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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Mrkrabs needs his own thread. Best part of the day
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    I’ll wait patiently while they figure out whether the snake oil salesmen on the Left, or the Clown show on the right gamed the system to victory. Regardless of your political positioning, this shit show should piss you off...Just sayin. Let me be clear, I am not a Biden fan at all. He is...
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    Lobster Buoy Light setup, show me what ya got!

    Yep, that's what I do too.
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    Independence try out...

    Indy is nice boat, 32 foot beam so it's wide. The last time I rode it, the tackle box assignment are based on when you pay, but most of the spots are fine and have plenty of room. John Collins trips are fun. Bunk rooms have plenty of room for your stuff ,and there are something like 7 heads on...
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    Best 16 day charters?

    Take the Indy trip. cow tuna and Wahoo, if you gotta travel uphill, the Indy is one of the best boats to do it on. Rooms are nice crew/food is great. John has lot's of giveaways and does a raffle on each trip. Bring extra cash for the raffle usually $100 I think to get max tickets for the...
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    So did the boat get underway on Sunday as planned?
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Poor little snowflakes. I can't imagine going through life, that upset over everything.
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    What to expect on a Nov 3 day?

    Generally you're not going to fish the Coronado's on a 3 day trip. You will probably take a look for any Bluefin still around, or head down south and fish Yellowtail and rockfish around Colonet if the Tuna are not on the chew.
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    Bait tank fill time75 gallon blue water

    7 to 8 minutes is the correct fill time from what I've always been told.
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    Political BS Boat Parade in San Diego Bay

    Anyone doing this?
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    That makes it 94% for trump and 85% Biden
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    Ab 3030 today

    So I have read this bill a few times and I still can't figure out what areas specifically will be closing.
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    The little whaler that could

    Nice job on the solo trip.
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I was asked why I don’t take Covid and the mask situation seriously. I said that I do take the virus seriously. I believe there is a virus and that it is dangerous. But the people who are disseminating the information to us have a long, long track record of lying to and showing dismissive...
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    Wood tackle boxes and tackle storage in general

    I built two wood box's over the past few years. Both open only in the front so I can get to everything even when it's in a tackle rack on the boat. They are built for my liking, so everything is where I like it to be. That is the best thing about building your own box , you can customize it...
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    Swim platform mounted 30 gallon bait tank?

    I've had mine on the swim step for 15 years no problems.
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    Statewide fishing closure for CA could be next

    Me too, going out on the Vagabond on the 8th I hope
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    Statewide fishing closure for CA could be next

    Just saw that San Diego is closing bars for the 4th of July, sure hope sport boats are not next. I don't think I can take another government overreaction to this CV-19 shit.
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    San Diego Bay boat ramps

    Has the parking at Shelter Island ramp been filling up still on most weekend days? Is Pepper Park a good alternate (parking safe for your truck)?
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    Jig recommendations

    For the bluefin, my best jig has been the flat fall. For yellowtail, my go-to jig is a blue/white salas 6x & 6xjr. On the same trip. hope it's a good one.
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Please list some examples of how you are oppressed in this country.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Yep, my bet would be on, they will not address it until the meeting on the 23rd.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    If I recall correctly, they said after the state approves it, then it go's to the county health adviser or something like that.
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    Did June heat leave on rr3 leave

    AIS information shows the boat still at the dock.
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    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    Seems like all they did , was kick the can down the road.
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    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    So that means no sport boats until at least the 23rd.
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    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    Did one of them say they would expect to re-address this on the 23rd? After they send the request to the Gov?
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    Are masks a deal breaker?

    The reason I say it's a deal breaker for me, is that I get claustrophobic in one of those things. Very hard for me to even have one on for an hour. That is aside from the idea that I don't think they will prevent anyone from getting CV19 if it's on the boat. If it's on the boat everyone will...
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    Seattle on fire

    With all these riots nation wide, do you think we will get a rise in COVID 19 cases? not much social distancing going on here. LA on fire too.
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    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Vagabond, Independence, Red Rooster, Royal Polaris and American Angler. All good capt, and crews. It's been said all over, look at the schedules that fit your schedule and go for it. Keep in mind, once you have done it once, it can become a habit. 20 years ago, I went from only doing 1 to 3...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    I would love to jump on this trip, but the thought of wearing a mask for 15 days would just take all of the fun out of the trip for me. I get claustrophobic just going to the store for an hour in one of those things.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Only 14 on RR3, that would be a nice trip.
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    MCRD Ramp

    I'll bet. When I hit the hole I had to pull the boat off and reposition the trailer before I could get the boat out of the water. Most of the time, it's an easy place to launch. Hope they open it back up soon.
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    MCRD Ramp

    I've been launching out of MCRD for 15 years, only hit that hole once. Thought I was never going to get the trailer out of it.
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    MCRD Ramp

    Thank You. I'm 250 miles away and don't want to make the trip if I can't get the boat out.
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    MCRD Ramp

    Any update on the ramp and base access for MCRD?
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    California lock down.

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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    So Mike on the Vag is letting folks roll trips to next year that are that far out? Good news, I didn't think to even ask him about that yet.
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    8 day weather

    I have an 8 day that departs on May 31st this year. Hope it go's, but I'm not holding my breath this year.
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    8 day weather

    I've been on several June 8 day trip, kind of a crap shoot on the weather, but most of the time I've had good weather. I always bring a rain jacket, long sleeve shirts and some kind of head cover. But I think I've been in short sleeve shirts more than cold weather stuff especially as you get...
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    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    Don't forget some kind of vessel assist (towing) just in case. Fishdope helps too. I think your maint bucks are too low.
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    Shogun 3-Day May 15-18th

    Phase 4?????? That's no good. It's going to be hard enough to get into phase 3, Phase 4 will probably sometime late in the year or next year.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    You can always use plastics.
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    Update - Shelter Island Launch ramp CLOSED sat 1 Pm

    What are the symptoms to see if your truck has corona virus from the parking lot?
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    I think the boats need to be careful with the testing part of any plan, as it could open them up to legal actions in many ways. If someone get a false positive from a test done by a crew member or office staff, just the anxiety it could cost someone might be grounds for legal action. Not...
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    PENN new product wish list

    Would love to have a two speed option for the high speed Fathom reel , the 7.1 ratio is great for getting bit, but it’s hard to reel in a large fish on that gear ratio.
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    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    I used Izor for a long time and thought it worked good, I recently tried P-line but I don't really like it that much, it seems to kink up a bit. Just got some Sufix lne to try on my next trip.
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    Favorite Santee/El Cajon mechanic?

    The boat grotto in El Cajon
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    Looking for boat with private stateroom,any suggestions

    Vagabond has 2 and 3 man rooms, I know you said 2 day trip but he does have room on the Sept 5 day leaving on the 2nd . Don't know about the rest of the schedule.
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    Question about tip

    Don't let the tip amount stop you from going on your trip.
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    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    Realy like the idea of the extra pump that can connect to the batt's, never thought of that. but will be making one up right away. Just last week I was testing my pump, it worked fine however the hose had a split in it and the water was not making it over the side, it was just recycling back in...
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    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    I did two 9's over one 12. I like it better.
  53. talltales

    Warship off San Pedro

    USS Scout Avenger class Minesweeper. As stated above, conducting mapping and training
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    Looking for the Penn Fathom of fishing rods

    Take a look at the Penn Carnage rods
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    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    I have fished with Matt more times than Jeff, both of them do just fine with the boat.
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    Cow tuna trips

    Fishing is about spending time on the water, maybe catching a few fish and getting away from everyday life, be it for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks. Remember you’re on vacation; enjoy the trip, the sights, the boat and the people. Fish like you may never get to fish again.
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    JRI 8 Day Oct 2018 Roll call

    Thanks to John and JRI/Blue Pacific Tackle for a great trip. hope to go next year. anyone get a picture of the jackpot fish?
  58. talltales

