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  1. fisher3

    Punta Colonet Sacarmento Reef sla Cedros

    possibly bft? you can't keep em in Mex though. you launching out of SD?
  2. fisher3

    Any News On The Bite In Ensenada?

    who are you fishing with?
  3. fisher3

    Rpt.- 03-05-15 Two more days of chasing Tails!

    geeeez guys, leave some for me! hahaha good report as always corey, and way to slay em!
  4. fisher3

    Limits of tails of Fri 2-20 and near limits on Sat 2-21 North of Ensenada

    fuck yea, always a good time fishing with Vic!, always killing it.
  5. fisher3

    Rpt.-02-19-15 A 2 day Yellowtail Frenzy!

    jealous...way to kick some tail gentlemen! i gotta time the tide and hit it up soon before Bill kills them all! hahaha my buddy Vic hd told me about this too...Awesome!
  6. fisher3

    YT Report 1-22

    love when they choke on the jig!
  7. fisher3


    i knew it! haha nice tails
  8. fisher3

    Yellows in the Mist...

    Sweet panga, and dig the sack. No room for a cooler for us skiff guys!
  9. fisher3

    Popotla reports?

    True. Popotla guys really focus on bottom fishing year round, unless u know a good captain there. I'd stick with a 3/4 day. Saves u the drive.
  10. fisher3

    Ensenada Bait Report NEEDED - Fishing this weekend, 8-22-14

    I'd take sabiki and stop at the kelp beds before the point and at the point if there is little. Maybe even run to the island if you really have too. Good luck!
  11. fisher3

    Can't catch tuna

    Burned less than 5 gallons on my skiff. Went out today again. Water dropped from 75 to 71. Dodos where looooong gone.
  12. fisher3

    Ensenada Yellow Tails

    Saw them in late May at the north end. Lots of em. 20+ pounds. Hooked a few on small Mack's but got kicked in the ass by them. Landed a few smaller ones and three wsb fishing for bass too. Keep your eyes open. Good luck!
  13. fisher3

    Can't catch tuna

    So we hooked into a lil dodo pack. Hooked 5 landed three. Not bad for a being back at my house at 1.
  14. fisher3

    Last minute advice for Oside tomorrow...

    Saw birds over blue fin 13 miles west out of oside on our way from the 209. Keep an eye out for tenrn birds. And they were feeding on chovies. Good luck
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    Hahaha. The comments.
  16. fisher3

    Krocs and Swimbaits?

    2 oz works as good. Take a few. Been hearing of some giant ones that eat em all. Haha
  17. fisher3

    Camalu Tips?

    Yup. That's him. No freezers. I always take two big coolers. And a lil one for lunch. Ice at the town.
  18. fisher3

    Ensenada fishing report

    Offshore. I have yet to explore this season. Inshore's pretty good. As always. Bottom. Yellows and wsb at the island. And big bass.
  19. fisher3

    Camalu Tips?

    I'd go now. Wide open yellowtail and wsb. Lees a class act guy. He was born on the beach. Memo Zepeda is also a great captain with a little tackle store in camalu. There's clams on the beach. Never gotten a bite in the surf. Other than a crab. Ha I always stay at hotel California. Gated and with...
  20. fisher3

    Electra 1/2 day fish counts (Monday Jul 21) OCEANSIDE

    Yeah. Poach paddies. And take my spots! It's true tho, hard to believe yeah. But there's warm water, and fish reports with dodos as close to shore you can see how many pople in each car on the 5.
  21. fisher3

    2014 bassin

    This is some of what 2014 has yielded for me and pops. No particular order, although most fish have been from a period of two months up to yesterday. From shore to island. It's been a good year, and more to come. ]
  22. fisher3

    Hey, what up i Oaxaca these days?

    Pm me if you're interested in any info around San Agustin area.
  23. fisher3

    Trinadads seeker grafit USA

    You have a pic of tha reels??
  24. fisher3

    Abu Garcia revo inshore/ shimano citica

    I have for sale a revo inshore older model (gray one). It's roughly a 8 out of 10 on looks. It's old and it was used. Haha you probably need to get it serviced though it's only 20 bucks at a local tackle shop. But still works great. Just a little twitch when you try to get it off free spool...
  25. fisher3

    La Salina freezer filler

    Nice!!! Vic's got that area dialed in. Need to check out some waypoints in the GPS soon.
  26. fisher3

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro and Revo Toro NACL...???

    I think they do. I honestly don't prefer one or another so I haven't paid much attention to mine. Solid reels forsure though!
  27. fisher3

    Tournament bait tank

    Depends. 14 inchers or 5-8 pounders. Haha I think youd be good with a 32?
  28. fisher3

    San Diego Bay Bass

    Never thought Spotty fishing could be so fun. I was thinking I was crappie fishing for a bit being sneaky, and finding shady pockets under boats, and near pilings. Forgot all about it when I set the hook, and my sniping outfit started to scream! Anyone who has never tried it should go for it!
  29. fisher3

    San Diego Bay Bass

    Yeah. This was my first time pitching docks at shelter. I had been to pepper park and it was all smaller size. How's the grade of the fish for you down there?
  30. fisher3

    San Diego Bay Bass

    2nd week this month I've been fishing SD bay from my skiff. A lot of bass. Mostly the Spotted kind. Mixed in sizes, ranging from 10 inches up to 16. Mostly on 3 inch swimbaits. Lost some nice ones, and busted eh few more. Gamble when tossing 6 pound test to mean creatures. But there is a reward.
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    Hell yeah. Killing it
  32. fisher3

    Rpt-Sat.-11-02-13 Great weather slow Bass'n!

    The one that got away...Good report Cory...
  33. fisher3

    Fish on some stones

    Give gas money, and I'll take you to Ensenada. You'll fill your cooler at the end of a day. Red's ling's. All on swimbaits.
  34. fisher3

    RadioSilenceFishing: T H E R A P Y S E S S I O N S

    Always expect great thing's from you Justin. Awesome video.
  35. fisher3

    San Quintin Offshore Run

    Bot bad for this time of the year. Sure wish I could of been there...Good job boys!
  36. fisher3

    NPH Spotty Session 10/14/13

    Sweet. I love fall/winter time for Spotties. Gonna have to make some SD Bay runs soon. Good pics.
  37. fisher3

    where to get Daiwa parts?

    You're short arming that Tuna in your avatar. It's huge.
  38. fisher3

    ensenada, no limitz 6-10 tuna dorado and yellow tail.

    Yeee, putting in work. Good color on the fish, and nice October weather too!
  39. fisher3

    La Salina- How is the opening?

    Yes! It sucks right now. No dredging. Had a friend go this weekend and said the exit in the morning was good, but got sketchy later. Last time I passed looked like the river rapids. Not worth it, I'd just hit up Coral.
  40. fisher3

    O'side bait

    Ran out of bait, and went to buy half scoop of sardines. Homie at the barge hooked it up. As always. Headed south passed the pier, and saw a kelp string in about 60 feet of depth. Sonar went blurry with bait, and sure enough, caught about 100 macks, and had to head back. Good sized lobster bait...
  41. fisher3

    Good time at Vonnys in Punta Banda

    I like the way you think. Good report, and attitude. It's whats fishing is all about. Vonny's is usually on the Tails. Winter time yellow fishing isn't rare around there. Love that place!
  42. fisher3

    Fishing mexico requirements ???

    Mexican license, boat documentation, passport and ID. Not sure what else.
  43. fisher3

    Recent San Quintin Bass Pics......K&M

    I'm jelly. Makes me want tot pack up, and live there. Good fish.
  44. fisher3

    KM Fishing and Gear?

    I always like taking my own gear. Just for the sense of comfort. I'm not familiar with what Kelly has to offer, but if it's a hassle for you, then don't do it. Either way, it's up to you. The way I see it, I rather have it, and not need it. Than need it, and not have it. Good luck and stick em...
  45. fisher3

    Tackle Talk - Weedless

    Word. Good advise from a Perro Viejo. Good looks man.
  46. fisher3

    Bull Mahi Cherry Gone

    Nice! We just got our first one on our boat this Sunday too! Man you get so stoked!
  47. fisher3

    Keeping your Lobster catch Fresh!!!

    If I ever catch bug's. I'll try my way and let you know..... :(
  48. fisher3

    9/16/13 3/4 Mission Belle Yellowrat Slaying

    Niceeeeeeeeeeee!!!! The little ones taste just as good as the big ones. Don't matter, you got em!
  49. fisher3

    Ensenada Offshore Report 9.15.13

    I actually hope you do. I love that little thing. So used to burning 5 gallons the hole day! Haha Thanks Vito!
  50. fisher3

    Thank you to these guys-The Point

    Hell yeah! I would've done the same thing. Good looking out from those homies. No wonder they kill it.
  51. fisher3

    Ensenada Offshore Report 9.15.13

    So with the big boat now, we have the option of expanding our range in miles, and covering more water. This was our first real offshore trip of the year for us on this boat. Let me just tell you, I love it. It ran smooth, and dry. Since we're still getting the hang of the MPG, we thought we'd...
  52. fisher3

    Anybody know this guy?

    What a day.
  53. fisher3

    Summer Slams Recap

    Hell yeah! Way to stick em, with out the extra cash for gas. Good job bro!
  54. fisher3

    New Swimbait Head!?

    Looks like the Reeb's Quick Limit head. - - - Updated - - - Looks like the Reeb's Quick Limit head.
  55. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed-08-28-13 Copper mine in Descanzo Bay.

    Good thing the exit was nice, I have friend who's been out there the last few weeks. Gonna have to pay some way points a visit soon. Thanks for the dope.
  56. fisher3

    Curado 300 vs Lexa 300 vs Toro NaCI

    Toro, I like it because of the level wind moving when you cast. 2nd Lexa, and 3rd Curado. I also own a couple Inshores, mini tanks is all I'm saying.
  57. fisher3

    San Q Weather

    Thanks man.
  58. fisher3

    San Q Weather

    Hey guy's was thinking of heading South over by San Q this long weekend, and was just wondering if anyone has the 101 on weather down there. I've heard of the tropical storm further South but not sure how it will hit up there. Every year something like this happens we head down there, and the...
  59. fisher3

    Owner beast hook vs Trokar twist look swimbait hooks.

    Like bigderel said, switch out the spring if you're using the Trokar. Honestly I didn't quite feel sure about them at first, but my hook up ratio has increased with them. I still have a few Owner Beast's. But for the most part, I switched to Trokar for the Weedless. Just switch out the springs...
  60. fisher3

    Bassin Baja

    Get out there man. If you ever need any tips and hot spots around that area, PM and I'll hook you up. There's some inshore kelps that hold nice fish, and you can make it in your rig forsureee!
  61. fisher3

    Ensenada 8-15-13-More yellows and dorado

    Seriously, I didn't know Yellows and Dodo's could be caught in lakes? Nice fish man, and hope the wind stay's far, and away!
  62. fisher3

    Rpt-Sunday-08-11-13 Do Do's and limits of Tails!

    Nice! Might take a look around the Hidden this weekend.
  63. fisher3

    Bassin Baja

    Ensenada area. Punta Banda to Todos Santos Island.
  64. fisher3

    Bassin Baja

    Fishing was never wide open. Just pockets that were holding fish. With some nice followers. Biggest fish was around 7. With following WSB that only nibbled the tail of the baits, and turned around at the boat. And school of free swimmers breezing under the skiff. An epic experience, but not our...
  65. fisher3

    Bassin Baja

    Fished Baja for some nice fish. At the 7" MC Swimabits Weedless baits. And a nice legal WSB. Good times...
  66. fisher3

    San Quintin August 2n - 4th

    I've been hearing of the commercial guy's getting them from Camalu through San Q passed El Rosario. Like passed year's, I doubt they have to do with them not biting. I know this wise Captain in Camalu and he was telling me how he was catching them right before the full moon ended. And the next...
  67. fisher3

    Heavy calico !!!!

