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  1. fishintuition

    Lost a Big Fish and More

    I had a pac bay 50 class butt fail this past year. Didn't even have a fish on just the pressure from dragging a manns stretch 50....and it broke below the reel seat. Would've lost the reel and everything if it wasnt clipped in. Pac Bay replaced it....but definitely makes you wonder.
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Pat--thank you for spearheading this. Haven't been on the site for a while but this thread is super helpful on a number of levels. Well done.
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    11-30-14 Rudy and Mike.

    I have to say....that is the most pc account of that last bite that I ever could have imagined...You made me sound like a real gentleman!! For the readers at home, there were about 15 f-bombs dropped in the 3 seconds it took for the fish to swing back through the spread and grab the flat line...
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    kaneohe Bay Done...

    That's an aweoweo....shallow reef fish. Mahi must been feeding in close.
  5. fishintuition


    Was dead this past weekend. But on the flip side....would be hard for it to get too much slower than it was Sunday...
  6. fishintuition

    Effects of RIMPAC to slow fishing catches

    Hadn't heard about this....What bait was washing up? In large numbers? Pics?
  7. fishintuition

    Glad to be fishing again....

    Consistency is a beautiful thing....Keep banging em G!!
  8. fishintuition

    Last Weeks Action! (first time posting)

    Love the go pro action!! Some solid days on the water!!
  9. fishintuition

    The Captain and Kai’Nana is why… 5/25&26

    That's a busy and productive weekend!! Awesome work Pat and Captain Nerlie!!!
  10. fishintuition

    Banks Last Weekend

    My arms are still sore from that freakin shark.
  11. fishintuition

    HOOk, LINE, and LEG!!!

    That's my leg in Tail Spin's picture.....that sh*t sucks. Glad you're ok. Time to cut off the trailers and make a rule that the only mahi's on the deck are dead one's.
  12. fishintuition

    Arima boat

    I fish with Lockin all the time....that's him and his Arima in the pic. Have a bunch of friends with trailer boats in the same size range you're looking at, and honestly I prefer his Arima over anything else that size that I've fished on. Lot's of deck space, stable, and the boat just seems to...
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    Nalu Kea

    Thanks for the update...the blind mahi saves the day!
  14. fishintuition

    Kaneohe Friday

    Crushed um!! Good work!!!
  15. fishintuition

    Research: 1/20 & 2/3

    The Mrs. always seems to bring the luck with her...nicely done!
  16. fishintuition

    12-31-13 Saved the BEST for last... B.E.T.

    Gotta be stoked on that one....great catch Pat!!
  17. fishintuition

    12-17-13 Ahab put us on some fish.

    Perfect Xmas present for you guys!! Good going Nick!!
  18. fishintuition

    12-22-13 Bottom of the ninth.

    Every second counts.... Stoked on your catch.....good going Pat!
  19. fishintuition

    First Ahi on New Boat

    Stoked for you guys!! Congrats!
  20. fishintuition

    Bite Me!

    dayum!! brutal.
  21. fishintuition

    kaneohe 11/20

    hard luck. kaneohe seems pretty dead....we hit t from hawaii kai on the 16th and it was lifeless...found a large barrel all barnacled up as well that had nothing on it. just gotta keep pounding...
  22. fishintuition

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - Sept. wrap-up

    That's a big ass ulua...good going!!
  23. fishintuition

    Tahoe for Hawaii

    Hate to spam the feed.....but in Tahoe til 9/1 and would love to catch some fish. I'd be happy put you on some fish on Oahu if you can put me on some fish here. Message me if you can help out....any info is really appreciated. Aloha, Mike
  24. fishintuition

    Waianae 8-3-2013

    Love the action shot...KO!!! Great looking fish!!
  25. fishintuition

    ahi 03aug

    Great catch!!
  26. fishintuition

    8/3 Waianae

    Solid fish....good going!!
  27. fishintuition

    Fish Gods smile 8/2/13

    You guys are on it as always...that's a big ass ahi!!!
  28. fishintuition

    Calm before the storm

    Well done've been killing it!!
  29. fishintuition

    7-28-13 Impersonator II

    Congrats Pat!! The preferred type of impersonator....
  30. fishintuition

    Waianae 28 July - Tuna Report

    Beautiful fish...great catch Chuck!
  31. fishintuition

    7-22-13 Attitude is everything!!!

