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  1. Alan

    Skipjack 24 Open question?

    Brand new out drive engine package
  2. Alan

    Skipjack 24 Open question?

  3. Alan

    Best boat money can buy for Hawaii?

    Low hour diesel looks like a bargain!
  4. Alan

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    I think it depends on what you plan to use it for. If your going to the islands a pilot house is so much more comfortable. Especially one that opens up. You can spend a day or two and get by.
  5. Alan

    Bait Tank Recommendation Needed

    Bait bag that will work ok.
  6. Alan

    Skipjack 20 Mod V vs. Deep V

    Deep v 1979 all were the same. You are going to get beat up crossing the channel with a 20 foot boat. If your 30 it is no big deal.
  7. Alan

    Skipjack 20 Mod V vs. Deep V

    I had a 20 for years worked fine crossing the channel. It is a wet boat though and canvas with eisenglass windshield made a difference. At 20 feet you need to watch your days with the weather.
  8. Alan

    Are fish counts accurate? My experience...

    Interesting post. I was on a Ventura sportboat last year and we whacked the seabass. The report that night showed only a couple caught on the boat that day. I called the landing and asked why and they said it keeps the smaller private boats away from chasing them all day.
  9. Alan

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Interesting post and comments. May I suggest you call or visit him. Explain your side on what you think happened. If that holds no resolution than simply file a coast guard report for unsafe boat operation.
  10. Alan

    Need opinions on new trailer

    What is the price you paid?
  11. Alan

    Need opinions on new trailer

    4 k assuming new bearings/brakes checked/ and properly fitted to your boat.
  12. Alan

    Yellow Banks WSB June 12

    Awesome report congratulations!
  13. Alan

    Grady Marlin 30 versus World Cat 320EC?

    I would buy whatever one used that has low hours on it. Probably pay 1/2 or less on the dollar.
  14. Alan

    HELP!!!!! Oil extractor hose broke off in MOTOR!!!!!!!!

    Good idea I guess 1 more would be to put a wet and dry vacumn at the plug
  15. Alan

    F150 Ecoboost

    After 100 K you will have problems and the only solution is to replace the heads.
  16. Alan

    Catalina or Channel Islands

    Profile says in Bakersfield so it may be an easier drive to Ventura/Oxnard Especially during peak times? Different fishing options and Islands to fish at so that is a consideration. Slips should be available in CI maybe try a year for a change of scenery? BFT last year were within range of...
  17. Alan

    want to take out 9yr old son

    At least do an phone interview.
  18. Alan

    Fishing /ed 3/3 out of Channel Islands

    With the rain and such I would go to Anacapa on the back side. Starting metering around some structure in 200 feet up or down. You should see a few boats out there no need to get close to them. Look for the fish on your meter.
  19. Alan

    Rockfish Opening day

    Sat looks better but rain in forecast
  20. Alan

    Anybody in SD work on OMC stringer drives

    Interesting thread. I swore at my old OMC on my old skipjack. Either way the old impeller will need to come out.
  21. Alan

    26 skipjack converting cable to hydraulic steering

    Specialty Marine in Oxnard did mine and did a good job.
  22. Alan

    Lahaina Help needed

    I will be visiting a friend in Lahaina Mid March. He has access to a 25 Grady. I have plenty of boating experience and but am looking for advice for a local tackle shop and also what type of gear I should bring. Thank you in advance. Also would be happy to exchange the favor here in central...
  23. Alan

    Fuel usage info from Yamaha 9.9 kicker

    Or use the tank to temporarily determine the burn rate.
  24. Alan

    SOLD 16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    Or make it a removable tongue with a pin.
  25. Alan

    Any "real" launch ramp near Cambria?

    No. Morro only option for a real ramp
  26. Alan

    Starter replacement

    Good posts above any chance you leaned up or pulled the throttle cable and the throttle or choke cam is nudged open at bit?
  27. Alan

    Bluefin off of Santa Cruz

    Looks like the main temp break is 20 miles in back of the island how did the color look? See any bait?
  28. Alan

    WorkSharp sharpener

  29. Alan

    Ever have a battery explode?

    The charger was the root cause. Glad no one got hurt. If your going to charge long term look at an optima charger or something similar.
  30. Alan

    Albacore scouting??

    Wish we had a good Chlorophyll shot and a hard break like up North.
  31. Alan

    Albacore scouting??

    We would be interested in a Morro launch
  32. Alan

    Kicker motor ?

    Good posts and comments above. Make sure you run the kicker after every trip. On my Yamaha if I leave the fuel attached and dont run it after every trip the carb gets gummed up and have issues.
  33. Alan

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    Glad it is working did you check the fuel regulator? If it is fuel injected 28 lbs seems awful low should be more like 50 on the high side.
  34. Alan

    Quick Cruz Report 07/21

    Nice report what did the Yelliws bite on?
  35. Alan

    Owner Mutu Circle vs Mustad Offest Demon Circle Hooks

    Yes significantly larger
  36. Alan

    Emergency small craft missing

    Awesome glad it turned out well. Kudos he filed a float plan with you. Water and wet suits go a long way for survival gear.
  37. Alan

    Catalina 7/14/18-7/15

    Lowrance has a pretty decent small fuel flow meter costs maybe 200 bucks. I am happy with it.
  38. Alan

    Bragg/Noyo - 7/5 Albacore

    Awesome report and congrats on a well executed plan
  39. Alan

    Cruz 6/20

    Sounds like they had a case of Yellowtail Fever!
  40. Alan


    Awesome looking boat!
  41. Alan

    Santa Cruz 6\16

    Nice report same thing for us except we stuck it out with the fleet. Tough day fishing overall glad the weather layed down. Lots of cudas in smugglers on the iron.
  42. Alan

    Looking for a duck dog and spoiled Lab

    Had to put my last dog under after 12 great years. I am looking for another Lab to spoil. Preferably a rescue Lab that can bring a duck back and is trainable.
  43. Alan

    24 skipjack pilothouse resurection

    Awesome ride. Need anything or free advice give me a buzz.
  44. Alan

    Looking for help picking first boat.

    Skipjacks are great. Find one that someone spent a bunch of money on with a new engine and outdrive and never look back. Take the leftover money and buy new electronics.
  45. Alan

    Advice asked new volvo v8 manifolds

    Thank you I ordered some Sierra Manifolds and made some cutoffs. Appreciate everyone's comments and advice. Initially I would of preferred using the factory Volvo ones but could not justify the 400 dollar difference and the appearance is the sierra/Barr work just as good or even better.
  46. Alan

    Advice asked new volvo v8 manifolds

    Thank you great idea with the cutoff bolts.
  47. Alan

    Advice asked new volvo v8 manifolds

    Time to service/replace my manifolds. With the factory volvo ones at 1500 or so has anyone had good luck with some of the other ones such as Sierra?
  48. Alan

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Consider it a waiter type of job. Pays like crap and if you work hard giving good service you would normally get 15-20 percent.
  49. Alan

    15 Foot Zodiac to Catalina

    Good posts above. Bring a portable vhf and gps. Wetsuit, drinking water, and flares. That way if something goes terribly wrong you have a shot at staying alive.
  50. Alan

    Honda 225 vs. 250

    I would check with Eric at Specialty Marine in Oxnard and ask his opinion. He knows Hondas.
  51. Alan

    24FT Flybridge Skipjack project

    Great looking ride. Take your time. Don't get frustrated and have fun.
  52. Alan

    Any suggestions for a brand name on new led deck flood lights?

    Looking to upgrade my deck lights any thoughts on a cost effective solution?
  53. Alan

    Raymarine c125 - dsm300- tm260 b260- poerformance

    i have the airmar t and your same setup. Helps to put it in manual mode for a couple of hundred feet. Relatively unhappy as still have the backup furuno old finder. Probably should replace with Garmin, simrad, or Furuno.
  54. Alan

    New tow rig recommendations

    Looking for a new 3/4 ton truck diesel. Any advice from a diesel expert? Ford/Chevy/Dodge on getting a new one and if not should I buy an older one?
  55. Alan

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Looking great!
  56. Alan

    Running Out 40+ Miles in a 18' Boat - Parker 1801

    Good posts above bring a epirb, wetsuit and water in case something goes wrong.
  57. Alan

    Lingcod Fishing on the Fiesta • Morro Bay

    Nice report how far North did they go?
  58. Alan

    Santa Cruz 8-13

    Awesome picture!
  59. Alan

    Anyone looked offshore below N Channel Ils?

    Yes we left on Tuesday came back on Friday, A friend of ours had a house to use in Avalon. Weather was great. Snorkeling was assume in Lovers cove. Never seen so many local fish in my life.
  60. Alan

    Anyone looked offshore below N Channel Ils?

    Last Tuesday headed out to SB island, Surprising little signs of life. Went to backside of Catalina and around to Avalon. Other than a wide open Calico bite at Avalon very disappointed, Temp 74-76 all the way. Somewhat windy no birds/bait/few porpoise.
  61. Alan

    Islands Yellowtail Report

    Awesome report and good job on the release!
  62. Alan

    Bit by bonito

    good posts above. Plenty of fresh clean saltwater all of the time. Hydrogen peroxide on all cuts leave open during "clean time".
  63. Alan

    Brass Hardware needed for old wooden tackle box

    Anyone have any sources for brass corners/hinges for an old wooden tackle box resoration?
  64. Alan

    Raymarine 300dsm help

    They actually have pretty good support flat rate exchange repair. If it was one of the ones made in Mexico they changed many out for free under warranty and in some cases after warranty.
  65. Alan

    New Washdown pump recomendation?

    Thank you for all the suggestions
  66. Alan

    New Washdown pump recomendation?

    Any thoughts my 20 old pump is worn out?
  67. Alan

    Bait Tank Advise

    nice boat and great posts above. whatever you end up with fill it up with water and test before you bolt down and plumb. You may be surprised how a few inches one way or the other changes the ride.
  68. Alan

    My citation read CCR T-14 632(b)(114)(B) Illegal take inside footprint MPA. Misdemeanor is...

    My citation read CCR T-14 632(b)(114)(B) Illegal take inside footprint MPA. Misdemeanor is circled. I am not saying I didn't do something wrong. As a matter of fact if he wrote me up for "(8) transit or drifting ...." you did not take anything. Plead ot guility 50% chance they wont show up if...
  69. Alan

    Ventura Yellowfin

    Great Report and it was nice seeing you the other day. alan
  70. Alan

    CI . Slow .

    Plenty of mini macs about 1-2 mile outside of the Hueneme buoy look for the birds
  71. Alan

    CI . Slow .

    Thinking the same thing going out tomorrow Wed was really slow conditions changed. Maybe the 17?
  72. Alan

    First Marlin Attempt.

    Sorry about the steering. Slow for us also minimal signs of life surprising as a few days it was great.
  73. Alan

    New Personal Best on Local Yellows/ Sport Boat Vs PBers?

