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  1. fordexpoman

    For Sale Shimano 4000 RB Spinning Reel

    I am selling a Shimano 4000 RB Spinning reel. The reel itself has rarely been used and could be rated mechanically and cosmetically as being in 9.5/10 condition. I am asking $45 or best offer + shipping if you need it (Venmo or PayPal preferred). Feel free to message me if you have any...
  2. fordexpoman

    For Sale Accurate Boss 270 Mag Twin Drag *CUSTOM*

    I am selling a rare set of Accurate Reels that were purchased at a "United Anglers" charity event. Each reel is a custom gold color and has the "United Anglers" name and logo custom engraved in the side, in addition to each reel's serial number. Check out my other listings as there are 2 larger...
  3. fordexpoman

    For Sale Accurate Boss 870 Magnum Twin Drag *CUSTOM*

    I am selling a rare set of Accurate Reels that were purchased at a "United Anglers" charity event. Each reel is a custom gold color and has the "United Anglers" name and logo custom engraved in the side, in addition to each reel's serial number. Check out my other listings as there are 2 more...
  4. fordexpoman

    For Sale Accurate Boss 665H Magnum Twin Drag *CUSTOM*

    I am selling a rare set of Accurate Reels that were purchased at a "United Anglers" charity event. Each reel is a custom gold color and has the "United Anglers" name and logo custom engraved in the side, in addition to each reel's serial number. Check out my other listings as there are 2 more...
  5. fordexpoman

    For Sale G Loomis Bucara 6'6" Ex-Heavy 20-40 lb Med-Fast

    Selling a G Loomis Bucara 6'6" Extra Heavy, 20-40 lb - Medium fast action. Rod has been fished and is in good shape. Shows minor signs of wear but he guides and cork are all in good shape. There are minor scratches on the blank but does not affect the performance at all. Local pickup...
  6. fordexpoman

    For Sale Rapala and Misc Trolling Lot

    Up for sale are some miscellaneous deep diving wood baits (mostly rapalas' and I believe a few are Megabaits) mainly to be used for Tuna, yellowtail, bonito, dorado, etc... All baits are in great shape, some slow slight signs of use. Asking $88 + $12 shipping - tackle box not included...
  7. fordexpoman

    WTB Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 190 - MS Anchovy

    Looking for a Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 190 in MS Anchovy Pattern. PM me if you have any you'd be willing to let go.
  8. fordexpoman

    WTB Lucky Craft 190 - Anchovy

    Looking for a lucky craft 190 in anchovy pattern. PM me if you have one you’d be willing to let go.
  9. fordexpoman

    For Sale Rare “Tuna Club” Bag

    I am selling a rare Catalina Island “Tuna Club” bag. The bag measures 40” long by 29” wide and has a drawstring at the top. This was given out during a tournament and has never been used. It’s essentially a big linen laundry style bag for clothes and gear. Asking $20 shipped (PayPal)
  10. fordexpoman

    For Sale Calico Bass Techniques VHS

    If you are a calico fisherman, you know about this classic from back in the 90’s - “Techniques for Inshore Calico Bass ”. This VHS was way ahead of its time. If you’re interested, send me a PM with a reasonable offer + shipping and I’ll send it out to you. I’ve got 2 copies, 1 copy has...
  11. fordexpoman

    Shimano Calcutta Conquest 400 (older model)

    SOLD -- Please Delete
  12. fordexpoman

    Berkley Rod Holders & Rapala Scale

    I am selling as a combo package perfectly working and in great shape Rapala Scale (rated up to 50 lbs) and a block of 3 Berkley rod holders (perfect for a kayak). I am asking $25 for both (I don't want to separate and prefer local pick-up).
  13. fordexpoman

    Daiwa Saltist 6000H Spinning Reel (w/ 70 Samurai Braid)

    I am selling a like new Daiwa Saltist 6000H spinning reel. The reel was used for fishing yellowfin tuna, yellowtail and other inshore/offshore game fish. The reel was used three times and could pass for new. Retail is $239.99 w/o the braid. The reel is loaded with 70 lb Daiwa Samurai braid which...
  14. fordexpoman

