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  1. johnnylite

    First river salmon

    ditto on the end of the video games. nice fish
  2. johnnylite

    Oside Bait...

    There are no fish in Oceanside.
  3. johnnylite

    Looking to Fish Again-Wounded Warrior

    Seeing this old thread made me smile and also proud to know there are good people here. If there ever is another Wounded Warriors event count me in to tow down to SD.
  4. johnnylite

    Captain Ron Baker Surgery Update

    The world needs more like him. Get better soon.
  5. johnnylite

    My Gonna Be Surf/Fish/F-Around Skiff

    Maybe inspection ports to cover speaker holes. Create some storage space. Cool boat and have fun.
  6. johnnylite

    OK, who was clingling to their flipped skiff?

    Glad he is ok but really no life jacket? Come on now. Thank god he was alone.
  7. johnnylite

    Fishing out of dana point or Oceanside

    Most tackle shops there will point you in the right direction. There are also map guides available. If you use light gear it is a lot more fun . Check with the bait receiver also in Oceanside. If possible do a mid week the crowds are down. You should be fine along the coast and maybe a bit...
  8. johnnylite

    R.I.P. Winda

    What a beautiful dog. Sorry for your loss.
  9. johnnylite

    Salmon for Soldiers - Volunteer Boat Captains

    Good stuff and good luck to all of you.
  10. johnnylite

    Office furniture

    Sounds crazy but go on Craigslist. Look under business section. I have found stuff there and also in the free section. Also check with commercial property managers. They have people leave stuff behind. I did a whole office for free.
  11. johnnylite

    About to lose my window view!

    Replace your side door if you have one with one with a window. Voila. By the way I am cool now too.
  12. johnnylite

    Hey Frank...

    Glad you are ok. Kick some ass when you can.
  13. johnnylite

    And for another thing!

    Count your blessings and move on. It happens. I was once cruising about 95-100 on my bike on a long stretch of highway about 2 am coming home from San Diego. No traffic at all and just trying to stay warm. I notice something next to me and it's a CHP waits until I look over wags his finger at...
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    Chino Air Show

  15. johnnylite

    BD in Bad Form

  16. johnnylite

    Second G-Urushi

    Epic. Having five thumbs I can only admire.
  17. johnnylite

    going to Bahia de Los Angeles for the first time?

    Have a great time. What a great birthday present.
  18. johnnylite

    If you care about White Seabass...

    I remember only hearing stories about them. They are back and recognizing a problem and doing something about it seemed to work. As for the Sea Lions etc. yes I agree nature weeding out the weak etc. should be left alone.
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    Is anyone catching Halibut around Ventura?

    It's douche bag by the way. Weather looks o.k. so have fun.
  20. johnnylite

    My dad is so fast

    My mom always talks about how fast my dad is.
  21. johnnylite

    With their first pick, ##### selects......

    Patriots select future hall of famer in 5th round.
  22. johnnylite

    Uniflite FrankenPup

    Sweet. Lots of work but worth it.
  23. johnnylite

    Whats up with Seeker

    Good luck and much success.
  24. johnnylite

    Tackle for 5 day on searcher

    Couple of those and maybe some of those over there. Take your open to having a great f'n time personality and have a blast.
  25. johnnylite

    Happy Birthday Surfdoc... where ever you are!!

    Amen. Dishing out advice somewhere. Only met him a couple times. Great guy and always there to help.
  26. johnnylite

    Sterling: Hell hath no fury...

    The dangers of associating with a whore. Forget the disease etc. In the end though he still is a billionaire. He paid 12.5 Million for the Clippers. Not a dime towards Staples center. One of the most profitable franchises already in the NBA. Slimebag yes. Will this change him? Not one bit.
  27. johnnylite

    San Diego Bay?

    Gulp. Try all the colors. Swimming mullet. Jerk shad. Shrimp. Small mosquito hook sliding egg sinker. Light gear.
  28. johnnylite

    moving my boat

    Guy on the board. Dave Hanson maybe Hansen. Good idea to float it on down.
  29. johnnylite

    Crappie Day at Cachuma

    Nice fish and sweet rig you've got. Set up perfect for the lake.
  30. johnnylite

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    Two things. Ex and I had worked our asses off for three years straight no fun no nothing. We bought it to have something to show for it. Second was we both had lost a ton of weight and looked pretty damn good if I do say so. Boat's name was Our Reward. Lot's of shit happened since then but I...
  31. johnnylite

    Looking For A Longboard For A Marine

    I'll keep my eye out. Where are you located? How long a board are you looking for?
  32. johnnylite

    Salmon for Soldiers – We Need Your Help!

    Wish I was in Washington. Great event and god bless you all. My son and I did one of these in San Diego when he was 13 and he still talks about it.
  33. johnnylite

    The boat is ready! It is time to go!

    What a great story and pics. You are a great writer. Ever thought about doing it in a blog or something?
  34. johnnylite

    Southern Oman, GT Fishing April 2014 Part I

    Unbelievable post and pictures. Too many questions to start. Goes to prove that where there are fish there are fishermen. The trailing hooks tied on the Jigs and poppers are something I have never seen. What is the material used?
  35. johnnylite

    Need advice

    Well made it through the testing for my permit and have signed up for local school. Good advice on the endorsements. I'm going for all of them except passenger. Hopefully should be done in a month or so.
  36. johnnylite

    Alii Kai 17 Rebuild

    Looks like a great project. It amazes me the skill you guys have. In the end it will be just how you want it and no worries about the quality of work and that it will last.
  37. johnnylite

    How to keep my new kicker

    It's a pain in the ass anyway you look at it. Good luck and I hope it's with you for many years.
  38. johnnylite

    Couple question about storing my boat at home in Temecula

    It's the squeaky wheel thing. Look for HOA first. We lived in Crowne Hill there and they were selective but dicks. Neighbor knew board member so he got to have boats, business, etc. I got written up for gate. Most have roaming retired people with nothing to do but f with people. There are a...
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    Looks like a great little vacation. Water looks beautiful.
  40. johnnylite

    360 degree knockdown test

    Kind of cool.
  41. johnnylite

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Years ago I remember a Skip Shalhoob. I also grew up with a Nick Shalhoob. He and his mom lived in Summerland at the time. Long time ago.
  42. johnnylite

    Good luck Capt Ron

    Everyone I have talked to said they wished they did it sooner. Good luck and get better.
  43. johnnylite

    Need advice

    I agree it seems getting your own is the way to go. It was pretty easy to pick up as a 20 year old. Old man reaction time may be slower. Lot's of jobs for sure. Being broke sucks.
  44. johnnylite

    F'ing Rude Drivers- If you're gonna drive slow, move to the right...

    Yep big truck small dick. Shit happens.
  45. johnnylite

    2 small puppies looking for a good home!

    Nice end of story.
  46. johnnylite


    That bar stool on the left is like 1" too high.
  47. johnnylite

    Need advice

    So i am thinking about getting my CDL class A license and hitting the road. Anybody have experience with the schools and or Company training classes. Got the written part down and drove when I was young but would like to see if anyone has advice.
  48. johnnylite

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    But I want to be the envy of everyone on the boat!
  49. johnnylite

    bass pro kayak

    Best advice is find a dealer near water and test them out. There are many factors such as your weight, width, room for stuff etc. You can also test how well they paddle and how long your butt can stand sitting in it. Other advice is spend money on a good light weight paddle and also test out...
  50. johnnylite

    Sunk Boat, suggestions?

    I would suggest reading your contract. I would then suggest at least talking to a lawyer. Maybe you won't need him but the money will be well spent.
  51. johnnylite

    Lake Skinner - Know Before You Go

    The anal probe is the worst.
  52. johnnylite

    DP ghost 3/24

    Nice by catch. Interesting that you were fishing for halibut and there this one is. You just never know I guess. Incredible fish.
  53. johnnylite

    Fishing with our warriors

    Good for you and I hope others are joining in on this. Best trip I ever had was a Wounded Warriors trip in San Diego. The stories from those kids made you realize just what they go through. My son also learned how to use the word that rhymes with truck.
  54. johnnylite

    Unfortunate experience with Boston Whaler and Schock Boats

    Actualy it is. If you present yourself as a professional or accept money for your work the expectation is it is done well. If you hire some dickhead off Craigslist you get what you pay for. Paying for shoddy work just doesn't make sense.
  55. johnnylite

    Fishing Saturday 3/22 in SD Bay, one open seat

    Looks like a great day on the water. Man I miss that bay.
  56. johnnylite

    Disposing old gasoline?

    Unless your wife is a smoker.
  57. johnnylite

    Bill W strikes....again

    Nice fish. Looks stoked.
  58. johnnylite

    Stay in your boat

    I love that video. Kind of like the helicopter one. I too caught the shoot in head and release part.
  59. johnnylite


    Good to hear.
  60. johnnylite

    RIP Lady....good dog...

    Sorry for your loss.
  61. johnnylite

    need somebody to installl a flir system- I have the unit

    Brick, Mortar, storefront,insurance, employees, knowledge. Good for them. I'm guessing they answered questions before you bought it too. Make sure you keep the internet's phone number if you have any issues handy.
  62. johnnylite

    Picked up a 14ft side console

    Sweet. Fishing is fishing as they say.
  63. johnnylite

    ling cod

    I do have a busty wife so maybe I need to try that recipe.
  64. johnnylite

    Tunaslam, Corey! Steve and the guys

    Welcome back.
  65. johnnylite

    Considering getting a bigger ride/project on the cheap -which hull?

    Good luck. My dream boat has always been a Bertram.
  66. johnnylite

    Best Bass Day this Year

    Excellent day. Where do you launch? I am in Channel Islands area but have always wanted to come south.
  67. johnnylite

    San Diego Bait Barge Moves To Temporary Home Near Harbor Island

    Where does the bait barge get all its fish? Do they breed them elswhere? (Comment on bottom of page.) Good one.
  68. johnnylite

    Towing a 25ft Cabin Cruiser....the dilemma.....

    Rent a U-Haul Pickup when you go out. 20 bucks a day. No cost the other 300 or so days.
  69. johnnylite

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    It's the MLPA all those extra fish ate them.
  70. johnnylite

    Am I nuts?

    Late to the party but yes learn to swim. Keep in mind also that the weight form clothes, shoes, etc. add to it. Have fun and be safe.
  71. johnnylite

    Run for your Lives!

    Imagine the acids in that snakes stomach to break down that alligator. Freakin cool though.
  72. johnnylite

    Gaviota Pier: Nice knowing you

    One of my recurring nightmares. On the pier when it happens. I watched the waves take down the IB Pier. Remember them just engulfing the Ocean Beach Pier. Mother nature.
  73. johnnylite

    Smallest Boat for Tuna

    What Tambs said. It's about the specific boat and equipment, Skippers ability. It's all good until the s hits the fan. I too have been 30-40 miles offshore in my boat at 21' but that is in Southern Cal. Washington is a whole different can of worms. It just isn't worth it in my opinion.
  74. johnnylite

    Kalli boys have some rain Coming

    Stormwatch 2014 with Doppler 7000HD.
  75. johnnylite

    My rig is finally ready to go!

    Epic. Winner of the if I just add a few accessories award.
  76. johnnylite

    Fishing Sunday Feb 23rd

    If I was in San Diego yes. Maybe just a little coastal cruising for some Sandbass with light gear? Drift for a Halibut or two? Have fun.
  77. johnnylite

    14 new additions to the family

    Mom does look exhausted. 35 cups a day. Time for a part time job.
  78. johnnylite

    Family camping

    Look around Temecula. There are a couple RV/ Camping places and Lake Skinner.
  79. johnnylite


    That New Topless Tackle shop by LAX.
  80. johnnylite


    Anyone with the nuts to own a Tackle store deserves at least a C. Given the Big Boy Big Box competition it is tough to say the least.
  81. johnnylite


    By the title I thought you had a baby.
  82. johnnylite

    I just woke up from an alcohol induced coma

    I like the Title switch. Maybe and boy is my ... sore.
  83. johnnylite

    Own a Corvette??

    Or if you have a Corvette you don't need a big dick. But not really.
  84. johnnylite

    How to use New Posts

    It's all new so I just hit new posts and enjoy. Thank you for this site I have always enjoyed it. ( Please put the boat rebuild threads on top though) Johnnylite
  85. johnnylite


    maybe clear your History tab.
  86. johnnylite

    When and Where?

    Seems the Channel Islands and Ventura Ramps are closed. I saw the temp ramp at CI but wondering if it's a bit nuts like Shelter Island on a weekend. Got the boat needs to get wet blues. Any suggestions or when the ramps are going to be open? Living in Camarillo now so maybe a quick freeway trip.
  87. johnnylite

    Wow, classy Sherman....

