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    Condor 11-11

    Taking the trip I was going to be on last Friday, any others from here going?
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    Going this Friday night - weather

    Dicey enough to cancel, been in 12 - 15 on the Queen, it weren't no fun! Maybe "Dicey" wasn't the right description.:oops: Anyhow, I hope nobody is crazy enough to try it, The big Bird cancelled the trip!
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    Going this Friday night - weather This might make SCI a little dicey. Anyone else going out?
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    For Sale 1984 Farallon 25 Whaleback

    Well, shoot!! A great boat, hope the new owner takes good care of her!
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    For Sale SKIPJACK 24 flybridge $2500

    I will be in the Fallbrook area tomorrow, pm me .
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    For Sale SKIPJACK 24 flybridge $2500

    Is boat still available?
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    Welcome to the jungle - SA80

    That "girl" is Piper, fish "Studette" deckhand. Knows her stuff, more than most 17 y.o. dudes out there. Edit, been on the SA80 many times, Mike fishes his butt off, and on the last 3 trips, has handed bait off to PB'ers, good dude, just like his Dad! Walked with me 6 weeks ago when I got my...
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    Tomahawk 1.5 day 04/26

    I was running 15' of 40 fluoro to 40 mono, hooked 5 fish. And like my first post said, old school, Penn 4/0 wide, Fenwick Pacificstik 1556C 5 1/2'
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    Tomahawk 1.5 day 04/26

    It was a pleasure fishing with you and your group, the smiles on your boy's faces said it all!
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    Tomahawk 1.5 day 04/26

    Ok, Sorry to be so late. I ended the day with 1 BFT approx. 70 lbs on 40 mono /40 Flouro combo and 1/0 J hook. Fought 2nd fish for 2 hr, only to have hook pull out, it was a bigger model, could tell by the kick. I will never use a J hook on big fish again, lesson learned. Old dog got taught a...
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    Tomahawk 1.5 day 04/26

    Yes, gonna be down there early today, all gear is ready, can't wait to be on the water again! Stay optimistic!
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    Tomahawk 1.5 day 04/26

    Will be joining you as well, been a few years, but looking forward to soaking a worm :). Old school Penn guy here, 30 TW, 4/0, 6/0. 670XH, 6455XXH. Can't wait to be on these fish, been watching from work for too long! Question::::Should I get rid of the mono and go with 80 lb Braid with a...
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    Farallon 2600 Walk Around Pilot House 26' Diesel D4-260 Volvo

    Nice boat!! Dreaming about selling the machines and going fishing!
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    SST Anomalies APR 1-June 17

    If that pattern is anything like '83, we might get bigeye, do-do's, and yellowfin right into Dec. , then we will get stomped on like mad for 2 months in the winter, Remember H.B. pier in '83?
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    Hatteras???? WTF? "D"
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    Yeah, Happy Birthday!!! Call me back, Turdroller!!! "D"
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    Also had knee surgery today

    Stainless is good, titainium is better!!!!! Keeps machine shops busy!!! Good luck on your recovery "D"
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    Danger close to home

    Used to fish bat rays down there in the late 70's, mighta been a different outcome back then, ole fat John carried a .357!! Fresh outta Nam, knew how to use that bad boy too!! "D"
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    What's your occupation?

    Machine shop owner, Machinist, cnc programmer, set up machines, maintenance mechanic, toilet cleaner, etc. Reid Rocker Arms
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    Ugly chick getting hit on!!

    uh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,buuuuuuuubuuuuubuuuuubuuu urp!
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    I'm not dead yet

    Just be lovin on the ice dude, the swelling inside that baby will get to you quick!!! You'll be fine in about 4-5 weeks, the real fun begins at PT!! Remember to take a knotted rag, it helps the first time you have to push for full range!! "D"
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    Albacore, The other White Meat, May Not Be so GOOD........

