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    SOLD Stuff $20

    What stickbait and popper are those?
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    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    I have both, and while I’m confident using the HX in that application, I’ve also never wished I had smaller/lighter gear when fighting a large tuna. If you’re going to have 1 big fish rig I’d go with the HXW. It’s wider but not awkwardly wide.
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    SOLD Avet EXW4/0 2 speed

    Thanks, missed that.
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    SOLD Avet EXW4/0 2 speed

    Sold Sold Sold Avet EXW4/0 2 speed for sale. This one has the upgraded drags from Avet. Holds over 500 yards of 100# spectra. Great budget and bulletproof reel for the local bluefin flat fall fishing. Includes clamp and hardware (it’s not the original clamp). This reel has seen very little...
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    For Sale New Penn Fathoms - 25NLD and 40NLD

    2 Penn fathoms for sale 1 25N 1 40N Both brand new. I opened the boxes to check them out as I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep them, but decided I don't really have a need for them right now. All clamps, hardware, etc. included Asking $200 for the 25, and $220 for the 40. Those prices seem fair...
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    WTB WTB - SKB 7200

    Weekend bump...
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    Tern 600 handle length

    Comparing to a Trinidad and Saltiga.
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    WTB WTB - SKB 7200

    Anyone have a SKB 7200 they want to unload? Looking for the newer model that has the option to mount the rod holders. Thanks -Dave
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    Tern 600 handle length

    Hey guys, I recently switched from the whiffle ball knob on my tern to the rubber knob which helped, but the reel still just feels a bit awkward to me. After comparing it to some other reels I own, it looks like the length of the handle is quite a bit longer than others, making the rotation of a...
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    Avet JX 6.0 G2 or Fathom 40N for wahoo bombs/iron

    In my opinion there is no need for a 2 speed on wahoo. Both of the reels you mentioned are very capable though. But if you’re in wahoo country, having a couple rigs tied up is always a good idea.
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    SKB 7200 custom

    On the older boxes that don’t have the threads for rod holders, does anyone know if you can attach them via rivets or rivnuts/bolt? Seems like it would be pretty easy but I don’t have one. Looking at a used one so just curious.
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    Cow capable options - rod/reel

    If this is your 3rd setup, I’d avoid buying cow gear. On a fall 10-day, you’ll be using your 30, 40 and 50 pound rigs much more than this. Are you covered there? What about a jigstick? Wahoo bomb rod? I’d get something to cover those bases before a cow rod. You'll likely only spend a day doing...
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    Shogun Surf Trips

    Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it! As far as Cortes, i know a few of the SD boats have taken guys there to surf, but it’s typically a private deal with pros and film teams. Not really the place for open party trips. give the book “ghost wave” a read if you can. Cool stories about...
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    Shogun Surf Trips

    Hey guys, Has anyone on here done any of the surf trips aboard the Shogun? They have a 6 day on the calendar for February 2021 that I’m interested in, and would love to chat with someone that’s done one of these before. thanks
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    Rod clamp?

    Duran clamp is good too. Any decent local tackle shop should have what you need.
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    Bight Sportfishing

    They’re good, every captain they have is solid. Brandon runs a good program. He, Wes and Jake are super fishy and hardworking guys.
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    Nice one! Jake is a great fisherman and captain!
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    #30 setup

    The rod is a bit on the heavy side (rated 30-60) but you’ll be fine. Go kill some fish.
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    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    -Teriyaki tuna kabobs with bell pepper and onion -Smoked -Grill it and toss in a salad -BLT with a slab of tuna (cook slab of tuna in bacon grease) - bacon wrapped tuna medallions on bbq (even non fish eaters will like this one, can also add Korean bbq sauce)
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    Waterproof or Water Repellent Shorts

    Not so much water repellent, but quick dry is great. Also a material with some stretch. Get a pair of these, and you’ll end up getting more and wearing them for everything.
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    Braid for Surface Iron

    I’ve bounced around with a few different line setups, but I actually prefer straight braid to a couple feet of leader. Just fish either 80 or 100 as it’s much easier to manage than the thinner ones. (Unless you’re using a lexa, Tranx or similar, then 65 is fine). Once you get the feel for it, I...
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    SOLD 178qt cooler

    Any other offers? I want to get rid of this thing
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    Line variaty for a June 8 day

    If you don’t have your flat falls pre-rigged, bring the heavy fluoro for that. Those big bluefin like to choke those things...
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    SOLD 178qt cooler

    Sent a text over the weekend and never heard back
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    SOLD 178qt cooler

    Bump, willing to take offers
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    SOLD combos sold

    Bump for a good seller. the gear is in great condition.
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    SOLD 178qt cooler

    Older used 178 quart cooler for sale. No structural damage, but a ding in one corner and one of the latches got chewed on by a dog. Inside color is faded, but no cracks. It might not be as trendy as a Yeti, but you’ll be able to carry a lot more beer and fish. Exterior dims: 43” x 21” x 19”tall...
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    WTB Trinidad 16a clamp

    Anyone have a factory clamp and hardware for a 16a that they want to sell? Figured I’d check here before paying retail. Thanks
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    Red Tide effect on fishing trip planned

    A lot can and will change between now and the 23rd, don’t sweat it.
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    Fish Taco White Sauce

    Plain Greek yogurt mixed with a bit of cholula and lime juice always works for me
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    SOLD ***SOLD***SOLD ***SOLD***

    PM sent, I’ll take them
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    Reel selection for bft

    As others have said, I’d use the mak20 for the flat fall. How much mono is on there? I like a short top shot for that as the thinner braid will get down quicker and stay more vertical.
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    For Sale Bass tracker trailer for sale

    Boat is sold. Nice meeting you Tony!
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    For Sale Seeker 706 and penn 525 combo

    Great combo for the price. Those 525s are rad reels
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    Favorite Surface Iron and Color

    don’t overlook the smaller jigs. 7xs and 45s are easy to throw, but there are lots of day’s they won’t touch those and the guys that can throw a 7x jr or the smaller candy bar will kill em.
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    For Sale Bass tracker trailer for sale

    Don’t need this trailer any more... was used on a bass tracker 175. Everything is in good condition, tows great. Bunk carpet is in good shape, swing away tongue, winch, spare tire, etc. was always stored indoors until a couple months ago. Never used in salt. $500 obo having issues with pics...
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    For Sale Mercury/Tracker 75hp 2 stroke

    Sold sold sold Selling a tracker 75hp 2 stroke outboard by Mercury Marine. Unsure of hours as I bought the boat used (2003) but runs great. Only run in freshwater. I have video of it running I can send you, but the file is too large to upload. PM with any questions. asking $1,200 or best offer
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    Tern 600 replacement handle

    I like the reel, but hate the handle. Has anyone swapped the handle knob to this one? If so, how do you like it? Or is there another you’d recommend?
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    Accurate Tern 600XN for fishing Wahoo

    Mike, which handle did you use? I love my 600 for throwing bombs but wasn’t a fan of the stock handle. Thanks -Dave
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    2007 Fountain 32 For Sale In Transferrable LLC $69,000

    I’ve fished this boat several times... great ride and super fishy!
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    Accurate Tern 600N

    I’m on the fence about picking one up as well. I checked them out today... Tempting... the regular 600 isn’t that wide either, I think both would be excellent bomb/yoyo reels
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    newbie needs gear recomendation for 10 day trip on The RP

    I’m on the trip right after you guys. Good luck! And leave a few down there for us!
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    Sierras Duck Opener

    Good stuff Greg. Fun area to hunt, but you definitely earn your birds up there!
  44. dave_k

    Bass set up advice

    Kinda depends on your pond, but 12-15# is usually good. Plenty of power to pull them out of light cover if needed.
  45. dave_k

    Bass set up advice

    Check out the Ritual Angling rods. Great actions and a good price. If you’re looking for a 1 rod quiver check out the 7’5 MH. As for reels, I’m a big fan of the Daiwa tatula, but you can’t go wrong with a curado like others have mentioned.
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    Fishing related art / photography

    agreed, when one of my good friends passed away, he donated his profits to his family. Tons respect for him as an artist and a person.
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    Fishing related art / photography

    Hey guys, I'm interesting in picking up a couple more pieces of art/photography for my home with a SoCal and Baja fishing theme. I already have some stuff from Austin Derry and Amadeo Bachar, but wanted to check here to see if anyone had additional recommendations for artists to check out...
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    TRADE Virgin Cousins 95Jmag

    Love mine! I have a 30 I could part with if you’re interested
  49. dave_k

    SOLD Cousins CPX 909HF-XT

    Super fun rod, surprised it hasn’t sold yet.
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    Cord foregrip on the rail

    Perfect, thanks guys!
  51. dave_k

    Cord foregrip on the rail

    hey guys, I’m building a Rainshadow 96xh with the intent of it being a 50# setup for the Lupe. I’ve only done lighter rods and re-wraps up until now. Planning on going with a tuna cord grip. This isn’t meant to be a true rail rod, but at some point it will be used on the rail. I’m not so...
  52. dave_k

    Trinidad 20a and 14a smoothness gone after one trip?

    Thats not normal. Are they overfilled with line? If they're too full and the line isn’t wound back on tight enough the line could be bumping the frame.
  53. dave_k

    Cat / Empire Landing 8/3

    If you have bait issues try slow trolling them. Obviously when the fleet is there it’s tough to do so, but it gets those beat up baits swimming good and has saved the day many many times.
  54. dave_k

    Displaying your catch instead of processing?

    I prefer to cut at home for a few reasons. If I do it at home, I do a much better and more thorough job and the fillets are table ready when done. No blood line, vac sealed, etc. With having to leave skin on and whatnot, I don’t want to do a partial cleaning job on the boat, and then have to...
  55. dave_k

    Slow day at Cat 7/13

    Always keep a sabiki on the boat! Thanks for the report.
  56. dave_k

    Reel servicing in LA?