    Both rod's are excellent! If you could, take them both! Hahaha
  68. fisher3

    Dodo but no bite, Dana pt.

    Gonna give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for the report!
  69. fisher3

    Should have used a bigger Float - lost it all- spearfishing Reward

    I'll be out tomorrow out of O. I'll take a look around some paddies, and hopefully find your gear. Thanks the dope!
  70. fisher3

    New project in the works

    Tight! Cutting it would totally add some strike to it. Regardless another good looking bait BP. Stay up.
  71. fisher3

    FS Shimano Curado 300 J Japanese model

    Nice reel, and good deal.
  72. fisher3


    Ohh boy. And so it begins hu Juan? Maybe a run down to Sac, or Geron earlier will result in good numbers? Good luck this season!
  73. fisher3

    Ensenada 7-10 to 7-13-13-Offshore Yellows and Lings

    Good start eh? No WSB around yet Louie? Hope it turns up even more soon!
  74. fisher3

    LB Wall

    Nice sesh. The color on the fish is really beautiful during spawn. Makes you appreciate releasing them even more, just to see them once again. Nice fish brother!
  75. fisher3

    San Quintin WSB

    Just got the scoop on a place just south of there. Commercial guy's are averaging about 3 on each net. It's time!
  76. fisher3


    Just in time...
  77. fisher3

    Dana Point Yellowtail

    Hell yeah. Nice local tail on the bass gear. Doesn't get any better than that!
  78. fisher3

    Carl & Sue's Surf Perch Only Tournament in San Quintin

    Looks really fun! Wish I could of been there. Love San Q.
  79. fisher3

    Knuckled UP at Catalina

    Next time. SCI is the place to be. So I've heard.
  80. fisher3

    First Bass of the Day

    Phucken pig man! Your face expression shows your excitement.
  81. fisher3

    Cedros Island Fishing Report July 1-5, 2013

    Hope I still kick ass when I'm old! Nice fish!
  82. fisher3

    Ensenada Boat

    Contact Victo Campos. (661)1127688 , (619) 739-6236. Really cool guy, has 21 foot Robalo. CC Loves fishing. Tell him Fausto sent you his way. H launches out of El Sauzal, which is just after the last toll house. And with security. Small, but well made Harbor. - - - Updated - - -...
  83. fisher3

    WTB LEXA 300 HSP in San Diego

    I have one. Bought it in March. Used about a dozen times. Minor scratches. 150 yards of 65 PP. If you want pics, pm you email. for 180, ill deliver, and throw in about 220 yards of 65# white PP. Brand new. Can deliver tomorrow.
  84. fisher3

    First wall trip

    Hell yeah!
  85. fisher3

    Great first trip on the new boat!

    Sweet looking rig! Good job on putting fish on board!
  86. fisher3


  87. fisher3

    My first set up for Bass

    MC Weedless 5, and 7 inches. 9/0 Lazer Trokar hook on both. Basically all you need during the warm water months like it is right now.
  88. fisher3

    Ensenada with Capt. Victor Campos and "El Famoso"....Yellowklr!!

    Hell yeah. Vic's the man. Glad he got you on some fish. Bummer on the yellows. They've been around there but that fog is what keeps you from them. Nice boiler bass Derek. Was that at the Island?
  89. fisher3

    San Diego to Loreto report

    Nice ass trip there.
  90. fisher3

    Newest Saltwater Baits

    Ruben, the way that thing swims. The fish are just going to be all over it. It's either eat, or miss your food when it passes by them at a fast speed. So yes, it will get bit! Can't wait for the finished product.
  91. fisher3

    Pt. Loma Evening Session 06-28-2013. 8.25lb Calico

    Dude, they dig that black/red tail MC. My go to now when fishing the bottom. Reds, lings. Bass. Anything has hit that so far. I also use a black/red skirt. Nice report, and local pig.
  92. fisher3

    Toad Spotties on the chew

  93. fisher3

    Baja Bassin

  94. fisher3

    Super moon = Super Seabass

    Sick! Gotta get out local soon!
  95. fisher3

    Baja Bassin

    Headed South hauling the skiff. Launched Sunday at around 7. Fished the kelp just North of the Marina. Had wide open bass on the weedless swimbaits on the first stop. Fishing slowed, kept heading north. Found some kelp about 100 feet from the surf with a few bass. Water was 65-67, not a lot of...
  96. fisher3

    YT at Todos Santos

    Yee! I was down there Sunday. Fished the kelp for nice bass. No tail hunting for us this time. Good catch!
  97. fisher3

    Ensenada-June 2013 Yellowtail Fishing Report

    Nice! I think we saw you yesterday heading North. We were fishing the point and saw a Parker just like yours. Nice job on the yellows. Should of headed to the Island, but the VHF was out. That's fishing.
  98. fisher3

    Helgren's Electra (June 16)

    They hooked a a few seabass and landed one on their PM half day recently. So it says on WON.
  99. fisher3

    Cedros Bassing & more 6/14-6/17

    Hell yeah. Really good fishing there. Bet you were like a kid in a candy store. Haha nice trip man.
  100. fisher3

    Ensenada Bait Situation

    San Miguel Reef. Just a bit East of TS Island. Aligned with San Miguel Point.
  101. fisher3

    Ensenada Bait Situation

    Last time I fished that area was a couple months ago. Plenty of sardines at el Bajo.
  102. fisher3

    New big mackeral proto type in the works

    Everything will hit that BP. Good creativity man.
  103. fisher3

    WTB or Trade for a Lexa 300 Power handle

    I'm kinda tired of my power handle. pm me if still looking
  104. fisher3

    6/15 - Baja Coast / Offshore / Islands

    hell yeah. put time in, get fish out. nice report man!
  105. fisher3

    So many damn baitcasters... Where do I start?

    What kind? Round, low profile?
  106. fisher3

    Local So Cal Tuna Reel

    Oh, and preferably a star drag.
  107. fisher3

    Local So Cal Tuna Reel

    Trying to buy my old man a new reel for the local offshore tuna. He finally got a bigger boat and he's stuck with his lighter inshore gear. Any suggestions on which reel I should get him? Thanks!
  108. fisher3

    Weedless Swimbait Questions

    9 inch sledge. cut the tail, slit the belly. 9/0 trokar, or beast. or don't cut the tail. looks better with out the tail for me. more of a slug profile. still gets bit when its good. or Ceez Candy from Pearl. or my fave, MC 5, and 7 inch weedless. hell, you can even rig a 9 inch viejo weedless.
  109. fisher3

    Bassin Trip Advise

    I'd go with three different set ups. At least. I always try to one heavier bait just in case the fish have moved lower in the water column, one with a weedless style top water swimbait. And a hardbait/spinnerbait rod. It also depends where you're fishing.
  110. fisher3

    Favorite scent for the bays

    who needs scent?
  111. fisher3

    San Quintin June Yellowtail-Calico

    Good score on the Yellows. Hopefully it blows up soon!
  112. fisher3

    San Quintin June Yellowtail-Calico

    Good score on the Yellows. Hopefully it blows up soon!
  113. fisher3

    Catalina Bass Madness

    tits! thats bad ass!
  114. fisher3

    Death at La Salina

    Damn Vic, this sucks.
  115. fisher3


    Yup, same deal. No permit.
  116. fisher3

    2013.06.01 Ensenada

    Yeeee! I'm gonna head over again this weekend! I hope. haha Nice killing
  117. fisher3

    Brown Bait Lings - 6/2

    Sweet! Big Lings. Suck's getting rocked. Love shallow water Ling killing in baja, at 150 ft. On bass gear, with swimbaits, and 2 oz head.
  118. fisher3

    Selling our 2001 Boston Whaler 130 Sport (LOADED)

    Sick sled. Coming from a top notch bass angler. It will sell in no time. With all them good vibes.
  119. fisher3

    Overnight Calico Mission Isla San Martin K&M Sportfishing

    Hell yeah! That's good ol Baja right there. Can't wait to get down there again.
  120. fisher3

    Good Yellowtail fishing with Vonny's in Ensenda 5/30

    :appl:Nice job! Those guy's are like fish magnets!
  121. fisher3

    YellowTail 3 miles out near Carlsbad

    Yeeee! Gonna have to go out tomorrow! Nice report!
  122. fisher3

    Newport 5/31

    Hell yeah. Sick sesh!
  123. fisher3

    Boiling yellows

    Punta Banda area. If you're interested, contact Vonny's fleet. He has a BD. Usually posts reports in the Baja section for sportfishing.
  124. fisher3

    Boiling yellows

    Nah. After the first time we tried it about 3 years ago. You get the hang of it. You just have to keep the bow straight. No room for error or the smallest wave can ruin everything.
  125. fisher3

    wide open cuda bite on the dolphin this am

    They've been showing up thick down south in Ensenada. They're probably moving up. Good sign.
  126. fisher3

    Boiling yellows

    Thanks guy's. Got the pics on, kinda messed up the captions though. Hahaha
  127. fisher3

    Boiling yellows

    Yeah. Made it back to the beach at 11. Right before it got nasty!
  128. fisher3

    Boiling yellows

    Long story short. Fished three day's aboard the Skiff. Sun/Mon, and today. First day, bust. Second caught three. One one the blue/white Salas 6x JR, another on the Krock and one on the Swimbaits. Smaller size fish. About, 8 10 pounds. Today, crossed the channel in some big swells, but no wind...
  129. fisher3

    great fishig in cedros

    Fucking fat Yellows!
  130. fisher3

    Revo toro 50 and Curado 300e

    Than I'd go with that Okuma. They're at Tackle Warehouse for like 140. And they have a sale on right now for memorial day. It's like 110 with free shipping. I love my Lexa/Okuma combo. Nice stiff tip for launching big, and smaller baits. And enough power to pull em out with that 22lbs of drag!
  131. fisher3

    Revo toro 50 and Curado 300e

    A rod for a for Bass, WSB, and YFT is way to much to ask. Especially with a low profile reel. I have no experience with the Revos. But I am familiar with the Curado. The Curado only has about 12lbs of drag. And is heavier than the Toro. If you were gonna go with the curado, might as well get a...
  132. fisher3

    Japanese curado

    Any of the 300 size curado are great for SWB.
  133. fisher3

    Ensenada 5-22-2013-Late bite on the yellows

    That's the way to get it done! Might head down there for a second chance! Good job!
  134. fisher3

    Ensenada scouting trip report

    Nice! Might head down this weekend! Thanks for the post!
  135. fisher3

    First drop TANKERS

    I know where that is! Nice fish!
  136. fisher3

    What's good, June/July for 7 yr old?

    I went out on Monday out of Oceanside on my skiff. Picked up a half scoop of chovies at the receiver and headed north. Wide open bass. Mostly small models. 10-14 inches. And the occasional 15-17 incher. Hooked two sharks. Lots of life out there. Perfect fishing for a first timer. As for SD. I...
  137. fisher3

    Revo reels SO MANY!! Help.

