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  1. DC61

    Volvo mechanic - Dana Point Referral??

    Any recommendations on a mechanic? I prefer someone who is local. Thanks!
  2. DC61

    Tranx 500 for wahoo bombs?

    Do any of you you use a Tranx 500 for wahoo bombs or for throwing iron for wahoo? I've used it for surface iron and it was great. Asking for a friend.....
  3. DC61

    Maxwell winch tech- San Diego

    Hello all, I am looking to have someone come to the boat in San Diego to perform preventative maintenance on my Maxwell anchor winch. There is nothing wrong with the winch. I am just trying to avoid a problem. I am headed to Mag Bay and then on to Puerto Vallarta for the winter. I have...
  4. DC61

    WTB Bent butt rods w/ rollers

    Hello all, Looking for quality heavy bent butt rods with rollers. Please let me know if you have anything. Pm me. Thanks!
  5. DC61

    For Sale West Coast bait tanks

    Has anybody heard from him recently? I have left numerous phone calls and text messages for him with no reply.
  6. DC61

    FREE 15' Stainless steel steering wheel

    I took this steering wheel off of my Parker a few years back. There is nothing wrong with it (that's why I saved it). I needed a smaller one in the tower. Free to a good home.
  7. DC61

    FREE Outdoor table and chair set

    Hello all, I have a nice tiled top outdoor table and 5 chair set. It is nice, but the tile makes it pretty heavy. It has been around a while, but would make a nice addition to any back yard. It's currently in my backyard and fits in just fine. My wife has decided that we do not need two...
  8. DC61

    FREE Fuel drums

    Hi guys, I have three plastic fuel drums that I no longer need as I sold my trailer boat and no longer trailer to Baja. These served me well for countless trips. No leaks and they are in good condition. I just don't need them any longer. The blue one is clearly marked 16 gallons and I believe...
  9. DC61

    FREE Craftsman compressor 33 gallon

    Hello all, I have a 33 gallon stand up compressor that I would like to give away. I bought it new about 5 years ago. It works perfectly and has minimal use. I lost the battle and my wife keeps now keeps her new car in the garage so I am cramped for space. I’m in Dana Point. Shoot me a pm if...
  10. DC61

    For Sale 65 gallon tear drop bait tank - new

    Brand new West Coast bait tank for sale. I had Craig make me a beige (Parker color) tank and it just doesn't fit for my application. Craig does really nice work and the tank is great, just doesn't fit in a corner like I hoped it would. The tank is brand new and has never been installed. The...
  11. DC61

    For Sale Garmin 7610 and Garmin M/N GSD 24

    For sale is a Garmin 7610. This is a 10" touch screen. Great unit lightly used. Is in great condition with all cables, mounting bracket, manual, and cover. Included is the Garmin M/NGSD 24. Here is the description of the unit. BTW, this unit retails for over $500. The Garmin GSD 24 provides...
  12. DC61

    For Sale Tuna tubes - Kodiak

    Hello all, I have a set of double Kodiak Pro tuna tubes. These can be used for baits that are up to 10# or you can use the inserts for smaller baits. I purchased them last year from a fellow BD member and never installed them. I also have the mounting brackets. $250
  13. DC61

    Bait pump recommendation

    Hello all, I am looking to replace the bait pump on my boat. It screws directly on to the thru hull fitting. I think it's a 1/2" but I can't tell for sure (I am hoping it's a 3/4" thru hull). The tank appears to be a 65 - 70 gallon tank. I was considering a Rule tournament 1600. I have had...
  14. DC61

    Vhf antenna question

    I want to replace the antenna on my boat. The current vhf antenna is a two piece 16’ one that shows some cracking on the coax cable. My question is this: can I unscrew the antenna coupler and buy an 8’ vhf antenna and screw it to the existing base? Is it a height thing or is that a stronger...
  15. DC61

