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  1. Shewillbemine

    Lobster License Question

    If there are two guys on a boat with two hoop nets, do both guys need lobster licenses? Thanks.
  2. Shewillbemine

    Political BS So...he has it.

    Real? Fake? Gonna live? Gonna die? Hoax for sympathy? The hell knows.
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    Buddy Boat for Saturday, 9/26/20 out of SD?

    Anyone going out Saturday offshore in SD and want to find and slay fish together? Send me PM please.
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    Map Update for Garmin 942xs

    I have a pair of Garmin 942xs that are networked via the black box. I fished about 50 miles of San Diego the other day, well into Mexican waters, when both Garnins just stopped map continuity past Rosarito (say 35 - 40 miles south of San Diego). There was a horizontal line that shows the...
  5. Shewillbemine

    Damn Weather & Damn Dodos 09.05.20

    Launched from Mission Bay at 330am to avoid the bait barge madness. We were second. Perfect. Went down to 371 and 425 area with soft, following seas. Perfect. Wind came up to 15 knots as predicted and blew out the water temp (mostly 69 to barely 70 all over) and destroyed the patties. Went...
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    Tie Line or Swivel to This?

    On things with crimps such as spreader bars, do I tie my line directly or use a swivel?
  7. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Phenix PSW 809H $240

    I'm selling my very brand new Phenix PSW 809H. It went on one boat ride but I decided to replace it because I prefer a trigger on the handle. Great rod. Can cast the smaller micro lures the tuna are keying on and handle schoolie sized tuna very well. Online, the retail price is $289 plus tax...
  8. Shewillbemine

    West End Catalina 08.14.20

    Read all the hot reports of the west end bite throughout the week and how it was dwindling down. I just KNEW the bite would be dead by the time we got out there on Friday, but we had to make a choice. My one bud fished SCI and Mexican regions on Thursday and he saw NOTHING, so we put on our big...
  9. Shewillbemine

    Getting Tuna to Come Up

    You're marking tuna at 100 feet. What's your go to strategies for bites in that scenario? Thank you.
  10. Shewillbemine

    Welded On Rod Holders

    If I pay a pro to weld on rod holders to my t-top, do they usually supply the rod holders as part of the deal or do I need to get them myself? And if I'm supposed to get them myself, which ones do people typically buy?
  11. Shewillbemine

    2 Piece Popping Rod Question

    Just got my new Jigging World Black Widow Popping Rod (woohoo!). I read somewhere that I might want to "wax" or put something on the bottom part of the rod where it sticks into the handle. The point is to prevent it from permanently sticking to the handle and effectively becoming a 1 piece rod...
  12. Shewillbemine

    WTB Shimano Saragosa 6000 Reel for Me

    Lmk what you've got. Thanks! (btw, anyone find it strange that we have to come up with unique thread titles in the For Sale section?)
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    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    I love my bait tank but it needs one small fix. The stand pipe design is too flush to the tank, so it's sometimes difficult to remove after a day of fishing. I believe there is also a vacuum effect created by the tank especially when the pump is running. I'm thinking of epoxying something on...
  14. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Shimano Terez TZS78HBLK 7'8" Spinning Rod $200

    This is basically a brand new rod that went on a boat ride and was cast a few times. I'm selling it because I just got a custom popping rod finished. The brand new price is $289 plus tax and I'm selling for $200. I'm in south OC and can travel a reasonable distance. No shipping please.
  15. Shewillbemine

    Ocean Extreme Tuna Sniper Rod Question

    I'm considering the lightest version of the Ocean Extreme Popping Rod. The specs are: Length: 7'10" Lure Wt: .5 - 2oz. Line Wt. 25 - 40 lb 1. Clearly, I think this will be fine to cast lures the size of a Halco Roosta Popper 135 (49 grams) yes? 2. Does this have enough backbone to fight...
  16. Shewillbemine

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    While I thought I had fixed everything about my trailer lights, I'm still getting intermittent functionality. I cleaned both ground wires again today but didn't get satisfactory results. I used my tester on the tow vehicle and wasn't getting clean lighting on the tester light indicators. Could...
  17. Shewillbemine

    Bad Customer Service

    Just venting. Call a shop to verify they have an item. They say yes. Drive close to an hour to get there. Once you arrive, they say they never had it in the first place and they made a mistake. Don't you fucking verify your inventory before saying yes to a customer?! Rant over.
  18. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Phenix M1 Inshore SMX-82MH $120