    Great report and fish. Some captains are just rude and don't play fair.
  74. Alan

    Morro Bay Princess 2 day trip 8-14 8-16

    Nice report great pictures and quality of fish. Never heard of a known leaking bunk room. Makes you wonder what other stuff needs maintenance.
  75. Alan

    Skipjack 25 window repair

    Good info/ the port and starboard sliding window gasket is blown / loose and leaks and one of the window latches is missing a part .
  76. Alan

    Skipjack 25 window repair

    Thank you where did you get new seals from?
  77. Alan

    Mexican Navy - watch the gringos run 7/5

    I thought we had open borders lol
  78. Alan

    7/11 Oceanside

    Nice tribute congrats and I wonder how many people he called today to share how proud he is of you.
  79. Alan

    left rods and tackle bag sb boat launch

    I assumed you talked to the port district and checked with little store next to the ramp? Good luck
  80. Alan

    Skipjack 25 window repair

    Any referrals for someone who knows how to and has parts to reseal marine windows and minor repairs? Preferably in Ventura County. Thank you
  81. Alan

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    Good posts above. Seriously 12 is old enough to learn that boat inside and out. It will help him and you in more ways than you can imagine. You should do some practice being patient during off peak time at the launch ramp.
  82. Alan

    Personal Best White Seabass

    Nice tanker! Congrats
  83. Alan

    Visit to Weldcraft

    That is one nice looking ride can't wait to see the completion and bloody decks. congrats!
  84. Alan

    Where to put the boat?

    Channel islands harbor has a launch facility and will put the boat in. Problem is they open late and close early. Plenty of places to fish here but you need to put some time in the water. I would be happy to give you some tips.
  85. Alan

    Santa Cruz Island yellowtail

    Great Tails Congrats!
  86. Alan

    Ventura salmon attempt

    Love to Hope all is well and look forward to seeing you on the water
  87. Alan

    Pedro point at cruz holding a few fish along with lots of bait west of the point. good luck Alan

    Pedro point at cruz holding a few fish along with lots of bait west of the point. good luck Alan
  88. Alan

    5-1-15 Anacapa yellowtail hunt

    Nice report thank you for looking
  89. Alan

    Ventura salmon attempt

    Thank you for boxing the area.
  90. Alan

    PSL Salmon

    Nice report congrats!
  91. Alan

    Hooping Ventura

    Commercial guys are out. Spend some time to get to know your boat in nice daylight weather. Mark the existing traps and that will give you the area. Good luck and congrats.
  92. Alan

    Hammerheads and Tuna O My

    Great report and that boat looks really nice.
  93. Alan

    Sea Trek 3/4

    Great report congrats!
  94. Alan

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    With all respect I think they went way beyond by offering to not charge you for the extra fish. Congrats on a great trip!
  95. Alan

    Exotics made it to Ventura County

    Temp was 74 and it went from 68 to 74 fast. Lots of Blue Whales and life at the break. Can't go this weekend but will the following weekend if the temp break is still around. Sounded like the guys at the Osborn and 175 were doing pretty well also.
  96. Alan

    Full choke or Mod for dove

    Agree on improved cylinder. Shoot some practice rounds at your local skeet range would be your best friend.
  97. Alan

    Exotics made it to Ventura County

    Caught this at the temp break east of Anacapa 119 18 33 58 . Mexican Flag.
  98. Alan

    Tuna water

    I would consider the break west of Catalina
  99. Alan

    Tuna water

    I don't see the connected water temp on the satellite imaging yet. My guess is they will show up in the next two weeks on the break past Anacapa.
  100. Alan

    Tuna water has good free satellite images
  101. Alan

    Lazy Afternoon at Catalina - 5/3

    I love all of your report. Congratulations on the Family and the WSB.
  102. Alan

    Boat mpg + Balls + IQ = How Far?

    What if something major breaks? When the weather turns really bad. Buddy boat would be your best friend. Plan for the worse expect the best. Epirb-s/dsc/raft/kicker/ bare minimum.
  103. Alan

    My boat got robbed

    do you have a home alarm? You can add a wireless motion sensor and put it under the cover.
  104. Alan

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    My Uncle was kidnapped visiting relatives. They were very honorable in letting him go once the ransom was paid. Other kidnapped victims in the same facility were killed. Visiting on a cruise line would be different then traveling alone.
  105. Alan

    Apollo 2 Day Charter

    Great Report Congrats!
  106. Alan

    Dog outfishes me again Channel Island Seabass

    Girlfriend slept through it but had a great day on this fish.
  107. Alan

    Channel Islands WSB

    Had a nice day on the water with my son
  108. Alan

    Taking Ferry to AK -advice

    Great posts above not sure what your boating skills are but have you considered bringing a small boat?
  109. Alan

    Even when you do everything right...

    Great report and thank you for sharing. It could of been so much worse.
  110. Alan

    Rockfish and short fish in Mexico answers

    At the end of the day it is completely up to the warden. If they want to write a ticket they can. BS and stupid.
  111. Alan

    Wellcraft v20 fisherman sea drive conversion

    That will be a sweet ride congrats.
  112. Alan

    New Boat Owner

    Great posts above. Practice anchoring. Maintain batteries etc.and keep minor spares-fuel filters etc. and the tools to change them on board. Have fun.
  113. Alan

    Way too easy to taste this good

    Great recipe and pictures will give it a try.
  114. Alan

    another advantage for having a trailer spare tire

    Great post congrats on a lucky break time to check my chain.
  115. Alan


    I was going to put mine in the center and decided against it because of losing so much deck space. The advice came from Live bait Larry who unfortunately passed away. No noticeable difference in getting up on a plane. Eeasy to scoop bait out. No extra thru hull.
  116. Alan

    1994 Skipjack Fisherman 25' Must See-Trade?

    Great looking boat and what a great value.
  117. Alan

    16' Radon rebuild and stretching

    Really interesting report and great looking boat.
  118. Alan

    Officially SCREWED by F&G Commission

    Probably about 20 years late. Diving and fishing at the channel Islands for over 40 years the baseline for bass has significantly decreased.
  119. Alan


    Nice report. I wonder if they changed the limits if it would be like that all over.
  120. Alan

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Very interesting and great pictures
  121. Alan

    ***1989 SkipJack 24 flybridge Sport Fisher FOR SALE $18,500.00***

    Great looking boat and priced right. Good luck.
  122. Alan

    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food

    My favorite black girl
  123. Alan

    mission bay fines

    I sounds like you measured it and it was 12 inches. With that said I assume it shortened with dehydration. I would plead not guilty. 50% chance warden will not show. If he does explain your case. Good luck it is a bs ticket at best.
  124. Alan

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    Nice Job. Loved my 20 and my current 25
  125. Alan

    Report:Honey hole keeps producing

    Another great fish congrats
  126. Alan

    Do you final rinse your boat with Soft Water?

    Thank you for your comments. It is easy for me to plumb in a softwater bib so I am going to give it a shot for a final rinse.
  127. Alan

    Clean a gas tank?

    I took mine to a local radiator shop that knew what they were doing.
  128. Alan

    Do you final rinse your boat with Soft Water?

    The water here in Ventura is hard. I was thinking of hooking up an outside tap with softwater from the house for a final rinse. Do you do this? And other than wipe the boat down after washing right away do you have any suggestions to eliminate water spots?
  129. Alan

    first time this far south

    Good posts above I also like If you need my cell or want to call I may be able to help point you in a good direction.
  130. Alan


  131. Alan

    Bloody mechanical troubles!

    A 10 dollar voltmeter is a man's best friend on a boat. May be a simple bad ground that is easy to isolate or the cable at the dual battery switch. Good luck.
  132. Alan

    lost my truck/trailer

    Sorry to hear about your loss. What a blessing to have that happen with no one getting hurt. Thank you for sharing I never set the ebrake on my 53 Jeep and will now start using it.
  133. Alan

    A couple parrot rods

    Incredible detail.
  134. Alan

    230hp for a skipjack 24 open. Underpowered?

    My 20 skippy had a 225 and it was enough. A 24 may be underpowered. Maybe check with one of the dealers such as Kowel that does many skippy repowers.
  135. Alan

    WSB and YT?

    When the fish start showing up in the local sportfishing reports you know you are a few days late.
  136. Alan

    first time this far south

    WSB typically like fresh squid and fresh sardines. Memorial weekend will be crowded make sure you get there early and have a stern anchor if necessary.
  137. Alan

    Why I won't fish WA. (Rant)

    Come visit California. Maybe that would help you appreciate what you have.
  138. Alan

    first time this far south

    Good posts above. You can head over to Anacapa after Saturday and fish the Gap which is the area between the two islands. Basically meter around until you find some fish. Then you can come back behind Anacapa and see the arch a very scenic spot. Have fun.
  139. Alan

    More Local Lings - 4/29/12

    Nice report glad you slammed um.
  140. Alan

    My first boat, an Oldie but a goodie

    Nice looking ride Enjoy.
  141. Alan

    a week of quick rock fishing trips

    Nice report Congrats on the new rock
  142. Alan

    The latest from Pacific Yacht Towers

    Nice looking metal work.
  143. Alan

    Legal Advise about Obstructing a Navigable Channel

    The fact that he was around to be cited would negate the spirit of that law. Bottom line 1/2 time it would probably be dismissed because of no show and the other 1/2 a valid argument. If he received a warning before that it would be a different situation. Bogus stupid ticket by public servants.
  144. Alan

    Legal Advise about Obstructing a Navigable Channel

    Not guilty. You obviously set the hoop in legal range. The fact it drifted off was an act of God. Make them prove you set it in the channel.
  145. Alan

    Yamaha generators

    I love my honda 2000i. We are a telecom company and it gets used all of the time for planned edison and non planned outages. Starts quick if it sits for 6 months or 6 days and sips fuel.
  146. Alan

    Clipperton Adventure on the Star

    Great report reminds me when I commercial squid pole fished in the late 70's at Clipperton.
  147. Alan

    The Rusty Hook is not closing!

    I stopped by a few months ago and you hooked me up with some great surf jigs. Sure maybe I could of saved a dollar or two buying online but the education you gave me far out weighed the costs. Thank You
  148. Alan

    Bamf 25' Excursion sneak peek

    Nice lines. Can you post a spec sheet?
  149. Alan

    Help me pick a kicker

    I push my 25 with a yami 8 high thrust. Electric start and tilt are nice features.
  150. Alan

    From a Dogs Perspective DVD Contest

    My best friend
  151. Alan

    WTF...Are you F-ing Kidding me!!!!!!

    Wide open your probably burning 25 gallons an hour per engine. Gas monitor for sweet spot is the best investment you could make.
  152. Alan

    another lobster report..

    Nice report and pictures.
  153. Alan

    West End Lobsters

    Great report and great sunset pictures. congrats.
  154. Alan

    Palos Verde 11/2 fishing report

    Sounds like a perfect day with your baby. congrats.
  155. Alan

    Local lobster with the kids!!

    Great Job it will be nice to look back on the smiles.
  156. Alan

    Help with Volvo 5.7 gxi engine problem

    Pump installed/Boat runs great. Thank you all for help. Alan
  157. Alan

    squid boats today Malibu -> County Line

    I think many of the boats are "light boats" they work with the seiners and also double as fishing boats during non squid time.
  158. Alan

    San Miguel on Pacific Islander

    Nice report have not been there for awhile. Always a treat with good weather.
  159. Alan

    57 LB Halibut and more

    Great fish Congrats!
  160. Alan

    Hardtop Fabricators??

    I believe Farallon Boats up north has a mold and will do one pretty reasonably. Worth a call.
  161. Alan

    Boat Donations

    I believe the new ca laws only allow you to deduct exactly what the charity sells it for, not the appraisal. Better off to sell the boat as is for cash and give the money to your favorite charity.
  162. Alan

    buy a boat without sea trial?

    No it is not worth 3500.00. If you did not want to hassle a sea trial is one thing. If the owner did not want to do a sea trial that is a giant red flag. Offer 2K cash after sea trial. Meet at dock. go for ride. give cash get signed pink slip and unhook trailer from his car and hook to yours.
  163. Alan

    test tank minimum?

