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  1. Clockwork

    Squids in tha house

    Took Clockwork Auxiliary (wife's pontoon) out to redondo last night. Picked a good night. We anchored a little ways off the Marine bio pier and ripped squid from about 10pm into the wee hours of the next day. Dock was also packed and on fire but good luck finding a spot to squeeze in. Also...
  2. Clockwork

    Fab and Rigging Services

    Not sure if this is a forum violation but i thought I'd throw this up here since I'm advertising elsewhere. Looking for some side work to fund some projects this winter. If you need any fab work or boat rigging let me know and I'll see what I can do. I can make all sorts of aluminum items such...
  3. Clockwork

    Another Open Seat 10/7

    So we cancelled this week due to weather. Rescheduling and Going for broke on the 7th. Who's in?
  4. Clockwork

    Open Seat WP Tuna Saturday

    Open seat available this Saturday for Westport tuna. Need 1 more for a 5 man crew. Expect the normal 5 way split of fuel, ice, bait. Disclaimer: If weather looks shitty we will push it to the next friday
  5. Clockwork

    Grady White Marlin 28 w/4 stroke power

    1989 grady white marlin 28. 30ft overall, 10.5 ft wide. Engines: twin 2008 suzuki 250 4 strokes with 350 hours. All new filters, new fluids, new pumps etc. No corrosion, run great, stainless 4 blade props. 42kt top speed. Electronics: Raymarine e120 fishfinder/radar/gps. Raymarine auto pilot...
  6. Clockwork

    Fleet of Commercials

    Well short of our destination On our run out a couple weeks ago we ran past a large group of commercial boats some of which were dragging what I believe was troll gear. This was somewhere about 40/50 or 55. There were birds and dolphins everywhere. And on normal years these could be tuna cords...
  7. Clockwork

    WTB VHF Radio

    Before I buy a new one I'll just check and see if anyone here has a nice unit laying around that might want to offload it. Lmk
  8. Clockwork

    Tuna 9-1

    Late report but since intel seems to be at a premium these days I'll report out. Got a lackadaisical start Friday. Maiden fishing trip for the new clockwork. We loaded up 2 scoops and headed out. I don't believe there was a single trailer in the lot and all the six packs appeared to be grounded...
  9. Clockwork

    Open Seat Friday WP Tuna

    Looks like we have a seat (a space on the floor for your beanbag actually) open for a tuna trip this Friday. A bit of a shakedown cruise but should be a good time.
  10. Clockwork

    Buddy Boat Friday?

    Looking to make the maiden tuna run on the boat. Given the boats track record thus far it seems prudent to run with another boat that can at least report back the location of our demise. So anyone wanna run friday outta westport?
  11. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Run

    Looking to form a small flotilla of boats for an overnight tuna run. Currently I am eyeballing the weekends of the 16th or 23rd if conditions are favorable. Figure we will run out around midday Saturday and fish the afternoon/evening then drop a tuna cadaver down deep on a heavy line at night...
  12. Clockwork

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    Shot in the dark but if anyone has a counter rotating lower unit for a suzuki df250 lmk. Looks like I'm down unless I can round a good used unit up in a hurry.
  13. Clockwork

    Saving the Clockwork VI

    Figured I might chronicle the saga of the new clockwork. Last October I purchased a GW Marlin from a guy in Texas. It was the boat/motor combination I had been searching for for some time. Flew down, checked it out at a mechanics shop, ran the motors, scanned the history etc. Unfortunately a...
  14. Clockwork

    Local Source for Weld on Fittings?

    anyone know where I can locally pickup some aluminum fittings? im looking for some 1-1/2" Barb fittings and some 3/8npt bungs for some fuel tanks.
  15. Clockwork

    Do You Believe in Science? (Sturgeon)

    Just to put the "science" that goes into our fisheries management in persepective, below is an interesting one. Let me give you the cliffs notes on this sturgeon opener. I have an interest in these reservoir sturgeon so I took the liberty of reading the original document (several hundred pages)...
  16. Clockwork

    15' Canoe "ocean pro" $100

    Got a red 15 foot fiberglass canoe I need to liquidate. Too fast for me. 100 large in covington.
  17. Clockwork

    Fuel Tank Sealer/Coating

    while I've got my tanks out I figure it would be a good opportunity and good insurance to clean them up and coat them. does anyone have a tried and true recommendation as to what to coat them with externally? theyre aluminium. theyre doesn't appear to be much corrosion but they don't leak and...
  18. Clockwork

    Everglades Guide?

    Well the gar thread went nowhere. But looking to catch some warmwater species like gar, peacock bass, snake head etc out of a swamp. I'm a bd brother from washington and want to catch some stuff we don't got. Anyone know of a good guide for this?
  19. Clockwork

    Gar Guide?

    Hey, I'm gonna be flying into Orlando from seattle in June and would like to spend a day going after alligator gar or even long nose gar while I'm down there. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to go or who of call? Thanks!
  20. Clockwork

    Alligator Gar in Florida?

    Going to be flying into Orlando in early June and was wondering if anyone gots recommendations for fishing gar down there? Gonna try hiring a guide for a day. Any ideas? Oh yeah and I also want to swim with a sea cow. Anyone done this and recommend a place?
  21. Clockwork

    WTB: Suzuki DF250 Factory Shop Manual

    Shot in the dark here but figured I'd shake down the forum for a factory shop manual before I buy a new one. LMK if you gotype one. Factory only, not interested in selecting, Clymer etc.
  22. Clockwork

    Quick Disconnect For Kicker?

    has anyone set up their kicker with a quick disconnect system? 2 reasons for this is that my wife's pontoon has a Yamaha 25 high thrust which a) could be carried away by thieves and b) would make a great trolling motor for my boat. it is electric start and cable steer/shift. battery cables...
  23. Clockwork

    6 Hole Rocket Launcher

    This is a 6 hole stainless rocket launcher that I took off muh boat. $100.
  24. Clockwork

    Red Tails

    Got into some today. Kept these and let the smaller guys go. Crabs were a problem. Probably caught half a dozen 5" females. Smashed another half dozen razor clamming. This is some of my favorite fishing for some reason. Got some razors too. Copalis Friday was killer, mocrocks today was tough.
  25. Clockwork

    WTB Outriggers

    decided to keep my OR mounts but I need some telescoping poles. anyone have some they want to offload?
  26. Clockwork

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    quick question. what y'all got for spacing on your rocket launchers? im about to start building mine. my top is too tall for a double row so Im thinking about doing a wrap around halo type and want to get as many as possible on it but don't want the reels banging against each other too much.
  27. Clockwork

    Aint Nothin Free

    Beware of goats so called "free" boat show tickets. I snagged a couple of these and a fuel polisher from goat and somewhere between the entrance door and the bottom of the stairs the wife decides to buy this booze cruiser. I was like yeah whatever and then came the paperwork so now I'm then new...
  28. Clockwork

    WTB: clamp on rod holders

    Looking for the ones that clamp to rails and whatnot.
  29. Clockwork

    Free Gas/Petrol/Essence Tomorrow Only!