    He's just an excitable boy. (Warren Zevon) Manning is a machine and will spin him around like a top.
  88. johnnylite

    Any concern about Fukushima out there?

    I have noticed a few extra seconds to get ready for action. Maybe its the old thing though.
  89. johnnylite

    First Project Boat.

    Oh how I love these posts. Great work and keep those pics coming. Lot's of work but she will be sweet when done.
  90. johnnylite

    Redoing the boat.

    That's the plan. Radar next on the list. Got the PFD assortment bought. Getting it wet this weekend.
  91. johnnylite

    Let's try this again. 18' Dory rebuild......

    Any updates. Going to be a great little boat.
  92. johnnylite

    97 21' bayrunner tear down

    At least 30-40 more pics of the project as you go. These are my favorite threads. Good work.
  93. johnnylite

    Rare Sriracha

    Excellent idea.
  94. johnnylite

    Redoing the boat.

    Putting the boat back together for 2014. Been sitting for two years. Did the service, drain the fuel etc. Thinking about a couple new additions. First have the original 2006 model Garmin combo unit and would like to upgrade. Boat is now in Channel Islands area so thinking Radar good idea. Next...
  95. johnnylite

    I thought Mt Lions didn't hunt in groups?

    A fn Men Brother.
  96. johnnylite

    Huge ass squid!

  97. johnnylite

    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    I said it years ago in a respectful way of course. She is incredible. Slays the fish too.
  98. johnnylite

    We Lost a good one today RIP Jerry

    I was reading the story this morning. He was also quite a player. World series wins with the Yankees. Great clutch player. Decorated Pilot from WW2 and Korea. He was always the optimist with the Padres and just a class act as a human being. An Icon in SD for sure.
  99. johnnylite

    Ron Kovach passes

    Great man. His enthusiasm while fishing just made me smile. RIP
  100. johnnylite

    Where's the discount?

    Yep. We did it for years that way. Free boxes, free tape. Free pickup. Flat rate within Western States. Priority Mail is the schiznit.
  101. johnnylite


    Film at 11. Local man castrated while sleeping.
  102. johnnylite

    Need a setup for the wife (first timer)

    I agree. Nice level wind setup and a nice pole. More fish easy to work and happy wife equals happy husband. Mine even bought our first boat.
  103. johnnylite

    Catfish rod recommendations?

    I have used everything from a kids rod to a Bass setup. I've seen some catfish specials at the shop. Light tip and some backbone in the middle. Ronnie Kovack maybe spelled wrong has done a couple shows on Catfishing. Google it and maybe see his preference. Comfortable seat for the wait seems to...
  104. johnnylite

    Sea Biscuit ran aground at Anacapa

    Ten pages in and here is my take. Boat has radar, boat is moving, course heads for a landmass. Somebody awake should be at wheel watching radar and horizon. Time to island from port is not that long. Yes somebody is responsible and in the end speculation will be just that. Hearings coming for...
  105. johnnylite

    Xmas present wish list?

    Yes no presents for me just make that happen. God bless you and prayers sent.
  106. johnnylite

    No God is Welcome in San Diego.......per U.S. District Judge Larry Burns

    Note to Moderators add Religion to Politics rule.
  107. johnnylite

    Dredging San Diego

    So where will you hoop now?
  108. johnnylite

    Rod Room under construction.

    I like the Angel statue. Keep the faith and hope things get better. Good thoughts to you and your son.
  109. johnnylite

    Looking for an enclosed trailer to rent or borrow.

    U-Haul? you only have to tow it one way. Pretty cheap too.
  110. johnnylite

    Suggestions for which boat to rockfish right now

    I hear good things about the Pacific Islander. I fished a few times during the summer with them. Good people and very nice boat.
  111. johnnylite

    Sometimes the Truth Hurts

    Very Funny and yes probably true.
  112. johnnylite

    costa shades saved my eye

    Awesome. Good thing you had them on.
  113. johnnylite

    First Ahi on New Boat

    Sweet. Always nice to get that first one.
  114. johnnylite

    VISTA Irrigation District slaughtering wildlife

    No mechanical pullers.
  115. johnnylite

    "Holy Mackerel" 13 Whaler Rebuild

    Amazing project and great lesson for that boy. He helped make it come true not just handed to him. Great gift in many ways. Bay Bassing rig for sure.
  116. johnnylite

    Channel Islands Lings

    That is an awesome boat to fish from. I'm hoping to head out once the weather dies down.
  117. johnnylite


    I have a Triumph 210 CC and love it. Fishing wise it has everything I want and need. The hull is rock solid and no issues. The spray and go feature is also a plus. As mentioned the little scrapes and bumps just get rubbed down with a 3m pad. If fishing is what you are after then yes it is a...
  118. johnnylite

    Busting Blluefin Tuna Out Of The Lebanese Coast, November 21013!

    Awesome post. Thank you for the great pictures also.
  119. johnnylite

    new to spotties

    Gulp Saltwater. Jerk shad all colors. I do lead heads or a mosquito hook with a sliding egg sinker above. Small gear think freshwater bass.
  120. johnnylite

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    I remember my Uncle dropping us off for a day of fishing on the barge in San Diego. Taking the boat out to it and spending the day. Don't remember what we caught but sure some bonita and mackerel were in there. He would go to work and pick us up on way home. Burgers sodas and fish. Great times.
  121. johnnylite

    Shelter Island Pier fishin report 11.16.2013

    Good point on the two slips. Or shut down the freeway and tow it home. I remember fishing that little pier maybe 30 years ago. Fishin is fishin. :D
  122. johnnylite

    Young & Old having a good time in Cabo

    Awesome time and great fish. Hope I look that good at 77. Must be the fresh air and fishing. I would stick to that story anyway.
  123. johnnylite

    The Journey

    Epic skills just epic. Ditto on the Fireball.
  124. johnnylite

    Women in Pangas

    Bucket and towel works every time. Good for you taking her. Catch lots of fish and post pics. Just the fish not the other part.
  125. johnnylite

    Your Dream Fishing Boat?

    Mine. Triumph 210cc. Paid for and made it through the divorce. :)
  126. johnnylite

    The Journey

    Just incredible. The quality and how you really want it is just perfect. Keep it up.
  127. johnnylite

    Are Chiefs for real?

    Three answers Yes they can Get better Curt I'm hypnotized by the bouncing girl.
  128. johnnylite

    Maya's first time Lobster Fishing | Hoop Netting out of Dana Point

    How cool is that? My baby girl is 28 now and I remember those days of just having fun. Great post and pics
  129. johnnylite

    Surfdoc Memorial

    I remember meeting him there and talking about our boats and of course fishing. I didn't get a chance to know him as well as i would have liked. Great guy and always there to help. Great tribute and incredible memorial to him especially the panga. Johnnylite
  130. johnnylite

    sportboat name changes

    Many memories of those boats but favorite has to be City of Imperial Beach. Going off the pier for that short ride to the islands. My Uncle Paul and I caught many a Yellowtail together. I also remember a Barge parked off shore he would end me to for the day. Great pictures and great stories...
  131. johnnylite

    my new old boat,,86 Shamrock pilothouse

    Sweet. Good looking boat,
  132. johnnylite

    10/5 to 10/13/2013 - spirit of adventure

    Great read. Someday I am taking the plunge and going.
  133. johnnylite

    An odd question...

    Good for you by the way.
  134. johnnylite

    Need upholstery work done in Ventura area

    Thanks - - - Updated - - - Thanks
  135. johnnylite

    Need upholstery work done in Ventura area

    Need to recover cushions, seats etc. Any suggestions or people you like? Thanks John
  136. johnnylite

    hoopin aint easy!

    Nice haul. That one looks short. Just kidding.
  137. johnnylite

    Rpt-Sat-Local B&B Insanity plus Costa Rica!

    Cory, Been away from the board for a while but nice to see you fishing. I remember your positive posts and always lots of fish and pics. Looks like a great day on the water.
  138. johnnylite

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    I only met him a couple times but remember that how can I help you attitude. That boat of his was pretty damn awesome and I remember spending a half hour or so going over the layout with him. I also remember his posts and thinking good for you living your dream. rest in peace and prayers to...
  139. johnnylite

    Dan Hernandez

    I met him at a show and he was very nice. Working with kids just elevates him. I think we all imagine a life of fishing for a living. Oh and big cans too. Lots of big cans watcing us fish and bringing cold refreshments.
  140. johnnylite

    A Different Kind Of Man Cave

    How sweet is that. Love the Dining room table. Big screen leather sofas and you're done.
  141. johnnylite

    Problem Foreigners In Campgrounds!!!

    One word Cowbell. You know what i mean carl.
  142. johnnylite

    Make-A-Wish banquet tickets

    Quite possibly one of the best Charities out there. have raised many thousands for them. Alas I am out of town that weekend. Hope somebody goes and feels the thrill of that group.
  143. johnnylite

    Launch Ramp Etiquette

    I thought so . I was in that convoy. Maybe the guy in the picture was pinchin one last one off.
  144. johnnylite

    8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    How about the STFU and fish invitational?
  145. johnnylite

    8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    Blah, blah blah blah blah. Waaaaah. Holy crap guy get over it. Shit happens somedays you catch some days you don't. Good Skipper answered your whining sniveling post so wtf?
  146. johnnylite

    8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    I think I'll go back to STP's avatar instead.
  147. johnnylite

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Wow. Fished Kennedy's camp like 40-50 years ago on the south side. So many good memories in those boats. Camping, eating, incredible fishing. Someday I gotta go back. Great report.
  148. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  149. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  150. johnnylite

    The word association game...

    Sandusky fucktard.
  151. johnnylite

    Prayers need for my mom

    Good news.
  152. johnnylite

    The word association game...

    gangraped in prison.
  153. johnnylite

    Glory Huggin' gunman

    No I won't do that. I hope some other glory hogging puke fuck does his thing to him in jail. Save us the years of displaced blame. Not to mention his face on the internet.
  154. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  155. johnnylite

    The word association game...

    Fart fan
  156. johnnylite

    The word association game...

    Yep. Natalie.
  157. johnnylite

    The word association game...

    Non floating wood.
  158. johnnylite

    Condor- Business 101

    Hot boat. Check. Goes out with lite load anyway. Check. Hard working crew and Captain. Check. Pays off in the end for hard work. Check. Dipshit complaining about bunk fee. Check. Boat I would go on. Check. Did I get it all?
  159. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  160. johnnylite

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 25th, 2011 at 5 PM

    Still fun. No Tang lately.
  161. johnnylite

    My first real boat.

    Sweet. bass Killin machine. Have fun.
  162. johnnylite

    What % Indian is an Indian

    I like that John D Tuttle guy. His opinions at least make sense.
  163. johnnylite

    The word association game...

    Good eatin. It is true.
  164. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  165. johnnylite

    Batman Movie Massacre

    You know that is exactly what I said. So sad for those people involved.
  166. johnnylite

    Problem Foreigners In Campgrounds!!!

    Camping you might see Moose and Squirrel. Hope they don't go fuck up B field. That would be a shame.
  167. johnnylite

    What Kind of Snake is this?

    They subsist mainly on Garters. Look it up.
  168. johnnylite

    This is why I fish

    Epic day. Good for you and the family.
  169. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  170. johnnylite

    Proud Dad

  171. johnnylite

    Bikini too small for her tits?

    My eyes didn't get that far.
  172. johnnylite

    Bikini too small for her tits?

    Not one " I'd hit that?" You guys are getting old. No I would not by the way.
  173. johnnylite

    Suggestions/Advice for a newbie on his first long-range trip

    Great post. I am saving for next summer.
  174. johnnylite

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    Little more, little more, almost there. Did you set the parking break?
  175. johnnylite

    Bikini too small for her tits?

    My thoughts exactly.
  176. johnnylite

    What's the biggest waste of 20 Pesos???

    The trained Gila Monster show.
  177. johnnylite

    You don't fuck with a mans livelihood

    I haven't seen a Sneekee callout in years.
  178. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  179. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  180. johnnylite

    Lost my best friend

    So sorry for your loss. What a beautiful dog. His expression is like yeah I did all that. You just don't realize sometimes how much they affect you. Great pictures and memories.
  181. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  182. johnnylite

    The word association game...

    peter griffin
  183. johnnylite

    The word association game...

    Funny guys
  184. johnnylite

    Limits by 7:30

    Epic day. Nice job on the fish indeed.
  185. johnnylite

    The word association game...

    Tennessee gun shop owners?
  186. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  187. johnnylite

    O'side, harbor beach, south jetty, poaching PF's secret spot!

    Wait a minute. I heard there were no fish in Oceanside.
  188. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  189. johnnylite

    The word association game...

  190. johnnylite

    The word association game...

