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  1. Clockwork

    Squids in tha house

    Where we're you? I can't see any need to run a hog line for squid. I was the only boat where I was. But In the past when we've fished alki with other boats we just toss anchor along the shore away from the dock. If it's calm we anchor in close proximity to others to maximize the lighting.
  2. Clockwork

    Squids in tha house

    Only issue is if those light bars are 12v and your power supply is 24v.
  3. Clockwork

    Looking for help on Marine Area 8-2

    Pm @Nosecrets for his MA7 cords and get to catching right away
  4. Clockwork

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    Yeah but slam a pilothouse on that shit, slap an "offshore ocean pro" decal on it and boom, instant northwest favorite.
  5. Clockwork

    Squids in tha house

    I bought a couple 2ft LED light bars from amazon. I hang them off each side. Those on a single deep cycle will go almost all night. Anchor is preferred but on a calm night you can drift and do well.
  6. Clockwork

    Squids in tha house

    Maybe but to be honest I prefer squid to any fish on the table
  7. Clockwork

    Squids in tha house

    Guy's cycle through there at a pretty good rate so if you stick around you can back fill. Also if you got a good light setup you are VIP and usually guys will be glad to let you setup next to theme. That being said, fuck the dock if you got a boat.
  8. Clockwork

    Squids in tha house

    Took Clockwork Auxiliary (wife's pontoon) out to redondo last night. Picked a good night. We anchored a little ways off the Marine bio pier and ripped squid from about 10pm into the wee hours of the next day. Dock was also packed and on fire but good luck finding a spot to squeeze in. Also...
  9. Clockwork

    Trailer VIN Location?

    Isn't it on your title? Or is that the problem? Usually seen mine near the point where the trailer wishbones
  10. Clockwork

    Coyote's and Pets

    No, this is reality: you're an irresponsible dog owner and a coyote would still brutally kill it given the opportunity. I just can't believe you don't own a bunch of pitbulls.
  11. Clockwork

    Paulsbo Marina is a Joke

    Next time you tell this story, leave out the part where you called and they told you they shut the pumps off a "4pm sharp". Sucks but first world problems are fucking awesome!
  12. Clockwork

    Coyote's and Pets

    CCI makes CB longs. They don't cycle semi auto but you got a straight pull bolt action then. Head shot problem solved. Lots of options and this is just one.
  13. Clockwork

    Coyote's and Pets

    22 CB long is what you need. Makes almost no noise out of a rifle and has adequate ballistics to ruin a coyotes day. Doesn't sound like a gunshot at all.
  14. Clockwork

    1990 Grady White Marlin

    Don't undercut me man!
  15. Clockwork

    Minimum age for tuna fishing

    Plenty of grown ass men who are not ready for tuna fishing. Depends on the dad and kid.
  16. Clockwork

    Fab and Rigging Services

    Pms to be sent momentarily I've been off grid hunting
  17. Clockwork

    Fab and Rigging Services

    Not sure if this is a forum violation but i thought I'd throw this up here since I'm advertising elsewhere. Looking for some side work to fund some projects this winter. If you need any fab work or boat rigging let me know and I'll see what I can do. I can make all sorts of aluminum items such...
  18. Clockwork

    New bait tank

    Looks good! If the sloshing gets to be a problem you can always add a reversed lip.
  19. Clockwork

    Another Open Seat 10/7

    Ok. Sorry I thought you said 7th wouldn't work.
  20. Clockwork

    Another Open Seat 10/7

    So we cancelled this week due to weather. Rescheduling and Going for broke on the 7th. Who's in?
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  22. Clockwork


    We suck at being racists. The president was black, my doctor is asian, Quan is an engineer, my wife is Vietnamese, my son is mixed. We failed
  23. Clockwork

    Lower unit knockKnock does not rise and fall with engine speed

    Doesn't sound like anything critical if the knock isn't correlated with rpm. Can't think of anything in the lower units that turns at that rate. Are you positive it's the lower?
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  25. Clockwork


  26. Clockwork

    Anyone else making a tuna run on Wed??

    Been a long time since I caught a tuna on the north side of 15/15
  27. Clockwork

    Open Seat WP Tuna Saturday

    Open seat available this Saturday for Westport tuna. Need 1 more for a 5 man crew. Expect the normal 5 way split of fuel, ice, bait. Disclaimer: If weather looks shitty we will push it to the next friday
  28. Clockwork

    Tuna Mania

    Only the capt is allowed to distribute numbahs
  29. Clockwork

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Why is everyone thinking this is the last hurrah? Seems like things are just getting started. We're going next weekend.
  30. Clockwork

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    It ain't trout fishing. NOW GO SIT IN THE CORNER!!
  31. Clockwork

    Westport Weather forecast report?

    If you like lower lows and higher highs first read the Noaa pinpoint forecast which will tell you you're weather is fucked for that day, then click over to magic seaweed which will tell you it's gonna be a cakewalk.
  32. Clockwork


    Anyone who names their boat "why knot" is, in fact, a jack wagon
  33. Clockwork

    Boat Trailer bearing question.

    More bearings fail due to being over torqued but there is a limit. A slight wiggle is normal. Why not jack it up, pop the bearing buddy and find out? Maybe you'll find a rusty bearing or maybe you"ll find that the nut is a bit loose.
  34. Clockwork

    Grady White Marlin 28 w/4 stroke power

    Thanks for the endorsement ryan! Currently not anything wrong with it other than What was wrong with it was extensive and I have a pretty good record of the repairs. I did all the work except for the fiberglass. Has just under $30k in fiberglass work done. I will be running it on the 30th if...
  35. Clockwork

    Grady White Marlin 28 w/4 stroke power

    Not much anymore just the shit I listed in the exceptions section but kind of blew my wad fixing it up so...
  36. Clockwork

    Grady White Marlin 28 w/4 stroke power

    This is #6 in 13 years. I have no attention span. But I'm working on it and getting better every day!
  37. Clockwork

    Grady White Marlin 28 w/4 stroke power

    1989 grady white marlin 28. 30ft overall, 10.5 ft wide. Engines: twin 2008 suzuki 250 4 strokes with 350 hours. All new filters, new fluids, new pumps etc. No corrosion, run great, stainless 4 blade props. 42kt top speed. Electronics: Raymarine e120 fishfinder/radar/gps. Raymarine auto pilot...
  38. Clockwork

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    I guarantee there is no "engineering" in their trailer design. Good luck getting calcs. I beam size doesn't mean much until we know the spans and supports. What is the trailer layout? If the spans are short you can get away with fairly small beam. Of course bigger is better. Sorry to hear your...
  39. Clockwork

    Help out a brotha?

    I usually fish them shallower. In the a.m. I typically run 30 to 45ft deep.
  40. Clockwork

    Saturday TUNA Run ??

    Please come back with Intel that says there at the 125.00
  41. Clockwork

    Fleet of Commercials

    Well short of our destination On our run out a couple weeks ago we ran past a large group of commercial boats some of which were dragging what I believe was troll gear. This was somewhere about 40/50 or 55. There were birds and dolphins everywhere. And on normal years these could be tuna cords...
  42. Clockwork

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    20%? Y'all need longer pickup tunes. Make sure the pickup is long enough, you have adequate baffling and the pickup is aft and you should be fine
  43. Clockwork

    Tuna Map, 9/10 Coastwatch

    So the fish seem to want 65 degrees this year when 59 to 60 is usually the ticket?
  44. Clockwork

    WTB VHF Radio

    Before I buy a new one I'll just check and see if anyone here has a nice unit laying around that might want to offload it. Lmk
  45. Clockwork

    Ash from rust spots

    Mine got it bad. Comes off smooth gelcoat ok but it's down in the non skid finish and ain't coming out easy.
  46. Clockwork

    Crossing the Grays harbor bar

    I would by far rather cross a nasty bar in the light than a calm bar in the dark. Way too many crab sets and shit to foul on. My rule of thumb is to cross whenever I feel like it and turn back if necessary. I've never had to turn back. Imo the hazard of the bar is primarily on the return with...
  47. Clockwork

    17' ARIMA Sea Chaser w/Shrimp, Crab, Fishing Gear

    I can't see anything wrong with making an offer but after the sea trial? And then the comment about being hard up? Come on maN! What a douche. Can you describe him?
  48. Clockwork

    Tuna 9-1

    Oops sorry I wrote it backwards. I meant to say wind was southerly (blowing south to north) in the morning then turned to a northerly (north to south) in the afternoon.
  49. Clockwork

    Tuna 9-1

    Late report but since intel seems to be at a premium these days I'll report out. Got a lackadaisical start Friday. Maiden fishing trip for the new clockwork. We loaded up 2 scoops and headed out. I don't believe there was a single trailer in the lot and all the six packs appeared to be grounded...
  50. Clockwork

    85 Tiderunner gas tank

    If it's poly you don't need to elevate it if there is a floor for it. If its right agaibst the bottom of the bilge then its best to have room for water to pass under. it depends on your bilge design. For alum tanks You just donthe want to put aluminum directly against the floor cause it traps...
  51. Clockwork

    85 Tiderunner gas tank

    Also check to see if there is a moeller below deck poly tank in a size that would work. Takes a little digging to find a list of sizes but they may have one and it will be cheaper than a custom tank.
  52. Clockwork

    85 Tiderunner gas tank

    Ive made a few tanks. I just made a couple 110 gallon tanks for the new boat. There's pics on here somewhere. Aluminum is generally preferred to fiberglass.
  53. Clockwork

    "Fully Loaded" Rebuild and Upgrade!

    Lookin sweet. Like the white zuke and bracket. Your making super fast progress. Nice diamond plate work. However better bring a welding hood cause it's gonna blind you. I used to get that shit for near free so I made everything out of it until I couldn't stand it anymore. Slippery too despite...
  54. Clockwork

    22' Boat rescued Westport today

    Boat manufacturers need to rethink how they design thru hulls and access hatches. There are far too many potential fail points on many boats including mine. Gotta keep close tabs on that stuff. It's been nasty out there in the afternoon. We got ourselves in a precarious situation yesterday...
  55. Clockwork

    Tuna 8-30

    Headed out tomorrow morning. We got steel leaders. Fuck it. I'll yard blues in if need be.
  56. Clockwork

    "Fully Loaded" Rebuild and Upgrade!

    Yeah buddy and to think just a few days ago you were considering those old take offs! Good call way to git r done
  57. Clockwork

    250 yamaha or 300 suzuki???

    Ok, I'm just telling you what I would do. The stories of 5000 hour motors are nice to hear but they aren't the norm. 1400 is pretty high hours in my opinion. Sure you're correct that you don't necessarily want a motor that has sat but I don't recommend that either. But I also don't know his...
  58. Clockwork

    Open Seat Friday WP Tuna

    Looks like we have a seat (a space on the floor for your beanbag actually) open for a tuna trip this Friday. A bit of a shakedown cruise but should be a good time.
  59. Clockwork

    250 yamaha or 300 suzuki???

    Unless it's a screaming deal, I wouldn't touch an ex charter outboard with unknown hours. And I also wouldn't repower with an engine with 1400 hours either. Again, unless it's just too good a deal to pass up. I know you want a quick turn around but I would take my time In this situation.
  60. Clockwork

    Buddy Boat Friday?

    Sounds good if you wanna hook up lmk or if you wanna split a tote
  61. Clockwork

    Buddy Boat Friday?

    Looking to make the maiden tuna run on the boat. Given the boats track record thus far it seems prudent to run with another boat that can at least report back the location of our demise. So anyone wanna run friday outta westport?
  62. Clockwork

    launchers at last

    How do you guys reach the ones up top? I made mine wrap around the lower outside of the hardtop cause no one could reach then if they were in a double row launcher on my boat. I also went vertical so they dont get in the way of those bombing jigs. I do think the double swept back style looks...
  63. Clockwork

    Offshore Advice - 21' Thunder Jet OS Feedback

    Seems like when a builder ads a name like "offshore" or "ocean pro" to a model it usually means the opposite of that
  64. Clockwork

    Offshore Advice - 21' Thunder Jet OS Feedback

    Never take a wife boat shopping unless they're paying
  65. Clockwork

    Good Morning in MA11

    Looks like he's got a bleed bucket to me. Fish head down in a bucket of bloody water. Solid. Nice days work right there
  66. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Run

    Sounds good, let's touch base about a week ahead and coordinate. @slicklasers also.
  67. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Run

    Looking to form a small flotilla of boats for an overnight tuna run. Currently I am eyeballing the weekends of the 16th or 23rd if conditions are favorable. Figure we will run out around midday Saturday and fish the afternoon/evening then drop a tuna cadaver down deep on a heavy line at night...
  68. Clockwork

    Hard to know what's doing on the tuna front

    For God sakes. Honestly, if Tunas were always just a 30 Mile milk run away all summer would it even be fun?
  69. Clockwork

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    Who wants to eat them nasty ass fish?
  70. Clockwork

    "Fully Loaded" Rebuild and Upgrade!

    patched you say?
  71. Clockwork

    Hard to know what's doing on the tuna front

    Used to be albacore didn't even show up in numbers until august. I think the panic stems from a few exceptional years in a row. That said, last year and thus far this year are concerning. Aren't albacore absent from some parts of their former range?
  72. Clockwork

    Washington Tuna Invitational

    Unfortunately the culprit was my replacement crew. I was not on board and the crew was in disagreement about the move. They were duly threatened by the charter.
  73. Clockwork

    WTC results..

    Details of the DQ......?
  74. Clockwork

    Need advice /help on EOH brakes

    Have you checked voltage from the truck side? Pin 2 is brakes. Check and see if you're getting continuous voltage from that pin even if the brakes are off. Then move closer to the actuator. Figure out what's supplying the voltage I can't see it being the breakaway since I believe all units use...
  75. Clockwork

    IO Mechanic Edmonds Area

    I dont have a recommendation but Sounds very much like a fuel supply issue to me. Needs more fuel at high rims and probably sacking the bowl dry. Had this very similar thing happen with an outboard. Ended up being a partially clogged up anti siphon valve. Had a piece of cloth stuck in there...
  76. Clockwork

    Hope this is over (man up)

    Why not just change your name and be done with the bs.
  77. Clockwork

    canvas top question

    I think there's at least as much if not more wear from unsnapping it and wrapping it up as there is from trailering. I always left mine up.
  78. Clockwork

    Fishfinder cable Holes near the water line...