    OK, so to err on the side of logic, how about doing a study of BD members that have been eating the albie for many years, and evaluate the merc levels in their systems? The study of the fish is one thing, it becomes another subject of media hype and "cause for concern", however, what are the...
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    new Paris Barby pictures

    AHHH, so this is what happens when we cant fish!!!! I like the night vision!
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    When the ground comes up to greet you

    Prayers sent. Any of you boys on here,,,,, THANK YOU !!!!! Keep yer head low and your heart high!!
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    Mexican Navy Boards then Sinks Boat off San Quintin (PICS)

    Mods,,,,,, Thank you Glad all involved came home safe!!!
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    I thought it was just ME !!!!! Ahhh, the comfort of knowing your not alone in this battle,,,,,,,, Now, who moved my coffee!!!???!?!?!? "D"
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    A big deal to me

    Congrats, David, congrats! To any and all who may be on the fence,,,,,,,IF you find yourself wondering, look one of us up, we have probably been on the road your walking on, we would be more than happy to help you answer some of your questions. Happy Birthday David and Cal (bro)!!! Maybe...
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    I need someone to strangle. I've just about had it!!!

    Paul I have watched you walk this road, and we have had some simular situations, I know your frustrations and have often wondered how much you could take, there are many here who are offering some very sage advise, but ultimately, you make the call for you and the boys. You know I had 12+...
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    Now, THAT'S refreshing!!! Stand tall, man!!:2gunsfiring_v1:
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    Rant: The Boat Depot is incompetent

    Being a business owner, I have to say that the 'stik that mouthed off about the customer being f'd up has and will reveal himself, just a matter of time, and it sounds like there is a culture in that shop that will take some time to "filter" out. Giving the new owner a little time and support...
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    Charkbait=Serious Disappointment

    I have the same, before I use them on the boat, I take them to the bait tank, dip, open, close several times, wa la, they work fine, had 'em for about 10 years !! Cutters are made from carbon steel, even the 400 series stainless will rust, 300 series will not rust, but it is softer than shit...
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    DUI, DMV, the Cops, and Commercial Fishing.

    So, iffi'n I hear this right. You want to know , from a group of people who have gone to numerous funerals for friends on BD, (have we forgotten about Joebalo already?), how to circumvent the system? How about this, take responsibility for your actions, suffer the consequenses and make...
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    2 day vs 3 day trips

    uh, wow!!!!!!!!:fighting0061: Thats to the point!
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    3 day search for tuna.....

    Jeff, thanks for being the S.A. 80 "reporter on the spot", good pics, Jim, I couldn't have given a better description if I tried, tough trip, Terry and crew did all they could to put us on the feesh, but with limited success. (Correction on the post, my "big" yellow came on the blue / white...
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    Sea Adventure 3- day 14-17Jun

    gonna be there with ya, we will be down there about 4 ish, great boat, good crew last year, hopin to break a few bft lips this weekend!! Darrell
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    You know you are having a bad day if you wake up to this...

    "So would I - with a 4X4." Now, WHY would you do that to a poor defenseless 2 x 4 ??
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    Jig stop manuvers <sp>

    Question, When getting stopped on the troll, what is the best method for positioning the boat? Keep it going straight? Turn to the port side? Turn to the starboard side? I used to fish with an old school guy that said always turn to port to allow the boat to slide with a wider chum pattern...
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    We lost a friend last night

    Update????? Hoping she gets a lot of time to think about the lives she's changed..... "D"
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    Annoyance meter

    :hali_ruahahaha: "Nothing smells better than a hot, sweaty stationary bike seat after some babe just rode 20 miles on it..." Now that's just plain sick!!!!!! Which bike was that??
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    Why internet dating is a bad idea

    COFFEE ON KEYBOARD !!!!!!!!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: VIA THE NOSTRILS!!!!!!
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    1:06 secs of goodness!

    From the inside maybe???!!!!?? BOOOOIIIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!
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    goodbye San Diego......Hello Los Angeles!

