on? Ive used a PHD 700 x3h for a couple seasons on my HXW raptor but this year I think I'll put it on a calstar 770 XXh for more lift. I think the 700x4h might be too much for #100
  347. migelito

    Recommend a Charter/Party Boat in the LA area?

    The pursuit has some good and bad points. I am not a fan of their number systen since I cant remember the last time I was on and they rotated. But if your in a small group get your numbers together, now you have your own portion of the rail. They also have bunks....if you get on early and put...
  348. migelito

    Solid or Hollow???

    I am curious to know what testing was done to determine which spectra floats or sinks more, which one creates more drag, or even which casts better. Do all of these conclusions come from real experiences or assumtions. All of my reels with 80# and up are filled with hollow so I personally cant...
  349. migelito

    Shoulder reel strap

    When I go loong I replace my dufflebag strap with one of these. Makes the loaded duffle more comfortable and its there if needed
  350. migelito

    My DIY Electric Line Winder

    That drill is low speed and variable. Notice the round knob on the trigger this acts as a stop. So you can adjust how far back the trigger goes. This will prevent you from going too fast. See what i can do on the reel seat pic
  351. migelito

    My DIY Electric Line Winder

    Ive been working on my line winder for a few years trying to improve every year. I'm sure I'll make more improvments as needed but for now I'm pretty cofident I can and do SAFELY spool up several 50's down to 525mags every year. For the reel attatchment you are going to need something you can...
  352. migelito

    Versatile BaitCasting Reel

    Not sure if you really dont know or your just trying to be smart. It doesnt change the gearing. The longer power handle gives you more torque making it easier to wind. Kinda like using a cheater bar but to a lesser extent. The shorter paddle handle lets you wind a little faster because it takes...
  353. migelito

    Need advise on spectra for Mak SEA 20

    If the only reason you dont want to use the hollow is because you've never messed with it. I'd say its a good time to learn. What part of IE are you in? If interested in learning I could give you a hand. PM me Tackle shop will do it but I have seeen some charge $10+ for a connection.
  354. migelito

    Help needed understanding...

    Try leveling the 30# (8# dia.)spectra back onto your reel with 20# of drag. Can you say filet-o-fingers
  355. migelito

    Penn 965 handle

    I used a handle from a gs545 on my 975. Not sure if the 965 handle is the same as the 975. If so another option is a diawa sl-sh handle. A lot of guys switched to the more comfortable diawa handle
  356. migelito

    Advise on DIY Electric Fishing Line Winder

    My first attempt was with a sewing machine pedal. They just cant handle the amps. Now I use one I purchased from grainger Motor speed control 6A 125VAC. The drill plugs right into it.
  357. migelito

    Advise on DIY Electric Fishing Line Winder

    High torque low speed drill motor. I found a reasonable one at harbor freight. It has an adjustment on the trigger that restricts max speed. This gives you more control for winding higher test spectra.
  358. migelito

    avet hx raptor

    No problem for the HX raptor. I've seen 150-200lb yft cought on that reel.
  359. migelito

    Are there any lobsters in newport bay?

    I caught this nice one last season Inside newport harbor...what do you think about .
  360. migelito

    Fishin for kids in newport harbor?

    The one thing you will reliably catch there is the inconsiderate boater. I've been tempted to donate a spool of old specta to their outdrive...but I dont Kidding aside...I taught my nephew's how to fish on that dock. Like pete said bring some squid to fish with and tip the smallest sabiki you...
  361. migelito


    What test and how much are you looking for? I might have some I could sell reasonably. Pm me your number if interested and Ill see what I have.
  362. migelito

    Cow reel

    Another vote for the 20SEa. I have 2-20's for 100# that I dont hesitate to put 130# if needed. You cant beat their customer service either. My next cow reel will be a 30SEa of another mak 50
  363. migelito

    tools for Ex Pro 30s and 50s ???

    Base: 9/64 Side to frame: 7/64 Shifter: 3/32 Lever and drag: 5/64 Make sure you get quality bits. You wouldnt want a stripped socket head.
  364. migelito

    TLD 30II Tib. frame

    Tld 30 with tuburon frame and enhanced drag plate. $225 Mike SOLD thanks Lowel
  365. migelito

    HX Raptor vs Mak15II vx Penn 12VSX, or...?

