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  1. hiloboy

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    I have a small sign/sticker on my boat that says, "My boat don't run on thanks"
  2. hiloboy

    Hi Kai- 10/01/2020

    Sweet!! Nothing beats a short productive day:appl:
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    Aloha Pat and Crew, I hope all is well. Always enjoy your posts and pics, mahalo for sharing!
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    28 Foot Force Project

    Brah..... dat is one sexy boat rite dea!! great job and congratulations!
  5. hiloboy

    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    Remington 1100!
  6. hiloboy

    Thursday 1/30/20

    Pat, Glad to see that you are on da road to recovery!! Da post was just extra gravy, good job to you and Eric!
  7. hiloboy

    Fishing Long Beach, California

    Thanks for posting, enjoyed the vid and tunes!
  8. hiloboy

    Update... 10/31/19

    HOOOO Pat!! Please don't tell me dat da gauze in the second to da last pic is running through from puka to puka!!! Get well soon Pat!
  9. hiloboy

    Update... 10/31/19

    Auwe that looks painful! Continued prayers sent for a complete recovery!
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    Pat.. Are you ok ?

    Prayers for a speedy recovery Pat!!
  11. hiloboy

    Half Day and got lucky

    Right on, way to get it done!!
  12. hiloboy

    Need help regarding maximum horsepower

    I just found a stamp plate saying it's rated for up to 200hp.
  13. hiloboy

    Need help regarding maximum horsepower

    Hey guys, I need help getting info on max horsepower for a Palm Beach Whitecap 205. It currently has a Suzuki 140 4stroke on it now, that is trash, and I have a brand new Mercury 200 Optimax still in the crate that I want to hang on it. The problem is, I live and work in Okinawa Japan and it's...
  14. hiloboy

    Waianae - July 6, 2019

    Good job... Onos is ono!!
  15. hiloboy

    Old Men and the Sea, 6/9/19

    winnah winnah, ahi dinnah! Good job!
  16. hiloboy

    Marking your lines and saving your hands.

    Kevin Sakuda makes some awesome stuff. Had the pleasure of having him on my boat when he was here in Okinawa teaching a free diving class. Solid Braddah!
  17. hiloboy

    Video - First Ahi of the Year

    Way to get it done!! Great video as well!
  18. hiloboy

    Skirting a Trolling Lure

    mahalo for posting!! I run a couple of your lures here on my boat in Okinawa. I think thy're called "scooby doo" Mean kine action!!
  19. hiloboy

    MLK Run

    Way to go Captain John and Crew! Must have been controlled chaos on the deck!
  20. hiloboy

    Impatient or over zealous 1/20/19

    I feel your pain Pat! Although I'm in Okinawa, Japan, we were out running up and down the coast looking for katsuo/aku while putting some hours on the boat. (She's been dry docked since October.) We're about 1.5 miles off the coast, and a big girl erupts in our spread inhaling our port corner...
  21. hiloboy

    2018 was a great year for me

    Awesome!:beerbang: May your success carry over into 2019!
  22. hiloboy

    Fried Chicken & Marlin

    Solid! Way to go!!
  23. hiloboy

    Mahi time

    Solid!! Way to get it done!
  24. hiloboy

    Molokai Run 09-03

    John and Crew, mahalo for sharing and way to execute a plan!
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    Another great read! Way to get it done Pat!!
  26. hiloboy

    Jordon's 2nd to last trip

    Ho Brah, you guys killin it! Way to go!!
  27. hiloboy

    Friday 6/8/18

    Excellent job Pat, Eric and Tommy! Mahalo for sharing Pat! It always feels like we're right on the boat with you after reading your posts!
  28. hiloboy

    Need help on an older Lowrance

    Thanks Cody, I think I got it figured out!
  29. hiloboy

    Need help on an older Lowrance

    Mahalo Dave! I was just told the same thing on another forum. Hopefully I'll have it all figured out this week. Thanks again for the help!
  30. hiloboy

    Need help on an older Lowrance

    Thanks Tom, I never thought of that! I'll see if I have it some where.
  31. hiloboy

    Need help on an older Lowrance

    Hello Guys, needs some help/advice in getting this GPS antenna hooked up to my Lowrance 525c. I know it's an older model and that I should just trash, but it has been good to me, but I wanted to use it as a back up. Besides it's got all my honey holes logged into it! So the problem I'm having...
  32. hiloboy

    30 April-Marlin

    Wow! excellent job, and great story to go along with it!
  33. hiloboy


    Great job Pat, Tommy and Eric! Nothing like team work to get the job done! Mahalo for sharing and Happy Holidays to you all!
  34. hiloboy

    25 Mosquito rebuild Kauai

    Brah, dat is Cherry, awesome job!
  35. hiloboy

    Sunday 10-16-16

    Great job Capt Pat and Tommy! As always another adventureous day on the Kai'Nana! Looking forward to the next report!!
  36. hiloboy

    Looking for Repair Service

    Jeff, I PM'd you, check your inbox.
  37. hiloboy

    Looking for Repair Service

    I'll keep you posted Jeff.
  38. hiloboy

    Looking for Repair Service

    LOL I figured so!!
  39. hiloboy

    Looking for Repair Service

    Shelter Island will do it but I need to find a card reader first. Seem like a top notch business, got back to me right away.
  40. hiloboy

    Looking for Repair Service

    The head unit can be removed and sent in for repair.
  41. hiloboy

    Not big, but plenty, Kanehoe side.

    Nice!! Solid catch!~
  42. hiloboy

    Lucky Ahi Kaneohe side

    Right on, sounds like some great team work, congrats!
  43. hiloboy

    Looking for Repair Service

    Looking for reccomendations for someone who can replace a card reader for a Raymarine C120 head unit. Thanks in advance!
  44. hiloboy

    A Day Late.

    Another quality fish, way to go Pat and crew!
  45. hiloboy

    First Tuna for 2016

    Sweet.... solid Ahi! Congrats!
  46. hiloboy

    Birthday Ahi

    Right on, nice fish!
  47. hiloboy


    Solid! Way to go Pat and Crew! I always look forward to your posts and pics, Mahalo fo sharing!
  48. hiloboy

    First Ahi Haleiwa

    Solid Brah! Congrats!
  49. hiloboy

    Best day yet!

