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    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    So sorry Lal. Prayers sent your way brother-
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    Dana point bonito and lobster 10/29

    Or, Soak a salt water towel and cover the bugs in your cooler overnight to keep them alive just in time for the cooking next day.
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    Shogun Surf Trips

    Very true. It could be a start to a new industry of uncrowded Boat/ surfing trips maybe? Another island Ive surfed was Todos Santos Island. I caught a panga out of San Miguel in the 1970's. It was fun and uncrowded...
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    Shogun Surf Trips

    As a kid, I got to surf Catalina's backside and found Ben Weston in January to be awesome. (We did stay at Little Harbor, camp, then hike to Ben Weston) I could see some local trips to be of interest to open party boat trips dedicated to this to help offset boat payments? (-surf shops could help...
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    Surfing News

    Anyone know if the Oceanside surf pool construction off of Highway 76 is still a GO?
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    Time to sell California to Mexico

    Nevermind...I see that this thread has finally been moved to- No nonsense anything board. Thanks and lets keep politics OUT of fish reports?
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    Time to sell California to Mexico

    Really??? This is a fishing report. ________ Put this political bullshit in its own forum... Why not create these: -RED STATE WHINERS -BLUE STATE WHINERS SO ALL OF YOU WHINERS CAN BITCH AT EACH OTHER-and keep politics out of the fish reports...Follow the rules established. C'mon moderators do...
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    Bluefin in the Bay???

    Yeah, In the 70's the Bluefin would run up the through the Redondo Canyon chasing bait mixed in with the Bonito about 200 yards from the Redondo Harbor entrance. GOOD TIMES...
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    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    I heard that Evinrude closed their doors?
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    Good Job CA Dept Fish and Wildlife!

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    Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    LA TIMES article / These larger BFT were seined using 2400' deep nets.
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    Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    Just a thought here...has anyone tried to deep drop onto these deep BFT schools? Might be a BIG pay day out there-just sayin...
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    Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    I Agree. Since the 1980's the seiners have located them out deep outside of Santa Cruz Island. Occasionally they do get lucky to seine these BFT. Just gotta be there right place-right time kind of thing. 1988/LA TIMES-San Pedro Deep seiners netted BFT super deep. (Google the article)
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    Catalina Island late report

    C'mon man, DONT BE A DICK...
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    Late Report - Lingcod in Santa Monica Bay (Video)

    Great work Dad! Teaching the next generation is 1/2 the fun. Great catching Noah!
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    Micro bonito at red bouy in Oceanside for kids

    Yes, I did see the hovercrafts running further north. Pretty cool...
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    Micro bonito at red bouy in Oceanside for kids

    When using sabiki for mac bait, it was all you wanted micro bonito today. Hurry and get your kids on this QUICKLY! (Best bet is to slow troll the sabiki with a large swivel as a weight on the untied end- behind the boat about 50 feet back)
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    More of a biology question

    They follow forage, water temp, currents and cover from predators. Example is kelp paddys sometimes have opaleye, blue perch and calico's on them mid Catalina channel.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Straight out of his mouth on a Live Interview press conference in the "early days of Covid."
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    I guess the sportboats will stop? Will that will leave the fish to go to the commercial guys and not us?...geez.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    ...Trump said, it would magically just dissapear. Well Im waiting..
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    O side Carlsbad. Green water dead bite

    If I had to, only in a Whaler for me...
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    The 4th is with us at full force at OB pier:)

    Awesome! I have taught lots of my Grandkids this way. Opaleye fight great on trout gear and the action is constant to keep their interest...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    No worries...I just want to go fishing...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    You have the wrong guy regarding vietnam and china. Get your panties straight...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Im tired of Trump's ego and lying about shit. Im not sure Biden is coherent. I dont know where this country is headed...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Im not a Dem or Republican. I respect science and their discoveries on this new virus that nobody can figure out a cure for -worldwide. I just dont like all of our "Leaders" not Leading, to beat this thing. For now, I heed science when they say "Wear the Fucken Mask" because its all that they...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    As often as I should to save Gramps. I dont care what it looks like if I can save Gramps cuz he fought in WW2 for me...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Poor Gramps
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Poor Gramps.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Good point...BUT, when your "Choice" can affect others if you are symtomatic and affect others around you, putting others at risk--- well that "choice" affects others to catch COV 19.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    On the beginning,.masks werent available Now that Pence and Trump and some Republican and Democrat Governors are open to "Wear the Fucken Mask", Can you also be open to the idea? I see that Pence and Trump are now open to the idea of "WEARING THE FUCKEN MASK". PENCE (Head of the COV 19 TASK...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Just pointing out the fact that they also got COV 19, and seem to handle it differently than we did. Its not about population, its about it percentages of cases, and deaths of the population. Bottom line they seem to have done it correctly, while we havent. They are accepted to travel into the...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Next comment from you might be that, "they don't have any elderly" either?
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    7/3/20 am REPORT in CANADA: Crushing the curve by using social distancing, and MASKS. The EU accepts travelers from Canada, but the US?
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    YUP...REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT----IF you like fishing with Gramps and want him around----- WEAR THE FUCKEN MASK.
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    Statewide fishing closure for CA could be next

    Do the right thing...WEAR THE FUCKEN MASK...and save your Republican or Democrat Gramps. GEEEEEEZ...Quit your crying!!
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    Statewide fishing closure for CA could be next

    Ventura County has low deaths and low new cases. Prob OK to fish up there. LA County overnight trips might be a problem with new heavy outbreaks...Republican or Democrat, I would hate to be on the hook to make the decisions that a Governor, or a Mayor has to make regarding trying to save Gramps...
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    Catalina Island 6/12 Fishing Report

    Teaching kids how to fish, even if its his last wish.. PRICELESS, DAN. HERO STATUS FOR YOU MY FRIEND!
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    Any reports banks 267, 289, 277, 152?