    That's a rough one to say the least, Pat...although it doesn't sound like there was much of anything that you could've done differently. All the more motivation to slay um next time...!
  32. fishintuition

    waianae fun

    That's a big bastid!! Congrats!
  33. fishintuition

    Lucky Trips

    Gotta find a way to get Ken to stay in town more often!! Great catches!!
  34. fishintuition

    7/8 Kaneohe Ahi

    That's definitely a father son outing he'll remember for a long time...congrats!!
  35. fishintuition

    Waianae 7/09/2013 Another great day on the water!

    You are crushing it this year Russ!! Another solid one on board.
  36. fishintuition

    7-8-13 Dark Side of the Moon.

    Capt. Pat strikes again!! Another impressive day on the water!!
  37. fishintuition

    7/7 Waianae - Marlin

    Unusual to take a strike near the whales...but hard to complain when you do! Congrats!!
  38. fishintuition

    Back to the Important stuff

    Atleast you didn't have to worry about what was in the spread...!! Solid catch!!
  39. fishintuition

    Mission Impossible

    When ur hot, ur hot...sounds like another 1/4 day on Saturday!!
  40. fishintuition

    Waianae 7/8 - marlin

    Sounds like a helluva lot more fun than a Monday in the office!! Congrats on the solid catch!
  41. fishintuition

    2 Months of Envying

    Solid reward for your patience....nice fish!!
  42. fishintuition

    Paying my dues and why it would be nice to have a (big) two speed reel

    Your persistence paid off...Great looking fish!!!
  43. fishintuition

    King Kong finally got off the boat

    Congrats on a great catch Steve!!
  44. fishintuition

    Banks Bite

    Looked like quite a few boats at the ramp yesterday....good to see there was fish!!
  45. fishintuition

    7/6 Kane'ohe Ahi!

    Mahi, otaru, and you got your ahi for dessert...great catch!!
  46. fishintuition

    Super late report: 7/1

    Smashing um! Nice catch!!
  47. fishintuition

    4th of July Fireworks!

    Great looking fish....congrats!!
  48. fishintuition


    On the board again....Great catch Pat!!
  49. fishintuition

    Waianae 7/3 - Lucky ahi

    Beautiful pic....colors on the fish are sick. Great catch!!
  50. fishintuition

    Finally girlfriend is happy

    Your on a roll brudda!! Great catch.
  51. fishintuition

    Blessed Wednesday

    Awesome catch guys...stoked!!
  52. fishintuition

    Super Saturday

    Great start, middle, and finish to that trip...solid work!!
  53. fishintuition

    Westside Action

    2 out of 4 ain't bad...nice catch!!
  54. fishintuition

    First Ahi on my new sled, 30' Knife

    Solid catch...looks like all the boat prep paid off!!
  55. fishintuition

    Tuna 1-1/8

    Great looking fish...still plenty of sash to go around even without the little brother!!
  56. fishintuition

    Great Day!

    Doesn't get much better than that...Well done!!!
  57. fishintuition

    REDEMPTION! Tuna Report 6/27/2013

    Awesome catch guys...well done!!
  58. fishintuition

    eastside ah

    Sick video...enjoy the sash!!
  59. fishintuition

    First Ahi Ever!

    Yeah braddah Jeff!! Long time no see man...glad to hear the fishing bug is in full effect!!! That's definitely a pig...well done!!
  60. fishintuition

    Waianae 22 June

    Congrats....stoked for you guys!!
  61. fishintuition

    Kam Day Kauai

    Nice catch...gotta love it when the bite turns on like that!!
  62. fishintuition

    6-7-13 In to the backing.

    Slaying it as always!! Great catch Pat!!
  63. fishintuition

    6-6-13 Lucky Again

    Love that first pic...Live Action!!! Congrats!!
  64. fishintuition

    Tuna, tuna,tuna

    Slayed um!! Job well done!!
  65. fishintuition


    Congrats Jason...its gotta feel even better knowing that you got your boat dialed in!!
  66. fishintuition

    went looking for tuna

    Stoked for you....well done!!
  67. fishintuition

    5/25 Waianae ahi

    Thanks for the intel...good going on the sash!!
  68. fishintuition

    West Kauai 5/22

    Well done...enjoy the sash!!
  69. fishintuition


    That is impressive as hell!! You get um bloody yet?
  70. fishintuition

    New beginning's

    Stoked for you guys...great start to the season!!
  71. fishintuition

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Load em up!! Great catch Joe!!!
  72. fishintuition

    Kaneohe - May 5

    Smashed em..Solid catch Josh!!
  73. fishintuition


    You are fricken killing it. Congrats on the ahi. Sick video!!
  74. fishintuition

    Banks Report 4/28

    Nice work
  75. fishintuition

    First trip to the banks!!