    Silicone has very little adhesive properties. In that install, what's really holding it on? You can easily brush silicone off and it breaks down. 5200 is designed for below the waterline installs. It's a sealant adhesive. So it stays in place. Why drill holes below the waterline when you...
  79. Clockwork

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    Marine lube will mix with water. This stuff does not. Interesting excerpt though. I will look into this. Normally contaminated oil will be milky but in this case the oil was separated and does not mix.
  80. Clockwork

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    I'll trade you for distributor problems...
  81. Clockwork

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    Judging by the timeline I'm guessing they've been like this a year or more. I figure the guts are shot. And the straight gear oil blows my mind. Very apprehensive about running them as is but the water is not rusty and it does operate fine so I'm not sure. One had line wrapped up and it's very...
  82. Clockwork

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    This just happened. After months of fiberglass woes and working late nights trying to git r back into fish able condition I went to change out the lower unit fluid and found this. And get this: both motors are this way. That's not even lower unit fluid. It's standard gear oil as it does not mix...
  83. Clockwork

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    Looks like I'll probably rebuild this one myself or buy new. Just trying to git r back up and running quick.
  84. Clockwork

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    Thanks. I have called everyone. Unfortunately no counter lowers.
  85. Clockwork

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    Shot in the dark but if anyone has a counter rotating lower unit for a suzuki df250 lmk. Looks like I'm down unless I can round a good used unit up in a hurry.
  86. Clockwork

    Almost sank me boat

    Imo any manufacturer who puts plastic fittings below the WL should be held fully liable. Better call insurance as stated earlier
  87. Clockwork

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    because its gonna be a good year for their dividend
  88. Clockwork

    Having engine trouble

    how the hell did you get that motor started in the first place? worst dist I ever saw.
  89. Clockwork

    WTC pre-party

    wow I just got invited to a party!!!
  90. Clockwork

    Having engine trouble

    maybe try running on flat water and have a buddy jiggle wires and see what happens. what happens when you are cruising smoothly and then hammer down? should be a similar load to hitting a wave. also when you say cuts out does it just sputter or die? maybe distributor?
  91. Clockwork

    WTC Boat Entry Available

    is it too late? I think I may know a crew.
  92. Clockwork

    Dying to tuna fish

    I can't see owning a 28 duck and paying for charters. Throw up an open seat offer and you'll have a full crew in a couple hours most likely.
  93. Clockwork

    Kicker troubles...

    the spray is fine but ive seen many people just shoot it down the throat of a running engine,
  94. Clockwork

    Kicker troubles...

    classic plugged main jet. youll have to disassemble the carb and clean it thoroughly. the main jets are relatively large orifice(s) so its easy to clean them out but the smaller idle passageways are a little harder to clean. usually bathe the components in cleaner for a day or so an hit it with...
  95. Clockwork

    Canadian fisherman survives sexual assault by dozens of seals

    Love is blind when you come from behind Glad it worked out for both sides
  96. Clockwork

    Tuna Patience, Dead Bait Seminar Notes

    The cool kids said live bait is the in thing so everybody loses their minds over it. (I sense jigs are next) !Viva cedar plugs!
  97. Clockwork

    Zuk motor trim issue

    The switch on the helm and the switch on the motor have different power sources so it seems most likely that the problem lies at the solenoid.
  98. Clockwork

    Crab pot thieves....

    Revenue checks save lives
  99. Clockwork

    Thursday/Friday overnighter

    Was it all rivers? I believe another charter is running at least 1 other guadalupe
  100. Clockwork

    San Juans camping/cruising info needed

    If at all possible go in the middle of the week. There's a ton of campsites all over as had already been covered but there's also millions of hipsters with kayaks too so you'll have plenty of competition for those spots.
  101. Clockwork

    Boat storage?

    if they sell it off in quarter sections maybe gotta love adds with no price listed
  102. Clockwork

    Crab pot thieves....

    I would have first hit the pot theif with a spinning back fist, a few mule kicks, knock him down with a superman punch, get in a few soccer kicks then finish up with some ground N pound. But then again that's just me.
  103. Clockwork

    troubleshooting/fixing power steering leak???

    is it JIC or pipe threads? if its JIC you have to be very careful not to over torque and also make sure there is nothing on the mating surfaces. if its pipe thread, remove it, add Teflon tape and reinstall. maybe youll get lucky and it will be an o-ring face fitting. then you just go get a new...
  104. Clockwork

    Crab pot thieves....

    I think pot pilfering is grossly overreported. so many times ive put a string of pots together and some will go blank and some will be full. at minimum you need to catch them in the act before doing anything.
  105. Clockwork

    In put on last weekend

    were you marking any fish? sounds like you were running the gear a little far back but shouldn't be a deal breaker. X raps and cedar sticks are my troll go to but I have had times where they wanted something more subtle like swimbaits at about 4kts. but then its always hard to tell, did you...
  106. Clockwork


    I went on a salmon charter out of Westport for a few years for a work party and the careless, almost malicious, way they handled wild fish or any fish not legal to keep really ruined my perception of the charter business. I don't care if it was in a livewell anyways, im sure the stress alone...
  107. Clockwork

    2007 Yamaha 150's

    I repowered an old boat with a single counter rotator. all you gotta do is adjust the little trim tab fin. I would try to sell as a pair or mark them up as singles cause your time is money and you'll have to spend more time selling them as singles. seems like a great deal for 6k ea
  108. Clockwork

    Any bait tanks laying around?

    I got a plastic 55 g drum you can have. you can cut it down and make a serviceable bait tank pretty cheap and easy.
  109. Clockwork

    Things not to do while fishing

    do not say "we got ____in the box" cause my dad will lose his shit and talk about those jackasses all day. if you need to hold a conversation pick up the phone. think youre cool? nobody cares about your bullshit. same chatty cathys every time. don't tie up 16 with radio checks or weather report...
  110. Clockwork

    Financing for Older Boats?

    ill pay myself interest all day
  111. Clockwork

    Financing for Older Boats?

    So are you gonna tell us what boat youre buying or what?
  112. Clockwork

    Westport Washington tuna questions from a newbie

    according to this forum to fish tuna on your own boat you must first spend 2 seasons on a 6 pack charter, 2 seasons as a hoe with a seasoned crew and attend a minimum of 4 tuna seminars.
  113. Clockwork

    Lower unit maintenance

    quicksilver is a mercury brand so that's why they say to use that. once a year is adequate and far better than 90% of people do. in my opinion it doesn't really need to be changed that often but its good to check it for water intrusion and make sure its topped off. its a simple gear drive...
  114. Clockwork

    Tuna Charter

    says here that you own a 22 arima. hammer down!
  115. Clockwork

    Financing for Older Boats?

    401K? but you probably already thought of that.
  116. Clockwork

    Things not to do while fishing

    never guarantee fish
  117. Clockwork

    Defiance Admiral 220ex fuel access

    Regardless of country of origin the hose ain't gonna last forever. My 1989 filler hoses fell apart in my hand a month ago. Much older but as they find ways to cut manufacturing costs shit ain't getting any better.
  118. Clockwork

    Westport launch this morning 5:30 AM

    Damn! But came out pretty good on the other side it looks like!
  119. Clockwork

    Kingslayer lures

    These should fly out the door.
  120. Clockwork

    Herring in Westport

    Are you looking for fresh or frozen? Hungry whale has both if you dont like their fresh stuff. Ive never had a problem. Pretty sure bout every gas station in town has frozen as well.
  121. Clockwork

    Found crab pot. Anyone know this person?

    If I find a trap floating in deep water or hit a derelict with a DR I pull it. I'll make a reasonable attempt to contact the owner and then put it in the rotation. They're hazards and need to be removed. You run the risk of running afoul of a tweaked warden but I like to think they're more...
  122. Clockwork

    Does anyone know if you get in trouble for towing deer around in the bay?

    Those things can swim forever I wouldn't mess with it. Legal though? Doubt it. Few things are legal
  123. Clockwork

    What happened in Everett today?

    The people I know from this board would have saved them no question. Sadly, circumstances were such that they were not in a position to see them. It's a risk we all take going out. I think more than anything we are raising a society of people who do not take responsibility for their own...
  124. Clockwork

    Saving the Clockwork VI

    I'm not making any promises. Could turn and swas it out at anytime. Well see how it grows on me!
  125. Clockwork

    Saving the Clockwork VI

    Not buy it
  126. Clockwork

    Saving the Clockwork VI

    Changed out all the filters on the zukes today. Damn suzuki why u need 4 filters on one motor?!
  127. Clockwork

    Saving the Clockwork VI

    Figured I might chronicle the saga of the new clockwork. Last October I purchased a GW Marlin from a guy in Texas. It was the boat/motor combination I had been searching for for some time. Flew down, checked it out at a mechanics shop, ran the motors, scanned the history etc. Unfortunately a...
  128. Clockwork

    Didya No?

    Salmon season to be closed indefinitely due to spiny dogfish bycatch mortality. PS to be declared a spiny dogfish refuge
  129. Clockwork

    Found the crabs

    its the tribes discretion as to what constitutes a tribal member
  130. Clockwork

    Potential NO FISHING This Weekend

    I suspect that red light cameras and toll booths will be quite operational regardless of a so called shutdown
  131. Clockwork


    Nobody likes an undercutter but What a PIA the state makes it for people to operate an honest business does not change my opinion of this crime. I've been around long enough to know govt issued licenses and certs mean jack shit 90% of the time. Don't get me wrong, chartering looks hard as...
  132. Clockwork


    Running a non licensed charter is pretty low on my list of concerns. I can think of a lot of worse crimes that come with weaker punishments. What did he really do wrong? Not pay the man. The same man who let's "natives" operate Carte Blanc
  133. Clockwork

    Novice Tuna Help

    run what you got and go from there. no need to go all name brand yet. halibut gear works for trolling. lingcod gear works for livebait and jigs. cedar plugs, x raps, anchovies, anchovy net. check. good to go. all depends on how textbook you want to be. first trip out I had downrigger rods and...
  134. Clockwork

    Need la Push Ling Cod help.

    I wanna talk about your boat. Let's see some pics of that one of a kind mofo
  135. Clockwork

    Need la Push Ling Cod help.

    I guarantee this is actually a bd regular just yanking our chain
  136. Clockwork

    Need battery system advice

    Not sure about that right now. Your alternator puts out the same voltage as a battery charger but at a far higher current. It charges the battery and because you don't have 2 or 3 hours to recover your batteries charge (ie short drive down the street) it charges fast cause a starting battery...
  137. Clockwork

    Any Area 10 Charter Recommendations?

    Salmon chartering in the puget sound? Must be some kind of get rich quick scheme. I find it hard to believe there would still be any.
  138. Clockwork

    Descending devices

    I got the Shelton on a rod with a big snap swivel and a big cannonball within arms reach to snap on. works well. if it isn't rigged and ready the fish will die in the ensuing goat rope.
  139. Clockwork

    Made in Washington USA Coolers

    I don't want to have to worry about my cooler getting jacked. I'll just add ice 20% more often in my igloo.
  140. Clockwork

    There she goes...

    the company I hired was also out of florida. wonder if it was the same crew. white ford superduty by chance? younger guys?
  141. Clockwork

    Multi-day crab trip

    Keep em moist and cold and they'll do fine. Or just clean them and put the meat on ice and cook by the next day.
  142. Clockwork

    2017/2018 Washington Regs are out

    Thought you didn't like "trolling"
  143. Clockwork

    Yamaha decals

    Get some "375 H.O. Limited Edition" decals made and let the mind blowing begin.
  144. Clockwork

    2017/2018 Washington Regs are out

    It's already obsolete Gotta stream it live
  145. Clockwork

    Yamaha YES Warranty

    The odds always favor the house.
  146. Clockwork

    Twin 1999 Yamaha Saltwater Series II OX66 200 HP outboards

    Damn, you had twin 200s on that 232? Must go 50kts
  147. Clockwork

    Hit and run

    Gtfo the road with your pretentious bullshit mode of transportation, problem solved. I drive Eastlake Sammamish daily. There's a bike trail and a shoulder along it. Guess where they like to ride? On the white line.
  148. Clockwork

    There she goes...

    I'm visiting Florida right now and a 28 world cat appears to be the standard boat down here.
  149. Clockwork

    Just when you thought you'd heard it all...

    If only we had a boaters safety card system in place...
  150. Clockwork


    Just sayin but a promise ring costs only bout $100 and can probably buy you another year maybe two before they start bustin your ass for something legit. This is how I operate and I'm still single in the eyes of the law.
  151. Clockwork

    La Push: Graveyard of the Pacific?

    He wants to be able to put on his resume that he improved the safety record at LP by 100% and this is how you do it. Must be planning to move into politics.
  152. Clockwork

    La Push: Graveyard of the Pacific?

    Couple years ago this 26 glacier bay was dead in the water and the cutter came at them to help and didn't stop. Faulty fly by wire was blamed. This boat was in the slip next to me and was in very bad shape. Several serious injuries I believe. I don't know about you guys but every CG...
  153. Clockwork

    Sharing Fishing Expenses

    Says nothing about pimpin your boat hoes tho. I find them a ride, I get my cut.
  154. Clockwork

    Non-skid for tin can gunnels

    im gonna lay down kiwigrip on my deck. albeit on fiberglass. ill let you know how it comes out but it seems to get the best reviews.
  155. Clockwork

    Captain Chat

    Some things I do in a significant following sea: 1) tabs up 2) motors trimmed up 3) move all unnecessary weight rearward if possible. 4) try stay on the backside of the swell if you cant power through them 5) if you go over the swell give it throttle as you surf down to get the bow up as you hit...
  156. Clockwork

    Well, I bought a Duckworth...

    Wow, nice acquisition. Damn what's the talley on 26/28 Duckworths up in here?
  157. Clockwork

    Small Boat Check

    i find it amusing your boats name is Drinking Platform and you are dispensing safety advice!
  158. Clockwork

    Small Boat Check

    some of the replies... gotta keep in mind, half this board runs $150k boats with $20k electronics and have forgotten what it was like to run on a budget. you got a capable boat and nice economical and reliable motor. but you do gotta get a second battery and kicker. cause its not like...
  159. Clockwork

    Be warned........

    well, they are bottom fish so...
  160. Clockwork

    Back on the water with a new outboard

    Any idea how it got water before 1000hrs? Is it a corrosion issue? If it sucked water I think you got a claim.
  161. Clockwork

    New Rule!

    Skilled labor/knowledgeable employees demand higher wages and push the prices up so it's a fair trade off.
  162. Clockwork

    Westport has Chovies!!!

    has anyone tried live anchovies for salmon out there?
  163. Clockwork


    nice fish there. problem is a 10lb cabbie will only yield about 5oz of worm infested fillets so I let them go now. super cool fish and determined fighters though.
  164. Clockwork

    Used Pursuit 3480 Drummon Island For Sale

    somebody get a damn job and buy that thing!
  165. Clockwork

    Well this is disappointing (Hewescraft corrosion)

    they hold their value better. For example, right now a corroded out hewes can fetch you upwards of $0.45/lb.
  166. Clockwork

    Well this is disappointing (Hewescraft corrosion)

    Not sure if this is electrolysis from dissimilar metals or maybe bad paint adhesion and the paint is bubbling around where the paint meets an edge/hole. I think you gotta remove the screw, sand the paint offor, prep and repaint.
  167. Clockwork

    San Juan Lingcod setup

    Setup not as critical as location. They will hit most moving things within visual range. High relief bottom.
  168. Clockwork

    May 21 Halibut!