    Trolling Motor - "Pond Prowler" 30 lbs thrust

    I am selling a Pond Prowler trolling motor that pushes out 30 lbs of thrust. Trolling motor is in perfect working condition and has only been used on the water 3 times. This is a perfect motor for all of the local lakes but in particular would be a great accessory if you need it for a rental...
  15. fordexpoman

    Cousins "Raze" Rod

  16. fordexpoman

    Inshore Rods

  17. fordexpoman

    Power Handle from Daiwa Lexa 300 HD

  18. fordexpoman

    Cousins Raze Rod & Daiwa Proteus Boat Road

    I have a Cousins Raze rod (Raze RSW 7930T 7'9" 20-30lb. Inshore Rod) and a Daiwa Proteus 809H Boat Road that I purchased a few months ago and have been using it to fish the calicos and yellowtail. If I were rating both of them, I would rate them as being in 9/10 condition. Local pick-up in San...
  19. fordexpoman

    2010 Triton Bay Explorer (Saltwater Bass Boat)

  20. fordexpoman

    WTS Shimano Curado 300E

  21. fordexpoman

    Shimano Curado 300 DSV

  22. fordexpoman

    WTB Shimano Curado 300 DSV Spool Assembly

    If anyone has an extra one, shoot me a PM w/ a price. Thank you.
  23. fordexpoman

    WTS 5" Triple Trout Stubby Pair

  24. fordexpoman

    Trolling Motor (30 lb of thrust) w/ Battery

    I am selling a Pond Prowler trolling Motor with a Battery. Trolling Motor is in perfect working condition with no problems. I only used it twice to fish Lake Barrett and it performed flawlessly. I will also throw in the 12v battery that I used with it. I haven't used it since last summer but...
  25. fordexpoman

    Calico/Inshore Rods

  26. fordexpoman

    Calico/Inshore Rods

    I am selling two Seeker Inshore Rods: (1) Seeker Blue Lightning Inshore Series II -- MC Slug (Corey Sanden Rod) -- Model No BCBW 659-6 1/2'T -- 20 (25) 30 lb -- $110 (2) Seeker Inshore Pro Corey Sanden Signature Series Rod Model No ISP 808'8'T 15-25 lb -- $160 Both rods are in 9/10...
  27. fordexpoman

    WTS Daiwa 100 MM Handle w/ EVA Knobs

    I am selling a Daiwa 100 MM upgraded handle that I used on my Pluton. The reel will fit all 100-300 sized Daiwa Baitcasters. The handle was on the reel for one trip and is practically brand new. I am asking $45 shipped (Paypal)
  28. fordexpoman

    WTB Shimano Teramar Jig Stick

    Looking for one in 9/10 condition -- Would like to get an 8' or 8'6" -- preferably Heavy or XH. Prefer a Local transaction in SD. PM me if you've got one
  29. fordexpoman

    WTT Seeker MC Slug Calico Rod

    Looking to trade a Blue Lightning Series 2 Seeker MC Slug Calico Rod. Looking for an 7'11 Teramar (Heavy or XH) or a Seeker Blue Lightning 809 Series. PM me with what you have or if you have a rod comparable to that.
  30. fordexpoman

    WTS Hardbaits -- Freshwater/Bay Lot

    I am asking $28 shipped (paypal). I will ship USPS Priority and will also include a small tackle box for the rattle traps. PM me if interested
  31. fordexpoman

    WTS Hardbait Lot

    Asking $47 shipped (paypal) for everything you see below -- Jerkbaits, Rattle Traps and Football Jig Heads (1/4 oz) -- PM me if interested. Selling everything in all 3 Photos as 1 lot.
  32. fordexpoman

    Shimano Curado 100 D

  33. fordexpoman

    Seeker Blue Lightning Rod - MC Slug Corey Sanden

    I am selling a Seeker Blue Lightning Inshore Series 2 MC Slug Corey Sanden Speciality Rod. The rod is brand new as I picked it up in a warranty replacement and never wound up using it. The rod has black grips instead of the standard blue which is something unique that I don't believe I've seen...
  34. fordexpoman

