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    SOLD 2013 Ranger 220 Bahia

    Just waiting on DMV to send Pinks.
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    SOLD 2013 Ranger 220 Bahia

    no, boat is sold just pending dmv sending pinks.
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    SOLD 2013 Ranger 220 Bahia

    there is quite a bit of room inside center console. 5 batteries, minnkota charger laying flat, a 25 gallon live well and fire extinguisher.
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    SOLD 2013 Ranger 220 Bahia

    Bump...price reduced to $28k
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    SOLD 2013 Ranger 220 Bahia

    Sold LOADED! Turn-key boat. Tournament Ready. Well maintained all services done by Anglers Marine. Versatile for running offshore, coast lake and bay. Run-able to San Clemente Island and back on 1 tank of gas. Extremely fuel efficient! Tons of dry storage and Rod locker. Specs: 22ft Hull...
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    SOLD Shimano Terez Rod $150

    TZC-X66H-BLK Length: 6’6” Braided Line: Wt 50-150 lb Power: Heavy Action: Extra Fast
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    SOLD 2 shimano Terez Rods

    Fishing rod still available. I’m in Fullerton by Fishermans Access if you know the store.
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    SOLD 2 shimano Terez Rods

    $175 Each OBO TZC-X66XH-BLK Length: 6’6” Braided Line: Wt 65-200 lb Power: Extra Heavy Action: Extra Fast TZC-X66H-BLK Length: 6’6” Braided Line: Wt 50-150 lb Power: Heavy Action: Extra Fast
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    SOLD 3 Terez Rods for sale

    I have 3 Terez rods for sale. Information below. For pick up only. Located in Brea. Text me for faster response. $175 Each Jay 714-488-4797 3 Shimano Terez Rods TC4 TZC-X66XH-BLK Length: 6’6” Braided Line: Wt 65-200 lb Power: Extra Heavy Action: Extra Fast TZC-X66H-BLK Length: 6’6” Braided...
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    Onboard charger minn Kota MK440D

    4 bank on board Minn Kota charger. One bank went out and Minn Kota doesn't repair these because they are sealed. Just out of 2 year warranty. I bought another one. So now it's a 3 bank charger. $150. No PMs. Text if interested 714-488-4797 Jay Serious offer accepted. No low ball offers or tire...
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    Shimano Terez TZC66XHPW SOLD

    Interested. Do you ever come down to LA or OC?
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    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    This was a good day!
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    Lexa 400 hs like new condition

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    Arooroo @ the SBS Mission Bay Night Event

    Nice write up! Congrats!
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    Curado 300e , Curado 300ej, Teramar H TMC-X76H

    ^^^ Haaa... theres always ebay. ;)
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    Curado 300e , Curado 300ej, Teramar H TMC-X76H

    Curado 300e w/powerhandle $180 , 9/10 Curado 300 ej $180 8/10 Teramar - Power Heavy, Action Extra Fast, Cork Handle, TMC - X76H , 7'6" 8/10 - SOLD Located in OC. will meet or ship. Text me if interested 714-488-4797 No low ballers, Tire Kickers, or Trades. Thanks Jay
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    2 shimnao teramar inshore series rods models TMC-X76MH & TMC-X80M

    Let me know if you come to oc. Ill take both.
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    Go big or go home YFT BFT Dodo and YT on the 18fter

    looks like the risk was worth the reward.
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    Tackle Talk - Weedless

    I will also have to try the new seeker. Thanks for sharing!
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    SMB 9/14-15 Bass, Lings and

    That 7 level private mega yacht is something to see!
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    1973 Uniflite 27 Express for sale

    Wow...she looks great. Good luck with sale.
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    Proline 2950 Full Walkaround w/triple axle trailer (and tow vehicle?)

    Nice looking set up with outboards. great deal with truck! Good luck with sale.
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    Trigger happy!!!

    They are up and down the coast. They love to destroy swimbaits.
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    Shimano Terez 70H rod (TZC70H) - any feedback?

    X3 have one. Love it.
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    LB Wall

    Nice wall fish Chris. Water temp dropped alot from sat. i dont know if sunday had big swells but sat waves were going over wall.
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    Rpt-Sat-Local B&B Insanity plus Costa Rica!

    Nice report. We were the only ones there from 11 till 1ish when the ducky rolled up. Shock the fleet or none of the other private boaters didnt join the fun with the thousands of birds diving and boiling fish. We were amazed the big SB were mixed in with cuds hitting the surface offerings.
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    OUR FIRST Cedros Island Fishing Report (June 16-19) 2ND PART

    Great trip Jose. The view from the rooms is mouth dropping and hospitality great! I will see you soon. Jay
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    Catalina Bass Madness

    BEAST! Nice fish BP. You guys look like your having fun.
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    7inch weedless in the works

    Looks good. Do we need to do a trip before the trip?
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    SBS Catalina 5/25

    Sounds like great fishing. Nicely done. Keep the ball RollN!
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    What kind of plastics should I buy?

