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  1. johnnylite

    Need advice

    So i am thinking about getting my CDL class A license and hitting the road. Anybody have experience with the schools and or Company training classes. Got the written part down and drove when I was young but would like to see if anyone has advice.
  2. johnnylite

    When and Where?

    Seems the Channel Islands and Ventura Ramps are closed. I saw the temp ramp at CI but wondering if it's a bit nuts like Shelter Island on a weekend. Got the boat needs to get wet blues. Any suggestions or when the ramps are going to be open? Living in Camarillo now so maybe a quick freeway trip.
  3. johnnylite

    Redoing the boat.

    Putting the boat back together for 2014. Been sitting for two years. Did the service, drain the fuel etc. Thinking about a couple new additions. First have the original 2006 model Garmin combo unit and would like to upgrade. Boat is now in Channel Islands area so thinking Radar good idea. Next...
  4. johnnylite

    Need upholstery work done in Ventura area

    Need to recover cushions, seats etc. Any suggestions or people you like? Thanks John
  5. johnnylite

    Ed's Jigs

    I seem to remember somone on the board who had the hookup on these. I'm in the great North Central coast now and think they might come in handy. Any one have the info?
  6. johnnylite

    Good news and more.

    Well the phone finally rang with the right answer. Four months of iving off the government teat is over. Got me a job managing an Electrical house in Paso Robles California. Packing up the Rv for a couple months of temporary housing while we sort out two houses, wifes business, dogs, etc...
  7. johnnylite

    Happy Thanksgiving and a question.

    Is there any day short of maybe Christmas that is so perfect? Food and lots of it. Drinks and lots of them. Football on TV. Napping time. Relatives that have to leave. We came an inch away after everbody bailed to taking the boat out for the day but some friends roped us in. Happy T-Day and...
  8. johnnylite

    New Job and Need a little help

    I've been offered a job up in Ventura/ Santa Barbara county and need a temporary and part time place to either park my Motorhome or a place to stay four nights a week until I can get moved into a place we have in Hueneme. Willing to pay and help out with whatever. 34' RV just need secure spot...
  9. johnnylite

    CBS and NBC 2 Fox 0

    Watched two of the best games this season. Hard hitting unbelievable respect game for the Bengals. Kid is a huge fan. Patriots and Colts. Did you really think Manning wouldn't pull it out? Cowboys Packers and can't even remeber the other one. Yawn. Yard get's cleaned today instead.
  10. johnnylite

    HBO Section 60 Arlington Cemetery

    I'm watching this and a couple things. First God Bless those families and those young men who gave all for us. Second let's all remember these people every day. Last I'm crying like a baby and not ashamed to admit it. To all you people who serve our country I salute you and will not take you...
  11. johnnylite

    Lobster or Crab bisque

    I love it. Anybody have a good recipe? Roxy, anyone? I'll trade my peanut butter chicken recipe.
  12. johnnylite

    Verizon MAv TV channel

    Just switched to Verizon and found this channel. Currently fitness beauties in HD . :boobies: 598 here in Temecula. LOL
  13. johnnylite

    Irony or the murphy's law thing

    So after losing my job and going a month or so on the dole I decide to "Consult" as in cash money for a guy in trouble in the Electrical business. Couple weeks into it and I now have four interviews lined up over the next two weeks. Two are seconds that I never thought would call me back. When...
  14. johnnylite

    Good News

    Got a job. It ain't much as they say but right up my alley. Saving a dying business in Moreno Valley. Electrical and Lighting Wholesaler. If you are in the area I need business so give me a call. I'll post up my contact information later. Johnnylite
  15. johnnylite

    Johnny needs a job

    Economy caught up with our branch. Five of us on the street. EDD here I come. Wish me luck.
  16. johnnylite

    Heading out tomorrow Oside.

    Looking to head out early for some offshore action. Any tips and anybody out today? Shakedown for next weekends Wounded Warrior trip. Any help appreciated.
  17. johnnylite

    Deadliest Catch last Night.