    Not bad at all...good to hear banks still got fish!
  76. fishintuition


    Good going...nice catch!
  77. fishintuition

    waianae 4/20/13

    stoked for you guys...early in the season to get monkey off your back!!
  78. fishintuition


    looks like you got your work cut our for you with that project...Go get um!!
  79. fishintuition

    shes 2 for 2!

    Just getting 2 solid hookups out of 2 marlin bites is a damn good ratio...going 2 for 2 on landing them is just silly!! Awesome catch!! BG is on point....suck it curly
  80. fishintuition

    4/19 West Side

    Good going....gotta bless the new boat!!
  81. fishintuition

    Nice Blue Marlin with no bill - 4-14-13

    that fish has got to have a serious attitude to get that big without a bill...good going on the c/r
  82. fishintuition

    Awesome weekend!

    Crushing em!! Nicely done.
  83. fishintuition

    Legendary Charter boat "Piper" Sank

    Saw the article...said the boat that picked them up was right near them....saw they were in trouble and by the time they pulled in their lines the Piper was already under. Crazy to think a boat that big would go down so fast. Here's a link...
  84. fishintuition

    Good times

    Job well done Eric....good eats and good family time
  85. fishintuition

    Another Solo Trip 03/23

    Nice mixed bag...ukus came up on opelu?
  86. fishintuition

    Waianae 3-23-13

    Solid haul!!
  87. fishintuition

    Blue Marlin and Ono - 3-23-'13

    You make me want to move to Kona.... Solid day on the Kona ice skating rink!
  88. fishintuition

    Swweeeet trolling lures

    the frog looks concept to use the koa
  89. fishintuition

    Some kayak action.

    That is a helluva a catch. Solid work!!!!
  90. fishintuition

    Late Report 8MAR13

    Must feel great to get back on the water...solid catch!!
  91. fishintuition

    Maggie Joe 3/2 and 3/3

    That's a solid haul for 2 days fishing. Solid work.
  92. fishintuition

    2/28/13 North Shore, Oahu

    Good going Marcus....nice catch. Gotta invest in some grundens, makes the day long tube ride a little more comfortable!
  93. fishintuition

    Back in Paradise

    Thank you for your service. You definitely deserve some solid action from the fish for the time you've put in.
  94. fishintuition

    anniversary fish plus...............

    That's a big ass donkey for a little ass boat!! Awesome work.
  95. fishintuition

    1-21-13 MLK Day in Waianae

    Stoked on the pick up!! Finding Magic always seems to be a good thing...!!
  96. fishintuition

    New Years Sash!

    Brah you guys killed it. ENJOY!
  97. fishintuition

    Late Christmas net

    Score!! Stoked for you....where's the pics??
  98. fishintuition

    12-22-12 Glad the Mayan's were wrong...

    The porpoise whisperer strikes again!!! Well done Pat...Enjoy that Xmas Sash!!!
  99. fishintuition

    Monkey off The Back

    stoked for you guys.....good going!!
  100. fishintuition

    112312 Black Friday to RED

    Very impressive stuff Pat--keep killing um buddy!!
  101. fishintuition

    Matching Pair of Custom Kimura 50 Trolling Rods

    Custom, limited edition Joe Kimura Trolling rods for sale. Matching set of 2, gold and red wrap on black, 5 guide, 50 lb class IGFA certified trolling rods, on Aftco bent butts, both with verifiable serial numbers. Rods are in excellent condition, grips fully intact and clean. Looking to sell...
  102. fishintuition

    Arima and the Ninja

    Definitely stoked on the new boat. Great day on the water!!
  103. fishintuition

    090812 P.D.L.

    How many does that make for the year for you, Pat? You been absolutely slaying um!!
  104. fishintuition


    Solid catch....enjoy your sash!!
  105. fishintuition

    maui grander

  106. fishintuition

    Lucky lucky

    Solid fish!! Congrats!!
  107. fishintuition

    Moldcraft squid daisy chains

    Had luck with the daisy chains around the buoys for shibi, run the archer bars on calmer days with a 5" lure trailing for ono, shibi, and mahi
  108. fishintuition

    double banger on da Kimi Some

    Sick catch!! Both Fresh Catch and Tamura's in town was completely out of ahi poke on Sunday. Something tells me you would've got a damn good price at the block, but can't blame you for cutting and sharing!!
  109. fishintuition