    Well, FOX: Trump just signed an executive order in Maine to open up 5,000 sq miles outside of Georges Bank to Comm. Fishermen yesterday. Q: Good/Bad?
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    Fishing with kids in sd bay

    Great job teaching the next Generation and making memories!
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    Catalina moorings open up 5/14/20

    Correction 5/17/20...sloppy typing..... With Limitations. Google Catalina Moorings update for info...
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    Anybody Deep Dropping for Swords lately?

    Hoping for a report, good or bad. Thanks
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    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    This news must be REAL. I HEARD IT ON CNN...
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    Izors, 150

    Great on getting the kids out fishing!
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    Anybody Deep Dropping for Swords yet?

    I know its been tough not being able to get out lately with the COV 19. IF you have been out Deep Dropping, please report how you did? - good or bad. I'm still rehabbing from spinal fusion surgery and am currently living through your trip reports. (I'll be fishing again soon) THANKS!
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    Huntington Red tide

    Red tide is good for our bait futures. (The red tide is an algae bloom, which feeds the zooplankton, which feeds the anchovies and restarts a food chain in our area) Marine Biology 101
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    Rock pile/Coronado Islands 4/23

    Lots of algae for the zooplankton to eat, more zooplankton for the anchovies to eat, and a healthy future bait cycle though. It is a restart of a food chain. (The red tide algae feeds the zooplankton) Marine Biology 101
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    a little birdie told me......

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    Postcards from Catalina: April 5th

    I don't see a problem with your kid here...Haha!
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    Teaching kids how to fish like my Dad and Grandpa taught me...

    Teaching kids how to fish like my Dad and Grandpa taught me...
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    Opaleye Fishing....

    Dan, chum up the rocks with fresh bread floating. Then use a size 14 hook buried with a freshly made breadball from the palm of your hand...flylined at the floating bread. I have gotten all of my grandkids started on fishing this way with competitions to see who would catch more fish. It keeps...
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    Go get em...

    Good on you for sharing the info. We all belong to this Angler Brotherhood.
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    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    Wishing her and you the best. More prayers sent Cory...
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    Deep drop skunk report + a couple question

    There are still fish around, just find the DSL..
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    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    - Deep Drop Local Swordy. - 15' Whaler, 70 HP Outboard, NO need for Large Boat investment. - Swordy caught locally, NO HUGE gas bill. - Swordy steaks for the winter. - PRICELESS, and HERO STATUS to ALL...
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    yellow-tail in November

    What a bunch of... Short-Bus Riders.
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    Long Beach yellowfin

    My Dad owned 3 different Skipjacks over the years I was young. In his 24' flybridge we encountered 8 to 9 foot, short second swells coming around the West End of Catalina. We made it into Cat Harbor slightly wet but safe. These are Great boats...DONT Hate on the Skipjacks you knuckleheads!
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    Daytime swordfish in CA

    Great! Let us all know how you do. Keep in mind few single trips end up successful. It's all about the ratios of time on the water. Time-wise you will be able to do more trips than trying CI, SC or even Catalina. Swordfish stocks are plentiful the researchers say...
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    Daytime swordfish in CA

    JD just reported a 150 - 175# Sword caught at Newport Canyon yesterday. (I would go with you but just had back surgery 2 weeks ago) Go get one!!
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    Daytime swordfish in CA

    Newport Submarine Canyon walls have some. Work your FF to locate the Deep Scattering Layer, then you may locate the swords.
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    Toronado puts the hurt on YT/YF

    Ray is a great skipper. Toronado is a fishy boat. My family growing up used to charter with Roger Hess since 1972. Lots of great family memories fishing with Pops and Grandpops.
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    Best electric reel for deep dropping

    Take a look at the Diawa MP3000. 12v and waterproof. Online shop it for $2800. Used on east coast for swords all the time. I have one and love it
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    MDR (Fish ID) what is this???

    Caught next to Hyperion (shit plant)???? Uh oh!
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    Casting lures for Marlin?

    I caught one on huge Krocodile / single hook changedout once on the 13' whaler at the 277. Brought it onto the green pier in Avalon to be weighed and cleaned by Rosie. It weighed 155#. The tenderloin tasted great!!
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    Sat 9/14 South Tuna Solo

    Funny shit right there!
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    Deep Drop Swords

    HEY! Take this argument somewhere else..we need to stay on the forum of "Deep Drop." Great info on this "forum."
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    9–10-19 A.M. + P.M. half day

    Great job DAD! Keep the next generation interested!!!
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    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    I was in British Columbia, Canada for my son's Ice Hockey when we took a trip to the Comm. boat docks where they sold their catches right off of the boat. We found Black Cod ( Sablefish ) on all boats up there.
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    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    Redondo had some of the wierdest catches like sablefish and occasional Bluefin tuna. My sister caught a Ratfish and got her name in the Torrance newspaper once. They were anchored on the edge of Redondo Canyon.
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    San Clemente

    Oceanside dock talk...that crew weighed in the Bluefin at 334 #.
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    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    We need more Barges. It brings in the NEXT Generation of fishermen to the sport. If somebody wants to get these started up again, I would be willing to be a small investor as many others here too. I had great times fishing Redondo. Belmont and the Seal Beach ones as a kid.
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    Deep Dropping for Swords...Anyone?

    Anyone getting any lately?
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    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day 8/23-25

    Ranger 85...just like the good old days when Captain Gary Implom ran the boat! RIP Big GARY!!
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    Pelagic pursuits from MDR

    Have any Bluefin been showing up in the Redondo Canyon in recent years, like they did in the 70's?
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    taking a poll

    Yeah...What he said above. That's BULLSHIT
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    28JULY-Water Temp Report. Loong Loop

    You are a LUCKY guy to have a wife that likes to fish! Man, we are all jealous...
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    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    MUST have been a leak, and FOX news covered it at the White House up close and front center. Film at 11.
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    Oceanside Tuna?

    nice pics!
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    Oceanside Tuna?

    AND...I call BS without old pics
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    Oceanside Tuna?

    C'mon, I know there are more strange bluefin stories of the past out there...
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    Oceanside Tuna?

    Go to, myfishtracking. com. Its free!
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    Oceanside Tuna?

