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  1. TimeZoned

    Coleman Propane Lanterns + Propane

    I’ll take the 16 propane bottles. My buddy @spoon man will get in touch with you for the pick up. He’s the guy who bought ur portable bbq. Thnx!!
  2. TimeZoned

    Boat Cover Help

    I’ve used sharksin boat covers before. They will help you get the right size for your needs. They are also waterproof and hold up excellent to our weather. I had one on my 26’ hydrasport and it kept it super clean and bone dry!!
  3. TimeZoned

    Fuel at Westport

    Why don’t you just get yourself an account at masco and use the card lock across the street then. That way you have 24hr access and get ethanol free
  4. TimeZoned

    3G Radar Dome repair needed

    Why do you keep buying them then?
  5. TimeZoned

    no bait

    Trust me we will be out there!!
  6. TimeZoned

    no bait

    ya the problem is the boat had been out all week looking for them and hasn’t found any yet.
  7. TimeZoned

    Spotter aircraft this season???

    Best first post ever!!
  8. TimeZoned

    Wide open tuna today

    Is it just me or does that look like a lot of warm tuna?
  9. TimeZoned

    Tuna Sat Ilwaco

    Not being a dick. He’s asking for a report in the reports section. Figure it out
  10. TimeZoned

    Tuna Sat Ilwaco

    Nice report dude
  11. TimeZoned

    Trevela and Lamiglass Rods for sale

    What’s the length of the trevalas?
  12. TimeZoned

    Last week of September for Sekiu Coho?

    I’ll be out there starting 9/8 for a week
  13. TimeZoned

    Non Ethanol premium in Port Angeles?

    Stay the hell away from the elwha casino station!!! Why would anybody support the tribes after they’ve locked us out this year and collected their subsidies
  14. TimeZoned

    Where are the Area 4 hali reports n pics?

    There are no halibut in Westport
  15. TimeZoned

    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    Just get rid of that pos treager Mike and be done with ur anxiety. Get a masterbuilt and Weber and be happy
  16. TimeZoned

    Westport hali 2020

    Was a great opening day for us!! Team Timezoned and team rajun Cajun joined forces to get it done. Ocean was a mess this morning thank god we didn’t have to run 30 miles like Lapush
  17. TimeZoned

    Westport Silvers 8/5/2020

    What was the ratio of clipped to non clipped. The last two days it was about 10-1 non vs clipped
  18. TimeZoned

    Westport salmon 8-4.

    We did the same yesterday in the same area
  19. TimeZoned

    Tuna Safari

    Ya were chasing salmon Sunday now
  20. TimeZoned

    Tuna Safari

    We are running Sunday as well. Home we get done good reports from the guys on Saturday.
  21. TimeZoned

    Alright I peeked

    You’re worried about a forecast 10 days out? That’s crazy!!! That will change so many times between now and then it’s not even worth looking at yet
  22. TimeZoned

    Ma 12 Shrimp

    Does this actually surprise anyone? The only surprise is they closed it a week ahead of time not the day before
  23. TimeZoned

    Looking for new boat trailer

    This is just like the ford vs Chevy debate on brands of trailers and bunks vs no bunks. I have an ez loader Bunk trailer now with oil hubs and have had zero issues with it and love it. I’ve also had king trailers and had no problems with them. Talk with Dave @Happy Daze at kitsap Marine. He...
  24. TimeZoned

    2019 parker 2120

    You mean the “ex” wife?
  25. TimeZoned

    14.8x19Lx3 Honda counter rotation props

    Won’t work. Diameter is too big for my 150’s thnx though
  26. TimeZoned

    14.8x19Lx3 Honda counter rotation props

    What size hondas are these off of? I might take them for spares. I’ll check my pitch & diameter
  27. TimeZoned

    Boat Detailing Help

    @Genie Aye right up his alley. BTW nice report
  28. TimeZoned

    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    Wait? You had to work for 4 limits? Usually it’s rail dumping going on at the canal. Where were you and what was ur bait?
  29. TimeZoned

    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    Don’t do it!!! @spoon man said it was a complete cluster fuck!!
  30. TimeZoned

    MA4 out of Sekiu Blackmouth

    Awesome first post
  31. TimeZoned

    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    There isn’t much dock space at Salisbury so please try to launch and idle until the driver is ready to board. Same with pulling out. Plan to do a bump and drop for who ever is driving the tow rig. It just makes it much easier on everyone
  32. TimeZoned

    Westport RV Recommendations??

    American sunset is nice. Bathrooms are clean and it has a good fish cleaning station. Probably a lot more than the pacific though
  33. TimeZoned

    Pop ups....

    Ya I understand you need some ads but everytime you switch subjects is ridiculous
  34. TimeZoned

    Pop ups....

    Now it’s the fuckin chip ads popping up every time. I wish you guys could get this shit figured out
  35. TimeZoned

    Throwable PFD group buy

    I still have a throwable cushion on board. But if push came to shove I would use the Scotty before the cushion for my reason stated above
  36. TimeZoned

    Throwable PFD group buy

    This is what I use. Way more compact and cheaper. I just hang it on my rocket launcher so it’s at everybody’s disposal and out of the way. I like this better than the seat cushion because with the rope you can pull someone to the boat vs trying to maneuver the boat close enough to grab them...
  37. TimeZoned

    Car decking

    I have 20 2x6x8’ fir car decking boards. I bought them for a project and ended up not needing them and I can’t return them. Paid $300 how about $200? Thanks Jeff 253-732-2396
  38. TimeZoned

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    Don’t know about the ramp but the shrimping was awesome!!! Limits for 5 in our first 3 pots!
  39. TimeZoned

    Area 4 OPEN

    That’s an awesome idea!!! I know it would never happen but still a great idea!!
  40. TimeZoned

    Area 4 OPEN

    At this point with all of the games the tribes have played why would anyone be willing to support them financially at all?
  41. TimeZoned

    WTB. Scotty non swivel base

    Just wondering if anybody had one they were looking to get rid of before i bought new. Just want it as a spare to use with my puller
  42. TimeZoned

    Canal shrimpers beware

    They haven’t screwed themselves out of easy money. All tribes are getting subsidized as part of the cares act. Money doesn’t get any easier than that. They just plain don’t need or want us
  43. TimeZoned

    Canal shrimpers beware

    If anybody buys gas, smokes or does anything else that remotely supports the tribes you’re out of your F ing mind!!!!
  44. TimeZoned

    Canal shrimpers beware

    The tribes are screwing you again!!
  45. TimeZoned

    Westport is open for bottom fish

    It was sloppy in the morning but got real nice as the day went on
  46. TimeZoned

    I need a new marine insurance policy.

    Is there anybody else beside Pete? What everyone else has said. He takes the time to make sure you have the right coverage for what you have and what you do!
  47. TimeZoned

    Westport is open for bottom fish

    Same here! Fishing is hot now. Get some while you can. Here’s @spoon man with one from yesterday
  48. TimeZoned

    Westport is open for bottom fish

    Too small is what is not is illegal. Just to be clear
  49. TimeZoned

    A6 or A7 Halibut?

    Really? Nobody else is gonna say it? You all must be getting soft from covid!!! His first post and he’s asking for a report. No wife, boat or girlfriend pics either. What’s happening here
  50. TimeZoned

    Lings missed me

    They are waiting for us. Now if we can only target them and keep them!!
  51. TimeZoned

    Lings missed me

    Thanks to @spoon man and my wife for a great day on the ocean. The lings were definitely on the chew. Nothing huge but perfect cutters. So glad to be back on the ocean!!
  52. TimeZoned

    Exhaust Manifolds Risers and Elbows

    This has to be the record for resurrecting an old thread!
  53. TimeZoned

    South Sound Reel Repair

    His name is Greg Smith 253-223-6063
  54. TimeZoned

    Please donate to new sword reel by buying these lamiglas

    Got anything with a roller tip for halibut?
  55. TimeZoned

    2020 Shrimp season

    One day is better than no days. You just can’t make everybody happy and some guys will bitch just because they like to
  56. TimeZoned

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Here’s your proof
  57. TimeZoned

    Grays Harbor Approaches are open

    Good luck enforcing that
  58. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    Funny how all these tribes claim to be “sovereign nations” but they have no problem taking money from Uncle Sam to suit their needs
  59. TimeZoned

    2 Diawa Seaborg 1000 MT

    Might get more takers if we could actually use them 😂
  60. TimeZoned

    Tanacom 750 sale

    I know some guys were looking for a deal on these. Here’s as good as deal as you will get. Now if we could just put them to use!
  61. TimeZoned

    Covid clean out

    Pm incoming
  62. TimeZoned

    Covid clean out

    I’ll take the Scotty sure stops if your willing to split that bag of goodies and drop them in the mail on my dime
  63. TimeZoned

    Panther T5 kicker steering with remote

    I had one of those on a prior boat that was an IO. Those things work great. GLWS
  64. TimeZoned

    No holds barred opinion Surprised this isn’t happening in more states!
  65. TimeZoned

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    This is all a fucking joke. Can’t fish the ocean. Opening state parks but no camping or clamming or “gathering”. Why bother!
  66. TimeZoned

    Lake Washington Protest
  67. TimeZoned

    Lake Washington Protest

    Says it all
  68. TimeZoned

    Pop ups....

    Ya me too. Today seems especially bad
  69. TimeZoned

    Oil bath hubs

    Wow!!! I probably don’t drive 10,000 miles a year let alone tow that much
  70. TimeZoned

    no black mouth fishing at all in much of Puget SOund in 2021

    Welcome to the party. Where have you been
  71. TimeZoned

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    Permit is cheap. Just buy it for 8 or 9 months at a time and your good to go. Why give insurance a reason to deny if you get in an accident
  72. TimeZoned

    Little underwater action

    Super cool. Thnx for sharing
  73. TimeZoned

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    I would love to buy it from you. I grew up mooching fresh water bay and Ediz hook with. A 109 from my dad best memories in the world
  74. TimeZoned

    2020 Ocean Salmon Season

    Thanks for everything Dave!!! I don’t have the patience to do what you do for all of us. Your work is much appreciated!!!
  75. TimeZoned

    Big 50

    Happy Big 50 to my good buddy Pete Cole @rajun cajun I cant buy you a beer today but I can try to embarrass you and bring you unwanted attention. I’m proud to call you my friend and as all who have met you can attest we’ve never seen you without a smile on your face or offering to help at...
  76. TimeZoned

    Verles Boat Service Contact?

    @Happy Daze will take care of you at kitsap marine
  77. TimeZoned

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Don’t you worry I will get my fair share if they get theirs
  78. TimeZoned

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    He would still be in quarantine 😱
  79. TimeZoned

    Westport crab pot setup

    Btw paul gave me his gouge for crabbing Westport last summer and we had more crab than we knew what to do with!!! Much appreciated @Genie Aye
  80. TimeZoned

    Westport crab pot setup

    Another cheap alternative for weighting the pots I’ve found is to go to good will or Salvation Army and get some old 5 or 10lb weights from an old weight set. They are usually only a couple of bucks and easily zip tied to the bottom of the pot.
  81. TimeZoned

    FREE COVID Cleanout stuff

    I’ll take the Honda oil of it’s not spoken for. Pm on the way
  82. TimeZoned

    MMSI directory

    T I would think the easiest way for you to get on the list would be for you to keep the list. Therefore I nominate you to do it Eric!
  83. TimeZoned

    Trailer winch options

    Mine was the same way and it came that way on my new ez loader trailer. Contact Fulton directly they have I believe a lifetime warranty. I sent them pics of the bent winch and they shipped me a new one
  84. TimeZoned

    Fishing closure statewide

  85. TimeZoned

    TV Antenna ?

    If you get youtubetv you get all of the local channels
  86. TimeZoned

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    That’s what I would like to know. I’m in the industry and there’s been NO mention of that at any airport
  87. TimeZoned

    ISO of New or Lightly Used Fishing Gear.

    Other than that it’s a great first post asking for free gear whether it’s for yourself or someone else. An intro would go a Long ways
  88. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    Olsons at Sekiu has fuel on the dock if you need it
  89. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    They will open when it gets close to hali season. Wait and see. They can’t do without the cash
  90. TimeZoned

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

  91. TimeZoned

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    tells me that they’re trying to generate whatever cash they can given the circumstances
  92. TimeZoned

    Tuna cord spreader

    That. Works awesome. Haven’t used metal spreader bars in years. When bait fishing this is the way to go !!
  93. TimeZoned

    First time making pipes

    Get rid of the treble hook and go with a 12/0 big river siwash. Much safer and your hook up rate will be the same
  94. TimeZoned

    For all you Grady Pricks

    Now you know why we’re always smiling! It’s not just because we have an easier clean up on our boat. It’s what’s waiting for us back at camp/home!!!
  95. TimeZoned

    Your Go 2 Shallow Water Bass & Ling Rod.

    Sounds like most are over thinking this. 90% of the time I’m just fishing a 3oz flutter jig and shrimp flies for bass. All it usually takes is a good drift or two and everybody has limited the boat for us. Most of the time we have taken care of the Lings off shore but if in shore fishing live...
  96. TimeZoned

    Feb 22 am

    Nice fish for anytime of the year!!
  97. TimeZoned

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    The flasher doesn’t ”float” to the surface, it just slides along the line without spinning thus without creating any drag. Just like the qcoves did
  98. TimeZoned

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    I can attest to how well this system works. I’ve been using these for a couple of years now since @spoon man showed I actually like it better than the qcove as you can put it on any flasher in your arsenal and it’s cheaper. Plus you don’t have to worry about your supply of them. Running low just...
  99. TimeZoned

    Best Diving Plug Storage Solution

    I think @Corey G says the best place to store them is in the trash:frehya2:
  100. TimeZoned

    Portland Sportsman Show

    We be digging too!
  101. TimeZoned

    15 HP Kicker, 1.25 hrs. Still under warranty

    Uh why aren’t you keeping this for your boat? Didn’t you borrow someone’s kicker last year for safety?
  102. TimeZoned

    Igloo 128 QT Elite Marine Cooler - $90

    Nothing like joining the forum just to see if a cooler from 4 years ago is still for sale. What a Tool!!
  103. TimeZoned

    Super Duty Custom Aluminum Wheels

    Damn too far. If you were closer I would jump on this
  104. TimeZoned

    Super Duty Custom Aluminum Wheels

    Where are you located?
  105. TimeZoned

    Borrow a Lead melting pot?

