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  1. FishinElectrician

    Rod/Reel Clamp for Lexa 300 CC???

    I was told that theres a decent rod/reel clamp made that works with Lexa 300s... Is that fact? If so, any info on where i could purchase one would be highly appreciated!!! Thanks alot!
  2. FishinElectrician

    ALL SOLD- thanks BD

    Hey bro. Im in L.A. but ill drive rightnow to get it. $150 in hand!!!
  3. FishinElectrician

    Does any one know of spottys in MDR

    the last spot i caught maybe 2 months ago. And i was footin it on the jetties... theyre in there just gotta work the most likely places that will hold em
  4. FishinElectrician

    Marina Del Rey

    I dont know about them dying off but MDR never has really had the numbers of the big harbors to the south to begin with, so time has to be put in. Good lucc tho. Hit me up next time u go... Im always down for a MDR sesh
  5. FishinElectrician

    Hardbaits and spotties

    Norman N Series...
  6. FishinElectrician

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    Well, i mean jigging with jax jigs, pt wilson darts, magic metals, and the like.
  7. FishinElectrician

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    Ok. makes total sense. Let me ask you this, if you had no other alternative, would you use the black diamond youre using for jigging for say, shrimp flys, and or simple drop loops with strip baits (squid, rockfish, mackeral) And thank you! I appreciate your input, sir!
  8. FishinElectrician

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    well, since i plan on using it for bait, i dont mind a more moderate tip. I plan on using the rod for bait and light jigging for bottomfish. how do u thik it would do for those applications. what would be a better choice for those applications if the Abyss isnt the optimal decision to go with?
  9. FishinElectrician

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    Im thinkin about buyin a Phenix Abyss for the Accurate. And apparently according to one person i know, i should get rid of the Lunas because they suck and theyre trash... SMH... Stupid biased bastard
  10. FishinElectrician

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    put em on my old californian tournament series rods. they match up quite nicely. the accurate i put on a rod of unknown blank maker, but it matches up with the fury nicnicely as well. I decided i wanna get two phenix m1 blanks for the lunas, and a calstar or seeker for the accurate. thanks for...
  11. FishinElectrician

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    Damn, no suggestions on what rod blanks i should get? I want one for the Luna, an eight foot blank that would be good for 1-4 ounce baits, and a blank that I can use with the accurate fury 400. Preferably one thats not too thick, because i want to put a trigger handle on that one as well.
  12. FishinElectrician

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    I was wondering what opinions and feedback you guys have when it comes to the Daiwa Luna series, specifically the 253. My buddy says i made a mistake and shoulda went with a Calcutta, but im a Daiwa man. Also, i want to put my brand new Accurate Fury 400 two speed on a custom wrapped trigger...
  13. FishinElectrician

    NEW Okuma Komodo 364P

    Where on earth are the power handle versions in stock?!? I cant find one anywhere!
  14. FishinElectrician

    Solo Bass Hunter (Buyer Pick Up)

    Hows it goin fellas! I hate to interrupt your day, and Im sort of embarrassed to put it in this forum, but Im selling my Solo Bass Hunter. Its been used, but still in very excellent condition. Im including the trolling motor, 3 batteries, an anchor, emergency paddle, anchor rope, dock rope, Bass...
  15. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 4/03/2013

    Well, I headed south today to try my luck at some fat Perch, or whatever wanted to hit the hardbait... My bait of choice today was an Owner Ripn Minnow 65. Dont know what the exact color was, but it has a nice wobble when retrieved with a slow steady cadence... I cast to a...
  16. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 4/01/2013

    Thats for damn sure!!!
  17. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 4/01/2013

    Im runnin straight 12 lb Izor XXX. Man, those Bass Trix look like theyll kill some shit in the surf, but lik you said, you wont know till you try em! Good luck out there, brotha! I havent caught any Halibut from the surf, at all...
  18. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/20/2013

    I will eventually! Thanks for the tip.
  19. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 4/01/2013

    Thanks, bro! Yeah, the beach I usually fish doesnt have nearly as bad a problem with the vegetation as I had today at Will Rogers! And the color on that LC is Sexy Blue. Got it online from Tackle Warehouse...
  20. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 4/01/2013

    Went out today, finally being able to hit a new beach. Decided to head north on PCH, and made my first stop at the beach around Gladstones. I noticed there was a ton of salad in the water, so I knew my patience was gonna be worn thin. Gave that area a shot for about an hour, right around low...
  21. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    LOL Its funny you say that, cuz its some of my stocks that have allowed me to splurge on LCs like this. And the reel in the background is a Daiwa Luna 103 i just picked up a couple of days ago.
  22. FishinElectrician

    New rod, what do you guys think.

    Why wouldnt you use this set up in the surf, if you dont mind me askin? I would think these reels would last just as long as any with proper care and maintenance, wouldnt they?
  23. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    Damn. These Lucky Crafts are gonna end up breakin me!!! LOL
  24. FishinElectrician

    A little Norcal change up

    I remember fishin Eckley Pier in Crockett for Stripers. Caught a 15 lb'er from that pier on some fresh dead chovies from Berkeley. Good times!
  25. FishinElectrician

    Feedback on the big baits.

    Its like they say, Big Frank! A picture is worth a thousand words!!! So theres 3000 right there!!! Your baits are lookin good, brotha!!!
  26. FishinElectrician

    New rod, what do you guys think.

    It sounded so sick, I had to get a Luna 103 for my Phenix, too!!! LOL
  27. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/20/2013

    Thanks man. It was pretty fun. Ive been wanting to go out so bad since then! Thanks, Carpfisher! Ive been wanting to make a trip up that way and sample the surf fishin the Cen Coast has to offer!
  28. FishinElectrician

    fishing ghost shrimp

    Sick!!! Way to get em on bait you gathered yourself!!! :hali_olutta:
  29. FishinElectrician

    New rod, what do you guys think.

    Sounds like a sick combo!
  30. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/20/2013

    Uhhhhhh... Ok...
  31. FishinElectrician

    What rod to choose?

    I dont know if you were asking me, but I myself, usually only go with one rod. But if I did go with two, its no problem because I have a 3rd Grip. Also, when I do take two, one rod is for Perch, and the other for throwin hardbaits for the bigger species.
  32. FishinElectrician

    What rod to choose?

    Nothin too special. It just looks and feels pretty sick, specifically made to fish hardbaits for Halibut, Flounder, Sole, etc... Not to mention you cant get it at any tackle shop around here...
  33. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/20/2013

    Thanks man! Yeah, it was the Dock! Where ya been at, bro?!? I havent seen one of your reports here or on the other site, in a while! Everything good???
  34. FishinElectrician

    Penn Sargus 4000

    Thank you very much, sir!!!
  35. FishinElectrician

    Penn Sargus 4000

    I just purchased a Sargus 4000 spinning reel to match with an Anglers Republic/Palms Elua 9'6" Flatfish Edition rod from Japan, mostly for throwing Lucky Crafts and other hardbaits in the surf. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these spinners? Also, is it true that the drags...
  36. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/20/2013

    My pleasure!!! Thank you, sir!!! Thanks, brotha! Yeah man,its only a matter of time. Theyre already bitin at some spots. Just gotta get out there and get em!!!
  37. FishinElectrician

    What rod to choose?

    Well, the 8'6" Convergence is very light. Plus I like the way it handles Perch with ease, light tip with good backbone. I just bought a 9'6" rod from Japan for tossin LCs and the like. So 8'6" is nothin now! LOL UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! (Even though they got waxed by minnesota...)
  38. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    LMAO. No need to be jealous brotha! They have plenty more rods out there, even here, that compare with this one! As far as gettin Halibut, we'll see how that goes. Gotta get out there to get em! Ill let you guys know as soon as I take it to the waves!
  39. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    Here you go, hippy... Ill try and take better pics out in the yard tomorrow...
  40. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    Did a little shopping to add to the collection... These just came in from the Land of the Rising Sun... I wanted to try these Rapala baits out, see how they do in the surf... Some unopened Owner baits I had lyin around...
  41. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/20/2013

    Whats up guys. Well, I decided to hit up the surf to see if I could get some Perch action goin... Started off south of where I usually fish, and encountered semi desirable conditions on the outgoing tide. I did notice some very promising pieces of structure that I would like to fish on an...
  42. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    Lucky Crafts usually weed out the smaller Surf Perch. Ive never caught a Corbina on it, so I cant attest to that, but Perch will slam a 110 Flash Minnow! Especially those piggies!
  43. FishinElectrician

    Freshwater Lures (Lot)

    No way. I paid a hell of alot more than $40 for this stuff, so its already a steal. Thanks for your interest
  44. FishinElectrician

    Big Game 90 now the Chief

    Capt Randel. I wish you the best of luck on your new endeavor. Dan Hernandez spoke to me of what a great person you are, and after speaking with him, i felt Ive known you for a long time. Best of luck, tight lines, and calm seas, my friend! :hali_olutta:
  45. FishinElectrician

    Scopase; Scopalimine Tablets for Seasickness

    So, are Scopace pills being made again???
  46. FishinElectrician

    What rod to choose?

    8'6" Shimano Convergence, 8-17 lb rod. I use it to throw carolina rigs, and baits such as the LC Pointer 78, and the like. Very nice rod.
  47. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/12/2013

    I didnt think smelt got that big. It was maybe 14-15 inches. I heard theyre pretty good eating. Any truth to that?
  48. FishinElectrician

    LC Flash Minnow and Braid in the surf

    I have to add, that this is only from what Ive heard from guys that fish braid. Its never happened to me, but since Ive heard of it happening more than once, from more than one person, I figure its a problrm that exists with braid. Either way, it sucks to lose a lure that costs $20 a pop...
  49. FishinElectrician

    LC Flash Minnow and Braid in the surf

    Youre not gonna get nearly the same action from a LC on 20 lb test as with 10 or 12. And whether you tie a good knot or not, when the line tangles on your reel in a wind knot and you try to cast with enough force, that shit is snapping. I dont care how good you say you tie your knots.
  50. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/12/2013

    LMAO! They were what my wife says are called "boy shorts". And Im hoping they were worn by a woman!!! LOL Still, though, it was gross any way you look at it...
  51. FishinElectrician

    3rd grip style surf rod holsters

    Those look pretty sick, bro!!! BUMP!
  52. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/12/2013

    Thanks man! I wish I woulda got more fish, but Im happy since I was only out there about an hour. Those Berkley grips arent too bad. I got em for $35 after that rebate Berkley has goin on right now. They seem to be holding up pretty good in the salt, so far.
  53. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/12/2013

    Well, I had about 3 hours of free time today, so I went to Dockweiler Beach today, to see if the fish were willing to bite. Decided to throw a carolina rigged Big Hammer Perch grub in motor oil christmas, to look for any biters. I only stayed maybe about an hour, because the water was extremely...
  54. FishinElectrician

    LC Flash Minnow and Braid in the surf

    Izorline XXX Smoke 12 lb test... Ive wanted to try braid, but heard too many stories about wind knots, and lures snapping off on the cast.
  55. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    Theyre some pretty sick ass rods. And you better believe Ill post em up when I get em!!!
  56. FishinElectrician

    Beech Ave - 3.09.13

    Ouch!!! That looks like it hurt!!! I took my daughter to the beach today, and the surge leftover from the storm eroded the hell out of the spots I usually fish... The sets were comin in right after one another, and it was rough as shit!!!
  57. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    Yeah, man. When I saw em, I had to get em. As soon as they have em in stock on those Japanese websites, they fly! I even ordered a Japanese rod, a 9'6" Palms Elua Shore Gun Flatfish Edition, and one of those fishing/PFD vests the guys from Japan wear while surf fishin. Kinda went overboard, but...
  58. FishinElectrician

    2 to 3 pound BSP Video

    You just condemned some Perch to their deaths, sir! Thank you very much! :hali_olutta:
  59. FishinElectrician

    2 to 3 pound BSP Video

    So perch are decent eating then? I might harvest 2 or 3 the next time I go out! How do they do on the grill? Does the flesh fall apart easily?
  60. FishinElectrician

    2 to 3 pound BSP Video

    Well, IMO, since theyre bein harvested, it doesnt really matter what pound test one is usin. The point is gettin the fish on the sand, I suppose. Shit, some of those pigs he was gettin, it looked like 25 lb test was too light!!! LOL Oh, and thanks for the location! I might just have to find my...
  61. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    8 lb?!? Damn, bro, if anything, you should go up a lb test or two. Youre a bit brave throwin em on 8! Hell yeah they are! I just ordered a couple custom ones from Japan. Hopefully I get em before summer's over! LOL
  62. FishinElectrician

    2 to 3 pound BSP Video

    Those are some big fish. But that doesnt even look like fun. I guess it doesnt matter if youre harvesting them...
  63. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    Hmmm. Thats a good a setup as any. What lb test you usin? That rod should be able to fling LCs a mile.
  64. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    What set up are you using to throw the Lucky Craft??? Try to stick with a good setup that you can use 10-12 lb test with.
  65. FishinElectrician

    Carlsbad - 3.06.13

    Nice pics, bro!!! And like hippy said, 5 is waaaaaay better than none!!! :hali_olutta:
  66. FishinElectrician

    Coronado 3-7-13

    Thats a sick ass catch, bro!!! Nice one!!! :hali_olutta:
  67. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    Havent tried em yet. I was goin out this Friday, but it turns out Im headed to Arizona on Friday, so Im gonna do some Bass fishin this weekend, instead of surf fishin. But I might hit the waves next Tuesday, seein as the forecast is lookin real good that day!
  68. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    Try em out! I just went to pick a couple more up, because they looked pretty good out of the package. And the price compared to a LC cant be beat. $7.99 a piece!
  69. FishinElectrician

    Switched Rigs Today

    Damn! You keep gettin those Walleye Perch, huh??? I need to get out that way and see if I can get em. Ill be out Friday, but up this way. Nice catch!!!
  70. FishinElectrician

    lucky craft flash minnow

    Try and save up for one or two LCs. It cant be denied that they really work in the surf. I just bought a couple more to add to the first 2 I bought. If not, try and look for some of those Daiwa DS Minnows. They run about 8 bucks, and come in a couple saltwater colors.
  71. FishinElectrician

    Heading to bolsachica

    I kinda like goin with an egg/slip sinker (carolina) rig when Im throwin bait. That way the fish can run with the bait and not feel any resistance before the hook set.
  72. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/28/2013

    Thanks, bro! Yeah, I think it was a cormorant, or maybe a pelican that hit em?
  73. FishinElectrician

    Mission Bay night session.