    Day off.
  191. johnnylite

    La Jolla - 7/2/12 The good, the bad & the ugly!!

    Good trip. Check. Nice to just get out on the water. Next time for sure.
  192. johnnylite


    What a great weekend. Nice way to just go and have fun. Smores did look good.
  193. johnnylite

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    What a kerfuffle. Lot's of people got hurt on this one. My only question would be why take deposits when you know what's coming? There was a choice to make. Where did that money go? Bad scene all around. Tough times need tough decisions. Been there done that. I would hope mine is the last...
  194. johnnylite

    2 big rocks

    Sweet. great post.
  195. johnnylite

    New SoCal MLPA's in effect now... or not?

    Nobody would break the law. You must be mistaken.
  196. johnnylite


    I tend to lean toward the Tommy response. Kid with opinions but willing to learn. Really though " Watch your back?" Come on now. Who the hell are you?
  197. johnnylite

    Men Who Lack Female Supervision

    Ok what's your point? Seems perfectly logical to me.
  198. johnnylite

    All good things must come to pass

    Having a job sure beats the alternative. Good for you on the new gig. Hardest job I ever had though cooking on one of those boats.
  199. johnnylite

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    We get Fedex every day. Mostly the same story. Damaged etc. Freight as in truck is excellent.
  200. johnnylite

    What would you do?

    The right thing is always the right thing. CG and stay with it. What would you want someone to do is the right question. The other stuff ain't funny. But expected.
  201. johnnylite

    Collision suspected in yacht mishap that killed 3

    It is true that if you start the engine race over. I crewed on that race probaly ten times as a kid and we always had at least 6-8 people with two watches. Wind does get dead at night. 4 people in a rental not good. Draw for race is the party in Ensenada after. Sad news.
  202. johnnylite

    Countdown to Alijos

    Sounds like a great way to live. Amen to that brother.
  203. johnnylite

    Stupid Dog

    He does look remorseful.
  204. johnnylite

    Swamp People

    Big Shrimpin or I think that's what it's called actually makes those people look smart. Captioning required.
  205. johnnylite

    My boat is fully loaded and ready for Rancho Leonero

    Nice. have a great trip. Lots of pics.
  206. johnnylite

    La Bay for Memorial Weekend

    How would one get there? I am in serious need of some vacation time and the boat thinks we got divorced.
  207. johnnylite

    Tues, Carl, & Spike sighting @ Fred Hall Show.

    I just wanted to see the Avatar. Nice foam. Always a nice variety.
  208. johnnylite

    Ventura Marinas

    There are a couple of nice dry storage options in Channel Islands also. One has a launch service also. Call ahead and it's ready. Less money and secure. Just a thought and you gotta keep that trailer somewhere.
  209. johnnylite

    Rpt-Sun.-San Clemente Island Lings and Reds

    You seem to be the ultimate good luck guest. Great report and pics.
  210. johnnylite

    Alaska Mid-August Advice

    No advice just really cool you are taking your dad. Have a great trip. Don't forget pics. My b-day is in August. Maybe i should treat myself.
  211. johnnylite

    SD Bay 2-25-12

    Somebody had fun. Nice pics and great day with three generations.
  212. johnnylite

    Looking to Fish Again-Wounded Warrior

    First thank you for your service. Second I think the thread or forum idea is outstanding. I am in the Morro Bay area but would gladly tow down to Channel Islands or if there is a planned mass event anywhere I can get in a day. Let's make it happen.
  213. johnnylite

    How many rods do you have??

    Not enough and not finished.
  214. johnnylite

    Latest MLPA GOOD NEWS!

    Yep. Flaws come out in the light. Someone is going to figure it out.
  215. johnnylite

    Coronado bridge

    One word Gulp. It slays em. We used leadheads and also just a nice mosquito hook with a sliding egg sinker. Light Gear helps also. I miss that place. Time for a road trip.
  216. johnnylite

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    Awesome story. Those guys sure do deserve it. Is there going to be a follow up Fishing excursion this year? My son and I did one a few years back and he still talks about it. Cowbells?
  217. johnnylite

    Boat and trailer

    Still there?
  218. johnnylite

    What A great day fishing with Dave H

    What is Dave's range? Channel Islands maybe?
  219. johnnylite

    MLPAs take fest slaughter! thursday-saturday

    I feel a little dumber after reading this post.
  220. johnnylite

    Debris from Japanese Tsunami arrived

    You can beach comb at night now.
  221. johnnylite

    The Charger Curse...

    My ex used to get the Charger Curse.
  222. johnnylite

    AZ Mt Lion hunt trees Jaguar!!

    Amen to finding a mate. he had to come from somewhere though.
  223. johnnylite

    Where is the housing market going?

    The next great crash will be the Commercial Market.
  224. johnnylite

    Bye bye Norf Turnover but is it enough?

    I sure liked watching Drew Brees last night. That Sprowles guy was pretty good too. I think they need to clean out both guys.
  225. johnnylite

    Mission bay spottie fishing

    Nice fish and I think that kid will turn out o.k.
  226. johnnylite

    Commercial squid boats

    Once upon a time a boy named Johnnylite made a comment about squid boats and started a sh*tstorm. Johnny learned his lesson. Surprisingly he made some friends out of his dipshit comment. These are guys making a living.
  227. johnnylite

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    I like the sunglass holder. This is just an amazing rebuild and so much fun to follow.
  228. johnnylite

    How smart is your right foot?......

    Second part of joke is everyone in office thinks you're nuts. It did work though.
  229. johnnylite

    Most offensive restaurant names

    I grew up in Santa Barbara home to a certain chain who's name and mascot liked tigers. Big stink for years. We didn't get it then but I can see how offensive it is now.
  230. johnnylite

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Ditto. I'm single again and need to catch some.
  231. johnnylite

    The Raiders get Palmer

    They could always trade Jamarcus or Randy Moss or whoops.
  232. johnnylite

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Sorry to hear about your buddy. Looking forward to more pics and hopefully the work will help. You are doing some amazing work on that boat.
  233. johnnylite

    Sad day

    It's sad to think that it all goes down the crapper. Sign of times. I'm glad to have a job and a place to live. I hope all involved get through this and move on. Some of my favorite posts are about that boat. Lot's of opinions but always fish, affordability and who cares about the tippy...
  234. johnnylite

    PL Kelp

    Boat in water check. Fun time had by all awesome. Take some pics next time. Good post and keep trying. Bridge advice is good for bass and halibut. Sharks, Monsters? I don't think so.
  235. johnnylite

    Gov. Brown signs bill to let non-profits runs state parks

    That Linda Rondstat was pretty hot when he was dating her.
  236. johnnylite


    All that jiggle is mesmerizing.
  237. johnnylite

    Boys, Bass, Bonito, Bugs and Vessel Assist:

    Those kids will be talking about that trip when they are your age. Priceless pictures and what a great trip no matter what.
  238. johnnylite

    Just quit my job

    Hows come I ain't so lucky? You ever wonder if anyone actually replies to those things?
  239. johnnylite

    Steering Wheel Locked Up (Help Needed!)

    Did you try bleeding the line on the rod side?
  240. johnnylite


    I happen to like the idea of things living and getting more populous in our oceans. Otters don't bother me I think the fact the populations are growing is a good thing. This shows the health of our local waters and less things for people to bitch about. I fish and pretty much release all but...
  241. johnnylite

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Just amazing what you guys have accomplished. Great thread.
  242. johnnylite

    RIP Mr Al Davis

    You have to admit he was his own man. I read and article this morning about how he changed the face of football literally. First black coach, first woman executive and so on. He gave a lot of people their first chance and also gave back when they were on hard times. The world could use a few...
  243. johnnylite

    26 Radon Rebuild

    Ditto. What a generous guy Mr. Anderson. Cool boat also.
  244. johnnylite

    Wounded Warrior tourney?

    I'm in.
  245. johnnylite

    Lobster Costume

    That is still one of the cutest pictures ever. Don't lose it save it for prom night.
  246. johnnylite

    Warning bad seller report!

    What were we talking about?
  247. johnnylite

    Wounded Warrior Tourney/ San Diego Bay

    I seem to remember a certain person (carl) might know.
  248. johnnylite

    Bob Sanders

    I heard somebody say the LA Chargers of San Diego on TV
  249. johnnylite

    Wounded Warrior Tourney/ San Diego Bay

    :rofl:I'll make the tow if it happens. My son and I did one years ago and have never had so much fun. Great young men and just a good time hearing the stories and getting them on the water. Somebody who was there might rememeber the famous " Cowbell" incident.
  250. johnnylite

    Cedros Island Bass (pic heavy)

    What are the details on the fly in? Looks like a great trip. Big smiles all around.
  251. johnnylite

    26 Radon Rebuild

    I love these threads. It is amazing the skill people have and the perserverance to finish. I'm sitting at my desk with a bag of fritos.
  252. johnnylite

    I need some avatar ideas for uncle (you know that drunk, perverted uncle) Saluki...

    Just don't touch the sig line. I've developed a slight tremor from watching it.
  253. johnnylite

    Ed's Jigs

    I seem to remember somone on the board who had the hookup on these. I'm in the great North Central coast now and think they might come in handy. Any one have the info?
  254. johnnylite

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    I grew up fishing at Kennedy's camp as a kid and later as a teenager. Bonita, Yellowtail, Lobster from the locals. Coolest place ever.
  255. johnnylite

    SD Bay 9/17

    Man I miss that bay. Nice fish.
  256. johnnylite

    Just Sayin'

    I have always enjoyed this site and the freedom to speak your mind. The fact that this thread is up proves it. Ads pay the bills and some of the stuff is pretty cool.
  257. johnnylite

    NORCAL Roll Call!!!

    One of the higher ups gave it to me. It is pretty cool.
  258. johnnylite

    NORCAL Roll Call!!!

    I finally have the boat ready to go again so I am looking forward to hitting the water again. I was looking up the MPA,MLPA thing and trying to figure out where I can go. Seems North is the ticket. I'll keep my eyes open for any tips you guys can throw out.
  259. johnnylite

    NORCAL Roll Call!!!

    Where does North start and South end? I'm out of Morro Bay now.
  260. johnnylite

    best harbor to fish

    San Diego. Not on the list but ass kicking fun from end to end.
  261. johnnylite


    I'm gonna call my son. Nice post.
  262. johnnylite

    Yellowstone GPS wolf track over seven months

    Good wolf. Unbelievable how far he traveled.
  263. johnnylite

    Sushi Feast.....Thanks Tommy!!!!

    I've got a little stiffy just looking at it. Nice work.
  264. johnnylite

    Family Guy

  265. johnnylite

    Prayers needed

    Prayers sent.
  266. johnnylite

    The best way to beat back the MLPA

    Doesn't he make that cool fishing line? LOL
  267. johnnylite

    Chinas President?

    Won Hung Lo? Chin Nuts?
  268. johnnylite

    Married and/or Divorced dudes, come share some wisdom with a younger BD'er.....

    In the words of my father. Women are nuts. Nuff said
  269. johnnylite

    Baja for New Years

    You had me at Pig Roast. Nice pics.
  270. johnnylite

    What does Wahoo Fish Taste Like?

    Chicken only different of course. LOL
  271. johnnylite

    Derfsondeck proposes!!!!

    Epic. Congratulations to you both.
  272. johnnylite

    Govenor election

    I say raise Reagan from the grave. LOL
  273. johnnylite

    Live bait fishing "Picking a Bait "

    I always go for the ugliest one. Just my luck.
  274. johnnylite

    Fuckin Quake Again!

    " I'm comin to be with you Elizabeth!" (Fred Sanford)
  275. johnnylite

    Making Lemonade of a 19' Starcraft

    1st. I love these fix up threads and second is this the giant gazunga thread also. ( Gil,David)
  276. johnnylite

    Snap on tools worth the money?

    Just ask the ladies on the LPGA Tour they swear by Snap-On.
  277. johnnylite

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mex

    I remember fishing as a kid at Punta Banda. Kennedy's camp I think.
  278. johnnylite

    Big Game 90 - Dirty Move

    It never ceases to amaze me how some one comes on whining here. Take care of your own shit and move on. Go or don't go who cares? You wan't somebody to take care of it for you?
  279. johnnylite


    I still put the Bop in the Bop she Bop she Bop. Giving up the ram in the ramma lamma ding dong thing.
  280. johnnylite

    15' Center Console built in the garage

    So I was thinking putting a console on some old boat but no you built it from scratch. Unbelievable and great pics. You hit the lottery with your your wife also.
  281. johnnylite

    Moving to Panama City

    A long time ago someone told me " The prettiest girls in the world are in Panama City Florida." I had to go and find out and he was right. Have fun.
  282. johnnylite

    Health issues need to liquidate

    Prayers for both of you.
  283. johnnylite

    RIP Buck dog

    What a great picture.
  284. johnnylite

    The Masters

    I met him at the Tour Championship and you could not meet a nicer guy. Everyday on the way to the practice tee's and greens he had to be dragged away from signing autographs. We got to meet Phil alaso and his only rule was wait till Sunday and then he spent hours signing and talking. Maybe K.J...
  285. johnnylite

    The Masters

    I gotta say I was tearing up when they showed his wife and kids on the 18th. She is one of the most well liked people on the tour. I gotta just believe the time Phil spent caring for his family garnered more good will from fans and everyone than chasing pornstars from old TW. Classic win and...
  286. johnnylite

    Any Garage Door Guys?