    Inshore for more versatility. Can't go wrong with a 200 size BC for fresh, and salt!
  138. fisher3

    Good Rod for Daiwa Lexa 300

    The Daiwa Lexa 300 is a beast of a reel. With 22lbs of drag it's odd that the yellow broke you off. Especially using 40#. But I guess the reel isn't made to fight yellows. Although it might stand up to a WSB. I have two. One of them is mounted on a MH 7'11 Shimano Teremar. Great rod for your...
  139. fisher3

    Ensenada 5-18 & 5-19-2013-Yellowtail on the troll and iron

    Nice fishing Louie! We were there last weekend on our aluminum skiff. We were fishing near you tight to the front end of the island on Saturday afternoon. Saw yellows break but nogo. This report might make us go and redeem our self!! haha The offshore scene is looking really promising right now...
  140. fisher3

    Paddy Yellow in the O.C. 5.20.13

    Nice! We were fishing off San O witch Chovies, and had wide open bass. Mostly were 10-13 inches. With s few that went over 15 inches. Only kept one that swallowed the hook, and a few on the swimbaits. Ton's of macks and chovies in the water. Hooked two sharks that fooled us into thinking we hit...
  141. fisher3

    popotla vermillion fix 5/21/13

    Sweet! This new format of the site is whack! Good job on the meat. There is a lot of red's around that area. We usually target them between 100 ft, and 150. On the bass gear, and swimbaits. Super fun!
  142. fisher3

    Nados - First Blood on the PG2 - No jello, jumbo checkers

    Hahaha. Your dad's a badass. I would of been more hyped on that bass than a yellow! Nice sled man.
  143. fisher3

    Coronados 1 cuda and 6 yellows 12 to 35 lbs 5/19/13

    Hells yeah man! If you don't mind me asking, what HP you have on your sled? Nice fish dude! :hali_olutta:
  144. fisher3

    New Boat / First Trip

    Nice local Ling's! And nice boat!
  145. fisher3

    New Boat

    Sweet rig. If you don't launch from the beach with that sled, I don't know what to tell you. Great boats forsure!
  146. fisher3

    First trip to Catalina (Video)

    Yeeee. AD
  147. fisher3

    First trip to Catalina (Video)

    That does not suck. Good job sir's. Were you throwing IPS?
  148. fisher3

    Second chance yellows

    :rofl: Good job on the fish though!
  149. fisher3

    Truck broken into ensenada

    Sucks! Was there Sat/Sun and struck out. Only saw boils on Sat. And followers. Sunday was TOO foggy! Good job on the yellers!
  150. fisher3

    Marina Del Rey Critterfest 5/11 w-pics

    Yeah. Nice job. And good report!
  151. fisher3

    Budget Casting Reel Recommendations

    X3 on the lexa
  152. fisher3

    Daughters first sand bass!

    Yeee! Teach em young! Good job man!
  153. fisher3

    Wall PB...!

    Fatso! Nice on!
  154. fisher3


    Is this a Calico? Never seen one with bars? Possible mix? Cool looking fish forsure!
  155. fisher3

    Coronado Islands 5-8-13

    Nice way to introduce another young angler to a fun sport! Next time on the yellers!
  156. fisher3

    Yellows going off at Nados 5-9-13

    HA. ^:rofl: Hope the fishing stays up!
  157. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    That's all? Ivan, you're killing it man! Excellent fishing right there, and I hope that's just the beginning! Great job!
  158. fisher3

    Dana Point continues to Surprise!!!

    Fun fishing right there! Any new vids on the way? Good job!
  159. fisher3


    Right? No reports like last year over at Cat. Besides Calicos close to the beach. But no biscuits thus far. Thinking of hitting it up, or just a two day trip over there.
  160. fisher3


    Anyone....anyone?? Bueller? Anyone hitting this up?
  161. fisher3

    A few New colors Brown Sardine, Trout, Scrambled Egg

    Those things are looking rad Ruben! Didn't hit up Mexico this past weekend, but no cash yet. Hopefully I'll be able to get some of those off your hand's by next week. I'll send you an email! Fausto
  162. fisher3

    Rod for my new Lexa

    Them Seekers look, and feel really smooth! I paired my Lexa with an Okuma Big Bait Rod. For 140, and Lifetime Warranty, you can't beat it. But I wouldn't use my Lexa Offshore. Just my opinion.
  163. fisher3

    Aloha Spirit on Lake Pacific 05.07

    Beautiful weather! :hali_olutta: Good report!
  164. fisher3

    One Bean One Bite

    Mussels? That's a nice one!
  165. fisher3

    Time To Come Out!!!!

    Hahaha! Good looking baits though!
  166. fisher3

    5/3 in Ensenada

    Gnar. No yellows? Hopefully they show after this weather passes by. Good eats!
  167. fisher3

    Bass n butts weekend

    That Calico is gnarly!!! So sick how it recovered after someone, or something tried to heat it! Amazing!
  168. fisher3

    Playing With a few new baits.

    Those look great BP! Keep it up, wish the best for you and your wife's illness.
  169. fisher3

    Ensenada 5-1 to 5-3-13-Mixed Bag

    Hahahaha! Fishing Ensenada beat's fishing Cali any day Louie! Sand Bass, Ling's Cudas, and Rockfish beats fishing for Sand dabs. Even if it's Ling bait! Good intell, and hope the yellows show up, followed up shortly by the C-Bass! Keep it up!
  170. fisher3

    Swimbait rod build

    I haven't fished with the Crucials yet, but I have felt them. And I honestly don't like the feel on them. The but seems to short for a big guy like me. They're light, but I really don't look into that kind of stuff. If I'm fishing heavy head's I don't mind using a heavy rod. After all, how heavy...
  171. fisher3

    Headed to SQ on May 4th...

    He's right! Hope you got the chance to fish brotha!
  172. fisher3

    few more colors

    Those look niceeeeee!
  173. fisher3

    [B]Toad Sandy[/B]

    Nice dock fishing.
  174. fisher3

    What kind of plastics should I buy?

    Yeah I'd go with MC. 5 inch Viejo. Never fished Pearl's but heard nothing but good things. BH are great too. I'd go with a Red Calico Hunter. 5 inch. 3/4 oz, or 1oz. WAR. Or MC's 5 inch weedless swimbait when the conditions change and the fish are up in the column. And I never use any scent...
  175. fisher3

    my new boat

    Sweet rig!
  176. fisher3


    Try finding structure spots either North, or South of the harbor. You can drop the Kelp Assassins down on each Kelp string, or switch it up. Throw swimbaits, or spinnerbaits until you find what kind of presentation they want. I usually do very well during summer at the Barn Kelp, North of O'side...
  177. fisher3

    Thanks so much....PCS Sportfishing Festival 2013

    It was my first time going, and it was great! Corey at MC always sends you away loaded with goodies. And Picked up a bunch of Quick Limit heads, Bolt Throwers, and Kelp Assassins. Great show!
  178. fisher3

    New calico reel and rod setup

    The Lexa 300 is a great reel. I have abused it as much as I could for the past months. Bass, And Ling's up to 10 pounds. Great drag, and less cash than the curado. But Like Brandon say's. It's all about what makes you feel comfortable when fishing.
  179. fisher3

    Heap Big WSB on Bass outfit

    Oh boy! Let the games begin!
  180. fisher3

    ensenada YT with Beto fron Vonny's

    Thats the aluminum one right?
  181. fisher3


    Those Ling's are huge! Good job Juan! And it only has begun!
  182. fisher3

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  183. fisher3

    ensenada YT with Beto fron Vonny's

    Sweet! Thinking of heading down there on Wed. Any particular color that they ate?
  184. fisher3

    How to use bolt thrower

    Yeah. I haven't used it at all in the bay's yet. But it work's great on deeper structure reefs, and in the kelp. But there a few Reeb's Pro Staff members here who can probably help you out more than me. You can cast it over Eel Grass, and slow roll over it. The big Spotties tend to lay out on...
  185. fisher3

    check out my bayrunner

    Sweet rig man. I have 18 ft aluminum skiff, but it's not welded. Still love her. Had a 90 hp 2 stroke, and re powered with a 50 4 stroke. Smooth!
  186. fisher3

    Bass Club Friends..

    The color on that fish looks really cool!
  187. fisher3

    4/26-28/2013 Freezer Fiesta IV

    Seems like you guy's are doing something right! Good job with the forkies too!
  188. fisher3

    NFIO Halibut

    Yeeeeee! Nice fish man!
  189. fisher3

    No WSB, bored, so I anihilated a Sandy for lunch

    They're out there brotha. Just gotta keep at it! Cool Vid.
  190. fisher3

    Phenix 26-60 hybird

    Trippy looking colors you have here my friend. Really sick!
  191. fisher3

    New calico reel?

    Oh yeah. You're right. I have two of the WAY WAY old ones. And one of them just gave up the anti reverse. I still use it, I just don't let go of the handle when I hook up a fish. They are awesome reels for the price!
  192. fisher3

    DFG Measuring Sticker

    Damn. Sketchy! Hahaha
  193. fisher3

    Oceanside makos

    Sound's fun! Beats doing yard work at home. No big ones yet. But they'll show. Good job!
  194. fisher3

    Inflatable test run Point Loma 4-27

    That thing sure is ready for the South! I have a place where you can beach launch, and during summer the WSB bite get's hot! PM me. And I'll let you know. If you don't already!
  195. fisher3

    New calico reel?

    Not going to get any good Bass reels for under 100. At least 200. New. But maybe someone can hook you up. Good luck!
  196. fisher3

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    "Black Dawn" Series "Dark Shadow" Series "Shadow" Series "Mercury" Series "Black/Dark Chaos" "Dark Chaos" Series "Crimson Stealth" Series "Black Cyclops" Series " Midnight Killer" Series " Midnight Runner" Series " Midnight Phantom" Series " Dark Phantom" Series " Reaper" "Dark...
  197. fisher3

    Why is it???

  198. fisher3

    Calico Bass

    Good fishing!
  199. fisher3

    9 or 6 inch for San Diego kelp?

    Forsure. Id try both. See which one the fish want. Sometimes. They only go after small baits. Try what you think will get bit. Look for the type of conditions to fish different style/color, and size baits. Good luck out there!
  200. fisher3

    Okuma Guide Series Big Bait Casting Rods

    Thanks Mike! I will be getting one of those for sure than!
  201. fisher3

    Okuma Guide Series Big Bait Casting Rods

    Hey guy's. I'm interested in buying an Okuma Guide Series Big Bait Casting Rod. (Okuma Big Bait Rod 7'6" Heavy) Mostly for throwing big swimbaits. 7, and 9 inches. With 1.5, and 2 oz leadheads. And the occational TT style hard baits. 3 ounces and up. And pairing it with a Daiwa Lexa 300 HS. It's...
  202. fisher3

    Rpt-04-24-13 Todo Santos and Salsapuedes!

    Nice fishing Corey! We were there on Sunday. We made the run North out of the Harbor though. Lot's of bait. Nice Ling to top off a great day on the water! Congrats!
  203. fisher3

    Anaheim bay guide :p

    Nice fish man! Keep up the Slayin!
  204. fisher3


    Hahaha! Nice fish man! They've been popping up recently along the Coast. It's about to blow! Congrats!
  205. fisher3

    San Clemente Island. 4/19-21/13

    It's a trend. Haha. Either way, you don't have to push those hog's to realize they're some brute Calicos!
  206. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Cool! Off boilers? Or dah kelp? I'm itching to head down there!
  207. fisher3

    Big Game Hunting

    Big girlz need love too! Nice feeshes guy's!
  208. fisher3

    Daiwa lexa 300 upgrades

    Word. The thing is a tank pulling on lings. out of 150 ft of water. 2oz WAR Slayerhead, and a 7 inch Viejos MC. Great reel!
  209. fisher3

    Daiwas New Lexa B/Caster

    Yup. The 300 hs comes in two models. Two different gear ratios. And two different handles. HS, has a standard paddle handle, and the HS-P, comes with a power handle. Both for two hundred bucks, same spool as the Curado 300, E, and EJ. For 50 dollars less. And 22lbs. of drag. I own two. And love...
  210. fisher3

    Ling Cod spinnerbaits.

    Damn. I just started using Reeb's Bolt Throwers and the Lin'gs LOVE them! 150 ft water. Long wait to the stones. But I slow roll it and get slammed on the retrieve! I use a lower gear ration so the bite feels really fun! Can't wait till you finish these!
  211. fisher3

    Sardine, Mackerel, Anchovy Swim Baits

    The action looks badass! How much does each lure weigh?
  212. fisher3

    Local fun! Cbass-Lings-Calicos!