    Damn, I bet that one fought like hell! Nice catch! :hali_olutta:
  74. FishinElectrician

    Thunderbird rockfish opener.

    Love it!!! I wanna go back out so bad! Thanks for the report, bro! :hali_olutta:
  75. FishinElectrician

    Rockfish Opener 3/01/2013

    Thanks! Thanks! I appreciate it! Heck no I didnt finish it! I wrapped it up and shoved it into my tackle bag, then kept fishin. I devoured the rest when the boat left for home! Well, the damn phone drained the battery by searching for service as soon as we left the harbor. One minute I was takin...
  76. FishinElectrician

    Rockfish Opener 3/01/2013

    Hey guys. Well, today was the day for me to jump on the opener out of Sea Landing, on a 3/4 day trip on the Stardust. It was a full load of 40 anglers, but still quite a comfortable fit. I got to the landing before dawn, super excited to see what the day, and the seas, had in store. We left the...
  77. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/28/2013

    Well, guys. Today I woke up with the itch to hit the surf and see if there were any perch that wanted to bite out at my usual spot. I also wanted to try these Berkley fish grippers I just bought. Grabbed my gear, and headed toward the beach. High tide in the area was to be at 10:44 AM, so I...
  78. FishinElectrician

    Surf fishing reel

    For Perch, I fish 6lb Izorline XXX Smoke, with a 6lb fluoro leader, usually Trilene 100%... Havent tried braid, but because Ive done ok with this setup.
  79. FishinElectrician

    Surf fishing reel

    Cabelas has the Sahara 2500FD for $49.99 shipped right now. I have one on my perch rod, a Shimano Convergance 8'6" 8-12 lb rod. Nice combo for the surf. The Sahara is an incredible reel for the price. Check it out.
  80. FishinElectrician

    Rockfish opener

    Im booked on the Stardust on Friday... Should be a good one!
  81. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/23/2013

    Those are some freakin pigs, bro!!! Thanks for the article!
  82. FishinElectrician

    Carlsbad 2-26-13

    Nice session out there, bro. I see you got a walleye huh??? Ive yet to get one of those! Thanks for the report and pics!
  83. FishinElectrician

    HB Dog Beach 2-23-13

    Damn, you tore shit up, bro. Nice one. I got out too late today and didnt get squat, but some bait sized perch. Nice sesh! :hali_olutta:
  84. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/23/2013

    Well, I finally got a chance to hit the waves again today. Saw that high tide around the area was gonna be at 7:40 am, but I got there around 8:00 am, so I dont think i was fishin optimal conditions. Looking at the water, it felt like the bite was gonna be tough. Flat waves and super clear water...
  85. FishinElectrician

    Freshwater Lures (Lot)

    Throwing a new Plano Stowaway 3741-1 Waterproof container in the mix. Divides into 3 sections. Still $40!!!
  86. FishinElectrician

    Carlsbad - 2/6/13

    Good fishin out there, Ghost!!! :hali_olutta:
  87. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/3/2013

    I replaced the back treble hooks on my LCs with size 4 Owner ST-36RD hooks, and the two front hooks are size 6 Owner ST-36BC hooks. Hope that helped! Im tryin! :hali_olutta: Ive been itchin to go sooo bad this week, but I havent been able to make it.
  88. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/3/2013

    Hit the waves up again yesterday for a couple of hours. As soon as I arrived, I could tell that conditions were totally different than the two previous trips to the surf. The surf was calmer, and water was flat, with the visibilty not as clear. Still, not to be discouraged, I gave it a try. I...
  89. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/1/2013

    Thanks, man. Yeah, the bigger ones wanted to play that day. Not so much yesterday!
  90. FishinElectrician

    It's official!

    You dont know what youve started!!! LOL Congrats bro! :hali_olutta:
  91. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/1/2013

    Thanks guys! I was gonna go out again yesterday mornin, but I caught a bug, known as a hangover!!! Dont function too well when Im afflicted with it!!! LOL! Might go out tomorrow or Tuesday.
  92. FishinElectrician

    Surf Fishing Report 1/31/2013

    Thank you very much, sir! Jesus, I hope by old bitch you meant your dog!!! :rofl: Thanks, again, bro!!!
  93. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/1/2013

    Well, today I decided to go back to the area which claimed my rod, hoping to find it strewn in the sand somewhere. Alas, I didnt find it, but what I did find was a bunch of Perch willing to bite, and some very good size ones too. I was throwing a carolina rigged Big Hammer Perch Grub, in motor...
  94. FishinElectrician

    Surf Fishing Report 1/31/2013

    Thanks, bro! I wish I coulda got a better pic of it. Thanks alot, buddaisis! Yeah, Ive pretty much got over it now. I just think about how generous these waters have been to me throughout my life, and I feel a bit better. Thanks, bro! And shit, Ill be back out there tomorrow!!! :hali_olutta:
  95. FishinElectrician

    Surf Fishing Report 1/31/2013

    My bad, bro. Thanks for the heads up on that!
  96. FishinElectrician

    Surf Fishing Report 1/31/2013

    I decided to hit the surf today, seeing as I had some free time. So I hastily gathered my stuff and made my way to the beach at which I had been successful the time before. I got there at around 7:30 AM, and noticed that there was a couple guys fishin the same stretch of beach. I made my way...
  97. FishinElectrician

    Modifying LC hard baits

    Wingnut is the man. I learned alot from him and them SWAT boys when it comes to fishin the surf...
  98. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 1/23/2013

    Thanks, bro. Your last report was one of the reasons i got off my ass and hit the waves! Thanks!!!
  99. FishinElectrician

    mdr bat rays?

    Theyre definitely still out there. Saw a guy pull one off the jetty not too long ago, it was pushin maybe 20-25 pounds. Took em like 30 minutes to bring it in on the gear he had. He was using squid on a sliding sinker rig, and just casting it out off the tip of the south Ballona Creek jetty.
  100. FishinElectrician

    deal at home depot

    I just went to a certain Home Depot tonight looking for the waterproof boxes, and it seems that a couple of weeks ago, some piece of shit was caught switching the stickers with the upc code off of the cheaper boxes, and putting them on the waterproof 3 packs, and buying them for only $4. My...
  101. FishinElectrician

    Good surf fishing article

    I cant get tired of reading that thread.
  102. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 1/23/2013

    Thanks man! Thanks!!! Yeah, they were some little chunks. I was actually fishin the sand south of the Ballona Creek jetty. As for the free part, sometimes i gotta pay for parking there, but its not too bad! Depends on whether the city sidewalk parking is full or not! I didnt think so either, but...
  103. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 1/23/2013

    Thats what got my ass to hit the surf, seein everyone else tear the perch up on these boards! Good luck out there, and post a report!!!
  104. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 1/23/2013

    Well, Ill be hittin the surf as soon as conditions get better, and I just got 3 Lucky Craft CIF Flash Minnows, and 3 Yo Zuri Edge Minnows, so Ill definitely give the Halis a try!!!
  105. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 1/23/2013

    Thanks bro! I had a blast, thats for sure! I think Im gonna be fishin the surf alot more!!!
  106. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 1/23/2013

    I finally got a little time to go fishin this mornin, so I decided Id try and fish the surf for my 3rd time. The first couple of outings were very uneventful to say the least. Anyway. Headed to the beach, and got there at first light. Donned the waders and made my way to the water. The area...
  107. FishinElectrician

    Penn Fierce 3000

  108. FishinElectrician

    Skeet Reese Victory Bass reel

    Putting this reel up for sale. Used it maybe twice since buying it. I put black and yellow Reel Grips on the handles to help with the grip. Mechanically its 10/10, cosmetically 9/10. Very good Bass reel for an entry level fisherman. Im askin for $40, FIRM. Call or text if interested...
  109. FishinElectrician

    Freshwater Lures (Lot)

    Selling some Bass lures that are sitting collecting dust on my shelves. There is at least $85 worth of lures in this bundle. Im looking to get $40 FIRM for the lot. Included are: 3 Strike King KVD Sexy Frog (Leopard Frog) 2 Strike King KVD Sexy Frog (Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly) 1 Strike King...
  110. FishinElectrician

    When to set the hook??

    Yeah, like the others have said, size 6 hooks are fine. I couldnt tell you what the problem is.
  111. FishinElectrician

    When to set the hook??

    Really? Maybe the hooks youre using are too big?
  112. FishinElectrician

    3rd Grip surf rod holders

    Just to let the guys who are interested know, the owner of Joy Fishing Tackle called and informed me that he has four more 3rd Grips in stock at $24.99. Give em a call!
  113. FishinElectrician

    3rd Grip surf rod holders

    Thank you very much for the heads up, sir!!! Joy is a 10 minute drive from my house so I had to go take a look. I had $53 dollars on Joy's Bonus/VIP card, and got 2 of their last 3 3rd Grip holsters, for free. The only reason I didnt get the third, is because the owner wouldnt sell it to me...
  114. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for butts in the surf

    Look into the Bass Pro Shops XPS Pro Series Minnows. $6.99, and they work pretty damn good in the surf. Their color schemes are sort of limited, though.
  115. FishinElectrician

    quantum reels

    No shit! Thats funny, cuz I was just at the one in Vegas yesterday! I wasnt lookin at reels, though. Im goin to Rancho on Friday to pick up some stuff they didnt have out there in Vegas, so Ill definitely check em out then. Thanks bro!
  116. FishinElectrician

    quantum reels

    Where did you check it out, if you dont mind me askin?
  117. FishinElectrician

    quantum reels

    I was lookin at this one. But, its not that cheap.
  118. FishinElectrician

    SOLD!!! Lead Heads. SOLD!!!

  119. FishinElectrician

    Dan Hernandez

    Dan, Ill be on the boat this Friday!!! Ill also go check out the new Turners while Im up there, as well... Oh and I just saw myself in this vid. Im the one losin a fish like a sucker at 3:33, and catchin one at 7:05...:hali_olutta:
  120. FishinElectrician

    Dan Hernandez

    LMAO! Your first post? What a coincidence...
  121. FishinElectrician

    Dan Hernandez

    Dan Hernandez is the man!!! Plain n simple!!! And Im not sayin the OP was doin it, but anyone tryin to talk down on the man is fuckin delirious!!!
  122. FishinElectrician

    newbie, just bought my first baitcaster?

    You should use a trigger stick rod for low pro reels. You get a better grip, which means more sensitivity transmitted into your hand... There are some exceptional rods out there for under a hundred bucks.
  123. FishinElectrician

    Revo Inshore vs Okuma Helios

  124. FishinElectrician


    Any of you guys fish on the Helena before? I am signed up for a charter on the 22nd, and kinda wanted to see what some of you thought about the boat, crew, service, etc. Thanks for your time!!!
  125. FishinElectrician

    Good low profile reel?

    ^^^There it is... Good reel at a GREAT price... Jump on it!!!
  126. FishinElectrician

    8/1/2012 Catlina on the Pursuit

    Im glad to read a good report about a great boat. Unfortunate that its not that way for others all the time. Like I said before, you cant beat bein able to use a bunk on a 3/4 day.
  127. FishinElectrician

    Catalina report

    I assume youre directing that towards me? I wasnt tryin to blow anyones "candle out", especially seeing as I havent been on a real fishing trip since the rockfish opener, BUUUT... Im just sayin... It doesnt look like a six pounder. I could very well be wrong!!! It is a nice fish!!!
  128. FishinElectrician

    Turner's Californian Rods
  129. FishinElectrician

    Shimano Luncanis and Berkley Gulp

    I guess Ill throw these Roboworm swimmies into the mix! BUMP!!!
  130. FishinElectrician

    Catalina report

    shoulda taken a picture of the 6 pounder...
  131. FishinElectrician


    BUMP!!! $40 FOR THE LOT!!!
  132. FishinElectrician

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

    If youre patient, Abu Garcia is coming out with a new generation Revo Inshore in a couple months. That thing looks SICK...
  133. FishinElectrician

    Redondo Full Day????

    That sounds like my boy Garrett! Hes on the Betty O out of MDR, though...
  134. FishinElectrician

    Abu Garcia SX NEW $99!!!

    This is a sick ass reel!!! I had a Powell Diesel layin around, so I paired it up with it, and it came out pretty nice!
  135. FishinElectrician

    Abu Garcia SX NEW $99!!!

    Mine is scheduled to arrive on Monday...
  136. FishinElectrician

    ABU Garcia Revo SX

    Just bought one!!! Why? I dont know...
  137. FishinElectrician

    Open Water Tackle Backpack

    BUMP! added some lures and jigs to the lot.
  138. FishinElectrician

    Open Water Tackle Backpack

    Price dropped to $100 FIRM! Bump!
  139. FishinElectrician

    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    Damn. that sucks, bro. That was a wicked setup... :hali_olutta:
  140. FishinElectrician

    Shimano TranX

    very true...
  141. FishinElectrician

    tackle backpack or.....
  142. FishinElectrician

    Okuma Cedros Coastal Rods?

    ive got the 8 foot extra heavy 20-40 lb rod... A beast of a rod, to put it lightly!!!
  143. FishinElectrician

    Not Be a Dump Truck

    Shit, you guys would hate to be on a boat with my boys n myself... I dont feel bad at all, especially the times when there are idiots on a boat, completely annihilated, shit faced drunk, and cant hold their alcohol. Thatll never happen on some good Kush...
  144. FishinElectrician

    A little Catalina R&D

  145. FishinElectrician

    get well Evan

    Well, since I addressed you, and it seems I have several hundred posts, I assume youre directing your comment to me... Think about it. Youre coming on here, and telling everyone what a righteous fisherman you are, by saying you wouldnt risk your life for a fish... When he invites you fishing...
  146. FishinElectrician

    Calcutta Pliers

    *SOLD!* http://
  147. FishinElectrician

    Used Reels

    Selling a couple of reels of mine. Theyre all used, with signs of wear, but in very good working order. 2 Okuma Convector CV15C's. Excellent little inshore reels. Had em serviced at Sav On a while back. Asking $25 each. Pinnacle Inertia Finesse ISP10 Great entry level FW Bass reel...
  148. FishinElectrician

    get well Evan

    Who gives a fuck, bro?!? Just wish him well, or dont post at all, and keep it pushin... I personally dont find him very entertaining, but for someone to put his business on blast like that is kind of fuckin lame... Hes old enough to know what hes doing, and the people who fish with him are...
  149. FishinElectrician

    get well Evan

    Plus the adrenaline of posting in a 4 month old thread!!! :rofl:
  150. FishinElectrician

    The Three Amigos Loking,..