    Pulling my tanks. Got at least 150 gallons of treated non ethanol to move. Located in covington. I need to get this out tomorrow btw.
  30. Clockwork

    Free Gas/Petrol/Essence Tomorrow Only!

    Pulling my tanks. Got at least 150 gallons of treated non ethanol to move. Located in covington. I need to get this out tomorrow btw.
  31. Clockwork

    205/75/15 Trailer Tires

    I got 2 almost new trailer tires for sale. They were bought new about 2 months ago and only used once. No damage just went to a bigger size. They cost $100 each new, I want $125 for both.
  32. Clockwork

    Whose Parker is Getting Stretched?

    Who's got the parker getting 4 feet added?
  33. Clockwork

    Trade "Favors" for Moorage

    Will do things im not proud of for la push moorage. If you're gonna back out of moorage give me a call and ill take it off your hands or if you wanna raft lmk. I'll be down there both weeks.
  34. Clockwork

    Removing Epoxied Transducer?

    What's the best way to remove a thru hull transducer that's been Epoxied that needs to be reinstalled and used later? Need to remove it temporarily for maintenance purposes. Also can the harnesses be spliced? Manual ssystem no but I've done it on lower end (older humminbird) ones with success...
  35. Clockwork

    Anyone Squidding Tonight?

    Gonna be out at Redondo tonight around 5 or 6 until we get a few squids. Anyone else going out? Taking the 12footer or I'd throw out an open seats offer.
  36. Clockwork

    Lee 20ft Wishbone Outriggers

    Got a set of Lee Wishbone style Outrigger bases and 20ft outriggers. Comes with halyards and the hook rests. Bases are 2" diameter. Great condition. I don't see any corrosion. $1000
  37. Clockwork

    WTB Scrap Trailer for "parts"

    Yep looking for a scrap boat trailer.
  38. Clockwork

    Best Electric/Hydraulic Actuator

    any opinions on this? I installed a Titan Brakerite on my last boat and liked it, but have never used another brand. My only complaint was that there was a slight delay. Are the dexters better?
  39. Clockwork

    Icey Tek 125qt Coolers

    SLASHING PRICES! I have a pair of 125qt icey tek coolers. Yetis are icey tek knock offs. Good condition, heavy duty. Nice seat cushion lid. These retail for like $550. $250 each
  40. Clockwork

    Des Moines Slip Sublease?

    does anyone have a slip at des moines or perhaps another marina that I might be able to sublease for a bit (maybe a month)? I have some trailer work I need to do and it would greatly help to have the boat off. Thanks.
  41. Clockwork

    Echo 550 chain saw

    Echo 550evl 20in bar. Runs good. Rebuilt. Reliable and good power. 55cc. $150
  42. Clockwork

    Insurance for Boat Transport

    Need peace of mind here. I bought a boat 2500 miles away and am having a small transport company tow it back here. They supposedly paid for shipping insurance and sent me a pic with my HID etc but I don't know if it's legit as it just seemed too easy. Underwriter is generali. I suppose I should...
  43. Clockwork

    Bought This

    Went to Texas and bought this. Hope I see it again. Working on transport. Grady White Marlin 28. Suzuki 250s 330hrs. Got some stuff I like such as raymarine e120, auto pilot, 300 gallons of fuel, remote spotlight, a couple yeti knock offs, outriggers, built in bait tank, windlass, etc...
  44. Clockwork

    More Grouse

    Been getting my son out after these birds now with the .22 and after 2 trips of nothing in the bag it went wide open for us a couple weeks ago. Went up high and was having a tough time early with 2 grouse getting the best of us but we stumbled on an epic covey that was pretty good to us. The kid...
  45. Clockwork

    Good Deal in CALI This boat has potential. I like these farallons especially with a low hour 5.9 cummins. Newer tranny. Price seems low. Maybe it's got problems, maybe not. Looks like a steal. Docking a single inboard sucks but that's a seaworthy machine.
  46. Clockwork

    1 way Truck Rentals to Tow Boat

    Wondering if anyone can give me some Intel on whether there's a company out there that would rent a big truck to tow a boat one way. So far my searches say no. And I'd prefer like a 26ft box truck for the trek but would settle on a 1 ton. I have looked into u ship and may go that route but I'm...
  47. Clockwork

    She's Gone

    Feeling a little emotional right now. Clockwork has been sold and is already en route to her new place of residence. Sold to a BDer who I hope takes as good a care of her that she did of me. Gonna miss that thing. On the bright side though, I found my driveway.
  48. Clockwork

    Overnighter Roll Call

    Ok, lots of "interest" from the overnight thread now looking to see who's still on board. We are leaving mid morning on Saturday. Anyone else going?
  49. Clockwork

    Alpine Grouse Report

    Just kicked off my hunting season today with my favorite quarry: grouse. Tough opener in the cascades with a downpour most of the day. Slick blueberry bushes made for alot of falling and sliding down hills. Plus the grouse were probably hiding in thick cover staying dry. Didn't find grouse in...
  50. Clockwork

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    Planning to do a thing September 10th and 11th. We're gonna steam westward to the tuna grounds, catch tuna then setup for the night on a drift sock, get a chumslick going, throw a lightbar over the side and see if we can't catch us a great white. Or swordfish. We really don't give a shit but...
  51. Clockwork

    Team Hype Machine WTC Report

    Another fun and exhausting weekend at the WTC. Thursday we took out 3 really cool vets and had a great time salmon fishing despite the fact that few salmon were present. ran all over the place looking for them and ended up with one long distance release of a nice silver. Friday we headed hard...
  52. Clockwork

    Lost Kill Bag

    Hey lost a big ass kill bag at Westport if anyone saw it please lmk. 206 228 4336 flew out the truck in town somewhere. Thanks!
  53. Clockwork

    WE Salmon Season

    I've heard grumbling of the salmon season closing soon off wp. Anyone Know? Our plan for Thurs is to take WW out for salmon but I don't want any surprises.
  54. Clockwork

    SST meter stand alone unit?