    Boat2Trailer Drotto Latch - Automatic Boat Loader

    Looks about like what I use for my boat, Mine is a Ramp-N-Clamp. I like it because I launch and recover my boat by myself most of the time and it too big to reach down from the boat to secure the strap without climbing over the rail. This one looks like a little better design than the one I use.
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    JRI 8 Day Oct 2018 Roll call

    Is this the Vagabond trip leaving Oct 6th? If yes, then I'm on it, can't wait.
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    Independence/Seeker 8 day 2019

    Did that trip this year. we fished for yellowtail,Bluefin, and even got a few Yellowfin and grouper. Good crew, boat and food. The Seeker rep had some good giveaways for everybody. Our weather was good for this trip. Thinking of signing up for it again.
  61. talltales

    Stuff I've learned

    I have this on the inside of my box: Fishing is about spending time on the water, maybe catching a few fish and getting away from everyday life, be it for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks. Remember you’re on vacation; enjoy the trip, the sights, the boat and the people. Fish like you may...
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    Break Out Another Thousand

    Noticed mine were leaning when I was backing up the boat last week. Not looking forward to the results of inspection. Good luck with your work.
  63. talltales

    Cheerleaders and the NFL (NFR)

    It was only a matter of time before that was going to become something you see on the sidelines.
  64. talltales

    Ease into it, or jam it in?

    I went from 1.5 day trips to a 9 day trip to a 15 day trip in 1 year. Never had a problem,( except now I want to go on long trip waaaay to much) All of the long range boats in S/D are good, but you may like some better than others (you just need to try a few) A 3 day is not a big step up from...
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    Seeker 8 Day 6/24-7/2 Independence Report

    Great report Steve, was fun fishing with you.
  66. talltales

    PQ Limits BFT 60-90#

    What boat are you gong on. I'm heading out Sunday on the Indy
  67. talltales

    Need steps to get from trailer to bow

    I have a set of fold away steps on mine from quality mark, a little expensive but they work.
  68. talltales

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    If your talking up the little channel back by the Marine base, I've seen folks there and they are not bothered by anyone that I know of. Just don't try to tie up at the Marine base if your not active or retired military.
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    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    I understand it opened on the 16th, but I'll check over this weekend when I come down to San Diego.
  70. talltales

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    well at least they got MCRD ramp back open. I know it only helps a few of us but at least we got something
  71. talltales

    MCRD Boat ramp reopens

    Thanks for the update. glad t see it reopened on time.
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    Please put me in Pats: 24 Eagles: 21
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    Shelter Island launch ramp update pictures

    Lots of work to do still. For the folks that launch out of MCRD, I talked to them and they say they are still on schedule for the 15th of March to re-open.
  74. talltales

    Indy - Any recommendations

    You should give the Indy a try, It's a great boat and good crew. I'm on the Seeker June 8 day trip.
  75. talltales

    Indy - Any recommendations

    You should give the Indy a try, It's a great boat and good crew. I'm on the Seeker June 8 day trip.
  76. talltales

    Fall Trip advice-Guadalupe

    I did two trips in 2017,one in November and one in December. The November trip was way better fishing however both trips did well. Pack your patients, (along with your 80lb and 100lb outfits) these fish can be tough to catch. Vagabond has two trips in November one is a JRI jig tip.
  77. talltales

    Shelter Island launch ramp update pictures

    Anyone know how the dredging project back by MCRD is going? Would be nice to have that ramp back open in March.
  78. talltales

    2.5 Colonet trip

    John and the JRI folks put on a great trip, you should have a good time. Hey John, I landed all my yellowtail including a 43 pounder on the high speed Penn reel I talked you in to.
  79. talltales

    2.5 Colonet trip

    That was just on the 17th of this year 2017.
  80. talltales

    2.5 Colonet trip

    I was just at colonett on the way home on my last trip in Dec. The Yellowtail were hitting the jig very well. I used a 6X heavy in Blue/white on 50 pound mono. They hit the dropper loop as well, 60 to 80 pound mono with 1 to 2 pound weight was working. Fly lined with 40 and 50 pound mono and...
  81. talltales

    Guadalupe updates

    I went on the Vagabond, base trip cost was 2600. I went in November and we had no trouble with sharks and the average fish was about 130LB.
  82. talltales

    Guadalupe updates

    You gotta be on a 5.5 to 6 day trip minimum. Went in November for the first time. Great trip well worth the cost and time. If you have never been and want a shot at 100LB + fish, this is the place to go. Really only need about 3 rods, 80, 100 and a bait catching rod ad you can get by just fine.
  83. talltales

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    I've heard the same thing. Gotta start in our own house before we can point the finger at someone else.
  84. talltales

    Independence 10day 12/9-12/19

    I'm on this trip, lot's of options for the boat to fish. would like to have a shot at Wahoo, big tuna, yellowtail and some grouper. Looking forward to fishing with John Collins too. See you on the boat Mark
  85. talltales

    December 10 Trip

    Lew provided a great answer. I'm scheduled for a 10 day in Dec on the Indy. The only problem with this kind of trip, if you want t call it a problem, is you need to bring lots of gear because of all the potential target fish. In my past trips we fished for everything from school sized...
  86. talltales

    FS Fiberglass Dock Box

    I don't want to hijack your post, but can you give me anymore info on the dredging plan at MCRD?
  87. talltales

    With the construction on the SI launch ramp, are you slipping your boat this summer?

    probably will launch out of Chula Vista and make the bay run.
  88. talltales

    Does everyone else get the same disappointment from their sonar?

    Was having the same trouble with my Lowrance system. Put an Airmar 1000WT transom mount on it and it works a lot better in the deeper water.
  89. talltales

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    High speed in to one of the islands would have been another option. The islands have taken out a fair share of boats over the years.
  90. talltales

    California MPA Meetings Upcoming

    I figure there are only two ways the information will be presented. Either the current MPA's are so effective they need to be enlarged to protect more fish, or they are too small and need to be bigger to achieve the desired results. Either way, we will come out on the short end of the stick...
  91. talltales

    Guadalupe 2017 trips

    Vagabond just listed a 5.5 day trip in November
  92. talltales

    New Shelter Island Ramp Coming Soon??

    What is the plan for the old rocks that will be removed? I hope they can make them into a reef in local waters or beef up the jetty in the bay.
  93. talltales

    Shelter Island ramp renovation

    So what do you think they will do with the old rocks once removed? New structure outside of the bay?
  94. talltales

    Trip 5 on Vagabond Calstar trip 5 day!

    I'm on this trip too. We have a little while for fishing to develop still, but planning for Tuna, Yellowtail and a little bottom fishing to cover all of the bases. This time of year it's a little bit of a crap shoot. I'm thinking Benitos or San Martin for the yellowtail and offshore looking for...
  95. talltales

    Taking our freedoms away and making us criminals all in one vote

    in other words, this bill would have benefited outdoor recreation not environmentalist.
  96. talltales

    Just got my boat - now what?

    shoot me an e mail and I can send you a little fishing guide I'm working on for San Diego and Mission bay.
  97. talltales

    "I consider them PERMANENT CONSERVATION AREAS!”...

    CF&W can't seem to remember anything about the five year evaluation or reopening either.
  98. talltales

    "I consider them PERMANENT CONSERVATION AREAS!”...

    I agree, I don't think the intent to re-open the MLPA's ever really was part of the master plan. I was concerned that the 5 year review would turn in to a push to close more water, so maybe 10 years before a review is not that bad.
  99. talltales

    Winning the jackpot?

    On most of the trips I enter the jackpot on, Galley and trip tip are done before the jackpot is determined. When I've won in the past, I keep enough to pay for parking and breakfast, the rest goes to the crew
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    December 5 day

    Yellowtail and rockfish most of the time
  101. talltales

    December 5 day

    Yellowtail and rockfish most of the time
  102. talltales

    AAA for boats ?