    On your way down check out sav-on-tackle in santa fe springs. Its not too far off the 5 frw and they always have a great selection of reels to fondle
  366. migelito

    Carl & Sue's Surf Perch Only Tournament in San Quintin

    Hello Carl and Sue. Its been a long time since Ive fished with you two. Looks like Baja its treating you well. Mike
  367. migelito

    1 1/2 or 2 day trip

    A lot of good reasoning here for the 1.5 day trips over the 2 day trip...But I would say If you dont get out that often go for the longer trip. More time on the water gives you more opportunity. Ive always liked waking up in the wee hours to try and get some early morning action. Also some boats...
  368. migelito

    Rod for Avet EXW 30

    again X2 2X4
  369. migelito

    Rod for Avet EX 50

  370. migelito

    Which Makira

    I would go with the another 50 and either a 20 or 30 leaning towards to 30, depending on how you plan on fishing it. Fishing big baits for BIG fish you will want the capacity and cranking power of the 50 Short top shop go with the 20 longer wind on go 30 Personally for long range I would wait...
  371. migelito

    parking or driving in Cabo

    Thanks for all the great info.
  372. migelito

    .223/Ammo for sale 100 rds

    Ill start the bidding at $25 delivered
  373. migelito

    parking or driving in Cabo

    I am heading to San Jose del Cabo next week and wanted to rent a car. What is the parking like down there. I am staying in SanJose but do plan on taking a few trips into Cabo and maybe do some exploring. Thanks Mike
  374. migelito

    150 rounds of Federal 9MM ammo for sale
  375. migelito

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Primers. Lg rifle magnum and sm pistol at big 5 san dimas $46/1000 They had a box of shotgun primers as well
  376. migelito

    Fishing a overnighter!

    Ive had good experiences and bad ones. Its been at least 4 years since Ive been back on the El Dorado. The Liberty is another overnight boat out of berth 55 I wont go out on again. Last time I was there (2 years ago)I put 2 spots on my credit card. for the prepaid discount. When I check in they...
  377. migelito

    SOLD 1/4 x 35' hose reel

    bump $75 ea
  378. migelito

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Yesterday. Bullet barn in Montclair had some cci sv for $4.95 a box limit 10. There were probably 10-15 bricks left. Give then a call you never know. I saw them putting a name on one of the bricks looks like they might hold for you.
  379. migelito

    Reel Service

    Ive been down to the Ontario facility about 8 times over the last 2 years for service or upgrades. They have always been a pleasure to deal with.
  380. migelito

    Sheridan Blue Streak air rifle

    Im not sure what the difference in rifleing is between the two of them. Ive done a little research, but didnt have any luck.
  381. migelito

    Silverwood Lake 5/28 report

    Ive been wanting to get up to Silverwood for quite a while now and try my luck at some stripers. We started out at the spillway using cut anchovies and night crawlers. Both worked pretty good with the nod going to the chovies. My main set up for this was 8lb green trilene one or two split shots...
  382. migelito

    Sheridan Blue Streak air rifle

    Huntndogs...sorry to hijack your tread, mayee the extra info will help someone pull the trigger on your air rifle. If you plan on coming up toward the LA SGV area ny time soon let me know Id might be interested. Gonzo...I usually pump it 8-12 times depending what I am shooting at. Less if its...
  383. migelito

    Sheridan Blue Streak air rifle

    Yes its stock..the numbers are inflated using light pellets. I cant remember for sure but i think it was only ratetd at 1000-1100fps RWS model 45 diana.177. With a hunting weight pellet it only went 650 over the chrono. The steriod valved sheridan with a heavy .20 went 850 at the shop that did...
  384. migelito

    Sheridan Blue Streak air rifle

    Whoever the fortunate person who gets this...There is a place in Gardena called mac1. They put what they call a steroid valve in these. Simply amazing. You'll be able to pump it 14 times, but you wont need to. I stopped using my springer(RWS model45) after getting this done
  385. migelito

    stopped by the ol' pawn shop today

    Where did you say this pawn shop was?
  386. migelito

    SOLD 1/4 x 35' hose reel

  387. migelito

    Fish SJD or Cabo?