    Worked like a champ. Thanks for the tip
  106. TimeZoned

    Last Winter Project completed

    Where do you store it when underway or do you leave it in your truck and bring down to the dock when needed?
  107. TimeZoned

    Sea Lions our of control!!

    never mind. I hate this new format. Too hard to upload and edit. Fuck it
  108. TimeZoned

    Borrow a Lead melting pot?

    It’s over 1 1/2” think. Hitting away at it will break it in half without ruining an axe?
  109. TimeZoned

    Borrow a Lead melting pot?

    Small propane torch won’t touch this. Tried it already. Next time im Headed up to PA I guess I’ll get a hold of @robodad
  110. TimeZoned

    Borrow a Lead melting pot?

    Does anybody have a pot that I could borrow to melt this slab of lead down into something more manageable? Thanks
  111. TimeZoned

    For Sale Furuno DFF3D Transom Mount TD (165T-TM54)

    I have the tm260 but it’s for sale. Not interested in a trade. Let me know
  112. TimeZoned

    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    Just curious as to why you’re sold on that boat? What others have you sea trialed before choosing the kingfisher?
  113. TimeZoned

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    These changes suck! Change sucks!
  114. TimeZoned

    6 months

    Whatever you have after a year just can it
  115. TimeZoned

    Vinyl boat wrappers -- need recommendation

    This plus a protective coating on top of my gunnels and inside of them was $2200 Not all wraps are the same ask about the thickness and warranty. Can’t beat Brad Baker @ coho designs
  116. TimeZoned

    For Sale Furuno TZtouch2 12” NIB

    Nope. I’ve got it now
  117. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay Moorage

    But there’s no fish in Lapush and everyone is afraid of the bar
  118. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay Moorage

    at the cost of two months of moorage elsewhere. 2 months? Shit that’s 6 months at Lapush!!
  119. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay Moorage

    Seeing those prices makes me happy i fish Lapush!!
  120. TimeZoned

    Grady-White 265 Express For sale

    Super clean! GLWS
  121. TimeZoned

    Razors in Tunatown

    Yep we were there as well. Doesn’t get much better for winter digs. Plus we had the added entertainment of the jet ski’s in the surf. Those guys are crazy!
  122. TimeZoned

    Shark Hide

    Ttt. Make me an offer. Somebody must be shining up their boat this winter
  123. TimeZoned

    Rod repair in OLY/Tacompton area?

    @Spoonman could probably do it for you
  124. TimeZoned

    Thoughts on re-gifting

    I wouldn’t have even put it in bags inside the box!
  125. TimeZoned

    Crab Fishing

    For a first post today looking for intel you guys are getting soft
  126. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay Moorage

    I’ve got my moorage for this May already booked. Took care of it before I left last year
  127. TimeZoned

    Mini beer fridge

    No plans to get that way soon. My folks live there and may be coming down for Xmas. That’s all wx depending. I could maybe send it back with them if you wouldn’t mind picking it up from their house near the high school?
  128. TimeZoned

    Mini beer fridge

    Free to a good home/shop. Will hold at least 36 of your fav beverage. Works great. Keep me from having to go to goodwill
  129. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay Moorage

    That’s why I go to Lapush. Of course there’s no fish there
  130. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay

    Yep no fish in area 3 or 4. Nothing to see there. Just move along!:frehya2:
  131. TimeZoned

    Be Carefull in Wilipa Bay!

    What would they be fishing for this time of year there?
  132. TimeZoned

    Halibut gear thoughts

    Hali fishing isn’t fishing. It’s more like grocery shopping and the easier it is the more I like it!! There’s no sport or fun cranking up 20lb hali from 600’
  133. TimeZoned

    Commercials Overcaught their quotas.

    Sounds like you may know something?
  134. TimeZoned

    WTB 1KW Furuno Transducer

    You’ve had opportunities I don’t think you’re willing to pay a reasonable price for what you want
  135. TimeZoned


    Got mine as well. Thanks Andre. I know I’ll put them to use somehow. Beers on me next summer at Westport
  136. TimeZoned


    Ok I’ll take a box. I’ll pm you my address. Thanks Andre!!
  137. TimeZoned

    WTB 1KW Furuno Transducer

    Are you still looking for a transducer? I have a 2 year old tm260 1kw that I’m getting rid. It’s like brand new. Reason I’m selling is I’m going chirp. If you or anybody else is interested let me know. Thanks
  138. TimeZoned


    Any response from wdfw?
  139. TimeZoned

    Shark Hide

    Thnx. I can make an even better deal maybe. I want it gone
  140. TimeZoned


    Don’t limit yourself to fish on the masterbuilt. I do a lot of pulled pork and brisket as well as jerky on mine. There should be some good sales on them over Black Friday if you can wait
  141. TimeZoned

    Shark Hide

    Ttt. Someone must need this for their winter boat project
  142. TimeZoned

    Downrigger advice

    Dumb question but if the boat sat there for eight weeks why didn’t you take it home until the parts were ready? It sucks that your down riggers were stolen but I don’t take my boat anywhere for service without removing everything that could disappear. Mike & rich run a stand up operation and I...
  143. TimeZoned

    Furuno NN3D / DFF1 UHD

    Send him a pm if you need to get a hold of him. I did and he responded promptly and I got what I needed
  144. TimeZoned

    Halibut 2020

    Thanks a bunch Dave for all of your hard work. What about deep water ling? Will that be open for all of May again as well
  145. TimeZoned


    I love my masterbuilt. Do everything from cheese to fish to brisket. Can’t beat the price for what it can do
  146. TimeZoned

    Vessel insurance update- Fall 2019

    If you haven’t already you should give Pete a call. He will definitely take care of you and make sure you have the right coverage for the best price. You don’t need to wait. For your renewal do it today’s!
  147. TimeZoned

    Best tool for the job?

    Fuck panties are on tight and it’s not even November yet! What are ya all gonna do for the rest of the winter?
  148. TimeZoned

    Jeffhead squid???????

    They get them all winter at the Annapolis pier
  149. TimeZoned

    Winter boat projects...

    Having you install a new chirp transducer and sounder module for me
  150. TimeZoned

    1 Fisherman dead in Unalaska crash of plane flying from Anchorage that injured 10 others

    You’ll never know but at least the guy that went back knew his personal limitations and comfort zone. He didn’t bow to any pressure. A lot to be said for that!!
  151. TimeZoned

    Shark Hide

    That’s a good one Paul
  152. TimeZoned

    It's winter

    Since you’re delivering I’ll take a slab too:frehya2:
  153. TimeZoned

    Shark Hide

    I have a brand new qt of Shark Hide as well as 2qts of the aluminum cleaner. I also have 10 of the diaper cloths for the application & 5 scotch bright pads for the prep. Everything here to get a fresh coat of Shark Hide on your boat or getting your boat looking like new again. How does $100...
  154. TimeZoned

    How to troll for tunas big boy style!!

    This is too cool not to share I thought. Bad ass. Talk about some dedicated fisherman and making the most out of every opportunity!!
  155. TimeZoned

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    You got only half of that right:frehya2:
  156. TimeZoned

    Coast Guard Escort

    I see them following the Seattle Bremerton ferry all the time. I just assume it’s training or to show their presence. Could also be like air Marshall’s when I have them on a flight. They know of no specific threat but just are there in the system
  157. TimeZoned

    Yamaha Outboard Dealers in NW Washington

    You can’t go wrong with Lighthouse Marine in Gig Harbor or Dave Johnson at Kitsap Marine in Port Orchard. Both are great and I wouldn’t hesitate dealing with either one!!
  158. TimeZoned

    WTB 1000w Furuno Transducer

    I have a tm260 I’ll be selling soon. Just upgrading is why selling
  159. TimeZoned

    WTB pneumatic tired forklift

    Have you checked Vance forklifts in Tacoma?
  160. TimeZoned

    Crabbing open again in 4,5,6,7,8,9

    There’s no crab in puget sound
  161. TimeZoned


    Ya I can’t believe Coleman and defiance would step up like this for such a rinky dink operation:frehya2:
  162. TimeZoned

    Have those salmon moved south from the Queets area?

    If you don’t want to run far for silvers go to Sekiu. Spent the last week up there and limited every day. Not as big as last year but still a nice quality of fish. The water up there was amazing too. 5 min run to the fish and no bar crossing
  163. TimeZoned

    Garibaldi OTC report

    If you’re trying to make a living fishing why not start out deck handing in one of the charters? I just saw a post recently where one of them was looking for someone for October due to theirs going back to school
  164. TimeZoned

    Garibaldi OTC report

    Make sure you have a go pro hooked up. I would love to watch you two crazy fuckers killing tunas on that boat!!!
  165. TimeZoned

    Diesel Mechanic Recommendations

    Fuck dude just leave it alone. Do you have to be right about every little thing??? Get your panties out of a wad and go catch some fish. Must be pretty boring down in Oregon that you need to hang out here.
  166. TimeZoned

    PSA Ocean Meeting - Sat 8/24

    Ya he’s becoming the tuna slayer!!
  167. TimeZoned

    Port Susan crabbing

    Great first post! Just go give it a try and let us know how you do nothing like looking for a free hand out right off of the bat
  168. TimeZoned

    Honda Help Needed

    I second Tacoma boats.
  169. TimeZoned

    Quick WP tuna report 7/31

    Sucks to hear about the bait. The bait we had Saturday was amazing! Way to stick it out and make them pay. I need to learn the jig better for when the bait isn’t holding up
  170. TimeZoned

    WESTPORT 7-25

    Same here the last 2 days. Only one king
  171. TimeZoned

    Westport reports

    Thanks for the report bob. How long are you going to be down fishing?
  172. TimeZoned


    Didn’t get one
  173. TimeZoned

    Westport reports

    Fish checker said yesterday when we came out 3 fish for 15 boats yesterday. We fished the north beach all the way to moclips and out to 150’ water. Nothing. No birds,bait or fish. Turned back a10lb unclipped silver of off the mouth. Talked to another boat pulling out and they had been down off...
  174. TimeZoned

    Tuna are here!!

    By any chance would that boat be named the Julia C?
  175. TimeZoned

    Crossing into to

    Glad you’re the resident expert here on this subject Frankly I don’t give a shit because there’s more than ample opportunity here in Washington You just have to know where, when & how. ✌️Out
  176. TimeZoned

    Crossing into to

    Not true. You don’t need to check in with customs up returning if you were only fishing and didn’t touch land or anchor
  177. TimeZoned


    I have 3 bundles of pabco premium roofing and most of a box of starter. The color is mocha. This is left over from my carport. Each bundle covers approx 25 sq feet. Free
  178. TimeZoned

    Try this again...CQ roll call..07/31 - 08/06

    I was trying to decide between Sekiu and Westport. Westport won out. I’ll be in Westport /grayland from 7/23 for about three weeks. Saving my Sekiu trip for the first two weeks of September
  179. TimeZoned

    NB 21-27 Roll Call....Anyone?

    Masons/olsons is first come first serve for both camping and moorage. Not sure how the weekends are but getting there during the week isn’t a problem. Give them a call pretty sure they can give you a good read on how full they think they will be
  180. TimeZoned

    NB 21-27 Roll Call....Anyone?

    But running 40+ miles north from Westport isn’t?
  181. TimeZoned

    Westport 7/13-14

    Thanks for the report. Your crab haul alone makes it worth while.
  182. TimeZoned

    More shrimps

    WDFW Fishing Rule Change: Hood Canal to get two additional days for recreational shrimp fishing Who’s going? I’ve talked to my friends and sounds like I might be out there all alone
  183. TimeZoned

    Pro-Troll Prochip 8" Flasher Lure Kit @ Costco

    I’ve modified all my flashers with my own break aways thanks to @Spoonman. I actually like them better than the cove because you can do this to any flasher. I’ve been fishing these for 3 years now and they work flawlessly
  184. TimeZoned

    Brute and Rubbermaid trash cans

    Some nice bleed buckets there!!
  185. TimeZoned

    Westport salmon 7/5, 7/6

    Thnx for the great report. Much appreciated!!
  186. TimeZoned

    If'n it ain't one thing, it's another

    That was awesome. I would feed them to watch up close:frehya2:
  187. TimeZoned

    WTB antennaes

    I’ve found Hodges usually has the best deals on antennas
  188. TimeZoned

    Westport opening day salmon 6/22/19

    Nice report!!! Beautiful fish
  189. TimeZoned

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Tiderunners are sweet boats! I had a 16’ with a 90yamaha. Was one of my all time favorite rides. If it works out you will love it!
  190. TimeZoned

    In floor heat parts

    So when I bought my house the shop was all set up and plumbed for in floor heat. I decided to go a different direction for my shop heat. I have all these 3/4” copper fittings, manifolds, expansion tank and I’m not sure what else. I’m tired of it taking up shelf space. Some one make me an offer...
  191. TimeZoned

    Who will be on the north coast?

    Eric We will be out there as well. Camping at river view and moored in the same slip!
  192. TimeZoned

    Post your boat's fillet / bait table setup

    Here’s what I have on my Hewes. This still gives me access to my livewell.
  193. TimeZoned

    Electric Reel choices

    I have the tanacom 1000 & 750. The 750 is more than adequate and not nearly as bulky. I honestly don’t know why I waited so long to get them. I can’t imagine having to hand crank again!
  194. TimeZoned

    La Push roll call

    If your making your decisions now on a forecast that’s a week out you will never leave the marina!!
  195. TimeZoned

    La Push roll call

    I’ll be there. Boat is in slip c15 and I’m camped up at riverview
  196. TimeZoned

    No floaters!

