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  1. fishboyjc

    For Sale 2010 Bayrunner Baja 17 w/Honda 60

    With 65 hrs. on it and nicely accessorized this boat has obviously been used lightly and taken care of well. He even installed a pad so the anchor chain would not scratch the aluminum. A lot of attention to detail. GLWS!
  2. fishboyjc

    SOLD Ultimate Baja/Bay boat

    I have a friend who is Interested. Any other ways to contact you
  3. fishboyjc

    For Sale 26’ Shamrock Predator

    Deck fighting chair with gimbal comes with the boat. Forgot to put in Original post. Needs a couple of bolts tightened, in good shape. We have kept it out of the sun
  4. fishboyjc

    For Sale 26’ Shamrock Predator

    Deck fighting chair with gimbal comes with the boat. Forgot to put in Original post. Needs a couple of bolts tightened, in good shape. We have kept it out of the sun
  5. fishboyjc

    For Sale 26’ Shamrock Predator

    I forgot to mention in the original post that a fresh water flushing attachment is included. We ALWAYS flush the motor with salt away after use.
  6. fishboyjc

    For Sale 26’ Shamrock Predator

    Thanks G-Spot it is a great boat, and hard to find on the West Coast. Considering everything that comes with it we feel it is a good deal for someone that is ok with a used boat.
  7. fishboyjc

    For Sale 26’ Shamrock Predator

    Delta anchor, anchor roller and anchor locker at bow. 30+ feet of chain and 300’ of rope marked at 50’ intervals. Claw stern anchor chain and rope. Anchor retrieval ring for easy anchor retrieval. Drift sock Hand bulge pump Gaffs Complete sets of fenders, dock lines, deck and wash down...
  8. fishboyjc

    What knot to use for tying hook onto 100# or 130# flouro?

    I also switched to the Springer this year and had zero failures. I was tying the SD jam prior and never had failures with it. I like the small profile on the Springer!
  9. fishboyjc

    SOLD 17’ Twin Vee CC price drop $10,000

    SOLD to the first person to come and take a look. A fellow BD fisherman and a good guy! Exactly the reason it was only advertised on BD. No BS Craigslist or offer up a-holes. Thanks BD! Thanks D, as sad as I was to see it go I am glad it went to you. Enjoy, you are going to love it!
  10. fishboyjc

    SOLD 17’ Twin Vee CC price drop $10,000

    Added a few pics of the original paperwork. $9,500.00 firm is the sale price. Low hrs. Well maintained and serviced in excellent condition. Not taking offers.
  11. fishboyjc

    SOLD 17’ Twin Vee CC price drop $10,000

    I still am the proud owner. It’s a great skiff!
  12. fishboyjc

    SOLD 17’ Twin Vee CC price drop $10,000

    For those that have asked "Brick" the dog is NOT included in the sale.
  13. fishboyjc

    SOLD 17’ Twin Vee CC price drop $10,000

    Hard to find cat in “like new” condition!
  14. fishboyjc

    8/20 running in circles

    Gary summed it up perfectly!
  15. fishboyjc

    SOLD 17’ Twin Vee CC price drop $10,000

    This is great little skiff. Economical, easy to launch and retrieve alone and in "like new" condition both cosmetically and mechanically.
  16. fishboyjc

    Patties, Catalina, the slide, 277 08-10-18/08-11-18 NO GO

    Went out on a friend's boat we were at Catalina also. We saw several plank boats out there on the way over near the 270. After looking around and the c&r of one barracuda we decided to look out West of the island found lots of birds on bait, kelp paddies, pilot whales etc......but no gamefish.
  17. fishboyjc

    SOLD 17’ Twin Vee CC price drop $10,000

    TJ805, yes it is very stable for a boat with a 6' beam and lots of deck space without the built-in bait tanks the newer models come with in the stern.
  18. fishboyjc

    SOLD 17’ Twin Vee CC price drop $10,000

    The beam is 6’. The boat came with the 6 gallon tank that fits under the console and is accessible for filling via the hatch, it is shown in one of the pics. I removed it shortly after the purchase. For local inshore fishing or lakes I used the 9 gallon tank. Most of the time I used the 19...
  19. fishboyjc

    SOLD 17’ Twin Vee CC price drop $10,000

    03’ 17’ Twin Vee power cat 50 HP Suzuki 4 stroke with SS prop, permatrim fin, water/fuel separator. 405 hrs. ALWAYS flushed with woody wax engine treatment or salt away. I have all the service records. I purchased this boat with 8 hrs. on it in 2009. The guy was a freshwater bass enthusiast and...
  20. fishboyjc

    FREE LED Can Replacement Lights, 21 Total

    My wifey had me do the same thing. I took the cans and trims to habitat for humanity. You can get a tax write off for your donation.
  21. fishboyjc

    TRADE 2 boxes of 38 special for 9 mm or .380

    I will trade 9mm for the 38's if you are willing to go to LAX area.
  22. fishboyjc

    Munchkin Squid at Cat

    LOL Thanks for a good laugh!
  23. fishboyjc

    SOLD Custom 23' Aluminum Pilothouse -Honda 225 <100 hrs

    Sorry to hear about your back, hope you find some relief in the future. BEAUTIFUL RIG best of luck with the sale.
  24. fishboyjc

    24' OSPREY PILOTHOUSE/ new Engine/new Trailer - boats - by owner - marine sale Posting for a friend. Please do not contact me for information, Not my boat. He has too many boats and this one needs to go.
  25. fishboyjc

    Wayne I am in El Segundo 90245

    Wayne I am in El Segundo 90245
  26. fishboyjc

    Misc Stainless Steel

    Wayne, I will take the exhaust clamps.
  27. fishboyjc

    Ninja fighting belt

    New, it’s been on the boat but not used. $45.00
  28. fishboyjc

    Suzuki SS prop 60 or 70 hp $70.00

    Sorry about that, I posted it again (with pics) check the other post.
  29. fishboyjc