    Looks sick, bro!
  151. FishinElectrician

    MDR kayak fishing

    good shit, bro... way to nail em! :beerbang:
  152. FishinElectrician

    Freshwater bass tackle and bag

    I see some vintage Power Worms and Power Craws in there...
  153. FishinElectrician


    What about Warbaits and Pearl? Will they be there?
  154. FishinElectrician

    Bassin PL Kelp 4/12/12

    Good shit right there! :hali_olutta:
  155. FishinElectrician


    Yup... $55... Matter of fact, Ill let them go for $50!!!
  156. FishinElectrician


  157. FishinElectrician

    Quantum Smoke PT,..

    Sick reel. I got mine specifically for one of my Bay/Harbor setups.
  158. FishinElectrician

    Putting the Hurt on Some Green Bass!! (video)

    How many of those were fish on beds?
  159. FishinElectrician

    Going going back back to Cali Cali

    First off, dont be fooled into thinking you need to spend $500 on a Bay/Harbor setup, when you dont. Now, if you want to, thats a different story, but you can get by just fine with gear thats much, much less expensive, and will manhandle anything in SD or Mission Bay.
  160. FishinElectrician

    Openwater Roller Bag

    Will you ship the 3700 bag? Zip code is 90012.
  161. FishinElectrician

    where to buy tackle

    I would go east on the 210 off the 5, east to Pasadena and hit Johnnys Sport Shop... Then you can catch the 605 south and get back on the 10, or you can even take the 210 all the way to Redlands, and meet the 10 there... Johnnys is a good store. Theyll take care of you.
  162. FishinElectrician


    All this you said goes without saying... So I feel it necessary to say... Stop swingin on his nuts...
  163. FishinElectrician

    swim baits

    Pearl... L.A. County Representin!!!
  164. FishinElectrician

    Looking for bass fishing in L.A.

    I can understand that!
  165. FishinElectrician

    Looking for bass fishing in L.A.

    Try not to get shot? Why on earth would someone get shot for goin fishin?
  166. FishinElectrician

    Bass Gear Scores at Fred Hall

    What booth was this lady at?
  167. FishinElectrician

    the LAB 3/13/12 morning session

    Thats good to hear! Mine just arrived a couple days ago... I still have to get my waders, fins, and a good pump, but Im ordering em tonight, so it wont be long till Im on the water.
  168. FishinElectrician

    the LAB 3/13/12 morning session

    Ay bro. Hope you dont mind me askin, but do you know if the red float tube in the 3rd picture is a Creek Company Ultralight?
  169. FishinElectrician

    Bass Gear Scores at Fred Hall

    SICK... Straight the fuck up... Thats a nice haul right there...
  170. FishinElectrician

    Looking for bass fishing in L.A.

    Those lakes I mentioned are fine, bro... Youll be picking garbage off your line just as much, if not more, at MDR... I guess whether you want to fish fresh or saltwater is the question...
  171. FishinElectrician

    Bass Gear Scores at Fred Hall

    Ive got hundreds of swimbaits, and I still bought these when I was there on Thursday... I was supposed to go on Sunday, but I couldnt make it. Does anyone know if Pearl is gonna be at Del Mar?
  172. FishinElectrician

    fishing info site or political bashing site?

    Really? I feel one has the right not to care if they dont exercise their right to vote. I guess I could care as much as you do, but it still wont change shit. So I just dont care. The politics will remain the same, and those politicians are gonna do their thing, whether I vote or not. Im gonna...
  173. FishinElectrician

    fishing info site or political bashing site?

    I dont normally care about politics. But if its liberals that wanna take my fishing rights as a California citizen away, them Im like "FUCK LIBERALS!!!" Plain n simple.
  174. FishinElectrician

    Looking for bass fishing in L.A.

    My bad, but I dont have any spots that are truly secret, and the places I go are sorta far from LAX. But as far as city parks and places like that go, theres Santa Fe Dam, Legg Lakes, El Dorado Park, Peck Road Park, and Alondra Park. Alondra is actually the closest to LAX, being a 10 minute...
  175. FishinElectrician

    Solar Flare Watch out for GPS interference

    man, i hope youre right! Ive been scared half to death reading some of these stories on that damn thing!
  176. FishinElectrician

    Solar Flare Watch out for GPS interference

    we just might next Feb... Thanks to DA14...
  177. FishinElectrician

    Reebs @ Fred Hall

    Great lookin baits, for sure!!!
  178. FishinElectrician

    More Witch Hunt for DFG Commissioner

    Chinga a tu reputa madre, y vete a la verga, maricon...
  179. FishinElectrician

    Pile-o-shit article in today's L.A. Times

    Environmentalists deserve the same fate as that Mountain Lion, even more so... Especially for trying to force their ideals on the massive portion of people in this state who help keep it afloat with revenues from our licenses, tackle, and what not... These fuckin tree huggin kelp suckers...
  180. FishinElectrician

    MDR Fishing

    Yeah, that was me... Its good to see you guys got em!!! Keep at it, and the toads will show themselves!
  181. FishinElectrician

    MDR Fishing

    Was that you guys I seen off the New Del Mar?
  182. FishinElectrician


    I have a batch of Banana Heads and a couple of packs of Swimbait heads that are up for sale. I have a couple sizes and colors in this batch. Banana Heads- 1oz-3 in a bag 2oz-2 in a bag 3oz-2 in a bag 1oz-Chartreuse-1 bag 1oz-White-1 bag 1oz-Orange-1 bag 2oz-Chartreuse-2 bags 2oz-White-2...
  183. FishinElectrician

    Last run in the Jungle,..

    Shit... I just bought this Cumberland, and theres no way in hell im not gonna try to fish the port. They can kick me out all they want.
  184. FishinElectrician

    Dan Richards needs our help !

    Done and done... I cant believe how much of a stranglehold these fuckin enviro nuts have on the greedy politicians of this state. We should tar and feather all these tree huggin, kelp suckin pieces of shit.
  185. FishinElectrician

    rockfish setups

    Ive been there 3 times, and each time was amazing. Ive had the privilege of fishing side by side with Sal Rocha those 3 times, and he was a humble dude who had no problem sharing his insight on cen coast rockfishing. The deepest we fished out of those 3 trips was like 60 feet. Fishing with...
  186. FishinElectrician

    Banana Heads

    SOLD Thanks for your business, Edgar!
  187. FishinElectrician

    Tubing the Jungle 2/20/12

    Thats fuckin sick, bro. Youve got the spot dialed in, for real! I just bought a Fish Cat 4 today, and Im giving tubing a try, and see how it goes.
  188. FishinElectrician

    Those that fish Harbors...

    I was going to buy a saltwater trolling motor for this thing to fish the harbors with. (MDR, NPH, LAB...) But, I think Im gonna have weight capacity issues when I add the motor and battery to the 250 lbs that I put into the mix. The plate on it says no more than 325 lbs total. How much would a...
  189. FishinElectrician

    Banana Heads

    20 cents is 20 cents. Thanks for the tip, bro! I appreciate it.
  190. FishinElectrician

    mdr fishing

    Good shit! Show em how to do it!
  191. FishinElectrician

    Smelt for Bait

    Ive seen Halibut in the 20 pound range be caught off smelt inside MDR, more than once.
  192. FishinElectrician


    Nice. I love fishin up there. Im gonna have to visit my uncle in Pittsburg real soon and do some fishin!
  193. FishinElectrician

    Banana Heads

    I have a couple of Banana Heads that I wanted to sell. There are 5 chartreuse heads in 3oz, 1 white 3oz, 2 blue heads in 2oz, and 2 pink heads in 2oz. All heads come equipped with premium Mustad black nickel hooks. Im askin $1.25 a head, so I want $12.50 for the bunch. Ill also throw in a couple...
  194. FishinElectrician

    Pacific Star Rockfish

    32 oz?!? :rofl:
  195. FishinElectrician

    Pacific Islander 3/1-3/2

    Anyone interested in an overnight trip on the Pacific Islander? The trip leaves Thursday night March 1st, and fishes March 2nd. I just booked 4 spots, but it was the first four, so the boats still needs a few heads to sign up. It should be a hell of a trip. I havent been on since the boat...
  196. FishinElectrician

    Newell R220

    Thanks for the tips! Im real happy with the way this outfit looks. As far as changing the knob on the handle, I think Im gonna keep the original one on there.
  197. FishinElectrician

    Newell R220

    And here it is... Im not good at takin pictures, but the rod came out great!!! Cant beat the wrap for $100.
  198. FishinElectrician

    Quantum Smoke

    Thanks for the response, bro! I actually e mailed Quantum, and they told me that their Smoke reels have six layers of corrosion resistance, similar to what they have in their Cabo series of saltwater spinning reels. I guess I should be fine. They also recommended the rinsing of the reel with...
  199. FishinElectrician

    Halle-fuckin'-leujia!!!!! Dan is the MAN!

    :2gunsfiring_v1:mlpa :finger:sutton and baylis
  200. FishinElectrician

    Sideways in depoe bay, OR.

    My cousin fishes the Oregon coast, and he says its like that from Brookings all the way up.
  201. FishinElectrician

    The Rusty Hook is not closing!

    I was the customer who you were on the phone with, and who had other various complaints about my experience in your store. While I was there, I felt that you couldve cared less that I was there, but after reading your response, I am going to say that I stand corrected. And, seeing as you came on...
  202. FishinElectrician

    Plano Tackle Box w/ Lures

    I am getting rid of this tackle box Ive had on my shelf for God knows how long, just collecting dust. Its got some lures, plastics, leadheads, and even a Shakespeare Ranger 035 spinning reel in it. Im askin $30 for everything. I STAY IN DTLA/Chinatown and am willing to meet up halfway for CASH...
  203. FishinElectrician

    Quantum Smoke

    Any members have experience with these reels? Just bought the SL150HPT model from a member here on BD, and I was planning on using it in the salt. Will it stand up to the harsh saltwater environment well? Any input is appreciated!
  204. FishinElectrician


    1)New Del Mar-Marina Del Rey Sportfishing 2)Monte Carlo-22nd Street Landing
  205. FishinElectrician

    Round 2, Concrete Jungle

    Thats a nice variety rit there! Good shit!
  206. FishinElectrician

    Okuma Cortez Star Drag for beach casting and iron

    Ummm... You truly are mistaken if you think these reels up to par with Daiwa Saltists, my friend...
  207. FishinElectrician

    PETA Hurt Over The Grey

    I feel like traveling to Coalinga and visiting Harris Ranch just for one of their incredible steaks...
  208. FishinElectrician

    Your Favorite Set-up

    As soon as I get my custom 800 .XL back from my boy Martin, its gonna be that rod with my Newell 220.
  209. FishinElectrician

    Tubing the Concrete Jungle

    SICK!!! Nice setups, too!
  210. FishinElectrician


    I think if youre from So Cal and you dont have at least one Newell, youre fuckin up! Im glad I have my little piece of Carl's legacy!
  211. FishinElectrician

    Shimano Tranx

    That thing is hideous...
  212. FishinElectrician

    Fishing the surface iron...

    Do you think the 800M would be good, if only for Bass and Cuda? I ask because Im limited to 8 foot rods when I store them, so an 8 footer would be ideal.
  213. FishinElectrician

    Fishing the surface iron...

    Erik, what Calstar blank do you recommend for a medium jig set up? I know you already stated your favorite in the beginning of the thread, but I was wondering if there was one which you think would work, but that doesnt have to be cut down. Thanks!
  214. FishinElectrician

    Fishing the surface iron...

    Great read, Erik! I think this thread inspired me to give jig slingin a try again! Ive had these jigs for about 7 or 8 years. Whats sad is these jigs have never even touched water, but thats gonna change this year.
  215. FishinElectrician

    Twilight of the TEBOW 1/14

    They are nice rods! They have a holographic effect on the blanks, sorta the same way Kencors look. I wish I coulda got one or two more! I bought two 8 footers, the 12-25 and the 15-30, a couple years back after Turners discontinued them.
  216. FishinElectrician

    Need a rod for my calcutta 250

    There are a ton of decent rods out there for up to a C note, thats for sure.
  217. FishinElectrician


    Hope you find one! Theyre very nice rods! Ive got the CC-C-801XH. Its a beast of a rod, especially with my Salitst 20 2 speed! It feels like itll bring any inshore fish to the gaff. I dont know if you wanna pay retail, but Okuma has em on their website, and Charkbait also stocks em. Good...
  218. FishinElectrician

    Twilight of the TEBOW 1/14

    Are you using one of those Californian Rods with the split grip?
  219. FishinElectrician

    3 rods for Bay/Harbor fishing

    So you wrap rods for the cost of the components? If thats the case, I will definitely give you a holler! Man, The reason I went with the Caenan is because I got them for so cheap. I bought the first one when Dicks sold all their tackle, so i paid $45, for it. Then I just bought these other 2...
  220. FishinElectrician


    It was good meeting you out there, Raul! My primo and I didnt do as well as you guys, tho. I guess they didnt like the white banana heads too much... It was a hell of a captain and crew. One thing my cousin and me were trippin on is how the price of the boat doesnt include use of live bait...
  221. FishinElectrician

    3 rods for Bay/Harbor fishing

    Thanks for the input, bro! I appreciate it! Since I already have the 3 reels, Im sorta set on getting the 3 sticks to put them on. Thanks! Will do, big dog, thanks! Thanks very much for the insight, man. This post is exactly what I was lookin for! Its a stone cold trip... All the views this...
  222. FishinElectrician

    3 rods for Bay/Harbor fishing

    Im heading to the IE on Sunday, so Im gonna stop by Bass Pro and check these 2 brands out. I might even check out some of the Bass Pro brand rods and see how they feel. Thanks, bro, but that one looks a bit heavy for me.
  223. FishinElectrician

    3 rods for Bay/Harbor fishing

    Damn! The Clarus looks sweet, for sure! What are your thoughts on the Abu Vendetta, though? The Caenans might look sweet on those, too.
  224. FishinElectrician

    3 rods for Bay/Harbor fishing

    Those rods do look sick!!! And their priced a bit lower than the Recon series. Ill make sure and check em out in person. Thanks for the suggestion, bigderel!
  225. FishinElectrician