    Gene at the Lapush marina also has a supply of descending devices. Just ask him for one. It was really nice they were handing out the id charts. Makes it a lot easier to id the difference between the yellow eye & canary as I too used to release everything yellow. The can holders they were giving...
  197. TimeZoned

    Open seat for Halibut out of Lapush this Thursday

    Paul What time are you rolling in Wednesday? I’ll be getting in early afternoon and I’m sure pete will be right behind me. We are up at river view. Will stop by and buy you a beer
  198. TimeZoned

    launching 26 ft sled next saturday in the canal near hoodsport

    Pleasant harbor has an excellent launch good for all tides and protected from the wind. Lots of parking on the top of the hill
  199. TimeZoned

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!

    He might not have made the best decisions but I can’t believe you would wish harm on anybody like that!! That’s just plain cold!! You have kids as well my friend I hope nobody ever wishes something like that on your family
  200. TimeZoned

    Lost winch handle WP ramp

    If you don’t have it I have a spare at home ur welcome to if you can wait
  201. TimeZoned

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    If it’s good enough for ur fillet knives why not the pocket knife?
  202. TimeZoned

    Mondo Condo shrimp pot

    No idea where to find the pot but maybe you could post a report in this section when you do find it!
  203. TimeZoned

    Batteries for a diesel truck?

    Still a dodge. Can’t be that fast or powerful!
  204. TimeZoned

    Boccaccio rock fish

    Years ago the the Makah’s told me they called those fish “ neighbor fish”. I asked them why? They said they’re not good eating and that’s the fish they give to their neighbors True story. I never tried one after hearing that!
  205. TimeZoned

    FS: 18' Fiberform 115 hp Merc Outboard

    Nice looking winch on that trailer
  206. TimeZoned

    Down to last 2 Q Cove. Now what?

    Modify your others to break away
  207. TimeZoned

    Rv Trailer cover

  208. TimeZoned

    Rv Trailer cover

    Sorry guys. Here’s the tag with their part number. It does come with the storage bag as well. I will call Classic Accessories in the morning and find the size range and update the post
  209. TimeZoned

    Rv Trailer cover

    I have a Classic Accessories Poly Pro 3 cover for sale. This was only used for 2 years. Still has warranty on it. No rips or tears. Has three side panels on each side to make it easy to access your rv with the cover on or even extend the slides. This was on a 27’ trailer. How about $100. Thanks...
  210. TimeZoned

    Highway 101 closure

    Just found this tidbit. I thought the closures were done. Guess not. Looks like 4 hour closures again!! For those of you heading to Lapush and neah Bay. Plan accordingly
  211. TimeZoned

    La Push Sublease?

    Hey I’m #8 and haven’t moved up since last fall. Good luck gene is pretty tight on the slips. I tried to sub lease mine before and he did it for me and double dipped
  212. TimeZoned

    LaPush Friday

    Dude what’s your problem? He gave no coords or details. Everybody knows bottom fishing is great at Lapush. He just gave a nice, generic report. Some of you folks are starting to act like you own the ocean. Chill
  213. TimeZoned

    4x8 beams

    Thanks for your expert opinion once again wet spot. Must be pretty boring down in Oregon since you’re always hanging around the Washington board with your opinions BTW. Sold!
  214. TimeZoned

    4x8 beams

    I have 10 4”x8”x18’ doug fir beams that came out of a carport I’m rebuilding All are in good shape and bone dry. Not exactly sure what they’re worth. How about $400/offer? Jeff
  215. TimeZoned

    Stolen Downriggers (Tacoma)

    Sorry to hear that Jeff
  216. TimeZoned

    Glasply Boat Cover

    Have you checked with sealskin covers? They make tons of customs covers. I was even able to get one for a 1990 tiderunner
  217. TimeZoned

    Star board near Oly Kel tech in Tacoma. They have a good scrap pile and if what you need isn’t there they will cut you something
  218. TimeZoned

    Fulton 2 speed winch

    Somebody needs this. Ttt
  219. TimeZoned

    Replacement flares??

    In case anybody might be interested in these west Marine has them on sale today. This price is better than I got at the boat show!
  220. TimeZoned

    Any word on shrimp dates?

    No matter what they announce it will over lap halibut days
  221. TimeZoned

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Look at those test conditions. Boat is as empty as you could possibly get it and water was calm. Be thinking more realistic conditions like having your boat fully loaded with fuel,4 adults and all the gear on a rough day. You will never regret having more horsepower in those “real life”...
  222. TimeZoned

    Port Orchard concrete

    I was wondering if there were any brothers in the Port Orchard area that do excavation/concrete work. I’m rebuilding my carport to fit my boat and I need the old dirt/gravel ground dug down and would like a concrete slab poured. It will be appprox 16’x34’. If nobody in the area does this how...
  223. TimeZoned

    Smoked Salmon Help

    The real question here is where did you get all of the sockeye?
  224. TimeZoned

    Truck Questions

    I have a 2003 F-350 with the 7.3 Love the truck tons of power and doesn't "ride like a truck" either. Mine is the crew cab and there is a ton of room in the cab!
  225. TimeZoned

    2019 Halibut

    Still only a 4 fish limit though
  226. TimeZoned

    Would you turn them in?

    Hell no!!! I would like to buy them a beer:hali_olutta:
  227. TimeZoned

    Fuel Dock open Sunday after WTC

    Lapush has one I’m pretty sure. Been there for a couple of years I think
  228. TimeZoned

    Looking for Honda Mechanic in Kitsap County

    I wouldn’t let defiance touch anything of mine. They will screw it up. Call Tyler at Tacoma boats. He’s one of the few certified master mechanics for Honda around and a really good guy. Works fast too!
  229. TimeZoned

    Liferaft inspections

    I'm looking at getting a life raft at the boat show this year. What brand are most of you using and why? Viking or Revere? And is yours stowed in a valise or cannister?
  230. TimeZoned

    Replacement flares??

    Well it looks like many of you are already doing what I was thinking about. I will definetly be buying this as my replacement. Thanks
  231. TimeZoned

    Replacement flares??

    So I was going through my safety gear and noticed my flares are expired this year. I was wondering if anybody uses these or has used them? What are your thoughts? Of course I would still have my dozen or so “expired” flares as a backup. This would save money over the long run as well. Thanks...
  232. TimeZoned

    Tanacom 750

    I bought the 1000 last year because I found it cheaper than the 750. After using it I was kicking myself for not having bought one a long time ago. That being said if anyone finds a good deal on either one please post it up so those of us that could use another one can take advantage of the...
  233. TimeZoned

    Marine Fuel (ETHANOL FREE) locations?

    Conans in Gig Harbor has ethanol free in 87 & 92 octane
  234. TimeZoned

    Fulton 2 speed winch

    This is a brand new, never used Fulton 2 speed, 3200lb winch. Fulton sent this to me to replace a defective one. I already replaced on my own so I have no need for this. Cheapest I can find on amazon is $120. How about $100 Jeff 253-732-2396
  235. TimeZoned

    Tikka t3x superlite 7mm rem mag

    I want some of that!!!
  236. TimeZoned

    Canvas Dude

    Good to know. Thnx
  237. TimeZoned

    Best cleaner and stain remover for bleach bottles?

    Reading this thread makes me even happier i have a tin boat now!!
  238. TimeZoned

    Razor Digging Thanksgiving Weekend

    Apple cup Friday night. Go Cougs!
  239. TimeZoned

    Theft at Dagmars last night

    What’s a spreader bar:frehya2:
  240. TimeZoned

    Boat Pictures

    Yep. Sucks to see him go. He was one of the few good ones and Good guys left out there
  241. TimeZoned

    Boat Pictures

    I guess the Freedom is sold and headed South somewhere so one more charter leaves Westport. Joe originally was a local Westport guy or grew up there. Wait! Chuck sold the Freedom and is moving on? First I’ve heard of this. Hate to see a really good guy like that go.
  242. TimeZoned

    Night clamming tips

    We will be there fri& sat nights. American sunset. Hopefully getting a crabbing trip in with Mark Youngblood Saturday morning
  243. TimeZoned

    Night clamming tips

    Never turn your back on the ocean at night!! All it takes is one sneaker wave and it seems like they come bigger and faster in the winter
  244. TimeZoned

    Halibut season setting meeting

    Hell if we only get 4 fish again this year I’m just going to wait until June when the fish tend to be bigger and the wx nicer. Just make a deep water ling run in May whenever there’s an open wx window
  245. TimeZoned

    Halibut season setting meeting

    Are the June days for sure days or just if the quota isnt met in May?
  246. TimeZoned

    Cost of New Outboards?

    I was strictly a Yamaha guy until this year when I got my new boat and Yamaha’s weren’t available without a significant waiting period. That being said I went with hondas. So far I’m super impressed. They are very quiet and I still can’t get over how economical they are!!
  247. TimeZoned

    12lb downrigger balls

    No rush. Salmon season next year
  248. TimeZoned

    Puget Sound Coho Reports

    Pt Robinson this am
  249. TimeZoned

    12lb downrigger balls

    I have 3 12 lb downrigger balls. Would anybody be willing to trade for 2 15lb balls? Thanks Jeff 253-732-2396
  250. TimeZoned

    Port Angeles Coho

    Ya and what do you have to show for it?
  251. TimeZoned

    Overnight Tuna Float

    QUOTE="Swede, post: 4683965, member: 99047"]Get out the water balloons!!!!! Glad nobody knows what my new ride looks likeLOL
  252. TimeZoned

    Family fun at Sekiu

    Just got back from there this past weeekend with my family. Fishing is still awesome up there. Probably some of the best in years. Great ratio of clipped to non clipped If you haven’t been you need to get up there!
  253. TimeZoned

    New Carport

    Im looking for somebody to build a new carport that would be attached to my shop to store my boat under. It would have to be at least 12’ at center, 15’ wide and about 33’ long. If there,s any BD’ers on here that are interested all the better. If not recommendations would be great too. This...
  254. TimeZoned

    MA 2 Westport, salmon news

    That’s my boat. It’s a 24’ Hewes Alaskan with twin 150 Hondas and a 9.9. Why do you ask? I just haven’t updated my profile page
  255. TimeZoned

    MA 2 Westport, salmon news

    There are still Kings to be had. We got this Wednesday morning in 50’ of water 45’ on the wire.
  256. TimeZoned

    WP & Willipa report

    Nice write up. Thanks for the report. Westport was slow for us last week as well
  257. TimeZoned

    Westport salmon 8/9

    Thnx for the report. I’ll be there the next couple of weeks
  258. TimeZoned

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    What a bunch of shit!! What is their justification for not allowing 2 kings/day? Do they even have to give a reason? Obviously new director is no better than the last one
  259. TimeZoned

    Out of state “purchase” question

    Same here. All they care about is you have a title in hand
  260. TimeZoned

    Tuna seat

    Shit! I wish I was home Sunday I would be all over this!!!!
  261. TimeZoned

    Anyone going Albacore fishing tomorrow and want to work with me? Westport.

    Nice offer there!! Wish I could take you up on that.
  262. TimeZoned

    Any Westport salmon reports out there?

    Fish checker said only 7 charters went out today. Terrible conditions
  263. TimeZoned

    Dildos by Yamaha!

    FYI those will work on any outboard. Not just yami’s
  264. TimeZoned

    La Push Memorial Day

    Hmmmm tides seem to be changing for the better. Yes please everyone stay away from the bar at Lapush
  265. TimeZoned

    La Push Memorial Day

    Ill be staying at riverview campground and tied up in slip c19 starting Thursday pm!
  266. TimeZoned

    Intersting Math

    I never saw a checker at Lapush last weekend!
  267. TimeZoned

    Seaqualizer locally available

    Pm me. I have a couple of extras I can give you one
  268. TimeZoned

    rod holders and vhf mount

    Rod holders gone. Still have the vhf mount
  269. TimeZoned

    rod holders and vhf mount

    If anybody wants these rod holders or this antenna mounts they are yours! Meet up with me at Lapush this weekend. If nobody wants them they will just go in the trash before I leave. I’m tired of looking at them Jeff 253-732-2396
  270. TimeZoned

    Couple more firepits done !

    Nice work! Those are awesome. What do you get for them?
  271. TimeZoned

    Canned clam recipe?

    Something about pounding clams at hooker hollow sounds like trouble
  272. TimeZoned

    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    Wow! 112 is terrible I can’t imaging how bad 101 is if people are recommending taking 112!
  273. TimeZoned

    Ring Free

    i have a 32oz brand new unopened bottle of ring free. I don’t remember what they run. Would $35 be fair? If too much make me an offer. Also if anyone can use this service manual it’s yours! Jeff
  274. TimeZoned

    West Port bottom fish again....limits!

    Dude you’re killing it out there! Nicely done
  275. TimeZoned


    I always find it intersrting that a few people that love to bash different boat brands don’t even own a boat of their own. Why is that?
  276. TimeZoned

    Bearing buddy covers

    These are spoken for as well now
  277. TimeZoned

    SS clamp on rod holders

    All are sold!! Thnx guys
  278. TimeZoned

    SS clamp on rod holders

    Three gone. One is left. Who wants it?
  279. TimeZoned

    Minn Kota digital battery charger/maintainer

    Making room for all the new stuff that has to go on the new boat
  280. TimeZoned

    Rod storage options

    Brian, you can have two of them the other two are going to Eric. Didn't mean to hijack the thread. Thnx guys
  281. TimeZoned

    Minn Kota digital battery charger/maintainer

    minn kota digital mk440D battery charger/maintainer. 4 banks 10 amp. This won’t fit on the new boat. Amazon has it for around $300. How does $200/ offer sound. Thanks Jeff 253-732-2396
  282. TimeZoned

    SS clamp on rod holders

    on ur dime. The will probably fit into one of those standard rate post office boxes
  283. TimeZoned

    Rod storage options

    I second that! I have a couple of these and they work great!
  284. TimeZoned

    Bearing buddy covers

    Does anybody want these? Can anyone use them? Free to good home Jeff 253-732-2396
  285. TimeZoned

    SS clamp on rod holders

    These retail for roughly $50/ piece new depending where you get them. Its an easy alternative to having new ones welded on. These won’t fit on my new boat. How about $50/pair Jeff 253-732-2396
  286. TimeZoned

    Rod storage options

    Or you can have these for free I don’t need them anymore
  287. TimeZoned

    Hot Spot Agitators Flashers

    Are those the large size?
  288. TimeZoned

    Downrigger gimbal mounts

    Gimbals sold to Benjamin and we have delivery worked out. Thnx!
  289. TimeZoned


    Thnx guys. Twins are 150’s and the kicker is a 9.9 controlled from the rear helm. Always go with max hp! As a side note the dealer said depending on the model some of the yamahas may be unavailable for up to a year. Made getting hondas a no brainer
  290. TimeZoned


    Well this past year I came to the realization that my last boat was actually too big for what I wanted to do. It was a chore and the thought of the clean up of it after a trip was depressing. So my wife said we should get something smaller that’s just a fishing boat and limit our camping to the...
  291. TimeZoned

    Downrigger gimbal mounts

    I have a pair of traxtech gimbal mounts. They fit Scotty,cannon,& penn downriggers. Johns sporting goods wants $85 each. How about $100 for the pair. These save you from having to permanently mount your bases Jeff 253-732-2396
  292. TimeZoned


    I found these cleaning out my desk. Not sure if they are worth anything but. I was wondering if anybody could use them. They were in Lowrance units
  293. TimeZoned

    iPad for year helm?

