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  1. hiloboy

    Need help regarding maximum horsepower

    Hey guys, I need help getting info on max horsepower for a Palm Beach Whitecap 205. It currently has a Suzuki 140 4stroke on it now, that is trash, and I have a brand new Mercury 200 Optimax still in the crate that I want to hang on it. The problem is, I live and work in Okinawa Japan and it's...
  2. hiloboy

    Need help on an older Lowrance

    Hello Guys, needs some help/advice in getting this GPS antenna hooked up to my Lowrance 525c. I know it's an older model and that I should just trash, but it has been good to me, but I wanted to use it as a back up. Besides it's got all my honey holes logged into it! So the problem I'm having...
  3. hiloboy

    Looking for Repair Service

    Looking for reccomendations for someone who can replace a card reader for a Raymarine C120 head unit. Thanks in advance!
  4. hiloboy

    Is this possible...?

    Anybody know if you can run 2 monitors off of one radar unit? I was wondering if I could use 1 dome and run a monitor on the fly bridge and the other down in the cabin. Thanks!
  5. hiloboy

    Navionics Chart Card and Raymarine Radar

    Hey Guys, I got a quick question: I have a C120 series Raymarine radar sysetem on my boat, and recently purchased the Navionics Gold Compact Flash card for it. Problem is that the charts won't pop on the screen. The system recognizes the card but won't read it or display the charts. Waiting...
  6. hiloboy

    Okinawa Wahoo

    Got off of work around 10:00am (I work graveyard) and take a look offshore from my office and it's looking like it's laying down. Call my wife to see if she has anything that needs to be done around the house, and I get the green light to go! Rush home and grab a couple of rods, and blast down...
  7. hiloboy

    Okinawa Intel Pays Off!

    Got some intel on a buoy that is 12 miles out of Kadena marina, so I plugged the numbers into my chartplotter and made a quick run out to it. Not really expecting much, I decided to run it solo. It's right where it's supposed to be..... for a change:rofl:. I make a close pass to see if I can...
  8. hiloboy

    How hot is too hot?

    I got a 2003 Johnson Bombadier150hp 2 stroke, and noticed that the water that comes out of the "pisser" is rather hot. Not too hot to touch, but hotter than "warm". Does this sound about right? If not, any idea as to what the problem might be? She runs great, it's just that I noticed the...
  9. hiloboy

    FREE Side mount controls

    Free side mount control. Pick up, :rofl: or pay to have it shipped. I can probably get it to anywhere in the States for under 20 bucks. I'll ship it at cost, Priorty Mail from Okinawa Japan via Military FPO mail system. BTW trim tilt works, just figured a BD'er could use it, rather than it just...
  10. hiloboy

    Okinawa Jigging

    Went out 2 weekends ago in some real sloppy seas. Had to get out get my fix. Seas were about 2 meters with an occasional 3. Made for some tough jigging! First day was actually nice, about 1&1/2 meters. Took a knock down about 12 miles out, small stripey, dumped about 200 yards did a little...
  11. hiloboy

    Lure Making

    I just wanted to let you Bruddahs know that I recently purchased "Lure Making 101/102" from Jim Rizutto aka HawaiiFishing. Big Mahalos to Jim! The book came in today, I opened the package on my way to the car. Sat in my drivers seat, took quick glance at the first page. Next thing you know, 30...
  12. hiloboy

    Kill Bag

    Looking for a new or used in good to great condition kill bag. Would like one 4-6 feet long. Must be willing to ship to a military FPO APO address. Let me know if any BD brothers can help me out!
  13. hiloboy

    Daughter wanted fresh feesh! (Okinawa)

    My daughter (4 years old) tells me Saturday mid-morning she wants some sashimi for dinner. I say, okay lets go get some. We get in the car and proceed to the supermarket. Noticing I don't have any of my gear, she says, "no daddy not from the store, from your boat". Now what's a dad to do?! Turn...
  14. hiloboy

    Daisy Chains and Birds in Okinawa

    Went out for about 4 hours to to keep a buddy of mine company. He's been off island for a few months, and just wanted to run his boat. It just so happened that I got some #'s to an underwater FAD about 20 miles out. So we decided to go check it out. Get to the spot, but his fishfinder has...
  15. hiloboy

    Okinawa Report

    We left Kadena Marina at 05:30 Sunday Morning. I checked Buoy Weather the night before, and was reporting 1.3 - 1.9 meter swells averaging about 1.5 up until 15:00. From then it was suppose to pick to 2-2.5 meters. After reading that I figured the morning would be nice trolling weather, so I...
  16. hiloboy

    Current Line

    <HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d1d1e1; COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> I was wondering if anybody could give me some advise on trolling a current line. Do you troll right on it, or do you troll off to the side of it? If so how far off to the side? Mahalo for any...
  17. hiloboy

    But a report........

    Hello BD gang, Went out Sunday,and fished the East China Sea off of Okinawa. It was an ugly day weather wise, and the seas were pretty sloppy as well. As you all probably know the urge to get on on the water can be irresitable. Short story to a long day, Launched the boat, trolled 6 hours for 2...
  18. hiloboy

    Leaky Carb

    I hope that someone can help me out. So here's my problem. I bought a 2003 150 hp Johnson Bombadier, with 437 hours on it. Of course before I bought it I took it for a test run, and had a mechanic look over it. Because of time and money issues I wasn't able to mount it to my boat as soon as I...
  19. hiloboy

    My first report

    Hello BD gang! This is my first report, so here goes. First of all this report comes to you all the way from southern Japan, Okinawa. I have yet to meet anyother Bd'ers out here so if you guys read this give me a holler! I went out last week on the Pacific side of the island, and did alright...