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  1. NY4Reels!

    Kayak Saltwater Series

    Ok guys I came across this post on FB. It’s a Kayak Saltwater Water Series tournament group created by Chad Hoover from Kayak Bass Fishing TV. I had some questions mostly because it was focused on east coast fishing. So I messaged the administrator. Well several weeks later Chad Hoover asked...
  2. NY4Reels!

    I Picked Up A Petite Butt On The Beach! | Dana Point

    This week’s movie is just over 3 minutes. It was a tough bite during a full moon phase and the water temp was 58°. I fished solo out of Dana Point harbor and headed toward the beach in search of some Halibut. When I arrived it was a high, out going tide. It wasn’t easy to come across a...
  3. NY4Reels!

    Fishing The Dana Point Kelp Beds | The Strand

    Ryan and I headed out of Dana Point harbor and headed north to the Strand to fish the kelp beds. Cesar met up with us a little later on. When we arrived it was low tide. There was very minimal wind and best of all the kelp was floating on the surface. It looked amazing! It took some time to...
  4. NY4Reels!

    For Sale Rods, Reels, Daiwa, Avet, Shimano, Cousins, Okuma

    Cleaning out the garage and letting go of some seldom used gear. I’m located is south OC and occasionally make trips to north SD. Daiwa Coastal TWS 200HSSL 7.3:1 w/ 15# Izorline Mono $150 (lefty) Okuma Citrix Ci-273LXa 7.3:1 w/ 50# Power Pro $100 (lefty) Shimano Catala 400 w/ 12# lead core...
  5. NY4Reels!

    Lots of Sheephead | Kayak Fishing Dana Point, The Strand

    This past Saturday Anthony, Ryan, Quang, Cesar, and I left Dana Point harbor and peddled up north to the Strand to chase down some Sheephead. It was high tide so we spread out a bit to look for some kelp to clip onto. The kelp was submerged and there wasn’t much floating around, but that was ok...
  6. NY4Reels!

    Kayak Fishing Dana Point, The Strand Targeting Sheephead

    Last Saturday, 10/24 Anthony and I headed north to the Strand looking for Sheephead. It was high tide and the kelp was submerged several feet below the surface, and It took a while to find a productive piece of kelp. It was work having to peddle in place all day but it was well worth it. I...
  7. NY4Reels!

    Weird Reef Critters, Not The Usual Suspects | Kayak Fishing Dana Point

    This past Saturday Anthony and I where planning on targeting Sheephead just outside the harbor. There we plenty of Lobster pots marking new reefs as well as the ones that I’ve fished before. It turned out being very slow with few Sheephead. The bite was totally weird today. I caught just...
  8. NY4Reels!

    Kayak Fishing Dana Point | The Strand | Salt Creek Targeting Sheephead

    This past Saturday the guys from Fish Village had a meet and greet at Pure Watersports and there were many Kayak anglers filling the parking lot. Finally with all this COVID crap going on it was nice to have a group meet up. Anthony, Ryan and. I where we were going to the Strand and Salt Creek...
  9. NY4Reels!

    Kayak Fishing Dana Point, Beach Butts & Guts!! | Lost Rudder Control

    This past Saturday I started out at the long jetty in search of Halibut. Last week prior I had one latch on but it wouldn’t stick so I decided to try again. I hung around there for a while waiting for my kayak buds to show up only to find out that they were already on the beach, so I went in to...
  10. NY4Reels!

    Kayak Fishing Dana Point, Redemption At The Beach | Bass & Butts!

    This past Saturday started out pretty slow. I decided to head out to the Pipe and see if I could pick up a few Sand bass. It just wasn’t happening and the wind and swells started to pick up. I decided to head back to the beach and see if I could find the usual suspects. If you guys enjoy...
  11. NY4Reels!

    Kayak Fishing Dana Point, Doheny Beach *** Shark & Ray Kind Of Day

    This past Saturday wasn’t anything at all like last Saturday. I knew it was going to be windy and the swells would be up, and I took that into account. I decided to go back to fish the beach knowing that fishing was going to be a craps shoot at best. All I can say is that being on the a cool...
  12. NY4Reels!