    My raymarine c80 ff is showing bogus sst readings. I've read about offsets and possible causes but I don't really have the time to deal with it before the wtc. Anyone have a recommendation for a stand alone dedicated temp unit? I'll either mount it overboard somehow or maybe even put the...
  55. Clockwork

    Tica Wasabi Rods?

    anyone know where they sell tica wasabi rods? bought one at the sportsman show and looking to pick up a couple more.
  56. Clockwork

    Bait Tank $150

    Bait tank. Its a bit over 20 gallon. Holds 1 scoop. Oval fiberglass construction. As rigged it fills from the bottom and drains from top but i believe i have the original standpipes if you want to go that route. Input is 3/4 garden hose style fitting outlet is 1-1/2". Net and aluminum bracket...
  57. Clockwork

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Im in the process of getting quotes for shipping a 28 footer from san francisco to see if the purchase would be feasible. Does anyone here know what price per mile or whatever is a ballpark figure so i know if im getting worked over? Boat is 28x10.5 and about 12k lbs. For that matter is anyone...
  58. Clockwork

    La Push Open Seat Friday and Saturday

    Looks like we will likely have an open seat (and by open seat i mean a spot on the deck for you and your beanbag) friday and saturday for nearshore bottomfish and offshore halibut. Prefer someone who can make both days we got a campsite and room for everyone. No smoking on the boat, dont get...
  59. Clockwork

    Need Bullhead Catfish

    I need a couple small bullhead catfish 4 to 8" or so for my pond. If you happen to hook one and arent gonna eat it throw it in a bucket and ill come pick it up. Theyre kinda hard to get this time of year so i gotta get em where i can.
  60. Clockwork

    German Gore Tex Flecktarn Jacket

    This is a new unissued german army wet weather parka. I bought it new for $80+ shipping but its too big and i waited too long to return. It is an XL. Its made out of a german version of gore tex. $60.
  61. Clockwork

    2005 Dodge Ram Cummins

    2005 dodge ram 2500 HD SLT with 325hp 610lbs torque Cummins diesel. 134k miles. 4 door club or crew cab and short bed. Good condition with maintenance records. Leveled, gooseneck hitch, HD receiver hitch, 12000lb winch, newer Mickey Thompson ATZP3 tires. Electric brake controller. All new front...
  62. Clockwork

    Trailer Build Question

    I noticed a number of you guys have had custom trailers made recently. I lose track of who but I am in the research stage of *maybe looking into getting a triple axle ~32ft trailer made that is in the neighborhood of 15k rated. I want to go in knowing a few things about it like what is a...
  63. Clockwork

    Alki Squid?

    How has the squidding been at alki? We are gonna go for squid tonight but debating wether to hit alki or make a night run to redondo which is still on fire but not very handy with the docks gone. Thanks!
  64. Clockwork

    Anyone Squidding Tonight?

    Anyone else planning to be out there tonight? Looks like we will be out at alki.
  65. Clockwork

    Shout Out to Tha Brotherhood

    Just wanted to give a shot out to mr doodles for offering a shuttle service for me my dad and son from des moines back to redondo. I underestimated the forecast and launched at redondo for crabbing. We were soon caught in a hurricane and unable to retrieve the boat at redondo. When we tried to...
  66. Clockwork

    Sublease Des Moines Slip?

    anyone got an open slip at des moines marina? looking to leave the boat in the water for a week or so. take advantage of the MA11 crabbing and maybe paint the trailer while im at it.
  67. Clockwork

    Grady White 25 w/ Hondas

    1988 grady white sailfish. Great condition. Well maintained and highly customized and outfitted. Twin honda 150hp 4 stroke outboards 400hrs run flawless. Stainless props great mpgs. Boat: Hardtop with new rigid acrylic enclosure, new cannon electric downriggers, raymarine c80...
  68. Clockwork

    Scoops per Gallon

    I have a 20g tank. I have read thats good for 1 scoop and thats what ive been doing with mixed results. I have also read that you can add another scoop per 10g after that. Have you found that to be accurate info? I ask cause im thinking about either dropping the bottom or splicing in a section...
  69. Clockwork

    Open Seat Saturday-WP Tuna

    1 spot open for Saturday. cost split 4 ways. no smoking, no alcohol on the boat. might make a run of some kind sunday but keeping my options open right now. preferred you bring your own rods as we don't have a lot of spares but we can spot you some gear if need be. got tackle covered.
  70. Clockwork

    WTC Damage

    The last 2 wtcs have been hard on the port motor. Last year a sunfish strike put the trim tab through the cowling. This year on friday we hit an unknown object that threw the boat into a slight skid and sounded the overheat alarm on the port motor. Let it cool, started it back up and ran back to...
  71. Clockwork

    WTC Repairs/Help Thread

    Boats are always breaking and while its in my best interest to keep you all on shore saturday i figured id start a thread where people could post up any help, materials or equipment they may need last minute to help get em on the water. If anyone needs any help dockside with a repair or needs...
  72. Clockwork

    Westport Tomorrow?

    Anyone fishing tuna tomorrow? Ive never seen such conflicting weather reports. On the pinpoint im seeing spots right next to each other with drastically different forecasts.
  73. Clockwork

    Outrigger Design Question

    need some input on outrigger design. in the process of designing/building some outriggers. first question is how long or how far off the side of the boat is the ideal amount? boat is 25ft with 9'6" beam. im not looking to get crazy and plan to only run one line off them to keep the spread a...
  74. Clockwork

    Anyone Headed to Fisheries Supply?

    Anyone from south king county going to fisheries this week that would be kind enough to pick up a will call for me? I bought the wrong bait pump last weekend and i dont think ill be able to get back up there before the next trip.
  75. Clockwork

    8-1 Crabbing

    Best crabbing in years. Easy limits. Big big crab. Very few softies.
  76. Clockwork

    Custom Trailer Recomendations?

    Looking for feedback about boat trailer builders to avoid and which ones to go with. I may be way ahead of myself here but trying to draw up a plan for potential future boat changes. What would a good price be for a triple axle approx 12k rated trailer? I could retrofit a good used one but...
  77. Clockwork

    Grady White Sailfish 25

    1988 Grady White Sailfish 25. 25.5ft length 9.5ft beam. Great condition, virtually everything updated. Twin honda 150hp 4 strokes 370hrs. Run flawless, good mpgs. Raymarine 80 fish finder/GPS/radar unit. VHF equipped. New fuel system from tanks to the motor, New steering, LED lighting, New...
  78. Clockwork

    Help with Shrimp Preparation

    Trying to figure out why my shrimp are soft and chalky/bitter. Caught an Saturday. Let em hang tough in a bucket for 15min then put on ice. Cleaned them and Broiled them briefly tonite and most of them are mushy almost like paste and a little bitter. What did I do wrong? I broil store bought...
  79. Clockwork

    Baittank Rigging Question

    Ok picked up a baittank. I have a couple questions on water pickup. Heres my deal: i have 3 high speed through hull bronze scoops with petcocks. 2 are in the very back and i cannot access the petcocks in a timely manner. I have closed them off, they are off the table. I have a 3rd that was the...
  80. Clockwork

    30A 50ft Shore Power w/pigtail

    Got a used 50 foot shore power cord. I believe its for 30A service and a pigtail. Good condition. Some tarnish on terminals but can be cleaned. $50
  81. Clockwork

    Tons-o-stuff boating etc.

