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    TRADE Trade 45 ACP 100 rounds for 38 Special in San Diego

    I would suggest you check current regulations concerning private ammo sales. illegal In CA.
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    200hp Merc Outboard only getting 1.2 mpg??

    The right prop versus the wrong prop can be half a mile a gallon. Rig a flow scan and then borrow/rent five or six propellers large-diameter stainless steel ones.3 blades 4blades everything that you can find and then go make some notes run the boat with all the weight that you would normally...
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    Aluminum livewell

    marine grade alum is a necessity.
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    Shamrock motor issues

    3000 rpm and reduced speed equals something slipping. Transmission or a long shot would be a keyway on the propshaft.
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    Spring workups kick off in the Gulf

    Thanks for the write-up. the boat looks interesting, any more pics/info available about the layout. Thanks
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    Kodiak brake thoughts/advice

    A salt away type product sprayed after launch, and at the end of the day helps with longevity of the components. I use a 1 gallon garden pump sprayer and hit the calipers. Quick to do after launching and probably helps while the trailer is salty all day. After wash down of hull/trailer I hit...
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    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    I always try to have tuna salad when tuna fishing.
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    100 hr service gone wrong

    The water pump hsg has a stainless steel cup inserted. that cup can be oriented incorrectly - the hole is off center. That will wear the DS in the area you point out and cause other issues.
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    New 2018 Daiwa Saltist blue

    Does it have the same anti-reverse arrangement as the Saltiga ?
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    Setting up a kite reel

    Have you considered using a downrigger to fly the kite from. Anybody tried, and with what results.
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    see listing under "supplies" First entry. YES
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    For Sale Honda TRX250R 1987 QUAD

    1987. HONDA TRX250R stock plastic.wide front a arms. Shocks professionally re valved with new springs ,pipe w/arrestor .K+N air filter 5 gal desert tank, extra tall desert seat.good tires on Honda gold rims, Extended stem with tall handlebars. 2 extra paddles on rims. Also 2 Honda gold rear...
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    Cod fishing MX waters and then fishing for halibut in SD Bay?

    A nuisance to do , but you could icebox the RC + F&G declaration to the tow vehicle. Then return to fish the bay.
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    Where can I shoot legally in San Diego County?

    Access a BLM map and check open areas near Octillo. Avoid the ORV areas. .Take extra trash bags and do a little extra cleanup while you are. You will find many trashed shooting sites.[assholes] Be safe.
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    South Nine Mile Bank 1/30

    Do you think that the light affects the size of the fish?
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    Slow pitch rods

    Question, what is the support fwd of the reel. The jigging looks like a lot of fun.
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    Yamaha 250 heating up

    The USN security boats have run 225/250 Yamaha for years. If the corrosion problem is not the source then carefully inspect the water tube for corrosion/erosion perforation. Use a bore scope to detect the damage. The tube may look good at the bottom and have holes in it 3/4 of the way up. It is...
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    If you register a gun as AW, can you hunt with it?

    Doesn't the BLM discriminate against RAW on their dirt?
  20. newmar

    Pros and cons of registering?

    Maybe someone can address your actual questions.
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    ] PRICE REDUCTION: $2500.00 I want to avoid craigslist. there is much more than that in just the primers/shot .
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    Seastar or Uflex

    I deal with slipped, Aluminum, USN security boats. I have found that the UFLEX cylinders show corrosion issues at the bottom of the ORB fittings[requiring replacement] after a couple of years. the SEASTAR cylinders, both styles, are a little more resistant. They also erode at the ORB and require...
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    4 MEC RELOADER PRESSES—GRABBERS ARE SET UP FOR HYDRAULIC OPERATION. USED BUT IN GOOD CONDITION. Grabber 761R 28 ga. Grabber 761R 410 ga. Hustler H76 20 ga. Hustler H76 12ga. 1 [ONE] hydraulic pump,4 HYD RAMS, 1 NEWER RAM,1 GOOD RAM, 2 NEED RESEALED [EASY] 1 VERSA-MEC single stage 12...
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    FROZEN....update Mikey has a new Johnson!!

    on a fresh rebuild I would make sure that the timing is correct at idle and again at WOT. it is easy to have the settings change if not tightened or Loctite being necessary to retain settings. retarded timing will kill both idle quality and top end.
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    Bypassing your oil pump on two-stroke engine

    What part of the system failed?
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    Mobil 1 synthetic for my 4 stoke Yamaha 25hp???