    Damn! It's about to blow up man! Killer spring so far!
  213. fisher3

    Fishing report 4/21/13

    You're right. We did keep limit's of Ling's too. We were just over the little ones. Got two bag's of boneless fillets!
  214. fisher3

    Santa Monica Bay Bassin' 4/20 w-pics

    Great fishing! And the water looks flat! Thanks for the report!
  215. fisher3

    Fishing report 4/21/13

    Hmmm...Could be. We have another friend that took out his 23ft walk around. Didn't have much problems as last weekend. Haha PM me. Go for it! And good luck out there! Let us know how it goes!
  216. fisher3

    30" halibut and spotties on the spinnerbait-- Video!!!

    Next time. Lip the but. It helps! :D Jk. Nice fishing Michael!
  217. fisher3

    Sunday Funday R&D

    BADASS! Any pics of your homemade creations?
  218. fisher3

    Fishing report 4/21/13

    Yeah. The exit was ok. Not the best. But certainly not the worst. We flew a little bit over a three footer. But that was it. The entrance was little sketchy. Had two surf in between a set of 4'. And gun it once the first one settled. But again. Not the worst.
  219. fisher3

    Fishing report 4/21/13

    Left home on Sunday at 5 am. Hauled the boat south of the border. Launched and was out by 730. Hit a few shallow water stones for some taco meat. 2 oz WARbaits Slayer Heads, and 5, and 7 inch MC Viejo's were the ticket. Lot's of reds, and Lings. Didn't take much pictures because I was recording...
  220. fisher3

    Kayak fishing around Oceanside/Pendleton Harbor

    You can always fish inside the last jetty. Anywhere from the mouth of the harbor, and all the way to the end where the base beach starts. I've caught calicos, sandbass and spotties on the mouth of the harbor using 3 inch MC swimbaits with a 1/4 oz warbait. Or you can fish with live sardines, or...
  221. fisher3

    LA Harbor - 4/19/13 - One Nice Fish

    yeee. mad props on the solo venture.
  222. fisher3


    Those Bayliner Trophy's can take a beating in salt. Strong haul. Rode on one a few weeks ago that seemed just like yours. Good looks man, and keep up the videos.
  223. fisher3

    Midnight run.. Not the movie

    Jealous. Very. Hahaha good fishing man. Keep it urp. :hali_olutta:
  224. fisher3

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    They look killer! Thanks for the photos!
  225. fisher3

    9" MC Viejos

    Day at the docks. In SD this sunday.
  226. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Outstanding fishing Ivan! Hope it keeps up for you down there! :hali_olutta:
  227. fisher3

    Show me your BASS...

    Dude, that thing looks more like 15! Great catch!
  228. fisher3

    Ensenada 4-12-13-Reel Adventure Yellows & first Barracuda of the year

    Hopefully!!! Great job Luie! I need to get out there soon.
  229. fisher3

    Phenix M1 Inshore

  230. fisher3

    SD bay 4/14

    :appl: Good job bro. Bet you felt great getting your boy's on some fish. Hope they stick with it.
  231. fisher3

    SBS Mission Bay

    Hell yeah! Tin boat putting in work! Good job guy's, and congrats on the 1st place!
  232. fisher3


    Lings go bananas for swimbaits! Great job Juan!
  233. fisher3


    Sweet fishing man! And like these guy's said. Don't let the assholes get to you. You have a right to keep your 5 fish limit with in the size limit. If they don't like it then :finger: them. Keep fishing bro! And posting up reports. :hali_olutta:
  234. fisher3

    Fished NP Harbor with my Pops

    Hell yeah! Haven't gone fishing with my old man in a bit now. He's been a little occupied. But we have plans for the upcoming weekends! Good job carnal!
  235. fisher3


    Looks fun. Good job guy's!
  236. fisher3

    Daiwa DXS rod

  237. fisher3

    Quality Yellowtail at the Coronado Islands

    Right on man! Good job on them Yellers!
  238. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed-04-03-13 The Reds and Lings wake up Hungry!

    Yup. Heard about the boat some months back. If anything, you can launch of El Sauzal. Closer than Coral, and cheaper too. But we also have some PRIME spots out of Salina. Oh well. The older Harbor Master did a much better job of keeping the harbor mouth safe. But after the capsized Panga, he was...
  239. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed-04-03-13 The Reds and Lings wake up Hungry!

    NICE Corey! Very nice! I'm itching to go down to La Salina soon. It's been too long! How was the exit and entrance back to the harbor? Have they fixed it? And thanks for the report!
  240. fisher3

    Cold water bass??

    Depends on where you're fishing too. It should be fairly easy this time of the year. Just walk the shore and lurk around for the spawners. Most fish are really close to shore right now. I got out last weekend to my local park, and caught two by sightfishing them. And three more bigger sized...
  241. fisher3

    Ensenada 3-30 & 3-31-13-Yellows on the troll & lings-reds on the iron

    Hell yeah! Nothing better than putting your charter on some quality fish Louie! You have been killing it! Hope you guy's have an awesome rest of the season, and maybe see you on the water this year! :hali_olutta:
  242. fisher3

    spring bass fling--- video

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Seriously tho. We're all here for the same reason. Fishing! If you don't like it, go on Myspace or something. And Warbaits are an awesome product. So piss off mark. FYI. You might want to change your username from Dubstepfishing to something different than your favorite music.
  243. fisher3

    rick woodslay in san quintin,wide open.

    :appl::appl::appl: Outstanding Hali fishing. And that little Black was definitely a plus. And good job on the release. Even though those are the ones that taste the best! :D
  244. fisher3

    Point Loma 3.30.13

    Damn dude. That sucks. I picked up two Lexa 300's and sent in the rebate, and got my sweaters in the mail in less than a month. Oh, and nice catch man!
  245. fisher3

    Late report 3/28 @ the rockpile

    SICK! I love fishing with my Old Man. Even though he outfishes me almost all the time! Haha Good job on that fish, I'm sure it put up a good fight! :hali_olutta:
  246. fisher3

    looking for an Iron set up for Calico/Cuda/YT

    Thank you for the thorough explanation of which reels with a guide don't have the guide move when you cast out.
  247. fisher3

    looking for an Iron set up for Calico/Cuda/YT

    Does the guide move with the line when you cast? I wouldn't recommend a reel with a guide when tossing jig's. Just because if you hook into a big fish, as it takes line the guide will stay in place, and not move with the line that's being taken out. Just my opinion. I'd go with one with no guide...
  248. fisher3

    spring bass fling--- video

    Are you serious? If a you're catching Soptties on 9" baits, that's fricking awesome! Nice vid too!
  249. fisher3

    mexican waters

    There's no fish in Mex. :D
  250. fisher3

    Rockpile and SKR 3/27/13

    SICK! Really need to get out, but boat work has to be done. Rather be ready for the summer bite, than the Spring one. Good job!
  251. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed-03-27-13 Rockpile Yellowtail Strikeout!

    And the worst. You always want to redeem our self's after a day like this! Like you said, thats fishing! Good effort Corey! Next time! :hali_olutta:
  252. fisher3

    Wednesday Rock pile YT

    Seriously. I call BS. Corey's report has nothing about what this guy's crying about.
  253. fisher3

    La Jolla Kelpin

    :appl:Good job on the solo run Afran. Can't wait to go to WAR with some Calicos with the new WAR/MC Viejo combos I bought.
  254. fisher3

    3/23/13 La Salina White Sea Bass

    Damn dude. Who gives a shit how much it weight. Thats one hell of a fish. Sea Bass are starting to show up early. I've fished that are for a while now, and never caught them. My dad used to kill them back in the day when he rented a panga from Popotla. Good job!
  255. fisher3

    catalina new pb calico

    Rad! Gonna wrestle with one of those double digit fish this year. I can just feel it! Good job brotha, on a fish of a lifetime!
  256. fisher3

    Corvalus for VC rockfishing?

    I'd go with a 400 for more line capacity. My old man bought one last year, and spooled it up with 20# P-line. He has a blast catching ling's, red's, and big bass. But we usually fish spots no deeper than 150 feet. Can't beat light tackle fishing for anything. It's a blast. Like they stated...
  257. fisher3


    WOW Juan! Unbelievable! A Seabass in Spring? Boy, I hope that means what I think! A great season to come! I had a friend go down to Ensenada on Saturday, and told me another guy that went fishing north of Salinas caught a 65 pounder! Nice job, and keep it up man! :hali_olutta:
  258. fisher3

    Marzo Jurel - Los Coranados

    Right on man! :hali_olutta:
  259. fisher3

    Tuna Jihad at the Coronados

    Nice! Might get out tomorrow in the 18 footer!
  260. fisher3

    30lb YellowTail!!!!!!!! Go fishing!!!!

    YEEEEEEEE! :hali_olutta: Bullshit the seasons over. It has just begun!
  261. fisher3

    FRI 3/15/13 Superb Lingcod Fishing off of Las Salinas S

    Cory, we crossed last night. Got there at 7 sharp, and didn't cross till 1 AM hauling the boat. We were lucky we didn't spend another hour at secondary!
  262. fisher3

    03 / 15 Bassin at PV on the Ducky with Tailman

    Yup never underestimate a small skiff. Sometimes we're the ones who tear it up, while the bigger boats don't. Hahaha, plus we can slip into small pockets bigger boats can't! :hali_olutta: Good job, and great report!
  263. fisher3

    La Jolla Calicos

    Putting in work on those Cali's. Nice job Afran! :hali_olutta:
  264. fisher3

    FRI 3/15/13 Superb Lingcod Fishing off of Las Salinas S

    How was the exit and entrance to the marina? And good job on those ling's, and bass. Haven't had a chance to fish there this year because of the situation with the harbor exit. And thanks for the report! :hali_olutta:
  265. fisher3

    Punta Banda Pangero Recommendation

    What they said! Ivan was on the Phil Friedman this afternoon and had limits of bass, reds, lings. And some log Cudas. Also mentioned Beto had seen some Yellows boiling in the Channel between the point, and the Island. But the fog was really thick, and there was a lot of boat traffic, and with...
  266. fisher3


    Good sign's of the start of the season. But it seems like in SQ, the season never ends? Good job man! :hali_olutta:
  267. fisher3

    Knives in Mexico

    "recent" is an understatement. :rofl:
  268. fisher3

    Great Baja Surf Fishing Adventure

    Word. More like a story than a video.
  269. fisher3

    R A D I O S I L E N C E F I S H I N G: JACK

    Going to be really interesting!
  270. fisher3

    3/2-- punta bunda fishing with Vonny's Fleet

    Do it man. It's a lot of fun. Me and my pop's launch out Campo La Joya.
  271. fisher3

    3/2-- punta bunda fishing with Vonny's Fleet

    Sounds sick! Can't wait for them Seabass to bite this year too! It's fun to launch out of there!
  272. fisher3

    Daiwa Lexa or a Shimano Curado?

    YES! I have been grinding Calicos, and Sandbass for the past three times I have been out. I fish down in Baja, and don't even have to tighten the drag all the way. Compared to the Curado, the Lexa is better on price, and specs. Shimano's 300E, is about 250? And the EJ is 260 i think. So...
  273. fisher3

    Lexa 300HS-P VS. Curado 300EJ

    Yeah. Lexa's are nice. I bought two. Compared them with the curado at Bass Pro, and it's way stronger with those 22 Lbs. of drag. And they cast like a dreammm!!
  274. fisher3

    Curado 300ej or Daiwa Lexa 300HSP???