    Greg nailed it but assuming you have an outboard as long as you have a good stream I would guess you would be ok.
  164. Alan

    Help with Volvo 5.7 gxi engine problem

    Thank you all for your thoughts. I have a new pump on order. Also bought a pressure gauge and code reader at Harbor. Guess I might as well learn to work on the "new technology" motor and have a few spare parts. I miss the days when in a pinch you could adjust points with a business card and...
  165. Alan

    towing skipjack 20 open

    Is that vehicle a 4x4. If it is low gear in 4 drive works great on ramps. A load equalizing hitch works great as long as you are under max GVW. Also staying out of high gear going a little slower is a good option. Great boat loved my 20.
  166. Alan

    Help with Volvo 5.7 gxi engine problem

    Craven, Not a one time problem. Started out that way. I also bypassed all of the separators with a fresh tank of fuel out of a 6 gallon can. Runs extremely rough. You may be correct that it is something else. Thank you for the replies and help. I will order a new hi pressure pump and...
  167. Alan

    Help with Volvo 5.7 gxi engine problem

    Leave for 13 mile trip engine runs fine. Take off engine dies as getting on plane for split second. Starts right up make mental not to change fuel filters even though did that early in season about 100 hours ago. Fast forward 1 hour later of drifting rock piles engine barely runs and dies...
  168. Alan

    Need Some Advice.

    Is this a change from how it use to be?
  169. Alan

    fuel flow meters//scaners?

    ditto on navman cheap and reliable.
  170. Alan

    7/17 Seahorse at SCI

    Nice pictures. You should of known about the extra charges at time of booking.
  171. Alan

    Report:Monterey to MDR and Vallarta

    Great report and nice looking ride. Congrats
  172. Alan

    Deep Hole + SMB Sand Spawn 7/15/11 Lots of bass

    Great report glad to hear deep hole went off for you.
  173. Alan

    26 Radon Rebuild

    Will the deck be flush all of the way? And did you plan on a bait tank mid deck or on swim step? How many people normally go? Either way put a cabin heater exchange off the main if you go with a sterndrive. Best idea as mentioned go look at a bunch of layouts and see what you like.
  174. Alan

    26 Radon Rebuild

    I would think twin outboards would kill you as far as fuel burn, and service you cannot do yourself. My 25 skip probably weighs about the same and it gets 2mph/gallon at at 20-28 mph with a volvo gas duoprop. Great looking boat so far and enjoying watching the progress.
  175. Alan


    Nice fish. congratulations.
  176. Alan

    1 fish in Ventura

    Honey caught this thing. She let me catch the Bat Rays.
  177. Alan


    Deep Hole to Santa Cruz sounds like a long day. Nice job and report.
  178. Alan

    WSB On the First Drop

    Nice report congratulations.
  179. Alan

    I got jacked!

    Sorry about that at least they left the trailer..........
  180. Alan

    thoughts on this boat?

    Nice boat. What were you going to use it for? For that amount many options on the market great time to be buying.
  181. Alan

    26 Radon Rebuild

    Nice ride. Where in Ventura are you located?
  182. Alan

    Found My WSB and ..........

    Great Job congrats.
  183. Alan

    Itchy Lab need help

    Same issue here after 2 years of trying everything. Costco chicken and rice dog food, 1000 units of fish oil (tablet) and 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt with 2 cups of food in am and 2 cups in pm.
  184. Alan

    Fished the front side of Rosa.

    Great report and smiles
  185. Alan

    Santa Rosa 5/7/11

    Nice report Congrats and good idea hiring Dave.
  186. Alan

    coffee maker for 25 skipjack fisherman?

    Thank you for all of the advice. I have a portable butane single burner that I mount on the fish cutting table. I also own a honda 2000 that I normally do not put on the boat. I like the inverter idea/add extra battery. Have to try the press also.
  187. Alan


    I think were about ready for some new pictures?
  188. Alan

    Hunting Pics

    Nice Strap Congratulations.
  189. Alan

    Sat at the sea

    Nice strap and good looking Lab.
  190. Alan

    Boat help!

    I have had lots of boats but one of the best ones was a 14 foot aluminum Gregor. Go anywhere salt or fresh economical quick to clean. Anyway don't forget some of the best days of owning a boat is the day you buy it and the day you sell it.
  191. Alan

    Sat/Sun IV Waterfowl

    Nice Strap congratulations.
  192. Alan

    Man killed by unhitched, runaway boat trailer...

    "I make myself stay outside my truck until I'm calm and have walked around the entire rig to check that I've disconnected everything, connected everything and all lights are working. And if I'm with some fishing buddies, I always ask them to do the same check just for the hell of it." Great...
  193. Alan

    Boat help!

    Be careful a new outboard could cost 5-10 k so you want to make sure you buy something in great shape.
  194. Alan

    blackcod fishing?

    In the early 80's I went out with a friend who had a commercial black cod boat. 2000 + feet with traps. Pretty interesting operation. I think Keith nailed the setup to find them.
  195. Alan

    25 Skipjack Fisherman

    Nice ride I love mine. Good luck on the sale competes with any high end 25 footer.
  196. Alan

    How long can you keep fish refridgerated before Freezing?

    4 days is ok if iced from the start. Smoke it or eat it.
  197. Alan

    Lost my job and pretty stuck

    Sorry to hear about the job loss. Lots of good posts. Try to look at what type of person would be a great employee and exceed those expectations. For example would someone with long hair make a good manager at Big 5? Would they fit the culture? I am sure you already got the point. If...
  198. Alan

    Central Valley Ducks

    Had a great shoot with my Dad. 5 ringnecks, a canvas, and a cinnamon teal. Crummy cellphone shots but my dog did great. She is handling well and retrieved a cripple approximately 100 yards out with hand signals. She is having confidence that if I send her blind she knows something is there...
  199. Alan

    Smudge hunting

    Nice Strap congrats
  200. Alan

    Gustine Ducks

    Bill/Carl a private club right next to Kesterson reserve. Only 1 spoonbill boy did I take some shit from my dad. 2 greenwing teal/ 1 cinnamon//1 gadwall/1 redhead the rest male and female ringnecks. Crummy cellphone picture but a happy dog.
  201. Alan

    Pacific V2025 Not new but new to me

    Nice ride and I bet that Honda will perform. Congrats
  202. Alan

    Gustine Ducks

    Limits for Dad and I. Dad is now 78 and sure enjoys duck hunting. Nice bag and done by 10:00 am. First time "Chelsea" handled for me. It sure was exciting sending her out 50+ yards and getting her to change direction with a whistle and hand signals.
  203. Alan

    Cruise Ship!

    .........My daughter and EX WIFE are on that cruise ship!.....: Pretty funny she will get a free trip plus a refund so she can take her boyfriend next time lol. I wonder what happened to start a fire that could not be contained quickly enough to control with little damage?
  204. Alan

    Dangerous country roads

    Good job on the robo duck but aren't they illegal until later on in the season lol. Anyway good quick thinking on your part.
  205. Alan

    the new 30 BAMF Sneek Peek

    Great looking ride and I am surprised in a good way about the fuel burn rate with the outboards.
  206. Alan

    Fix one thing another one breaks...

    Might as well throw a fuel pump pressure gauge on it to test. Also the carb should not leak with the engine off and the fuel pump on. Unless you bypassed the no pressure switch the fuel pump should only come on when your grinding the starter or the boat is actually running,
  207. Alan

    Chukar Hunting Report

    A for effort at least you know where not to go next time.
  208. Alan

    Some Saturday Carnage

    Nice looking birds Congrats
  209. Alan

    Engine Swap?

    Total cost probably 0 if you put it on craigslist
  210. Alan

    Mountain and Valley quail

    2 Mountains and 2 Valley with my Black Lab. First on the Mountain Quail in Cuyama.
  211. Alan

    Help with new gear

    Thank you Jim. Andy & Chris got me all dialed in.
  212. Alan

    Heres a good deal on a boat

    FREE SEA RAY non related
  213. Alan

    Craigslist help/advice

    The key to selling anything today is pricing it correctly. I sold my old boat off of cragislist. I bought a new used boat and had 2 boats. Old one had to go now. I posted my old skipjack on cragislist, boat trader, and ebay, along with the fishing boards. X $ or best cash offer this weekend...
  214. Alan

    Perko Battery Switches

    Yes but if it is on all it will also drain both batteries. So you can buy an isolator blue sea makes a nice one for less than a c note. Or another suggestion when launching follow this sequence. Turn battery to switch 1. Run the motor and warm up. Turn off Motor. Turn to battery 2. Make...
  215. Alan

    I got a phone call from the "good" sister, asking for advice......

    Have her change the locks/add alarm if not there and file a restraining order.
  216. Alan

    Yellowtail report

    Great pictures. Congrats.
  217. Alan

    Should I Stay or Should I Go

    If you have to ask then probably not. On the other side of the coin when I was your age a friend and I took a Avon 12 foot boat from Pedro to in back of San Clemente island albacore fishing. We brought wetsuits and water, and a compass in case something went wrong. Lots of fun at the time but...
  218. Alan

    opener success on chucker

    Way to go A for effort.
  219. Alan

    Don't eat Lobster warning, Channel Islands

    There must be several thousand traps out right now. What happens to the commercial operations?
  220. Alan

    Chelsea's first quail

    Turned out my new duck dog is a good quail dog also. Went for a local hunt on public land and jumped a couple of coveys. Had a great time with the Lab and my bud.
  221. Alan


    x 4 on the buoy are they lighted?
  222. Alan


    Coastside Fishing Club classified has some nice ones
  223. Alan

    Probally a stupid ? but I need answer for valco boat...

    Try moving the anchor mid ship in a milk crate or in the stern area and reevaluate. On my Gregor in a early life we removed the foam under the seats to make more room and balance. Stupid idea looking back but fixed the weight problem.
  224. Alan

    Any Chukar Hunters?

    Good luck going to take a shot at some local quail tomorrow.
  225. Alan


    I know several owners with flybridge model and they love the boat but hate the high bridge. I get offers to trade all of the time. In addition you will rock more than a sport cruiser or fisherman model. Try both in normal rough weather before you pull the trigger. With that said I love my...
  226. Alan

    Santa Rosa Is Trip 10-12 & 10-13

    Great report pictures say it all. congratulations.
  227. Alan

    Help with new gear

    I dove allot in the 70's and plan to start up again. Can someone suggest a good shop in Ventura, Santa Barbara, or San Fernando Valley. I plan on purchasing a new wetsuit/regulator/gauge/bc/ and maybe fins/mask snorkel. I am looking for good quality but am trying to watch costs. Any...
  228. Alan

    Morro By tuna 10/8/10

    Great job Frank hard to beat Morro Tuna. Congratulations,
  229. Alan

    dumbass 3rd dui

    Isn't one DUI enough? If your drinking you should know better than to drive. Encourage him to get into a program or jump off a bridge.
  230. Alan

    Need mouse/rat advice

    Bait the traps for a few days but do not set them. Let them get comfortable. Peanut butter works well for bait.
  231. Alan

    anchor light?