    Not sure of anyone is west LA, but if you drive into the valley Bob Sands is great.
  57. dave_k


    By putting the fish in the bucket, you’re keeping it breathing which helps flush blood faster. You’re also keeping the fish vertical, so gravity is helping as well. Also keeps the mess down... sure that shot of the deck covered in blood looks cool, but it’s easier to dump a bucket of blood...
  58. dave_k

    Shimano Coltsniper Stick Bait

    I think one of the responses is talking about the megabait style sniper. In regards to the stickbait, I like to work it with a stop and go retrieve. You can use the rod to work it but I prefer the reel. Fast crank or two, pause for a bit, repeat, and mix it up with a series of more cranks...
  59. dave_k

    Shit show at Catalina today

    agree with the crowds being the issue. We got them yesterday in the late afternoon in a zone with very light pressure. Didn’t have a boat within 500+ yards. Saw plenty of fish in other areas, but hard to get them to cooperate with that many boats running over them. Yesterday was a friendly...
  60. dave_k

    Cavio Irons

    I like them. Both the new ones and the older ones before they added the 2nd ring. They all have a nice offset and swim well. They’re cheap too, but fish as well as more expensive jigs. The only downsides is the paint seems to chip off much easier than others. I also had a hook straighten on a...
  61. dave_k

    Okuma Metaloid vs Penn Fathom

    I’ve owned both, liked both for various reasons, but ended up selling my metaloids. The reason I like the fathom better is the gear ratio. The 12 only has a 4.6:1 high speed (I think) which is fine for a bait reel, but I like reels that are able to pull double duty (think yoyo or bombs) if...
  62. dave_k

    BFT line capacity recommendation

    This... 50’ will give you plenty of stretch, but still give you extra capacity and the ability to swap to 40 easier if needed
  63. dave_k

    Fishing Iron with straight spectra

    Spectra to a few feet of fluoro, yes. Spectra straight tied to jig, no. It’s not about them being able to see the spectra, but when the fish chokes the jig, or the tail hits the line, I’d rather have the abrasion resistance of fluoro than spectra.
  64. dave_k

    SOLD Masterbuilt Electric/digital smoker

    Sorry for the late response... was out fishing. Shoot me a PM and we can coordinate something. Thanks -Dave
  65. dave_k

    SOLD Masterbuilt Electric/digital smoker

    Yep, located in westlake. Basically on the LA/Ventura line.
  66. dave_k

    SOLD Masterbuilt Electric/digital smoker

    External: 31.5” tall, 15” deep, 17” wide. Inside holds 4 trays that are 14.5” x 12.5”
  67. dave_k

    flat fall rig for Big bfts

    I’d personally go with a 25’ wind on of 150 or heavier mono. Gives you a little stretch, but also allows you to palm the spool once you get a couple wraps and pull like hell to finish it.
  68. dave_k

    SOLD Or trade 95jmag

    That’s a smoking deal... wish you were a week earlier...
  69. dave_k

    SOLD Masterbuilt Electric/digital smoker

    Selling a masterbuilt electric smoker. Everything works, just gave it a cleaning and fired it up to make sure sure everything works and it does. Digital controls, built in meat probe, etc. also includes cover (cover is a little beat up). It’s a great smoker, I bought a Traeger though and have...
  70. dave_k

    For Sale Truck “backrack”

    off a 2017 GMC Sierra. Dimensions are in the pics. It came with the truck, I have no use for it. Asking $80, which seems to be about 1/2 of retail. It will for sure fit a gmc or Chevy, but it koi’s like you can adjust the width a couple inches. If you need any specific measurements let me...
  71. dave_k

    SOLD Hobie Pro Angler PA14

    Hey guys, I hardly use this anymore so I’m putting it up for sale. 2011 Hobie Pro Angler 14. Good condition, everything works, just the usual scratches and scuffs from normal use. Super stable, easy to stand on, etc. Mirage drive allows hands free power so you can easily troll or fish while...
  72. dave_k

    Fishing reel covers

    Hey Mark, Since you’re in Calabasas swing by Bob Sands in Van Nuys. They have all sizes of reel covers with their logo on them that will fit just about anything. Bring your reels too to make sure they fit right.
  73. dave_k

    WTB Cousins 95 j-mag

    I know! I caught 2 over 100 on a borrowed one haha. I love my UC Del Mar which I’m throwing now, but you can never have too many jig sticks.
  74. dave_k

    WTB Cousins 95 j-mag

    That one sold before I saw it.
  75. dave_k

    WTB Cousins 95 j-mag

    i know they’re tough to come by, but if anyone has one laying around I’d be interested. Preferably the blackout model, but open to the regular one or even a blank. Shoot me a PM if you have one you’d like to unload.
  76. dave_k

    Rockfish jig

    Ed’s jigs work well, but I think the only way to get them is to order through a member on here. Check out Cribbs Jigs. I see you’re from Ventura, I think Eric’s sells them. Similar concept to Ed’s jigs.
  77. dave_k

    Which shimano reel

    If you’re set on Shimano, the torium/Trinidad 14 should be good. If it’s only inshore use, the 12 will be a little better for the small chovy, but I like the extra capacity on the 14 if offshore just in case.
  78. dave_k

    New reels from Shimano for 2019?

    If there were they’d already be out. If they have any big launches for 2020, they’ll typically announce it at iCast in July.
  79. dave_k

    Super Seeker 10' Ulua

    First things first, I’ve fished a tranx, and I’ve fished the ulua but never as a combo. Both are great but it seems like a weird match that wouldn’t balance right. If you’re set on the ulua, get a Trinidad or Saltiga. If you want to go the baitcaster route, I’d look into thinner diameter blanks...
  80. dave_k

    Daiwa Proteus 70xxh Capabilities

    Depends on your drag settings really. If you fish light drags it might be able to pull off 80, but for me is a 50/60 pound rod. Good match for the fathom 40.
  81. dave_k

    Any Way To Minimize Wind Noise When Driving With Kayak?

    Put a twist in the tie down strap.
  82. dave_k

    SOLD Okuma Metaloid 12 2 speed and 5N 2 speed

    Still available. Price drop to $150. Perfect reel for that rod you got at Fred Hall.
  83. dave_k

    Red Spectra pros and cons

    It will work, but I prefer white. A lot of guys will bring up that red is the first color to disappear with depth, and while that’s true, it’s just the color that disappears, the line is still visible. (Does a female sheepshead disappear at depth? No, she just looks gray). And if you’re running...
  84. dave_k

    SOLD Okuma Metaloid 12 2 speed and 5N 2 speed

    Bump for the rockfish opener... the narrow 2 speed is great for fishing deep!
  85. dave_k

    SOLD Penn carnage 7’ xh 40-100 rod

    Selling a lightly used Penn Carnage 7’ 40-100 rod. Mostly used as a backup, caught a few small fish on it. Solid 60# rod, could be used for 80 in a pinch but 60 is the sweet spot. Metal reel seat, turbo guides, gimbal, missing the butt cap. Asking $100, no shipping. Located on the LA/Ventura...
  86. dave_k

    SOLD Okuma Metaloid 12 2 speed and 5N 2 speed

    Weekend bump, make an offer if you don’t like the price.
  87. dave_k

    SOLD Okuma Metaloid 12 2 speed and 5N 2 speed

    12 sold, 5N 2 speed still available
  88. dave_k

    Reel suggestion?

    Trinidad 20 or Saltiga 40. If you want a 2 speed I’d throw a JX Raptor into the mix.
  89. dave_k

    SOLD Okuma Metaloid 12 2 speed and 5N 2 speed

    selling the below 2 reels. Both very lightly used and in great condition. Specs for both can be found at Metaloid 12 2speed w blue handle - sold, thanks Jose! Metaloid 5N 2speed - sold Prefer to sell, but would consider a...
  90. dave_k

    Processing question

    $400-$600 should be about right. Obviously big fish at the lupe or chasing bft could impact those numbers though. I’d recommend the thicker bags as well, worth the extra $$. I was at $435 a couple years ago on an 8 day with limits of good yellows, some schoolie yft and dodo, and a 130# yft...
  91. dave_k

    Fishing subscription boxes and pointers!

    A lot of it depends on the type of water you’re fishing. Large lakes/reservoirs are going to fish very differently than ponds. Same with fishing from shore vs a boat. As mentioned, I’d stick with weightless senkos and drop shot for now. Ned rig and neko rig can also be good ones. Just depends...
  92. dave_k

    Recommendations for small private charter out of Newport harbor

    Jimmy Decker is a great option. Also check out Benny Florentino with Coastal Charters.
  93. dave_k

    Gun Servicing

    Thanks, would definitely prefer to drop it off somewhere local rather than dealing with shipping.
  94. dave_k

    Gun Servicing

    maybe a dumb question... So on my fishing reels I do basic maintenance myself, but every few years or after heavy use I’ll send them to the factory or drop off at a local shop to get them thoroughly serviced and replace any worn parts. I’ve always cleaned and maintained my guns with no issues...
  95. dave_k

    YT size for Colonet

    Looks like a good grade to me!
  96. dave_k

    For Sale Tool Cart

    Selling a US General 5 drawer tool cart in blue. Used for a few months then re-organized my garage and don't need it. Sells for $219 +tax new, asking $150. Includes drawer liners and keys. For more info and specs...
  97. dave_k

    10 day Intrepid December 2019

    Depends what kind of fishing you’re into, some like to fish bait, others prefer jigs. But if you can cast decent and wind like a mad man, wahoo bomb fishing is about as fun as it gets. A fast reel (Trinidad, saltiga, jx Raptor) on a stiff 7-8 foot rod and you’re set. Also makes a perfect yo-yo...
  98. dave_k

    For Sale Okuma Metaloid 12 2spd

    hey guys, Selling a very lightly used metaloid 12, 2 speed. Mainly kept it as a backup, but caught a couple small fish on it. It’s filled with 80# white izor (over 300 yards) so you can fish topshots from 40-60. Condtion is a 9-9.5/10. Asking $220, or $200 without the braid. Price drop - $180...
  99. dave_k

    casting differences

    Lots of answers in your other post... Both cast great, negligible difference in my opinion.
  100. dave_k

    New Podcast

    Here’s the link...
  101. dave_k

    For Sale Newell 332, Pro Gear V42 & Daiwa Lexa 300H

    Great seller with clean reels! Thanks E man!
  102. dave_k

    New 120g Colt Snipers for rockfish?

