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  1. 951FISH

    Condor 11-11

    Taking the trip I was going to be on last Friday, any others from here going?
  2. 951FISH

    Going this Friday night - weather This might make SCI a little dicey. Anyone else going out?
  3. 951FISH

    Jig stop manuvers <sp>

    Question, When getting stopped on the troll, what is the best method for positioning the boat? Keep it going straight? Turn to the port side? Turn to the starboard side? I used to fish with an old school guy that said always turn to port to allow the boat to slide with a wider chum pattern...
  4. 951FISH

    6-15 to 6-18 Sea Adventure 80

    Awl_ _ _ Got some rest, now can report. Brother (calfish) and son and I jumped on the SA 80 for a 3 day, had a great trip, 150+ BFT, 115+ YT, 50+ ALB, and 1 stray mako. Maxima sponsored trip, didnt know it till we got on the boat, George and Jason from Maxima treated all passengers to a goody...
  5. 951FISH

    Going out on Sea Adventure80-advice?

    Hey guys, Leaving thurs nite, anyone have any advice about boat, skipper, crew? Ive fished mostly Condor, PQ, Prowler, New LoAnn, like em all. 3 day trip, wanna make it good one!! "D"