    I have Vessel Assist for on the water towing and AAA for my insurance. Never used the AAA but VA has provided help 2 times. Both times they were very good to me.
  103. talltales

    American Angler vs Independence

    Indy gets my vote, however I've never fished the AA. Hard to beat the room on Indy, you really will not notice a load of 30 or 32.
  104. talltales

    JRI / GETSOME Vagabond 3day report.

    This years trip was a little on the tough side, but we managed to put together a great trip. The fish seem to have wanted a fast moving jig so the 7:1 reel I was using really worked out well. Thanks to Jerry and John for all of the giveaways and product support.
  105. talltales

    Trophy bilge pump access

    I'm looking into a new pump. this will help a lot. thanks for the info.
  106. talltales

    Trophy bilge pump access

    Thanks, that's what I was afraid of.
  107. talltales

    Dropper loop knot

    spider hitch gets my vote too.
  108. talltales

    Trophy bilge pump access

    Do any of you have a Trophy with one of the large I/O motors know how to get to the aft bilge pump? Mine has a problem and I can't reach the pump under the motor. I still need to get a mirror to get a good look at it, but I was looking for some advice from the folks here.
  109. talltales

    Anybody on the Vagabond JRI Custom Lures 3day, 1/8-1/11/16?

    I'm on this one. Heard Gordon might be running this one, anyone got the 411 on that?
  110. talltales

    JRI Custom Jigs 3day Yellowtial Special on the Vagabond

    Can you bring some size 3X for the fat guys?
  111. talltales

    JRI Custom Jigs 3day Yellowtial Special on the Vagabond

    Last years trip was a great trip and I'm looking forward to this years trip.
  112. talltales

    Just curious

    I have the reels off. Makes it easier to pack, and I have my rods in rod socks, so the reels need to be off anyway. I will usually have the reels on before the boat leaves the dock and finish rigging up at the bait tanks after I see what the bait looks like. On really long trips 15 days or...
  113. talltales

    Stoked, changed from 3 to 7 day!

    Ya man, I turned my Sept 6 day into a Nov 9 day last week. Sometimes it's good when work gets in the way of fishing. Good luck on your 7 day.
  114. talltales

    1.5 day Pacific Queen report (7/19-21): How to leave local quality fish to find and catch tiny rats

    No Drew did not take this trip out. We took a shot and had a rough trip. Was not very happy but I'm over it and looking forward to the next trip.
  115. talltales

    Making bait for the next trip

    Went on a 9 day last year and the trip before ours had done some bait fishing for us. Thought that was very cool. We made bait at the end of our trip as well for the next guys.
  116. talltales

    Garmin 93SV or Lowrance HDS 9 Gen 2 Touch?

    Just put 2 HDS Gen2 9's on my boat. still getting into the set up's, but so far so good.
  117. talltales

    MerCruiser service in San Diego

    Thanks guys
  118. talltales

    MerCruiser service in San Diego

    Does anyone have any info on a good MerCursier service place in San Diego? I was taking the boat to Hipp Marine, but that is out of the question now from what I 've herd, so I'm looking for a new service location. I was thinking The Boat Grotto at the moment.
  119. talltales

    Fishing on the Indy

    Great boat and crew. 30 people no problem. lots of room up the rail and around the bait tank. food is good and the staterooms are nice as well. Most are 3 man rooms except the upper ones. they have heads and showers down in both the forward and aft stateroom sections of the boat and in the...
  120. talltales

    Fish finder/gps to many choices

    I went through the same thing. I have an old LCX-113 and decided to upgrade to two 9 inch displays, one is a GEN2 the other is a GEN3 and they are linked so the share all of the info. I stuck with the Lowrance mostly because I'm familiar with them and the way their systems work.
  121. talltales

    Hipp marine going out of business

    Both store's?
  122. talltales

    Lowrance HDS 9 touch or Elite 9 with Chirp

    HDS gen 3 will be out in the next few months and will be equipped with chirp. You might want to hold off on your purchase of a Gen 2.
  123. talltales

    JRI Sponsored 3day Yellowtail Special on the Vagabond.

    Good fishing with you again John, Please pass my thanks to the trip sponsors for all of the great giveaways. Great trip on the Vagabond with Mike (aka the bus driver) and his crew, as always.
  124. talltales

    JRI Sponsored 3 Day on the Vagabond.. Jan.

    Signed up last week along with my uncle.
  125. talltales

    Vagabond November 1-10

    I posted on the roll call.
  126. talltales

    Vagabond November 1-10

    Good fishn with Mike and the gang on the boat. We had a little problem with the weather early on in the trip and Mike had to work hard to get us on the fish, But overall the trip worked out pretty good.
  127. talltales

    Indy Veterans?

    This is exactly why I built my own wood box that opens in the front. I made it 16 inches tall so it fits on most of the tackle racks on just about any boat. As for your Indy trip, I eco what everyone else has said, you may be a tight fit with your box however you can put the box topside and...
  128. talltales

    Which boat has the best skipper?

    I would think that title would go to the old salts that built the current Sportfishing fleet into what it is today such as Bill Poole and the other skippers of his time. These guys went to places unknown and found the fish and really defined most of the locations we fish today.
  129. talltales

    Roll Call: Vagabond Phenix 9 Day, Nov 1st.

    I'm in, just about all packed up. Gotta figure out where we're going to park with tackle days happening on the 8th. I assume we will need to be in the overflow lot.
  130. talltales

    JRI 8 day on the Vagabond is done.

    Thanks for the report, leaving on the November 1st 9 day and it can't get here fast enough.
  131. talltales

    10/4 Nado islands

    Yep, I was at the islands too, lots of Bonitos and a few yellows. Defiantly a challenge to keep the dog's off your fish once you got one hooked. Fished 30 and 40 pound and horsed them in as fast as you can.
  132. talltales

    Trailer boat verses in the water boat

    Thanks for all of the input. I'm looking at just about every type and size of boat to see what's out there that I can afford to buy, maintain and still get sufficient use out of. Lot's to think about and plan for.
  133. talltales

    Trailer boat verses in the water boat

    Wow no paint for 10 years! Thats gotta be nice
  134. talltales

    Trailer boat verses in the water boat

    Thanks everyone.
  135. talltales

    Vagabond Sportfishing experience and opinions please

    I'm on this trip too, see you on the boat.
  136. talltales

    Vagabond Sportfishing experience and opinions please

    I don't know if I can speek for why the boat costs less to fish than the other long range boats. It could be the age or maybe because it's not as plush as the other boats or it could be because Mike is'nt paying a big purchase price on the boat still. But I can say I've never come off the boat...
  137. talltales

    Trailer boat verses in the water boat

    So I've been toying around with the idea of stepping up from a trailer boat to a larger boat, something that stays in the water around 28 to 30 feet or so. What are some of the costs I should be looking for that are associated with keeping a boat in the water verses a trailer boat? I was...
  138. talltales

    Vagabond Sportfishing experience and opinions please

    I've fished the Vagabond at least once a year for the last 9 or 10 years. I love this boat for the 3 to 5 day range and I'm scheduled for the November 9 day this year. I really like Mike, easy going and his crew has always been good to me. As has been said, the boat is one of the older boats...
  139. talltales

    New years trips

    I'm with Steve K, Rooster. It was a great trip had a lot fun with the other folks on the boat, but you can't go wrong with any of the boat that make this run.
  140. talltales

    8-24 Father Son YFT trip Success

    Great report and some fantastic pic's Nice job.
  141. talltales

    Bluefin Fishery... Get em now!!

