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  1. Shewillbemine

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    Hi there, Nope. No reinforcement at all. No signs of stress or spider cracking. I think NauticStar and many other center console manufacturers offer the option of a stock livewell + leaning post combo, so I wouldn't worry about it. Many guys also do the same install and I've yet to hear anyone...
  2. Shewillbemine

    How much does a fella pay to his host on a private boat?

    Guests who are going on a pleasure cruise and drinking alcohol and eating cheese and crackers on my boat? I've never asked for a penny. Guests who fish and bring their gear and we go offshore for the whole day? We all split the cost of gas, bait, and food/drinks. It's important to have a...
  3. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Liquidating all of my equipment - Lures

    Damn, you moved it all to Idaho and then shipping it back to sell? Hopefully you have green bass access there. GLWS
  4. Shewillbemine

    Do you drive your boat at night? Another set of props destroyed..

    Nope. Only time would be right before sunrise. Seen jokers running WOT with barely or no running lights. That's how you end up on the news. I got people who need me to stay alive and well.
  5. Shewillbemine

    FG Knot Performance

    I tried it for a good two months, including glue over it, and I couldn't get it to work consistently for me. Yes, I know it's my technique and my fault. But damned if it isn't the only knot that is so damn finicky to tie for me. I don't have time for that on a boat 30 miles offshore. Damn thing...
  6. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Treadmill Fully functional and best of all FREE

    I have moved one treadmill in my life. Never. The fuck. Again. Good luck man!
  7. Shewillbemine

    Fred Hall 2021

    We currently have the highest infection spikes ever. This ain't happening boys
  8. Shewillbemine

    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

    My friend is a FBC member in SD. He fishes, literally, 3 - 5 times a week. So he's had use of all the boats down there PLUS he fishes with other FBC members who use the boats under their name. He is quite happy with it, except for the fact that the boats aren't always fishing specific, and you...
  9. Shewillbemine

    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    Exactly and literally how did you two buy the boat together?
  10. Shewillbemine

    In need of trailer advice

    Wayne at West Coast is the bestest.
  11. Shewillbemine

    New to this topic

    Simrad and Garmin are relatively the same (especially price). It's personal preference. I like Garmin's navigational software. If you've got the money, Furuno is top notch imo. If it's going on your 17 footer, I don't know if I'd swing that kind of money for it. Totally happy with my Garmins.
  12. Shewillbemine

    Reading my Fish finder

    Don't use auto when offshore fishing. Monitor about 100 - 150 feet. When I find marks on a paddy, I'll even set it to 60 - 80 feet when I know they're up higher. Set your gain lower as the top is surface disturbance and possibly bait. But that's a LOT of fish man. Hope you caught some.
  13. Shewillbemine

    Mid-life crisis boat options?

    A midlife crisis boat? A cigar boat with flames on the side. You wearing Borat style swimsuit complete with gold chain and chest hair. Then at least 2 babes with chest floaters next to you. Don't forget cigar in mouth.
  14. Shewillbemine

    LEXA 300, the story of a baitcaster virgin

    Congrats! Get practice as much as you can, and even have hookless lures/weights to toss some casts when not near the water. When throwing the Lucky Crafts, I've had great luck not just reeling them in (go crazy with the patterns for how you do it). I like to jerk the rod back towards my toes...
  15. Shewillbemine

    lets settle this once and for all

    There's AAH-vet AY-vet a-VET (like "Hey look, that marine is a VET!" Beats me
  16. Shewillbemine

    I got bumped off IFISH Again

    Why ya'll complaining about political threads on fishing websites? Are Facebook and NextDoor too hot?
  17. Shewillbemine

    Drone for Paddy Hopping

    That seems like a lot of work for what still seems to be relatively low ROI. I'm thinking wind, swell and current wouldn't necessarily be a good combination for a machine roped to your boat. If you're going to tether a drone, that sort of defeats the purpose, no? Otherwise, stick a Go Pro on a...
  18. Shewillbemine

    Dana paddies

    Take that skiff to SD and find more loaded paddies down there. Dana Point is far more miss than hit. The fish end up staying west of San Clemente or Catalina island. Some get lucky from time to time, but you'll note how there are very little "limited on yellowfin/bluefin" posts coming from OC...
  19. Shewillbemine

    Catalina fishing & hooping 10-16/10-17

    Yes, same question here! I've been contemplating hooping but would only really be able to do it during the daytime. EDIT: OP answered my question
  20. Shewillbemine

    Lexa 400 rod match

    I also have my 400 series reel on a Phenix M1 Inshore. It's the 82H series.
  21. Shewillbemine

    tuna marks on the fishfinder

    You have to learn what your setup shows you since every installation, position, water environment and software combo will be different. It was actually easier for me to see fish marks while cruising on my previous boat that only had a transom mount because the tuna showed up like a "blotch" at...
  22. Shewillbemine

    Boat Washing

    You're good. And if you want practice, lmk so you can come wash mine. :D
  23. Shewillbemine

    10/17 Early Launch out of Shelter Island

    Good luck and be careful! That fog ain't no joke. My last trip, my BIL had to sit by the bow and call out boats within 100 feet of us.
  24. Shewillbemine

    Where to find good kelp patties?

    Check out tempbreak and other such sites to track where the breaks might be. Whenever I do that, I end up seeing a series of kelp patties in the general vicinity. Whether the fish will be there and whether you can get them to bite...that's a different story.
  25. Shewillbemine

    Bass question

    Let me tell you a secret: Largemouth bass fishing in southern CA is TOUGH. We barely have lakes, so the existing ones have TONS of fishing pressure. Each fish has been caught and released countless times. The lakes we do have are typically reservoirs, hence the water is gin clear. You don't...
  26. Shewillbemine

    Tackle shops near San Clemente/Dana Point?

    And likewise, I'm sure they'll be fine.
  27. Shewillbemine

    Bait tank die off

    Btw, what's that on the bottom of the tank? It looks like the previous owner put a plastic base of some sort...possibly to displace the water flow? Can you look at the side of the tank where the actual water input is supposed to go? Is there one? IIRC, the Kodiak design already has some type of...
  28. Shewillbemine

    Tackle shops near San Clemente/Dana Point?

    Maybe ask Stephanie and Breck why they're closed before assuming things? Mondays are typically closed for many mom and pop tackle stores. Last several times I've been there, plenty of people. Fishing and Boating are WAY UP this year due to quarantine and COVID-19. Had a conversation with...
  29. Shewillbemine

    Bait tank die off

    This is correct. That's the same or same design of a Kodiak bait tank. The input, as said, is on the side. That one should have a twist on cap (like a plastic soda cap) and you take it off when it's the end of the day to drain the water. OP, I don't think you need to add a side flow barrier. I...
  30. Shewillbemine

    Bait tank die off

    Pics of bait tank and set up please.
  31. Shewillbemine

    Hooping at its best

    Do it now, do it good, eat my lobster like you should. My neck, my back, my lobster shell got cracked.
  32. Shewillbemine

    Lobster License Question

    If there are two guys on a boat with two hoop nets, do both guys need lobster licenses? Thanks.
  33. Shewillbemine

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    In case it helps you in the future, I place my containers on a folded tarp, then wedge rolled clothes between them. Fits perfectly on the bottom slot of my center console. They don't budge and therefore can't be banged around.
  34. Shewillbemine

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    That would make me very nervous. While I can get 3 or 4mpg on my 70 gallon tank AND I carry 10 gallons spare, I conservatively calculate 2 mpg considering all things. If you plan to gas up at Avalon, note that gas is something like $7 a gallon. 😳 Last trip offshore, SOMETHING caused my gas to...
  35. Shewillbemine

    Looking for Some Lobster Ho's to add to the Team

    What type of pot puller you using on that 21 CC?
  36. Shewillbemine

    Parker 2320 Batteries

    If that paranoid, bring a spare battery or a jumper setup.
  37. Shewillbemine

    Covid IS serious.

    I only listen to practicing doctors and nurses about this stuff (friends and relatives). The ones I know tell me how badly they've witnessed and serviced people with the virus. But that will never stop guys who fish and hunt from telling you how much smarter they are.
  38. Shewillbemine

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    After battling with these lights, I finally gave in and brought the trailer to Wayne at West Coast Trailers. He diagnosed the issues in 30 seconds: a broken wire and a broken plug. They fixed it within an hour and I'm happy as a clam!
  39. Shewillbemine

    Spending the night at the islands - firearm onboard?

    I'm ok with guns. Don't own one because I don't have the right temperament. Not sure what situation on the water would require a gun except two guys getting so heated that one guy irresponsibly pulls one out. Haven't heard of a pirate problem in SoCal waters, but who knows.
  40. Shewillbemine

    Leaving Boody Decks

    Take a break. A lot of people take the internet WAY too seriously. It's also my opinion that the older folk who JUST started the internet in the last decade are just catching up to how to handle this world. Btw I started the recent thread about sweaty, Orange Cheeto Face catching the 'rona...
  41. Shewillbemine

    Garmin Time Zone Glitch ??

    Same here. Two different Garmin units on two different boats. Almost as if it picks up the wrong satellite for time zone.
  42. Shewillbemine

    WTB Boston Whaler Montauk 17 or 19 ft 2018 or Newr

    Correct regarding Sun Country. You're gonna have to search up north or out of state if you want a new one.
  43. Shewillbemine

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    So...I've cleaned the ground on my tow vehicle AND the trailer. I replaced the female 7 pin plug/socket on the truck as well. Now, my ambers are running on the trailers, the signals are working and the brake lights work. What DOESN'T work are the red running lights. To be clear, these are the...
  44. Shewillbemine


    Looks like the fog cleared up down there!
  45. Shewillbemine

    One week to go!

    Good luck! What kind of boat?
  46. Shewillbemine

    10/3 Foggy Point Loma.

    That shit was ridiculous today! Like the difference between Lower and Upper Uncton. Nice fish!
  47. Shewillbemine

    Is it Saturday yet?

    Good luck! I'm going inshore fishing but still struggling with trailer lights. It's my tow vehicle, from what I can tell.
  48. Shewillbemine

    Suzuki Develops First Micro-Plastic Collector For Outboards

    Well done Suzuki. Innovative and every little bit helps. Imagine if every boater had this capacity.
  49. Shewillbemine

    Political BS So...he has it.

    Real? Fake? Gonna live? Gonna die? Hoax for sympathy? The hell knows.
  50. Shewillbemine

    Casting practice w/out license

    But the casting is a prelude to fishing at SOME POINT right? I'm not arguing the legality. I'm saying...why don't you have a license if you are so passionate that you'd go to a lake just to practice casting? Hell, put a damn line in the water while you cast with another rod.
  51. Shewillbemine

    Creative ways to hide fishing related purchases

    We have our own bank accounts. Always worked for us and she's never complained (even when I've brought up the idea of combining accounts). Since I paid off her 6 figure student loans in one swoop, she sort of STFU about the way I spend money. LOL
  52. Shewillbemine

    Big Brass Balls on the 9 mile bank

    Carrot Top, but with much better life decisions.
  53. Shewillbemine

    Where are the center console dealers in Southern California?

    I love the center console for fighting fish. No contest versus a pilothouse or walk-around. I don't love a center console during cold mornings or upswell rides back with wind. That said, I can count on two hands the # of times I've been wet riding back home. I'll only go to a Pilothouse for...
  54. Shewillbemine

    WTB A place to build a boat

    Meh. I wouldn't want to stare at someone's project daily either. Good luck finding a new site to store it. Looks like it'll be a fun (but very long) project boat.
  55. Shewillbemine

    What island is this?

    Looks like dried semen on the phone or computer.
  56. Shewillbemine

    371-425-hidden and hollywood

    Nice video! But why is the quality so poor? It's only up to 360p.
  57. Shewillbemine

    Yoursaltwaterguide BD members?

    The most useful tactic I've learned from Dave so far is chumming on the down swell corner of the boat.
  58. Shewillbemine

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Went out recently and, like most of the other boats that reported, we skunked out. The forecast didn't tell us how big and frequent the swell was going to be, which affected our ability to find patties. At any rate, I wanted to put up a screenshot from my Garmin 942xs of one patty we found...
  59. Shewillbemine

    FMM Permit Info

    Who are you replying to from 2 years ago?
  60. Shewillbemine

    Yoursaltwaterguide BD members?

    First, I'm also a member. Second, is Dave giving out handjobs for all the members starting threads about his website? Third, cuz there's been relatively a lot this year. Fourth, like, enough for me to think it's hand jobs.
  61. Shewillbemine

    9/26/20: Is this you? Oceanside Harbor

    Yup. I looked at it from your link. The shorter boats they offer are still quite narrow.
  62. Shewillbemine

    How much longer will the bite at catalina last?

    In my experience, you will always have a chance at bass, barracuda and yellowtail around Catalina. The bonito will eventually go away. And I agree that it's all about the weather.
  63. Shewillbemine

    9/26/20: Is this you? Oceanside Harbor

    A couple Thresher owners launch out of Dana Point pretty frequently. Makes sense since the Thresher headquarters is in San Clemente. I seriously considered them last year. You get a lot of value for your money and it's a nice, family business. Visited their shop and walked all over a couple...
  64. Shewillbemine

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    Thanks! I was about to change the wiring harness on the truck today when I noticed what was recommended to me for my model and year was NOT the right connector. Instead of the circular connector, it was the rectangular one. Gotta wait for the new one in the mail.
  65. Shewillbemine

    New to Avets Need some info on small bait reels

    I'd say a lot of people are also satisfied with them. My 20 - 40 lb Avet setup is my MXJ Raptor. Sometimes I have to downgrade because it just doesn't seem fair when fighting the fish. The SXJ Raptor would be a fine choice too. I love Avets because they're simple, durable and great work horses.
  66. Shewillbemine

    09/26/20 - 302/371

    Same story for us. We found 1 patty that had excellent marks but couldn't get them to go. I don't know why the forecasts didn't tell us it was going to be surf city out there as well. Didn't bother calling your boat since I had nothing good to report. You might have heard me ask someone for...
  67. Shewillbemine

    Time to sell California to Mexico

    Jesus Christ. Can't some of you find pussy or fish?
  68. Shewillbemine

    Buddy Boat for Saturday, 9/26/20 out of SD?