    Don't forget to send a letter of thanks to your govt for the generous 4 day season.
  169. Clockwork

    Bird deterrent when moored?

    motion detector or photo eye wired to horn or strobe.
  170. Clockwork

    2013 Duckworth 26 Offshore

    this is not a great place to sell a boat because we expect buddy deals.
  171. Clockwork

    Any word on crab season setting for areas 7/9/10?

    yeah but they havnt told us when WE can fish yet.
  172. Clockwork

    Local Source for Weld on Fittings?

    anyone know where I can locally pickup some aluminum fittings? im looking for some 1-1/2" Barb fittings and some 3/8npt bungs for some fuel tanks.
  173. Clockwork

    Any word on crab season setting for areas 7/9/10?

    The tribes havnt decided yet
  174. Clockwork

    Do You Believe in Science? (Sturgeon)

    not to mention, wanapum lake is laced with what I believe are tribal set lines. there are tribal buoys all over the areas which the study said they were most numerous which apparently is the cliffs off the west side of the res. we were up there a few weeks ago on the pontoon.
  175. Clockwork

    Do You Believe in Science? (Sturgeon)

    Just to put the "science" that goes into our fisheries management in persepective, below is an interesting one. Let me give you the cliffs notes on this sturgeon opener. I have an interest in these reservoir sturgeon so I took the liberty of reading the original document (several hundred pages)...
  176. Clockwork

    Butt or not...

    Got alot of Bay scallops there
  177. Clockwork


    Increasing the wdfw budget is like giving $50 to a crackhead. Might as well light it on fire cause they're gonna waste it. For example l, Not sure why having a 1.5 million dollar patrol boat is a prerequisite for any routine activity. Took a wdfw employee fishing once, the account for...
  178. Clockwork

    Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    Exactly. We got lucky and did well but it was all business. No time to have fun and get the kids involved.
  179. Clockwork

    15' Canoe "ocean pro" $100

    Got a red 15 foot fiberglass canoe I need to liquidate. Too fast for me. 100 large in covington.
  180. Clockwork

    Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    We dropped four pots at 300feet. We only waited about 30 minutes to pull cause with only 4hrs we wanted to make sure we were on em. By the time we pulled the 4th trap we we had our 4 limits and we're dumping prawns overboard. MA10, about 1/2 mile east of Mr doodles. Best part of the operation...
  181. Clockwork

    Wounded Halibut

    Pipe jig strike?
  182. Clockwork

    Any La Push open seats?

    Dodge much?
  183. Clockwork

    Fuel Tank Sealer/Coating

    thanks. does it dry hard? also how much is there and how much would it cover roughly? and how much you want fer it?
  184. Clockwork

    Interesting halibut write up

    I never thought about it before. I get all the punch cards because I may fish for them and would rather not have to make a trip to the store each time.
  185. Clockwork

    Retirement Plans

    i think its a great idea! sometimes its nice to mix it up and enjoy the serenity of a freshwater lake or stream. definitely slap some canoe style outriggers on it for stability. 4ft wide probably isn't stable enough given the high COG of someone sitting in a wheelchair. maybe make some with...
  186. Clockwork

    Bait tank wanted.

    doesn't that duck have a bait tank of some kind? I know goat is modifying one (or modified) to make the existing box anchovy friendly. I wouldn't want one on my swimstep personally. but if you got one built into the transom somewhere id look at that as an option.
  187. Clockwork


    What's the wdfw gonna do? They have no power.
  188. Clockwork

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    why do we need the wdfw when the tribes set our seasons anyway? it was 50/50, now we have to beg for permission.
  189. Clockwork

    Fuel tank not filling? any ideas?

    the vent hose has to go up continually, if there is a low spot it will get filled with fuel and blow out fuel from the vent and cause fill problems.
  190. Clockwork

    Good Riddance

    Sounds like a former dodge owner to me!
  191. Clockwork

    Bait tank wanted.

    Lmk if you end up wanting a custom aluminum one down the road.
  192. Clockwork

    Tribal Clam digging

    Problem is not that the tribes are harvesting unsafe clams, it's that the state closes everything on the premise of "health and safety" to make their job easier. Gubmint wants you to stay in your house plain and simple. They are chipping away at what we are able to do and where we are able to go.
  193. Clockwork

    More gear....tuna gear

    But I like when the xrap explodes out of the water and the whole crew has to dive for safety. What a rush!
  194. Clockwork

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    I'd like to know how the tribes fished for spot prawns 200 years ago.
  195. Clockwork

    Lapush roll call

    if anyone needs a campsite lmk, ill sublease my spot in the lonesome creek CG at cost as I wont be present
  196. Clockwork

    Fuel Tank Sealer/Coating

    while I've got my tanks out I figure it would be a good opportunity and good insurance to clean them up and coat them. does anyone have a tried and true recommendation as to what to coat them with externally? theyre aluminium. theyre doesn't appear to be much corrosion but they don't leak and...
  197. Clockwork

    Suzuki owners please chime in

    I don't have enough hours at the sticks with my 250s but theyre quieter than my Honda 150s were. nearly silent from the helm. that's a plus.
  198. Clockwork

    Pipe Jigs in shallow water

    define shallow water. anything under 400 feet im using either a big ass dart or a curly tail. over that and im hittin the pipe. not a lot of science to it but pipes don't work very good shallow.
  199. Clockwork

    Hewescraft restoration build

    you got a lot of work to do so what I would do is, flush the fuel tank, tune up the motors, give it a pressure wash, run it for shrimp and salmon in inland waters and then get after it hard in the offseason. corrosion is a concern here. anyplace water is trapped against aluminum youre gonna have...
  200. Clockwork

    Yard Furniture, other stuff and some free stuff

    that shouldn't be too hard
  201. Clockwork

    1992 Grady White Sportbridge

    in all fairness we deserved it for interfering on his sale. my bad.
  202. Clockwork

    Makah already taken 26,000# at Neah in 39hrs.. Almost wasted..

    This quote tho.... [Saving the catch was about more than money, he said. “The sea is the Makah’s country; that’s where we come from is the sea,” he said. “Everything comes from the ocean for us, so it’s very important to us.”]
  203. Clockwork

    Trailer Issue

    looks like either a bunk shifted or the boat was sitting on a chine or strake and then shifted.
  204. Clockwork

    Non-diesel trucks

    Not to kick a dead dog but I've never heard anyone say they were going back to gas after having owned a diesel. The sinister six, aka six-point-no, might be an exception. Actually 7 to 8k is a substantial load, outweighing any halfton truck and equalling the curb weight of a CC diesel and...
  205. Clockwork

    1992 Grady White Sportbridge

    Was the buyer 'murican? Way to go driving up that GW street value!
  206. Clockwork

    Non-diesel trucks

    well, technically a non-diesel truck is not really a truck. discuss... plus given the market for diesel, you could probably sell it in 10 years and make a good profit.
  207. Clockwork

    Walleye in lake Samamish and gill nets in Lake WA and Sammish

    Release it back in the lake?! Can't wait for that crisis management.
  208. Clockwork

    The Juice is getting evicted!!

    have you tried fun wheels ez park in Covington? my buddy had his boat there for a good price and it is pretty secure.
  209. Clockwork

    Penn Squall 2 speed or ? for deep hali (help me spend money)

    does anyone know if the high gear can crank 3lbs from 700ft?
  210. Clockwork

    Shrimp bait

    Ive seen many a concoction equal to or greater than the value of the prawns.
  211. Clockwork

    1992 Grady White Sportbridge

    Got clockwork V for 25 with twin 250hr Hondas
  212. Clockwork

    La push bar

    from my observations the tribe does not seem overly concerned about profiting from this state designed shit show. the tribe could take advantage of the chaos created by the 3 day derby bullshit but they really don't. they don't charge outrageous amounts, they don't charge for a lot of the things...
  213. Clockwork

    La push bar

    whats the tribe got to do with anything?
  214. Clockwork

    La push bar

    Keyword "likely". I've spent more hours at the helm offshore than many others does that give me preferential treatment under that assumption. Besides, the la push bar is nothing. It's hardly a bar at all and is nothing like Westport or CR.
  215. Clockwork

    La push bar

    This statement contradicts what was claimed about the commercial vs sporting thing. Also how does the license prove anything? Is there a skills Test to be a six pack capt? In my experience in years past I think they call it pretty fair but it sounds like under new management, we ain't fishing...
  216. Clockwork

    Post-towing inspection

    Probably due for a repower plus you just voided your warranty.
  217. Clockwork

    La push bar

    You wish that do you? Well sit on shore and be thankful that you live in a rubber room. They (big brother) close rivers now too. Can't inner tube a damn river cause my "sorry ass" might get hurt. Big brother knows what's best. Should close the mountains cause it's avalanche season. One...
  218. Clockwork

    La push bar

  219. Clockwork

    La push bar

    $$$$! Im 30ft but I know it ain't right. Like I said, we're all just idiot civilians
  220. Clockwork

    La push bar

    I am afraid it is an example as a larger problem of gov't taking advantage of the liberal political climate and a extension of the nanny state.
  221. Clockwork

    La push bar

    If the ratio of open to closed bar is as stated, we have a power tripping CO at the helm. Just wants to keep us idiot civilians out of the way and where they belong. I know therected are some LEO'S on here with this mentality. There is a theme trending. Our opportunities and liberties are...
  222. Clockwork

    La push bar

    Wrong. There is something wrong with that. They don't own the fucking ocean and it's just one more example of gubmint trying to keep us in a box. Sorry not directed at you Im just sick of this shit.
  223. Clockwork

    12-digit HIN # requirement

    Mine is engraved in the fiberglass. I guess I'll just gouge in a new extra letter, should look totally legit. The rest of the boats will just run around with homemade plates scabbed on.
  224. Clockwork

    12-digit HIN # requirement

    How is changing the HID even legal? What a shitshow. Combine this with the fact that my boat and title have a typo this should be fantastic.
  225. Clockwork

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    Custom tongue would be easy just sayin. The trailer shops and builders just donthe want to deal with the liability.
  226. Clockwork

    WDFW announces 7-day halibut season

    The quotation went up. Not much but it did a little. Sounds good on paper but unless we get the standard 10 foot seas on the first 3 days we likely won't sniff late may or june.
  227. Clockwork

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    They don't make one for near that weight capacity. But anything is possible. You could scrap that thin walled tongue section and replace it with a bolt on. I had a design for mine that would have worked but ended up not needing it. It would require bolts though, not pins so slightly less...
  228. Clockwork

    On the hunt, need some opinions

    I'd keep looking. Don't be in a rush. But hard to say because I'm not sure what are your criteria or price range. Imo a CC would be miserable in these parts and a 17 hewes is too cramped and limited in capability.
  229. Clockwork

    $800 Springer

    Farmers market, typical. What hipsters will pay for organic non GMO, sustainable, locally grown, gluten free items is outrageous. Definitely the right customer base.
  230. Clockwork

    Where are the stickers?

    I got these you can grab.
  231. Clockwork

    Everglades Guide?

    Well the gar thread went nowhere. But looking to catch some warmwater species like gar, peacock bass, snake head etc out of a swamp. I'm a bd brother from washington and want to catch some stuff we don't got. Anyone know of a good guide for this?
  232. Clockwork

    Transom wall/dance floor tool organization?

    A pile for everything and everything in its pile is the rule of thumb on my boat
  233. Clockwork

    Boat insurance?

    ive had ACE and Geico through Anchor marine and both have taken care of me.
  234. Clockwork

    Any North of Falcon information?

    can anyone explain the opening of a non mark selective fishery in Elliot bay and green river? is the goal to keep these fisheries teetering on the brink of emergency? I like opportunities but... why not let the wild fish go on and maybe, just maybe, go on to produce self sustaining numbers? all...
  235. Clockwork

    Reasons to buy a fiberglass boat, and why you don't buy a Dodge

    Looks like my tax dollars are in good hands
  236. Clockwork

    Gar Guide?

    Hey, I'm gonna be flying into Orlando from seattle in June and would like to spend a day going after alligator gar or even long nose gar while I'm down there. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to go or who of call? Thanks!
  237. Clockwork

    Alligator Gar in Florida?

    Going to be flying into Orlando in early June and was wondering if anyone gots recommendations for fishing gar down there? Gonna try hiring a guide for a day. Any ideas? Oh yeah and I also want to swim with a sea cow. Anyone done this and recommend a place?
  238. Clockwork

    WTB: Suzuki DF250 Factory Shop Manual

    Thanks Greg, great offer but I will be needing it long term. Appreciate it though!
  239. Clockwork

    Which Casino to go to

    Diamond Lils
  240. Clockwork

    Battery Maintenance

    Use Perrier only
  241. Clockwork

    WTB: Suzuki DF250 Factory Shop Manual

    Shot in the dark here but figured I'd shake down the forum for a factory shop manual before I buy a new one. LMK if you gotype one. Factory only, not interested in selecting, Clymer etc.
  242. Clockwork

    Red Tails

    Thanks! hoping to get it back in a few weeks.
  243. Clockwork

    My Mistake, Your Benefit? Trailer Tires

    damn! yeah they were brand new in Late October and only used one time.
  244. Clockwork

    Fishing with the kids

    It's virtually illegal to sport fish washington.
  245. Clockwork

    21,000lb Aluminum I beam trailer build

    Damn didn't see this, I could've met up and dropped off the brackets and help drill at the same time.
  246. Clockwork

    Time for a Pot Puller

    Just Googled these and I can see, structurally, it's a suspect design at best.
  247. Clockwork

    Neah Bay late June

    Some of the best of times were motoring to area 4 from sekiu in a van ripers special. 16ft skiff.
  248. Clockwork

    Ladner Shrimp pots

    Hurts more when you lose em though
  249. Clockwork

    I got erected...

    Nice addition. We are thinking of adding something like this on to my dad's shop.
  250. Clockwork

    Red Tails

    Pacific Beach state park. 18 I think. 2 spots south of the trail to the beach. Had a silver CC ford and a 5th wheel. We had a nice fire going Friday night.
  251. Clockwork


    put them on birth control. we had a bad infestation and nothing worked until we used the stuff that doesn't kill them but they bring it back to the nest and it somehow stops egg production.
  252. Clockwork

    Live bait rods

    Tica Wasabis are good bait rods at about $100. cool lime green color, good action, and its fun to say "wasabi"
  253. Clockwork

    Any Stihl dealers?