    WTB Seeker Blue Lightning BCBW 809-8' T

    I am looking for a Seeker Blue Lightning BCBW 809-8' T. If you've got one, shoot me a message with your asking price. Model Length Line Weight BCBW809-8'T 8' 20 (25) 30 lbs.
  35. fordexpoman

    Swimbait Rod -- Californian Calico Special 8'6" Heavy

    I am selling a Californian Calico Special Swimbait Rod. The rod is an 8'6" Heavy rated 12-30 lbs. I have had this rod for a long time and it has caught a ton of fish. Rod is in great condition and has cork handles. None of the guides are bent or damaged. This is a rare model as they don't...
  36. fordexpoman

    Benny Florentino Calico Bass Seminar @ SWYC

    For those of you who are interested and are in San Diego or nearby, Southwestern Yacht Club is hosting their annual fishing seminar series. This year they have Benny Florentino coming to give tips and advice on calico bass fishing. Should be a good one!! Seminar is on May 28, 2014 @ 6:30 P.M...
  37. fordexpoman

    WTS Daiwa Lexa 300

  38. fordexpoman

    WTB Shimano Curado 300 DSV (Silver)

    Not looking anymore..
  39. fordexpoman

    Cedros Video from Last August

    I put together a video from my trip to Cedros last summer (w/ some freshwater stuff mixed in). It was pretty epic and the calico bass fishing was phenomenal. We were throwing a lot of different kind of swimbaits, both soft and hard baits. Just wanted to share the video with you guys and hope...
  40. fordexpoman

    Daiwa Lexa 100 HS

  41. fordexpoman

    Daiwa Lexa 100 HS

    SOLD>>> THANKS!!
  42. fordexpoman

    WTT Lexa 300 Paddle Handle for a PWR Handle

    Title says it all. I am only looking for the handle, not the reel. Let me know if you want to trade. I'd prefer a local transaction if possible.
  43. fordexpoman

    WTB Spro BBZ 8" Slow Sink Trout

    Found one.. Mods please delete.
  44. fordexpoman

    WTS Shimano Chronarch 200e5

  45. fordexpoman

    Lowrance HDS 5 Gen 1 w/ Lake Insight

    Lowrance HDS 5 Gen 1 w/ Lake Insight in perfect working condition and comes with white cover. I am selling the unit by itself with no transducer. Asking $395 (local pick up preferred, +$20 for shipping). PM me if interested.
  46. fordexpoman

    Shimano Teramar Rod

  47. fordexpoman

    WTB Alps Reel Seat from broken Okuma Cedros Coastal Inshore Rod

    I am doing a rod build and want the Okuma Cedros Coastal inshore rod reel seat. I really want the rod for a build I'm doing because I want the black alps reel seat with blue hardware. If you've got one laying around or aren't using that you want to get rid of, please shoot me a PM.
  48. fordexpoman

    WTB Daiwa Pluton Reel

    I am looking to purchase a Daiwa Pluton Baitcasting Reel. If you have got one for sale that is 9/10 both cosmetically and mechanically let me know. PM me with a price.
  49. fordexpoman

    BNIB Penn International 30VSW

    I am selling a brand new never used Penn International 30 VSW w/ 80 lb spectra and 50 lb topshot. I bought this reel with the intention to use it and I never did. Here is a link to the specs: I am asking $475 obo. Shoot me a PM if...
  50. fordexpoman

    WTS Shimano Curado 300E

  51. fordexpoman

    Shimano Curado 300 E

  52. fordexpoman

    Free White Seabass Seminar Open to the Public

    Hey Guys, Just thought I'd post this. Southwestern Yacht Club (in San Diego) is putting on a free White Seabass fishing Seminar Monday, May 20th, 2013 starting at 6:00 p.m. for those of you who are interested. Guest Speakers include Captain Dave Hansen, Captain Todd Mansur and Paula Sylvia...
  53. fordexpoman

    Fishing the Long Beach Breakwall

    My friend and I want to go hit up the calicos at the Long Beach Breakwall in a few weeks. I have never done it and I was wondering where the closest launch ramp is to the break wall and also how far (mins & miles) the wall is from the launch ramp? I primarily fish down here in San Diego and...
  54. fordexpoman