    Suzuki SS prop 60 or 70 hp $70.00

    Bought this as a back up for my 50 outboard. Too big, I believe it is for a 60 or 70. Prop size is shown in pic. I do not believe it has ever touched the water.
  30. fishboyjc

    Suzuki SS prop 60 or 70 hp $70.00

    Bought this as a back up for my 50 outboard. Too big, I believe it is for a 60 or 70. Prop size is shown in pic. I do not believe it has ever touched the water.
  31. fishboyjc

    1989 Radoncraft 22'

    I would like to share my experience in dealing with Gary Basil. A buddy and I bought a 26' Shamrock from Gary in September of 2015. It was a similar situation. The boat was in Mexico when he first advertised it. We were interested as many here are........but, until he brought it to SD I was not...
  32. fishboyjc

    Ez-on trailer alignment hitch $75.00

    See pics. This aligns you trailer with ball so you get it right in one try every time. Sold the toy hauler so no longer needed. Good for large boats or trailers that are too heavy to push an inch or two to get lined up. $75.00
  33. fishboyjc

    Portable Fighting chair $200

    Portable fighting chair with swivel rod holder. Vinyl in excellent condition. Chair cover. $300.00 Added pics in following post.
  34. fishboyjc


    Quality fish, congrats! Sluggo
  35. fishboyjc


    Quality fish, congrats!
  36. fishboyjc


    Quality fish, congrats!
  37. fishboyjc

    1977 Yamaha XT 500

    Wow, that bike is incredibly clean, looks like you just brought it home from the dealer! That takes me back to when I first started riding. GLWS.
  38. fishboyjc

    Sold -please delete

    Rob, I discounted the gear when sold as a package with the bike, I would sell all the gear for $600.00 which is less than the knee braces alone. Trying to avoid a bunch of time spent selling one piece at a time. If I change my mind in the future I will contact you.
  39. fishboyjc

    Sold -please delete

    CR250 2 stroke, all black, very fast and light. Black excel rims, extra brand new rear tire, Sds seat, fmf pipe w/guard, custom pegs, desert and track tank, esp front suspension, bark busters, carbon fiber frame protectors, extra motul 2 stroke oil, chain cleaner & oil, all fluids, hydration...
  40. fishboyjc

    Crusader 350 manifolds and risers

    Pair of great condition Crusader manifolds and risers. Pulled the motor to do some work and thought it would be a good time to change them. Found out these were in very good condition. $500.00
  41. fishboyjc

    17ft arima pilothouse

    There are a lot of pluses that come with a boat that size. Sips gas, easy to launch solo, less to wash, detail etc..., tows and stores easily. I went from 14', 21',24' to 30'. Now I'm back to 17' and loving it. Great hull, well equipped and newer motor! The pilothouse is awesome. GLWS, sweet boat.
  42. fishboyjc

    New Owners - Five Star Fish Processing

    SARAH, Best of luck to you and your family in whatever you choose to do next. Your team has been great and will no doubt be missed by all who have received the excellent services you have provided. Sounds like a fine and experienced group will b taking over.
  43. fishboyjc

    Shamrock Pilothouse "SOLD"

    Rusty, my 26' has (2) 55 gallon tanks one on port, and one on starboard side. It also has a 30 gallon tank in the bow. I believe most of the 26' models have the same fuel capacity. My understanding from info found on the Shamrock owners website is that there is about 49 usable gallons when...
  44. fishboyjc

    Shamrock Pilothouse "SOLD"

    Oops wrong button. We bought a 26' Shamrock cuddy about a year ago here on BD. We love the boat . If there is one flaw it is the head. It is so small we use it for storage. So hard to get in and out of. So, I agree with Rusty, use the BUCKET!!! I will also add that the head turns the two person...
  45. fishboyjc

    Shamrock Pilothouse "SOLD"

    A fishing buddy band I bought a 26
  46. fishboyjc

    Shamrock Pilothouse "SOLD"

    The 20' pilothouse keeps you out of the weather and has great all around deck space for fishing. This one is a beauty. GLWS!
  47. fishboyjc

    SM - 9/5 The Training Continues

    That kid is lucky, he is learning from the best! You guys OWN the bay.
  48. fishboyjc

    Livingston LV-19 pilot house

    The smooth economical ride of a cat, all that open deck space and a pilothouse to get you out of the Sun/wind. This is a great boat, whoever buys this will be very happy. GLWS, I love my cat!
  49. fishboyjc

    Guadalupe Early November or Late December?

    Well said (CaptJgray), I couldn't agree more!
  50. fishboyjc

    7/30 209 9th time is the charm

    Max and Dad. Congratulations, you got it done!
  51. fishboyjc

    My new ride

    Absolute BEAUTY, congrats!!!
  52. fishboyjc

    Free trailer dolly + Free leaf springs

    I could use the trailer dolly if it's still available let me know. You can send me a PM. Thanks!
  53. fishboyjc

    1990 Shamrock 200 Warrior $16,000 SOLD

    Well equipped, great boat!
  54. fishboyjc

    2002 Twin Vee 20,2002 Twin Vee I suck at fishing so bad that I am going to sell the boat at very rea

    I have a 17' and have been to Catalina on it many times. I can attest to what Doug has said about the ride and fuel consumption. The pilothouse, windlass and electronics make this a very capable little rig. With 2' more beam and 3' in length this is a great platform. GLWS Doug.
  55. fishboyjc

    Best day ever without landing a fish!

    Memories that will last a lifetime!
  56. fishboyjc

    Hi Brad, is your Shamrock still available. I will be in Long Beach tomorrow and want go know if...