    Dana Point, Doheny Beach l Halibut l White Sea Bass l Leopard Shark l Shovel Nose Shark l Barracuda

    Saturday was one of those magical days, It was nonstop catching! I ran out of bait and left them biting! It was unusual windy in the morning so I started out inside the harbor and then made my way outside. There were so many short Halibut and White Sea Bass. At the end of the video I caught a...
  13. NY4Reels!

    Kayak fishing North Dana Point for a mixed bag

    We had a pretty good day last Saturday fishing the Strand just north of Dana Point Harbor. The Sheepshead and evening else were biting on shrimp. It was an interesting mixed bag. I caught two Sargo which miraculously turned into some pretty amazing Ceviche. If you guys enjoy watching these...
  14. NY4Reels!

    Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar Mixed Bag w/ Sheepshead

    We had a pretty good day last Saturday off the Corona Del Mar Kelp beds. We launched inside of Newport harbor and headed south. The Sheepshead were biting on shrimp and everything else came on squid. It was an interesting mixed bag and the keeper size Sheepshead came a later on in the day. If...
  15. NY4Reels!

    Dana Point Bass & Butts 6/27/20

    Dana Point Bass & Butts! We loaded up on bait, left the harbor and headed North to the Headlands and beach about 1 mile or so. I was planning to drift the beach for Butts and White Seabass. The sea state was awesome and flat. The sky was overcast and the temperature was comfortable. Caught a...
  16. NY4Reels!

    Redondo beach 6/20

    Redondo beach Rockfishing We headed straight out of the harbor to the canyon drop off about 1.5 miles or so. My goal was to drift around and find a few schools of RF. All I could find were a variety taco sized RF, buy hey they make a great meal👍 The sea state wasn’t too terribly bad, but...
  17. NY4Reels!

    Small Butts and Juvenile WSB, Dana Point

    We headed north out of Dana Point harbor after loading up on a mix of sardines and anchovies. I tried to make some mini Maks, but only found larger ones. My goal was to drift along the beach to find some quality Halibut and luck into a legal WSB while Anthony hit the Kelp beds. I managed...
  18. NY4Reels!

    Catching a few Calicos and juvenile White Sea Bass fishing Dana Point, CA

    Here’s a new video from this past weekend. Hope you guys like it 😃 Catching a few Calicos and juvenile White Sea bass fishing Dana Point, CA Please hit that subscribe button to be notified as soon as my videos are uploaded to YouTube 🤩🤙🏼
  19. NY4Reels!

    Capo beach Leopard Shark & Bass

    Finally a good day at “the office” with no red tide😃 Weather was awesome and the fish were on the chew! Capo beach Leopard shark & Bass
  20. NY4Reels!

    Video Report: Rock Fishing Newport Beach

    We had a pretty good day at “the office” this past Saturday off Newport Beach. Anthony gets a beautiful Red and a large pod of dolphins came to visit. Hope you guys like the video 😃 Please hit that subscribe button to be notified as soon as my videos are uploaded to YouTube 🤩🤙🏼 Rock Fishing...
  21. NY4Reels!

    Video Report: Capo beach b

    It felt good to be back in the game!😃 Fishing Capistrano beach targeting bass and sheepshead (Bat Ray Bycatch)
  22. NY4Reels!

    Video Report: A Few Calicos Out Of Dana Point 3/21/2020

    Hi folks It was just good to be on the water and away from all the craziness for a few hours though this wasn’t my best trip by a long shot. I’ll do my best to be on the water as much as possible, but there are now many restrictions and closures in place. I want to some how contribute to all...
  23. NY4Reels!

    Plenty of Bass Kayak Fishing Dana Point

    Hi guys It turned out to be a pretty good few hours of fishing after picking up my kayak from being repaired. I lost rudder control just outside Dana Point Harbor last weekend but made it back in ok. Hope you like the video😃 Plenty Of Bass Kayak Fishing Dana Point
  24. NY4Reels!

    Kayak Fishing Dana Point Targeting Bass & Sheepshead 3/7/2020

    Kayak Fishing Dana Point Targeting Bass & Sheepshead 3/7/2020 It was the 2nd weekend after the Rock Fish opener so I was hoping to find some Sheepshead to take home. I was using shrimp on a 1/0 Hayabusa light wire circle hooks with a red bead and 1/2oz egg sinker. I was also drop shotting a...
  25. NY4Reels!

