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  1. Barrelmon

    For Sale 2006 4runner

    selling my 2006 4runner 171500 miles. these things run forever. tow package V6 $8700 Santa Barbara
  2. Barrelmon

    For Sale SEEKER Pinhead Ulua 93H 30-60 Torium 20 with super clamp

    $550 Santa Barbara Like new open to trade: looking for lighter iron jig stick 9ft-ish torium: has box with 65lb braid 30lb top shot Durian super clamp Seeker pinhead Ulua 93H message me.
  3. Barrelmon

    WTB Skinny butt 9ft Iron flinger or similar

    Show me the goods.. My set up is too beefy for what I normally fish. This set up is perfect for San Diego Tuna and big YT. Also Looking for torium 16 or similar. I’ll pay. Or Partial Trade: Seeker 9’3 Ninja Pinhead deckhand (like new) Duran’s DFP - Super clamp Torium 20 with 65lb braid and...
  4. Barrelmon

    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    Price: SOLD Vessel: 1987 livingston warrior 155 CC Location: Santa Barbara Trailer: yes, just replaced bunk and right hub/bearings Total weight: 2500lb approximately Length: 15.5 ft Beam: 7'6 Hull: catamaran Engine: installed Dec. 2019 Yamaha 70hp 4 stroke S&D. Installed by Inflatable boat in...
  5. Barrelmon

    Trailer axel Santa Barbara

    Anyone know where to get trailer axels in SB? Or ventura?
  6. Barrelmon

    WTB 19-22 Radon, Arima, Blackman type boat

    Budget: 15k-25k tops (Would have to be perfect fit For 25k) Overall length can’t be longer than 22ft. Including engine. Wants: Cabin, good running engine, low hour preferred 4 stroke (open to inboard) Fairly turn key. Location: Santa Barbara, will travel or ship. Style: Radon, Parker, Wilson...
  7. Barrelmon

    WTB Calcutta 820 XFA 8ft - Washington Shimano

    Took some family out fishing had a great day fishing but cousin broke the tip off of my 820xfa. At least we caught some fish first Any one selling one? Thank you!
  8. Barrelmon

    WTB Jig stick 8.5-10ft. Cork

    On the hunt for a solid jig stick 20-50lb or similar. Cork. Not a blank. Not interested in bright color wrap jobs. who’s holding? $150-$300 budget Pm me what you got. thanks
  9. Barrelmon

    Halibut report - Santa Barbara

    Landed a nice little flatty today with @Bradley Martin I left SB harbor around 12:30pm and was targeting calicos/sand bass fish our regular spots. Wind wasn’t bad but waves were pumping, really good current and marked some good rocks and gave it a go. Got lucky when we were just about to go in...
  10. Barrelmon

    FREE Bait tank

    Free Bait tank. Wood and fiberglass. Needs little work and could be modified to make it shorter. I was thinking of making it a seat when not in use. got it free from frondo so passing it along. Located in Santa Barbara. Dm to get it.
  11. Barrelmon

    WTB 70hp 4 stroke w/ controls

    Used or new. Thanks all!!
  12. Barrelmon

    WTB 60-100 hp outboard

    I have a 16 ft Livingston with a busted ass 70 Yamaha 2 stroke. Just trying to fish it before winter comes. Any leads? Looking to spend $1500-$3000 for a reliable motor with controls. Thanks!