    First pull the lever on the traveler so you don't grind all the threads out of it. Then you can just close the door until help arrives. Sounds like door is either binding at the attachment point of the arm or in the tracks. Check for loose stuff like nuts and bolts. Check the attachment of the...
  287. johnnylite

    Sis update

    What a great way to start my day. Happy for her and your family. God bless you all.
  288. johnnylite

    I knew they really liked each other

    Nice cans.
  289. johnnylite

    Best pose for a Fishing picture.

    Dick out of course. Limp for bass, etc. Hard for Tuna and WSB.
  290. johnnylite

    So last summer this kid shows up at my door

    I caught you a delicious bass.
  291. johnnylite

    Surf Music Fans, Post your Favorites

    The one on the right no the one in the middle no the one on the left.
  292. johnnylite

    I warned them...DVL 3-18

    So is DVL launchable now?
  293. johnnylite

    Damn. Davey Crockett / Daniel Boone Died Today

    He had those bad ass sideburns. Cool show.
  294. johnnylite

    Bernard Madoff beaten in prison

    You know you would suppose that he might have protection but why? Maybe that's one of the issues these guys no real consequence. Why should these pos get preferential treatment? You and I wouldn't.
  295. johnnylite

    Bernard Madoff beaten in prison

    Let's just hope he does get cornholed daily. F'r needs to die in prison. Public hanging would have been more satisfying though.
  296. johnnylite

    Wife and I had lunch and didn't tip for first time ever

    I had a waitress follow me outside and ask if I forgot to tip. I told her that was the most attentive she had been all night.
  297. johnnylite

    When and where was your first Albacore?

    8-14-06 My Anniversary with my wife. Fished a charter out of SD can't remember the name of the boat but we slayed em. Of course she caught the biggest one.
  298. johnnylite

    Need a washer tub

    Just rememebr the bricks and dig a little hole to set the bottom in. They get nice and warm and make great heaters.
  299. johnnylite

    Just when you thought you'd heard it all......

    So I'm sick this weekend so lot's of TV time and lo and behold. A commercial for Dog and cat food that comes in a plastic roll like sausage and ground beef. Seems you take it out and cut it on your cutting board so the little fella can eat like you. Oh yeah when you're done you put it in the...
  300. johnnylite

    Cycader Sucks.

    I think Bay City Rollers would be better then you could do the whole plaid thing.
  301. johnnylite

    New to Kayaking

    Nothing replaces "seat testing" spend a day at a planned day on the water and try em all. It's a great way to have fun.
  302. johnnylite

    One of the best movies ever made???? The Hunt for Red October

    Shawshank for sure. Ditto on the actor/activist shit. Just entertain me and STFU. LOL
  303. johnnylite

    Anyone want to Turkey Hunt this season

    Drove by a dozen or so last night.
  304. johnnylite

    Download speed issues??????

    Two things. Who you calling anecdotal? Second that is the strangest Avatar yet jim. Back to our regular discussion. LOL
  305. johnnylite


    Vibes, prayers and anything else I can send. Hope she gets better soon.
  306. johnnylite

    NEED HELP!Kayak fishing Humboldt, Ca & Driving w/ Kayak to Naples, Fl

    Sounds simple but maybe just get out a map of the U.S. and try to find a route that gets you close to as much water as possible. The route through Texas seems like a good idea as there are hundreds of lakes around DFW and the area. All free launch and usually shallow and good fishing. I would...
  307. johnnylite

    The Moral of Aunt Cheryl

    I like it.
  308. johnnylite

    Cen Cal Ghosts

    Sweet shot on the water. Nice catch.
  309. johnnylite

    Merlin Olsen

    He was a great guy. RIP
  310. johnnylite

    Download speed issues??????

    My thought was kind of like a two inch waste line going into a 1" line it slows down. Maybe have a known fast computer or a neighbor come over and plug in and see if it's comparable to what they get.
  311. johnnylite

    Download speed issues??????

    Cables in house?
  312. johnnylite

    Download speed issues??????

    Maybe stick your tongue out a little while you're downloading. LOL Maybe check the wiring/cabling coming from the hookup on the side of the house to where you are hooked up inside. If you're place is older maybe upgrade.
  313. johnnylite

    Amber Dubois' remains found....

    Prayers to Amber's family. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering they are going through. Our thoughts and prayers should be with them. The rest will happen without any of us having a say. Sadly the only real way to change the system with these sick bastards is through votes and protest. I...
  314. johnnylite


    Prayers to you and your sister. I hope she beats it again.
  315. johnnylite

    #3 reason to visit the BD booth.

    Hi I'm Kathy Griffin. (Brother)
  316. johnnylite

    Towing a boat from San Diego to Sacramento??

    210 West won't be too bad but figure if you leave at noon you will hit the 5 around 3:30 or so. Traffic North on 5 might be starting to build. 11:00 option sounds better. Good point on 99 as far as towns if you have issues. Only downside is traffic. Good luck. BTW when you pass the 10 you will...
  317. johnnylite

    Eva Longoria.........

    Too skinny. LOL
  318. johnnylite

    Fred Hall online ticket sales: a ripoff

    I heard there's an old guy that pokes you in the ass with a stick in line. So no stick from the online deal.
  319. johnnylite

    DFG Ticket advise for 2 Stupid guys

    I equate these threads to the I had nineteen kids and welfare cut me off or the other idiotic things people do. Double fine because they both f'd up. Captain of the boat should know what's up. There is no how to lessen the pain secret. They should pay and I'll bet they take the time to read the...
  320. johnnylite

    Stupid dog owners

    Hope you heal up fine Maggie. Scary stuff. Try the Beau idea for sure. Teach that dog some manners.
  321. johnnylite

    DFG Ticket advise for 2 Stupid guys

    I think they should paint themselves red and imbed hooks into themselves and say they were with PETA. Explain that they were trying to protect the fish before the MLPA kicks in. Just might work.
  322. johnnylite

    Large Sheephead follow up

    I would guess being the stand up guy he is that it would be released. Big breeders are good. What would you have done? Small ones are quite tasty.
  323. johnnylite


    That would be a moist hefer.
  324. johnnylite


    Maybe he discovered his right hand. Just kidding happy bday.
  325. johnnylite

    Saw these at school today...

    You got that right.
  326. johnnylite

    Electrical Fire today

    Good advice all around. Use one of the old cables to pull through a rope or fish tape to bring the new set in. Second idea would be if you have the room go to a Electrical house or maybe the depot and look for some plastic flex. it's called ENT or Smurf tube( it's blue). The tube will both...
  327. johnnylite

    Canadian curling fans leave Danish player in tears

    No those f'n Canadians. Nuke em I say. One step below French. LOL
  328. johnnylite

    2 question for you east coasters

    Sounds like a great trip. Samples must be awesome. Bring a tube of wasabi.
  329. johnnylite


    Douchepickle fish.
  330. johnnylite

    house went to auction does my landlord still own it?

    Ditto on that. Guys probably lost most of what he has. Move on and quit bitching about it. Credit dings aren't coming unless the guy rents multiple properties or is still above ground. Don't pay rent and move the hell on. Life's too short to waste your time whining on the internet. Thread...
  331. johnnylite

    Not a rod wrap but...

    What is it Officer? Why a fish bat of course. LOL Nice work Jan.
  332. johnnylite

    Vacuum Pump

    " Honestly it's not mine!' (Austin Powers)
  333. johnnylite

    what are you getting/looking forward to @ this years fred hall show?

    I'm just hoping they break the record for Jerky stands. 43 last time I think. LOL
  334. johnnylite

    I love my dog

    Rule one when going over a fence. Make sure what's on the other side. Good dog for sure. Great story.
  335. johnnylite

    Eat a beaver?

    Big jar of tenderizer first followed by dinner and drinks.
  336. johnnylite

    The "MissileTits Baby Contest"

    You roped me in with the Missile Tits thing. LOL. ok 8 even.
  337. johnnylite

    first fish you've ever caught ?

    Probably 8 or so fishing with my brother Paul on the Santa Barbara pier. Perch for sure on a Lucky Joe. After that came weekend 1 day trips with Paul on the old H&M boats to the islands. Pops just worked 7 days a week so we could go. Good memories.
  338. johnnylite

    nearly pissed myself

    First two words spoken by French babies. " I surrender".
  339. johnnylite

    darrell waltrip

    Dango ding dong.
  340. johnnylite

    account receivable, nowhere to be found

    I think maybe just listen to your gut. Look around you when you are there and maybe just start with you need money up front if they balk raise your prices or just let it go. Nice to have the work but if you don't get paid you end up double screwed for materials and labor. It is just a bitch out...
  341. johnnylite

    account receivable, nowhere to be found

    I run a distributorship and yes we do prelims on anything over 2500. People we've known for years doesn't matter in the end. Prelim is kind of like wearing a condom with people you don't know at least you feel protected. Last advice is to as suggested go to to end customer and ask for help...
  342. johnnylite

    Trailer Parking?

    That's confidence my friend. LOL
  343. johnnylite

    boat hits jetty in oside

    One can only imagine the cost if that thing starts leaking. EPA will be all over his ass. Karma is a bitch for sure.
  344. johnnylite

    Have you ever asked yourself

    It is kind of strange how it goes to gay so quickly. Hmmm.
  345. johnnylite

    Super Bowl kicked my diet's ass!

    Not too bad. Passed on the food party and hung out with the wife. Box of cheez-its, some cheese and finally the wife's ciopino and a couple glasses of wine. She fell asleep during the Who halftime show so nice quiet Sunday.
  346. johnnylite

    Official Super Bowl Thread... Who Dat vs The Colts.

    Hey you got to see Len Dawson with trophy.
  347. johnnylite

    Official Super Bowl Thread... Who Dat vs The Colts.

    Ididn't make the connection. Lucky baby though.
  348. johnnylite

    The WHO.....

    Carrie was great a little Tanya Tucker flashback. For some reason I find Queen Latifah quite attractive. Favorite part was Drew Brees at the end with his son. I got a little misty.
  349. johnnylite

    The WHO.....

    Bite yes. Mariah or Beyonce next year please.
  350. johnnylite

    Squid had his way with me!! LADY LUCK!!

    Is that obewon kenobe next to you? Nice light saber.
  351. johnnylite

    34th Wedding Anniversary

  352. johnnylite

    My first review at my new job

    Amen brother and good for you. Just started a new job after 4 months on the UI. Feels good.
  353. johnnylite

    jumper rental?

    I'll check with my wife but in the meantime look in the Pennysaver.
  354. johnnylite

    Pete Carroll to coach Seattle Seahawks....

    His players were gonna go too but it would be a cut in pay. LOL
  355. johnnylite


    It's kind of old but has a lot of documentation. Hint it's the same year I was born.
  356. johnnylite


    I've got a Penn squidder with two spools I'll trade. LOL
  357. johnnylite

    Just got some good news FINALLY!!

    not that I believe in that shit LOL but my horoscope today says" Set achievable goals. Take baby steps and tackle them one at a time. "
  358. johnnylite

    Just got some good news FINALLY!!

    All it takes is one step towards a better year. I got a job for xmas and am moving back to the central coast. Gonna be tough going for less pay than I'm used to but beats the old unemployment check that is by the way is three weeks late. Good news for you and I hope you have a better year too.
  359. johnnylite


    I felt like I was making a connection with the guy. LOL
  360. johnnylite

    Recieved my Wong Today!

    I thought this was a coming of age thread.
  361. johnnylite

    Girls Fishin'

    Best part of winter is fewer boats on the bay and some nice weather with just a sweatshirt. Cool pics and looks like fun.
  362. johnnylite

    Best Tee Shirt Contest...

    I still think this one captures the essence of life in America. LOL
  363. johnnylite

    New Years Resolution to "Lose Weight"?