    Take notes. He should charge for this info.
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    Wall PB...!

    Nice wall fish.
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    8' cork handle Teramar med xf tip

    Let me know if you got for sale.
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    A Tanker for the first of the year !!!

    Congrats on PB Lal. The davies ducky def puts in the time.
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    Sunday Funday R&D

    Your plastics are getting better and better diablito.
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    Big Game Hunting

    Beast! Congrats.
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    Santa Monica Bay Bassin' 4/20 w-pics

    The bass got a vaction for 3 weeks. Your always getting the good ones. Thanks for posting.
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    Fishy color

    very nice pours brotha
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    SBS Mission Bay

    Congrats on 3 podium finishs!! On fire!
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    3 rods - 1 Teramar / 2 Clarus

    1 Teramar TMC - X711 MBRA new split grip style , Med Power, Extra Fast Action, 1/2 - 1 oz, Good condition. **sold** 1 Clarus CSC 76MHA 7'6" cork grip, Med Hvy Power, Extra Fast Action, 1/4 to 1oz, Good Condition, ***sold*** 1 Clarus CSC 76H 7'6" cork grip, Hvy Power, Fast Action, 3/8 to 1 oz...
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    A Cedros Swimmer & my Boys 1st bait

    Nice looking bait and color on the Cedros Series ;) make sure you bring some of the dog fish on your trip. The dog fish generally spawn at the island in June.
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    Great White Picture

    Incredible shot! Exactly what I picture in my head when swimming in ocean.
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    Flawless 2004 Parker 2520XL For Sale 49K

    Sweet Boat and price. good luck with day.
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    Parker 1801 Center Console....$13,500.

    looks clean. good luck with sale.
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    Abu Garcia New Volitile 8' Rod MH

    I thought you were into it. You know where it is if you want it but it wont be long before its gone. $100 is a steal. Ill throw in a pack of warbaits for you diablito.
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    Gail Force weekend wrap up

    Nice job Ryan. Gary said you guys have been running trips. Booze cruze to cat would be fun.
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    Thats how its done! Thanks for sharing. Def Sick!
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    110512 - SCI - Crew Day

    Great pics...those checkers had no idea who was coming.
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    Curado 300 e,ej or Abu Revo inshore

    Its 6.4:1 and approved by this hack.
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    21' Sea Fox center console

    good luck with sale. looks super clean. 10k is a steal.
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    Nice Day Bassin' on the Rubber Ducky w/Tailman

    Nice report as usual Ron. You should see all the buoys around PL.
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    "Its a wrap" SWBA Team Fishtrax!

    Congrats Scott. Fishtrax had a good year. I was sure you guys were gonna rap the Mondo5. See yous next season. Jay
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    Killer goat. Thanks for posting it up.
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    Are the fish really ever just not biting?

    Always enjoy the articals Eric...keep'em coming.
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    Santa Monica Bay halibut or Bass

    Theres a few fish up there. Nice Job Travis on winning the Mondo 5. Good thing that bass wasnt 5.7 :hali_olutta:
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    My First

    Very nice cool if you make Dans show with the Yellow.
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    Dana dodos...4 kept 13 released....7 others 9.18.12

    Thanks for posting the vid and detailed report.
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    Best SW trolling motor on a budget?

    X3 when the winds blowing youll wish you had bought the 75#.
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    FLW BEST in the WEST

    Nice Job and write up. Good luck in nationals!
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    Reebs Cedros Trip - Stoked on Fishing

    Looks like a terrible time. Thanks for posting. Soon. .
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    MDR Big Goat!

    Thanks ! I was hoping you guys would see the pic.:hali_olutta:
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    MDR Big Goat!

    Intense photo!
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    MDR Big Goat!

    Wall mount or soup??
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    Breakwater Halibut

    Nice Fish!!! Thanks for posting.
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    MDR Big Goat!

    Went to MDR for some bassN. Pretty steady bite in the morning. Got slammed and was thinking DD Calico. Grinded it away from the rocks. Few good runs and one almost mishap with trolling motor we got it on the boat. Gave the MH 10-20 teramar and back a nice workout. Went 31", 21#s on scale.
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    Nice Job Bud! Im sure its 1st of many.
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    07 / 23 Great Day on the 1/2 Day Southern Cal

    22 PBers on a is good for someone. Id take "3# cookie cutters" all day long. Thanks for posting! .Detailed as always.
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    Stop being a Long Soak Zombie when the bluefin are biting...

    Besides flesh eating, the zombies also have something else in common...the know it all attitude. Good Read! Keep em coming Get some!
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    HH Tubin' 7/16

    Well done. Some nice spottys right there.
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    Newport isnt dead!

    Nice Fish!! Thanks for posting. I would rather fish catfish then newport.
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    Pig Calico's on the Spitfire!

