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  1. dave_k

    SOLD Avet EXW4/0 2 speed

    Sold Sold Sold Avet EXW4/0 2 speed for sale. This one has the upgraded drags from Avet. Holds over 500 yards of 100# spectra. Great budget and bulletproof reel for the local bluefin flat fall fishing. Includes clamp and hardware (it’s not the original clamp). This reel has seen very little...
  2. dave_k

    For Sale New Penn Fathoms - 25NLD and 40NLD

    2 Penn fathoms for sale 1 25N 1 40N Both brand new. I opened the boxes to check them out as I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep them, but decided I don't really have a need for them right now. All clamps, hardware, etc. included Asking $200 for the 25, and $220 for the 40. Those prices seem fair...
  3. dave_k

    WTB WTB - SKB 7200

    Anyone have a SKB 7200 they want to unload? Looking for the newer model that has the option to mount the rod holders. Thanks -Dave
  4. dave_k

    Tern 600 handle length

    Hey guys, I recently switched from the whiffle ball knob on my tern to the rubber knob which helped, but the reel still just feels a bit awkward to me. After comparing it to some other reels I own, it looks like the length of the handle is quite a bit longer than others, making the rotation of a...
  5. dave_k

    Shogun Surf Trips

    Hey guys, Has anyone on here done any of the surf trips aboard the Shogun? They have a 6 day on the calendar for February 2021 that I’m interested in, and would love to chat with someone that’s done one of these before. thanks
  6. dave_k

    SOLD 178qt cooler

    Older used 178 quart cooler for sale. No structural damage, but a ding in one corner and one of the latches got chewed on by a dog. Inside color is faded, but no cracks. It might not be as trendy as a Yeti, but you’ll be able to carry a lot more beer and fish. Exterior dims: 43” x 21” x 19”tall...
  7. dave_k

    WTB Trinidad 16a clamp

    Anyone have a factory clamp and hardware for a 16a that they want to sell? Figured I’d check here before paying retail. Thanks
  8. dave_k

    For Sale Bass tracker trailer for sale

    Don’t need this trailer any more... was used on a bass tracker 175. Everything is in good condition, tows great. Bunk carpet is in good shape, swing away tongue, winch, spare tire, etc. was always stored indoors until a couple months ago. Never used in salt. $500 obo having issues with pics...
  9. dave_k

    For Sale Mercury/Tracker 75hp 2 stroke

    Sold sold sold Selling a tracker 75hp 2 stroke outboard by Mercury Marine. Unsure of hours as I bought the boat used (2003) but runs great. Only run in freshwater. I have video of it running I can send you, but the file is too large to upload. PM with any questions. asking $1,200 or best offer
  10. dave_k

    Tern 600 replacement handle

    I like the reel, but hate the handle. Has anyone swapped the handle knob to this one? If so, how do you like it? Or is there another you’d recommend?
  11. dave_k

    Fishing related art / photography

    Hey guys, I'm interesting in picking up a couple more pieces of art/photography for my home with a SoCal and Baja fishing theme. I already have some stuff from Austin Derry and Amadeo Bachar, but wanted to check here to see if anyone had additional recommendations for artists to check out...
  12. dave_k

    Cord foregrip on the rail

    hey guys, I’m building a Rainshadow 96xh with the intent of it being a 50# setup for the Lupe. I’ve only done lighter rods and re-wraps up until now. Planning on going with a tuna cord grip. This isn’t meant to be a true rail rod, but at some point it will be used on the rail. I’m not so...
  13. dave_k

    SOLD Masterbuilt Electric/digital smoker

    Selling a masterbuilt electric smoker. Everything works, just gave it a cleaning and fired it up to make sure sure everything works and it does. Digital controls, built in meat probe, etc. also includes cover (cover is a little beat up). It’s a great smoker, I bought a Traeger though and have...
  14. dave_k

    For Sale Truck “backrack”

    off a 2017 GMC Sierra. Dimensions are in the pics. It came with the truck, I have no use for it. Asking $80, which seems to be about 1/2 of retail. It will for sure fit a gmc or Chevy, but it koi’s like you can adjust the width a couple inches. If you need any specific measurements let me...
  15. dave_k