    My scale said get the hell off me you fat bastard . I'm saying 275.
  364. johnnylite

    Tailgating Food

    Good on the grill just cook in larger pieces then cut for taco's. Make sure you buy fresh tortillas, cabbage and a good hot sauce. Make some beans up like maybe black beans and reheat on the grill tomorrow. Cut up some onions and tomatoes for a "taco bar" and you're set. Maybe pick up some skirt...
  365. johnnylite

    out of norm sighting's

    What would unstoppable rain for 3-4 months do for the local lakes? They could sure use it.
  366. johnnylite


    Something made them go. Let's bottle it and sell it.
  367. johnnylite


    Like the article said this will be attempted on Super Bowl Sunday. I got a little stiffy just looking at it.
  368. johnnylite

    Harmonica John hospitalized

    I love a happy ending. Glad you're o.k.
  369. johnnylite

    Best Tee Shirt Contest...

    I like the account inactive one. Kind of makes you think. LOL
  370. johnnylite

    Harmonica John hospitalized

    Prayers sent. He is a great guy always there to help. Keep us posted.
  371. johnnylite

    Good news and more.

    Thanks everybody I'll have to start a Central Coast section.
  372. johnnylite

    The Whalegate Scandal: State Lands Commission Finds MLPA Habitat Data Acquired Illega

    That is one big f'n whale. What a waste those idiots killed it. They should plaster this all over the news.
  373. johnnylite

    Went to Vegas this weekend and got married. (Added pix)

    1,326. Number of times he said " Yes they are nice aren't they?"
  374. johnnylite

    Did you hear about the blonde .........

    Did you hear about the dead Blonde they found in a closet? World record hide and seek attempt.
  375. johnnylite

    Good news and more.

    Thanks. We are going from wine country south to mid coast I guess. We did a shallow water rockcod trip a couple years ago and slayed em. Should be fun.
  376. johnnylite

    Good news and more.

    Well the phone finally rang with the right answer. Four months of iving off the government teat is over. Got me a job managing an Electrical house in Paso Robles California. Packing up the Rv for a couple months of temporary housing while we sort out two houses, wifes business, dogs, etc...
  377. johnnylite

    Went to Vegas this weekend and got married. (Added pix)

    Welcome to the club. 26 years and counting. Best thing I ever did in my life.
  378. johnnylite

    towing another boat??

    Ditto on that.
  379. johnnylite

    Coastguard hits private boater, child, 8 yrs, dies

    Wow. Prayers to the family and the coasties who will live with this for a long time.
  380. johnnylite

    You can see the desperation in her eyes

    It's the Dodge Trucks fault. LOL
  381. johnnylite

    Serious question about reels for sale on BD.

    Except for the "regulars" on the board I don't think I'd buy a reel off the classifieds. First hinky hint is when they describe them like they don't quite know what they're talking about.
  382. johnnylite

    Need a hair cut???

    This is also big in Vegas my little bro goes to one. Google it and I bet you can find one here.
  383. johnnylite


    Name dick?
  384. johnnylite

    My Girls are Hardcore!

    I think those two will grow up just fine. Nice thread pops.
  385. johnnylite

    ...In Guam

    Great pics and report. I was looking at the picture of the "Breakwater" and realized there was a boat in front of it. That thing is just huge. Keep posting.
  386. johnnylite

    it's bryan's fault

    What's next Skateboarding and how to keep your pants from falling off? LOL
  387. johnnylite

    update: afghanistan

    Merry Xmas to you and stay safe.
  388. johnnylite


    I'm guessing lot's of friendly people will wave and yell nice things to him there. LOL
  389. johnnylite

    Got a new job (lineman)

    Nice job and congratulations. Just make sure you are careful around the poles. Most of what you are working around is lower than the power lines but keep your eyes open and listen to instructions.
  390. johnnylite

    Point loma lobster in the STORM

    I feel a litle dumber reading this thread after the we caught some lobsters and had a good time part. Holy shit. Steve baby raped our waters little too much coffee?
  391. johnnylite


    Hey that looks like my brother drinking the dark beer.
  392. johnnylite

    It's Latkah Time

    Wife is Jewish and we are having our annual Chrismakah party tomorrow. It has grown from family and a couple friends to over 45 people. Brisket, Latkahs, Kugel, home made apple sauce and two giant pots of Chicken soup with Matzo Balls. Best part for us is the singing of the prayers by my...
  393. johnnylite

    Channel Island Ramp to loose 40% of its area

    I used to store my boat in the lot next to the old one. I thought the same thing many times. I never quite trusted that sling though.
  394. johnnylite

    Channel Island Ramp to loose 40% of its area

    I don't get it. I've launched there quite a few times and except for the restrooms not a bad place. Pay machine instead of the stupid envelopes or free would be better. I agree for sure on the existing fishermans landing retail. Except for the spudnuts not much going on there. Enviro's good on...
  395. johnnylite

    Redneck Xmas Float...

    That's a lot of free time. LOL
  396. johnnylite

    Good deal on the Big Game 90

    Taking care of the people who keep us safe makes it a great boat in my opinion.
  397. johnnylite

    Surgery sched for Friday 12-11-09

    Hope everything comes out fine.
  398. johnnylite

    question on ca payroll rights/laws

    They should pay his mileage there and back. Only question would be if he has a car allowance already. .52 a mile I think is the rate now.
  399. johnnylite

    $elling Avet 2nd's because....

    Maybe just fell off the turnip truck.
  400. johnnylite

    Giant Beaver Bait

    I was thinking a picture of a bucket of chicken.
  401. johnnylite

    Boat aground in HH

    I call dipshit. You can see the birdshit on the rocks they weren't under looks like.
  402. johnnylite

    Going to be rich very soon

    I'll check to be sure.
  403. johnnylite

    Going to be rich very soon

    Those Nigerians sure are a philanthropic culture. Do you get one of those penis guard things made out of reeds also?
  404. johnnylite

    Dad's christmas/birthday gift idea

    If you spent a day on a pier or on shore with your Pops he would love it. Trust me I fish with my wife and son and those are my happiest memories. I'm getting a little misty just thinking about it. Have fun.
  405. johnnylite

    New Orleans............

    I knew it. LOL
  406. johnnylite

    New Orleans............

    Not quite yet huh?
  407. johnnylite

    Good Morning from AZ

    Is the plan to go down the 10 until you hit the Atlantic? Good luck and keep posting.
  408. johnnylite

    The voice inside

    Slow night?
  409. johnnylite

    Pilothouse on a NorthRiver Seahawk

    Any more progress pics? I love this stuff. Good work so far.
  410. johnnylite

    Office Furniture

    Sent a p.m.
  411. johnnylite

    Victory Local 12 / 02 Trip & Asides w/pics

    Have you ever thought about marketing what you do to the landings? You are really realy good at this. I'm guessing you already have a high paying job of course but hey maybe your retirement job. Just outstanding stuff. I have the title. The Moo-Moo report.
  412. johnnylite


    He got the Hoe question wrong too. LOL
  413. johnnylite

    Anyone looking to upgrade their radar/FF?

    Maybe a sting operation. Good deal on the radar. Could it fit on my Triumph?
  414. johnnylite

    Origin of Girl Kissing Lobster Pic?

    I love the profile.
  415. johnnylite

    No more fishing at Cerralvo Island...

    I used to love those shows. Hate the french of course but he was a pretty cool guy who did a lot of good. My brother worked for them and said the Calypso was an accident waiting to happen. Hey better than naming it after some drug lord.
  416. johnnylite

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    I'm in Temecula if you drive by this way I'll give you a hand.
  417. johnnylite

    Tiger Woods jokes

    Bet Fuzzy Zoeller is loving this shit.
  418. johnnylite

    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    God Bless those heroic and I do mean Heroic people that saved you guys. Glad you all made it.
  419. johnnylite

    Lobster Poachers Busted

    Not sure what to say except that they got caught in 2007 and just now it comes to trial,etc. Two years for a poaching case to happen? Bad stuff anyway you look at it.
  420. johnnylite

    11/30/09 The Whistler...again

    Nice day and I'm sure nobody messed with you with those marines onboard.LOL
  421. johnnylite

    Tiger comes clean

    Since I base every waking moment of my life on what celebrities do I guess I'm F'd. Not. Did go on an interview this morning for the lowest base I've seen in fifteen years. Times are hard and I'm sure he can afford to never make another dime. Everbody fucks up just not as public.
  422. johnnylite

    Tiger Woods jokes

    Hey I'm a funny guy. Some things just aren't funny to me but hey opinions are like assholes so WTH. Now let's move on to the good stuff. LOL
  423. johnnylite

    New Here...wanted to show what MA has to offer!

    I just applied for a job in Canton can we go fishing when I get the job? LOL
  424. johnnylite

    Tiger Woods jokes

    So you beat your wife? Hilarious. We'll watch for you on the next Cops epidode. I'm guessing you'll be the toothless idiot asking for a smoke.
  425. johnnylite

    Four Officers Murdered in Tacoma

    Thank God this POS is now dead. No trial no expense, no feeding the POS for 27 f'n years. I am still stunned this could happen and my prayers go out to the families involved.
  426. johnnylite

    Tiger Woods jokes

    You typically pay extra for that.
  427. johnnylite

    Tiger Woods jokes

    I know domestic violence is not funny at all. Just ask the victims.The drive joke is o.k. not very funny but o.k.
  428. johnnylite

    Tiger Woods jokes

    Domestic violence is not funny.
  429. johnnylite

    Thanksgiving with Pops

    I have read every one of his books. They say that if you go to the places he describes in his stories you willsee a lot of the landmarks,etc. He really did a lot of research. My dream was to try to vist some of those places.
  430. johnnylite

    Orca toys and kills a great white with ease

    There was a NatGeo special on this. Apparently the sharks if turned on their back go into a sedated or trancelike state. These things apparently are smart enought o have figured that out at some point and remember. The pod was the LA pod and two of them know the trick. Last part was that the...
  431. johnnylite

    Patriots vs. Saints

    I agree he was even shaky on the point afters. I love the Saints and Drew Brees. Is the same idiot that passed on him still working for the Dolphins. Same for the rest of the teams like Cleveland and Chicago.
  432. johnnylite

    Fishing and camping-back from the mountains

    Great Thanksgiving for sure.
  433. johnnylite

    Thanksgiving with Pops

    Sweet just like a Louis Lamour novel. I would love to do it someday. Nice times with your Pop.
  434. johnnylite

    Need to find wife a creative gift this year and i'm stumped!

    If she's creatve how about her own space to be creative? Good lighting, comfortable, tables, desk, shelves, etc. The fact that you did it outweighs anything you could buy.
  435. johnnylite

    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    Thank you Mr. you know who. I'd say this thread has about run it's course. Everybody is o.k. and lesson learned.
  436. johnnylite

    Automatic garage door repair

    Just in case don't try to fix it yourself. That bar on top is dangerous.
  437. johnnylite

    Automatic garage door repair

    What Carl said.
  438. johnnylite

    Road trip anyone?

    Could we fit it in my Tundra? LOL
  439. johnnylite

    I wanted the girl in the red bikini to tell me the answer to Brice's question.
  440. johnnylite

    Oakland vs Dallas

    Oakland has a football team?
  441. johnnylite

    I Took My Ex-Wife Hunting...

    Funny what a thoughtful guy you are. LOL
  442. johnnylite

    I Took My Ex-Wife Hunting...

    I can't get the picture open. Doh.
  443. johnnylite

    Happy Thanksgiving and a question.

    Well yeah but some of us get a steak and nobber weekly. LOL
  444. johnnylite


    Maybe reason will prevail and these fine young men get no punishment. We seem to be more afraid of being politically correct than getting the job done. I still get a little angry when I watch the WW2 stuff on TV. My mom suffered through the concentration camps. We can't forget what these people do.
  445. johnnylite

    Qualifier 105 done for 2009 :(

    It's the economy stupid. Somebody said that I think. Times are tough and filling up a boat has to be tougher fish or not. Bashing the guy seems a little shitty to me. When the cash coming in doesn't match the cash going out you have a problem. Ask the thousands of people who shut down...
  446. johnnylite

    Owens River gives it up, with big suprise!

    Thread had it all. Fish, cool pics, adventure, food,drink and just having a good time.
  447. johnnylite

    Happy Thanksgiving and a question.

    Is there any day short of maybe Christmas that is so perfect? Food and lots of it. Drinks and lots of them. Football on TV. Napping time. Relatives that have to leave. We came an inch away after everbody bailed to taking the boat out for the day but some friends roped us in. Happy T-Day and...
  448. johnnylite

    At what point did fisherman become pansies????

    Yep that and some Top ramen and you've got yourself a meal. What was this thread about? LOL
  449. johnnylite

    At what point did fisherman become pansies????

    Remember Blue Label beer? Generic.Bad shit. Not Red label. I am now a Caguama drinker or whatever is free. LOL
  450. johnnylite

    At what point did fisherman become pansies????

