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    Can't catch tuna

    So we hooked into a lil dodo pack. Hooked 5 landed three. Not bad for a being back at my house at 1.
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    2014 bassin

    This is some of what 2014 has yielded for me and pops. No particular order, although most fish have been from a period of two months up to yesterday. From shore to island. It's been a good year, and more to come. ]
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    Abu Garcia revo inshore/ shimano citica

    I have for sale a revo inshore older model (gray one). It's roughly a 8 out of 10 on looks. It's old and it was used. Haha you probably need to get it serviced though it's only 20 bucks at a local tackle shop. But still works great. Just a little twitch when you try to get it off free spool...
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    San Diego Bay Bass

    2nd week this month I've been fishing SD bay from my skiff. A lot of bass. Mostly the Spotted kind. Mixed in sizes, ranging from 10 inches up to 16. Mostly on 3 inch swimbaits. Lost some nice ones, and busted eh few more. Gamble when tossing 6 pound test to mean creatures. But there is a reward.
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    O'side bait

    Ran out of bait, and went to buy half scoop of sardines. Homie at the barge hooked it up. As always. Headed south passed the pier, and saw a kelp string in about 60 feet of depth. Sonar went blurry with bait, and sure enough, caught about 100 macks, and had to head back. Good sized lobster bait...
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    Ensenada Offshore Report 9.15.13

    So with the big boat now, we have the option of expanding our range in miles, and covering more water. This was our first real offshore trip of the year for us on this boat. Let me just tell you, I love it. It ran smooth, and dry. Since we're still getting the hang of the MPG, we thought we'd...
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    San Q Weather

    Hey guy's was thinking of heading South over by San Q this long weekend, and was just wondering if anyone has the 101 on weather down there. I've heard of the tropical storm further South but not sure how it will hit up there. Every year something like this happens we head down there, and the...
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    Bassin Baja

    Fished Baja for some nice fish. At the 7" MC Swimabits Weedless baits. And a nice legal WSB. Good times...
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    Baja Bassin

    Headed South hauling the skiff. Launched Sunday at around 7. Fished the kelp just North of the Marina. Had wide open bass on the weedless swimbaits on the first stop. Fishing slowed, kept heading north. Found some kelp about 100 feet from the surf with a few bass. Water was 65-67, not a lot of...
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    Local So Cal Tuna Reel

    Trying to buy my old man a new reel for the local offshore tuna. He finally got a bigger boat and he's stuck with his lighter inshore gear. Any suggestions on which reel I should get him? Thanks!
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    Boiling yellows

    Long story short. Fished three day's aboard the Skiff. Sun/Mon, and today. First day, bust. Second caught three. One one the blue/white Salas 6x JR, another on the Krock and one on the Swimbaits. Smaller size fish. About, 8 10 pounds. Today, crossed the channel in some big swells, but no wind...
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    Anyone....anyone?? Bueller? Anyone hitting this up?
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    Okuma Guide Series Big Bait Casting Rods

    Hey guy's. I'm interested in buying an Okuma Guide Series Big Bait Casting Rod. (Okuma Big Bait Rod 7'6" Heavy) Mostly for throwing big swimbaits. 7, and 9 inches. With 1.5, and 2 oz leadheads. And the occational TT style hard baits. 3 ounces and up. And pairing it with a Daiwa Lexa 300 HS. It's...
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    Fishing report 4/21/13

    Left home on Sunday at 5 am. Hauled the boat south of the border. Launched and was out by 730. Hit a few shallow water stones for some taco meat. 2 oz WARbaits Slayer Heads, and 5, and 7 inch MC Viejo's were the ticket. Lot's of reds, and Lings. Didn't take much pictures because I was recording...
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    Daiwa DXS rod

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    A little Winter fix
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    Anyone use the Okuma Big Bait Casting rods? They look pretty good for throwing big swimbaits. Thinking of buying one, and the price seems really affordable. With good back bone, and a long handle length for nice hook sets with heavy gear...
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    WAR Crew Killin it

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    Going. Where no man has gone before....