    I'm not going to argue with anyone's success. At MERCURY/MERCRUISER tech training we are told that the presence of h20 in an automotive oil kills the detergent package,[due to operating conditions there is moisture in all used 4stroke ob oil] that the marine oils, at least MERCURY MARINE...
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    Yamaha 225 lower unit help

    A long flatblade screwdriver type prybar and a block of some sort to use as a fulcrum. [ wood or aluminum] It will pry up a little at a time, if not just cut it off . Replace all the parts- they need to be there. To seat the new SS sleeve- put the appropriate sized open end wrench that fits over...
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    Baja Camping/Fishing Expedition 6/14 - 6/19 w-pics

    That's a nice mess of spots and corbina. Used to do that at Laguna Manuela. We used to make the trip just to fish the surf. Thanks for posting!
  29. newmar

    What bird gave you your favorite memory?

    While hunting Baja in the mid 70's in the San Telmo valley. I rode my trailbike to a ridgeline ,got off the bike. Looked over the crest and saw that the entire next hill was moving--300 plus quail were exiting the draw below me. sat and watched for a few, checked my shell pouch then started...
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    Japanese to English translation needed.

    Thanks for the support! 1/2hour of yoyo and wrist is sore for two days ..with a small assist reel I think I can get in a full day of fishing. Anyway--- I could use some help with the Japanese part. Anybody?
  31. newmar

    Japanese to English translation needed.

    I have purchased a relatively small JDM electric reel it' s about Penn 500 size. I have a damaged right wrist and repetitive deep drop crank back fast- is very short term for me at this point. I like what I purchased-but I ordered from a seller that did not have an English translation. And the...
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    Keep shoveling!

    It is an aluminum boat-so the propane heater is safe?
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    Outboard diagnosis help? (with video)

    A failing low pressure fuel pump will not keep the VST full of fuel under load--the engine will run until the fuel pressure falls off. the pump will usually run hot to the touch if it is failing. A lot of techs will ignore the lift pump. make sure that it was rebuilt.[ck your invoice the...
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    For all you twisted people.

    This joke was best of the day on DSC- stump the joke czars!
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    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    At the moment Border Patrol and Coast guard are under fuel use restrictions. Not sure about HS. I could see where they might be sticking closer to the Harbor, rather than burn fuel offshore.
  36. newmar

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    At the moment Border Patrol and Coast guard are under fuel use restrictions. Not sure about HS. I could see where they might be sticking closer to the Harbor, rather than burn fuel offshore.
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    What size fish are the pink grouper fillets from.Or alternately what do the fillets typically weigh. [what is another name for pink grouper] Are the oysters typical in size [3-4 in]or are they giants? thanks Bruce
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    La Jolla MLPA DFG watching you

    If he covers you with his radar he can aquire your lat/lon on the plottter. [Some of the new Simrad systems can "watch" 4 or 5 vessels] then a snapshot . At that point he has an electronic visual with the MLPA boundaries and your location saved . This will be used against you. Not sure how he...
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    The "one" pistol?

    Revolver, 4", 357 -DA, Colt/S&W/Ruger. New or used -Blue or SS. the right grips to fit your hand. Couple of speed loaders and various ammo to suite the application. this could be inexpensive [gp100] or pricey[Python] Good to go.
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    mercury 2 stroke help!

    cut open the fuel line @ the engine end and check the condition of the lining of the hose- it can slough off and plug the disconnect and lift pump inlet. if so replace hose, and clean downstream thoroughly.
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    Marty Block maintains an office in Lemon Grove District Address 7144 Broadway Lemon Grove, CA 91945 (619) 462-7878 a lot of us drive past LG daily.There is plenty of parking and the person who answered the phone said that they would accept hand carried correspondence , 9:00-am--5:00pm
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    Socal Local Wins Gold and sets a record at the Olympics!!!