    Brah, dat was epic!! way to go, and congrats on going 3 fo 3!
  50. hiloboy

    Fishing 5.13.16

    Sweet Jimmy, looks like you guys scored some ono grinds!! Keep'um coming!
  51. hiloboy

    tuna, mahi and shark, Japan!

    You guys got a team together? Debating on running my boat, or fishing on a buddys boat. My boat doesn't have the range to stay out over the weekend. Too much of a pain to carry fuel, I can do about 140 miles depending on seas.
  52. hiloboy

    tuna, mahi and shark, Japan!

    Hey Chris, yes I do. You going to Kume with Rodney? Let's get out on the water after Sam's Cup!
  53. hiloboy

    tuna, mahi and shark, Japan!

    OOORAHH! Thank you for your service! I work on Kinser as a civillian DoD.
  54. hiloboy

    tuna, mahi and shark, Japan!

    They're fishing on the main island of Okinawa.
  55. hiloboy

    Waianae 4.23.16

    Right on way to go Jimmy!! Looking forward to your summer posts, I'll be looking for an Ahi post soon! Go get'um, hanapa'a!
  56. hiloboy


    Always enjoy your posts Pat, glad to see you back on da water! How's da hand healing?
  57. hiloboy

    Almost there...

    Way to do it right Jimmy! Glad to see that you'll be getting her wet soon! Hanapa'a Time!
  58. hiloboy

    Tiger Blue

    Right on way to go!! Looks like some ono grinds for a few days!!
  59. hiloboy

    Halibut in the harbor

    Nice job!
  60. hiloboy

    Pac Blue Two

    Right on good job! Did you ever get your hat back?
  61. hiloboy

    Any Hawaiians? Garmin SD chart card for Hawaii.

    You might get more action if you posted it on the "Hawaii Fishing" forum page, they have their own classifieds section. I'm sure somebody would grab it. GLWS
  62. hiloboy

    At it again :(

    Right on Jimmy, looking good, I hope all is well! Aloha!
  63. hiloboy

    Weird 3x double hookup whipping day

    Those are the times you gotta play lotto!! Good going Braddah!
  64. hiloboy

    Sambit Island, Indonesia July 2015 ( Dogtooth Tuna )

    Always end up with a hard on after looking at all the porn you post Sami!! Thanks!
  65. hiloboy

    Big Bull

    Nice Mahi, but even though I'm from Hawaii, I live in Okinawa, Japan, but I post in "Anywhere Fishing Reports" A lot of good posts over there!
  66. hiloboy

    Is this possible...?

    Thanks for the reply guys! Sorry about throwing out such a vauge question. What I meant to ask was... I have a Raymarine C120 series radar system on my boat, and I want to know if it was possible to use the original set up, and add another head unit down below to use to navigate down below...
  67. hiloboy

    Is this possible...?

    Anybody know if you can run 2 monitors off of one radar unit? I was wondering if I could use 1 dome and run a monitor on the fly bridge and the other down in the cabin. Thanks!
  68. hiloboy

    Waianae - 6/04/2015

    Oh dat is nice!! Good job and congrats to you both!
  69. hiloboy

    Private boaters in Kawaii

    Guud luck, hope you get on a bote! Doubt it though.
  70. hiloboy

    4/25 Hi Kai, Mahi & Ono

    Way to go, nice fish!
  71. hiloboy

    4-10-15 and 4-11-15 Waianae: A weekend of firsts, but hopefully not lasts!! Still no mahi...

    Dogtorlam, way to keep hammering at it, before too long you'll be bringing in da long sickles!! Way to go Brah!
  72. hiloboy

    Big Bluefin in Okinawa

    FYI.. They just landed a 770lb marlin out of Toyo Port this past Thursday (27 Feb. 2015). Not sure on all the details, but it made the local newspaper.
  73. hiloboy

    Navionics Chart Card and Raymarine Radar

    Hey Guys, I got a quick question: I have a C120 series Raymarine radar sysetem on my boat, and recently purchased the Navionics Gold Compact Flash card for it. Problem is that the charts won't pop on the screen. The system recognizes the card but won't read it or display the charts. Waiting...
  74. hiloboy

    28 Foot Force Project

    Brah,you got some mean skills! Keep it up and keep sharing! Mahalo fo posting!
  75. hiloboy

    Labor Day 9.01.14

    Way to go Jimmy! I guess it always pay to listen to da Captain! I hope all is well.
  76. hiloboy

    Summer Ono's

    Right on! Cool video, and great team work! Mahalo fo sharin!
  77. hiloboy

    Early Birthday June 1.

    BRAH!!! as all I can say!!
  78. hiloboy

    The Captain and Kai’Nana is why… 5/25&26

    Mahalo for always sharing your stories!
  79. hiloboy

    On the way to Molokai for relay 5/10

    Good job! way to load'um up!
  80. hiloboy

    Alii Kai 17 Rebuild

    Brah, good luck on da rebuild! I can see it's gonna look sweet wen you pau!
  81. hiloboy

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    Congrats Captain Clay! Best of luck with her!
  82. hiloboy

    Leaking fuel tank turned into a big project.

    Right on Brah, looking good!
  83. hiloboy

    Diego Suarez ( East Coast ) Madagascar Jan 2014

    Awesome report! I'm always tempted to go straight to the porn, but always start with the story because I know I will be treated to a great read! Thanks for taking us along, and keep the coming and safe travels!
  84. hiloboy

    Waianae 11.23.13

    Way to go Jimmy! Hope all is well!:hali_olutta:
  85. hiloboy

    Nov 9th Maui - Personal Best Mahi

    Way to go, as one big bully!
  86. hiloboy

    Okinawa Wahoo

    @ Philligan, Thanks! @ Hrforsale, thanks for the kind words, and would definitely like to tidy things up! I'll PM you later on.
  87. hiloboy

    Okinawa Wahoo

    Got off of work around 10:00am (I work graveyard) and take a look offshore from my office and it's looking like it's laying down. Call my wife to see if she has anything that needs to be done around the house, and I get the green light to go! Rush home and grab a couple of rods, and blast down...
  88. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    That is correct, boat and jet skis have separate license. They both used to covered under the old Class 4 license, but too many people were getting into accidents so they made them separate about 8-9 years ago.
  89. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    Too bad you didn't get any bites, I know the feeling! In regards to the 2nm, the jet ski needs to be registered to the "mother ship". If you want to island hop to the Kerema Islands I suggest that you talk with a guy by the name of Shoken, he owns Ocean Party. He offers jet ski tours to the...
  90. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    hrforsale, Too bad about not letting you launch out of their fishing ports. I'm not sure if you have SOFA status, but Kadena marina is a good place to launch from. Although I'd be more concerned about fishing at the buoys on your jet ski. By law you are only allowed 2 nautical miles off...
  91. hiloboy