    Anyone going out Saturday offshore in SD and want to find and slay fish together? Send me PM please.
  69. Shewillbemine


    Already another thread about this buddy.
  70. Shewillbemine

    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    Get it together, guys. ODing on your job site. Jesus Christ.
  71. Shewillbemine

    Okuma Komodo SS Replacement Part Help

    Call Charkbait also. They're a certified Okuma dealer and might have input or parts.
  72. Shewillbemine

    Okuma Komodo SS Replacement Part Help

    Never again. Contact Okuma directly and ask if they sell spare parts.
  73. Shewillbemine

    BD is looking for a designer

    There's a right side up for spinning reels?!
  74. Shewillbemine

    Paid subscription weather forecasts

    Dumb Question: what's the advantage to using a paid weather forecast site versus all the other free ones?
  75. Shewillbemine

    CHP citation help!

    Looks like you just need to get the appropriate permits. The links provided above are pretty helpful. Did you look at them? What exactly are you trying to learn from CHP or stating you are attempting to comply? When I was a much younger man, I put all kinds of what would be considered...
  76. Shewillbemine


    An app isn't going to help you if you don't have a reliable wifi signal. You need to buy a satellite phone.
  77. Shewillbemine

    Slip fees in San Diego

    I agree with the truck suggestions (bought mine for $3000 back in 2012). That said, does someone know slip fees in SD? The man asked the question.
  78. Shewillbemine

    Scammer alert SDG&E bill unpaid

    Every year, I get calls from the IRS. They threaten to audit, report and arrest me. I don't know why the IRS only hires people from India.
  79. Shewillbemine

    Heavier surface iron...

    I don't throw surface irons when it's choppy. Fish don't register the surface disturbance. Would rather throw a sniper or stick bait.
  80. Shewillbemine

    What surface irons do you guys use for tuna

    Haven't caught a tuna (yet) on surface iron. To be fair, I don't usually fish them for tuna.
  81. Shewillbemine

    Outing a member ?

    I logged onto this thread thinking you were going to confess about a recent and first time gay experience.
  82. Shewillbemine

    UC Swimbait Finatic 711L thoughts?

    You might be able to get away with that but you'd have to be willing to fight the tuna AND you'd better be on a private boat. I've used 4 different rods for my Komodo 463 and my happiest one is the Phenix M1 Inshore 8'2 Heavy. It's a 20-45 lb rod. I fought a 34 lb. yellowtail on my Phenix M1...
  83. Shewillbemine

    UC Swimbait Finatic 711L thoughts?

    What's the strength on the UC rod? I have a similar one but don't know the specs on yours.
  84. Shewillbemine

    What’s wrong with PV?

    It's less a migration pattern and more a reaction to conditions. Pay attention to water temp, water color, fishing reports. Coastal yellowtail is an anomaly, not a pattern (at least in my experience). North of the US/Mexico water "border", conditions get murkier and more erratic. Hence you...
  85. Shewillbemine

    Best way to sell reels and rods

    Here is best. eBay you'll be dealing with logistics you may not want to deal with.
  86. Shewillbemine

    What’s wrong with PV?

    Go where the fish are, not where you want them to be.
  87. Shewillbemine

    Strength of Current

    Offshore or inshore fishing?
  88. Shewillbemine

    New boat coming, where do you browse for accessories

    For all things electronics, contact Gil Travis/Semper Fi Fishing.
  89. Shewillbemine

    Starting a charter business

    JESUS CHRIST you Russian bots!!!!
  90. Shewillbemine

    Our Fishing Days are getting shorter....

    Flat Earthers will say it's just God's batteries running out.
  91. Shewillbemine

    Where to fish out of Dana Point on kayak?

    Dun...dun. Dun...dun. Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun...
  92. Shewillbemine

    Braid cutting thumb

    Wet your braid with freshwater before you start casting it.
  93. Shewillbemine

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 You ain't wrong.
  94. Shewillbemine

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    Nobody touches my drag but me.
  95. Shewillbemine

    Boat cover cleaning

    I tried once to wash it using an industrial sized washing machine (per some info I found on Hull Truth and other sources). Never again. Just wash it while on your boat or spread out on your driveway. Also, it's a cover. It's supposed to get dirty. I think I wash mine maybe once a year.
  96. Shewillbemine

    Suzuki parts Orange County

    Did you call Advanced Marine in HB?
  97. Shewillbemine

    Optioning out a panga for Socal inshore/offshore

    See your calculation of 1000 lbs of fish onboard? LOL Take that number, subtract 1000, subtract 90% of the weight for the fuel you spent looking for fish, add 50 lbs for your blood, tears and sweat, and you'll note that you're fine.
  98. Shewillbemine

    SCI BFT oct 12-17

    October you should be ok with crowds. But because you have a large trailer, you might want to get there early enough so you don't piss yourself looking for a spot to leave it that many days. I'm sure you've already made the call, but contact the office for long term trailer parking. They only...
  99. Shewillbemine

    Calstar West Coast - WCDH 270-8H-C

    Did you resurrect his old ass thread or simply text/DM him like a normal person would?
  100. Shewillbemine

    Performance improvement plan

    Best piece of advice: Gear is secondary; experience and observation are primary. Find someone who fishes and can spend time with you on the water. You will learn something new every time. That's part of the allure of the sport.
  101. Shewillbemine

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    In an effort to find the best rod for my Komodo 463, I've put my fourth rod on it. This time, I went back to Phenix but upgraded the power. It's the Phenix M1 Inshore 8'2H. I was using the 8'2MH when the yellowfin kicked my ass. Then I got the Phenix Black Diamond, but it didn't have a...
  102. Shewillbemine

    What knots should I learn

    If the FG Knot doesn't suit you, try the RP knot for line to line connections.
  103. Shewillbemine

    How Long In Advance Do You Put Line On Reels?

    My reels and rods are always ready to go. So they will have several months to a year of line ready.
  104. Shewillbemine

    Furuno Package for 2021 Parker 2320 TzTouch3, Radar, DFF3D, autopilot

    Garmin isn't trash. But 100% Furuno is much better. Only thing to consider is if your wallet can take the beating.
  105. Shewillbemine

    What about this Pursuit?

    Surveys are a couple couple hundred dollars. Call around. A trailer will cost between a couple and several thousand dollars new.
  106. Shewillbemine

    Ride Share Thread?

    DM me if you want a great guy to go out with in SD AND who is also in the same boat club. He loves to fish, loves to teach fishing, and is available at a moment's notice because he is a business owner. Hint: it's not me. LOL
  107. Shewillbemine

    Bonita Sushi!

    Going out tomorrow. Gonna make one or both of these. Bonita Mackerel
  108. Shewillbemine

    What size baitcaster?

    Agree with 300. I use my 200 series stuff for 7'2 and 7'6" rods.
  109. Shewillbemine

    De-gilling BFT

    Great vid, thanks!
  110. Shewillbemine

    5 dollar grill mount

    Use something metal man.
  111. Shewillbemine

    The Highjacking of Dana Point Harbor By a Wall Street investment group and what we can do about it.

    I don't see anything "actionable" in this part of the process. The decisions have been made, the money is flowing, and the renovations are clearly underway. I was put into a bad parking spot last weekend (by an employee; I chose to cooperate and do my part) and was stuck because it backed into...
  112. Shewillbemine

    De-gilling BFT

    What's the cut near the tail for? More bleeding?
  113. Shewillbemine

    Coldest bunk room

    I'm weird. I love a hot room. Even like waking up sweaty.
  114. Shewillbemine

    Best one man boat for fishing SC Tuna ect.

    I solo chase tuna frequently and I've used two different boats for it. An 18' Robalo R180 and a 20' NauticStar 20XS. Both were trailered and I can launch/retrieve both faster than when I have help. Is your 25 footer slipped? I would think that would make it easier to go out solo...
  115. Shewillbemine

    21 crystaliner rebuild 99.9% done

    This thing is gorgeous. I'm beginning to fall in love with older boat renos.
  116. Shewillbemine

    Blue Water Bait Systems, thoughts?

    I'm gonna guess it's person related. Let's see what he has to say.
  117. Shewillbemine

    Fg knot on Doubled braid?

    I meant to add that some people have mastered the knot enough to do it well and quickly. If you're one of them (you are), then have at it.
  118. Shewillbemine

    Fg knot on Doubled braid?

    Use the RP Knot and call it a day. FG Knot (to me) is tied on when you're at home and planning the trip while packing your equipment. During a hot bite, I want a less diva knot.
  119. Shewillbemine

    WTS/WTT - Van Staal VSB150XP VS X Bail Spinning Reel

    Pretty sure these newbies are just Russian hackers.
  120. Shewillbemine

    It's official... La Nina is here

    Sorry, I meant it's been hot on the land.
  121. Shewillbemine

    Word of the day- CHOPPY

    I'm about to get use out of my 2500 spinning reels for inshore!
  122. Shewillbemine

    It's official... La Nina is here

    How is it that the last few weeks have been so damn hot but it's La Nina conditions (no snark; actually curious)?
  123. Shewillbemine

    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    I'd prefer a 400 setup. If you're fishing on a private boat, it might be "fun" when hooked up. If you're on a party boat, people aren't going to be too happy with you.
  124. Shewillbemine

    To go or not to Go?

    Remember, we're dealing with another variable of "wifey".
  125. Shewillbemine

    To go or not to Go?

    Are you guys staying at Catalina? The winds are definitely up on Saturday PM. If you're staying in a hotel, I'd think that's doable. If you're moored, that may be something else entirely. I'd have no issues going with fishing buddies who know what it's like to work on the water. I'd stay at...
  126. Shewillbemine

    Calstar West Coast - WCDH 270-8H-C

    To be fair, there's always a chance...😭😭😭
  127. Shewillbemine

    Yamaha F115 oil leak below skeg?

    Which shop forgot the gasket?
  128. Shewillbemine

    Paid off truck. They still have my title.

    You didn't post a timetable. How long has it been?
  129. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Jigs Sticks - Phenix & UC

    He don't know and don't care man.
  130. Shewillbemine

    Parking at Dana Point Harbor launch ramp

    Thank you. I was under the impression that was the case. I'm eagerly awaiting when things open up again. Will seriously consider storage locally. With regards to whether this is a good idea or not, I also agree that it's a foregone conclusion.
  131. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Delete-sold

    Lmk if you want to part out the Phenix
  132. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Lightly used Phenix Rods for sale

    Dude's just spamming all the Rods for sale threads.
  133. Shewillbemine

    Rod & Reel configuration for a newbie

    About One Million Dollars.
  134. Shewillbemine

    This kid loves to fish

    Dad of the Year here guys.
  135. Shewillbemine

    Moving back to SD

    Defiance makes bare bones fishing boats.
  136. Shewillbemine

    Map Update for Garmin 942xs

    I have a pair of Garmin 942xs that are networked via the black box. I fished about 50 miles of San Diego the other day, well into Mexican waters, when both Garnins just stopped map continuity past Rosarito (say 35 - 40 miles south of San Diego). There was a horizontal line that shows the...
  137. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Price DROP, Looking to round out your SS collection, come on in

    I was just curious. Haven't seen a $700+ rod lately. The Google search I performed suggests which way the market will swing. GLWS though.
  138. Shewillbemine

    Parking at Dana Point Harbor launch ramp

    No way I'm leaving my boat tied up on a busy day while I drop off my trailer. And I live very close to the ramp.
  139. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Sold-Waterproof Backpack

    I didn't know these exist! Buying one online now. You're too far.
  140. Shewillbemine

    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    Still better than the skunk we had! Beat up is the absolute perfect description for it.
  141. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Found Black Diamond 809H. PLEASE DELETE

    $240. Basically new with one boat ride.
  142. Shewillbemine

    trolled 9 mile north for nothing

    It was a mostly awful fishing day. If you're fishing outside of 12 miles from Mexican mainland and the Coronados, all you need is a Mexican fishing license. Easy to acquire online in 2 minutes.
  143. Shewillbemine

    Fishing the 302/371 and avoiding 12mile radius of Coronado Island

    Just drive past and be sure you're not fishing.
  144. Shewillbemine

    Damn Weather & Damn Dodos 09.05.20

    He wasn't fishing with us the other 3 days when he limited. And of course, the day he does, the fish are off bites. I'd better catch a Dorado this season!
  145. Shewillbemine

    Damn Weather & Damn Dodos 09.05.20

    Launched from Mission Bay at 330am to avoid the bait barge madness. We were second. Perfect. Went down to 371 and 425 area with soft, following seas. Perfect. Wind came up to 15 knots as predicted and blew out the water temp (mostly 69 to barely 70 all over) and destroyed the patties. Went...
  146. Shewillbemine

    Lb Sunday?

    The ramps will be bad.
  147. Shewillbemine

    Limit Style Fishing 9-3

    I'll beat you there. I mean, I'll meet you there. Nice job OP. Hope they stay out there for the rest of us.
  148. Shewillbemine

    Cuttin down the Jigstick

    Shit, I forgot the title of your thread. I use it just as a 40lb bait stick. My bad.
  149. Shewillbemine

    Cuttin down the Jigstick

    Which Phenix do you have? My 40lb is an Avet MXJ Raptor on a Phenix Black Diamond PSW 760H. It feels perfect for me. It's rated for 25 - 60lb. I also have the Phenix AXIS 720XH. It's rated for 30 - 80lbs. and is paired with my Avet JX Raptor.
  150. Shewillbemine

    Anyone been on the San Diego the past week or so...

    Are you guys planning to put a satellite tracker on it?
  151. Shewillbemine

    Any fish showing up around the 267/209/14 lately?

    Drive to SD and (almost) guarantee yourself limits, my guy.
  152. Shewillbemine

    Fish tank coffee table

    W T F
  153. Shewillbemine

    Skiff Mooring Help (no stern cleat)

    Why can't he just use the stern rail?
  154. Shewillbemine

    Led Zeppelin weave completed

    Wait. You're doing that manually?! I thought you were using a computer of some sort.
  155. Shewillbemine

    Tie Line or Swivel to This?

    On things with crimps such as spreader bars, do I tie my line directly or use a swivel?
  156. Shewillbemine

    Komodo SS good right out of the box ?

    Any videos that show this procedure?
  157. Shewillbemine

    Transducer transom Location

    Install it slightly to the right of the bait tank drain. Honestly, with transom mount, it's a matter of experimenting. That's why a lot of people will use stern savers or no drill mounts because they don't want to keep drilling holes into the boat. Sometimes you get lucky and don't need...
  158. Shewillbemine

    Kite Fishing Help for Pacific Bluefin Tuna

    Most comprehensive one I've seen. Doesn't cover everything, but it's a great start. Also, it's East Coast style so you'll have to learn and adapt.
  159. Shewillbemine

    Boat window hard water spots

    I use Boat Bling.
  160. Shewillbemine

    Komodo SS good right out of the box ?