    Video: Lots of Sand bass and Spotties. Long Beach Harbor 2/15/2020

    Hi guys It was way too much fun! Hope you like the video! I created a new intro that I’m going to use in future videos. Please post up and let me know what you guys think. Lots of Sand Bass and Spotties. Long Beach Harbor, CA 2/15/2020
  26. NY4Reels!

    Kayak fishing the San Diego Anglers Open Bay Tourney 1/25/2020

    Hi guys I finally had some time to put this video together. Fishing was tough, very much opposite of what I experienced a few weeks ago. The food and raffle prizes were first rate and it was totally a great day otherwise. The San Diego Anglers put together one of the best tourneys in SoCal...
  27. NY4Reels!

    San Diego Bay 1/11/2020

    Hi folks Many years ago I was stationed at the ASW base in Point Loma. That’s where I first learned about Spottie fishing. It was nice to visit SD bay again. I just can’t get enough of fishing for Spotties. I’ll be back on 1/25/2020 to fish the SD Anglers open bay tourney. Hope to see you...
  28. NY4Reels!

    YouTube playlists of Dana Point & Newport Beach

    Hi folks, I seldom had any reports worth posting but that changed when I picked up a GoPro. l finally created a few playlists by location, and I’ll continually add to them and possibly create some new ones as time goes by. Please have a look Hope you like them! Southwest Kayak Fishing: Dana...
  29. NY4Reels!

    Calder Mountain Lodge, Point Baker, Alaska 8/2019

    Hi guys I seldom post much but I wanted to share because this lodge is first rate in every possible way and we had a great time! I finally created a YouTube playlist of our trip to the Lodge. Hope you guys like it!
  30. NY4Reels!

    SOLD Shimano Curado 201e7 South OC

    Left hand retrieve Mechanical 9.5/10 cosmetic maybe 8/10 All gears, bearings, and drags are in like new condition. Very clean inside. Has some cosmetic scuff marks and the paddles feel gummy/worn. I will include a pair of used blue paddle skins. $120 located near Mission Viejo
  31. NY4Reels!

    SOLD Avet SX 6/4 Two Speed Gun Metal 50# PowerPro

    Exceptional condition inside and out. Smooth drags. Includes box, clamp, screws, and oil. Only cosmetic issue is some scratching on upper bar where I used to keep the hook and small scratch on side plate as seen in pics $240 Shipping $10 (US zip code)
  32. NY4Reels!

    SOLD Grundens Fish Head Neck Gaiter Buff

    Several styles to choose from, all new. Monument Camo Dusty Turquoise Butternut Camo Fade Camo $15 ea or multiple item discount. Pick up or Shipping available. $3.25 for the first add $1.25 for every other one
  33. NY4Reels!

    SOLD NRS High Tide Paddling Jacket

    NEW NRS Mens High Tide Paddling Jacket, Medium New in package $80 Meet up or ship for $6.95
  34. NY4Reels!

    SOLD SOLD...Shimano Stradic Ci4 1000FML

    Shimano Stradic Ci4 1000FML Like new condition. Perfect mini jig trout reel. Holds 180yds of2#, 150yds of 4# and 120yds of 5# test mini line. $140 Willing to meet up in south Orange County near Mission Viejo. Not willing to ship.
  35. NY4Reels!

    For Sale Huk Ball Caps Trucker Hat

    New, Adjustable One Size Fits All Pattern caps $18ea Solid black or red $15ea Located near Mission Viejo Shipping available
  36. NY4Reels!

    For Sale “SOLD” Phenix, Abu Garcia, & Shimano casting rods

    In with the new and out with the old. Im updating my gear and have several casting rods for sale. Please See photos for rod specs Phenix SMX711MH like new asking $150 Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 VC76-6 with micro guides like New asking $150 Shimano Compre X60MHB very good condition asking $65...
  37. NY4Reels!

    For Sale Sold: Used, small Aquaworld bait tank, dimensions added

    Used, has been sitting around In my garage for a looong time. Maybe someone could put it to good use. Perfect for a small skiff. Tank does not leak. Needs knob for cover and maybe a fresh hose. Approximately 10 - 13 gallons Aprox tank size w/o intake and hoses 20”L 16.5” 14”D Asking $70 obo...
  38. NY4Reels!