    Yup, the lexa will get it done! More drag than the Curado, and better priced. Don't know why Shimano charges you extra for the 300EJ if it's just the power handle you're getting compared to the 300E.
  275. fisher3

    shimano calcutta (power handle)

    dont own one, but it look sick!
  276. fisher3

    Lexa Power Handle

    Yeah real douchey. I was also asking a question. In a polite way, but I'm guessing it some what offended you? JS Right on. Oh yeah, buy it! I have the 7.1:1 PH and it's a great real! Buying another one with the paddle handle soon.
  277. fisher3

    Lexa Power Handle

    Do you need it for a Lexa? Why didn't you just buy it with the power handle if so?
  278. fisher3

    Kayak Fishing the Coronados

    Can't believe you guy's didn't stick some nice Bass off those boilers.
  279. fisher3

    Pond Hopping

    thats sick
  280. fisher3

    La Jolla 3-3-13

    Yeee. Taco time man! :hali_olutta:
  281. fisher3

    Slow day for me, 3/3 IB

    Better then sitting at home I'll tell you that! :hali_olutta:
  282. fisher3

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    Thats why I haul my boat south, dip it in. And no one fucks with me! Hahaha :hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  283. fisher3

    Seeing Red

    Fish Tacos forsure brotha! I'm heading out tomorrow. Do those reds have a size limit? Just wanna make sure so I don't Fuck up haha. :hali_olutta:
  284. fisher3

    What type of fish is this?

    hahah! made my day! :rofl:
  285. fisher3

    Ensenada 2-23, 24 & 25th-13 Yellow, Reds & Bass

    Nice catch! Was that last pic with the red and the wall in the background by the plant?
  286. fisher3

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    Damn man. They don't even ask all that bullshit when you cross the border. Sorry to hear that. :hali_olutta:
  287. fisher3

    A little Winter fix
  288. fisher3

    Rpt-Sat-02-16-13 Calico Bass on the chew!

    Super fun fishing for bass right now. Nice job Cory!
  289. fisher3

    Great weather,great fishing!!! San Quintin

    A winter Croaker? That's a nice surprise! Thanks for the report Kelly! :hali_olutta:
  290. fisher3

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    Fuck, and i thought drama was only in high school folks. Everyone here act's like complete D-bags. Quite wining and just fish guy's. It's a shame it has to be on BD. :zelfmoord
  291. fisher3

    Going fishing on Selena in Ensenada 27 Feb

    if the weather holds up, you might get at them. i fished ensenada in search of the winter forkies yesterday, but no luck. Louie on the It's 4 Reels has them keyed in. Best of luck, and looking forward to your report!
  292. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed.-02-13-13 Winter Tail Hunting and too much Wind!

    Hey Cory! Whats up? We were fishing that same are too. Saw Bill's boat, and told my dad, "that looks like Bill, Cory from BD". And sure enough it was you guy's. Fishing was tough, there was a lot of bait in the area (macks,sardines). We saw some fish pushing up bait on the sonar, but no takers...
  293. fisher3

    Best way to Baja: Ferry or TJ

    Any trip down south is an adventure. Some people exaggerate way too much sometimes. My father have been driving south from TJ for about 15 years, and he had been doing it far before he started taking me. Driving all the way through Mexico D.F. And have never had any problems "bribing officials"...
  294. fisher3

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    they did that to me and my dad a couple years back. we were hooked on a yellow, and it was just cruising by until we landed it. and it anchored up right next to us. hahaha, don't even bother getting pissed at them man. the ocean is big enough for all of us. it does suck that they're able to do...
  295. fisher3

    Team Basstic - 2013 SWBA "Cabin Fever Reliever" Report - Welcome Back Jared!

    Right on man! Good day, and great fishing! Good luck to you guy's and the rest of the SWBA in future Tournament day's!
  296. fisher3


    well they're checking every car. but it doesn't take that much time.
  297. fisher3


    yeah, they seem really good for inshore bass fishing. i was thinking of buying one, and pairing it up with a daiwa lexa 300 for throwing big baits.
  298. fisher3

    Ensenada 2-7-13-Wide Open Yellowtail Gets Even Better

    no fishing this weekend Louie? Thinking of heading down there mid week. Wednesday maybe.
  299. fisher3

    Televised calico tournaments?

    A bass tournament south of the border would be BAD ASS! Straight up. I would definitely fish that!
  300. fisher3


    Yeah they seem well built. And the price is really good for throwing big baits. Which reel do you use with?
  301. fisher3


    Anyone use the Okuma Big Bait Casting rods? They look pretty good for throwing big swimbaits. Thinking of buying one, and the price seems really affordable. With good back bone, and a long handle length for nice hook sets with heavy gear...
  302. fisher3

    Ensenada 2-7-13-Wide Open Yellowtail Gets Even Better

    Louie. You're straight up killin it man! For EVERYONE HERE! Good job on those fatt yellows! And hopefully i can get down there soon! Before it's too late! Quick question, what are the regs for launching down there at the Corla. Fees? I heard you need some sort of insurance for your boat? thanks...
  303. fisher3

    ensenada 2/8 YELLOWS

    Hey one question. What's the deal with launching down there. I alwas launch from La Salina just a little bit North from there. But never there. It sure is a shorter run to the reef. Whats the cost to launch, and are there any requirements. (insurance) Thanks!
  304. fisher3

    ensenada 2/8 YELLOWS

    Damn it man! Its like im tied up here! I'm thinking it too much. I NEED to get out there! Good ass day man! :hali_olutta:
  305. fisher3

    O'Side flatties 2/02/13

    Fished yesterday out of O'side too. Had good marks on the sonar. But no takers. Just a few Sandies. And some whales too. Fun day tho. Thanks for the report!
  306. fisher3

    WAR Crew Killin it

    Salt. its a shimano curado 300dsv. at the start, and the other one is the 300ej imported from japan.
  307. fisher3

    Ensenada 1-31-13-More Yellows and Reds

    thanks Louie. been thinking of fishing the Coral, but never had the chance. and your post are making it more tempting.
  308. fisher3

    WAR Crew Killin it

    i think its a shimano curado 300 ej from japan. not 100 percent.
  309. fisher3

    Took my neices fishing great day!

    and my niece thinks im the best because i buy her ice cream. then again shes 5. can't wit what she'll think of me when i take her fishing! good job on the fish man!
  310. fisher3

    WAR Crew Killin it

  311. fisher3

    Ensenada 1-31-13-More Yellows and Reds

    keep on killin it! how many miles is the Bajo from Marina Coral? good job guy's! :hali_olutta:
  312. fisher3

    SB Bay -Video

    dude. hit me up on here next time you go. i have an 18 foot starcraft with a 50 hp 4 stroke. perfect for the bay. just pitch in for gas and we're good. way cheaper than a rental! send me a pm ans sick vid :hali_olutta:
  313. fisher3

    PORKY's Super Bowl Fiesta - Ensenada

    Can I fish this from my own boat?
  314. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed-01-16-13 Salsapuedes Lings on the chew in the wind.

    How were the swells on the way out in between the jetty's? Great report! And catch! :hali_olutta:
  315. fisher3

    CAUTION: La Salina Jetty

    I wonder what they did with the 25 dollars I left there every weekend from March till October last year. Still sucks though. And thanks for the heads up.
  316. fisher3

    catch and release black sea bass

    oh no another dead BSB!!!! What are we going to do? Fuck it. Cool fish man.! :hali_olutta:
  317. fisher3

    Going. Where no man has gone before....

    At least from BD. I think. :D I am driving deep into main land Mexico tomorrow night. Going back to the grand parents home land. I have been there since I was a little kid, and have never had the chance to appreciate the fishing as the past two years I have been there. Then again I never had...
  318. fisher3

    Relax Mission Bay - 120912

    :appl: Afran, you're the man!
  319. fisher3

    Mr. T Shark

    I should of headed out this morning. :appl:
  320. fisher3


    SICK! Anyone want to go to MB or SD Bay in a couple weeks with me? I have an 18 ft Starcraft. But have never been there, and would be sick to take someone who already has a good idea of where to target fish this time of the year. And someone to split gas/parking.
  321. fisher3

    San Diego Bay, Mission Bay HELP!

    Thanks man. Will try this! Yes I do have a boat. And thanks for the tips! Thanks!
  322. fisher3

    San Diego Bay, Mission Bay HELP!

    Sorry guy's this isn't a report. I have some family coming over from Texas, and want to take them fishing. I live near Oceanside, but I rather drive down to SD Bay to fish, or Mission Bay. I have never been there, and was trying to get some pointer as where the best place to launch would be. Any...
  323. fisher3

    San Quintin......lots of yellowtail!!!!

    Whats the price for a Bass trip to the Island?
  324. fisher3

    11/26 Winter Days

    Yee. Putting in work WAR Crew style. Sick!
  325. fisher3

    anyone fished out of Oceanside?

    AR? Where is that? There is a lot of fish in O'side. I've caught my personal best but inside the harbor. At just a bit over 30 lbs. And many more legals, and shorts outside. You have to find your spots, not just give em away.
  326. fisher3

    Light bait baitcaster

    Heard the lexa 100 is good for light baits.
  327. fisher3

    Pt. Loma 11-24-12

    Quality time. And good fishing! :hali_olutta:
  328. fisher3

    Lobster, lobster, lobster! butt not or us.

    You fish the pier. So in no why, shape or form do the MPA apply to you. :rofl:
  329. fisher3

    BASSKING. Round 2

    Yup, TT. Triple Trout.
  330. fisher3

    BASSKING. Round 2

    Mr. Mattson at it again!
  331. fisher3

    Mr T Shark

    Hell yeah! I know what im doing this weekend. Catching some macks! Good job!
  332. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed-11-14-12 Lings, Reds and Coppers.

    While you were there yesterday. I was talking to my dad about how great the weather was to be fishing la salina, because we were working right next to the beach. Damn it Cory, you make me want to go fishing every time you post. Good ass day though!!! :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  333. fisher3

    12 Spotties + A ticket in 45mins in HB

    Maybe if you didn't take the time to take pictures.... hahaha kidding looks fun, and fuck the 5-0.
  334. fisher3

    hooping in oceanside harbor

    I've been going outside the harbor a bit north, and down by carlsbad for only a few legals, and a shit load of shorts, crabs, and sculpin.
  335. fisher3

    Lobster, lobster, lobster! butt not or us.

    Sweet man! Right on! :hali_olutta:
  336. fisher3


    This guy goes hard when it comes to bass. Bad Ass! And the last one IS a PIG!
  337. fisher3


    BASSKING'S Kevin Mattson at his best. Enjoy! :hali_olutta:
  338. fisher3

    San Quintin K&M Good Fishing,Bad Weather

    Hell yeah! Gotta' love Baja! :hali_olutta:
  339. fisher3

    SD Bay bugs

    Ever hoop out of O'side?
  340. fisher3

    110512 - SCI - Crew Day

    Hell yeah Afran! "Fish better with friends". :hali_olutta:
  341. fisher3

    Dana Butts

    Who leaves their phone in the car. Like OMG. :rofl: Right on brutha. Good fishing forsuree! :hali_olutta:
  342. fisher3


    The mullet picture is really ill! And the fishing looks absolutely fantastic Cap. Juan! Killer times man, killer! :hali_olutta:
  343. fisher3

    El Rosario Panga info

    I was there with my old man for Labor day this past September. WIDE OPEN White Sea Bass, and BIG Calico Bass. Here's my report so you can check it out yourself. Post a report when you're back...
  344. fisher3

    Rpt-Sun-Mon-10-28-12 Salsapuedes Shallow water Rockfish go off!