    I have the 364 and 463. Haven't done anything to them. Work perfectly.
  161. Shewillbemine

    1 and done 8/31

    B R A V O :appl:
  162. Shewillbemine

    Offshore action 8/31

    Nice! Cody, next time we go out, I'm just handing you an anchor line and you can tow us to the kelp.
  163. Shewillbemine

    Police Reality TV

    One veteran cop pulled me over in HB and saw I was respectful. He said he was training his new (female) partner about modified cars (I had a Honda Civic... predictable). Asked if he could show her some things without giving me a ticket. I said yes. She proceeded to walk around my car noting...
  164. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Phenix PSW 809H $240

    I'm selling my very brand new Phenix PSW 809H. It went on one boat ride but I decided to replace it because I prefer a trigger on the handle. Great rod. Can cast the smaller micro lures the tuna are keying on and handle schoolie sized tuna very well. Online, the retail price is $289 plus tax...
  165. Shewillbemine

    Police Reality TV

    Perspective is everything. I have been pulled over 14 times in my life (once was for a legitimate speeding ticket). The other 13 were for "just checking". I comply, but it's always a fun game guessing why I got pulled over in the first place.
  166. Shewillbemine

    Porpoising with livewell. Not without

    It's your bait tank placement (which is permanent). Only trim tabs and adding weight to the bow will help you.
  167. Shewillbemine

    Malware Scam on BD when using my Samsung S9

    Shit. Happening to me as well. Thought it was from all the porn.
  168. Shewillbemine

    Big Bluefin SCI 8/29

    Nice job! How long have you had the SeaDek and are you still happy with it?
  169. Shewillbemine

    Yamaha F115 oil leak below skeg?

    Check your seals. Mine was leaking too and it needed new seal.
  170. Shewillbemine

    Yamaha F115 oil leak below skeg?

    Did you change the oil recently?
  171. Shewillbemine

    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    My guy, this is meant as wise words and not disrespect. If you are buying a boat that old and that cheap but you must ask for an estimate of what it might cost to fix it up, it isn't the right boat for you. Quadruple the $9000 asking price and go find a better boat with a better seller for...
  172. Shewillbemine

    What size hooks for coltsnipers

    If you go too big, you'll notice right away when the hook digs into the body of the sniper or gets snagged on your line. I think I used 1 and 2 for that size Snipers. Compare against the stock and decide if you're trying to size up.
  173. Shewillbemine

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    Got mine! So pimp!
  174. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Costa Sunglasses - Choose Any Model

    No, not at you. I should have quoted the other post. I was saying that if the code is good for 1 pair of Costa Sunglasses (and your post doesn't specify a maximum amount), how could someone say they cost $220 brand new? A quick look at the website shows some Costas less than $220 and others...
  175. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Costa Sunglasses - Choose Any Model

    If it's a code for any Costa glasses, how could one say "they cost $220"? What if the glasses are $400? GLWS
  176. Shewillbemine

    Newbie to San Diego Salt Water Help

    What in the world would possess you to own three boats at the same time? Not a money thing. A "you really gonna care and maintain" three boats thing.
  177. Shewillbemine

    Newbie to San Diego Salt Water Help

    If you'll ultimately be based in SD, I'd take the bass boat out of the equation. It can be done, but not great. Saltwater won't wash out so easily from the carpet especially when dried (my first boat had carpet). You'll be one of the few lucky people who live close to the ocean, so take...
  178. Shewillbemine

    What is the best fishing reel and rod set up for kelp paddy fishing

    Use whatever makes you feel most comfortable. I was a big mono guy for the longest time and stayed away from braid. Now, I'm always on braid with a short leader.
  179. Shewillbemine

    SOLD 25 CC for sale

    It was edited/deleted
  180. Shewillbemine

    Outfitting a non fishing boat - need suggestions!

    Unless you're going to install the bait tank yourself, call the usual suspects NOW. You might have a three month wait before they can slot you into their calendars. You might still have a wait if they don't have any in stock bait tanks in the shop. Pacific Edge, Bluewater Bait, TowerFab (Tom)...
  181. Shewillbemine

    Newbie to San Diego Salt Water Help

    How much boating experience do you have? Are you typical retirement age or new money retirement age? How's your overall health? If this is going to be your first boat AND you're 65+ AND you want to run to the Coronados, I'd suggest a minimum 20 foot boat with a deep V. If you can even go 23...
  182. Shewillbemine

    Simple and affordable storage modifications

    Nice ideas! I got these for my CC but you might find them handy outside the cabin on a Parker. I only use bungees for the top holes as the weight of the net and the items inside are enough to keep it down. Love how it's mesh as well, so it can get wet, no problem (that's what she said).
  183. Shewillbemine

    Go Get a GoPro Hero 8 Black at Costco! Why?

    My Hero 2 is still going strong.
  184. Shewillbemine

    SOLD 25 CC for sale

    Seems like a steal. GLWS
  185. Shewillbemine

    What rod is your HX on?

    Seeker BSC 6465H 30 - 80 lb Trolling rod Seeker Black Steel Graphite G6465XH 30 - 80 lb Trolling rod
  186. Shewillbemine


    🤣🤣🤣 I was waiting for the porn to start but they ended with just her mouth gaping.
  187. Shewillbemine

    Visiting ocean side, may bring boat but need help

    If you're driving to Oceanside, you might as well go down to Mission Bay and head to Mexican waters.
  188. Shewillbemine

    Fish for sale

    Start giving it away or stop keeping fish that aren't going to be used.
  189. Shewillbemine

    Spinner experts...advice on proper technique?

    Keep drag super duper light, close bail, then slowly tighten drag until proper resistance is met. Though you're describing your drag as "light", it's still way too tight for the fish you're getting bites on. You're whiplashing the line and it's punishing you for it.
  190. Shewillbemine

    Buying boat out of state

    I don't have the time or the balls to tow a boat that far. More power to you if you go that option.
  191. Shewillbemine

    Buying boat out of state

    WTF?! That is completely unprofessional. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope bad karma comes their way.
  192. Shewillbemine

    Buying boat out of state

    ^^^ He is correct ^^^ If you're buying private party, it's possible that you'll have to self-report the sale price, which affects the taxes you'll pay. You can research options about that as well...
  193. Shewillbemine

    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    He's a man. Also, big difference when it's his job versus my day off. 🤣
  194. Shewillbemine

    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    In that situation, I would think it's appropriate to cut the line off. But I don't fish party boats, so what do I know?
  195. Shewillbemine

    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    That's a nice job! You can definitely catch most fish on almost anything. The question is how long do you want the fight to be and how meticulous do you have to be during the fight. I fought a 34-lb tuna for 15 minutes on my light setup, and I didn't really want to keep fishing after that. To be...
  196. Shewillbemine

    Hidden bank Dorado

    I think Cody's probably too nice to do that.
  197. Shewillbemine

    Hidden bank Dorado

    Nice job! Cody called me and Billy K in so I could catch my first ever yellowtails. Good dude.
  198. Shewillbemine

    Fluro knot testing

    I've never had my Improved Clinch Knot fail. But I admit that's because it's probably the knot I tie best.
  199. Shewillbemine

    Self Servicing the Komodo Reels

    Thanks! Doing this tonight.
  200. Shewillbemine

    Best Brand Trailer Lights

    West Coast Trailer uses Optronics from Amazon (I can't post a link). Unfortunately, one of mine went out as well as one of the ambers. I'm still a huge fan of West Coast Trailer.
  201. Shewillbemine

    Best Brand Trailer Lights

    They seem to be disposable items at this point. I bought some LED ones from Amazon but fully expect they might need servicing in 6 - 12 months. At this point I/you might want to consider the lights that do not submerge. They are placed as trailer guides and stay out of the water.
  202. Shewillbemine

    Favorite sun hoody?

    I don't know the brand, but Rush from Local Knowledge in YouTube wears something like that. Hooded but lightweight shirts are more rare. And I don't think you want the heavyweight hoodies in this heat. You might be able to see the brand he wears by watching some episodes.
  203. Shewillbemine

    Best popping rod for tuna

    At that price, it'll have to be used if you want a "true" popping rod. OTI, Jigging World and Okuma are good places to start.
  204. Shewillbemine

    Anyone going out need help with gas/bait/cleanup and spotting?

    Every once in a while, ask the Captain if he could use a handy.
  205. Shewillbemine

    Question about Yellowtail fishing. Advice appreciated

    I'd do a dropper loop and flyline at the same time. Hit all depths to see if you can get lucky. Fyi, there really haven't been any yellowtail caught consistently off the OC shoreline. You might get lucky though.
  206. Shewillbemine

    SOLD 2016 Parker 2120

    Love this boat. Free bump.
  207. Shewillbemine

    Yellows 8/20

    Thanks for the report! The majority of fishermen wouldn't last more than 30 seconds in an actual fight before wheezing and vomiting their breakfast up.
  208. Shewillbemine

    Need a favor from someone

    I have bluefin. PM me if you're interested.
  209. Shewillbemine

    Custom Gaff

    Yes it is. Only been 5 Super Bowls and 1 Olympics.
  210. Shewillbemine

    Done buying any other rod other than Okuma.

    Hungry companies act like they need it.
  211. Shewillbemine

    Nada in US Waters Tuesday

    I was at the 209 on Monday. Tuna marks from 150 - 200 as well. Bait swimming everywhere. Thanks for the report.
  212. Shewillbemine

    Which transducer should i get or not. Is it overkill

    I could be wrong, but 200 feet to show fish hugging the bottom isn't that crazy of an idea. Now if you're talking 1000+ feet, sure. But holding steady and just looking around, I spot fish dead on at 200 feet of depth. No problem, easy peasy. Btw, I run the B75M. I don't bottom fish at 1000+...
  213. Shewillbemine

    Help Boat Shopping- 20'-24' Dual Console Boat- Striper, Robalo, Grady-White, Cobia? West Coast

    Join Facebook groups and boat specific groups to aid your search. If the seller has a history on the site, you can see what they've done with the boat and generally, how they treated it. Tons of people on this site have purchased from back east. Give it your due diligence to increase your...
  214. Shewillbemine

    Dana Pt. 8.18.20 - Where's the Mamas and Papas

    Sometimes those wide open inshore days are more fun than those hunting until you're dead offshore days. Great job. Yeah, legal calicos are hard to come by nowadays.
  215. Shewillbemine

    Cost to run

    I was working on an estimate also and this sounds right. If the boat is trailered, there are parking fees ($15 at Dana Point for 24 hours). Ice is also more money depending on how much you're buying.
  216. Shewillbemine

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    Already use it. Thanks!
  217. Shewillbemine

    Welded On Rod Holders

    8 4 on each side of the existing t-top
  218. Shewillbemine

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Oh I day dream all day too brother. In my head, I've already got the specs of my next boat, which is some type of pilothouse. LOL
  219. Shewillbemine

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    If you're doing the work and have the skill set, go for it. If you're paying someone to do it, best have lots of disposable income. It would be awesome, but lots of effort and/or money either way.
  220. Shewillbemine

    Late report/question

    Launch from SD, head south, and you will catch your first pelagics. I promise.
  221. Shewillbemine

    Late start but lots of laughs

    I missed that part. They're lucky they weren't left behind. Hell no.
  222. Shewillbemine

    Raffle Entry @ Fred Hall Show Entrance...Any thoughts or Experience with them?

    If you ran a contest and wanted to notify people they'd legitimately won something, it wouldn't sound like that text.
  223. Shewillbemine

    SOLD 2015 Ranger 240 Bahia Center Console

    Nice boat! First thing I thought when I saw the rig was "Was this Benny's previous boat?" Then your post clarified it. :appl:
  224. Shewillbemine

    Late start but lots of laughs

    Nice! Sometimes, those late, casual starts are the best. Why the hell go out at 4am every single time?
  225. Shewillbemine

    No mas bluefin

    I've ignored someone, but I'm sure he is still blaming other things for why he's not catching fish. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
  226. Shewillbemine

    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    WAIT! You can anchor up and camp on the side of Catalina?!
  227. Shewillbemine

    No mas bluefin

    I think the best part is some people don't catch fish and the first thing they want to blame is other people. Then China. Then gayness. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  228. Shewillbemine

    Just got Back from Cabo 8/10/20

    El Squid Roe! Met the Denver Broncos cheerleaders there. Among other things.
  229. Shewillbemine

    DMV suck my little Asian balls...

    Are you a AAA member? Sometimes they can do things better and more efficient than the DMV. DMV wouldn't let me pick up the custom license plate I ordered because the registration was under my wife's name. AAA called them, had DMV ship the plate over and I just picked it up.
  230. Shewillbemine

    Uni Knott.?

    If you want a knot you can tie on a rocking boat, RP knot. The FG knot is great, provided a) you can tie it correctly without it slipping (this is a very common issue) b) you can provide the right tension (which means learning a different way from how it's taught conventionally c) you have the...
  231. Shewillbemine

    Orange county boat rental

    Another for Harbor Boat Rentals.
  232. Shewillbemine

    Offshore/west end of Catalina

    We opened up the bluefin stomach and yup, those microbait are TINY. I have a 21g Sniper tied on and that is probably just a smidge larger than the microbaits. Assuming you have a regular sized cell phone, they were about 1/3 the length/height.
  233. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    I should probably check back in. I took apart the cap and discovered it was a 3 layered starboard piece, like a 3 layered cake. It had 3 pairs of screws for each layer that alternated angles. Hence, adding a D-ring of any kind was impractical as I'd have to get super long screws or cut the...
  234. Shewillbemine

    Thru-hull B285HW Chirp

    BIG transducer! What made you go with that as opposed to in hull?
  235. Shewillbemine

    Sucks lately...

