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  1. Ragin Cajun

    Fin-Nor Offshore 5500

    Great condition used it for one season. $80 Bucks. Located on Port Orchard. Thanks
  2. Ragin Cajun

    4200/5200 out on ice.

    So last week Jeff hall (Biten Time) and I we’re taking about 4200/5200 and keeping/saving the tubes. He mention keeping his in the freezer. If you’re like me you pay 15-20 bucks for a tube and use it once or twice then you have to throw it away. Jeff says,I have a tube of 4200 that is 4 years...
  3. Ragin Cajun

    Westport 7/20 open spot

    I have an open spot for Saturday 7/20 Westport. Salmon and possibly bass as well. Pm if interested. Thanks Pete.
  4. Ragin Cajun

    Sirius radio antenna?

    im going to get Sirius radio on the boat. what antenna should I get? I got the Sirius radio tuner and it came with a magnetic antenna for a car. Well that's not gonna work. Thanks.
  5. Ragin Cajun

    Boat speakers

    Looking to putting some tunes in the boat before the seasons starts in the pilot house and for the back deck. I know a bunch of you run the compact box speakers. Any recommendations on speakers that have descent sound? I know some of the small box speakers don't have great sound. I...
  6. Ragin Cajun

    Be ready for road side repairs.

    Some or most of you guys have already seen this. Yesterday the wife and I were heading to the boat launch in Port Orchard for a few hours in the sun. Well we never made it there. Had a lady roll through a stop sign. Barely touch the trucks rear tire but the trailer plowed her down. Tire her...
  7. Ragin Cajun

    Transducer interference update.

    Took everyone’s advice looked at the house battery. The negative cable was on the same post on the negative bus bar as the port motor and another negative cable coming from the rear of the boat. Wasn’t sure if that would make a difference but I isolated the house battery by itself and moved the...
  8. Ragin Cajun

    Kicker causing interference

    Still learning the new boat. Went salmon fishing over the weekend. While we were trolling there was noticeable interference that could be seen on the screen when the kicker was being used. If it was at idle the screen would clear up. Is there a setting that I need to change or is this...
  9. Ragin Cajun

    3 gallon gas tank. New.

    Came with the kicker in the new boat. I have no use for it. $25 bucks.
  10. Ragin Cajun

    Yamaha filter 6P3-WS24A-01

    Had as a spare for my 200. 20 bucks for both.
  11. Ragin Cajun

    Shurflo livewell cartridges 1100gpm

    2 backup cartridges already wired with waterproof connectors. $25 a piece
  12. Ragin Cajun

    Yamalube Ring free

    1 and 1/4 bottles. $30 bucks
  13. Ragin Cajun

    Raging Cajun First go at the ocean. Success!

    Finally got the 270 out for its first fishing trip. All I can say is WOW! Boat and crew performed perfect. I on the other hand need to work on my throttle control. The fly by wire controls are so easy to move I accidentally floored it a couple times. Oh well.
  14. Ragin Cajun

    Sureflo piranha 1100 replacement cart. Sierra fuel filter, Yamaha fuel filter, Ringfree, rod holders

    Been going through stuff and found these from the old boat. -Sureflo Piranha 1100 bait tank replacement motor with waterproof connector. $25 each -Yamaha fuel filter/separator $15 each -Sierra fuel filter $10 for both -Taco bungee 4 rod holder $30 each -32 ounces bottle plus a quarter bottle of...
  15. Ragin Cajun

    More Batteries??????

    Looking for some advice. Trying to figure out if I need to go to a double bank of batteries (meaning 4). Boat will be setup for Tuna fishing so I know there will be periods of running the bait tank with the motors off. Just wondering if the 2 batteries will be able to handle all the...
  16. Ragin Cajun

    Ragin Cajun Update

    Been a couple of weeks. Here are a few pictures to see the progress. Definitely interesting to see it come together.
  17. Ragin Cajun

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Yep that’s right. I bought a boat mold. Well not exactly. As some of you know I sold the Defiance 220 with ambitions of getting something bigger. My goal was something like a Grady White 282 Sailfish. After talking to a few people and looking at a few. Most of the boats that would fit...
  18. Ragin Cajun