    I hate to be an asshole, but maybe the owners attitude had somethin to do with it. I went in to the Rusty Hook one day about 2 months ago, and bought a Saltist 30 Levelwind, and about $50 worth of plastics. He was on the phone the whole time, and he would have the nerve to get a shitty attitude...
  226. FishinElectrician

    3 rods for Bay/Harbor fishing

    I fish from shore, but am in the process of acquiring a small saltwater trolling motor for my Bass Hunter, so I guess you could say Ill be fishin on something similar to a float tube/kayak. I have no problem carrying all 3 rods when Im walkin the bank, as well, so that wont be an issue. I was...
  227. FishinElectrician

    3 rods for Bay/Harbor fishing

    Can you guys recommend 3 rods I should get to cover different techniques for bay/harbors? I have 3 Shimano Caenans ready to be put on rods, but Im not sure where to begin in regards to the length, and actions of the rods. Ill be fishing swimbaits, creature baits, crankbaits, and even 3/4 oz...
  228. FishinElectrician

    Blemished Leadheads

    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! These leadheads are blemished heads that were a result of my prior pouring inexperience, and improper powder coating techniques. They didnt come out as well as Id liked, but am still putting them out there for someone who needs a leadhead that will get the job done, regardless...
  229. FishinElectrician

    get well Evan

    Hard fuckin core... Get well soon, Evan!!!
  230. FishinElectrician


    I remember that poster from 6th grade marine science lab.
  231. FishinElectrician


    Dont mean to change subjects, but, is all of the blue JB braid hollow core? I bought a spool of 30lb blue JB, but didnt know it might be hollow, and I have absolutely no idea how to splice line into the hollow core stuff. Can it be rigged like solid spectra, with uni to uni knots? As for my...
  232. FishinElectrician

    Marina Del Rey
  233. FishinElectrician


    Which one is it? Do they take your jobs, or do they collect free money? Because in case you havent noticed, or are just too stupid to understand, illegals come here to work for a better life for their families. Its not their fault some people are too fuckin stupid, or inept, or lazy to do what...
  234. FishinElectrician

    L.A. Harbor/Sport King 3/4 Day

    As a matter of fact we did. The skipper was sayin they were humpbacks, but Im not an expert on cetaceans, so I declined on making a guess as to which kind of whales they were.
  235. FishinElectrician

    L.A. Harbor/Sport King 3/4 Day

    Today my cousin and fellow BD'er kiko5356 headed down to L.A. Harbor SF to hop on a 3/4 day run on the Sport King. It was a very light load of 9 anglers, which was a welcome change after my last trip, which was on the Speed Twin, and was just a shitty a trip as can be. Anyway. The skipper ran...
  236. FishinElectrician

    Newell R220

    Thanks for the info, man. I appreciate it! Ive been hesitant to spool my 220 with braid because I always thought it was bad for graphite spools. One thing I did do was I had the drag upgraded to Carbontex at Sav On tackle, so it should be gtg with that. Im gonna spool it with 30lb and see how it...
  237. FishinElectrician

    Newell R220

    Thanks alot, bro! I appreciate it! I just found this subject covered in another thread. Time to spool up!!!
  238. FishinElectrician

    New Year, New Personal Best - 8.36 lb Calico

    Thats a pig! Good shit! Damn, bro... When I used to see you deckhand out of Redondo, I never woulda thought you would be fishin SWBA! Be safe and good luck out there this year, man!
  239. FishinElectrician

    Newell R220

    I was thinking about stripping the mono off and spooling my Newell 220 with 30lb Power Pro. Would that be bad for the graphite spool on the reel? Id only be using the reel for Bass/Rockfish, so I dont think the pressures created from fighting those fish would be too great on the spool, but Id...
  240. FishinElectrician

    Armorlite 12/3 MC Cable

    Hey guys. I was cleaning my shed out looking for some of my wifes holiday decorations a few days back, and I saw I had an unused, unopened roll of 12/3 MC cable sitting under some boxes in there. I was thinking about keeping it, but since I really dont need it, I wanted to see if anyone here was...
  241. FishinElectrician

    Armorlite 12/3 MC Cable

    Hey guys. I was cleaning my shed out looking for some of my wifes holiday decorations a few days back, and I saw I had an unused, unopened roll of 12/3 MC cable sitting under some boxes in there. I was thinking about keeping it, but since I really dont need it, I wanted to see if anyone here was...
  242. FishinElectrician

    Merry XMAS

    Happy Holidays to you n your family, Frank!
  243. FishinElectrician

    my x-mas eve LMB present

    Glad to see theres still some nice ones in there!
  244. FishinElectrician

    Favorite City Park LMB Lure

    Try this one bro! Like I said, it doesnt have the brand name, or the $15 price tag, but its served me well on several occasions...
  245. FishinElectrician

    Favorite City Park LMB Lure

    I like the Norman Thin N... Its not a $15 crankbait, but its caught me fish at Legg Lakes, Santa Fe Dam, and Echo Park. (Before it was drained)...
  246. FishinElectrician

    Who make this lure?

    strike king? stanley?
  247. FishinElectrician

    Rpt-Wed-11-30-11 Finger Bank slows down, but still decent!

    I used to fish the rocks at the harbor entrance, and was always rewarded with steady action on the Calicos and the occasional ling fishing the plastics. Good times. I miss La Salina dearly.
  248. FishinElectrician

    Tackle Bags

    Try Sav On tackle. I just got back from there, and they have a couple of Open Water bags left. More than I thought they would after finding out Open Water went out of business.
  249. FishinElectrician

    Shimano TranX

  250. FishinElectrician

    Tady Plastics?

    Uhhh, I never said I intended on replacing anything in my tackle box wit these baits... Just wanted to experiment with em is all, especially being the tackle junky that I am... But thanks for the heads up! That same green I put up in the pic? if so, Ill be there soon! Yeah, Im hoping the Halibut...
  251. FishinElectrician

    Tady Plastics?

    Fuck it! What can I say? Do your thing, man... Or, should I say, child... And yes, I did get them at Taka's Tackle... The owners are the nicest tackle shop owners Ive ever had the privilege of meeting. Makes me think that if the folks at Purfield's were only half as nice, theyd probably still...
  252. FishinElectrician

    Tady Plastics?

    Im sorry, but Ill tell you where I got them once i go get the last 2 bags they have!!! And I definitely want to tell you, because the people working at this particular tackle shop are the friendliest tackle shop owners Ive ever met hands down. I love Sav On Tackle, but when it comes to...
  253. FishinElectrician

    Tady Plastics?

    I found these at a local tackle store, and bought a couple packs because I thought they looked like they might work. I never knew Tady made (or at least marketed) plastic lures, but I think anything with the name might be halfway decent, right? Anyone ever use these? They look sorta like...
  254. FishinElectrician

    help me

    Work in between all the private docks you can... the usual baits work, such as 3-4 inch swimbaits, grubs, spinnerbaits, even deep diving cranks... Be patient, and keep it semi slow, because there are some pigs under those thousands of docks in MDR... I need to get out there, man...
  255. FishinElectrician


    HEAR, HEAR!!! :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  256. FishinElectrician

    Okuma Alumina Casting Reel

    Sold to BurningHeart. Thanks Joel, and it was a pleasure doing business with you! Mods, can you please delete this thread? Thank you!
  257. FishinElectrician

    Land-based fishing

    Clever post, man... You should use those same wax worms for bait at the Channel Islands for those "tarpons" youre lookin for... Idiot...:finger:
  258. FishinElectrician

    Okuma Alumina Casting Reel

    Thank you both, nohofisherman, and Shakey, for bumping the thread those two times!!! I appreciate it! SALE PENDING TO BurningHeart.
  259. FishinElectrician

    Rock fishing in Channel Islands vs Finger Bank

    Try any of the overnight boats outta Channel Islands SF... Sometimes they fish the real shallow stuff at the outer islands. If they put rent rodders on fish, Im sure youll have no problem with your Jigmaster, seeing as thats what they use on their rent rods at CISCOS. The Ranger 85 is a...
  260. FishinElectrician


    I like Chartreuse/Glow in the Dark, and White/Red, and theres a White/Chrome head B-52 bucktail that works well, even for Lings... Those colors work for me, but experimenting with new colors is always fun.
  261. FishinElectrician

    curado 300ej

    HAHAHA! FOR REAL! I think the only person afraid of Florence n Normandie is Reginald Denny...
  262. FishinElectrician


    I like to use em on winter sand bass. Pin a grub and some squid on the hook, and youre ready to go. They also work killer for bottomfish. I use B-52's, and Williamson Banjo Eye bucktails. Both work great.
  263. FishinElectrician

    Land-based fishing

    There are tons of spots to fish from shore at MDR... Fish the jetties on the Playa del Rey/Ballona Creek side. Its a bit tough, seeing as the area always gets hammered, but if you put in your time, you could produce some nice catches from that area. I also hit that drain pipe area on the...
  264. FishinElectrician


    What a fag... You created a new username to post this??? Fuckin coward. Why didnt you post it under your real user name? one word to sum you up... PUSSY...
  265. FishinElectrician


    I kinda have to agree! We all know that you can catch fish wit the best of em, and probably even better than that, nochinges!!! But to eat fish as much as you do from the areas you frequently fish is sorta scary... Be safe, bro, and way to slay em!!!
  266. FishinElectrician

    San Miguel on Pacific Islander

    The Pac Islander is a great vessel with a great crew! Havent been on in a while. Im thinkin about gettin on one of their San Miguel/San Nicolas shallow water trips on Thursday night! The ad says "bring your plastics and jigs!", so it sounds like my kinda trip!!!
  267. FishinElectrician

    Bass Contest winners BP Goodies

    Those baits are official, Frank!!! Official like a referee's whistle!!! Youve pretty much mastered the art of pouring plastic swimbaits, brotha!!! I wish you much success with these works of art! Hey, give me a shipping address so I can send you a goodie bag of some leadheads my buddy and I...
  268. FishinElectrician

    Left Pole at Shelter Island ramp

    good luck with the search bro! and thanks for your service to our country!!! :appl:
  269. FishinElectrician

    Monster Sheepshead!

    Are they good eatin? Even though to be honest, Id be a bit reluctant to eat a fish with teeth like that...
  270. FishinElectrician

    Delta Stripers 10/15 and 16.

    SIIIIIICK!!! Good job, man. I gotta give it up to you, bro, because youre probably one of very few people that returns any legal Striped or Largemouth Bass to the water in that area... (besides the tourney anglers) Heres to you! :hali_olutta: :appl: Im headin up to my uncles house in...
  271. FishinElectrician

    Penn 555GS

    PM sent, rubble!!!
  272. FishinElectrician

    Penn 555GS

    I have a Penn 555GS I won on a Western Outdoors charter a couple years back, and its never been used, and collecting dust in my closet. Brand spankin new reel! Retail for these is $129.99, but Ill take $80. Im by DT/Chinatown and am willing to meet halfway wit someone for CASH... If...
  273. FishinElectrician

    Tackle box Full of plastics and leadhead

    Nice collection! And for 50 bucks?!? Shouldnt be long before theyre sold!
  274. FishinElectrician

    Bunch of Stuff

    3-300 yd Spools of 80 lb Power Pro 2 packs-Berkley Manik Shad 13-10" AA Slugs 5-Twin Tail plastics (Mojo and Lucky Chum brand) 4-Squid bodies(unknown brand) 4-4oz Blade Runner jig heads 4-4oz Wally Whale jigs 1-8oz Kustom Kraft jig head 2-1oz Williamson Gyro Jigs 1-Spro BBZ1 8" Floater 1-Storm...
  275. FishinElectrician

    Open Water Backpack

    SOLD! to yellow111. Thanks Joe! It was a pleasure doin business with you! Good luck on the Mardiosa!
  276. FishinElectrician

    Open Water Backpack

    Am I missing something here?
  277. FishinElectrician

    Open Water Backpack

    Sorry fellas. Sale is pending to yellow111. Thanks for the interest!!!
  278. FishinElectrician

    Open Water Backpack

    Well, I did a little sifting through my stuff, and I found a couple of things I figured Id throw into the pot with the backpack, and try n sweeten up the mix... 2 Shimano Lucanis Jigs, 1 Black/Gold, 1 Green/Gold, both 3 1/2 oz/100 gr. 1 Pack of Fish Trap Whamm Baits, 5 inch, Grass Shrimp...
  279. FishinElectrician

    Open Water Backpack

    I dont think the bag is waterproof. From what I read from the item description, only the bottom of the bag seems to be described as "water resistant".
  280. FishinElectrician

    Open Water Backpack

    My # is (323)590-4754 or PM me...
  281. FishinElectrician

    Open Water Backpack

    Open Water Tackle Backpack for sale! I removed the bag from the original plastic wrapper because I was going to use it, but decided against it. Its still brand spankin new, with all its original contents undisturbed. I think I unlatched one of the boxes inside, maybe ONCE... They retail...
  282. FishinElectrician


    I went on the SportKing once on a twilight, many years ago. It was a woman who was skippering the boat that night. It ended up being one of the greatest trips on a cattle boat Ive ever been on. Glad to see the good news. :hali_olutta:
  283. FishinElectrician

    15 lb livebait setup.

    Ummm, Charkbait doesnt sell anything made by Shimano, at least online and at the HB location...
  284. FishinElectrician

    Little taste of NPH!

    Im sorry fellas, I dont mean to go off topic, but I have a question for you guys. Im thinkin about headin to NPH to try my luck at some of those spotties tomorow. Im gonna be fishin from shore, and I was thinkin of parking in the public lots around where Newport Landing and Davies Locker are...
  285. FishinElectrician

    @the LBC WALL 4-26-11

    Dont be a fuckin coward and say what you really mean, you fuckin bitch... All you fuckin internet bigots need to chill the fuck out with your rants... You bitch made ass haters... If the man wants to ingest harmful levels of contaminants by keeping these fish, who gives a fuck?!? Dont hate...
  286. FishinElectrician

    Fishing the Oil Platforms in So Cal

    The one I fished had phenomenal Bass fishing on plastics. And we were within feet of the rig... We even got breakfast burritos from the rig because one of our buddies with us works on the DCOR rigs and was fishin with us on his days off...
  287. FishinElectrician

    Dick's Sporting Goods sells tackle?

    I was wondering the same thing! West Covina and Pasadena have tackle, but El Segundo doesnt. You can smell the saltwater from the parking lot at El Segundo.
  288. FishinElectrician

    Dick's Sporting Goods sells tackle?