    Selling a used Phenix M1 Inshore SMX-82MH rod. It has some scratches on it from normal use and I've accounted for that with the price. No shipping. I live in OC and can meet up a reasonable distance.
  19. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Shimano Saragosa 8000 & Shimano Terez TZS 78H

    This is a like new setup that went out on one boat ride with me. Cast it 5 times and set it aside. It's too heavy for the super light poppers I want to throw and frankly, probably a little too heavy for me (I've always used lighter gear than most guys use; gotta gym 🤣). Retail is $289 per...
  20. Shewillbemine

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    I have a Shimano Saragosa 8000 paired with a Shimano Terez TZS 78H rod. It has 65 lb braid backing and a topshot of 40 lb mono. Holy crap it didn't cast my poppers well. The heaviest thing I had tied on was a Beito Original 135 (not a popper, I know) and it only performed marginally well. I...
  21. Shewillbemine

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    Went down to Mission Bay with my usual crew and a neighbor with his own boat. Everyone was pumped. The reports have been great, the fish volume has been enormous, and we were fishing with someone who was just out on Thursday. Got bait and purchased 1.5 scoops this time because I felt 1 scoop...
  22. Shewillbemine

    Rod and Setup for Okuma Cedros CSD-15s

    Looking through my gear and noticed that I haven't used my (discontinued) Okuma Cedros CSD-15s all that much. Currently, it's rigged as a trolling setup with a shorter rod. What rod would you suggest pairing it with and for what type of fishing? Appreciate any advice. I know there's an Okuma...
  23. Shewillbemine

    Shimano Trinidad 12a vs Avet SXJ

    Are these reels comparable in terms of performance and usage? I have rigs with both these reels and was wondering if they're redundant for the most part. If not, how would you use them? Right now, I favor the SXJ for my lightest live bait setup. Thanks.
  24. Shewillbemine

    Boat "Tightening" Maintenance

    Tinkering with more things on my boat and I wanted to do some "tightening", especially after offshore trips that might loosen some things. Besides the typical screwdriver to tighten things onboard, what are some other things one might do to keep things tip top?
  25. Shewillbemine

    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Towed the rig down to SD and launched out of Dana Landing. Bought a full scoop of bait and gave them a $15 tip. Guy gave us 4 passes (doesn't that seen really low?). I normally get 4 passes for half a scoop in Dana Point. I didn't notice the 4 passes until we were outside the jetty and asked my...
  26. Shewillbemine

    Spare Prop for Yamaha Ouboard

    I want to get a spare prop to carry on the boat for emergencies. I don't want/need it to be something performance related...I just need it to get me home just in case. Also, what prop lock or kit do I need to successfully change the prop on the water? Any recommendations? The outboard is a...
  27. Shewillbemine

    Options When Outboard Won't Start

    No, I'm not experiencing a problem with my Outboard (in case a future boat buyer sees this thread). I want to be smarter about being offshore and wanted to throw out the question: What do you do on the water if your outboard won't start? I have vessel assist so that's a check. I also have a...
  28. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Shimano Torium 16 HGAL LEFTY and Seeker G 980-8' CT Black Steel Rod

    I'm selling a Shimano Torium 16 HGAL Lefty and Seeker G 980-8' CT Black Steel Rod SHIMANO TORIUM 16 HGAL Lefty It has what I believe to be a couple hundred yards of 60 - 65 lb. braid and then finished with a topshot of mono (about 50 - 100 yards I estimate). I think the strength is 35 - 40 lbs...
  29. Shewillbemine

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    Just wanted to get people's thoughts on the pros and cons of a Pilothouse vs Walkaround. Thanks.
  30. Shewillbemine

    Searching the Forums and Results

    I'm sure it's something simple I'm doing wrong. When I search for something, the results are listed in random, non chronological order. It wasn't like that before. Is there a way to change that? Thanks.
  31. Shewillbemine

    Help with Trailer Electronics on Tow Vehicle

    Some help please: I am diagnosing trailer lights that aren't working and I think I've isolated the issue to my truck. My tester LED lights are only intermittently lighting, even after I've cleaned the connection and added electrical grease. Before I replace the plug connection on the bumper...
  32. Shewillbemine

    Mobile Trailer Service in OC

    I'm going crazy searching for a relatively recent post or thread in which the guy recommends a mobile trailer service in OC. He even says something like "you can't get that kind of service nowadays". At any rate, any recommendations or can anyone post a link to the thread if you know what I'm...
  33. Shewillbemine

    Wind and Weather Have been Up No?