    I'll be heading down to SJD the same time frame. Hopefully I'll get to fish at least one of the days. I'm thinking of going out of SJD this time maybe even taking a panga out of Palmillo There is a nice little swim beach there. If anyone knows of a good place in SJD to take your catch to be...
  388. migelito

    Stripped hole

    heli coil if there is enough room. A kit is going to cost around $30. I'm not very familiar with the torium reels, but couldnt you use one of those trinidad clamps?
  389. migelito

    Indy 16 Day: "Away we go"!

    Hey Ed are you guys giving those phenix prototypes and kind of workout?
  390. migelito

    Indy 16 Day: "Away we go"!

    Hey Ed dont let any of those 250lbers get away this time...I'm going to tell Rodger to only let you fish with 130 and take away all your 60# outfits..Good luck
  391. migelito

    drag setting!!!!!

    Most good scales will have an indicator of some sort to tell you at what point the drag started to slip. some say put a bend in the rod to test accurate drag setting some say straight pull.
  392. migelito

    Help choosing blanks for 15 day

    You have a good point there. I was going to put it in perenthasis that the (PHD700x3h would be on the lighter side of a 100# rod) but since its going on the ex30 your probably not going to get more then 35# of drag unless its been sent to Cal and with its 2.0 gearing and lack of line capacity...
  393. migelito

    ATD50 or Mak30

    For the next 5 years take or send your Maks back to the distributor and they will service them for free. I'm not sure how many times a year they will do this for each reel. but add the cost of once a year for five years to each reel and see how much of a better deal they are From my...
  394. migelito

    Help choosing blanks for 15 day

    SDS 130/150# ss63xxxx or 770xxx maybe a 770xxxx(havent tried this rod yet) mak 20 short 130# flouro 770xxx or PHD700X4H (if it isnt the SEa model send it in for the upgrade) avet 30w 50-100yds 100#mono 770xx or 2x4 or ss63xxx avet 30 short 100# flouro 770xx or 2x4 or PHD700x3h at 5'8" 180...
  395. migelito

    ATD50 or Mak30

    IMO..the 770XXH is more of a 100# rod. Yeah you will probably be fine with it. But if you want to bump that drag up in the 130# you might want another X or two So with that rod the Mak 30 or 20 might be better suited
  396. migelito

    Anyone looking for a new TLD 30A II

    There is a Sport Chalet near me that has one that looks to be 50% off. They mark their 50% off stuff ending in .x3 This reel is in the case and marked with a .x3 at the end. PM me for more info. I had a friend recently ask if they could take any more off of one at a different Sport Chalet and...
  397. migelito

    so who uses gloves?

    I was doing the vet wrap thing for years and still do depending on the trip. The wifes brother worked for 3M a while back so she had a few cases of it when I met her. I'd take a razor and cut up a couple of different widths. Only problem if on a long fight the wraps either work their way loose...
  398. migelito

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    With most boats having WiFi now. Id pick up an Ipod(touch) or depending on your phone you can download an app called pandora or slacker. With this you can choose the type of music or variation of music put on shuffle mode and it will stream the music through the device. No need to download a ton...
  399. migelito

    FYI..BD 3/4 day Mission Belle charter 4/7

    Yesterday the Mexican Navy stopped the three San Diego boats that were out there. They made everyone put on life preservers. Who knows if this is going to be a regular thing or just their idea of a late April fools joke. Those things were very uncomfortable to fish with. Luckily it wasnt too...
  400. migelito

    Help selecting a hollow core line

    X3....Thats how I spool up both of my Mak-20s Dont think of the 20 as a finess outfit I use them most of time during the day unless I am fishing big baits. Though I can think of one reason to have more 130# spooled over 100#. That would be at Clarion where the Boobies are blind and seem to run...
  401. migelito

    what makaira do you have, and hows it rigged.

    Mak 10II w/SEa upgrades, izor 65# 40-50# short flouro leader 700H,or short 60# gusa predetor Mak 20II w/SEa upgrades, 100 JBH to 50yds 130JBH, 100# short flouro leader, 2x4 or 770XXH Mak 20II SEa, 100#JBH 50yds 130# JBH, 130 short premier leader, Phenix 700X4H Mak 50II, 100#JBH-50yds...
  402. migelito


    Performance tackle in Los Alamitos carries it.
  403. migelito

    Which Okumas to get???