    For Sale Small Aquaworld bait tank: dimensions added

    Used, has been sitting around In my garage for a looong time. Maybe someone could put it to good use. Perfect for a small skiff. Tank does not leak. Needs knob for cover and maybe a fresh hose. Approximately 10 - 13 gallons Approximate size of tank without intake/hoses 20”L 16.5” 14”D...
  39. NY4Reels!

    Bear Whitetail Hunter compound bow. Original owner!

    I am the original owner of this bow! It's approx. 35 to 38 years old and is in perfect usable condition including all strings. It was been stored well over the years. Recently looked over at OC Archery. It's right handed and is set to 50#'s, but not sure what the let off is. It's also...
  40. NY4Reels!

    Savage gear 8" line thru Trout floating, slow sink, moderate sink

    $15 ea Local pick up near Mission Viejo Shipping cost depends on quantity and location
  41. NY4Reels!

    Price drop: Grundens Storm Watch Jacket and Bib set Large

    New in package. Black. Local pickup near Mission Viejo, CA $140.00 Txt 949-842-7152
  42. NY4Reels!

    Shimano Curado 201DHSV

    Shimano Curado 201 DHSV (lefty) 7.0:1 Serviced by Shimano a few months ago and not used since. Upgraded shielded bearings. Mechanical 10/10, appearance 8.5/10, normal scratching. $130 Local pick up only, cash in hand. Near Mission Viejo.
  43. NY4Reels!

    Lucky craft crank baits

    Flat CBdr and Bevy Shad 75 All new $92 for the lot or $9ea. Shipping for the lot $5. Shipping up to three $3.
  44. NY4Reels!

    4 Lucky Craft Flash Pointer 130 Saltwater Series

    4 Lucky Craft Flash Pointer 130's Saltwater Series Two Zebra Sardine and Two blue pink Sardine $52 for the lot shipped to your door. Or $13 ea plus $3 for up three Or pick up near Mission Viejo
  45. NY4Reels!

    Trevala TVC66MH

    Like new $100 Specs are in the pics Located near Mission viejo Fishing lake murray Saturday Could meet in either location
  46. NY4Reels!

    GLOOMIS trout rods

    Both rods are in like new condition GL2 SR541, 4'6", ultra light, 1-4#'s, 1/32-1/8oz,Tennessee reel holder, not reel seat. Great rod for Sierra stream/Creek fishing. Tree branches are a pain. "sold" GL2 720s TJR 6', 1-4#'s, 1/32-1/8 oz. Perfect mini jig rod. Price dropped to $160 each rod...
  47. NY4Reels!

    Lot of fly fishing hooks and tools $75 obo

    Selling as a lot. Open to reasonable offers and willing ship Eagle claw: 2pks D1197 size 8 qty 50 2pks D1197 size 4 qty 50 2pks D281 size 10 qty 50 4pks D281 size 6 qty 50 3pks D61 size 14 qty 50 1pk D59 size 20 qty 50 1pk D59 size 16 qty 50 2pks D57 size 12 qty 50 2pks...
  48. NY4Reels!

    Trolling rod reels harness (kayak sling)

    Trolling rod reel harness for sale Can also be used for a kayak sling, etc.. The snap swivels are nickelplated steel and the paracord is 550 seven strand. All are hand woven cobra stitch style and take quite a while to make. Approx length is about 48-52" Also available are matching handmade...
  49. NY4Reels!

    Rod and gear leashes

    Please click the classified link for more info..
  50. NY4Reels!

    Rod and gear leashes

    Just wanted to see if there's any interest here for my leashes. After coming close to losing my rods and gear over the side while float tubing I decided to make my own rod and gear leashes. Some of my friends already had lost several items and they thought it was a good idea too. After using...
  51. NY4Reels!

    5 Jigs for sale

    5 jigs 1 Tady C 1 Tady 9 2 Tady AA 1 TLC $25 Local pick up near Mission Viejo or ship for $6
  52. NY4Reels!

    Abu Garcia Villain 2.0, 7'3" possible trade/price drop Let me know if anyone is interested in a brand new Abu garcia Villain 2.0 Casting Rod 7'3" 12-20lb Lure Weight 1/4-1oz Mico Guides 11+Tip Handle Length 16 Costs 199...
  53. NY4Reels!