    Just to confirm I'm not imagining things, the wind has BEEN up more than not these past several weeks right? I feel like all I see is green on the Windy app, especially past Catalina.
  34. Shewillbemine

    Dana Point Parking Lot Update

    If you guys didn't know, Dana Point recently opened the rest of the parking lot to retail customers and it's free. This is the section that was taken from the original, large boat and trailer parking lot. They finally realized that they need the space for extra traffic and HOPEFULLY this will...
  35. Shewillbemine

    Went for a Joy Ride 4-23-20

    Decided it was time to get the boat (and family) out since it's been a few months. The recent hot weather made it even more appealing. I also needed to burn some fuel so it doesn't go bad. The water was a cold 58 degrees inside Dana Point Harbor but warmed to about 65 degrees in some parts...
  36. Shewillbemine

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    I've never done the big sports boats. Thinking of bringing my BIL, who gets terribly seasick on my 20 footer (and the ones before). Are his chances of being seasick lessened on the bigger boys?
  37. Shewillbemine

    Looks Like They're Still Fishing the Same Spot (43)

    I've been wondering if the fishing/tuna would go away because of the weather change. The traditional 1 day boats haven't been out so I'm waiting for the fish reports. That said, there looks to be the usual fishing gang bang around the 43 spot. Crossing my fingers the fish are going to stick...
  38. Shewillbemine

    Limits on Yellowtail 277 Bank 11.18.19

    I toyed around with the idea of towing my rig to Oceanside and boating all the way to The Corner. I also thought about simply boating from Dana Point down to The Corner. I figured it would just be under 2 hours to do that. But running solo made me think twice. There are recent reports of tuna...
  39. Shewillbemine

    Mexican Waters Offshore 11.15.19

    Jumped on a friend of a friend's boat out of Point Loma. We got a late start of around 9am. Plan was to head to the 226 and west of it, looking for paddies and marks. Conditions did not match the weather prediction. It was supposed to be 1 foot waves at 14 seconds, but it was choppy with...
  40. Shewillbemine

    Dana Point Inshore 11.12.19

    Sorry, forgot to add date and it won't let me change the title anymore. 11/12/19 Report Went out a couple hours today to brush off some cobwebs and get over my dog's recent passing. I had a plan of attack based on my last time out. Work the coastline from Newport to Dana Point, but try to...
  41. Shewillbemine

    We Put Our Dog Down Today

    Almost 10 years old, and he was defeated by what is likely cancer. About 3 months ago, he had a crazy bout of vomiting and diarrhea, to which the vet prescribed antibiotics and anti-nausea medication. He got better, but the vomiting and diarrhea came back after the med cycle. We rinsed and...
  42. Shewillbemine

    $5000 Waxwing Lure

    Bet this catches cows.
  43. Shewillbemine

    Every Time I Want to Fish, Damn Weather

    I've got two possible days to fish this week, and Hashem decides it's time for 20 knot winds. Guess I'll practice tying my Hangman's Noose. End of rant.
  44. Shewillbemine

    Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

    I've never been into this scene but expect I will when the kids get older. Do people water ski or wakeboard in the ocean (SD, OC, LA)? I don't think I've ever seen this before. Thanks.
  45. Shewillbemine

    What is this? (Sonar pic)

    This has been the scene the last couple of days inshore at Dana Point. I don't think they're barracuda, especially since they haven't done their usual barracuda feeding frenzy. I can't seem to get them to bite anything, even when chumming several million live sardines. Sorry for the black...
  46. Shewillbemine

    Offshore Fishing in Orange County

    So I'm about 3 years into this offshore thing, and I'm noticing something. Is the OC offshore scene relatively bad especially when compared to SD/Mexico? Aside from hearing of the awesome 2015 El Nino year, I've yet to see any consistency (from others; not me, I suck). Is it mainly Catalina...
  47. Shewillbemine

    10/17 226/302 Life But Skunko

    Got to the bait barge out of Dana Landing around 6am. We're the only boat there. Figured we're the stupid ones going out in such bad water conditions. Checked the North 9 and saw nothing. Headed to the Corner, then turned south halfway through. Several miles north of the 226 we see two football...
  48. Shewillbemine

    Catalina Island 10/9

    Went out today in order to beat the nasty weather and wind coming up. The plan was to hit the 209 because of fish sightings in that area, then head to The Slide and eventually get to Catalina. Boner head me slept an hour and a half past our meetup time, leaving my fishing partners SOL. My...
  49. Shewillbemine

    WTB Avet MXJ 6/4 (G1 or G2)

    Title says it all. Post what you've got; pictures would be great (I'm gonna ask for them anyway). Thanks.
  50. Shewillbemine