    It's about the fisherman not the equipment. Everybody doesn't drive a 65 Ford or Chevy Pickup either. I personally am a cheap bastard and try to like mark says go fishing more with my money. I do envy those shiny things but don't begrudge those that have them. Nobody is a pansy because they like...
  451. johnnylite

    Alaska 09, w/ Dougnut and the Admiral

    Just epic fish. Good for you fishing with the wife.
  452. johnnylite

    Union thugs bash Boy Scout Volunteer

    This could get ugly. LOL
  453. johnnylite

    Black Cod Misoyaki

    Man that looks good. Question, are you using the whole package of Miso?
  454. johnnylite

    My Rubber Fetish on the PacVoyager

    Funny stuff you have a gift.
  455. johnnylite

    Warrior Fishing Trip Idea

    I'm inches away from a job so I'll probably be in for January but for sure February. Thanks for putting this together.
  456. johnnylite

    Radio Orcas

    With all the sightings and abundance of food as in sea lions maybe we're getting a resident pod. Cool shit plus my wife will go nuts if she sees them.
  457. johnnylite

    Silver Falls Oregon

    Wow looks unbelievable. I miss those Oregon vacations.
  458. johnnylite

    Paradise Lodge: Progress update..

    Wow I think my next bonus check may be covered. Beautiful place.
  459. johnnylite

    4 Fried Chickens and Coke

    Don't you blaspheme in here.
  460. johnnylite

    Exploring a moral question regarding hunting

    No you start with the pitcher and work your way to the doe. The other two won't be paying attention. Kind of like shooting ducks.
  461. johnnylite

    New Job and Need a little help

    I've been offered a job up in Ventura/ Santa Barbara county and need a temporary and part time place to either park my Motorhome or a place to stay four nights a week until I can get moved into a place we have in Hueneme. Willing to pay and help out with whatever. 34' RV just need secure spot...
  462. johnnylite

    Surprise, surprise...... Guilty plea......

    Prayers to the family of the officer involved.
  463. johnnylite

    Holy Sh*t! We are having a baby!!!

    Awesome news. Congratulations to you both.
  464. johnnylite

    Speed Twin

    Love that boat. Hope it comes back to fishing.
  465. johnnylite

    Launching Question, Maybe Dumb

    Practice,practice,practice. Go on a weekday and just spend an hour or so loading and unloading.
  466. johnnylite

    Do you guys smell the Deer during Rut

    No when the rut starts.
  467. johnnylite

    Do you guys smell the Deer during Rut

    Only after I drink Tequila and after 2 am
  468. johnnylite

    Si-Tex Koden 16 mile radar (old but works)

    Lots of bungee cords.
  469. johnnylite

    I can't even pick my own fuckking light bulbs!

    What the hell do you know Carl? LOL
  470. johnnylite

    I can't even pick my own fuckking light bulbs!

    They have em at Wallyworld here for like 50 cents a piece. SCE rebate already in. Recycle them at H Depot. If I'm not mistaken it's code that the first switch when you enter a room turns on fluorescent. Check that maybe. If you put in cans you can get a retrofit kit if they require it to be...
  471. johnnylite


    By the way it's Dana Landing in Mission Bay not Dana Point but still a good idea. Spread the word as far as you can.
  472. johnnylite

    Warrior Fishing Trip Idea

    It seems the money is the root of the problem. Maybe we just ask the Marines to pick up their own license. It's good for a year and costs aren't too bad. Other thought is to find a store who could place money " On Account" and let us draw off it for whoever shows up. I'm in for once a quarter...
  473. johnnylite

    Don Eddie's for sale?

    Could be that career shift we're all looking for. LOL
  474. johnnylite

    Business Insurance: Gen Liab, Auto

    Try Sherm he's on the board.
  475. johnnylite

    DVL 11/16 Too Many Trouts/ Ramp Progress.

    That is indeed a long ramp. Good to see it filling back up.
  476. johnnylite

    My cabinet shop burned last nite.

    I've got a pickup and plenty of time right now. Let me know if you need help. I do electrical also and will do it for free. Let us know what you need.
  477. johnnylite

    Pelican Bay State Prison

    Good luck and I hope his Mom gets to see him one last time. Good for you making it happen. Drive carefully and be safe.
  478. johnnylite

    watch your stuff at mb!!!

    Which ramp are we talking about? 6:30 am is alittle ballsy. F'n thieves.
  479. johnnylite

    Roast Pig Caterer for party?

    I dream of this party. I'm thinking of doing it this winter too. Check to see if there is a Philipino Market in your area.
  480. johnnylite

    What brands of Center Consoles are out there?

    No right answer except to go and look at them all. Sit, stand, open hatches, check weight against what you have to tow with, etc. We bought a Triumph and are happy with it. Cleans up like your yak and very forgiving in some semi rough weather. Weight wise a lot less also so easy to tow. We...
  481. johnnylite

    CBS and NBC 2 Fox 0

    You missed a good one sean. I was sure Rothlesberger was gonna do his usual heartbreaker. My secret team the Saints won also. Romo just looked shell shocked out there. I looked up the 2004 draft and checked the teams that could have had old Ben. Raidas, Cardinals, Jaguars, Texans, Lions, Browns...
  482. johnnylite

    CBS and NBC 2 Fox 0

    Watched two of the best games this season. Hard hitting unbelievable respect game for the Bengals. Kid is a huge fan. Patriots and Colts. Did you really think Manning wouldn't pull it out? Cowboys Packers and can't even remeber the other one. Yawn. Yard get's cleaned today instead.
  483. johnnylite

    Porpoise release...

    Hey it could happen. LOL
  484. johnnylite

    We're running out of room

    You know what's coming next. Think airlines. LOL
  485. johnnylite

    Porpoise release...

    I always wondered about those things getting snagged on the troll. Good shit saving it and good fishing ahead.
  486. johnnylite

    Tile floor

    Couple things. Yes use cement board and remember when you lift your toilet you're gonna raise it up so get an extra wax ring. Second think about using mosaic tile. It's smaller pieces and comes in sheets. Easy to fit and maybe just a little cutting. It also is a good idea in wet spaces as it is...
  487. johnnylite

    The sandy game

  488. johnnylite

    Another Great one pass's

    Sorry for your loss. They are always there for us.
  489. johnnylite

    Velvet drive not turning- WTF!?!?!

    So post some pics of the finished product.
  490. johnnylite

    New Warning on 'perfect vaginas' !!!!

    That's why Arbys is in trouble.
  491. johnnylite

    Unreasonable MPAs. Will you comply?

    Is it time for the boys will be girls show in Vegas seems kind of quiet.
  492. johnnylite

    New Warning on 'perfect vaginas' !!!!

    All Hoo Ha is good just some better than others. Question is how do the look at me bolt on trophy wifes(not there's anything wrong with that) show it off?
  493. johnnylite

    Unreasonable MPAs. Will you comply?

    What I'm sorry about is that name calling, in fighting and chest thumping seems to be more important than the issue. No seniority here none wished for or assumed. No sorry for pointing out the obvious. Calling out the masses as fucktards and asshats well whatever floats your boat.
  494. johnnylite

    I'm back

    Good to see you back. Nice work.
  495. johnnylite

    Unreasonable MPAs. Will you comply?

    So now we're fighting amongst ourselves. I have to say I'm a little ashamed. In the end the only way to bring about change is to get involved. These people started organizing their fight against fishing a long time ago and in the end were better prepared. So what's the answer? Poaching isn't...
  496. johnnylite

    This is what a Nor Easter looks like living on the water in Poquoson Va.

    Crazy stuff. What's that sticking out of the water in the first picture?
  497. johnnylite

    HBO Section 60 Arlington Cemetery

    I'm watching this and a couple things. First God Bless those families and those young men who gave all for us. Second let's all remember these people every day. Last I'm crying like a baby and not ashamed to admit it. To all you people who serve our country I salute you and will not take you...
  498. johnnylite

    Great people have good karma coming there way as well as a few cold ones on me

    You know good shit happens to good people. Pass it on and remind the recipient to pass it on also. Life can be good if you make it so. .... Sorry for the deep shit. LOL
  499. johnnylite

    New Tackle Box

    That thing belongs on somebody's custom yacht. Unbelievable work. Good tips on the off the deck and maybe a cover.
  500. johnnylite

    How to Poop at Work.......................

    You left out the infamous Poop Walk. Where you've waited too long and you try to look inconspicuous as you flex your cheeks on the way to the bathroom. Not to mention the equally infamous Shart.
  501. johnnylite

    Costa Rica Honeymoon Dorado and Roosters

    Epic and congratulations.
  502. johnnylite


    That's a vicious rumor and not verifiable without Pics. LOL
  503. johnnylite

    Hoopin last night and WTF!

    Woof and my guess is maybe leopard?
  504. johnnylite

    Weekend Project part2

    Really, really nice work.
  505. johnnylite


    I was looking for the link to the website. LOL
  506. johnnylite

    STOLEN from my garage last night....

    Like Matt said raise a stink and also I would change my codes.
  507. johnnylite

    STOLEN from my garage last night....

    I would go to whoever hired the contractor and do a quick by the way my shit is gone note. We did this in Port Hueneme and they found the f'n thief.
  508. johnnylite

    How easy we have it?

    Too cool. Do you have pictures of the other end? That would be a day just watching that thing work.
  509. johnnylite

    Saved the best for last: The final touch

    BTW it's Captain not captian. That's the little description under the cartoon. Good luck on the 100g thing.
  510. johnnylite

    Kid and I finish father son project

    Really nice. Hey is your avatar Rat Fink?
  511. johnnylite

    What is living in my garage?

    Get yourself a dachsund they will have fun for days in the garage .
  512. johnnylite

    Why Texas is better than CA

    Horsethiefs were hung because without a horse you were stuck and probably would end up dead trying to get to civilization. Same went for molesting women. So the shithead steals the car how does she get to work to make a living and feed her family. Dead thief is a good thief.
  513. johnnylite

    Point Loma 11-06-09

    Nice day of fishing. Cool pic of the sub.
  514. johnnylite

    Why Texas is better than CA

    Let me be the first to say opinions are like assholes everyone has one. The life and rights of criminals seem to be tilting more towards them. Consequences of your actions should dictate your actions. Guy got what he had coming to him under the laws of that state. End of story.
  515. johnnylite

    im having a productive day at work

    I'm in the mood for some of those motivational posters. Crack me up. Loved the bracelet story too funny.
  516. johnnylite

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    Just to lighten the mood. " I need more cowbells." LOL
  517. johnnylite

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    When it's all said and done I applaud Jesse also for stepping up to make this happen. I won some prizes and really didn't expect to. My prize was the 24 cigarette smoking kid on the front of my boat grinning ear to ear. We didn't catch much but we sure tried. The time spent with my son and his...
  518. johnnylite

    Boat & Trailer stolen, recovered w/out outboard

    Sorry to hear but why the heck would you leave it on the street for three weeks? No locks no chains?
  519. johnnylite

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    I never had so much fun in my life. Count me in. My son will help also. I'm still full by the way from that spread the night before. LOL
  520. johnnylite

    Anyone know how to clean a streetbike carb?

    Last bit of advice is to make sure you write down or better make a diagram of how you take it apart. Just like reels it helps when you put it back together. Good advice also on cleaning the tank, lines, and also the filter if there is one. Good luck and save the beer until you're done. Don't ask...
  521. johnnylite

    Anybody got a gantry I can use to install my engine?

    Kind of cool seeing Diamond Jims post also. Looks like the way to go.
  522. johnnylite

    Why Texas is better than CA

    First of all if I had a job there I'm off. Second everbody f's different. Texas and California are just different not better not worse just different. It's more about a lifestyle thing. If this story was about Iraq or some Arab state it would talk about cutting off hands. Shit happens because we...
  523. johnnylite

    Why Texas is better than CA

    That's what Barreta said. Do you think maybe one person who thought about being a low life stinking thief would maybe think twice now? My guess would be yes. As far as Texans I have never met a better group of people. Long as you know and understand the rules you're o.k. break them and there's...
  524. johnnylite


    E Ticket for sure. How do you keep your nuts from freezing off though? LOL
  525. johnnylite

    Why Texas is better than CA

    I'm guessing you feel a little safer there. We lived there for about six years and I can say driving through the worst areas was like driving through a pretty good area here. No probable cause there they just pull you over if you look hinkey. Everything ok and you're on your way. Choice of...
  526. johnnylite

    from kuwait

    Cool stuff trolling huh?
  527. johnnylite

    What is living in my garage?

    Yes before a small dog ends up in a box. LOL
  528. johnnylite

    Wild Jackass

    I saw a show where they do in fact eat them. They also were milking them and selling it on the side of the road. Hey people will eat anything I guess. What's next wild feral cats? LOL
  529. johnnylite

    An easy to do Email campaign!