    Yes you should be lighted 360 and probably post a watch. If your going to sleep I use a little handheld garmin with a anchor watch alarm that works great. If you do sleep may I suggest you get up every hour or two. Look around and open the engine compartment and flash a light looking for any...
  232. Alan

    How They Launch The Big Ones

    Interesting video thank you for sharing
  233. Alan

    Sunday School attendance pays off

    I thought he was taking in tongues.:Dynamite::rofl:
  234. Alan

    Sunday School attendance pays off

    Great report and blessings your way. If I go to church function once a week for a year can I go also? lol Great gesture on your part.
  235. Alan

    Any info?

    bring some small sabakis with the smallest hooks you can find and some squid for backup.
  236. Alan


    Start with a fish finder and a gps. Pick up a couple of charts that have fishing spots on them. Study your charts and start with getting above the rock fish so you learn how to control your boat. Learn how to catch some bottom fish. After a few trips and you feel comfortable move to...
  237. Alan

    SC lobster and fish report

    Nice report and good job on the rockfish. Were going to take a shot at hooping the islands later on this week and hope to have a good report. Thank you for sharing.
  238. Alan

    Furuno Ethernet Cable

    Probably nothing but on the hub you will need a 12 volt hub or inverter if you do not have 110 all of the time. If your up in /ventura would be happy to loan you anything for testing. We may even have some hubs that run on 12 volts I really don't remember though.
  239. Alan

    Skunked -- can't figure what we did wrong

    I think you need to look at the current. Was it coming from the rocks to where your nets were? Ditto on moving if no action.
  240. Alan

    Lobster Report Cards

    The California Fish and game should hire the Alaska fish and game to manage our resources. They would monitor and enforce laws that maximize the resources we have. Poachers would lose the boat, license, and get fined/jailed. Limits would be based on sound fishery management.
  241. Alan

    Manual Line Hauler

    Scotty's downriggers also makes a cheaper version for about 40 bucks.
  242. Alan

    Trailer modification for the garage

    Interesting post sure wish mine would fit in the garage.
  243. Alan

    Deadliest Catch Captain's Quit Show.

    Welcome to southern cal with the blood sucking lawyers.
  244. Alan

    Sword fishing 4 day + Osbourne, Nick, Tanner, Cortez, Clemente Cat etc.

    Good luck at least you picked a good island and anchorage to run low on fuel lol.
  245. Alan


    If money is an issue you should purchase a used boat with low hours.
  246. Alan

    Another Alabcore question/keep the fish around the boat

    It is important not to lose a hooked fish especially initially as that fish may spook the school.
  247. Alan

    Thinking of engine change...

    If your in love with the boat and plan on keeping it for a long time bite the bullet and put in a brand new engine out drive package. Reliability and economy are your best friend.
  248. Alan

    Thinking of engine change...

    Unless your in love with the boat sell both of them and purchase a used boat with a low hour new engine outdrive,
  249. Alan

    Ling cod on the Daily Double

    Nice fish. Be nice to Dad as he is still paying the bills lol.
  250. Alan

    Older Satellite Phone or SSB??

    Early version cellular phone. Operates on Analog. I am pretty sure all of the frequencies that it used now operate on digital, thus making it useless.
  251. Alan

    First Hunt

    You should be really proud of stepping up to the plate. Congratulations about helping the family.
  252. Alan

    Port San Luis gettin hot!

    Great report heard mucho boats out on the weekend. Alan
  253. Alan

    Skipjack-OMC Manifolds

    It was for my older 20 that I no longer have.. The bottom elbow on yours I went to a local hardware store and used a steel 90 degree fitting for plumbing and chopped sawed an end to make it fit.
  254. Alan

    Skipjack-OMC Manifolds

    Trying to remember but as I recall I changed my old manifolds on the old boat with ones made from Barr. They worked great. Good Luck, Alan
  255. Alan

    In a tough economy what is the economic stability of the Long range fleet?

    Any industry that relies on disposable income is in jeopardy. Many will make it because of a combination of hard work and deep pockets. Some will fail. Some will reinvent and chase whales on a family vacation. If you love the sport do what you can to keep them going forward. If you enjoy...
  256. Alan

    Raymarine thruhull transducer and DSM 300

    The new software takes care of of dsm connection lost problem.
  257. Alan

    Rolling Over

    That is crazy stuff.
  258. Alan

    What's this about?

    "Agree with above but I think you could add electric/distributor issue with some h20 to the list. I say that because it is intermittent. Also a possibility of some sort of air getting into the fuel delivery." Sounded electrical to me initially. The intermittent issue is still puzzling though.
  259. Alan

    Advice on towing a waverunner

  260. Alan

    Advice on towing a waverunner

    So a friend of mine wants me to ride out to Santa Cruz Island with him buddy boating. I have a feeling I may need to tow back etc. Any thoughts or experiences? Thinking a bridle and displacement speed?
  261. Alan

    Baja and Sonora bird huntng?

    Go to Argentina. Hunting in Mexico is not safe anymore. Maybe it will change but why take the risk.
  262. Alan

    Heres some scientific info on albie fishing

    Interesting report and yours also Keith.
  263. Alan

    Rewiring boat

    We pull low voltage stuff all of the time in nasty places. We use pull rods like these. I know fry's sells a package for about 30 bucks. I used them to pull some wires on my boat with great success. 2 people makes it much easier. Wire Pulling Rods - Non-Conductive Fiberglass Wire and...
  264. Alan

    3,Day Sword fishing Outer Banks Hook Up Video

    Hi Keith, I sure enjoy reading your posts. Maybe you can compete with Ernest Hemingway. Not really sure what it was but I am sure you will get one one day with your tenacity. Alan
  265. Alan

    More doves

    Nice report and glad the dog and kid did well.
  266. Alan

    Raymarine thruhull transducer and DSM 300

    Good posts above but make sure you have both the current software on the dsm and the display. Corrected about 98% of my problems.
  267. Alan

    anyone want to fish on 3/4 day? and wrapp rods?

    Your old enough to wrap your own rod. Take your time plenty of guys to help direct you and have fun. Tight lines, Alan
  268. Alan

    perch of the rocks in rosarito

    Nice Slabs congrats
  269. Alan

    Mayday Mayday Big SHARK, USCG

    Heard the coast guard side of the call at the Channel Islands. At first they thought it was a joke by the tone.
  270. Alan

    opinions needed

    The problem is if the engine has a problem you could easily spend 5-10 K to get it going. Find a boat with a new late model engine/outdrive.
  271. Alan

    Baby Seal

    Baby seal walks into a bar... Bartender asks, "What'll ya have?" Baby seal says, "Anything but a Canadian Club"
  272. Alan

    Went from boating to boatless to debtless

    That is great. Build up a reserve cushion and save for a boat. Chances are you will upgrade anyway. Congrats,
  273. Alan

    Real Estate Question

    Get him to sell you the house. You bring the loan current and rent it to him at a reduced rate for life.
  274. Alan

    Would you do this??

    x 3 with that said she as much empathy as you can stomach Quote: Originally Posted by la vida View Post I feel your pain. But mine is many years old. I will just come out a say this strait. 1- Your obligations on this are done. 2- You X wifes problem with her bank is just that,her...
  275. Alan

    if you were purchacing offshore boat

    Depends on money but either a Skipjack, Davis, Blackman, Farallon, Grady, or Radon that had one thing in common. Used with a new engine, outdrive, trailer. Something that a person poured a ton of money into and had it professionally redone. Once I found the boat I would watch it for a while...
  276. Alan

    Outboards in higher elevations....loss of power?

    New prop with less bite. A honda dealer in the high elevation areas should be able to help you prop it for the increased elevation.
  277. Alan

    Bad Neighbor help

    Interesting posts above. Why don't you ask him about it what his reasoning was in the nicest way you can? Maybe there is another side like the thorns were scraping his grand daughter or something stupid. Then explain the beauty and security of why you have them on your property and see if you...
  278. Alan

    Skipjack 24' FB-towing weight

    I have a skippy 25 fisherman with trailer and 70 gallons of fuel it weighs 8500. I tow with a f150 2005 because I had it when I bought the boat. Normally really close tows always out of overdrive. Ocasional Monterey and Morro trip. 4x4 is great on a slippery ramp. Wish I had a 3/4 or 1 ton...
  279. Alan

    Going to Catalina From Marina Del Ray w/ Kids on a 25fter?

    Good posts above and ditto on the Istmus and water toys. We go there 3 or 4 times a year from Channel Islands Harbor. 60 mile run always in the morning both ways. Good weather is the key to keeping everyone calm. Have fun,
  280. Alan

    Downward trend of El Nino! Colder waters heading our way!

    Well the good news is no fear of global warming this month lol.
  281. Alan

    First bass on the new ride

    Nice fish always great to put the first one on the new sled. Congrats,
  282. Alan

    motion sickness (scopace/dramamine)

    Try this one hour before leaving plain peanut butter sandwich and a small can of Grapefruit juice. Also stay on deck keeping a focus if possible.
  283. Alan

    Need help with next boat purchase

    Lots of boats to put on the list including a Davis 25. I think a flybridge would not work as well up North with the weather.
  284. Alan

    Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing Charters as Bloodysucks post #2

    So what if someone makes some dollars off of the site. I think it is a great resource and to manage a site many expenses are incurred. It is your choice to go where you want to so why not relax and go bluegill fishing somewhere.
  285. Alan

    Meat Run: 9-Mile Bank 8/7

    Nice report you can always make a lowball offer on the house.
  286. Alan

    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    Regarding going to Hawaii I think it would fit in a 40 foot container. Not a giant expense to put it in and pack it especially if you can find someone to share moving some stuff over. Good luck with your sale. Looks like a great ride.
  287. Alan

    Need Help getting my 8 Year old Hooked

    Ditto on above. Get a couple of sabiki rigs with a 12 or 14 size hooks. Set up near any kelp bead and chum with some catfood. All the action and fun you can stand.
  288. Alan

    Fish box/ storage box drain??

    I can't believe it would drain straight to the bottom of the hull. If that is the case bronze sea cock and bilge pump with high level alarm. Better to professional fill out and get rid of it.
  289. Alan

    bait tank advise please !

    Interesting posts if you try the longer fill time and it does not work kick it up to 3-4 minutes and see if that takes care of it.
  290. Alan

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    What kind of fish did you catch in So Cal? Do they sink out? Looks interesting can't wait to try one.
  291. Alan

    Fish box/ storage box drain??

    So the fish compartment drains to the bilge area in the bottom of the boat? And if so I would get a plastic tub to fit in there for your stuff/fish. Easy to take out and clean for most trips. No reason to plug at all if I understand your correctly.
  292. Alan

    What's this about?

    Hopefully it is the module or a couple of bad plug wires? Good luck sometimes bad things happen to good people and at the end of the day you will know more about your boat than you wish too.' Alan
  293. Alan

    Is gas sold at the channel islands

    Guess you could throw Santa Barbara on the list for fuel also if fishing the outer islands.
  294. Alan

    FOUND Rod and Reel Sitting in the Kelp

    Great offer I have some reels that need servicing can I park them in the kelp for you lol.
  295. Alan

    Monday (7/20) solo Albacore run

    Nice report and plan execution. Sounds like a great way to get away for a day.
  296. Alan

    What's this about?

    "Agree with above but I think you could add electric/distributor issue with some h20 to the list. I say that because it is intermittent. Also a possibility of some sort of air getting into the fuel delivery." Here is what I said 3 weeks ago. How about swapping the electronics/coil and see if...
  297. Alan

    How to ship a trailer boat???

    1000 miles is 4 days. Just go get it.
  298. Alan

    Bait Tank Location Deck or Swim-Step

    Interesting posts. I put mine on the swim step to free up the deck. I was also concerned about the weight/performance so I temp mounted it in both locations. Then I did some tests with performance/burn. Seemed to have no effect on burn rate/speed on my boat so I mounted on Stern. It did...
  299. Alan

    Places to go???????

    Good posts above a inflatable and snorkel gear can go a long way having fun at Cat. SBI is a great hike. Alan
  300. Alan

    Tips and etiquette

    Good posts above make sure new line is on the reels and have a great time.
  301. Alan

    My Dog Got Tore Up By The Neighbors Dogs

    Glad it worked out for you to continue to get along with your neighbors and hope your dog has a speedy recovery. Sounds like they are taking steps to stop it from happening again. You may also want to talk to a trainer together so the dogs can learn to get along. Good luck,
  302. Alan

    Anyone Know This Farallon??