    The water has heated up guys! I'm predicting that the SD/Mexican waters will break open again with more fish. Already seeing reports of it by the 302 and 230. *Rubbing hands together
  236. Shewillbemine

    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    I don't have a garage setup especially after selling our house last year. But I've seen someone design their tackle room like a tackle shop. Complete with glass cases as if you were shopping for gear at the local fishing store. I'd do that. Kinda like showing off jewelry. Then I'd have the...
  237. Shewillbemine

    Friday West Cat to 43 to Corner

    That thing is sick. What's the purpose of two radios? Just redundancy or some other tool?
  238. Shewillbemine

    West End Catalina 08.14.20

    We saw those too. But we also had the noodles. Not a lot, but some.
  239. Shewillbemine

    Friday West Cat to 43 to Corner

    Thanks for the report. Long boat ride but you got fish! Should have stayed right where you were.
  240. Shewillbemine

    West End Catalina 08.14.20

    In my experience, guys start fucking around on the radio when they're bored and not catching.
  241. Shewillbemine

    No mas bluefin

    Hopefully this heat wave will bring new volume from Mexico.
  242. Shewillbemine

    Offshore/west end of Catalina

    Thanks for the report. I want someone to catch a lot of fish so I know where to go next week!
  243. Shewillbemine

    West End Catalina 08.14.20

    We were west of Catalina. Saw marks putting around. Check reports from today also. The SD fishing boats got into some tuna yesterday and I do not believe they were by Catalina. Good luck!
  244. Shewillbemine

    West End Catalina 08.14.20

    Read all the hot reports of the west end bite throughout the week and how it was dwindling down. I just KNEW the bite would be dead by the time we got out there on Friday, but we had to make a choice. My one bud fished SCI and Mexican regions on Thursday and he saw NOTHING, so we put on our big...
  245. Shewillbemine

    Parking at dana point

    Launched out of Dana Point Friday morning. Told y'all I'd get there at 3am to avoid the shit show. I was first there, followed by a bass boat (wow, hardcore for inshore fishing). I got prime parking LOL. When we got back, it wasn't that bad. Almost felt like people know about the parking...
  246. Shewillbemine

    Getting Tuna to Come Up

    You're marking tuna at 100 feet. What's your go to strategies for bites in that scenario? Thank you.
  247. Shewillbemine

    Newport Landing rod/reel setup

    I'll let the experts weigh in on the equipment part, although it depends on your budget as well. I like the Shimano Saragosa line for an above average budget. You can look at the Penn Slammers as well. But the one thing I will say is this: be prepared for and don't be disheartened by the shit...
  248. Shewillbemine

    Dolphin Pod.

  249. Shewillbemine

    For Sale SOLD 2008 Parker 2320

    I have noticed an uptick in social media of Billy K hate. I haven't had that experience with him, so I wouldn't know. My opinion is that everyone on the water "faults" at some point, including those party boat captains who can't stop hollering foul (I've been chased many times off a spot by...
  250. Shewillbemine

    For Sale SOLD 2008 Parker 2320

    I think that's a Billy K reference
  251. Shewillbemine

    8-12-20 ..NP, 277, to W end Cat

    Loving the 33mph. But only when it isn't too bumpy. :p
  252. Shewillbemine

    What launch ramp to use?

    I think Point Loma
  253. Shewillbemine

    Good popping rods?

    There are two Black Widow lines. I got the popping version.
  254. Shewillbemine

    Decisions, decisions - need some opinions on design

    You can replace the "t" in Tiburon with the shark, because the fins look like a "t" as well. Give it a shot and see if you like it.
  255. Shewillbemine

    Parking at dana point

    The next time I fish there, I will arrive by 3am and get myself an unblockable spot. Then I'm gonna tie up at the side dock and nap too sunrise.
  256. Shewillbemine

    WTB Wanted bay bass boat: 21’-23’

    There's a Robalo Cayman all decked out for sale in the ads. What's your budget though?
  257. Shewillbemine

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    I'm about to dump my fishing buds and ask people $200 a pop to go fish by Catalina!
  258. Shewillbemine

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    Me too man. But I'm going with my pessimistic attitude that they'll all be gone by then. It's how I stay happy in life. Low expectations.
  259. Shewillbemine

    Welded On Rod Holders

    If I pay a pro to weld on rod holders to my t-top, do they usually supply the rod holders as part of the deal or do I need to get them myself? And if I'm supposed to get them myself, which ones do people typically buy?
  260. Shewillbemine

    Bottom Paint or Not?

    On a trailer? No bottom paint. Also helps resale value.
  261. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    I think we have a winner. It dawned on me that I could just replace the whole cap if I wanted to. Thank you!
  262. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    YES! That's it. Jesus, you have skills.
  263. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    Dumb, self-reinforcing statement: since the outlet hole to the standpipe is several inches below, I don't think I have to worry about the grease polluting the water with the bait, right? That said, should I still be considering something that might be relatively "fish friendly"? Is there such a...
  264. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    More options, thanks! Yes I believe it's 2 inches for that measurement. And yes, I believe you described the design perfectly. I'll remove the screws tonight and see what happens. Thanks for the advice on not the 5200 either. I might also try the grease/lotion/lubricant.
  265. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    I think I'm imagining it correctly. You're suggesting something like a shoe horn right? The fit is very tight, so I don't think I'd have enough space to do that. Also, the cap is almost flush with the body of the pipe itself that there would be almost no angle to torque it out that way.
  266. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    So I've discovered that the cap has a significant height/depth to it. It's a solid piece that's just about 2 inches deep. Also, it has retaining screws on the sides and from the bottom. This removes the idea of adding a D ring because of the significant depth. It also means if I screw a hole...
  267. Shewillbemine

    Best ramp to sci

    Yup. I didn't bother with the semantics. I'm just saying the wind while you're offshore. You can describe the specifics if you want. I'm saying the wind looks shitty in the afternoon, regardless of direction.
  268. Shewillbemine

    Best ramp to sci

    100% I've only been to Clemente Island once, and it was with RadioSilence Fishing. He said it was the second best conditions he's had both ways to the island. He was WOT both ways. We DON'T have that this week. Damn offshore winds look gnarly in the afternoon.
  269. Shewillbemine

    Best ramp to sci

    The shortest mileage is Dana Point. But it all depends on where you're coming from, towing wise.
  270. Shewillbemine

    Why low RPM on outboard muffs?

    In that case, I'd probably raise the RPMs too since you're diagnosing an issue. Just monitor the temperature (and the outboard will "tell you" if it is).
  271. Shewillbemine

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Worked on the boat today. Last time out, I felt the bait pump was a tad louder than usual. I researched it and the interwebs said there might be debris inside the pump or it's about to go out. I ordered a spare pump just in case I needed to replace it. Opened up the bilge today (had to wear...
  272. Shewillbemine

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    If this shit lasts, I'm not towing my rig to SD this week!
  273. Shewillbemine

    Why low RPM on outboard muffs?

    I run mine at a high enough RPM just to make sure the outboard is at operating temp. But since I flush right after boating, that's really not necessary. I monitor the temperature just to be sure it's not overheating. If it's peeing at idle after all that, I don't see why the RPMs need to be...
  274. Shewillbemine

    2 Piece Popping Rod Question

    Thanks guys! WTF about the nose thing. That's like how to get beer suds down too. LOL
  275. Shewillbemine

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Just got this in the mail today! A Jigging World Black Widow 200 Popping Rod. Gonna throw micro lures at these micro bait eating tuna!
  276. Shewillbemine

    Good popping rods?

    I just ordered and received a Jigging World Black Widow 200 today. Seems you have options from OTI, Jigging World, and Okuma. The others, as you probably know, will cost you well over $400. I'll report back on my new rod's performance after this week. It's rated to throw as low as 2oz. It's...
  277. Shewillbemine

    New 2021 Parker 2320 "GrayLight"

    I ain't surprised at all man. I'd do the same thing!
  278. Shewillbemine

    New 2021 Parker 2320 "GrayLight"

    I long for the day that I can keep my boat at my house. I will have sleepovers on it, I will have dinners on it, and my wife will accuse me of having a mistress.
  279. Shewillbemine

    2 Piece Popping Rod Question

    Just got my new Jigging World Black Widow Popping Rod (woohoo!). I read somewhere that I might want to "wax" or put something on the bottom part of the rod where it sticks into the handle. The point is to prevent it from permanently sticking to the handle and effectively becoming a 1 piece rod...
  280. Shewillbemine

    Political BS The Coming Civil War

    I was wondering where all the lousy ass fishermen were. 🤣😁🤪
  281. Shewillbemine

    Simrad v. Raymarine?

    I would buy all Furuno, but if only if I were willing to pay more than double/triple the prices. I'm not. :D
  282. Shewillbemine

    For Sale 2017 Robalo Cayman 246 with 300 Yamaha

    You have this ad up on Hull Truth also? Seems like a great boat market there, except for the shipping part (usually East Coast boats come to us).
  283. Shewillbemine

    What to expect late sept, early oct?

    Yup, right now the party boats are even lost. Usually, I like to tie a rope to one of them and have them drag me to the tuna grounds.
  284. Shewillbemine

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    Jesus Christ, what a sick turn of events. Be careful out there guys.
  285. Shewillbemine

    8-9 Bass Spanking With Something New

    Nice Kurt! What sort of radioactive source do you go to in order to make those glow in the darks?
  286. Shewillbemine

    WTB Shimano Saragosa 6000 Reel for Me

    Lmk what you've got. Thanks! (btw, anyone find it strange that we have to come up with unique thread titles in the For Sale section?)
  287. Shewillbemine

    need help on picking out a rod

  288. Shewillbemine

    Avet MXJ handle knob stuck

    Don't take it the wrong way. It was a compliment. I love this man's voice and his directions are silky smooth. ASMR is a positive term.
  289. Shewillbemine

    Avet MXJ handle knob stuck

    I fall asleep to this man's videos. Very helpful and very ASMR.
  290. Shewillbemine

    Political BS The Coming Civil War

    Civil War bullshit has been thrown around for decades by people who feel a certain way but never actually do shit about it. At the end of the day, people just want to do what they want to do, and that's usually eating greasy food, having sex with their partners, and bitching about the government.
  291. Shewillbemine

    Rod match for a JX raptor

    My JX Raptor is also on a Phenix Axis 720XH. Isn't that amazing when different sources recommend the same things? I think that typically means it's the right decision. To the guy asking about the Graphtec Jig Rods, I'm not a fan of spending almost $500 on the reel and then pairing it with a a...
  292. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    Thanks for all the help guys! I've got options to explore.
  293. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    While this isn't the simplest way to do it, this looks the cleanest. How would this attach? Screws with backing?
  294. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    Yeah that's an option too. Just not sure if it needs to be "sealed". I guess if I went that route, I could just seal the tiny hole
  295. Shewillbemine

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    I love my bait tank but it needs one small fix. The stand pipe design is too flush to the tank, so it's sometimes difficult to remove after a day of fishing. I believe there is also a vacuum effect created by the tank especially when the pump is running. I'm thinking of epoxying something on...
  296. Shewillbemine

    Knot question

    I use Improved Clinch Knot for most of my knots. It's just the knot I tie best (end result looks like something you'd put on a How To video). For higher lb test, people say SD Jam knot. Or crimp.
  297. Shewillbemine

    Best gutting & filleting knife/knives

    In my experience, the cheap Rapalas have been the sharpest out of the box. Too bad my bud made them go bendo our past trip out.
  298. Shewillbemine

    Happy Sunday my friends

    Jesus Christ, I thought that was Satan's vagina.
  299. Shewillbemine

    Parking at dana point

    That's why I fish weekdays.
  300. Shewillbemine

    Best Trolling Rod and Reel set-up

    Depends on your budget and needs. I have a few trolling setups: my two main ones are Avet HXs (as you do) and the rods are both Seekers 6465H and 6465XH. Nice, short rods to bring the fishes in. Last time I caught yellowfin on them, the fish basically gave up the moment he was hooked LOL. I...
  301. Shewillbemine

    Parking at dana point

    Shit on weekends or holidays. Get there early and don't expect too many spaces if you're a "let me casually tow my rig in at 10am" kind of guy on a Saturday.
  302. Shewillbemine

    Fishing Colt Sniper and Flatfall

    When you believe you have been bitten, what's the correct reaction? Slowly or quickly wind?
  303. Shewillbemine

    Any thoughts on this?

    I'd say you need to get your hands on the rod and reel combo in person to make that judgment.
  304. Shewillbemine

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Added a custom Platero Rods popping setup. I wanted him to model it after a Pringles Cheese can. I think he did a great job!
  305. Shewillbemine

    Rinse and Repeat 8/7

    Your friend is gonna be smelling the ocean in Montana.
  306. Shewillbemine

    Tips for buying out of state

    Find an independent boat surveyor who will look at it for you, take pics, and videos as if you were there. If you have friends or acquaintances who can put eyes on it as well, that's even better. I wouldn't buy a boat sight unseen, especially if it's used (the older the vessel, the more...
  307. Shewillbemine

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Just ordered a Jigging World Black Widow Popping Rod from the east coast. Also bought some braid to respool my existing spinning reels for popping.
  308. Shewillbemine

    Any tips for calico bass swim bait fishing

    My personal favorite is a Big Hammer bleeding trout. Easily the most bit combo I've used. You can try anything red to imitate crab or something more natural looking. I've had fish eat the psychedelic bubble gum or Christmas tree looking thing. Experiment.
  309. Shewillbemine

    Any tips for calico bass swim bait fishing

    Cast, let it sink, feel the line for a "tick" on the drop if it gets bit. Reel back in. Try slow and steady or burning it back. Some will reel, stop, freespool to let it drop, rinse and repeat. I prefer to reel back steadily as I'm searching for any following fish.
  310. Shewillbemine

    Glow jigs charge time?

    If you're fishing during the daytime, just having them out in the sun is perfectly fine.
  311. Shewillbemine

    Help my fishfinder decision

    Whether side scan is valuable depends on your boating and fishing habits. For me, I tend to use CHIRP far more than side scan. Side scan is great for structure fishing, and if I were still a green bass fisherman, you bet I'd be using side scan up and down our lakes. Structure fishing is still a...
  312. Shewillbemine

    Insurance went up 27%

    I do now. I suggest calling a bunch of companies to get the option you want.
  313. Shewillbemine

    Live bait tank installation

    That's fair. I've had 3 boats I've tried to get tanks and installs for and he and I just never seem to get on the same page. He was supposed to come out to my boat but he cancelled that appointment too (this was last summer so pre-Covid 19). I know he's a good guy with a good rep, but I've...
  314. Shewillbemine

    Insurance went up 27%

    Call AAA and do an apples to apples policy comparison. I used to have BoatUS and then discovered AAA was much lower.
  315. Shewillbemine

    What Am I Marking??

    First pic looks like tunas and possibly third pic too. Second looks like thermocline or tons of bait.
  316. Shewillbemine

    Avet HX 5/2 versas JX6/3-MC Rator for 60#

    I use both my HX for trolling. I wouldn't want to use them for bait. Too clunky. You might consider the HXJ or HXJ Raptor for a dedicated 60 lb setup. I really like the narrow reels. Feels better.
  317. Shewillbemine

    Lefties! What reels for fishing 60#+

    I am ambidextrous, so "strong hand" to me isn't that obvious. I own and use both lefty and righty reels.
  318. Shewillbemine

    How dope is fish dope?

    I have it as well (been a sub for a few years now). Love the fish symbols that tell me where the hot bites have been so I can also track which direction the fish seem to be moving. There's also the area specific reports that give advice on what to do and how fishing has been. I use the...
  319. Shewillbemine

    Shot in the dark, need an outboard mechanic.