    Hello Jerry...Hows your back doing? Choosing a rod for those reels is a little harder then just picking one in the line class range. A lot of the rods mentioned will get the job done. Some put a big hurt on the fish others can put a big hurt on you. Your style or technique is going to determine...
  404. migelito

    For those who use 30 size or smaller reels for cow....

    hey was a compliment to fishy. Catching a super on small reel is a big feat. After picking up the Mak16 at the FHS I'd say it compares more to a narrow atd30 if they made one...that was a lot of tuna on that small of a reel....I guess its like you said we all take things the wrong way
  405. migelito

    For those who use 30 size or smaller reels for cow....

    I guess it works both way doesnt it....I was just stating an opinion about carrying around a 50 all day for several days..when the woofing started. Besides I dont remember woofing about you..your the MAN who can catch super cows on a mak16. So all this 30 or 50 talk is mute for you.:appl:
  406. migelito

    For those who use 30 size or smaller reels for cow....

    So I take it your that guy that stands there with his feet planted in the same spot resting your rod on the rail all day. With your thumb on the spool and your other hand stripping line off watching the coils disapear into the ocean. Then grumbles when someone wants to get around you or points...
  407. migelito

    For those who use 30 size or smaller reels for cow....

    I think if I fished a 50/50w and a SS4x the entire trip I probably wouldnt spent as much time at the rail. Maybe some of the big guys who fish 40-50# of drag can lug it around for 5-7 days not me though. Then again it probably depends on the trip. Last year we spent more time fishing the...
  408. migelito

    Best Cow Reel

    If your fishing Clarion with sardines then I would go with the Mak20Sea short 25'- 100# flouro or even 130# in the dark or early morning. Different location+different bait=different answer
  409. migelito

    Need a little info about Makira 20SEa and 30SEa

    The Mk20/30 spool diameter is noticably larger than some on the other 30 class reels out there with 1.7 gearing. Your not really loosing much on the in.per crank with the lower 1.3 gearing. On the longer hard fought battles you'll appreciate the ease of cranking ability of the MK with 1.3...
  410. migelito

    30 size two speed low gear conversion

    I fished the Mak 20 last year with the 1.7 gearing. I took it in for the SEA upgrades this year (1.3 gearing 50size handle open bearings)...what an improvement to an already great reel. I'm definatly glad I had it done that and the new 20sea were my go to 100/130# outfits during the day at...
  411. migelito

    Shimano TLD 30II with tiburon frame/ avet lx

    tld30II tib frame, drag plate-$240 avet LX 6/3 3/4 full of spectra has posts but no clamp-sold both tld's are in exellent condition the lx has some signs of boat rash Mike
  412. migelito

    Suggestions For Makaira Special Color Run

    another vote for the cedros blue black or silver would be a nice color options also
  413. migelito

    Must have item

    bring a long an ipod and headphones or download some music or games on your smart phone. blue cheese dressing..I'm not a fan of vinegar based dressings Antacid
  414. migelito

    how do you wash spectra?

    If your using an old spool with holes drilled into the arbor. Depending on the spool you can adapt and outdrive flusher (rabbit ears, flushing muffs) to the sides and push the salt outwards. You can even add a mixer of some sort to push a diluted salt away or mild soap
  415. migelito

    drag setting

    You need to be able to lift your rod over the other anglers when following your fish. You can set your drag to your desired setting just before strike. Then bump it up when your in an up and down fight and back it down if you have to run up and down the rail.
  416. migelito

    To many Haters...

  417. migelito

    heavy drag for a deckhand style rod

    Thanks Garry..Thats the answer I was looking for. I picked up a 1x3 built with cord and a piece of heavy shrink tubing , for less than the cost of the blank. I wanted to pair it with a hx/hxj raptor or similar for a heavy wahoo jig setup, but if Mr tuna comes along I want feel confident that I...
  418. migelito

    heavy drag for a deckhand style rod

    What do you guys think the heaviest drag setting could be put on a heckhand style rod? Would 20-25# be too much? Has anyone gone higher? thanks Mike
  419. migelito

    Selling tuna?