    Nice welcome back trip. Way to go on PB. Thanks for posting.
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    First Post First WSB!

    Congrats and thanks for posting.
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    Daveys 5am half day never again

    X2 you get what you pay for...go on limited load or buy a boat.
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    6/30 Catalina repart Aboard the Westerly.

    B52 Por Vida. Thanks for posting.
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    Float tubing spotties report

    Nice Spotties!
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    Bajapaddyhopper Bite-Fest!! 6/30 w-pics

    Your always on the right fish! Thanks for posting!
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    calicos west end

    Read it with Russian accent and it starts to make sence.
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    Cedros June 22-25 Reebs Lures Trip

    Looks and sounds like a sick day. Thanks for posting.
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    Big Turds.......

    Nice work on #15! Thanks for posting.
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    Trophy Hunting at San Clemente Island!

    Great report and solid fishing. Well done!
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    Marina Del Rey Bass spots??

    Theres no fish in MDR...get back to work.
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    I broke two of my 10 Commandments of Fishing Etiquette in one shot...

    Weekly So Cal Scene write ups are great. Keep em coming.
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    My best Sand Bass yet

    Nice fish on 12 lb! Thanks for posting.
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    06 / 13 Cuda and Bass Bite at the 'Flats'

    Detailed report as usual. Thanks for posting. Whats the deal with you and the plastic only? Especially if your getting the skunk??!!
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    Went for seabass, caught something better

    Wow! Congrats and thanks for posting.
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    Has anyone ever fished one of these? 2007 Twin Vee Catamarans 19

    Looks sweet. Smallest Ttop Ive ever seen.
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    2012 MAKO 204, Verado 200

    60 miles offshore...your going to have buyers remorse and want a bigger boat. However you cant with a jeep. Sounds like you should start with a truck.
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    long beach 5-27-12

    Welcome to boat ownership.
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    discovered the hard way something about sculpin

    Thanks for all the laughs!! Just not worth the filet!!
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    Izors and HB WFO Bass

    Nice checker for little man. I bet it fought good on that pole.
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    Temecula BankRobber - 50lb WSB San Onofre

    Nice fish and detailed report! Im going to put 28" of floro on tonight.
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    K&M Eric Landesfeind "Calicos" Day 1

    Looks like a great trip! Gotta love those MC's.
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    MDR - Windy & Wet = Quality Red Drum Bass!

    You guys always find the good ones..thanks for posting.
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    Skinny Pluggin'

    Quality Fish!
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    Parker 1800 18' CC $9999

    Good luck with sale! Looks clean. Perfect boat for my someone I know looking.....paging Diablito better jump on it.
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    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    Quality fish right there and redic double! Thanks for posting.
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    CHUBASCO II- Halibut & Yellowtail

    Amazing for Half day. Thanks for posting
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    Fishing was good

    Lmao....nice to inspire envy Ron.
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    Fishing was good

    Fished Friday and Sat. NP to LB giving the 2 stroke a work out. Caught fish all over,tons of bait everywhere. PB Sandy, released as always, no scale went 22".
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    Coastal Kayak Fishing 5.5.2012

    Solid! Thanks for posting
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    Eye way...thats alot of sand bass!
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    MDR - Bass Fun Fest W/ The Red Drum!

    Quality fish guys!!! Thanks for posting.
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    10-4...Black Market Item.
  104. 247


  105. 247


    Fishing newport can make you insane.
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    04 / 25 Fun Fishin' Bass with Tailman on the Ducky

    Always a detailed report I enjoy reading. Thanks for posting.
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    Wellcraft 17'

    keep looking. really good deals out there for a little more money. Be sure to take to a marine shop to have motor checked out. Johns Marine in Stanton will check it out for about $100. buying a boat with a trashed motor will cost you as much as your looking to spend on the boat.
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    looks clean. you shouldnt have any problem selling. good luck with sale.
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    Team Ballast Point SWBA Report

    Looking forward to the video. Looks like you'll have to talk Shea into riding with BP in May. Nice job!
  110. 247

    LowBudgets day in SD bay. SWBA rd.2

    9.28 is a large bag!! Nice job killing them!
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    Hummingbird 798ci HD SI Combo

    In the market for an upgrade. Thinking of going with the 798ci HD SI combo, looks like the best bang for the buck? Ive read reviews but most are from east coast lake fishing, planning on using along the socal coast. Im not commited yet..if you have another recommendation.
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    Dana Pt. 1/20/2012

    Damn ...Looks like a fish from Alaska.
  113. 247

    AS Good As it gets

    Thanks for sharing Dave! That first sandy is a toad.
  114. 247

    Rpt-Wed-01-11-12 Great Local Bass'n!

    I always enjoy the pics and reports you post. Thanks Cory!
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    NPH Nite Spotties 01/09/12

    Loooks like you have them dialed in! Thanks for posting.
  116. 247

    Rpt-Mon-12-26-11 Local Bass on the chew!

