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    Replacing guides on a Dave Bell wrapped rod

    Once changed, your Dave Bell value for the rod is gone.
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    For Sale boston whaler parts

    I'm interested in the railing. PM sent.
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    Black Truline rod

    How long is this rod? VBG stands for Very Big Game. Nice fishing rods but not a ton of collector value. If it's 7 feet it would be a VBG7, if it were 6.5 feet it would be a VBG65 etc. Not as many black ones as other colors, so it's a little more rare. It's not worth a ton of money either way.
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    WTB Old school Shimano TLD 10

    I've got one also. PM me if interested.
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    For Sale All sold.,.,

    Nice D8 Jay. Surprised this one hasn’t moved.
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    WTB I Stoped Looking !

    It’s over 8ft and fishes at least 40!
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    SOLD Truline XR7 7ft Red Glass

    Jiggyn where are you? This is your chance.
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    Who Am I? Fishing Rod Edition.

    How big are the tips on these rods Mike? That's a lot of glass and if they are thin tipped could be cool sticks. Nice Butt shots, now let's see the tip shots.
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    Truline bg 8e

    I have been told that E stood for Experimental on some of the Truline numbers. Interesting find. Is it a full 8 feet long or is it shorter?
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    WTB Roddy BR 80/100 and power master rods

    Very cool sounding rod. How about a pic of the butt to see how much glass you are talking about. I have an interesting Roddy also. Rootbeer glass 12' long, must be a piped BR 100. Has original cork and reel seat. Couldn't be too many of these around either. Anybody know anything else...
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    I better get to cuttin and tuckin

    Maybe Moon will chime in on speed tips. He is the fade king. Nicely done BTW.
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    WTB Lamiglas 528 and 529

    These have a cult following and are probably harder to find than a D8 so the cost is justified.
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    Man, what a difference one foot makes!
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    TRADE Keepin it....

    Surprised this one hasn’t been snatched up by someone.
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    Every Day is the Same

    Good place to be stuck
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    Try it on a different moon phase.
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    SOLD ,.,

    good seller!
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    Truline D8 glass help

    Nice rods. One of the designations for the E on Truline rods is "Experimental". I'd like to hear others input on this one. However, 36's had been around for a looooonng time before that red glass came along, so maybe it is a little different glass layout pattern they used on your rod. You...
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    SOLD Roddy H9

    Hunter 9 is one of their best tapers, love mine. Cool rod that is tough to find. GLWS
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    SOLD ,.,

    I’d like the jb70c. Pm sent.
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    13ft Livingston Refit

    Coming out nice so far. Can't wait to see it done.
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    3 Jays Custom Rods Question

    That looks like most JFK's for sure. The other glass i was talking about is more of the tobacco glass, the real early glass that most rods had from the late 50's./early 60's
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    SOLD Vintage Glass/ Seeker,Roddy,Conolon & Sabre

    What length is the Power Master? 7'6" or 8'?
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    3 Jays Custom Rods Question

    Some of the early 3-Jays definitely had a different look. They must have been experimenting with different glass. I had a couple that had the early brown weave glass similar to the early Silaflex rods. They were not great tapers.
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    Looking for ultra reliable center console suggestion

    You might consider getting a hydraulic seat installed so you can be comfortable when running and be off your feet.
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    For Sale Fishworks Outerwear Pants Size XL - SOLD

    Had a few request pictures, here you go.
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    SOLD Bluefin Mail Box

    Free unique mailbox. In pretty decent shape. Still lots of life left and tons if you were to touch it up or repaint to make it how you wish. In south OC.
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    For Sale Fishworks Outerwear Pants Size XL - SOLD

    I have a pair of black Fishworks Outerwear Pants size XL that are like new. Super nice pants but they don't fit me. They would be perfect for a guy with a 34-35 waist. Used maybe 3 times, look practically new. $50
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    Vintage Truline Rods

    Never heard of a Truline 88. I’m guessing it’s either a 36 where numbers written almost went together or a D8 here numbers look like they went together.
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    where to buy turks head supplies..threader, cord