    At least from BD. I think. :D I am driving deep into main land Mexico tomorrow night. Going back to the grand parents home land. I have been there since I was a little kid, and have never had the chance to appreciate the fishing as the past two years I have been there. Then again I never had...
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    San Diego Bay, Mission Bay HELP!

    Sorry guy's this isn't a report. I have some family coming over from Texas, and want to take them fishing. I live near Oceanside, but I rather drive down to SD Bay to fish, or Mission Bay. I have never been there, and was trying to get some pointer as where the best place to launch would be. Any...
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    BASSKING. Round 2

    Mr. Mattson at it again!
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    BASSKING'S Kevin Mattson at his best. Enjoy! :hali_olutta:
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    About pond's

    Anyone do any ninja fishing in golf courses in North County? I have a few friend's that want to go ninja fishing at a local golf course here in Vista, and i'm wondering if any of you guy's have ever fished around here? Some spots look REALLY fishy...Thanks for any info
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    Baja Bass

    Went fishing to Isla San Geronimo this past weekend. Caught hundreds of Calico's on Saturday and Sunday. Could not take many pictures of the fish, as it was wide open. But you get the idea on how big the Bass where. And got caught in the middle of a WSB feeding frenzy too!
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    I know this isn't Mexico, but I live in So Cal!

    Just thought someone here would enjoy this! 31 WSB in two days!
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    Punta Baja!(Too bad I don't live there)

    Headed out on Friday afternoon with all the family. Southbound to my favorite place to fish in Baja Norte. Punta Baja! So we drove about 6 hours due to the stops, and traffic. We had a late start so we decided to stay in Camalu, and head out straight to the Punta at 4. And arrived at around 6...
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    Heading down to Punta Baja tonight, just got off the phone with a local/captain ans said the WSB are nuts right now! He told me he weighed in 600 kilos last wek, and his buddy weighed in 800! Will fish tomorrow, and sunday and will post a report on monday night, or tuesday afternoon. Tight...
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    I have been fishing south of the border with my dad a lot, and have been hitting the kelp bed's, and some boiler's for some decent Calico's. Enjoy the pic's!
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    La Salina

    Planned on fishing out of Punta Banda this passed weekend for two days. Things didn't go as planned. My dad's truck started to act up, and cancelled the trip entering Rancho Bernardo. So we ended up going out for dinner instead. haha And we decided to leave to la salina in his smaller pick up...
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    PB WSB, and a first

    Headed down south to Ensenada again for the second week in a row in search of the illusive White Sea Bass that they have been catching. Left home on Sat, at around 6:30 pm, and arrived at Campo La Jolla at 10:30 or so. Unloaded the camping things, set up and listened to some music and talked...
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    Alabama Rig

    Anyone here ever use the A rig for salt water bass? I was looking at one online, but the reviews said it sucked. If anyone has heard of one, or owes/owed one, please let me know. I want to pull in more then one bass at a time. :D Thanks!
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    Finger Bank, Baja Norte

    Anyone ever fished El Bajo Finger south of Coronado? My dad tells me stories of how he used to go in the mid to late 90's and early 2000's out of Popotla and catch limits of reds, and any kind of rock fish. He even tells me that they used to catch Yellows and he once'd hooked a Dorado. I believe...
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    Just Fishing

    Planned on going down to La Salina again since last month, just needed the weather to stick around. So we headed down yesterday at around 5:30, and arrived there at around 7:30 or so. Launched, and headed out by 8:00. Headed north to the usual spot. Weather was overcast all day, and small...
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    La Salina 3-24-12

    Headed South to La Salina on Friday afternoon to fish on Saturday the 24th and take part in a small Spring Tournament. It was slow with about 11 or so participants. Left the marina at 6 with no light out. The weather seemed a bit nasty in the morning. Thinking that the wind was going to pick up...
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    Oceanside fishing...