    WTB.. g loomis ultra light trout spinning rod

    Must be in the 5'6" to 6'6" length range. Line rating 2 to 6 lbs. TSR691S, glx, imx sr781, etc.. Reasonably priced... Txt 949 842 7152
  54. NY4Reels!

    Lexa 400 HSL-P Lefty NIB

    Brand new high speed lefty with power handle Located near Mission Viejo Not looking for trades $200 Txt 949 842 7152
  55. NY4Reels!

    Shimano Tyrnos 16 II

    Spooled with 80# Jerry Brown Hollow core spectra. Like new condition. Not even used a handfull of times Low speed 2:1 High speed 5:1 Asking $250 obo Located near Mission Viejo Sorry not looking for trades Please PM me Thanks
  56. NY4Reels!

    Torium 20

    Spooled with 65# izorline braid with a top shot of 30 izorline mono. Comes with reel clamp 8/10 cosmetic. like new working condition. $140 located near Mission Viejo
  57. NY4Reels!

    nib Lexa 400HSL-P lefty w/ Power handle

    Brand new Located near Mission Viejo $200 Sorry not looking for trades Please PM me Thanks
  58. NY4Reels!

    Tons of Bass Hooks and other "Stuff"

    All hooks are 3 packs for $5.00 shipped/mailed unless stated otherwise: Gamakatsu: Offset Shank Worm 6/0, #07116, 14 pks available Rubber Worm 4/0, #01114, 1 pk available Rubber Worm 5/0, #01115, 3 pks available Mustad Ultra Point: Ultra Lock worm Hook 4/0, #38105bln, 6 pks available Ultra Lock...
  59. NY4Reels!

    Another round of San Diego bay Spotties and Butts only bigger

    Fished the bay on Saturday and it was good to us. We caught about a dozen Spotties each. Two just making it to 14"s and a 15.5" Sandie. Most were caught using 5" Big Hammers in Bay Smelt, Brown Grunion, and Christmas Tree. We had good luck senting them up with Uni Butter, Calico Cocktail, and...
  60. NY4Reels!

    San Diego bay Spotties and Butts

    Been hitting the bay up quite frequently over the last several months on my buddy's boat and renting skiffs out of Cornado having good luck on each trip. We caught tons of Spotties up to 14" but nothing over and butts with the latest at 33" and 16#'s with some chunky shoulders. Caught it on a...
  61. NY4Reels!

    FS: Shimano Teramar TMC X80MH 12 -25# 3/4oz - 2oz

    Power: Medium Heavy Action: Extra Fast 8' Casting, pistol grip $125. Possible trade for phenix rod. Located near Mission Viejo Please text or call before 8:30 PM (9 four 9) 8 four 2 - 7 one 5 two
  62. NY4Reels!

    4 sale: Shimano Compre & Clarus rods, Glooms gl2, Cardiff 301a & 401a & worm hooks

    Have the following list of casting rods & reels for sale. Could meet locally or ship on you dime. All rods etc will be packed very well. Used Gloomis cr 722 6' medium 8-14# 1/4-5/8 oz $110 Two new Compre worm & jig cpc-68mc power medium action fast 6'8" 6-12# 1/8-1/4oz IM9 blank $75 ea...
  63. NY4Reels!

    Calstar 700L, 800L and two Aver SX 2 Speed reels for sale

    Custom Calstar 700L Hypalon grips, Fuji Reel Seat, and Stainless guides 9/10 $140 Custom Calstar 800L Deckhand Style, Cork Wrap Grip and Fuji guides 7/10…$140 Lightly used Avet SX 2 speed with reel clamp, silver Like new 9.5/10 $225 New in Box Avet SX 2 speed with reel clamp...
  64. NY4Reels!

    Factory Calstar 800H Deckhand style

    GFDH 800H 30 - 60#. XWrap grip and fuji guides. 8/10 cosmetic, but in Very good condition. $185 Near Mission Viejo. Call or txt 949 8 four 2 7 one 5 two.
  65. NY4Reels!

    FS: New Shimano Cardiiff 301A & 401A

    Shimano Cardiff A Series Casting Reels 301A $90 401A $95 Call or txt 9 four 9 8 four 2 7 one 5 two
  66. NY4Reels!