    Dont forget this also 6. Finally, in order for you to sell any fish to the public that you legally catch under your commercial license, you must also have a fish retail license
  420. migelito


    Whats the deal here? He or she had the prices and pictures of these up the first day somewhere in the $150 range. 1x3 2x4 and 3x4s blanks. I see this on craigslist where someone post something gets a lot of offers then raises the prices....hopfully I'm wrong
  421. migelito

    Inside Sportfishing Hoopin DVD

    I'd like to get in line after Joe (captain Morgan) Mike
  422. migelito

    Hot tip on fishing for wahoo with iron

    X2 on the pics Im guessing the flouro is for less or no stretch.
  423. migelito

    Need a new cow reel

    What rods are you using with that high of a drag setting? Are they bottoming out?
  424. migelito

    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    match your HXW raptor to a phenix 700x3h or x4h
  425. migelito

    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    X3... Jeff wants cows and lots of them
  426. migelito

    seeker ctsf 63 XXXX

    Its more of a 130# rod. Plenty of backbone. You can pulll hard. Check out the post in the longrange forum ( looking for another cow rod) I'm looking for a xxxh or similar
  427. migelito

    seeker ctsf 63 XXXX

    <TABLE id=alternatecolor class=altrowstable width=374><TBODY><TR class=evenrowcolor><TD>G 6463XXXXH-6 1/4&#8242; AR / WO</TD><TD>CTSF63XXXXH</TD><TD>6 1/4&#8242;</TD><TD>80 (100) 150</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>you should be able to fit an 80w on this rod I have another one and fish 130# or 150#
  428. migelito

    seeker ctsf 63 XXXX

    For sale $160...seeker CSTF 63 XXXXH all roller purple with white wrap. Trades....looking for similar length 100# stick 6.5-7' This rod would be great for someone building up their long range arsenal on a budget price without comprimising quality Mike PM or text me 760-217-4717 SOLD...thanks Jay
  429. migelito

    Custom Viper 1087

    Nice meeting you Jimmy. Cant wait to use the rod. Mike
  430. migelito

    Looking for another cow stick

    For 100# I like the 770xxh. put a nice big bend in it and watch it slowly lift up with those little bounces from the tail beat Id was concidering getting a 770xxxh this year. does anyone know Is ther a big difference between the xxh and xxxh that would make it more of a 130# rod then a hard...
  431. migelito

    Balloon Bobber

    A good time to use a ballon is when they are getting bit on the kite. Because thats means they are bitting on the surface. When fishing the on the anchor. Its best to wait to deploy your ballon once the boat has completly swung to one side and is starting to head back in the other direction.
  432. migelito

    Okuma - Great service!

    Monday I took my Mak20 in for the upgrades and a Mak50 for service. Dropped them off personally since I'm only 25 min from them. I talked to Ron(whom I'd actually met at the LB FHS) he said they would be ready by Friday. Wed afternoon Ron called to say they were ready and I could pick them up...
  433. migelito

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    An AED wont give you a shock if you dont need it. Sensors will know if the person is just passed out or if thier heart is beating irregular. The kind my co. Keeps on hand give you voice commands every step of the way. The aed company that supplies them also offers training. They are allmost...
  434. migelito

    possible new Avet warranty, thoughts?

    Would the warranty be transferable?
  435. migelito

    Getting Ansy should I swap my trip

    Not sure but if its only $100 less for the shorter trip. Sounds like the pasengers are paying for part of the givaways. I could be wrong though.
  436. migelito

    big bear trout fishing.

    Try the pier at boulder bay. Get there early. The grass can grow long so vary your leader from 2' to 5'.
  437. migelito

    sabre 670-L

    Thanks for the help. Looks like it will make a good 25-30# bait rod. Mike
  438. migelito

    sabre 670-L

    I picked up a sabre 670-L blank at a garage sale last week. I did a little research and couldnt find the line rating for the L model. Can anyone help with the line rating? Thanks
  439. migelito

    Is there a light weight cow reel out there?

    What boat will you be on? The Indy will lend you some cow reels just pay for the top shot. I think they even have some raptors to loan.
  440. migelito

    Is there a light weight cow reel out there?