    Thanks for posting...great weekend to be on the water.
  117. 247


    WTG Dave!! I look forward to going out with you once I save a few more bones.
  118. 247

    Fishing 12/23 on Split Decision

    Thanks for posting....I often wonder if I pull the same fish out from previous c/r.
  119. 247

    BLEWport/Alamitos Bays 12/22/11

    nice getting out in the wind...water looks nice for 30 mph. Keep the reports coming.
  120. 247

    Izors Reef from a divers view 12/20/11

    Thanks for sharing...look forward to pics next time.
  121. 247

    2000 Century 20' Center Console w/ Yamaha 150 - SOLD

    Cant believe this hasnt sold...damn nice rig. Good luck!
  122. 247

    Getting fancy with the video camera!

    Nice teaser...looking forward to the rest.
  123. 247

    Got ink?

    Some really sick work.
  124. 247

    Shimano TranX

    Bitchen...almost looks to big.
  125. 247

    QUALITY Lingasaurus, Goats and Reds on the Mirage

    You guys look stoked...all nice fish!
  126. 247

    my biggest hali

    Nice going getting out. Water looks nice.
  127. 247

    Halibut and Monster Sandie

    Nice sandy...thanks for posting.
  128. 247

    New Trout painting 12/2/11 and more..

    trout painting is great
  129. 247

    Fish Mount

    Heard Roberts is no longer designs in costa mesa...super happy with there work.
  130. 247

    Dana Point 12-4

    Boy looks stoked...Nice heard.
  131. 247

    SMB - Poorman's Yellowtail, Poorman's Lobster and Lingcods

    Nice size lings!! Those big whitefish are fun to catch. Thanks for the motivation.
  132. 247

    12/5/11 Fished with Captain Dave Hansen

    Very cool...looks and sounds like well worth the investment.
  133. 247

    11/27/2011 - NPH Tuben

    Nice work in the bay! Thanks for posting.
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    Explosion Sinks Boat, Leaves 8 Injured

    I thought it was a sonic boom...was looking for a plane at Belmont pier...noticed the smoke 5 mins later.
  135. 247

    Sheephead Hurting

    That's a nice one.
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    Lobster Hooping Report From Long Beach, 10/20

    Thanks for the report and details.
  137. 247

    SM - Sunday Fun on the Drum!

    Thanks for guys are always on the fish.
  138. 247

    No Pups Were Harmed

    NICE! I've heard those black pattys hold thrashers. Thanks for posting.
  139. 247

    Lobster Fishing was Good Last Night in Long Beach

    Thanks for the motivation Dan...looks like you have the bugs dialed in.
  140. 247


    Quality Jaime...Thanks for posting.
  141. 247

    Bug Hooping - Limits!

    Cool Pic...Put the wife to work.
  142. 247

    Long Beach Rockin' - 10/16 Report

    Enjoy your post...always detailed info and pics.
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    local Long Beach trip saturday 10-15

    Nice to see the water cleared up...good job getting out.
  144. 247

    Butastic Finish!!!!

    Great fish on 12lb! Thanks for posting it.
  145. 247

    Thief at SI

    Losers will steal anything....I recently had my enclosed trailer broke in and they took the shitter hose. wtf??
  146. 247

    Great night hooping

    Are those crabs good?
  147. 247

    3rd times a charm and new a AO

    only pic I need to see is your avatar...:drool:
  148. 247

    last night 11/8

    what was the price of the charter??
  149. 247

    Edgewater 225 CC

    Nice Boat..Good luck
  150. 247

    Salmon Heads now available at Belmont Pier

    Great info and thanks for sharing...whats the cost of a salmon head????
  151. 247

    New World Recod Halibut!

  152. 247

    Hooping and Seals

  153. 247


    Dope...left me wanting more.
  154. 247

    Got em! La Jolla with PB

    Thanks for sharing congrats on the PB.
  155. 247

    Oct 07 Long Beach Lobster Report

    haa...just bring some duct tape and wrap a grow stick on there floats.
  156. 247

    Sturgeon in LA Harbor

    Crazy...must be global warming.
  157. 247

    Hooping Success

    Big bug...thanks for posting.
  158. 247

    Del Mar bugs

    I was wondering if the red tide affected the bugs...guess not. Nice going!
  159. 247

    Oct. 06 Long Beach Lobster Report

    Way to find the bugs and clean boat! We were next to you on the opener hooping.
  160. 247

    NPH big spottie 9/29

    the patriots squid trip.
  161. 247

    NPH big spottie 9/29

    ya they will...nice fish David. I met you on the freedom fishing squirts. They don't know you roll 7 day trips. keep slaying the bay.:hali_olutta:
  162. 247