    Revo Toro 50 Power Handle

    I've got one. Asking $25 shipped (Paypal, add 3%) or if in SD I might be able to meet locally. PM me if interested.
  55. fordexpoman

    Bass Boat Butt Seat

  56. fordexpoman

    9" Big Hammer -- Sledge Hammers

    Hey Guys, I just had a quick question. I have been throwing the big 9" Sledge Hammer for calicos and I've been getting a lot of short bites. I have been using the 1.5 oz warbaits 7/0 heads but I'm wondering if I need to move up to a bigger hook. Do you guys think an 8/0 is better for...
  57. fordexpoman

    Extra Spool for Curado 300

    I would like to get an extra spool from a Shimano Curado 300 E or DSV.. If you have one, please PM me with how much you are looking to get.
  58. fordexpoman

    VHF Antenna 10'+ Long

    I had an old VHF antenna that was on top of my house that was up there from the previous owner. It is fairly old, but I am fairly sure it still works. If you pick it up you might get some fiberglass shards in your hands, but if you wear gloves you'll be fine. If you want to come pick it up...
  59. fordexpoman

    Tackle Trays

    FOUND.. no longer need. MODS Please delete. Thanks.
  60. fordexpoman

    Curado 200 e5 or Chronarch 200 e5

    PM me if you've got one.. I would prefer like new condition 9/10 cosmetically and mechanically.
  61. fordexpoman

    Shimano Curado 200 g7

  62. fordexpoman

    Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T) -- 16 gb w/ Accessories

  63. fordexpoman

    Curado G7

    I am selling my Curado G7 9.5/10 both mechanically and cosmetically. I have the original box as well. I am asking $125 TYD or $120 locally (in San Diego).. Pm me if you are interested. I am open to trade for a Daiwa Lexa 100p or Curado e5..
  64. fordexpoman

    Shimano Teramar

    I am looking for a Shimano Teramar TMCX711HBRA w/ EVA foam split grips. This is the exact one I am looking for: I have a Shimano Crucial brand new that I would be willing to trade for, relatively the same specs, but I like the Teramar...
  65. fordexpoman

    Curado G7

    I have a Shimano Curado G7 in mechanically 10/10 condition and cosmetically 9.5/10. I am looking to trade for a Curado E7 in the same condition. Let me know what you've got.
  66. fordexpoman

    Shimano Curado 200e5 & Citica 200e

  67. fordexpoman

    Xbox 360 Slim w/ Kinect + Extras

    Please Delete..
  68. fordexpoman

    Nintendo (NES) Console Working

    I am selling my old school Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Console with RF Modulator (TV hookup), AC Adapter (power), 1 controller and 1 Game (Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt). The console still works really well (but don't forget you have to blow on the cartridge sometimes) It is just...
  69. fordexpoman

    Heat Shrink Tubing

    I have a Seeker Lightning Inshore Rod with the blue grips.. The grips are made of EVA foam and they are looking pretty nasty and I also took a huge chunk out of it with a hook a few weeks ago. I have read a few articles about applying heat shrink tubing over the grips to repair/restore them...
  70. fordexpoman

    Shimano Terez 7 Ft (M) in Red *NEW*

    Please Delete..
  71. fordexpoman

    Color Braid when fishing Calicos or Spotties?

    I was just curious what color and brand of braid you guys prefer to fish the calicos in the kelp and the spotties in the bay? I usually go w/ Moss Green PowerPro, but I have heard other guys strictly stick with Red, Yellow and White.. Any input on what you guys think works best and which...
  72. fordexpoman

    48 inch Gaff -- Brand New w/ Packaging

    I am selling a brand new, never been used and still has the tags on it Blacktip 48" Hydro Flow Gaff. It is in perfect condition and is ready to stick some big tuna, yellows, marlin or halibut. Blacktip I believe is a West Marine brand and it retails at their store for $149.99. I am asking...
  73. fordexpoman