    Winter Fishing in Mexican Waters

    When it gets to the "coldest" parts of the year (December/January), what's the fishing like south of the border? Is it mostly yellowtail and bass or do the tuna stick around too?
  51. Shewillbemine

    9/22 Yellowfin at the Parking Lot

    Second offshore trip on the Chips N Guac. Brought a bud who'd fished on my previous boat and he brought a third. It was nice to have experienced fishermen on board. We launched from Dana Landing just before 6am. Plan was to check the 302 then the 371 if need be. We get to the 302 and it's a...
  52. Shewillbemine

    Avet SXJ MC Cast No Free Spool

    I've read a ton on this subject and Avet's own explanation doesn't match what I have. The situation: My Avet SXJ MC Cast doesn't free spool. At all. Not 2 seconds, not 6 seconds. It doesn't free spool. I have to strip line off to get any out. It definitely won't cast because it's "stuck" unless...
  53. Shewillbemine

    US Mexican Borders on Garmin

    Do Garmin units show the US Mexican border on the water? Just wondering if it will show me which side of the border I'm on. Thanks.
  54. Shewillbemine

    Getting Bait Early

    I'm fishing this weekend and expecting a crowd that rivals a Lord of the Rings war scene. I'm thinking of buying bait around 3am and waiting a few hours before leaving for the fishing grounds (don't have radar and don't want to boat in pure darkness). I'll probably just dock then go when...
  55. Shewillbemine

    Keeping VHF Antenna Upright

    I'm ready for the double entendres, but here goes. My VHF antenna doesn't stay upright when I'm under way. It's mounted on the t-top so I can't easily strap it to something else to avoid too much wiggling when under way. Anyone dealt with this issue before and have a remedy? The rub is that...
  56. Shewillbemine

    Recommended Fishing Trip

    All things considered, what would you guys recommend for an epic fishing trip that FAMILY can be present at? I've researched Cedros but that's essentially a pure fishing trip with no amenities for kids and wife. Even next year is a consideration so don't worry about the remaining season for...
  57. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Simrad Go7XSE and B60 20 Degree Transducer

    This unit came installed on my boat from the factory and it saw water once when the dealer did a photo shoot. Advanced Marine took them both off. I believe brand new the Simrad is around $549 and the B60 is $299. I'll sell both for $500 total. I'll add pics when I get home. Lmk, thanks.
  58. Shewillbemine

    Life Raft?

    How many of you actually carry a life raft onboard? If you don't, what is the #1 reason you don't?
  59. Shewillbemine

    Do yellowtail eat the chunk?

    Just wondering if chunking, say at Catalina, can catch yellowtail.
  60. Shewillbemine

    Coronado Islands Paperwork

    Hi All, Assuming that all boaters have the appropriate paperwork and permits to fish the Coronado Islands (and we all know you all do), how often or likely does the Mexican Navy come check the boats? I'm asking because I've never fished the islands before, so I want to make sure I have all the...
  61. Shewillbemine

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    So, I've been waiting patiently for my next boat, which is driving me up the wall. I decided I'm going to cope with this by starting my own boat thread. This is my third boat in seven years, and it's amazing how one "grows out" of the existing boat. I started with an aluminum Tracker that I...
  62. Shewillbemine

    Bait Tank Install & Hatch

    I want to install a fiberglass bait tank UNDER this leaning post, but it has an existing hatch to access the fuel tank. Is it unreasonable to ask a shop to MOVE the hatch forward or aft so the tank can fit under the leaning post? I want to maximize the walking area between the bait tank and the...
  63. Shewillbemine

    Help with Electronics Set-up

    Electronics time: New boat comes with Simrad GO7XSE and B60 transducer. The transducer is going in the trash. I could either ADD a Simrad NSS12 EVO2 and a B75 transducer OR Install two Garmin 942xs and a B75 transducer. The first option saves a little money because the 7 inch Simrad is...
  64. Shewillbemine

    Pairing MFD with Simrad

    My next boat comes stock with a "cute" Simrad GO5XSE and a B60 transducer. I'm thinking if keeping BOTH the Simrad and B60 but installing a larger MFD and ANOTHER thru hull. 1. Is it common practice to have two thru hulls? The boat is a 20 foot center console. 2. I'm accustomed to Garmin and...
  65. Shewillbemine

    Leaning Post and Bait Tank

    I've read the various threads on BD and other forums about this but would love to get opinions. My new boat has a leaning post that is "too short" because it has a reinforcement bracket for the pop up bolster seats. I want to install a fiberglass bait tank that would partially be underneath...
  66. Shewillbemine

    Best One Stop Shop in OC?