    I remember in the 70's when Bluefin were caught in the Redondo submarine canyon about 2 miles from the Redondo harbor. Anyone else remember that?
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    Oceanside Tuna?

    AIS shows the Electra fishing near the Carlsbad Deep Canyon this morning. Hmmmm...
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    Cat 17th and 18th

    :jig:Great trip with your never gets old, huh? Congrats!!
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    So. Cal. 13 Ft Boston Whaler for local waters????? Anyone have one and do this

    Keep one eye on the weather when fishing the 277, 152, and the 14 mile banks. I've done it and caught marlin, tuna, dorado from kelp paddies right along side a guy fishing with a 14' Livingston. Just be smart and buddy boat, have vessel assist, a radio and a cell phone---you will be fine.
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    LA harbor lobster report

    Guys, I have friends who are divers and they dive regularly at the Long Beach Breakwater. They claim that the lobsters are in NO danger as there are spots in the rocks that a diver can swim through from 1 side to the other. While passing through, they see herds of lobsters similar to bats in...
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    What's wrong with Trump?

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    11/28 LA area lobster report

    Count on it being a safe breeding ground deep inside the breakwater. I have dive friends that dive areas of the breakwater that can enter on 1 side and exit the other side only to see lobsters so thick that it rivals the National Geographic shows about how many bats live in caves. They tell me...
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    Charger theme Rainshadows

    Great stuff...whether LA or San Diego. Either way it is still AND ALWAYS a So-cal favorite!
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    Favorite CA Sheepshead Recipes?

    This is the fastest/easiest way- Get a large pot of boiling hot water like you were going to boil corn on the cob. Mix in until clear: 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of sugar. Cut sheephead meat into 1" chunks, then put into the water. Fish chunks will sink. When ready to eat, the chunks will look like...
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    Great White Shark mount for Sale

    Hey Rocky, I still have a striped marlin on my wall I bought from you over 10 years ago... -----It is still as bitchen as the day you delivered it. Guys, you got to buy from Rocky when you land the fish that you want to get mounted. tight lines-
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    Black Cod fishing close to Catalina ?

    I remember catching big numbers of sablefish off of the Redondo Barge in the 70's--but haven't heard of any caught in that area since then.
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    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Yeah. wear any other teams jersey but San Diego's and add a huge RAINBOW you fckn HATER!
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    Put my Golden down today

    Man, I feel your PAIN. Only time will heal it--no easy task. I know, I am on my 5th Australian Shepherd as our pets are part of our family and it was very rough each time.
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    Eddie Aikau

    YEAH- As the saying goes over there... EDDIE WOULD GO!
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    Catalina bonita/bait report Friday 10/4

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    1st post

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    Huge kelp patty off san pedro

    Oh, Boo F_cken Hoo to all you whiners that think they own the ocean--or have to PAY for fishing info. This guy was just helping other fishermen out and probably appreciate the same back. Not EVERYONE can afford fishdope and the like. Some guys: ---have kids in college ---are out of work ---are...
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    267, 209 ,181, 14 - 9/4/13 South OC Report

    9-5-13 Free report: (2) guys diving a paddy between the 182 and the 43 found huge numbers of dorado under this paddy. Water temp at 70 degrees and dark blue. Go get em guys--
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    Need some reports for SD local offshore

    Free report... Spotter planes have seen Marlin and Dorado pushing sauries between San Clemente Island and the 43. (4) Dorado caught between the 267 and Newport in 70 degree water. Go get um-- No charge...
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    Need some reports for SD local offshore

    Free info... Today... Spotter planes have seen Marlin and Dorado inside of San Clemente Island to the 43 on large schools of sauries pushing them around-- Inside the 267 and Newport, 70 degree water with huge marks under the porpoise--Tuna? Lots of bait on the paddies. 4 Dorado caught there...
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    Three dudes looking to go offshore sunday. tuna/dodo

    Shut the fuck up ... and go fishing--Jeeeeeeez
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    sportboat name changes

    The "Californian", I believe, sank off of San Clemente Island while on a crew-only fishing trip. Very suspicious though--she sank around 3 am due to a rogue wave that took here broadside. All hands survived, but the boat is forever gone... I remember a tall, skinny skipper by the nickname of...
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    El capitan or Diawa Pacific ???

    He IS one of the PREMIER skippers on Tuna Grounds--NOT to be missed. You and your son will also learn a lot from him.
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    On the water report

    Saw a 40#+ biscuit weighed at the Balboa Angling Club today around 10:30 am...
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    Kayaker Survives Great White Shark Attack

    Question: Does kayak color play into the sharks idea of whether to attack or not? Just curious...
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    Sailfish in a Canal?

    every now and then... Also a striped marlin will buzz Avalon Harbor also at Catalina chasing the bonito, causing KAOSS amongst the mooring lines under the moored boats
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    The Thunderbird 6/7

    You gotta laugh...shit happens.
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    Craziest thing I've ever seen in HH today...

    Yup. In the late 7o's surfing the Seal Beach Jetty with the log surfboards I used to see them all the time along with the needlefish in the jetty. I had a teacher for Marine Biology Class in High School that was hooked up with the Fish and Game dept doing a study about these guys. Apparently...
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    What is your favorite color Jighead

    Check that: The light spectrum is at 600 feet (+ or -) depending on the clairity of the water you are fishing. Kelp / coral need sunlight to grow. Marine Biology 101
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    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    Neutral response: Maybe the Captain / Landing should have offered up a partial refund since the fishing time WAS LIMITED due to the Hydraulic tabs not working--or state that he needed more passengers to relocate toward the bow during the trip over to Catalina. Seems everybody was a loser on...
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    sportboat name changes

    --Pusuit was originally built and owned by Jerry Purcell / Gary Implom in Redondo. --Toronado was originally built and owned by Roger Hess (father) and son Kenny Hess. (1972)
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    Hey Dog lovers.......