    Island Tackle has Turk building supplies
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    Rod storage for the house/garage

    And to think some people would make that into a wine cellar!
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    Pj 83

    Way to breathe new life into an old classic! Nice resurrection. Looks really nice and I'm sure will fish great.
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    Ruff N Ready 150 Rod Belt

    I still use one. Way more comfortable than any of the new ones. The weight and suppleness of the leather just molds it to your body. And you can hold all your spare hooks, flouro, etc.
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    Lower Twin Lake, Bridgeport - Help

    For trolling, fish the drop offs and inlets. Ask the locals for the latest trolling intel. The fish those browns munch on move around, and you typically have to get DEEP to have a shot. For bait and lure fishing, get to the inlet early and it should be game on. Took the kids there last year...
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    Bob Sand's custom wrap info

    Wrapped by Bob's Sporting goods in west LA. It was on Sawtelle.
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    Rod ID old boat rental

    Roddy - Root beer glass
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    Took the grandson on his first half day

    Made my day. Way to get him out on the water. Jackpot!!
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    Help me find old sportfishing pictures

    Check out Eric's Tackle Blog.
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    Silaflex magnum pt10?

    You sure it's not a PT 70?
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    The Female Coeds Agree, Utah Lands the Ultimate Recruit

    Funny shit right there!!
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    How long do you keep fish in freezer - what does your freezer look like?

    After a year in the freezer I like to smoke what is left.
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    Roddy H9 Help??

    Roddy H9’s are beautiful sticks. Great taper and action, one of Roddy’s best in my opinion. Rebuild it it your liking and fish the heck out of it.
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    thinking about putting another vintage only tackle.....

    I’m also interested, but gotta be after Thanksgiving for me too. The last one you put on was great. I hope you can make it happen.
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    Dana point Clemente 1/2 day 10/29

    Great post Dad. I like the bent rod behind you in the first picture. Sounds like fun.
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    I had rat issue as well. Tried glue traps, snap traps, PB, etc with limited success. The guy at the local hardware store tells me to use the Tom Cat Gel on the traps, nothing like it. Tried it and worked like a charm. Had a friend who tried all kinds of stuff with no luck. Gave him the Tom...
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    Truline letter designations

    Here is a start guys. I can't wait to see what this thread uncovers for model numbers and names. I have always thought this was an interesting part to the Truline history that has been discussed among collectors trying to figure out rod models. Many of these are documented in lots of Truline...
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    Truline letter designation

    Here is a start guys. I can't wait to see what this thread uncovers for model numbers and names. I have always thought this was an interesting part to the Truline history that has been discussed among collectors trying to figure out rod models. Many of these are documented in lots of Truline...
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    Most stable 25 foot and under boat

    Radon is one of the most stable under the conditions you say you want.
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    Collins Series ????

    Looks like a Collins to me. Show us a pic of the butt cap and that may help. Most of them had a Truline butt cap.
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    What reel to use on a B36

    Pro Gear 280 or 545 for me. Great sticks.
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    Caught some little barred surf perch

    Look at SC Surf fishing website. A ton of info there for you to learn from.
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    Fred Hall Fistacuffs ....

    Something about a deadhead and a jackpot. Must be an inside job.
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    Anyone with a Radon in Kona?

    Give Don Radon a call and ask him. He is still in business and his shop is in Santa Barbara.
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    WTB Truline DM7

    There is also a CO7, XF7, 1x, E47, 5X came in 7'. Lots of seven footers. If someone is looking for a M7 PM me.
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    anyone have info on green glass sabres

    I've seen a half dozen of the green Sabres over the last 15 years in a lot of searching. Most of the ones I'vee seen were 660's. Had one at one time but traded it to a guy who loved them and had to have it.
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    Anderson 22

    I used to own one of these and it was an awesome platform and socal boat. Yours looks especially nice. These boats are very well made. GLWS.
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    Good New, Bad News USC Fans

    Yeah, it's tough when he loses his SECOND game in a year with a O-line that is completely injured. If they can block for him Darnold will get the job done.
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    old green Truline

    I appreciate the rare Trulines as much as anyone but if it's two piece it's not amazing. I think someone with as much experience as you knows what it's worth when it comes in two pieces. It can be an amazing original but if cut, its not worth much. We all know why they cut them, but such a...
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    Calstar 6485...good for bait and jig?