    An outstanding performance I have never shot international Skeet- but I understand it much more difficult than what we typically shoot
  43. newmar

    How to? La Jolla Squid

    I have made Squid in IB and at the the Bull Ring during greylight- but never in La Jolla. Where are they currently being caught, and at what time of day/night? Is it over a specific area or just a general go find them/good luck. I have both the small and slightly larger jigs, does it...
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    Squid Patties?

    Thanks Tommy, that sounds like something i'd like to have in my kitchen and freezer. I'll call
  45. newmar

    Squid Patties?

    Tommy, can you describe the contents and packaging . solid block / iqf /plastic wrapped individually /skinned / tenderized approx size/weight / etc. I am asking because I did not see your demo video.
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    2 Girls in a Pub

    I noticed two large girls by the bar. They both had strong accents so I said "Hi, are you two girls from Scotland?" One of them chirped "It's WALES you f (ing) idiot!!!" So I immediately apologized, and said "Sorry, are you two whales from Scotland?" <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
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    Drone shot down.

    I wonder if you are required to shoot steel at drones?
  48. newmar

    Ha! Tommys on TV!

    A boring Heather and a standout TOMMY made my morning way better than it would have been. That squeamish NewsCrew probably thinks that shrimp come deviened right out of the ocean. In the back of my mind I was hoping that you might volunteer to show her how Uni is processed. Thanks for the...
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    I went to the bar

    I was just trying to work up enough nerve to go to confession
  50. newmar

    Squid pic's

    I am curious what happened to the outstanding pictures of the squid that were taken by the kayaker Jon Schwartz. I saw the post and then later it was gone,or at least I could not find it again.
  51. newmar

    Engine has no

    If the problem is electrical-not fuel related ,the stator has both high and low speed windings- the HS side can fail.that would leave you with an engine that won't rev past 2k under load. [NO LOAD DOESN'T COUNT] It is a pretty easy test with a peak reading voltmeter.In a shop it will probably...
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    very nice-thanks
  53. newmar

    23' Center Console Sea Craft two 150hp Mercs

    If it is still for sale, I would have a couple of questions 619-609-8314 Bruce
  54. newmar

    Remove Volvo Penta V8 Engine and ?s

    The advantage to purchasing a marine pan from volvo/mercruiser [if avail] is that most of them have an excellent corrosion coating. If it doesn't be sure that you provide one yourself. I would also suggest after the new pan is in place that you coat the whole thing with a product from mercury...
  55. newmar


    Very sorry about the seals. Paintballs are good to go as long as the seals are actively interfering with your fishing.[you aren't supposed to just cruise down the bay blazing away while they are on the channel buoys] I'm sure there is a link on here somewhwhere that will provide info.
  56. newmar

    Plastic welding guy- I need one.

    Skip if it is for a fuel tank it 's easy, just get a soldering gun and a bunch of plastic straws- the rest just falls into place, good luck- Bruce You can thank me later
  57. newmar

    Our annual Thanksgiving Bishop trip

    Thanks for the photo's and the story. the weather surely treated you well.I was in that canyon 6 or 7 years ago hunting chuckar and your back drop photo of the dark jeep sure looks birdy. did you come accross coveys of any size ?
  58. newmar

    1st Catalina Offshore Products "Invitational" Cooking Class - Heavy Pics! 12-6-09

    Lobster and veggies in a lettuce wrap THANK YOU for that idea. Your first class looked like, and I'm sure tasted like a sucess. I'm wondering if that room was as chilly as it usually is or did the burners and flames take the edge off. Seeing the swordfish in the pan and the recipe to go with...
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    Tommy PM sent
  60. newmar


    Tommy if these scallops were processed What would their approx U size be? Are they the excellent scallop you usually sell , only live. Do they have the orange " coral "that is seen attached to the muscle, when they film them for a cooking show ?
  61. newmar

    What happens to our migration sand bass this year

    Typically 2 weeks after fathers day. Windy conditions and subsequently cooler h2o and it take a little longer.
  62. newmar


    After the excellent bay scallops and uni .the sea run [LARGE] scallops[no bacon] coupled with an excellent ribeye leaves hardly any room for the strawberries and pound cake. Scallops and pasta tomorrow. THANK YOU for the access to this quality product.
  63. newmar