    I hope Arnie doesn't hunt me down. LOL Done by the way.
  530. johnnylite

    Well, I lost my job this morning...

    Found this great site for jobs it goes out and looks at the other sites Good luck.
  531. johnnylite

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    My guess would be that you " Fit the description" somebody else probably did have something they needed to tell him about. Tough job boarding boats at night not knowing what the H could happen. So did you get any lobsters?
  532. johnnylite

    Miramar landfill can kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes they are high. Up here they would have also fined you 25 for not having your load covered. It just sucks.
  533. johnnylite

    I just placed my order

    Does it come with cupholders? LOL
  534. johnnylite

    40'er sinks in Oceanside

    I thought it was the same rule for posting stupid shit on the internet. Guys have boat sink out and some dickhead who can't spell and some sue happy jackass chime in. What's this world coming to? No offense there Glass Paddy just using your quote.
  535. johnnylite

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    Just like camping pack it in pack it out.
  536. johnnylite

    Holloween 09

    Big crowd this year over last. I think it was the Saturday thing. We ran out of candy and the wife had to clean out her shop. Last kid around 9:00 neighbor Milf was bad cop this year. Pics later.
  537. johnnylite

    40'er sinks in Oceanside

    Back to the point. Good thing everybody is o.k. and maybe time for a refresher course on safety. Even the " Pro's " seem to need it. BTW spellcheck its your friend. Cool looking little boat and too bad it's sunk.
  538. johnnylite

    Where to launch in Vertura?

    You can also pick up a foldable chart of the Islands and area at the tackle shop next to the ramp in Ventura. If you go out of Channel Islands you will get there faster. Good advice on the Whitecaps. Pick up the map for sure if you can to show closures.
  539. johnnylite

    Lobster or Crab bisque

    I'll take it too. Still looking for Roxanne to answer. Her stuff is always awesome.
  540. johnnylite

    What's Your other Hobby?

    Ask my wife she's the one with the big smile and satisfied look on her face. LOL
  541. johnnylite

    Lobster or Crab bisque

    I love it. Anybody have a good recipe? Roxy, anyone? I'll trade my peanut butter chicken recipe.
  542. johnnylite


    I think there's a trolley stop. I'm in when he posts the date.
  543. johnnylite

    Some dreams come true..........

    Good luck and safe travels. Go pick up the book" travels with charlie "it fits with what you're doing.
  544. johnnylite

    Southpark episode tonite best ever.

    I just love that show.
  545. johnnylite

    Gift Rods produce positively.

    Why retire em they have the good karma now?
  546. johnnylite

    Trailering Baja, need advice

    :finger::finger: What a douchepickle. How can you tell when an attorney is lying? Their lips are moving.
  547. johnnylite

    20 ft Great White bites 10 footer in almost half.

    I liked the articles off to the side. Cool stuff down under. Looks like he was getting some also.
  548. johnnylite

    Big kitty where I hunt...

    I think it's a good thing to see them still. People on the East Coast would probably like to see a relocation program. Deer are like rats and pigeons there.
  549. johnnylite

    Calico Ghost Town for Halloween?

    Basspro and the Hat are on the way up you know. Just sayin. LOL
  550. johnnylite

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    I'm out of work again so I'll make the run with you if you need help. I think the boat is in Valencia.
  551. johnnylite

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    Maybe a quick WTH message is in order. I also will show up bright and early for any other trip for these terrific young soldiers.
  552. johnnylite

    FKG parent / teacher conference.......2009

    In todays world of political correctness you are a shining beacon of logic. Funny story.
  553. johnnylite

    My new hunting partner !!!!

    I bet he had as much fun as you did. Good looking pup.
  554. johnnylite

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    I am still waiting also. Drove by Glendora the other day and thought " Oh yeah"
  555. johnnylite

    knocked out of yak heads up!!

    Fook me crazy story. Be careful out there.
  556. johnnylite

    Now Lookit Chu

    One of the worst jobs I ever had was renovating an old hotel in SB. Rat killing was a key job. Watched those bastards drag one of those traps to a wall and try to chew their way through. I could here them running through the top floor like a herd of buffalo. Found a sump pump in the basement...
  557. johnnylite


    Son is stoked somehow he loves the Bengals.I guess jay wasn't the answer. I loved those skits. DA BEARS, DITKA,DITKA.
  558. johnnylite

    I'm having the time of my life!

    Good for you. I think maybe you can truly relate to your customers and that is priceless. I spent time on a 2 day boat in my twenties and never worked so hard in my life. It's work but like they say " A pigs gotta do what a pigs gotta do." make money anyway you can. Keep doing reports from a...
  559. johnnylite

    Too windy to jet ski fish so I took critter pics in the yard.

    That's a I'm not sure so don't pick me up snake. LOL
  560. johnnylite

    F these divers...

    Well then they just moved up a few notches.
  561. johnnylite

    Soupy Sales R.I.P.

    What was his side kicks name?
  562. johnnylite

    F these divers...

    I'm guessing they never actually hit the water but yes tapping would be good.
  563. johnnylite

    What happened to Sneekee?

    Pretty much the same effect. He's a good kid and it turns out he's real.
  564. johnnylite

    New stadium gets ok

    Just come clean about USC and the off the books pay and voila you've already got a team. No muss no fuss.
  565. johnnylite

    New stadium gets ok

    All those soccer moms with the Raider sticker next to the Skin sticker right under the NOTW sticker. Made me chuckle just thinking about it.
  566. johnnylite

    New stadium gets ok

    Not to defend the weekend at bernie's stunt double but Al left because nobody coughed up a stadium. I don't know if I could take another million or so Raider fans.
  567. johnnylite

    New stadium gets ok

    The site makes sense as it also runs along a Metrolink route. I'd go if I could ride the train. By the way it would be the Los Angeles Chargers of Industry. The guy who backs it by the way owns 90% of that city and a chunk of the surrounding cities. I hope it's not the Chargers not quite right...
  568. johnnylite

    So I'm on a conference call and look over...

    A few questions: Were you on speaker phone? Did you happen to yell at the poodle? Did you have to explain yourself? Did the poodle promise he'd respect the retriver in the morning? Aren't you glad it wasn't a videoconference? Is it now proof that the french are always horny? Was the poodle...
  569. johnnylite

    Yep, another plumbing question!!

    We also had the high pressure problem in our house. The builder had to install a regulator tank in the garage. You also need to make sure your but crack is showing while you work on it. LOL
  570. johnnylite

    So who's NOT in Long Beach Right Now?

    Third interview to get a freakin job. I share in your passion but hey pigs gotta do what a pigs gotta do. Was at the rally and have the stickers and tell everyone I can.
  571. johnnylite

    I know Del Marsh; Charger Game

    There's an old saying not sure how it goes but it's like " It's all about how you'll be remembered. " He must have touched a lot of lives.
  572. johnnylite

    Does anyone know this boat, because you owe me one!

    Wow first of all. Second how do you get 39' boat out with no CF numbers. Was it brand new maybe? Some sales guy with a brokerage boat?
  573. johnnylite

    Whats up with the Federales on mex 1 ???

    Seems like a good thing to me they are checking for papers. Boat gets stolen in SD maybe they catch it at the border.
  574. johnnylite

    See what we are up against for the Oct. 21st meeting

    I say another strategically as in time wise boat caravan is in order starting say around the bus pickup point.
  575. johnnylite


    Do the barber college you'll have a career to fall back on in case that Captain thing doesn't work out. LOL
  576. johnnylite

    BIG local buck!!!

  577. johnnylite

    Snagged a seal or two

    I'm with Blackfish big shark bite it's nature. Leaving your trash in the ocean not too good. Nobody or no animal needs to die suffering. It happens as in shit happens but it doesn't make it right. If it gives you a thrill well you've got other issues.
  578. johnnylite

    Need good sushi restaurant for lunch

    Just in case you're ever heading north try this. 15 fwy to Foothill Blvd. go right and you see a starbucks with a sushi place attached. make a u turn at the Catholic church and you're in. HYA girls really good sushi. Next head under the fwy to Basspro and spend about two to four hours. On your...
  579. johnnylite

    Goin' to Texas! What to see? Where to go?

    Chicken fried steak anywhere there's a crowded parking lot. In the town of Denton there is a catfish place that is off the charts. Just pull into town and ask. Don't stay too long in Texas you won't want to come back. I miss it.
  580. johnnylite

    Somali Pirates aren't the smartest

    First two words French kids learn? I surrender. What happened to my kind of like mugging Chuck Norris post?
  581. johnnylite

    Prayers for Bentover

    Prayers sent.
  582. johnnylite

    Verizon MAv TV channel

    Just switched to Verizon and found this channel. Currently fitness beauties in HD . :boobies: 598 here in Temecula. LOL
  583. johnnylite

    free sex

  584. johnnylite

    Found Truck/Fishing In La Paz

    Good news and good luck.
  585. johnnylite


    Kind of like trying to mug Chuck Norris.
  586. johnnylite

    Some More Idiots

    You know I often wonder if there is a bill or penalty for these dipshits. Should be.
  587. johnnylite

    I haven't been wrapping

    First nice to see you back and second that is one sweet little boat. Be a great bay boat for SD.
  588. johnnylite

    More Bacon Please

    Bobcat and where do I get a bottle? LOL
  589. johnnylite


    Not a bad idea on the horn thing cheap at wallymart. . You gotta let em know you're there. Pick up some extra long life glow sticks also. they some in colors and are pretty easy to zip tye or just tie on in a couple places. better safe than sorry.
  590. johnnylite

    Crap Boats with Douchebags....

    Sounds like a knob job gone bad. LOL
  591. johnnylite

    Frozen skunk

  592. johnnylite

    Spike & Tues need your worse Avatars ever for a bet.

    That Cartwright clan had to be gay. LOL
  593. johnnylite

    Spike & Tues need your worse Avatars ever for a bet.

    I think I'm gonna skip dinner tonight.
  594. johnnylite

    Do all Striper owners have no clue?

    That mariah carey is pretty hot. LOL O.k. back to bashing this douchepickle. Douchepickle: The object that drops out of the skanky hooker on F street when she drops her panties.
  595. johnnylite

    Need good sushi restaurant for lunch

    Just stop by Tommy's and make a picnic. i think papa j always talks about a place.
  596. johnnylite

    Do all Striper owners have no clue?

    What's ass assin mean? Like gay spooning?
  597. johnnylite

    Irony or the murphy's law thing

    Thanks first one is this morning.
  598. johnnylite

    Irony or the murphy's law thing

    So after losing my job and going a month or so on the dole I decide to "Consult" as in cash money for a guy in trouble in the Electrical business. Couple weeks into it and I now have four interviews lined up over the next two weeks. Two are seconds that I never thought would call me back. When...
  599. johnnylite

    It all starts with a good "bottom" turn

    I love a girl that says " yeah I know my ass is hanging out so what?" Queef. My wife saw that episode of Southpark and was giggling for days.
  600. johnnylite

    What do

    They're part of the holy trinity? They go well together?
  601. johnnylite

    Do all Striper owners have no clue?

    WTF is a sailfish 23.5? Calling out aguys boat is like calling out a guys favorite team. Dickheads are dickheads no matter what they drive. You caught fish you had a good time enjoy.
  602. johnnylite

    New here. Pic of my boat.

    Great looking boat and welcome aboard.
  603. johnnylite

    Reply from the "old drunk" neighbor

    Once again the ratio of posts to jumping on a guy when he is down. Average 37. Oh yeah I'm gonna go buy fifty patches and put them on my shirt so I'll look cool. Shit happens and there always is two sides to every story.
  604. johnnylite

    Resident kills intruder with shotgun

    Nice short story. Happy ending.
  605. johnnylite


    Really nice. I like the understated basic colors.
  606. johnnylite

    Tsunami Warning Issued for the California Coast

    Hope those poor seals in the childrens pool don't get washed away. LOL
  607. johnnylite

    Need some mechanical advise quickly

    Stuff like this never happens on the weekends. Must be a Murphy's law. Glad you got it back together. I have an old Mazda I need to fix. maybe a automotive tutorial section is in order or general mechanical. Lot's of smart guys on this board and the occasional smart ass.
  608. johnnylite

    Launching a trailer

    Post number 362 with the same picture. Still funny.
  609. johnnylite

    Colts vs Cardinals Thread

    Talk about no defense. Ol Peyton just shredded em.
  610. johnnylite

    Uni Butter going bad???

    It's kind of like wine. Well aged. My advice is head to your favorite catfish hole and have at it. Maybe tie it off the stearn at the kelp beds.
  611. johnnylite

    BENGALS 23 & steelers 20 Final Score!!!