    Football Sunday Kaneohe 10/27

    Right on, way to slay'um! Mahalo fo sharing!
  92. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    I think I have the formula for converting old coordinates in to current locations. All you need to do is a simple + - to you lat and long. Let me go through my stuff and I see if I can find it. Good luck this weekend!
  93. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    Actually I got some numbers for a couple of small top water payaos and a few underwater ones. I got the fish in this thread not to far from Toya port. You're just right up the street from Kadena marina.
  94. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    It all depends on the fishing port, but I think they cost anywhere between 5 and 8,000 yen. I believe that they are available to recreational fisherman. All registration numbers for Okinawa commercial fishing boats will start with the letters "ON........" Do me a favor and let me know what...
  95. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    Nojiri, I use mostly green, pink, black/purple jigs, and green and red poppers. Not much of a brand name guy, I buy a lot of my stuff used, and stuff at the bargin bins at the local tackle shops. Rainbow runners might be a bit too big for live bait, but if you can get a hold of live mullet, or a...
  96. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    Hey Nojiri, welcome aboard! The captains will be your best bet,as far as techinques and fishing tips. I like to use butterfly jigs anywhere between 60-120 grams when jigging at the payaos, it's always good to have a box of squid with you, and a few top water poppers. Most captains will let...
  97. hiloboy

    Late afternoon fishing - Last minute decision 9/12/13

    Way to go Jimmy and Mrs. K! I hope all is well with you and your Ohana!
  98. hiloboy

    smoking salmon

    Good god! That looks delicious, with this recipe work with tuna and marlin as well?
  99. hiloboy

    Boat Stuff for sale

    Justin, Sent you a PM for the shotgun holders. Let me know if can. Mahalo, Donald
  100. hiloboy

    ahi fishing tale that could've gone bad....

    Brah, no disrespect, but calling the man a moron is a bit harsh. I don't know what his boating background is, but the Polynesians made some pretty long voyages in some pretty primative vessels. A lot of people will do extreme things to feed and take care of the family, especially in Hawaii...
  101. hiloboy

    Okinawa Fishing

    Looks like it was a nice day on the water! What port?
  102. hiloboy

    Pearl Harbor Fishing Torunament 2013

    Way to go Jimmy! Nice FEESH!!
  103. hiloboy

    7-8-13 Dark Side of the Moon.

    Aloha Pat and Nerlie, good job! Always enjoy your posts, mahalo fo sharing!
  104. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    Sup Hunter! As you can see this report is from about a year ago! I've been out a few times since I saw you down at Kadena when you went out with Dan. I'm dry docked right now waiting on parts for my lower unit.
  105. hiloboy

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    That he is! Thank you guys for your service! I haven't had the fortune of meeting his wife, but she'll get over it... mine did!:hali_olutta:
  106. hiloboy

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Way to go!! (I went to high school with Steven, Waiakea '85)
  107. hiloboy

    Post: Last few trips: Answers to Questions from fellow Soldiers.

    My boat don't run on Thanks either!!
  108. hiloboy

    Finally back on the water - 12-2-'12

    Nice to enjoy your posts again, welcome back!
  109. hiloboy

    Turkey of the Sea 11/22/2012

    Congrats on a great day!
  110. hiloboy

    I need a boat

    Congrats! Good luck with her!
  111. hiloboy

    Live Bait Well

    Saw dis one fo sale in the mainland classifieds.
  112. hiloboy

    New trolling lure design

    Uh oh Bloodydecks Police! Brah relax, the lures look like they would work, and they're not over priced. If it bothers you so much don't buy'um. Sheesh!
  113. hiloboy

    White wash and burnin' fuel

    Not to hijack da thread, and not sure if it's even current
  114. hiloboy

    2007 PARKER 2820 XLD

    Outstanding Porn!!
  115. hiloboy

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    What a great read, keep up the awesome job! looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  116. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    Got off work today about 15:00, and had a few hours before I had to get home....... so i decided to run out to my new found honey hole to see if anybody was home. Made the 12 mile run in about 20 minutes and dropped back my favorite lures and made a few passes, but no takers. I pulled right up...
  117. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    @Tony not really. I'll drop anchor and maybe have lunch and wet a few lines, throw a few lures. Tori reef holds some pretty decent fish. Try and get out off the cliffs of Zanpa, they catch nice size Katsuo (skip jack) and mahi off the cliffs.
  118. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    If you're ever in Okinawa drop me a line and we'll get some lines wet. Guchol is supposed to be skirt us by 66 miles as a Cat 4, gonna get a little windy tonight!
  119. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    @ Jon, the buoy appears to be a fixed buoy, it was still there yesterday according to a friend. I've modified the lip with a dremmel so it doesn't digg as deep, but then I'm not getting the 30'+ depth. @Capt. G...
  120. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    Got some intel on a buoy that is 12 miles out of Kadena marina, so I plugged the numbers into my chartplotter and made a quick run out to it. Not really expecting much, I decided to run it solo. It's right where it's supposed to be..... for a change:rofl:. I make a close pass to see if I can...
  121. hiloboy

    Saltiga Lure

    If any of my Hawaii BD Bruddahs an Sistas need any tackle from Japan, shoot me a PM. I'll get it to you with no mark up on shipping or product. I'll ship via USPS mail service, so shipping is pretty cheap. Will get to Hawaii in about 4-5 days. Just like CJ, not looking to profit, jus help out...
  122. hiloboy

    Smitty belt and OTR Harness both are brand new

    Bump for John, stand up guy! Bought some lures from him, and he shipped them to me here in Japan.
  123. hiloboy

    come and get it!

    No worries, and Good luck!
  124. hiloboy

    come and get it!