    Remeber, the last team that S.D. gave to L.A. was the clippers, hhhhmmmmmmmmm. Is LA the trash can for teams that cant seem to keep anything together for any length of time??:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Just an uneducated observation!!! "Flame suit on" "D"
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    Condolances Kevan

    Condolences from the Reid family as well.
  44. 951FISH

    Sick and Wrong

    a regular Tennesee valley reunion!!!!!!! That was too funny:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Mrs. CUDA Need US Bros!!! ( Prayers wanted)

    Prayers sent, hang in there bro'. Hope to hear good news soon. "D"
  46. 951FISH

    Thoughts needed..... My Friend's son got killed by a DUI on Tuesday

    Prayers sent. 1 dui = stop drinking and driving, 1 very large wake up call, iff'n yer lucky and dont hurt yourself or someone else! 2 dui = go to friggin jail, you don't get it, do you son? enough carnage!!!!!! "D"
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    Puertocitos Open: A little redemption!!

    Paul, We gotta talk man, seems every time you post some shit gets stirred, am I going to have to put you on meds or what???:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Dude, nice kill, :finger: , let the tree hugger have his tofu and whey!! ???????? uh, hmmmm "D"
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    Whats the weirdest thing you ever caught

    Many years ago, ummm 1981 maybe, noticed a white bag in the kelp at Catalina, cast the iron into it and drug out a very nice 2 kilos of thai sticks. Being an honest group of guys fresh off the 70's, we did the right thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:Smoke_Emo :Smoke_Emo :Smoke_Emo...
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    Happy Birthday Our Mighty Leader

    Happy b'day Jason!! Thanks for doin whut you do!!!!!!! :notworthy :notworthy :finger: :notworthy :notworthy "D"
  50. 951FISH

    winner of the dumb blond contest

    That's a great one, man I miss that show!! Old school fun right there!!!!:Lets_do_i "D"
  51. 951FISH

    If you can spare some help.....

    Same as above,,,,,, Let us know what they need, we also have clothing and household items getting ready to go to goodwill or,,,,, Would be more than happy to bring it down. "D"
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    Happy New Year

    Ahhh yes, one big happy DYSFUNCTIONAL family, Happy New Year you bunch of sicko's!!!!:notworthy :notworthy :finger: :notworthy :finger: :notworthy :finger: :notworthy :finger: (hmmm, I seem to feel right at home here!):rofl: "D"
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    I have a confession

    you say your johnson is short???? Wrong forum dude!
  54. 951FISH

    I'm gettin' a hardon... I mean hardtop!

    "Dude's layin down a good lookin bead", THAT, is a work of art. Kinda brings a tear to the eye when I see work like that!!!:High_Five Oh yeah, nice looking bridge/tower! "D"
  55. 951FISH

    seeker sucks

    You see my boy, being a man has a lot more to do with being big on the inside as well as big on the outside. You just got busted tryin to be really big on the outside only! Rant on...... NOW MAN UP AND APOLOGIZE TO SEEKER ON THIS THREAD!!!slap: Rant off................ "D"
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    Please help find Saluki. Brandon is lost

    Notice the poor dog is tryin to back away!!! Too funny!!!!!!
  57. 951FISH

    Holiday Wishes

    Good to see you back here!!!! :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  58. 951FISH

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a happy, healthy New Year!!!

    Merry Christmas from Beautiful Lake Elsinore!!!!!! :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
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    Matthew James Rogers Memorial Fund Raffle

    Me and the boy are on our way!! This place rocks!!! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :finger: :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
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    20lb reel

    Iv'e fished the TLD 10 for years on the same drags, yt, yft, alb, calico, do-do, bones,etc, even caught a pl cat once down at Newport harbor! I wish they still made that little guy, it has stood real tall next to all of my penns!! "D"
  61. 951FISH

    Pick the BD'er

    And that's what happens when you let the little ones look over your shoulder whilst riding the BD wave!!!!!!! "D" :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger:
  62. 951FISH

    Surgery again

    HOOOOOOOOORRRRAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear that!!!!!! :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: Now she can get some well needed rest!!!!!!
  63. 951FISH