    Get an Australian Shepherd. Great family dog, loves frisbees, water (swims after the ball all day in our pool) and is very loyal. I am on my 5th can't go wrong.
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    For Making Another Drinking Holiday

    Here is a great one for the kids... Next year after they go to bed, take all the chairs and turn them upside down, leave candy wrappers on the floor towards the way out the sliding screen door leaving it open only 6" wide. When the kids get up the next morning, it will get them...
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    West Marine re- grand opening

    Hey guys, Dean (the manager) is a cool guy. Last summer when the dorado were on the 277, I had a friend of my son's arrive from driving all night from San Francisco to my house. We arrived at the boat ramp near his store, launched the boat, and then the fuel ball broke. I went to Dean's West...
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    How about -----------------------"Tim Tebow Chevrolet"? :rofl:
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    Everytime he sparks up, toss some M-80's into his fire. Other neighbors will complain the same time you do--then maybe the cops will investigate?
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    Whats the best hoopnet bait?

    Yup, Yup. Get out the Popcorn...:rofl:
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    Who's buying a fishing license?

    Just did... Its all about the water, sun and scenery, and all that lives in the ocean. ---Fuck all you whiners...Just go fishing and shut up
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    YUP! Ive heard the same thing,
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    9ft Mounted striped Marlin for sale or trade

    Did Rocky do this mount? If so, it is probably the best on the market. I have one like it on my wall caught around 9 years ago off of the 277 bank. It still looks fresh and "lit up" like I remember it. This mount looks great.
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    Los 3 Oscars,

    Yeah, Bush, Romney, Ryan -- all the same.
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    14 - 267 9/6

    We left out of Long Beach with a water temp of 64 and climbing slightly all the way to the 277 bank . Arrived at the 277 and found 70 degree water with very small paddies and tonnage of bait on each paddy but nobody home. We worked our way up the 152 bank to find the same, then turned towards...
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    I had that happen years ago on a barracuda / yellowtail foamer. I called in Norris Tapp (Freelance skipper) and recieved the same treatment. This exhibits CLASS. Sure is cool when guys get along out there though.
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    Long beach too hen rock

    OR... Go to Catalina and trim some stringers of kelp lose on a Tuesday and mark it with a transmitter, then fish it on a Friday. Is that legal? Hmmmmmm.
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    Prayers for Gerry's brother Dean.

    God Bless. Prayers are sent to him and to Gerry's family.
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    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    I fish the old school stuff..without fail. --(9) penn #500, + (23) various lb test and colored line quick changeout spool --(2) PENN #140 SQUIDDERS --(2) penn 4/0 specials --(2) penn 6/0 ALL MADE IN USA---NOT CHINA STUFF.
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    Any news from the avalon bank to 277?

    ---I did hear of a 60# class big eye caught while deep dropping a large squid near the 277 bank at about 400 ft. last Friday. He claimed to have metered many more fish at that depth throughout the day. His method was sending the squid down with a 2 lb sinker attached to a 10# leader that broke...
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    What Should I Do (Mechanic Problems)

    ------Sounds like having s cool head prevailed. Good thinking by getting the other customers attention when asking for the itemizations. I would still blast his bad business practice on all websites concerning boats and boat repairs though.
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    Help!!! Kicker

    fuckin tweakers...:2gunsfiring_v1:
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    rodriguez or potato bank

    Just wondering, anyone doing a deeeeeeep drop out there?
  133. E

    Local banks Dry

    Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe next quarter moon and warmer temps = bite turns on.
  134. E

    Local banks Dry

    Yeah, I agree. I was short of the Avalon Bank with water temp solid at 65 degrees. I saw 1 large paddy loaded with bait, and had some small yellows on it but not at all hungry. Causes--Water temp? Full moon tides? BUT----I did hear of a marlin caught at the Avalon Bank (warmer water temp...
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    Catalina kelps 8/1 & 8/2

    Ahhhhh man, whalers and Catalina. What a combo--great memories for me.
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    My Wife Rocks!!

    You are one hell of a lucky man. WOW!
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    Marlin report

    Sounds like a back door marlin-- The 267 is on with 70-71 degree water--
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    Dana Point Condition Reort 7.25.12

    JD just posted that a 12lb Dorado was caught at the 267 today on a sardine...with 70 - 71 degree water Maybe it is time to start looking----
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    I see you are in Huntington...The Freelance has been moving with the cuda schools outside of the Huntington pier with the sandies as a consolation.-- But, find your own, don't sit on the other boats and wreck the bite. Give it a try.
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    WSB Report and Boater Complaints

    or- --hey, can I buy one of those burgers from ya?
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    Fishing with Edgar Hansen in TEXAS

    Cool shit.
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    13' Boston Whaler interior

    A while back...there were some mohagany rebuilt complete interiors on E-Bay. Pretty good looking stuff- complete with new pads. It is there if you look hard on google too.
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    What's going on with the El Capitan?

    Captain Alan Fay is the real deal. If Bluefin are around, he will get 'em. If you want a captain that will work hard for need to work hard for him. Fish hard and deck all that you hook--he lives or dies by YOUR success and your fish counts for the day. He gets my vote to fish with...
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    Long Beach Wall

    I think it was a large "Good Karma".
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    SOMEBODY :2gunsfiring_v1:GET A ROPE!
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    Spotter plane at 60 miles!

    20 miles off of Tillamook--(1) skiff got over 60 fish for the day. Mostly jig fish though--
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    Wa Tuna Timing?

    (60) albacore in a skiff 20 miles out. Outside of Tillamook. Go get em boys
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    Albacore off Depoe, Oregon

    Bringing a gieger counter???
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    Twilight for a first timer Loking,..

    Lit up mine too. I remember those days with my "DAD" taking the time to teach me how to fish. Great Job you did for her DAD!
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    Celebrities and Sea Turtles

    I am not sure about now, but in the 70 - 80's, there were quite a few large (100# plus) sea turtles in the Seal Beach Jetty. I remember surfing there and seeing them as I rode by on a wave. There were also a lot of needlefish also.
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    Royal Star gets BFT to 106lbs

    I wonder what is going on at San Rodriguez Seamount / Begg Rock area with the DEEP water Bluefin this year... ---when will there be some trips for this? Hmmmmmmmmm.
  152. E

    Boston Whaler Guardian

    Can't go wrong with this. Turn it into a 4 pack and make money with it. If I was retired now, this would be mine... Just not yet, but soon.
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    Anyone hear ever fish on The El Capitan???