    PM sent!
  125. hiloboy

    Getting Closer

    Good Job Brah! Looking cherry!!
  126. hiloboy

    Spearfish and Ono - 4-22

    As always another great video Captain MikeO! Mahalo fo sharing !
  127. hiloboy

    Arima Sea Chaser 19 w/Skip Tower

    Damn as a sweet looking boat!! Good luck on da sale!
  128. hiloboy

    Wahoo trolling lures and bombs

    Is this set still available? Also would you be willing to ship to a military FPO AP address? Thanks!
  129. hiloboy

    Fiji Fishing Report March 2012

    Phuck Yeah!! way to go! Great pics, thanks for sharing!
  130. hiloboy

    A week

    Yup PTA was my stomping grounds back in da day! Everything from Black francolin, Kalij, pigs, goats, turkey, to mouflon sheep!! Oh da memories!!
  131. hiloboy


    Mahalo Pat and Nerlie, I always look forward to your post and pic's! IMUA!
  132. hiloboy

    How hot is too hot?

    @ Jimmy Mahalo fo da reply! No, I don't have a infrared therm. I'm gonna pull the thermostat this week end and give a test. Also I'm gonna drop in the water and let it idle at the dock for about 15-20 minutes, and see what the saltwater feels like, then flush it out again at the washdown with...
  133. hiloboy

    How hot is too hot?

    @ James thanks for your time and reply, really appreciate it. @ Derby thanks as well, I guess I have nothing to worry about. Appreciate the time taken to answer my question.
  134. hiloboy

    How hot is too hot?

    I got a 2003 Johnson Bombadier150hp 2 stroke, and noticed that the water that comes out of the "pisser" is rather hot. Not too hot to touch, but hotter than "warm". Does this sound about right? If not, any idea as to what the problem might be? She runs great, it's just that I noticed the...
  135. hiloboy

    side mount control

    PM'd you.
  136. hiloboy

    FREE Side mount controls

    Free side mount control. Pick up, :rofl: or pay to have it shipped. I can probably get it to anywhere in the States for under 20 bucks. I'll ship it at cost, Priorty Mail from Okinawa Japan via Military FPO mail system. BTW trim tilt works, just figured a BD'er could use it, rather than it just...
  137. hiloboy

    crowded buoys

    Braddah Rob, way to show some Aloha! Az how it should be done people!!
  138. hiloboy

    FLOSCAN Fuel Meter

    Thanks Seon! I appreciate you going the extra mile to send this to my FPO address!
  139. hiloboy

    another 2011 buoy battle

    Brah!! you guys had room in da boat oa what?!! Way to go!! Be safe in 2012.
  140. hiloboy

    Japan record Escolar!

    Sugoi!! Congratulations, and hope it sets a record!
  141. hiloboy

    Spearfish and Ono

    Another great video, Mahalo fo sharing Mikeo!!
  142. hiloboy

    Do you think this is legit

    I would ask around to see if anybody had their reels lifted. Dey could be hot.
  143. hiloboy

    KANEOHE 12/06

    Brah, way to go!! You killin'um Captdon1!
  144. hiloboy

    Kaneohe 12/4/11 Great time!!

    Good Job, way to go!
  145. hiloboy

    KANEOHE 12/03

    Now das how you Rumble!! Good Job.
  146. hiloboy

    12/4/2011 Kaneohe

    Keep us posted, and good luck!
  147. hiloboy

    kaneohe: right place right time

    Good Job Randay! Plenty ono grinds right dea!
  148. hiloboy

    Mahi on the 12' Makai Part 2 Video

    Good job Braddah! Mahalo fo sharing!
  149. hiloboy

    Kaneohe 11/22

    Glad to see you rumbling again!! Mahalo fo sharing! Congratulations on becoming a G-pa!
  150. hiloboy

    Kauai Charter Boat

    At least you still had the 3 other tunas. A lot of captains will sell the days catch to offset the price of the charter. Good job and good luck on landing your first Blue!
  151. hiloboy

    Marlin C&R and Mahi, 11-13-11

    Sweet job on da C&R!
  152. hiloboy

    11-13-11 Couldn't close the deal...

    Always a good read! Mahalo fo sharing!
  153. hiloboy

    Rubber hooks!!!

    2X like Brian said, but losing a favorite lure hurts more!
  154. hiloboy

    Guam fishing report

    Great read and pics thanks for sharing!
  155. hiloboy

    Lot of Braid Fighting Belts and Back Harnesses

    Thanks for the plug the Scott!! Filled it up with mahi's and a few hoo's last week! great bag, thanks again!
  156. hiloboy

    02 2101 Striper W/A hardtop w/4stoke Yamaha

    Congrats Mingo! or not, I guess depending on how you look at it. Now go get that RV!
  157. hiloboy

    Shark, Stenos and finally a Mahi

    Mahalo for another great video. One quick question, any pros/cons to having your battle station in the corner? Looks like dat set up would work on my boat.
  158. hiloboy

    103011 Halalu and beyong...

    One word, "Jealous!!" Good Job!
  159. hiloboy


    Brah, love dat 70's porn music!!
  160. hiloboy

    trip over to Molokai

    Brah, I digg da blood splatta at da 3:03 mark!!
  161. hiloboy

    Lot of Braid Fighting Belts and Back Harnesses

    Will you ship to a military FPO APO addresss, and do you take paypal? If so, I'd like one of the large harnesses.
  162. hiloboy

    first marlin

    Brah,.... Imua!!!
  163. hiloboy

    Ahi's westside

    Good job, and mahalo fo sharing!
  164. hiloboy

    Aloha & tight lines Brian!

    My Condolences to you and his family, sorry to hear the loss of your friend.
  165. hiloboy

    Kona Tombo Ahi RUSH!!

    Sweet, way to go!
  166. hiloboy

    Large aku' around

    Auwe! Why dey gotta hate?! Good job, i hope you made a killin, at least friends and family got some good grinds.
  167. hiloboy

    late report 9/12 ahi

    Good job and mahalo fo da report!
  168. hiloboy

    KANEOHE 8/28

    Hooo Captdon, you use da phrase, "a few yellow bellies" kinda loosely! I was thinkin 3-5, I count 19!!! Imua! Good Job!
  169. hiloboy

    Harpoon for Jimmy K.