    I think the 6480 was originally a copy of the Truline D8 taper. So, typically it would be a 25-40lb stick.
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    Pro gear 545 or CS 625

    I have both and for surface iron I would always reach for the 625. Higher gear ratio is better for surface iron(varying your retrieve rates) and there is a big difference in the drags on the 625. 625 drag is much more stout than the 545. Both will cast well so these are the differences it...
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    No memory #20-#25 line??

    +1 0n the soft steel
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    Please Delete-no longer for Sale

    Bump from a very satisfied ex Anderson owner. Great boats. GLWS!
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    Eastern Sierra 101: seasoned pros please weigh in....

    Just returned from there last week and all the creeks and rivers are still roaring. Tough to fish them. Do yourself a favor and rent a pontoon boat on a lake of your choice. That will allow you to easily get to the inlets of the lake of your choice. Teh fish are stacked at the inlets this...
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    Kennedy fisher rods

    Not sure what the model number is but I have one and it is the same length and line rating. Killer stick that shuts off beautifully. Nice score.
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    Triton Speedmaster ll Parts

    Try Pet's Just Fishing in Hermosa.
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    Tru Line looking for info

    Nice rod but the two piece absolutely kills any significant value. On the bright side they don't get stolen.
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    Help ID an old rod

    Looks like an old silaflex with those thin walls and glass pattern.
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    Classic Yos wrapped Trulines

    Here are a couple more.
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    Classic Yos wrapped Trulines

    Here are a few from Yo's.
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    Shaver Lake or Huntington Lake

    Going to make a trip to the west side this summer with the family and wanted opinions of Shaver Lake vs. Huntington Lake for a week with the family. Those with experience please give me the differences between these two lakes for recreation.
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    25' Skipjack Flybridge Diesel SOLD 5-2-17 Thanks BD!

    I don't know you Greg, but according to all of the great fish reports I've read with this boat in them over the years the Kawakawa must be an amazing fish raising machine. Surprised to see it for sale for so long. GLWS.
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    1980 Farallon inboard Diesel PRICE REDUCED $25,000 COME GET IT

    It will be interesting to see which of these sell first. Both look nice. GLWS
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    23' Blackman Albacore Special

    I'll bump it because I love these boats. GLWS
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    Roddy BR-100 Rebuild

    "Does anybody have an H9? I traded one to Jimmy Kinsinger for an Oefinger 39. Wished I'd kept it!" I have an H-9 and it is a sweet stick. I also have an old Rootbeer glass twelve footer. Seems to be a factory extended BR-100. It's the only one I have ever seen that long. I also like the...
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    J.Kennedy Fisher 720

    Cool stick! GLWS
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    Just went on a 3 day trip on the American Angler and we had to have them. If you are going to fish SD you are going to need them at some point so you might as well get it done.
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    My first swordfish

    His posts says Swordfish and the first thing I read about is a big BFT, oh and we caught a swordfish too! One helluva day my man.
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    Help ID rod

    It's got all the signs of being a Roddy rootbeer glass rod. The color, plastic winding check, butt cap style, etc. If you pull off the butt cap and it has a super heavy wall that you can barely fit a pencil in then it is probably a Powermaster blank. if you take a picture without the butt...
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    Truline id help needed

    They rated a lot of them 10-80 lb. and it looks like the backside of the -80 lb. rating marks.
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    Wtb 528

    I have a couple. Shoot me a PM. John
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    Truline glass Info

    From your pics the top rod is the red cobra glass, second rod looks to be caramel, and the last one is definitely green glass.
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    You should know your old boat is in good hands with my buddy. Bill, Ed, Johnny and the crew at Anderson Boats did an awesome job repainting the boat and raising the roof recently, (my buddy is tall). Here's a few shots of the named 'Super Bueno' Thank you for sharing these photos...
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    A couple of shots of my old 22 Anderson. I bought it from Bill Duker in Oxnard and used it out of Dana Point for a number of years. It went back up to Santa Barbara when I sold it. It was an awesome boat for me. Bill Duker had restored it beautifully before I purchased it. Great boats.
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    How about an old fishing get together?