    SOLD L shaped desk

    Hello all, I have a 5’ X 6’ L shaped desk that is up for grabs. It’s in pretty good condition. My wife has decided that we no longer need a desk in the office. I am getting rid of it on Saturday morning, but I thought I would offer it up here first. If you’re interested you need to come and...
  16. DC61

    SOLD 22# claw style anchor

    Greetings all, Still has the original label on it. Free to a good home. I am in Dana Point
  17. DC61

    SOLD Yakima bike rack (double)

    Hello all, No need to describe. If you know what it is and you’re in need of one it’s free. Fits into a standard trailer hitch and carries two bikes. I’m a little embarrassed to say it’s only been used once. Obviously it’s in great shape. Pick up in Dana Point.
  18. DC61

    For Sale Wooden Long Range tackle box

    Hello all, For sale is a wooden long range tackle box. It's heavy duty measuring H - 17" - W - 22" - D- 12" . It holds 8 of the Plano boxes and countless number of jigs. This means I have all of my tackle in one place at my finger tips. I have it mounted on skateboard wheels (mounted...
  19. DC61

    Intrepid - Silent Jim 15-day report

    Hello everyone, We just returned from the Silent Jim 15 day on the Intrepid. I wanted to share some thoughts about the trip. With the chance of rain, I packed all of my clothes in plastic bag and brought a tarp to cover my cart while waiting in line. This was due to a tip in a thread here on...
  20. DC61

    Thetis bank report

    Hello all, Quick report: I am on a long range boat heading home from a 15 day trip. We stopped at the Thetis bank on our way uphill and caught a handful of small yellowfin, skipjack and a few yellowtail. Highlight was a spot of feeders that popped up. We threw mackerel and hooked a few...
  21. DC61

    WTB Penn Int 30 or 50

    Hello all, I am looking to buy a couple of International 30’s or 50’s to use as a trolling reel. I like these because of the loud clickers. Ideally I am looking for reels filled with spectra. Please PM me if you have one you are looking to sell. I have limited internet where I am now so it...
  22. DC61

    Forcemaster 9000

    Hello Shimano rep, I ordered a Forcemaster 9000 kite reel from an online retailer on Black Friday. I still have not received the reel. After inquiring with the retailer, they place the blame on Shimano. Is the reel back ordered or am I getting the run around? Here is the email I received from...
  23. DC61

    Socks, what do you wear?

    Hello all, I am gearing up for a January trip and I was considering what to wear for socks. I usually wear the small cotton socks that barely cover your feet. It's time to replace them. I did a search and saw that some people wear waterproof socks or those made of polypropylene. Before I...
  24. DC61

    Electric kite reel?

    What do you guys use? My wife wants to get me one for xmas. I was hoping to capitalize on black Friday deals.
  25. DC61

    Electric Kite reel recommendations

    What do you guys use? My wife wants to get me one for Christmas. Maybe buy on Black Friday deals?
  26. DC61

    Advancements in gear and technology

    Another post got me thinking about how much long range fishing has evolved over the years. What are some of the advances that you have come to appreciate in either the gear or on a boat itself that have made a long range trip more enjoyable? What evolutions do you see in the future? I reflect...
  27. DC61

    Starboard and caulking

    Hello all, I am cutting a piece of starboard to mount on the dash to cover an existing hole where my current VHF radio is mounted. Ultimately I will flush mount a new VHF on the dash through the starboard. Since this is on the bridge, I need to caulk the area where the starboard meets the dash...
  28. DC61

    WTB VHF radio mount and knobs

    Hello all, I am going to install a VHF radio on my inflatable. I have had a Standard Horizon laying around the garage for quite some time. Somehow I have misplaced the bracket and knobs for it. The bracket is 5 3/4 inches long. Not sure the size of the knobs. Shoot me a PM if you have something...
  29. DC61

    Stainless welder in Lauderdale

    Hi guys, A little off topic, but I am looking to have a couple of plates welded on to hold my outrigger bass. Do you have a recommendation?
  30. DC61