    Got a bunch of stuff i dont need anymore. If you dont see what you need keep scrolling you may find it. Smith stainless rod holders. Great condition $100 for both. *Sold. Echo 550evl chainsaw. 55cc recently rebuilt. Runs strong, 20in bar its all good i just have 5 chainsaws and need to...
  82. Clockwork

    Understanding the YRCA (c closure)

    Maybe im late to the party but Ive been reading up about the rockfish closure areas and am taken back by this noaa document. It says: "The North Coast Recreational YRCA is a C-shaped area off the northern Washington coast intended to protect yelloweye rockfish. The North Coast Recreational YRCA...
  83. Clockwork

    WTB Bait Tank

    Looking for a bait tank unit 30 to 40g preferred. Not really interested in a homemade one, preferably a kodiak or similar.
  84. Clockwork

    Lower Unit Shop?

    Anyone have a good reference for some lower unit work? Got some water in the lower unit of my honda. Thought i fixed it last year with a drive shaft seal but it looks like it may be the prop shaft which is a little more involved. Looking to get it sealed up. It can be a small shop since i can...
  85. Clockwork

    Trade: Scotty for Cannon Swivel Bases

    I have 2 scotty swivel bases, used 1 season. Want to trade for cannon low profile swivels straight across if theyre in good shape.
  86. Clockwork

    BD Sighting Maple Valley HWY

    Who was in the white ford on maple valley highway yesterday? You passed me, i thought i saw a salute so i gave one back but didnt see a decal. Not sure, may have just flipped off some random dude who knows.
  87. Clockwork

    Echo 55cc Chainsaw

    Echo 550evl 55cc chainsaw. Runs great, has good power. Has new piston and rings. 20" bar. Some superficial damage and the pussy brake has been removed. $200.
  88. Clockwork

    Cannon Marlin Elec Downriggers-SOLD

    Cannon marlins. Older model. Both work good and were refurbed a few years ago and not used much since. 24" fixed boom. Fyi These are great for 10# balls and ok with 12s but wont meet your expectations with 15 pounders. Equipped with a long scotty style plug and the flush mount from the battery...
  89. Clockwork

    Rigid Enclosure Build

    Write up on a project i just completed that might interest those in a similar situation. I have a walkaround with a hardtop. My canvas was shitty and beyond repair. I dont have adequate seamstress skills to make new canvas and most shops want several grand to do it. I hate the isinglas plastic...
  90. Clockwork

    Annual La Push Moorage Thread

    Anyone get anything but crickets from the quilayute marina? Voicemail is still full.
  91. Clockwork

    Fair Price for Canvas Work?

    In your opinion what would be a fair price for a good canvas job for this boat? I have the existing canvas and its in good enough condition to use as a template but i cant milk it any longer.
  92. Clockwork

    Cannon Mag5/10 or Scotty 1101?

    Im in the market for some electric downriggers this offseason. Im looking for lightly used units most likely. I need reasonable speed, dont need it to interface with any electronics, and want reliablility above all else. I already have swivel bases for both brands. I dont really need a real...
  93. Clockwork

    Towing a 26 or 28 Tollycraft?

    Anyone tow a 26 sedan or 28 sportfish? Ive thought about these boats for awhile but they dont seem practical to tow but im not so sure. I gotta be able to drag this thing 150 miles or so on a whim. Towing rig as a 05 cummins clubcab shortbed..
  94. Clockwork

    DR and Seabass Rod for 8 year old?

    Anyone got a good recommendation for a rod and reel setup for an 8 year old? Want set my son, who will be 8 next season, up with a couple saltwater rods. One for seabass and one for salmon downrigging. Maybe he just has to use full sized gear, i dont know, but anyone have ideas?
  95. Clockwork

    105 gallon fuel tank

    Used 105 gallon aluminum fuel tank. I bought this to put in my boat but it was a little too deep. Came out of a house boat. Good shape. Some corrosion but not bad. I was gonna epoxy it. 35.5Wx48Lx16.5Deep. 1/8" 5052.
  96. Clockwork

    Big Fenders and 13# Anchor

    Cleaning out the shed. Have 3 large fenders. Not pretty but definitely serviceable. The biggest fender is 36" long and 9" diameter. And a 13lb danforth style anchor. $20 each for the fenders and the anchor.
  97. Clockwork

    Magma Stainless Boat BBQ

    $60. Good condition. Disassembles and goes into a bag. Clamps to your railing.
  98. Clockwork

    Open Seat: Crabbing MA-1

    3 of us looking for a 4th guy to make a meat run to the columbia river mouth this saturday. we are all riding down together on saturday morning from covington. expenses split 4 ways. limit is 12 crab.
  99. Clockwork

    Outboard Painting Recommendation

    one of my winter projects is to have my outboards repainted. I have hondas therefore there is very little paint left on them. anyone have a shop recommendation that can competently do this? thanks.
  100. Clockwork

    Neighborhood Watch Ideas

    Need help and ideas on how to setup an effective neighborhood watch. Me and my neighbors are getting ripped off pretty often now. Lived here 6 years and never had a problem until the last year. Ive been hit 3 times, and 2 doors down got hit twice in a month and lost about 40 grand in contractors...
  101. Clockwork

    Launch at Tokeland?

    Stumbled upon what looks like a great launch at the dead end at tokeland. Has anyone launched here? The ramp is in good condition and its pretty well protectex. Seems,a little closer to the tuna in general.
  102. Clockwork

    8" Adjustable Drop Hitch-Sold Pending Funds

    Only used 1 time. 10k lb rated with 2-5/16" and 2" balls. $75.
  103. Clockwork

    Replacing Canvas/Isenglas with Panels?