    2 meter antenna

    Never mind
  19. Ragin Cajun

    Moving metal carport

    Soon I will need to flatten out the parking pad for the new boat. Anyone have any advice on how to move a metal carport. I was thinking of tying the side together some how. There are only two side and nothing tying them together now. My plan is to move or disassemble the carport. Remove the...
  20. Ragin Cajun

    PRICE REDUCED, '14 Defiance Admiral 220 EX

    Well taken care of 2014 Defiance Pilot House 220EX! This boat is extremely clean, looks brand new and has very low hours! It’s loaded and ready to go fishing. Stored under a carport. Boat is located in Port Orchard, WA. $58,000, Firm Boat includes the following options: - 2014 Defiance...
  21. Ragin Cajun

    PRICE REDUCED, '14 Defiance Admiral 220 EX

    Well taken care of 2014 Defiance Pilot House 220EX! This boat is extremely clean, looks brand new and has very low hours! It’s loaded and ready to go fishing. Stored under a carport. Boat is located in Port Orchard, WA. $58,000, Firm Boat includes the following options: - 2014 Defiance...
  22. Ragin Cajun

    Single diving bird last Saturday, Lesson for everyone!

    As many of you guys know I have not been fishing for a very long time. I consider myself lucky to have fished tuna 3 times this year prior to this trip. I was fortunate enough to fish with the Goodwin boys and Jaylynn(sp) on the Thristy. We headed out to the same area of every one else...
  23. Ragin Cajun

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX.

    Well taken care of 2014 Defiance Pilot House 220EX! This boat is extremely clean, looks brand new and has very low hours! Boat is loaded and ready to go fishing. Stored under a carport. $60,000 Boat includes the following options: - 2014 Defiance 220EX/swim step - 2014 Yamaha 200 (246 hours...
  24. Ragin Cajun

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX. Time to upgrade

    Well taken care of 2014 Defiance Pilot House 220EX! This boat is extremely clean, looks brand new and has very low hours! Boat is loaded and ready to go fishing. Stored under a carport. $60,000 Boat includes the following options: - 2014 Defiance 220EX/swim step - 2014 Yamaha 200 (246 hours...
  25. Ragin Cajun

    Controlling cabin moisture

    Hey what are you guys using in the winter months to control the moisture in your cuddy or pilot house? I have just one moisture catcher thing in the pilot house. Went out there tonight and it seemed like there was a lot of moisture on the surface of everything. I know some guys use drop...
  26. Ragin Cajun

    Rod and reels.

    Time to clear out some stuff. Penn 209. $20.00 3 Penn 113H, 80 lbs power pro. 50.00 each one fished 1 season. Penn 320 Gti, 20.00 Picked up these three rods as a package deal from Cl. Older rods but good shape. $20 a piece or 50 for all 3 Nafco 6'6" Ocean Mariner 6' MH Shakespeare...
  27. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine tuna help

    So we did my first tune trip over the weekend. I know/knew that I needed to switch my depth from the bottom to the top 150 ft. In the hours of trolling looking for fish Saturday I could not figure it out. I have a Raymarine a78. Any help would be good. Thanks Pete.
  28. Ragin Cajun

    First Tuna Trip for the Ragin Cajun

    Well as it seemed to be a unofficial BD Tuna derby happening on the saturday. I put a crew together Eric (Hawsfan, and Noel)for the boats first tuna trip. Well actually a lot of first happened. Being I only had one trip under my belt, the firsts began with how in the hell do we get ice...
  29. Ragin Cajun

    Commercial fishing inside C closure

    Anybody know about this? On Saturday we cut through the C closure and there were commercial buoys well inside the line. I'm guessing long line type sitting in the closure. There had to be 5-10 sets. Fish and game was out by the SW corner that morning and they did pull what appeared to be was...
  30. Ragin Cajun

    Cops are out between Sequim and port Angeles

    just a heads up guys heading to lapush or NEAH. Had to go to Port Angeles today. Between Sequim and PA there were 8 troopers and 3 of them had people pull over including a red dodge pulling a travel trailer which was being followed by a huge boys duck worth. Be safe out there. Pete.
  31. Ragin Cajun

    Towing in the ocean and across the bar?