    Since stihl never goes on sale, wards is probably closest to you in covington
  254. Clockwork

    Quick Disconnect For Kicker?

    has anyone set up their kicker with a quick disconnect system? 2 reasons for this is that my wife's pontoon has a Yamaha 25 high thrust which a) could be carried away by thieves and b) would make a great trolling motor for my boat. it is electric start and cable steer/shift. battery cables...
  255. Clockwork

    Coho Numbers

    of course, they only harvest what they can sell. (or dump or sell for eggs).
  256. Clockwork

    Time for a Pot Puller

    you guys and your wife permissions crack me up!
  257. Clockwork

    Red Tails

    Red tailed surf perch
  258. Clockwork

    1999 f350 crewcab 7.3 4x4

    That is a deal, plus it's bulletproofed from the factory!
  259. Clockwork

    6 Hole Rocket Launcher

    This is a 6 hole stainless rocket launcher that I took off muh boat. $100.
  260. Clockwork

    Boat name survey

    Vag grappler?
  261. Clockwork

    Boat name survey

    never heard of it before, im cool with it. as long as it doesn't include any combinations of nautical puns, in which case I will vandalize it.
  262. Clockwork

    Ocean Salmon

    Seems like we would leave alot of fish on the table on option 1. Real hit or miss in mid June and the coho will be about 2lbs.
  263. Clockwork

    Ocean Salmon

    Thanks Dave, any background on the reasoning behind such drastic coho regulations between the options? theres a 40,000 swing between options 1 and 3 plus the area restrictions. doesn't make sense to me from a conservation perspective.
  264. Clockwork

    Red Tails

    Got into some today. Kept these and let the smaller guys go. Crabs were a problem. Probably caught half a dozen 5" females. Smashed another half dozen razor clamming. This is some of my favorite fishing for some reason. Got some razors too. Copalis Friday was killer, mocrocks today was tough.
  265. Clockwork

    Seattle Met Magazine promotes harvesting of ESA fish

    "Community supported fishery" what a weak name for selective over harvest. These liberal fucks in Seattle can add "community supported" to their list of hipster buzzwords.
  266. Clockwork

    Bloodydecks Apparel 25% Off

    Just need some skinny jeans and hipster glasses to go with one of those hats and I'll be all set.
  267. Clockwork

    stainless clamp on rod holders

    I need either 1-1/4 or 1-7/8 so I'm not sure these would work.
  268. Clockwork

    WTB Outriggers

    Yep. I've screwed around with ORs so much it's ridiculous. Bought em, sold em, made em and never once used them. But I've got good mounts so I figured I'd put em to use.
  269. Clockwork

    WTB Outriggers

    decided to keep my OR mounts but I need some telescoping poles. anyone have some they want to offload?
  270. Clockwork

    Ideas needed: Boat transport CA to WA

    I looked into one way truck rentals and enterprise is the only on and you are hard pressed to find a branch that will do it. It is at their discretion. If they have a surplus of trucks they might but it wasn't easy to find as they are always short trucks, especially diesels and duallys are...
  271. Clockwork

    Ideas for rocket launcher

    Here's what I did for my last boat. Same problem, middle rods were hard to get to. Double row would have made it worse so I made some that mounted to the top around the sides.
  272. Clockwork

    Ideas needed: Boat transport CA to WA

    It will be more than $1600. That I can tell you. I would be less concerned with cost and make sure you get a legit outfit. Lot of small operations out there and it's a gamble.
  273. Clockwork

    Ideas for rocket launcher

    Here are some pics of the launchers that came on my marlin. I'm scrapping these and making my own but he had the right idea of getting them down to a reasonable height. Still on the high side though if you're on the deck but can't go any lower cause the helm is raised like yours. I've never...
  274. Clockwork

    Tech tip

    I use Boe shield on my motors but I would hesitate to spray it on any tackle as I would think fish would not care for its smell as its pretty caustic.
  275. Clockwork

    Hopefully this was one of you

    Good call. Both parties at fault especially the capt who knowingly hit the other boat. Ivery had ferry boat that I'd swear were going out of their way to swerve at me.
  276. Clockwork

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    do you know the measurements of those? center to center?
  277. Clockwork

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    thanks, Is this measurement center to center or edge spacing?
  278. Clockwork

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    quick question. what y'all got for spacing on your rocket launchers? im about to start building mine. my top is too tall for a double row so Im thinking about doing a wrap around halo type and want to get as many as possible on it but don't want the reels banging against each other too much.
  279. Clockwork

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    heres a 32 gallon I made with 1/8" and a 1000 bends on a tennsmith.
  280. Clockwork


    Damn you would think parker could at least tell you where they sourced it. I don't know but you might post over on and see if one of those guys knows. McMaster has alot of gasket material similar to that if you can match it up also.
  281. Clockwork

    Buying an older used Ford Diesel

    The ever present "bulletproofed 6.0" guy...
  282. Clockwork

    Cowlitz smelt dip this saturday!

    Wdfw nailed this one. Set the season when smelt are nowhere to be found. 1000s of people not 1 smelt caught that a saw or heard of.
  283. Clockwork

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Too bad clockwork is taken. That would have been badass.
  284. Clockwork

    Olympic 26' makeover begins

    Is this going to replace your proline?
  285. Clockwork

    Cowlitz smelt dip this saturday!

    Smoked whole is pretty damn good as is fried. Then there's bait.
  286. Clockwork

    Cowlitz smelt dip this saturday!

    I might have to come down there and give this a try
  287. Clockwork

    Sea bass recipes

    I got the same problem. I got rockfish tacos and rockfish n chips and...that's about it. I've had excellent rockfish from restaurants and I feel like I'm really wasting potential
  288. Clockwork

    WTB: clamp on rod holders

    Anyone got any?
  289. Clockwork

    Aint Nothin Free

    Yeah she can probably tow this thing with her car too.
  290. Clockwork

    Aint Nothin Free

    Not a good day for a Pontoon but gave er a spin around lake washington today. Performance isn't terrible. 25 Yami high thrust gets it up in the mid teens and cruises good around 12kts or so. Its an 18ft 'toon so its defunitely not overpowered but less is more right now. Need to get some rod...
  291. Clockwork

    Aint Nothin Free

    It was pretty funny when she asked me if it was possible for someone to steal the boat and/or motor and I said : "Yes, yes they could" and something to the effect of "welcome to boat ownership" and she got pretty distressed. Apparently she hasn't noticed my own paranoia for the last 11 years.
  292. Clockwork

    Aint Nothin Free

    Beware of goats so called "free" boat show tickets. I snagged a couple of these and a fuel polisher from goat and somewhere between the entrance door and the bottom of the stairs the wife decides to buy this booze cruiser. I was like yeah whatever and then came the paperwork so now I'm then new...
  293. Clockwork

    Electric over Hydraulic brake actuators

    I ran a brake rite on my sailfish's trailer and I liked it and it worked fine but I didn't like the shape and mounting method. Makes mounting a bit harder. I bought a hydra star unit for my marlins trailer and I like it. Looks cleaner, easier to mount. Works fine so far. I am not a fan of six...
  294. Clockwork


    shoulda. bought. 'murican. sounds like it may be Toyota who is using the inflated ratings just sayin.
  295. Clockwork

    Rockfish and Deepwater Lingcod Season

    if I paid good money for a charter and they tagged me out on a couple 18" lings I would be disgruntled.
  296. Clockwork

    Rockfish and Deepwater Lingcod Season

    Not sure how interested I'd be in halibut fishing if I went out knowing the best I could do is 20 or 30lbs. The prospect of a big fish gives me the motivation to invest the resources. I'm not gonna spend the gas and take days off for a Flyswatter even if it's what I usually end up with anyways...
  297. Clockwork

    Rockfish and Deepwater Lingcod Season

    yelloweye and canary $1.99 all day at any Asian market
  298. Clockwork

    WTB: clamp on rod holders

    1" to 1.25" rails. I need 6 total is the plan for now
  299. Clockwork

    Rockfish and Deepwater Lingcod Season

    should've been 6 or 7 for years now. but that's not consistent with wdfw policy of overfishing to the point of crisis.
  300. Clockwork

    Prop Q's

    if that is consistent between all blades it looks like you do have a cavitation issue. note the distinction between cavitation and ventilation.
  301. Clockwork

    WTB: clamp on rod holders

    Looking for the ones that clamp to rails and whatnot.
  302. Clockwork

    I've got 99 problems.....

    Ok relax. Just sayin but if they were loose down there it could explain your exceptionally high loss ratio. 90% of my job is pointing out the obvious.
  303. Clockwork

    I've got 99 problems.....

    Am I taking crazy pills or are those downrigger balls down there chillin with your pumps and shit?
  304. Clockwork

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    The question is: why would you buy a 6.0 when you don't have to? That "bulletproofing" bullshit is what you do when you got yourself into it and gotta go damage control mode. I don't want no part of a truck I gotta re engineer. Best overall rig ever is 99-02 ford 7.3. Dealers want gold for...
  305. Clockwork

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    At 1,800,000 he probably went through 2 dozen trannys, 4 dozen ball joint replacements, a dozen steering boxes, and who knows how many u joints and front seats.
  306. Clockwork

    Salmon Sharks

    Sounds fun to me. I know they're around. Drag a humpy around at about 2kts and see what happens.
  307. Clockwork

    Free Gas/Petrol/Essence Tomorrow Only!

    Awesome! I will try to come up and grab them today or tomorrow if yr open. Looks like I will have Saturday to do this as well.
  308. Clockwork

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    Ford and it isn't close. Dodge ram has always been a POS but at least it used to have the 5.9. Now the motor is suspect. I have talked to several people with major engine problems under 20k(blown HG and a blown HG+cracked head). My buddy bought a 2016 and within about 1000 miles the drag link...
  309. Clockwork

    Free Gas/Petrol/Essence Tomorrow Only!

    I may get an extra day (saturday) but I only have one drum and Its not clean. The gas is about 6 months old and I get the boat back in about a month and who knows how long before I can use it all up (most likely may at the rate I'm going). You can have all the gas you want though.
  310. Clockwork

    Free Gas/Petrol/Essence Tomorrow Only!

    I have one drum but I'm pretty anal about fuel cleanliness so once it goes in the barrel I won't be likely to put it back in.
  311. Clockwork

    Free Gas/Petrol/Essence Tomorrow Only!

    Pulling my tanks. Got at least 150 gallons of treated non ethanol to move. Located in covington. I need to get this out tomorrow btw.
  312. Clockwork

    Free Gas/Petrol/Essence Tomorrow Only!

    Pulling my tanks. Got at least 150 gallons of treated non ethanol to move. Located in covington. I need to get this out tomorrow btw.
  313. Clockwork

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    None of the boats listed are gonna ride very good compared to the field and you won't come close to fitting in the tiny v berths of the defiance and parker. If the hewes has fold down seats there could be hope there. I like the parker the most and it's one of my favorites but it's tradeoff is a...
  314. Clockwork

    Battery question

    I would be running dual starting batteries and dual house batteries on a blue seas ACR system.
  315. Clockwork

    Battery question

    for twins you do. which I believe he runs.
  316. Clockwork

    2 48" LED Light Bars set for squidding

    What are you replacing them with? What brand are these?
  317. Clockwork

    Cat fight at Centurylink

    Coolest boat at the show without a doubt but Too many welds hastily ground out with a hard disc though. Too nice a boat for it to look like "they knew a guy" for the welding
  318. Clockwork

    Not mine but decent boat for sale

    From what I can see it looks narrow, deep v and weight very far forward. Probably rock you into another world also. All speculation though.
  319. Clockwork

    Boat insurance heads up

    I've insured 2 boats through anchor marine brokerage ended up with policies from 2 different companies and have been very pleased with both.
  320. Clockwork

    WDFW "loses" 514,000 fish...

    Wierd, usually they have their shit together.
  321. Clockwork

    Ford F350 or Ranger?

    If you zoom in very closely you can see a ton of porosity in those welds:finger:
  322. Clockwork

    Trailer part help

    Looks like some 1/2-13 all thread is all you need. Readily available at any hardware store
  323. Clockwork

    Whose Parker is Getting Stretched?

    Estimate for stretch was $20k btw. My boat is first though so he'll have to wait.
  324. Clockwork

    Whose Parker is Getting Stretched?

    I'll ask the guy today what the cost is. This guy is doing some fiberglass work to the new grady and he mentioned doing this mod.
  325. Clockwork

    Stainless Question

    Put a magnet on it. Good stainless will not be magnetic while knock off shit will have some magnetic pull. 304 ss will develop some surface rust in many cases whereas good 316 ss will not.
  326. Clockwork

    Better then hitting a log

    That is a bizarre outdrive
  327. Clockwork

    WTC registration

    I say bring on another stormy day! Keeps the tippy boats in port and the tuna ground clear for team Hype machine. Hope for a nice Friday though. Fuck it were going fishing either way.
  328. Clockwork

    WTC registration

    Plenty of time left to rig a tank
  329. Clockwork

    WTC registration

    Pull a spot now, build a team later
  330. Clockwork

    205/75/15 Trailer Tires

    Ok lmk. Don't have any serious leads at the moment so they will probably be here tomorrow.
  331. Clockwork

    205/75/15 Trailer Tires

    I got 2 almost new trailer tires for sale. They were bought new about 2 months ago and only used once. No damage just went to a bigger size. They cost $100 each new, I want $125 for both.
  332. Clockwork

    Does WDFW purposely Fuck us?

    Intentional. Derby style seasons are easier to enforce. Wdfw and cg boats just run around going boat to boat counting money.
  333. Clockwork

    Whose Parker is Getting Stretched?

    Don't have the details but I was talking to a fiberglass guy who is slamming 4 feet onto the back of a 24ft parker. Since I'm not aware of a 24 parker I assume it's a 23. Figured that's the kind of shit a BDer would do.
  334. Clockwork

    WTC registration

    Team Hype Machine reporting for duty
  335. Clockwork

    Whose Parker is Getting Stretched?

    Who's got the parker getting 4 feet added?
  336. Clockwork

    Found a market for dogfish...

    how desperate you gotta be for fish n chips to eat a urine soaked sand shark?
  337. Clockwork

    2017 license

    Let me put it this way. Ive Been checked for a license maybe twice in my lifetime. Boat searched once. Math tells me don't buy a license.
  338. Clockwork

    Trade "Favors" for Moorage

    Will do things im not proud of for la push moorage. If you're gonna back out of moorage give me a call and ill take it off your hands or if you wanna raft lmk. I'll be down there both weeks.
  339. Clockwork

    twins trim question

    My Hondas did that and my suzukis do that too. Not enough to cause much problem but they aren't exactly. There is variance in the speed of the electric motors and variance in the fluid between the two such as slightly more air present in one or the other to make perfect sync near impossible.
  340. Clockwork

    Removing Epoxied Transducer?

    I'll have to check what kind. Just assuming it's epoxy since I thought that was the procedure. I'm afraid of damaging it but I do have a tire cutting knife that could be of use here.
  341. Clockwork

    Passport Card = NEXUS ??

    Are you positive about this? That is what the phone is for on the shack to call the officer. They told me they are always open but only man the shack during those hours. One time I came back off hours and I saw the shack empty so I just went to my slip and called in. I got a verbal thrashing...
  342. Clockwork

    Removing Epoxied Transducer?

    What's the best way to remove a thru hull transducer that's been Epoxied that needs to be reinstalled and used later? Need to remove it temporarily for maintenance purposes. Also can the harnesses be spliced? Manual ssystem no but I've done it on lower end (older humminbird) ones with success...
  343. Clockwork

    Passport Card = NEXUS ??

    Its always open. However the shack on the dock isn't always manned. You have to stop, use the phone on the shack to call the officer at the office a block or so up the hill. Sometimes they will clear you over the phone sometimes they come down to check you out.
  344. Clockwork

    Passport Card = NEXUS ??