    Went out today at around 8, headed south and drifted for buts with no luck. And decided to try for some sandy's. Caught about 3 Sandbass, 2 nice Calico, and a Sculpin. And that little rock fish looking fish. And I caught that Spotty on the spinner while i was waiting for my dad to pull in...
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    La Salina

    Took off on sat to ensenada with our 18 footer, and launched out of la salina at around 8. headed north with a bit of swells and clouds over out heads. fished untill 3:30 when the wind started to blow hard and got choppy. ended the day with some nice calis, reds and a couple lings. All fish were...
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    I was thinking checking out San Miguel Reef this weekend. Problem is that I don't can't seem to find any info online about the coordinates. If any of you could help me out by at least helping me out a bit. Thanks
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    Oceanside Sandy's

    Went out for the first time this year yesterday. Got to O'side harbor at about 7 with winds blowing pretty hard. Headed south to Carlsbad and looked around for some stucture. Found a few small Sand Bass in the first spot. Then the wind died down and we moved closer to the shore near the Kelp...
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    i hate them
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    great day of bass fishing!

    left home yesterday at around 5:30am and got to la salina at 8. did some bottom fishing for about an hour and got a few good size fish. then headed north to the kelp and the calicos were literally jumping out of the water. cought so many fish, could not keep count. kept some. and released a ton...
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    La Salina

    left la salina at around 8am yesterday and headed north to some kelp beds. it was a rough ride both ways, and slow on the calicos. but once the bait started to move inside the kelp...non stop!
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    Went out on sunday with my dad and saw that the half day boat was heading south so we headed the same way. Went all the way over to Encinitas. Water was really clean and temp was about 67 68. We started to fish the inside of the kelp but not that much action except for a small 18 inch wsb. So...
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    went down to ensenada to launch our 18ft boat off the beach in Campo La Jolla yesterday and headed to the rocks off Punta Banda. The weather was really nice, calm water. Looked like a lake in the morning and the water temp was at 67 68 in some places by the rocks and kelp. Even went all the way...
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    I'm about to head out with my dad and maybe one of his old friends down to Ensenada to fish over in the Todo Santos area. Maybe try to find another good sea bass, or head to the island. Does anybody fish down there? And if so, have any of you guys ever been to the side of La Bufadora. Saw some...
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    Camalu Fishing!

    Went down to Camalu B.C. on saturday to fish sunday with Capitan Lee Moreno. We were trying to find the sea bass that were running a few weeks ago in the bait, and chased the birds in the morning but no luck. And headed out for some rock fishing. Saw a few big thershers killing some bait and...
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    Oceanside Fishin'

    Started out kindda late yesterday, almost at 9! but only because the weather sucked in the morning. Went out and headed south this time, the plan was to drift for some Hali's in front of the lagoon in Carlsbad. But no luck. So we got on the kelp and droped some sardines to the bottom and landed...
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    Calicos Left n' Right!

    Went out of O'side this morning with my dad. With a half scoop of pretty good sardines. This time we headed north. Saw some birds diving but no fish. So went straight to Barn Kelp, first cast with a swimbait and it gets hammerd by a cuda but got away. Next cast BAM! Nice Calico and as i was...
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    it was ok...

    white seabass off ensenada bay...
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    Punta Banda, Ensenada B.C

    Went down to Punta Banda, Ensenada this past weekend with my dad in search of the White Sea Bass. We launched our 18ft aluminum boat off the beach at Campo La Joya at around 6:30a.m and where at the Sea Bass grounds at around 7:00 where all the other boats where too. Seems that they had been...
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    Oceanside Halibuts!!!

    These are some pics of all the halibuts cought by me and my dad in Oceanside Harbor and all around. Mostly in there though! good catches, good times...:2gunsfiring_v1: that one big one is my personal best! ohhh and some nice bass too!
  52. fisher3

    San Onofre Kelp Beds!

    Went out last sunday out of Oceanside Harbor with a mixed batch of dins and choves with my dad and not that great fishing ecxept for a nice 27 inch halibut! And went out today too but decide to head south twords Carlsbad and fishing was way better then last sunday! caught about 20 cudas! all...
  53. fisher3

    Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California

    Me and my pops are going on our first trip of the year down to a hidden beach by the small town of El Rosario BC. Since its a 6 hr drive we might go fishing two days, leaving our home tommorow at around 6 a.m. and staying with some friends at their small house just about 500 yards from the beach...