    I'm looking for a shop in OC that can do all the following: Install MFD Install thru hull Transducer Install Trim Tabs Install radio Install antenna (on t top) Install custom fiberglass bait tank under captains chair I'd rather not lug my new rig all over town from shop to shop. I think the...
  67. Shewillbemine

    Random Boat Observation

    In the years I've used BD, I've noticed that the used boating market here is typically for relatively older boats (10 years or older). This is opposed to Hull Truth, which is also a very large forum, but has plenty of new and recently new boats listed. It's common to see 1 - 2 year old boats for...
  68. Shewillbemine

    Stupid question: Membership?

    ....AND I didn't see they were just kidding about that. Thanks.
  69. Shewillbemine

    For Sale 2016 Robalo R180 (lots of mods + trailer) - $27,000

    I'm finally seriously considering upgrading my boat, so I'm listing it here for feelers. She's modified heavily and is wonderful both for inshore fishing and offshore hunting. Every non-factory item has been professionally installed by reputable companies endorsed by these boards. I'm not the...
  70. Shewillbemine

    Bait Tank on Parker 2120

    Whether it's the older models or the newer one with the inadequate, built in bait tank, has anyone ever put a proper, West coast style bait tank on a 2120? I'm curious where it was placed and how much space was left. Pics would be even better. Thanks.
  71. Shewillbemine

    Harbor Boating

    Feeling really crappy about not being able to fish tomorrow since I've planned this day for a month now. If I just fish Newport Harbor and stay inside, I should be safe from the Small Craft Advisory crap yes? I know it's a dumb question but I'm trying to make sure my shittiness doesn't...
  72. Shewillbemine

    San Onofre & Dana Point 11/6/18

    Went out on Tuesday with a plan to fish San Onofre because I knew the kelp had grown back. While it's still a little spotty compared to the beginning of the year, the kelp is definitely thicker in some areas down there. There was an uphill/onshore swell so I set up a drift that had me go right...
  73. Shewillbemine

    Cleaning Your Fishing Hat

    I've recently been using new hats purchased from a local store, and after only a few trips each, they're both super grimy and discolored in certain parts (looks like the portions where the most sweat would come from contact with my head/forehead). It looks like bleach leaked onto some portions...
  74. Shewillbemine

    For Sale Phenix Crankbait Rod XG740 $90

    Hi Folks, Up for sale is an almost new Phenix Crankbait Rod. It's an XG740 and the details are: 7'4" Moderate Action Line: 8 - 17 lb. Lure: 1/4 - 1 oz. Condition: Almost brand new. Have cast it maybe 10 times in the water. Reason for selling: It's too parabolic for me. I know crankbait...
  75. Shewillbemine

    Dana Point 10/16/18 Bass and Bonito

    Really debated going out today because of the tornado winds we experienced yesterday. The forecast called for more Santana but not as violent. I put on my big boy underwear and went. Launched out of Dana Point around 7am and was already discombobulated. Realized I forgot my sunglasses and hat...
  76. Shewillbemine

    Bait tanks in Walkaround Boats

    Anyone got pics of aftermarket bait tanks on walkarounds? Thanks.
  77. Shewillbemine

    209 and Catalina - 9/26

    Howdy Folks, Buddy and I launched out of Dana Point around 6am. Full scoop of bait contained LOTS of macks and very large sardines. For some reason, most of the sardines were dead by the time we got anywhere. The last several trips I've had and the bait maintained; not sure why they mostly died...
  78. Shewillbemine

    San Clemente 8/28/18

    Just a quick report from yesterday. Left Dana Point around 9am with a bud who'd never caught a fish and never been on my boat. My plan was to give him a Sabiki rig to start just to pop his cherry. Well, that plan failed because he didn't catch anything on the Sabiki (lost something that was on...
  79. Shewillbemine

    Shade from T Top

    To those who've experienced T Tops before, do they really provide good, consistent shade on an offshore trip or does the boat's constant shifting negate the shade effects?
  80. Shewillbemine

    Avet SX for Light Setup

    Considering a light setup for #10 - #20. Is the Avet SX OK for this or is it overkill despite being the smallest reel they offer? Thanks.
  81. Shewillbemine

    Do Walk-arounds Ride Better Than Pilot Houses?