    As mentioned above, depends on lots of factors. If you’re on a private boat you can use your engine to keep you more vertical and get away with lighter weight. Also if rockfish are the target, megabaits and laser minnows are cheaper and work just fine. Plus they make them heavier if needed.
  103. dave_k

    Best way to secure rods when trolling

    For gunnel mount rod holders you’re fine without, but I’ve seen rail/clamp mount holders fail multiple times. Just a simple 3ish foot section of rope with a clip is all you need. Clip it to the reel handle, harness lug or wrap it around the rod just above the reel.
  104. dave_k

    Xtra Tuf shoes

    anyone have any experience with these? I’m looking for something with a little more support and protection than flip flops, but not as hot as boots on warmer days. I’ll be using them for a mix of skiff and long range fishing...
  105. dave_k

    For Sale please close

    Thanks Steve!
  106. dave_k

    WTB WTB Large Reel Bag

    Found one... thanks Nick looking to buy a large reel bag. Something similar to the large Nomad bag, but not too particular. I’ll just be using on my 1 long range trip per year, so figured I’d check here before buying a new one. PM me with what you have available. I’m located near the...
  107. dave_k

    Big BFT rental gear

    What boat? Some of the boats have big loaner gear as well. Might be worth checking that route.
  108. dave_k

    I am new to this and could use a bit of advice !

    No offense, but if you’re asking about catching sailfish in SoCal, you might want to get your feet wet on something before billfish. Walk before you run... lots of fun fishing (and catching) to be had before you start banging your head against the wall looking for billfish.
  109. dave_k

    Best Casting Reel Service in LA? (Westside to Northridge)

    I’ve had good luck with Bod Sands locally. Why not send the Lexa back to Daiwa? They’ve always been great on service for me.
  110. dave_k

    Schoolie Rig

    No need to get fancy for this style of fishing. A Daiwa sealine 20 is proven. Toss it on a softer tipped 7-8’ rod and you’re good to go. The 270-8 is a great recommendation, I really like the seeker 858 for this, and there are several others. Baitcasters are great for certain applications, but...
  111. dave_k

    Need advice on serving bluefin tuna bellies

    Get yourself a blowtorch. Serve sashimi style, but torch for a few seconds to crisp up the fat. Tastes incredible and playing with fire is fun.
  112. dave_k

    Better rig for cows on the kite?

    Why not put the 50 on the viper? Not sure on the yardage, but if it’s full with 100# it’s going to be a lot more than the mak20. We fly the kite at 250 yards, so figure somewhere close to 275 yards out from the rod to the bait. With only 500 yards you’re cutting it close.
  113. dave_k

    What leadheads for these to fish inshore?

    I like to fish them on the warbaits heads. Bass love those things. You’ll have to weed thru lots of small fish on them, but the big ones will eat them no problem as well.
  114. dave_k

    Brine to smoke Tuna and YT???

    I’ll be trying this on my next batch of yft.
  115. dave_k

    Brine to smoke Tuna and YT???

    Here is what I use... I’m no expert but it comes out pretty good as long as you let it dry to form a pellicle first. 3 cup water 1 cup teriyaki 1/4 cup soy 1/2 cup salt 1 cup brown sugar A few squirts of sriracha Soak overnight Smoke over applewood, 2ish hours, 180-190 degrees
  116. dave_k

    Looking for New crew

    Here ya go...
  117. dave_k

    Favorite traeger cooked meal

    Congrats! I’m pretty new with mine, but definitely love it. Get the Traeger app if you haven’t, tons of good info on there and on the traeger Facebook group. I’m a big fan of the smoked tri tip. Fish is super easy and good. Just did ribs today, one rack with the 3-1-1 method and another with...
  118. dave_k

    General Info on the Independence

    I can’t compare it to much as it’s the only LR boat I’ve fished so far, but I have nothing but positive things to say after my 8 day last year. Food was great and they offered a pretty good variety. Crew was awesome, very helpful and friendly. I had a stateroom on the main deck which some...
  119. dave_k

    Any Advice

    It’s more about the sea state/conditions, captain’s experience and how the boat is maintained and equipped... not to sound like a dick, but if you have to ask, then the answer is probably no.
  120. dave_k

    Daiwa Saltiga new models

    i've been fishing a couple for a season and a half now and the only con I can think of is the price. I have a 2spd LD on a bait rod and the 40 star drag on my jigstick. Love them both.
  121. dave_k

    30EXW vs. HXW Raptor for Trolling

    If you’re going to use spectra the HXW has more than enough capacity for trolling in SoCal even if you happen to hook a big bft. Plus you have the ability to back down on a fish in a private boat as well if needed. The only exception would be the kite in which case the 30 would be on the small...
  122. dave_k

    SOLD AVET EX 4/0 gold two speed

    Surprised this hasn’t sold... fair price on a reel that is very capable of landing these bigger bluefin without breaking the bank.
  123. dave_k

    For Sale UC Gladiator rail rod , Phenix Hybrid phd 760X2H

    Thanks for he Terez, John. Nice meeting you!
  124. dave_k

    Dropper Loop W/3 way Swivel or Without Swivel?

    I’ve been using these 3 ways and they’re tits. Spectra straight to swivel, fluoro to hook, lighter mono to sinker. Pletnty of big fish on tight drags and no issues. If you do go the knot route use a spider hitch and a double SD...
  125. dave_k

    Needing some good pointers for rock fishing on private boat

    Everything you need in the above video
  126. dave_k

    Reel Recomendation

    Check out the books by Brandon Hayward as well. I believe there are 3. Getting Bit, the Southern California Angler, and I can’t remember the 3rd.
  127. dave_k

    Boston Whaler Outrage 22ft for sale

    How is this thing still for sale???
  128. dave_k

    Cork puppy...trigger or no??

    Personal preference. I fish a lot of bass so the trigger feels natural for me. Plus I like that extra grip when I have wet hands.
  129. dave_k

    Heavy Iron!?

    I’m running the saltiga 40 and it’s a perfect match. 80# Izor solid to 3 feet of 50/60 fluoro.
  130. dave_k

    Heavy Iron!?

    I have one and like it. It can throw a 45, but is better suited for a 7x. Tons of power. I have mine paired with a saltiga 40 and go straight braid.
  131. dave_k

    1987 Cabo 216 for sale or trade $14000

    I know it’s an old post, but that’s our old boat! Sold her in 2008. Anyone know where she ended up?
  132. dave_k

    Saltwater Arsenal

    A lexa 400 and grafighter 800h is a mismatch IMO. Both are great, just not together. With a small reel like that you’ll want a thinner composite rod for the right balance and feel. Throw the lexa on the 8’10” proteus and you’ve got a killer setup without breaking the bank. Or go with a phenix if...
  133. dave_k

    Rod rack alternative $20

    Agree on them being too close. If it’s just rods it’s fine, but if you leave your reels on you can only use 5 slots.
  134. dave_k

    Rod rack alternative $20

    Another vote for the cold tuna racks. They’re a bit pricey for what they are, but they work well.
  135. dave_k

    92 Davis Cortez - Repower and Refit

    Nice work! Always liked the lines on the Cortez
  136. dave_k

    Do you smell that!?! 12/3/17

    Congrats! Doug is a good fisherman, and it's a great boat
  137. dave_k

    WTB radon/Anderson skiff

    The one in the video is my buddy's. 13 whaler, Radon added the cabin and modified the hull. Super rad skiff.
  138. dave_k

    Guadalupe updates

    Facebook screenshot...
  139. dave_k

    Better jigstick....for beginner

    Learn to pull on it right and 9/10 footers are no problem.
  140. dave_k

    Keeping Bugs alive 3 Day

    Cooler or livewell while moving. Bring a game bag that divers use and drop them over the side when anchored or drifting.
  141. dave_k

    WTB 20 foot Radon....

    Is this the one right by the entrance of the storage lot? Beautiful ride. Was drooling over it while checking out a buddy’s boat the other day.
  142. dave_k

    Cabo 216 W/ 2017 Yamaha F150

    Bump for a killer ride. I miss mine! One of the best platforms for SoCal IMO.
  143. dave_k

    Live Bait Rod Preference 7, 7.5, or 8 Foot and why?

    For my bait rods 40# and under I’m an 8’ guy. Casting distance isn’t really an issue as a shorter rod with the right tip and action will out cast a stiff 8’ rod any day. For me I like the extra length to get around outboards, bow pulpit, etc. easier.
  144. dave_k

    Cast And Blast in NJ

    Awesome! I'm counting down the days...
  145. dave_k

    Guadalupe set ups

    I’d also recommend a heavier setup. I was there a few weeks ago and getting bit on 100# was not an issue for most. You might only get one or two shots... pull hard and kill em quick.
  146. dave_k

    Guadalupe Night Fishing

    Bring lots of lead... we were using 3#s last week. Not much luck at night, but good once the sun came up for us.
  147. dave_k

    Skipping the Yummee Flyer (drag question)

    I’m not the expert, but I’ve run drag either at strike or just slightly back and not had issues. With the amount of line out, there will probably be a good belly in the line and you’ll want as much pressure as possible to drive the hook home. With that much mono I wouldn’t worry about 30#s of...
  148. dave_k

    9/2 thru 9/10 Excel/Gallagher Fish Explosion

    Thanks for the write up a Jamie! Got me fired up for my trip on the 24th! Can't wait to pull on some bigger yellows on that 10' UC Monster you sold me and hopefully pop my wahoo cherry!
  149. dave_k

    Boston Whaler 13 Pilothouse Build Pic Heavy

    Bad ass dude! Killer job. One of the raddest small skiff setups ive seen.
  150. dave_k

    double checking the quiver...

    Great, thanks for the quick responses guys! Looks like I might add that metaloid 12 back into the mix or borrow a talica setup from a buddy to cover another 40/50 ish rig.
  151. dave_k

    double checking the quiver...

    Hey guys, I’m a bit less than a month out from my first long range trip and can’t wait (8 day on the Indy). I’ve spent more time reading through old trip reports and gear recommendations on here than I care to admit. While I’ve got a pretty good grasp on what I’ll need and think I’m mostly...
  152. dave_k

    2007 Fountain 32' Center Console - $89,900

    I've fished this boat a handful of times and it's an awesome ride. Fast, stable and lots of room to fish. The owner took great care of her!
  153. dave_k

    Boston whaler 285 conquest

    I've got a 255, feel free to PM with any specific questions. It's a great riding hull, lots of storage. I've got a couple things I'm not crazy about, but every boat is a compromise. Overall it's a great boat.
  154. dave_k

    Help Outfitting New Boat

    While trinidads, talicas and the like are pretty sweet, they're more than is needed for most SoCal fish, with the exception of this current grade of bluefin. I'd recommend going with some mid-grade stuff like saltists, toriums, Avet, etc and save the extra funds for fuel, boat expenses, or...
  155. dave_k

    Looking for a tackle shop to call home

    Bob Sands is a great shop
  156. dave_k

    Loop to loop

    Sorry to hijack, but for those of you using loop to loop are you creating the spectra loop by inserting the line back into itself, or with a Bimini twist (or other) knot? Hopefully that's not a dumb question, new to the heavy tackle game.
  157. dave_k

    Cheap reel for sabiki rod?