    Alan is a Bluefin Magnet when they are around. He is a very serious skipper and will put the fish on the boat.
  154. E

    cheap shot coyotes

    Yup... Another Duck Fan also---GO KINGS GO!!!
  155. E


    Another reason tho prove to the wife... You need this boat, It has many uses, It does more than fish. Plankboat?
  156. E

    East cape next week

    Go get um-- Meats
  157. E

    Barracuda are biting!

    wow... What is with all the haters??? Dan is cool. He is trying to tell you knuckleheads that there are barracuda on the grounds. First all the haters start up shit about Dave Hansen. Now, Dan Hernandez? WTF??? You knuckeheads embarrass us guys AND give Bloodydecks a bad name. Go on another...
  158. E

    OK this is it

    Dave is cool.... All you F'n Jealous Haters suck
  159. E

    Finding Bait

    Is there any reliable reports for the piers on the mackeral...just want to get my young grandson into the "fever". He is 6 years old. Thanks in advance
  160. E

    Chubasco - 4/22/12

    I am very impressed Little Man!
  161. E

    NHL Playoffs....'12

    Hey, You guys (Panthers) have a kid by the name of Roco Grimaldi. He used to play against my son when they were small kids. How is he doing?
  162. E

    Stars & Stripes Charity Event in Cabo

    This has been a GREAT time for the last 16 years. It has had great sponsors for great causes-- all for Kids. Go Sasco!
  163. E

    NHL Playoffs....'12

    As being a Anaheim Ducks Fan (have to be cuz my kid used to practice with the team) I say... GO KINGS GO!
  164. E

    Diagnose my 2stroke please (video)

    Try this: I just had the fuel "quick connect" ball come off--which made the filter take in air (watch the plastic in line fuel filter start to "bubble" instead of a constant flow just before the fuel intake). Check this first because it is an easy thing to see and repair. I ended up replacing...
  165. E

    Propane outboards

    Yeah, NO SHIT. Have a GREAT:hali_olutta: fishing / hunting season guys-
  166. E

    Propane outboards

    Hmmm, Corporate grifter...sounds like a corporate 1%er to me. By being a "Union" tradesman, I am NOT on medicare, food stamps or any government free ride. Ask many of us HERE on bloodydecks and see W H Y we are Union (mine is the I.B.E.W.) Many members here are in the I.B.E.W.--look them...
  167. E

    Propane outboards

    If I have upset anyone by using the term BRO, I fully apologize. In my construction line of work, everyone is a BRO regardless of color--we are a TEAM of Electricians that rely on each other whole heartedly. I will refrain from this , Sorry to all. Efishnsea
  168. E

    Propane outboards

    Dominant? PARTIAL POWER SOURCES on undeveloped wastelands that do not pollute AND are renewable. --Solar Panels wont send smog to Arizona and abroad while having US good paying maintenance jobs. --There won't be any shut downs to blame the rise of "retail fuel costs"at the pump on, or...
  169. E

    Propane outboards

    Hey CREOLE: WOW, Blythe is just a start. Look I am not talking about dumping oil altogether, just relying on it a whole lot less and maybe having some leverage on the oil companies about the demand issues. If we use oil less, then maybe the demand will drop giving us a bargaining chip with...
  170. E

    Propane outboards

    WOW Liberal kool aid--really??? open mind. The new West Marine catalog now has an electric outboard that is the equivalent of a 9.9hp 2 stroke. Check it out. Maybe soon we will see the larger outboards come. Wouldn't that be cool. Go fishing without the $5 / gallon price, huh? Tell me...
  171. E

    $5 Gas and Your Plans

    My plans are: Using my small boat to see how many marlin I can catch on $100 of fuel this summer. (probably spending more money on bait / rigging instead)
  172. E

    Propane outboards

    It is easy to understand: Renewable defined = used up, then remade over and over. Solar = sun. Solar renewable energy = remade energy from the sun over and over. How this works: -Voltage gets produced by sunlight through the panel's molecular movements -Voltage then gets sent to transmission...
  173. E

    Propane outboards

    It is not that Obama doesn't want to pay US workers...he is trying to get us to develop better means of energy. He has gotten the largest solar plant in Blythe, California off the ground to get CLEAN / REUSABLE ENERGY--putting US workers back to work. Google it up bro. This country needs to...
  174. E

    Propane outboards

    the technology is there... Screw OPEC and the oil barons whom have kept these from getting built.
  175. E

    Vikes get a new $1,000,000,000.00 stadium.

    Man, I wish somebody would sign up to move into LA (hopefully the Chargers--to be the LA Chargers once again). I have blueprints / bids "at work" to build the new stadium for the "Ridgeline Group" in City of Industry--AND--"Farmer's Field" in Los Angeles. Last I heard, Minnesota was a...
  176. E

    whos gonna win the AFC west?

    doesn't matter...AFC west will fall in first week. Weak division until the Chargers get the new GM and Coach
  177. E

    150 area 12/18/11

    I fished last sunday just southwest of the Double rig in 180'-190'. Loaded up on the reds--had great fish tacos for dinner. Squid strips on a dropper loop with a red scampi tail / squid on the bottom hook---no sand dabs...beautiful.
  178. E

    Who should the San Diego Chargers hire for their next head coach?

    Mike Martz------RETREAD (HELL NO) Gruden or Cowher as Coach then, Marty as GM Spanos needs to step back if he wants to win
  179. E

    Who should the San Diego Chargers hire for their next head coach?

    Marty will be at UCLA, sorry
  180. E

    Who should the San Diego Chargers hire for their next head coach?

    JOHN GRUDEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  181. E


    I smell Popcorn...
  182. E

    2 Day on the El Capitan Great Fishing

    Alan is the best, with knowledge--not luck. He is the Bluefin king--Back in the day, the Pronto (Alan's boat then)would come home with fish when most came home with nothing. I would fish his boat anytime over most--he WILL teach you the secrets. Efishnsea
  183. E

    45' fishing boat "Osprey" sinks....... all 8 on board rescued.