    It is a buyers market. I would do the seatrial and have you been on 10-15 boats of similar class? I would also be looking for a low hour boat ie. New not rebuilt engine outdrive. If something goes wrong on that motor you could easily be looking at a 20K +repair.
  303. Alan

    Kicker motor on Skipjack 24 swimstep?

    This one works good. Custom fab by previous owner. Power tilt is very handy on it. I think a high thrust 8 would probably move you just as fast as a 15.
  304. Alan

    My Dog Got Tore Up By The Neighbors Dogs

    Interesting posts above. He is your neighbor. If the situation was reversed how would you like to be treated? Have you talked to him about it yet?
  305. Alan

    Electrical question??

    "Right, high power wont exceed the max. amp on the UL listing. The things that will incease the draw are things like: fans and turn tables. But that being pretty critical it's not enough to really worry about. But then again I've seen electricity do things it shouldnt. It's all about grounding."...
  306. Alan

    Electrical question??

    How many watts is the microwave on high power? A 1250 watt model should be pulling less than 12 amps on high power.
  307. Alan

    Electrical question??

    Yes you probably would need a bigger wire. 15 amps should be enough to run microwave is something else on the same circuit such as the frig? And if so whatever is dragging the circuit can it be moved to another circuit?
  308. Alan

    SBI short report 7/5

    Wow great report bet they will back before the next 2 years. Congrats,
  309. Alan

    Used boat engine hours?

    10 year old outboards plan on replacing them when you offer a bid. That way when they go south no surprises.
  310. Alan

    BPPertro must watch info

    Finally the truth.... YouTube - BP Spills Coffee
  311. Alan

    Sbi cod

    yes but your in the cowcod conservation area around most of the island. Limited fishing.
  312. Alan

    Calico bass fishing And other species

    Lots of reefs and structure to fish for rockfish. Lots of people drift the beaches for halibut.
  313. Alan

    Ford 302 inboard won't idle after running it out

    good posts above any chance the choke was stuck on?
  314. Alan

    Prospective new/used boat owner

    ""the boat has not been used in about 7 years" Plan on new Motors period. Maybe 5 k at most if in good shape. Better off find one that has been recently repowered with low hours.
  315. Alan

    Houseboat Vacation- what am I forgetting?

    Water toys/tubes for the kids/bug spray. Not sure about the fishing but you will have a great time.
  316. Alan

    20' Bayrunner Should I Buy?

  317. Alan

    paridise cove

    Nice report. I guess 10 pounds and keep up the good work. Alan
  318. Alan

    What's this about?

    Agree with above but I think you could add electric/distributor issue with some h20 to the list. I say that because it is intermittent. Also a possibility of some sort of air getting into the fuel delivery. Good luck, Alan
  319. Alan

    is 4x4 necessary

    "A lot of great opinions here. You have to make the right choice for you. I was told that I couldn't pull our Skippy with a 1/2 to pickup. Been pulling Hanna with a 1/2 ton 4X4 Ram since '99, and never a problem. I'm a 4X4 kind of guy myself. Like it was said in this thread............always...
  320. Alan


    Add ebay to the list. I got some at a great price last year.
  321. Alan

    Rumble at South Island

    "It only takes one asshole to ruin it for all of us......Bottom line is we should consider ourselves lucky we can fish in Mexican waters.....Remember the brainfart in Ensenada by the fleet?? Stay away its a big ocean guys.........' X 2 We are a guest. Messing with someones livelihood in a...
  322. Alan

    Wanted - 24' Skipjack Open

    coastside fishing club. In the classified a guy spent 25 k on a professional redo and I believe it is still for sale for way less than he spent on the new engine and outdrive.
  323. Alan

    Enclosing Transom & adding bracket

    Make a gate out of starboard. Or sell and upgrade?
  324. Alan

    D F G ticket

    "Over possesion and I wasn't" You do not need a lawyer. Plead not guilty. Be professional and tell the truth.
  325. Alan

    Get sponcered in fishing in california

    Learn to give more than you take. Volunteer down at the docks. Clean boats at the wash ramp for free. Become an expert. Get an education. Work for a tackle company. Learn to sell. Purchase the book How to master the art of selling by Tom Hopkins. Follow the rules. No more tv. Help Mom...
  326. Alan

    anchor gear

    You should probably have 2. A small one for a backup. Your main anchor should be at least a boat length in chain. Do you sleep on the boat overnight? If so double it.
  327. Alan

    First fish on new boat!!!

    Nice looking rig and great fish. Congrats
  328. Alan

    What a trip! (as in "trippy")

    Interesting and a satisfied client. Congrats.
  329. Alan

    what would you have done

    You did the right thing but maybe you could of handled the wording differently.......... Bottom line you would not allow yourself or your family to be put in an unsafe condition in your opinion and that is a good thing. Alan
  330. Alan

    gas tank treatment

    Put in the fuel separator/filter. Siphon it off from there by using it in a car mixed with old/new. Now you have an empty tank. Fresh fuel and a fresh filter and your done. Alan
  331. Alan

    Big lead headed Bait

    love the orange with the blue stripe. If you want to test some let me know. Alan
  332. Alan

    Just how fucked is the US economy?

    Our business has never done better. There are many industries that will prosper from the current economic conditions. It is only going to get better. For example I know several real estate individuals who focus on bank owned homes. They are kicking ass. Commercial real estate brokers are...
  333. Alan

    First Channel Island trip

    Best place in the world. If your spending the night it is hard to beat Coches Preitas on the backside of Santa Cruz or Frys on the front side. Dropping a stern anchor is almost mandatory at most anchorages because of limited swing. Lots of fishing spots all of the fish charts have them. Yes...
  334. Alan

    Perfect pilothouse imo

    I wonder what the fuel burn rate is?
  335. Alan

    Volvo Duoprop blade repair?

    Also Coastside fishing club in Northern cal, that has a great forum, would be a good resource for you. Coastside Fishing Club
  336. Alan

    Volvo Duoprop blade repair?

    Valley Propeller in Ventura is also an expert.
  337. Alan

    Josie Lynn bluefin report

    Nice report congrats on the tuna Alan
  338. Alan

    P.B 55.3# coastal WSB 5-17

    Wow congrats that is a great fish. alan
  339. Alan

    SCI - Family Matters

    Great looking fish. congrats, Alan
  340. Alan

    Need experienced opinions!

    You are not ready. Ride on other peoples boat. Pay for gas. Save your money and invest it. If you need to finance a toy that will not generate income you do not need that toy. Boat use a ton of disposable income for fuel, bait, service, insurance, possibly storage. You do not need a payment...
  341. Alan

    Easy way to determine if Wife loves you more than Dog

    Lock them in the trunk together. Drive around for a few blocks. See who is happy to see you when you open the trunk up..........
  342. Alan

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

    Ditto on the Jigmaster with a big handle. I bought em all and always go back. Easy to work on the drags.
  343. Alan

    5/7-5/9 Isthmus Area

    Nice fish. Just curious why you could not start the boat with a bad alternator by combining batteries?
  344. Alan


    I analyze business telephone accounts and come up with solutions to lower monthly costs. Typically we will take a company with 1000-2000 a month in Verizon and AT+T Telephone costs and Internet costs and get it down 20-40% with more reliability and redundancy. Business has never been better...
  345. Alan

    Boat Insurance WA Coast

    You can also put boat us on the list. When my policy comes up I am also going to get a competitve quote from Pete.
  346. Alan

    Broken tip on Antenna

    You sholuld test the antenna for rf (reflected power) Most electronic shops have one and will let you use it especially if you go to them. Also will check your wattage out of your vhf radio. Inside the antenna is a metal rod which is the actual antenna. Assuming it is not damaged you can...
  347. Alan

    Commercial Tuna Boat Assholes at Golden Gate

    More boats=less fish and money to commercial boats. Simple economics the owners, captain, and crew do not care. I know as I have commercially fished tuna (not since the 70's) and you get a different perspective being on the commercial side.
  348. Alan

    Skipjack 28 "Paddy Hopper II" gets a new fuel tank

    That is a really informative and interesting post Thank you. I had to smile at the part "In closing, thank God it's over" I think God and everyone else on the board know that having a boat it is never over /:rofl:
  349. Alan

    There and Back........... A Isla San Marcos Tale

    Nice report and good memories for sure.
  350. Alan

    Speeding ticket.

    Go to court fight it based on what he said and what you did please not guilty. what an a hole cop.
  351. Alan

    Defiance pilothouse vs. parker pilothouse

    Interesting Posts with so many great late model low hours boats available why would you want to buy new as you are on some sort of a budget?
  352. Alan

    Defiance pilothouse vs. parker pilothouse

    Why not put Davis and Farallon on the list? The lighter boat probably gets better mileage. If your on a budget get a two year old one with low hours. Plenty of great deals on great boats.
  353. Alan

    San Martin "Night Kayak Calicos"

    Great report looks like fun. What did they bite on may I ask? Alan
  354. Alan

    What did I do?

    Great we have all done it to some point. I did it on a 100K telecom switch with a -48 volt + ground about 15 years ago. Made a a great dc weld before burning everything up. Thank you for reminding us and glad it worked out. Alan
  355. Alan

    Opinions on Skipjacks

    Great Boats. There is a used one up at the coastside fishing site with completely new everything. Great deal. I would take a outdrive over an outboard for all of the reasons mentioned.
  356. Alan

    Boating to catalina

    Pick a good weather day and have fun. Sounds like you have a few things to get and are ready to go. Alan
  357. Alan


    I love my 500 jr with braid for rock fishing.
  358. Alan

    Boating to catalina

    Would you mind sharing your ocean boating experience? Do you know what your fuel consumption burn rate is and how to chart a course. How about your anchoring experience? Do you plan on getting a mooring? Catalina is a great spot for the family everyone just wants you to be safe.
  359. Alan

    OMC Steering Help Please!!!!

    Can you see where the fluid is leaking from? That would be a good start.
  360. Alan

    Yeah, so now it's time for a new fuel tank

    Yes it sucks. Maybe you should be thankful it did not blow up on you. Alan
  361. Alan

    Suggestions needed for levelwind reel

    Looking to purchase a new level wind reel for HONEY. Something that will not break the bank and will be fishing mostly 50 braid for rockfish. Currently she has a shimano 400 and a penn gt. Thank you Alan
  362. Alan

    Whats my boat worth?

    Nice Ride hope you keep it. To answer your question non running fix it project maybe a couple of thousand.
  363. Alan

    Overnight Boat Storage in Ensenada?

    I would consider launching from San Diego. The Coral Marina is affordable and fuel is reasonable. What type of range do you have?
  364. Alan

    Easter morning lingcod. Double limits !!!

    Great report congrats on the limits. Alan
  365. Alan

    I'M FREE!!!!!!!! YEAH!

    Congrats take your time, be picky, fine someone who likes to fish and is an upgrade. Alan
  366. Alan

    Going to Refugio (CA) Fishing

    Big hammer swimbaits in 3-4 inch and some squid work great. Have fun, Alan
  367. Alan

    Newbi Needs help!