    The whole future generations thing really bothers me because they never designate which generation will get the benefits. We've had deserts closed for 50 years in the name of future generations, and the MLPA's are the same way. Which generation are we preserving it for? I want dates and...
  142. talltales

    3 Day on Vagabond July 28

    Yellowfin and Dorado I would assume
  143. talltales

    boat limits

    I've never been on a boat and had a problem catching my own limit of fish (as far as your question is concerned)not to say I catch a limit every trip. On a 5 day, I don't think you need to worry about it, I would think it would be very unlikely the entire boat will limit out. However, I think on...
  144. talltales

    boat limits

    I've been told that I was at my limit before on a trip. After that I donated fish to anyone who wanted them, the boat or cut them off. As has been stated, most boats keep an eye on the total count, however you should keep track of how many fish you have in the hold or have an idea what your...
  145. talltales

    Sport boat on fire?

    WOW! I just watched the video that was posted. That was a beautiful boat.
  146. talltales

    Sport boat on fire?

    That's a bad day at the boat yard. Hope the Excel did not get any smoke damage.
  147. talltales

    Monster Long Beach and Bass

    Nice catch Dan. That was a monster bass.
  148. talltales

    Bait out of SD?

    The last report I saw(5/21/14) it was all chovie
  149. talltales

    Upcoming 8-Day Trips - What's the Scuttlebutt?

    I'll be on the Indy leaving on the 31st, I haven’t been on a long range trip this early in a few years so no idea where we're heading but figuring the rocks/ridge and a little offshore BFT maybe an island. Hoping for the best, planning for just about everything I can think of.
  150. talltales

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    My basic phillosiphy for fishing is this: Fishing is about spending time on the water, maybe catching a few fish and getting away from everyday life, be it for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks. Remember you’re on vacation; enjoy the trip, the sights, the boat and the people. Fish like you...
  151. talltales

    Vagabond 9 day, Nov 1st

    I'm on this one. should be a good trip. see you on the boat
  152. talltales

    Is MLPA only a California thing?

    Well I hate to be the smartass about this one but welcome to California saltwater fishing, land of nut job environmentalist's and corrupt regulations. If you go on to the fish and Wildlife web page and look up the MLPA, you will see the maps of all the closures that are currently in place...
  153. talltales

    How many Occult members on here ?

    Shellback and Ditch for me.
  154. talltales

    San Diego Bait Barge Part II

    The barge is on the move this week and will be located over by Island Prime
  155. talltales

    Harbor Boat Rentals are legit!

    I wish I had the money to set up something like this in San Diego. I remember the Outer banks Boat club that ran out of Mission Bay and wondered if this was still a viable service for some folks. I started to look into it but the start-up costs would be pretty high. These guys look like they...
  156. talltales

    What's your 8ft combo look like???

    Penn carnage CARB800M/Fathom FTH25N I usr it for either 40 or 50 pound jigging.
  157. talltales

    November 8 day

    I have a 9 day scheduled on the Vagabond that departs on November 1st,and I'm expecting to fish either the Alijos Rocks, the ridge or as Steve said one or some of the lower banks for Wahoo, Yellowfin (school size up to cows), Yellowtail and probably some dorado depending on location and how this...
  158. talltales

    Pacific Trailer Bunk Board Replacement

    I'm planning on replacing my boards too, why no pressure treated lumber? My boat is not aluminum but would like to know what the deal is on the pressure treated boards.
  159. talltales

    power pro or Izorline Strong Spectra for bft fishing ??

    I have power pro for all of my solid spectra applications, mostly because I like the different colors offered so I can remember what pound test it is, I like the super slick 8 stuff. I've never used Izorline spectra but will probably take a look at it the next time I'm in the market for hollow...
  160. talltales

    Nov 1st 9 day Vagabond Trip

    I'm on for this one too. I'm currently planning to bring: 30lb bait 40lb bait 40lb jig 50lb jig 60lb bait 1 heavy outfit say 80 to 100lb just in case we get into the big ones I think your 50lb set up will be fine for Wahoo. See ya on the boat
  161. talltales

    7-8 Day Help Info

    Indy or Rooster for me
  162. talltales

    Bottom/AnitFoul Paint Necessary?

    I had to have my boat in the water for about a month once with no bottom paint and no scrubbing service. When I pulled it out of the water I couldn't believe the amount of crap that was on the hull in just 3 or 4 weeks. It took me about a week of scrubbing and some pretty harsh chemicals to...
  163. talltales

    What YO YO Jig colors for San Martin Island Yellows

    I'm a big fan of blue and white Salas 6x adn 6xjr.
  164. talltales

    Spectra with short top shop of floro on a jig stick?

    I generally fish mono top shots on my jig sticks. Agree straight spectra is a little violent
  165. talltales

    Rooster fiver 12/26-31

    Great group of folks on this trip. We killed-um especially on that last stop. Like Robert, I got all of mine on the jig up on the bow. Good the meet some new folks on this trip, Steve, Nick, Robert and Jake. Would like to do this trip next year.
  166. talltales

    Question? Xmas 5 day trip

    I'm planning on yoyo and dropper for most of the time.
  167. talltales

    Dredging San Diego

    I haven’t been to the Bay in a while, where are they putting the dredged up material? Are they moving it to shore or are we going to get a new sea mount some ware out off the point?
  168. talltales

    Suggestions for which boat to rockfish right now

    The Pacific Queen is set to start 1 1/2 day trips in Jan. I think they are planning to run every weekend.
  169. talltales

    Your Dream Fishing Boat?

    My dream boat would be the old Crystal, The 110 footer that is down in San Diego. A boat that size can fish any ware you want to go, for me, from Alaska to all points south and then through the canal and over to Florida and back again. Plus it had two smaller boats on it so you can still fish...
  170. talltales

    Bigger, Lighter, Deadlier Stealth Destroyer

    Ugliest boat I’ve ever seen. This thing reminds me of the F-117 when it first arrived on the scene. Ugly but effective.
  171. talltales

    color of braid does it matter

    For me, solid spectra, I use white for 80lb, Green for 65lb and blue for 50lb, mostly so I can remember what each line is. With Hollow I use white (130lb). When using a top shot of mono, generally top off the reel to whatever the capacity is so it varies, When I'm using Fluorocarbon leader...
  172. talltales

    Boat vs. Top Shot ???

    I was on a 2 day in July and they had no issues with it.
  173. talltales

    Clamping Reel to Jig Stick

    I don't know of any special clamp requirements other than to make sure it's tight. I position my reel at the length of my forearm from the bottom of the rod and then make small adjustments from there for comfort and feel.
  174. talltales

    Sponsored trips

    Having been on 2 Izor sponsored trips, they count the reps as part of the total number of passengers for the trip. They have great giveaways as well. We got line, jigs, and a whole host of other items.
  175. talltales

    full or empty?

    I generally keep mine full with additive, especially here in SoCal, where it really doesn't get put on the trailer too long anyway.
  176. talltales

    need advice on mexian waters

    You may want to bring your passport too.
  177. talltales

    Taco Bell tonight anyone? My treat

    I sure am glad I don't eat at taco bell, I live in Ridgecrest where the offender was doing all of the licking.
  178. talltales


    When I got a copy of the press release from DFW, it pissed me off so much that I responded to the e mail and stated many of the same points you talk to here. The reply I got was just about what I expected. Since I sent the e mail from my work computer (I work for the Navy) the only reply I got...
  179. talltales

    More DFW propaganda to make you puke

    Yep I got this too. responded to the sender but I figure I'll either get removed from the mailing list or just disreguarded. I'm sure we are not done with this yet. They want the entire coastline closed so I'm standing by for more.
  180. talltales

    Mid late June 2-3 day SD Boat Recommendation

    I'm a big fan of the Vagabond.
  181. talltales

    Now I've heard it all about the seals in La Jolla.