    Hooo Glen, dats sweet!! What is da damage fo sumting li'dat($$$)?
  170. hiloboy

    8/15/2011 Kona aboard "Reel Action"

    Glad to hear you had a fun trip! Mahalo for sharing!
  171. hiloboy


    Congrats Braddah!! Wishing you many moa to come!! Good Job!
  172. hiloboy

    Spearfish, Ahi, Lost Marlin - 8-20-'11

    Mike, as always, a great read!! Mahalo fo sharing!
  173. hiloboy

    Where can I buy....

    Great book stuffed full of information, as well s a good read!
  174. hiloboy

    738 lb Blue Marlin Homecoming ~ Maupiti

    Nice Fish, and a job well done!! Mahalo for sharing!
  175. hiloboy


    Sweet! Great pic's!
  176. hiloboy


    Rest in Peace in Hari, you were a good man. My condolances to his family and friends.
  177. hiloboy


    Angel, I'm not trying to take any business away from anybody, but it's not really dat hard. I have a Johnson 150 hp 2 stroke, I bought the Solec manual for it, and have been doing all the maintinance myself. My thinking is, if I can do it, anybody can! Besides it would be good to get your...
  178. hiloboy

    5/1/2011 Holo Holo Kauai Style

    Rigth on Brah, good job! Mahalo fo sharing!
  179. hiloboy

    Okinawa Jigging

    Went out 2 weekends ago in some real sloppy seas. Had to get out get my fix. Seas were about 2 meters with an occasional 3. Made for some tough jigging! First day was actually nice, about 1&1/2 meters. Took a knock down about 12 miles out, small stripey, dumped about 200 yards did a little...
  180. hiloboy

    Lure Making

    I just wanted to let you Bruddahs know that I recently purchased "Lure Making 101/102" from Jim Rizutto aka HawaiiFishing. Big Mahalos to Jim! The book came in today, I opened the package on my way to the car. Sat in my drivers seat, took quick glance at the first page. Next thing you know, 30...
  181. hiloboy

    In need of 20-30 grams of gold $20 for 14k

    I got some "Kona Gold" going at about 75 bucks for 3.5 grams :smoking33: Tight eyes!
  182. hiloboy

    Kill Bag

    :rofl: Yeah they do, but they eat it all as well.
  183. hiloboy

    Kill Bag

    Looking for a new or used in good to great condition kill bag. Would like one 4-6 feet long. Must be willing to ship to a military FPO APO address. Let me know if any BD brothers can help me out!
  184. hiloboy

    Molokai Overnight

    Mahalo fo sharing a great read, and some sweets shots of Gods Country!
  185. hiloboy

    Epic Start To The 2011 Season In Kona

    Sweet read and pic's, Mahalo fo sharing!
  186. hiloboy


    Congrats Brah!
  187. hiloboy

    Promar hoop nets fully rigged w/extras

    Not at all I have a military address, shipping is only a couple bucks more than shipping in the continental 48.
  188. hiloboy


    Way to go Capt'n Don! Good job on showing dem da fish, and Aloha spirit!
  189. hiloboy


    Ahi Lawaia, Mahalo fo da info! Looking forward to getting these wet ova hea in Okinawa. I'll let you bruddahs now how de work! Mahalos to John (AlohaBird) as well, fo goin through all da hassles to get dem to me!
  190. hiloboy

    Promar hoop nets fully rigged w/extras

    OKinawa Japan, I got a FPO APO address.
  191. hiloboy

    Promar hoop nets fully rigged w/extras

    Would you be willing to ship them if I took all of them?
  192. hiloboy

    PowerPro line

    What's left? Please udate!
  193. hiloboy


    PM sent
  194. hiloboy

    1982 Skipjack 24 FB - Beautiful!!!

    Great looking ride! Anybody know if it will fit in a 40' shipping container, loaded on it's trailer? I need to get it to Japan. Thanks for any info.
  195. hiloboy

    Daughter wanted fresh feesh! (Okinawa)

    Bruddah Ben, you still on island, or you back home now?
  196. hiloboy

    Daughter wanted fresh feesh! (Okinawa)

    My daughter (4 years old) tells me Saturday mid-morning she wants some sashimi for dinner. I say, okay lets go get some. We get in the car and proceed to the supermarket. Noticing I don't have any of my gear, she says, "no daddy not from the store, from your boat". Now what's a dad to do?! Turn...
  197. hiloboy


    Brah, should gave me a call, went out twice already. Got some killa sash, nothing big, not plenty, but good grinds. I'll be TDY till March 2nd. If you still on island drop me a line.
  198. hiloboy

    Great day 2-5-11

    Right on good job, btw, I was digging da blood splatter!
  199. hiloboy


    how did you guys do?
  200. hiloboy

    Blast from the past!

    What a great vid, Mahalo fo sharing!
  201. hiloboy

    Spearing - Three In One Shot!

    Congrats! God Bless you and your family, Way to GEEVUM!!
  202. hiloboy

    Don't worrie about it, just have fun with it.

    Way to stick with it!! Get ready to kill some fish!!
  203. hiloboy

    Anyone Fishing in Okinawa these days????

    There is a guy that charters out of Awase, Captn Chris, I'll send you his number. If you need bodies to fill a boat let me know. Great captn works hard to get you on da fish. Fished with him a lot, tell him I sent him your way. One other thing, there's a guy by the name of captn billy, stay...
  204. hiloboy

    Kaneohe 12/9

    Sweet! az mo den enough fo poke!!
  205. hiloboy

    Sharks came to Play

    Nice, thanks for the report!
  206. hiloboy

    Anyone Fishing in Okinawa these days????

    Ben drop me a line I might be able to get you out. No worry about gear we get plenty!
  207. hiloboy

    Greetings from South Africa

    :finger::hali_olutta: Welcome aboard!
  208. hiloboy

    Anyone Fishing in Okinawa these days????

    How did you guys do Bret??
  209. hiloboy

    nice one's!