    Oh, if you're also willing to tow your ride, try Orange County Outboards in Dana Point. They're swamped like everyone else, but can get you on the calendar sooner if you are towing your boat (most of their business is haul outs). They gave me a week to get my boat in for 100 hour service, and...
  320. Shewillbemine

    Live bait tank installation

    Not trying to be contrarian, but are you certain this is still true today? As in, have you verified that info recently? I've spoken with Randy several times in the last year and I can barely get him to come see my boat to purchase a bait tank. I've asked him to install it too and he has passed...
  321. Shewillbemine

    Marine Motor Financing?

    Yeah, how much is this motor you're thinking of financing?
  322. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Shimano Terez TZS78HBLK 7'8" Spinning Rod $200

    This is basically a brand new rod that went on a boat ride and was cast a few times. I'm selling it because I just got a custom popping rod finished. The brand new price is $289 plus tax and I'm selling for $200. I'm in south OC and can travel a reasonable distance. No shipping please.
  323. Shewillbemine

    Lefties! What reels for fishing 60#+

    Conventional or Spinning?
  324. Shewillbemine

    For Sale 2014 Yellowfin 34 Offshore 2x 300 Yamaha 74hrs

    Wrong color for me, otherwise I'd have bought two. :D
  325. Shewillbemine

    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    What kind of losers try to sneak off with whole fish?!
  326. Shewillbemine

    Ocean Extreme Tuna Sniper Rod Question

    I'm considering the lightest version of the Ocean Extreme Popping Rod. The specs are: Length: 7'10" Lure Wt: .5 - 2oz. Line Wt. 25 - 40 lb 1. Clearly, I think this will be fine to cast lures the size of a Halco Roosta Popper 135 (49 grams) yes? 2. Does this have enough backbone to fight...
  327. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Fujinon 14 x 40 Service??

    Expect about $300 - $400 and a few weeks turnaround time. They typically ship it back to Japan.
  328. Shewillbemine

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    And it just proofed this dummy. Thanks!
  329. Shewillbemine

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    Thanks again. I will admit I don't know what this means or how to do this.
  330. Shewillbemine

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    Thanks. I'm using a trailer plug tester like this one. The red lights will light up depending on the angle I'm pushing, and my trailer lights will also "flash". I figure that's more of a connector issue than ground, right? What's also curious is that once I started driving, the trailer lights...
  331. Shewillbemine

    Tuna 8-4-20

    Great job! I know what that guy feels like. Thoughts of just letting the fish go LOL.
  332. Shewillbemine

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    While I thought I had fixed everything about my trailer lights, I'm still getting intermittent functionality. I cleaned both ground wires again today but didn't get satisfactory results. I used my tester on the tow vehicle and wasn't getting clean lighting on the tester light indicators. Could...
  333. Shewillbemine

    Bad Customer Service

    You ain't wrong. The guy was the manager and owner of the store. I didn't ask him to verify stock because old men in fishing don't do that. But next time, I will use my SOP (which I definitely do for West Marine).
  334. Shewillbemine

    Economical fishing?

    Fish the piers or find someone who owns a boat and trusts you.
  335. Shewillbemine

    Bad Customer Service

    Just venting. Call a shop to verify they have an item. They say yes. Drive close to an hour to get there. Once you arrive, they say they never had it in the first place and they made a mistake. Don't you fucking verify your inventory before saying yes to a customer?! Rant over.
  336. Shewillbemine

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    You ain't kidding. I'm big on salty foods. I'm what they call "skinny fat".
  337. Shewillbemine

    Garmin GPSmap 5212 Coordinates help

    I posted this 4 years ago. Might be helpful especially if you read the linked article. You're definitely entering the right coordinates under the wrong format. Your Garmin is currently set to Degrees/Decimal Degrees (there are two digits, a point, then 5 digits) whereas what you are entering...
  338. Shewillbemine

    Live bait tank installation

    Try this guy. His name's Joe and he can do installs at his place in Oceanside. 760-822-5025
  339. Shewillbemine

    Installation Help Parker 1801

    Try this guy. His name's Joe and he can do installs at his place in Oceanside. 760-822-5025
  340. Shewillbemine

    18 Gallong Make Matt Marine Bait Tank Help

    In addition to putting in less bait, how's your driving to the fishing grounds? You might also consider the bait tank placement since it's in the rear. Any way to move it closer to center or just by the seat? The best bait tank will still kill bait if you're slamming the boat driving out.
  341. Shewillbemine

    Offshore 7/30,31 and 8/2.

    30 foot boat, what a dream!
  342. Shewillbemine

    8/2 Humble Pie

    I swear to God. Tie 100lb braid to extra large fishing nets and just throw them boys overboard. Snag a few, land a few. These Goddamn persnickety ass bluefin.
  343. Shewillbemine

    Frustration on the Fury.

    Thanks for the report. How many passengers?
  344. Shewillbemine

    What Wash Down Pump do you run?

    Oops, I meant a Jabsco pump.
  345. Shewillbemine

    Mexican waters registration

    Then you will have problems signing up for the appropriate paperwork with mismatching registration information.
  346. Shewillbemine

    Mexican waters registration

    If you fish outside of 12 miles from Mexican land (including the Coronados), all you technically need is a Mexican fishing license. I'm not sure what the technicalities are if you're stopped by US DFG/Coast Guard and the boat has current registration but you aren't the listed owner. I suppose...
  347. Shewillbemine

    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    I hear ya. I think about this every time I fish and quietly give thanks I'm able to do so. When quarantine hit, I was surprised to learn how many in my network were young, but with compromised immune systems. My LEO friends have to patrol the community interacting with randoms and increase their...
  348. Shewillbemine

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    There's a 3 mile Don't Fish Zone off parts of Malibu. The guy says he's 100 yards from shore. It's possible he's in the zone, but of course he doesn't give us coordinates or a screenshot of where his boat is on the Fish Finder. Comes here to post that he has no idea why a woman would blast him...
  349. Shewillbemine

    What bean bag?

    Then get the Wedge. It's their most firm design.
  350. Shewillbemine

    What bean bag?

    Ocean Tamer Tear Drops
  351. Shewillbemine

    What Wash Down Pump do you run?

    What's on there right now? Mine uses a T-800 Tsunami. I understand from research that this may not be a preferable brand, but I'd rather switch out cartridges than redo a hull fitting.
  352. Shewillbemine

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Wouldn't know. First educated guess: he was too close to shore or in an area he wasn't supposed to be.
  353. Shewillbemine

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    I wasn't there. You weren't there. Maybe first thing to do in any situation is understand the circumstances? Or maybe just calling the cops, lawyers or authorities is standard operating procedure for the majority of BD folks? 🤷‍♂️ OP is getting what he wants: a bunch of strangers rushing to...
  354. Shewillbemine

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Thanks! I have definitely seen the benefits of AIS as my radio is equipped with it. I don't have a radar setup at this point, and I'm a little hard pressed to do so especially since I have a soft top (I know it can be done, but I'd be more comfortable with the durability of a hard top). My next...
  355. Shewillbemine

    What would you upgrade to from a Whaler 210 Outrage?

    Gotcha, I was wondering what boat you decided on based on your description of activities. We have similar needs.
  356. Shewillbemine

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Well well well. Sergio from Platero Custom Rods came through with my first custom setup. I mentioned in another post that I wanted a popping setup, and I used a Pringles Cheese Can as the muse (because "once you pop, you can't stop"). I'll try to get better pics once he puts them up on IG as I...
  357. Shewillbemine

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Those people definitely exist. But I've often found that people "going off" are triggered by something. I can't speculate what it might be, but the fact that this woman had a blow horn ready suggests this isn't her first time dealing with people on boats or possibly even the OP. I had...
  358. Shewillbemine

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Always two sides to a story. What do YOU think her reasons were for doing that? A little hard to believe she just ran out and blasted you guys.
  359. Shewillbemine

    What would you upgrade to from a Whaler 210 Outrage?

    I'd stay around 25 feet for a slipped, going solo boat. A Parker or similar PilotHouse or Walkaround would probably do the trick. Yes, add 20% - 30% markup just for the Whaler name.
  360. Shewillbemine

    33’ Pilot house build

    WT this is a literal build from scratch!
  361. Shewillbemine

    What's happening down south

    Where are you launching from?
  362. Shewillbemine

    Gorilla Grip Gloves For Fishing!

    I love Gorilla Grips for normal tooling. Gonna check these out.
  363. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Lookin to get my first boat. In Maui...Hows dis one?

    OMG I was gonna look at this thread and comment "Tacoma" when you actually said you have a Tacoma. :D :appl: Good luck with your search!
  364. Shewillbemine

    Dana Wharf fishing license sales

    Or use your phone and have the online receipt.
  365. Shewillbemine

    SCI trip planning info please

    Is your 1.1 mpg calculation going WOT or including idling while fishing? That's pretty low. It's already 47 miles from DP to front side San Clemente, so obviously 94 miles round trip. That doesn't include putting around the island looking for fish and it doesn't include traversing back side...
  366. Shewillbemine

    Seawatch - seaforth fishcounts are way off

    If the fish counts don't look good, go on another boat.
  367. Shewillbemine

    Marking kelp

    You can buy crab/crawfish imitation swimbaits at many online stores. Try tackle warehouse and bass pro.
  368. Shewillbemine

    VMC Inline Replacement Hooks

    I think the split rings are ok, but depends on what you're fishing for. The 35g stock rings held up fine when I fought a 34 - 36lb yellowfin. I changed them out to Owner Ultra Split Rings afterwards but discovered those rings were so much stronger and thicker, that they would "get stuck" and...
  369. Shewillbemine

    Sea watch 7-29 full day offshore

    I understand that there are different skill levels, but how does a professional outfit get such a bad or inconsistent reputation? Don't they have access to the same info, similar equipment and reports?
  370. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Kicker Jigs For Sale

    Interested, but why do the green ones look worn out?
  371. Shewillbemine

    Fishing Colt Sniper and Flatfall

    This was a massive concern of mine when I first started fishing, even in freshwater. Admittedly, I haven't really practiced with the flat falls all that much but it's also because I don't have confidence in it. I'll give it some more goes.
  372. Shewillbemine

    Offshore fishing with a drone?

    Thank you! Here's a stupid question: why not tie something to the drone (fishing line perhaps) to help guide/slowly pull it back onto the boat and then catch it with whatever method of your choosing? This would be assuming it's not in "follow" mode and I'm simply launching it while holding...
  373. Shewillbemine

    Shot in the dark, need an outboard mechanic.

    Might be too far for you, but from what I know, Seawitch Marine in Vista doesn't do appointments. You call them (just to confirm they still have the same policy) and then you bring your ride. They work on it when it comes up on the rotation.
  374. Shewillbemine

    40" Guide Posts for 21' boat too small?

    Most definitely. And they're black because they have padding (not street posts).
  375. Shewillbemine

    Offshore fishing with a drone?

    Is the video real time or you have to wait for the drone to "come back" and you watch it then? If the video isn't real time, how is it dealing with course headings in relation to your boat's position and the target's position? What I mean is, since the boat has to be kept relatively "still"...
  376. Shewillbemine

    40" Guide Posts for 21' boat too small?

    I use 48" for my 20 footer. See picture for reference.
  377. Shewillbemine

    Easiest Split Ring Pliers for Colt Snipers etc

    Thanks. Those are Hyper Wire. Much easier to open. Try the Ultra if you can get hands on them.
  378. Shewillbemine

    Easiest Split Ring Pliers for Colt Snipers etc

    I hear ya. Not trying to be difficult, but still wondering if you've tried them on Owner Ultra Split Rings. I want to know if they are viable options for those specifically. Everyone touts the pliers they have until they come across the Ultra Split Rings. It's usually a matter of length of the...
  379. Shewillbemine

    Easiest Split Ring Pliers for Colt Snipers etc

    Have you tried them on Owner Ultra Split Rings yet?
  380. Shewillbemine

    DP to SCI 7/30 Report

    See? You're welcome. :D :D :D :D 8-)8-)8-)
  381. Shewillbemine

    Offshore fishing with a drone?

    It's not cost to me. It's time. Now if they could make the drone fly and follow over me while displaying real time video, I'd be down for that.
  382. Shewillbemine

    Offshore fishing with a drone?

    While I haven't jumped into the drone tech yet, I've also researched this option extensively. The reasons outlined here are what have turned me off the drones until they've been fixed or improved. When you think of all the time and money dedicated to how drones might be able to help find fish...
  383. Shewillbemine

    Fishing the moon phases

    I believe the moon plays a part. Unfortunately, many of us can't plan our trips around the phases (even those with private boats). But you'll also hear tons of reports of fishing that was the opposite of what the moon phase was SUPPOSED to do.
  384. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Fujinon Stabiscope

    This is a 10x40 guys
  385. Shewillbemine

    WTB Looking for a gaf can someone help me out

    You're looking to buy a custom gaff? Only one guy to contact: Morita Custom Gaffs. Daryl Morita 714-394-7002
  386. Shewillbemine

    Starting a 2320 Build

    Why? Love to learn.
  387. Shewillbemine

    Seadek OC

    Color and length of time on your boat? What are your impressions so far? Worth it?
  388. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Colt snipers

    For half off, I'll take mine, run them over, take off the hooks and bash em with a hammer first. 🤣
  389. Shewillbemine

    Anyone want to buddy boat 7/30 from DP to BFT grounds?

    My advice was specifically from Dana Point, so that's what I meant. I understand not wanting to tow all the way to Point Loma. If you're going out of Dana Point, west/southwest is the general direction you want to go. Backside Clemente has the cows and front side has been shoring yellowfin and...
  390. Shewillbemine

    Anyone want to buddy boat 7/30 from DP to BFT grounds?

    Dana Point launch? If it were me, I'd make a beeline for the 289 while passing by the 209. The tuna are headed northwest from Mexico. If you can make it behind Clemente, even better. If you aren't going behind the island, go south from the 289 in the general area of the 43 and the corner, but...
  391. Shewillbemine

    T-Top Shade , T-Top Extender anyone ?

    I ordered mine from T-Top Covers. Love it and the material seems very durable (like a thick, stretchy neon).
  392. Shewillbemine

    What color surface iorn to use

    So true. You can't recognize my bird shit jig anymore. It's more of a "bare metal with a dash of green".
  393. Shewillbemine

    What color surface iorn to use

    Everyone has their favorites. Honestly, the color that's getting bit is the one you want to use (and you'll become partial to it). If anything, try mint and bird shit and scrambled eggs first.
  394. Shewillbemine

    SOLD 20' Mako CC

    You JUST repowered!!! 😳
  395. Shewillbemine

    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    1. You have a 100% chance of better fishing the farther south you go. The water is warmer, the fish are more game and the volume is greater. 2. If you fish outside of 12 miles from Mexican land (including the Coronados), you only need a Mexican fishing license. You can get it done online in 2...
  396. Shewillbemine

    Videos from around the 43 the last few days.