    Cedros Island Bass (pic heavy)

    classy move...looking forward to my trip there.
  163. 247

    Team Basstic - La Jolla Swimbait Yellowtail!

    nice work Evan....shocked its your first being how much water time you have. nice anew rare move on the release.
  164. 247

    water glowing

    thanks....any idea how to predict the algae showing up / what causes it or is it random. Im not tripping just would pick another night to head out.
  165. 247

    water glowing

    thanks...ya it wasn't redtide. The water was clear and if seen redtide before.the fish were lockjaw and that's what we figured with the line glowing. is there a way to predict this (moon,??)
  166. 247

    water glowing

    went out Saturday night out of L B. noticed the prop wash had a glow to it once we were under way. once we hit our spot noticed the lures to were glowing like a fluorescent light on the retrieval. fishing was dead...moved around noticed the line was also giving off a slight light. decided to...
  167. 247

    "Big Bass Specialist" Pt. DEUX....

    sick pair of beast.
  168. 247

    2.5 day AZTEC 8/19to8/21

    wow! you guys killed it!
  169. 247

    Apollo Overnight 8/16

    CL in 1 hand tuna in the other make for a good day, thanks for posting and tips.
  170. 247

    08 / 17 Local 3/4-day Moo-moo Trip on the 'Shoe' w/pics

    Where did you say the results were posted for the bac tourny?
  171. 247

    Bait Tank PF32 or similar

    check out mako matts in hb...just picked up a 32. works great price is cost of a used one.
  172. 247

    Indian 8/16-17th

    Thanks for tips...headed down Friday with a cooler that needs filling.
  173. 247


    good crew, good food, get there early to get a larger bunk. half are big and half are small.
  174. 247

    A 3 hour tour on the "Game Show" boat

    Nice tanker...thanks for posting
  175. 247

    Local WSB - 1st for my Dad - 7/2/11

    X2 Didn't even notice. Thanks for posting.
  176. 247

    Outrider - WSB and Halibut Fish Report!

    Sick picks...would love a report then a fish count.
  177. 247

    WSB!!!! and CALICO'S to boot

    You killed it. That deck is a mess.
  178. 247

    Slayed the butts

    Girl can do work.
  179. 247

    Going coastal gets it done, tanker 6-29

    Local bite is still on. Congrats.
  180. 247

    Father's Day Sea Bass

    Nice report. Sounds like a nice weekend with the fam. Thanks for posting
  181. 247

    6/19 Newport Coastal Tanker

    That's a bigol the box of cls too.
  182. 247

    Early Fathers Day Gift

    Nice going on the flatties with your boy. Water was perfect this weekend.
  183. 247

    Epic Day at the Coronados - Lawman's 13.1 pound Calico!

    Holy shit!! Thanks for report and posting pics.
  184. 247

    Killed Them on the Thunderbird 6/16-6/17

    Nice detailed report. I want see the post with a fat yellow and that same baitcaster.
  185. 247

    22Lbs sheepshead

    Nice Sheep!!!!! Thanks for posting the pics.
  186. 247

    06 / 14 3/4-Day Boat for 150 + Barracuda

    Looks super glassy. Thanks for posting Ron.
  187. 247

    Local Seabass 6-16-11

    Congrats on the local cbass and thank for posting.
  188. 247

    PB Calico!

    :rofl: congrats on pb and nice fish from shore.
  189. 247

    06.12.11 - Freelance - Cudas

    Thanks for reporting and pics. Looks like a regatta out there.
  190. 247

    My first white sea bass on the Outrider put in the time.
  191. 247

    DAY 92 The streak continues...almost there

    Go for 365. Thanks for posting
  192. 247

    Bay Bruisers 6/9

    Killed the spotties...I bet your next meeting will end quick too. Thanks for posting.
  193. 247

    Late Report SD Local 6/10 Mixed Batch

    Thanks for info and posting Dave.
  194. 247

    First White Sea Bass 6/10/11

    Those are tankers! Thanks for posting
  195. 247

    SOUTHERN CAL 6-10-11 AM

    Nice work on the slimers.
  196. 247

    twilight fishing baits

    Plastics work good also...mix it up if live crap isn't working. Let us know how it works out Finn.
  197. 247


    Water looked nice. Congrats on the cbass...that's how you break a new boat in. Thanks for reporting.
  198. 247

    La jolla 6-6 / 6-7

    Nice fishy, thanks for reporting
  199. 247

    Wham bam in the tude

  200. 247

    Bolsa Chica Tanker WSB 6-5-11

    Great memories for junior. Real nice local fish!!
  201. 247

    Coronado Islands - Report 6.4.11

    Nice quality fish. Thanks for posting
  202. 247

    Memorial Day - Late post yet epic!

    Congrats on the WSB and thanks for posting.Caught one same size on Friday in LB.
  203. 247

    NPH June 2, 2011

    Thanks for post. Cool under water pics.
  204. 247

    1997 Wellcraft 190 CCF 19ft Center Console

    Nice setup! Priced to sell. Surprised it hasn't sold.
  205. 247

    Bass Contest Winner for May is...