    SOLD Hobie Pro Angler PA14

    Hey guys, I hardly use this anymore so I’m putting it up for sale. 2011 Hobie Pro Angler 14. Good condition, everything works, just the usual scratches and scuffs from normal use. Super stable, easy to stand on, etc. Mirage drive allows hands free power so you can easily troll or fish while...
  16. dave_k

    WTB Cousins 95 j-mag

    i know they’re tough to come by, but if anyone has one laying around I’d be interested. Preferably the blackout model, but open to the regular one or even a blank. Shoot me a PM if you have one you’d like to unload.
  17. dave_k

    SOLD Penn carnage 7’ xh 40-100 rod

    Selling a lightly used Penn Carnage 7’ 40-100 rod. Mostly used as a backup, caught a few small fish on it. Solid 60# rod, could be used for 80 in a pinch but 60 is the sweet spot. Metal reel seat, turbo guides, gimbal, missing the butt cap. Asking $100, no shipping. Located on the LA/Ventura...
  18. dave_k

    SOLD Okuma Metaloid 12 2 speed and 5N 2 speed

    selling the below 2 reels. Both very lightly used and in great condition. Specs for both can be found at Metaloid 12 2speed w blue handle - sold, thanks Jose! Metaloid 5N 2speed - sold Prefer to sell, but would consider a...
  19. dave_k

    Gun Servicing

    maybe a dumb question... So on my fishing reels I do basic maintenance myself, but every few years or after heavy use I’ll send them to the factory or drop off at a local shop to get them thoroughly serviced and replace any worn parts. I’ve always cleaned and maintained my guns with no issues...
  20. dave_k

    For Sale Tool Cart

    Selling a US General 5 drawer tool cart in blue. Used for a few months then re-organized my garage and don't need it. Sells for $219 +tax new, asking $150. Includes drawer liners and keys. For more info and specs...
  21. dave_k

    For Sale Okuma Metaloid 12 2spd

    hey guys, Selling a very lightly used metaloid 12, 2 speed. Mainly kept it as a backup, but caught a couple small fish on it. It’s filled with 80# white izor (over 300 yards) so you can fish topshots from 40-60. Condtion is a 9-9.5/10. Asking $220, or $200 without the braid. Price drop - $180...
  22. dave_k

    Xtra Tuf shoes

    anyone have any experience with these? I’m looking for something with a little more support and protection than flip flops, but not as hot as boots on warmer days. I’ll be using them for a mix of skiff and long range fishing...
  23. dave_k

    WTB WTB Large Reel Bag

    Found one... thanks Nick looking to buy a large reel bag. Something similar to the large Nomad bag, but not too particular. I’ll just be using on my 1 long range trip per year, so figured I’d check here before buying a new one. PM me with what you have available. I’m located near the...
  24. dave_k

    double checking the quiver...

    Hey guys, I’m a bit less than a month out from my first long range trip and can’t wait (8 day on the Indy). I’ve spent more time reading through old trip reports and gear recommendations on here than I care to admit. While I’ve got a pretty good grasp on what I’ll need and think I’m mostly...
  25. dave_k

    Ocean Kayak Prowler/Trident 11

    Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 11 for sale. Asking $500. Great smaller/lighter kayak, easily portable and still plenty capable of fishing open ocean and kelp beds, great for bays and lakes as well. Bought this as a loaner for introducing friends to the sport, but it really never gets used so I...
  26. dave_k

    8wt recommendations

    Hey guys, pretty new to the fly game but got the bug pretty bad after just a few trips. So far I've only targeted trout on my 5wt, but would like to get an 8wt that I could use for bass, surf, and light saltwater applications. Any recommendations? Not sure how much I'll use it, and while I...
  27. dave_k

    Sabiki Rod, 8' - $40

    selling an Ahi Sabiki rod, asking $40. Used but great condition. Great for keeping a sabiki rigged and ready for when you stumble across bait but not having to worry about the hooks getting snagged on everything. The rod actually breaks down into 3 pcs even though the pic only shows as 2. New...
  28. dave_k