    What camera(s) are you using? I like the quality.
  397. Shewillbemine

    Summer Sale On All Bullet Poppers 40% Off!!!!!

    What are the sizes and weights of these?
  398. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Phenix M1 Inshore SMX-82MH $120

    Selling a used Phenix M1 Inshore SMX-82MH rod. It has some scratches on it from normal use and I've accounted for that with the price. No shipping. I live in OC and can meet up a reasonable distance.
  399. Shewillbemine

    Boat Storage..

    $120 a month for a 50 foot space?!!! Holy crap. You don't want to know how much we pay in OC for boat storage.
  400. Shewillbemine

    Goodbye & Thank You

    Goodbye and God speed. I met you once at Dana Point launch ramp. You were decked out in diving gear. We talked briefly and when you said your name was John, I said "Are you John Beerling?" You then told me about catching bass down south and you proceeded to catch around 50 (as you reported...
  401. Shewillbemine

    Fishing Colt Sniper and Flatfall

    I ain't never caught nuttin' on the flat fall. Their success is like ghost stories to me LOL. We had tuna bite the sniper by burning them back from the foamer. Inshore, I jig the sniper by pumping then reeling. Almost always get bit on the first turn of the reel after pumping.
  402. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Shimano Saragosa 8000 & Shimano Terez TZS 78H

    I will take $450 for the setup and nothing less. DM me if you're truly interested. Otherwise, I will keep it as a big popper setup.
  403. Shewillbemine

    7/26/20. Failure. FAILURE. SUCCESS!! Success.

    Noice noice noice! :appl: Amazing how fish and a hot bite will change our travel plans on the water.
  404. Shewillbemine

    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    If you want a greater chance of catching offshore stuff out of Dana Point, here's my suggestions in no particular order: a. Tow or Drive your boat to San Diego. Go south and fish Mexican or near Mexican waters. This is your most reliable ROI. After several fishless trips from Dana Point, you'll...
  405. Shewillbemine

    What Kodiak Bait Tank?

    The West Marine tanks are exactly the Kodiak bait tanks. Worst case scenario, you buy it and return it if needed. Your guess for the model sounds right imo.
  406. Shewillbemine

    Mexican license problems

    Try your phone
  407. Shewillbemine

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    Thanks, but I was asking more about the ability to cast farther. Will all braid allow me to cast farther?
  408. Shewillbemine

    Lefty or righty?!

    I can do both. I also skate and snowboard goofy foot but I'm right handed. I also own left and right handed reels but the majority of my reels now are right handed. Got tired of searching for lefty reels plus they were harder to sell in the secondary market.
  409. Shewillbemine

    What to do when the line goes slack

    I am probably the worst person to know when I've ever been bitten on the drop.
  410. Shewillbemine

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    Anyone have experience with the Jaws blanks for popping? I actually have a new rod setup coming in that I forgot was on order.
  411. Shewillbemine

    Parking for trailers at Shelter Island...

    9am launch for fishing though? I mean..
  412. Shewillbemine

    Gaffed in the leg?

    Yikes. I am so paranoid about something like this when gaffing a large fish and so many bodies are around. What's the recommended procedure? If the gaff is still in the flesh, remove or keep it in? If it's out, what do you do? Just apply pressure and gauze?
  413. Shewillbemine

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    Guys, I'm thinking of buying the Okuma Hawaiian Custom Popping Rod in lieu of the Black Hole Magic Eye Rod. At half the price, the Okuma might just fill my need for a popping rod that can throw very light lures but without committing yet to the more expensive rods.
  414. Shewillbemine

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    Currently sold out. 😭
  415. Shewillbemine

    19’ CC Boat Cover Help

    Custom will always be a much better fit and it will also be a much more expensive option. If you've got the money, go that route. They SHOULD come out to the boat and measure it. It can't be some random specs they already have in-house. If you don't want to go that route, contact Darren...
  416. Shewillbemine

    Shimano Stella 10000sw

    I now believe these zombie threads are a direct result of the revamped website defaulting to "Relevance" on a Search rather than Date. Add the noobie status, and now you have a bunch of resurrected threads like Jesus Christ himself.
  417. Shewillbemine

    Catalina seaweed

    You didn't try dough bait smothered in peanut butter? Weird.
  418. Shewillbemine

    The little whaler that could

    Billy K gave you a shout-out on his IG stories!
  419. Shewillbemine

    Shimano Stella 10000sw

    This quarantine has really flooded the place with...characters.
  420. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Shimano Saragosa 8000 & Shimano Terez TZS 78H

    I can meet reasonable distances if you're that interested, seeing as you're the first to respond. DM me if you want to discuss.
  421. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Shimano Saragosa 8000 & Shimano Terez TZS 78H

    This is a like new setup that went out on one boat ride with me. Cast it 5 times and set it aside. It's too heavy for the super light poppers I want to throw and frankly, probably a little too heavy for me (I've always used lighter gear than most guys use; gotta gym 🤣). Retail is $289 per...
  422. Shewillbemine

    What is the average boat “trailer” storage cost?

    Depends on storage space and trailer length. With the storage places I've done business with, they don't differentiate rates between an empty trailer or one with a boat on it. YMMV
  423. Shewillbemine

    Through hull transducer

    Call him. He's a phone call guy. He isn't as active on BDOutdoors. He's very active on Hull Truth, a much bigger, national forum. He was just on tonight. He responds to DMs as well. I don't know how he is on Facebook. Based on his approximate age, I wouldn't think he's very active there either.
  424. Shewillbemine

    Through hull transducer

    Just a guy with a ton of experience about that stuff. He also has an online store. He's got a good reputation within the boating world. Google him if you want.
  425. Shewillbemine

    Through hull transducer

    Contact Gil Travis at 800-925-0341 I should be getting commission with all the people I tell about this guy. 🤣
  426. Shewillbemine

    The little whaler that could

    Bro, wow! Where do you go solo from DP to catch that? Backside San Clemente?! The Corner?! You got balls man. Nice job.
  427. Shewillbemine

    My first fishing boat - Yay or Nay? Thoughts at discussion appreciated.

    Size? My boat also came with two livewells. Still crap for our bait needs in SoCal. Give it a shot. You might be lucky with their design and also depends on your fishing needs. I chum it up and the bait need to stay alive. My stock livewells now hold beer, ice and dead fish. If after a few...
  428. Shewillbemine

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    Great advice here fellas. I'm researching those Black Hole outfits and shopping around.
  429. Shewillbemine

    My first fishing boat - Yay or Nay? Thoughts at discussion appreciated.

    What are your plans for it regarding equipment? I highly suggest a proper fiberglass bait tank installed underneath the leaning post since you mentioned Catalina and Coronados. The challenge will be getting someone to make it and install it (unless you're handy like that). Call Pacific Edge...
  430. Shewillbemine

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    Thanks for the feedback. Do either of you think going to straight braid with just a tiny top shot do the trick? Or is the setup still too stiff and heavy to throw the smaller poppers?
  431. Shewillbemine

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    I'm currently looking at the Black Hole setups and seeing if they would be a better fit for me. My topshot might be close to 100 yards so there's no knot going through the guides at all.
  432. Shewillbemine

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    The Terez is a Heavy Power with Medium Fast Action.
  433. Shewillbemine

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    I have a Shimano Saragosa 8000 paired with a Shimano Terez TZS 78H rod. It has 65 lb braid backing and a topshot of 40 lb mono. Holy crap it didn't cast my poppers well. The heaviest thing I had tied on was a Beito Original 135 (not a popper, I know) and it only performed marginally well. I...
  434. Shewillbemine

    My first fishing boat - Yay or Nay? Thoughts at discussion appreciated.

    You'll be fine. You understand the risks of buying something then asking a forum's opinion of it right?
  435. Shewillbemine

    Carlsbad Kelp Beds

    Quarantine has led to the influx of new members pulling up zombie threads. Sure this site isn't getting hacked?
  436. Shewillbemine

    Tuna fishing advice/help

    Thanks! I'm always down for new techniques and I love learning anything. I agree that there's a playbook for Socal and I love to deviate from it when I can. Shoot, I'll throw ghost shrimp at tuna.
  437. Shewillbemine

    Tuna fishing advice/help

    Can you give a rod recommendation on the 6000 spinning reel? I had my setup and it was still too heavy for the poppers we were throwing.
  438. Shewillbemine

    Reliable kill bag stitching

    I use soap and water, then put newspaper inside it. Gets rid of the smell.
  439. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    I will try this 100% next time and give you credit when it works. And flak when it doesn't. 🤣😁👍🏽
  440. Shewillbemine

    7/24 BFT and Classy Sport Boat Interaction

    We saw the Sea Adventure out there too. Had never heard of that boat before. Glad they were so helpful. I have had more negative interactions with sporties than positive.
  441. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    This might have worked, this might not have. We had 15 lb leader. They ate zero chum. Maybe they would've eaten chunks, maybe not. We didn't have 30 minutes. We had 30 seconds.🤣😭
  442. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    You should ALWAYS have a setup ready when you're chasing foamers my guy! Yeah, our bud fished on Thursday and they saw much larger foamers that stayed up for minutes at a time. They kept hooking up. We were hoping for the same conditions just the next day and found tough luck instead...
  443. Shewillbemine

    SOLD 2017 Boston Whaler 250 Outrage

    The advertised passenger capacity for the 250 Outrage is 12 passengers. Why so concerned with swamped capacity? Are you chartering divers and their equipment?
  444. Shewillbemine

    Tuna fishing advice/help

    Now seems to be good. 🤣 Until the end of the year, they'll be here. Pay attention to the reports.
  445. Shewillbemine

    Tuna fishing advice/help

    As you can see from the majority of the reports, everyone had a hard time getting them to stay up or bite on Friday. I think your captain was looking for bigger schools with willing biters. The fish were constantly on the move yesterday. You have to approximate when your bait gets to a certain...
  446. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    Nice job getting them to go! We had a choice of going south or northwest and we went south. You guys found them.
  447. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    Heard you talking and I yelled "That's Hardcore!"
  448. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    Hard to miss the green on the Chips N Guac. 🤣
  449. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    Understood. Even the sporties are having issues. Liberty caught ONE fish and San Diego caught 6 or something
  450. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    Boat was fine, but I definitely always adjust my driving to the conditions. I don't like a pounding ride (who does) so I'm always bumping the throttle up or down depending on the swells. The ride out was the worst part of the day. It's been choppy going out the last month. Wasn't like that...
  451. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    We used Colt Snipers (various sizes and colors), Poppers, stick baits, Flat Falls, cedar plugs, Halcos, live bait, cursing, bargaining, and praying. None of them worked. Btw, the majority of our foamers were away from the crowds. They told us to buzz off.
  452. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    Went down to Mission Bay with my usual crew and a neighbor with his own boat. Everyone was pumped. The reports have been great, the fish volume has been enormous, and we were fishing with someone who was just out on Thursday. Got bait and purchased 1.5 scoops this time because I felt 1 scoop...
  453. Shewillbemine

    Cluster at Bait barge and offshore today

    I don't do boat hoes. Must be friends of friends.
  454. Shewillbemine

    Bait barge fishing rod damaged when other boat backed up...

    Maybe find his contact info as well? Not sure what the chances are that he will see this thread and respond how you want.
  455. Shewillbemine

    Cluster at Bait barge and offshore today

    We were out there today. Heard the cluster on 72. Once the clowning around started, I could tell that's when people weren't catching fish. It got worse throughout the day because the fish were showing but not biting.
  456. Shewillbemine

    Nomad DRX Minow

    People, reports and Let's Talk Hookup have all been discussing that they are the hot lures this summer. Guess if everyone's talking about them, they must be holding up fine.
  457. Shewillbemine

    7-22-2020 Below the corner

    Wow! You know those arms were shaking holding that fish!
  458. Shewillbemine

    WTB Beginner Surface Iron Rod -- Bakersfield, CA

    Are you saying the $250 budget is for rod only or rod and reel?
  459. Shewillbemine

    WTB Beginner Surface Iron Rod -- Bakersfield, CA

    What reel are you planning to use?
  460. Shewillbemine

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    Possible. We'd have to round up all the sank boaters and their boat brands too.
  461. Shewillbemine

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    First boat I bought was a Tracker. Everyone shits on that brand. I bought it because I wanted an aluminum hull for easy maintenance and to learn from a relatively cheap boat. Sold it for profit. Still miss it for its simplicity. People shit on Thresher Boats (made locally too) and that...
  462. Shewillbemine

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Going out again this week and so pumped because of all the great fish reports and the success we had earlier this month. As far as preparation is concerned, I got into a few things. I felt the power of a mere 34 lb yellowfin this month and I was concerned at how the tinier Colt Sniper would...
  463. Shewillbemine

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    Wish we could get actual Defiance owners to respond. I bet they're all out fishing right now.
  464. Shewillbemine

    Anyone hit the 267/277/14 mile bank lately?

    Nothing reported from those areas. OC offshore fishing is usually dead, sadly.
  465. Shewillbemine

    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    That works. I assumed it might be your only rigs for the full day trips you mentioned. I love my 400 (Komodo). Work horse. Would have quickly pulled up the 34 lb yellowfin I caught this month if the rod I was using weren't a wimpy one.
  466. Shewillbemine

    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    Fish with as heavy a line as you can get away with, then scale down as needed. Also depends on what you're fishing for. For what it's worth, I use 40 lb leader on my 400 reel and it's mainly for irons and jigs. A 400 might be a little underpowered for some of the tuna we're seeing right now.
  467. Shewillbemine

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    I hear ya. I've purchased 3 boats in the last 8 years and tinkering with upgrading to another one. This means a lot of online shopping, fantasizing, contacting dealers, tracking good transport guys, and making faux plans about transporting the rig. My last experience I thought I had locked in a...
  468. Shewillbemine

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    Simple rule: you use it, you clean it. Makes the ladies really think if they want to mess with that porta-potty or a bucket that simply goes overboard.
  469. Shewillbemine

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    Shit. Then maybe you start telling the guy which boats you endorse so maybe he's actually getting some help?
  470. Shewillbemine

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    You've actually defined what I meant by that statement. I don't believe in calling an entire brand of anything "worst". At one point, all of America crapped on Kia, Sea Fox and sushi. Ask a Ford guy what he thinks of Chevy and ask a Chevy guy what he thinks of Ford, and apparently all trucks...
  471. Shewillbemine

    Best bolt cutters?