    Hugh! Looks heavier the 9.10 lbs. Congrats Robert.
  206. 247

    Team Basstic - Excellent Early Season Calico Bass Action At Catalina Island

    Cool little vid...maybe should of skipped lunch in avalon. Thanks for sharing.
  207. 247

    19 Foot Center Console 1998 Trophy 1903

    Nice CC, ill send the link to my buddy who's looking
  208. 247


    Thanks Frank for the tide little website.
  209. 247

    LBH Fishing - Team Bad Bass

    Doing work from shore! Thanks for posting.
  210. 247

    No Skunk here 5/28

    LOLLOLLOLCongrats on the PB! COLDBLOODED on the cuda call.
  211. 247

    26'' hali and chunky Spottie NPH

    Nice work! Keep the reports coming.
  212. 247

    IB CUDA AND HALIBUT sat 5-28-11

    Cool pic. Thanks for report.
  213. 247

    My new personal best WSB

    Nice fish and congrats on PB! You guys get any others?
  214. 247

    PL Rockfish Limits 5/25 & 5/28

    Thanks for the interesting from the whites if your in the 90's. :rofl:
  215. 247

    Pacific Quest First trip of the season

    Looks like they decided to show up. Nice Job on the SB! Weird jeans your bud in the reds wearing. Half pants/half ripped shorts. Time for the trash.
  216. 247

    Newport Bay Night Run 5/27

    WTG on the plastics. Thanks for report.
  217. 247


    Nice work...too bad the boat didnt go to cat.
  218. 247


    Congrats and good timing!
  219. 247

    Long Beach Slug

    Wow...nice fish and going on the CPR. Thanks for report.
  220. 247

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    Talk about fish envy. Nice job and thanks for report.
  221. 247

    SM 5/21 - Sunset Bass Slayfest w/ Red Drum

    Nice fish guys!! Thanks for report!
  222. 247

    Local Wall Action

    Outside...less kelp and better water movement.
  223. 247

    05/22/11 - Long Beach, Bass and Barracuda

    Look like some happy boys! Thanks for report.
  224. 247

    11 Pound Calico

    Nice Trophy fish! You did what you could on the CR. Gonna be hard to beat that one. Thanks for report.
  225. 247

    Epic day at Santa Rosa Island

    Thanks for report Dan...looks like they shot that first hali with a 12ga slug.
  226. 247

    Local Halibut - 5/20/11

    gave that 300 a work out...thanks for report.
  227. 247

    San Diego Bay 5-19-2011

    Nice fish...whats a pound of uni cost a G.
  228. 247

    05.20.11 Spitfire - Cudas still on the chew!

    Nice work on the slimers. Thanks for report
  229. 247

    Local Wall Action

    Hit the wall Sat morning. Glassy with big swells. Took my 7yr old nephew out for his first ocean experience. First cast hooked this fatty checker. Landed 20, all fish CR...why wouldn’t you when I hooked 2 trash bags and actually saw a floating syringe which reinforced my CPR message to the...
  230. 247


    that lings head is HUGE! Thanks for report.
  231. 247

    Fatheads and Flathead 5/19

    Those spotties are fat. Thanks for report.
  232. 247

    Day 69 and it's stormy...

    Tagging fish?? Keep it classy SD. X4 you gotta do something about those zombie feet.
  233. 247


    Nice fish, love those first cast hook ups. CPR Dog.
  234. 247

    Little taste of NPH!

    Pig spottie!
  235. 247

    5/14/2011 Halibut Happiness

    Stokage! Kids the lucky charm.
  236. 247

    Tsharking on Hanna Sat 5/14

    Been there once before...only thing to stop it is the clicker screaming line out.
  237. 247

    HB flats

    X2 tons of macs!
  238. 247

    Dana Point Condition Report 5.13

    Nice work on the checkers! Cool photo shop trees in the background!
  239. 247

    05 / 12 Barracuda, Stovepipes, & Slimestixs

    Appreciate the detailed reports ron! Still going strong on the plastic only.
  240. 247


    Keep the reports coming and whats working for you! CPR.
  241. 247

    Rpt-Thur.-05-12-11 Insane Barracuda Fishing!

    Hope to get me some tomorrow! Thanks for reporting.
  242. 247

    Fished the Wall today

    Nice Dan...Thanks for reporting.
  243. 247

    Loopin' 'em w/Friends on the Tradition

    Dig all the pics, looks like you killed em. Thanks for report.
  244. 247

    LiQuId LiFe

    Your photos are kool! Thanks
  245. 247

    Dana Point 5-6-11

    Water looks glassy...nice grade fish! Thanks for report.
  246. 247

    (I aint no fortunate son) Newport Harbor Video

    Cool video! Look forward to the next one.
  247. 247

    SCI SEABASS!!!!!