    Service before selling?

    hey guys, trying to break my habit of hoarding fishing gear and sell off a few reels that I don't use anymore. When a reel is still in working order, but in need of service do you typically service the reel before selling so it's ready to go for the buyer, or sell as is and leave the service up...
  29. dave_k

    Cabo 216 fish locker door, trailer fender

    Selling a couple pieces from our old Cabo 216 that I have sitting around. The fish locker door was used but is in great condition. This had hinges mounted to it, but they were removed and filled in (hard to see from top). This is off a 216, not sure if it will fit the 206 or 226 models...
  30. dave_k

    Trolling Motor for sale

    Selling a lightly used MotorGuide Varimax trolling motor. 12 volt, 45#s of thrust. This is the Great White version that’s made for saltwater use. I’ve only used it 3 times on the Barrett Lake boat rentals (never seen saltwater), other than that it’s been stored in the garage. Ran great last time...
  31. dave_k

    Tackle storage boxes

    Selling 2 pairs of tackle storage boxes made by SSI Custom Plastics. While both have been used, they are in great condition. A couple minor scuffs, but structurally they are as good as new. When on the boat, the boat was always covered so these have not seen excessive UV exposure or anything...
  32. dave_k

    Ocean Kayak Trident 13

    Mods, if you feel that this doesn't qualify as a boat, please feel free to move... Hey guys, selling an Ocean Kayak Trident 13. Great condition, just have a few other yaks so this just sits around. Super versatile... Fish bays and lakes for bass, or open water for wsb and yellows. Rod Pod...
  33. dave_k

    Barrett Reservation for sale - 5/9

    Hey guys, I've got a reservation for Barrett this coming Saturday that I can no longer use. Up to 4 anglers and boat rental. Shoot me a PM if interested. Wish I could make it... sounds like the fishing is good even with the lower water levels. -Dave
  34. dave_k

    Mariner's Learning System

    has anyone taken the online OUPV course through Mariner's Learning System? If so, would love to hear your feedback. IF not, any other recommendations? Looking at getting my license and the online program is really appealing to me with my hectic work schedule. Thanks guys!
  35. dave_k

    Coyote Help

    Hey guys, Looking for some help on coyote… First, a little background of the situation. My dad has been really into the idea of getting some ‘yotes. He’s got an electronic call, decoy, and the gear and has been doing some research, but has been pretty unsuccessful with his efforts. I've gone...
  36. dave_k

    Ported Choke Tubes

    What are your thoughts on ported choke tubes? Looking at some different options for my A400 for this waterfowl season and would like to get one pretty soon so I've got time to pattern some different ammo with it before the opener. Reading up on them I like the idea, but don't want to make my...
  37. dave_k

    6'4" Quad Fish surfboard

    Selling a 6’4” quad fish surfboard. Made by Doyle, includes DaKine traction pad and leash. Specs shown in pic below. The glass on this board is really thick. A little on the heavy side, but super stable and durable as well. Fun board, I just have too many and don’t use this one. No dings...
  38. dave_k

    FishCat 4 Float Tube for sale/trade

    Selling a FishCat 4 float tube. Used once in freshwater. I’ve got a kayak that I end up fishing and this is just collecting dust. Includes: FishCat4 Float tube, Navy Blue Zippered Storage bag with mesh bottom for drainage Stripping Basket Hand Pump Backpack Straps Patch Kit 3 Rod holders that...
  39. dave_k

    After the kill... (Ducks)

    Hey guys, So after you harvest a bird, what steps do you take (if any) to get the most out of the meat on a duck? I know with fish bleeding, icing, etc. make a huge difference. I've read that some guys let them hang for a day or two before cleaning, but I'm not sure that's practical is SoCal...
  40. dave_k

    Shimano Compre Spinning Rod

    Selling a Shimano Compre spinning rod. Used only 1 or 2 times, looks brand new. Awesome rod, I've just got too much bass stuff for me to use. 7'2", 8-14 lb line, 3/16 - 5/8 lure weight, med-heavy, fast action. Here is more info...
  41. dave_k