    After seeing Paul's thread, I thought it might be a good safety subject to talk about. I myself have never been towed or towed anyone. Also thought that with the sound closed all the crazies will be trying to fish salmon this year in the ocean. Anyone have any do's and don't while towing...
  32. Ragin Cajun

    Test hit complete

    Big thanks to Todd "tshort" for helping. Got the new 42 gallon bait tank installed and as the guys on street out laws say. We took it out for a test hit. Pump was working great. No leaks. Big plus. Got the reels coming in next week. Things are coming together for the upcoming season.
  33. Ragin Cajun

    Jig head painting and colors?

    im buying some swim bait jig heads off of eBay for tuna. They are plain no color. What colors are the best and what's the best way to paint them. I was watching some videos on YouTube about powder painting. Seems easy. Thanks Pete.
  34. Ragin Cajun

    Splitting a spool of line between reels

    anyone have an effective way to split a spool of line between reels to within a few feet or a yard or two. I have 8 reels that will need line on them and was going to buy bigger spools of line. Thought about using a line counter reel but wasn't sure that once the reel was getting full that...
  35. Ragin Cajun

    Okuma Cedros spinning reel

    Anyone using the Cedros spinning Cj55, cj65,or cj85 for tuna? Mainly for swim baits and jigs? Thanks Pete
  36. Ragin Cajun

    Canopy rack for long bed truck

    I bought this a few years ago when I had kayaks. It is removable from the canopy. Just the mounts are permanent. I would take it off and hang it from the ceiling in the garage when not in use. It's powder coated. I installed a couple of rubber rollers to help load the kayaks. If you...
  37. Ragin Cajun

    Tikka T3 300 WSM stainless

    i have lost interest in hunting. So there is no need to hang onto this gun plus I have tuna gear to buy. Selling a 300 WSM. Tikka T3 synthetic stock and stainless barrel. It's got a Burris ll 3X9X40. I have only shoot less than 2 boxes of shells through it. I initially went with a friend...
  38. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna on the brain.

    Well I just picked up a 42 gallon bait tank from defiance. Now I just need to figure out how to install it. Couldn't see spending the extra money when it's something I can do myself. Well maybe some help from you guys. Of course. Pete.
  39. Ragin Cajun

    Triton Tuna Tackle

    Anyone every heard of these guys or use there rods and such? Looks like they are from Vancover. Was on eBay last night looking through some tuna gear and came across their tuna rod? Looks pretty good but they are deceiving as well. Pete.
  40. Ragin Cajun

    Cabelas polar cap coolers

    Anybody have one of these? Similar to yeti but seems to be a little better built or sturdy. Plus the locking handle are bottle openers. I'm looking to get a 80/100qt cooler so I can pack ice with us when we are fishing or camping for several days. Mainly for ice storage and fish storage...
  41. Ragin Cajun

    Finally figured it out. Ragin Cajun

    took a little while but I finally figured out the name for the boat. It's fitting since I'm from the bayou. Big thanks to Benjamin N. And Metropolitan Detail for making the stickers. Thank Pete
  42. Ragin Cajun

    Small arms training location???

    Looking to see if there is a small arms training place around. Want to get my wife a hand gun and a concealed weapons permit. She grew up in Montana and has been around guns often. When I would deploy we would take a run to the woods and do a little practice with one of my pistols. But I...
  43. Ragin Cajun

    Marine supply store Tacoma area

    Is there a marine supply store in Tacoma like harbor marine in Everett? I know there is Fishiers in Seattle just trying to find a legit one down south. Thanks Pete.
  44. Ragin Cajun

    Red/blue cabin deck LED lighting.