    Hi Brad, is your Shamrock still available. I will be in Long Beach tomorrow and want go know if I can see the boat.
  57. fishboyjc

    Scuppers on a triump 195cc

    You might have two issues. As the other responders mentioned you need to eliminate the overflow issue with your bait tank. Once you have that under control, if you still get water on the deck, your scuppers are most likely allowing some water through. I have the clear plastic style with the ball...
  58. fishboyjc

    WTB 11'-12' RIB Tender or WTT for Harley EVO

    A friend of mine is receiving a new boat at the end of July and needs a tender. He is looking for a 11'-12' RIB with console steering, low hrs. clean, in very good condition 25-40 HP motor. He has a a Harley Evo with LOW miles that has spent most of it's life in his garage. He is also willing to...
  59. fishboyjc

    Rpt-06-20-15 Went Bass fishing and Caught Tails and Bass.

    Rubber ducky, Lal, Cory=BADASS Nicely done guys.
  60. fishboyjc

    Cabo 216 Long Shot

    For an 89 that boat is incredibly clean! GLWS
  61. fishboyjc

    Want to Charter or Partner Fast Fishing Boat

    X2 on what middleofnowhere said. There is also a lot of potential misinterpretation as well. For example. What is a fast boat? I have a friend who has been in the fishing industry his whole life, fishing both as a Licensed Sportboat Captain and a commercial fishermen. To him 8-9 knots is what...
  62. fishboyjc

    Want to Charter or Partner Fast Fishing Boat

    I don't have a dog in this fight but....... It seems like he does wtb at least half a boat. And if not, is willing to pay good money to go fishing on someone's private boat which (as he pointed out) could help out a guy who is struggling with the expenses of full ownership and on the fence...
  63. fishboyjc

    Dana Point 4.9.15

    Great report (funny)!
  64. fishboyjc

    Hi Mason, if you get the Shamrock are you interested in selling the Arima?

    Hi Mason, if you get the Shamrock are you interested in selling the Arima?
  65. fishboyjc

    Reel for the Shimano Trevala Butterfly Jig System

    I don't have a horse in this race, just giving my opinion and observations of what I have seen. I butterfly jig a lot, and have had great success doing so. Will any reel work YES. Will ANY narrow reel make it easier, definitely! The biggest error people make is NOT using a butterfly specific...
  66. fishboyjc

    Fred Hall Show Tickets Discount

    Good cause, great deal.
  67. fishboyjc

    12' Klamath SOLD!

    Bump for a boat with an xlnt trailer and strong motor. If you like to fish the bays, lakes this is a great deal. Fast and economical at this price it's a steal. Fishes 2 very well, I fished Powell in this thing and had a blast.
  68. fishboyjc

    Rpt.-02-19-15 A 2 day Yellowtail Frenzy!

    Wow, that day of fishing will keep you coming back for more!
  69. fishboyjc

    2/14 Local lb yt

    Congrats on your first yt on your own boat, great feeling!
  70. fishboyjc

    FS - Shimano Terez Waxwing 9'0" Medium Heavy Casting Rod - WHITE TZCWX90MHPW

    I live in El Segundo if the previous posters fall through I will take it.
  71. fishboyjc

    Better weekend than most

    You sir, are a bad ass. Nice work!
  72. fishboyjc

    Whale Watching Questions

    X3 I fished redondo canyon and harbor yesterday. They were all around the area.
  73. fishboyjc

    Long Beach YT Jan 2

    Nice yellows!!! I sold my 24' Skippy pilothouse about 6 years ago, still regret it. Yours looks awesome!
  74. fishboyjc

    10' Harnell 542 Jig stick & Newell G332F

    Reel is sold, Harnell still available.
  75. fishboyjc

    10' Harnell 542 Jig stick & Newell G332F

    10' Harnell 542 in excellent condition. You can toss a jig a mile with this combo! I also have a Newell G332-F with tiburon frame 50%mono/50% spectra. Rod $350.00 Reel $125.00 .
  76. fishboyjc

    Thanksgiving Tuna - 11/26

    Nice job, that LB trip was just a little bump in the road.
  77. fishboyjc

    Suzuki Outboard Mechanic?d

    Maurer Marine in Costa mesa has done the maintenance on my Suzuki. He is Suzuki certified and has been in business a long time.
  78. fishboyjc

    1986 26' Shamrock Commercial Pilot House

    That's my dream boat. She's a beauty!
  79. fishboyjc

    WTB Smoker - Search is over!

    I have a Brinkman charcoal vertical. Used 2x $40.00
  80. fishboyjc

    Suzuki SS prop 11 3/4 x 13 never used

    Bought this for my DF50 as a spare but it doesn't fit. $85.00 My guess is it fits a 60 or 70?
  81. fishboyjc

    8/20 Tuna despite ourselves

    Now that was entertaining! I think I have been there, great to look back on and laugh. In the end, you got um, nice job.
  82. fishboyjc

    SMB Bonito 8/16/14

    Nice work, great to see the bones in the bay again. Congrats on the new addition/fishing buddy.
  83. fishboyjc

    YFT, yellowtail, bonito-great day on the troll 7/12

    Bonita is a tuna! I agree, bled and iced, awesome! Nice catch!
  84. fishboyjc

    I have a 17' twin vee with just over 200 hrs. On a Suzuki 50 VERY clean, not a scratch on it. I...