    I was crying like a baby. What an awesome kid both the brother and the sister. Even old Sig was moved. Kind of makes you think about how you treat people who are a litttle different than you.
  18. johnnylite

    Seahorse Dana Point

    Baby boy is heading out tonight to SCI for an overnight. Anybody going or any opinions on this boat? Also looking for tackle tips. Johnnylite
  19. johnnylite

    Billy Mays RIP

    Unbelievable I loved that guy. Scary stuff gets hit on the head on a flight and next morning he's gone. Cool guy. Other news was Fred Travelena the impressionist. That makes two.
  20. johnnylite

    Bloodydecks Sighting in the Desert

    Spotted a Black Jeep Cherokee I think in Palm Desert Friday heading down Fred Waring. Quick honk before the salute and good thing. Puzzled looks and then oh yeah the sticker. Good looking blonde driving and a quick wave no salute. Lucky BD member.
  21. johnnylite

    Maybe a Teen section?

    No need for spellcheck, grammar and all that stuff. They could hang out and rag on each other. Talk about their imaginary girlfriends, what video games they like. Just their own special place. Sound like a plan?
  22. johnnylite

    The good, the better, the best, the ugly

    Started the day at work and we have been really busy which is good news in the construction business. Left early to pick the baby boy for a 19th birthday day with dad. Headed to Anaheim and made a stop at our favorite taco shop. 14-16 awesome tacos later headed off to the Ducks game. Great seats...
  23. johnnylite

    New words for the working man

    Got the e-mail from Corporate today and then a one hour webmeeting to tell my employees about a new term MULA/ VULA. Mandatory Unpaid Leave of Absence and you guessed it Voluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence. Here's the catch MULA is only for one week. VULA as long as you want. Guess what you...
  24. johnnylite

    Popeyes Chicken Special Announcement

    8 pieces for 4.99 today. Love me that chicken. This is a public service announcement. LOL
  25. johnnylite

    Three for three Sunday.

    Got a call at work Froday from my son to make sure I had nothing planned for Sunday. He's working, going to school, sleeping pretty much 24 hours a day. Said he took the day off so we could spend some time together. Wake up Sunday to pancakes and bacon coffee and then off to Basspro. Mega...
  26. johnnylite

    Looking for a Kayak Rack

    I've seen a few options for hauling my yaks in a pickup. Easiest was the hitch extension with the bar. Any ideas where to get them? Any advice appreciated. I typically haul a FishnDive and a Couple Scrambler XT's
  27. johnnylite

    Gruden and Allen out in Tampa Bay.

    I wonder if Al is going to call and make up.
  28. johnnylite

    Death Match 2009 coming to Pay per View.

    O.k. who would pay to watch the disgusting skank from Repo Man go toe to ugly toe with The wife from Dog the Bounty Hunter? Barf bags optional for ringside seats. Maybe Skankathon 2009 would be better.
  29. johnnylite

    Get your paperwork in order the World is Ending

    We are now experiencing our second day of rain here in Palm Springs. Real rain not that drizzle stuff. San Andreas is filling with water and the big one should happen any minute. Global warming and Al Gore are finally right. LOL News updates at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00
  30. johnnylite

    Birdrock Bandit Leader Convicted

    Saw this in newspaper. Seth Cravens leader of the group convicted for murder of Emery Kaunanui. I remember reading about his a while ago on the board. One punch killed the guy. Crazy and tragic.
  31. johnnylite

    Good News and Bad News. (what a week)

    Get to work Monday to find out one of my employees has died over the weekend. Diabetes and drank himself to death at 48. Sad life and preventable. Go get yourselves checked take care of yourselves. Check the Court website about the already once postponed Jury duty and yep come in Tuesday...
  32. johnnylite

    Lakers might win it all

    Pau Gasol will be the finals MVP also. I'm convinced. They are just that much better than the rest of these teams.
  33. johnnylite

    Dr. Visit

    Guy is at the Doctors office and the Doctor tells him " Sir you need to stop masturbating." 'Why" asks the patient. " Because I need to examine you now."
  34. johnnylite

    Another Icon and Hero Passes

    Irvine Robbins founder of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream dead at 90. His other memeorable achievement was the invention of Rocky Road Ice Cream my personal favorite.
  35. johnnylite

    Craigslist Question

    So I'm looking through the boards maybe to help out some of the recent posts who had shit stolen and was amazed at the amount of stuff in there. Some seemed legit the ones in Carlsbad and El Cajon maybe. One in Oside especially slimy hope it isn't someone here. Avet SX reel used once pictured...
  36. johnnylite

    BD Sighting at Dana Landing

    Was at the AA Marine get together and saw a Dodge pickup with maybe 30 stickers including BD, Ocean Beach, Oklahoma and others. Didn't get a chance to salute before it left. Who's the Okie?
  37. johnnylite

    Crazy stuff in Suburbia today.