    Marine lower unit oil will suspend a certain amount of h20 while automotive will not . While sitting the h20 will go to the bottom of the hsg and the gears/bearings will rust if they are in contact with the h20. There are other issues with degradation of lubrication abilities with h20 present. I...
  64. newmar

    Impeller question

    If they installed a brand new lower unit then you got a new impeller . as it comes with the unit.
  65. newmar

    1992 Force 150hp idle and low gear problems.

    If your idle goes down when the cover is in place and nothing is making contact to cause an ilde change then there is probably an exhaust leak below the cowling and the engine is trying to run on "DIRTY" air. ck for leaks at the exhaust hose in the lower cowling.
  66. newmar


    That coating on the tank looks very tough. Is it fuel resistant, or only a coating to protect the epoxy patches? who did the coating ? If you don't mind giving up the bus. name and phone #. thanks
  67. newmar

    yellowstone and surrounding areas too and back to sd.

    I'm going to be in and out of the Park, but, based outside, next week .I have few clues as to what fishing opportunities are available to me. I will be mobile and have a choice of areas that i might fish. I'm covered for ultralite spinning tackle { 2-4lb stuff] but I am vague as to where or...
  68. newmar

    Yamaha 115's ,200 hr service ?

    I believe that the engine has 2 fuel pumps and one is mechanical not electric. a diaphragm failure in that pump can put fuel into the crankcase. you might ask for a more detailed explanation before bailing on the tech.
  69. newmar


    If you are at tommy's for any purchase, take home a couple of lbs of the bay scallops.As sashimi or seviche or slightly cooked It just doesn't get any better. If you like rock cod for a sandwich but don't own any rockcod try the kingklip when tommy has it.Excellent flavor, white large flakes...
  70. newmar

    wheres the euros ????

    Our group had permission to shoot a small feed lot on the west end of the valley and we started with a few early low flying dove, but between sunrise and 8 am we shot nothing but eurasian 100 plus for the group. dove stayed away the entire time [they must not get along] Looking back I'll...
  71. newmar

    Anyone know how I can rig a 7.3 Ford (IH) diesel for marine use?

    mercruiser used to sell a n/a 7.3 in an inboard package. if you could find one of those cores it would make a simple package, as you would get a bell hsg compatible, flywheel and many castings and mounts. the engine was popular with urchin divers up north of here.
  72. newmar

    Sat am Delmar

    I fished Delmar this morning, before the gun show. water was clean, moderate surf, sand crabs were up. Threw a 1/2 oz silver croc. for 2 halis 21in and 18in and 4 good bites that didn't stick. My fishing partner threw crabs and a morf grub for a couple of tiny leo sharks.Saw 2 nice corbina in...
  73. newmar

    Need a .22

    I have a life long friend that is a hunter for the USDA. in socal he has his choice of calibers for removing coyotes that are deemed problematic. He has commented that a 22 LR thru the lungs is alway's fatal [ they leak out within a short period of time] and it does not bother the neighbors...
  74. newmar

    Draining the fuel tanks?

    Do not pressurize the tank ! Applying low pressure correctly is difficult and excessive pressure [air compressor ] could turn the tank into a leaker very quickly.
  75. newmar

    Variable pitch prop!!

    The land/sea prop has a very small surface area and would not have enough blade area to push a 4000 lb/up saltwater hull. They don't like any grit or sand, it binds the hinge pin and it locks up, or wears the cam rapidly. They occasionally break off a blade at speed , if this happens at the...
  76. newmar

    upgrade: 2-Stroke to 4 Stroke battery issues

    At this point I would want to check the Amp. draw. Borrow or buy an inductive amp meter and lay it across the batt cable at the starter. Check load by cranking engine {keep it from starting by pulling the kill switch] The amp draw should be 150 -170 amps. Move meter to batt cable on batt side...
  77. newmar

    Need help getting propeller off.

    While you have the pressure on it with the puller, put an air chisel on the outer dia. of prop. sometimes that impact will help. If you use a torch on the hub have someone pour water with a hose on the area where the prop shaft enters the carrier to prevent killing the seals. good luck
  78. newmar

    Shark attack at Solana Beach?