    If you guys want Luncanis, Butterfly, Tady, Sumo, Magic Metal, or Braid jigs, go to Pasadena!!! Theres still a ton of stuff there!!! I just came back with $200 worth of stuff! I bought 3 Field and Stream Tec Spec Bass Rods, the last Shimano Caenan, and a couple packs of Big Hammers, Roboworms...
  289. FishinElectrician

    Dick's Sporting Goods sells tackle?

    Thanks bro! Hopefully there are some left for me today when I get off work!!! Pasadena is closer to my crib than West Covina is, anyway!!!
  290. FishinElectrician

    Dick's Sporting Goods sells tackle?

    Does anyone know if there are any of those Field and Stream Tec Spec Bass rods left at the West Covina store???
  291. FishinElectrician

    Question about Minn Kota Riptide 45

    I was interested in buying a Riptide 45 saltwater trolling motor for my solo Bass Hunter so I can fish the harbors. My question is if anyone has had any experience with these motors, and if so what amp/hours in a battery are ideal to run this motor with optimum performance??? Im hoping the...
  292. FishinElectrician

    SCI ROCK COD OPENER my arms are like jello and ive got my reds THUNDERBIRD

    Nice!!! Im gonna be on that boat on Saturday!!! I hope the weather's nice!!!
  293. FishinElectrician

    Paintballing sealions per DFG agents

    You mean to tell me that I cant bash a sea lion with a spiked baseball bat??? Oh well, there goes one of the items on my bucket list... Next someone's gonna tell me I cant pull the whiskers from a walrus's face one by one with my lineman pliers...
  294. FishinElectrician

    Plenty of Room Left for Rockfish Openers!!!

    Im there for the Friday night to fish Saturday trip!!! I cant freakin wait!!!
  295. FishinElectrician

    Plenty of Room Left for Rockfish Openers!!!

    Man, Im gonna call tomorrow and book 2 spots for sure!!! Are there any fuel surcharges?
  296. FishinElectrician


    U got a Pic for the Caenan???
  297. FishinElectrician


    Sav On Tackle...
  298. FishinElectrician

    SoCal Surf Striper

    Nice catch:Yes!!! Beast:No...
  299. FishinElectrician


    Its funny that all this drama is over a person who fishes and retains a species within his limits, and seasons. It makes me wonder, though, why he is tarred and feathered on this thread, but a thread started yesterday by a person who poached Rockfish at Catalina and tried to pass it off as...
  300. FishinElectrician

    It's a Start - Catalina Report - 2/6/11

    Nice!!! You wouldnt happen to know any sand dab spots at Catalina, would you??? That way you could show one of the members on here where theyre at, so they dont have to poach Rockfish and play it off like they were fishing sand dabs...
  301. FishinElectrician

    Voyager coastal 2-4-11

    Now thats a good haul!!! I signed up for a similar trip on the Voyager, on the weekend of May 22nd... I cant freakin wait!!!
  302. FishinElectrician

    SMB 1/29 and 1/30 + DFG

    What the fuck are you talkin about? Who the fuck are you that you think Id try and make you look "bad"??? You aint shit, big dog, let me tell you right now... And to let you know, I was using those words to describe the way the person quoted your post, not about you, you douche nozzle...
  303. FishinElectrician

    SMB 1/29 and 1/30 + DFG

    Oh yeah, I remember the days when Jeremy was deckhanding his exact same vessel for Rick Oefinger and Ricky Carbajal, but when it was the original New Del Mar... He certainly has progressed through the ranks of MDR sportfishing, thats for sure... And as for the topic at hand, I kinda figured...
  304. FishinElectrician

    SMB 1/29 and 1/30 + DFG

    Doesnt really prove anything, if you ask me, but whatever... Just because a vessel gets a little close for a certain person's comfort doesnrt mean hes takin anyones spot...
  305. FishinElectrician

    Passport on 1.5 Day?

    I signed up for a charter trip on the Voyager in May, and we're gonna be fishin the coast down in Baja, but not too far down, I would imagine. I was wondering if I needed a passport to go, and if not, how far down before i do need one? Thanks alot!
  306. FishinElectrician

    SMB 1/29 and 1/30 + DFG

    Where the fuck did you hear that?!? Jeremy is a great skipper and the Spitfire has always been one of the fishiest, therefore, one of the top boats in the Santa Monica Bay... He puts his customers on fish without having to resort to encroach on private boaters space... If anything, take a ride...
  307. FishinElectrician

    Question about where swimbaits are made

    Are they still pouring their saltwater swimbaits???
  308. FishinElectrician

    Question about where swimbaits are made

    Im curious to know what makes them the best? Because theyre "hand pour in diego"??? :rofl: Hilarious...
  309. FishinElectrician

    Question about where swimbaits are made

    X6 for Pearl... Poured in Playa Larga, Los Angeles County!!!
  310. FishinElectrician

    Thinking of getting a baitcast reel

    The guys at Sav On Tackle told me its a Daiwa handle...
  311. FishinElectrician

    1st day on the skiff

    Hey bro, wasnt one of the guys in that pic a deckhand on one of the boats outta Redondo SF a couple years back??? You guys fuckin whacked em, by the way!!! Good job...
  312. FishinElectrician

    What's your boring bottom fishing reel

    200 foot and shallower-3 Daiwa Coastal 153Hs loaded with 30lb Vicious Braid (plastics), Daiwa Saltist STTLD-20 loaded with 50 pound Vicious Braid (large plastics, smaller irons, etc.), Daiwa Saltist 20H loaded with 40lb Vicious Braid (single dropper loop, smaller irons)... 200-300 feet-Daiwa...
  313. FishinElectrician


    Dont people usually take the price tags off xmas presents???
  314. FishinElectrician


    If I werent workin, id help ya, bro. I think it would be kind of a bitch from the jobsite in Montebello to Oxnard at 4:00pm, though... Sorry!!!
  315. FishinElectrician

    horseshoe reef and palos verdes kelp paddies

    Theres more bullshit in this story than on the floor of a slaughterhouse...
  316. FishinElectrician

    SKB vs. Albackore II

    Check out the Open Water backpacks... They dont come with a lunch box, but theyre very nice nonetheless... I was looking at one at Sav On Tackle today... I like the rod holders, too...
  317. FishinElectrician


    I hung out and listened to Gerry Mahieu and Jimmy Decker speak, than my shift as shitty diaper changer began unexpectedly at home, so I had to roll out... It was great while I was there, tho! Those Trinidad 10A's are SIIICK... Theyre freakin tiny... Got a nice deal on some Daiwa Salt Pro...
  318. FishinElectrician

    2011 License

    Are they separate stamps? Because I bought mine and its all printed on one paper. Its says "second rod stamp validation, ocean enhancement validation"... Do I still need to buy somethin? I asked the guy at the counter and he said Im set...
  319. FishinElectrician

    Great day out of DP

    Thanks, fellas! Im so excited to head up there! Im planning on goin on a bottom fishing trip outta Brookings, then the next day or two my cousin and I are headin to Applegate Lake to try for some Bronzebacks and some fat Rainbow Trout!!! "Keep Oregon Green"...
  320. FishinElectrician

    Great day out of DP

    Damn, thats kinda far!!! Hows the bottom fishing out of Brookings? Im assuming, from looking at a map, that its closer to Grants Pass...
  321. FishinElectrician

    Great day out of DP

    Hey, I dont mean to thread hijack, bro, but I was wondering how far Depoe Bay is from Grants Pass??? Im headin up there next spring, and I wanted to jump on a bottom fishing trip while I was up there... Also, whats the max depth you fish on those trips??? Seasons??? One more question, what...
  322. FishinElectrician

    rockfish, sculpin, whitefish and a whale

    Man, those look like no amount of piss would stop the pain... :rofl: Hell of a catch tho! Good job!
  323. FishinElectrician

    New California License's

    I was gonna buy mine today, but it seems I lost my fucking Turners gift card that had 80 bucks on it. What pisses me off even more is that as far as Turners in Pasadena is concerned, Im shit outta luck... Now I have to wait another week, and buy my own fuckin license this year...
  324. FishinElectrician

    so what did you get for christmas?
  325. FishinElectrician

    Did Redondo Sportfishing close their doors?

    I first saw guys usin hardbaits for Calicos along kelp on the Redondo Special about 15 years ago... That landing had its shitty sides and its good sides, but the same holds true for all landings. I hope things change for the better...
  326. FishinElectrician

    big5 2speeds $99

    Thanks alot, bro, but I was plannin on using a credit card for the purchases. I appreciate it, tho!
  327. FishinElectrician

    big5 2speeds $99

    I was just at the Big 5 in Glendale, and they had a ton of good 1/2 and 3/4 day boat rods on sale, including the Fin Nors... Nice rods.
  328. FishinElectrician

    big5 2speeds $99

    How do I access these ads for the Daiwas? When do they go on sale???
  329. FishinElectrician

    Red Illusion leadheads

    Those are some good lookin leadheads, bro. The 3/4oz heads with the Matzuo Sickle hooks would be nice for Wham type baits...
  330. FishinElectrician

    Okuma Cedros Coastal Triggerstick

    Just got my early xmas present from my wife, in the form of a new Okuma Cedros Coastal Rod... Its a 8' trigger stick, rated for 20-40lb, and 1oz-4.5oz lures... Okuma backs it with a lifetime warranty, so thats a good thing goin for it. I think it looks pretty sick, especially matched with a...
  331. FishinElectrician

    Brand New Phenix, Shimano Terez/waxwing, Calstar + MORE .. RODS!!!

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:Im sorry... I just thought this was the funniest shit...
  332. FishinElectrician


    With stupid fuckin posts like this one, its a good thing you keep them to minimum, you dumb piece of shit...
  333. FishinElectrician

    San Fransico bay gear

    Thats the perfect gear for Striper/Sturgeon up in the Bay/Delta...
  334. FishinElectrician

    Rod for Avet SX

    X3... Id put that Avet on an 8' Phenix Inshore Assassin PSW807ML-ISA 10-30lb... Very thin, but powerful blank!!!
  335. FishinElectrician

    Tackle Bags??

    The new Open Water backpacks... These cannot be fucked with, IMO...
  336. FishinElectrician

    How many rods do you have??

    So far I only saw one picture, so thats only one person I believe...
  337. FishinElectrician

    Name your favorite tackle shop

    If youre ever in the east Hollywood, Silver Lake area of L.A., theres a shop called Joy Fishing Tackle. I like em. Theyre the closest shop near my home. and have an excellent selection of fresh and saltwater tackle. They also specialize in the latest Korean and Japanese tackle, as well!!! My...
  338. FishinElectrician

    Stren Fluorocarbon

    Well, the spools I got were 25lb and 40lb test... Im sure its not the best, but I got em for dirt cheap, so I cant complain...
  339. FishinElectrician

    Stren Fluorocarbon

    Any of you guys use this stuff? I found some of this line for cheap, and I was wondering if any of you have had experiences with this brand of fluoro... Any info is appreciated!!!
  340. FishinElectrician

    Tackle Bags??

    Ive got the SKB TackPack...Its a very nice bag, and not too big at all... I also just ordered the Open Water tackle backpack from Melton Intl... Now thats a nice tackle bag!!! Check it out!!!
  341. FishinElectrician

    Uni Butter vs ProCure

    I keep a bottle of Unibutter and Pro Cure Calico Cocktail in my tackle bag...
  342. FishinElectrician

    New penn squall

    It would be a nice reel for flylinin chovies along the kelp lines, or even tossin swimbaits on heavier heads... Im gettin real close to hitting the "order" button on one of these bad boys!!! Especially since it comes filled with Spectra and a mono topshot,
  343. FishinElectrician

    New penn squall

    I just saw the Penn Squall 12 on Charkbait's website... Nice reel!
  344. FishinElectrician

    Quantum Cabo CNW 16 lpts?

    That reel looks pretty sick... Just like a Saltist... Did Daiwa make a Saltist smaller than the 20??? I think its cool that you got a nice lookin reel for under $100, and now you get to experiment with the drag and the guts... Id buy that reel in a heartbeat!!! And for what reason, I...
  345. FishinElectrician

    Best Star Drag Reels

    Low Profile Caster: Daiwa Coastal and Daiwa Pluton... Conventional: Daiwa Sealine, Daiwa Saltist and Newell...
  346. FishinElectrician

    20lb reel

    My favorite 20lb reels... Plus an Avet SX 2 speed I just ordered that should arrive early this week... I think Im set for 20 lb reels...
  347. FishinElectrician

    Anacapa 11/18 on Sea Jay

    The Sea Jay is a great boat!!! Way to go on the good eats!!!
  348. FishinElectrician

    Personal Best Checkerboard

    Nice!!! Heres to your PB Calico!!! :hali_olutta:
  349. FishinElectrician

    San Nic 11/13

    Thanks, man... I should have taken more pics of all the fish I caught, but I am not good at setting the rod down when the bottom grabbers are bitin wide open!!!
  350. FishinElectrician

    San Nic 11/13

    Actually, now that you mention it, he was usin his bucktails, as was half the boat, and he was doin good with it. He landed a real chunky Calico Bass on one of his bucktails, only one of two people on the boat to land Calicos. They might look silly, but they do work if the conditions are right...
  351. FishinElectrician

    San Nic 11/13

    One thing I wanna say is that I believe that the vessel at no time whatsoever was fishing restricted waters and retaining restricted species. That being said, Walkerman, Im sure the crew of the Ranger 85 would be more than happy to elaborate where, when, and how we fished. And also address your...
  352. FishinElectrician

    San Nic 11/13

    Well, shit bro. I know I heard somethin along those lines, And for whatever reason, we were lettin the Vermillion and Starry Rockfish go, while retaining all other species.
  353. FishinElectrician

    San Nic 11/13

    Now that you mention it, there was quite a few good sized Reds caught, but the damndest thing is, San Nic Island sits in a "Cowcod Conservation Area", which meant all Red skinned Rockfish had to be returned to the water... As you can imagine, some of the folks on board werent to happy when the...
  354. FishinElectrician

    Okuma Andros

    So youve handled one of these?!? Where do they have them at??? After much consideration, I think Im going with one the Andros for sure!
  355. FishinElectrician

    San Nic 11/13

    Well, when I was choppin it up with Dan, we were tossin around the idea that what probably happened was that the reel was taken off the rod, and the rod thrown overboard... Thats why i was amazed when all the people were allowed to leave... But hey, it was Dan's call, so we all had to go with...
  356. FishinElectrician