    West-Just kidding new more info along with your boating experienc/saftety gear/size of boat etc. Lots of good fish spot maps available at fishing supply stores for good basic known spots. Also check out Alan
  368. Alan


    Nice lines out to the islands in 20 minutes. Enjoy, Alan
  369. Alan

    in our 13' Whaler. The legend continues.

    cool report. Throw some wetsuits and water on board and your ready for tuna.
  370. Alan

    Long range with kids

    My dad took me on the original Rooseter when I was 11 or 12 years old. I was as experienced anyone could be at that age. My Dad helped me at first and the captain told him to go fish and would keep an eye on me, and they did always the captain or a deck hand. The trip destroyed me. I have...
  371. Alan

    EPIRB in a ditch bag?

    I keep me mounted right inside the cabin door. It is off the boat when not in use. When I remove it I make sure I do not look and remove it "blind". good practice if need to get to it fast. Just my 2 cents hope nobody ever needs to use one. 34 years ago I was involved in a commercial...
  372. Alan

    Damn Ticket

    Assuming you were being safe your not guilty. If you go to court 50% of the time cops don't show up and you automatically win. If your polite and make some pictures/drawings you will probably win. Time is a killer though as you must hang in court. You may be financially better off paying...
  373. Alan

    Collection Agency Help Question

    She is liable. If you deposit a check in the bank and it bounces for what even reason they come after you not the person with the bad check. Sucks but she could probably negotiate with the store to get rid of the fees. Next time go direct to the bank that issued the check to get it cashed and...
  374. Alan

    Tower up!

    Nice looking Tuna tower.
  375. Alan

    Need Advice, Novice!!

    1. Any advice on fishing methods, bait, ect. would be greatly appreciated. I do not care what I catch, just love fishing, and hunting! Method is fine sinker to get the squid down/sardines. the most important item is to fine structure and fish with your fish finder and gps. The lajenelle is...
  376. Alan

    Seasick Medicine

    If you want to try something natural a peanut sandwich with a small glass of grapefruit juice 2 hours before launching. No jelly
  377. Alan

    Wife and I had lunch and didn't tip for first time ever

    No you are not bad. Next time you have great service just use the extra money you saved for the good service. If you really want to be good call the restaurant manager and tell them about your experience. Alan
  378. Alan

    Time to get a bigger boat!

    I would not get a boat with a 2 stroke. Find one that someone recently repowered with a brand new engine/outdrive/outboard with a good hull such as whaler/skipjack/parker/radon/davis etc. Have cash be picky lots of good deals right now.
  379. Alan

    Multiple fuel tanks and switching between them

    Do you normally keep both tanks full? Or even use the second tank? It would be a pain in the ass to go through your first 60 or first 100 and hit the switch to find the solenoid did not work in rough weather. No matter what I would figure a manual bypass option just in case.
  380. Alan

    low tide BS

    Plan your trailer out by the tides.........
  381. Alan

    Anyone gone through this?

    Yes I have an intersection by my house and it goes off all of the time for the same reason. I have never received a ticket with the boat.
  382. Alan

    Northern Pike eats Duck on the water....

    Cute scared the ducks and me to death........
  383. Alan

    San Clemente to Dana

    Great pictures-Great report Congrats Alan
  384. Alan

    24 Skippy, new pics!

    Nice looking ride congrats....... Alan
  385. Alan

    Twin 302 V8 GPH/MPG

    I would imagine if on plane or moving at any speed you would be looking at least 20 gallons an hour/budget 1 mile per gallon or less.
  386. Alan

    Possibly looking for a GPS

    Try cleaning the connector that goes to the gps antenna. A pencil eraser and small scraper with some dielectric grease works great. garmin makes great products. Do you have dual batteries with an isolator and switch? If not get one, You need to know how much current each item uses and your...
  387. Alan

    Raymarine 300dsm fix (no data problem)

    Loaded the new software on mine this am. Can't wait to try it out and see if that gremlin went away. Thank you for sharing link. Alan
  388. Alan

    Catalina lobster ticket from DFG

    "I give the guy my sympathy, and credit for posting so others can avoid the same ticket. Rather than bashing him for not knowing the rules." Isn't that the truth. Our natural resource management in this state sucks. Alan
  389. Alan

    Belize off road...and dead guy in Honduras

    Nice pictures thank you for sharing. Alan
  390. Alan

    Pre-Season Scouting at Santa Cruz/Anacapa

    Good luck and be careful looks like a little wind and swell in the afternoon.
  391. Alan

    Bachelor Party

    Why not charter a boat for the day? Congratulations girls are like boats........
  392. Alan

    Share some images of your pets

    Honey said a few months back "you luv that f_n dog more than me. thought about it for a minute and asked her what her point was.
  393. Alan

    Gov proposes 69.9 Million Budget for Cal Boating

    His hands our tied. The costs of state admin with the pension plans and giant Sacramento overhead killed the state. Throw in other programs such as border costs compounds the issue. I wonder how many people will not buy a license. I bought two yesterday and a lobster card and it was 100 bucks.
  394. Alan

    Lost Set Up (SUCKS)Cumara @ Curado 200E5

    Sounds like the school of hard knocks hit you today. Be careful and sorry for the trouble, Alan
  395. Alan

    Good 1st boat?

    I do not know that boat but it is a buyers market for at least the next 4 months. Do not be in a hurry.
  396. Alan

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    Great pictures and interesting post.
  397. Alan

    Hook Line and Sinker

    Less disposable income=less fishing gear. Throw in lousy fishing compared with 30 years ago-50$ license, as pointed out internet retailers who can make money on a 15% margin, etc and you know the rest of the story.
  398. Alan

    radio mounting location

    I would temporarily mount it with velcro/whatever and see if it causes any problems on transmit. Specifically compass issues. Good luck, Alan
  399. Alan

    Defiance health?

    "I work at a new car dealer and I can tell you that it takes about 3-4 months to receive a new car registration. I just renewed my sales license and they told me that it would take a t least six months. The good news is that these are the same people that will be running our health care system."...
  400. Alan

    looking to buy a 25 skipjack fisherman pilot

    I bought mine a year and a half ago and the gentlemen who had it had a brand new engine/outdrive package on it with 50 hours. Diesel is great but I am extremely happy with the gas. Several advanatges easy to work on/common fuel for backup motor/no fuel issues if you let it sit for a little...
  401. Alan

    Defiance health?

    "I guess it explains why they never followed thru on the equipment they owed me on the boat I purchased back in Nov." What did they forget? No matter what I think if your going to lay down bucks for a new boat with a warranty you should research and ask for a current p/l/balance sheet to...
  402. Alan

    Cleaning Alum Gas Tanks... help

    I took my old steel tank to a radio shop for cleaning and pressure testing. they did a great job and did not charge very much. With that said assuming you can get all the gas out why not flood it/ swirl around the water and vacumn it out with a wet/dry vac with a small enough nozle to go where...
  403. Alan

    looking to buy a 25 skipjack fisherman pilot

    Great boat love mine and will keep an eye open.
  404. Alan

    anybody know of any lab litters out there?

    Champion line labs up north. I would imagine a minimum of 1k but great dogs.
  405. Alan

    Paralegal help

    I am not a paralegal. Your Mom is responsible since she signed for the card. You should not file bk for 12 k. You can negotiate a 30-60% discount by paying off the card. You should be able to work a payment plan with no interest for 3-5 hundred a month. Get a second or third job. Pay it...
  406. Alan

    pilot cabin for my 77 slickcraft

    That looks great. Bet you can't wait to get a big wave over the top and not get wet.
  407. Alan

    Santa Cruz

    Nice bugs congrats. Alan
  408. Alan

    Ten years ago today...

    Nice report even if a little old. Where did you get those at if I may ask?
  409. Alan

    Checked by Mexican Navy at Descanso

    Nice looking mixed bag. congrats
  410. Alan

    50th Birthday Reel?

    Penn 500 Jr. Best reel penn ever made.
  411. Alan

    lobster getting me sick

    1 hours before you go a plain peanut butter sandwich and a small 6oz can of grapefruit juice. Don't ask me why but it works.
  412. Alan

    Holy shit........I just looked

    It would not surprise me if a national stamp is required for an additional 10 bucks. Our new administration promised change and were getting it...............
  413. Alan

    Castaic Lake 12/18/09 Back to College

    Nice report. Remember no matter what you lose your best asset is your brain and they cannot take that away. Work hard and you will get back in the game.
  414. Alan

    Any fishing options for a 5 yr old next week?

    Crab fishing off a pier?
  415. Alan


    Nice String Congrats.
  416. Alan

    comfortable savings?

    Good posts above. I think you need to look at a bunch of other variables like how old you are and your responsibilities. If your 50 with kids in college probably 4 or 5 years worth of savings and if your 25 and single a couple of months may be enough.
  417. Alan

    Corral marina fuel

    Thank you
  418. Alan

    Corral marina fuel

    Is gasoline available and anyone know the aproximate price?
  419. Alan

    Mud recovery !!

    Those kids sure look happy. Which one of them was driving the car that got pulled out?LOL
  420. Alan

    Caught fishing without a license.

    It is all BS. A warden should of allowed him to go to his car and get it. They need to be focusing on bigger stuff such as commercial violations and resource management.
  421. Alan

    dog cuts healing

    Well now that that she is hanging in ok I would say 10 days. You may want to go see your vet and get a second opinion on how she is doing-about 50 bucks or so if nothing is wrong. Good luck, Alan
  422. Alan

    Quackin off

    Nice shoot. Tie her up with a lead. Make her stay until you give the command fetch or whatever you use.
  423. Alan

    Midweek off Malibu

    Nice report-good call on heading south. Alan
  424. Alan

    1971 Skipjack 20 open OMC OD / Chevy 350

    Type C in the bottom. 2 plugs pump into the bottom. Top Hi-Vis Drain 2 screws also and big one on top. After draining plug lower screw and fill from top. Get the aftermarket manual pretty good investment about 15 dollars.
  425. Alan

    Az Coues...Too many Vermonsters, not enuf deer

    That sucks. Hope his family was not starving and he sets a better example for himself and his kids in the future.
  426. Alan

    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    Rob-Best post of the day. Congrats on watching out for everyone including being a standup guy with the education. Have to rethink the knife location in my boat. The angels were watching after you and I am sure it will be a day to remember. Alan
  427. Alan

    First Honker Hunt of the Season with a Suprise

    That rocks great report and stratedgy. Congrats Alan
  428. Alan

    Porpoise release...

    Catch of a life time good job on the release. Alan
  429. Alan

    1 pen raised pheasant

    A for effort new birds should be down next month.
  430. Alan

    pheasants and quail.....

    Nice bag congrats
  431. Alan

    Gustine ducks flying naked black bitch

    Carl a private club where my Dad is a member and Tom the dog got a real workout in the wind.
  432. Alan

    I got kid problems. Please vote so I can prove a point

    What are the rules of the house and consequences? Be thankful if they are not addicted to drugs or in jail. I think you need to look beyond the phone and discuss the trust issue from the lack of communication in the family (not necessarily your fault by the way).
  433. Alan

    Gustine ducks flying naked black bitch

    Windy day but managed a nice limit of Mallard, Sprig, Gadwall, and Ringnecks. Great time with Dad and the dogs. Sorry for the poor quality cellphone camera shot.
  434. Alan

    Ventura area dog training friend

    sounds Great. She loves duck hunting and basic hold, working with other dogs, obstacles, etc. Next couple of weeks weekends are tough but right after that would be great. Looking for someone to learn from a mutual standpoint. Thank you Alan
  435. Alan

    San Luis Obispo Hooping...