    Surgery again

    Hang in there, Kristie!!!! Thanks guys for all the updates. Just a comment about this board: I do not know a many folks on here personally, but through the board I feel like I've known some of you for years, you are truly a "family" to me and mine, even with some of the "banter", this place...
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    Matthew James Rogers Memorial Fund Raffle

    Bump, keepin it new
  65. 951FISH

    please say a prayer for my fiance

    Prayers sent, keep us posted on her recovery!! "D"
  66. 951FISH

    Matthew James Rogers Memorial Fund Raffle

    I'm in for 2, iff'n I win, please re-raffle or sell the 80 on e-bay and give the proceeds to the family. God Bless the family, our hearts go out to them!!! Good call Noah's !!
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    Donations to the fisherman lost at sea

    A bump to keep it fresh
  68. 951FISH

    Donations to the fisherman lost at sea

    I'm in, where, when, what? Waiting for directions. Prayers going out for the family. "D"
  69. 951FISH

    Surgery again

    Good luck, Prayers sent!!!!!
  70. 951FISH

    Whoooohoooo/Beware fellow fisherpeoples

    Check it out dude!!! Dont wanna use va too quick!!
  71. 951FISH

    Looking for a new Job

    Sounds like she has created a "hostile work environment" for you. Iv'e heard that lawyers love that stuff!
  72. 951FISH


    A little too much pushin cushin??????? Ya think???!?!!?!
  73. 951FISH


    Wrong, just wrong!!!!!!! slap: Thats some sick shit right there, welcome to Tennesee!!!! Might just be his long lost sister! "D"
  74. 951FISH

    Is this BS or not ?

    That would be married with kids and having a boat, totally broke! :rofl:
  75. 951FISH

    Gotta like the new Haggar commercials

    Simply beautiful!!! Too damm funny!!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  76. 951FISH

    A Different Christmas Poem

    Must be an eyelash in my eye!!!!! Thanks for the reminder, think about our boys (and girls) this christmas, giving us the right and freedom to pop off on each other! ! :appl: "D"
  77. 951FISH

    Veteran Day

    Thank all of you guys !!!!!!!!!! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  78. 951FISH

    Keep me in your thoughts.

    Welcome to forty-something, now you "get" to make what I call the "birthday appointment", sure suxs, but its better than findin out too late! Good luck, hope they find nothing but ass up there. Oh yeah, ONE HAND ON THE SHOULDER, PLEASE!! "D"
  79. 951FISH

    Get off your ass and vote

    And remember, no votin = no bitchun 'bout the results!!! Go vote!!
  80. 951FISH

    Positive energy please

    Prayers sent, keep us posted on his good health, stay positive bro! Darrell:)
  81. 951FISH

    BIG yellow on the Mission Belle

    Nice fish, dude!! :appl: :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :appl: :High_Five I gotta go fitchun soon!!
  82. 951FISH

    Don't give the BD salute to the cops

    :finger: That boy just aint right!!!!! That was too stupid, should be a darwin nominee !!!! Got what he deserved!
  83. 951FISH

    You may not give one...but can you catch one?

  84. 951FISH

    Prayers Needed!!!

    Get well dude, your gonna need that hand at least once a month ya know!!!! Give us the details, machinery involved?
  85. 951FISH

    Kissing Prank

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!! Chicks!!!!
  86. 951FISH

    The wait is over...

    Congrats!!!!! Momma and baby doin good, what a blessing!! :High_Five
  87. 951FISH

    I caught a big one!!!!!!!! On Film

    BUHHH, BUHHH, BUHHH, RRRAAAAALLLLLPPPPPHHHHH, EEEEAAAARRRRLLLLLbarf So much for havin pork roast for dinner!! "D"
  88. 951FISH

    Stuck prop cone screw

    Spray some WD-40 on it and walk away for a couple of hours, give it a try then, if it dont budge, pm me. Stainless screws and aluminum holes dont always make good bedfellows.:( "D"
  89. 951FISH

    Peeping Tom

    Got me!!!!!! :notworthy
  90. 951FISH

    Shes going home, guess whos back!!!