    Bait pump location

    Hello all, I am looking for suggestions of where to mount my boat pump. The boat is a 62' motor yacht. I had to put the thru hull and sea strainer in front of the port engine due to prop channels, transmissions, and transducers. I understand it's not the best place, but I didn't have any other...
  31. DC61

    Private yacht in Central America questions

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 62' Offshore motor yacht in Fort Lauderdale. I plan to take the boat to Cozumel from Fort Lauderdale in March. In early April I will be taking the boat to Panama. I do have a 100 ton license, but do not have any experience in the area. It is for this reason I...
  32. DC61

    Yacht transport

    Hello all, Not sure if this is the right forum, but I couldn't find a better place to put it. My wife and I recently purchased a boat in Fort Lauderdale (62' Offshore). The plan is to run it to the Yucatan peninsula in December and ultimately through the Panama Canal. We plan on taking a year...
  33. DC61

    Satelite phone questions

    Hello guys, I am looking to purchase a hand held satellite phone for my boat. The boat is in Fort Lauderdale and I will be driving it by Cuba, to the Mexicn mainland and ultimately through the Panama Canal. I also will be taking it on a very remote trip to Alaska in a couple of weeks. I am...
  34. DC61

    SOLD Precision Clamp on rod holders

    Hello all, I have a handful of Precision clamp on rod holders for sale that I purchased from a fellow BD member. They fit a 1" rail and are in very good condition, but they just don't work for my application. $55 each I am located in Dana Point
  35. DC61

    Under water lights

    Hi guys, I have the boat in the ship yard and I am trying to decide what type of underwater lights I should use. Unfortunately it's time sensitive as I have to be back in the water by the end of the week. While the boat is in Fort Lauderdale now, I plan on bringing it back to Dana Point. Do you...
  36. DC61

    WTB Used Tuna tubes

    Hello all, Like the title says, I am looking to buy a set of used tuna tubes. Please let me know what you have for sale. Thanks for looking!
  37. DC61

    WTB 65 gallon used bait tank

    Hi guys, Like the title says I would like to buy a used 65ish fiberglass gallon bait tank. I would prefer off white and in good condition. Please shoot me a PM if you have something.
  38. DC61

    Intrepid - 15 day Soft Steel Trip report - Jan 27

    We departed on the Soft Steel 15 day Intrepid on the morning of January 27th. By the time we boarded the boat at 11am the guys had already fueled the boat and put on 600 scoops of 5-7” healthy sardines. Amazingly there were only 17 anglers on the trip. Captain Bill Cavanaugh outlined that the...
  39. DC61

    Credit card fraud

    Just a warning: I purchased a Mexican fishing license on line from the website link from this site (Fonmar). I put in my credit card number and I received a receipt saying my card had been charged. Unfortunately I never was given my fishing license. I sent an email to the sir and they responded...
  40. DC61

    LaCrosse boots

    Hello all, There are many of us here on the board that are fans of the Lacrosse boots. They have a really good sale going on. Here are the ones that I like. They are $60 including shipping. For some reason they are listed under the clearance section. I hope they are not being discontinues. I...
  41. DC61

    Lug plugs

    Hello, I am looking to purchase plugs for the lugs my Accurate 30's and 50's. To be clear, I want to remove the lugs on the front of the reel and replace them with plugs. I hope this makes sense. I checked out the website and could not find any. Thanks!
  42. DC61

    Reel covers?

    Hello all, Like many of you I am getting ready for my upcoming long trip. I am wondering what you guys use to protect your reels from boat rash when they are in your rod tubes in your tackle box or along the side of the house. It seems that no matter how you position your reels as the boat...
  43. DC61

    Reel covers - Talicas ?