    Condolence's to the family. The seal lovers are still maintaining a GW feeding station in la jolla.They call it childrens pool.
  79. newmar

    Fisherman Arrested

    land owners in the the more isolated areas of the state have a way of dealing with problem predators [mountain lions] called SSS. shoot,shovel and shutup. any ideas on applying this program to aggressive furbags
  80. newmar

    Fourstroke Oil.

    I should have included inboard/sterndrive engines in my comments.They are less succeptable to the moisture in the oil problem, but they tend to rust internally when stored for long periods. A suggestion not related to the oil thread. Prop open your engine cover 4 inches or so to provide...
  81. newmar

    Fourstroke Oil.

    I have had the opportunity to talk to and question two diferent oil engineers,one from mercmarine and one from maxima oil. I quizzed them on this subject and found a couple of things that set the outboard requirements apart from automotive oils. One being that the detergent package [cleans...
  82. newmar

    rising temp on Merc 150

  83. newmar

    Yamaha New 4 stroke F-350, check the fuel burn

    while this formula is not 100 % accurate. a close fuel burn figure is 10 % of horsepower produced [350 hp=35 gph.] this applies to modern 4stroke ob only .not 2 cycle also gets you close on gas sterndrive as well.
  84. newmar

    Stolen Boat!

    If you have the serial # from your records {or from the dealer that sold it to you] post it here and all the other boards that you can. put it on craigslist as stolen, in the boat section and post a picture as well. You might fax the same info to all the socal yam dealers offer a reward. hope...
  85. newmar

    Merc Cruiser Question

    depending on ser.# the exhaust manifold and elbow can be very pricey and/or not available at all.find out if it has been replaced recently if you can.
  86. newmar

    Yamaha Promo

    I think that if you can prove that the engine was serviced according to yamaha requirements [recipts for oil/filter etc] that the mfg can't deny warr in ca. imho.
  87. newmar


    Nice fish I'm wondering if those smelt could have been grunion
  88. newmar

    Outdrive in Hanna back together

    That 2nd h2o inlet is an excellent idea-could save an engine. From the pic's I couldnt see if that chevy is closed cooled or not. If it isn't you might want to rethink the alum intake manifold [if it is silver painted or has marine h2o crossovers just ignore the above]
  89. newmar

    Can anyone identify this Bait tank?

    that tank appears to use up a lot of potential h20 cap at the expence of being attractive on the outside.You might ask for the actual cap or internal dimensions.[approx 231 cu/in-gal]
  90. newmar

    Question on engine temp

    If the 200 reading is accurate then it too hot! first thing redo the h20 pump impeller and housing-making sure the part is a merc.not an aftermarket item. the reason it ran cool in the yard is that the positive h20 press from the hose pushed past a possibly poor impeller. by making sure the pump...
  91. newmar

    Boarded by USCG

    An unloaded pistol doesn't even make a good club
  92. newmar

    merc verados problems?

    verado's have 2 fuel pumps 1 is a lift pump from the fuel tank and the other is a high press for the injectors. if it is the lift pump in all 3 failures i would check the fuel supply side for restrictions kinked hoses or check valves on the fuel tank/s There is a test for vacum on the fuel side...
  93. newmar

    Poke Polling

    Pence I get to hmb.a couple of times/year but my friend there doesnt know shit about fishing salt. Do you poke the harbor rocks or the little rock points along the cliffs.Also what kind of surf fish is avail in a 15 mi radius of HMB.? What is under the bait that is so often puhed up on the...
  94. newmar


    I'm in agreement with weasel.You won't believe the diff between spectra and dacron.Well worth the additional cost. Be sure to learn a couple of the spectra-mono knots. most are easy and necessary to make a secure connection
  95. newmar

    Merc Mechanic In Diego

    Nice ride, looks like a fish killer. I don' know if there are any MC warr. guys that do mobile in san diego. You might have to put it in a shop.
  96. newmar

    evinrude 115hp FFI vs. yamaha 115 4stroke

    brand quality probably is probably comparable from all the 4stroke mfgs.but don,t underpower the boat/that will figure in the long term ownership costs [engine life/fuelmilage] and in today's world you should check around and purchase a brand that someone in your area is good good at...
  97. newmar

    Merc block vs GM Marinized blocks

    GETAGAFF i'm curious, what is a lite cam/crank?