    Welcome home Kristie!! Good to see you back, Ron!! Someday, we will meet! "D"
  91. 951FISH

    "Live" Buoy data maps

  92. 951FISH

    Custody Hearing

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: OMGOSH, That is just too funny!!!!!! Well thought out "D"
  93. 951FISH

    HB 10-4

    Man, I miss doing that!! Used to live down there and that was an almost daily routine, watching the sun go down over the "rigs" and catching perch and corbina on the small rod, uuummmmmm, good times! "D"
  94. 951FISH

    Missing: 1 Finger, a pen, and a razor blade....

    Could'a stitched yerself with some 4 lb!!! J.K. OUCH!!!! :Stab_emot "D"
  95. 951FISH

    coming out.

    As in........................... No Martha, say it ain't so,,,,,,,,,, the kid wants to FISH????????? egads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl: :rofl: Or is this a different kind of coming out? :bath: "D"
  96. 951FISH

    This is one of the best days of my life.

  97. 951FISH


    "As for the digital exam, I highly recommend Asian woman doctors as they have the skinniest fingers by far. I recommended this to a buddy and he came back laughing after following my advice. Iasked him what was so funny and he said that the Asian female doctor's bedside manner was so teasing...
  98. 951FISH


    Prayers sent, Get well Kristie!!
  99. 951FISH

    BD admin goes fishing 9/21

    Thanks for the "best kind of fish box" pics, nice work!! "D" Death_To_ :notworthy
  100. 951FISH


    :104167739 coming up on 49, time for another one, it has to be one of the most degrading parts of getting old(er),,,,,,,, flippin rites of passage!!!! Oh, to add, one of the few times that I'm not "full of crap". lol "D"
  101. 951FISH

    snotty ass attitudes and big egos

    Try little league, or travel ball, and don't forget high school baseball, and football!! but, yeah some people can be dicks!! Move on :nutkick: "D"
  102. 951FISH

    Time to change

    eeeeewwwwwwwww!!!!!!! uuurrrrggggg------hurling!!!!!!
  103. 951FISH

    Raiders Practice Cancelled

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha omg!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :nutkick:
  104. 951FISH

    Cherry poping Tuesday, got my first marlin

    Way to go Dude!!!!! Go get another one! Hell, all I can do right now is work !!!
  105. 951FISH

    Bas ass machine

    Bad a$$ toys, made a lot of parts for those things, Steve is a stand up guy too, if you ever get a chance, go to one of the off road races, man and machine tested to the limits!!:_shopping "D"
  106. 951FISH

    We lost a friend last night

    Our deepest sympathy to his entire family, too young, too tragic. We all need to remember this the next time we are "knockin a few back" ! Hang the keys on a sober person, or on the door, hit the couch, floor, back porch, JUST DONT DRIVE ! "D"
  107. 951FISH

    Prayers Needed

    Prayers for you and your family. When I get there, I have 1 question, ,,, why kids??? Always breaks my heart to hear of anything happening to a child! "D"
  108. 951FISH

    Need prayers for Mom.

    Godspeed on her recovery!! "D"
  109. 951FISH

    Rojodiablo Does Some Bitchin' Work...

    Known that guy for close to 20 years, alway innovative and hard working, get the job done, he built a mezzanine for me back in 94, biulding would collapse before that mezz. would even budge!! "D" :notworthy Hell of a fisherman too!!
  110. 951FISH

    Fucking cancer

    Go ahead and rant, yell, give us some of that burden, together we can maybe lighten your load, and help you carry on as you stand tall next to your wife!! Our prayers are with you. Darrell
  111. 951FISH

    302/230 8-11

    I know a little machine shop up in the elsinore area that has this guy that likes to make parts for boats who just happens to also like to fish
  112. 951FISH

    Limits of crappy weather and YT/Dodo 7-31

    Hey Ole, you got my phone # still? Right around the corner from you! "D"
  113. 951FISH

    That's MR. DORADO to you!!!! Oh my, it was a wild one!!