    Thanks to Eric for hosting a cool get together. Your bone jig collection is insane! I had a good time meeting people and BSing about the old tackle. Thanks to Dave for bringing his amazing Jig collection. Even though I am a rod guy the jig collections were the highlight of the day for me. I...
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    saturday the 2nd vintage tackle/story show and tell......

    I'm coming and will bring some II sharps that I have. I'll also bring a few oddball rods to share including a couple of green Collins rods.
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    How about an old fishing get together?

    If anyone is going from south OC I would like to try to carpool if the date works out for me. Sounds like a very cool event. Let me know if you are interested in riding together.
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    Have an old Sabre rod in my garage with the guides removed.

    I think that model was an old school rock cod rod.
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    SOLD Pro Gear 545

    Awesome reels!
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    Truline rod ID

    Take a wet towel to the blank and take it in the sun. You may see some faint writing in black. If so, that would be the blank number. Some of them are very hard to see.
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    Truline O126 Octagon

    I own a O126 and I love the rod. I built mine form a new blank years ago and use it as a 25 lb bait stick. It is less parabolic than many of the other Truline models. Mine is a fairly fast taper. I think you will like the rod. John
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    2yft ,1 Dorado ,5 new tires

    You should have flown your five tire flags on the way in. New sate record tire caught on the nine mile bank today. Nice Report!
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    The one that didn't get away... mb

    I'd be hesitant to do that after seeing Hammerheads right next to the boat the past couple of times we've been out.
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    Thankful for Baja

    Sounds like an awesome trip for you and your son Rick. Epic family time for sure. Thanks for sharing.
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    Wtb dynamo butt cap

    Does the C07 make a good 25 to 30 lb. stick? Yes I really like it with 25 mostly.
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    sabre htbs

    Try Pete over at Pete's Just Fishing in Redondo Beach. He had one a while back and may be one of the few guys who knows what a HTBS is since he used to work at the old shop.
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    Tackle Swap Meet

    Any tackle swap meets coming up soon that anyone knows about?
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    Question for you Old Timer Experts:Sabre Blank

    I have a black 660 that I will part with if anyone is interested in it. John
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    Bump for an awesome reel. Good luck with the sale. John
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    PRO GEAR 255

    Bump for one of my favorite reels.
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    TruLine LM8 PURPLE

    Bump for a nice stick.
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    TruLine LM8 PURPLE

    Nobodys looking for those old Trulines!
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    Truline CXM

    There is one on EBay. Go get it! John
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    Shimano rods (Washington)

    They have one at Performance Tackle in Los Alamitos.
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    Pro Gear CS 500

    Silver CS 500 just serviced at Ken's Custom Reels and loaded with fresh 20 lb. PLine. $150
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    calcutta ct 400 power handle

    I have a used one that has some scratches where the cap goes but if you need it I will send it to you - free. John
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    Hotrodding a Shimano TLD5

    Take it to Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside and they will have it spinning like a top. John
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    Truline Resurection

    I like tan lines, they are sexy.
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    Trulines for sale or trade

    It is not 4CR it says YCR for Yo's Custom Rods. Just FYI - you have a rod wrapped by one of the best rod wrapers aroud in Yo's. Good luck with the sale, that is a beautiful rod.
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    Truline OD-8

    There is one for sale at Baja Fish Gear that I saw today. Way high price but like you said you very rarely see them for sale..
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    I'll take it. John
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    Truline question

    You have a rod that nobody here has heard of that is also an octagon. It has to be much more rare than a D8. I would hang on to it. John
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    Took Kellygirl Hoopin'

    This is Dave's new business plan for his charters. We have one price to go out with Dave and help us find Lobster. The price is double if you want Kelly to join the charter! John
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    Pro Gear reels

    I'll take the 255 if you still have it. PM Sent. John
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    FS: Pro Gear CS501-6

    John, I will take it if it is still available. Will be up your way on Monday. Let me know. John
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    Truline rod ID

    That number 1 at the end usually designates it as a one piece rod. A 2 at the end would mean a two piece rod. Model number is at the front of the numbers. John
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    Hopefully not "once in a lifetime."