    Any of you guys running red or blue lights in the cabin or under the railing so your night vision isn't blown? I just have a white light in the cabin and want to go to a red or blue light. Also would like to put some LED lighting under the railings to "back light" the deck so on those early...
  45. Ragin Cajun

    Safe Boats' Life Proof boats

    anyone check these out yet? Both of these pulled in the port orchard boat launch the other day. The pilot house is 24', comes with a diesel I/O. The other is a 20' cuddy. Base price for the PH is 160k. There is a Facebook page and website. FYI.
  46. Ragin Cajun

    Boat name painting/sticker

    Who is our painting or sticker specialist for putting the name on the boat? Finally came up with a name "RAGIN CAJUN" and would like to put a Jalapeno next to it. Something like this: Thanks Pete
  47. Ragin Cajun

    Open Salmon seats

    i got a couple of seats open for salmon Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Seas look to be in the 4 ft range right now. But that could change. Went from 7 ft to 9 ft at 11 seconds overnight. Bring your own food, gear if you want too. Will be fishing in a 22 ft defiance. Looking at tides...
  48. Ragin Cajun

    Westport fresh water wash down

    I'm going to be camping and fishing at greyland state park for a week. We plan to launch and recover the boat everyday. Anyone have any thoughts on how I could wash the motors out with fresh water since I'm not 100 percent sure I could get away with it at the camp ground? Thanks Pete
  49. Ragin Cajun

    WESTPORT parking spot

    I'm in need of a parking spot for my 22ft defiance and trailer from the 16th to the 22nd. The wife and I are going to be camping at greyland state park from the 22nd to the 29th. If anyone has a secure parking spot there I could use for those dates I would be grateful and willing to...
  50. Ragin Cajun

    Changing spark plugs???

    i have a 2014 Yamaha F200FB just coming up on 100 hours of service. I know the manual says to change the spark plugs every 100 hours or annually. Just wanted to know if this is indeed absolutely necessary or can I just clean them. If you don't change them at that interval, how often should...
  51. Ragin Cajun

    Down rigger making grinding noise

    One of my down riggers is making a grinding noise when letting line out and when the motor is engaged. I believe it's the same one that I had to tighten a little bit so that the brake would work. I only tighten it 1/4-1/2 a turn. The first time I went to let line out it stopped about 75'...
  52. Ragin Cajun

    The fish was as big as the boat!

    That commercial makes me laugh everytime. Well we made it out to WP yesterday. Launched before 0600. As most of you know fishing was slow in the morning. This was my first time being captain and running gear. I had two new guys to the boat and one of them never been ocean fishing. So...
  53. Ragin Cajun

    Save distance to pass behind salmon trollers?

    whats the safe distance to pass behind one of the salmon trollers out in Westport? We were out a few weeks ago and happen to pass on the troll behind probably a quarter to half a mile behind the boat? Didn't see anyone yelling or jumping up and down. So I figure we were ok. Do they run...
  54. Ragin Cajun

    Well the deal is done and the boat is mine.

    Most of you guys know that I was a defiance 220 owner by proxy meaning that I had a friend who wanted a boat but didn't want the responsibility of caring for the boat. So he paid while I washed and waxed. Well he's getting a divorce and the deal was either I figure out how to pay for the boat...
  55. Ragin Cajun

    Locktite or silicone for screws

    On Saturday after making a 30 mile run offshore and back, I found some of the screws on the rub rail had backed out a little bit. I was able to tighten them but was wondering if I should use a locktite compound or a silicone base compound so that it stays flexible with the movement of haul...
  56. Ragin Cajun

    Bainbridge Island shrimping area.

    Anyone know where the Bain bridge island shrimping area is? Is it the south side of the island? We will be launching from Port Orchard. First time shrimping this area. Been in Dabob before but thought we could give this area a try for the opener. Thanks Pete.
  57. Ragin Cajun

    Radar wiring question

    just got a raymarine Rd 418D. It came with a 10 meter cable. Do I have to use the long cable or can I cut it down? I really only need about 10 feet, so I don't know what to do with the other 20 feet. Currently have the excess push in the gunale. Thanks pete
  58. Ragin Cajun

    Attaching kicker to main

    So I have a few questions. i bought a Uflex arm to attach the kicker to the main for Trolling. As a rough fit the gas line is in the way to have the arm on top so I'm going to run it underneath. By running it underneath the arm to lock the kicker in a position is in the way. Should I remove...
  59. Ragin Cajun