    Going to Canada is easy. Give em your info once, takes 10 minutes. After that you give em your boat number and they pull you up on the system and say have a good time. U.S. is a pia though. Gotta stop at Friday Harbor. If you hit business hours it's not too bad but 9/10 you gotta get on the...
  345. Clockwork

    2017 Halibut not good

    The line between poaching and not is becoming very blurred.
  346. Clockwork

    What would you do?

    If the size disparity between the two was larger or one was a sled or duckboat I'd say keep it but there's not much the smoker craft can do that you can't do with the Arima. Arima is light with minimal draft, can be towed with a small vehicle and gets good mpgs. Also with the gas motor the SC...
  347. Clockwork


    Upon further analysis Kennewick man was white AF and proves that tribes came here via the Siberian ice bridge and displaced ancient white peoples who now owe his ancestors (me) reparations.
  348. Clockwork

    Which one of you manly dudes owns a GW cat?

    I've never ridden on one but apparently the problems are specific to the tigercat not cats in general. I was thinking about one a few years ago but the people I could find who had owned one were not generally thrilled. One problem also is they were from the Era of the saltwater series II which...
  349. Clockwork

    Which one of you manly dudes owns a GW cat?

    No sweat, I had multiple people bid to tow my 16k lb marlin up here from Texas with Tahoes. Those tigercats have a bad rep for poor handling though.
  350. Clockwork

    Lee 20ft Wishbone Outriggers

    Any tuna fisherman here?
  351. Clockwork

    Mola Mola

    Watch out. I've hit 3 of those bastards. Damage to date: #1 broke off trim tab, #2 cracked lower unit, and I just made ribbons of #3. Luckily none were over about 150lbs. We had a tiny one (maybe 10lb) hanging with us trolling at about 7kts. Thing was working it's ass off trying up with us in...
  352. Clockwork

    Plexiglass Prices

    Here's the pros and cons of acrylic (plexi) vs polycarbonate (lexan). Im not an expert but I've worked with both extensively personally and professionally. Acrylic pros: tougher, more scratch resistant (although still scratches pretty easy), highly uv resistant in standard form. Can be formed...
  353. Clockwork

    Mola Mola

    Unclassified Marine fish
  354. Clockwork

    Plexiglass Prices

    I did a full enclosure on my last grady. I used 1/8" for the sides and 3/16 for the front. You could save a bunch right there by going lighter. 1/4 is overkill imo. I bought mine from tap plastics. Which is in North seattle and bellevue. You can go on tap plastics website and configure what...
  355. Clockwork

    2011 North River Seahawk OS 24' *LOADED*

    115s gotta be plenty right?
  356. Clockwork

    where to buy aluminum sheet in Seattle or Eastside

    Online metals, metal shorts, metal supermarkets. Depending on how far you want to go.
  357. Clockwork

    Theft recovery Weldcraft 201 DV

    Ok I guess we'll do the legwork and get back to you.
  358. Clockwork

    BD Winter Party Get Together. 1-21-2017

    Roche Harbor is a bit High Brow. Most of us don't have a members only jacket.
  359. Clockwork

    Free Gaff

    How much for the pink foamies?
  360. Clockwork

    If anybody is looking for a re-power.......

    perfect for restoring an older bayliner
  361. Clockwork

    Why wouldn't this be a great boat to have in Westport?

    17kt cruise ain't bad especially with that economy.
  362. Clockwork

    Anyone Squidding Tonight?

    It was terrible. First time I've seen the dock out squid us. Dock was on fire but not sure what was up for us. Never done so bad.
  363. Clockwork

    Replacing Propeller shaft water seals Honda Bf150

    I ran a Honda 150 for around 150 hard miles with a big Crack in the side of the gear case from a sunfish strike at the 2015 wtc weekend just sayin. Runs fine on water.
  364. Clockwork

    Replacing Propeller shaft water seals Honda Bf150

    Yeah it's a risky operation. I've never done it but read up on it. If you're getting water in though, inner must be shot too. I had issues with mine but it turned out to be input shaft seal both times. Including a bad seal about 10 hours into a brand new unit.
  365. Clockwork

    Anyone Squidding Tonight?

    Don't forget eye protection!
  366. Clockwork

    Replacing Propeller shaft water seals Honda Bf150

    There are some write ups about pulling the outer seal by drill and tapping it. And then pulling it out. No getting around the inner though that I'm aware of.
  367. Clockwork

    Anyone Squidding Tonight?

    Gonna be out at Redondo tonight around 5 or 6 until we get a few squids. Anyone else going out? Taking the 12footer or I'd throw out an open seats offer.
  368. Clockwork

    A9 Blackies

    6'7" + longarm = I have permanent depth perception impairment now! Nice fish though!
  369. Clockwork

    Lee 20ft Wishbone Outriggers

    These would be bad ass on your boat and they're still available, just sayin!
  370. Clockwork

    Lee 20ft Wishbone Outriggers

    If I cant sell them in a reasonable amount of time I may put them back on. Well see, having a fire sale to raise money for the many upgrades and repairs on the "new" boat.
  371. Clockwork

    Lee 20ft Wishbone Outriggers

    Sorry. I didn't get your original question. I'm not gonna run outriggers most likely. Ive always wanted these wishbone bases but they're right where I'm gonna put something else so I pulled them off to make room.
  372. Clockwork

    Lee 20ft Wishbone Outriggers

    ? Sell these outriggers was the plan.
  373. Clockwork

    Lee 20ft Wishbone Outriggers

    Got a set of Lee Wishbone style Outrigger bases and 20ft outriggers. Comes with halyards and the hook rests. Bases are 2" diameter. Great condition. I don't see any corrosion. $1000
  374. Clockwork

    NR 27'

    True, but how many times have I said the same thing. Of course I'm not playing with $150k boats either but that might be something to think about too. Im not sure how loaded y'all are but if you throw down that kind of cash for a new boat you're pretty well stuck with the boat unless you're...
  375. Clockwork

    Great White or Salmon Shark?

    Looks like a GW to me. Either that or a record salmon shark. Plus salmon sharks aren't known to be pinniped predators from what I've read.
  376. Clockwork

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    Population growth is out of control in the PNW.
  377. Clockwork

    WTB Scrap Trailer for "parts"

    Yep looking for a scrap boat trailer.
  378. Clockwork

    Northriver bait tank

    If I had that setup I'd slam the bait tank on the swim step and plumb it to a transom mounted pump. I would go with a bigger tank though. 17 is a bit small for a scoop I believe. I'd go for one in the low 20s. For a tuna dedicated boat, yeah, put it in the center cockpit but we fish for all...
  379. Clockwork

    Alki Squid tonight? (Fri)

    Squid were around but not in huge schools and were not hanging with us long. Good to knock the rust off though.
  380. Clockwork

    Halibut catch records?

    basically, they squandered the previous $75 you paid them to fish now they just need $10 more.
  381. Clockwork

    Salmon Habits...for lack of a better title

    me too but I never did catch a fish on that rubber glove octopus lure he raved about! you know that one where you cut the tip off a glove finger and cut tenticles in it.
  382. Clockwork

    Icey Tek 125qt Coolers

    Is that code word for reefer?
  383. Clockwork

    SeaSport Makeover

    What size Seasport are we dealing with here?
  384. Clockwork

    Icey Tek 125qt Coolers

    Bump for reduced price!
  385. Clockwork

    21,000lb Aluminum I beam trailer build

    This trailer is legit. Just got to see it in person and it far surpasses any production trailer I've seen. It's a thing of beauty. Howard was awesome enough to let me borrow this thing while I get my trailer squared away. Definitely going to copy some of the ideas. I love the dual Jack's for one.
  386. Clockwork

    Best Electric/Hydraulic Actuator

    Maybe I'll stick with brakes rite.
  387. Clockwork

    Salmon Habits...for lack of a better title

    best way to catch a salmon is to go to a state or country that hasn't outlawed salmon fishing yet.
  388. Clockwork

    Anodized Aluminum ?

    Electrofinishing in kent did some work for me. Good prices and quick lead time.
  389. Clockwork

    Bought This

    Not steph currys boat! but the guys wife was named stephanie. I tried to get my wife to pitch in on the deal in exchange for naming the boat after her but she declined. I paid $250000 but then again I'm bad with money.
  390. Clockwork

    Best Electric/Hydraulic Actuator

    any opinions on this? I installed a Titan Brakerite on my last boat and liked it, but have never used another brand. My only complaint was that there was a slight delay. Are the dexters better?
  391. Clockwork

    Bought This

    its not about compensating, its about matching.
  392. Clockwork

    Des Moines Slip Sublease?

    true but its in pretty bad shape now. has a number of problems. really doesn't have a lot going for it at the moment but I think I can refurbish it for a reasonable amount.
  393. Clockwork

    Des Moines Slip Sublease?

    Thanks, it's 30ft overall before motors. However, Im taking Howard up on his offer since he makes a good point that it may not be wise to moor a new to me boat right away. If you won't be using it in a month or so though I may hit you up cause Id like to do that for a bit to get some hours on...
  394. Clockwork

    Icey Tek 125qt Coolers

    I thought cam brought it back with the tuna stuff?
  395. Clockwork

    Icey Tek 125qt Coolers

    SLASHING PRICES! I have a pair of 125qt icey tek coolers. Yetis are icey tek knock offs. Good condition, heavy duty. Nice seat cushion lid. These retail for like $550. $250 each
  396. Clockwork

    Bought This

    What is amazing is that they were busted by DOT in several states. They tried to skate on a couple permits and got worked over. Got shut down because they had no log book, trailer didn't have reflective tape, they didn't have the proper flagging and a taillight went out.
  397. Clockwork

    Bought This

    update: I took delivery of her last night at 11pm. dudes were in texas sunday morning and were at my door last night. I have no idea anyone could cover ground that fast. has some transport damage but appears to be minor.
  398. Clockwork

    Ever Seen This Brand of Line?

    its squid central now. very iconic tackle shop and its very interesting to wander through there. could probably learn a lot from those guys with that old school knowledge that we often overlook.
  399. Clockwork

    Des Moines Slip Sublease?

    that's awesome Howard. however im not sure I have the room to store the boat and trailer separately. I will definitely hit you up though if I am able to make that work.
  400. Clockwork

    Des Moines Slip Sublease?

    does anyone have a slip at des moines or perhaps another marina that I might be able to sublease for a bit (maybe a month)? I have some trailer work I need to do and it would greatly help to have the boat off. Thanks.
  401. Clockwork

    Echo 550 chain saw

    Echo 550evl 20in bar. Runs good. Rebuilt. Reliable and good power. 55cc. $150
  402. Clockwork

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    Thats that post doesn't have good bracing either. its too close to the base also and it is only good in tension and not much good in compression unless you add the additional bow stop he showed as well.
  403. Clockwork

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    Let's over think the shit out of this boys it winter after all. POS weld, POS design. End of story.
  404. Clockwork

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    In the business that's known as "hammered dog shit"
  405. Clockwork

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    It baffles me how they design these winch mounts. There has to be someone at the trailer shop that knows something about gussets. It's either a tube welded at the very bottom or a little piece of flatbar.
  406. Clockwork

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    Looks like they "knew a guy"
  407. Clockwork

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    What did they say about all the bad inventory?
  408. Clockwork

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    Wow, that pretty bad. How did they manage to fuck that Up? Based on what ive seen I can't imagine what a shitshow a boat trailer ship must be
  409. Clockwork

    Bait Tabl

    It's fun to make your own. Get a router and a drill. Some #8 screws and some cut to size starboard from tap and get to work making one that fits your boat and your needs.
  410. Clockwork

    Insurance for Boat Transport

    Thanks guys. I called my broker anchor marine and it appears my boat insurance covers commercial transport. I also verified that the cargo insurance that the transporter took out is legit as well through his broker and insurer. It's a stressful situations and if I had to do again I would just...
  411. Clockwork

    gone to the dark side...tin

    A Longer tongue reduces tongue weight. Makes it less apt to fishtail and don't have to dunk your truck as far. But then again increases your turning radius and makes it hard to store of course.
  412. Clockwork

    Adding a marine head - how difficult?

    Orange bucket. Yeah women don't like it but who gives a shit they don't like most things anyways and they're damn lucky to have the privilege of riding in your boat. A head is highly overrated. You got more plumbing below the waterline you have to worry about failing and sinking you. You have...
  413. Clockwork

    New pump ideas?

    I am assuming your bait pump is a centrifugal one and it Ts off to the washdown to a diaphragm pump? if you are using the washdown (diaphragm) pump as the bait pump too it will die. it cant run continuous and also sucks power. on the flip side you cant use a centrifugal bait pump for your...
  414. Clockwork

    Insurance for Boat Transport

    Need peace of mind here. I bought a boat 2500 miles away and am having a small transport company tow it back here. They supposedly paid for shipping insurance and sent me a pic with my HID etc but I don't know if it's legit as it just seemed too easy. Underwriter is generali. I suppose I should...
  415. Clockwork

    Bought This

    It's got a shit ton of thru hulls too. The ones down below are bronze but there are plenty of crappy plastic ones.
  416. Clockwork

    Bought This

    The 28 was rebadged 300 in 95. Same overall length but the 28 has a step under the euro transom. It was the first sv2 hull.
  417. Clockwork

    SeaSport Makeover

    this post is doing me no good without pics!
  418. Clockwork

    Bought This

    job 1 will be scraping the dead bugs off of it after a 2400 mile road trip. job 2 will be replacing the plastic thru hulls. job 3 replacing decals then rocket launchers (rule of thumb is 1 launcher per linear foot) and acrylic enclosure
  419. Clockwork

    Bought This

    Yeah on Shore power. This one doesn't have a genset though.
  420. Clockwork

    Bought This

    Thats the plan!
  421. Clockwork

    Bought This

    ASAP! Working on transport.
  422. Clockwork

    Bought This

    Went to Texas and bought this. Hope I see it again. Working on transport. Grady White Marlin 28. Suzuki 250s 330hrs. Got some stuff I like such as raymarine e120, auto pilot, 300 gallons of fuel, remote spotlight, a couple yeti knock offs, outriggers, built in bait tank, windlass, etc...
  423. Clockwork

    WDFW Panic Before Season

    Can't wait to put in for a salmon tag in a few years
  424. Clockwork

    Pulled the trigger...

    Who needs fenders? That's what rub rails are for! Congrats on that rig. Those are cool boats. Nice thing is Probably gets 30mpg too might be eligible for a tax break. Glad it worked out for you.
  425. Clockwork

    Squid everywhere

    need more squid. just ran out the other night. they keep well. tasted great almost a year old.
  426. Clockwork

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    seems to me those radons would be taking a lot of water over what little bow they have.
  427. Clockwork

    Who built this boat???

    Wow that is one bad ass rig.
  428. Clockwork

    Kingfisher 30 foot boats

    Offshore pilot house, nearshore hull
  429. Clockwork

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    That is a fine looking vessel indeed. Armstrong makes some of the best aluminum boats out there for sure.
  430. Clockwork

    Questions on bilge and bait tank pumps?