    Bass Lake

    Anyone have info on Bass Lake? Heading up to that area this weekend and thinking about smuggling a couple rods. Won't be able to bring the tube or yak, so I'll be pounding the bank. Might be able to fish from a SUP, just not sure if we'll have them right now. Any areas you can recommend would...
  42. dave_k

    Shimano Compre spinning rod

    Selling a Shimano Compre spinning rod. Specs below. It’s in new condition, used maybe 2 or 3 times. Here is a link with more info… it’s the 3rd one down on the specs list. Shimano Compre Spinning Rods I can get pics if you’d like, but it’s in perfect condition, looks the same as on the...
  43. dave_k

    Off Season Reading Material

    Hey guys, I’m pretty new to hunting and got really into the waterfowl thing this year. Had a tough season, but it was a lot of fun since I was learning a ton on each trip. Now that it’s the off season and ducks are all I can think about, I was wondering if you could recommend any magazines or...
  44. dave_k

    Charter boats?

    Hey guys, I'll have a few friends in town from the Midwest next week and they wanted to get on some tuna. They don't have passports so fishing mex isn't an option. With the bite on the SoCal bank being hit and miss I was thinking of heading north. Not interested in dragging the boat all the way...
  45. dave_k

    Rifle questions

    Hey guys, Got a few rookie questions for you on rifles. Every time I go into a local shop they're swamped and I kind of get the 'unless you're buying, step aside' vibe, so figured I'd just post here. Right now I'm a shooter, not a hunter, but am looking to change that. I'm looking for a...
  46. dave_k

    Selling 2 Barrett tube spots - 6/30

    Figured some of the guys that only check the bass page might be interested.
  47. dave_k

    2 tube/yak spots for Barrett 6/30

    Selling off 2 tube spots for Barrett Lake for this Saturday 6/30. Would like to sell as a pair. Selling for face value. $20 each plus your share of ticketmaster fees (should be about $22 each). PayPal preferred but I'm flexible. Please reply via PM. Thanks
  48. dave_k

    Found Hoopnet

    Hey guys, found a hoop net drifting last night over at Catalina. Shoot me a PM with a description of the net, rigging and the general area you were and I'll figure out a way to get it back to you. -Dave
  49. dave_k

    Saltist 2 speeds

    Hey guys, Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse, but I searched and couldn’t find what I was looking for. Anyways, I’m in the market for a new reel, and really like the Daiwa Saltist LD 2 Speeds. I’ll be fishing it with straight braid, most likely solid 65#, to a 5’ leader. The leader will...
  50. dave_k

    Kayak accessories and bait sled

    Hey guys, trying to get rid of a few things that are taking up space... Ocean kayak comfort plus kayak seat (the one that comes with the boats). Brand new, never used. $40 Seattle sports kayak cart. Not the scupper hole model. Used a couple times, but in great condition. $75 Bait...
  51. dave_k

    quick report and some rookie questions

    Hey guys, went out on Sunday morning to give the surf perch a try. I’ve grown up fishing SoCal from boats and kayaks, but have never really given the surf fishing a try. I brought out a 7’6” ultralight rod with a spinning reel loaded w/ 4# test that I normally use for trout, set up a...
  52. dave_k

    WON Tournament at Irvine

    How crowded do you guys think it will be? I was thinking about taking the yak down for some trout, but if its going to be a zoo, i might try somewhere else. I could really care less about the tourney, just looking for some decent fishing. -Dave
  53. dave_k

    Sport Chalet Fishing Clearance

    Hey Guys, I just got an email from a buddy giving me a heads up about a Fishing and Camping clearance at Sport Chalet this weekend. It will be 50% off of items that are already on sale. Last time they had one of these I scored a Humminbird 383C for about $175 (normally $399) and a bunch of...
  54. dave_k

    P Line Laser Minnow

    What hooks do you guys like to use on those P Line Laser Minnow jigs (basically a MegaBait) when fishing for albies? It cames with a treble, but I'm not a big fan of trebles for tuna. Thanks!
  55. dave_k


    Hey guys, thinking of heading up north to Avila or Morro Bay for some albies this weekend. That sounds much easier than dragging the boat down to SD. Can any of you recomend any landings or boats up that way? Thanks
  56. dave_k

    Where to buy components

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some components to build some lures, mostly inshore salt stuff. I've found a few good sites, but none of them have everything I'm looking for... it seems like every website has about 1/2 of what I need. Any recommendations on any good websites or even LA (north)...
  57. dave_k

    How big is she?