    If you don't have anything laying around, just check the classifieds here or Craigslist for an old penn 500 or similar. You don't need anything fancy. You should be able to find something at or under $30.
  158. dave_k

    Gruden Boots

    I've got the grundens and like them so far. They took a little bit of break in, but the fit is good and they have good support. Seem really well built, time will tell how they hold up. Worth trying on first as the sizing seems a little on the small side.
  159. dave_k

    2017 Saltiga 35A Broke

    Sounds like you got a lemon, it happens with all brands on occasion. Take it back to the shop or daiwa for a new one and fish the hell out of it. It's a bad ass reel.
  160. dave_k

    Small Boats at San Clemente Island: What Changed?

    The regulars are guys spending 50+ skiff days on the water per year, they know how to read the weather, and know the limits of themselves and their boats. They're picking specific weather windows to make the run. In the right weather I'd make the run in a dinghy, wrong weather and I won't leave...
  161. dave_k

    Wrapping handles on pliers

    IMO tuna cord will give you the best grip, but if you want a custom look with whatever colors you can use paracord. as for the epoxy, use a 2 part rod building epoxy like Flex Coat. Any good tackle shop will have it. good luck, its pretty easy. once you get the hang of it they make great...
  162. dave_k

    new to kite fishing, any tips?

    Sounds like you're all set in the gear dept. There's definitely others with more knowledge than me, but here's my take... troll or drift? Depends on conditions. Most fish I know of have been taken on the trolled yummy flyer. If there isn't enough wind you'll have to fish this way to keep the...
  163. dave_k

    Cat Sunday 5/21/17 east front and home..

    Thanks for the report. Practice your gaff technique on those balloons. I picked up an easy dozen on Saturday.
  164. dave_k

    Ocean Kayak Prowler/Trident 11

    Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 11 for sale. Asking $500. Great smaller/lighter kayak, easily portable and still plenty capable of fishing open ocean and kelp beds, great for bays and lakes as well. Bought this as a loaner for introducing friends to the sport, but it really never gets used so I...
  165. dave_k

    New Saltiga Star Drag Reels

    Just got my 40HA yesterday. Probably won't be able to fish it for a couple weeks. Feel great though! Can't wait to fish it.
  166. dave_k

    Shark Attack at San Onofre Yesterday....

    Oxnard shores. Just above CI harbor.
  167. dave_k

    Trolling Motor for sale

    I have a battery, but it's been sitting a while. Not sure how good it is. Wasn't planning on selling it but could possibly work something out. Not really looking for trades, but let me know what you've got.
  168. dave_k

    Trolling Motor for sale

    Bringing it back from the dead... make me an offer.
  169. dave_k

    Baitcaster cast control question

    In the wrong hands, no reel is truly anti-backlash Like the previous poster mentioned, the amount of cast control "resistance" will vary based on the weight of the bait/jig you're casting. A general rule of thumb and test is to release your thumb and let the jig fall to the deck. There should...
  170. dave_k

    Shark Attack at San Onofre Yesterday....

    Scary stuff. I had one buzz me on my surfboard 2 weeks ago off Ventura. It wasn't aggressive but made me wonder how long he'd been checking me out before showing his fin. Not sure if it's just being publicized more now with social media or what, but their presence at the beaches seems to be...
  171. dave_k

    Misc. Duck Hunting / Goose Hunting Gear for Sale

    If the deal doesn't work out with Jason I'm interested in #1 as well.
  172. dave_k

    Proteus fans, 30?

    I fish my 80h for 30# as well. I can handle 40#, but 30# is the sweet spot IMO.
  173. dave_k

    Your Top 5 GOTO Trolling Lures for SoCal

    The cedar plug and x-rap are pretty consistent in my tuna spread while the rest will rotate. Another one that gets overlooked a lot is a swimbait on a 2oz head run way back.
  174. dave_k

    Long range boat video walk throughs

    This is great. Looking forward to my first long range (8-day) on the indy in late sept. Thanks for sharing.
  175. dave_k

    Canning or Bottling Yellowtail Recipe

    Like the other guys said, just do what you'd do for tuna. I just add a piece of pickled jalapeño to the jar and call it good. I've also done a little garlic instead of the jalapeño which is good too.
  176. dave_k

    4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    No need to apologize for that... IMO that's not the passenger's info to share. Nice going on the fish. Sounds like a great trip.
  177. dave_k

    Anyone fish a seeker inshore bcsw 858?

    It's a killer rod, but might not be ideal for your application. I look at it as more of a live bait stick. Fishing calico near heavy structure you'll want something with a little more backbone IMO. great rod for halis though or general inshore live bait fishing.
  178. dave_k

    April Fools BFT and rat yellows

    Right on, nice work. Those Sea Keepers are amazing.
  179. dave_k

    Surface iron reels

    I'm a big fan of the Daiwa Saltist BG for surface iron. Reasonably cheap, and mine have been bulletproof. I personally prefer the narrow profile on the 35, but the 40 gives you a little more capacity (even though it's not needed for anything we normally see locally).
  180. dave_k

    Fishing spots from Port San Luis.

    Congrats on the boat. Lots of good fishing up that way, but no one is going to post their spots. This video will help though.
  181. dave_k

    Service before selling?

    Yeah, the intent was never to try and rip anyone off by selling a reel that had issues or anything. The price would be lowered if a reel needed service and that would be clearly stated in the ad. I just don't buy/sell a ton of used gear and was wondering what the standard protocol was...
  182. dave_k

    8wt recommendations

    Thanks for the follow feedback guys!
  183. dave_k

    8wt recommendations

    Hey guys, pretty new to the fly game but got the bug pretty bad after just a few trips. So far I've only targeted trout on my 5wt, but would like to get an 8wt that I could use for bass, surf, and light saltwater applications. Any recommendations? Not sure how much I'll use it, and while I...
  184. dave_k

    Sabiki Rod, 8' - $40

    Bump... only selling because I have 2. This thing has saved multiple trips by being able to make macs when the yellows or wsb wouldn't eat the dines.
  185. dave_k

    3/4th day inshore trip for bass - what to expect

    Bob sands in Van Nuys or Fish 'n Fools in Granada Hills will both have what you need.
  186. dave_k

    Sabiki Rod, 8' - $40

    selling an Ahi Sabiki rod, asking $40. Used but great condition. Great for keeping a sabiki rigged and ready for when you stumble across bait but not having to worry about the hooks getting snagged on everything. The rod actually breaks down into 3 pcs even though the pic only shows as 2. New...
  187. dave_k

    New Setup Reccomendations

    For all around application I like the 30. Load it with 50 or 65 braid and you can fish a top shot of 20-40. If you're gonna get 2 do a 20 to fish 20-25, and a 35 for 30-40. The sealines are great reels but you'll be pushing its limits with 40#, imo. Might want to step up to the seagate or...
  188. dave_k

    New Setup Reccomendations

    If you're just starting, I'd recommend looking for a couple lower priced setups rather than 1 higher end one. I've caught a ton of tuna, wsb, yellows etc on daiwa sealines and $50 rods. Once you figure out what type of fishing you like to do most then you can upgrade your gear in that category...
  189. dave_k

    Primer on Lobster Fishing?

    There's a book called "Hoopin it up" with a ton of info. Explains gear, where to find them, etc.
  190. dave_k

    Service before selling?

    Thanks guys, that's pretty much what I figured. Appreciate it.
  191. dave_k

    Service before selling?

    hey guys, trying to break my habit of hoarding fishing gear and sell off a few reels that I don't use anymore. When a reel is still in working order, but in need of service do you typically service the reel before selling so it's ready to go for the buyer, or sell as is and leave the service up...
  192. dave_k

    Anyone heard from Darius?

    I had a similar experience a while ago. Really hard to get a hold of him and took longer than promised. With that said, I did eventually get both birds, and while one pose wasn't what I wanted, the quality was good. I'd suggest continuing to call, email and text and hopefully he gets back to...
  193. dave_k

    Owens River - Chasing "Snow Bows"

    Awesome write up and pics. I need to get back up there soon! Next time make sure to grab a breakfast burrito at mahogany smoked meats! Love that place!
  194. dave_k

    Suggestions on casting rod - $180

    If you want new, check out the Daiwa Proteus rods. Probably go with the 8' heavy based on what your describing, but if you want something lighter and don't plan on fishing 12-15oz often then go with the MH
  195. dave_k

    First time draw, got Wister 11/16

    Congrats on the draw. In addition to your license, you'll need a type A pass, CA duck validation, Federal duck stamp, and HIP validation (free). You'll need steel shells (no more than 25 on you in the field) waders (preferably chest waders), camo, a mudseat or chair, and a few decoys...
  196. dave_k

    Squid Lights

    I'm running the 4' green manget. It's held up great and I've never had an issue getting a float as long as I'm in the zone. I've got underwater leds on the transom as well, but prior to having those this was all I needed to get a float. Attached pic is...
  197. dave_k

    Trolling Motor for sale

    Reduced to $150.
  198. dave_k

    need lobster info

    Lovers Cove and Casino point are good spots. Seriously though, fishing is good at the island right now. Go pull on some yellows and calicos and mark the rocks on your GPS throughout the day. Release the bass and freeze the yellow carcasses for bait. Anything from 200+' deep up to as shallow as...
  199. dave_k

    Trolling Motor for sale

    Price drop to $175.
  200. dave_k

    2004 Edgewater 265 Ex for Sale

    Bump for an awesome ride and good seller. I've fished this boat before, great platform and Eric takes great care of it.
  201. dave_k

    Cabo 216 fish locker door, trailer fender

    Selling a couple pieces from our old Cabo 216 that I have sitting around. The fish locker door was used but is in great condition. This had hinges mounted to it, but they were removed and filled in (hard to see from top). This is off a 216, not sure if it will fit the 206 or 226 models...
  202. dave_k