    So I'm up in my office working at the desk and hear the birds going nuts outside my window. Look out on the street and they are chasing something. Little furball is making it's way around the cul de sac to my house. Looks like a kitten. So downstairs I go and it heads into my driveway and...
  38. johnnylite

    Corpus Christi Texas questions

    Got an offer to interview for job in Corpus. Good place to live, fish, etc? Did the Texas thing for a few years and loved it. Bringing the boat if I go. What say you Texans.
  39. johnnylite

    BD sighting on the 101 North.

    Red Frontier pickup with three dudes heading north today. I saw the sticker and said to the wife you're supposed to :finger: those guys off with the sticker. She says really so no shit she does. Pink hat and all. Guys were busting up. We were in the blue 560SL. Pretty damn funny. She says by...
  40. johnnylite

    What would you do?

    So some fuckstick decides the street in front of my driveway is a parking lot. I live on a cul de sac. Get ready to head out today and my driveway is blocked and it looks like Home Depot in the street. Since the fuckstick is related to my neighbor I decided to ask him to move his fucking car and...
  41. johnnylite

    New Reels looking for advice.

    Looking to upgrade to either a Avet or maybe Accurate. 15-20 # Kelp, Yt, mostly live bait and some swimbaits. Never bought one of the one piece types so would appreciate help. Any tips on stores also. Have seen the Sx and liked it.
  42. johnnylite

    La Nina What does it mean for fishing?

    So I'm reading today about all the floods and weather in the Midwest and East coast and the expert says we are in a mild La Nina condition. I know El Nino means warm water up the coast further than normal and more tropical types of fish. Dorado, etc. La Nina is cold water so I'm not sure what...
  43. johnnylite

    I'm flying Southwest tomorrow.

    Wish me luck and hope to be back on the board again. Hopefully the roof doesn't rip off. :shithappens:
  44. johnnylite

    Killing time at Bass Pro

    Had to pick up wife at Ontario airport so stopped by one of my locations and then since I was so close headed to BP. Nice surprise on the way right next to The Hat( Pastrami Place) new cigar store. Davids cigars. Good prices unbelievable humidor. So six or eight stogies later on to BP. Big sale...
  45. johnnylite

    Three Sports in one Crazy stuff

    So I flip on the Outdoor channel and there's what looks like a giant Camouflage duck boat. Girl with big hooters in the front. Good so far. Two guys in the back on bass chairs facing the rear with bow and arrows with reels. Boat starts hauling ass and lo and behold fish start jumping in the air...
  46. johnnylite

    Just asking about the classifieds

    I look at them about every day looking for stuff and have noticed something. Most of the people posting I never see on the main board talking about fishing. They do seem to sell a lot of stuff and do it pretty often. A lot of the stuff is " New in Box" where does this stuff come from? Just...
  47. johnnylite

    Greatest new thing since sliced bread.

    Anybody else found the pancakes in a can at Costco? Just like a whipped cream container but pancakes. Taste pretty good and no mess. You gotta try em if you're a lazy cook like me. :rodent:
  48. johnnylite

    Just resign baby.

    Al Davis has asked as in drafting his resignation letter for Kiffin to quit. Kiffins answer fire me I aint quitting. What a joke that team has become. :Emoticon_Potty_Time
  49. johnnylite

    Georgia Frontierre Dead at 80

    Ding dong. 7 husbands and 1 pissed off city later.
  50. johnnylite

    Baja Vinnies in Temecula

    Just stopped by and sign on window says" Closed new ownership. Shop still looked full and I hope they open soon. Good luck to them. If it's anyone on the board that bought it let us know.
  51. johnnylite

    Just in case

    I was at the pawnshop in Temecula today looking for stuff and ran across the following: Nice custom rod with Red Accurate reel for sale. It was a nice Seeker looking custom wrapped by the old Ed's Bait & Tackle. Last name was Fontaine can't remember the first. Just in case is if somebody is...