    So I’ve been trying to figure out the easiest way to get a second display unit on my rear deck that would talk to my Furuno navnet tz touch. After talking with the furuno guys at the boat show yesterday they said I should just get an iPad, download the furuno app and put the iPad in a otter box...
  294. TimeZoned

    Boat Show - Inquiring Minds want to know

    Does anyone know if there will be any deals on pot pullers?
  295. TimeZoned

    Merry Christmas and thank you!

    Same to you brotha!
  296. TimeZoned

    Another aluminum option?

    My idea is to down size some what and make things simpler and easier. The Liberator doesn't do that for me
  297. TimeZoned

    Another aluminum option?

    Ive seen lots of discussions on here about the various tin boat builders and the pro's and cons of many of them. What I haven't seen included in the discussions are locally built Allied boats and specifically the Corsair series. Does anybody have any firsthand experience with these boats and has...
  298. TimeZoned

    Moving metal carport

    Nobody asks the most obvious question? Where's the pics of the new boat!
  299. TimeZoned

    Razors - Nov 3-5

    I didn't see any reports so I don't know if anyone besides us actually dug this weekend. We had the best digging we've had in years! The clams were showing great and nice size to them!! Super easy limits On Sunday we went down to ilwaco and went on a crab charter with @Fish Slapper Mark did a...
  300. TimeZoned

    Best place to buy truck canopy?

    I bought my Leer from Canopy World a couple of years ago. Couldn't have been happier with the deal or options I got either. Great service and they give military discount
  301. TimeZoned

    Razors - Nov 3-5

    Timezoned is in!! Breaking in our new travel trailer in mores ways than one at grayland that weekend!
  302. TimeZoned

    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    Anyone know how much truth there is to this and what the chances are?
  303. TimeZoned

    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    The article I read said this meat will be coming from New Zealand
  304. TimeZoned

    10/4 Wedensday tuna run

    The ride home was 3:20. We had it pulled back a little to so Patrick could do the cleaning on the back deck. He was able to have all the fish carked out with a little help by the time we hit the dock!
  305. TimeZoned

    Coastwatch Charts 10-3-2017

    There are no tuna in the areas covered in those charts. Trust me. You need a chart for further south. Lots of big pigs down there!
  306. TimeZoned

    WP Cold Water Tuna 9/27

    Not to jack the thread but I'm hoping for the same thing.
  307. TimeZoned

    2005 Pastime 8' camper

    Bump. Some take a look before I put it away for the winter
  308. TimeZoned

    Edmonds fishing on 9/17 is gonna be windy

    I'm thinking it's going to be a good day to watch the Seahawks kick some ass!
  309. TimeZoned

    House batteries

    I need to replace my house batteries and was wondering what people are using and where to get them. Right now I have 2 hooked up in parallel. They are separate from my starting batteries. Remember I'm on the west side and don't want to cross the sound for batteries. Thanks
  310. TimeZoned

    2005 Pastime 8' camper

    Yes sorry I should have mentioned that. This camper will fit on a 6.5 or 8' bed. It won't fit on the 5.5 bed
  311. TimeZoned

    2005 Pastime 8' camper

    Pastime 840lt truck camper. Pastime is know for its quality in workmanship and being light weight to move around. This camper is very lightly used as several years it never left the carport and has always been covered. I am the original owner. It has wet bath,queen bed, folding steps, rear...
  312. TimeZoned

    Port Renrew Report

    Fished around San Juan pt and campers creek this week. Extremely slow!! Bite seems to have died off since Labor Day. If it wasn't for bottom fish we wouldn't have had much production.
  313. TimeZoned

    Port Renrew Report

    Im heading that way next week! Shorter run than I usually do out of Westport and more potential reward!
  314. TimeZoned

    I heard a rumor

    It sure is good to see life there this year!
  315. TimeZoned

    Sekiu Fun 8/26-8/27

    Nice job! I can't wait to get up there next week. Of course I'll be running to the other side
  316. TimeZoned

    I heard a rumor

    that there is still life in area 11. So after hearing this i of course had to go investigate and this is what I found! Nothing huge but a fish in the south sound these days is still something. Green qcove breakaway with Irish cream coyote spoon.
  317. TimeZoned

    Pursuit 3480

    Nice ride!!! GLWS
  318. TimeZoned

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX. Time to upgrade

    Do you have 2' itis or 4' itis? How big you gonna go?
  319. TimeZoned

    First Time A7

    Nice report!
  320. TimeZoned

    Fishfinder cable Holes near the water line...

    A "well known member" did an install on my boat using these and they leak like crazy. My bilge would run every couple of minutes. I wouldn't recommend them at all. Now I just need to get this corrected!
  321. TimeZoned

    Anybody hunting Wednesday 8/2?

    I'll be out at Westport wed-fri this week. Trying to support our fishery during the week:frehya2:
  322. TimeZoned

    7/22 Tuna Report

    Great report! Thnx
  323. TimeZoned

    Tuna Patience, Dead Bait Seminar Notes

    Email on its way! Thanks. Can never have too many tools in the box or too much knowledge
  324. TimeZoned

    Area 13 salmon keep dying!

    He showed me how to convert mine and I've changed all of my "traditional " flashers over to his new design. Every one of them has worked flawlessly for me as well so I can attest to how well they work. As good or better than the origin cove!
  325. TimeZoned

    South puget sound salmon report

    Barb looks pinched to me. Some hooks you can't get completely flush. Shit a guy pulls a miracle and finds fish in area 13 and all guys do is criticize his gear! Great job catching and posting. Not too much info. I'm jealous. Your doing better than me out here in Westport!!
  326. TimeZoned

    Anybody fished Salmon out westport last couple days?

    I heard charters are at south bowl today. Hopefully they come back with good reports
  327. TimeZoned

    Titan disc brake end kit

    Ttt. I'm tired of tripping over this thing on my shop floor. Someone come get it or I'm going to use it to weigh my crab pot down next week at Westport.
  328. TimeZoned

    Tuna, tuna, tuna

    Cool first post!
  329. TimeZoned

    Westport roll call this weekend

    I'll be there the 6th-14th. I'll let you guys find the fish first then I'll swoop in for easy pickings
  330. TimeZoned

    Who is going Sunday?

    Nope. Last trip was yesterday. Bar hasn't been a problem at Lapush. Don't know what everyone has been complaint about.
  331. TimeZoned

    Huge shout out to Hollywood!!!!

    New As some of you know my wife and I have decided to sell our home in North Tacoma and looking to move to the Ollala Port Orchard area. In search of more property and space. Don't do it!!!!! You will hate it up here!! Too much peace and quiet will drive you crazy. Stay in the south sound Where...
  332. TimeZoned


    Spoken for already. Sometimes it's good to be fast
  333. TimeZoned


    I can't justify being gone for 3 days to fish for 1. If anybody needs a slip let me know. You can park in mine
  334. TimeZoned

    Brothers in Arms

    The guys that helped you are tied up right next to me on "d" dock. When we got back that day they thought it was me they had helped. I'll be sure and pass ur message along when I see them again Thursday morning.
  335. TimeZoned

    ISO lodging @ Sekiu or Neah

    I hope so. Makes it that much better for me and my crew
  336. TimeZoned

    Lapush roll call

    Sounds like you will be too busy making new avatars while you are "snuggling" to do any fishing:indabutt:
  337. TimeZoned

    Lapush roll call

    who will be out at Lapush for Hali. I'll "timezoned" be camped at spot 57 and tied up at D9 from May 3-12. Lots of Costco crown and silver bullets will be had. Stop by and say hi and give the salute!!
  338. TimeZoned

    Pipe Jigs in shallow water

    I didn't even know you had a boat:frehya2:
  339. TimeZoned

    Lingcod in 6 days!

    I'm just telling you what I saw yesterday. What you filmed looked like it was in the islands? I could read the WN numbers and fisheries research sign on the bow. I didn't say rock fish were floating behind the boat. Only floaters. Maybe old bait?
  340. TimeZoned

    Lingcod in 6 days!

    I saw these guys fishing in front of my house yesterday morning between port orchard and bainbridge island. I was wondering what they were up to. Didn't see them catch anything though I know they were leaving floaters of some kind trailing because I saw the bald eagles swoop down sever times...
  341. TimeZoned

    Trailer Tongue box

    Sold to Ben pending delivery and funds. Thanks
  342. TimeZoned

    Titan disc brake end kit

    TTt. Again. Just make me an offer. I want it gone. It's not as if i can take this to goodwill
  343. TimeZoned

    Trailer Tongue box

    TTt. Some one make me an offer. I won't be offended. I just need it gone. I can bring to Lapush for you even!
  344. TimeZoned

    Neah Mooragen Wanted

    600 bucks can buy you a lot of tuna too without the reeling if you feel that way about things:frehya2:
  345. TimeZoned

    Neah Mooragen Wanted

    Shit!! That's expensive I only paid $200 for the month in Lapush
  346. TimeZoned

    Neah Mooragen Wanted

    Just curious. What did the tribe charge for moorage for Hali season this year?
  347. TimeZoned

    La push bar

    I agree! They don't jack the rate for moorage like they do in neah bay and I've found they are actually easier to schedule moorage than Westport has been the last few years. Gene has been awesome to work with. Please do stay away, more room for me and my crew
  348. TimeZoned

    Two Penn 109 $15.00 for the pair

    I grew up fishing those things. Love how they could free spool!
  349. TimeZoned

    Trailer Tongue box

    Ttt. I still have this someone make me an offer. I'll make you a great deal on this and the hub kit!
  350. TimeZoned

    Titan disc brake end kit

    Ttt. I know this fits a lot of trailers out there. Cmon guys this is cheap insurance in case of bearing failure. Someone make me an offer. It's doing me NO good in my shop
  351. TimeZoned

    WTB Qcove flashers

    I don't understand why they aren't still being made they are such a great design? Or if it was patented why the patent wasn't sold for$$$$ so some big company can be making the ?
  352. TimeZoned

    Thule Atlantis 1600 cargo box

    Here is a link that has all of the details, dimensions and specs in much better detail than I could give
  353. TimeZoned

    Thule Atlantis 1600 cargo box

    I had this on a Ford Escape. The roof rack was a factory rack so I could adjust it forward or aft as far as I wanted. I'll measure tomorrow for inside dimensions. I know it would hold an easy up, 2 lawn chairs and my daughters catchers gear bag and still had room
  354. TimeZoned

    Thule Atlantis 1600 cargo box

    I have a Thule Atlantis 1600 roof top cargo box that is like new. I used this all of the time when I used to travel out of town with my daughter for her tournaments. I was always amazed at how much this would hold. This has the easy on/off mounts, not the old style c clamp type. $325/offer...
  355. TimeZoned

    Trailer Tongue box

    I used this on my old trailer. It won't fit on my new one. This worked great and kept everything bone dry no matter the wx. Lots of room for all of your tools, jack, whatever. This will even hold that spare hub end kit with room to spare. $150. Make me an offer on this or both. Thanks Jeff...
  356. TimeZoned

    Titan disc brake end kit

    I have a brand new 12" Titan disc brake end kit that has never been used or out of the box. I carried it as a spare in case of emergency. I sold the trailer it would fit on and it won't work on my new trailer. $150 Jeff Morgan 253-732-2396
  357. TimeZoned

    PA blackmouth

    Why do you support the tribes by going to the casino up there?
  358. TimeZoned

    Westport clamming

    Good luck believing what a WDFW dude tells you. Let me know how that works out for you:frehya2:
  359. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay Lodging?

    That sucks. I always enjoyed staying at snow creek and visiting with jake and his family. I wonder if someone else is taking over the lease? I wonder where Jambo is staying this year? He always left his trailer there for the summer.
  360. TimeZoned

    Interesting Clamming Reg

    The tribe did the same shit at Kalaloch earlier this year. Had a dig right before it opened to the public. That was the first time Kalaloch had been open in a couple of years for us and the tribe wiped it out before we even had a chance to dig!
  361. TimeZoned

    Westport clamming

    Looks like this is the last opener for Twin Harbors this year according to the email from WDFW
  362. TimeZoned

    Copalis Razors.

    Easy limits at Twin Harbors last night. Beautiful wx to go with not a lot of people. Great night
  363. TimeZoned

    Pro-Form Treadmill

    Big difference between "could use this" & "want to use this"!:frehya2:
  364. TimeZoned

    Aluminum Triple Axle Boat Trailer

    Selling my trailer. It has 6 new tires and brakes last year as well as EOH disc brakes. $4500/offer 253-732-2396 or PM me. Thanks. Jeff
  365. TimeZoned

    Squid around?

    I saw them squidding tonight at the Waterman pier in Port Orchard. Was a good size crowd there.
  366. TimeZoned

    Avets for sale

    Pm sent
  367. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay Lodging?