    Trolling Motor for sale

    Selling a lightly used MotorGuide Varimax trolling motor. 12 volt, 45#s of thrust. This is the Great White version that’s made for saltwater use. I’ve only used it 3 times on the Barrett Lake boat rentals (never seen saltwater), other than that it’s been stored in the garage. Ran great last time...
  203. dave_k

    Trolling on Private Boat

    If you're going to stick to 2, you can't really go wrong with a cedar plug and a diving plug (halco, x-rap, etc.) With the bluefin around I'd run the lines longer than normal since they're typically a little more boat shy than the others. We actually picked up a smaller BFT on the halco trolled...
  204. dave_k

    Baitcaster and Inshore Rod as #30 rig

    It will work, but it's not ideal. If you were using it strictly for throwing artificials for schoolie tuna it would be ok, but line capacity might become an issue on a long soak or the slide. I'd recommend investing in a true 30# setup. this will be your bread and butter setup for most SoCal...
  205. dave_k

    Tackle storage boxes

    These are sold, pending meetup with Mike next time I'm in SD. If anything falls through I'll update the post.
  206. dave_k

    Overnight for 18 guys

    Hit up Greg on the Pride out of Seaforth
  207. dave_k

    16 miles out from mission bay

    For future reference, the 8-day view is just the default. There is a drop down menu next to the 8 day composite and you can look at SST or chlorophyll in 3 day composite, 1 day composite or snapshots of specific times.
  208. dave_k

    Tackle storage boxes

    Scott, I'll give you a bigger discount if you want to drive to LA to pick them up and take them to Mike.
  209. dave_k

    Tackle storage boxes

    3 of the boxes are spoken for. As of now, just 1 small box is available. If anything changes I'll post here
  210. dave_k

    Tackle storage boxes

    Selling 2 pairs of tackle storage boxes made by SSI Custom Plastics. While both have been used, they are in great condition. A couple minor scuffs, but structurally they are as good as new. When on the boat, the boat was always covered so these have not seen excessive UV exposure or anything...
  211. dave_k

    Insane BFT Tuna Fishing Today

    I was on the trip with Matt and we had 6 people on board. 4 anglers, captain and deckhand. We stopped short of limits as we ran out of room in the kill bag.
  212. dave_k

    Tranx for big BFT on poppers?

    80 pound solid backing to a top shot of 60# p-line mono and 3 feet of 100# fluoro for abrasion. The mono helped as some of the guys with straight braid pulled hooks. As far as distance goes, some schools you needed to huck it pretty good, others got close.
  213. dave_k

    Tranx for big BFT on poppers?

    My buddy got a 118 on the tranx Saturday. It worked, but we had to back down on it a bit and it took a while. Like said earlier, it will work but there are many better options out there for this. I got 2 over 100# on a fathom 40n that same day, and at no point did I wish it was a tranx (or any...
  214. dave_k

    Surface Iron reel

    With that rod you might be better off with one of the larger baitcasters like a Daiwa Lexa hd, Okuma Komodo, or similar. If you want a more traditional iron reel, maybe a Daiwa salitst bg 20. All those reels have plenty of balls for everything up to yellows and schoolie tuna, but the rod sounds...
  215. dave_k

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Hey Bill, my dad was an original cabo owner and a member of the cabo club. I still remember going to the meeting and tournaments as a kid. We sold that boat in 08, it went to San Diego originally, and last I heard it living up in the Santa Cruz area now. We moved on to a bigger boat, but I still...
  216. dave_k

    How to fish the current/wind?

    The best current direction will vary by spot. Some bite better with uphill current, others better with downhill. Typically you'll want to focus on the edge of the structure/kelp that's on the upcurrent side since the fish will stack up there waiting for the current to push bait to them. If...
  217. dave_k

    14 Mile Bank fishing

    Take this with a grain of salt as I don't really target rockfish much, but I believe this to be accurate... The issue is that the high spot is outside of the 60 fathom curve. The regs state "shoreward of the 60 fathom contour". Even though the high spot is shallower than 60 fathoms, it's still...
  218. dave_k

    Cabo Cuddycon 226

    Hell of a deal...
  219. dave_k

    MLPA's to landmarks/street signs

    The Navionics app shows all of the MPA lines. Comes in really handy when surf fishing or as a backup on the boat when you're trying to work the line. If you fish that spot frequently use the app to find the line, and then you can find your own landmarks.
  220. dave_k

    All American pressure canning set up.

    Would you be interested in selling without the burner?
  221. dave_k

    WTB Hobie Kayak

    There's a few listed on
  222. dave_k

    Help choosing rod/reel setup

    Add a 20 or 40# setup. If you're only going to have a couple setups, you'll want to cover a few different bases rather than having 2 30# setups. Braid gives you more versatility, but if you don't like it, then you don't like it. A 20 pound setup will be good for live bait calicos fishing as well...
  223. dave_k

    Anyone have experience jerkying tuna?

    Here is the one I've used, pretty simple and came out pretty good. The hardest part is getting the drying time right since it will vary based on the thickness of the cuts.
  224. dave_k

    Anyone have experience jerkying tuna?

    I've done several batches and it's pretty good. I can post the recipe when I get home but I marinate tuna strips in a mixture of soy sauce, pineapple juice, and various spices overnight. I use the cheap harbor freight dehydrator and it works fine. Usually around 6-8 hours depending on the...
  225. dave_k

    Ocean Kayak Trident 13

    Bump before posting to craigslist. Yellows are biting on the coast, get out there!
  226. dave_k

    Ocean Kayak Trident 13

    Mods, if you feel that this doesn't qualify as a boat, please feel free to move... Hey guys, selling an Ocean Kayak Trident 13. Great condition, just have a few other yaks so this just sits around. Super versatile... Fish bays and lakes for bass, or open water for wsb and yellows. Rod Pod...
  227. dave_k

    what gunnel mount multi rod rod holders

    Here's a few options...
  228. dave_k

    Help a confused dad out, glowing green small sea creatures

    I know what you're talking about, definitely not bioluminescence. I've seen them at catalina at night many times. You can actually net them and smear them on the deck and the "blood" leaves a glow trail kind of like when you kill a firefly. I don't know what they're called for sure, but think...
  229. dave_k

    Less is more?

    Don't stress on it, just go fishing and have fun. Fish move, just because the local boats are scoring big now does not mean they still will be by the time your trip is, whenever that may be. Plus, the experience you get on that trip will be much better than fishing a crowded 3/4 day boat with...
  230. dave_k

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    Also consider the time of year. Normally we'd just be starting to see yellowfin within 1 day range, but we've already had some ripper bites just a few miles off the beach. And the grade is the best I've seen in a long time. Lots of sporties are focusing on the big BFT too which is leading to low...
  231. dave_k

    Daiwa Proteus Rods, anyone try these?

    I added a few to my quiver and really dig em. killed several tuna and yellows on them already. Daiwa's got a winner with these.
  232. dave_k

    Anyone have a few good poke recipes???

    I keep it simple, just chunk the fish, dice some green onion, add soy sauce, sesame oil and a little furikake and sesame seeds.
  233. dave_k

    Kayak fishing guide? Not many guides around LA, but Kevin is dialed and will put you on fish.
  234. dave_k

    Catalina 7-12 277 152 long point action

    Edited... Thanks for the correction.
  235. dave_k

    Slow trolling macs/deens

    Agreed, 3 is usually the max. But if I've only got 2 guys, we're fishing 2 rods. I don't use clickers, just freespool with thumb on the spool. Clicker on and in the rod holder can work, but I find you'll get bit and spit a lot like this. Keep just enough tension on the spool with your thumb to...
  236. dave_k

    Slow trolling macs/deens

    i just tie straight to the hook, no swivel. If you're doing it right, your bait will just swim along so there won't be any like twist. If your bait is skipping or spinning, you're going to fast, or your bait is dead. Don't over think it. It's the same as fishing a live bait while drifting...
  237. dave_k

    Slow trolling macs/deens

    typically idle speed, about 100-150 feet back for me. Last weekend a little faster and closer to boat was working best for some reason. Macs can run a little faster. Sometimes slider, sometimes straight flyline. I usually rig each line a different way until we key in on what they want. Weight in...
  238. dave_k

    Looking at inshore rods

    "Inshore" is a pretty big umbrella... Might want to specify what line class and your target species to help us a little more. The okuma shadow stalker is tough to beat for the price. If you're willing to spend a little more, the Seeker blue light in series is another great option.
  239. dave_k

    Kicker Fishing - Great Customer Service

    x2. I placed and order over the weekend and got them today. Quick service, and the huge look great. Hopefully get some teeth marks in 'em in a couple days.
  240. dave_k

    Anyone use Waxwings for YT

    Yep, they definitely get bit. Killer for calico too, and if there's cuda around they'll be all over it too.
  241. dave_k

    6/24/15 Oside / DP, 4-6 Miles Offshore

    I give a ton of fish away to co-workers, friends, and have even dropped some off at my local fire station and the guys were stoked. I'm sure taking a cooler by the police station during a shift change would be much appreciated too. As for the fish, sometimes (not always) a slow trolled dine or...
  242. dave_k

    Hummingbird Helix

    I just put one on my kayak and it's great. Obviously not on the same level as the DI and touchscreen stuff, but I like it. Super clear resolution, easy to differentiate between bait, kelp, fish, etc. and pick up rock piles. Still getting it dialed but if you have any specific questions shoot me...
  243. dave_k

    Live bait reel.

    I'm a huge fan of the Daiwa saltist lever drags. I find myself grabbing these out of the rod rack a lot more often that some much more expensive reels. The STTLD20H loaded with spectra would be perfect for the seeker 270.
  244. dave_k

    Good setup or knot?

    I use a beefier swivel, but that's basically how all my feathers and cedar plugs are rigged. I just keep the swivel tied to my trolling rod for quick changes. For rapalas, halcos, and other diving plugs I tie straight to the mainline.
  245. dave_k

    Point Loma Kelp beds

    pay attention to the tides... Don't want to be paddling against an incoming or outgoing tidal current. As far as the other questions, nothing different than fishing other areas as far as sharks/seals and other boats. Carry a handheld VHF.
  246. dave_k

    50/60# set up

    It can handle it, but if I'm fishing 60#, I'd prefer a reel with a lower gear ratio.
  247. dave_k

    Yellowtail - When to Anchor?