    X2 on the hxw raptor or mak20 I wouldnt consider the mak 20II a smaller reel. Its bigger than a standard ex/30 in width and diameter. Cant wait to send mine in for the SE upgrade The 30sw is pretty wide and heavy and on a 7' rod your going to have a lot of wobble
  441. migelito


    I'm sure it depends on what needs to be replaced. But what is the basic charge per reel.
  442. migelito

    penn 525mag

    If you planned on using straight 30 the 525mag would on the small side. Great little reel though I have the reg 525 and the mag. I fish up to 25# with spectra backing
  443. migelito

    HX 2sp raptor for tuna ?

    Have you thought about the hxw. It has more capacity than the 30 and still lighter. Match it with a PHD 700 3x now you have a super light setup
  444. migelito

    seeker black steel tuna rods

    Both sold thanks John and Frank
  445. migelito

    NIB minn kota 315 charger

    SOLD..Thanks ryan
  446. migelito

    130# on a 30???

    Personaly for 100# I'd stay with the 770XXH. Your hook might not have been hooked in an ideal spot. I cought a few 150+ models last year with a 30EXW/770XXH combo.I really like the bend with plenty of lifting power. I almost went with the 770XH for 100# but glad I didnt. This year I'm going to...
  447. migelito

    What is your favorite baits for fishing trout?

    power mice and berkley pinched crawlers 2# line leader length will vary
  448. migelito

    Makaira handle?

    I have a makaira 20 and cought a few YFT on it. I like everything but the length of the handles shoulder. It is too short. You have to keep your thumb tucked. I havent fished with the makaira 50 but the handle feels good.
  449. migelito

    80lb reel, Which to get

    X3 on the HX raptor. its light enough to fish 50 with enough drag to go 80 or even 100
  450. migelito

    Independence 15 day Hurricane Bank

    Ed, friends dont let friends fish 60
  451. migelito

    Squid Jig For Cow Trips?

    The basic small glowing squid jigs work fine. 18" of mono to whatever size weight you'll need depending on current. This also doubles as a means to shake off the squid. I dont think you want squid that are too big for the kite.
  452. migelito

    Independence 15 day Hurricane Bank

    Big Ed, That was an awsome trip. I have to say you were a good roommate. Sorry if I woke you up in the midle of the night comming in late. I have no concept of time when there are fish to be
  453. migelito

    Avet LX to JX Conversion

    I was wondering the same thing I have a LX and would prefere something narrower. There was a frame for JX in the classified not too long ago. One would guess all you would need then is the spool and pinion shaft. But by that time I may as well just sell it and buy a JX
  454. migelito

    Flourocarbon Topshots

    Hi Ed Im on the same trip You could always use mono with a short leader of flouro when you get to your last spool of flouro. I asked Rodger if 4 spools of 100, 3 of 130, and some 150 was enough. He said if your going through that much you probably wont have trouble getting bit with mono
  455. migelito

    Hollow to Hollow Splice

    Are you guys using the 16 carrier closer or smaller than the leader test. What are the prefered brands of 16 carrier spectra Thanks
  456. migelito

    Hollow to Hollow Splice

    Has anyone used the cortland C16 for making premade flouro windons? I picked up a couple of small spools for this but the flouro goes in so easy I worry that it would slip out that easy too.
  457. migelito

    Long-Rangers: OPPORTUNITY to Try Before You Buy!

    Its all about the deposit. If Someone is willing to leave a descent deposit you have a better chance of you gear coming back in good condition.
  458. migelito

    arizona strip stone

    Approx 1500lb of Arizona strip stone. The color is rosa they are a lighter rosa almost a buckskin color.Sizes vary from around 7in to over 24n. $275 pick up only Mike
  459. migelito

    Blackwater FC

    You could open the spectra first with a loop needle or peice of 27# wire doubled
  460. migelito