    I have a 17' twin vee with just over 200 hrs. On a Suzuki 50 VERY clean, not a scratch on it. I might be buying a boat this weekend. If I do it would be available. 9k Also an 84 17' Larson incredible shape and low hrs. For the year, but more of a lake, wakeboarding boat. $3,300.00
  85. fishboyjc

    SMB 5/25 - bass n lings with padre y madre

    Nice job, hope my kids do that for me someday.
  86. fishboyjc

    Santa Monica Bay Rpt. 5/3 w-pics

    Nice job as usual, you have got your money's worth on that Kroc imitation for sure!
  87. fishboyjc


    Thanks for the info guys!
  88. fishboyjc


    Does anyone have any experience bowfishing? I would like to try it and was wondering if anyone knows where it is approved. Lake Elsinore is the closest lake I am aware of from the LA area. My understanding is you can take carp with no limits. Any info on the process, bait, gear needed etc...
  89. fishboyjc

    For Sale 2004 Stabi craft 659 HT

    I know the "roboboat" style does not appeal to many, but I fished in very rough weather on one of these and it handled like a dream. Economy,maintenance,safety are all real positives on these vessels. GLWS-very nice boat.
  90. fishboyjc

    Meniscus tear sugery....

    I tore my acl off, tore mcl and meniscus six years ago on my right knee. Did the same to my left knee 2 years ago. Limped around with a knee brace the first time thinking I could heal it with exercise, not so much. You are wise to have the surgery, bike, swim do ALL the physical therapy and you...
  91. fishboyjc

    took the youngin out to catch lobster bait

    Those pics will give you years of happiness. I bet he has already requested another outing!
  92. fishboyjc


    Congrats on another awesome session. Good on you for the catching AND the releasing!
  93. fishboyjc

    Punta Colnett Winter Gear/Tackle

    The trips I have been on fished yellowtail at grey light with yo-yo irons so bring a high speed reel for that. It is usually a short morning bite only on the yellows. The rest of the day is standard dropper loop fishing for nice reds and assorted rockfish. Some people also use lucanus and...
  94. fishboyjc

    Closed a deal on my first boat tonight.

    Congrats, she's a beauty! Mako's are great boats, and you can fish the islands, so very versatile boat, enjoy!
  95. fishboyjc

    1986 21 Bayrunner with Honda 90

    One of the better set up Bayrunners I have seen, electronics, bracket , low hrs, GLWS.
  96. fishboyjc

    King Harbor bones

    Forgot to add that the harbor patrol checked every boat fishing for licenses. Yes the harbor patrol, not the DWG!
  97. fishboyjc

    King Harbor bones

    Yes, 10 fish limit, 5 over 24" 5 under 24" per angler. We were fishing for lobster bait as well as "memories" of times past. Release everything after your fourth fish (none of these fish are over 24") and you are OK. Take your fifth fish before heading home. Fishingshirts son is hooked for life...
  98. fishboyjc

    King Harbor bones

    A friend and I were there also, and it was great seeing fishingshirts son slaying the bones! He caught a lot of fish and was having a great time. Thanks to fishkilr also for the bait. They definitely bit the bait better than the jigs.
  99. fishboyjc

    Lady Angler with a super cow.

    Nice job Kathy, congrats!!!
  100. fishboyjc

    What's your favorite thing about long range?

    The possibility of much bigger fish than local fishing. No cooking or cleaning, it's all done for you.
  101. fishboyjc

    bubble is on!...bait dock open

    The bones are there, buy some anchovies and chum them, boiling Bonita soon follow. About four boats there yesterday we were all catching fish. Not wide open but good light tackle fun. Thanks fishkilr!
  102. fishboyjc

    fresh fish trade for canned

    Thanks for the info Jim, that will work well for him.
  103. fishboyjc

    fresh fish trade for canned

    I use 5 star to process my fish but this year I have a friend going on the trip who sails for months at a time and canned would be ideal for him. I have always heard you could trade fresh for canned but never looked into it as I heard the trade was not worthwhile. I am interested in the...
  104. fishboyjc

    what's the best sea tow or vessel assist

    VA has helped me out 3 times over the last 12 yrs. each time they have been very prompt and professional, no hassles at all. Well run organization.
  105. fishboyjc

    the bridge

    That's awesome!
  106. fishboyjc

    Best rod for Talica II 20?

    I have mine on a terez tzc66xxh-eg the rod is made for the reel
  107. fishboyjc

    24' Skipjack 1978 $15K obo

    Very clean & well equipped! GLWS
  108. fishboyjc

    What a joy to fish on the "Pacific Voyager" 2.23.13

    Mark and crew are the best, never had a bad trip on that boat.
  109. fishboyjc

    2001 Honda cr250 2 stroke (green sticker)

    01' Honda CR250 I bought this from a friend about 5 years ago, who purchased it new from the dealer. I have the original bill of sale and original gas tank (in pic). This model year was an exceptionally light and powerful bike, and this one has never been raced. I love this bike, but at my...
  110. fishboyjc

    deal at home depot

    I was just in the MDR store and they still have 10 sets of the trays. $4.00 ea. They also have 2 pc. drybag sets for $12.00, one large and 1 small. Thats a smokin deal for a pair of dry bags! Both items located at front of the store. :hali_olutta:
  111. fishboyjc


    I am posting these rods for a friend and will not respond to any emails PM's etc..... If you are interested call Rick at 310-four05-357five. This is an an incredible matching quiver in perfect condition. If you are a collector you will appreciate this set. 1- LM7 - chocolate- ALL rods have...
  112. fishboyjc

    12' Klamath with 15 hp Suzuki $1,000.00

    Jesse, leaving for a 5 day early am Nov. 1 I have a friend close to the landing who might let me leave it at his house. I will get back to you after I speak with him.
  113. fishboyjc

    12' Klamath with 15 hp Suzuki $1,000.00

    A couple guys were coming to "buy it" today. Nobody has actually come to look at the boat, motor, trailer condition, see and hear the motor run etc.... The first person who does will take this boat.
  114. fishboyjc

    12' Klamath with 15 hp Suzuki $1,000.00

    I am right next to LAX. I will be in SD on Nov.1 but am leaving on a 5 day and can't park with a trailer.
  115. fishboyjc

    12' Klamath with 15 hp Suzuki $1,000.00

    If anyone wants to pay fair market value for the motor, boat or trailer I will consider selling them separate. 1k for a combo that will do ocean (inshore), lake and do 24 MPH with good economy seems like a deal to me. But what do I know.
  116. fishboyjc