    Some of my "best days in life" have been fishing too. Congrats on getting away from it all for a day. John
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    YO's Update ~ No Good News

    Sorry to hear this news about Martin. He is on our prayer list. He is such a cool guy and one hell of a rod builder. I love that Yo's classic style. I hope you get well soon my friend. John
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    Truline rods

    Send me the lsit too please - [email protected]
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    vintage fenwick, truline LM9, roddy

    I'm the first to reply and give you my number and then never hear from you and now they are all pending? WTF? John
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    vintage fenwick, truline LM9, roddy

    Interested in the Roddy. I'll shoot yo a PM with my #. John
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    Which Boat fot 1.5 Day

    I have ridden all of them but the Indian and I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices. I like fishing with Markus on the New Lo-An and the boat and crew are top notch, professional and nice low key people that care about their customers. Markus always seems to put you on fish...
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    WTB G-Loomis Hybrid

    Glad I could help you and Moon. JOhn
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    WTB G-Loomis Hybrid

    Call Moon at Fisherman's Depot. He had two in there for quite a while and I was surprised nobody bought them. (562) 925-5200 He is located in Bellflower and I am sure he would hold them for you of you ask him to. John
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    topless frame for the charter special

    How much and where can we get one?
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    Blackfoot River Outfitters comes thru again

    Sounds like another great trip. I would love to see any pics of that Bull Trout if you have them. Thanks. John
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    Surf fishing tricks for Doheny/Dana Point

    Call Hogan's tackle in Dana Point. They are right across the street and will giv eyou the straight scooop on fishing Doheny. 949-493-3528
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    For sale Misc boating items-radios/ant ect

    PM sent. Can you meet tomorrow morning in Oside?
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    For sale Misc boating items-radios/ant ect

    Do you still have any of the radios? John
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    deck hands

    Dude if you are really a repo man like your avatar says that is one business that I would think would still be good these days. The other downside about decking is you are never home to see the wife or family.
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    Anyone have info on old Penguin fishing rods?

    I heard at one time Roddy was making some of the rods that are under the old Penguin brand. Maybe an old timer can verify this. John
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    ACCURATE 500 Question

    Now that is service.
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    Bell Guides

    Call Pete at Pete's Just Fishing in Redondo Beach. He may be able to hook you up. I think I may have a few old ones that are not in very good shape if it helps. How many do you need?
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    Pro Gear cs 501

    I think Moon at Fisherman's Depot in Bellflower has a few left. Give him a call at 562-925-5200.
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    Lightest jig stick??

    You may want to look at the Tady blanks for something light. And a classic light weight reel for throwing iron would be a Newell 332 or 338.
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    Radon 27 x 9.5

    I saw about six different ones on craigslist yesterday. Check out the bay area and all the socal options.
  136. 100 2385

    100 2385

  137. 100 2382

    100 2382

  138. 100 2384

    100 2384

  139. 100 2380

    100 2380

  140. 100 2379

    100 2379

  141. 36


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    I need a little help, whats your go to rig for shallow flatties?

    The ones I have caught came on a carolina rig with a larger piece of Camo Gulp. Light line and light drag with a very sharp hook. It takes patience and is more of a bycatch from surf fishing rather than something I go down to target catching.
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    old Fenwick

    Call over to Pete at Pete's Just Fishing in Redondo Beach. He will be able to help you. He has a cool old Fenwick book.
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    Loomis Hybrid - Yellow Blanks?

