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    Micro bonito at red bouy in Oceanside for kids

    When using sabiki for mac bait, it was all you wanted micro bonito today. Hurry and get your kids on this QUICKLY! (Best bet is to slow troll the sabiki with a large swivel as a weight on the untied end- behind the boat about 50 feet back)
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    Catalina moorings open up 5/14/20

    Correction 5/17/20...sloppy typing..... With Limitations. Google Catalina Moorings update for info...
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    Anybody Deep Dropping for Swords lately?

    Hoping for a report, good or bad. Thanks
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    Anybody Deep Dropping for Swords yet?

    I know its been tough not being able to get out lately with the COV 19. IF you have been out Deep Dropping, please report how you did? - good or bad. I'm still rehabbing from spinal fusion surgery and am currently living through your trip reports. (I'll be fishing again soon) THANKS!
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    Deep Dropping for Swords...Anyone?

    Anyone getting any lately?
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    Oceanside Tuna?

    AIS shows the Electra fishing near the Carlsbad Deep Canyon this morning. Hmmmm...
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    anybody fishing the Avalon Bank, San Gabriel Canyon or the 14 today?

    Looking for ideas for tomorrow. Efishnsea
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    Anybody fish the Catalina Channel for the yellowfin lately?

    Any one caught these yellowfin yet? I have been chasing and watching them with the porpoise for a NO GO. Man, pure tease, with jumpers and puddlers on bait balls too. If anyone has gotten them to go, can you let me in on how you did it? Thanks, Efishnsea