    Typically anchoring is best when the fish are on a structure spot whether it be a rockpile, or running along a ridge/ledge (it takes some skill to set the boat up on the X with the anchor). If they're roaming a bigger area on finbait, I'd prefer to drift or slow troll. Not to mention this keeps...
  248. dave_k

    Need a Rod For Saltist 35TH

    I've got mine on a teramar 90h and love it. $169 new, I'm sure you can track one down for $150.
  249. dave_k

    Any good books about SoCal offshore fishing

    Mark Wisch wrote that. Great book, but more of an inshore focus which is why I didn't mention it. I believe he did an offshore book as well, but I haven't read it. Most good tackle shops should have it or at least be able to get it I would think.
  250. dave_k

    Any good books about SoCal offshore fishing

    Check out the books by Brandon Hayward. Getting Bit, The Local Angler, and The Southern California Angler. There are several others out there but these are fairly new and talk about modern tackle and techniques.
  251. dave_k

    Santa Cruz Island yellowtail

    Nice fish, and even nicer Cabo!
  252. dave_k

    Question about fishing YT and WSB fishing Catalina

    While the overnight deal can improve your odds, I'd recommend a few trips over first to get familiar with some of the zones you want to fish in the daylight. Even with good electronics, navigating new territory in the dark can be intimidating. Take notes on your daytime trips as to what spots...
  253. dave_k

    Summer Foul-Weather gear?

    Check out the Aftco transom bibs.
  254. dave_k

    Barrett Reservation for sale - 5/9

    Hey guys, I've got a reservation for Barrett this coming Saturday that I can no longer use. Up to 4 anglers and boat rental. Shoot me a PM if interested. Wish I could make it... sounds like the fishing is good even with the lower water levels. -Dave
  255. dave_k

    Are the squid nests anywhere near the beach?

    As mentioned above, the squid will be tough this year due to warm water, but the wsb are around now if you're willing to put in the time and effort.
  256. dave_k

    Looking For Job It's listed as temp, but it could be a great way to get your foot in the door with a great company in the industry.
  257. dave_k


    It's anchored so you've got it on saved on GPS. At that point you should be able to see the dove. A little more discreet than a honker or mallard way offshore.
  258. dave_k


    Check JD's website, there was something on there a while back. They would anchor them offshore so they'd sit about 30 feet underwater so they wouldn't pose a navigational hazard, and then ran a line to a dove decoy (duck would work too) so you had a small marker on the surface.
  259. dave_k

    PENN 525 MAG

    Perfect 20# chovy reel. Not sure on the ratio (keep this setup on the boat) but it's fast. I think a little over 6 to 1.
  260. dave_k

    rock fishing off la jolla 4/7

    There are several devices you can buy, but the easiest is to just take a big J hook, grind off the barb, and attach a heavy torpedo sinker to the eye of the hook. Tie a line to the bend in the hook so it's upside down, put it though the fish's lip, and send him back down. A quick upward jerk...
  261. dave_k

    Mariner's Learning System

  262. dave_k


    Details are on fishdope...
  263. dave_k

    Mariner's Learning System

    has anyone taken the online OUPV course through Mariner's Learning System? If so, would love to hear your feedback. IF not, any other recommendations? Looking at getting my license and the online program is really appealing to me with my hectic work schedule. Thanks guys!
  264. dave_k

    West End Rockfish - First Trip to the Island Sunday 3/29

    Sounds like a fun day. Might want to invest in a handful of sabiki rigs and maybe a sabiki rod. Fresh macs have saved the day on the yellows many times!
  265. dave_k

    WTB Boat mechanic in San Fernando Valley

    Closest good mechanic is Gideon at Lakeside Marine in Castaic.
  266. dave_k

    Private boat required to carry a net?

    Promar makes a nice collapsible one... Takes up almost no space. If I plan on using it I'll bring a bigger one, but the collapsible ones are great to stash somewhere to keep you legal. Collapsible one is at the top
  267. dave_k

    Power Pro Super Slick

    It's pretty good. I use it on a few reels. It doesn't have the kelp cutting ability of the regular stuff, but it is smooth. I recently switched my jigstick to suffix 832 and dig it. Also check out Daiwa samurai braid... Super smooth
  268. dave_k

    Go to rod for local

    Im really liking the Seeker MGC series. 8020 or 8030 depending on how heavy you want. I've landed wsb to 45# and plenty of 20#ish yellows on the 8020, but if you're planning on targeting wsb and jellos id go 8030. If more calico, cuda, etc, the 8020.
  269. dave_k

    The last weekend of lobster season

    It was full speed. We had 24 legals in our first 6 nets. Only had 3 guys on board and dumped at least 2 more limits while picking up the rest of our nets. Had several nets with 10+ bugs.
  270. dave_k

    Help choosing a reel... no fanboys please.

    TLD30 is a much bigger reel than an MX. Personally I don't think you need a 2 speed for 20-30# test. Maybe 40, but still not necessary especially with the slightly lower 5.8:1 gear ratio. Between those 2 options, go with the avet. If you wanted to bring the new torium or some daiwas, okumas or...
  271. dave_k


    Shoot an email to [email protected] My guess is you got one that slipped through yhe cracks. I've got nothing but great experiences with seeker, both before and after the ownership change. Where did you buy the rod?
  272. dave_k

    MDR launch ramp?

    Make sure you leave the parking receipt right side up on your dash... If they can't read it, they'll ticket you.
  273. dave_k


    More good nights than bad nights. Some spots that produced last season were slow this season, and spots that were slow last year are loaded this year (nights with triple limits + in one set, up to 8 legals in a net). I've had much better luck in shallow this season. All with bait tubes.
  274. dave_k

    Daiwa service or lack there of...

    Sorry to hear about the bad experience, pretty much the opposite of what I've seen. I've been beating my Saltists and Lexas to hell on both the yak and boat and they've held up fine. Only had to deal with Daiwa for warranty/repair once and they were solid.
  275. dave_k

    Utilitarian Rod / Reel Set-Up

    Might not be the answer you're looking for but I'd try and save up a little more, and look at used options, or wait for some Fred Hall specials and try and get 2 different setups. A good reel for fishing plastics isn't ideal for live bait, and fishing plastics for bass on a live bait reel will...
  276. dave_k

    wister this weekend

    Nice Ben! You made the right call, quail hunting sucked. Dont party too hard in Niland tonight.
  277. dave_k

    Looking for a rod to match my gunmetal sx...

    I've got mine on a seeker stealth/mgc 8020. Perfect for 20# but I've fished it with 25# and it worked fine. Those proteus rods are pretty sweet too.
  278. dave_k

    FS: SKB tackle backpack

    Bump for a good deal. Wish you were closer since I can't get down that way for a while
  279. dave_k

    Rio Steel Shot Deal - Cabelas $80 case

    Bummer, i got mine within a couple days of ordering... shooting tomorrow so we'll see how I like them. I needed something to cover me for the rest of the season after the Hevi Metal recall.
  280. dave_k

    Where to buy whams

    Bob Sands usually has them, although I haven't been by the shop in a few weeks.
  281. dave_k

    Coyote Help

    Right on, thanks for the replies and PMs guys. I'm in LA, but willing to drive pretty far to hunt (pretty much have to anyways). Did some research on clubs and found the SD and OC clubs, but not much in the LA area. I'll give it some more time when I get home tonight. Thanks again.
  282. dave_k

    Coyote Help

    Hey guys, Looking for some help on coyote… First, a little background of the situation. My dad has been really into the idea of getting some ‘yotes. He’s got an electronic call, decoy, and the gear and has been doing some research, but has been pretty unsuccessful with his efforts. I've gone...
  283. dave_k

    Sunrise pics...let's see some

    Obviously one isn't from the duck blind, but one of the best I've seen in person.
  284. dave_k

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    I'm no expert, but brining is key. I brine mine for 2 days (changing out the brine a few times) before freezing. Milk works great too. It pulls the blood out and the lactic acid in the milk helps tenderize the meat. If it's tasting like shit when wrapped in bacon, you're doing something wrong...
  285. dave_k

    No ducks??

    Had a pretty good hunt at SJ on Wednesday. Based on the differences in the amount of fat on them when cleaning 'em, I'd definitely say there are new birds in the area. Good luck to you guys hunting this weekend.
  286. dave_k

    opinion on shimano waxwings.

    I love my waxwings. Just like every lure out there you need to keep in mind that there are certain conditions where they work great, and other situations where another lure might be better. There is no lure that works perfect for all conditions. The waxwing isn't necessarily better than other...
  287. dave_k

    SJ 11/1

    Thank again for the invite, another fun day. The teal are really starting some nice plumage. The GoPro footage came out pretty good, I'll post it up once I get a chance to edit it. Carl, overall it was pretty slow for the refuge. Saw mostly 1s and 2s at the check station, and they posted a 1.3...
  288. dave_k

    Inseine bait co closing in marina del Rey

    I haven't been impressed with their bait. Another downside is that they don't open until 5am I believe. Might work for some but I usually prefer to be long gone by then. Not sure where you live, but if you plan on fishing Catalina a lot the harbors on the other side of PV might make more sense...
  289. dave_k

    Bo-J Lures

    Back from the dead! Yeah, basically an acrylic surface iron. Similar in size to a tady 9, maybe a little lighter but not much. Caught yellows on em, probably some other stuff too but haven't fished one in years.
  290. dave_k

    Anybody willing to take a noob along?

    Don’t take it personal that no one has invited you. Resis are tough to come by at the refuges, and even tougher this season with the reduced quotas at some spots. Between inviting my usual hunting partner, inviting others that have taken me before and trying to get my dad out there a couple...
  291. dave_k

    San Jacinto Opener

    It was fun hunting with you guys, good day for sure!
  292. dave_k

    overnight on a pb offshore

    I still keep one person on watch even if I'm anchored up. Even with the right pick and plenty of rode, the wind and conditions can change, or you could get a kook on another boat that's not paying attention. If everyone wants to sleep, go to Cat and get a mooring.
  293. dave_k

    Where to buy lobster bait?