    Pretty basic question for those who have the experience to compare the two. Thanks!
  82. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Lowrance Hook 7 with 83/200 Transducer $175

    This is a 2 year used Lowrance Hook 7 with 83/200 transducer. It also comes with the sun cover that you had to purchase separately since these didn't include the covers. It came off my Robalo and was professionally installed and professionally removed by Nick at Trolling Motor Doctor. I'm...
  83. Shewillbemine

    Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    I apologize for length. You'll understand why if you care to read it. I reached out to Billy K since I was tired of messing around with this offshore thing. I've had almost two seasons under my belt and I've NEVER caught a single pelagic. You read that right. No yellowtail, no yellowfin, no...
  84. Shewillbemine is BonitA or BonitO

    I actually searched and Googled this question but results were inconclusive. Are we talking about two different fish? Or are we talking about the same fish except people say "BonitA" for some reason? Dumb question. Thanks.
  85. Shewillbemine

    Green Card/Non US Passport to fish Mexico

    "Don't flame me bro" Anyone have experience fishing/boating with someone who has a green card/resident alien card to Mexico? It would be on a private boat, likely to Coronado Islands. Thanks.
  86. Shewillbemine

    SOLD Minn Kota Riptide 72" Shaft 112 lb Thrust Remanufactured w/ 1 Year Warranty $1800

    Hi Folks, Price: $1800 (I paid over $2000 with shipping) I recently bought this Minn Kota Riptide Terrova with 72" shaft and 112 lb Thrust (36v) online. It's a remanufactured unit from a certified Minn Kota dealer so it comes with a 1 year warranty. This is a great way to save money instead of...
  87. Shewillbemine

    Bay Boat Offshore

    Who here regularly or even mostly uses a bay boat offshore? What would you change about the boat, if you could? What do you dislike about it when hunting for the pelagics?
  88. Shewillbemine

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Curious what guys bring on private boats. Charters with kitchens and chefs don't count! Looking for ideas besides the chicken strips from Jack in the Crack I always get.
  89. Shewillbemine

    Can't Stop Thinking of Fishing

    Anyone else this addicted? ALL I think about lately is fishing fishing fishing. I'm either shopping for fishing gear online or reading these forums or watching YouTube or tinkering with my gear in the garage or cleaning the boat or looking at Instagram fishing pics or window shopping boats or...
  90. Shewillbemine

    Extreme Heat

    Forecast next week calls for 100 degree weather. If I'm hydrated and shaded, are there still other reasons not to go offshore because of the heat?
  91. Shewillbemine

    Fluorocarbon Leader for Live Bait

    For those who use fluorocarbon leaders for fishing live bait, do you just attach it directly to the line or do you use a swivel? Thanks.
  92. Shewillbemine

    Kodiak Bait Tank Retailer

    Is there a local retailer in Orange County (even SD or LA) that sells Kodiak Bait Tanks? I'd like to buy one in person instead of shipping, if possible. I was hoping West Marine carries them but apparently not anymore...?
  93. Shewillbemine

    Line Reco for Spinning Reel

    Want to use a Penn Battle 2 spinning reel as my cheap and easy jigging setup. Any recommendations for line weight and topshot?
  94. Shewillbemine

    Penn Battle 2 6000

    Want to use this reel as my cheap and easy jigging setup. Any recommendations for line weight and topshot? Thanks.
  95. Shewillbemine

    14 Mile Bank 7/14/17

    My usual late start of around 11am. Headed to 14 Mile Bank with water from 73-74 degrees. There were about 6 boats spread out in the area. LOTS of different tern gangs chasing bait everywhere. The birds were working non stop. Marked bait balls around 50 feet. Headed south towards the 209...
  96. Shewillbemine

    Best 7 Inch Fishfinder/Chart Combo

    I've read pages about this stuff and it still isn't clear. Sorry if this is an obvious question. Which 7 inch unit + aftermarket transducer will give me the best readings for deep offshore and at speed? Pretend money is no object. No need for radar and no need for networking as the boat is too...
  97. Shewillbemine

    Friday, 6/30 Nothing

    Launched from Dana Point at 10am and made our way SW splitting the distance between the 209 and Oceanside. Water was 65 - 66 degrees from launch and as expected, got to 70 degrees as we headed south. Almost no visible life. A few birds here and there; at one point 5 terns diving on bait but...
  98. Shewillbemine

    3 Hours for Tuna/Yellowtail

    If you only had a 3 hour window to be in the water, would it be worth looking for tuna/yellowtail or just stay inshore to catch the easy stuff? Thanks.
  99. Shewillbemine