    TLD 20 2speed

    TLD 20 II taken on a couple of trips but didnt get used much price reduced $180 Mike
  461. migelito

    seeker black steel tuna rods calstar 765L

    3 factory wraped seeker black steel all roller rods all in very good condition plus one calstar G6460XH 40(60)100 $sold G6455XH 60(80)100 $sold G6455XXXH 80(100)130 $sold calstar grafighter 765L SOLD If you want more pics of a certain rod pm me with your email adress thanks Mike
  462. migelito


    save on tackle in santa fe springs
  463. migelito

    great long range seminar wahoodad

    Dave Thanks for the great LR seminar on Sunday at Fishermans access I don't know how you did it but your seminar convinced the wife that I needed a new 2X4 for my upcoming 15 day on the Indy. Let's just hope she doesn't find out about the Makaira 20 that getting 650 yards of jb 100 put on it...
  464. migelito

    accurate boss 665H 4:1 with 6:1 side plate SOLD

    I have an accurate boss 665H 4:1 It comes with and extra side plate with 6:1 gears Its like buying two reels for the price of one. If you have any questions feel free to call or text. SOLD thanks David
  465. migelito

    Okuma Makaira 30II SE

    If your fishing withing the reels drag limits. You should be ok with a longer handle because the drag will slip when over torqued
  466. migelito

    Mandatory Squid cleaning fees on Charters

    Its been a few years since I've fished for squid. But I think in Newport it was an ordinance. Because they don't want ink trails all over the streets.
  467. migelito

    Spectra line

    Ive been looking around and the two places with the best priecs seem to be charkbait and ringed hooks. If anyone knows where they can get some 130# jb cheaper feel free to PM me
  468. migelito

    avet and cals

    Thanks paul . What reel did you notice more inprovment the 30 or the 50
  469. migelito

    avet and cals

    Has anyone sent thier sds50 or exw30 to cals for drag bluprinting? was there a notisabl difference aftewards? I picked up one of each and can only send one to cals this year. thanks Mike
  470. migelito

    alum. stair treads

  471. migelito

    SJD Fishing

    SJDC was on the slow side last week. At least for the panga fishing that I saw. It rained a cpl days last week. One day we slow trolled live bait for roosters And dodos with only a few small rosters trying to eat the big baits we had. I probably should have slid back some kind of small...
  472. migelito

    Soft sided ice chests and airplanes

    How about a canvas duffel the you can put in the ice chest. Then if you need the extra room you can send them seperate.
  473. migelito

    Virgin San Jose Del Cabo Fishing a Success!

    The wife and I plan on going to Cabo in three weeks. What are good set up for fishing the surf? Do we need something for long casts? Also what line classes do they usually fish on the pangas, I want to go minimal and not bring too many setups Thank Mike
  474. migelito

    Tropic Star Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends June 2nd, 2011 : 5:00 PM

    I thought you said wind-ons were faster
  475. migelito

    Lake Wohlford Trout WFO But Made Me SICK

    Could leaving the bail open let them swallow the bait too deep?
  476. migelito

    day rod belt

    The sale is down to 75% now.
  477. migelito

    Big Bear Lake

    Fished near Stanfield cutoff on Thur. caught limit on trout to just over 1#. power mice and pinched crawlers worked We ate two of them that night very tasty orange/pinkish meat. On Fri. fished the pier at Boulder Bay for limit up to 2.5# power mice and chunky cheese worked Cant for dinner tonight
  478. migelito

    Ruger 10/22 Stock&Barrel

    He Probably put on a bull barrel then needed a new stock. Swarthy What do You mean by working the barrel over?
  479. migelito

    Misc. Owner Hooks

    PM sent I'll take them
  480. migelito

    High powered pellet rifle

    I have a RWS 45 springer .177 and a sheridan pump .20 that I sent to Mac1 Airgun Distributors in Gardena to have a steroid valve put in it. I hardly ever use the springer any more. The pump is way lighter and depending on what your shooting at you dont need to pump it up all the way. If I was...
  481. migelito

    SOLD penn 30SW cofe'd

    Bump lower price
  482. migelito

    SOLD penn 30SW cofe'd

    SOLD thanks Vince
  483. migelito

    Cows, Super Cows, and ?

    mega or cowzilla
  484. migelito

    Avet LX - quest for max free spool time

    I think I found the problem in my reel. When I took the reel apart yesterday I noticed there was only one washer between the two smaller bearings and spring for the spool. Part #15 on the LX 6/3 drawing. I picked up a couple today. took the reel apart to put one back in. I notice the ones the...
  485. migelito