    Have you checked Snow Creek for any availability ?
  368. TimeZoned

    Hopefully this was one of you

    Not even a scratch!
  369. TimeZoned


    For those of you that might be thinking about halibut fishing next year I suggest you get proactive and reserve your moorage! I think Lapush is going to be crazier than ever this year since everyone has to be somewhere at the same time. I have my moorage at Lapush for a month next year, I'm...
  370. TimeZoned

    Safety Gear

    I was emptying all of the gear out of my boat as part of the winterizing process and noticed that 3 of my 4 auto inflate life jackets had discharged. All of them are West Marine brand and they are less than a year old. I know this came up as a discussion this past summer and I think most...
  371. TimeZoned

    Canvas work in Kitsap

    I'll give another vote for Gregs in gig harbor. He can get you in quicker and likes cash
  372. TimeZoned

    OS boat covers

    Darren Fitzgerald PM Winter Boat Covers cell: 856-857-7475 [email protected] LIKE us on Facebook This is who I ordered my cover from. He was very helpful making sure I got the right size. I got the Seal Skin and love it. Hope this helps.
  373. TimeZoned

    MA 13 limits.

    I wonder if he took her to the "trailer"
  374. TimeZoned

    OS boat covers

    I have this. It's a seal skin cover. Boat stays bone dry on the inside and I can take it on & off by myself. I didn't have room for a big enough building. Best cover I've ever had. Has a zipper door on both sides too
  375. TimeZoned

    Fun with Albacores

    That was hilarious!
  376. TimeZoned

    16.3 Hewescraft

    You took that out for tuna? How big is the fuel tank in that thing?
  377. TimeZoned

    Trailer Dolly

    Powered trailer dolly. Easily moves any boat up to 23'. Comes with a 2 5/16" ball but will take any size. Perfect for tucking your boat into tight spaces you can't do with your truck. $450/offer Jeff 253-732-2396
  378. TimeZoned

    Punta Cana Possibilities

    So the wife and I are taking a belated honeymoon the first part of November down to Punta Cana in the Dominican. The other day she asks me if I would like to go fishing while we are down there! I can't say yes fast enough! Problem is I've never been fishing down there. I thought I would reach...
  379. TimeZoned

    NFL commercial

    You can say this and you haven't been banned yet?:frehya2:
  380. TimeZoned

    Seahawks vs. Atlanta

    I think his beloved donkey dicks did as well tonight as last weekend:frehya2:
  381. TimeZoned

    Who is in friday..?

    Timezoned is in for sure!!!! Who wants to share intel?
  382. TimeZoned

    kelli ann tuna report

    LOL They got one for each rod :frehya2:
  383. TimeZoned

    Taller portable cleaning table

    I'll take it. What do you want for it?
  384. TimeZoned

    Westport newbie

    That's sort of what I was thinking. Wish I was off dammit
  385. TimeZoned

    Visited the Quenn today

    Nice haul. I wish I would have taken advantage of fishing for silvers on the Canadian side this year
  386. TimeZoned

    ELK or TUNA Friday?

    I'll be out Friday assuming I get my trailer back from Torklift in time.
  387. TimeZoned

    We still know how to "fuck sum shit up"

    Check out Die Hard Sport Fishing and go with Captain Fuzzy. Top not crew and boat and they will put you on more fish than anybody else. Went with them in June and we caught when nobody else was!
  388. TimeZoned

    Raymarine tuna help

    I have an a78 as well so I know it will help! Thanks Patrick.
  389. TimeZoned

    Tuna Poke Excellent recipe

    I only had so much room in my bag. Better to bring back a fresh bottle every month:frehya2:
  390. TimeZoned

    Who will be out Saturday?

    Thanks. Actually she has to be back at work on Monday and I'm on vacation until September 20!!! So I'll be looking for a tuna killing crew next week! Save me a few as a present!!
  391. TimeZoned

    Who will be out Saturday?

    I'm jealous of you guys! You will all be out killing tunas and I'm stuck on shore getting married this weekend. I'll make up for the month of September though!
  392. TimeZoned

    3500 watt generator

    Sold pending funds
  393. TimeZoned

    3500 watt generator

    All power 3500 watt 6.5 hp portable generator. I only used this generator one winter and the last several years I haven't needed it. I start it regularly to circulate oil. I bet this machine doesn't have 50hrs on it Has only had ethanol free gas. I can power my whole house with this. I just...
  394. TimeZoned

    Tofino 8/10-8/13

    Great report! Way to get a lot of good fishing in and have a family vacation!
  395. TimeZoned

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    Maybe nobody likes to report their struggles, only success? I'm guessing it sucked with the lack of reports.
  396. TimeZoned

    WTB motorized trailer dolly

    Ya another brotha mentioned it to me. Thanks
  397. TimeZoned

    Monday king report

    Nice hogs guys! I'll be there with you Wednesday. Save a few for me!
  398. TimeZoned

    Westport Tuna Reports?

    Nice first report and post
  399. TimeZoned

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    I'm just amazed at all of you fuckers that get sea sick and yet you love fishing so much and continue to put yourselves through it! Way to pursue your passion!!
  400. TimeZoned

    WTB motorized trailer dolly

    I'm getting ready to move and the new house has a much longer driveway. I would love to find a dolly to be able to turn the boat around at the end of it. Boat is 26' and too heavy for the regular dolly's thus the reason I'm looking for a motorized one. If you have one or know of a good place to...
  401. TimeZoned

    WTC spot

    Jack at the wtc has supposedly filled the spot for me and now the slip is spoken for. Thanks for the help everyone and good luck!
  402. TimeZoned

    WTC spot

    I guess I'm so hard skinned I didn't realize people were trying to beat up on meLOL
  403. TimeZoned

    WTC spot

    I wasn't trying to side step the rules. Understand the waiting list procedure now and if I was on it I would want that followed. Jack, do you know if the replacement wants the moorage too or I have another guy asking for it? Thnx
  404. TimeZoned

    WTC spot

    My crew has decided to partner up with another crew so that opens up our 2016 WTC spot. I also have moorage for that Thur-Sat if you would like that as well. You can have it as a package deal or just the WTC spot. Let me know. Price is cost what I paid. Not trying to make any money but just get...
  405. TimeZoned

    Neah bay 7/5-7/8

    Nice report. Thanks for sharing
  406. TimeZoned

    Neah Reports

    Pack up and move down the coast. The bite at Westport seems to be improving every day.
  407. TimeZoned

    Westport 7/2-3

    Picked these up today out with the fleet. Was slow for a while then the bite turned on. Best ocean I've ever seen I think. Unbelievably smooth!
  408. TimeZoned

    Westport 7/2-3

    Picked these up today out with the fleet. Was slow for a while then the bite turned on. Best ocean I've ever seen I think. Unbelievably smooth!
  409. TimeZoned

    Westport 7/2-3

    Found these yesterday 100' on the wire. Thanks Kurt for the idea of cookies & cream. I used a big cop car
  410. TimeZoned

    Cannon Downrigger Repair

    Auburn sports & marine has a guys that does them. You can either drop them off there or contact them for his info. When I had cannons he did quality work.
  411. TimeZoned

    Father's Days Lings

    What a great Father's Day for you! Way to go
  412. TimeZoned

    What a shitty way to spend a birthday.

    Sorry for your loss brotha. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Cheers to you and your pops!:hali_olutta:
  413. TimeZoned

    3 Generations!!

    Sorry meant to use the whole quote. Damn iPad. Too bad you aren't fishing the classic with Corey and I Miles
  414. TimeZoned

    3 Generations!!

    No way! I'm not ready for that yet
  415. TimeZoned

    3 Generations!!

    Ya that's for sure! I would still like to get that figured out
  416. TimeZoned

    Lapush opener

    I had a well known charter bitching at me about a floater that was close to our boat but wasn't ours. Then I proceeded to watch him gaff every ling COD that came to his boat!! Nothing like being a charter and landing fish illegally
  417. TimeZoned

    Dockside disaster

    That is always the most nervous part of every trip is the transfer of fish to the dock. Maybe someone should come up with a pfd for fish so we don't lose them to accidents. Might be a money maker for you creative types
  418. TimeZoned

    3 Generations!!

    Well I just finished my annual pilgimidge to Lapush like everyone else. What made my trip so special was that I was able to fish with my 80 year old dad and my son! I know others may have caught bigger fish than us but we held our own and got our limits every day. But what makes this trip...
  419. TimeZoned

    Sea qualizer

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated!!!
  420. TimeZoned

    Sea qualizer

    I could use one Patrick if you haven't left yet. I'll be tied up right next to you at Lapush in A5. Thanks
  421. TimeZoned

    Lapush moorage

  422. TimeZoned


    Same here except I use 5mil bags. Have never had a problem not getting a good seal
  423. TimeZoned

    Lapush moorage

    I was out at Lapush 2 weeks ago and they never had less than a 20' & under restriction on. The last day was 40' & under.The worst wind we had the entire time was WNW 5-15 and one day it was Lake Pacifica. I didn't understand it at all. I heard today they have a new Commander out there and he...
  424. TimeZoned

    Lapush moorage

    I just pulled the plug on my trip for this weekend. If anyone is brave enough or still going and needs a slip let me know. Mine is open and it's yours until Wednesday. Give me a shout and I'll arrange it with Gene out there and let you know which one it is. Good luck.
  425. TimeZoned


    I have the VP 112 Love it. You can't do the pouches like some of the other machines. It is heavy! Not sure how heave the 215 is but the 112 is still heavy and bulky to move around.
  426. TimeZoned

    Westport Halibut Quota

    This from the Seattle times The halibut openers off the coast at Westport and Ilwaco started on a high note, and should remain that way provided the weather and ocean water conditions cooperate. “Fishing was really good for halibut both at Ilwaco and Westport,” said Heather Reed, the state...
  427. TimeZoned

    westport hali and ling trip

    Nicely done. I'm jealous of the water you had after looking at the "tides" for this weekend. Sucks!!
  428. TimeZoned

    Tribal Commercial Fishery opening tomorrow-Ralleye for Fisheries Equity

    Was gonna be at lapush but it looks like the "tides" suck! Count me in! Come on guys. Feet on the ground!
  429. TimeZoned

    Votervoice is ready!

    Ttt. Come on guys. Everyone wants to know what they can do to help. Here's something easy and quick!! Sign it and pass it on!
  430. TimeZoned

    Votervoice is ready!

    Done and shared!!
  431. TimeZoned

    Near Bay Arima Story

    Boy a situation like that is where it's real handy to have your Epirb. Especially if you're not sure if your mayday call went out!
  432. TimeZoned

    Westport Moorage May & June

    Just curious how you got the moorage? I called last month and asked for two months and they told me they would let me know. Thanks
  433. TimeZoned

    Counting my blessings

    Glad he is home and ok! I'm sure now the time you have with him will be even more special!
  434. TimeZoned

    South Sound Reel Repair

    What kind of reel do you need repaired? There's a guy in Ruston that does great and quick work but he only works on Penns.
  435. TimeZoned

    Avet mxl

    I just got a "like new" Avet mxl. The only problem is the guy that sold this to me neglected to tell me it is left handed. This reel has only been used once and is immaculate. I would prefer to trade it for a right hand model or $200/obo. Lets work a deal on this. Jeff 253-732-2396
  436. TimeZoned

    WHALES GONE WILD!!! Warning: graphic sexual content!

    We were out there yesterday and saw the whales doing the same thing!! Horny bastards!!!
  437. TimeZoned


  438. TimeZoned

    LaPush Lings

    Damn!!! Those there are some beasts!!!
  439. TimeZoned

    Bean Bags

    I guess I'm cheap. My crew gets 2 cushions each! One for their back and one for their ass! And I thought that was being generous :frehya2:
  440. TimeZoned

    BD MMSI List.

    Pm sent
  441. TimeZoned

    forum is unusable in the evenings!

    This is getting to be ridiculous. Doesn't matter if it's my phone , iPad or desktop. Speeds are like watching paint dry!!
  442. TimeZoned

    Trailer Brake Help

    Well hopefully you will have some time off this summer to teach me how to fish irons!!
  443. TimeZoned

    Trailer Brake Help

    Now you're back huh. Right after I had torklift switch mine over to EOH
  444. TimeZoned


    That's a beauty for sure! Nicely done. You were determined for sure.
  445. TimeZoned

    LaPush Moorage in April ?

    My bad, you're area 3 I forgot. Go kill em & good luck. Hopefully I can get out soon.
  446. TimeZoned

    Shop pole holders....

    Thanks for taking the heat off of me Paul. My girlfriend liked to try and give me grief about having too much gear. All I had to do was show her the picture of your shop now I have smooth sailing. Thanks again brother:cheers:
  447. TimeZoned

    LaPush Moorage in April ?

    I thought deep water Lings in Marine area 4 didn't open until April 15 or 16?
  448. TimeZoned

    Help with Smoking

    nice reports guys:frehya2:
  449. TimeZoned

    Crap happens

    That's a crazy, scary story! So happy for you and your family it had a happy ending. Boats can be replaced. Thank god for the coast guards quick response. Your father in law is a hell of a skipper for taking care of his crew like that. He's an even better man though!!
  450. TimeZoned

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    I by the permit. Why would you take the chance on having the insurance deny your claim if something happened because you didn't have the correct permit. They are easy to get and only cost $20/mo and you can get them for whatever time frame you want them for. Seems like a no brainer to me
  451. TimeZoned

    Trailer shop

    Thanks for the input. Les Schwab won't do the job because they say it's a liability issue. After calling the folks at Torklift and speaking with them I've made an appointment to have them do the job next week. The estimate they gave we was much cheaper than freeway trailer as well. Hope it turns...
  452. TimeZoned

    Upgrade my Penns

    Now is a good time to do it. They are on sale at the boat show for 15% off too!!
  453. TimeZoned

    Gas or Electric

    I went ahead and just ordered the Masterbuilt electric. Sounds like I can't go wrong with this. Plus I don't want or have room for multiple's of everything laying around. Unless of course they're live bait rods
  454. TimeZoned

    Trailer shop

    I'm getting ready to change my trailer over from hydraulic surge drum to EOH disc. The original plan of who & what I was going to have do it fell through. Right now I'm looking at Freeway Trailers to do the job. They recommend using a Titan Premier Plus package for the trailer. The trailer...
  455. TimeZoned

    Gas or Electric

    So my Big Chief finally gave up the ghost and I'm looking for a new smoker. Researching the past threads on smokers here it seems like Masterbuilt is a good choice that lots of folks here are happy with. My question though is do you prefer the gas or electric model? I will be doing mostly...
  456. TimeZoned

    Hood Canal Camping and clamming

    Those steamers look great!!! I haven't had fresh clams for a while now. Nicely done!
  457. TimeZoned

    Snow Creek

    Well it's good to hear jake & Craig still have the place open. The docks were shit anyway. We always used a mooring bouy
  458. TimeZoned

    Snow Creek

    Maybe try getting a hold of jambo or talking to him at the boat show about snow creek. I know he used to leave his trailer there all summer
  459. TimeZoned

    Avet MXL

    So are you still looking for someone to order a left handed model and trade with you or is everything good?
  460. TimeZoned

    Fuel Tank Rebuild @ RBW *picture heavy*

    I can't believe after doing all of that work to your fuel tank the first thing you do is fill it with shitty ethanol fuel!
  461. TimeZoned

    Fucking Tuna!