    Hello all, I just purchased 6 new Talicas. I want to keep them in good condition. I generally store them on the rods and transport them bundled together instead of breaking them down after each trip. What to you guys use for reel covers and where do you buy them? I am looking for the neoprene...
  44. DC61

    Packing clothes for a trip

    Hello everyone, I just returned from a two week trip to Italy and Switzerland. Since my wife and I were going to be on the go the entire time taking a large suitcase was impractical. A friend told me to pack my clothes in compression bags. I read the reviews on Amazom and they were all...
  45. DC61

    2530 Parker - Long Cabin - Dialed in

    2006 Parker 2530 (long Cabin) with deep V and twin 150 Yamahas $70K - Please no low ball offers or brokers For sale is my 2530 Parker. It’s a rare long cabin model. You will be hard pressed to find a better rigged Long Cabin Parker. Here are the...
  46. DC61

    Anyone heading to Bay of LA soon? Need help!

    I have a fireman friend who trailered his boat there this week and fractured a brake line on his trailer. He is unable to buy the parts in town. I am looking to buy the parts here and send them down with someone. It will be a small package that will consist of a brake line and some fittings. He...
  47. DC61

    Helium - where to buy South OC

    Hello all, I am looking to purchase a small helium cylinder for inflating a balloon. Any recommendations of where to get one? I'd rather not have to drive to Anaheim or Orange every time I want to fill it. Thanks in advance.
  48. DC61

    Looking for old Penn 4/0

    Like the title says I am looking for a Penn 4/0. I am planning to use it as a kite reel so condition is not too important. Shoot me a PM if you have one.
  49. DC61

    WTB - Raymarine C97

    Just like the title says. I am looking to buy a Raymarine C97 to add to the tower. Let me know if you have one you are looking to sell. Here is a photo of the unit I am looking for.
  50. DC61

    Snook on the fly

    Hello all, I fished with Carlos (Snook Mafia) today in Puerto Vallarta. We caught roughly 20 Snook, mostly on flies. We used 8 weight rods and a combination of floating and sinking lines in the mangroves. We wade finished all day. It's a fun time, but there is a lot of walking and wading. Saw...
  51. DC61

    Looking for Long Range Tackle box

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a high quality wooden tackle box that has stainless rod holders built in (or that can be added). Ideally I am looking for something that can hold (4) 3600 Plano boxes. I have contacted a couple of the box builders from this site but they are booked up and cannot...
  52. DC61

    Parker helm chair for sale

    I have a nice ladder back Parker helm chair for sale. It's in pretty good condition. It's the chair with top and bottom cushions only. There is no mounting hardware. It would be perfect to upgrade your current helm seat. All you need to do is remove your existing mounting hardware and put it on...
  53. DC61

    Gel coat repair - Dana point

    Anyone have a recommendation?
  54. DC61

    Footwear recommendations

    Hello all, I have another 15 day trip coming up in January. I am struggling what to get for footwear. My back cannot handle xtra tuff boots. A few trips ago I wore a pair of Crocs but after a few days I developed friction burns from rubbing and always having wet and sweaty feet. I am...
  55. DC61

    Rope lights under gunwale

    Hello All, Like the title says I am looking for a recommendation for manufacturers of under gunwale rope lights for my Parker. I know it's a pretty simple job to do myself, I just need a recommendation of the lights (green to match my underwater lights) and where to get them. Thank you in advance.
  56. DC61

    Yamaha fuel additive?

    Hey guys, what are you using for fuel additive? I have had my injector on my Yamaha 150 clog twice in the last two weeks. I am buying my fuel at the Dana point fuel dock. I do not know if this is the source of the problem but it poses a question. I have read some articles online about the...
  57. DC61

    Two speed reel conversions

    Hi guys, I have a couple of reels that I would like to have converted to two speed. My choice would be to have Cal do them. Unfortunately he is backed up 6-8 weeks (I should have thought about this ssoner). Is there any one else you guys could recommend to convert Internationals to two speed?
  58. DC61

    Copa airlines question

    Hello all, I booked my first trip to Panama. Before I read the fine print I booked on Copa airlines. I see now that they charge an extra $100 each way for a rod tube. Additionally, there is a footnote that references rod tubes will be loaded provided there is enough room. It's too late to change...
  59. DC61

    Looking for a Stella 8000 or 10000

    Hello all, Like the title says, I am looking for a Stella 8000 or 10000. What do you have that you would like to sell????
  60. DC61

    WTB - Trout spinning reel

    Hello all, I am interested in purchasing a NICE reel to fish 4# throwing spinners. I'm interested in a good quality reel in good condition. I am in Dana Point. PM me if you have anything.
  61. DC61

    Trout spinning reel ?