    How much do you guys think she weighs? She was 24" long and hasn't missed many meals. Sorry for the poor pics... tough holding a pissed off fish down and taking a pic from a yak. I wish i would have got the tape in the pic for the bass contest, but i wanted to get her back in the water before...
  58. dave_k

    GPS / sonar

    I'm looking into a new (or used) sonar/GPS for my kayak, and while doing reasearch, I noticed that alot of guys run 2 separate units, one GPS, one fishfinder. It seems to me that it would be alot easier to have both on one unit, especially with the ability to use a split screen on the newer...
  59. dave_k

    salmon opener

    Anyone giving it a shot off Ventura or SB this weekend? Have you guys heard or anyone metering anything or catching incidentals? Thanks
  60. dave_k

    Surfboard (6'8") and some snowboard stuff for sale or trade

    Guys, I've got a 6'8" Rusty Pirhana board for sale. A couple pressure dents and some dings. All dings have been repaired professionally. The board has been used plenty, but looks pretty good, has no cracks, etc. Also have some miscelaneous snowboard stuff. Helmets, bindings, goggles, etc...
  61. dave_k

    Abu Revo Toro

    So I've done plenty of research on here and other websites trying to decide if I want to go with a Revo Toro 50, or Curado 300. I'll mainly be using it for saltwater bass, cuda, and occassionaslly lighter offshore applications. I'm liking the toro a little better because its got a few extra...
  62. dave_k

    Level wind w/ spectra

    Do you guys have issues with casting spectra on a lower end baitcaster where the levelwind doesn't move back and forth when casting? When I cast, the line gets caught on itself and the jig/bait comes slingshoting back or just stops mid-cast. I fish all my conventional reels w/ straight spectra...
  63. dave_k

    Flex Coat between wraps

    Do you guys put flex coat over the underwrap before wrapping the guide on? What about between the two layers of wraps on a double wrap? I'm thinking no between the 2 guide wraps due to it being a bitch to replace if I ever bust a guide, but yes on putting flex coat over the underwrap. What...
  64. dave_k

    ATV covers

    Hey guys, I'm selling 2 brand new, in the box ATV covers. I bought these thinking they would work for something totally unrelated, but I was wrong. One is an XL Standard Cover, the other is the XXL Standard Cover Here is the sizing off of their website (Moose Utility Division - Product...
  65. dave_k

    lingcod special - Island Spirit

    Anyone have any feedback on the 3/4 day lingcod special trip on the Island Spirit? I've got some free time this week and was thinking of hopping on this trip on Wednesday. Also, what type of gear should I bring? I'm assuming I'll want to fish braid, but how heavy of a leader, how much weight...
  66. dave_k

    Thanks for all the tips! My first rod is done!

    Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for all the tips everyone gave me in building my first rod. Turned out pretty good I think. I've still got a lot to learn though. I ended up going with a JAWS 81020 blank, and the fuji hardloy guides. Unfortunately I don't have a camera, so no pics right...
  67. dave_k

    gas grill, mini fridge

    Hey guys, I'm selling a gas bbq, and mini fridge. pics below, and prices are negotiable. Also open to trades for fishing stuff. Only had the grill for about 5 or 6 months, works great, paid about $130 for it new. $80 Also have a mini fridge. Its a little beat up, but works great, and has a...
  68. dave_k

    Split Grips

    So guys, what's your take on split grips? Capt G, I hear you're the expert on this. If you saw my other post, I'm just getting into this (just got a wrapper and dryer). Never fished with a split grip, but for some reason, I dig the way they look. Is this something I could do as a first...
  69. dave_k