    Not to steal the thread but I too am looking for gear this off season. If anybody has a good recommendation on a spinning rod/reel combination that doesn't break the bank I would love to hear about it. Thanks
  462. TimeZoned

    Local Knowledge TV Show starring ALI

    Just watched it via the YouTube link. Loved it. Like everyone else said just like what happens when I'm fishing with my buds. Love the sarcasm and shit flipping back & forth
  463. TimeZoned

    Hali gear and salmon flashers

    Your going backwards! Your unloading gear instead of stocking up. I'm looking for all of the Tina gear I can get my hands on now
  464. TimeZoned

    Area 6 Report

    Nicely done!!!
  465. TimeZoned

    A video my daughter made...

    Sorry, this content isn't available right now The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in. Go back to the previous page · Go to News Feed · Visit our Help Center
  466. TimeZoned

    Downrigger Ball Mold

    Try Navy City Metals there in Gorst. Should be your closest option.
  467. TimeZoned

    Halibut Date Rumors

    I just got off of the phone with Gene at Lapush. Was taking my payment for my month of moorage. He said there will be NO lottery for moorage for Halibut this year as he was able to fill the marina with people willing to pay for a month or longer. Sorry but you snooze you lose!!! See you on D...
  468. TimeZoned

    Halibut Date Rumors

    Not sure what their availability is now. They were taking rsvp for people who were willing to book a month or more. If they had anything left I think they were going to do a lottery system. I booked my month as I didn't want to take a chance on the lottery thing for $200 I spoke with Gene...
  469. TimeZoned

    Downrigger Ball Mold

    Shit, wish I could be there but that damn "W" word (work) always rears its ugly head it seems when a good time is to be had
  470. TimeZoned

    Big Salmon Moorage

    I did the same yesterday. He even let me decide how I wanted to do my 30 days. I did part in April and part in May that way I can get some ling fishing in before the deep water closes!
  471. TimeZoned

    Big Salmon Moorage

    Screw Big Salmon!!! I got a month of moorage at Lapush for half the price that Big Salmon wants for 8 days. Much easier/shorter drive too!!
  472. TimeZoned

    Boat Trailer Tires

    My point about Les Shwab is that they are in almost every town. They carry tires for trailers. During normal business hours they all have a service truck to come to your aid. Discount TIRE and Tire Rack don't. Enjoy I agree with Goat!! I need to replace all 6 tires on my trailer and I was just...
  473. TimeZoned

    A7 Opener

    Nice fish!!!!
  474. TimeZoned

    Penn Spinfisher repair?

    Greg's Reel Repair. He has a little shop in his back yard. He's in Ruston and he only work's on Penn reels. He does a great job and is very reasonable. He even sells Penns he has refurbished. Greg Smith 253-759-6178 or 253-223-6063
  475. TimeZoned


    your family is in our thoughts and prayers. So sorry for your loss!
  476. TimeZoned

    Stazo outboard motor lock

    I only used this 1 year. It's like new condition. These are the best locks you can get for your outboards next to locking them up inside. If your not familiar with these check the link below. $75 or best BD brother deal. I can bring it to the get together at the Tides on Saturday...
  477. TimeZoned


    Just curious why you are advertising it up here. I would have thought you would have a much bigger market down there in Cali?
  478. TimeZoned

    2015 Best Moments

    Nicely done!! Enjoy them while you can as they grow up way too fast.
  479. TimeZoned

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, November 14th

    Wish I could make it but I'll be in Maui getting my tan on.
  480. TimeZoned

    Aluminum I beam trailer R&D

    Ur more than welcome to come and climb around mine. I can shoot you some more photos if it helps you out. I'm about 40' from tongue to ass. Total weight around 12000lbs
  481. TimeZoned

    Seeking 1/2 Tote, Info

    I would be interested in one as well if you will have access to a few of them. Thanks
  482. TimeZoned

    Official BD South Sound Get Together- Dec 12th 1600 hours

    If I'm off from work I'll definitely be there. Won't know for sure for a couple of weeks yet though
  483. TimeZoned

    Shark week last Saturday.

    Very nice! One of the bonuses of late season fishing.
  484. TimeZoned

    MA 9 Last minute open seat tomorrow

    I guess fishing sucks if you have time to be on the forums while fishing:frehya2:
  485. TimeZoned

    Simple Tuna Recipe Needed

    Sad thing is he only gave you 1loin? You're going to be craving more after that little teaser you have there.
  486. TimeZoned

    Crummy Start to my day!!! my 1997 Luhrs Sank at the dock

    That sucks!!! On the bright side you have Pete working for you
  487. TimeZoned

    Braid line

    Chris When did you grow up there? I remember all of those guys and the stories. I graduated there class of 81. I really miss fishing freshwater bay though!!
  488. TimeZoned

    Awesome Tuna fishing thursday 10-1

    Thanks for the report. I was envious of you guys getting out there yesterday with that forecast. I think my season is over due to the wx and my work schedule.
  489. TimeZoned

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, October 3rd GEAR SWAP MEET!!!!

    Was planning to hopefully tie it in with a tuna run. Now neither one is going to happen. Sorry. Maybe after a razor clam dig this fall?
  490. TimeZoned

    Legit Yellowtail bite off Westport, Ablies, and the Opah report!

    That's awesome!!! What else can you say or needs to be said. Well done!!!!
  491. TimeZoned

    Open seats thursday

    Please let us know how you do. Seems to have slowed down. Hope it was just the damn moon. Good luck.
  492. TimeZoned

    I don't mean to bitch.. but.........

    I remember launching at Ediz hook in port Angeles as a kid in the summer before daylight. The coast guard routinely came down with their 46' patrol boat and sat just off of the ramp. Nobody got by them until daylight if they didn't have proper running lights illuminated. Just saying I don't know...
  493. TimeZoned

    T-Mobile vs Verizon out in the fishy spots

    There's a reason T-Mobile is so much cheaper than the other carriers and nobody especially Verizon match their plans, it's because they suck and you can never get them to work!
  494. TimeZoned

    9-26 Tuna and shark..

    That's badass!!! Way to go. Be sure and let us know how he cooks up!
  495. TimeZoned

    Tuna Tuesday 9/29

    I would love to get out there some time this week but I have to wait until Saturday as the rest of my crew has real jobs.
  496. TimeZoned

    Westport-First time

    It only takes one tank of that crap to screw up your fuel system. I would try and get the rest of it out.
  497. TimeZoned

    Three generations catching silvers in the sound

    Awesome way to have the whole family together! Way to go. The fish were just a bonus.
  498. TimeZoned

    Best tuna video yet!

    Very cool. Watching that huge bait ball with the tunas picking them off of the bottom of it was epic!
  499. TimeZoned

    Herring filets for coho

    Wait, are you saying there are salmon in the sound?:frehya2:
  500. TimeZoned

    Tuna Weather Window Monday? Tuna Buddy Boat Wanted

    I didn't post it but it looks like this straight off of the noaa web page
  501. TimeZoned

    New to the forums

    Hey rich welcome aboard. You installed the transducer on my hydra sports
  502. TimeZoned

    Westport Tuna 9/9

    Great report. I need to get my dad out too.
  503. TimeZoned

    2 girls and 3 limits in the sun Labor Day!

    Great way to enjoy the weekend with ur family!!
  504. TimeZoned

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    At least he was drifting and not under power and on a collision course with u
  505. TimeZoned

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    Back on point here, it's not just some of the private guys that think they own the ocean, some of the charters are as bad or worse!!! Case in point, we were almost run over by the charter Swifty here at Westport this morning!! We we trolling with a few other privates and about 6 charters working...
  506. TimeZoned


    therein lies another problem, I'm probably the last person on this planet not on facebook
  507. TimeZoned


    Not to hijack the thread but I'm bidding for my work schedule for next month and would like to try and be off for the ocean anglers meeting/swap meet next month. When is it so I can try to get those days off? Thanks.
  508. TimeZoned

    Shout Out

    I have to give a big shout out to Corey Guild and his buddies. As some of you may remember a few weeks ago I posted that I wanted to learn to tuna fish on my boat to see if I would enjoy it. I had a great response from the Brotherhood. Thanks to all who reached out to me. Last week I got to...
  509. TimeZoned

    Drastic Change in Westport weather

    I can't believe anybody is mentioning the "w" word with the holiday weekend coming up:frehya2: I was already getting stoked for a tuna run on Friday now it will probably get messed up due to the "w" word
  510. TimeZoned

    Tuna bellies

    We did these bellies Saturday night on my buddies treager. He got the recipe right out of his treager cook book. They were awesome. I do have to say tuna is my new fav!!
  511. TimeZoned

    Area 13

    Nicely done!!!
  512. TimeZoned

    Where did everybody go today?

    Thanks again for the awesome trip yesterday Jason. Is it ok if we let everyone know that you were the guy who got my cherry:eek:. Tuna that is. Great time and great crew. I'm definitely hooked now!!
  513. TimeZoned

    Look what that beach gave me! MA-13

    Very cool pic. Nice job!!
  514. TimeZoned

    A big thanks to all involved in fighting the fires

    Sorry for you in-laws loss. The folks who fight those fires are some amazing people who work their asses off and get very little recognition. I was saddened to see they suffered a loss in their brotherhood this past week.
  515. TimeZoned

    Need a 'ho for next week?

    Pm on the way
  516. TimeZoned

    All South Sound action. MA 11,12,13

    awesome!! Heck ya I would take it too!!
  517. TimeZoned

    Sad Time for Texas

    And how would you know this? You are way over the top!!!! Go back to the prison or asylum you escaped from.
  518. TimeZoned

    Sad Time for Texas

    It's obvious both of those guys need the Sunday ticket because neither one of them are playing football in January! They are both just watching then:frehya2: You'll never see Russell Wilson doing one of those commercials.
  519. TimeZoned

    Tuna and salmon 8/15-16

    Great report. Nice job on pulling double duty on different species.
  520. TimeZoned

    Dad update - bad

    I can't imagine what you and your family are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  521. TimeZoned

    Long shot for Long fins???

    Well I guess I should have clarified a few things in my original post. First, I don't consider myself an inexperienced skipper. I've been on boats since I was 6. I used to fish with my dad in port Angeles at daylight then we would go to the beach and drop him off for work. At lunch he would come...
  522. TimeZoned

    Long shot for Long fins???

    So here's my dilemma/proposal. Dilemma: I've never been tuna fishing and caught the bug and ventured to the dark side that everyone talks about. I've never had the boat until this year to even think about it. Proposal: Well now I have the boat and still haven't gone tuna fishing and it's...
  523. TimeZoned

    Westport Marina is booked....for the whole month

    I think that Float 21 has a 2 night limit. I'm not sure if they enforce this or not. Just a heads up if you're going to be there for 5 days, you might still need to pull out for one night.
  524. TimeZoned

    Swiftsure/Shark Fin

    I'll be up at lapush fri-sun as well if anyone wants to team up and share the info
  525. TimeZoned

    Avid Fisherman

    I don't care who you are, now thats funny!!!!
  526. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay 7/12-7/15

    Cam I don't care what they say that's a nice grade of fish any time of year and I like your style. Hell I would love to fish with you any day when you are getting results like that!!! I don't think many around here have done any better than that lately, the reason I say this is look at the lack...
  527. TimeZoned

    WP 7 19, Whoa Nellie!!

    Thanks for the update. I've been stuck out of town with work and haven't seen any promising reports lately so it really had me wondering what was going on out there. Hopefully it will calm down and some fish will shown up by mid week when I'm headed back out there.
  528. TimeZoned

    Ladies Love Tuna fishing with Offshore Northwest

    All I can say is I'm sooooo jealous!!!
  529. TimeZoned

    Westport 7/11-13

    Way to go. Nice haul. I was launching as you guys were pulling out on Monday. Great to see the family all together.
  530. TimeZoned

    Hey Kevin We saw you tucked in behind the south jetty this morning. We were right behind you...

    Hey Kevin We saw you tucked in behind the south jetty this morning. We were right behind you pulling in our last fish when you picked up and ran north. I was just wondering how you did up north? We banged out our 6 silvers by 0900. Only had to toss 3 back. Was a good ratio for us. I was in the...
  531. TimeZoned


    Mooching rules !!!
  532. TimeZoned

    New Use for Coho's

    Ok guys, here's what I did. I used 1 coho fillet, 1 avocado cubed, 1/2 red onion, 1/2 cup green onions chopped, 1/3 cup soy sauce, 2 tbsp white sugar, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1/2 tsp ground ginger, 1/2 english cucumber diced and sesame seed for garnish. Mix the red & green onion, soy sauce, sugar...
  533. TimeZoned

    New Use for Coho's

    I'm not much of a chef but with my job taking me to Hawaii quite often lately I've been eating lots of Poke. I started thinking "I can make this". Here's the results from a coho this past week. Not bad if I say so myself
  534. TimeZoned


    Super sveet!!! That's badass!! Happy 4th
  535. TimeZoned


    Weird you got into all of those pinks. I fished basically the same area the last 3 days and never got one.
  536. TimeZoned

    Port motor troubles on The Juice(2007 Yamaha 150's)

    If you can't get it fixed soon try Lighthouse Marine in Gig Harbor. They deal with Yamaha's and pride themselves on trying to have a one week or less turn time on most everything. I was just there this morning having them check my port side 225 because I got an engine warning horn yesterday at...
  537. TimeZoned

    Back on the water!