    Shimano Terez Spinning Rod & Stradic 4000

  74. fordexpoman

    48" Gaff -- Blacktip Hydro-Flow *BRAND NEW*

    I am selling a brand new, never been used and still has the tags on it Blacktip 48" Hydro Flow Gaff. It is in perfect condition and is ready to stick some big tuna, yellows, marlin or halibut. Blacktip I believe is a West Marine brand and it retails at their store for $149.99. I am asking...
  75. fordexpoman

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50

  76. fordexpoman

    Abu Revo Toro 50 for Curado 300 DSV

    Got one.. Please Remove.
  77. fordexpoman

    WTB Stainless Bolt on Rod Holders

    Title says it all.. I am looking to purchase 3 stainless steel rod holders that mount to a 1" rail. All hardware must be included. PM me with a photo and a price.
  78. fordexpoman

    Clean EVA Foam

    I recently purchased a new Seeker Inshore Blue Lightning rod from a guy here on BD. The grips are pretty dirty and I would like to bring back the color to them and make them look as new as possibile? Any suggestions?
  79. fordexpoman

    Shimano Terez Spinning Rod

  80. fordexpoman

    BNIB Penn Fathom 25N

  81. fordexpoman

    Terez Spinning Rod

    Anyone have any for sale? preferably in white?
  82. fordexpoman

    Big Game Daiwa Sealine SLD30 - 2 SPEED

  83. fordexpoman

    *NEW* 2 Daiwa Saltiga 20's & Saltiga 50

    SALTIGA 20's are SOLD SALTIGA 50 Brand new in Box, $410 TYD.. For the fastest response, please contact me at [email protected]
  84. fordexpoman

    Stainless Steel Rod Holders (clamp on)

    I want to buy 4 Stainless Steel clamp on rod holders for a 1 inch rail. PM me with what you have. Thanks
  85. fordexpoman

    Matte Black Curado 300E Supertuned

    REEL IS SOLD.. Please Remove
  86. fordexpoman

    Curado 200 e7

  87. fordexpoman

    Curado EJ Handle

    Please Remove
  88. fordexpoman

    Fish Cat 4 Float Tube

    SOLD TO baitboy777
  89. fordexpoman

    Chest High Waders - Medium

    I need chest high waders for a float tube. PM me if you have one you'd be willing to sell. I prefer one that hasn't been used much or at all.
  90. fordexpoman

    Float Tube with Fins and Waders

    I am looking to get a float tube in pristine condition with waders I will probably need a medium size in waders. PM me if you have one. I would be willing to trade a St. Croix rod or two for it. need to get one ASAP for Barrett.
  91. fordexpoman

    Harley Davidson Telephone Collectable

  92. fordexpoman

    St. Croix Mojo Bass Slop N Frog Rod

    I am selling my St. Croix Mojo Bass Slop N Frog Rod for $70. PM me if you are interested. I prefer local pickup. At this price, it's not worth your money to have it shipped, so I prefer local pick-up. I am in SD.
  93. fordexpoman

    58 Hardbait/Crankbait/Popper Lot

    I am selling 58 Assorted Hardbaits as a lot. What you see is what you get. I do not want to part them out. Asking $115 TYD.. IM me if interested. Hooks are still good on most of them. :pimp:
  94. fordexpoman

    Shimano TLD 25

  95. fordexpoman

    Tuna Feathers and Jigs Lot

    SOLD.. to Paulinacruz Thanks for the plug Ed..
  96. fordexpoman

    St Croix Swimbait Rod

    I am selling my St. Croix Mojo Bass Swimbait Rod (MBC79HF). It is in perfect condition 9.5/10. I only used it once. I am asking $85. I prefer local, I am in SD. Here are the specs for the rod: PM me if interested.
  97. fordexpoman

    Melton Custom Camera Rail Mount (HIGH END)

    I am selling my Video Camera Rail mount that I bought from Melton's a couple years back. It is heavy duty and has a screw that will conform to most video cameras. The design is similar to a ram mount and has a pistol grip where you can move it 360 degrees once its mounted. This retails for $239...
  98. fordexpoman

    Shimano Reels

    I am selling Shimano Reels Priced to sell: Shimano TLD Star 20/40S -- $35 --- SOLD Shimano TLD Star 20/40S -- $35 Shimano TLD Star 15/30S (w/ Braid) -- $60 Shimano TLD 25 -- $95 Shimano SpeedMaster (SuperSpeed) -- $85 I will sell individually but you must pay $16 flat rate for shipping...
  99. fordexpoman

    Marlin Lures

  100. fordexpoman

    Marlin/Tuna Jigs and Feathers

    I am re-listing so that I can show what I have left.. Please disregard these pics. -fordexpoman
  101. fordexpoman


  102. fordexpoman

    Shimano Reel Lot. Priced to Sell...