    New Shimano bass reels lefty & righty Curado, Citica, Cardiff, Corvalus & Compre rods

    Have several brand new Shimano Cardiff's & Corvalus' for sale. Also new Curado 300ej and Citica 200 G5 Cardiff: 200A $85 301A $90 401A $95 Corvalus: CLV-300 $75 CVL-401 $85 Curado 300ej $200 Citica 200G5 $100 2 new 6'8" Shimano Compre casting rods CPC-68MC, 8-14# & CPC-X68MC, Both retail...
  67. NY4Reels!

    New Shimano Compre Rods, Corvalus reels, Fireline, owner hooks, Fluro & bass hooks

    2 new 6'8" Shimano Compre casting rods CPC-68MC, 8-14# & CPC-X68MC, Both retail for $99 + tax Looking to get $85 ea ... Have some new Shimano Corvalus 300 & 400 bait casting reels CVL-300 $75, CVL 400 $85. Will make a deal on a Compre/Corvalus combo Also have tons of new eagle claw laser...
  68. NY4Reels!

    New Shimano Corvalus 300 & 400

    New in the box Shimano: Corvalus 300 $75 Corvalus 400 $85 <A href="" target=_blank> text or leave msg (9 four 9) 8 four 2 - 7...
  69. NY4Reels!

    New Shimano Teramar X711MLBRA

    Looking to sell my brand new Shimano Teramar TMC-X711MLBRA. Still in plastic wrap. Shimano Teramar Rod TMCX711MLBRA 8-15# mono and 25-40 power pro $135. Near Mission Viejo. text or leave message 949 Eight 4 two 7 one 5 two
  70. NY4Reels!

    Custom Calstar 700M & G Loomis CR 722 6'

    Custom Calstar 700M 20-50 lb very good condition <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:place w:st="on">Fuji</st1:place> turbo guides and reel seat, Hypalon grips $150<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p>...
  71. NY4Reels!

    Daiwa Saltist $A Levelwind, STTLW40A, Like New!

    Like new with box. Used less than a hand full of times. A few tiny nicks, nothing to disappoint! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p>
  72. NY4Reels!

    JBL Northridge Series Surround Sound Speaker Set, Sub, cntr, shelf

    Complete set of JBL Northridge Series surround sound speakers. Like new. Hardly ever used. <SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial"><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p>...
  73. NY4Reels!

    New Power Pro Spectra, Braided Line 40#, 30#. 20#, 15#

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> New and unopened Power Pro Braided Line. Moss green only…. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> 300 yard spools are $23 per spool<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> 150 yard spools are $13 per spool <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p>...
  74. NY4Reels!

    New Spiderwire Stealth Braid, 50#, 300 yard spool

    Moss Green 12# test diameter Have several spools of 50# only $20 per spool Meet locally south OC or possible ship 1st class mail at your expense
  75. NY4Reels!

    Shimano Lefty Baitcasters (Prices Reduded)

    Shimano Cardiff 201 spooled with 8# Maxima Perfection 9.5/10. cosmetic/mechanical $65. Retails for $110. Shimano Corsair 301A. Spooled with 12# P-line extra strong. 8/10 cosmetic/mechanical $35 Willing to ship or meet locally near Mission Viejo. Sorry no trades Glenn 949 842 7152
  76. NY4Reels!

    Seeker ULUA 6490 Jig Stick 9

    SOLD!!! Seeker ULUA 6490 Jig Stick 9&#8217; with xwrap and Fuji Guides, Deckhand style. Not sure if it&#8217;s a 15 to 30# or 20 to 40#rod. Cosmetic 8 Mechanical 10 asking $110 Pick up or meet locally. Sorry no trades. Glenn 949 842 7152
  77. NY4Reels!

    Shimano & Abu Left Handed Baitcasters' For Sale

    Abu Garcia Record RCN 51 Lefty with spare spool that has aprox 40# Spectra. Recently had factory service. Looks so new not sure if it was replaced by Abu. Unused since return. Retails for $149, asking $100ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p>...
  78. NY4Reels!

    14' Aluminum 4 sale

    14’ Aluminum boat in very nice condition. Comes with transom mount dolly & oars. ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p>
  79. NY4Reels!