    HELL YEAH! This just made me want to go. I'll be there this weekend forsure! Thanks for the report man! Great as always! :hali_olutta:
  345. fisher3

    Help with flippin/pitchin

    Word. Just keep contact with your jig at all times, with your thumb always on the free spool, and you figure out the difference between a strike, and when the jig hit's the bottom. Keep practicing, and you'll get it down. How deep are you fishing? From a boat? Shore? Or tube? Yak? Good luck!
  346. fisher3

    Yellowtail bite wide open after Paul

    Hmmm....Jurel, and Patonas. :hali_olutta:
  347. fisher3

    Pellet Guns in Mexico

    hahaha gringos :rofl: just take it
  348. fisher3

    Retard in the harbor

    Damn, but the taste sooooo good!
  349. fisher3

    Kelp and Current

    Where you fishing from Oceanside?
  350. fisher3

    Lake Hodges 2011

    try fishing there now
  351. fisher3

    La Salina- Campos Sportfishing

    Hell yeah Vic! We were out on sunday, and got one Yellowfin on the plug. A bunch of rat's and a nice Bull on the Spanish. Good job man!
  352. fisher3

    About pond's

    hahaha, yea so ive been told, any suggestions then? really? looks like it would be a good spot.
  353. fisher3

    About pond's

    Thanks! I see you live in Carson. Have you ever fished the canal next to the freeway? My sister goes to school at DH, and I'm always there and it looks SUPER FISHY!
  354. fisher3

    About pond's

  355. fisher3

    About pond's

    Anyone do any ninja fishing in golf courses in North County? I have a few friend's that want to go ninja fishing at a local golf course here in Vista, and i'm wondering if any of you guy's have ever fished around here? Some spots look REALLY fishy...Thanks for any info
  356. fisher3

    La Salina- Campos Sportfishing

    Hell yeah Vic! Tuna time man!
  357. fisher3

    tin boat cabin build

    Looks fucking bad ass bro! :hali_olutta:
  358. fisher3

    Boiling schoolies fun(Video)

    I have gone after those Verdes in a loooooooong time. I just ordered some Don Lovino Reaper's and going as soon as they come in. This makes me want to go even more now! :hali_olutta:
  359. fisher3

    Can you get back across the Border with just a CA drivers license now?

    I do it with DL and birth certificate. Never ask me one question. Just how the fishing was.
  360. fisher3

    No Country Club For Old Men (Pic heavy)

    Epic. I wish I could have seen this before November of 2010.
  361. fisher3

    Stream Bass Fishing

    Sick you have a stream to fish by your house!
  362. fisher3

    Baja Bass

    6 hour drive. worth it!
  363. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed-09-12-12 Finger Bank and Salsapuedes.

    There has been A LOT of those smaller size Ling's around that are recently. The bigger ones are liking the live bait better than the swimbait's, or irons. Good job!
  364. fisher3

    FLW BEST in the WEST

    Sweet! Repping So Cal! Kick some bASS!
  365. fisher3


    Yeah, we saw one bait boat in anchored in the front side of the Island.
  366. fisher3


    Bummer on the Seabass. They were in the kelp beds about ten minutes aligned with the Punta, and the Island. Hope you do go back, and get um! Did you have any trouble fishing the reef? They told us that there is a boat always there checking that the Punta Baja pangeros don't go over there.
  367. fisher3

    122 pound opah cought today in SQ.

    Epic! Awesome fishing right there! :appl:
  368. fisher3

    Baja Bass

    Yeah. Six hour drive to this spot. And it's untouched. Quality, quality models! I wish I could of taken more pictures. Or some video. I will next time!
  369. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Great! Good job!!! Good thing the Yellows are in town for you Ivan! :hali_olutta:
  370. fisher3

    Punta Baja!(Too bad I don't live there)

    not sure ill ask my dad. but we gave him a nice tip. we launched out at 7, and came back in at around 5:30.
  371. fisher3

    Baja Bass

    Went fishing to Isla San Geronimo this past weekend. Caught hundreds of Calico's on Saturday and Sunday. Could not take many pictures of the fish, as it was wide open. But you get the idea on how big the Bass where. And got caught in the middle of a WSB feeding frenzy too!
  372. fisher3

    I know this isn't Mexico, but I live in So Cal!

    Just thought someone here would enjoy this! 31 WSB in two days!
  373. fisher3

    Punta Baja!(Too bad I don't live there)

    Headed out on Friday afternoon with all the family. Southbound to my favorite place to fish in Baja Norte. Punta Baja! So we drove about 6 hours due to the stops, and traffic. We had a late start so we decided to stay in Camalu, and head out straight to the Punta at 4. And arrived at around 6...
  374. fisher3


    It's my favorite place too!!!! Can't wait to go back!
  375. fisher3

    Has anyone fished Sacramento Reef in last two months?

    thats right, stupid. but true. if punta baja has some STELLAR WSB fishing right now. caught 31 in two days! and wide open calicos in the mix. and at the island!
  376. fisher3


    wish could fish Sac reef, there has been some sort of dispute with the two fishing towns, and have separated Sac Reef, and the Isla, I know its stupid, but we had wide open Calicos this saturday, and sunday, nothing less then 6 or 7 pounds, too bad i forgot my scale. but im sure some hit the...
  377. fisher3


    Heading down to Punta Baja tonight, just got off the phone with a local/captain ans said the WSB are nuts right now! He told me he weighed in 600 kilos last wek, and his buddy weighed in 800! Will fish tomorrow, and sunday and will post a report on monday night, or tuesday afternoon. Tight...
  378. fisher3


    Rosarito. And Baja is the spot to be at! I'm heading to Isla San Jeronimo, that place has been untouched for some time. And some FAT bass are around that are, will post a report! Si! Very familiar to your location! And thanks!
  379. fisher3

    Dorado and Yellowtail Video

    SICK! How far out did you guy's find that kelp?
  380. fisher3

    Dana Point 267 to the 209 and south

    scary shit bro...remember, they're more afraid of us, than we are of them. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  381. fisher3


    on a curado too? sick!!! :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  382. fisher3

    Dorado 8/23

  383. fisher3

    My most impressive smal bass

    5, 6, 7.... doesn't matter. but it sure is a nice one!!!
  384. fisher3


    yeah, i have some of the bigger size MC slugs that i will throw, they go after anything. when i pulled out the one with the iron, there were literally 30 plus followers. Madness!
  385. fisher3


    custom/home made. :D:D:D
  386. fisher3


    Really fishy! We're the only ones that fish that are, at least that we know of. Ton's of kelp, and structure. And fish! Yes! Even lost some of them in the thick kelp, and high structure spots! But well worth it!
  387. fisher3


    HELL YEAH! How many miles?
  388. fisher3


    I have been fishing south of the border with my dad a lot, and have been hitting the kelp bed's, and some boiler's for some decent Calico's. Enjoy the pic's!
  389. fisher3

    TANKER SEABASS....K&M San Quintin

    Phenomenal fishing right there! Good job!!! :hali_olutta:
  390. fisher3

    ........SEABASS IN SQ.......

    Just in time!!! Good fishing! :hali_olutta:
  391. fisher3


    Hell Yeah!!! How far out did you guy's head out?
  392. fisher3

    Friday August 17th Out of Dana Point

    Damn, I am going to head about the same distance tomorrow out of Rosarito, possibly up to 12 miles. My 18 foot aluminum can only take so much.
  393. fisher3

    Warbaits Jighead Problems?

    that actually looks bad. mine chip, but not that bad. and only lost one eye. out of the dozen or so that i own. maybe bad luck???
  394. fisher3

    La Salina

    yeah, saturday was really nice!! but they're around.
  395. fisher3

    La Salina

    Oh, yeah! How'd you guy's do the second day?
  396. fisher3

    La Salina

    Planned on fishing out of Punta Banda this passed weekend for two days. Things didn't go as planned. My dad's truck started to act up, and cancelled the trip entering Rancho Bernardo. So we ended up going out for dinner instead. haha And we decided to leave to la salina in his smaller pick up...
  397. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    WOW!!! Really? There are squid boats now?
  398. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Great! Their still there! And the Yellows are around too! Good job!!!
  399. fisher3


    Good! I don't know what those Bass would do with out their French Toast...
  400. fisher3


    Hell yeah, at least you got out there. I'm guessing the Sea Bass have moved on. We will be there this on Sat for round two! Good job on the taco meat!:hali_olutta:
  401. fisher3

    Good low profile reel?

    Revo SX 11 ball bearing 18 lbs. drag 7.1:1
  402. fisher3

    La Salina

    hahaha, yeah. found that out the hard way.
  403. fisher3

    La Salina

    yeah same here, but the wind can pick pretty ugly. i have only gone to the point where there seems to be some sort of power plant. but salsipuedes does look fishy! punta banda is good too, headed there this weekend and caught two 30 pound class WSB.
  404. fisher3

    Any up to date reports from Punta Banda?

    caught two big boys on live squid good luck, and post a report!
  405. fisher3

    La Salina

    Not even, just crossed last night for the third sunday in a row. one hour wait! and the entrance can be really sketch. theres guards 24/7, really cool guys, i think its 25 bucks to launch. fished there a lot. i always head north. BIG Calicos and lings. have headed south a few times but no luck...
  406. fisher3

    PB WSB, and a first

    :rofl: tiller handle on the motor :D
  407. fisher3

    PB WSB, and a first

    yeah, try making squid for bait, and drift id they won't go for the jigs or irons. good luck! i will be back next weekend, and hopefully fish two days this time. post a report!
  408. fisher3

  409. fisher3

    Ensenada 7-31 to 8-4-12-Yellows, Tuna and Calicos

    Hey Louie, the WSB bite was just a bit near the beach there. By the ship wrecks inside the bay. TONS of squid. Good job on the CPR, and YT!
  410. fisher3

    8/04/12 My First Calico!!!

    HELL YEAH!!! You're hooked now!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  411. fisher3

    PB WSB, and a first

    Headed down south to Ensenada again for the second week in a row in search of the illusive White Sea Bass that they have been catching. Left home on Sat, at around 6:30 pm, and arrived at Campo La Jolla at 10:30 or so. Unloaded the camping things, set up and listened to some music and talked...
  412. fisher3

    Ensenada best trip of my life

    hahaha....whatever. if i'm going to catch em. ill catch em.
  413. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Damn that some good fishing!:2gunsfiring_v1: And a :hali_olutta: to that too! Great job guy's!
  414. fisher3

    Ensenada best trip of my life

    thats bullshit. I've been fishing my whole life with my dad, and so did he before i started fishing with him. drove all the way to san quintin, and further south. people just say that, and scare others. as long as you don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong your good. And Tapatio, where...
  415. fisher3

    Ensenada best trip of my life

    good job man. I was just there yesterday. launched my 18 ft aluminum skiff off La Jolla beach camp, and caught three big Lings, and limits of cudas, bass and one white sea bass. had A LOT of followers. and i lost another one on a live anchovie. I will be back there next week to get that one that...
  416. fisher3

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    The "bite" is better for illegal Mexicans. It's called "work".
  417. fisher3

    Fishing Mission

    Hell yeah!
  418. fisher3

    Ensenada 7-12 to 7-20-12-Inshore & Offshore Big Yellows

    Good job! And those net guy's ruin the whole season! Any word on the WSB bite? I saw a report from Vonny's, and they were killing them!
  419. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Awesome WSB bite! Great job! What did you catch them on?
  420. fisher3

    San Diego Bay 07-21-12, Good Bass Fishing

    Fun trip man! What set up is that in the pic?
  421. fisher3

    calico bass rod

    This was the first cheap shimano rod that I bought when i first started to fish shimano. Its cheap, durable and with great pulling power. just read the reviews. I've had mine for over 4 years, and its been in pangas, pulled out numerous amounts of calicos, sand bass. everything or anything that...
  422. fisher3

    My little man is a badass!