    Well I'm no expert on the children's pool, but usually environmentalist are all about returning things to their natural state, why not just demolish the man-made pool and see what happens to the seals then. Maybe they will go back to the islands or some other place and the problem will be fixed
  182. talltales

    virtual gun control by a virtual president

    The sad thing is, that you can see on most of the faces of those in attendance, they aren’t buying it much at all.
  183. talltales

    Cow Hunters - MK 30SE or MK 50W

    Got a 239 on a MK30 in Jan. 50 might have been nice but the 30 is easier to hold all day.
  184. talltales

    how long dropper loop for yellotail

    I use a spider hitch and make the loop about 2 feet long, with a 2/0 or 3/0 hook depending on how large the macks are, the sinker is about 1 to 2 feet below the loop on my rig. I adjust the rig as required depending on what is working on the boat.
  185. talltales

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

    Just got out of a command meeting about this sequestration. If or when it goes into effect, the Navy (not DOD just the Department of the Navy) will be 9 Billion short for it's FY13 operating budget. That’s a big hit to absorb and this will trickle down through the civilian sector in many...
  186. talltales

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

    Ya man, I'm looking at a 20% reduction too. I sure wish our elected officials would just do their job and run the country for the good of the country not just for personnel benefit.
  187. talltales

    Indy 15 day Seeker Rods

    Great trip Tom, lots of good people on this one. Brian puts on a fun trip. Independence Capt, and crew were all top notch and of course the boat is a fantastic platform to fish. I was genially surprised when my fish hit the scales at 239.
  188. talltales

    Do I need a report card?

    I believe you must have the proper report card in your possession when lobstering. I don't think DFG will buy off on a homemade card. Not worth the cost of a ticket if they check. Take a look at the DFG web page under FAQ for report cards. seems pretty cut and dry.
  189. talltales


    16 in the high desert this morning.
  190. talltales

    What time is the world gunna end?

    Will the world end by time zone?
  191. talltales

    Confirmed "Hoax"....

    Chargers in the superbowl? Now that’s just really non-believable!
  192. talltales

    Long Rangers?

    Yep, I gotta get out of the desert every once in a while. Can't wait for this trip. Good luck on the Angler trip!
  193. talltales

    Long Rangers?

    "Desert rats like us gotta love Long Range fishing"
  194. talltales

    Long Rangers?

    I depart on Jan 12 on the Indy for 15 days.
  195. talltales

    Elementary School Shooting

    I saw a report that the guy they picked up in the woods was his younger brother, and his girlfriend and another person are missing.
  196. talltales

    Elementary School Shooting

    I'm going home to hug my kid NOW! I can't imagine who could do this or why they would shoot kids.
  197. talltales

    Outer Banks Boat Club

    Yep, you should here from some former members here on the site. I looked into it but decided it was too expensive and just bought a boat instead. I thought it was a good idea though. At one point I was thinking of a plan to set up something like it out of San Diego Bay, but start up costs would...
  198. talltales

    Which truck do you prefer?

    I have a Tundra, It looks good and pulls the boat just fine but the gas mileage sucks even when not pulling the boat (something they never mention in their commercials) But I do like the truck.
  199. talltales

    Float Plans

    So when when you "FILE" your float plan, that just means you give it to someone like your wife or friend not to the Coast Guard correct?
  200. talltales

    Aging Gracefully in Long Range

    "Fishing is about spending time on the water, maybe catching a few fish and getting away from everyday life, be it for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks. Remember you’re on vacation; enjoy the trip, the sights, the boat and the people. Fish like you may never get to fish again."
  201. talltales

    Blue spectra

    I use white on most of mine but I have blue on my 30LB set up. Used it last year on a 10 day and it seemed fine. I didn't notice any difference in hook up or visibility. I have green on a few reels and brown on one, I wouldn't recommend the brown, you can't see that stuff very good even in...
  202. talltales

    Unloading fish

    I tend to ride the boats out of Point Loma and Lee Palm's. The crew offloads the boat, the passengers move the fish up the dock and sort them at the top. I don't get all worked up over moving the fish, just keep a steady pace and work together. No need to get in a big hurry, after all, when...
  203. talltales

    Top US cities for saltwater fishing?

    Yep, California has been the place to leave for a while now, I'd be gone if work wasn't here. But I'm looking in Texas and Florida.
  204. talltales

    Overfishing by Chip Cone

    I guess my biggest problem with this report is that you quote only one side of the argument. I don't see any talking points from any Sportfishing organizations or even the commercial fishing industry. It seems like most or all of the organizations you mention could be referred to as Eco-Nazis...
  205. talltales


    How are the sharks in January.
  206. talltales

    Bob Costas

    If not a gun, he probably would have used a knife or beat her to deth at some time or another.
  207. talltales

    Clarion produces Cows...

    The reports continue to sound great, my 15 day in Jan can't get here fast enough
  208. talltales

    tundra owners

    I tow a Trophy 2359 with mine. Pulls it just fine but you can almost watch the gas gage move when going up hill. 2010 with the 5.7 motor.
  209. talltales

    The Big "E" Enterprise Final Homecoming

    I spent 9 month deployment on that boat, sad to see her go. I think CVN-80 is going to be the next Enterprise.
  210. talltales

    jiggin skippys for bait

    Great question, I hope some of the experts will answer. I was thinking along the same line too. Also what size hook to use when fishing with a skippy?
  211. talltales

    Watch Dan Hernandez 24/7 on your iPad

    Is your show off KDOC? Didn't see it last weekend
  212. talltales


    800 fish in two trips, That's a great catch but I can't imagine this will work out in our favor.
  213. talltales

    Davis Bahia Pilot House

    Nice boat, is 1200 hrs a lot for a diesel motor?
  214. talltales

    Fish Sorting after a trip.

    I think I do my part at the dock. I push carts, sort fish and if they needed it(ad would let me), I'd jump back on the boat and help offload the fish holds. There will always be some who don't help out, they don't sort fish, push carts, catch bait or anything else extra. I've always thought...
  215. talltales

    What is the Best yellowtail recipe

    Yellowtail seems to be fairly versatile to cook in many different ways. I've used it for fish tacos, deep fried it in a Cajon beer batter and BBQ'd it, but one of my favorite ways to cook it is to slice up some onions and bell peppers, put them on a griddle with some butter. Add some pea pods...
  216. talltales

    Cash for your boat....what do you have? - $$$ (I buy boats!)

    I could part with mine if I can get what I owe for it. I'd have to check with the bank to see what the payoff is. 2005 Trophy 2359 5.7 motor 30 gal bait tank Lowrance LCS-113HD Standard Horizon radio It has a small galley Head 12 rod holders Probably more stuff I can't remember.
  217. talltales

    Live Bait

    Still looks like most boats are putting some time catching bait on the longer trips to supplement/replace the weaker bait a little more than usual. Pack some bait catchers.
  218. talltales

    MRE on boats?

    I have a few in my ditch bag for emergencies.
  219. talltales

    VAGABOND #28: 6-Day: September 24-30, 2012

    Great report, I did my first long range trip on the Vagabond and I come back every year for more. Nice to see Tim back on the boat, looking forward to the 2013 season.
  220. talltales

    January 15 day on Independence

    precision fish (Tom) I believe we have fished on the Indy before. A 6 day a few years ago. Good to here you're on this trip too, See you on the boat.
  221. talltales

    January 15 day on Independence

    Thanks everyone. This is great stuff, I can't wait to get going.
  222. talltales

    January 15 day on Independence

    Hey Steve, ya Bishop is pretty close for up here in the desert :>) are you on this trip? I've got my rod selection down, I'm just going through my tackle box and checking to make sure I have everything I need for the big tuna and Wahoo. Do they still chunk on these trips? Really...
  223. talltales

    January 15 day on Independence

    I here ya, I'm going through my tackle list and trying to bring enough for anything that might come up, but not the kitchen sink.
  224. talltales

    January 15 day on Independence

    Well I signed up for my first 15 day trip on the Indy. Really looking forward to this trip but just a little worried if I'll have the chops to handle the fish I expect to catch on a trip of this length. I've been on several 10 day trips but you'll never know until you try. Anyone on this one...
  225. talltales

    Budget Long Range?