    The Reels I am selling are all Shimano. All of the prices are priced to sell individually, but I will part with the lot for $475.00 I am selling: Shimano TLD 20 ------------------------------($80.00) Shimano TLD Star 20/40s (2 of them)-------($80.00 for both) Shimano TLD Star 15/30s...
  103. fordexpoman

    Shimano Citica 200 e

    I have a new Shimano Citica 200 e that I never used. Decided to upgrade to Curado. I am asking $110 TYD
  104. fordexpoman

    Daiwa Saltiga Jigging Rods (3) *NEW*

    I am selling 3 new Daiwa Saltiga Jigging Rods. I bought them for a long range trip and the trip got cancelled. All three rods are brand new with the plastic on the grips and the tags on the rods. I have two of the 5'10" rods and one 6'6" Rod. These are a perfect addition to any jigging...
  105. fordexpoman

    Brand New Rods

  106. fordexpoman


  107. fordexpoman

    Tyrnos 12II + Tallus Rod BRAND NEW w/ Tags

    Buyer Backed out.. re-posting separately.
  108. fordexpoman

    St Croix Crankbait Rod

    I am selling a St. Croix Mojo Bass Fishing Rod. The specs of the Rod are as follows: Model No. MBC70MHM, 7' MED-HEAVY POWER, MODERATE ACTION, SCII GRAPHITE, 10-20 LB , 3/8-1 OZ. This Rod is in great condition. I am asking $65 (local) additional charge if shipped.
  109. fordexpoman

    Shimano Caenan + St. Croix Crankbait Rod

    Still Available..
  110. fordexpoman

    Shimano Caenan 100 + 2 St. Croix Rods

    I still have the Caenan + 1 Crankbait Rod. I am going to re-post. If you are interested PM.
  111. fordexpoman

    22 inch rims with Tires

    I am selling my custom 22 inch Driiv Moonshine Rims with Falken Tires. There is about 90% tread left on all four tires. There are no bubbles in the tires nor are there any leaks in the sidewalls. Tires are warrantied through Discount Tire for the remainder of the tires life. I have...
  112. fordexpoman

    Shimano Curado 200 DPV

    I am selling a Shimano Curado 200 DPV. It has 25 lb PowerPro on it. It is 9.5/10. I would like to trade it for a reel of equal value and in similar condition, but if you are interested I am asking $110 TYD. PM me if you are interested.
  113. fordexpoman

    My Biggest Bass ever caught April 3rd

    On Sunday April 3rd I went fishing with my friend at Jennings. The sky was overcast in the morning, but the sun would sporadically come through the clouds. Little did I know that this overcast day would turn out to be one of the best fishing day's of my life. I wound up catching my personal best...
  114. fordexpoman

    Slop-n-Frog Rod

    I would like in particular to get the St. Croix Mojo bass slop-n-frog rod. If you have it or a rod like it please PM me
  115. fordexpoman

    St. Croix Mojo bass Swimbait Rod

    I am looking to buy a St. Croix Mojo Bass 7'9" Swimbait Rod. Model number MBC79HF. It is a 7'9" Heavy Power Fast Action. If you have one for sale, please send me a PM and let me know how much you want for it. Please be reasonable. Thanks.
  116. fordexpoman

    Shimano Scorpion 1500

  117. fordexpoman

    Curado 200e5/e7

  118. fordexpoman

    Furuno Navnet Remote RMC 100-E

    I have a Furuno Navnet Remote RMC 100-E that is brand new. It comes with the adhesive labels, a little pouch for the remote to prevent it from getting wet and the instructions. I bought 2 and I realized that I will most likely never need the other one. If you are interested please PM me. I am...
  119. fordexpoman