    Leave the pumps and batteries at home. Put a bung and hose in the container, Heat the water, hang it in a tree and gravity feed that shit.
  431. Clockwork

    Comparing deadrise between a Duckworth OS and a North River OS

    What is the capt doing at the end? Checking the drain plug or?
  432. Clockwork

    Comparing deadrise between a Duckworth OS and a North River OS

    That boat has about a 100gph bilge pump. Look at that tiny little stream of water passing out. Of course no bilge pump could save the boat from that A team. Awesome how they just kind of do nothing while it fills up.
  433. Clockwork

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    That is an awesome boat that I hope to buy 30 years from now when it has depreciated to my price range!
  434. Clockwork

    More Grouse

    Been getting my son out after these birds now with the .22 and after 2 trips of nothing in the bag it went wide open for us a couple weeks ago. Went up high and was having a tough time early with 2 grouse getting the best of us but we stumbled on an epic covey that was pretty good to us. The kid...
  435. Clockwork

    Erotic Boat Porn

    Better have good seats, there sure isn't much room to stand.
  436. Clockwork

    WTB 2003 Trim/Tilt motor for T-8

    I know you're out in port Angeles but 2 shops I know of that have a ton of used parts are all seasons marine in Renton and Tom's outboards in Olympia.
  437. Clockwork

    Winter tires for a dually

    Why run chains if you don't have to?
  438. Clockwork

    Winter tires for a dually

    Last I knew they didn't have load range E duratracs
  439. Clockwork

    Winter tires for a dually

    BFG KO2. Put em on run em all year if you want. Quiet, handle good. Great all around tire and they are heavily sites for snow.
  440. Clockwork

    Good Deal in CALI

    Mainly tight quarters maneuverability and also redundancy. Seems I'm always trying to fit into a tight spot or docking in the wind. On the other hand, I'm completely against a single I/O. I want no part of an outdrive.
  441. Clockwork

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    that modified V parker is a pounder and the 225 is underpowered by most standards. then theres the ever present Yamaha 225 corrosion problems that id rather not take a gamble on.
  442. Clockwork

    Good Deal in CALI

    Those came with 2 different pilot houses. Ones like this and the forward slanted windshield. The latter is more popular. These things are commercial hulls and rare to find one with a diesel anywhere near this cheap. Most came with a single 454, I've seen Volvo diesels and a few Cummins. Never...
  443. Clockwork

    Good Deal in CALI This boat has potential. I like these farallons especially with a low hour 5.9 cummins. Newer tranny. Price seems low. Maybe it's got problems, maybe not. Looks like a steal. Docking a single inboard sucks but that's a seaworthy machine.
  444. Clockwork

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    To me seaworthiness is above all else. I like wide beams and twin engines if you're ocean fishing. And although I've had alot of good times on narrower single engine boats I will never go back. I just sold a grady white sailfish and I'd rate that model right up there. The Gulfstream is another...
  445. Clockwork

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    What about a 25 parker. Similar layout, Less tippy.
  446. Clockwork

    Fished the Upper Skagit Yesterday

    the mindset that a "paying customer" holds any special status is bizarre. shelling out some cash and jumping in a guide boat is cheap and easy. it takes a shit ton more resources to go out there and do it yourself.
  447. Clockwork

    Marine Surveyor Recommendations

    Damn, previous owner was a baller! Nice thing is you can be pretty sure he didn't cheap out on maintenance etc
  448. Clockwork

    Marine Surveyor Recommendations

    Gotta agree with tailwalker here, a sea trial and a mechanic with scanner will be more useful than a surveyor. For $50k though that sob better be perfect and no more than a couple years old.
  449. Clockwork

    Oops! Our Bad

    This society is a shitshow
  450. Clockwork

    Oops! Our Bad

    Those research teams fuck with those orcas all day but I gotta keep 200 yards away and kill the motors or they will starve to death.
  451. Clockwork

    Trailer weight distribution

    Fuck, now you want me to go through and pay for a towing endorsement?
  452. Clockwork

    Arima Sea Chaser - Turn Key Setup - $18,500

    Nice setup! The boat show should have people blowing up your phone if it doesn't sell by then.
  453. Clockwork

    Winterizing outboards

    If it's gonna sit several months add fuel stabilizer and run it till you get it through the fuel system on the motors. The gas in the lines seems to go bad before the fuel in the tank. Or at least it won't get filtered.
  454. Clockwork

    Winterizing outboards

    Tilt it down
  455. Clockwork

    Diesel mechanic

    Can't really tune them up. Really just drain the water Sepaerator and replace fuel and air filters. And maybe hose it down with some engine wash. And check and/or replace all the fluids in the drive train. Grease all the zerks. The engine is solid, it's the chassis you gotta take care of in...
  456. Clockwork

    1 way Truck Rentals to Tow Boat

    This is what the dmv told me as well so it sounds like maybe it is just that easy. Good to hear a couple first hand accounts of the process. However since 2005 I've gone through 5 boats so I wouldn't count on me having the boat long enough to get that title after 3 years.
  457. Clockwork

    1 way Truck Rentals to Tow Boat

    Well you guys are pretty persuasive! I'm probably going to go for it anyways. Just not sure how not having a license plate is gonna work. Plus dmv says I'm good to sell it with the provisional title but prospective buyers might be more skeptical.
  458. Clockwork

    1 way Truck Rentals to Tow Boat

    So enterprise is pretty much the only option but their rates are reasonable. $600/wk for a f250 diesel and $650/wk for a f350 dually. Problem now is, boat is in texas and trailer had no title cause they don't need it there. I called washington dmv and they assured me it's easy to get one for...
  459. Clockwork


    Damn, hope I can get me some cheap prawns before the law shuts him down.
  460. Clockwork

    What do you do when your livewell breaks down?

    awesome! how big? hard to tell with the extreme 3D camera angles.
  461. Clockwork

    Burlington shooting

    Dont get too excited about thw weapon of choice. They want to ban all guns. They're just starting with the ones that illicit the most fear to get theit foot in the door and get the ball rolling.
  462. Clockwork

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    torklift in kent on central
  463. Clockwork

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Steve if you buy a truck in texas I'll fly down and drive it back for you!
  464. Clockwork

    1 way Truck Rentals to Tow Boat

    No. But wouldnt rent anything over 26k gvwr anyway. A 4600 international would be a good right for the job.
  465. Clockwork

    1 way Truck Rentals to Tow Boat

    Nope, investing in some sweet gw glass.
  466. Clockwork

    1 way Truck Rentals to Tow Boat

    Btw out of state bout 2500 mileso each way.
  467. Clockwork

    1 way Truck Rentals to Tow Boat

    Wondering if anyone can give me some Intel on whether there's a company out there that would rent a big truck to tow a boat one way. So far my searches say no. And I'd prefer like a 26ft box truck for the trek but would settle on a 1 ton. I have looked into u ship and may go that route but I'm...
  468. Clockwork

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Do you own a duramax or is this what you heard? Curious cause a 5.9 Cummins and 6.6 duramax get about the same unloaded and the Cummins drops to around 10 or 11 towing 8k or more. Plus 18mpg is roughly what they get empty real world.
  469. Clockwork

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    More Maintenance costs? Couple gallons more oil at each change what else?. I'll trade that for twice the life expectancy and twice the torque any day. I've had 3 diesels and here is the list of engine repairs for each. 1999 7.3 powerstroke 160k miles: waterpump, glow plugs 2005 5.9 Cummins...
  470. Clockwork

    Who's boat was this ?

    I'd avoid those ocean pros.
  471. Clockwork

    Squid jigging from a boat question

    We've done well from boats and havnt paid attention to any kind of structure. Depth seems to be a factor. Sometimes they're in 30ft and sometimes you gotta go 100ft and be on bottom all depends
  472. Clockwork

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Diesel is what you want bro. Look, you just bought 28 duck. Stop being a cheap bastard. You don't buy lobster and eat it off a paper plate. But in all seriousness finding fuel is not a serious enough issue to factor in. Every exit has a diesel station. Youre gonna get about 50% better mpgs...
  473. Clockwork

    Sunday tuna?

    Lot of grab ass going on around here these days...
  474. Clockwork

    You are responsible for your wake

    a wider angle lens would have been of use in this situation.
  475. Clockwork

    Catamaran offshore? Pros and cons

    Cats suck. I know cause I had a 7.5ft Livingston cat. I will never own another. No freeboard. Had to go slow in anything over 6" chop. Couldn't trim the bow down if no one was up front. Not safe offshore.
  476. Clockwork

    Brand New Trailer and a Problem Already!

    Let's start with setting up and operating the trailer properly and go from there.
  477. Clockwork

    Westport Tuna 9/13

    I'm an x-rap guy but the Cedar plugs put more and bigger fish on the boat this year.
  478. Clockwork

    Brand New Trailer and a Problem Already!

    It's a surge actuated brake. Therefore you can't back up a hill unless you either mechanically or electrically lockout the actuator. When you back up a hill the weight of the boat compresses the cylinder, locking up the brakes. When you back down a hill the weight of the boat pulls and extends...
  479. Clockwork

    WP bait on 9/14

    no expert here but your specs look ok. I run a 32 gallon with 800gph and 3/4" hose and 2 scoops. fill time 7 minutes. no dead loss ever. whats your fill time? was it rough? I see 15ft run but whats your head (rise)?
  480. Clockwork

    Shopping for new trailer tires

    Scrap the Ds and get 10 ply rating load range E. I have tow maxes on the boat (had I guess) and the 5th wheel. Had one blowout on a 2 year old tire. Less Schwab replaced FOC and they have hooked me up on other occasions. I wouldn't buy truck tires from them cause they're way overpriced but their...
  481. Clockwork

    gone to the dark side...tin

    Congrats Steve! That setup should get r done!
  482. Clockwork

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    I think I'm gonna work on my tan and then start dragging nets myself pretty soon.
  483. Clockwork

    She's Gone

    Thanks for the input. I've never operated a Marlin but I have been so pleased with the seaworthiness of the sailfish I figured I'd just scale it up to a 30 footer. I loved that thing. On flat water it wouldn't set any speed records but once shit got real few boats in its size range could hang...
  484. Clockwork

    She's Gone

    Yeah when the overnight trip fell through I was pretty bummed and I figured if I could sell it now I'd have ample time to shop through the winter. It's all trash talk until I actually buy one but right now I'm shopping for a GW Marlin 300. An older one of course, and it will have to be an East...
  485. Clockwork

    She's Gone

    Probably cause it's only been gone a couple hours and I'm already telling everyone I talk to: "you know, I used to own a grady white"
  486. Clockwork

    2005 Robalo 235WA For Sale

    I have been on this boat and it is a very clean rig. Great fishing platform!
  487. Clockwork

    She's Gone

    Feeling a little emotional right now. Clockwork has been sold and is already en route to her new place of residence. Sold to a BDer who I hope takes as good a care of her that she did of me. Gonna miss that thing. On the bright side though, I found my driveway.
  488. Clockwork

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    The perceived "injustice" is as bad as the media tells us it is. So many people raking in cash by spurring on this shit storm. I wish the cops would strike.
  489. Clockwork

    Coho fuckery

    are they hyping next years humpy season yet?
  490. Clockwork

    A not so gentle reminder.....

    PS Crabbing was awesome this year whatchu guys talking bout?
  491. Clockwork

    Heading out now over nighter

    Sounds like YOU were on HIS numbers. Not cool. Never low hole a grady.
  492. Clockwork

    Overnighter Roll Call

    Wow, you are correct sir.
  493. Clockwork

    Overnighter Roll Call

    Ok, lots of "interest" from the overnight thread now looking to see who's still on board. We are leaving mid morning on Saturday. Anyone else going?
  494. Clockwork

    WP Tuna

    I think what you saw were Rissos dolphins. They don't look like dolphins but I looked it up after seeing something just like you describe.
  495. Clockwork

    Hoochie Trading?

    Send me the hoochies and I'll think about it
  496. Clockwork

    8/29 Tuna Report

    34/38? Damn thems salmon cords!
  497. Clockwork

    Deer down.

    You got a honey hole there! Can't afford to trophy hunt in western washington, that will taste great!
  498. Clockwork

    Alpine Grouse Report

    Couldn't buy a bird today.
  499. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    We are still going Saturday and sunday. I got one buddy boat, have no idea about all the other guys who want to go but havnt committed. We are also gonna hang near the break.
  500. Clockwork

    Trailer Drum Brakes

    Surge actuated drum brakes are the equivalent of having no brakes. If it were me I'd either convert to disc or disable the drums cause all that's gonna happen is they're gonna drag or size and take out a tire and/ or bearing. That boat doesn't need brakes behind any self respecting tow vehicle...
  501. Clockwork

    Alpine Grouse Report

    Just kicked off my hunting season today with my favorite quarry: grouse. Tough opener in the cascades with a downpour most of the day. Slick blueberry bushes made for alot of falling and sliding down hills. Plus the grouse were probably hiding in thick cover staying dry. Didn't find grouse in...
  502. Clockwork

    Wolf kills

    The problem is not a rational voice can be heard from either side. I expect tree huggers to say idiotic things but the fear mongering paranoia spewing from my fellow hunters is embarrassing. Cant take anyone serious because most people have such extreme opinions. I was hunting today in an area...
  503. Clockwork

    What is wrong with this?

    Why would you buy a 6.0 if you don't have to?
  504. Clockwork

    Wolf kills

    I am pro wolf, and welcome their return unlike most hunters but now I am convinced this shit show is another example of crisis management. We are Constantly tagging, studying and then killing these wolves. Wdfw got what they wanted, another crisis so they can be the busy bodies they are and at...
  505. Clockwork

    What is wrong with this?

    $10 says if you call, "it just sold but we have a lot of vehicles that you will love"
  506. Clockwork

    New tow rig recommendations

    I'm convinced that tow ratings are determined by the marketing department, not the engineering department.
  507. Clockwork

    Is it time for squid?

    The way this year is going I'm expecting an emergency closure.
  508. Clockwork

    Coho fishing in northern hood canal?

    The canal is filthy with coho but those are some of the most lock Jawed fish I ever saw. I think you have to use river tactics on those fish.
  509. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    I am planning around 50 or 60 out depending on where the fish are but sounds like they may be moving closer.
  510. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    My boats full by the way, just looking for other boat crews.
  511. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    Lot of tire kickers, let me know if you're in by labor day weekend.
  512. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    Thought of that. Gonna loin em out. Mostly I want to keep weight to a minimum.
  513. Clockwork

    Just in From WDFW

    im still gonna hunt grouse
  514. Clockwork

    Just in From WDFW

    The gov'the isn't good at anything.
  515. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    How far will depend on temp breaks and wind conditions. If "tides" prove unfavorable we will push it out a week. Basic plan is to fish a good break then run Upwind from a good temp break approximately the distance we expect to drift and throw the sea anchor. We would like to be near a good break...
  516. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    Planning to do a thing September 10th and 11th. We're gonna steam westward to the tuna grounds, catch tuna then setup for the night on a drift sock, get a chumslick going, throw a lightbar over the side and see if we can't catch us a great white. Or swordfish. We really don't give a shit but...
  517. Clockwork

    Idle question 150

    900-1100rpm idle is way too fast. should be around 600-700 (check manual). kinda sounds like a vacuum leak but I suspect computer/sensor related.
  518. Clockwork

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    I have created a handy guide to help people know if they should go tuna fishing. if the tuna are 60 miles out and you're out of sanitary napkins, stay in fucking port!
  519. Clockwork

    Westport near miss *South Jetty Friday....