    Avets Sxj and Mxj for sale

    Bought both of them brand new. Each has 50 lbs power pro on them. Only used a few times each. Sxj. Silver, has a few scratches on the top of the reel. 175.00 Mxj. Gunmetal grey. Perfect condition. 200.00 I'm in Seattle several times a week during the day. I'll be in Kent for most of...
  60. Ragin Cajun

    Penn 114H2 grinding sound

    Bought a 114 off of eBay. I was spooling some line into it and noticed that there is a grinding gear sound and feel to the reel as its operating. I haven't taking it apart yet but wanted some ideas of what to look for or replace before I open it up. Gears/bearings? Thanks Pete
  61. Ragin Cajun

    Line stacking up on edges of spool

    i have a SXJ and a MXJ. Both have 50 lbs power pro on them. I use them for salmon fishing. When I'm reeling in the line it has a tendency to stack up on one side or the other of the reel. It stacks up so much that it will cause the line to jump causing a backlash or it will stack up until...
  62. Ragin Cajun

    Downrigger spectra color

    so I'm going to switch over to spectra. Looking at the 200 lbs range. Does the color matter like the fishing line does? Thanks Pete
  63. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine a78 and radar

    i have a A78 MSD, but didn't get a radar with it when our boat was purchased. Now we want to get a radar. I have a couple of questions. Digital vs HD? Does it really matter, not planning on crushing the ocean but only in low light and foggy situations. Plug and play. Is it that simple...
  64. Ragin Cajun

    PSOA carpool from kitsap county.

    Anyone interested in carpooling to tomorrow's meeting. I have a company van (free gas) that I could fit 3 guys in. Could pick up at Lowes off of Sedwick in Port Orchard. Thinking of leaving around 2-230. Grab a burger and a beer at the Islander before the meeting. Otherwise looking...
  65. Ragin Cajun


    i have some split fur wood that was cut down last June. Probably have about a full size bed full of wood. 50.00. Located in Port Orchard. Pm me if anyone is interested. Thanks Pete
  66. Ragin Cajun

    Prescription sunglasses

    Any if you guys using prescription sunglasses? Thinking of getting a pair of Costa's but that are pretty spendy. M. Jim are about the same price. Anyone using Keanon sunglasses? I currently have a pair of Spy's with no prescription. They work pretty good on the water but I don't think the...
  67. Ragin Cajun

    Smoking bellies for the first time. QuestionsHo

    i plan to smoke some tuna bellies this weekend. I been looking for an good recipe. I'm going to go with the dry rub and/or the straight rock salt method prior. But I have a few questions: Skin on or skin off. I will more than likely cut them up into chucks. Some guys say with the skin...
  68. Ragin Cajun

    First Blackmouth in the boat!

    It was freaking 22 degrees yesterday when we put the boat in the water. Gotta love that pilot house and a portable heater. It was the best. Went out yesterday to Possession Point, we fished on the westside in 120ft of water for most of the day. The winner yesterday was a Red Racer flasher with a...
  69. Ragin Cajun

    Mats mats bay boat launch?

    i found out the the launch up by the hood canal is under construction and has been remove at Salisbury point. Anyone ever use Mats Mats bay boat launch by port ludlow? Saw on salmon U there is black mouth fishing up there too. Anyone have any experience fishing up there? My plan was to...
  70. Ragin Cajun

    Pickling salt???

    im going to smoke my first batch of tuna bellies this weekend. I have a box of pickling salt in the pantry, question is can I use this instead of rock salt to "cure" prior to smoking? There are 18 million recipes out there, trying to narrow it down to a good one. Pete
  71. Ragin Cajun

    Avet questions/suggestions

    so I'm looking to buy some quality reels. I like Avet cause it's American made. My intention is to buy some reels that I could use for salmon and sea bass/ling then to buy some for tuna. I have a bid in on a Avet SXJ, with the intentions that the Sxj would be good for salmon and bottom...
  72. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna 10/10 with All Rivers Charters