    I like my Knipex. Bought them the same day a calico pierced me with my own trebles.
  472. Shewillbemine

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    Defiance is an entry level Parker (that's kinda what they sought to do). I'd have no qualms rocking that boat. Add a few riggings and she's a fish killing machine. See if the seller will negotiate and put eyes on her. Boat market is hot right now. No surprise the east coast boats are getting...
  473. Shewillbemine

    Free diving equip

    Getting out the game John?
  474. Shewillbemine

    SX g2 and MXL g2 line recommendations

    Both of those sound fine. I use my SX for super finesse, so it has a 15 lb leader. My MXJ Raptor has 40 lb. leader.
  475. Shewillbemine

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    With today's boating market and industry, you're gonna lose that boat to someone willing to pay at that price. Weigh if several thousand dollars less is worth it or not (no judgment, just saying). I usually find that people who use the word "immaculate" tend to really take care of their stuff...
  476. Shewillbemine

    Colt Sniper Hook Replacement

    They are RIDICULOUSLY strong. But worth it.
  477. Shewillbemine

    Documented covid testing?

    I have doctor friends in OC who do it with less than 1 day turnarounds. But I think you're looking for SD.
  478. Shewillbemine

    Reading Birds Offshore: when are they over tuna?

    Great info here. Would love to know more about them boobys though.
  479. Shewillbemine

    Lexa HD 400 - (not so) Free Spool

    I'm sure your problem is probably related to the internals, but hear me out for a second: Check if you have too much line on the spool. I had this same issue with my Avet and I discovered it was because there was too much line. It bunched up on the edges/circumference of the spool and prevented...
  480. Shewillbemine

    Colt Sniper Hook Replacement

    A lot of guys upgrade the hooks but I don't usually see trebles on flat falls. Just bigger, stronger single hooks typically.
  481. Shewillbemine

    Best day ever triple limits

    You're awesome man! Wow, you use 40lb topshot on the SX. It's my 15lb. setup LOL.
  482. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad 12a in Excellent Condition

    Damn, I should sell mine too. Forgot how much those things are. GLWS!
  483. Shewillbemine

    SOLD WTS Blue Water Bait Tank 38gal used

    I thought so too. Fishing is probably too hot so all the boats are rigged for the water and they're not thinking of these projects for now.
  484. Shewillbemine

    Cured (almost).

    Nice job! What kind of hook went straight on you and what size?
  485. Shewillbemine

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    What's your budget?
  486. Shewillbemine

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    Eff the Raiders!
  487. Shewillbemine

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    I'd say that's too black and white a conclusion. It depends on how you will use it, how often your family will use it, and what activities will be performed. If you're looking for high level creature comforts, then you're gonna have to go into yacht status. But if you're mostly fishing with it...
  488. Shewillbemine

    Local Upholstery / EVA Foam Provider

    Ming's in Poway
  489. Shewillbemine

    Swim platform mounted 30 gallon bait tank?

    It is SO worth it to plumb a centrally located bait tank. To be fair, I say that without physically having done the work myself. :D If not, you might just have the output pipe lying across the stern part of the deck and empty into the water, especially if you don't want to do internal plumbing...
  490. Shewillbemine

    Best Marine Bean Bag for Center Console

    Ocean Tamers are highly touted nationally, especially the east coast crowd, which uses bean bags way more often than we do here on the west. The tear drops get rave reviews.
  491. Shewillbemine

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    Oh hell no.
  492. Shewillbemine

    For Sale FUJINON TECHNO-STABI 14x40 used

    Did you buy yours from China or Japan? Check the Amazon listing again. Also, it sounds like you're barely halfway through the estimated shipping, so I wouldn't be too concerned yet. Sounds like you bought from overseas.
  493. Shewillbemine

    jig stick

    Also, get me Tesla stock at $100 please.
  494. Shewillbemine

    For Sale FUJINON TECHNO-STABI 14x40 used

    This is the smart play. I also have a set of 14s that need adjusting. I want to send them to Baker Marine then flip.
  495. Shewillbemine

    Coronado Canyon Foamers

    Perhaps reallocate the thousands rather than the dozens of dollars. Like I said, paperwork based on fishing distance from Mexican land. I have personally had Federalis plant (a tiny, shitty amount of) marijuana in our car in an attempt to extort money. I speak Spanish so I knew what they were...
  496. Shewillbemine

    For Sale FUJINON TECHNO-STABI 14x40 used

    Last I checked, $300. Call Baker Marine to verify today's prices.
  497. Shewillbemine

    Colt Sniper rigging

    Improved Clinch
  498. Shewillbemine

    Coronado Canyon Foamers

    No, I have the appropriate paperwork when I'm fishing past 12 miles and I have the appropriate paperwork when I'm fishing within 12 miles. And why are you making $30 a person sound crazy? You own a boat right?
  499. Shewillbemine

    Rod and Setup for Okuma Cedros CSD-15s

    Looking through my gear and noticed that I haven't used my (discontinued) Okuma Cedros CSD-15s all that much. Currently, it's rigged as a trolling setup with a shorter rod. What rod would you suggest pairing it with and for what type of fishing? Appreciate any advice. I know there's an Okuma...
  500. Shewillbemine

    Question on Nomad RipTide stickbait

    I'm an over preparer, so I like switching my hooks and split rings for tuna. But if you get Owner Ultra Split Rings, you better buy upgraded split ring pliers. Ask me how I know.
  501. Shewillbemine

    How bad do you have the bug?

    I had a client who asked me to meet at his office. While there, since he knew I loved fishing, he showed me his conference room. It wasn't a conference room. It was a goddamn tackle store inside what was a conference room.
  502. Shewillbemine

    Coronado Canyon Foamers

    I have all my paperwork at all times.
  503. Shewillbemine

    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    Great job! Where do you get pieces of snow like that for the fish hold? Also, someone loved the Drum and Bass tent at EDC.
  504. Shewillbemine

    SD Bay fishing help

    You can input the GPS coordinates into your fish finder to box in (or out) the area you're not allowed in.
  505. Shewillbemine

    SD Bay fishing help

    Marine Life Protection Act The acronym doesn't make sense in how we use it, but it means the areas we aren't allowed to fish. I believe this is the map. Guys, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  506. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Phenix Black Dimond

    Yes, 12 months later. Definitely is.
  507. Shewillbemine

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    I have also been caught while using the restroom. As my friends always say, "Doesn't matter. They can't see what you've got anyway".
  508. Shewillbemine

    Boater Safety

    Yikes. How big is your boat and where are you located?
  509. Shewillbemine

    Boater Safety

    Find courses online and you can also hire captains to train you on your own boat. Cheapest way: find a bud who owns a boat and get him to show you the ropes. The hardest things are probably docking without hitting your hull and retrieving the boat on the trailer (if you trailer).
  510. Shewillbemine

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    Guys don't piss in the toilet. That shouldn't be a concern of yours. Don't even bother walking to the bow. Piss off the stern or sides.
  511. Shewillbemine

    Yamaha temp

    No! That's a stock photo. 🤣🤣🤣 I wish.
  512. Shewillbemine

    Is Dana Boat Launch still restricted...

    Haven't had anyone check yet. Keep a low profile and maybe not call anymore?
  513. Shewillbemine

    Yamaha temp

    You're referring to the digital gauges right? The third or "middle" box/bar is normal for me. I wouldn't necessarily worry about an extra box/bar. The outboard will tell you if it's overheating. Still a good idea to do a systems or outboard check.
  514. Shewillbemine

    Cedar Plugs Action

    Sorry, I responded too quickly. Yes, they "swim" behind the boat when trolled. What I tried (poorly) to say is that there's no need to overthink the action. Troll them behind the boat and have fun catching the fish. Didn't know you could tune them. Learned something today.
  515. Shewillbemine

    Cedar Plugs Action

    They're just for trolling. You just pull them behind the boat. That's it. No action. Just a piece of wood being dragged behind the boat. Based on ancient fishing tactics when they had no fancy schmancy technology. Can still outfish the newest lures out there.
  516. Shewillbemine

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    Good questions. I wear athletic socks (the padded basketball ones) and those wick sweat from my feet. I also have comfortable insoles. I actually don't like the boots for the reasons you mentioned. Hence, I wear the "shoe style", low profile Xtratufs. I even wear them when it's raining. They...
  517. Shewillbemine

    7/16 New Boat ...success!!!

    Nice job! Jesus Christ an 8-hour boat trip?
  518. Shewillbemine

    Catching Live Bait - Newport Harbor

    ^^^ What he said The macks you'll catch are for the big boys dozens of miles out. If you're just gonna stick around, artificials or frozen squid is fine.
  519. Shewillbemine

    2 Day Trip Gear questions?

    Definitely need a heavier setup than the two you already have. Then big tuna clamp on and you'll be hanging on 4 dear life.
  520. Shewillbemine

    21-23' center console or walkaround?

    Had CCs my last two boats. Love the fishability especially when fighting a mad tuna. With a t top and a shade kit, you can have more cover from the sun. However, I am seriously considering a walk-around or pilothouse for my next boat.
  521. Shewillbemine

    Colt Sniper Hook Replacement

    They confirmed and filled my order in minutes. I'll be giving them return business in the future.
  522. Shewillbemine

    Colt Sniper Hook Replacement

    I bit the bullet and ordered the HPA pliers. It's less the cost and more the time (I wanted the pliers now). Trophy Tackle gave AMAZING customer service. Called them today and asked if the HPA pliers work on #6 Owner Ultra Split Rings (they're smaller). Rep said he just happened to have the...
  523. Shewillbemine

    Though hull transducer advise

    Contact Gil/Semper Fi Fishing
  524. Shewillbemine

    Any Calstar dealers here?

    What do you need? My bud owns a tackle store.
  525. Shewillbemine

    Oceanside Tackle Shops

    If you make it around Vista at all, check out Anglers Tackle at 1929 Vista Way.
  526. Shewillbemine

    LX Raptor line weight

    You can do that. My 40lb is actually an MXJ Raptor. When I reel in school size fishies, it's not even much fun. The LX is two sizes higher (although a little skewed since I'm comparing a Raptor) and should be ok with the next line up. I agree that HX would be a better fit but your idea...
  527. Shewillbemine

    Shimano Trinidad 12a vs Avet SXJ

    Are these reels comparable in terms of performance and usage? I have rigs with both these reels and was wondering if they're redundant for the most part. If not, how would you use them? Right now, I favor the SXJ for my lightest live bait setup. Thanks.
  528. Shewillbemine

    Where to get supplies online

    Tackle Direct and Amazon. You should always check location and estimated delivery date before purchasing. Stay away from the international sources.
  529. Shewillbemine

    Colt Sniper Hook Replacement

    I just bought a bunch of equipment to replace my Colt Sniper hooks and rings. Guess who just discovered the Owner Ultra Split Rings are so strong that my "normal" split ring pliers won't open them? This guy.
  530. Shewillbemine

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    35g - 38g on a 20 foot center console.
  531. Shewillbemine

    Solo boating/fishing

    Learned this the hard way. Ornery calico thrashed at the wrong time and got trebles DEEP into my finger. Limped back to dock and found some nice guys with bolt cutters to help me out. Once I pushed the shank past the flesh, I realized I didn't have anything strong enough to cut it off. Bought...
  532. Shewillbemine

    Small hole in lower unit

    That's your speedometer hole. If you store it with the motor trimmed up, all the excess water should fall out of it. How did you transport your boat to the lake? Wasn't it trimmed up? How recently were you in water? That should dry out within a day, especially with today's heat levels.
  533. Shewillbemine

    For Sale 2017 Robalo Cayman 246 with 300 Yamaha

    Will somebody buy this damn thing already?
  534. Shewillbemine

    Kastking braided line

    If I were fishing for inshore bass and cuda, I'd be fine using this. If I'm fishing offshore and bites are crucial and fights are long, I'm sticking to my tried and true.
  535. Shewillbemine

    Cocid rule question

    We didn't have issues when we launched last week.
  536. Shewillbemine

    Lb bait barge

    I wouldn't stay too late in the afternoon (you didn't say what day and time you're going). You got 23 mph winds coming down.
  537. Shewillbemine

    Colt Sniper Hook Replacement

    Yes, but may not be worth your money to pay them to do so and may not be worth their time to do it for free. You'll have to catch them on a slow day and they don't have many of those right now while the fishing is hot. If you're too intimidated by the thought, ask a bud. It isn't bad at all.
  538. Shewillbemine

    Lemon on fish

    If you don't like lemon, you're gonna hate fish sauce.
  539. Shewillbemine

    Okuma PCH Rods?

    Better call the shops as many of them are sold out or don't carry Okuma rods at all. You might need to order online.
  540. Shewillbemine

    Rolling tackle

    Nice! Are you planning to bring that on a party boat, your own boat or just to the docks/shores?
  541. Shewillbemine

    How to access Setup Wizard on Simrad GO9?

    Try this: turn the unit off then hold the ON key until you hear a double beep. It supposedly resets the unit.
  542. Shewillbemine

    What is the best fishing reel and rod set up for kelp paddy fishing

    That's a nice setup. I also don't like thumbing the line in on conventional reels. Per the OP's original question, are you slinging the iron 50+ yards on that setup?
  543. Shewillbemine

    What is the best fishing reel and rod set up for kelp paddy fishing

    Why didn't you ask him what setup he has? Also, your casting ability will have more to do with how far you can cast; the setup is a close second. I'd recommend a rod long enough (8 or 9 feet) with good action and a conventional reel. Don't know if you have an educated enough thumb to sling...
  544. Shewillbemine

    SOLD WTS Blue Water Bait Tank 38gal used

    A scoop and a half would probably be max for that size.
  545. Shewillbemine

    2019 parker 2120

    Seems like a troll. Wanted to throw it out there that his shitty ad still sold the boat LOL. I'll bet the buyer wasn't from BD.
  546. Shewillbemine

    California Rollback

    As of right now, charter boats seem to be open. I hope they stay open, although when they stay closed, there's less boat traffic for me as a private boater and less fishing competition. But I'd rather they be open so more guys can enjoy the ocean and stop whining at home. That's called "sense...
  547. Shewillbemine

    Tips on Long Range

    Where's this 18 year old work at again?
  548. Shewillbemine

    Salt Creek 7/12/2020

    Church Rock is on the south/southeastern part of the island. I always mark fish there and can work them into a frenzy with good chumming.
  549. Shewillbemine

    Salt Creek 7/12/2020

    If there's squid for sale, buy some. If not, live bait will be good. Yellowtail will also bite the surface iron if they are active. Catalina fish tend to congregate around specific parts around the island. I've had good luck at Church Rock; be careful not to hit the rocks. Wind looks up...
  550. Shewillbemine

    Solo boating/fishing

    Personal Life Beacon. I posted this list in another thread. My suggestion for smart safety equipment on any boat. 1. VHF Radio on boat. 2. Floating, portable VHF Radio on your person. 3. EPIRB on boat and/or PLB on your person. 4. Life jacket on at all times. 5. Cutoff switch connected at all...
  551. Shewillbemine

    Xtratuf boots oozing chemical ???