    Phenix rod warranty

    Well, fortunately, I take care of my gear, so I dont foresee any need to replace my rods... But if the need ever arises, you bet your ass Ill go "do that"... Especially because I can...
  357. FishinElectrician

    San Nic 11/13

    Went out on Dan Hernandez's overnight charter on the Ranger 85 Saturday night. We were gonna head to santa barbara island, but since the Yellowtail bite died down, Dan and the crew decided to head to San Nic to try and get all the folks aboard some freezer meat. Once everyone was aboard, the...
  358. FishinElectrician

    Dan Hernandez Donation List of things needed

    Man, if things werent bad enough, I went out on Dan's charter yesterday where some piece of shit helped himself to one of Dan's rods and one of his Penn Torque Internationals... The worst part is how Dan just let every single soul walk off that boat without the Ranger 85's crew, or the...
  359. FishinElectrician

    Phenix rod warranty

    Damn, Phenix rods are Made in China?!? Oh well... Those rods are still the shit!!! Id pay $50 as quick as I could if I had to replace any one of my Inshore Assassins...
  360. FishinElectrician

    Okuma Andros

    MSRP $399. Comes out early 2011. Its a beautiful reel that would look sooo sick on my Inshore Assassin, but damn, I think the Daiwa lever drags are a much better value.
  361. FishinElectrician

    Dan Hernandez Donation List of things needed

    Did they really find Dan's trailer?
  362. FishinElectrician

    Rpt 2 Day Adventure in Salsapuedes-Descanzo Bay

    I have to agree with TunaSlam... You are very full of shit... La Salina is incredible!!! Especially that bar/restaurant off of that cobblestone road, just a short hop away from the ramp... Not to mention the fishing in the marina for toad Spotted Bass... I mean TOADS... The breakwater at the...
  363. FishinElectrician

    New leadhead paint color with boss eyes

    Those heads look real nice! The hooks look a little thin for my taste, tho, but nice heads overall!!! The colors look amazing!!!
  364. FishinElectrician

    Shimano Waxwing

    HAHAHA!!! Yeah, thats L.A. for you... Cuz only people in L.A. steal shit from other people on boats... Well, except for these 2 shitheads who tried stealing some of my stuff on the Malihini once... I slapped those Padres hats on their brainless heads nearly across San Diego Bay... Who knows...
  365. FishinElectrician


    I guess youre right... Anything to find Dan's trailer... And these fucks, who I might add, need their fingertips smashed with a 3 lb sledge hammer...
  366. FishinElectrician


    What the fuck??? So this crime was committed by Mexicans, is what youre saying??? Thats pretty bold statement, especially considering that they probably wont have to look farther than some tweak white boy's garage in Orange County somewhere... You never know... Anyway, the people who...
  367. FishinElectrician

    2 Phenix Inshore Assassins

    Ay bro. Are you [email protected]??? If you are, you need to check your fuckin emails on craiglist more often, cuz Ive been emailing you about these fuckin things since the 25th... But, oh well...
  368. FishinElectrician

    Need advice!!! Single speed or 2 speed?

    Thank you for the input, gentlemen... I will definitely be using it to Weigh my optins and then choose a reel. Im now looking at the new Black n Gold Saltist.
  369. FishinElectrician

    Need advice!!! Single speed or 2 speed?

    I was looking into buying a Daiwa Saltist LD in size 20, in either single or 2 speed. I plan to use the reel with a 9' Phenix Rods PSW907ML-ISA Inshore Assassin rod from Sav On, (FUCK!!! These rods are expensive!!! But beautiful!!!), strung with 30lb Vicious braid, mostly for tossing swimbaits...
  370. FishinElectrician


    Sav On Tackle Tackle shop is the greatest place on earth if youre a fisherman, especially if you need your Daiwa or Shimano reels fixed... I used to drive to Purfields in West L.A., but Dick Schoefield is a rude and unprofessional piece of shit... At least with his me and my cousin he was...
  371. FishinElectrician

    Delta Surprise

    I landed a Salmon trolling a 1/4 oz Berkeley Frenzy Rattlr for Stripers up around Sherman Island a couple years back, before the closures. It was nowhere near as big as this one, tho!!!
  372. FishinElectrician


    My suspicions lead me to believe that all this hatred directed toward NoChinges has alot to do with things other than him keeping all fish he catches... Of course these fuckin haters would never really admit their true reasoning, but youd have to be Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller's offspring not...
  373. FishinElectrician

    New 5.5" Swimbait

    These are the ones, Frank!!!
  374. FishinElectrician


    Lookin good, Frank! Ay big dog, I still have that lead if you still wanna trade for some of those swimmies and these grubs! Let me know!!!
  375. FishinElectrician

    New baits in da works

    Lookin real good, Frank!!! I like the top 2 baits, man. They should get the fish bitin with no problem. Cant wait to see how the pours come out, big dog!!!
  376. FishinElectrician


    Damn, thats fucked up, carnal...
  377. FishinElectrician

    Tell me about Fishing in NoCal - Recent Move up from SoCal

    Yeah... Those things, and the Dodgers, Lakers, n Bruins!!!
  378. FishinElectrician

    Sea Rapist Goody Bag

    Whuts up, Frank! I still got those 35 pounds of lead if youre willing to trade for some baits! Hit me up and let me know, perro!
  379. FishinElectrician

    Ronny Kovach's Advertising adventures

    Never met Kovach, but Dan Hernandez is a down to earth guy who does what he loves for a living. Ive been on 3 of his charters so far, and you bet your ass Im goin on more!!! I love outfishing the guy on camera!!! :rofl:
  380. FishinElectrician

    Pattison Lake

    Yeah, I found out about the shoreline access at Saint Clair as soon as I got to the WDFW launch ramp. I fished Pattison about 2 years ago, and just had a ball with a bag of worms texas rigged with brass n glass, so Im very familiar with how good the Bass fishin can be there. And as for my...
  381. FishinElectrician

    Pattison Lake

    Man, my family and I are flyin back on Sunday. If you go before then, Id freakin love to go out fishin, man!!! Like I said, Im pretty much stuck on shore, and most of these lakes are 99% private shores! I visited Lake Saint Clair, and it looks incredible.
  382. FishinElectrician

    Easter morning lingcod. Double limits !!!

    I hope it wasnt a certain Lingcod spot about a mile n a half in front of the wall!!!:_smack_:
  383. FishinElectrician

    SMB - Lings & Tings w/ Red Drum!

    Fuckin sick... Especially the quality... Didnt know that there was that quality of fish left in the Bay...
  384. FishinElectrician

    Pattison Lake

    Well, I was lookin at both Offut and Saint Clair, and I think Im heading to Saint Clair. I spoke with a couple bass fisherman at Cabelas and they recommended Saint Clair to me, even in this colder weather. And there are a couple public access spots, with decent bank fishing, since I am confined...
  385. FishinElectrician

    Pattison Lake

    Well, the weather up here officially sucks.
  386. FishinElectrician

    Pattison Lake

    Damn, that sucks! Are there any lakes open in the area worth goin to fish? My wife's family's last name is the Johnsons.
  387. FishinElectrician

    Pattison Lake

    Im flyin up there with my wife to visit her grandparents around the Lacey area, and I was planning on fishin a lake called Pattison Lake. Anyone know if the Bass are bitin in that lake? If so, what are they bitin on this time of year, and how deep? Im pretty much stuck on a dock on the lake...
  388. FishinElectrician

    fishing before work, oops! i meant after work...

    is that a junebug colored Ika? Deadly...
  389. FishinElectrician

    Phenix Black Diamond Rods

    The Inshore Assassin series is sick as fuck! I might just have to buy one of em!
  390. FishinElectrician

    Team Basstic - post storm bass fishing

    Damn!!! Very Impressive!!! Great job!!!
  391. FishinElectrician

    saltist v.s. torium why?

    Ive used a Torium 16, and I gotta admit, the casts and retrieves were smooth as hell, but the Saltist 20, to me, is a bit smoother, so I gotta go with the Saltist.
  392. FishinElectrician

    What's your favorite mono

    I used to like Cabelas Salt Striker line, but I went back to the Big 5 special, Izorline Platinum. Incredible line for the price.
  393. FishinElectrician

    Ugly stik's

    I have 2 Ugly Stik Tiger Lite 7' casting rods and a Dan Hernandez 7' casting rod that I use for loaners, and on more than one occasion Ive been outfished by my cousins, both in numbers and size of fish. I think Ugly Stiks are great rods for beginners and novices alike. Hell, I still even use em...
  394. FishinElectrician

    trout rod

    Anyone ever use those Quantum Teton Trout rods?
  395. FishinElectrician

    Rpt Weds. 1-13-10 Las Salinas Critters!

    So how come youd hate to get lost in East L.A. at night?
  396. FishinElectrician

    IGFA will release important decision tomorrow

    Exactly. I could be mistaken, but dont Japanese bass gorge on trout, too?
  397. FishinElectrician

    Which Bait Casting reel to get

    Daiwa Coastal. A good reel for a good price. Dont be fooled into thinking a certain brand of reel which costs $300 is the only one that will work. Thats simply nonsense. But then again, if you want to spend $300 on a baitcaster, get a new Daiwa Zillion Coastal. Havent tried one on the water...
  398. FishinElectrician


    Damn, Frank!!! Where were you at, big dog?!? I wish I coulda met you, man! It was a great time! The smoked yellowfin that was served with lunch was pretty damn good! By they way, did anyone else see when Mike Gardner ate shit after his chair broke into what seemed to be a million pieces?
  399. FishinElectrician

    Braid to Fluoro?

    Same here! To each his own, though!
  400. FishinElectrician

    Turners Californian Rods

    Just bought twin Daiwa Coastal baitcasters for the 2 rods. They look sick!
  401. FishinElectrician

    Turners Californian Rods

    it sure is reassuring to read all the positive comments about these rods!!! Thanks fellas, and Happy New Year!!!
  402. FishinElectrician

    Turners Californian Rods

    Thanks for the feedback, gentleman. As for the warranty, the tags on the rods say that they replace the rods no questions asked if they break due to normal wear and tear. But who knows if its still valid. Arent there some Turners employees that post on BD?
  403. FishinElectrician

    Turners Californian Rods

    Anyone have any input on these rods? I picked a couple up from Turners in Pasadena at their "After Christmas Day" Sale for $39.99. They usually go for $119.99. I was just wondering if anyone knows if these rods are any good. They look nice, not to mention Im an impusive tackle fiend, so I bought...
  404. FishinElectrician

    New colors and new baits

    Frank, I dont know how you do it, but your baits keep gettin better and better! Keep it goin, big dog!
  405. FishinElectrician

    New Colors and two new baits

    Jesus, Frank!!! I think its apparent that you have extreme talent in pouring plastics!!! Keep it up, man! By the way, Im still waiting for my issue!!!:Kick_emoticon:
  406. FishinElectrician

    San Nicolas Island

    youre right! it was a 1 dayer. Thanks for the responses, fellas! Shit man, we didnt even end up fishin San Nic because it looked like hurricane conditions when we got there. Ended up fishin San Clemente for limits of bottom grabbers. I was still kinda disappointed because Ive never fished...
  407. FishinElectrician

    San Nicolas Island

    Anyone hear how the fishin has been out there lately? Im goin out on a 1 1/2 dayer on the Freedom this weekend, and I was wondering what the deal has been out there.
  408. FishinElectrician

    Few More colors

    Blade Runner Tackle makes those, if Im not mistaken. Damn, Frank! Those baits look sweet, and once in the water Im sure theyre even sweeter! Keep it up, big dog!!! When can I get my issue?
  409. FishinElectrician

    Da Fish

    Nice, Frank! Looks like a good swimmer.
  410. FishinElectrician

    On my arm....tac by GRILLO...10-23

    Damn, thats some sick ass art.
  411. FishinElectrician

    Newell Maintenance

    Do any of you know which tackle shop in the L.A. area is a Newell authorized store, in regards to maintenance of Newell reels? I wanna get my Newell R220 cleaned and lubed, and possible drag upgrades (if any). Any info is appreciated!!!
  412. FishinElectrician

    Speedy Gonzales

    Damn, Frank!!! I need some of those for my trip up to the Delta next month! They look like theyll kill the bass in the matted weeds. Sick bait, big dog! Howd that 5 dayer go, by the way???
  413. FishinElectrician

    recommendation for near shore charter

    If you cant get on the QOH, the RipTide out of HMB is also a good boat. The skip put us on some quality blues, blacks, and some huge cabezon mostly in about 50-60 feet of water. It was pretty sick using my Calico Bass sticks and swimbaits to catch em.
  414. FishinElectrician

    Candy cane

    Damn Frank! Your baits are lookin good, brother! Keep it up!
  415. FishinElectrician

    Goldeneye 2000 rockcod trip

    Its too bad that fuckin hippies and treehuggers have so much say in California.
  416. FishinElectrician

    Scratch Bite On The queen Of Hearts

    8 and 10oz weights for 130 feet? Damn.
  417. FishinElectrician

    Miami Peacock

    Beautiful fish!
  418. FishinElectrician

    Tri color Slugs

    Holy shit, Frank... Those are freakin SWEET!!! Post the report as soon as you test em! By the way, Frank. When are you pouring some Thumpers w/o the scales again? Let me know, big dog!!!
  419. FishinElectrician

    SF bay and outside edge of GG bridge

    Shit, I gotta get out there! Stripers are the shit!!! Ive always had good luck at a spot in front of Alcatraz. I think my cousin said it was called the Rockpile. Shit, I was even nailin em with 5in Big Hammers on 4oz heads.
  420. FishinElectrician

    Catalina Island 6/18 on the Pursuit out of 22nd St.

    I love the Pursuit!!! Hell of a boat and crew...
  421. FishinElectrician

    Marina Del Ray SWBA tourny 5/30/09

    Bitchin job!:beerbang:
  422. FishinElectrician

    San Clemente Island schedule question

    Where can I check the schedule for openings and closures of SCI???
  423. FishinElectrician

    Lupe, Lupe, Lupe

  424. FishinElectrician

    Mija's first calico bass Catalina Island

    Nice, Frank!!! Not surprised you started catchin off the bat, with your new baits. I personally like the Thumpers more, but these baits are sick, nonetheless. Im headed out to Cat. this Sunday, and Im gonna see how it goes with those Thumpers you sent. Ill give you a call before then, though.
  425. FishinElectrician

    New boat at Redondo

    Well put!!! Jeremy is a great guy with the experience and know-how to keep that boat up in the daily fish counts.
  426. FishinElectrician


  427. FishinElectrician

    What do you like best for lingcod bait?