    The canvas around myhardtop and frame is aging rapidly and need replacing. Replacement cost is exorbitant and canvas doesnt make alot of sense to me since i never remove it. Has anyone done or seen it replaced with rigid panels of plexi or something similar. I dont really like the isenglas...
  104. Clockwork

    Running Without Twins or Kicker-an incoherent rant

    whats with all the people running without redundancy ie either a good kicker or twins? Especially in the ocean. i see it all the time. being an offshore oriented group im sure im preaching to the choir but whose doing this?! are YOU doing this?! are you going to expect a tow from a good...
  105. Clockwork

    SOLD-12ft Achilles RIB $500 or Trade for DRs

    Heavy duty hypalon achilles rib. Similar to zodiac. No leaks. Has title. Rated for 15hp. Sectional floor, transport wheel and oars. Super stable. 5 air chambers. $500 or possible trade for downrigger(s). cannon preferablym scotty possibly.
  106. Clockwork

    Splitting Tournament Winnings

    I don't want to go full tracker Putnam on my hoes but what is the general consensus on how to split proceeds from money fish between captain, boat and crew?
  107. Clockwork

    Beware these Trim Tabs

    Quick fyi on some tabs I just bought. Had a busted tab, went to fisheries and they didn't have the exact tabs so I thought I'd buy "performance" tabs. I had read some good things about this trim tab design so I was optimistic but for my application they are flat out dangerous and it's a good...
  108. Clockwork

    SOLD-New VHF Uniden/West Marine

    New vhf. West marine brand model 600Dsc. $100.
  109. Clockwork

    Garmin GPS 492

    Garmin 492 GPS. Currently Has maps for Columbia river mouth area. Still installed for test purposes. Works fine just Don't need it. $200.
  110. Clockwork

    Smith Stainless Rod Holders price reduced to 100

    Pair of stainless Smith rod holders. Normally 120 each. You get both for $120.
  111. Clockwork

    Taco Outriggers 15ft Telescoping

    $275 for a pair of telescoping taco outriggers. No bases. Comes with case.
  112. Clockwork

    Live Bait Chum Question

    Question is, when you are trying to bring the tuna to the boat or keep them there about how many anchovies are you tossing out at a time and approximately what interval? Looking to add bait to the arsenal and want to get a feel for what's appropriate. How many scoops do you normally run? Thanks!
  113. Clockwork

    Honda Spanner Wrench Help?

    Anyone here have a spanner wrench for a honda trim cylinder that I might be able to borrow? Found one on each motor leaking today and the caps are in bad shape too. Anyone have a lead on a couple cylinder caps for that matter? Could make a spanner but they're so bad off I think I need a legit...
  114. Clockwork

    Everett Coho Derby Format?

    Went to the website, it appears to be a team tournament format. I can't tell if it's a 4 man team only or what. It says nothing about individual ticket sales only about a 4man minimum team for $100 which I believe is different than the past? Can Anyone clarify.
  115. Clockwork

    Trim Tab Plate Anyone?

    Pulled the boat out of water Saturday night at westport and found my port trim tab had busted off and put a hole in my lower engine cowling. I don't know what caused it but I suspect it was the sunfish we ran over. I saw it in time to cut the motors and I never heard a bang but that's all I can...
  116. Clockwork

    WTC Results?

    Anyone know the overall standings for the wtc? Ceremony dragged on and I had to skin out for home.
  117. Clockwork

    Tuna on the Jig?

    Got any advice for enticing tuna on swimbaits or metal? Saturday we trolled up some fish and brought several schools to the boat on the slide but could not produce a fish on the jigs even though they were down there. Are you twitching the swimbaits or are you just cranking them in real fast? Any...
  118. Clockwork

    Anyone Making a Tuna Run Saturday?

    Thinking about making a Tuna Run Saturday. Anyone else running out there? Let me know if you want to run out there together.
  119. Clockwork

    2 Cannon Electrics Downriggers $350/pair

    I have 2 rebuilt cannon marlin electric downriggers. New power cable and batter hookup. Work great with 10lb balls, works fine with 12# too but be aware they not as fast as the newer models. Fixed booms. Automatic up and shutoff. $350 for both.
  120. Clockwork

    Open Seat Westport Saturday

    Open seat for salmon and crab at westport on saturday. pm me if y'r down.
  121. Clockwork

    Anyone Want to Assemble a WTC Team?

    I need $1500 so I've Been thinking about assembling a team for the wtc. I don't have a steady crew so looking for some guys who can work a rod ( no homo).
  122. Clockwork

    BD in Bad Form

    2 bders showing poor etiquette at la push today. First a guy who i recognized but wont name plowed through the crowd throwing out max wake at the sw corner close to a beachcraft and sent somebodys grandpa flying over the side. Took the crew awhile to hoist him back in as he was a big guy and...
  123. Clockwork

    Raymarine C80 Fuse

    Im having trouble with my raymarine fishfinder and Radar. Gps works and is powered from an independant source. Ff and radar Are wired together at a switch with a 3amp fuse which seems too light. Found blown fuses to be the culprit. Anyone know the correct fuse size?
  124. Clockwork

    Going for a rip Tuesday @ WP?

    Anyone hitting westport for halibut on tuesday? Just wondering because i am thinking about it. I know i shouldnt say this but weather looks like it has potential.
  125. Clockwork

    Sublease Your Slip? @LP

    shot in the dark here but is there anyone with moorage at La Push for the opening week who wont be there? I was hoping to occupy your space (yeah that sounds wrong but...). compensation and/or favors i'm not proud of could be arranged. Talked to Gene and he said that it is ok as long as i...
  126. Clockwork

    Fuel Tank Replacement Complete

    Exciting stuff here but the tanks on my boat were about 10 years past replacement time. The 125g tank was barely hanging in there and the 75g didnt inspire confidence either. The last thing i need is 200g of fuel in the bilge. Id probably just abandon ship. So i scoured through moeller marines...
  127. Clockwork

    Rafting at La Push Harbor

    since theres noone taking calls to answer my question, what is the rule about rafting up to each other in the slips at La Push? And would anyone who has a slip be kind enough to let us tie up for the first week?
  128. Clockwork

    12ft achilles $400

    12foot achilles inflatable with title. Good condition, heavy duty. Has a couple patches but doesnt leak. Comes with oars and transport wheels.can handle 15hp. No motor included.
  129. Clockwork

    Random Gear x3

    MAGMA stainless boat bbq $40 NETS $5EA
  130. Clockwork

    More Random Gear

    Got some nav lights new filters, fluids etc Can of black powder 10 ? 357 federal 6 Yamaha 9.9 4stroke fuel pump and fuel fitting 5 Ball holders 10pr
  131. Clockwork

    Random Boat and Fishing Gear

    Garelick kicker bracket $5 55watt halogen deck lights $10Pr Rod holders $10pr
  132. Clockwork

    WTB: cannon or penn swivel bases

    Looking for a pair of either penn or cannon downrigger swivel mounts. 206 228 4336
  133. Clockwork

    Propshaft Balance Specs?