    Hello all, I am going to be spending a week driving around Utah and Idaho trout fishing. I am looking to buy a spinning reel that I can use to throw spinners on 4# line. I don't mind spending $100 + or-. What suggestions do you have?
  62. DC61

    Billy Pate Marlin fly reel

    hello guys, As the title says I have a BP Marlin fly reel in excellent condition that I would like to sell. I have used it once and caught a Marlin on it 15 years ago. Since then it has been living in my reel safe. I don't see using it again in the near future. What is it worth and where is the...
  63. DC61

    Heavy duty Line winder -

    Hey Guys, I have for sale the original Wonder Line Winder (LW200HD). This is not your run of the mill winder, it's the real deal, certainly commercial grade. The Winder is complete with all the original accessories. Has the spool tensioner and line counter. The spool tension is used to put...
  64. DC61

    Looking for a Stella 18,000 SW

    Hello all, Do you have a used one that you would like to sell?
  65. DC61

    Looking 4 aluminum welder

    Hello all, I am looking for someone who can weld aluminum. I have a relatively small amount of work to do on my trailer ladder. I prefer a guy with a welder instead of a big fancy shop. I am in San CLemente. Thanks in advance
  66. DC61

    Searcher 7 day

    Hello all, I am posting this for a friend who was on the trip. On October 4th I returned from a seven-day trip aboard the Searcher out of Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego. This was the twelfth year in a row I’ve fished on this boat and, as with past trips, it was a very successful and...
  67. DC61

    Furuno 1715 Radar

    Hello all, Furuno 1715 radar currently in perfect working order on my 25' Parker. The unit works great. You can come and see it on my boat in Dana Point. FURUNO 1715 LCD RADAR 2.2KW 24 NM 18" DO1715 LCD Radar with 10 Meter Cable. Furuno's 1715 is a high contrast LCD radar designed for pleasure...
  68. DC61

    Anchor winch recommendations

    Hello all, I have a 2530 Parker. The stock windlass (Horizon 500) has seen its last days. I am trying to decide which unit to replace it with. I fish Catalina quite a bit and use the winch quite a bit. I have a 22# Bruce anchor and 40' of chain. I am considering this unit. I would really...
  69. DC61

    Bay Of Los Angeles - Guillermos

    Hello all, I am looking for an email address for Guillermos in Bay of Los Angeles. Thanks in advance
  70. DC61


    Hello all, Getting ready to leave on a 15 day next week and just buying a few last minute items. I really like the YoZuri pink FC as I have gotten bit really well with it. I am surprised to see how much it has gone up in price ($34.95 for a 30 yard spool at Charkbait plus shipping). I am...
  71. DC61

    Trips leaving this week - GOOD LUCK!!!

    Many of the boats are getting ramped up to go out this week. Best of luck and good weather to all of you. Please post!! I am on heading out on the next round of trips. I have a long two week stretch of work and will be living vicariously through all of your posts. Good luck!!
  72. DC61


    Hi there, I have a friend who has supplied me with some x-wrap. I used it to redo the hypalon on a bunch of rods. They came out great. I need some more but my source has dried up. The label on the package is: Batson P/N Dia-45-Black HST-1.77X39.4-B I did an internet search and could not find...
  73. DC61

    Tower throttles/shifter

    Hello all, I am looking to put throttles and shifters in the tower of my 2530 Parker. I have 2006 twin Yamaha 150's. Since they are not electronic, I need to upgrade to the Genndenning package. Any recommendations of where I can find them? I plan on doing the work myself. The local Parker dealer...
  74. DC61