    Well, when the LA boat show was selling some boats, I was told that the Catalina Channel is good for 3-5 sunk boats a year... just sayin
  184. E

    Question on Commercial Fishing Bouys

    F' YA! Get that shit out of the water.
  185. E


    Also... the Humboldt squid is very suspect here. Many sportboat and comercial captains blame the Humboldts for this. They claim that the Humboldts always cruise at the dropoffs near the spawning grounds and sandbass just can't get past them to spawn onto the Flats areas in the big numbers we...
  186. E

    181 on (8/5/2011)

    F'n Bitchen! USA-Still the best country to live in.
  187. E

    San Deigo Fish Processor leaves a bad taste

    Sorry... --supply and demand --competitive pricing This is called Capitalism. It is what makes this country GREAT.
  188. E


    Rocky, Still loving my Striped Marlin I bought from you--you know the one... with the side to side motion. What a bitchen mount! Ed
  189. E

    Los Barrilies - Rumors of Tuna?

  190. E


  191. E


    Oh, I have an EAL, purple and black (with a fresh battery) if you want to take it with ya. Gets lots of action here on the 152, 277 and the Avalon Bank for the Striped Marlin. I'm going to see dad this weekend--Want me to send it with him? Ed
  192. E

    WTB - CC/WA 19-23'

    Keep lookin-- The 1903 is good, the Force scares me though. Try to stay with an older Johnson/Evinrude, newer Merc, Yamaha, or Honda --Definately NOT the Force. I have had a 2002 W/A with a Force until the crankshaft broke in 1/2 when coming in to Huntington Harbour fom Catalina. I then...
  193. E

    Who Remembers fishing this..

    15 and a 'Dine--or you don't get bit. YUP,YUP Great times with my bro (even tho he is in Oregon,) and Pops. Bitchin Fish'n Threesome --on the Old St. Croix
  194. E

    Somewhere on LB wall 2-17-11

    yup, cabby. Could tell by the pectoral webbed fins.
  195. E

    Lobster Trip -Friday - Alicia

    What type of bait did you use? It seems that these trips are using a great bait to get the action that they get. Are they adding WD-40 to it? What is the secret?
  196. E

    targeting butts

    In the last 2 weeks...SHHHHHHHHHHHH Huntington Beach, a little west of Lifeguard tower #26, huge drop-off in white water, throw rubber in anchovy colors on incoming tide. A friend has been getting many shorts with a few large. Largest was 33" long on the halibut. Don't know how long it will...
  197. E

    Fishing Quiz

    Looks like great Calendar Photos? Hmmmmmmmmm
  198. E


    Wow---sound kinda bitter. Try landing a striped marlin from a 13' whaler at the 277 some time--- instead of the huge sportfisher with twin engines that will back down on a fish.
  199. E

    Vikings moving to LA.......

    New Team Name =LA HOOD Colors = pppppppurple and black Cheerleaders name = LA HOODRATS
  200. E was opening nite last nite...right???

    Talking to some divers, they got limits easy and they saw tons of molts laying around..which looks good for the season of growth. I only got 4 shorts. No lobster in the dinner pot this trip.
  201. E

    Blue Fin on a Halfday

    Guys, this may be real. Back in the 70's, Bluefin were caught 500(+ or -) yards off of the breakwater. You see the Redondo Submarine Canyon runs up real close to the harbor--causing the Bluefin tuna (smallish at 12-20lbs) to chase bait up against the harbor. During those times, each year, you...
  202. E

    Evinrude 6hp

    I am it 100% ok? I need a kicker and have the cash. Ed Efishnsea
  203. E

    Hockey in Escondido???

    My son is 19 now and will be playing Ice Hockey in college. If your son takes an interest in Ice Hockey, Know I thing--committment is vital. Many opportunites await the serious player with outstanding school grades. Ever since Gretzky came to Los Angeles, southern California has become a...
  204. E

    Favorite color plastic, and leadhead

    6 lb test "P" line-----clear with red flake is killer. Hali's, calico, sandies and spotties love em. My all time favorite cloudy or sunny--it doesn't matter
  205. E

    Had to put down my 2nd dog this year

    Painful man, painful. I had to do the same at Thanksgiving with my 14 yr old Australian shepherd "Champ". I can tell you that as time passes, it does get better- but keep the great memories close to you and hang in there.
  206. E

    Great White?

  207. E

    Thx for the bait in San O (Sat.)

    Nice to see a boat "Pay it Forward--Good Karma, the fish gods must be watching you.
  208. E

    nazty stuff

  209. E

    Any hockey fans?

    Hockey is LIFE! Go Ducks and Kings
  210. E

    lost my best buddy

    Sorry to hear this. Treasure all the memories together with him and never let your kids forget about grandpa.
  211. E

    LA Chargers?

    I keep saying: Sell the Chargers BACK to Barron Hilton. I have seen the Electrical blueprints and bid set of the new proposed stadium to go into Industry/Walnut/Diamond Bar area. Rumor/Word on the street is that if Anschutz, gets one signature to put an NFL team here, the new stadium will...
  212. E

    8/28 Tuna swimming under the surfers at Ponto Beach in Carlsbad

    My Grandpa said that they used to catch albacore off the Green Pier at Redondo in the 40's. and... I can remember catching Bluefin Tuna on the 1/2 day boats 1 mile off the Redondo Breakwater in the early 70's. The Bluefin would travel all the way up the Redondo Canyon to corral bait and...
  213. E

    Has S.D. given up on the Chargers?

    Sell the team back to Barron Hilton.
  214. E

    full moon?

    My experiences, Unless you are fishing for Bluefin out on the Tuna grounds, Save your gas money for another time. Very hard to get them to bite, unless you are very lucky.
  215. E

    anyone been to the 14 or 277 areas?