    Yikes! No, mine don't do that.
  552. Shewillbemine

    How much ice?

    Our last trip out, we brought 100 lbs. of ice. YMMV. We use some of the ice for drinks until we caught fish. Also depends on size of your boat. The 6' kill bag with 200 lbs onboard sounds right. The slurry is good especially if it's a long time before storage.
  553. Shewillbemine

    14 mile bank, 209, to Catalina 7/11

    There you go! Good luck out there.
  554. Shewillbemine

    14 mile bank, 209, to Catalina 7/11

    Did you read swell and weather reports before? It's a staple before offshore trips like that. I use Windy, Surf Report and NOAA. Never be too proud to turn back if you feel like it. That's what makes a true captain. Lastly, I hope you have appropriate safety gear onboard.
  555. Shewillbemine

    Tips on Long Range

    30 page thread coming up!
  556. Shewillbemine

    Seadek OC

    Did they charge extra?
  557. Shewillbemine

    SCI rookies!

    Nice! Did they sleep at the island while anchored?
  558. Shewillbemine

    What company for new electronics

    I appreciate that. And if you've already checked out Furuno prices and didn't run away, you sound like you've got a world class project there. At the regular guy price point, I think you'd be fine with any of the other brands. I have personally had experience with Lowrance and Garmin; you have...
  559. Shewillbemine

    La jolla kelp beds 7/11

    Nice! Yeah 7am on a summer Saturday is a shit show both out and in. I have caught two macks just like that, reaching down to wash my hand and the dipped lure was bit. Crazy that a calico did that though!
  560. Shewillbemine

    FMM Help

    Your computer doesn't have the right permissions to edit. You must have the current Microsoft Office to do so. I know because I just had the same issue last week. Fixed it by clicking "Enable Editing" then I had to download the latest Excel version. I was using my new PC so it hadn't synced with...
  561. Shewillbemine

    What company for new electronics

    If you can afford it, Furuno is world class. But you better be prepared to shell out quadruple the money.
  562. Shewillbemine

    Rod for Komodo SS 463P

    After getting my ass handed to me by that 34 lb yellowfin, I switched out my M1 Inshore with an 809H as well.
  563. Shewillbemine

    Nomad DTX Minnow 120 - Won't Troll at 6-7 Knots

    Thanks. I hate any trolling lure that has to be "tuned".
  564. Shewillbemine

    Bait tank troubleshooting

    Several hundred to a thousand plus for just the tank (depends on size) + labor and materials for install. I'd say budget $2000, give or take.
  565. Shewillbemine

    Questions about fishing San Diego / Mexico border

    VHF is typically line of sight. If you're testing it on land, you aren't gonna get a connection.
  566. Shewillbemine

    Artificial Bait Techniques (Shimano Colt Sniper, Flat Fall, etc.)

    Depends where the fish are and what they're doing. When they're below the boat, I cast and let it sink, then do a yo yo type retrieve. When they're boiling on the surface, I rip it back like a surface iron. It's what got bit this past week.
  567. Shewillbemine

    Heavier rod?

  568. Shewillbemine

    Bait tank troubleshooting

    Welcome to West Coast fishing. Bait tank issues are very common especially for people with new boats (to them) or people starting out with offshore. If you want the truly best solution, bite the bullet. Turn that livewell into a beer cooler and install an oval fiberglass tank or even a plastic...
  569. Shewillbemine

    Boat Trailering Question?

    My-Wedge There's a recent picture/thread from someone who used the manual levers attached to the Yamaha Outboard and they damaged the levers as well as the point of attachment. YMMV
  570. Shewillbemine

    Full day fleet

    Third secret: buy FishDope
  571. Shewillbemine

    Questions about fishing San Diego / Mexico border

    While other boats on the water can be a slight plus for confidence and a minus for fishing, it isn't really doing anything for your personal safety. Do you know how difficult it would be for anyone to see you out on the water if that were the case? Best to have redundant safety gear and to...
  572. Shewillbemine

    How many hours is too many on a Yamaha 150

    That averages to 12.5 hours a month, which makes sense if the guy boats/fishes at least a couple times a month. Get the official readout so you can confirm what he's saying. I suspect that will be true as most of us run the motors idle while fishing.
  573. Shewillbemine

    Heavier rod?

    Fish heavy until you have to fish light.
  574. Shewillbemine

    SOLD New Okuma PCH-801Xh

    How much for straight up purchase?
  575. Shewillbemine

    Artificial Bait Techniques (Shimano Colt Sniper, Flat Fall, etc.)

    Here's a few: Flat Fall...let it fall. Most bites on the fall. Literally what it was designed to do. Stick Baits...I like to pretend it's a dying fish. Use any random cadence. I usually get bit on the pause or on the first jerk after a pause. I have caught the majority of my calicos on stick...
  576. Shewillbemine

    2019 parker 2120

    This isn't a great ad my guy.
  577. Shewillbemine

    Afternoon 1/2 day Reel Fun, Dana Point

    Nice! Lifelong skills and lessons being taught right there.
  578. Shewillbemine

    So glad to be back on my Skippy

    Nice nice nice! You all look really happy!
  579. Shewillbemine

    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Thanks! Have you actually fought and landed fish of similar size with that setup? I really got my ass handed to me and wanted something with more backbone. I like the specs especially since the rod power is Extra Heavy.
  580. Shewillbemine

    SD Bay fishing help

    You should also post in the CA Inshore Planning forum. I've fished the bay from time to time. Inside the bay, you'll find success with almost anything you want to fish. Live bait, jigs with plastics, ghost shrimp. Just outside the bay, turn north and fish the kelp beds by La Jolla Shores (be...
  581. Shewillbemine

    Wiring trailers w/ surge brakes

    Oh, and yes, I run a 7 pin connector with surge brakes and reverse lockout.
  582. Shewillbemine

    Surf fishing San Onofre

    This ^^^^^
  583. Shewillbemine

    Boxing an area on the Tuna grounds...

    I'm sure there are experts who will tell you there's a preference. But honestly, I don't think that matters. It's not like pelagics sit and wait like a salmon on a riverbed or bass waiting to ambush. These fish hunt tiny schools with their own big schools. Literal feeding frenzy when they are on.
  584. Shewillbemine

    Schoolie 20-80lb popper setup....local SD waters

    My popping setup is a Shimano Saragosa 8000 on a Shimano Terez 7'8" Heavy. The backing is 65# braid with 40# mono topshot. I like the mono topshot for a little bit of stretch.
  585. Shewillbemine

    Brand new to this world

    Ask whether a boat should be financed on any boat forum, and you'll only get "don't do it answers". Apparently, everyone who logs online buys only used and apparently, no one online purchases the new boats that are sold out at most dealerships right now. Weird huh? All my boats have been new...
  586. Shewillbemine

    Boat "Tightening" Maintenance

    Tinkering with more things on my boat and I wanted to do some "tightening", especially after offshore trips that might loosen some things. Besides the typical screwdriver to tighten things onboard, what are some other things one might do to keep things tip top?
  587. Shewillbemine

    Wiring trailers w/ surge brakes

    I look at trailer lights as wear and tear items. I don't believe they make any lights that will last a super long time if dunked consistently in saltwater. I have the same lights on my trailer and I just replaced one with the same. There's literally two holes in the back that allow water...
  588. Shewillbemine

    Reliable Kill Bag vs. Buffalo Gear?

    Regardless of bag, if you're gonna keep it in an SUV you care about, I suggest you also double wrap with trash bags on either side. I have a Reliable and it's never leaked for me. Purchased in 2016. Haven't heard of the other brand.
  589. Shewillbemine

    MXJ raptor question

  590. Shewillbemine

    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Cast at the foamer, retrieve back quickly like a surface iron. No need to sink it. Popper also worked, but sniper was legit.
  591. Shewillbemine

    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Dana Point Blue. Shhhh....
  592. Shewillbemine

    Offshore Yellowwfin

    I guess I'm spoiled in my home harbor. A full scoop for me is about six passes.
  593. Shewillbemine

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    I don't mean it sucks because I want to follow them. I'm saying it sucks that they feel compelled to do so because boats follow them. Obviously the purpose of AIS is safety and tracking. Read my latest fish report and you'll see we actually bagged more fish than they did at our own spot (by one). 🤣
  594. Shewillbemine

    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Thanks! I'll check out the rod. The reel was great, as you know. The rod was too parabolic for the fight I had on my hands.
  595. Shewillbemine

    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Towed the rig down to SD and launched out of Dana Landing. Bought a full scoop of bait and gave them a $15 tip. Guy gave us 4 passes (doesn't that seen really low?). I normally get 4 passes for half a scoop in Dana Point. I didn't notice the 4 passes until we were outside the jetty and asked my...
  596. Shewillbemine

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    Guys, the San Diego caught 3 pelagics yesterday. Everyone has good days and bad days. Sucks that they feel compelled to turn off the AIS but it is what it is.
  597. Shewillbemine

    Garmin Chirp image

    Looks fine to me, especially at that speed. Anyone going 27mph isn't really looking for fish but you're still marking decently well.
  598. Shewillbemine

    Boxing an area on the Tuna grounds...

    I stopped leaving party boats alone after more than a couple decided it was ok for them to run me off a spot.
  599. Shewillbemine

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Good advice, thanks!
  600. Shewillbemine

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Excited to see all this tuna activity down south! Planning a weekday trip with some buds and we're all salivating. Hope to put up a successful fish report in a few days.
  601. Shewillbemine

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    What kind of boat is that?
  602. Shewillbemine

    Southshore launch ramp 7/3 who is this cool kid?

    That's why I don't take off my safety chain until my trailer tires hit the water. Also an added precaution since I usually launch alone.
  603. Shewillbemine

    Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    Bravo. I have been a fan and stalker since I got into ocean fishing. Hell, I've got pics of your rig from when it was being serviced at the old Robalo dealership in HB. Just to be clear and to give me more confidence, you guys launch from Newport and go to south of San Clemente? I love the...
  604. Shewillbemine

    Simrad install

    Call this guy and see if he has time. Loren 949-370-7188
  605. Shewillbemine

    Boxing an area on the Tuna grounds...

    I like to find boats and box them. Good strategy?
  606. Shewillbemine

    Southshore launch ramp 7/3 who is this cool kid?

    Strange. Those aren't even rollers on the trailer. Either forgot to latch safety chain and sped up too fast upon leaving or took off safety chain too early and broke hard while launching.
  607. Shewillbemine

    New boat customer service

    Strange. Also, why go through a broker for a brand new boat?
  608. Shewillbemine

    Need install for Lean Post/Bait Tank

    Don't buy that one you originally posted about. Get a true West Coast bait tank locally or something like what Mike recommends. For install, call this guy. Loren 949-370-7188 (mobile) or this guy Joe 760-822-5025 (drive the boat to his house in Oceanside) Here's Loren's work on my current...
  609. Shewillbemine

    Tuna or bait?

    Hard to say, but that big blob looks more like bait.
  610. Shewillbemine

    Spare Prop for Yamaha Ouboard

    Oh wow, that's a damn generous offer. I can't refuse that. Lmk please and thank you.
  611. Shewillbemine

    Spare Prop for Yamaha Ouboard

    Pretty sure my current one is 14.25 size and 17 inch pitch.
  612. Shewillbemine

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    We've got an offshore trip planned next week (first one this year on my boat) and I'm buffing my "what if" tools. Ordered some things via Amazon and still thinking of getting a few more things. I also made a thread here asking about a spare prop for my Yamaha F150XB. You never know. Propeller...
  613. Shewillbemine

    Spare Prop for Yamaha Ouboard

    I want to get a spare prop to carry on the boat for emergencies. I don't want/need it to be something performance related...I just need it to get me home just in case. Also, what prop lock or kit do I need to successfully change the prop on the water? Any recommendations? The outboard is a...
  614. Shewillbemine

    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    This is a clean ride. Very nice work!
  615. Shewillbemine

    Decal cost?

    I'd shop around. In this market, there's bound to be haggling with pricing.
  616. Shewillbemine

    Catalina bait advice?

    They'll bite whatever they want to bite that day. I'd go for squid if it were me. Better chance of catching something more exotic.
  617. Shewillbemine

    Go9 b175h help

    Always check your sonar local right at the docks or harbor. If it's working there, it's working everywhere. I agree that was likely the thermocline.
  618. Shewillbemine

    Options When Outboard Won't Start

    That's a good one, thanks! The anchoring inshore is a great idea and sea anchor offshore. Yup, I've got a sea anchor onboard.
  619. Shewillbemine

    Options When Outboard Won't Start

    I've made that kill switch mistake before (maybe twice LOL). When checking the fuel line, what does that entail? Just checking the connection(s) and seeing it's in place?
  620. Shewillbemine

    Options When Outboard Won't Start

    No, I'm not experiencing a problem with my Outboard (in case a future boat buyer sees this thread). I want to be smarter about being offshore and wanted to throw out the question: What do you do on the water if your outboard won't start? I have vessel assist so that's a check. I also have a...
  621. Shewillbemine

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    I don't know if you read my post wrong, but I'm a liberal and a Newsom supporter.
  622. Shewillbemine

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    While bashing libs is definitely a BDOutdoors pastime, it would be awesome if people simply complied with common sense health precautions to keep the infection rate down.
  623. Shewillbemine

    Replacement hooks for jigs

    What about snipping 1 hook off the treble? I don't want to damage fish I don't intend to keep and I'm being lazy about changing out the trebles on my smaller Colt Snipers. I figure there's still two left...
  624. Shewillbemine

    Rod For Casting to Foaming Blue Fin

    I like pain and I hate conventional reels for jigging and surface iron (my thumb has better things to do). For my next trip, I'm using a Komodo 463 paired with a Phenix SMX82MH. I figure good enough for school size bluefin and more than enough for yellowtail.
  625. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Garmin 1042XSV

    He is clearly aware of it so don't bother feeding him.
  626. Shewillbemine

    Are the clickers any better these days?

    Tie a catfish bell to your rods and listen for the ringing.
  627. Shewillbemine

    Are the clickers any better these days?

    I don't know what you mean by louder clickers since sound is subjective. But I will say that my Avet clickers are relatively quieter than my Shimano clickers. You'll have to test them in person to see if they suit you.