    Rods Reels Jigs Shimano Seeker Daiwa Abu Tady

    Thining out the heard after upgrading. All equipment has been well taken care of. Open to trades, Interested in: Calstar Grafighter 800H w/ reel seat Calstar Grafighter 800L w/ reel seat Calstar Grafighter 700H w/ reel seat Shimano Curado 301 DHSV For sale or trade: **SOLD**Shimano TLD...
  80. NY4Reels!

    2 New Shimano Teramars, TMCX80H Casting & TMS-80MH Spinning

    I have two brand new rods still in the wrap ready to go. I used TackleDirect as a reference. You guys know what they cost new. Please click on the links below for more info, specs, etc.. Casting: TMCX80H 8'0'' Heavy ExtraFast 15-30 lb 1 - 4 oz Pistol Grip Retails for $149.99, Asking...
  81. NY4Reels!

    Overnight on the Relentle$$ 9/11-12/09

    Tom and I went to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comSan Diego</st1:City> and jumped aboard the Relentless. We got there early and were waiting for the crew to show up. When they did and said that they were going to gas and bait up. We asked them If we could leave our...
  82. NY4Reels!

    Another view: Overnight on the Apollo w/ Shimano 8/4/09

    At the last Fred Hall Show, Shimano had some good deals going on. I jumped all over a “free overnighter” if you bought a Tyrnos II or some other combo of their high end goods, I ended up with a Tyrnos !! 16 which Shimano filled with free 80# hollow core spectra. I collected my voucher and...
  83. NY4Reels!

    Limit$ of sandie$ and log$ on the Dana Pride 7/27/09

    Took Monday off and jumped on the Dana Pride for a ¾ day trip. I finally got to use my free pass. For every 10 trips you get a free ride. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p>...
  84. NY4Reels!

    Calcutta 700 for sale or trade

    Just upgraded a few of my reels and I’m looking to off load this one Calcutta 700 in great working condition filled with 65# spectra plus spare spool filled with either 30# maxima or Pline (can’t remember), unused since being spooled .Mostly used for rock fishing a handful of times per...
  85. NY4Reels!

    Overnighter on the New Lo An 7/11-12/09

    Tom, Fernie and I went out of Point Loma Sport Fishing on the New Lo An. We left Saturday night at 10PM and returned Sunday at 8PM after trolling and paddy hopping allll day long.ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> It...
  86. NY4Reels!

    Full Day on the Tide Change, LBSF 7/3/09

    Me, Gus, and Fernie caught the Tide Change at 5AM out of Long Beach Sport Fishing for a full day trip. We had over 40 people with the” buy 2 get one free” promotion going on. Can’t beat that deal when you end up paying $43 for a 5 to 5 ride! We stopped of at the bait barge for a mix of...
  87. NY4Reels!

    3 Days in Sitka!

    Spent 3 days fishing with my nephew, father and mother in law, and we fished with Kingfisher Charters. It was an excellent trip with lots of sea life and very good eating! We arrived in Sitka on Thursday PM with dark skies and a light rain. Made it to the hotel, got a bite to eat, and hit the...
  88. NY4Reels!

    Overnight on the Seahorse, Dana Point 5/1-2/09

    Me, Tom, Ernie, and Henry rode the Seahorse out of Dana Point Friday night, fishing San Clemente Island Saturday. The weather was a great improvement from the weekend before though we had a few raindrops in the morning. The ride over was a little bumpy but manageable, and we had a little wind in...
  89. NY4Reels!

    Late Report: C-Bass Bust on the El Dorado 4/24-25/09

    <SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial">Tom and I decided to hit up the El Dorado out of Long Beach Sport Fishing for an over nighter on Friday PM. My wife bought me a gift certificate for Xmas for the landing, but I misplaced it and went nuts looking for it to no avail. Steve the manager was there and...
  90. NY4Reels!

    3/28/09 Channel Islands Rockfishing: Off the Hook!!

    Or should I say fishing out of Capt’n Hook’s on the Island Spirit All I can say is that I had a great time fishing with my uncle Zack! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Trabuco</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">Canyon</st1:PlaceType>...
  91. NY4Reels!

    Dana Point: First Limit of Sand Bass for 2009

    <FONT face=Arial><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial">Can winter bass fishing get any better ???? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p> Caught the 1/2 day boat, Reel Fun out of Dana Point today skippered Captain Eric. We left at 6:30 AM with some live and fresh dead...