    Ho Shet!!! That looks like it should be in a museum!!!
  110. fishintuition

    33' kamicraft ready to do some damage

    Ho......Shet.....Niiiiiiiiiiice. Locked and Loaded for the New Year....Load em up Capt Don!!!
  111. fishintuition

    North Shore Mahi

    good going..enjoy!!
  112. fishintuition

    Jetski run off North Shore 12/04/11

    Sounds like a good fun trip...nice catch!!
  113. fishintuition

    KANEOHE 12/06

    holy crap....load em up!!!
  114. fishintuition

    Shore fishing in Kauai?

    I would definitely use at least 3 feet of leader with your poppers, those buggers are expensive, and there's definitely some solid fish on Kauai. Personally, I wouldn't go any lighter than 40 lb test leader. If you're using braid, tie your leader directly to the braid with a blood knot or...
  115. fishintuition

    They'r back!!!!

    Load em up!!! Nice catch!!
  116. fishintuition

    Late report

    Wife puking and fresh sash = full day of family fun on the water!!
  117. fishintuition

    Lucky shakedown trip

    Boat looks sick!! Who said sufrboards and bridges don't mix!!
  118. fishintuition

    Mixed bag 7-16-11

    Well done JD, solid catch!!
  119. fishintuition

    Kaneohe 18JUL11

    technically not a whitewash cuz you hooked and landed the bird...probly not the best tasting sashimi though. Keep pounding....bang um next time
  120. fishintuition

    Pearl Harbor Fishing Torunament 7/9/2011

    Your scouting work paid off big time....that's a solid haul!!!
  121. fishintuition

    Ahi with video! 6/29/11!!

    Solid catch, made atleast a couple times sweeter by the fact that you got em solo!!! I bet your crew that canceled was sick when you told them the news.
  122. fishintuition

    waianae Sat 7/2

    Solid day in my book...nice looking donkey!!
  123. fishintuition

    Adventures on a tiny green boat

    You know luck is on your side when you go out planning to grab some little guys on jigs and end up coming home with 3 big boys and change. Solid Catch!!
  124. fishintuition

    part 2 north shore 6/13

    Solid catch Jboy--Bring on the sashimi and beer!!!
  125. fishintuition

    Hawaii Kai 6/13/11

    Nice Catch!! Fire up the smoker!!
  126. fishintuition

    6/9 Wai'anae - 3 marlin

    2 Marlin is a good day in anyones book!! Meat won't be quite as dark as you were hoping for, but it'll still taste good!!
  127. fishintuition

    Waianae 5/3/11

    Solid catch Ron!! Sashimi would've been nice....but smoked marlin is nothing to complain about!!!!
  128. fishintuition

    Seas was bad but....

    Good to see some yellow coming up somewhere other than Waianae. . . Solid haul, you guys slayed um!!
  129. fishintuition

    Late start at Waianae!

    That is frcken brutal. Sorry to hear about the bum trip and trailer damage, but with any luck you are saving up your good luck for the tournament and it will all pay off then...
  130. fishintuition

    Waianae yesterday

    Matoris + Waianae = clearly know your math!!! Great start to the season, enjoy your catch!!
  131. fishintuition

    Eastside Report 5/16/11

    Good to see some akus coming up...they were definitely few and far between last year...hopefully a good sign for the rest of the summer. Solid catch--great job!!
  132. fishintuition

    5/16/11 - Ono 101

    no matter how you cut it, you goin be eating well for the next while. Solid catch!!
  133. fishintuition

    Fishing report 5.15.11

    Sounds like your buddy who called you out to the pinnacle will be eating some grade A sashimi shortly!! Definitely a solid start to the summer, with any luck there's plenty more where that one came from!!
  134. fishintuition

    5-14-2011 Found the Duck pile with Video

    Patience pays off!! Enjoy your sashimi!!!
  135. fishintuition

    Waianae 5/13/11

    Congrats!! Time to get out the smoker!!
  136. fishintuition

    Hawaii Sportfishing May 7

    This has been a fantastic post!! Reading pleasure is definitely at Pulitzer prize level!! A BIG welcome goes out to the stereotypical mainland haole with the "Fight Club" name.....reeeeaaalllly cool fella. First rule of Fight Club--don't be a douche and complain bc you didn't catch...
  137. fishintuition

    Easter Weekend

    That's definitely a solid start to the summer for you. Awesome work Pat!!
  138. fishintuition


    That thing looks frickn cherrrrrry, Beautiful work!!!
  139. fishintuition

    Banks Run 4/17/11

    Nothing like banging fish while everyone else is waiting in line. Nicely done!!
  140. fishintuition

    Late Report- HK 4-8-11

    Definitely a banner day. Great work!!
  141. fishintuition

    358LB YFT Speared!