    Anyone know what the tolerances are on propshaft wobble? Its on a honda 150. I thought i had a bent shaft so i put a dial indicator on it and see that it has .0025 wobble. Seems like too much but i get the same reading from its twin. I think it threw a seal cause its got water in the gearcase...
  134. Clockwork

    Factory Repair Manual or Seloc?

    Where can i find a factory repair manual for a honda Outboard? All i can find is seloc or clymer manuals. Are factory manuals any better? Ive never liked seloc or clymer. Looks like i may be in for a pretty big outdrive job. I found water in the lower unit of one of my 150s and i have not yet...
  135. Clockwork

    Canvas Repair?

    Anyone know of a shop that will preform repairs on existing canvas? Ive got canvas thats too good to replace but needs some repair. The places ive talked to just want to sell me a new setup. And that is estimated at several thousand on the low end.
  136. Clockwork

    12' Achilles RIB $500

    12' achilles inflatable rib like a zodiac . 6 chamber i believe. Sectional woodfloor. 15hp rating (motor not included). Comes with oars and transport wheels. Has title. Currently registered. Heavy duty, has some patches but doesnt leak. Capable of hauling ass. Call 206 228 4336.
  137. Clockwork

    Trailer Rebuild Chronicles

    Its been a little slow around here lately so i figured id share my trailer rebuild ive been doing. I recently bought a boat on a suspect trailer. the trailer is stout but its a painted steel trailer which are always suspect. interestingly, the previous owner took the trailer to a buoy making...
  138. Clockwork

    sponsored company fishing team?

    Been thinking about proposing a company fishing team at my place of employment. I know they currently sponsor other things like race cars etc so I thought it might be fun to represesent at derbies etc but I have no idea what a typical agreement ie advertising vs funding would look like. Anyone...
  139. Clockwork

    100gallons of free gas in my driveway

    Gotta pull my 125g main tank asap to replace or repair it. Has about 3/4 full of non ethanol dock gas. Been siphoning it out and running it in my dads truck and neighbors trucks because I dont own a gas powered vehicle. Free to anyone who brings a jerry can. It is nearing 2 years old and was...
  140. Clockwork

    Trailer Axles

    shot in the dark before i go and buy new axles online i thought id throw out the question if someone either has some good axles or knows a place to get them for a good price. ive found some good options online sofar but if i can find them locally all the better. i need some 5200lb or 6000lb...
  141. Clockwork

    Not Another Cat

    sorry guys its not a cat, but i did just pick up this old GW sailfish for a good deal (it appears). it is pretty dirty and the name has to go before i get my tires slashed but im loving the twin hondas and i could play a game of tennis on the deck. they have under 250hrs on the meter and...
  142. Clockwork

    12ft Achilles inflatable (like zodiac)

    Got a 12ft achilles semi RIB $600. Good condition, no leaks. Some patches. Heavy duty old school hypalon. Has title. Also has transport wheels and folds up. 15hp max. Call 206 228 4336.
  143. Clockwork

    How Much Longer for Tuna?

    Really want to get after tuna this year but due to my recent switch in boats im a couple weeks out from being operational as i need a couple short trips for the shakedown. think i have till the end of the month? how long do they usually stick around?
  144. Clockwork

    Grady White Overnighter

    1990 Grady White Overnighter 204C. Clean, great condition. i've upgraded everything. 2 stroke Yamaha 150 rebuilt in 2010. runs great, good on gas 80 gallon tank plus optional 6 gallon. nearly new 9.8 Nissan 4 stroke kicker on a powered bracket, electric start, remote controls, remote steering...
  145. Clockwork

    Loading a bunk trailer discussion

    Tomorrow I pick up a "new" boat. It has a bunk trailer which Ive never been fond of. I see a lot of guys power onto their trailer or wade into the water, neither of which I want to do. Anyone have some tips on this? All of my previous boats were rollers. Thanks
  146. Clockwork

    Swimbaits or Darts?

    So what do you prefer for jigging up tuna? A swimbait or something more like an anchovy dart? I am not currently live bait capable. I've had results on swimbaits but not spectacular and I never tried darts. I'm in the process of procuring a different boat so I'm not gonna equip with a baitwell...
  147. Clockwork

    Striper 2301, 2601 Opinions

    I've grown restless and i am starting to think about buying another boat. I love my grady overnighter and have no complaints at all but im thinking a want something in the 24-26 foot range and also something newer. i really like the looks of the 2301 and 2601 stripers with the alaskan cabin...
  148. Clockwork

    Westport 6/22

    took a jaunt down to WP saturday. got a late start but started it off right with a good fish lost near the boat and a 16lb hatchery landed within 30 minutes just south of the bar. checked the crab traps and had 9 keepers on the first pull. then things got dead and we didn't touch a fish or see a...
  149. Clockwork

    Boat Top Recommendations?

    so i found some of the front plastic in my enclosure is cracked and its time for some new canvas. i am thinking about going for something thicker like macralon or something. does anyone have a recommendation? i dont mind traveling a little to get the right balance of quality and value. i have a...
  150. Clockwork

    My Ratchet Strap

    If you were at la push and borrowed my orange ratchet strap to secure your boat to the trailer after the winch mount broke id like it back at some point. I'm guessing you may have forgotten my campsite number. Hope you got the thing fixed in time.
  151. Clockwork

    No Bocaccio?