    Inshore Kelp from Dana Point 6/6/17

    Went out yesterday thinking I'm gonna head to the 267 and see if I can luck out on some rat yellows. I'm thinking the sun's going to come out and play after it's burnt through the cloud layer but it stayed gray and drizzly the farther I went out. Six miles from shore I decide to turn back and...
  100. Shewillbemine

    Inshore Kelp from Dana Point 5/12/17

    Took the boat out today since I finally had one day without work or kids to take care of. Weather was cold and gloomy but thankfully not much wind. But that also meant little to no action because of the cold temperature and no water movement. Launched out of Dana Point around 10am (sucks...
  101. Shewillbemine

    Fishing Sunglasses

    Love my Costas that I bought from Fred Hall Show last year but they, ahem, don't exactly have an Asian fit so they leave big circles under my eyes after long hours of wearing. Where's a good place to check out fishing/boating sunglasses in person? Thanks for any help.
  102. Shewillbemine

    8/11/16 - Dana Point - No Love

    Got out really late today at around 10:30am. The wind was kicked up despite the weather forecast of calm seas. Waves were not the largest but FREQUENT from all sides and breaking every split second. Felt like I was fighting to keep the boat straight non-stop. The small white caps from the waves...
  103. Shewillbemine

    Need Fiberglass Repair?

    Just wanted to give a glowing review and shout out to Brett's Custom Marine in Costa Mesa. 949-463-3887 (mods please let me know if I'm not allowed to post said link) I had a minor chip that needed fixing and I called the typical go-to's in Orange...
  104. Shewillbemine

    Lost two...more confident than ever - 8/4 Dana Point

    Ok bear with me folks as this is literally my first season fishing offshore so if my enthusiasm seems over the top, it is. I launch out of Dana Point at 10am (late start, I know). I skip the bait barge as I've recently gotten sick of dead bait by the time I get to any spot. This is probably my...
  105. Shewillbemine

    200khz in deep water

    routinely fish depths of 1000, 2000+ feet but am really only looking for fish in the first 200 feet of depth. Is it a good idea to switch my frequency to a lower number (such as 50khz) just because I'm over deep water or can I just leave it at 200khz since I only care about the first 200 feet...
  106. Shewillbemine

    Trolling Daisy Chains

    I tried trolling a daisy chain for the first time and have a question. Is the daisy chain supposed to mainly stay on the water surface? Or is it supposed to be mainly underwater? Thanks for any input.
  107. Shewillbemine

    Trolling on Private Boat

    Just getting into the offshore scene. I've been reading and learning a lot from this site. If I'm only trolling two rigs at a time (fishing for yellowtail, bluefin and/or dorado) what is the recommended selection/style of rigs? So far I only have Rapala style lures and didn't know if I should...
  108. Shewillbemine

    All Quiet On the Western Front

    Out to the 209 yesterday from Dana Point. No paddies, birds, dolphins or marks on sonar. Radio chatter was pretty much saying the same stuff. FishDope slotter plane reported life around same route i took but i dont know what time it did vs. when i went. Hopefully things pick up. Been a slow...
  109. Shewillbemine

    Removable T Top

    Talk to me about these if you have experience please. I don't just want a foldable one because I want to keep the center console functionality when I'm inshore or bass fishing (and I don't want the look). I figure I want the kind that is removable and the bottom portion stays installed on the...
  110. Shewillbemine

    So Anyone Else Name Their Fishing Rods?

    I started doing it back in high school and still do it now.
  111. Shewillbemine

    Bass on the Chew

    Still a wide open bite by San Onofre and the kelp forests. They are biting jerkbaits, jigs, softies and crankbaits. Anything really. Even got a double hookup from 2 greedy bass and the big one was more than legal size (catch and release though). windows screenshot image url upload free image...
  112. Shewillbemine

    Oceanside Launch Ramp

    I've never been there before and would love input. How many lanes are at the ramp? Do they charge launch fees? Any good or bad things about this ramp? I'm used to Dana, Newport and Mission Bay ramps. Thank you.
  113. Shewillbemine

    Bass in San Mateo Kelp

    Fished for maybe half an hour when I finally saw kelp down by San Mateo and the San Onofre power plant. Bass were ready to eat the surface lures while working the lanes between the mats. Sucks that I had to stop fishing cuz I had a conference call. By the time the call ended, I'd drifted away...
  114. Shewillbemine

    Paddy Hopping

    So here's something I've never done before. Tried to use Google and there wasn't much about the actual process of paddy hopping. How does one go about doing this? Assuming I've got all the boat essentials (I do) plus Vessel Assist plus it's good weather, what now? Do I literally just point my...
  115. Shewillbemine

    Lowrance Elite 9 CHIRP Deal

    Only $699 at West Marine (limited quantity). Since Lowrance us replacing this series with Hook, the prices have gone down. The 5 and 7 inch models also discounted heavily. Didn't think I could afford a 9 inch Lowrance unit until this came around! (No affiliation with Lowrance. Just want to...
  116. Shewillbemine

    Rigging Shop?