    12' Klamath with 15 hp Suzuki $1,000.00

    Steveooo, Believe me I am bummed I can't keep it. For 1-2 people this gets you there FAST and economical. It was perfect for Powell. The motor ALWAYS starts. I ran it every morning and every evening and killed many stripers and released a lot of bass. Broken down into parts I could probably get...
  117. fishboyjc

    12' Klamath with 15 hp Suzuki $1,000.00

    Back on the market and ready to fish, hoop etc.....on a budget.
  118. fishboyjc

    1999 Twin Vee Catamaran 22' CC $19K. San Diego

    Nice boat, I love the ride of a cat!
  119. fishboyjc

    12' Klamath with 15 hp Suzuki $1,000.00

    Ok, you are on the list Carl.
  120. fishboyjc

    12' Klamath with 15 hp Suzuki $1,000.00

    Sale pending while I wait for paperwork from DMV. All calls have been returned. Back up buyers will be called in order if first responder does not go through with sale.
  121. fishboyjc

    12' Klamath with 15 hp Suzuki $1,000.00

    Boat, motor and galvanized trailer for 1k, all in great condition. SOLD SOLD SOLD Enjoy it Duane. Great meeting you and your wife. I bought this boat for the sole purpose of using it to fish on an August 7 day houseboat trip on Lake Powell. The boat served its purpose and now wifey wants it...
  122. fishboyjc

    Dana Point 8-25

    Good on you Mike, karma rebate coming your way!
  123. fishboyjc

    2005 Davis Cortez Pilothouse - $64,900

    Now that is turnkey! What a beautiful boat.
  124. fishboyjc

    18' Skiff with 4 Stroke 70hp $6000

    Great price, electronics, 4 stroke, t- top that's a nice set up. Good luck with the sale!
  125. fishboyjc

    Opinions on new rod and reels....

    Shimano talica 8 with a terez rod 50 spectra. Change out the topshot 20 thru 40 and you could do it all with one rod. Reel 469.00 or so, rod approx. 200. I have a talica 8, 12, 16 and 20 and 25 and love them. Caught a 110 lb. YFT with the 12 on 60 no problem. Not cheap, but a great product.
  126. fishboyjc

    1985 Blackman Billfisher 26'

    Beautiful boat! Great wife!
  127. fishboyjc

    WTB Waverunners

    I hate to admit this, but I am thinking of going over to the dark side:2gunsfiring_v1: I am taking the family on a houseboat trip in early August and decided a waverunner or two would add to the fun. If anyone has 1-2 that they want to sell, let me know. I prefer Yamaha, but will probably...
  128. fishboyjc

    22' Bayrunner Open Center Console

    Yes-Marina Del Rey ramp
  129. fishboyjc

    1996 Yamaha Wave Venture Wave Runners

    Barrett, Sent u an email and a pm.
  130. fishboyjc

    1996 Yamaha Wave Venture Wave Runners

    Barrett, I'd like to look at them tomorrow if possible I am off work. I am going to Lake Powell this summer and these would work. I will pm you with my ph.
  131. fishboyjc

    Boston Whaler Guardian

    Sweeeeeeet! Good luck with the sale.
  132. fishboyjc

    PARKER 17' center console (1996)

    Very clean, good luck with the sale!
  133. fishboyjc

    EZ-on Trailer Hitch

    If anyone still needs one of theses after Dustin sells his I have one I don't use since I downsized. These are great for boats and travel trailers that are too heavy to move at all because they line you up perfectly ( no fine adjustments necessary). If I remember that's about 1/3 of the new...
  134. fishboyjc

    EdWing Pilothouse

    Heavy duty hull, new power, electronics, lots of deck space Sweet ride. Good luck with the sale.
  135. fishboyjc

    Bayrunner Baja

    Nice rig, 4 stroke, electronics, good luck with the sale!
  136. fishboyjc


  137. fishboyjc

    Old Sabre Rods

    Phong, Call Rick at 310-405-3575 he has some sabres and other ol school rods.
  138. fishboyjc


    I am posting this for a friend so call him, I won't be responding to emails or inquiries posted here because I don't own these rods. He has been in the fishing business since he was a kid so he knows this gear and so do you if you are looking at these classic rods. Rods listed start from left to...
  139. IMG 0674

    IMG 0674

  140. IMG 0675

    IMG 0675

  141. Rick H rods

    Rick H rods

    Rick H rods
  142. fishboyjc

    15' Gregor Canadian Special

    Nice rig, wish I had the space!
  143. fishboyjc

    1994 Honda CT70

  144. fishboyjc

    Thank You Five Star

    Incredibly fast, perfect size portions 5 star rocks!
  145. fishboyjc

    Shimano Terez rods

    The rod I use for 80lb is the tzc-66 h-eg. If you go to the Shimano website or a knowledgable vendor they can advise you on all the correct rod/reel combos. I have no rust on any of my guides. Shimano has been very willing to replace/repair any products I had in the past with a problem (I had a...
  146. fishboyjc

    Shimano Terez rods

    Terez rods are made specifically for spectra line although They would probably still work fine with mono. I do a 5 day to Guadalupe every year and the boat is loaded with Terez/Talica combos. We catch fish from 40 to 150 and most of us do 't even use our old gear. I was so impressed I bought...
  147. fishboyjc

    Shimano terez rods??

    I have 6 Terez rods all matched with Talica reels I can go from local 30 lb fishing to 5-7 day trips and catch anything that swims. I am very happy with the rods and the reels!
  148. fishboyjc

    Who's buying a fishing license?