    In the late 80's I lived in Arroyo Grande and had a 14 foot gregor. Launched at avila all of the time and did some great rock crab while we went rockfishing. Checked every couple of hours and always had plenty for a great crab dinner. Used cut macks and fishheads for bait. Alan
  436. Alan

    Surveyor for Skipjack/riverside

    I would start by making a list of everthing lights etc and go through it. The main issue on older skipjacks are going to be the gas tank and stringers. Just plan on everything being wrong and bid accordingly with cash. That way if if does not break you still got a good deal. Buyers market...
  437. Alan

    Ventura area dog training friend

    Looking for new friends to work dogs together for duck hunting. Prefer located in Ventura area but any where withing 50 miles for midweek training would be great.
  438. Alan

    I need to vent

    Your absolutely correct. Everywhere In the past I have always complained. Several months ago my daughter in college and I went kayaking at Anacapa. She spent the first hour cleaning up shoreline trash then I stepped in. Bottom line we can decide to be part of the solution or part of the...
  439. Alan

    San Miguel fishing and buggin

    Great report love the smiles. congrats
  440. Alan

    Has anyone "leased/rented" or "sub-let" their boat before? Partnered with anyone?

    Depends on the partner. If you do it make sure they know what is involved in having a boat and the responsibility involved. Thank you for serving. Alan
  441. Alan

    1971 Skipjack 20 open OMC OD / Chevy 350

    10 years pull the plugs, squirt some oil in with a oil gun probly 30 drops or so. Crank engine intermittently 10 seconds at a time 10 times or so. New plugs and a little start fluid. Motor should fire right up. Make sure your running cold water with a flush adapter or old trashcan make sure...
  442. Alan

    A Couple

    Nice Fish Mike congrats
  443. Alan

    Transom mount bait pump? call larry he knows everything about all of the pumps.
  444. Alan

    First time hooping!!

    Good job on the bugs. Congrats Alan
  445. Alan

    1971 Skipjack 20 open OMC OD / Chevy 350

    Like the Outboard idea. Nice late model yamaha would rock. Forgot about the new impeller that is important. They are a pain in the butt to change especially since your likely to break off some of the bolts taking it apart. Your will probably need to reseal the outdrive and would know this by...
  446. Alan

    i need a replacement key

    local locksmith could probably make one or take apart and put a new module key in from pepboys or kragen for 15 bucks.
  447. Alan

    1971 Skipjack 20 open OMC OD / Chevy 350

    I had a 77 with an omc and sold it a year ago. Great boat. What type of shape is it in now? Lets see before you start change oil. Pull plugs. squirt some oil in the cylinders. turn over with plugs out. new plugs. new outdrive oil. vessel assist. check vhf radio/all safety stuff including...
  448. Alan

    BD sighting Los Banos

    I was at coast cattle gun club by gustine on sat/sun.
  449. Alan

    this could save your life. Solo guys, check it out.

    No barbless hooks and run less lines. Much easier with 2 people but that is the rule on my boat while alone. I don't want to rely on a handheld remote if I screw up. Like the other applications and you really can't be too safe. And not to hijack this thread 30 years ago I had to pull the...
  450. Alan

    this could save your life. Solo guys, check it out.

    Never thought about the dog application. She is with me most of the time.
  451. Alan

    Capt. Dave Hanson Strikes Again!!!!

    Congrats what a great reputation he has. Hope I get a lesson from him one day. What was the most important thing you learned that day?
  452. Alan

    this could save your life. Solo guys, check it out.

    I think it is a waste of money and a false sense of security. I go solo sometimes and one rule is never ever leave the helm with the boat in gear. Period not ever. If you have an auto pilot and fall over taking a piss it might me a good idea or a really bad idea when you go press the button...
  453. Alan

    MLPA can suck my.....

    It is a very complicated issue and the root of the whole problem is a politically run fish and game department. Terrible resource management. The new clousures will not fix anything except keep some commercial interests out.
  454. Alan

    Duck hunting help

    Good posts above. I would also suggest shooting a few rounds of skeet targets at the local gun club.
  455. Alan

    A first for the kid

    Congrats that is about the age I gave up bait for Jigs. 52-12=40 years ago. Back then a salas 2x-200 light in green and yellow was hot. Nice Calico. Alan
  456. Alan

    Heres to Jimmy...and death to the coyotes that roam the land

    I am sorry to hear that. Call it and kill it.
  457. Alan

    Where to launch in Vertura?

    Matthew nailed it above. Channel Islands a little farther out the channel. Closer to Anacapa and east Santa Cruz. Low tide at Ventura can be a little slippery so 4 wheel drive is a plus if retreiving a heavy boat at low tide. Have fun, Alan
  458. Alan

    Can i tow a Striper 2301 o/b with a truck towing capacity of 5,000lbs?

    How far and where? I would say no problem leave it out of overdrive the whole time and let the engine do the work going down hill.
  459. Alan


    Looks great I got rid of my 20 a year ago and now have the 25. What a difference with the enclosed area. Also the new boat has a heater off the volvo and it makes a world of difference on the cooler days. Look forward to seeing the final product. Congrats. Alan
  460. Alan

    Update on the "TANK"

    Great looking classic sled. Bet it rides nice.
  461. Alan


    Most of the existing money goes to "Admin", not the wardens. The existing dollars for the most part are not used for sound fish and game management from wardens to management practices. How many are actually going to buy an optional stamp? Throw in overpriced licenses and it is one more...
  462. Alan

    Hopefully not "once in a lifetime."

    Great report. congrats. Kids look old enough to decide where they want to stay. Fight for every extra minute if the ex will not come to her senses. By the way you will upgrade anyway in the future.
  463. Alan

    Newport to 209 area: 60# YFT

    Great report love the makeshift bait tank. congrats Alan
  464. Alan

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    Since you can maintain it yourself that is a big plus for diesel. I would imagine at 160 hp you will be stuck at displacement speed or so and will have to weigh that in.
  465. Alan

    Dang FNG

    Nice looking pup congrats. Can't wait to start splashing ducks in a few weeks.
  466. Alan

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    Good points above. How many hours a year are you going to use it? Diesels need to be run all of the time and fuel cycled. All things being equal diesel probably higher resale.
  467. Alan

    drain gas tank

    Trailer boat? If so run a fuel line through the outside drain hookup to your fuel filter outlet and siphon off. Slow but easy..........Nothing to burn up and no spill/mess
  468. Alan

    bait pump problem

    Has it always been a problem or a new to u boat? Sounds like an intake problem is there anything stuck in the impeller or the intake?
  469. Alan

    boat upgrade?

    "At the moment Im not sure how Im going to get it in the driveway. Thinking maybe a forklift or tractor or something. Will let you know how it goes over the next couple weeks. The thing measures 38' tongue to prop." Cute I did the same thing and since I have a great neighbor park it at an...
  470. Alan

    I can't believe this shit!

    "I'm all for Capital and Corporal punishment with regards to sex offenders." No capital punishment necessary. Better to leave in Prison to rot forever with no luxuries such as TV and no early release.
  471. Alan

    I can't believe this shit!

    Good posts above. Teachers are overworked. Set up several parents to be at drop off in am early and help in classroom for a few hours. With adults around keeps the losers away.
  472. Alan

    boat upgrade?

    It actually becomes much more complicated. I upgraded last year from a 20 foot skipjack to a 25 foot skipjack. More prep/harder to toe/backup. More expensive to maintain. Insuranace is more taxes are more. More fuel. Harder to do quick afternoon trips. Would I do it again. YES the...
  473. Alan

    Cat 8/24-25

    Sorry to hear about the outdrive. Sounds like a nice day out and think of the money you saved in gas........
  474. Alan

    8.9.9 suggestions

    West. Just kidding the best thing you can do is take your honey for a nice walk on the beach and tell her how lucky you are to have her in your life. Congrats on the new baby coming.
  475. Alan

    Great SCI Trip

    What a great trip. Sounds like the candy bait and the guide were great decisions.
  476. Alan

    Wireless computer problem...

    We can wire/wireless anything up to 5 miles. If you can pull a cat5 cable that would probably be best.
  477. Alan

    Donnas' First White

    Congrats nice fish
  478. Alan

    Drinking and boating

    Captains should not be drinking while in charge of the boat. If something goes wrong you are responsible.
  479. Alan

    yamaha t8 won't crank

    Good point above as manually I will believe it will start in gear. I had the same problem with mine and has a great mechanic. You can check power at the starter and work your way through. I had this weird problem where the tilt indicator flowed through and it was defective...
  480. Alan

    Coronado Islands MUST READ

    They probably have very advanced monitoring technology and you can bet it does not work. You can also bet no matter what the rules are they will do what they want to. By the time its over someones boat or two will be seized.
  481. Alan

    24' Skipjack Custom...what do you think??

    26ft Skipjack - Coastside Fishing Club Classifieds Here is one to buy. Your looking for something like this in the deal range. No affiliation but maybe dinner/trip for birddogging lol. Good Luck, Alan
  482. Alan

    24' Skipjack Custom...what do you think??

    That boat has been on the market forever. A good galvanized trailer new is 10k and used 3-5 k. I would buy it cheap enough so if you had a major problem you could put a new engine in and not be so upside down. 7-10 k would be the range depending upon electronics. Lots of good deals on boats...
  483. Alan

    Launch Ramps

    Good posts above but the tip of catalina is 55 or so miles from ci harbor. Your in West hills so maybe it would be better to drive the traffic. One more option for you.
  484. Alan

    Fishing license ticket

    Was he fishing at the time the dfg came up to you?
  485. Alan

    WTF/Fishing report

    Smart move turning around could of been much worse.
  486. Alan

    Piru Creek...

    Pack a gun. that way if you get shot at you can shoot back.
  487. Alan

    Two Broken Wrists

    I am sincerely sorry that happened to you. You have the option to feel sorry or look at it like a blessing. First it could be much worse and second make the most out of it as you will be forced to use your brain for everything. If you need anything give me a call or if your up in Ventura...
  488. Alan

    Anyone know the top speed

    Normally you rate the boat by engine running at rated wide open rpm. A handheld gps would also give you a good idea. My guess is that boat would do 30 mph or so in great weather but I don't think I would really want to be on it going that fast, especially if I had to pay the fuel bill.
  489. Alan

    Seals to be hit with noise, water

    "$688,934 a year." a $ 2.00 box of 22 ammo would do more. No wonder our state is broke. What a waste of financial resources.
  490. Alan

    .......SBI 5/16

    Nice report and good effort.
  491. Alan

    White Shark attack

    I guess Ray and his friend will remember that day. Did he keep the last 1/4 of the wsb lol. Hate to say it but the best thing they could do would be to go back to that spot and look for the gun, preferably together. Glad everyone is safe.
  492. Alan

    Sat 4 girls 2 boys Rockfish/Sandbass

    Nice pick on the bottom critters today. Went for a double date. Fishing was great and no one wanted to leave. Weather was calm which surprised me based on the NOAA forecast. Great whale show while fishing.
  493. Alan

    What size solar panel do I need?

    1.5 watt will keep your batteries topped off but take forever to charge especially if your occasionally using some items like your stereo. The 7 watt will charge your batteries. Make sure they have a regulator that turns off the current when the battery is full.
  494. Alan

    Can I run 12 and 24 volt power?

    What are you hooking up and what is the current draw?
  495. Alan

    Bait Tank Lights Needed. If he does not have it he will know where.
  496. Alan

    I need a kicker bracket Check here bet someone can help. The manager up at North River dealer in Sacramento is going out on his own and could also probably help. Good luck Alan
  497. Alan

    OMC Outdrive

    aku has a great option. I had my omc in my 20 until I sold it. It was a great outdrive with 2 rebuilds for 25+years of service. Yes old technology now but state of athe art back then. Pull the drive off/pull the engine/ keep the shift stuff. You can use the drive and put the rest on ebay...
  498. Alan

    Wonder who got this guy upset??