    Keep in mind that August is generally the most expensive time of the year to fish on any boat. Take a look at the earlier trips in June or later trips in Oct, most boats have 5 to 8 day trips for a much lower price than an August trip. Early June trips often hit the rocks and have good to...
  226. talltales

    Fluorocarbon Leader

    Most of the time I only use about a rod's length of fluorocarbon, that way the knot doesn't run through the guides when you cast. Or use a longer kind of top shot length directly to spectra(long enough the knot is not going through the guides when casting)
  227. talltales

    Tips for flyline Sardine?

    Here is a little guid that came out of some books I've had over the years. Not the law just kind of a basic guide. Many different hooking methods are used to present the bait to the fish. There is really no perfect way to hook bait, remember the best practice is to present your bait so it...
  228. talltales

    Dan Hernandez 1.5 Day Tuna Trip, Eclipse Aug 28th

    Always nice to me So its the 29th, how was the trip Dan?
  229. talltales

    Severe Motion/Seasickness

    Have you tried getting some ginger snacks. Saw a guy on a trip earlier this year that was eating some kind of snack food made out of ginger. He said he got it at the local grocery store. Seemed to work for him, I've never tried it but sounds like it may work.
  230. talltales

    Vagabond 5 day with Phenix rods & Blackwater

    I love that shot of the yellowtail with the big open mouth. Anyone got a shot of the jackpot fish? Looking forward to the video
  231. talltales

    Vagabond 5 day with Phenix rods & Blackwater

    Would love to share the rail with you again. Good fishin
  232. talltales

    Vagabond 5 day with Phenix rods & Blackwater

    Had a great time at the rail. Thanks to everyone on the boat for the hard work finding us some fish.
  233. talltales

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    PENN, anything else would be uncivilized
  234. talltales

    American Angler 2.5 day Tuna

    Fish the Vagabond next time.
  235. talltales

    Daiwa LD Reels

    I've got one and think it's a great little reel. I fish mine with 65lb backing and top shot it with 50lb. It's been on 4 or 5 trips out to the rocks and ridge and I have a 68lb yellowfin on it with no problems.
  236. talltales

    San Diego Bait Barge Part II

    So if the pier construction would kill the bait, what can we expect it to do to the fishing in the area? I assume it will also be effected in a negative way as well. Movement of the bait barges has got to be a huge pain in the ass for all parties concerned, so it may very well stay put...
  237. talltales

    Phenix Rod/Blackwater- Vagabond 5 day trip

    Looking forward to this trip. This will be my 1st time on this particular trip, Mike said this was a great group of folks to fish with. I've done many tips on the Vagabond before and really like the boat and crew. I'm trying to get a few friends to sign up.
  238. talltales

    3 day trip

    Vagabond, He has some 2.75 days on the schedule and a few 4 dayers for the Sept time frame.
  239. talltales

    Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Caught Off Coast Of San Diego

    Great Nuclear Bluefin! As long as they bite this year, I guess I'll deal with the byproduct of radiation as needed. Probably will donate or give most of it away. I assume this will affect the Albacore too?
  240. talltales


    I was just thinking of posting up a question about the weather for you guys that are in San Diego. I'm 250 miles away and don't often trust the weather reports since I've been burned by them many times. So do I trust them this time? Does it really look like the wind and waves will be up over...
  241. talltales

    Waiting for the Video

    Took a look at their report this morning too, can't wait to see the video. Sounds like it was a blast. Loved it when they were braking all of the basic fishing rules such as not announcing a cast, bait selection and following your fish.
  242. talltales

    local mex requirements?

    If I want to fish Mexican waters, it's from a sport boat these days. My boat stays in U.S. waters and if I want to visit an island, I tow it up to the north to Dana Point and go to Catalina or further up to the channel islands. I just don't see the Hassel and uncertainty being worth it. Nothing...
  243. talltales

    Fishing Mags

    I like Pacific Coast Sportfishing. They do a good job of providing information valid to west coast guys, I took a look at Big Game Fishing and like most of them, they seem focused on the east coast.
  244. talltales

    April's Issue of Sport Fishing Magazine

    Totally understanding this is an April fool's joke, but I sure hope a real Ca. Legislator doesn't get a hold of this idea, I wouldn't put it past them to actually give it a try.
  245. talltales

    Red Rooster 10 day in December

    I was on that trip in 2011, came home with a ton of fish and could have got more if I wanted to( I had a lot of yellowtail at home already) I fished everything from 25lb to 130lb outfits. Capt. Andy had what I thought was a great plan for the trip and we fished 6 or 7 days out of the 10 days...
  246. talltales

    MLPA Monitors (undercover)

    Are any of these people in the San Diego area? Most of the posts here seem to be from the areas north of S/D.
  247. talltales

    CA Fishing Jeopardy

    I've always been under the impression that if you fish two rods in the bay, you need the second rod stamp. I need to check the regs again.
  248. talltales

    How do we judge a trip? (and more pics)

    Great pic's between this post and the other one, I feel like I was on the trip. my take on how I judge a trip: Fishing is about spending time on the water, maybe catching a few fish and getting away from everyday life, be it for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks. Remember you’re on...
  249. talltales

    Larry Brown/ David Choate RR3 16ner

    The RR3 has a great crew, I did a 10 day last December and Andy had me laughing every day. (That guy is the king of the one liner). I gotta get on another trip with them soon. Thanks for the great report David.
  250. talltales

    Fishing Television Help

    The date the fishing was done would be nice for each show. With all of the folks working against outdoorsmen be it fishing or hunting, each and every show needs to explain/show catch and release of some of the fish and discuss the lengths fishermen go through to maintain a healthy eco system...
  251. talltales

    Looking for a specific type of trip

    I took a 6 day last year on the Vagabond that spent most of the trip at Cedros fishing Yellowtail. Have not looked at there schedule for this year to see if they have one listed. Call the boat and talk to the Capt.
  252. talltales

    Long Range Bible???

    I've read most of the books mentioned and whenever I'm on a long range trip I ask questions and try to soak up as much information as I can from the crew and other anglers. With all of that information coming in, be sure to write it down so you can reference what you learned on the trip so you...
  253. talltales

    Bringing whole fish home

    Take a look at a feed store, they have large feed containers with or without lids that can hold lots of fish, but I have no idea how much they would cost
  254. talltales

    Marine Resources Meeting (Bass/Lobster/Report Cards)

    Gee, I thought it would take just a little more than 18 days after the MLPA's went into effect before they started on the next round of limits, closures and regulation changes
  255. talltales

    Who thinks this stuff up?

    More California environmental nut jobs that think they're on the cutting edge of conservation
  256. talltales

    Who's buying a fishing license?

    Got a lifetime license about 5 years ago, when they send me the information, I mark what extra stuff I need (ocean enhancement, second rod and lobster) then they send it back to me in about 3 weeks. We may have lost this battle, but I suspect the war will be an ongoing event for many years to come.
  257. talltales


    I was thinking now would be a good time to build a glass bottom boat and start up an ecotour business. That way the tree huggers can go out and see all the fish they saved by keeping us off the water.
  258. talltales

    Anybody suggest a Boycott of DFG?

    So let me see if I have this correct. As of Jan 1st, I can only fish about 1/3 of La Jolla, about 1/2 of Pt Loma, the 6 mile bank (void of fish anyway), the 9 mile bank (also void of fish), and both bays in local U.S. waters. For Mexico, I must have a Mexican license, a new visa that I have...
  259. talltales

    Mexican Visa News Released

    It seems to me, it would benefit Mexico to make these available online like the license is.
  260. talltales

    Catch calico's and Sand bass in cold water

    I can't believe how much you catch on bucktails, I never catch anything on them. Guess I need to work on my presentation a little more. Thanks for the tip.
  261. talltales

    Red Rooster report

    I was on this trip too, and while we only got 1 big fish, we did manage to get almost unlimited quantity of Yellowtail, Dorado, and school sized Yellowfin. Certainly more than most anyone could want or need. The piles of fish after the trip was very impressive. Capt Andy and crew worked very...
  262. talltales

    Where will the 9-13 day trips that are leaving go?