    Avet LX - quest for max free spool time

    Any luck with your LX? I am having a similar problem with my LX 6/3. I did take the spool out and it spins great. But in the reel..... no bueno. I did notice a slight resistance at the 5 o'clock position when winding. I configured the belvilles like the schematic. ))(()) Does anyone know of a...
  486. migelito

    almost had a freezer catastrophy

    I lost a freezer full of fish. After a power outage, when the power was restored the GFI outlet in the garage must have tripped. oohhhh the smell that thing stayed vacant for two years and a lot of baking soda and bleach. An alarm is the way to go
  487. migelito

    HX/W raptors and cows

  488. migelito

    HX/W raptors and cows

    Have any of recent cows been cought on HW or HXW raptors? If so how have they been working.
  489. migelito


    I was using two nail knots and sometimes a nub too. In one test session I would pitt the two against each other Serve vs. nail knot serve won everytime I picked up some 65 green izor I'm going to try the nail knot a few more time. Hopefully I can get the nail knot perfected thanks for the...
  490. migelito


    For 100-150# leaders how many turns are you guys using on the nail knots and what # test spectra is best for the nail knot? Is it the same for flouro or mono? Ive been doing a little bit of testing with the serves and nail knots. Serves I've been doing for a few years so I have that method down...
  491. migelito

    how it's made show

    Did anyone notice the reel was on the rod backwards?
  492. migelito

    how it's made show

    Factory Made has an upcoming show on fishing reels. Doesnt say what brand
  493. migelito

    Low ball???

    I cant stand it when someone post a low ball offer. Its bad enough they have to devalue the guys stuff why do it openly. Shoot them a PM Same thing with someone overpricing an item. Why do all the price police have to come out and tell them to lower it. Let them figure it our when they dont...
  494. migelito

    Best way to store wire leaders?

    I made up a bunch or wire leaders for my trip in Nov. Now Im wondering what would be the best way to store them for the trip down. Or during this time of the year is it better to make them if needed on the boat? thanks Mike
  495. migelito

    SOLD GUSA Beast

    Bump $110
  496. migelito

    SOLD GUSA Beast

    bump price drop to $145
  497. migelito

    WE NEED YOU! 300+ Fishermen to attend/speak/cede time: DFG Comm Mtg. in San Diego

    When you say cede. Do you mean give our speaking time to someone else Just want to be clear
  498. migelito


    Can you imagine what the tangles would be like? Fingers would be getting lopped of all the time. Then there is the nobody take a step I dropped my graphene I know its around here somewhere.
  499. migelito

    SOLD GUSA Beast

    It has a slow action.
  500. migelito

    SOLD GUSA Beast

  501. migelito

    Penn 6500ss w 870s rod penn 16s w/tib frame

    Near the 57 and 210 freeways
  502. migelito

    Penn 6500ss w 870s rod penn 16s w/tib frame

    Penn 6500ss with a penn sabre cs 870s 7' 15-40# line these are both in very good condition= $100 for the combo any questions please call 760 219 4719
  503. migelito

    665boss mag.

    665h boss magnum single speed How can I tell the age of this reel. The serial # is in the 7000s Thanks
  504. migelito

    Berkley Line Winder

    I'll take it PM sent
  505. migelito

    How to set up a HXW raptor

    I had a 770xxh rail rod built this yeah. Is this too much rod for the HXW raptor
  506. migelito

    How to set up a HXW raptor

    What is the heaviest effective line class that this reel can fished and what would be the best way to set it up. Full spectra with a 25ft or shorter flouro leader. Thanks Mike
  507. migelito

    Handle for 50s

    Thanks Jeff I sent you a PM
  508. migelito

    Handle for 50s

    I'm looking for a new or used aftermarket handle for a Penn 50s Thanks Mike
  509. migelito

    penn 50s sleeve

    I am making a sleeve for my 50s. When the sleeve is in the reel there is only about .003 over from bearing to bearing. But when I put the inner drive plate assy. in. I now have about .009 over. Should the sleeve be cut to fit the bearings or gap between drive plate and bearing. thanks Mike
  510. migelito


    Do you have any pics of the 196-8