    Accurate 50 wide

    Just what you are looking for to round out your collection before your trip! For sale is an Accurate 50 wide. It's in great shape. It's spooled with Jerry Brown 130 hollow. Cost new is $1250 plus you will spend an additional $200 to put spectra on it. Price $775 pick up in Orange County Would...
  75. DC61

    Accurate 80

    Hello all, I have an 80 Accurate for sale. It is spooled with 200# Jerry Brown hollow. It's been on a few trips used only as a kite set up. I've caught yellowfin up to 185# on it. It's nickname by the Red Rooster crew is "The Tractor ". It's in beautiful condition. The cost of a brand new one is...
  76. DC61

    Looking to trade ATD 50wide for ATD 50 standard

    I have a 50 wide full of hollow spectra that I would like to downsize to a 50 standard. Let me know if you're interested.
  77. DC61

    Dollars to pesos

    Hello all, I am trailering to Baja at the end of the week. I am looking for the best place to convert dollars to pesos. I am going to do $1000. I am in south prance county -Dana Point. Thank you!!!
  78. DC61

    Launching at Guerrero Negro

    Hello all, I am considering launching at Guerrero Negro. Can anyone tell me if there is a concrete ramp there. I will be launching a 25' Parker. I have 4wd, so a hard packed dirt ramp could work too. If there is a ramp, I would appreciate other questions answered: 1. Is there any type of...
  79. DC61

    Upholstery in DP?

    Looking for a reasonable upholstery guy in Dana Point. Any recommendations?
  80. DC61

    How is the road to Turtle Bay?

    Hello all, I was considering trailering my boat to Turtle Bay. How is the road in from the main high way? Is it paved? How long does it take with a 25' Parker?I have plenty of experience trailering down to Mag Bay, but I have never driven to Turtle. Also, can I get gasoline on the water. I know...
  81. DC61

    Loreto fishing report??

    Greetings all,I am trailering my boat to Loreto June 6th and am interested to hear about a current OFFSHORE report. I know the yellowtail fishing has been really good. I am much more interested in catching billfish and dorado. Thanks in advance.
  82. DC61

    Building a rod rack

    Hello all, I am building a tower for the boat out of stainless. As a general rule, how far apart do you space your rod holders. I want to make sure the reels dont bang together. I fish offshore and troll with International 20's and 30's. Does 10 inches sound right?
  83. DC61

    Trailering to Baja

    Hello all, I am planning to tow my boat ot Baja in the beginning of June. I have a couple of questions regarding the necessary paperwork. In particular, the Temporary Import Permit and the tourist visas. There is a great deal of conflicting information regarding the TIP. I am convinced I need to...
  84. DC61

    Launching at Puerto Escondido

    I have launched my boat at Loreto many times over the years BUT I have not trailered my boat there in the past 10 years. So, I am looking for some updated expertise. The plan is to trailer my 2530 Parker in the first week of June and spend 5 days on the boat between Carmen and Coronado. I am...
  85. DC61

    Loreto - Hotel Oasis - Daniel

    Hello all, I am looking for Daniel's email. He is the one who takes care of all of the fishermen's needs at the Hotel Oasis. Can anyone provide me with it?
  86. DC61

    Tower control box

    Looking for place where I can buy a tower control box. I am going to put a tower on my 2530 Parker
  87. DC61

    Bait tank Plumbing fitting

    I am looking for a bronze fitting for the fill line of my bait tank. The inlet to the tank is 3/4 male to 1 1/8 hose barb. It's going from the outlet on a rule tournament pump to a bait tank. Any idea where to find it?
  88. DC61

    2530 Parker bait tank install ?'s

    I just purchased a 2530 Parker that I am shipping here from Maine. I purchased a 65 gallon offshore tank from a BD member. My question is where do you fund the fill and overflow hoses? There is not too much room between the top of the fuel tank and the bottom of the deck.. Any suggestions?
  89. DC61