    Fish king in Glendale isn't too far from you. Hit him up a few days early and ask him to save some carcasses for you.
  294. dave_k

    Wide open Catalina Yellows and one big local toad

    Right on Jeff, we managed to get one good through through the dogs. Glad you got a nice one on the coast!
  295. dave_k

    WTB Duck Decoys

    I'm planning on selling at least a dozen, maybe more of my decoys this year as well as a cart and sled. Still need to go through them, but shoot me a pm if you're interested.
  296. dave_k

    Different lures for bass besides plastics?

    Maybe a little, but the ring allows the jig to swim without the trailer having too much effect. Even if it does slow the action of the jig, it still gets bit.
  297. dave_k

    Different lures for bass besides plastics?

    Found this pic on my phone... Not the best but hopefully helps a little
  298. dave_k

    Different lures for bass besides plastics?

    A couple different ways, but my favorite is to switch the hook to an Owner offset wide gap hook (or similar from another brand), and then run a fluke over it just like you would with a worm or senko for green bass. The kastmaster kicks back and forth and the fluke really adds to the action...
  299. dave_k

    Different lures for bass besides plastics?

    You might get some better responses on the Bass Forum on here, but I'll give it a shot. You mentioned spotties in your post... is that what you're mostly fishing for or do you fish for calicos and sand bass as well? If you're a spotty guy, take this with a grain of salt since my bass fishing is...
  300. dave_k

    Help Selecting a Rod for a LEXA 400

    Check out the okuma shadow stalker. I've been fishing the 801xh and love it. I've got a Lexa 300 on it with a similar line setup and love it. Great price and lifetime warranty too. Yellows and tuna on the waxwing with this setup is about as fun as it gets. Seeker blue lightning 858 would be...
  301. dave_k

    My new pliers wrapped by Chad Gee on BD!

    That spike is bad ass.
  302. dave_k

    Casting question

    How heavy of a bait are you casting? I haven't fished that rod but my 800H takes something a little heavier to load up properly. Glass rods like your sabers are going to be a little more user friendly, especially with a lighter bait
  303. dave_k

    Daiwa Proteus Boat Rods?

    Heard great things, but have not had the chance to pull on one yet...
  304. dave_k

    Ported Choke Tubes

    Definitely, this gun has the lightest recoil I've ever felt. But it seems like the vast majority of aftermarket chokes for this gun are ported, so I'm just wondering if the increased blast from a ported choke is enough to be noticed by others in the blind. Some of the particular ones I'm...
  305. dave_k

    Ported Choke Tubes

    What are your thoughts on ported choke tubes? Looking at some different options for my A400 for this waterfowl season and would like to get one pretty soon so I've got time to pattern some different ammo with it before the opener. Reading up on them I like the idea, but don't want to make my...
  306. dave_k

    The best burger of my Life... made with dorado

    Nice! I've done a similar one with albacore and with halibut and both have been really good!
  307. dave_k

    YFT Mothership

    Bad ass Andy. You're the man!
  308. dave_k

    Tackle stores and why do you shop them

    I love to shop at Bob Sands. Great customer service, knowledge, and fair prices. The only downside for me is that with them closing at 6pm (like most tackle shops) it's almost impossible for me to get in there with a 50+ hour work week, and spending my weekends fishing or with family. I give...
  309. dave_k

    Offshore between Santa Barbara Island and Catalina from Marina del Rey

    Thanks for the report! That area will go off, just a matter of time.
  310. dave_k

    Recommendation for Fishing Pliers

    I dig my p line pliers... Forget the name but they're the anodized aluminum ones with the cutter on the side. Cut braid like butter, have held up to a couple years of very hard use (and abuse) so far. Reasonably priced too and I see them on sale from time to time. If I lost them I wouldn't...
  311. dave_k

    Looking to buy kayak

    Go with a used yak from a reputable brand over a new one from an "off brand" from the chain stores. Ocean kayak, hobie, etc are well built and can withstand years of use and abuse. As far as specifics go, if you can list what type of fishing and what area you plan to fish we can help with more...
  312. dave_k

    MDR launch fee increase

    Between this and In Seine moving to redondo, the other ramps/marinas are looking a lot better. Although that water off the west end of cat is looking pretty good...
  313. dave_k

    ulua 9'3h, pacbay 9ft split grip, quantum pt accurist saltwater

    You have a model number or any specs on the Pac bay?
  314. dave_k

    20' Wilson Hull with Trailer, etc. $6000

    Bump for one of the sickest hulls around. If I had the time I'd be all over this. With a little sweat and elbow grease someone can put together one sick ride! Good luck
  315. dave_k

    FishCat 4 Float Tube for sale/trade

    Hey guys, thanks for the offers but I picked up a jigstick last week. Edited original post...
  316. dave_k

    FishCat 4 Float Tube for sale/trade

    One more bump before Craigslist
  317. dave_k

    Best way to remove poles out of upper rocket launchers?

    Never used one, but I think this is what you're talkin about...
  318. dave_k

    Duck Pr0n

    Yes sir, he's got several similar ones in his gallery. Really good stuff.
  319. dave_k

    Duck Pr0n

    If any of you guys have Instagram, check out Tod Manning. Some bad ass waterfowl photography. Some upland stuff too.
  320. dave_k


    Besides tuna/albacore, what kinds of fish are you guys using for jerky?
  321. dave_k

    FishCat 4 Float Tube for sale/trade

    Still available, previous buyer fell through
  322. dave_k

    6'4" Quad Fish surfboard

    Selling a 6’4” quad fish surfboard. Made by Doyle, includes DaKine traction pad and leash. Specs shown in pic below. The glass on this board is really thick. A little on the heavy side, but super stable and durable as well. Fun board, I just have too many and don’t use this one. No dings...
  323. dave_k

    FishCat 4 Float Tube for sale/trade

    Selling a FishCat 4 float tube. Used once in freshwater. I’ve got a kayak that I end up fishing and this is just collecting dust. Includes: FishCat4 Float tube, Navy Blue Zippered Storage bag with mesh bottom for drainage Stripping Basket Hand Pump Backpack Straps Patch Kit 3 Rod holders that...
  324. dave_k

    Bass fishing in ponds

    Early morning and late afternoon are typically best, but there are other factors that will have an effect as well. For baits, try running a Yamamoto Senko or Ika with no weight on a 4/0 EWG hook... Work it as slow as you can.
  325. dave_k

    Shimano Compre Spinning Rod

    Bringin this back from the dead with a bump... $70.
  326. dave_k

    After the kill... (Ducks)

    Right on, kind of what I figured. Thanks guys
  327. dave_k

    After the kill... (Ducks)

    Hey guys, So after you harvest a bird, what steps do you take (if any) to get the most out of the meat on a duck? I know with fish bleeding, icing, etc. make a huge difference. I've read that some guys let them hang for a day or two before cleaning, but I'm not sure that's practical is SoCal...
  328. dave_k

    Wister 12-11: Disappointing Orange

    Hey Jason, what do you mean by using the jerk cord correctly? Sorry if it's a dumb question, but I'm pretty new and didn't know there was a right and wrong way.
  329. dave_k

    MDR Fish n' Bugfest 11/30 w-pics

    Nice going Vince! i was on the big whaler that was leaving as you pulled up to the wash down. Bugs crawled well for us later in the evening on the dropping tide. Quick limits plus once they started crawling. You smoked us on the fishing though! Seals were bad on our spot too.
  330. dave_k

    Shimano Compre Spinning Rod

    Selling a Shimano Compre spinning rod. Used only 1 or 2 times, looks brand new. Awesome rod, I've just got too much bass stuff for me to use. 7'2", 8-14 lb line, 3/16 - 5/8 lure weight, med-heavy, fast action. Here is more info...
  331. dave_k

    Hooping Lobster

    It's pretty simple. The hardest part is figuring out how to carry your gear. Once you get that dialed its pretty simple. What kind of yak are you hooping off of?
  332. dave_k

    Jaws Rods 10-20 8'

    I've got one paired with an Abu revo inshore. Probably my favorite inshore setup. The rod is light but has plenty of backbone for pulling fish out of structure.
  333. dave_k

    Bass Lake

    Anyone have info on Bass Lake? Heading up to that area this weekend and thinking about smuggling a couple rods. Won't be able to bring the tube or yak, so I'll be pounding the bank. Might be able to fish from a SUP, just not sure if we'll have them right now. Any areas you can recommend would...
  334. dave_k

    Shimano Compre spinning rod

    One last bump... Make me an offer, I want to sell this rod.
  335. dave_k

    Channel Island WSB

    Saw you guys out there both days. I was on the yak, red jacket. Stuck a fatty on Sunday a bit aways from the fleet. Nice going, pig for sure!
  336. dave_k

    Shimano Compre spinning rod

    Selling a Shimano Compre spinning rod. Specs below. It’s in new condition, used maybe 2 or 3 times. Here is a link with more info… it’s the 3rd one down on the specs list. Shimano Compre Spinning Rods I can get pics if you’d like, but it’s in perfect condition, looks the same as on the...
  337. dave_k

    Want to buy a kayak

    A lot of it comes down to the type of fishing you plan on doing. Hobies are great, but I use an ocean kayak trident. Most of the areas I fish usually require launching through surf which can be heavy at time. I like having the ability to stow all my gear (rods included) inside when going...
  338. dave_k

    Best offshore foot ware?

    I threw some superfeet insoles in my boots. Made a world of difference. I can wear them for a few days straight with no issues.
  339. dave_k

    Show me your BASS...

    Yak sandy
  340. dave_k

    Malibu Area Kayakers!!!

    What he said... I'll probably be out Saturday. Not sure on details yet.
  341. dave_k

    La Jolla Calicos

    Nice! Some solid fish Matt!
  342. dave_k

    Okuma Andors 5 LD

    What's the retail on the single speed 5N? Google is only coming back with info on the 2 speed...
  343. dave_k

    Off Season Reading Material

    Thanks guys, I'll definitely get those subscriptions. Kind of like making a good donation and getting a free magazine.
  344. dave_k

    Off Season Reading Material

    Hey guys, I’m pretty new to hunting and got really into the waterfowl thing this year. Had a tough season, but it was a lot of fun since I was learning a ton on each trip. Now that it’s the off season and ducks are all I can think about, I was wondering if you could recommend any magazines or...
  345. dave_k

    Sebile Lures @ 3 mph?

