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  1. bellcon

    SOLD 2004 Fleetwood Travel Trailer

    Looks like its about time to sale the RV so many great memories now its someone else turn $10,000 or best offer? 30' with all the bells and whistles well used not abused, out side needs new graphics and to be buffed out, inside is beautiful slide out at the couch / dinning area, bunk beds, lots...
  2. bellcon

    2012 Hobie PA for sale

    SOLD Thanks Shawn have a blast in her Hobie Pro Angler
  3. bellcon

    U.S. Attorney formally charged Ron LeValley!

    Fuggin Science Advisory Team douche bag!
  4. bellcon

    Saltiga 30T

    Looking for a very clean Saltiga 30T let me know what you have thanks Don
  5. bellcon

    Mr. Brown, can you do us a favor...

    The time has come for Fish and Game Commissioner Richard Rogers to take a hike, Please help send the message: http://keepamericafishing.salsalabs....last_KEY=98963 Thank you Bloody Deckers!
  6. bellcon

    Who Said It?

    "We may not be able to do much about climate change in the near term but we can damn well control fishing better than we do now,"
  7. bellcon

    The Last Meeting?

    ROLL CALL THREAD - GO TO: The Fish and Game Commission meeting in about two weeks in Santa Barbara, Dec 15, 9 am at the Hotel Mar Monte on 1111 East...
  8. bellcon

    Seeker Black Steel 6470

    Looking for a deal on a black steel factory wrapped 6470 John G. Model w/ gold guides anyone? thanks Don
  9. bellcon

    Send a thank you to Dan Richards

    Fish and Game Commissioner Dan Richards, shed a bit of light on a very dark process. He asked the right questions at the first Commission meeting, and we should all thank him and support him. We should also encourage him to continue to ask the tough questions. There are MANY more that need...
  10. bellcon

    The Chit List (Environmentalists)

    The following is a list of the Politicians, Corporations and Organizations who supported the closures in work group proposal 3. These are the ones who will not get my VOTE, my MONEY or my SUPPORT! We must never forget these individuals and organizations Black Tuesday has come and gone. But...
  11. bellcon


    Moderators: how about a thread anchored for an Octorber MLPA meeting roll call? we have had them going on other boards to show those committed to attending various meetings and to inform / motivate others to attend this is one of those must attend meetings there will be day and night...