    I can out fish him. When he's not fishing. :D Good job hahaha good thing you've given him a rod n' reel instead of a damn playstation! He's Killin' it! KILLIN' IT!:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  423. fisher3

    San Quintin High Spots Y Isla 7-14

    BIG RED! And big Ling's. Good luck out tomorrow.
  424. fisher3

    On Line Fishing license

    I just got my license, and my dad's about three weeks ago. It's WAY cheaper then in my local tackle shops. You need to register first at When I bought mine, it took about a day to process, I was thinking that I got ripped off, but it came in a day...
  425. fisher3

    Seabass R biting 1 spot open Dreamer 2nite

    HELL YEAH! Hahaha....Good luck! And hopefully you don't regret not going to work....:rofl:
  426. fisher3

    Alabama Rig

    Yeah, I fish La Salina. Just south of Rosarito. Untouched waters by sportfishing boats. Lot's of kelp, and structure. I've gotten into some GREAT Bass fishing. Earlier this year during March. We were pulling five pound fish off some nasty structure using the Reeb's kelp assassin, and WAR BAITS...
  427. fisher3

    Alabama Rig

    I was looking at them earlier today too. It's a good deal if they hold up. Thanks!
  428. fisher3


    FUCK YEAH! Good job on some quality fish. Not so far out too! :hali_olutta:
  429. fisher3

    Alabama Rig

    rigth on! thanks man!
  430. fisher3

    Finger Bank, Baja Norte

    Thanks Victor. I will be heading over soon...
  431. fisher3

    Alabama Rig

    Hell yeah! Sweet! What model of the Mann's rig is that?
  432. fisher3

    Alabama Rig

    Yeah? I saw your Reebs Lures trip. Bad Ass dude!!! I'm going to pick up some Bolt Throwers to fish Baja this weekend, and was trying to get a good Alabama Rig that can hold up with some good size bass. What brand were you using?
  433. fisher3

    Alabama Rig

    So...Any idea on which would be my best bet at a brand? Maybe the one from the Excel?
  434. fisher3

    Alabama Rig

    Anyone here ever use the A rig for salt water bass? I was looking at one online, but the reviews said it sucked. If anyone has heard of one, or owes/owed one, please let me know. I want to pull in more then one bass at a time. :D Thanks!
  435. fisher3

    Finger Bank, Baja Norte

    Thanks man. When are you ever fishing La Salina? Vic told me about you last time I saw him there.
  436. fisher3

    Finger Bank, Baja Norte

    You know approximately how long of a ride it is? We will be on an 18 ft CC Starcraft with a 50 hp Johnson.
  437. fisher3

    Finger Bank, Baja Norte

    Yeah, Thanks. We are thinking of heading over there soon with another boat. Launching out of La Salina.
  438. fisher3

    Finger Bank, Baja Norte

    Anyone ever fished El Bajo Finger south of Coronado? My dad tells me stories of how he used to go in the mid to late 90's and early 2000's out of Popotla and catch limits of reds, and any kind of rock fish. He even tells me that they used to catch Yellows and he once'd hooked a Dorado. I believe...
  439. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Good thing the fishing is starting to pick up! All you need now is a White Sea Bass or two in the mix! Good job!
  440. fisher3

    Izors + Flats 7/08/12

    Quality bass. Good job!
  441. fisher3

    Cedros fishing report
  442. fisher3

    Chartering A Boat Out of Ensenada
  443. fisher3

    Chartering A Boat Out of Ensenada

    It's 4 Reels. His name is Louie Prieto. He has a page on here. Here is his latest post, with his pages on the bottom to contact him. I have never fished with him, but have seen his reports and has been on some good yellowtail action this year, and if not on the rock fish...
  444. fisher3

    La Salina, July 4th

    Vic's a cool guy. I fish la salina too. BUt not for the past couple of weeks. Always do really good on the Lings, Rockfish and Bass. Saw a whole mess of cudas just north of la salina about a month ago. Only landed three, they weren't cooperation at all. They just followed our swimbaits...
  445. fisher3

    Nados 7/8 Big Tail

    SOLID! Great job! :appl:
  446. fisher3

    castros camp 7-5 - 7-6

    shallow water rock cod = fun fishing! great job!
  447. fisher3

    7/5 Camp Pen Coast Solo Run

    great! I was out on the 4th but headed south. only scratched up a few calicos and decided to make a move north past the harbor to a small reef and calicos were wide open on the dead fly lined deans and dead whole squid. good job :hali_olutta:
  448. fisher3

    Oceanside 1/2 day July 3

    thanks. im going to be out tomorrow in hopes of a good catch!
  449. fisher3

    Oceanside 1/2 day July 3

    Its all about having fun! Good day too! Did you guys head south?
  450. fisher3

    Abu Garcia SX NEW $99!!!

    hahaha, right! but i want one!
  451. fisher3

    Ensenada 6-26 & 6-28-2012-Kelp Paddy Yellows & More Local Rockfish

    Sweet job on the yellows! How far out did you head out?
  452. fisher3

    Abu Garcia SX NEW $99!!!

    this seems too good to be true.... but i think i might get it!
  453. fisher3

    Dana Point 6-30

    too much radiation!
  454. fisher3

    not a report, just cool

    that looks bad ass! did he make it? or buy it?
  455. fisher3

    6/28 Oceanside Report

    Hell Yeah! Thanks for the report! I hope to be out this weekend, haven't been out locally in some time.
  456. fisher3

    LAB Video Report

    what kind of set up are you using?
  457. fisher3


    Hey Vic, I saw your boat on Sunday morning. I headed out with my dad to the north. and saw the bird action and a whole mess of barracuda but they didn't want to cooperate. Good job on the yellow! And i'll be there on Sunday! Where you to the north, or south?
  458. fisher3


    that's a nice Honda outboard.
  459. fisher3

    15 hour 3/4 day aboard the Aztec

    that guy needed a good work out before he got on that boat then. :rofl::rofl: Good Job on the Yellow!
  460. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed-06-13-12 Salsapuedes Still Fishy!

    good fishing! i fish la salina a lot too. went there two weeks ago and was killing the calicos in the kelp bed. hooked up to a nice 3 pounder towards the bottom, and i take a couple cranks and i feel it get heavy. i thought i got hung up on the kelp and start to retrieve it slowly, when i see...
  461. fisher3

    K&M Yellowtail/Blackseabass/Calicos/mas..

    thats one FAT sandy! and nice size blacky! good job!
  462. fisher3

    What kind of fish

    I fish Oceanside a lot. And the harbor too. You want to get yourself some 3 inch swimbaits. Big Hammer, MC, or any kind. Inside the harbor you can find Spotted Bay Bas(my favorite fish to catch in the bay) Calico, even white sea bass. The best spots to produce fish can be in front of the bait...
  463. fisher3

    Gallos Gone Wild!

    i have only caught roosters from the surf once! and they were half the size of the ones you caught. and it sounds crazy, but i used Storm Swimbaits. 4 and 5 inch. And MC Swimbaits. On 15 pound test. It was so much fun! Good Job on the Gallos! :hali_olutta:
  464. fisher3

    Ensenada 6-1 to 6-8-2012-Yellows & Barracuda

    Thats the way its done! I really enjoy your posts Louie. I have tried at the yellows this year off the point with no luck! Maybe I need to head in to the bay, and Salsipuedes. Good Job!
  465. fisher3

    Yellows Boiling in Ensenada 6/1

  466. fisher3

    California State Record Sculpin?

    i thought you didn't catch any yellows?
  467. fisher3

    Catalina Island 5/31-6/3/12

    who needs fish when you have steak hahaha, good job!:rofl:
  468. fisher3

    Oceanside Halibuts!!!

    hahaha, sardines. and swimbaits.
  469. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    NICE!!!! Was this this weekend?
  470. fisher3

    Ever catch one of these?

    dude, you really NEED to go fish! hahaha:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  471. fisher3

    A thousand words

    WHAT THE PHACK!!!!!! great job!!!
  472. fisher3

    Just Fishing

    Houseboat? In the marina?
  473. fisher3

    Sea of Cortez - Yellowtail & Grouper 4/21 w-pics

    Spotted Bay Bass??? That's awesome, I had no idea.
  474. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    hell yeah, so whats the yellow count for this year. can't wait to head over!
  475. fisher3

    Just Fishing

    when? i fish La Salina a lot, so i have different posts. fool
  476. fisher3

    Just Fishing

    i think it was the same guys, because we saw them there last year too.
  477. fisher3

    Just Fishing

    Hahaha, yeah but i doubt you'll end up going. It's north of la salina. great fishing, no sportboat pressure. Untouched grounds. Although we did see a panga there hauling up their nets. guess they were trying for WSB.
  478. fisher3

    La Salina

    nicee. i was also there, and had ton's of fun with the toad Calicos, and a few lings, two of them over 9 lbs.
  479. fisher3

    Just Fishing

    Planned on going down to La Salina again since last month, just needed the weather to stick around. So we headed down yesterday at around 5:30, and arrived there at around 7:30 or so. Launched, and headed out by 8:00. Headed north to the usual spot. Weather was overcast all day, and small...
  480. fisher3

    Tijuana crossing and La Salina Launching

    hey, how did you do on your trip?
  481. fisher3

    Erendida 4-21-12

    more beer? haha:hali_olutta:
  482. fisher3

    Searching for Yellowtail... went home with a Skunk :(

    dayumm man. you'll kill em next time. where were the boats fishing?
  483. fisher3

    Tijuana crossing and La Salina Launching

    Yeah, have all your papers ready, because they always check on the way over. And the tide can effect the launch when it's too low and with a bigger boat like yours. I believe it's about 25 bucks to launch. Myself and my dad are going to be there this weekend too if the weather stays this good...
  484. fisher3

    New to California fishing

    Try swimbaits from 3, to 5 inches try using a 3/8 leadhead for the small 3 inch swimbaits, all the way to the 1/4 to 1.5 oz leadheads for the bigger 5 inch baits. with artificial scent, or a strip of quid in structure. As for the swimbaits, MC Swimbaits are my personal favorite, but Big Hammer...
  485. fisher3


    If people believe that Baja is bad, good. More fish for me!
  486. fisher3

    La Salina 3-24-12

    Actually it's a Cabezon. But they do look alike.
  487. fisher3

    La Salina 3-24-12

    yeah, that red threw it up when i brought him in the boat. And yes, that place is has great calico bass fishing and sea bass. shouldn't be long til they start showing up.
  488. fisher3

    La Salina 3-24-12

    Thank you, basically the way you got points was on the species of fish caught. Each fish had different amount of points. And it was three fish of different species. Then they multiplied the weight of the three fish and multiplied it by the points the fish was worth. They had three Ling's. The...
  489. fisher3

    La Salina 3-24-12

    Headed South to La Salina on Friday afternoon to fish on Saturday the 24th and take part in a small Spring Tournament. It was slow with about 11 or so participants. Left the marina at 6 with no light out. The weather seemed a bit nasty in the morning. Thinking that the wind was going to pick up...
  490. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed-03-14-12 Las Salinas Reds

    cool, what about the visa bs? im trying to head over soon, but don't know if i need it or not. thanks!
  491. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed-03-14-12 Las Salinas Reds

    how far do you think the finger bank is from la salina? and did you need to purchase your visa?
  492. fisher3

    Oceanside fishing...

    Went out today at around 8, headed south and drifted for buts with no luck. And decided to try for some sandy's. Caught about 3 Sandbass, 2 nice Calico, and a Sculpin. And that little rock fish looking fish. And I caught that Spotty on the spinner while i was waiting for my dad to pull in...
  493. fisher3

    2 outta 3, well make it 3 outta 3

    looks like it was a great trip!
  494. fisher3

    La Salina

    nahh, no san miguel. we tried launching out of el sauzal but they needed to "inspect" our boat but the damn harbor master wouldn't show up so we drove back to la salina instead.
  495. fisher3

    La Salina

    Took off on sat to ensenada with our 18 footer, and launched out of la salina at around 8. headed north with a bit of swells and clouds over out heads. fished untill 3:30 when the wind started to blow hard and got choppy. ended the day with some nice calis, reds and a couple lings. All fish were...
  496. fisher3

    Las Salinas Feb 18 and 19

    heck yeah! me and my dad went fishing yesterday at La Salina too! caught some nice Ling's, red's and some decent size Calis too. But the wind kicked in pretty good in the afternoon. Good job on the hali inside the harbor. never would of thought there would be any in there since we tried fishing...
  497. fisher3

    Wats your favorite cali island!