    Vintage Classic Reels (3) of Them

    I have 3 Vintage Fishing Reels. (1) is an OceanCity 935 that is still fully functional. It has a cool ivory white looking handle. (2) Penn 60 that is seized up but could easily be fixed w/ a jade green looking handle. (3) is a Shimano Bantam Mag Plus BMP 250 XHS baitcasting reel. This is a...
  120. fordexpoman

    Shimano Torium 20 *New in Box*

    I have a brand new Shimano Torium 20 brand new in the box. I am looking for one of the newer curados, either the 200 e7 or the 300. Must be in good shape (close to new). PM Me, I am in SD.
  121. fordexpoman

    Attwood Swivel Eeze Seat Post BASS BOAT

    I have an Atwood Swivel Eeze Seat Post. It was too tall for me so I bought a shorter one. Our boat is a 2010 Triton and this was probably used 3 times. It has a screw portion at the bottom of the base. The bulky part that sits above the deck measures at roughly 12-13" and from the top of the...
  122. fordexpoman


    SOLD It's about that time to clean out the garage. I am getting rid of it all. I want to sell it as a package deal. Everything is included. • (1) 7 ft Blue Marlin Flying Gaff w/ hook. It was in storage so there are minor scuffs (made by Anglers Specialties in Costa...
  123. fordexpoman

    Shimano Torium 20 New in Box

    I have a brand new Shimano Torium 20 new in the box. I bought it with the intentions of using it and I never got around to it. Im asking $115. Private Message me if you are interested.
  124. fordexpoman

    Shimano Citica 200 DSV+ Clarus Rod

    SOLD I have a Shimano Citica 200 DSV that I have used one time. I am also included with this a Shimano Clarus Rod. Both are in practically new condition. On the reel right now I have 10 lb Ande Line spooled on it. The specs of the reel are as follows: 80yds/10lb Capacity 4 stainless steel...
  125. fordexpoman

    Shimano Cardiff 300A+ Fenwick Rod

    SOLD I have a Shimano Cardiff 300A w/ a 6 ft Fenwick Triggerstick Rod (med-heavy). Cosmetically the reel has minor boat rash, but functionally it is in perfect working condition. I also spooled it with moss green 20lb PowerPro Spectra Braided line (practically full b/c I used a 3 ft...
  126. fordexpoman

    Boat Accessories Lot, VHF Radio, Life Jackets, Buddy Bearings, etc..

    I recently sold my boat and I have a lot of extra accessories that I would like to sell as a lot. Here is a list of everything that I would like to sell as a package deal. This is perfect for someone who needs boat and trailers accessories: (1) Horizon Eclipse Radio w/ mic and mounting...
  127. fordexpoman

    Alpine CD/DVD/MP3 Player + Sirius Tuner (OR TRADE)

    I have an Alpine DVA-7996 CD/DVD/MP3 Player in perfect working condition (The faceplate is flawless with no scratches). This comes with the remote as well as the Sirius Radio Add-on. We had this in the cabin of our boat, but decided to upgrade. According to Crutchfield these are the details...
  128. fordexpoman

    Wash down Pump (practically new)

    I am selling a Wash Down Pump made by Johnson. Model #10-13251-107. This pump was used briefly right before we sold our boat. It has been used less than a dozen times. It is a 12v pump that requires a 20 amp fuse connected to it. All electrical connectors are perfectly connected and the hose...
  129. fordexpoman

    Saltwater Trolling Motor (24v Minn Kota)

    I am selling my 24v Minn Kota Riptide Trolling Motor. It has 65 lbs of Thrust and it was hardly used. When we did use it, we used it in the San Diego Bay as well as the Pt Loma Kelp Beds. It is the perfect stealth trolling motor to prevent the spooking of fish. The motor has the autopilot...
  130. fordexpoman

    Bow Trolling Motor 24v Minn Kota (Saltwater)

    I have a Minn Kota 24v Bow Trolling Motor which was made for Saltwater. The trolling motor and the foot pedal are in perfect working condition. We just sold our boat and purchased this motor in 2004. It has 65 lbs of thrust was primarily used in the kelp beds. I also have a PDF file of the...