    Rootbeer brown was definitely one of the colors they made. Hope this helps. John
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    Sea Sick

    I had the same problem years ago. Asked my doc about it - he said to take the pill (Bonine, Dramamine, etc.) the night before you plan to fish. Then take another the morning you plan to fish and then continue taking it every 4-6 hrs as you fish. This way it gets into your system before you...
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    pro gear question

    Internals are not the same. Older CS models use penn innards and the new CS series uses innards developed by Pro Gear including oversized gears and drags.
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    pro gear question

    The older model numbers include the 255, 251, 541, 545, 440, 454(YT Special) and Wahoo Special. The new numbers include the 501, 551, 600, 625 and 650. Look under the searches on ebay or in the Pro Gear reel's Tutorials on this board to see pictures of the old models. Hope this helps. John
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    Saltiga 20 Clamp

    Do any of you guys have a recommended clamp that works well with the Saltiga 20 for cork tape or cord grip rods. Thanks. John
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    pro gear cs series

    I have four of the new CS series and five of the old classic series. These reels are awesome for the money. I have never understood why ProGear has not gotten more good publicity over the years. As for the freespool, when cared for properly and when the proper bearing oil is used they...
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    Trueline, Roddy or ?????????

    The cork handled reel seat looks like the ones Roddy used. I also have never seen a winding check like that on a Truline. My guess is the red colored blank is a Roddy or Silaflex and the brown one definitley looks like a Truline. Varmac reel seat and blank color and diameter sure look like...
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    Progear Oceanus 30

    Are you using it for surface iron or YoYo fishing? If you are a Pro Gear fan you should consider the Albacore Special 540 for these applications. A bulletproof reel with the proper gear ratio for yellowtail fishing applications. More detail of how you plan to fish for your yellowtail would...
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    Lee Pro KC

    I believe they used mostly Penn Master Mariner parts which are hard to come by these days. I see you are in PV - call Pete at Just Fishing in Redondo Beach and he may be able to help you. They were made in the SF Valley as I remember and some of the tackle stores up that way may be able to...
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    How do I feel about Avet's??????

    Didn't pay $150, got a deal on a pair of them at some bait and tackle shop next to a titty bar in Kearny Mesa Maybe you got a deal on the pliers but how much did you leave at the titty bar?
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    favorite fish taco

    El Taco Nazo in Baldwin Park or Pomona. I have tried most of them between San Diego and Los Angeles and this place is hands down the best. They have a few other locations but I can't remember what city they are in. Any time I am within 10 mile of the place - I am there. John
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    Bought a boat... need some advice

    I used to be slipped next to a guy that had the same boat and the guy raved about how great and versatile that boat was. Congrats.
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    penn YTS VS. 4/0 VS. BAJA SPECIAL

    I was at Bob Sand's in San Fernando Valley today and they have a Newell YTS for $100. Just an FYI in case you want it. John
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    Check out the Clark Fork River that flows right through town or you can float it w/guide.(Throwing streamers this time of year will get you some big boys) The Bitteroot River behind the Hospital is a good bet too. Also, if you go up the Blackfoot River about 30 -45 minutes out of Missoula you...
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    New Pro Gear Oceanus

    Checked these out at the Fred Hall Show and they were impressive. One piece frame, huge, smooth drags, convertible gear ratios, good capacity and all aluminum constuction. For this much reel the price is right. All my other Pro Gears have been awesome and I expect nothing but good things from...
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    P-Bod was a great guy and an incredible source of knowledge for all things dealing with fishing. When I was dealing with him for a mutual friend that passed away who had a bunch of tackle I remember him saying we should just go out for Fred, hook an Albacore and just let go of the rod and reel...
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    Dana Pt. Dodo's 8/2

    Way to go Swazi. Glad to see you getting the Anderson out often this year. John
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    Lefty reels

    Call Dick at Purfields Tackle in LA. He is a lefty and many times has used lefty models for sale. John
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    Lug Plugs?

    Steve, I had a YTS done and Ken's Custom Reels ground down the SS lugs for me. They just mark them with a pen and grind them away. They go to a fine grinder at the end to make them smooth. Good luck. John