    WTG Guys! Well worth the trip out!
  248. 247

    COASTAL YELLOW - 4/6/11

    Real nice fish! Thanks for report.
  249. 247


    Nice fish in last photo!
  250. 247

    L.B. WALL 5/6

    Good Times...looks glassy, cant tell from the photo how big the swells actully were.
  251. 247

    GIANT Newport Spottie

    Fat spottie! Thanks for report.
  252. 247

    Dana Prefish for SWBA Rd.3

    Solid fish! Thanks for report.
  253. 247

    Low Budget 55.6 pound bass!!!

    Sweet on the curado!
  254. 247

    @the LBC WALL 4-26-11

    :rofl: CPR! What are you on a calico diet?
  255. 247

    SD Sportfish "SWEET TERESA" report 4/25/11 Fuel, Butts and Cracker Jacks

    Damn! Shooting fish in a barrel these days! Hope that gas last more then a few trips...ouch
  256. 247

    Island hopping

    Nice grade fish! Thanks for report!
  257. 247

    Little Drum, Big Trophies 4/23 (abridged)

    Wow! You guys killed it. Thanks for report.
  258. 247


    With the pro-cure it must be 500x the scent. Thanks for report.
  259. 247


    Nice work! Thanks for report.
  260. 247

    White Sea Bass off the rocks

    Nice! Great Pic! Glad to see you put the house on the back burner for some fishing.
  261. 247

    SD Sportfish "SWEET TERESA" report 4/10/11

    Congrats on the PB! You guys have those Hali's dialed in!
  262. 247

    Long Beach Calico action

    Thanks for report and nice job on the CR!
  263. 247

    LJ Ling

    Nice Fish!
  264. 247

    Rpt-Wed.-04-06-11 Descanzo Critters Chew!

    Thanks for detailed report. Looks like a fun trip south.
  265. 247

    Mad Max south 9

    Thanks for report...sick boat!
  266. 247

    PIER J 4-5-11

    Thanks for report. Next rule should be CR all.
  267. 247

    Point Loma fishing was GREAT!

    Nice Cab and Lights! Now back to the gym.
  268. 247


    Thanks for report. Those are beast.
  269. 247

    Got em'

    Nice fish!
  270. 247

    The real reason why fishing has sucked lately...

    I won't even wear banana boat sunscreen.
  271. 247

    Check out these teeth!

    Nice sheep and baittank!
  272. 247

    Wed 3-30 More Bassin

    Nice #s again on the ducky.
  273. 247

    LBC BREAK WALL 3-28-11

    That's a pig. Thanks for report
  274. 247

    SD Sportfish "SWEET TERESA" report 3/28/11 Our "NEW" Personal Best

    Wow! Nice fish! You guys are having a good season.
  275. 247

    The sand bass were biting 3-27-11

    Nice job by the little man.
  276. 247

    What the heck is this? Fish ID please....

    Someone with an old shirt holding a fish.
  277. 247

    Redondo 3/22/11 Old Territory

    Nice catch. Thanks for report.
  278. 247

    newport harbor fishing spots

    Million dollar question. Maybe fish dope has it?
  279. 247

    South S.D. Bay great day

    You can hold your head high with a 40 count. Nice work.
  280. 247

    Newport Bay 3-19-11

    Thanks for report
  281. 247

    Local 03 / 16 Red Snapper Moo-moo Trip

    Always enjoy the read Ron thanks!
  282. 247

    Newport Harbor Tubin

    Nice report and pics. Thanks
  283. 247

    Mantis Shrimp Mayhem

    Great Pics, nice size spotty and that shrimp is crazy! Good info on handling them. Never would of guessed.
  284. 247

    Dick's Sporting Goods sells tackle?

    Thanks again John, just loaded up at Tustin. You could resell those fish finders/trolling motors for a few bucks.
  285. 247

    Dick's Sporting Goods sells tackle?

    Thanks for post. 50% off I can find something I don't need.
  286. 247

    Rockfish from shore in san diego

    Welcome to the board. :rofl:
  287. 247

    Fishn was good WFO!

    Good size bass. Plastics? Thanks for report.
  288. 247

    Old school!

    I like your avatar picture more!
  289. 247

    3/12/11 - Fishing the Tsunami at Catalina

    That's cool on gettin the inlaw back out.
  290. 247

    San Clemente Island Trip 3/4,5,6

    Nice boat! Biggest white fish I've seen.
  291. 247

    Fished on the Thunderbird Wed

    Any pics of those sheepheads?
  292. 247

    Newport Bait Barge is back in action

    Great news! Nice that you get it here first.
  293. 247

    My biggest butt ever!