    I believe the question was "what do you like best for lingcod bait?" That was my answer... As far as a "decent" size ling, Ive caught a 23lbr up in Timber Cove on these "toys". Not the biggest by far, but decent when you consider I was fishing the way I like to fish, with light tackle. :_smack_:
  428. FishinElectrician

    What do you like best for lingcod bait?

    Those are Kustom Kraft Flatfish. There are 2 different kinds of Flatfish. The all plastic ones have been discontinued, and Charkbait has em as a clearance item. Jig Stop also has em on their website, but I guess they have alot, cus theyre marked as a regular item in their inventory. The version...
  429. FishinElectrician

    What do you like best for lingcod bait?

    I like these...:D
  430. FishinElectrician

    Cajun Red

    Dan's a good guy, but that fishing line is trash. Havent you noticed how he stopped using it, and went back to Izorline?
  431. FishinElectrician

    Thanks to David from Purefields fish tackle

    Purfield's is a great shop with an outstanding selection of gear. My only pet peeve is when Dick is in a shitty mood and wants to act like an asshole! :nutkick:
  432. FishinElectrician

    Looking for a decent tackle shop close to work

    Do cars automatically stop working in Compton? I dont get it...
  433. FishinElectrician


    Sounds like the shit! Congrats. I heard they have incredible Snook fishing in the lagoons down there, too.
  434. FishinElectrician

    Anyone eat sand crabs

    Fried sand crabs sound as good as ghost shrimp cocktail. Or the yummy California Delta favorite, grass and mud shrimp fettucini alfredo...
  435. FishinElectrician


    Im tellin you, this Quantum Surge is the shit! perfect for fresh and saltwater $79.99.
  436. FishinElectrician

    UCLA Bruins Tiger Wrap

    Can you guess which rod I like?
  437. FishinElectrician

    Saltist 50

    I need a rod for the one Ive got...
  438. FishinElectrician

    Want to take wife overnite Oxnard

    Pacific Islander or the Ranger 85, out of Channel Islands. Both excellent boats with outstanding crews.
  439. FishinElectrician

    Carrot Stix Rods

    They also make inshore spinning and casting rods. I was lookin at em at BPS. Good lookin sticks.
  440. FishinElectrician

    20lb reel

    Anyone hear any reviews or know someone whos used Quantum reels? Quantum came out with the CaboPT conventional. They look alot like Daiwa Saltists. The CaboPT16 holds 350yds/20llb. test.
  441. FishinElectrician

    Any bloodydeckers in the south east L.A area

    I stay on the West Side, but HP, Cudahy, Bell, and South Gate arent far at all. Hit me up!
  442. FishinElectrician

    Daiwa Coastal vs Shimano or other Reel

    oops, sorry bout that. didnt mean to quote myself... But since I posted, I wanted to add that the Surge holds 110 yds/12lb test, 7.0/1 ratio for $79.99. Like I said, damn solid reel for the price. Check it out for yourself.
  443. FishinElectrician

    Daiwa Coastal vs Shimano or other Reel

    Quantum Surge. Took a look at one at BPS, and it seemed pretty solid, especially for the price.
  444. FishinElectrician

    Fishing closures in Southern California: Is it the end of the world as we know it?

    Idiotic is more like it. I cant believe some of those stupid sons a bitches...
  445. FishinElectrician

    surface iron brands

    Try a 544 jig. Theyre pretty damn good.
  446. FishinElectrician

    Do they accept credit/debit cards at FHS?

    To answer the ?, most the vendors I saw or went to today accepted credit card.
  447. FishinElectrician

    fred hall deals (deals you saw at the show)

    The Big 5 booth was full of deals. Bought one of those 8 foot Sabre blanks for $39.99. My cousin bought a Sabre Classic for $35.00. Other than that, I really didnt notice anything for too much cheaper than when I go to any other tackle shop. One thing, tho, is I was awestruck by the display...
  448. FishinElectrician

    What's your favorite?

    What kind of deals do the swimbait manufacturers have at the FHS, if any at all?
  449. FishinElectrician

    Do they accept credit/debit cards at FHS?

    Im shoppin wit credit card tomorow, and Id like to know im getting deals just like the next person, so thats good to read.
  450. FishinElectrician

    fred hall deals (deals you saw at the show)

    Shit, as long as they have the smallest size, Ill be happy. The smallest size is the SX, right?
  451. FishinElectrician

    fred hall deals (deals you saw at the show)

    How many of those Avets did they have?
  452. FishinElectrician

    Just a few FHS Specials

    Unfortunately, Im only gonna have plastic to swipe that day.
  453. FishinElectrician

    Just a few FHS Specials

    Excuse the stupid question, but Im a FHS newb, and I wanted to know if by any chance, the BFG booth, and all other booths for that matter, accept credit card? Visa to be specific.
  454. FishinElectrician

    PL Kook

  455. FishinElectrician

    What's your favorite?

    Kustom Kraft, Pearl, Big Hammer, Fish Trap, Optimum Double Diamond swimmers. They all work, so long as you match the forage base that lives in the kelp, and that bass feed on. Match the hatch, so to speak. Good luck!!!
  456. FishinElectrician

    My work wants to stock one of our lakes

    A breeding pair of snakeheads.
  457. FishinElectrician

    1st sturgeon

    Sturgeon are good eats! I caught my biggest sturgeon out in Middle Cut, right off Pittsburg. It was 56", and fought like hell on my 20lb. outfit.
  458. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    I just might have to make the trip to Neah Bay. I want to be able to fish the shallow stuff. (100-200 ft.) Im buttering the old lady up to the idea of the 3 hour drive from Lacy to Neah Bay...:Exploding_Smiley:
  459. FishinElectrician

    Legend 1.5 report

    Good haul on the rojos!!!
  460. FishinElectrician

    New swimbait Little Thumper

    Damn, youve definitely got talent at making swimbaits, dog!!!
  461. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    As much as I'd like to go to Neah Bay, Im gonna only be able to go outta the Westport area. We're staying in Lacy, and I dont wanna drive too far.
  462. FishinElectrician

    Seasons Sportfishing Bait Report 2/20/09

    I saw you guys launching outta Huntington Harbor. I was on that Seaswirl Striper that was docked right there while you guys launched from the next lane.
  463. FishinElectrician

    Saltist owners

    Does anyone know if Saltist 20s come in black like the 50s do?
  464. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    Just found out Im headin up there the 2nd of September through the 8th. Cant wait to catch some nice tasty bottom critters from Washington State! I was lookin at the WDFW regs, and it says the bottomfishing season is open all year long in areas 1-4. Does that include the area around Westport?
  465. FishinElectrician

    Slow fishing beautiful day

    Catalina was beautiful yesterday! I was out there with my boy on his 2901 Striper. We scooped up some squid from San Pedro Bait, and went fishin along the backside lookin for those ghosts as well, but just found some gargantuan whitefish and sheephead, released of course. No calicos, even.
  466. FishinElectrician

    Which Abu Garcia

    So youre saying the Big Game Series, which go for $200, are no good? I never used them, but from people Ive seen using them, I think theyd be good for albacore, simply because the people usin em were catchin offshore yellows, dorado, and albacore, with no problems. As for being made in China...
  467. FishinElectrician

    Homemade Swim Baits

    Nice baits!!! They remind me of the Fish Trap Finfish swimbaits. Very productive. Good luck! With those baits, I dont think youll need it, tho!!!
  468. FishinElectrician

    Dolls Vs Balls Fishing Tournament

    So, what are the requsites to attend this trip, besides havin balls?
  469. FishinElectrician

    20lb reel

    I agree. Great reels. you wont be disappointed.
  470. FishinElectrician

    What is the best mono?

    Ive always wanted to try MoMoi. How does it fish?
  471. FishinElectrician

    Which Abu Garcia

    Try a Daiwa Saltist 30,40,50, or a Newell 332,338, or 344, if youre not tryin to spend too much. Those reels are more than adequate for Albacore.
  472. FishinElectrician

    It's that TIME! I need pics for the Fred Hall Booth

    Damn, thats a big Sheephead!
  473. FishinElectrician

    What Boat should I get on this weekend

    New Del Mar outta Marina Del Rey Sportfishing... The boats from Redondo are all comin up past the Santa Monica Pier to the reefs, so youll be on the spots sooner. Not to mention the kick ass job the crew does on the NDM.
  474. FishinElectrician

    messed up Teramar rod

    I was also wonderin guys, do you think its possible for the guys at the shop to remove the cork handles and the reel seat on a Teramar, and put cork tape on the blank instead? Without damaging it, I might add!
  475. FishinElectrician

    messed up Teramar rod

    He says he messed up one of the guides, so he went ahead and changed em all out. The only thing Im kinda pissed about, is that I didnt find out until after he left to Oregon. So, can anyone recommend a good spot to re wrap this rod for a reasonable price, or can someone pm me if they can...
  476. FishinElectrician

    messed up Teramar rod

    Yeah, i kinda figured that what would be the case. Im not worried about it. The blank is in great shape, its just that my cousin used 2 types of guides, and in my opp., it looks like shit. Well, on to Sav On Tackle for a brand new re wrap. Thanks for the info...
  477. FishinElectrician

    messed up Teramar rod

    Do tackle shops replace Shimano Teramar rods if theyre re wrapped? My cousin decided to rewrap the one I lent him a couple years back, and I recieved it, lookin fucked up, still in one piece, tho. Can I take it somewhere where theyll replace it or somethin? Any info is appreciated. Thanks, fellas.
  478. FishinElectrician

    Help me out! Swimbait set up

    The Kencor 8' Swimbait/Inshore rod is a good rod to start with. 3 actions to choose from, 10-20lb, 12-25lb, and 15-30 pound sticks. Beautiful blanks.
  479. FishinElectrician

    Sabre rods- cheap and pretty durable.

    Sometimes out on the party boats, guys wanna mumble under their breaths about our Ugly Sticks, and Daiwa rods. I cant count the number of times my cousin and I have been the hot sticks on the boat, while the guys with the $400 customs, are watchin us bring one fish after the other over the rail...
  480. FishinElectrician

    Long Beach 2/15/09

    I dont know about that ling weighing 8-10 lbs, but a nice haul, nonetheless! WTG!
  481. FishinElectrician

    Slugs in the kelp

    Just curious... How do you guys go about getting a stuck EWG Monster hook out of some kelp stringers on the surface, without having it come back at you as if it were shot out of a 12 gauge?
  482. FishinElectrician

    3/4 Day with H&M Landing

    I went out on the Malihini on a 3/4 day on January 25. There was an article about the trip in last week's WONews. I won that days j/p with a nice chunky sheephead. Great boat, and great crew!
  483. FishinElectrician

    3/4 day out of Channel Islands SF

    My bad! Trip moved up to the 1st of March, then the 3rd! Nevermind, fellas...
  484. FishinElectrician

    3/4 day out of Channel Islands SF

    Very true. Thats why theres a day 2, tho...
  485. FishinElectrician

    MDR Bass n' Bug Rpt 2/8 w-pics

    Thanks, man. I sorta already chose a new Inshore Elite rod that came out from BPS/OA. Very nice rod! Im just glad to see that Im not the only one that uses catalog brand rods. And its good to read that fish are actually caught on them!
  486. FishinElectrician

    MDR Bass n' Bug Rpt 2/8 w-pics

    Just noticed that. Still, tho, not a bad price.
  487. FishinElectrician

    MDR Bass n' Bug Rpt 2/8 w-pics

    Good shit, man. I was eying those sticks for a while. What model you fishin? The 7'9"? You ever try the Bass Pro/Offshore Angler rods? They came out with a new one, the Inshore Elite. I had to get one at the introductory price of $129.99. Now its at $199.99. Crazy! WTG on the fish, by the way!
  488. FishinElectrician

    MDR Bass n' Bug Rpt 2/8 w-pics

    How are those Cabelas Salt Striker rods? They holdin up pretty good?
  489. FishinElectrician

    What is your favorite rockfish bait?

    Ive gotten some huge rockfish and sculpin using plastics tipped with Mackerel and 'Dine fillets up here. Just dont tell anyone.:D
  490. FishinElectrician


    No prob!!! Glad I could help.
  491. FishinElectrician


    Swimming Hornet Fish Head Spins are good too! Sav On Tackle had a shitload of 1 ouncers, but now theyre all gone! Glad I got about 15 of em. They still have a huge selection of the Fish Heads, and the Blade Runners, but in smaller sizes.
  492. FishinElectrician

    Doran Beach Jetty, Bodega Bay

    Do any of you nor Cal BDrs go fishin off the jetty at Doran Beach, in Bodega Bay? I was wondering because my uncle is havin a bbq there around Easter, and I want to take a stick or two, and try and get some lings or rockfish off the shore. Have any of you heard or read any reports? Im sure its...
  493. FishinElectrician

    What is the best mono?

    Damn, thats pretty bad.
  494. FishinElectrician

    What is the best mono?

    Has anyone used Mustad fishing line? I saw spools of Mustad UL Max fishing line for 19.99 for a 2 pound spool at Sav On Tackle. Any feedback on that brand of line?
  495. FishinElectrician

    3/4 day out of Channel Islands SF

    Im lookin for someone interested in going out and splitting the cost of a 3/4 day trip out of Channel Islands Sportfishing on Wedsnday Mar 4th. Itll be 3 days after the rockfish opener, so the fishin should be pretty nice. They have a 2 for 1 deal goin on Wedsndays , so itll come out to $32.50...
  496. FishinElectrician

    Which Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Big Game Series.
  497. FishinElectrician

    Slugs in the kelp

    Anyone ever use RatLTraps throwin em along kelplines for bass on the LA/OC coast? I just found one that I had used while down in La Salina last year for bass along the kelp, and for bonita casting into their feeding frenzys offshore. Worked pretty good.
  498. FishinElectrician

    What is the best mono?

    You might think Im crazy, but Cabela's Salt Striker is what I go with. Its a damn strong and very thin line. That and Izor Platinum are all I use.
  499. FishinElectrician

    Local Sandies-Sculpin-Barracuda 02 / 04 Trip w/pics

    Hey, Tsurikichi, Im thinkin about usint some Tora Tubes out in the SMB for fishin the reefs for Sandies. You do any good with em? By the way, what are your experiences with LB Marina Sportfishing? I was just asking cuz my cousin and I had a shitty one there on the 5th...
  500. FishinElectrician

    Recession & Fishing? Gear?