    I agree with Saluki, already bought mine, keep fishing, do not let them win!
  149. fishboyjc

    1994 Honda CT70

    Thanks, but I have too many reels already. We used the bike for camping trips also, that's why the miles are so low.
  150. fishboyjc

    1994 Honda CT70

    Thanks Matt, u r correct, it's hard to find a bike this age in this condition. I hate to sell it but it clearly doesn't get used enough to justify keeping.
  151. fishboyjc

    1994 Honda CT70

    I have a 1994 CT70 with 474 original miles and the condition shows it. Always garaged, I have owned it for 16 yrs. Street legal, all current paperwork,reg, pink. Basically brand new bike. $1,100.00 SOLD
  152. fishboyjc

    Warning MDR parking ramp

    Been there, done that, total bullshit, sometimes it won't take the credit card, sometimes it won't swallow the bills. Good news is now u know and it won't happen again.:hali_olutta:
  153. fishboyjc

    2007 Wooldridge 23 Pilothouse

    That's my dream boat!:hali_olutta:
  154. fishboyjc

    20' Sea Ox Walk Around Cabin

    My buddy had a Sea Ox, great boats. Looks like u took good care of her. Good luck!
  155. fishboyjc

    PENN 30SW 2 Speed Reel

    Sale pending. SOLD
  156. fishboyjc

    PENN 30SW 2 Speed Reel

    Sorry guys, I had my daughter post it in an apparently failed attempt to let her earn some money. $250.00
  157. fishboyjc

    PENN 30SW 2 Speed Reel

    -Filled with 100 lb. test mono. -Brand new condition, used one time. -Price is firm. Sorry guys, I had my daughter post this (I was attempting to let her earn some money). This might help $250.00
  158. fishboyjc

    Kipor Generator

    $$sold$$ Kipor 3500 sinemaster 3000 watt electric start generator.These generators can power an a/c,refrigerator and microwave at the same time in your toyhauler or rv. Sold the rv so this has to go. Very low hours Very quiet exellent condition. $700.00 310 four 2 zero 86 seven 1
  159. fishboyjc

    Another Skippy 4 SALE...GO FIGURE

    I had a 1975 24' that was converted to a pilothouse, it was one of the best boats I have owned, always received compliments at the ramp. The FB models are better for spotting paddy's but IMO nothing beats a pilothouse for comfort. With a brand new motor and that house, that boats a steal. Good...
  160. fishboyjc

    03' Suzuki RM 60 2 stroke

    Price drop $700.00 to any BDer.:hali_olutta:
  161. fishboyjc

    MUSTANG Auto Inflate Life Vests

    If the sale does not go through with the first responders I am interested.
  162. fishboyjc

    Apollo 8/11-8/13 2 day

    JJ and crew are the best!:hali_olutta:
  163. fishboyjc

    backpak with rod holder

    I have a brand new wfo backpack tackle bag that has 2 rod holders 4 trays and lots of storage compartments. They cost $100.00 new plus tax. you can have it for $70.00
  164. fishboyjc

    Furuno 1622 radar and Furuno FCV-600L sounder

    My friend is interested his name is Andy ph.702-591-0265
  165. fishboyjc

    Backpack tackle bag

    I have a brand new skb backpack tackle box that I built a custom rigid tray box which enables you to carry 5 trays and eliminates the sag and pressure on the lower trays when loaded. This makes it easy to pull out the trays. It is removable and I have all the original Velcro and flexible shelves...
  166. fishboyjc

    45Lb WSB Caught Off The Newport Pipe

  167. fishboyjc

    1990 Starcraft Mariner 180 (18ft) with Yamaha 115 hp four stroke

    If you bring it down let me know. I will pm my ph#
  168. fishboyjc

    03' Suzuki RM 60 2 stroke

    Thanks reel king, yes the 2 strokes kick ass, my son moved up to a cr 85 2 stroke and swears he'll never ride a 4 stroke again. I ride an 01 cr250 and feel the same.
  169. fishboyjc

    Davis Cortez Diesel

    Sweeeeeeeet rig!
  170. fishboyjc

    1988 cabo cudycon 215

    Wow, low hrs. On the motor, great hull, all the electronics, very nice! Great deal!:hali_olutta:
  171. fishboyjc

    20' skipjack trailer

    I have a trailer from a 20' Skipjack open. IMO it's a POS :shithappens:, but if someone wants to scrap out the metal, rims, tires's priced right.....FREE :hali_olutta: Call Rick at 310-405-3575 for location in Westchester, CA.
  172. fishboyjc

    Very cool only....CHEEEAP.

    Lots of these in Oregon & Washington State, lots of boat for the price.
  173. fishboyjc

    16' Radon

    that's..........uh....different. Never seen one either, seems the house would make it a bit top heavy?
  174. fishboyjc

    23 Blackman Outerbanks

    Niiiiiiice boat!
  175. fishboyjc

    20' Skipjack open PROJECT-trade/sell

    No problems Tony. The owner is in negotiations at this time with a couple of different parties on the sale. Yes, agreed Skipjacks are well built boats with quite a following. I sold a 24' pilothouse conversion I owned a few years back and still regret it!
  176. fishboyjc

    20' Skipjack open PROJECT-trade/sell

    Hey Bder's disregard the comment by Tony H54. I am sure he was just looking out for the brothers here on Bd, so no disrespect, that's what this site is all about. The rot in the pic is the bottom edge of the motor cover NOT the deck, the cover is vertical in this pic and that's why Tony thought...
  177. fishboyjc

    20' Skipjack open PROJECT-trade/sell

    X3 and you are getting warm, to be fair, the ad did say ridiculous offers considered.
  178. fishboyjc

    20' Skipjack open PROJECT-trade/sell

    Cl, yes, couple of calls from cl ad but nobody has followed through.
  179. fishboyjc

    20' Skipjack open PROJECT-trade/sell

    Travis, We wish u never sold the truck also. It's a tough market right now. Thanks, Jon
  180. fishboyjc

