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  1. talltales

    Political BS Boat Parade in San Diego Bay

    Anyone doing this?
  2. talltales

    San Diego Bay boat ramps

    Has the parking at Shelter Island ramp been filling up still on most weekend days? Is Pepper Park a good alternate (parking safe for your truck)?
  3. talltales

    Trophy bilge pump access

    Do any of you have a Trophy with one of the large I/O motors know how to get to the aft bilge pump? Mine has a problem and I can't reach the pump under the motor. I still need to get a mirror to get a good look at it, but I was looking for some advice from the folks here.
  4. talltales

    MerCruiser service in San Diego

    Does anyone have any info on a good MerCursier service place in San Diego? I was taking the boat to Hipp Marine, but that is out of the question now from what I 've herd, so I'm looking for a new service location. I was thinking The Boat Grotto at the moment.
  5. talltales

    Trailer boat verses in the water boat

    So I've been toying around with the idea of stepping up from a trailer boat to a larger boat, something that stays in the water around 28 to 30 feet or so. What are some of the costs I should be looking for that are associated with keeping a boat in the water verses a trailer boat? I was...
  6. talltales

    January 15 day on Independence

    Well I signed up for my first 15 day trip on the Indy. Really looking forward to this trip but just a little worried if I'll have the chops to handle the fish I expect to catch on a trip of this length. I've been on several 10 day trips but you'll never know until you try. Anyone on this one...
  7. talltales

    When to start Fishing?

    I have a 15 month old nephew that I hope becomes a fishing buddy someday. So when should I start teaching him to fish, and what's the best way to get him started in fishing? I was about 10 before I started but know there are lots of folks that started way before that. So I need some tips.
  8. talltales

    1.5 day on the PQ

    Trying to get out on the PQ this weekend for a 1.5 day rock fishing trip, but it looks like they will need a few more people to sign up to get the boat underway. Any takers?
  9. talltales

    1.5 day on the PQ 6/25-6/27

    Heading out on the Pacific Queen June 25/PM - 27/AM for an early season tuna hunt if they get enough people to sign up for the trip. Doesn't look to good, only two signed up so far.
  10. talltales

    Olympic Boat Center

    I talked to the guys from the San Diego Olympic Boats while I was at the boat show. I'm looking at a Trophy boat and wanted to know if anyone has good or bad things to say about the this dealer.