    Rookie questions

    Hey guys, Looking to build my first rod, but have a couple questions first. First, I've wrapped some bamboo gaffs, and even done one with a rod blank, and they all came out pretty good, but thats all of my experience. I was looking on the Acid Rods website and thinking about one of the kits...
  70. dave_k

    Dana to 181, 43, 182 on sat 9/19

    Quick blackberry reprort before the drive home. Launched from Dana pt early, was at 181 at grey light. Trolled around, looked dead, picked up and ran to the 43. Nothing on the highspot but found 2 boats on a paddy a few miles south. Worked that for 5 tuna and 1 dodo. Lots of other guys...
  71. dave_k

    Dana Pt. to 181, 289, 43, 182 etc. Friday 9/11

    Launching from Dana at 4:30. Plan is to start at the 181 and work from there based on info I get today. Looking for tuna/dodos/tails. I'll be on a 255 whaler with twin 150s. If anyone wants to work together let me know. Dave Channel 72, okoboji. Also if anyone has any info feel free to pm me
  72. dave_k

    Penn 525 Mag

    Anyone have one in good condition or even new they would be willing to part with? Let me know. Thanks email: [email protected]
  73. dave_k

    SBI info?

    Anyone made the run out there lately? I'm trying to avoid the crowds at Cat this weekend and was thinking of giving it a shot. Just wondering if anyone has been out there and if so, how were conditions? Were you able to make any squid? Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  74. dave_k

    eisenglass question

    Hey guys, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, but it seems like when the weather is cooler, its a bitch to put the eisenglass on. Anyone ever try heating it up with a blowdryer or something to make it easier? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  75. dave_k

    mag bay info

    Hey guys, I've done several searches and haven't found what I'm looking for. anyone have any info on places to stay in Mag Bay? I'm tired of all my usual Baja spots and want something new. Thanks!
  76. dave_k

    friday 8/12 dana point

    Plan is to launch early friday morning and find the mammals and kelps for some tuna. Thinkin maybe the 209 181 or 43 but I'll wait for more reports. Anyone else have similar plans and want to work together out there? Like I said, no set plans yet but if anyone is going in this general area let's...
  77. dave_k

    Rookie questions

    Hey guys, I just picked up a yak and was going to take it out on Lower Castaic this weekend. I want to go there so I can get familiar with it on calm water without crowds. I've done some research so I know some of the basics, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions or tips for someone...
  78. dave_k

    DFG Trout Plants

    Anyone know a website that shows a list/schedule of when the DFG stocks lakes with trout? Tried searching and couldn't find much. Also, I just picked up a new yak and want to hit the lakes a few times before going on the ocean, so if anyone wants to hit up Castaic sometime, let me know! Thanks
  79. dave_k

    MDR Shark Report 7/19

    Had some family in town from the midwest and they wanted to catch a shark, so off we went. Launched MDR about 5:15am, had the tanks plugged with macs within 20 minutes right outside the breakwater as well as another bucket full for chum. Ran out to a bit west of the boot and set up in some clean...
  80. dave_k

    gaff question

    hey guys, sorry for all the questions and lack of reports, but once I'm done with my finals and have some time, I'll be posting plenty of reports (hopefully). Anyways, my dad is selling his current boat and has a new one on order. I'm planning on building him a new gaff for fathers day, but...
  81. dave_k

    Ghost Shrimp

    Anyone know where to get ghost shrimp? preferably in the LA/SFV area thanks
  82. dave_k

    new to spearfishing

    hey guys, i've been diving for a few years now and want to get into spearfishing. My local dive shop has a hunting course and i was thinking about taking it. Have any of you ever taken a course and was it worth it? thanks
  83. dave_k


    Hey guys, I've never kept bonito (expect for bait) but have been hearing some good things on eating them. I know you have to bleed them right away and get them on ice, but what are you doing after that? Some guys say smoke, others throw 'em on the grill. Whats your favorite method? thanks dave