    20' Skipjack open PROJECT-trade/sell

    bump. anyone interested?
  181. fishboyjc

    White Sea Bass off the rocks

    nice job! would have a been a tough call w/o the tape measure
  182. fishboyjc

    03' Suzuki RM 60 2 stroke

    2003 Suzuki RM 60 2 stroke. This bike is in xlnt condition with only about 20 hrs. on it. These are great move-up bikes from the 50 & 70 auto clutch bikes. They have big bike suspension and power, a real clutch and a frame and tire size smaller riders can handle. My son has outgrown the bike...
  183. fishboyjc

    2004 C-Dory Pilot House 13,500

    The boat cover pics are awesome.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  184. fishboyjc

    20' Skipjack open PROJECT-trade/sell

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD1970 Skipjack Open REDUCED to $1,800.00 open to all trades, antique fishing gear, new gear, boats, trains, planes or automobiles. The boats in my storage space and MY boats in my driveway, wifey's getting cranky. He'd consider a trade for a Valco or other small lake boat...
  185. fishboyjc


    Looks to be a well maintained, clean boat, at a fair price, but.....someone forgot to put a ladder up to the diving platform. What were they DRINKING about. :rofl:
  186. fishboyjc


  187. fishboyjc

    Penn Internationals & Shimano Torium

    All 3 of these reels have been on trips but have little, to no use. 50TW single speed with dacron backing and 100lb mono. $240.00 30SW with 100lb mono. These reels are in brand new condition. $300.00 Shimano Torium 30 has some boat rash (minor), but has not caught a fish, I used it only...
  188. fishboyjc

    Rods & reels - Penn Int., saltiga, saltist, shimano, seeker, calstar

    The two internationals and the senator are still available. The only rod that sold was the 8ooL. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  189. fishboyjc

    Rods & reels - Penn Int., saltiga, saltist, shimano, seeker, calstar

    The two internationals and the senator are still available. The only rod that sold was the 8ooL. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  190. fishboyjc

    Rods & reels - Penn Int., saltiga, saltist, shimano, seeker, calstar

    Pm's and texts returned. I not only take bad pics but didn't plan this ad too well. I'm going to try and kill myself on a motorcycle this weekend so responses will probably have to wait until Monday. Should have cell service until 9:00 AM tomorrow, feel free to call or text, will try to respond...
  191. fishboyjc

    Anatomy of a Custom Homemade Bait Tank

    looks like you can quit your day job! Niiice.
  192. fishboyjc


    "Clean" says it all, very nice rig!
  193. fishboyjc

    FREE lobster or shark bait

    I still have over 100 lbs. of tuna carcass's if anyone needs some chum/bait. 310-420-8671
  194. fishboyjc

    FREE shark or lobster bait 200 lbs

    Anyone looking for some shark or lobster bait? I've got several hundred pounds of Tuna scraps, cut it up Sat. afternoon. You can pick up near LAX. 310-420-8671 Jon
  195. fishboyjc

    FREE shark or lobster bait (tuna carcass)

    Pick up near L.A. Airport Jon(310)-420-8671 approx. 200 lbs.
  196. fishboyjc

    2005 17' Twin Vee w/ 60HP EFI

    I've got the same boat with a Suzuki 50. Great on fuel, smooth ride, I have even wakeboarded behind it. I fish the salt and the lakes with it. With all the accessories and low hrs. this is a good deal.
  197. fishboyjc

    18' bayrunner, $6,500

    That's a lot of boat/motor for the money, good luck with the sale.
  198. fishboyjc

    22' Bayrunner BR-22 Walk aroud cuddy

    Nice boat! Smokin wifey!!!!!!!!
  199. fishboyjc

    IMP23WA 23'IMP walk around

    Nice!, a walkaround you can actuall walk around.
  200. fishboyjc

    I need help with my 14 foot valco... Someone has had to have this happend to them..

    x4 I fixed an aluminum boat I had with 5200 it works just fine, especially if you don't care about the aesthetics. Get the full caulking gun tube, not the little squeeze tube. Some Home Depot's only carry the small one.
  201. fishboyjc

    1985/2000 Radon Diesel Pilothouse $35K obo

    HEAVY DUTY, someones gonna get a killin machine!
  202. fishboyjc

    shamrock 22'

    Shamrocks Rock!
  203. fishboyjc

    looking for fridge, couch etc.

    Jesse, I have a couch you can have.
  204. fishboyjc

    freezer $170.00

    Fridgidaire commercial freezer 28"W x 24"D x 60" H, great condition works perfectly. I bought a larger model and need the space. Perfect for storing your catch. $170.00 to BDer's SOLD 17
  205. fishboyjc

    1983 14' Western Aluminum Skiff $750.00

    Hi guys, Sorry, I sold this boat months ago and deleted it from the "old" boat classifieds. Don't know how it popped up.
  206. fishboyjc

    1983 14' Western Aluminum Skiff $750.00

    1984 14' Western skiff w/Dilly trailer. Honda 4 Stroke 15HP Low-low hours, runs perfect $1,300.00 Great little skiff, I built an easily removable side console so I can stand up and have something to hold onto. The boat comes with battery, electric bilge pump, bait tank and bait pump, Eagle FF...
  207. fishboyjc

    Accurate 600N or Shimano Talica 12

    I was on a 5 day in early Nov., we went to Cedros and were on YT to 45# & Tuna to 50# guys were catching them with the Talica 8's I was using a 10 and the reel was smooth and incredibly powerful. The whole boat was using Talica's and we were all impressed with these reels. It made me a believer...
  208. fishboyjc

    need blown/chute ice close to Fishermans landing

    Thanks for the info Tommy & Stan! google is my friend, google is my friend, google is my friend. =)
  209. fishboyjc

    need blown/chute ice close to Fishermans landing

    There is an ice company just off the frwy at Rosecrans back in the commercial area a few blocks. Does anyone know either the name or ph#. I have driven by it early in the morning before but failed to get that info. I am going on a multi day trip in a couple of weeks and would like to drive in...
  210. fishboyjc

    Which spectra, and where to buy it.