    Gotta give credit where credit is due. That is an amazing fish. Serious props, Brandon.
  142. fishintuition

    West Side 4/10/11

    Definitely a productive day on the water. With any luck your aloha and good karma will result in screaming ratchets this summer!!
  143. fishintuition


    Definitely something to be said about having a boss that appreciates your talent. Getting told to take the day off to go fish is some serious job stability in my book. You clearly made the most of the day. Solid work gentlemen.
  144. fishintuition

    waianae 4-9-2010

    Beautifully written Wahiawagrown!! Pulitzer prize winning material in my book. Solid catch as well. Nicely done.
  145. fishintuition

    waianae 4/9

    Shouldve given the kawakawa to your friend from the mainland and told him it was an ahi ;p Nice catch, enjoy!!
  146. fishintuition

    Bryans first Ahi

    Gotta love the prop-kiss... Bleed um out in the water and keep the deck squeaky clean. Solid work boys, enjoy the sashimi!!
  147. fishintuition

    FireHatt Lands 978 Blue on Bomboy Prototype

    Just one otaru away from the stardom... Magnificent fish regardless, great work!!
  148. fishintuition

    charter fishing in Kauai

    Make it x5....never fished with them, but everybody else seems amped!! Kai Bear used to do pretty good, but not sure on their current status
  149. fishintuition

    big marlin in kona

    No better reason in the world to scrub down the cabinets in the salon
  150. fishintuition

    Spreader bars in HI?

    A full day on Magic in May is about as good a choice as you can make. Capt. Russ is a certified ahi killer and May is peak season. If I was in your shoes, I would sit back, watch, and learn. We use archer bars when we troll the banks, mainly catching ono and mahi, but I'd rather catch a 200lb...
  151. fishintuition

    Lahaina Harbor Tsunami Tuna

    Chances are good that it will take more than 40 hours for Patrick to eat all that sashimi, so sounds like time well spent. Definitely making good out of a sketchy situation. Job well done!!
  152. fishintuition

    Knowledgeable minds sought...

    Jonesy makes a good point about the vog, but if neither of you have respiratory problems...Kona is the call. Real estate is more reasonable, and the fishing is easier and better.
  153. fishintuition

    Ulua sliding rig?

    woooops.....heavy enough to not break when flying a 6+ ounce wight out. You then attach your grapnel sinker to the break away lead line. You then cast this set up out as far as possible, the benefit being that you can get the set up out into deep water without the encumbrance of casting a...
  154. fishintuition

    Ulua sliding rig?

    The Hawaiian slide set up is straightforward and makes good use the rods you have available (given they are beefy enough to cast a 6+ oz piece of lead--I usually use 8-10oz grapnel aka spider lead). We generally use open face reels capable of holding atleast 300 yds of 50lb+ test line-- 4/0's...
  155. fishintuition

    2-5-2011 Small action with a swim w/Video

    That was fricken hilarious!! A quick swim in malie water is always better than taking shit from pops all day. Fish landed, gaff returned, and no human blood on the boat=mission accomplished. Job well done!!
  156. fishintuition

    2/12 onaga

    As much fun as those are at the auction, you gotta save at least 1 or 2 for the dinner table. Great catch!!
  157. fishintuition

    O'io bait rigging?

    I've lived on Oahu all my life and really haven't heard of anyone catching oio blind casting. The fly guys catch them on the flats with their quiet/low impact setups, but thats mainly sight fishing. I've caught oio up to 12 lbs on the same flats that they flyfish, but always at night, on...
  158. fishintuition

    Capricorn Coast Info

    I'll be caravaning from Brisbane up to Yeppoon from January 5-15 and would really appreciate any advice anyone can give me regarding places to fish. I'll be bringing shorecasting gear with me and am also keen to get on a few boats during the trip. Any recommendations on good day charters would...