    That area can look calm and then have breakers show up out of nowhere. Still I prefer hitting the slot anytime it's not low tide. Breakers on the bar in a following sea are the biggest hazard imo.
  520. Clockwork

    It's the journey.....

    way to get after it when the fishing has been tough!
  521. Clockwork

    New tow rig recommendations

    2005 was the 1st year of the HO 325hp 600lbs torque common rail being standard. I believe that's the most output the 5.9 ever put out. Definitely shoot for a manual tranny and prepare to replace every front end component at least once every 40k.
  522. Clockwork

    What's really going on

    Someone has to do the dirty work. You can't just sit tight in port until someone who has busted ass all year posts that it broke wide open at 30 miles then show up on dudes numbers the next day. Colemans crews are always the first to find fish and they're pretty generous in reporting out cause...
  523. Clockwork

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    When tuna are jumping in the boat at 30 miles we'll be sure to let u know!
  524. Clockwork

    NOAA Rockfish Recovery Plan released today 8/16

    My thoughts exactly. PS has never been a great rockfish area. They're around but with the lack of habitat available I figure it would take forever for a population to recover.
  525. Clockwork

    A11 closing early

    They say run is non existent. I say best coho fishing I ever saw?
  526. Clockwork

    What's really going on

    For private boats The mentality that you have to plug the boat to have a good day tuna fishing is stupid. Doesn't anyone enjoy a little challenge? Yeah the run is long and the fishing is tough but it is an adventure. If it was stupid easy every time would it still be fun? The fish are around...
  527. Clockwork

    What's really going on

    Now is not the time if u want an easy run with easy tuna. Charters are cancelling trips, high profile charters are moving south and Noone would have gone out if not for the wtc.
  528. Clockwork

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    its a tourney. you see a boat coming up on you gotta hammer down!
  529. Clockwork

    NOAA Rockfish Recovery Plan released today 8/16

    I would be very interested in hearing about your research. are you free to speak of locations and numbers of fish caught? seems they are not very forthcoming about these test fisheries. I've read studies that said they didn't even know if they existed in the sound and then I hear stories like this.
  530. Clockwork

    Team Hype Machine WTC Report

    Another fun and exhausting weekend at the WTC. Thursday we took out 3 really cool vets and had a great time salmon fishing despite the fact that few salmon were present. ran all over the place looking for them and ended up with one long distance release of a nice silver. Friday we headed hard...
  531. Clockwork

    NOAA Rockfish Recovery Plan released today 8/16

    I'm gonna step out on a limb here and estimate that there has been 0 yelloweye bycatch in the puget sound during the Ling cod or salmon season in the last 10 years. Hell the research boats can barely catch them.
  532. Clockwork

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    Were glen and cami not available?
  533. Clockwork

    Trailer parts local??

    Get some material from metal supermarkets in kent and if you come by this week we can pop some.holes in it. Looks like just some aluminium flats?
  534. Clockwork

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    Don't know but there was an arima of about 21ft following us in on the bar. And that dude was rippin'.
  535. Clockwork

    Not Pissin' on Muffs yamaha 250

    not enough water volume to the impeller. I used to have to use a quick grip clamp to hold the muffs tighter to the intake on my last motor.
  536. Clockwork

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    Not sure about that info. I took 3 on Thursday but I'm sure someone else took more.
  537. Clockwork

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    Also just saying but no one knows the standings. If someone want me to put the data in excel and "sort descending" let me know!
  538. Clockwork

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    We had a good couple days considering the conditions. We found 12 on Friday and 10 Saturday and lost a bunch both days. But we were off northern Oregon and running twin jerry cans! Pretty much ran out of time cause you ain't got much fishing time when you add in 6 or 7 hours of drive time...
  539. Clockwork

    Lost Kill Bag

    Hey lost a big ass kill bag at Westport if anyone saw it please lmk. 206 228 4336 flew out the truck in town somewhere. Thanks!
  540. Clockwork

    WE Salmon Season

    I've heard grumbling of the salmon season closing soon off wp. Anyone Know? Our plan for Thurs is to take WW out for salmon but I don't want any surprises.
  541. Clockwork

    2006 thunder jet luxor

    Squid jockey and cock holster were both used in this thread so far. This thread has already overdelivered.
  542. Clockwork

    2011 World Cat 290CC, $128k

    Why not start building a bad ass custom pilot house? You love the boat otherwise Right?
  543. Clockwork

    Tuna reports

    It's the only tuna tournament of the year so why can't it be a competition? We're still taking vets, we're still donating food, why has it become so taboo to call it a competition? Are they handing out a juice box and a fruit snack this year?
  544. Clockwork


    If I guarantee someone we will catch fish it is a sure thing that we won't so the guarantee has been discontinued on my boat.
  545. Clockwork

    Full size van for towing?

    I'd be more apt to invest in better in-bed dog habitation than compromise my tow rig. You can use a truck to do a vans job but a van can't do a trucks job. Trucks are better tow vehicles.
  546. Clockwork

    Riveting boat cap

    industry standard is SS screws. problem is rivets don't have enough surface area to give enough floatation on a somewhat soft surface like fiberglass. 1800 hours of flexing probably wore out the fiberglass around it and it pulled through. plus you can torque a screw/bolt. and 3m marine sealant...
  547. Clockwork

    Tuna trolling rod recommendations

    It's cool to hate on trolling here so beware. Personally I use a combination Penn rampage jigging rods and ugly stick tigers.
  548. Clockwork

    Another 3-rivers shout out!

    glad you had a lot better experience than my buddy did!
  549. Clockwork


    It was all triples and quads weekend before last with quality fish that tricked us more than once into thinking it was a decent king.
  550. Clockwork


    Catch and release sea run cutthroat and that's about it.
  551. Clockwork

    SST meter stand alone unit?

    My raymarine c80 ff is showing bogus sst readings. I've read about offsets and possible causes but I don't really have the time to deal with it before the wtc. Anyone have a recommendation for a stand alone dedicated temp unit? I'll either mount it overboard somehow or maybe even put the...
  552. Clockwork

    Selling my Trophy 2352

    How much you want for the 265?
  553. Clockwork

    WTB 1 Ton tow rig.

    You gotta supply your own tow rig for work or you playing with house money?
  554. Clockwork

    Mukilteo BS

    Guaranteed boat damage has deterred me from coming back. That and idiots fishing from the dock. Between the boat getting bashed into the dock and line in my prop I haven't been back.
  555. Clockwork

    Tica Wasabi Rods?

    Thanks buddy! But Mike Found some at sportco so ill go do that thanks for lookin out though!
  556. Clockwork

    Tica Wasabi Rods?

    Yeah thanks for the explanation, it was a joke. Im looking at the wasabi cause its about $100. Im sure those thashers are badass but im afraid if i have a taste of the high life i might get hooked on the expensive stuff. But i'll pro staff just about anything just sayin.
  557. Clockwork

    Tica Wasabi Rods?

    I got them at the sportco booth but the store has not had them on hand the last few times I was in. I'll check stock on the outdoor emporium, thanks for the offer!
  558. Clockwork

    Tica Wasabi Rods?

    well I'm open to the possibility of becoming Thrasher Pro Staff
  559. Clockwork

    Tica Wasabi Rods?

    anyone know where they sell tica wasabi rods? bought one at the sportsman show and looking to pick up a couple more.
  560. Clockwork

    Ocean Temperature Data Sources

    I wanna sell printouts for $5 but these guys keep undercutting me with these screenshots
  561. Clockwork

    Tuna kill

    yeah, cause we're really short on tuna around here...
  562. Clockwork

    tuna intel?

    On sunday we saw nothing until 46.21 124.55 If we didnt have to work monday we would have been down around 46.10 most likely
  563. Clockwork

    tuna intel?

    Farther south by about .10
  564. Clockwork

    WTC spot

    i'll take the slip. PM Sent.
  565. Clockwork

    Area 9/10 opener

    My crew was calling our 14lbers 20's but i didnt have the heart to stifle their enthusiasm. We got 3 that were like 14 and one 25 incher but this was westport.
  566. Clockwork

    Possible 2015 200 HP Yami issue??

    I cant diagnose it from here but i guarantee that if it was my boat and i had doubts, i would not take a wait and see approach.
  567. Clockwork

    Life gave you lemons?

    Wives dont know shit about boats and are gonna run you around in circles with all the bullshit they "need" on a boat. Their instinct is to build a home. Toilets, sinks, dinettes, non pilothouse style cabins are all items that waste space and are dead weight on a fishing boat. Ive sold a...
  568. Clockwork

    Possible 2015 200 HP Yami issue??

    I would pull the boat and drain the lower unit fluid unless you find an obvious source. Easy job. Find someone who knows the difference between grease and contaminated gear oil and find the source. That looks like a bad drive shaft seal and might be blowing oil up and out under the water pump...
  569. Clockwork

    Fuel Tax Refunds

    too much hassle IMO. they cap it at a ridiculously low number. a drop in the bucket for what we do. then you gotta keep track of receipts which has proven not to be in my skillset.
  570. Clockwork

    23 DV parker 225 yami

    I don't know but I have noticed that even a lot of the 25 parkers have 225s. could probably contact parker for some numbers.
  571. Clockwork

    Canary Rockfish - suprised the subject has not come up yet.

    sadly, an hour at the cleaning station will show you the average fisherman cant reliably ID fish. just for example I had numerous people tell me what a nice "Ling" my cabezon was.
  572. Clockwork

    WTF Electrical Gremlin Issue.....

    Voltage might be fine but if your connections are bad you wont get the amps required to start the motor. I had a starting problem and it turned out to be bad battery lugs and i was very surprised cause they looked pretty good. The terminals were clean but the contact in the crimp was bad.
  573. Clockwork

    Graphics printed... Good ol' barter work!

    Cool looks badass just couldnt tell from my phone
  574. Clockwork

    Graphics printed... Good ol' barter work!

    Are those chinese style carp on the logo?
  575. Clockwork

    Cannon Downrigger Repair

    Heres what i did for an adapter. I took a 3/8 or 1/2" aluminum plate. Cut to match scotty base. Took the swivel base apart to use as a template. Marked holes in the plate that base has. Drill, countersink. Mark plate with holes from cannon base. Drill, tap 1/4-20. Use low profile screws supplied...
  576. Clockwork

    No More Derby Style Halibut Fishery (Please)

    its all good but the prospect of having to throw back anything over about 60lbs would hurt morale.
  577. Clockwork

    Lake Washington Sockeye

    They have been netting the locks for thousands of years, its their heritage.
  578. Clockwork

    Bait Tank $150

    Sale pending
  579. Clockwork

    Cannon Downrigger Repair

    I mounted my cannons on scotty swivel mounts, best of both worlds IMO. Not hard to adapt em. I love my cannons but only had them 1 year. I ran new 1406 scottys the year before and always seemed to have some issue. The auto brake wouldnt engage on one, had belt issues and those beads are the...
  580. Clockwork

    Engineless Grady

    Thats a 90s era 272 with aftermarkmet overpower with 250s. Cant chalk this up as factory defect. Rotten transom + 500hp + sea floor means something has to give. Cant tell by that pic but i know mine has a 3" transom which seems decent.
  581. Clockwork

    Bait Tank $150

    Bait tank. Its a bit over 20 gallon. Holds 1 scoop. Oval fiberglass construction. As rigged it fills from the bottom and drains from top but i believe i have the original standpipes if you want to go that route. Input is 3/4 garden hose style fitting outlet is 1-1/2". Net and aluminum bracket...
  582. Clockwork

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    This boat exceeds the boats most of the bashers run so.... And no xtearos have capsized to my knowledge so.... I hate the term "overall length". "Yeah its 26 OAL from the bracket to the pulpit. Well guys im 12" if i measure from my kidneys so i guess its not a bad way to go. Going metric...
  583. Clockwork

    WP Tuna novice report

    Wierd, i've never heard of anyone going out and getting less than 40 tuna.
  584. Clockwork

    No More Derby Style Halibut Fishery (Please)

    We dont need a tag system for catching halibut, we need a tag system for people having babies. 2 tags lietime FOC $50,000 per additional tag Probem solved.
  585. Clockwork

    Veteran needs our help!

    Does anyone have a picture of the blocked culvert? How was it blocked and do we have the means to unblock it?
  586. Clockwork

    Firefighters please....

    Dont worry it will soon be legal again by permit.
  587. Clockwork

    Firefighters please....

    Pretty soon the only legal activity will be playing with your iphone. The total pussification of american is almost complete.
  588. Clockwork

    Shrimp Pots

    I got 4 sets you can use. Pm sent
  589. Clockwork

    What's this lure for,

    Used to have one. They have great action but never gave it a fair shot before it got rusty. Should work for salmon.
  590. Clockwork

    Thinking about mooching this summer.

    Anyone tried live anchovies for salmon?
  591. Clockwork

    New ride

    Reasons i wont buy I/O: 1) no bilge: inevitable that engine turns to rust ball. Get much water in there and its sitting right in seawater. 2)only thing between you and the ocean is a crappy rubber boot. 3)there is a 20sq ft section of your dancefloor you cant really use taken up by the motor...
  592. Clockwork

    New ride

    albermarle makes a high quality boat by reputation but I will never own another I/O.
  593. Clockwork


    Should be fine but to be honest if i get ahold of some meth im probably coming up there and taking it.
  594. Clockwork

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    a twinge of doubt has entered the equation and am going to dial back the enthusiasm and think this through. got off the phone with a friend who has doubts about this boat and a few others have voiced concerns as well. this would not sway me except that I have a few doubts myself and having never...
  595. Clockwork

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    now I remember, these are the same guys that send you messages when you are selling saying they have a buyer and want to broker your boat. those guys piss me off.
  596. Clockwork

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Thanks and can you elaborate about the pop yacht thing? Are they shady?
  597. Clockwork

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Saw that but no power. Would be a possible option because im considering long term repower to diesel or outboards but those arent projects to take lightly as some serious research is needed about outboard weight distribution. Theres also one on a trailer in newport oregon that we ran down and...
  598. Clockwork

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    From what i understand it is supposedly solid and turnkey. Obviously its very old so i have that working against me but the motors were rebuilt a couple years ago with 100hrs on them. Story is that the marina mechanic owns it and rebuilt 1 motor in 2013 and the other in 2015. Not excited about...
  599. Clockwork

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Lots of generous offers of help, much appreciated. The washington BDers never dissapoint! Got a few things to line up before i get it such as what i do with her once she gets up here. Initially i was gonna buy a triple axle trailer of CL but didnt want to be hasty and it might have fitment...
  600. Clockwork

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Wow, thanks for the offer pat! Ill have to check about the license. If a class a is required for over 10k ive been guilty many times. Im still getting everything organized just looking for options.
  601. Clockwork

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Im in the process of getting quotes for shipping a 28 footer from san francisco to see if the purchase would be feasible. Does anyone here know what price per mile or whatever is a ballpark figure so i know if im getting worked over? Boat is 28x10.5 and about 12k lbs. For that matter is anyone...
  602. Clockwork

    WTF is this?