    I took a ride last Friday with ARCS. First time tuna fishing, now I'm hooked had Capt Ian, he put right in the tuna. 30 miles straight out. Trolled for about 15 minutes then it was 2 1/2 hours of tuna madness. Ended up with 46 total. What a blast. Now I have 9 months to get the boat ready!!!!
  73. Ragin Cajun

    Fishing south Ledbetter point

    We'll the plan was to fish westport all weekend. But with the salmon closure this Friday we trying to come up with a backup plan besides fishing for black bass. Thinking of driving down to Tokeland, from westport launching there then fishing south of Ledbetter. Does anybody have any...
  74. Ragin Cajun

    Westport closing Friday evening

    Got an alert saying salmon closes on Friday. Is that all salmon? Anyone else see that? We were planning a trip for the weekend.
  75. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine A 78 question fuel tank management

    Boat: Defiance Admiral 220 Been trying to figure out how to set up how much gas is in the tank. I guess my first question is, is it possible to manually input how much gas is in or left in the tank into the A78? If so how. For those of you with one or something similar I have tried going...
  76. Ragin Cajun

    Sea bass and salmon out of westport

    I have my father inlaw coming out from Montana in a few weeks. Planning on a salmon trip or two out of westport, but thought I could maximize the fish opportunity by trying some sea bass too. Just wanted to know if you guys knew of an areas close to westport? I see on Leeroys ramblings he...
  77. Ragin Cajun

    Westport 8/9. First blood on decks

    Well we made the trip for the first time to Westport on Saturday. Finally success. Got there at 0600, launched at 0700 due to the launch line. While putting the boat in the water, just to the left of the ramps the was some poor soul having CPR performed on him right there on the docks. Not...
  78. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Salmon for first time...

    Thinking of taking the Defiance 220 out to westport for the first time this weekend for some salmon. Can you guys please help me decipher the tide/weather report so we are there at the best time? How long of a run is it to the windmills? or the casino? Looks like the tides are Low...
  79. Ragin Cajun

    IPAD for Depth/fish finder

    Anybody using a Ipad as a "repeater" or secondary screen from the main depth/fish finder unit? First thing we have noticed after fishing our first weekend in the Defiance 220 was that the screen was too small at the helm to really monitor the depth when the down riggers were in the water...
  80. Ragin Cajun

    3 tides verses 4?????

    Just wondering if there is a difference in fishing when there are only 3 tides in a day verses 4? Next week we were planning on heading out to point no point / skunk Bay Area for the first time. Fishing a couple of hours on either side the high tide is the norm. But someone mentioned fishing...
  81. Ragin Cajun

    New boat acceptance inspection pointers needed

    What are some things to look for or watch out for when doing the final inspection on a new fiberglass boat? I know sea trials will help some but will not be the same as a full fuel load, gear and etc. just looking for some pointers. Thanks Pete
  82. Ragin Cajun

    MMSI DSC radio

    I understand the concept of being able to call boat to boat or the coast guard, but are you able make a call to a land line? I remember working the shrimp boat in lower LA (Louisiana) as a teenager, and the captain would call home over the radio from time to time. I remember he would have...
  83. Ragin Cajun

    Good affordable filet knife?

    Whats the best filet knife out there for our waters up here? I do most of the cooking at home and like a bigger heavier blade. I have used traditional filet knives before but don't like the thin blade. You guys have any thoughts? Should I have a "utility" knife as well to cut herring or...
  84. Ragin Cajun

    Offshore PFD question

    So I am trying to figure out what life preserver I would need for fishing halibut, rock fish, lings or tuna out of Westport or lapush. Type 1 is for offshore, type 2 is for offshore/ inland. I was trying to find a definite statement as to what would be needed but cannot find it...
  85. Ragin Cajun

    So many down riggers it's confusing

    Can you guys help me get down to the model of scotty down rigger I should be looking for? Would probably be used in both the sound and ocean. Don't need the top of the line model but something I can trust to get the job done. Surely don't want the manual style. I see some with two rod...
  86. Ragin Cajun

    Navigating Westport

    First post, I have been reading for about a month now. PLenty of information in the place. WOW! My question is what are some tips for navigating in and out of westport? I know there is a big danger with ebb( I think that's correct) tide and following seas. Just wonder if you guys can give...