    So as i read the regs you cant keep anything but lingcod, sablefish and cod on halibut days over 120' in MA3? cant keep seabass or bocaccio deep anymore? was not aware of this new rule.
  152. Clockwork

    Get Your Rockfish Devices Ready

    just want to remind everyone with deepwater lingcod open and halibut coming up fast to get your rockfish descent figured out and at the ready. we were out at la push last weekend and saw a couple boats feeding their rockfish to the birds. luckily my buddy had an upside down barbless...
  153. Clockwork

    Sea Monster washed up on Blake Is.

    took the family for a cruise to blake island. walking the beach i came across what i thought was a shark egg sac. cut it open and damn, that sack is made out of a very strong material that i cant believe came out of a fish. inside were 4 white balls. walked a little farther and found the mother...
  154. Clockwork

    Reliable Fishing Partner

    any hardcore boatless BDers out there? my usual partners are getting increasingly flaky. for example, i was trying to get something going for deepwater lingcod today but it "fell through". so im looking to do the same thing for next weekend barring inclement weather. i'll be looking to fish...
  155. Clockwork

    Who's at La Push?

    made reservations last week, felt like i was a little late but i could pretty much pick whatever site i wanted. was also at the door back in january trying to get a slip to no avail, billy said they're only doing monthly. i can't wait. and these little blackmouth trips aint cutting it.
  156. Clockwork

    My Remote Steer Project

    i finally got around to making a remote steering system for my kicker. the damn ez steer rod i was using limits the turning of my main and it kept breaking on me (once out at the sw corner). i started out intending to remotely actuate a rack and pinion steering cable and after modifying and...
  157. Clockwork

    Your Kicker Steering System

    how are you guys steering your kicker? i know people run the ez steer rods and the tr1. my question is whether the tr1s are all autopilot models or are they just remote controls? what else are you running? i'm in the process of making a homemade remote controlled system and would like to find...
  158. Clockwork

    Towing Wide Boats

    what is the deal with towing big boats as far as permits etc? i am thinking about getting a tollycraft 28' sportfisher but they're like 10'6" wide but i have seen them being towed. what are the limits and laws? thanks.
  159. Clockwork

    1990 Yamaha 9.9 Hi thrust 4 stroke+controls

    have a 1990 yamaha 9.9 high thrust 4 stroke with remote controls, cables, harness and electric start. runs good and has been reliable but will die occassionally at high throttle. keeps running fine if you prime it. probably something simple but all i needed was a reason so i replaced it. doesn't...
  160. Clockwork

    Biology of the C-Closure

    i have been wondering what is down there in the C-closure. i assume they chose that area for a reason. what kind of bottom is is because every kind of fish seems to live there. when i tried the no-mans land halfway between la push and the closure the area seems barren and we didnt touch a fish...
  161. Clockwork

    How Fast is Your Kicker?

    so how many of you have clocked your kicker at WOT? I am about to get a new kicker for my 20' Grady and i am trying to find out if theres much difference in speed between 8, 9.9, 15 and hi thrust vs standard. i currently have an older (1990) yamaha high thrust 9.9 4stroke and i can do about...
  162. Clockwork

    Poor Man's Suspension Seat

    So I don't have $1000 for a suspension seat. but i do have $50 and this is what i did with it. first, My helm seats are past their prime so i bought a pair of pretty nice seats from a drunk guy on craigslist. fortunately i have some pipe that fits perfectly inside the tubes on the seat bases. so...
  163. Clockwork

    Truck/4x4 Thread

    ok, you got a truck, tow rig or 4x4, post it up. we're all talking trash about trucks in the other forum. see what you got...
  164. Clockwork

    Grady White PilotHouse?

    Anyone ever see a grady white with a pilothouse on it? i've been kicking around the idea of making one for my boat but i've got a perfectly good hardtop on it now so i'm not sure about it. for that matter anyone know of any pics? i'm going to see if grady white has any solidworks models of my...
  165. Clockwork

    Rockfish Descent Device

    its time we figure this out. we're gonna need to come up with a good way to get rockfish back down so we can get some of our seasons back and i think the milk crate system sucks. the crate is bulky and the fish can fall out. i think i may have a method here that would be quick, easy and...
  166. Clockwork

    Boat Launching Boot Theory?

    so today at the launch i watched 3 crews launch and on the way back in watched 2 retrieve. every crew had at least 1 guy standing waist deep in the water. they all had knee high rubber boots which was not only hilariously ironic but also indicated that it was planned for. usually the trailer...
  167. Clockwork

    Open Seat SUNDAY WP Tuna

    I edited the previous thread but the title wont change. anyways trying to get a crew for a sunday tuna run. anyone wanna do that?
  168. Clockwork

    Open Seat Saturday WP Tuna

    OK changed it. anyone down for a sunday tuna run?
  169. Clockwork

    Offshore Equipment

    im no expert but Asking a guy to tow you 50 miles back to port is asking alot especially in the weather we usually get. the mistakes made and troubles had off the coast have been well documented in recent threads so lets share ideas on what extra equipment and precautions you take when running...
  170. Clockwork

    Tuna WP 9/1

    made the trek out to the 125 line and beyond yesterday in weather that wasn't exactly consistent with my sources. chop was a factor and it took forever to get out there. noticed alot of guys stopping in the 124.50 range but i figured we'd start where we did last weekend and work back from about...
  171. Clockwork

    Open Seat Tuna Saturday

    Im headed out of westport tomorrow for Tuna. I'm not a tuna expert but im confident we'll catch our share. this will be a trolling/jigging operation. looking for 1 or 2 guys who can take care they bizness on a boat.
  172. Clockwork

    Watch Out for Bayside Marine

    If you read my earlier thread about running afoul of a previously anonymous repair shop that tried to charge me $600 for a water pump replacement well, they are no longer anonymous. this shop is out of control. i took my boat there with motor problems essentially where the motor bogs down. in...
  173. Clockwork

    More Accurate MagicSeaweed or NOAA or?

    for wave action forecasts what is more reliable MSW or NOAA? they rarely agree. currently MSW is saying saturday looks great but NOAA is a little more pessimistic. what is the goto source for swells and wind wave forecasts?
  174. Clockwork

    So I Caught a Tuna...

    i threw together a last minute first timer tuna run yesterday and was about to head out solo when i get a call 3:15 in the AM and its dad saying he is coming over. he is self employed making custom yacht equipment so its hard for him to find free time in the summer. despite the early wakeup we...
  175. Clockwork

    Tuna Kit?

    im completely unprepared and uneducated for tuna but im thinking about throwing together an ill advised tuna trip this saturday. its going to be a troll situation only for me. and im hoping i can find them within 45 miles of westport. i think i'll just run my halibut rods and troll fast with...
  176. Clockwork

    What Should I Do (Mechanic Problems)

    What should i do in this situation? I havn't taken a vehicle or boat to a mechanic in 10+ years but this year i ran into a motor problem i just couldnt figure out. took it to one local mechanic and he couldnt figure it out either, everything checked out ok, he threw some parts at it but it didnt...
  177. Clockwork

    The Rockfish Dilema

    This is part question and part incoherent rant. incoherent rant #1a) we used to have ridiclously large daily limits for all rockfish in all areas. all of a sudden (several years ago) its been reduced to zero. every year after it began the "10 fish limit" line moved one area west until now we...
  178. Clockwork

    Yamaha 150 Test Prop?

    anyone have a test prop for a 150 yamaha 2 stroke i could borrow/rent? i have some engine problems and seems every test is done at WOT under load. It would really help out. thanks to anyone who might be able to hook me up.
  179. Clockwork

