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  1. fishheads

    Trump 2020

  2. fishheads

    BOLA 8/25

    good time!! and a plus to swim with whale sharks also . thanks too cangrejos sportfishing for a good time
  3. fishheads

    perchin fri & sat!!!!

    nice weekend lots of perch :hali_olutta:... Monday back to the RETARDS:waglleybooty:
  4. fishheads

    WFO perch/ baja

    got up early this morning to come home like 3 somthing . but fri and sat. there were whales in the swells and Perch in the surf!!!
  5. fishheads

    north of colonet

    love this place just me, myself, and i...and the ol dog even caught under sized lings (sorry no pics) lots of whale just pass the breakers!! AWSOME
  6. fishheads

    i was fishing for sho..

    had aroud this place, crazy...then aaaaaahhh