    Pinch bug
  603. Clockwork

    Lapush series of events

    I have the same problem with a sticky float thats a pia. I replaced it but it still sticks. I gotta stick a rodtip down there to push it closed on occasion.
  604. Clockwork

    Recommendations for aluminum tank fabrication

    Plastic Tank? pull up a moeller catalog and they may make a plastic tank that will fit.
  605. Clockwork

    Well I screwed the pooch :(

    You must have a very low deductible
  606. Clockwork

    WDFW down?

    Get the app where you can stream in-season and regulation updates live
  607. Clockwork

    Lapush series of events

    Keep a bunch of toilet bowl wax rings on board. Last year i redid my splash board and forgot to put the gasket in. When we were backing down water was squirting in and we were standing in 6" water. Sealed the door with that wax which saved the day.
  608. Clockwork

    Tuna were caught out of Oregon

    We saw sunfish, blue shark and dolphin out of la push yesterday so something is gonna happen soon.
  609. Clockwork

    WP Tuna boats

    Size of boat might be the least critical factor in the equation. Big does not mean seaworthy. Also if your boat and you are contingent on if the weather "is nice" then no. And the "ride quality" is just ride quality, it doesnt make it safer. What gets you out there faster and more...
  610. Clockwork

    La Push fish freezing

    The quileutes have a pretty nice community down there and i havnt had or heard of a theft problem. We bring a chest freezer and leave it outside and so do many others.
  611. Clockwork

    Stolen Hewes ditched in A-Town.

    to me it looks like it broke a weld like a little bitch.
  612. Clockwork

    Suggestions on camping near La Push

    primary options are Mora, 3 Rivers, Quileute Oceanside resort.
  613. Clockwork

    La Push Open Seat Friday and Saturday

    Looks like we will likely have an open seat (and by open seat i mean a spot on the deck for you and your beanbag) friday and saturday for nearshore bottomfish and offshore halibut. Prefer someone who can make both days we got a campsite and room for everyone. No smoking on the boat, dont get...
  614. Clockwork

    Carpool to Edmonds PSA From Tukwila

    I would but its not on the way to la push
  615. Clockwork

    Am I a grady prick now

    It was my understanding that there would be no math
  616. Clockwork

    Am I a grady prick now

    Josh, did you buy cleanup required or is this a different boat?
  617. Clockwork

    If your going to lose a wheel bearing?

    Ime more often than not the bearing nut got overtorqued. Or maybe wrong bearing altogether. There are so many combinations that are similar it definitely happens. Plus you can guarantee the guy assembling it got minimal training.
  618. Clockwork

    Am I a grady prick now

    You gonna post some better pics or what?
  619. Clockwork

    Need pot puller help

    Do not set a trap anywhere near a commie buoy. We got bushwhacked by a commie last weekend. You may only see a few buoys and set well away from them but there are hundreds of traps on the line and there is a spiderweb of rigging below. We setup in my honey hole up north. The mothership showed...
  620. Clockwork

    Area 3 & 4 Hali 6/11??

    If you cant procure a descender just sand the barb off a big ass hook and tie it on upside down. Works just fine.
  621. Clockwork

    Area 3 & 4 Hali 6/11??

    everyone got their descenders? descend or get called out.
  622. Clockwork

    Salmon Seasons announced!

    im not proud of it but if a 22.5"er hits the deck, its getting KTFO. blink and the season will be over.
  623. Clockwork

    Need pot puller help

    Make sure you keep the motor running and that it is setup to charge that battery. I run a homemade puller that uses a brutus motor and i do fine pulling my traps in the juans. As long as the motor is running. Some people are going way overkill though with weight imo. I think my puller would...
  624. Clockwork

    It's back; fishing license "upgrade" to combination.

    I like it but theres a hell of alot more fish to chase in the salt than just puget sound salmon. Hell, you only get a couple weeks of off-peak season for kings on a good year anyways.
  625. Clockwork

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    Everytime you go out you risk the lives of you and crew so get over it. Its called an adventure. I hate the cliche "safety first". Gotta live life to the fullest and try to stay just safe enough to keep rippin. He got out, banged out the fish, got back safe. Respect to him and his crew for...
  626. Clockwork

    Trailer with a boat project on top

    My dad and i have always talked about getting one of those sekiu skiffs. Alot of good memories on those van riper specials.
  627. Clockwork

    Am I a grady prick now

    No, "grady pricks" are the guys who tow them off the jacobsens compound. Guys like us who pick up their sloppy seconds are "grady douchebags" cause we still think were the shit. Nice acquisition!
  628. Clockwork

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    The incomplete list of banned topics: Weather Fishing canada Cords La push Tuna counts Fishing the san juans Cough, redundancy Hell, the last time someone asked about a baittank they got reprimanded because it had already been discussed at length Approved topics: Aluminum boat builds Carry on
  629. Clockwork

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    Are we still doing that "dont talk about weather" bullshit? No time for superstition when we got shit to do.
  630. Clockwork

    New Record Black Rockfish

    Nice fish and congrats to dude but... The record books mean nothing anymore though with the seasons and restrictions the way they are.
  631. Clockwork

    Descender question

    Taken from the WDFW rockfish conservation page: "Fish returned to depth within 2 minutes are known to have a much better chance of survival. The chance of survival for some species is known to decrease by half for every 10 minutes the fish is out of the water." one problem is the seagulls peck...
  632. Clockwork

    Lapush opener

    More orange floaters this year than I can ever recall. its fucked up. worst of all many came from BDers and some well known ones at that. there always seemed to be at least one floating in my direction tossed overboard by some boat of dumbasses.
  633. Clockwork

    Lapush opener

    wow where was the octopus caught? shallow water is assume? very nice haul of fish. cool trip for your son too! maybe its not too early to get my 9 year old out there.
  634. Clockwork


    Awesome, were jizzing all over ourselves about this "bonus" day that used to be standard. All these 1 day turn and burn halibut trips to the coast are brutal.
  635. Clockwork


    nice but I was expecting 2 days due to the bad weather on the opener and the tougher than usual fishing on Thursday.
  636. Clockwork

    Commercial fishing inside C closure

    Taken from the NOAA website: The North Coast Recreational YRCA is a C-shaped area off the northern Washington coast intended to protect yelloweye rockfish. The North Coast Recreational YRCA is closed to recreational fishing for groundfish and halibut and is designated as an area to be avoided...
  637. Clockwork

    Canadian Salmon

    Once you cross the imaginary line, you must physically check into a us port of customs.
  638. Clockwork

    mods need to post a thread "looking for a ride"

    We got the one for captains looking but we need a boat ho database as well.
  639. Clockwork

    Lapush moorage

    We turned around about 12 miles out as mojo passed us. I dont know how the few that made it out kept a manageable drift.
  640. Clockwork

    Glad I stayed home

    ocean forecast diverted the masses to sheltered water. I woke up Saturday morning in my boat at the Quileute marina and there wasn't a single boat in line to launch at about 4am. normally there would be a line damn near to forks.
  641. Clockwork

    Tuna for Halibut

    Halibut dont give a shit, if its available they will hit it, be it a pipe or tuna belly. Tuna belly being smellier and oilier than most should be some of the best for attracting from a distance. I have always sworn by makeral which are a simlar fish.
  642. Clockwork

    Looking for a parking spot Between Elma or Hoquim next week

    Anywhere in downtown aberdeen or hoquiam should be pretty secure.
  643. Clockwork

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    I've had guys give me change. being a tightwad is in poor taste.
  644. Clockwork

    Lapush moorage

    yes they have in the past.
  645. Clockwork

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    Great thread! Also: 1) dont slam hatches! 2) do not get your line in the motors under any circumstances! 3) if we calculate the cost split and you give me exact change-fuck you 4) if you think giving me an extra fish means you pay less than your share-fuck you And a roster of available hoes...
  646. Clockwork

    Tribal Commercial Fishery opening tomorrow-Ralleye for Fisheries Equity

    pretty messed up when we're just trying to get back to the boldt decision status quo...
  647. Clockwork

    Towing in the ocean and across the bar?

    If theres one thing ive learned from this thread its fuck lawyers.
  648. Clockwork

    Need Help! Offshore Hali Trip in Jeopardy!

    How does it track? If it is a safety hazard i would just buy a new one out if pocket and slap it on then worry about the warranty later. Axles are pretty cheap. If its just a bent spindle cut it off and have a good welder weld it back straight.
  649. Clockwork

    Help! Scotty receptacle wiring..

    whats the root cause? every wire size selector chart plus the scotty manual says 12g is OK for this application. question is wether 10g will fix your issue of wires pulling out. can you solder the connections or will it melt the housing? maybe crimp or solder a small bullet connector to the...
  650. Clockwork

    Greenling keep swallowing the hook

    1oz darts are money on greenlings. better than anything else IMO. they just bite the tails off curly tail jigs more often than not.
  651. Clockwork

    Proposal to make Fish Descenders Law

    good work. that's pretty shallow for YE. interesting cause one NOAA report I read questioned wether they were even present in the Puget sound/salish sea.
  652. Clockwork

    What is wrong with this pic?

    seems like the transom door opens the wrong way in relation to the railing and platform. im not worried about the downriggers, manuals get it done. the cost of a boat is inversely correlated to the number of days fished. there are probably 10,000 40+ foot "sportfishers" sitting in port right...
  653. Clockwork

    Near Bay Arima Story

    Yes, the everpresent rogue wave. It has become the go-to.
  654. Clockwork

    Chilled halibut

    Split the tote 6 ways and you got about the right amount for a halibut trip.
  655. Clockwork

    Halibut area for little kids

    Too bad, i was just about to give him some cords.
  656. Clockwork

    Wiring a pot puller Q

    You should have a fuse/power dist panel from your house battery +. Wire the puller/DR + to that with 10g wire and fuse per the instructions. You should also have a buss bar from your house -. Run your - wire from the puller to that. Use 10g unless the run is only a couple feet or less.
  657. Clockwork

    If you launch out of Neah...

    The coastal reservations are nice cause the people are laid back and there arent a million rules and regs and cops to ruin your good time. Ive really began to appreciate that in recent times and you cant lump them all together.
  658. Clockwork

    New axels.

    Whoever decided to design axles with 2.125ID and 2.25ID seals with the same OD is an asshole.
  659. Clockwork

    Trailer hitch on Ford Edge

    Arent they just bolt on units?
  660. Clockwork

    Man catches 400 pound fish with wrench

    I may be overthinking my tackle choices.
  661. Clockwork

    Letter from a concerned Fisherman

    This post is extremely accurate in my opinion.
  662. Clockwork

    Shit fuck damn it........

    will it plane off with 201.25hp?
  663. Clockwork

    Need a couple 55 Gallon Drums

    doesn't cohoho19 have an add on the classifieds for some drums?
  664. Clockwork

    island clamming frustration

    the clamming situation may be a biggest shitshow in the regs but just gets less attention.
  665. Clockwork

    Alberta Joy Ride

    Super cool boat! Congrats. Makes me wonder what a guy in grand prarie would need a badass offshore boat for.
  666. Clockwork

    Fly fishing albacore.

    Ok. But dont let me catch you trolling a big ass streamer with weighted line at 7kts!
  667. Clockwork

    Fly fishing albacore.

    There was a period in my life where i only flyfished. As such I soon found myself using a flyrod in applications it is simply not suited for. So i ended up wasting alot of valuable time just because i wanted to be a "purist". Albacore fishing would be one of these applications. Youre just trying...
  668. Clockwork

    LaPush Lings

    ...cords or it didnt happen
  669. Clockwork

    Securing a kayak to your boat?

    You must be one of those self hating powerboaters, i cant imagine the guilt you must feel from the carbon footprint that raider is creating! But seriously, ratchet straps, turnbuckles, bungees, twine, velcro would be my go to, in that order.
  670. Clockwork

    Fly fishing albacore.

    Mandatory safety glasses and headgear.
  671. Clockwork

    Used cutting boards, big ones

    And you dont have to show your receipt to the guy at the door!
  672. Clockwork

    Bait tank

    The inlet standpipe with holes doesnt hurt the bait? When i made mine i scrapped the standpipe cause i figured it would be an obstruction and they would die ramming into it. Im gonna put in a bigger tank soon and want to fix any flaws. Ive had mixed results with my 22gallon and rule 500 setup.
  673. Clockwork

    Bait tank

    Trying to undetstand why the huge bait pumps. My math says for a 10 minute fill as a rough baseline, a 500gph can handle an 80 gallon tank, not taking the head into account.
  674. Clockwork

    2016 Puget Sound Shrimp Seasons

    I will be out on the ocean for the opener wonder if theres any shrimp at 600ft.
  675. Clockwork

    Need Bullhead Catfish

    I need a couple small bullhead catfish 4 to 8" or so for my pond. If you happen to hook one and arent gonna eat it throw it in a bucket and ill come pick it up. Theyre kinda hard to get this time of year so i gotta get em where i can.
  676. Clockwork

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    They have the right to not let you in but they dont have the right to not let you leave or search you.
  677. Clockwork

    Trailer hitch stinger

    Put a 12/0 treble on that and you got yourself an ocean halibut rig.
  678. Clockwork

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    I dont like it either. I did the same thing at costco and they tried to tell me the reason is that they want to make sure you got everything you paid for and didnt get wrongfully charged. Lame.
  679. Clockwork

    Any old school Holley carburetor guys here ?

    If problems persist i would consider dropping on an edebrock 600 if thats a 350. You should verify cfm needed for a marine application but 700+ is well overcarbed for a non built automotive 350. Edelbrocks are so easy to tune and very simple. Buy one in the general cfm you need and buy the...
  680. Clockwork

    Securing the anchor to the roller?

    Done. Chain doesnt stretch. No tensioner, turnbuckle or bungie required.
  681. Clockwork

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    Maybe if people who fish have a hard time catching then they will quit and there will be less competition on your spot. Then again there will also be fewer people in the sport wielding a far weaker political influence. There are no halibut in the greater puget sound area.
  682. Clockwork

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    Noone should say anything about fishing ever.
  683. Clockwork

    2005 Dodge Ram Cummins

    SOLD! @Big Tom thanks for help with the sale! And @BIG Burp thanks for help with the purchase!
  684. Clockwork

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    pretty cool but I probably would have went 32' at least. newbies....
  685. Clockwork

    Why the rear helms?

    I think yall are missing his point. Yeah you need steering and throttle control back there but why hasle with a steering wheel, cables, controls etc when you can go with simple rocker switches, joysticks and actuators. Or go wireless. Half you guys got fly by wire anyways. Pretty simple and...
  686. Clockwork

    Anyone used these switches

    wish I had seen those before I replaced all my switches. I went with lighted toggle switches but I don't like them cause the stick out and can get snapped off.
  687. Clockwork

    Stimulate the economy

    Whats so wrong about mismatched motor brands? No fashion police on the water. Honda has pull cord. For that matter i think they all do besides the yamaha.