    SWEET! Imua!
  210. hiloboy

    Waikoloa Vs Hilo

    Hilo, Bruddah Hilo! but den dat's just my 2 cents.
  211. hiloboy

    Daisy Chains and Birds in Okinawa

    Eric, if it's slow offshore I'll pull up just outside Torii Station, and drift over the reef and throw spoons and jigs. Like you said great Taman fishing out there, a lot of reef sharks lately though.
  212. hiloboy

    Saturday 10/30 Kaneohe

    Right on!! Can't catch'um laying on da sofa!
  213. hiloboy

    Diary of an aspiring angler

    Great looking family, and she's one lucky girl! Feesh on!!
  214. hiloboy

    Daisy Chains and Birds in Okinawa

    @ Brando, I'll put some up later.
  215. hiloboy

    Daisy Chains and Birds in Okinawa

    Went out for about 4 hours to to keep a buddy of mine company. He's been off island for a few months, and just wanted to run his boat. It just so happened that I got some #'s to an underwater FAD about 20 miles out. So we decided to go check it out. Get to the spot, but his fishfinder has...
  216. hiloboy

    little boy, big fish

    Sweet, Mahalo fo sharing!
  217. hiloboy

    Super Sunday

    Az how Brah, way to go!
  218. hiloboy

    Paul the Black Sheep

    Right on Paul! Good Luck with da move.
  219. hiloboy

    8/29/10 Waianae

    Walt, great read, felt like I was dea wacthing it all unfold!!
  220. hiloboy

    Quick west side report

    "chumming violently" Az classic!! I feel his pain though!
  221. hiloboy

    Braid Marauder

    I always have at least 2 on my boat at all times, black/purple, pink/black are my ono killas!
  222. hiloboy

    Cut fish like this!

    dat was shot here in Okinawa (in fact both of da videos), at a "block" called Awase Payao.
  223. hiloboy

    kona 7-17-10 onos

    Az some fat logs! GEEVUM!!!
  224. hiloboy

    the ono run!!!

    Right on Brah!!
  225. hiloboy

    Most Difficult Ulua Ever

    Like others have said before, always a great read! Mahalo fo sharin! en be safe!
  226. hiloboy

    Norway 2010 - Great Fishing on Senja

    SWEET~!! Great report, and thanks for sharing!
  227. hiloboy

    Friend caught his fish, I got my son!

    Congrats and God Bless!
  228. hiloboy

    Our #221 saturday

    Congrats Braddah!
  229. hiloboy

    kaneohe side

    Brah!!! I wish you would have gave me a heads up I could of hooked you up ova hea!!
  230. hiloboy

    Great Weekend In Kaneohe

  231. hiloboy

    Did I say I love Okinawa!

    Good Job Marvin! We did alright in the Sams Cup, couple of Mahi and and a nice size Ono (40lbs). We missed a marlin as well, drag set too light, birdnest and den SNAP! Smudge, drop me a line as well, I'll hook you up, then we can go rumble!!
  232. hiloboy

    Roll call for June Okinawa

    Nope we'll be leaving out of Ginowan. Fishing from the old "Yurikago" Dave Sloss'es old boat. You can't miss us, we'll be the one at the scales with the winning fish!LOL! Good Luck!!
  233. hiloboy

    Fishing Report Double Ahi and an Ono

    SWEET!! good job!
  234. hiloboy

    Pilot Whales, Sharks and Rubba Hooks

    Brah, sorry to hear about your bad day, I feel your pain! Losing a Saltiga az gotta hurt!! Hang tuff Brah!
  235. hiloboy

    May 28th/29th Fishing....

    Way to go Bruddah! IMUA!!!
  236. hiloboy

    Waianae - Early Start

    So far only in my dreams bruddah, only in my dreams! Congrats!!
  237. hiloboy

    Okinawa Report

    Had friday off, making it a 4 day weekend. So decided to ro gumble down south. Left Kadena at 05:00 once we got about 4 miles out of the marina set a course for 180 degrees. Plan was to run the ledge down south, and go jigging out at the underwater Fads out at about 35 miles. We clipped along @...
  238. hiloboy

    Gonna try catch some menpachi

    We used to kill'um with live opae, but never tried from a boat.
  239. hiloboy

    Roll call for June Okinawa

    No problem Marvin, I'll be fishing the Sams Cup Marlin tourney that week.
  240. hiloboy

    A day with the Foxy Lady

  241. hiloboy

    Waianae to Kauai and back

    That's how it's done!! YEAH!!
  242. hiloboy

    Waianae Side 15 May

    Good Job and Congrats!
  243. hiloboy

    Wahanui on top, ta'ape on bottom!

    Mahalo for the report and great pic's! Also Happy Belated B-day to Mrs. Mingo:xlbirthda
  244. hiloboy

    Roll call for June Okinawa

    I got a buddy who has a charter with Captain Chris for June 5th, he might have some room. Give me a PM and I'll find out.
  245. hiloboy

    ...In Guam

    Good job Leon, thanks for the read!
  246. hiloboy

    Okinawa Report

    Thanks guys, I should be going out again next week, if we can get out of this F'ing weather condition. Marina won't let any boats launch on sea condition "Red" Keep you guys posted.
  247. hiloboy

    Waianae 5/14

    Mahalo fo sharing! Az one sick video!
  248. hiloboy


    Az Sick! Congrats Bruddah!
  249. hiloboy

    Okinawa Report

    Mahalo Jonesy! IMUA!
  250. hiloboy

    Okinawa Report

    Anytime Brah, anytime. I'll be here, I ain't goin anywhere!
  251. hiloboy

    ...In Guam

    As always Leon, a great read! Thanks for sharing, and conrats on winning your first of many tourneys!
  252. hiloboy

    Okinawa Report

    We left Kadena Marina at 05:30 Sunday Morning. I checked Buoy Weather the night before, and was reporting 1.3 - 1.9 meter swells averaging about 1.5 up until 15:00. From then it was suppose to pick to 2-2.5 meters. After reading that I figured the morning would be nice trolling weather, so I...
  253. hiloboy

    ...In Guam

    Congrats again Leon, good job!
  254. hiloboy

    4/25 Koolina 2 ono and some Nabeta with VIDEO

    Sweet video, gave it da thumbs up!
  255. hiloboy


    Fish Wish, Great link thanks for finding it!
  256. hiloboy

    First launch jitters...

    Brandon, I can't add anything that hasn't been already said, but have fun and be safe! Looking forward to reading your repot, no matter what the outcome. Good Luck!
  257. hiloboy

    Big Sur dive with video...