    Same here...
  501. FishinElectrician

    Fishin SMB 2/5

    Whats up, Tsurikichi! To answer your question, I was tippin the Mogambos with strips of squid. I got a few bites on the straight plastic, but they just werent attacking it the same way they were with the squid. Yeah, man, those Mogambos are a real sleeper bait no one really uses, besides...
  502. FishinElectrician

    Fishin SMB 2/5

    Yessir!!! The bass have no chance when we're on the boat!!! As far as Long Beach Marina, their operation is a joke. To let all the BD'rs concerned know, we headed to their landing to go out on the Enterprise on a 3/4 day, but there was no answer on the phones when i tried to make reservation on...
  503. FishinElectrician

    2/3 A Day W/ The Looper

    The ones made by Swimming Hornet are pretty good, too.
  504. FishinElectrician

    Fishin SMB 2/5

    My cousin and fellow BD'r kiko5356 decided to go on a half day on the New Del Mar outta MDR Sportfishing. 12 heads showed up, so we shoved off and made our way north a couple miles to some nice stones, and it ended up bein a good call by the skipper. There was about 5 turds around, with one...
  505. FishinElectrician

    Slugs in the kelp

    50 huh? Damn, thats heavy! I think i have an unfinished spool of 40lb. Izor platinum layin around somewhere. You think thatll do? What knot do you recommend when tyin on the hook? Im usin Gamakatsu EWG monster hooks, 5/0 to 7/0. Thanks for the help and the good luck, bro. I cant wait to head...
  506. FishinElectrician

    Slugs in the kelp

    Thanks for the input fellas. I was asking because I recieved a new Quantum Surge low pro saltwater reel, and I wanted to try it out for bass in the stringers, see if it can stand up to that kind of fishing filled with braid. As far as usin bigger reels, Ill put my Saltist 20H on my Kencor...
  507. FishinElectrician

    Slugs in the kelp

    I posted this question in the chit chat forum as well, but with no answer. Im plannning to fill one of my low profile casters with 50lb. braid for tossin MC and AA slugs into the kelp. Is that a good size, or should I go lighter?
  508. FishinElectrician

    spectra or what?

    Does anyone here fish slugs for Calicos in the kelp? If so, do you guys think 50lb braid is too big for this application? Whats a good size braid for this technique?
  509. FishinElectrician


    Sav On Tackle is the shit. The guys there always trip out because I make the trek from West L.A. to get my stuff there, when Im not goin to Purfield's ofcourse!
  510. FishinElectrician

    Saltist owners

    To be honest with you, I really like Ugly Braid. Its never given me any trouble, the knots always hold up, and its got good diameter to wieght ratio. Im also not a big fan of brightly colored spectras. That being said, one of my buddies hooked me up with a 300yd spool of Power Pro phantom red...
  511. FishinElectrician

    Saltist owners

    Yeah, I was thinkin about puttin some 50lb. Ugly Braid with a topshot of some 20lb. Cabelas Salt Striker mono. Wont the heavy lb test mess the drag up, since the reel is only rated for line up to 20lb. test??? im thinkin about gettin the drag switched out at Sav On Tackle, but Im gonna go ahead...
  512. FishinElectrician

    Saltist owners

    What is the optimum size braid that you guys recommend for the Saltist 20H???
  513. FishinElectrician

    spectra or what?

    I have. Its worked pretty damn good for me, so far... 65lb. Ugly Braid with a 25lb. mono topshot is the ticket for bottomfishing with jigs and Yo-Yoing the Yellows. At least for me it is.
  514. FishinElectrician

    Saltist owners

    UPS just dropped off the 20 I ordered from Charkbait. Decided to go with the open face. Cant wait to use em!!! Oh yeah, whats a Cork Puppy?
  515. FishinElectrician

    Saltist owners

    After reading this thread, Im very happy I picked up the Black Saltist 50 from Bass Pro Shops, and the Saltist 20 levelwind from Charkbait. One thing I was wondering was, should I have gotten the open face reel instead of the levelwind?
  516. FishinElectrician

    Butt a strange fish

    I wonder how they would taste???
  517. FishinElectrician

    Spitfire Outstanding SMB Bassin 1/17/09

    Nice! What were you usin? Jigheads n squid?
  518. FishinElectrician

    What's the best lures for Rock Fishing

    AA Worms 10" Slug on a dropper loop, Braid Sea Fox and/or Thumper Squid, P-Line Hex Jigs, 6" Whams, Blams, or whatever the hell you wanna call em, Fish Trap, Big Hammer, or Pearl Swimbaits in the larger sizes, Gulp 7" jerkbaits, Kustom Kraft flatfish, heavier size bucktails... Shit, I can go on...
  519. FishinElectrician

    What are the best surface and yo-yo jigs?

    544 jigs, Tady, Salas. Shit, even Magic Metal Lites will work.
  520. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    bump Hey guys, hate to keep askin dumb questions, especially by bumpin this old thread, but I was wondering if there was any bottomfishing of note in the South Sound area?
  521. FishinElectrician

    What is your ideal swrf levelwind bait reel?

    Hell yeah, I went balls out and just ordered the Black Saltist 50, and a Saltist 20 levelwind today... After tryin my buddy's reels, I had to get em! Now Im broke until God knows when! Oh well... I guess that pretty much says which reels I prefer, now...
  522. FishinElectrician

    Calico Bass Sticker

  523. FishinElectrician

    All American Canal info wanted.

    bump My apologies for bumping such an old thread, but I was lookin around for info on the A.A. Canal on the net, and it led me here, home sweet home. Anyway, Has anyone fished for largemouth/stripers in the canal lately? And if so, what lures/bait do you use? Ill be fishing the canal west of...
  524. FishinElectrician

    Interesting Read about the Infidel

    I assume youre replying to my quote, since it seems that your giving a stupid ass reply along the lines of what I posted. Just so you know, I dont want any sort of sharks, fish, or any other resource that are enjoyed by us to be harmed by this net. But since the article said it was killing sea...
  525. FishinElectrician

    Interesting Read about the Infidel

    Shoulda left it there, if it was that good at killing sea lions. Unless it was a hazard to vessels in the area.
  526. FishinElectrician

    fishin @ the Coronados

    I only ask because the Islands seemed to be pretty close to the 'pile when I fished it. Fishin was pretty damn good there.
  527. FishinElectrician

    fishin @ the Coronados

    Is the area known as the Rockpile part of the Coronados? Do 3/4 day boats usually fish it? Ive fished that area before on my buddy's boat, so Im hoping the skipper decides to try it out on the trip. I caught my personal best Whitefish, and Sculpin from there.
  528. FishinElectrician

    fishin @ the Coronados

    Fuck it, I guess its off to Purfield's to buy some lead.
  529. FishinElectrician

    fishin @ the Coronados

    Damn, sounds nice! The only thing is, Im not really crazy about usin a pound of weight. My buddy said its supposed to be some sort of shallow water "seminar", but I guess I should look into gettin a couple 12 to 16 oz sinkers... So far, I loaded my Daiwa Sealine SL30SH with 65lb test Ugly...
  530. FishinElectrician

    fishin @ the Coronados

    Is the fishing pretty good at the Coronados this time of year? My buddy got me on a 3/4 day trip on the Malihini to fish the islands for bottomfish on the 25th of this month, and I wanted to see what some of you think. Im excited just to be able to go, but catchin some tasty eats wont hurt!!!
  531. FishinElectrician

    Santa Monica Fishing Structures?

    This book has lat/long spots for Santa Monica Bay?
  532. FishinElectrician

    Spectra question

    I also had a quick question for the guys familiar with braid. I was wondering if it was okay to use 50-65 lb braid on a reel that fits 250 yards of 15 lb test mono? Will the braid mess with the drag, since the lb test on the braid is a bit heavy?
  533. FishinElectrician

    Favorite open party 3/4 day boat

    For some reason, I cant read today's posts, and on this thread ONLY!
  534. FishinElectrician


    Kencor "Inshore Swimbait" model #QNZ-IS800HC, 8ft., 15-30 lb test, 1-4 oz... Abu Garcia Classic Inshore Reel 6500 holding 245 yds of 14 lb. test... SICK...
  535. FishinElectrician

    New Angling Club in the Inland Empire

    Hey, Big Mike. My buddy Sonny told me he had met you last weekend at Bass Pro Shops, and he was tellin me about this club. Do you have to live in the IE to join?
  536. FishinElectrician

    Winter Fish Chowder

    Thanks alot, Stalker!
  537. FishinElectrician

    Winter Fish Chowder

    Does this recipe work with Sheephead?
  538. FishinElectrician

    Sheephead recipe

    Anyone have any good recipes for cooking Sheephead in foil paper? Im not too crazy about steaming it, and Ive got my own little tricks for preparing it, but Id like to see if you guys can help me out with some new ones. Thanks alot, folks. *My bad, if someone can move this thread to the...
  539. FishinElectrician

    best plastic for sandbass

    Whats the best plastic, be it swimbait, slug, grub, jerkbait, or squid, for when the bass have lockjaw, not just when theyre biting anything that falls in the water. I have good luck with Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads and Sandworms crawled in and around structure spots.
  540. FishinElectrician

    What weight line do you fish with the most?

    Izor XXX Smoke: 12 lb= Plastics 15 lb= Plastics 20 lb= Live Bait 30 lb= Surface Iron 40 lb= Yo-yo Iron
  541. FishinElectrician


    Well, I gave away the 4 Sandies and 3 Whitefish (which were so small, it was almost pathetic) to the family I was talkin about.
  542. FishinElectrician


    Well put... I really believe that this was the case on the ship I was on that day.
  543. FishinElectrician

    Seaforth Squid WFO

    Damn, I miss La Salina. Ive never caught so many calicos off of a jetty in my life. There is also some monster bay bass in the marina.
  544. FishinElectrician

    What kind of fish?

    Whitefish. What islands did you catch them at? Theyre off limits as of today in California waters.
  545. FishinElectrician


    Interesting... All this shit for a jackpot? I cant believe the extent some of these crews will go to get the jackpot, which will probably be given to them, anyways! I hear ya. Im not here tryin to talk down on the landing as a whole, but the crew of the boat that day was shady. They were...
  546. FishinElectrician

    Favorite open party 3/4 day boat

    I had to pick the Betty O! She's an older vessel, but Mike's a damn good skipper, and Garret is always helpin folks on the deck! They get my vote!
  547. FishinElectrician

    Lucanus Jigs

    I tried the orange/white and the chartruese/white Lucanis jigs, and Braid Thumper Squid in goatfish, and purple/pink out of Bodega Bay, Half Moon Bay, and at the Coronado Islands with phenomenal results. I cant wait for my trip to fish the Coronados next month!!! I like to fish them on 50 lb...
  548. FishinElectrician

    favorite braid/spectra?

    Ugly Braid seems to work just fine for me. I like the dark Green coloration.
  549. FishinElectrician


    You better believe I was snatching the whole squid as I pleased.,I dared those motherfuckers to say something. But to be honest, I was only bringing this point up because of the families who were also on this boat, probably trying to take some fish home for dinner, not even getting a damn...
  550. FishinElectrician


    Yeah, youre right. Its just that its one of the few landings that offers 1/2 day on the daily during winter, and Im always eager to jump on a boat I havent been on for a while. But, I guess Ill stick to my favorites, cant go wrong with what works!!!
  551. FishinElectrician


    Does anyone see anything wrong when the crew on a sportfishing boat holds out on a certain bait, especially when the bite is very good on squid, and only squid? I went on a half day out of Redondo Sportfishing yesterday, and thats what happened. The deckhands, which were busy fishing while noobs...
  552. FishinElectrician

    Caught net thief,tough bug night,12-23

    Fuck all that!!! Remington 870 12 gauge, with Olive Drab Marine Kote, with a staggered mag of oo buck and 1 oz. slugs. One of those in the air, and youd have your nets back, quick fast and in a hurry!!!
  553. FishinElectrician

    Bug Eyed Reds

    Thanks for posting this recipe, Troy!!! I had some fresh Chilipepper and Bosco fillets, and I have to say, they ended up quite delicious with this recipe!!!
  554. FishinElectrician

    S M B 12/19/08

    They look like their freezing! Nothing a nice hot bath wont fix!
  555. FishinElectrician

    10 pound bugger,,,what a night!

    Congrats!!! Be careful with those warm baths!!!
  556. FishinElectrician

    LJ ROCKFISH - 12/12/08

    Yeah, Ive been told by some good buddies of mine that when conditions are right, surpisingly small weights can reach greater depths than most think. Ill see how light I can go on the bottom grabbers next Sunday, when I go out of CISCOS on the Pacific Islander. The currents can sometimes be less...
  557. FishinElectrician


    Who can I ask if theres any way that I can change my user name?
  558. FishinElectrician

    LJ ROCKFISH - 12/12/08

    Hey, bro, you were fishin a 4 1/4 oz Sea Fox at that depth???
  559. FishinElectrician


    Another vote, right here!!!
  560. FishinElectrician

    LJ ROCKFISH - 12/12/08

    Man, good shit, DuaneDiego!!! Looked like a blast!!! Those Sea Fox and the Thumper Squids jigs work like hell!!!
  561. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    Thanks a whole bunch, fellas! Now that you mention it, I would like to catch a couple Kings, maybe even a Pac. Halibut with those rockfish... That would be the SHIT!!!
  562. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    That would be sweet!!! I really, really appreciate the offer, Beee!!! Thanks guys, so much for all your help!!!
  563. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    Man, my ol' lady is kind enough to plan our trip on whenever I see that the bottomfish season opens up there.
  564. FishinElectrician

    Right Forum???

    Dont know if this is the right forum, but how can I buy BD Shirts and Sweaters?
  565. FishinElectrician

    A fun Calico drift video

  566. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    Thanks alot, guys. Im so damn excited about goin up there!!! By the way, what Marine Area is Westport in?
  567. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    Very nice! So is there any idea if the fishing is also good around Westport?
  568. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    Thanks alot, fellas. So, is the shallow water bottomfishing pretty good up there? Id like to use light tackle (15-25 lb test, 1-6 oz lures) when I go out.
  569. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    When does the bottomfishing season open and close out of Westport? And whats a good charter service that does shallow water (50-180 feet) bottomfishing in the Westport area? Im gonna be with my ol' lady visiting her folks up there some time next year, so I figured Ill make the 4 hour journey...