    Last Saturday I was between the Avalon Bank and the Double Rig and found deep blue water at 70 - 72 degrees loaded with small bait suspended at 20' to 50' deep, occasionally coming up to the surface. Only found 2 paddies. Both paddies had doritos and small yellows on them for a no go-- tried...
  216. E

    Has S.D. given up on the Chargers?

    Spanos needs to sell the team back to Barron Hilton and move up here. Get back to the "Los Angeles Chargers", cuz the market would be huge.
  217. E

    Scouting - 14 Mile Bank - Sat

    Deep blue color water, 70 to 72 degrees, very few patties. Huge baitballs suspended at 20' down to 80' deep. Porpoise with some tuna under it, but no go no matter what I tried. 2 paddies had dodo's and yellowtail under them but with all the bait, not hungry--did get to see them shun...
  218. E

    Scouting - 14 Mile Bank - Sat

    I will be around too-- Slightly north between the double rigs and the Avalon Bank. I will be in a wellcraft 16cc fishing paddies and the trolling through the porpoise. I was told there is a lot of bait on the paddies with some holding Dorado/Doritos. If I get bit I will call you in---come in...
  219. E

    1 paddy + 1 bird = 2 dodos

    Hey all you guys----TAKE POPS FISHING --MAKE MEMORIES NOW!
  220. E

    Can Your Boat Do This?

    That's some scary shit man
  221. E

    What the F is this?

    definately a ratfish. My sister caught one off the Redondo barge in the 70's. Fish and Game was real happy to have it as a specimen. She got a LA Times write up by a marine biologist along with aher picture---not bad for a 6 yr old!
  222. E

    *HELP* need opinions on my Whaler capabilities

    Don't be shy.. just be smart Keep one eye on the weather and another eye on the clock. You don't want to be 25 miles out after 10:30 am. -Buy yourself a small kicker--I have a 4.5 Johnson that pushes my 13' whaler at 7 knots -Buy Vessel Assist. -But a VHF and keep your cell phone handy...
  223. E

    anyone wanna hoop net tonight??

    Guys-----you should go--------- There is a whale carcass floating near the beach at Hamilton Cove, Catalina for the last couple of days. The local divers are getting tons of lobster under the carcass. They are crawling heavy after sunset. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell everybody though, just our...
  224. E

    Get your paperwork in order the World is Ending

    Experts claim that anything over an 8.3 will bring the L.A. Highrises down. That's one way to stimulate the economy I guess.
  225. E

    Got to love fishing with a 4 year old

    Dad, you should be forever proud. Great job!
  226. E

    Get ready. Southern California is next!!

    That is what we get for voting in the "Wolf in sheeps clothing". Shit
  227. E

    Newport Surf

    Just tape it to the other toe, then go back fishing.
  228. E

    Redondo skiffs

    Yeah, Those were the good ol days. I miss em. Lots of fun with Pops and Grandpa while fishing the "bubble".
  229. E

    how long do you let your hoops soak?

    I try to get the hoops in the water before sundown. After sundown, I will pull three hoops in 30 minutes and let the other two soak for 1 hour. If I get lobster (legal or not) in one of the nets, I then bring the others that were empty over to the productive one, then work from there. It...
  230. E

    Divers and Hoopnetters

    QUESTION: What is the law--Are divers allowed to dive in Long Beach Harbor? I am so tired of seeing a diver's boat show up late where many of us are hooping, then the divers boat anchors (with NO DIVE FLAG) near the hoop floats and dive close to the baited hoops and MAYBE(?) not steal from...
  231. E

    Fun Tues Night Buggin

    Thanks for giving out the advice to youur son about not diving around the hoops. Hopefully, he will tell others. Efishnsea
  232. E

    Who Remembers fishing this..

    Yeah, those were the days. I remember when a bluefin tuna was caught. My dad was a good friends with Gary Implom and Jerry Purcell. (Gary Implom just died this year--he ran the Coroloma up in Ventura/Channel Islands for many years) It was about 12 lbs-- that barge ocassionally got a small fish...
  233. E

    Pier Bonito

    How about any mackeral reports also?
  234. E

    LA Bait company??

    I was fishing the LB wall last Friday night and saw that the bait barges in the area had their lights out. Are they closed down in the pm? (the time was as late as 11 pm) Anybody know? Efishnsea
  235. E

    Hockey fans

    My family LOVES ice hockey. My kid plays for the Junior Ducks out of Anaheim for the last 6 years-a great place to play and watch-he has been playing since he was 5 yrs old. Always GO DUCKS, but NOT a Kings hater--Kings are cool. (Although the Ducks looked terrible last night with all those...
  236. E

    First time buggin' 10/9/08

    You guys did a better job than I on my first trip years ago--I got skunked. Welcome the club. Efishnsea
  237. E

    good night hoopin with Spuyder and the micro bug

    Great job on the bugs--however the little one kinda looks like a cricket! Efishnsea
  238. E

    Slimeball Update 10/7

    Found the slimeballs? GET A ROPE.
  239. E

    Harbor Halibut

    Nice Hallies and a cheap fuel day Great Job guys!
  240. E

    New Transom graphics... what do you think??

    Larger DEMEANER, but keep the Miss the same size and same color. Very cool, My dad ran skipjacks and always named his boats "Old St. Croix" ( after the rum he drinks)
  241. E

    my new Sarah Palin name

    Caribou Barbie? Efishnsea
  242. E

    Opening night bug fight

    What are monkey chunks? Efishnsea
  243. E

    21 foot Trophy

    I chase tuna/marlin in my 13' whaler out at the 277. Common sense, weather reports, a cellphone, vhf radio, vessel assist card and a kicker outboard will get you there and back If you haven't taken a coast guard course--take one. Most of all have a plan of action of where you will be and...
  244. E

    Marlin in Rowboat! You Bet

    Small boats that go to the banks--UNITE! I too travel to the banks on small fuel bills. You just have to watch the weather and have common sense. Great Catch on the tin boat, man! Efishnsea
  245. E

    anybody fishing the Avalon Bank, San Gabriel Canyon or the 14 today?