    I'm leaving on the 9th for 10 days on the RR3, It will be Captains choice for the location to fish but if they ask, I don't know what I'll vote for yet. Run long and fish fewer days or stay up on the lower banks and get a few more days but probably smaller fish, I really want a shot at the...
  263. talltales

    Buying an avet. Need some advice.

    Lots of good advise here from folks who probably know more than I do, but, if you haven’t taken a look at it already, check out Chark Bait's web page, they have an excellent Avet reel tutorial that might help you decide which reel to get.
  264. talltales

    Question about 16 day in April on Indy

    I did a 6 day on the Indy and found this boat and crew to be outstanding. With as wide as the boat is, almost everyone aboard can fish the stern. As already stated, tackle storage is assigned by reservation order. I think 50% gets you a number assigned. I had a top spot on the rack and felt that...
  265. talltales

    any ideas for a second lr trip?

    I don't think you can really go wrong on any of the main long range boats. I fish the one that fits my schedule and budget the best. But I'm also trying to fish most or all of them at one point or another just to check them out. I tend to think you should fish a boat your comfortable on, but it...
  266. talltales

    Looks like its on at the lower banks

    My December 9th trip can't get here fast enough!
  267. talltales

    11/11/11 at 11:11 AM

    Nicely done. Thank You
  268. talltales

    Limiting out

    If I limit out on a trip, there's always catch & release, Hook and hand off, give it to the boat or another angler or start taking pictures of the trip. Probably a few other options too.
  269. talltales

    Lobster:Filling out the report card?

    When I'm lobstering with multiple people, I divide the number of nets up between all of the cards as evenly as I can unless some of them are not planning on keeping anything. In that case I don't use that card unless I need to cover the total catch for limits. I make sure the count on the cards...
  270. talltales

    Mono preference

    Big Game for 15Lb and below P-line 20LB and up to 40lb Izor for 50lb and up to 150lb
  271. talltales

    My response to a MLPA invitation to "discuss" MLPA issues.

    I'm guessing, she did not or could not respond? Thank you for your time in drafting this response.
  272. talltales

    When to start Fishing?

    Thanks everyone.
  273. talltales

    When to start Fishing?

    I have a 15 month old nephew that I hope becomes a fishing buddy someday. So when should I start teaching him to fish, and what's the best way to get him started in fishing? I was about 10 before I started but know there are lots of folks that started way before that. So I need some tips.
  274. talltales

    Requirements for mex waters off SD

    I still can't find the web page where I got this report from, so I can’t say for sure if the license requirement is correct or not. I didn't even know they had two different licenses' available.
  275. talltales

    Requirements for mex waters off SD

    I don't remember where I got this but it has a lot of good info: BOATING IN MEXICAN WATERS There has been a lot of confusion and rumors lately as more and more boaters are being boarded by the Mexi-can Navy while fishing in Mexican waters south of San Diego. There have been documented...
  276. talltales

    How about Tim's Reports?

    I don't have a problem with Tim's reporting. I can take it or leave it depending on the subject matter. I like that he reports on his web site rather than on Twitter or Facebook.
  277. talltales

    Outridder trip yesterday to San Clemente Is.

    Great report, I had no idea you reported in this site. I've used the Bucktail jigs and have done well with them although I don't use them as much as you do. Thanks for the report and look forward to seeing to show.
  278. talltales

    7-Day Independence Trip - Alijos/Cedros/Offshore

    Yep, did a 6 day on the Indy and absolutely loved the boat and crew. would like to get on this boat again next year. Great report, sounds like you had a good time.
  279. talltales

    Vagabond Reviews

    When the schedules come out, this is the first boat I look at. Fished this boat every year since 2000. Mike is a first rate Capt. and will put in the extra effort to get you on the fish. The boat is a little cramped, especially the showers, But can't complain about much of anything else...
  280. talltales

    Vagabond Trip 3 Departs June 11th, anyone else going?

    I will be on the boat for this trip with my uncle, check the Inshore/trip planning forum and look for vag 5 day, We have a few more BD's on this trip. See you on the boat.
  281. talltales

    VAG 5 Day

    My uncle and I are on this trip too. See you on the boat.
  282. talltales

    Long Range Tipping

    I learned from this web site a few years back, that 15% should be the starting point for tip calculation. So 15% is my starting point. It can go up or down(it never has gone down) as I see fit. What troubles me, is why are you poking your nose in other people's business? When I'm on a trip, I'm...
  283. talltales

    Too light??

    Used a 700M with 40lb in Oct 2010 at the rocks and got a 68 pounder on it just fine. You will need a bigger set up for bigger fish, but the 700M is ok for 40 for me.
  284. talltales

    1.5 day on the PQ

    Trying to get out on the PQ this weekend for a 1.5 day rock fishing trip, but it looks like they will need a few more people to sign up to get the boat underway. Any takers?
  285. talltales

    Pacific Queen 3-11-11 San Diego

    So you had a trip and only caught 3 fish, you still caught the boat per person average for this trip. Sometimes you get them and sometimes you don't. Maybe the Capt. was looking for some new spots with less pressure on them. I've fished the PQ many times and usually have a great time. I was...
  286. talltales

    Bucktail Jigs

    I've never really caught too much with them. I try them from time to time out in the kelp beds and rock piles. I Probably need to learn to use them better too.
  287. talltales

    Caught this -What is it?

    Good on you for getting this back to the Navy guys. Thanks for lookin out!
  288. talltales

    Caught this -What is it?

    Boy-o-Boy, this sure did stir up a shit storm around the Navy in San Diego. The guys in the Marine Mammal program would really like this thing back.
  289. talltales

    Caught this -What is it?

    Talked to one of my friends about this. Looks like its belongs to the Marine Mammals division (Dolphin trainers).
  290. talltales

    Caught this -What is it?

    Got some people trying to track it down for sure, but it looks like a device used by EOD, SEALS or the Dolphin trainers. Where in the bay did you get it?
  291. talltales

    When does MLPA start?

    I thought it was around June or July for some reason
  292. talltales

    la times article.

    It's a shame the article failed to mention what the estimated cost to tax payers is for this program.
  293. talltales

    Listen live to the Dec, 15th F&G Commission meeting now.

    I would not say who is next as much as I would say what's next. It would not be a surprise to me to here the enviros say within the next two or so years that either the closures are working so well that they need to be expanded or that they are not working and need to be expanded to improve...
  294. talltales

    2011 License

    Got a lifetime license a few years back, but I haven't received my 2011 license yet.
  295. talltales

    Cows, Super Cows, and ?

    I like Holy Cow, probably what they said when it hit the deck.
  296. talltales


    While I would have been disappointed with the canceled trip, I think I would have the most trouble deciding which option to choose. Very nice job Intrepid.
  297. talltales

    More INDY questions . . .

    For rod holders, you get 3 on the side with your number and 1 on the rack above the tackle box storage for ready service. Your remaining rods go up front in any spot that has no numbers assigned to them, overflow rods go up top.
  298. talltales

    Best LR boat for Mom

    I got on the Indy this year for the first time. Very nice boat, lots of space at the rail and in the state rooms and galley.
  299. talltales

    Link to view DFG Meeting Oct 20th

    If you alienate the fishermen, they will not support the DFG in enforcement. If the fishermen support the selected MLPA they will assist DFG in enforcement. This is absolutely correct.
  300. talltales

    Link to view DFG Meeting Oct 20th

    Are you fucking kidding me! They must have been reading book about the reefs in Australia being destroyed by boat anchors and applying it to California. This is painful to hear.
  301. talltales


    Looks like a ride down any So Cal freeway during rush hour. I see guys do this all of time on I-15,10 and 91.
  302. talltales

    Indy Challenge 6 day Oct 2-8

    Hey guy's Great fishing with you. We had a good group of folks on the boat and the boat was everything I had imagined it would be. I look forward to sharing the rail with you again next year if our schedules match up. Ron
  303. talltales

    Wahoo Techniques

    Thanks, Sounds good.
  304. talltales

    Wahoo Techniques

    Spike, That’s great advise, I'm heading out on the 2nd and hope to get my first hoo. For trolling, can you troll bombs or should you just troll the marauders?
  305. talltales

    the Star going to Clipperton May '12

    What's the cost of this kind of trip?
  306. talltales

    Anyone going on the Indy Extreme Challenge 10/2

    Sounds good, I'm bringing: 20lb light bait outfit 30LB Bait 40LB Bait/Jig 50LB Heavy Bait 80LB Heavier Bait/trolling/whatever Looking forward to a great trip. See you there.
  307. talltales

    Anyone going on the Indy Extreme Challenge 10/2

    I'm on this one too. This will be my first trip on the Indy. What kind of set up's are you taking? Any thoughts on a destination? I was thinking the rocks and or Cedros.
  308. talltales

    2011 schedule for all lr boats?