    Great video of a fun dive, thanks! Sound track sounds like it came from an old porno...... well at the least the ones that I used to watch LOL
  258. hiloboy

    Make' Dog (dead dog) rigs

    This is what we use over here in Okinawa. It's basically a spreader bar with 3 points. The top is were you tie your main line. The middle is were your weight goes, I generally use a 80-100 gram weight or evquivlant size butterfly jig. Then the last point you clip on you palu bag and leader. The...
  259. hiloboy


    As crazy bruddah, crazy!
  260. hiloboy

    Eastside 4/17

    LOL yup Cappy, still da same, choke hagi's and spineys, not as big as befo. Sea snakes, no bodda dem dey no bodda you.
  261. hiloboy

    Eastside 4/17

    What we do ova hea in Okinawa is, we'll boat one cut off his pectoral fins and tail, throw 'um back in da wata, an his buddies will get medival on his ass. Den dey leave yoa bait alone for a few minutes!
  262. hiloboy

    Galapagos Pic report Awesome trip

    Incredible!! Great report, and thanks!
  263. hiloboy

    a little fishin' intell...

    Joey, you didn't hear wrong, you were just told wrong!
  264. hiloboy

    Pictures how we eat.

    Small kine add from a "Lost Hawaiian" living in Okinawa, Japan.
  265. hiloboy

    Fiji Record Mako Released aboard BITE ME

    Great read and an outstanding job! Thanks!
  266. hiloboy

    ...In Guam

    That's some good looking gear! I bet you dropped some coin! Congratulations!
  267. hiloboy


    Bruddah, I'm really sorry to hear about what happend.
  268. hiloboy

    The search is over...

    Congrats Brandon! Now go fish!
  269. hiloboy

    Shimano 130 Tutorial

    Yup, I got 4 shimano 50's. I'll check the tutorial fo da 80's, Mahalo once again!
  270. hiloboy

    Shimano 130 Tutorial

    WoW! Mahalo fo da sweet walk through. Is it da same process fo da 50 2 speed as well?
  271. hiloboy

    ...In Guam

    Another great report Leon, keep'um coming! What are those 2 fish that you and your buddy are holding?
  272. hiloboy

    Anyone Fishing in Okinawa these days????

    Marvin, I'll PM you next week!
  273. hiloboy

    kauai report

    IMUA!! Way to geev'um Brah!
  274. hiloboy


    SICK!! Thanks for the report and pic's, gives me some day dreaming material!!
  275. hiloboy

    Pictures how we eat.

    HOOO talk about some "BROKE DA MOUT GRINDS"! Auwe!
  276. hiloboy

    Anyone Fishing in Okinawa these days????

    Matt PM me, I`ll be going out in the next few weeks. Gotta get my boat JCI'd (Saftey Check) More BS from the Japanese Gov. but hey can't really complain, second best thing to Hawaii!
  277. hiloboy

    ...In Guam

    Always enjoy your reads Leon! Keep them up!!
  278. hiloboy

    ...In Guam

    Great Job!! thanks for the pic's and good read!
  279. hiloboy

    Another haole guy & gal? No way!

    LOL! Capt'n Fred that takes some big Gwebos to post a picture like dat!! But den again I'm sure dat was da style back den!! Mahalo fo sharing your pic's and knowledge!
  280. hiloboy

    Kaneohe 2/16 Kimi Ann action

    SWEET! Mahalo fo sharin!
  281. hiloboy

    Captains go for FREE !

    Now that's some BAIT!
  282. hiloboy


    Hanapa'a all night long! Geev'um!!
  283. hiloboy

    Dragging shell

    We use them here in Okinawa with good to great success, but there only good fo small kine tako. You gotta walk out on da reef to do it. On a good day you can get anywhere between 15-20 tako, about 10-15 inches long. (in about 2-3 hours) I'll try and post a pic of da set up we use over here.
  284. hiloboy

    Kaneohe 1/18/10

    Right on!! Time wit da 'Ohana is da bes time!
  285. hiloboy

    Winter time Okinawa Fishing

    Marvin, was that with Capt'n Chris? I'm goin out with him on the Feb 6th, got 1 spot left. Need to know asap! PM me
  286. hiloboy

    3 Monster Dogtooth Tuna taken in Fiji

    I said, "god damn"! Great report! Good job
  287. hiloboy

    Kaneohe side 1/7/10

    Brandon if you ever get da chance to get ova hea again be shua to drop me a line, and I'll get you out on my boat! In fact, dat offer is good to all my Hawaii BD Brauddahs!
  288. hiloboy

    Kaneohe side 1/7/10

    Hey Brandon, is that an Uminchu T-shirt you're wearing? I noticed that Russell was wearing an Okinawan T-shirt as well. Anyways good goin an mahalo fo da report!
  289. hiloboy

    fish of the year...

    Hooo Russell, dat ting is a fricken LOG!!! Good going! Like your T-shirt says "Chibariyo"
  290. hiloboy

    ...In Guam

    Hey Codfather, Thanks for the great reports! You got a good looking boat, I'll have to look you up if I ever get over to Guam, do the same iof you're ever get over to Okinawa!
  291. hiloboy

    Birthday Ulua!! 12-20-2009

    Right On WTG!! Mahalo fo da great read!
  292. hiloboy

    The Crazy Haole's new Rods...

    Tokunaga's LOL! Home of da Hilo Ice Shave... Azuki and vanilla ice cream ONOLICIOUS!! Sorry to interupt this thread, just a lost Hilo boy getting homesick..... AGAIN!
  293. hiloboy


    Hey CaptDon, Good going! Jus like my house, I wea da pants, but da BOSS weas da Belt!LOL Aloha
  294. hiloboy

    so noel went fishing in maui........

    沖縄もメバチとキハダ釣れますよー!小さいけどね:D! Translation: We catch Big Eye and Yellow Fin in Okinawa, small kine :D! I'll be home dis summa...
  295. hiloboy

    Solo Trip today..

    Mahalo fo da great read!!
  296. hiloboy

    Fishing KM 94

    I thought you said pacific orgy!
  297. hiloboy

    Fishing by the light of the moon

    Mahalo fo bringing back da good ol'days! I remember back in high school, going to catch opai down at Queen Lilioukalani Park wit da scoop net, 5 gallon bucket and small live well pump. Den going down towards da Puna side, Kapoho, or Kalapana and fishing fo menpachi and aweoweo all night...
  298. hiloboy

    Mingo gets bloody with some Mexican mahi

    LOL!! I thought da same thng!
  299. hiloboy

    Mingo gets bloody with some Mexican mahi

    Great read!! It would have taken me 2 weeks just to write it!!! Mahalo!
  300. hiloboy

    Kaneohe Sat 10-17

    I (personally) don't think it's a matter of whether the fished paid off or not. For me, it's being in the company of good friends, and having a great time. As just my 2 cents.
  301. hiloboy

    Maui Oct 8

    As some real good eats! Onolicious!
  302. hiloboy

    Epic fishing day, Big fish, small boat

    Sweet Bruddah! As how fo geev'um!
  303. hiloboy

    Little ltae but here it goes.