    Looking for ideas for tomorrow. Efishnsea
  246. E

    Los Angeles Charger began today August 14th 1959

    Chargers need to come home. Forget about a new team OR an expansion team in LA, always been a chargers fan even during the bad years---Hey!, Chargers Just Come Home. Efishnsea
  247. E

    Any recommendations out of Alamitos for tomorrow?

    Saw lots of life---- Went to the San Gabriel Canyon, the 152, 277,and back to Davey's Ramp and found lots of paddies with bait but nobody home. We did see a dorado puddler that sunk out at 50 yards on the slide. Lots of porpoise at the San Gabriel Canyon herding bait with tuna at 80+ feet but...
  248. E

    Breaking yellow fin off Catalina

    Yeah, I feel the pain too. I have been entertaining these yellowfin at my expense throwing everything at them and at different speeds under the porpoise for a no go for a while now. Today we did see some puddling dorado but they sunk out before we could slide in and bait them up. Only good...
  249. E

    Anybody fish the Catalina Channel for the yellowfin lately?

    Any one caught these yellowfin yet? I have been chasing and watching them with the porpoise for a NO GO. Man, pure tease, with jumpers and puddlers on bait balls too. If anyone has gotten them to go, can you let me in on how you did it? Thanks, Efishnsea
  250. E

    Question about a mixed swell.

    GO-- I was out there in my 13' Whaler today chasing the yellowfin at the 150 line near the double oil rigs out of Long Beach from before daybreak till 10:30 am. Just watch for whales and porpoise if you go before daylight. Good Luck!
  251. E

    Fishing is slow so I thought I'd tell you about my cat

    WTF?----HUH?----is this for real?????
  252. E

    Heading out of Los Alamitos Bay tomorrow

    Check to see of the yellowfin are near the Avalon Bank still--------find the porpoise and birds. I was out there last Saturday and chased them in my 13' Whaler for 1 1/2 hours but couldn't get them to go. If you get them to go---let me know what did the trick--I tried everything but just got...
  253. E

    How much does the moon phase affect the bite?

    Well, it has been my experience that when the tide becomes its highest of the day--look especially hard for kelp paddies, puddlers, jumpers because the bait should be rising to the surface. After this time, if you are the charter master, ask your passengers to take a vote on whether to fish the...
  254. E

    Local Yellowfin?

    I was 6 miles north of the Avalon Bank and found 20# - 25# class yellowfin crashing bait along with the porpoise, birds. I threw everything I had at them and at different speeds for a NO GO. I saw and fished these fish for about 1 1/2 hours and had to leave the area when the wind started to...
  255. E

    Lots a fishng not much catching

    Yeah, I feel your pain too. I spent Saturday just north of the Avalon Bank with perfect conditions chasing the yellowfin through the porpoise, birds and even seals. I saw the yellowfin puddlers and jumpers--sight fish were averaging 25-30 lbs. Could NOT get them to go--wasted about 9 gallons of...
  256. E

    Gas Saver - Manual Hubs on 4x4?

    Here is another Gas saving device that has proved itself. The Tornado-no bullshit! I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.7 V8, 4X4. Highway mileage went up to 24 mpg (from 19 mpg) when I stay at 65 and maintain a flatfoot. The Tornado turns this motor into a Vortec engine, spinning the intake...
  257. E

    From San Diego to Catalina; Launch Decisions

    Drive up and launch out of Long Beach. Catalina is only 18 miles across----- Long Point from LB Light. Save gas money and time with getting bait from Nacho-----leave early and scoot across the calm. Have fun and good luck, Efisnsea out----
  258. E

    GO CUP CRAZY - My Picks - Ducks Repeat ?

    yes-------- USC, SDSU, Long Beach State and the rest of the PAC-8. Lots of rivalry to fo with it---------
  259. E

    GO CUP CRAZY - My Picks - Ducks Repeat ?

    Yes they do--- So does USC, Long Beach State, Cal, Stanford, SDSU, ASU, and the rest of the PAC-8 locally. Very fun to watch and the rivalries continue on--------------------
  260. E


    Yup---- Keep voting to keep the oil rich republicans in office so they can keep us "middle class workers" down, they keep killing the economy so the dollar is strong everywhere else but here. I was in British Columbia for my kid's ice hockey tournament--a box of Lucky Charms was $8.00 US. WTF...
  261. E

    need a fridge repairman

    Holy shit, I have been out of this business for a while, and would have never had the sack to charge like that. This is not rocket science that required a PHD to learn---I hope this guy doesn't fish , cuz his KARMA sucks worse than having a bunch of bananas hanging from the trolling sticks...
  262. E

    need a fridge repairman

    One more thing----your frost free refrig has a timeclock. It rotates just like a clock and usually twice a day, it will go into defrost mode. Good chance that it is "stuck" in the defrost mode. On a GE, the timeclock can be in a few places. Check under and behind the "kickplate" at the front...
  263. E

    need a fridge repairman

    Look for a condenser fan motor not running ( it cools down the compressor and will allow the compressor relay to restart the compressor). Many times a piece of paper or dog hair will be blocking the blade from turning---then the compressor will overheat and "click off" on heat overload. Main...
  264. E

    Loud Beep, alarm sound HELP

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, If you have a leak in the oil line, the oil travels up the line through pnumatics (air pressure). It should have 7 pounds of pressure pushing the oil to the motor. Listen for an air leak also. GOOD LUCK and GOOD FISHING--
  265. E

    Loud Beep, alarm sound HELP

    Is this a 2000 era Mercury Optimax Motor? If so, search out the oil reservior lines that go into the reservior under the motor's cowling. the alarm will always sound when the rpms climb and she is starving for oil. Alarms are your best friend when you are offshore-listen and search-NEVER...
  266. E

    I Did It, She's Up For Sale :(

    I fully understand the ice hockey thing and your PAIN, My kid plays for the 16UAA JR. Ducks that also travels and has a regimented pro workout schedule + his new car to get him to practice and home late evenings during the week... I sold my 20' Trophy, but kept the dinghy to hoop net out of. (I...