    Nice job Paul, there's a salty lookin group!!! "D"
  114. 951FISH

    Bob And I got the bigger gradeYT!! Late report from 7/15.

    You Dawg!!! I'm sitting here in friggin 106 dgree shit and you gotta post this crap, thanks for the phone call!! Great pics, glad to see lil John hangin with dad. Give me a call at my new house, my office, :nutkick: long story, you know my office #, call me
  115. 951FISH

    302 Report 7/20/06

    Nice feesh!!!!!! Man, I gotta get out there!!! "D"
  116. 951FISH

    Great fishing inside 302 7/19

    I don't mean to be too picky here, but is someone afraid to get some fishy on thier fingers????!??:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: "D"
  117. 951FISH

    Going out on Sea Adventure80-advice?

    To the Mod.: Please delete this thread, Thanks Darrell
  118. 951FISH

    Three day on Sea Adventure 80

    Hey Matt, Bryce and I will be waitng to clear the point with your dusty ass on the boat, we will probably have to dunk you in that massive bait tank to get all of the desert dust outta your'e pores :rofl: !!!! Looking forward to seeing you come home, you have our utmost respect for doing your...
  119. 951FISH

    Three day on Sea Adventure 80

    I'm thinking in about 2 weeks????? maybe??
  120. 951FISH

    Three day on Sea Adventure 80

    Mako was a very lucky(for me) upper lip hooking, fish would not have lasted 10 seconds any other way!! "D"
  121. 951FISH

    sea adventure 80 trip????

    As any story goes,,,,,,,knowing the whole story helps with off color comments. That infant mako was caught on the 1st day of a three day trip, all indications were that we would spend 3 days chasing around rat size yellows and maybe, just friggin MAYBE, get into billions upon billions of tons of...
  122. 951FISH

    6-15 to 6-18 Sea Adventure 80

    Awl_ _ _ Got some rest, now can report. Brother (calfish) and son and I jumped on the SA 80 for a 3 day, had a great trip, 150+ BFT, 115+ YT, 50+ ALB, and 1 stray mako. Maxima sponsored trip, didnt know it till we got on the boat, George and Jason from Maxima treated all passengers to a goody...
  123. 951FISH

    Going out on Sea Adventure80-advice?

    Awl------- Had a great trip. boat is smooth as a caddy, we ended up with 140+ bft, 50+ alb, 115+ yt, and 1 lone 6 1/2 ft mako, (mine!!!). Crew did ok job, I think they could have used 1 more set of hands, new operation, needs a few trips to shake out the "bugs", Chuck Taft has put together a...
  124. 951FISH

    Going out on Sea Adventure80-advice?

    Sorry mod, put in wrong place, dang computer!!!! Anyway, I had heard good things about boat, Skipper and crew, just wanted to confirm, thanks to all who contribbed'. Looking forward to stacking some wood in the slammers!!!!! "D"
  125. 951FISH

    Going out on Sea Adventure80-advice?

    Hey guys, Leaving thurs nite, anyone have any advice about boat, skipper, crew? Ive fished mostly Condor, PQ, Prowler, New LoAnn, like em all. 3 day trip, wanna make it good one!! "D"
  126. 951FISH

    Condor Bluefin - 6/11/2006

    I cant stand it, leaving Thurs nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. 951FISH

    WFO BFT on Pacific Voyager with Pix

    Goin on that 3 day on the Sea Adventure 80, damm I hope this is just a precursor!!!!!! "D"
  128. 951FISH

    L.A.Bay 6/3 to6/7 Awesome YT action!!

    Does anyone recall meeting a guy named Larry Benton down there? Last I heard, he had a 24' skipjack parked next to his trailer.
  129. 951FISH

    1.5 on the Condor-6/6/06

    I have been on the Condor many times, every time, Scott and crew have worked thier butts off trying to find / catching fish, boat rides smooth, even in snotty water. Scott is one of the most professional skippers in the whole fleet!!:appl: Yeah, I'm new, but only to the board!!!