    Congrats on the PB!
  294. 247

    Millions of dead Anchovy and Sardines

    Take them to sea world and sell them to the visitors on a hot dog tray for $10 for 5 fish.
  295. 247

    Rockfish 3/5/11

    I don't know how giving them info could help us. They are going to just twist or use anything you say against us. When was the last time they helped or made things better????
  296. 247


    Looks like you were "WINNING" that night.
  297. 247

    New Zealand Yellowtail Kingfish Everywhere

    Amazing photo with the 2 yellows on say jig!!
  298. 247

    SWEET TERESA report for 3/4/11

    I'm sure that was a good fight on 10lb. Thanks for great report.
  299. 247

    Rig for prerigged soft plastics???

    Same here with the storms! Gave them a good soak for zilch. They look great and got me to bite on a few.
  300. 247

    03 / 01 Bassin' on the Ducky w/Tailman

    Thanks for response. Same experience last week at Izors. Ripping current/random wind blowing made it more trouble then worth staying there. Always looking for tips.
  301. 247

    03 / 01 Bassin' on the Ducky w/Tailman

    Always enjoy your post. With wind you find it hard to stay on Izors? Do you use a drift sock?
  302. 247

    Rockfish Opener on the First String

    Sounds like a sick trip. Would love to see pics.
  303. 247

    Irvine report for 2-27

    Never had a problem with owners...that usually a shinner issue. Thanks for report.
  304. 247

    Rockfish Opener on the Spitfire!

    Limits didn't seem to be a problem anywhere yesterday.
  305. 247

    Local 3/1/11 Rockfish Opener

    Widh I didn't have to wait till the weekend.
  306. 247

    LBC BREAK WALL 3-1-11

    Nice work on the wall.
  307. 247

    NEW KeepAlive 10 Gal Bait Tank with 700 gal/hr aerator pump

    surprised it took that long. total steal.
  308. 247


    Wish I knew that hot spot! Killer photo.
  309. 247

    Dana Point Harbor

    Thanks for post, love the boat pic. Might need a new coat of bottom paint.
  310. 247

    INDIAN FEB 23rd overnight report

    Great pictures, thanks for report.
  311. 247

    Bassin' on the SoCal 02 / 23 Trip

    Thanks for report. Can't wait to get out.
  312. 247

    Malibu 2/24/11 Big Bugs Galore!

    Nice report and pics! You obviously know what's up.
  313. 247

    Bassin' PV 02 / 22 w/Tailman on the Rubber Ducky

    Great report!! Always enjoy the read!
  314. 247

    2/23/11 LJ trip

    Looks glassy.thanks for report.
  315. 247

    4+ Gas this summer

    Any reason to raise the price a fuel they will jump at it. Start drilling Alaska already!!
  316. 247

    Danger removed / Epic day Catalina

    Thanks for removing the rope! That would of ended a nice outing for someone.
  317. 247

    SM - Critterin'

    Way to go on the trigger....B.O.A.T.
  318. 247

    yakking and a perfect 10

    Nice little evening sesh!
  319. 247

    For sale 2002 Striper 2101 Walk Around

    not was priced right.
  320. 247


    Nice Boat...wish I had the coin.
  321. 247

    22' Triumph 215 CC

    very clean setup! wish i had the dough!
  322. 247

    Solid CC

    interested...can you send more pics
  323. 247

    2007, 19' Baja Bayrunner

    Like the set up.
  324. 247

    25' Sea Ray Laguna Walkaround Cuddy $12500

    Looks like a very fishable boat! Good Luck!
  325. 247

    1999 21 FT. PROLINE W/A

    Are those recent pictures...looks brand new?
  326. 247

    23 parker ec

    do you have a trailer, what the mpg,rangefuel capacity,2 stroke motor?
  327. 247

    23' Clippercraft Pilothouse

    Looks like a sweet boat! good luck with the sale.
  328. 247

    22 ' Center Console w/ 225 4 stroke

    nice boat! Im sure quick
  329. 247

    2008 17' Twin Vee

    Sent you a PM, Can you email current pics w/new top to [email protected]
  330. 247


    SOB! Better the mechanic then a sad new owner!
  331. 247

    Still Some Big Yellow Roaming Catalina...

    Nice report...headed there this weekend!
  332. 247

    1992 Gregor Seahawk IV 18'-5" CC

    Good Luck! That Cans Loaded!
  333. 247

    Trophy 1802wa walk around w/Cuddy

    Bait tank set up looks sweet!
  334. 247

    2007 Fountain 25cc

  335. 247

    Spectra Sportfishing First Offshore Trip 9-20 to 9-22 Excellent Fishing

    Graet Post Congrats, Look forward to getting out on your boat!
  336. 247

    Never thought i could catch this on 40lb.

    Nice Fish Billy!!! Had to Have Svue back you up? JK How many day you fish? Jones
  337. 247

    Yellows feel so gooddddd

    WOW!!!! Nice Post, someone knows what they are doing!
  338. 247


    Super Funny!!!