    Welcome back.
  538. TimeZoned

    The bar

    These were from today
  539. TimeZoned

    The bar

    We fished it as well today. Crossing the bar at 0600 was a little sporty but not bad. Once we got a couple miles out it laid down nicely. Limits of kings
  540. TimeZoned

    Westport everything report...

    Great report. Nice pics as well. Lots of happy customers there as well
  541. TimeZoned

    My Turn

    After watching all of you beotches put up all of these badass reports and driving me crazy these last few weeks it's finally my turn. My home for the next week will be float 11 slip L at Westport so stop on by and say hello or give the "salute", check out my new ride or have a brew with me so I...
  542. TimeZoned

    I have twin 225 yamaha's. 2002's. what about you?

    I have twin 225 yamaha's. 2002's. what about you?
  543. TimeZoned

    Wp 6/28

    Hey ken, were you up to your old mooching tricks again? I see the downrigger mount in the background but no downrigger? Oh please do tell
  544. TimeZoned

    The fish was as big as the boat!

    Nice job. Looks like a real nice grade of fish!! Way to stick with it
  545. TimeZoned

    Wp 6/28

    Nice work!!! I can't wait to get out there Tuesday. Save some for me
  546. TimeZoned


    Sorry for your loss
  547. TimeZoned

    Wild Hair

    You are a true wild man!
  548. TimeZoned

    Playing Hooky in WP 6/24

    Great trip! Way to have the boys involved. A dad can have no better fishing partner than his son!
  549. TimeZoned

    Stellar WP Salmon 6/21-6/25

    You guys are driving me crazy with all of these awesome reports and great pics! I can't wait to get out there next week. Keep up the good work and great reports
  550. TimeZoned

    Nice boat! I just bought the same one this spring. Brought it out from Michigan. I love the...

    Nice boat! I just bought the same one this spring. Brought it out from Michigan. I love the thing. It really goes through the water. Not that easy on gas though. Look forward to seeing you on the water. Jeff
  551. TimeZoned

    Westport Inn

    I don't care that this thread went WAY sideways from where I intended it. After to listening to a few we decided to go ahead and book at and we were able to get an rv spot for July 3,4,5. Thanks for the info my friends. Now carry on with the stories:eek:
  552. TimeZoned

    Westport Inn

    Does anyone have any input on how the camping is at the Westport Inn? The Islander no longer has any camping as they are building cabins I guess. My mom has really bad knees and my dad was hoping she could stay close to town to be able to walk around and explore while we are out fishing...
  553. TimeZoned

    Orange fish floating this weekend

    I don't know if we were lucky or what but we didn't catch any all weekend. We only used straight pipe jigs though. In years past it seems like if we had bait of any sort on the pipe jig then the by catch (yellow eye) would become a problem. Since I've stopped putting bait on the pipe jigs our...
  554. TimeZoned

    Neah bay Butt's on the Uitlander

    Was right next to you on the ling hole on Thursday. Tried calling you several times on 68 with no joy. Glad you got them
  555. TimeZoned

    New Ride

    The motors will cost more than that. Both the mains and kicker. Congrats on the new ride!!
  556. TimeZoned

    La Push Lings 4/25

    At least you made it out. More than I can say. Btw. One more for the hydra sports guys. Nice job
  557. TimeZoned

    Bottom fish on the Goldrush, 25 April

    Looks like a great day on the water. Especially for April. Well done!!
  558. TimeZoned

    Side tie?

    Well Jaime out at Lapush finally came out with the moorage plan for this year and I missed the cut again. I know this is a long shot but I was wondering if there were any brothers that might be willing to let me side tie to them if the have the room in their slip. Hell I'll even cover your...
  559. TimeZoned

    Ocean Salmon Season PFMC work in progress

    Uh oh is right. Now I'm worried. Sometimes no news is better than any news
  560. TimeZoned

    My new ride!!

    Steve aka Elkfins and I might just have to put the hammer down at James island and see who makes it to the SW corner first:D:D
  561. TimeZoned

    My new ride!!

    What kind of crazy looking downriggers are those? Looks like some crazy Great Lakes stuff I've seen. The down riggers are called big jons. They are made locally there in Michigan. The previous owner used those and side planers to troll for kings and steelhead. He caught as nice as salmon in...
  562. TimeZoned

    My new ride!!

    After months of searching all across Canada and the U.S. my new ride has arrived!! It's a 2002 Hydra Sports 2600 vector with twin 225 yamahas. One of the great things about this baby is that it has never seen salt water. It's a little bigger than what I was originally looking for but I...
  563. TimeZoned

    Need a surveyor in Maryland

    Congrats!! Drive safe
  564. TimeZoned


    Un friggin believable!!! That's bad ass!! Congrats
  565. TimeZoned

    New to me boat

    Nice ride. Congrats
  566. TimeZoned

    Canvas snap lube and repair

    Since you're close by stop by and see Greg at greg's upholstery in gig harbor. He will fix it quickly and he loves cash
  567. TimeZoned

    La Push Question

    DON'T underestimate this bar even though it might seem narrow and short!!!! Like I said on another thread I've spoken to the Coast Guard at Lapush and he personally told me he has been across every bar up and down the entire west coast and this was the ONLY one that made him nervous and it was...
  568. TimeZoned

    Camping La Push

    Try Gary at Riverview RV Park. It's just across the street from the gas station at 3 Rivers. Behind the fire station. He's been working on putting in a nice RV park there and has lots of parking and rv storage. Plus he's on top of the hill and open so I think he would be pretty dry there...
  569. TimeZoned

    Look at these curves

    Congrats on the new ride!! I just purchased a Hydra Sports as well. It arrives on the 11th. I can't wait. They are awesome boats you will truly enjoy it!!
  570. TimeZoned

    Trailer Guide Bunks

    Bump $275obo
  571. TimeZoned

    Trailer Guide Bunks

    I bought these last year for my boat and took them off when I sold it last fall. They won't fit on the new boat I have coming as it has an aluminum trailer. These were only used part of one season. They are like brand new. The bunks them selves are 2"x4"x8'10" The u-bolts are 2x6. If you...
  572. TimeZoned

    Snow Creek resort

    In the off season you have a better chance of reaching them via e-mail. They are most likely not at the resort now. They are usually open by mid April for the Ling opener at NB and that's when they start spending a lot of time at the resort getting it ready for summer
  573. TimeZoned

    La Push Forecast - Would you go? Let's learn something today.

    Don't underestimate the bar at Lapush. I had a Coast Guard guy tell me a few years ago that he had been across every bar on the west coast and the only one that scared him was Lapush. I asked him why and he said because it's so small. He said once you're on the bar there's no turning back at...
  574. TimeZoned

    3G or 4G Radar?

    Ya no kidding. Almost sounds like the deal is too good to be true. If he can share where he found this I will be all over one for my new ride!!
  575. TimeZoned

    boat shipper

    So here's the rough specs on what I'm needing to get brought out West. Boat has a 9'7" beam. Dry weight of the boat is 7900lbs so with the trailer I'm guessing at close to 10000lbs. Highest point on the boat sitting on the trailer is 12'10" and it's about 36' long over all. I'm having the...
  576. TimeZoned

    Load guides installed...Power load or float-on with bottom paint?

    If you want to go with the side guide bunks let me know. I bought a pair last summer for use on my ezloader trailer that I hauled my 21' Striper on. I sold the boat last fall and took them off before the sale in case I needed them for my new boat. They won't work on my new boat as it's coming...
  577. TimeZoned

    boat shipper

    Thanks for all of the great info guys. Pm's to follow shortly!
  578. TimeZoned

    boat shipper

    The beam is 9'7". I don't want it piece mealed by multiple guys to here. This is why I asked for good information because I know others have gone through this. I don't figure it's worth my time to do it by the time I deduct expenses and fuel. Plus I don't know if I could even get the time...
  579. TimeZoned

    boat shipper

    Does anyone have a personal recommendation they could give to have a boat shipped. I'm looking at having a boat shipped out here from Michigan. I know in the past people have said they have used Uship and others. I was just looking for something maybe more personal that someone has used or...
  580. TimeZoned

    Westport Clam

    the traffic jam was caused by an accident just on the west side of johns river about 2pm yesterday. Traffic was crazy!!! I've never seen so many people on the beach.. forgot it was a holiday weekend. The awesome clamming was worth the traffic though!!
  581. TimeZoned

    Painted Trailers

    Thanks for all of the input everyone. Basically it comes down to what I thought. I can take as good of care as possible of the painted trailer (rinse & wash as much as possible and keep up on the rust as it develops), or have a new galvanized trailer waiting here for when the boat arrives and...
  582. TimeZoned

    Painted Trailers

    I'm reaching out to the brotherhood here for your advice/opinions on this. I'm looking at purchasing a boat from the Great Lakes area that has never as so much even sniffed salt water. It comes with a 2008 EZ Loader bunk style trailer. The problem is that it was painted black from the...
  583. TimeZoned

    For Sale, 2005 2601 Seaswril walk around cuddy cabin

    Beautiful boat. If you only had a big main as opposed to the twins I would already be on my way home with that baby!!
  584. TimeZoned

    A7 Blackmouth

    Nice looking fish for anytime of the year!! Especially now! Way to go
  585. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA

    Thnx. Now for the challenge of finding exactly what I want. I know it probably doesn't exist but I still get to have fun looking
  586. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA w/ Alaska hard top package

    bump for a new Holiday price of 25k for fellow BDer's
  587. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA

    Bump for new Holiday price of 25k for BDer's only
  588. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA

    bump for more photos that a few have asked for. Sorry that some uploaded sideways, not sure why that happened. Thanks. Jeff
  589. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA

    bump for more photos that a few have asked for. Sorry that some uploaded sideways, not sure why that happened. Thanks. Jeff
  590. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA w/ Alaska hard top package

    Here are some more pictures of the deck, trailer and engine that some have asked for. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  591. TimeZoned

    Mapping Chip for Lowrance Elite 7

    The chip that comes with the Elite 7 is a custom chip that Lowrance has made for those units. You can't even buy them on the market. I upgraded my chip to the Navionics Gold I believe it is. I will have to double check when I get home. It has way better coverage and detail. Worth the money!!
  592. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA

    I'm out of town with work from now until late Wednesday night. I will take some pictures of the aft deck and more of the trailer and upload them as soon as I get home. Right now I have it in a buddies carport out of the wx as I was hoping to maybe sell it before I winterized it. Around T-Day...
  593. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA

    Thnx. It has 2 Cannon Mag 20 electric downriggers included as well
  594. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA w/ Alaska hard top package

    2004 Seaswirl Striper WA with hard to find Alaska package. 225hp 4.3 liter Volvo GXI DP w/ fresh water cooling. XDP lower unit with stainless steel duoprop. Only 414 hours on the engine!! 2004 Yamaha 8hp with Intelli-steer wirless remote steering system. 2004 EZ-Loader roller trailer with spare...
  595. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA

    2004 Seaswirl Striper WA with hard to find Alaska package. 225hp 4.3 liter Volvo GXI DP w/ fresh water cooling. XDP lower unit with stainless steel duoprop. Only 414 hours on the engine!! 2004 Yamaha 8hp with Intelli-steer wirless remote steering system. 2004 EZ-Loader roller trailer with...
  596. TimeZoned

    Area 6 still showing some luv!!!

    This has been a fishery that a lot of people forgot about I think. Everyone hit Sekiu the one week it was open and area 6 has been open all month. A lot less people and a much shorter drive. (Helps when you have family in townLOL)
  597. TimeZoned

    Area 6 still showing some luv!!!

    Well I got to get out and enjoy some late season silver fishing with the person who taught me how to fish and gave me my love for fishing, my Pops!! It was nothing fancy just some old school motor mooching. They aren't huge but they are still a nice grade of fish. No big secret, 6 oz banana...
  598. TimeZoned


    I would take your Wellcraft but I would have to get rid of my 2004 21' Striper first. It's going on the market this week.
  599. TimeZoned

    Westport (A2) closes Friday night

    Thanks for all of your time and effort Kevin. For me personally it was one of the best salmon years ever if not the best. Maybe that's why everyone is upset it's closing early, just a result of the outstanding fishing we all got to enjoy this year. Nobody would be bitching if fishing had...
  600. TimeZoned

    Any Sekiu Reports???

    I believe you get the whole month of October for non-clipped silvers in area 6? Not positive but I'm pretty sure that's what I read.
  601. TimeZoned

    Any Sekiu Reports???

    That's exactly what I said. Unclipped silvers from Sept 19-25. I was quoting the regs from the online version so sorry if I got the page number wrong.
  602. TimeZoned

    No NB Love????

    I agree with that. Just saying that anyone that might be going up there don't be expecting anything from Big Salmon
  603. TimeZoned

    Any Sekiu Reports???

    Not too difficult to figure out if you would look in the regs. This comes straight from page 110. You get one week this year in area 5 to keep unclipped silvers. From Sept 19-25 SALMON - ENTIRE AREA July 1-Aug. 15 CHINOOK - min. size 22". Other SALMON species - no min. size. Daily limit 2...
  604. TimeZoned

    No NB Love???? September 16, 2014 It's that time! Our Big Salmon Fishing Resort will close down once again. September 19, 2014 will be our last working day. September 19th will be the last day you can fish for salmon. That is straight off of Big Salmon's web page...
  605. TimeZoned

    How High to Mount Rocket Launchers??

    Not trying to high jack the thread but I was wondering if anybody has tried one of these before for getting your rods down. Seems like a great idea. I thought about getting one myself as I'm not as tall as most
  606. TimeZoned

    Westport 9-12-14 On Fire!