    FISH MEX!!! Isla San Jeronimo.
  498. fisher3


    well we'll see tomorrow!
  499. fisher3


    yeah i was thinking of launching from Puerto El Sauzal. Thanks!!
  500. fisher3


    I'm launching from mexican waters. will i still need one?
  501. fisher3


    I was thinking checking out San Miguel Reef this weekend. Problem is that I don't can't seem to find any info online about the coordinates. If any of you could help me out by at least helping me out a bit. Thanks
  502. fisher3

    Oceanside Sandy's

    HECK YEAH! what did you catch them on?
  503. fisher3

    Oceanside Sandy's

    Went out for the first time this year yesterday. Got to O'side harbor at about 7 with winds blowing pretty hard. Headed south to Carlsbad and looked around for some stucture. Found a few small Sand Bass in the first spot. Then the wind died down and we moved closer to the shore near the Kelp...
  504. fisher3

    Video Editing Software GoPro

    Final Cut Pro for iMac is a really cool software, ther's a ton of effects that you can use. I highly recomend it!
  505. fisher3


    what if i launch in mexican waters? does this apply to me?
  506. fisher3

    Question on fishing Punta Banda

    they were catching some yellows last week. and big lings about two weeks ago. you can call them, Ivan usally posts up fishing reports whith their phone number on here.
  507. fisher3

    Ensenada 1-30-2012-Yellowtail still around

    where did you guys catch that yellow? todos santos?
  508. fisher3


    ive been fishing off oside for some time, and went hooping a few times this season too. we headed down south to carlsbad and fished near the kelp line where we saw structure on the sonar, at about 20 to 30 feet of water. caught a lot of shorts and a few legals. its fun even if you're catching...
  509. fisher3

    La Salina

    i miss this...
  510. fisher3


    i hate them
  511. fisher3

    tha baja that most will never see #2

    did you fish at all at those nice beaches? seems that there could be some good fishing there.
  512. fisher3

    Oceanside 11/23/2011

    where did you fish??
  513. fisher3

    Lobster Saturday Night

    me and my dad were around that same area last night too. caught about 13 shorts, and two legals. and we werent fishing that deep.
  514. fisher3

    New Temp Boat Imporation Permit req for Mexico

    Really!? Where can you buy this Importation Permit?
  515. fisher3

    great day of bass fishing!

    nah...we left early in the morning and came back through tj.
  516. fisher3

    great day of bass fishing!

    left home yesterday at around 5:30am and got to la salina at 8. did some bottom fishing for about an hour and got a few good size fish. then headed north to the kelp and the calicos were literally jumping out of the water. cought so many fish, could not keep count. kept some. and released a ton...
  517. fisher3

    La Salina question

    dang, went there last week but headed north to campo lopez. thinking of going south pretty soon.
  518. fisher3

    gear needed for fishing sacramento reef?

    what!!! i thought you could not fish the sac reef? how will you get there? but good fishing there!!! for sure!
  519. fisher3

    La Salina

    left la salina at around 8am yesterday and headed north to some kelp beds. it was a rough ride both ways, and slow on the calicos. but once the bait started to move inside the kelp...non stop!
  520. fisher3

    were to find halibut oceanside

    my favorite spot is just to fish inside the harbor, along the jetty with live sardines durring the incoming tide with just a split shot when the watters warm, or you can carolina rig it. caught my PB at around 25lbs there. good luck!
  521. fisher3

    La Salina Info and my dad were thinking of heading over there this weekend. and we were thinking of going north since my dad used to fish off Rosarito on a panga with his old fishing guide he knows some really good spots. but good luck to you!
  522. fisher3


    ha, yeah totally...:finger:
  523. fisher3

    Rpt-Wed.-08-31-11 Limits of Reds,Sand Bass + Lingcod!

    nice!!!!!!!!!! say, any tips on good spots around there? me and my dad were thinking of heading over there this weekend. but were thinking heading north to the kelps half way to rosarito. any info is good.
  524. fisher3


    Went out on sunday with my dad and saw that the half day boat was heading south so we headed the same way. Went all the way over to Encinitas. Water was really clean and temp was about 67 68. We started to fish the inside of the kelp but not that much action except for a small 18 inch wsb. So...
  525. fisher3


    Damn, will go back in a couple weeks to see if we have the same luck or better, haha but still no yellows!
  526. fisher3

    Towing a boat south of the border? Worth it?

    Me and my dad started towing our 18ft boat down to Ensenada this year for the first time. No problems at all man. We launch off the beach in the Punta Banda area and fish the Todos Santos bay area all the way to the Island and La Bufadora. Caught this 33 pounder last month inside the bay!!!
  527. fisher3


    went down to ensenada to launch our 18ft boat off the beach in Campo La Jolla yesterday and headed to the rocks off Punta Banda. The weather was really nice, calm water. Looked like a lake in the morning and the water temp was at 67 68 in some places by the rocks and kelp. Even went all the way...
  528. fisher3


    I'm about to head out with my dad and maybe one of his old friends down to Ensenada to fish over in the Todo Santos area. Maybe try to find another good sea bass, or head to the island. Does anybody fish down there? And if so, have any of you guys ever been to the side of La Bufadora. Saw some...
  529. fisher3

    Camalu Fishing!

    yeah, thers really good fishing there, thers a hotel, La Cueva del Pirata. It's about 2 miles from the small town of Camalu, but we stay in another hotel in the pueblo called Hote California. They charge about 30 bucks a night. And the panga with capitan Moreno is 175 for the whole day, or until...
  530. fisher3

    Camalu Fishing!

    Went down to Camalu B.C. on saturday to fish sunday with Capitan Lee Moreno. We were trying to find the sea bass that were running a few weeks ago in the bait, and chased the birds in the morning but no luck. And headed out for some rock fishing. Saw a few big thershers killing some bait and...
  531. fisher3

    Oceanside Fishin'

    hahaha, nah thats the first man. but thanks, i guess.
  532. fisher3

    Oceanside Fishin'

    yeah iv'e seen your reports. it is pretty nice that we have our own boat, but you can get the smellts and head over to the beach side on the rocks and ther's good halibut there too.
  533. fisher3

    Oceanside Fishin'

    Started out kindda late yesterday, almost at 9! but only because the weather sucked in the morning. Went out and headed south this time, the plan was to drift for some Hali's in front of the lagoon in Carlsbad. But no luck. So we got on the kelp and droped some sardines to the bottom and landed...
  534. fisher3

    Punta Banda, Ensenada B.C

    we where fishing about half way to the point. Where some blue and white jugs are in the water. Not that far, and we have a 50 on our aluminum boat.
  535. fisher3

    Calicos Left n' Right!

    hahaha, yes! nothing compared to the Punta Baja ones!
  536. fisher3

    Calicos Left n' Right!

    yeah! they were hiting it almost every cast, and the cudas hit it too. it was my second time using that same one. i think im gonna go buy some more!
  537. fisher3

    Calicos Left n' Right!

    Yeah!!!!!! That was us. haha great day!
  538. fisher3

    Calicos Left n' Right!

    hahaha, yeah...this was the first time too.
  539. fisher3

    Calicos Left n' Right!

    hell yeah, caught every one on it! out fished my pops too. haha
  540. fisher3

    Calicos Left n' Right!

    Went out of O'side this morning with my dad. With a half scoop of pretty good sardines. This time we headed north. Saw some birds diving but no fish. So went straight to Barn Kelp, first cast with a swimbait and it gets hammerd by a cuda but got away. Next cast BAM! Nice Calico and as i was...
  541. fisher3

    Inshore Catch And Release Day.

    Hell yeah! Starting to see more and more of those Black Sea Bass. Went out today with my dad out of Oceanside too, and headed north to Barn Kelp. As soon as we got there i hooked up on a nice calico, and saw that another one was chasing it so i told my dad to cast his line and saw a FUCKING HUGE...
  542. fisher3

    Dana Pride 1/2 Day 7/21

    NICE!!! where was the boat fishing? was it over by San Onofre?
  543. fisher3

    Punta Banda, Ensenada B.C

    it is...but me and my dad dont like the hrs...its from 6 to noon. and we love to fish until we cant anymore. last time we went out at 6 and didnt come back until 5! haha almost 12hrs out in the water.
  544. fisher3

    Punta Banda, Ensenada B.C

    ahaha!!! well...the first time we tried it was in May of this year. The surf was pretty bad, we went over to Vonny's to buy our Mexican fishing licenses and we herd Ivan talking to the two groups that he was about to take out, telling them that if they still wanted to head out because Beto had...
  545. fisher3

    it was ok...

    white seabass off ensenada bay...
  546. fisher3

    Punta Banda, Ensenada B.C

    just silver, look for the birds and bait, and if the bight isint on in the morning head back in the afternoon. good luck...
  547. fisher3

    Punta Banda, Ensenada B.C

    we were fishing inside the bay too, just east of the kelp beds were they have all the floating jugs. Just find the birds, and were the birds are thers anchovies, and the macks are eating the chovies, and the sea bass are around there eating the macks. If you see Vonnys fleet there, youre in the...
  548. fisher3

    Punta Banda, Ensenada B.C

    we tried that in the morning with only one bight, but could not set the hook. we'll be going back pretty soon and trying it again. thanks...
  549. fisher3

    Need Info on Vonnys Fleet

    Its ok...only fished with beto once with my dad and we didint really like the hours that they fish. it was more of a scouting trip to see where the good fishing spots are and we now take our 18ft boat and launch off the beach at Campo La Joya.
  550. fisher3

    Punta Banda, Ensenada B.C

    Went down to Punta Banda, Ensenada this past weekend with my dad in search of the White Sea Bass. We launched our 18ft aluminum boat off the beach at Campo La Joya at around 6:30a.m and where at the Sea Bass grounds at around 7:00 where all the other boats where too. Seems that they had been...
  551. fisher3

    Oceanside Halibuts!!!

    well since its in shallow water we use 15lbs test line and a 2/0 hook. with a medium split shot, when the bite is on. and when its a bit slower we rig it with a 1oz slider. kinda like carolina rig.
  552. fisher3

    Oceanside Halibuts!!!

    well we always fish near the jetty. so its about 10 to 20 feet of water. not that deep but great fishing.
  553. fisher3

    Oceanside Halibuts!!!

    yes we did! only kept the legal bass and that other big halibut.
  554. fisher3

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    hell yes!!! good catch! thinking of heding over there now...hmmm?
  555. fisher3

    Oceanside Halibuts!!!

    These are some pics of all the halibuts cought by me and my dad in Oceanside Harbor and all around. Mostly in there though! good catches, good times...:2gunsfiring_v1: that one big one is my personal best! ohhh and some nice bass too!
  556. fisher3

    San Onofre Kelp Beds!

    Went out last sunday out of Oceanside Harbor with a mixed batch of dins and choves with my dad and not that great fishing ecxept for a nice 27 inch halibut! And went out today too but decide to head south twords Carlsbad and fishing was way better then last sunday! caught about 20 cudas! all...
  557. fisher3

    Oceanside 7/2/2011

    butterzz!!! haha i.4 m from o'side? to the north or south?
  558. fisher3

    My personal best Calico

    depends.. is a 2 stroke or 4. and frome where?
  559. fisher3

    Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California

    Punta Baja! thats the place!! no we stay with another family on the other side. The beach with the rocks and no surface fish yet? we'll see man fishin changes everyday we'll try to hit them good. Got some good spots for Flatties over by the island.
  560. fisher3

    Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California

    Me and my pops are going on our first trip of the year down to a hidden beach by the small town of El Rosario BC. Since its a 6 hr drive we might go fishing two days, leaving our home tommorow at around 6 a.m. and staying with some friends at their small house just about 500 yards from the beach...
  561. fisher3

    Oceanside calico 6/27.....bass hole

    wtf? on the kelp beds or did you look around for structure down in the bottom?
  562. fisher3

    Epic Day at the Coronados - Lawman's 13.1 pound Calico!

    WOW!!! gotta say its a really nice fish. But down in San Jeronimo Isaland down in baja you dont get any fish smaller than 5 pounds. My record over there is a 10 pounder too. But great job man!