    I'm following the Saints this year. Maybe Bengals for AFC. Bigger news is Lions beat the Redskins.
  612. johnnylite

    Snap-On Collectors tool sets

    Do you have the Billy Jean King and Martina posters? I remember they were the Snap-On spokespersons.
  613. johnnylite

    Any chubby chasers on here?

    I got a stiffy. I like a chubby girl.
  614. johnnylite

    Trophy caught in La Jolla today

    Congratulations doesn't get much cuter than that.
  615. johnnylite

    Red Light Camera Ticket $446 in Del Mar

    Just when you thought your Avatar couldn't get any better. LOLFootball is back.
  616. johnnylite

    Fishnazzi represents!!!

    Troy is a great guy who has been really helpful to everyone. Big time knowledge and history buff also.
  617. johnnylite


    I also stumbled onto this sation and the wonderful world of LFL. I am going to plan on attending all their games and tailgating also. LOL
  618. johnnylite

    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    Hey if you're innocent who the heck cares . If you're not well pay the piper. Usually those fish counters are pretty cute young women so my son says. LOL
  619. johnnylite

    Red Light Camera Ticket $446 in Del Mar

    That's why it goes yellow first. Pay up and move on. They're not gonna cut you any slack.
  620. johnnylite


    Did anybody catch the Southpark Fish sticks episode? Kanye get's poned. Good timing also right after it happened. LOL
  621. johnnylite

    3 more out the door

    Classic work nice job.
  622. johnnylite

    Posts Being Deleted

    I agree totally about the Serg delete don't go ragging on people for their beliefs. I read that thread and I thought it was great.
  623. johnnylite

    Posts Being Deleted

    So a French Drug selling Democrat looking to kick some ass might be an issue? LOL
  624. johnnylite

    i got my my gear stolen today

    The cream rises to the top. Good for you guys.
  625. johnnylite

    Missing Hunter/Outfitter

    Good advice is to drive the route he took and look for fresh skidmarks. I drove the same road for the last year and a half throught the mountains and you get into a rythm of looking and seeing things. Couple months ago came across a fresh new set coming into a turn and thought to myself how old...
  626. johnnylite

    keep fuckin that chicken

    Boiler. Try Don't ask how I know. LOL
  627. johnnylite

    Posts Being Deleted

    Long as those breastesses are on your Avatar you can delete anything you want. LOL
  628. johnnylite


    I'm telling you get one of these nut jobs onto attacking the terminator and the process. They will be like a dog on a bone. Any chance to raise hell for ratings and they are in. Mention Packard also even better.
  629. johnnylite

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    Sweet I am in Temecula land of the stepford wife. Let me know when it happens. Cold beverage for your trouble.
  630. johnnylite

    R.I.P. Mary.....

    She is truly one of the voices of my generation. Crazy good and really believed in what she was doing. I remember watching a PBS special and she talked about telling her grandkids what she did when she was young. They heard her songs and were just amazed. Kind of ironic as I was watching one...
  631. johnnylite

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    Wow sports is lethal. So how the H do we get the prizes?
  632. johnnylite

    Good News

    Thanks everybody.
  633. johnnylite

    Good News

    Thanks it is just brutal out there. Unemployment checks were a bit of a shock also.
  634. johnnylite

    Good News

    Got a job. It ain't much as they say but right up my alley. Saving a dying business in Moreno Valley. Electrical and Lighting Wholesaler. If you are in the area I need business so give me a call. I'll post up my contact information later. Johnnylite
  635. johnnylite

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    Where's Glendale anyway? LOL
  636. johnnylite

    9/15 fish report 425 to the Hidden

    The seas were angry that day my friends. Lighten up. Save the tough guy talk for post number seven. LOL
  637. johnnylite

    115v deck floodlight (what kind ?)

    Depending on how much light you want there's some options. Most everyone defaults to the 500w quartz type which is cheap usually but eats a lot of power. Try looking at some Compact Flurescent models. They come in aluminum and also plastic. They are used a lot in landscaping so they are made to...
  638. johnnylite


    I miss Texas too. It's some little scumbag in your neighborhood. Keep your eye out for new stuff that doesn't fit. I hate thieves. BTW I'm unemployed so pick up a six pack of Monster and I'll run the stakeout. LOL
  639. johnnylite

    9.12-13 ~ 2 Days on the Ranger 85

    Nice trip. You have some good friends taking you on a two day. I never get that offer. LOL
  640. johnnylite

    Derby for the Blind

    I have tears in my eyes reading this. Just awesome. We did a Wounded Warriors trip and it is the most fun we've had on our boat. Good for all of you.
  641. johnnylite

    One step closer to remodeling Shelter Island Launch Ramp

    Step 1. Throw out all the homeless and hire security. Step 2. Charge a minimum fee and use it to fund above and below. Step 3. Hire someone to manage launch and retrieve as well as the dock. Enjoy.
  642. johnnylite

    Took the sis out Bassin last week...

    Chingadera: chingadero Small object usually hard to find or handle. similar to jesus clip. One of my favorites.
  643. johnnylite

    Steps you can take RIGHT NOW to help fight the MLPA process

    Excellent letter and oh by the way. I think we need to expand our outrage to include everyone who will be affeted by this not just fishermen and women. The money is going to come out of another budget and somebody is affected. Teachers, prisons, education, etc. They vote and have a big pull on...
  644. johnnylite


    I could make it a week on fat reserves. LOL
  645. johnnylite

    Thanks you BLOODYDECKS and its MEMBERS

    Two things: First thank you Tommy for all you do not just this but the hours you spend helping everybody who needs it. Second I have to believe that someone will need to start the court battle over this. I would be shocked if the Sport boat and commercial guys don't already have someone...
  646. johnnylite

    Awesome Costa Del Mar Polarized Glasses

    I'd pay a dollar three eighty for em. LOL
  647. johnnylite

    Who has the quote of day?

    Beginning tonight we will shoot anyone found on the street driving after dark. There are no probable cause laws in effect. We will not issue a warning we will shoot to kill. Let me repeat that. The General during the rodney King riots.
  648. johnnylite

    September 11th and other crazy birthdays

    Sister is May 5th and for some strange reason my parents named her Carmen. We are as white as bread. She also gets the Cinco de Mayo fringe benefit for parties. Wife is August 8. Last year we had a giant 080808 party.
  649. johnnylite

    My Girlfriend's First Tuna on the Islander

    On my desk is a picture of my wife on our honeymoon holding a yellowtail with her lucky fish shirt on. That was 26 years ago. Like the guys said marry that girl you don't find those ones very often. Awesome post and great pics.
  650. johnnylite

    oside to 181 9-7-09

    Well sir that's quite a story.
  651. johnnylite

    9/01 SF bay WSB. Late report

    I had no idea there were WSB in the bay.
  652. johnnylite

    San Diego Launch Ramp??

    Steve, When you look at that site it says that Pepper Park down in N City has washdown. I have lanunced there twice but never found the washdown. Any idea where it is or have you been there?
  653. johnnylite

    San Diego Launch Ramp??

    I would suggest Oceanside. 5 fwy to Pacific Coast/ 76 Make a right and a right and follow the signs. Washout area and pretty good parking. Five bucks to park but no issues there. Save a few miles driving also. Weekends get there early. Weekdays pretty much have the place to yourself. This is the...
  654. johnnylite

    Photos from the San Diego Sept 5th MLPA event

    Highlight or one of them was pulling through the circles around Mission Bay and thinking hey that looks like the line for Seaworld. Hey that's the ticket booth hey we're crashing the gate. Best was the ticket lady with her mouth open thinking what the F. Next was SI launch ramp. Couple...
  655. johnnylite

    Thank you to all members for your help

    Next time up to the Channel Islands we'll hit you up. Good fishing.
  656. johnnylite

    This ain't no boat launch

    We watched em tow one like this back out through the waves in Port Hueneme one day. Pretty awesome what those coasties can do. Dipshit supreme heading out onto the ocean with no anchor set up for it. Wife said last week hey let's go out sunday. Uh it's labor day time for idiot watch...
  657. johnnylite

    Going to have to quit wrapping for a while

    So sorry to hear you have always been a reasoning voice on this board. Prayers to you and your family. God bless you.
  658. johnnylite

    No Love For Bloody Decks On Channel 72

    It's Al Gores fault for inventing it.
  659. johnnylite

    This is some crazy S**T!

    My Triumph has a kill switch. wtf.
  660. johnnylite

    Shawne Merriman Arrested for beating up a hottie!!!! 9/6/09

    I wonder if she's still a virgin? You know saving herself for the right guy? LOL If he did it nothing good about putting your hands on a woman.
  661. johnnylite

    Maiden voyage. Need help

    I think after I get back to work I'm going to give him a call. Just the thing to recharge our fishing efforts.
  662. johnnylite

    Did you know?.............

    So I'm guessing the wife is out of town and just a little too much time on your hands so to speak. LOL
  663. johnnylite

    Got a Job ! ! !

    Sweet now make those titties shake in your avatar like they're supposed to. LOL It'll be your way of saying thanks to us for all those positive thoughts.
  664. johnnylite

    Another Reason to Hate Seals-Child Attacked/Dragged Under By Pinniped Vermin

    O.k. sounds a little bit like dads a dipshit for not paying attention. Kind of like feeding the bears at Yellowstone shits gonna happen. Luckily it was a Harbor seal and not a sea lion. I've had em roll up next to me on the kayak and it scared the shit out of me. Saying it attacked the girl is...
  665. johnnylite

    Prayers needed!!!

    Prayers for you and your family.
  666. johnnylite

    Epic Offshore Log in Jurassic Park (Gulfo de Chiriqui, Panama)

    Looks like a living hell. LOL Unbelievable experience thanks for the pics.
  667. johnnylite

    Potluck BBQ Sept 5th at the Anti-MLPA Rally

    I'll bring some sodas and also some extra tables and chairs.
  668. johnnylite

    Who has the quote of day?

    What in the wild wild world of sports is a goin on here? I ride up expectin a killin and all I see is you boys a whoopin and a hollerin and jumping around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots. Taggart from Blazing Saddles.
  669. johnnylite

    Who has the quote of day?

    Our family quote. A wet bird never flies at night. I have no idea what it means. Pops was a little off.
  670. johnnylite

    Mola Mola Attack

    What a beautiful couple you two are. Living and fishing and fishing and living. Sounds like a song title. LOL Nice 40# YT and nice on the Yellowfin also. Everytime I see a Dorado I think it's too cool to kill. Kind of like shooting a parrot. They are just amazing to look at. Wouldn't stop me...
  671. johnnylite

    Who has the quote of day?

    One of my all time favorites involved strategy as in the direction or direction of the day most companies employ known as business plan dejour. Anyway here it is. No matter how far you have traveled down the wrong path. Turn back. Confucius I believe.
  672. johnnylite

    Unemployment benefits are drying up

    Finding a job to replace what you were earning is a job in itself. it's all about the economy. Two years ago I could have retired and lived off the wifes business. Today we just finished moving it into our house again. Her main source of income was car dealers. Every car got a gift basket and...
  673. johnnylite

    Unemployment benefits are drying up

    I just started. 35 years of working and first time on it.
  674. johnnylite

    120 mixed yft and yt for 4 guys insane!!

    Yeah but, yeah but they had bananas and they might of been in mexican waters and they might of been fishing left handed. Oh yeah the DFG watches us like hawks.
  675. johnnylite

    My new boat!

    I feel a christening party coming on.
  676. johnnylite

    San Diego area MLPA "Awareness Event" Sat. Sept 5, 2009

    What are the times for this event? I can't afford to drag the boat down but I want to come support everyone. Johnnylite
  677. johnnylite

    My new boat!

    Sweet boat looks fishy,. Did I miss the name? Congratulations by the way and hope you and your family get years of fun and memories out of it.
  678. johnnylite

    How fast they grow up!

    I heard she had a little cuban in her also. Strange with that last name.
  679. johnnylite

    Maiden voyage. Need help

    Dave Hansen idea is really good. He will run you through your boat a little better than you sea trials and eliminate the trial by error method. Fishing will be good and think of it as a driver safety/fishing course. Second idea would be to just cruise the bay or pratice launching retrieving on a...
  680. johnnylite

    Refrig fixer? small units

    Good call on bustin out the spanish. Let's hope he's coming to fix your fridge not avenge his sister. That's some funny shit. LOL
  681. johnnylite

    Lots of doves, but tons of pigeons. Should I have shot?

    Kind of what he said on where they come from. If there looks to be feed nearby go for it. If not they look big but feel kind of like a potato chip when you pick em up. Check for lice also. I raised racing homers for years and would occasionaly have to dispose of the commons or rat pigeons that...
  682. johnnylite

    Her Majesty

    Epic stuff. You have a gift.
  683. johnnylite

    How much for a ticket for fishing with out a license

    Whatever he get's ain't enough.