    Nice job! Gotta love the light gear! Beats working the downrigger any day.
  607. TimeZoned

    In a Defiance

    Where did you see the qouta might be filled by Sept 21? I can't get back out until the 22nd and was thinking I would head back up to Westport instead of dealing with the circus at CQ. If it's going to close then I guess I would have to stick with plan A
  608. TimeZoned

    Westport Sept 5-6-7

    agree with leaving the down riggers at home!!! I had my Dad out with me the last 2 days and he loves to mooch for salmon. Caught all of our fish motor mooching with 6oz banana weight and herring. Most were caught within 10' of the boat reeling the bait back in slowly. What a blast!!!
  609. TimeZoned

    wide open @ Westport

    thnx for the report...see you in the morning...can't wait!!!!!!
  610. TimeZoned

    sekiu 8/22.

    I was thinking of going too but looking at the creel reports and talking with the people at Van Ripers, I can't get enthused when the ration is one fish for every two people. hopefully it will get better
  611. TimeZoned

    First trip to La Push, suggestions?

    I was just out at Lapush this past Thursday & Friday. A good back up camp ground is Riverview RV park. It's right there by the Chevron station at 3 rivers. On the same road you will be going to Mora. Gary and his wife own it. He does a lot of fishing and guides for steelhead in the winter...
  612. TimeZoned

    MA 11....Dolphin Pt

    glad to hear there's finally something to happen in area 11...well done!!
  613. TimeZoned

    Open Seats for Tuesday 8/12?

    I'm no seasoned veteran by any means on this sight but that there is some balls. First posting and you're asking for a ride?? Way to introduce yourself. Good luck with that
  614. TimeZoned

    Westpot the 23rd

    has anybody tried motor mooching up by the casino? just wondering about trying that or a banana weight and fish flasher with herring instead of a diver?
  615. TimeZoned

    New Boat

    super sveet ride.....congrats
  616. TimeZoned

    Solo Tuna 7/22/14

    How do you manage to eat 10 tuna/month? Dude you're going to grow fins yourself!!
  617. TimeZoned

    Area 7 good for fishing not so good for catching.

    you know the pics or it didn't happen
  618. TimeZoned

    Area nine kings and resident silver. 7/22

    way to go!!! You're nailing so many fish it's starting to look like the same picture you're putting up every day.
  619. TimeZoned

    kicker steering

    I put an intelli steer system on my boat this spring and love it!!! You still have to control the throttle from the helm or at the motor but the wireless remote gives you the option to be anywhere on the boat to steer it from. Plus when trolling for salmon I don't have to change the speed that...
  620. TimeZoned

    Wp 7/12

    Nice slab!!! It sure dwarfs those others
  621. TimeZoned

    Westport launch line 7/12--Oh My

    That line this morning was insane! Long line with good fishing beats the alternative though... I agree!!! The fishing more than made up for any lines in the morning. Pulling out in the afternoon wasn't bad at all. No line... Just had to have someone walk a mile to get your vehicle and...
  622. TimeZoned

    Earliest to get a 20' Boat over the Grays Harbor Bar Saturday?

    I'm heading out the same area. I plan on launching around 730. I'll keep my ears open and let you both know if I find anything exciting.
  623. TimeZoned

    Chamber sealer pouches

    he can also do repairs if you ever need it.. my buddy just had to have his acrylic lid replaced and he did a great job and affordable!!
  624. TimeZoned

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Wow!! That's a steal at that price. Can't believe you still have it.
  625. TimeZoned

    That is a big bitch

    Capt. Rye Phillips is a local kid. He graduated from Peninsula High School about 6 years ago with my son. He's caught a lot of big fish since he's been working up there.
  626. TimeZoned

    Another Good day in Westport 6/28

    Thanks for the report Kevin. I was going to head SW in the morning but it looks like I better make a right turn once I get out there.
  627. TimeZoned

    Holiday Plans ??

    Damn!!! Well we will just have to see how it actually works out. Not going to keep me from trying.. Good luck out there.
  628. TimeZoned

    WP tomorrow?

    I'm headed up in the morning for a couple of days. I was wondering if anyone else will be there and if anyone was able to make it out this weekend and has an updated report. Thanks
  629. TimeZoned

    Holiday Plans ??

    I was up there on Wednesday and there weren't any pots in the water and all of the launches were empty. That's what was making me optimistic. Maybe I was just there the day they weren't crabbing?
  630. TimeZoned

    Holiday Plans ??

    Will be out at my place on the Hood Canal by Brinnon between trips to WP. I have moorage reserved at Pleasant Harbor so I'm hoping to do some damage to the crab population next week. It doesn't look like the tribe has been crabbing that area yet so I'm pretty optimistic. Be safe no matter...
  631. TimeZoned

    No bullshit- Read and heed. Think about your safety gear before leaving port.

    Great lesson to be learned. Thnx. Glad nobody had to pay the ultimate price.
  632. TimeZoned

    another spectacular day in wp two 35lb plus fish.....on duramaxs boat

    Those are some real hogs. Way to go and way to get the kids involved.
  633. TimeZoned

    The sentencing continues in Westport

    Thanks for the update!!! I'll be out Monday and can't wait to get in on the action!!!!!!!
  634. TimeZoned

    there arghhhh lots of fish in Westport

    You guys are driving me crazy with all of these awesome sucks!!!!! I can't wait to get out there and get in on the action with everybody.
  635. TimeZoned

    Early Quota Reached???

    I just talked to a buddy of mine who is still out at Lapush doing some bass and ling fishing. He said the checkers for WDFW are telling everyone today that their early estimates have them within 50lbs of the quota and there most likely won't be another fishery this year for marine areas 3 & 4...
  636. TimeZoned

    La Push Fuel Issue

    the Chevron station at 3 rivers does have ethanol free. The card lock place right when you turn onto Highway 104? heading to Lapush is closed as it was part of Petit
  637. TimeZoned

    1st Lapush trip for the year!!

    No I have a "go to" set up I use out there that produces lings as well sometimes. I'm saving "your" trick for when I need it for "the spots" you told me.:cheers: Thanks again for your help. I'm more than willing to reciprocate anytime if I can.
  638. TimeZoned

    Molly Ann update and a pic

    There are about 1/2 dozen boats out of Lapush fishing them now. They took all of our carcasses for bait. They said they are getting about $1/lb for them. Seems like a lot of work for that.
  639. TimeZoned

    1st Lapush trip for the year!!

    Well after watching the wx forecast for several days change from good to bad to worse I finally decided to pull the trigger and go for it. I picked up my buddy and former boat partner at 0530 Tuesday and we headed for the Peninsula with the intention of going to Neah Bay. He asked me what the...
  640. TimeZoned

    Heading to LaPush tomorrow

    Not sure how much the new ramp will help you if it will at all but there is a -.6 tide at 0730 tomorrow. Not sure if there is enough water for launching then
  641. TimeZoned

    Heading to LaPush tomorrow

    You must be looking at something different than I am. Tomorrow calls for SE 15-25 out there. Not a good velocity or direction. I've had to change my game plan and am heading to NB tomorrow. Let me know and maybe we can hook up
  642. TimeZoned

    Neah bay bottomfish trip 2014

    Nice job. Glad the weather cooperated with you
  643. TimeZoned

    Lat and lon for washington bouy?

    Good luck to you then and be careful if you venture out to the ocean. Nasty looking SE wind forecast for the ocean. I would be tempted to stick closer to Wadaah.
  644. TimeZoned

    Lat and lon for washington bouy?

    Isn't that area going to be outside of the 20 fathom line? Take a close look at it because I think most of the fishing by Duncan rock is too deep with the new restrictions in place.
  645. TimeZoned


    The Makah's call them neighbor fish. When we asked why they called them that they said it's because it's the fish you give to your neighbors who don't know any better LOL
  646. TimeZoned

    Sublease Your Slip? @LP

    Wait!!!! Someone actually got moorage? WTF
  647. TimeZoned

    How to keep my new kicker

    Unfortunately we all just can't go out and get guard dogs or build a nice big shop when we want. Look at getting a Stazo lock for it and bolt it on. If they go through all the trouble to try and steal it then, I wouldn't want to deal with them without a loaded weapon because they are most...
  648. TimeZoned

    Lapush Ramp Out!

    Hope it doesn't take too long. I was wanting to go out there at the end of the month. Who is doing the work or is the tribe doing it themselves?
  649. TimeZoned

    down rigger cable

    Depends on the type of downrigger you have. You can't run braid on a Canon or your auto-shut off function won't work
  650. TimeZoned


    I'm sticking to the straits this year. Screw the cluster at LP.... Fish have gotten too small to put up with all of the crap. Not that there won't be a lot of people out of PA or any where else in the Straits. The chance of a bigger reward are just better.
  651. TimeZoned


    I decided to pass up on the Hali season on the coast this year. It's turning into too much of a goat rope. I will head out early and hit the bass and lings before all you Hali guys make it out there. Maybe I'll leave a few behind for you all
  652. TimeZoned

    converting kicker to tiller

    I have an older Panther electr-steer that came with the boat when I bought it. Not really happy with it as the motor seems like it's not much more than a windshield wiper motor. Have already had to replace it once. I was wondering if anybody has any experience with the Powertran remote...
  653. TimeZoned

    I love MA13 in the winter

    Great report. Way to get the family out and enjoy the day!!
  654. TimeZoned

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    What are you talking about? Everyone that takes part in a legal fishery you are upset at? Give me a break. Just because a fish isn't clipped doesn't mean it's a Nat. There is no emergency closure. Sounds like you're jealous because you can't take part.
  655. TimeZoned

    Any Current C-Q Reports??

    I don't believe there is a quota on that fishery. Supposed to go through the end of the month & I believe into October
  656. TimeZoned

    Any Current C-Q Reports??

    I just got back from Sekiu yesterday afternoon. Most of the best fishing seems to be out in the deeper water. 650'-750'. Standard fishing, shallow in the morning dropping to about 70' as the morning wears on. We were off the water yesterday by 845. Had easy limits all 3 days. Best producer...
  657. TimeZoned

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    Ya the water and fishing was so bad in Sekiu these past few days I was up half the night vacuum packing the silvers we brought back. I wouldn't go up either!!!
  658. TimeZoned

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    I can't believe Olson's would turn anybody away for ANY reason. They all need the money up there. Plus, why would Troy's buddy's lie to him? Hell fishing when it's slow is better than not fishing at all. I'm still going and can't wait!!
  659. TimeZoned

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    When were you there? Since it went to non-clipped?
  660. TimeZoned

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    Let's hope so. I'll be up there from Wednesday through Friday. Anyone else heading up??
  661. TimeZoned

    Fresh oysters in the shell?

    Agree. Wait a little while for some cooler weather and I will be more than happy to set you up with however many you need off of my beach on the canal. Just let me know.
  662. TimeZoned

    dead thread

    Nice report. Way to go! Long day for sure going it alone!
  663. TimeZoned

    QCove Break away Flashers

    Not a lot of options here on the "other side" of the water. I am headed up to Sekiu in the morning for the weekend so I will def pull into Swains. Thnx for the heads up. I love that store
  664. TimeZoned

    QCove Break away Flashers

    Does anyone know where I can get the replacement pin assembly's for the break away flashers? I can't find them at Sportco and I've tried calling the company and there vm is full and not taking messages. I've also emailed them with no response. I would love to have a few extra of these...
  665. TimeZoned

    Sekiu/Neah Labor Day Roll Call

    I will be at the Surfside in Sekiu. Fishing Sekiu Friday morning and depending how we do we will fish NB or Sekiu the rest of the weekend. Was wanting to be at lapush but the wx doesn't to so hot on the ocean.
  666. TimeZoned

    Need Advice Salmon Brine/Smoker Time

    There's also a good recipe on It goes through the mixture and times for brining and smoking as well as some nice pics throughout the process. I've used that recipe before and it works great!!!
  667. TimeZoned

    MA3 Kings 8/12/13

    Nice report. sounds like a blast. I'll be there for a few days for Labor Day. Hope you don't fish them out by then
  668. TimeZoned

    Lapush Marina

    So I called out to the Quileute Marina at Lapush yesterday to get some information on my upcoming trip out there and I found out that as of about 2 weeks ago, Billy no longer works there! Does anyone know for sure if this is true? If so it's a real bummer for all of us that use Lapush in the...
  669. TimeZoned

    MA3 Kings 8/7/13

    nice to see a report come from up there. I'll be there for Labor Day. Can't wait. Nice job!!!!!!!
  670. TimeZoned

    Shark Fin Kings 7-30

    Nice job out there!!! Gotta love the options at NB for finding the fish
  671. TimeZoned

    MA10 - Battle Royale!

    Awesome determination to get that fish back from the fur bag!!! Funny shit there
  672. TimeZoned


    I just got back from NB on Friday. Plenty of fish just outside the cut in 240' of water. Were able to get all of ours there. I didn't have to make the run to Swiftsure once in the 3 days we fished. Kings went to about 18lbs and silvers to 10. Everything on irish cream and cookies n cream...
  673. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay Roll Call July 29th thru August 3rd

    Just got back from there today. Spent Wednesday & Thursday fishing outside with my daughter and Dad. Had a blast. Way more silvers than kings though. We did manage limits both days. Silvers are very nice size for this time of year!! Full report to follow as soon as I have time to download...
  674. TimeZoned

    Neah Bay 14-15 July

    I'm heading up there the first part of the week. I can't wait!!! I hope you guys don't fish it out between now and then
  675. TimeZoned


    If you don't catch fish after a detailed report like Tommy gave you just can't catch fish I would think!! Great report and thanks!!
  676. TimeZoned

    Recommendations for a good kicker lock system?

    That's what i have is the Stazo Smartlock. It's not cheap at $85 compared to other locks. It is still cheaper than a new kicker motor or paying your deductable. I'm real happy with mine!!!
  677. TimeZoned

    found lost nissan keys at possession point on seafloor.

    that's funny shit there!!! I don't care who you are!
  678. TimeZoned

    Sequim Butts

    hell I would be happy with just one more day!!
  679. TimeZoned

    Batter Fried Spot Prawns

    I use a gluten free flour then egg wash and then just dip the fish into some potato buds. Works great for those that have a special dietary need and leaves you with a nice crispy batter!
  680. TimeZoned

    RU FUKIN Kidding...Hali quota area 3-4

    we ran to the south of the C closure on saturday only about 22 miles out. Had the wind at our tail on the way back with our 3 limits in an hour