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  1. Nordhavn68

    For Sale 1980 Skipjack 20 Open

    1980 Skipjack Open (Hull ID #SKP02067M80A) Volvo Penta 225D/280 drive. recent bellows, tilt motor & worm drive, exhaust Y, impeller, hoses, belt, Alt, other misc. maintenance Aluminum Arch, pole holders, bimini, 30 gal Bait tank, Vhf, GPS/Fish Finder, Bilge Pumps x2, Current tags, 2 new...
  2. Nordhavn68

    bahia de los angeles current conditions/report?

    Does anyone have a current report for bola? looking for basic info- wind, water temps, fish reports looks like ganzaga water is toasty already thanks in advance!
  3. Nordhavn68

    WANT TO BUY- galvi trailer for 20' skipjack

    looking for some new wheels for my skipkack 20, if anyone knows anyone please let me know! I have been searching CL up & down the coast with no luck, cant afford new.. thanks in advance..
  4. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive upper gearcase seal kit

    If anyone has recently replaced the seals & orings on the upper gear on a VP 280 drive can you help me confirm the correct part number for this seal kit? I found this one #18-8361 which I think is a sierra # & looks correct for about $60 I basically want to replace the 2 belows, the water...
  5. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive steering pin

    I was looking for some help with removing the steering pin so I can slide the helmet up, disasseble the upper gear & take care of some maintenance- bellows, water hose & fitting, etc. some of these pins have 2 extra smaller threads so you can drive the pin out of the bushing as its described in...
  6. Nordhavn68

    Volvo 280 drive hard shift

    my 280 drives shift has recently become very hard I have disconnected the control cable at the drive linkage & the linkage up to the shift housing & eliminated the cable and control head & upper shift housing- they are smooth. If you work the lower drive linkage where it connects to the...
  7. Nordhavn68

    Skipjack 20' open

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  8. Nordhavn68

    poke the man in the grey suit- sketchy - Great White Scares Spear Fisherman
  9. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive gear engagement rough

    The outdrive was rough going in and out of gear, and it has progressively got worse over the last year or so. I removed the cable from the drive to see if it was a bad cable or control head related. The control head and cable are as smooth as butter and when I engage the gear by hand its very...
  10. Nordhavn68

    Pegasus 1.5 Day- WOW

    An amazing 1.5 day trip on the Pegasus- We had 20 really cool guys onboard with an even better captain and crew. Everyone worked very well together and a lot of friends were made, smiles and high 5’s were seen all day long. Our group had 7 from the Dana Point San Clemente area. It...
  11. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta AQ225D Electronic ignition conversion

    Anyone have any experience-tips-advice on doing this? was going to replace points, rotor, etc. for about $40 but now thinking the $180 investment for the electronic conversion may be worth it. thanks in advance
  12. Nordhavn68

    got a few

    I went locally in DP with some friends and got a few, it was drained low tide going high when our first traps were set at dusk. we worked the jetties, the point, capo reef and down to poche reef. Final count was 50plus shorts and 12 legals. perfect weather a few coldies and good friends. The...
  13. Nordhavn68

    Everything under one roof

    A young guy from North Dakota moves to Florida and goes to a big "everything under one roof" department store looking for a job. The Manager says, "Do you have any sales experience?" The kid says,"Yeah. I was a salesman back in North Dakota." Well, the boss liked the kid and gave him the job...
  14. Nordhavn68

    another lobster report..

    went to cat, weather was perfect. fished the backside in the am, water looked pretty good off salta verde, silver canyon area, tried some drifts, my buddy picked up one barley short wsb but thats it. water was 64, not much tide swing or current though, headed around to the front, all you want...
  15. Nordhavn68

    Guest search light model 502A 12vdc- $250

    brand new Guest beamer search light in box never used. 12vdc, has remote control powerful 100-watt halogen beam can illuminate objects 1 mile away can rotate 355 degrees and down through an 80 degree arc $419 retail brand new HALF PRICE- save here- $200
  16. Nordhavn68

    Skipjack open 20

    40 benjis and I bet it could be yours, look like OMC outdrive
  17. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta dealer

    Does anyone know of a good Volvo Penta dealer around Dana Point, San Clemente area that may stock engine cooling hoses? checked dealer locater but not much I know of Allison marine, warner boat sales in costa mesa any info is appreciated
  18. Nordhavn68


    Went out Saturday with the wind and headed to san mateo got a few short wsb with rubbers early, not much else until around 12 then the calico bit started, my buddy landed grandpa calico on a flylined sardine "slow to grow so let em go" must have been 2o years old
  19. Nordhavn68


    Maybe already posted, pretty classic. "-The photos were taken at Cable Marine. It is a 65' flybridge motoryacht with triple Mercury 2.5 outboards. The engines were mounted to a bracket that was bolted to the swim platform. Why, you might ask? To get the boat back to Texas (from Florida)...
  20. Nordhavn68

    Skipjack open 20 prop quesiton

    I am running a 15x19 prop on a 280 VP drive with the 305. She lags out of the hole without trim tabs and a pretty tired motor When theres a bit of a folllowing or beam sea and I have to slow down then she cant stay happy on a plane Im looking for the best size prop for fuel econ, engine load...
  21. Nordhavn68

    mooring bugs

    went to avalon last weekend for a good friends bachalor party. excelletn weather. bucaneer days, rum, bloody mary's for breaky, golf, women with there tops off, love cat we had 4 boats from 20'-50' moored 15 drunk friends......we drank, we sang, we made speaches into the night about changing...
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  23. Nordhavn68

    Dusty and dirty

    Here are some photos of the contruction and a behind the scenes look of the amazing crafstmenship that goes into the Nordhavn 75EYF from our China factory.
  24. Nordhavn68

    NEW- Galvanic Isolator- 50 amp model # 2550P

    Galvanic Isolator- 50 amp model # 2550P This is a brand new, till in the box and never used. There around $385 new
  25. Nordhavn68

    1974 28' Luhrs refit-- Sah- weeet

    This is an awsome project I thought I would share. My good friend Trevor has basically gutted this baby and started from scratch. She should splash here soon. Everything has been redone or is new- all the stainless, new diamond seaglaze doors and windows, new electrical system from engine gauges...
  26. Nordhavn68

    KVH Gyro trac sensor for Trac Vision G6

    Sold KVH Part # 01-0226-01 Includes sensor module, ADCU, Flush mount ADCU panel, Horizontal sensor bracket, verticle sensor bracket, Sensor to ADCU cable and kitpack.
  27. Nordhavn68

    Cool bait ball video

    YouTube - SPEARED by a MARLIN
  28. Nordhavn68

    Condor 1.5

    Had a great time fishing on the Condor about 120 miles SE offshore Sunday, Good weather, cold beer and good people for the most part. The crew and captain, A-plus. They run a great operation and I would recommend the boat for sure. Compliments to the chef once again and for the brada that gave...