    In south Orange County, who would you guys recommend as the shop to install all my boat equipment, electronics and can also service engines? Thanks for any input.
  117. Shewillbemine

    Boat Buying Input

    Hi Folks, Would love input as I take the leap into my next vessel. It's important for me to hear from a mostly west coast crowd since that's where I am. I'm looking at two boats: 2016 Robalo R180 and 2016 Boston Whaler Montauk 170 For the stuff that sticks out in my mind between the two: 1...
  118. Shewillbemine

    2012 Tracker Pro Guide 175 SC

    Sold! Thanks for looking.
  119. Shewillbemine

    Bass Tournaments

    I'd love to enter the SWBA and SBS tournaments just for the fun, camaraderie and learning experience. Maybe I'll use this year to really practice and get into it officially in 2017. I have a boat but don't have a steady fishing partner. The rub is that my schedule is more flexible on weekdays...
  120. Shewillbemine

    Golden Algae at Lake Mission Viejo

    Sucks but it seems this golden algae bloom has just rocked the fish population at Lake Mission Viejo. For any who might care.
  121. Shewillbemine

    Short Strikes & Followers

    My last two outings only yielded one calico per trip. But I did have a bunch of short strikes and followers when the water was clear enough to see the fish. When you guys experience short strikes or followers, what do you do next? Is it a different retrieve, change of bait, adding more scent, etc?
  122. Shewillbemine

    WTB: Swimbaits, swim jigs, jig heads

    Just checking if some of you with large collections are looking to sell some of these things in bulk. I'm interested in Big Hammer, MC and Pearl Swimbaits as well as corresponding jigs, swim jigs and warbaits stuff. Thanks!
  123. Shewillbemine

    Revo3 Inshore Deal

    Just thought I'd share. I recently purchased a new Revo3 Inshore from for the really low price of $163 (with economy shipping it all came out to $173). Retail, you can see this reel advertised for $229/$249. I'll report back when it's arrived as I'm happy to be the guinea...
  124. Shewillbemine

    Winter Saltwater Bass Fishing

    Haven't posted in a while. Hope everyone's doing well. I want to get back on the water immediately after the holidays and this is relatively our coldest season. What are saltwater bass keying on these days and how do you choose to fish your lures? In freshwater, they're pretty deep and...
  125. Shewillbemine

    Fish Fighting Question

    Had a great day on the water today, catching a couple sand bass and a lot more sheephead (all female). All fish were released. My question: My last strike of the day started peeling off line like a freight train. I set the hook and it gave a couple head shakes. But then the feeling...
  126. Shewillbemine

    Rod Holders for Ocean Trolling

    Hi Folks, I've been fishing saltwater a lot more recently and want to try more trolling techniques. I have the option of purchasing these portable rod holders that attach to the track system (see pic) or installing flush mounted rod holders like most offshore boats have on their gunwales...
  127. Shewillbemine

    Dana Point Harbor Question

    Thinking of taking my small boat out and fishing the boat slips/docks (looking mostly for bass). Anyone done this before, even with a kayak or float tube? I'm actually thinking of going in and out of the docks and not just by the bait barge. Dunno if there's gonna be fish to catch and/or if...
  128. Shewillbemine

    Calico Bass Techniques?

    Hi Folks, I'm just getting into fishing for Calico/Kelp Bass and I'm planning to be out on Doheny/Dana Point tomorrow. I'd appreciate any tips you have regarding lures and retrieval techniques. I've caught Calico before on Lucky Craft lures but I think they'll be deeper tomorrow. Weather...
  129. Shewillbemine

    Vehicle to Tow

    Looking for something in the $5000 or under range, capable of towing 2500 - 3000 lbs. minimum. The aesthetics don't matter to me but I'd like something that's proven reliable for you, is tow ready (so I don't have to buy and install a hitch), and with current registration. I'd like something...
  130. Shewillbemine

    Noob needs Help (thank you)

    Hi Folks, I'm glad I found this site from a recently met acquaintance. I am planning to purchase my first boat but I have zero experience in this department. Many of you have been fortunate to grow up with boaters but I don't have that luxury. Here's what I think I need: a. Saltwater...