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  1. Bradyxxx

    pacifica runs aground

    San Diego’s Fox5 reported Pacifica was returning from a fishing trip in Mexico when it crashed onto the shores of Mission Beach during the early morning hours of June 28. There were reportedly 21 people aboard, with 15 passengers rescued off the boat by local lifeguards. The crew remained on...
  2. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Coleman 18 watt solar panel with charge regulator

    The Coleman 18-Watt Solar Battery Charging Kit comes with a 7 Amp charge controller and is ideal for charging 12-Volt batteries of Cars, RVs, Boats, other Marine uses. The kit's amorphous solar panel is operational in all weather. Complete unit includes: alligator clamps, charge controller wire...
  3. Bradyxxx

    SOLD Shimano Torium 30 6.2:1 GR

    Torium 30, excellent condition, works perfectly, very little use, used about 6 times. I am asking $150 for it, it has the box, instructions, schematics, clamp & screws, Please PM me if interested, I can meet you locally in San Diego. Thanks, Brady
  4. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    5” Display with adjustable mount Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI) Fishfinder & Chartplotter Downscan Imaging and Broadband Sounder Multi Window Displays Reliable GPS Navigation For more detailed info on the features, can provide that! The Unit is in excellent condition and works perfectly...
  5. Bradyxxx

    Aztec 1.5 day

    Returned, Nov. 8th. Aztec, 13 anglers, 16 YFT, 19 BFT
  6. Bradyxxx


    Today 5/20, The Joanna out of H &M landling with 6 anglers caught 6 Yellowfin Tuna!
  7. Bradyxxx

    The San Diego got em today!

    Boat, San Diego 23 passengers, caught 23 BFT 3/4 day trip today 4/4!!
  8. Bradyxxx

    Magic Patty 9/3

    Solo Mission! Picked up a load on the Best Deans I've got all Season, 4-5" some 6" super healthy, and lasted all day! Cleared the Point at 6:30 am and headed to toward the 302. The plan was to look for kelps and go Dorado fishing. Beautiful day, flat calm, good visibility, in the trench between...
  9. Bradyxxx

    Report Thursday 7/2

    Started at South Island for a couple of Yellowtail, small 10 lbs. tossed back! Went down to the rock pile, but did not see much going on at the time. Did not give it much time, as it was a flat calm morning and I wanted to run outside for the Tuna before any wind came up. So headed west from...
  10. Bradyxxx

    Report 6/25 Thursday

    Started inside of the N9, found Big porpoise school and worked them for an hour for nothing. Headed across to the upper middle of the 9 and didn't see much life. Trolled SSE down the bank, then turned West to the outside edge of the bank. Trolled SSE Once out there, SST was 70.1 found a small...
  11. Bradyxxx

    Report 6/22 Monday

    Area, 32.37. 117.35, between the 9 and 182. SST was 69 clean and Blue. What, Found huge porpoise school, How, trolled Rapala X-rap sardine with them Results, Caught one 70 plus yellow fin. Worked and followed school SE for about 6 miles, Things were looking good, bunched up & birds on them, but...
  12. Bradyxxx

    Shimano Torium 30

    Practically Brand New, Received this reel for Christmas last year, and it is not the size I Wanted. Wanted a 50 size for a stouter Rod. So I put it on another Rod of mine and used it two times, works perfectly, excellent condition. But I want the 50, so I am selling this. It has some minor...
  13. Bradyxxx

    Lowrance LMS 522 C

    For Sale Lowrance LMS 522 C Works perfectly no problems, reliable unit. Selling just the display unit with owners manual. Price, $100