    La Bocana in May

    Hello all, I am considering taking my boat to La Bocana in May nix this traditionally a good month for yellowtail?
  90. DC61

    Building a trailer?'s

    Hello all, I am building a trailer for a 2530 Parker. I have spoken to Pacific, Trail Rite and West Coast trailers. I would apprecieate any feedback on any of the above companies and also any advice on what to (or not to) consider. I would also consider other trailer manufacturers. I live...
  91. DC61

    Shipping a boat

    Hello all, I am planning to ship a boat from Maine to southern California. I have put a bid request on uship and ave had a couple of responses. I have also filled out the online form for a couple of shippers but none have responded. I am sure that there are not too many people who wnt to haul a...
  92. DC61

    Galvanized trailer for 2530 Parker

    Hello all I am buying a 2530 Parker. I am looking to buy a used galvanized trailer. PM me if you have or know of one.
  93. DC61

    RIP - Rueben - Annabelle fuel dock

    I heard from a friend today that Reuben, owner of Annbelle's fuel dock passed away from a severe case of the flu last week. This has been confirmed from a couple of different sources. I understand that his wife plans to continue with the barge and his plans for a pier. He was a really good...
  94. DC61

    Boat transport question

    I am inquiring to see if anyone has any experience transporting a boat from the east to west coast. The boat is 25' and has twin outboards. As of now there is no trailer. I am planning to buy one for it. I could truck the boat from east to so cal or I could buy a trailer there and have it...
  95. DC61

    Turtle Bay update

    We finished our second day of fishing out of Turtle Bay. We caught 12 marlin and 20+ Dorado today. Multiples in the jigs and lots of drop back fish. Yesterday was similar to today. Wind is coming tonight. Time to hunker down. Coming home Monday. Hopefully weather lays down. Great trip!
  96. DC61

    Mackerel in San Diego???

    Hello all We are taking a yacht to Turtle Bay tomorrow morning and would love to tank up on Mackerel before leaving. Any advice where we can get it? We are leaving from Point Loma.
  97. DC61

    New diesel truck ?

    Hello all, I just purchased a 2012 Chevy truck with a Duramax diesel. A friend mentioned that I may have drouble driving it in Baja. He thought the diesel might not work well with the "new" diesel engines. Does anyone have any info?
  98. DC61

    Mag Bay travel options from San Jose DC

    I am heading to Mag Bay to fish on a friend's yacht. I know the best option is to fly into Loreto or La Paz. Unfortunately the flights do not line up with our dates and we are forced to fly into San Jose. What are our options for getting from the airport to San Carlos? I am sure we can take a...
  99. DC61

    Fish report - Loreto

    Hello all, Fished from a panga from the Oasis hotel. Overall the fishing report has been less than stellar. Today we caught 6 Dorado -10 - 20# and one sail fish. We purchased bait. It was a mix of mackerel and caballitos. We will fish offshore again tomorrow and try for roosters on Tuesday.
  100. DC61

    Any Loreto reports?

    We are leaving Saturday morning. Any reports would be helpful. I have read the commercial reports. I am especially intersted in first hand reports. Availability of bait Billfish??
  101. DC61

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    What is the boat's obligation to OUR safety? Of course there are safety seminars (mandated by the Coast Guard) given on all trips. SOME (not all) boatshave AED's. I can tell you that they absolutely do make a difference. The reality is that without shocking a heart, CPR is most likely NOT...
  102. DC61

    Bay of LA Report?

    I am heding there this weekend. Does anyone have a report?
  103. DC61

    What crimps do you use?

    Hello all, I am putting the finishing touches on getting ready for my January 19th 15 day trip on the Rooster with a couple of buddies. The only question I have left is what crimps to buy for 130 to 150. I prefer to use the double barrell swivel as I just have more confidence in it that the...