    Around Oct most of the time.
  309. talltales

    USS Iowa battleship is coming to the Port of Los Angeles!!!!

    I wonder what they will do with Turret number 2 if they get the boat. They lost a lot of Sailors when it exploded and never repaired it after that.
  310. talltales

    What is the Story on these Invisa Swivels

    Got a few bags in the 55lb range but haven't had the chance to really test them yet on anything over 20lbs.
  311. talltales

    Deadlest Catch

    Thought it was the best show they have produced yet. Would have liked to have seen that while Phil was still alive. He lived a hell of a life. RIP Capt Phil.
  312. talltales

    Kern River Fishing/Camping Help

    Don't know if you've thought about it, but most of the camp grounds this last weekend were packed full around 10AM. You may need reservations. Also the average temp was about 95-100 along most of the lower river areas over the weekend.
  313. talltales

    1 to 2 day charters from San Diego

    Pacific Queen
  314. talltales

    Bait Tank Location Deck or Swim-Step

    I have a 30 gal on the swim step. I would have rather it be on the deck for ease of access and maybe a little better ride for the bait, but I couldn't get it to fit without interfering with the engine hatch. I don't see much difference in gas mileage with it full or empty, but I think it takes...
  315. talltales

    1.5 day on the PQ 6/25-6/27

    Fishermen's landing has it as a definite go for this trip. Looks like we have 8 on the boat so far.
  316. talltales

    1.5 day on the PQ 6/25-6/27

    Heading out on the Pacific Queen June 25/PM - 27/AM for an early season tuna hunt if they get enough people to sign up for the trip. Doesn't look to good, only two signed up so far.
  317. talltales

    John Finn, The passing of a true american Hero

    I had the pleasure of meeting John a few years back when he was about 97. He would tell his story the way it was and didn't care if it was politically correct or not. He loved to talk, not just about his WWII experience but about his life in general. He always had time for a picture if you...
  318. talltales

    who to vote for?

    I sent an e mail and letter to Meg Whitman asking for her stand on the MLPA's and never got anything back. Not sure what that means, but I would not hold my breath for any of the candidates to be big supporters of fishing or hunting. I guess it comes down to which one will do the least damage...
  319. talltales

    More Newbie Questions: Budget

    For a 10 Day trip, I budget $1,000.00 over the listed price of the trip to cover everything from tax,permits,jack pot, galley tab, tip, parking, and extra gear as needed ( within reason). Fish processing comes from another fund depending on how many fish I caught.
  320. talltales


    I've been looking at the new proposals for the 10 Nov 09 meeting of the BRTF. Can't decide which proposal we should be supporting for this round. Do we still support proposal 2 or are we looking to support one of the other options that the BRTF created on the last day of the Oct meetings? Got...
  321. talltales

    Build our own reefs

    If they ever start/complete the improvements of the Shelter Island ramp, they will need a place to dump all of the rocks that make up the current basin. Rocks that were already used in the water could be a start for the reef and the enviros may not complain too much about the use of that...
  322. talltales


    Sounds like a good guy, what are his feelings about the MLPA. Maybe he could pitch some info on KGB.
  323. talltales

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    I'll take shirts and stickers as well
  324. talltales

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    Yep, looks good to me. Really appreciate all of the work on this. I'll have this in the window of my truck and boat by the end of the day.
  325. talltales

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    I really like the direction rdrrm8e is going, The sign is good the way it is, but if I were going to make a suggestion, I would put Conservation Not Closure at the bottom rather than No Ocean Closures. That way we show that we support the conservation effort but not the way the State is going...
  326. talltales

    Trolling advice needed

    I think most boats will tell you to bring your standard assortment of tuna trolling feathers. Then take a look at what the boat rods are rigged with or ask the crew what has been working best. If your looking to bring just a few rigs, I would bring a Black/Purple, Mexican Flag, and Green/Black...
  327. talltales

    someone please post a cheat sheet

    pm sent
  328. talltales

    Parking for Long Rangers

    I've always parked in the main parking lot for long range trips with no problems. But I thought the parking fee was $7.00 per day. If the Albies get going, the parking lot fills up and it can be a challenge to get a spot in the main lot.
  329. talltales

    I bet this guy just shat himself!!!!

    It is very unlikely that it was floating. That kind of Missile is made out of steel and was fired from an F-15 in 2004. Still, not a good idea to bring something like that on your boat. He was very lucky.
  330. talltales

    I bet this guy just shat himself!!!!

    That was a test Missile with no active warhead. The motor was fired so he was not in much danger.
  331. talltales

    Best 2 Day Boat??

    I like the Pacific Queen and Islander too. Both Captains work hard to put you on the fish.
  332. talltales

    royal polaris questions

    I did the same trip last year ans can't say enough good about this boat. You will be happy with your choice to long range on the RP.
  333. talltales

    Pacific Queen?

    Highly recommend this boat, The Captain and crew are first rate. I try to get out on the PQ at least 2 or 3 times a year. They will work hard to put you on the fish.
  334. talltales

    Marking Fish?????

    I have an LCX 113 that does the same thing, I have been working on the manual settings, but still have not found the fix for deep water. I've tried setting the depth at different levels, adjusting the sensitivity, and a number of other things and it still looks the same. I also sent an e mail...
  335. talltales

    What was the FIRST CattleBoat you Fished.

    The Champ with Capt, Joe Dunn around 1974
  336. talltales

    gearing up for long range?

    I just came off a 10 day on the RP, They had a group of about 7 guys from out of state on the boat that only used boat gear, and all of them went home with at least 1 fish over 100lbs.
  337. talltales

    Breaking news

    I'm on the Thanksgiving trip that departs on the 18th, It will be my 1st trip on the RP, It sounds like Frank will be running my trip too. I'll be keeping an eye on the reports from this trip. Sure hope it works out for the boat.
  338. talltales

    San Diego Boat Storage

    I see that you are a former Marine, If you retired or have access to the base, check MCRD.
  339. talltales

    Olympic Boat Center

    Thanks sounds like I'll be making a stop at seawitch to take another look at seaswirls.
  340. talltales

    Olympic Boat Center

    FB Coach Thanks that's the info I was looking for.
  341. talltales

    Olympic Boat Center

    I talked to the guys from the San Diego Olympic Boats while I was at the boat show. I'm looking at a Trophy boat and wanted to know if anyone has good or bad things to say about the this dealer.
  342. talltales

    I Need FreshWater Fishing Help

    Since you live in Hemet, you might stop by last chance bait and tackel, they are accross the street from Target, They usually have a good idea of the hot bait and good information on DVL.
  343. talltales

    Trailer unloading procedures

    I get the boat as ready as I can off to the side or anywere out of the way before moveing to the ramp. I also leave the safety chain and strap connected until the boat is in the water. Never had a problem with the boat sliding off the trailer, but feel safer with the chain attached. Start her...
  344. talltales

    Fathers Day Trip

    Pacific Queen has a 2 day trip scheduled for fathers day