    Damn! Sorry to hear about that. At least you guys got back home safely. Better luck next time!
  304. hiloboy

    I feel a little better now...

    Bruddah relax:smoking33: no need fo get huhu! I think he made his point without stepping on anybody's toes!
  305. hiloboy

    Current Line

    RJ and Capt Clay, Mahalo for your input, makes perfect sense. I will try and see what works fo me. I will let you guys know what works ova hea! A hui hou
  306. hiloboy

    My first report

    Pescador4ever, I might have to hit up up on that. Taman are some good eats! Drop me a line if you're ever back in Oki!
  307. hiloboy

    My first report

    Nustyruts, I'm the same hiloboy on Ryukyu fishing forum. PM me and we'll have to get out soon.
  308. hiloboy

    Current Line

    <HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d1d1e1; COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> I was wondering if anybody could give me some advise on trolling a current line. Do you troll right on it, or do you troll off to the side of it? If so how far off to the side? Mahalo for any...
  309. hiloboy

    Regarding the full moon

    LOL @ Smelt1, how true dat is bruddah!
  310. hiloboy

    Okinawa Payao Style

    Good Job! Was that trip on the Blue Fin with Captn Chris? He will get you on the fish!
  311. hiloboy


    I have to agree!
  312. hiloboy

    labor day Hilo marlin - 750+

    Suisan!!! Oh da memories! Mahalo for bringing me back home..... in a way!
  313. hiloboy

    Olaf Grimowski report

  314. hiloboy

    My first report

    Ricky, the bite is starting to kick in. October should be WFO on the mahi, and Wahoo. PM me and I'll get you out on my boat.
  315. hiloboy

    Venezuela March Report

    Thanks for the great pic's, and good luck on your tests!
  316. hiloboy


    Fishnsoldier, Mahalo to you as well for all of your sacrafices!<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_1391387", true); </SCRIPT>
  317. hiloboy


    Mahalo for your dedicated service to our country, and for our freedom!
  318. hiloboy

    June 28th Ahi

    Sweet Bruddah!!
  319. hiloboy

    World Record Wahoo taken on Bite Me

    WOOOHOOOOO!!! Great report and awsome wahoo! Big Congrats to you!
  320. hiloboy

    But a report........

    LOL!!! @ fishnfool you must be psychic! Your crystal ball serves you well.
  321. hiloboy

    Cape Cod 6/16 - Redemption

    Good Job! thanks for the post!
  322. hiloboy

    Yellow guy(s)

    Yeah!! as what I'm talking about! Way to go Bruddah!
  323. hiloboy

    But a report........

    Hello BD gang, Went out Sunday,and fished the East China Sea off of Okinawa. It was an ugly day weather wise, and the seas were pretty sloppy as well. As you all probably know the urge to get on on the water can be irresitable. Short story to a long day, Launched the boat, trolled 6 hours for 2...
  324. hiloboy

    Wound Up in Bermuda

    Looking forward to the pic's! Thanks for the report.
  325. hiloboy

    Bumpy start to a bumper day in Bermuda

    Thanks for the report and pic's! I gotta get my ass out on the water this weekend!
  326. hiloboy

    A great email from one of our anglers that fished last week

    Glad to hear that they had great time! Keep up the good work!!
  327. hiloboy

    Leaky Carb

    Thanks guys, I'll do that this weekend! I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!
  328. hiloboy

    Leaky Carb

    I hope that someone can help me out. So here's my problem. I bought a 2003 150 hp Johnson Bombadier, with 437 hours on it. Of course before I bought it I took it for a test run, and had a mechanic look over it. Because of time and money issues I wasn't able to mount it to my boat as soon as I...
  329. hiloboy

    Bermuda Charter no.2....

    Thanks for the report! Although any day on the water beats, any day on the job! Unless your lucky enough to be working on the water!!
  330. hiloboy

    Finally got my fishing mojo back

    Wow, now that's what I'm talking about! Great report and pic's Good Job!
  331. hiloboy

    My first report

    WoW! Thanks for the warm welcome! Being a transplant from the Big Island of Hawaii, it was like being back home to hear such words of encouragement, and hospitality from such a big forum. I guess I gotta get my ass out on the water more often! Thanks again,and look forward to reading post...
  332. hiloboy

    My first report

    Hello BD gang! This is my first report, so here goes. First of all this report comes to you all the way from southern Japan, Okinawa. I have yet to meet anyother Bd'ers out here so if you guys read this give me a holler! I went out last week on the Pacific side of the island, and did alright...
  333. hiloboy

    Caught a fish trolling.... at least the weathers nice...

    Aloha Hawaii BD Gang! I'm new to da forum, but it is great to hear reports from back home! As you can see, I'm living in Okinawa, Japan. Da fishing is not bad considering dis is Japan. lol Anyway, one of da tings dat I look forward to at the end of da day is da BD reports from back home...
  334. hiloboy

    Red Rhino Trip to the Philippines

    Mahalo for the story and pic's!
  335. hiloboy 17 day aboard the Royal Polaris 2009

    Great Report!! Awsome pic's and thank you!
  336. hiloboy

    Hilo surf Fishing

    Hey Fishhead Fred, How was your trip to Hilo?
  337. hiloboy

    Hilo surf Fishing

    Fishhead, Depends how familiar you are with Hilo. Hilo Bay has always produced some nice O'io, and papio, down towards the Hamakua side of da bay. Also right around da mouth of Suisan harbor can be productive. Also the breakwall is a good spot. Good Luck!
  338. hiloboy

    Rpt. Wed. 2-25-09 Big Grumpy's Go Off!

    Nice TOADS! Thanks for the pic's! I lived in Hermosa Beach, fished a lot out of Redondo, broughtback some good memories!
  339. hiloboy

    How to keep your saltwater boat looking new!

    Great post, Thanks, and great looking boat!