    Thanks for the advice guys!
  211. fishboyjc

    Which spectra, and where to buy it.

    I have finally decided to put spectra as a backing on all of my reels. Based on posts I have seen here from fellow BDer's it seems like Jerry Brown, Blackwater and Izorline are the most popular. I plan on top shotting with a minimum 100 yards of mono except on my jig stick which will go 50/50...
  212. fishboyjc

    2 day on the Pacific Voyager all albies 30# or more!!!

    Mark and crew are the best, they deserve the props! We charter every year in Sept. they always put us on the fish.
  213. fishboyjc

    First Time on The "APOLLO"

    I fished the Apollo for the 1st time last year, I agree, XLNT operation, can't wait till my next outing with them in a month. They are the best!
  214. fishboyjc

    Longest Lasting Tow Vehicle Tires ?

    Goodyear Wrangler Pro, Kevlar side walls, 50k mile warranty and a 30 day trial offer, these are great tires for towing heavy loads and have plenty of grab at the ramp. Not cheap but worth the cost.
  215. fishboyjc

    Need info on fishing La Ceiba-Honduras

    I'll be in Honduras in December, does anyone know anything about the port of La Ceiba and the possibility of getting on a boat. I don't care if it's a panga with a local or an actual sportfishing operation. How about the islands? I've googled with no luck.
  216. fishboyjc

    just bought a 24 skippy

    Whatever the boatyard, your buddy who's a mechanic, or your brother-in-law tells you, read the advice above three more times out loud. Once it's running and you think your done, there will still be at least 5 new problems you'll have to deal with, IT's A BOAT! sorry
  217. fishboyjc

    I need a Diesel mechanic

    Any BDer's out there know of a good diesel auto mechanic somewhere between Torrance and Santa Monica. I have a 06' GMC 2500 with a Duramax. It's been trouble free, but I just need some basic maintenance items done and my regular mechanic doesn't touch diesels. Thanks.
  218. fishboyjc

    How to Make Chum?

    You can buy a large hand powered meat grinder (looks like a sausage stuffer) at Harbor Freight for around $35.00. Grind it at home or attach it to the fillet board on your boat and grind it fresh, per Junior's suggestion. You will need to modify the screen at the exit port or it clogs with...
  219. fishboyjc

    Anyone eat sand crabs

    my dog eats em, and Mikey likes em too! He'll eat anything.
  220. fishboyjc

    There are good people

    way to help a brother out!
  221. fishboyjc

    Slow fishing for Quality Yellows

    Great story, sounds like a lot of work, but well worth the reward. Nice fish!
  222. fishboyjc

    Performance and mileage upgrades for gas powered boats?

    Prop,trim tabs a very clean waxed hull and dialing in your optimum cruising speed will all help save fuel. As slow as you can go at plane will also help.A floscan will take a lot of the guesswork out of it. Or just buy a fuel bladder if you want to extend your range.
  223. fishboyjc

    check out this crazy fish!

    that crazee
  224. fishboyjc

    Grundens or ?

    My 12 year old Grundens jacket has finally succumbed to all of the abuse and it's time for something new. I guess this is a stupid :idiot: question considering how well the Grunden's have performed, but here goes. I need something waterproof as I am now fishing mostly from a pretty wet ride...
  225. fishboyjc

    which one

    Vessel Assist has towed me twice, great service both times, would have cost a bundle without the service.
  226. fishboyjc

    Monsters are here!

    nice catch, bbq time!
  227. fishboyjc

    jig stick reel placement

    Assuming you are talking about how far up from the rod butt I'd say jigheads explanation is correct for placement, the cork puppy will help with the attachment of reel to rod, or just use the reel clamp.
  228. fishboyjc

    fishing Honduras?

    QUESTION? I'm going to Honduras in June and December, has anyone fished there? We will be closest to the port of La Ceiba, any info would be appreciated.
  229. fishboyjc

    February Rooster Fiesta

    you gotta love hooking up the kids, nice report!
  230. fishboyjc

    The Dog Named " HOLY SHIT"

    Either that girls real small, or that dog is Holy Shit!
  231. fishboyjc

    my shamrock

    26' Niiice!
  232. fishboyjc

    my shamrock

    You must get offers to buy that boat every time out. Niiiice!
  233. fishboyjc

    Old style Diawa Saltist clamp bolts needed

    Call Daiwa, they sent me some last year.
  234. fishboyjc

    Saltist owners

    great low maintenance reels I own a 40 and a 50, no problems.
  235. fishboyjc

    Wahoo In Venice

    Nice fish, and thanks for limiting your catch! That's a great way to keep the fishery strong.
  236. fishboyjc

    Recession & Fishing? Gear?

    I think a lot of people have been prompted to get rid of gear they seldom use, as well as selling gear they have duplicated, i.e. multiple jig sticks or reels for a certain line class.
  237. fishboyjc

    Transporting fish for filleting

    thanks guys the kill bags should handle it.
  238. fishboyjc

    Transporting fish for filleting

    Yes, I agree. Whenever gutting and gilling is available (on the shorter trips) I have the boat perform the service. On smaller fish I also have them do the filleting. You guys do a great job and deserve the fillet money which I include in the tip, if I don't have the filleting done. My question...
  239. fishboyjc

    Transporting fish for filleting

    For some strange reason I actually enjoy filleting my own catch. I put everything that will fit into a 150 qt. cooler in the cooler with ice. No problem.The problem i have is with fish too large for the cooler. I have been putting the larger fish in anything from a (new) standard 33 gallon...
  240. fishboyjc

    aluminum boats

    Test 1234...