    Control Cables?

    i have one of those remote controls systems for my older yamaha 9.9 model 703. im looking to replace these control cables. are there any out there that are better than the stock ones? the problem with these is they're pretty stiff and require a large arc that rubs against the bracket which...
  180. Clockwork

    Westport 6-23

    with all the reports i was reading about the week before i figured it was gonna be a cakewalk on saturday. not exactly the case. we rounded the jetty, dropped the crab traps and started trolling out and immediately my dad hooks up. we start talking some trash about how easy this was gonna be. it...
  181. Clockwork

    Open Seat Westport Friday

    looking to hit westport friday. got 1, maybe 2 seats open. leaving out of the kent/covington area. just know how to work your own downrigger and dont throw up on my deck.
  182. Clockwork

    Quota Clean Up Aisle 3

    so we made a marathon trip to MA3 to help you guys bang out that quota. on almost no sleep. if you arrived sat morning you may have passed by us parked off on a gravel road with a tent in the truck bed. Lesson learned: if you have one guy sleeping in the truck bed and one guy sleeping in the...
  183. Clockwork

    Come Off those La Push Reports

    so who did La Push today and how was it? give me some encouragement because im leaving for la push after work tomorrow on what looks to be a marathon 24 hour trip.
  184. Clockwork

    MA7 Island Lings

    took a new guy out fishing yesterday decided to go after Lings in some of my go-to holes in the north of the islands rather than a ling-halibut combo in the south west thinking we'd get more action. it was the worst day for lings i've ever had. couldnt manage anything over 24" and there werent...
  185. Clockwork

    Coastal Halibut Report

    i was on hand for the Thursday and Saturday MA3 halibut opener. barely made the cut on thursday when the CG was restricting vessels 20' and under from departing. water was marginal on thursday making for a long journey to the far corner. dad hit a couple substantial Bocaccios and i landed a...
  186. Clockwork

    Poor Mans Electric Reel?

    we were pondering some ways to rig up an electric reel contraption. i mentioned maybe rigging up a windshield wiper motor and then my dad one upped me with the possibility of using a cordless drill. of course id go get a cheapo for this purpose rather than using a good one near the salt but has...
  187. Clockwork

    Braid backing?

    I bought a new reel from wholesale sports and when i went to get line put on (get a discount on line with the reel purchase) i asked for 80lb braid. im not a braid expert and i dont use it for any other application but they said standard procedure is to spool it with 300 yards of braid and use...
  188. Clockwork

    Okuma Clarion 553L?

    So i picked up this reel (Okuma Clarion 553L) on a whim to replace my old Penn "Deep Sea" reel. looking for reviews. it is a very smooth reel and it seems good but i started to wonder how good of a halibut reel this might be. almost no internet info and apparently it was designed as a trolling...
  189. Clockwork

    Kicker Bracket 4.0

    here is generation 4 of my powered kicker bracket that i came up with a few years ago. been using my previous version for a couple years hard use now and although it worked great there were a few lessons learned. new version is anodized, i doubled the thickness at every pivot point with harder...
  190. Clockwork

    Anyone see one of these before?

    we got these pics 2 years ago about 15 miles out of westport of an ocean sunfish. fairly rough water made this thing look like a dead shark in the rollers at a distance. it was probably a couple hundred pounds and a rather incompetent fish. it would lay on its side and feebly dive a couple feet...
  191. Clockwork

    North Hood Canal Launch?

    my searches have come up empty for a good launch in the mid to northern hood canal on the east shore. i want to fish it tomorrow. i like Triton cove but dont want to drive around. thanks. havnt fished MA12 much so im looking for a change of pace.
  192. Clockwork

    Notched Transom Upgrade Project

    notched/euro style transoms get alot of negative press about being vulnerable to waves over the transom. this is true and my 20' grady white has this transom. i love this boat but it has the worst engine well ive ever seen. the well is tiny and the front of the well is particularly low and you...
  193. Clockwork

    Yamaha Spanner Wrench?

    Hello, found hydraulic fluid leaking out one of the trim cylinders on my 1990 150hp Yamaha OB. unfortunately it requires a special spanner wrench. before i attempt to make one i was wondering if by chance anyone here had one i could rent or borrow? if anyone has experience rebuilding these...
  194. Clockwork

    Found Crab Trap + Advice

    If your initials are RG and you live in Seattle and lost a crab trap in the last week. i have it. i found it drifting in 500' water in area 10. nearly ran it over luckily didnt get caught in the prop. the advice is always mark your traps with your phone # if you want them back. its got an...
  195. Clockwork

    How Close are the Tuna?

    about how far out are the Albacore running right now? I'm thinking of making a trip after them this weekend but this would be my first trip and i know nothing. thanks.
  196. Clockwork

    Sekiu Halibut Reports?

    Im headed out to Sekiu tomorrow till Monday for Halibut and Lings. Tried to make the MA 4 season but now Im on plan B and a novice at that. plus it seems the reports have really trailed off. any action out there as of late? I don't have any BD decals yet but if you see someone down there looking...
  197. Clockwork

    Powered Kicker Bracket

    basically new Electric Kicker Bracket. Push a button and you can get infinite height on your trolling motor. 20" travel which can lift the motor completely out of the water so you don't have to tilt it. $600.
  198. Clockwork

    Bait Cutting Trays

    hello, i'm pretty much new to this board so I'll start by introducing myself. My name's Ryan, the boat's name is Clockwork. I'm attempting to outfit my New very old boat with all the offshore amenities. I have alot of saltwater time under my belt but really want to start getting into the...
  199. Clockwork

    Wanted: Wiper Motor

    looking for a wiper motor. preferably one of the small thimble shaped ones. dont need any arm or anything as its going on an unrelated project.
  200. Clockwork

    Expected Range?

    I know I'm going to have to test this out for myself but i was wondering what kind of range i could expect for my boat. My plan is to get after some albacore this year but have not ran this boat enough to know. I'm in the process of redoing this boat to my liking and was considering adding some...
  201. Clockwork

    Powered Kicker Bracket Project

    Recently finished my lift bracket prototype for my kicker motor. I Thought it was pretty neat but im going to improve upon it. It is 12v powered and has 18" of vertical travel. I got the idea because my off the shelf spring assist one seemed so flimsy and i was tired of hanging off the back of...
  202. Clockwork

    Wanted: Penn Manual Downriggers

    looking for 2 Penn downriggers either 2 or 3 foot booms. i am also looking for 1 penn swivel base. 206 228 4336