    I bet he missed his anger management class.
  499. Alan

    I need a boat to chase to Catalina

    Good posts above. Why not work on going up the coast 10-20 miles a few times to be more comfortable with the range and honing your navigational skills. The fact you acknowledge your scared is a great sign. Maybe put 40 or 50 hours of longer coast trips under your belt before you make that...
  500. Alan

    YIKES California registrations went UP!!

    yep and add a few more now
  501. Alan

    YIKES California registrations went UP!!

    Yep he promised to reverse the high registration costs as I recall. Sorry for not being clear. Our Government sucks and it is really sad with the amount of resources we have.
  502. Alan

    So, what about an EPIRB?

    I was involved in a commercial fishing accident in the 70's. Right off the istmus. Nice warm Santa Ana evening. We were picked up by Santa Barbara Island. Bring a wetsuit and water somebody will find you eventually. You do not want to get cold or thirsty.
  503. Alan

    383 stroker + Skipjack 24 open= ????

    What is the max rpm for that drive? I believe my duo porp is 4500 or so
  504. Alan

    YIKES California registrations went UP!!

    As I recall Arnold promised not to do that at the election. I can see a little increase just one more reason people will leave. The truth is they need to slim down the admin and some benefits that the private sector does not have.
  505. Alan

    383 stroker + Skipjack 24 open= ????

    And the stress on the drive..............
  506. Alan

    prop for dana round 2

    Valley prop in Ventura does good repair work and O also got a great deal on a new prop on ebay.
  507. Alan


    I think your crazy to go alone in one car. There are plenty of hijackings in the last year. It is simply not worth the risk unless you go in an expedition with a group that sticks together.
  508. Alan

    Northstar F210 Fuel Flow Meter anyone using?

    I put one on and love it. 1/3 the price of a flowscan and I had a small 2 INCH hole already that was not being used. You have to mount the sensor vertical and I made a small holding bracket from some left over starboard. Sure helped me find sweet spot/trim to minimize fuel consumption. Alan
  509. Alan

    10 year old little girl lands 35 pound halibut

    Congrats that will be a day to remember.
  510. Alan

    omc to be or not to be

    I had one on my old skipjack 20 1977 that I sold last year. It was a great outdrive for its time. It is probably more expensive to maintain than other drives and if you need major work done few people can work on it that know what there doing. If you have the dough and are putting in a new...
  511. Alan

    Damn scammers/liars

    "while you chase him, let him have it. Make sure hes on your property when you do it, and not in" So you shot two people in the back?
  512. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    Where do you plan on launching from? Thank you Alan
  513. Alan

    Bamfield / Barkley Sound in June

    Pete I will be coming up that way. What type of telecom work do you do?
  514. Alan

    Would this do okay in the salt

    What type of boating will you be using it for? the bay fine, coronados or islands no.
  515. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    How long of a run from Townsend to Tasasis? And do you stop for fuel? Thank you
  516. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    I did not think about clearing customs on the way back. Th main reason I was thinking of launching out of the us was less cost putting the boat on the ferry. I am use to longer 30-50 mile runs and thought that would be easier. I will change my dates. For those who have posted and sent pm I...
  517. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    Great pictures Thank you for the advice all
  518. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    Thank you very much. How are the crowds in July compared with June and it appears the weather would be better?
  519. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    Thank you ThunderMudder and all.......
  520. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    No problem I really appreciate everyone's input. Thinking leaving June 5 or so to the 23 with 2 days up and 2 days back travel included. That would give me 2 weeks on the island. Neah/Bainfield/uclelet Broken Islands/Telfino/Tahsis. That would put me 150 miles or so up on a straight shot. I...
  521. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    Thank you very much everyone for your thoughts. Alan
  522. Alan

    Water puppy bait pump??

    Dump it good posts above. Main thing is to get the new pump mounted below the water line. One good feature of the water puppy as I recall it can be mounted above the water line so you may need to do a little replumbing. New pump will be much quieter also. Call Larry from
  523. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    Ultimately I would like to go around the island but I don't think I will have enough time. I love fishing but sightseeing will be most important on this trip. We plan on camping on the boat most of the time and maybe staying in a few marinas for a dinner out and a hot shower. I am thinking...
  524. Alan

    Best Overall Pilothouse

    skipjack 25 fisherman
  525. Alan

    coffee maker for 25 skipjack fisherman?

    Thank you for all the comments. Have the honda generator. think I will put a inverter/small microwave.
  526. Alan

    Son made New Record for Sand Bass

    Congratulations you should be really proud of yourself to put him in that position to catch that fish.
  527. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    Did you consider launching closer ie seattle/Port angeles/ and enjoy the ride up. I love fishing but sightseeing will be ok also.
  528. Alan

    coffee maker for 25 skipjack fisherman?

    Any advice here. Thinking small microwave/inverter or 12 volt coffee maker? Thank you Alan
  529. Alan

    Favorite trolling lure color

    red white feather for trolling green/yellow tady 45 light for jigging
  530. Alan

    advice needed for lobster hooping in LB & HB

    Most guys wont give away there favorite spots. The answer is yes to both right by the wall and any rocks. Try different areas and try to put your nets where the scent will drift into the rocks to attract them. don't leave much extra line floating around or it may get stuck in your...
  531. Alan

    Whale wars another PETA thing

    Why can't we all get along and get them to start harvesting seals instead of whales.
  532. Alan

    Any Appliance Experts?

    Same thing on mine found the water shoute was plugged. If nothing in it defrost it but if filled simply check and see if water is built up in the back of the icemaker. good luck
  533. Alan

    Sciatic nerve is flaring up, anybody get this problem?

    A good chiropractor. Dr. Brant Gerckens/Ventura ca is a little far away but he may be able to refer you someone. His personal number is 805-901-2122 tell him alan from Advantage referred you. Saved me and 2 of my buddies from surgery over the years.
  534. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    Honey and I are planning a trip probably in May? Leaving from Port Angeles or ? towing the boat up from Central California. 2 weeks or so fishing around the Island, camping, fishing, sight seeing. and staying in some harbors on our boat. any suggestions such as charts, books, suggestions would...
  535. Alan

    Mission Bay Sportfishing-We're Not Leaving

    Sorry you are going through it. Sounds like a headache and if they do not want you there maybe you can find a better place.
  536. Alan

    2 best days of boat owner life BS

    Congrats hang in there bertter times ahead. If up in Ventura give me a shout for a ride. Alan
  537. Alan

    Morro Bay

    150+ miles off and poor weather.
  538. Alan

    aluminum welder

    Barry's sheet metal in costa mesa makes tanks including all of the tanks for Skipjack. They can copy your old tank exactly and have a good reputation.
  539. Alan

    Where can i get cheap Rockfish Jigs?

    Avila pier up in San Luis Obispo has great prices on all of the Jax jigs. I take the honey up to the apple farms around there, lunch and walk around the pier/town. Save 20$ on jigs and spend 50-150 lunch + gas. quality time-priceless lol.
  540. Alan

    Some Help for a Total Newbee

    You bring up some good questions. Plan for the worst. I.E. What if your little boat got lost in a fog bank. Would you know which compass heading to use. Handheld gps and maybe handheld vhf radio with charged batteries that you feel comfortable using. Flares and a signal flag would also be...
  541. Alan

    aluminum welder

    Good posts above. If you do not get a new tank you will always worry about the leak to come and put you, your family, and friends in danger. The tempo tank is a good low cost replacement. Check around maybe find a new one that has not been used.
  542. Alan

    Fix or repower?

    I wanted something a little bigger and found a used boat that I wanted with a brand new trailer and engine outdrive package with 50 hours on it. Yes 50 and got a great deal. I think your correct with your analysis with the new motor. If you really like the boat and it will meet your needs for...
  543. Alan

    undersized bug

    By the way I went to court on a violation and prevailed. The Judge normally makes fair decisions. Its a hassle you have to plead not guilty and then go back another day. The courthouse is close to where I live and work and I have allot of flexibility. Just be honest and respectful with the...
  544. Alan

    New 28 Cat Richcraft

    Nice looking ride. What type of fuel burn?
  545. Alan

    Anything I need to know about a 1969 Open Skipjack?

    Great boat had one for 20+ years and recently sold. Has a wet bilge so be careful if water gets on board. also mine had 2 drains because of a shell hull and drained both. Reliably got 3 mpg keep it barely on plain at 21 knots or so.
  546. Alan

    What is a good price?

    low nada value
  547. Alan

    Fix or repower?

    I think you need to consider if this is a boat you want to keep for a long time. I would not rebuild buy new because of fuel technology or sell and upgrade.
  548. Alan

    undersized bug

    Plead not guilty. Seems like you took responsible measures. As I recall there was a situation in the past where the fish and game measure was wrong and hundreds had been cited. How short was it? I would want to measure the gauge that was used.
  549. Alan

    This guy got off WAAAAYYY to EASY!!

    They took away his mean of making a living and fined him. If it was a first offense seems reasonable to harsh.
  550. Alan

    New guy saying hi!

    Go points above. Look for structure and fish on your fishfinder and try to plan your bait presentation to land close to them. For example if you see a rock with fish on it you will need to figure out the drift direction and either anchor or drift above the spot. same idea with a kelp bed you...
  551. Alan

    Rosa Sat- Mon 9/1

    Great pictures and sounds like an exciting weekend. Alan
  552. Alan

    Need Help Got water in my fuel tank.

    Why don't you just pump it out-put in in your truck-and replace with new. If you have a fuel separating filter why should there be a problem unless it is constantly full?
  553. Alan

    22-250... Rate of twist????????

    Interesting post. My 22-250 bdl never shoot great until I started doing my own reloads and increased the overall lenth of the cartridge to just mark the bullet. I had to increase the length several mm.
  554. Alan

    Advice on New Windlass/Anchor Skipjack 25

    Thank you everyone for your advice. Alan
  555. Alan

    Advice on New Windlass/Anchor Skipjack 25

    Never thought about pulling the power from the main electrical box. Figured I would need to go back to the battery. The boat is extremely clean and has low hours on the new duoprop/engine. Can't wait to get it dialed in.
  556. Alan

    Windlass for 24 Skipjack Open

    I am looking for one for my 25. Thinking of the Lewmar 700 profish freefall.
  557. Alan

    Advice on New Windlass/Anchor Skipjack 25

    Thank you pictures would be great. I anchor all the time and am looking forward to the windlass as I passed the 50 year mark....
  558. Alan

    Advice on New Windlass/Anchor Skipjack 25

    Appreciate the quick reply. So I am thinking out loud here maybe Lewmar 700/ Lewmar 22 lb plow anchor/25 feet of 3/8 chain and 250 feet of 1/2 inch braid? Please keep the comments coming.
  559. Alan

    Advice on New Windlass/Anchor Skipjack 25

    Need some advice. I purchased a new to me skipjack 25 Fisherman currently own a 20. I would like to install a windlass on this one and it needs a new anchor package. The anchor hole is relatively shallow so I am inclined to believe a horizontal windlass would be better. I am also thinking of...
  560. Alan

    I wanna rant about divorce

    Maybe if you did a better job loving her she would of stayed. Truly sorry to hear about your divorce mine cost me millions....Bride of 18 years ran off with the business partner of 13. There is a upside you will be able to upgrade and learn a few lessons. Good luck, Alan
  561. Alan

    New Boat Needs a Name Suitable for 2 Women!

    Name it after your Dad or if she doesnt like that a favorite boyfriend.
  562. Alan

    In Memory

    Mike-Sorry to hear about Mom. Sounds like a epic trip. Alan