    Have you thought about swimbaits? If rigged properly they'll swim fine at kayak speeds. You can run a hollow belly swimbait with an owner beast hook that will run pretty close to the surface. Or go with a leadhead to get it deeper.
  346. dave_k

    reds, cans, blues, and a pin

    Hell yeah Josh. Nice going.
  347. dave_k

    Thresher Shark Fishing

    No size limit, just be responsible. Don't kill the babies or take more than you need. Make sure you're with someone that knows what they're doing too. Like stated earlier, the limit is 2, but you won't have room for more than 1 on your yak anyways. Good luck and keep a good knife handy.
  348. dave_k

    Rifle questions

    Thanks again for all the info. Really appreciate it... Gives me A few other things to consider while shopping now.
  349. dave_k

    Charter boats?

    Hey guys, I'll have a few friends in town from the Midwest next week and they wanted to get on some tuna. They don't have passports so fishing mex isn't an option. With the bite on the SoCal bank being hit and miss I was thinking of heading north. Not interested in dragging the boat all the way...
  350. dave_k

    Rifle questions

    Thanks for the feedback! Lots of useful info!
  351. dave_k

    Rifle questions

    Hey guys, Got a few rookie questions for you on rifles. Every time I go into a local shop they're swamped and I kind of get the 'unless you're buying, step aside' vibe, so figured I'd just post here. Right now I'm a shooter, not a hunter, but am looking to change that. I'm looking for a...
  352. dave_k

    Kayak accessories and bait sled

    All messages replied to and pics sent. Ron, I never got a message from you. Send me your email and I'll get you pics
  353. dave_k

    Drop Shot for Salty Bass?.,?.,?

    I drop shot for calicos in the kelp quite a bit with good results. Because I'm fishing in the thick stuff, I use braid with a 25# fluoro leader, sometimes heavier if lings are around. I typically use flukes anywhere from 5" - 7" on a hd 5/0 screwlock worm hook, rigged weedless. Usually run at...
  354. dave_k

    Kayak accessories and bait sled

    Out of town till Sunday. I'll post/email pics then
  355. dave_k

    Selling 2 Barrett tube spots - 6/30

    Figured some of the guys that only check the bass page might be interested.
  356. dave_k

    2 tube/yak spots for Barrett 6/30

    Selling off 2 tube spots for Barrett Lake for this Saturday 6/30. Would like to sell as a pair. Selling for face value. $20 each plus your share of ticketmaster fees (should be about $22 each). PayPal preferred but I'm flexible. Please reply via PM. Thanks
  357. dave_k

    Where do u keep ur catch?

    right here... Big fish, throw on your lap or tie down in the back if you don't have a bait tank or crate back there. With rockfish I keep them in a diver's game bag. clipped to the yak and keep dunkin 'em to keep them fresh. Advantage of the bag is you don't have to worry about seals like...
  358. dave_k

    Oxnard at Deep Hole 6-14-12

    yeah, that zone has been hit pretty hard for about 3 weeks now. It was good while it lasted but it's time to find a new spot. Glad I got on it when I did.
  359. dave_k

    suggestions for a rod

    It will hold up fine. I use mine almost every weekend on either a skiff or kayak in the salt and it's held up great for 3 years with minimal maintenance. I've also got mine paired with the Teramar x800mh, which is perfect for what it sounds like you'll be doing.
  360. dave_k

    Got a 45.5 lb Halibut at MDR

    Congrats! looks like the bay is turning on. Nice boat too... love those cabos.
  361. dave_k

    MDR 5-23-12

    Looks like fun!
  362. dave_k

    fishin sunday in malibu heard epirb alert

    Bummer on both incidents. Hope the yakker issue turned out ok... Wasn't able to find anything online.
  363. dave_k

    fishin sunday in malibu heard epirb alert

    You sure it was south east of Dume? 24 miles SE would put him around Redondo or PV (don't have a chart in front of me, but it should be close). Just seems strange the CG would use Dume as a reference point if he was all the way down there. Either way, hope everything turned out ok.
  364. dave_k


    Nice dude. Next time send one of those macs back down on a dropper loop. Big fish cruise through there all the time.
  365. dave_k


    That area can be good as can that whole stretch between the pier at surfrider and the MLPA closure. Calicos, sand bass, brownies, halibut and WSB all can be caught there. If you go a little north of there, there's a pretty good kayak launch site at Escondido Creek. I've pulled some big bass out...
  366. dave_k

    SMB 3/10/12 on Split Decision

    Nice Grant! Looks like a fun day.
  367. dave_k

    kayak fishing in lake balboa

    Roughly Paradise Cove to just below Nicolas Canyon (zeros).
  368. dave_k

    MDR Lobster/Bass and lost bait cages

    Nice talking with you at the launch. Glad you got some. We tried a few different spots and couldn't find the bugs but found a spot absolutely loaded with rock crab.
  369. dave_k

    Glorious Central Coast Fall Fishing

    Awesome quality fish! I've got to take a road trip up there with the yak next season!
  370. dave_k

    Found Hoopnet

    Sorry Rick, but that's not the one I found. Good luck tracking it down dude.
  371. dave_k

    Found Hoopnet

    Hey guys, found a hoop net drifting last night over at Catalina. Shoot me a PM with a description of the net, rigging and the general area you were and I'll figure out a way to get it back to you. -Dave
  372. dave_k

    Kayak Malibu?

    Is it your first time? If so, keep it simple. One bass rod with a box of WAR weedless leadheads and some 4 and 5 inch swimmies. That should have you covered for bass, rockfish and halibut. Shoot me a pm if you want more info. Good luck
  373. dave_k

    2011 Bass Contest October

    Yeah that spot has been kicking out lots of skinny fish this fall. Kinda weird since there has been a ton of bait there since early summer.
  374. dave_k

    Favorite spectra line?

    I spooled up a reel with Daiwa Samurai Braid this spring and like it a lot. It's thinner and much smoother than others I've used.
  375. dave_k

    2011 Bass Contest October

    First time entering this contest... Fish was caught Sunday 10/16. Sorry about the pic quality, hope it's good enough. My camera was dead so I had to pull out the iPhone which I don't like doing on the yak. Holding the phone above my head to get everything in the pic while getting bounced...
  376. dave_k

    List of Gear that over-performed?

    Ocean kayak Trident. I have more than doubled my time on the water since it costs me nothing to get out there and fish. Not to mention that I can access spots that are tough for boats to get to. Plenty stable, room for lots if gear, and clean up is a breeze.
  377. dave_k

    Greetings new kayak fisher to the site

    Welcome to a new addiction. Lots of good info on this site. You might also want to check out That site is a little more localized to the LA and Malibu area. Great place to meet other yakkers in your area. Good luck!
  378. dave_k

    Lots of Calicos and Sheepshead, but WSB?

    Are you the original owner of that boat? My dad had a cabo 216. Probably one of the best fishing boats in that size. We're heading over tonight...
  379. dave_k

    Summer Offshore Outlook

    Interesting read. Thanks for the info.
  380. dave_k

    IGFA world record White Sea Bass

    There was also a 93#er speared off Malibu in '07. The average fish has seemed to get bigger the last couple seasons. I wouldn't be surprised if that record gets broken soon. Either way, 83#s is a slug. Congrats.
  381. dave_k

    MDR Halibut Derby Results?

    43# hali took first with a 17#er for 2nd. I think there were more details on allcoast.
  382. dave_k

    Any advice on how to save money??

    2nd the kayak. I fish almost every weekend and can into places that most boats can't. After your initial purchase it's just about free.
  383. dave_k

    Saltist 2 speeds

    Thanks for the feedback, but the Makaira is a bit more than I'm looking to spend.
  384. dave_k

    Saltist 2 speeds

    I still do a good amount of fishing from boats as well (just won't use this rig for T's on the boat).
  385. dave_k

    Saltist 2 speeds

    Hey guys, Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse, but I searched and couldn’t find what I was looking for. Anyways, I’m in the market for a new reel, and really like the Daiwa Saltist LD 2 Speeds. I’ll be fishing it with straight braid, most likely solid 65#, to a 5’ leader. The leader will...
  386. dave_k

    Kayak accessories and bait sled

    Hey guys, trying to get rid of a few things that are taking up space... Ocean kayak comfort plus kayak seat (the one that comes with the boats). Brand new, never used. $40 Seattle sports kayak cart. Not the scupper hole model. Used a couple times, but in great condition. $75 Bait...
  387. dave_k

    Rpt-Sat.-05-07-11 Limits of Barracuda on the Tradition!

    I got into some big schools today as well in another area of smb on the yak. Not as good of a grade as yours and not as aggressive to eat the iron, but they're here in numbers either way.
  388. dave_k

    Marina Del Rey or Cabrillo Beach

    I've made the run to Cat from both harbors and Cabrillo or Long Beach is usually the better bet. You've got 24hr bait barges, a much shorter run (especially to the east end) and usually a better angle on the wind chop coming home. MDR is ok if you plan on fishing the west end, but the ride home...
  389. dave_k

    Helpful SoCal Kayak Fishing Forum?

    Also check out More focused on the Malibu to LB area but lots of good info.
  390. dave_k

    Charting new territory on the yak

    Don't get discouraged as the fish haven't been biting well lately for anyone. Cold water and inconsistent weather have made things tough out there. Like the other guys said, stick near the structure, whether it be kelp, rockpiles, ledges, etc. When you can find any of those with bait on it, even...
  391. dave_k

    quick report and some rookie questions

    It's just a basic rod i got at Sport Chalet a while ago for trout. 7'6" rated for 1 - 6 # test. Nothing fancy at all. The longer length is nice though for chuckin small baits way out there, and it helped keeping the line above the waves too.
  392. dave_k

    quick report and some rookie questions

    Thanks for all the tips guys, i really appreciate it. Now i just need some decent weather to land on a weekend that I'm in town and I'll be set!
  393. dave_k

    quick report and some rookie questions

    I typed that on my phone... Sorry for any typos and the fact that its all one big paragraph.
  394. dave_k

    quick report and some rookie questions

    Hey guys, went out on Sunday morning to give the surf perch a try. I’ve grown up fishing SoCal from boats and kayaks, but have never really given the surf fishing a try. I brought out a 7’6” ultralight rod with a spinning reel loaded w/ 4# test that I normally use for trout, set up a...
  395. dave_k

    MLPA and the seals

    its because the people who are backing the MLPA think the sealions are cute and cuddly. This whole thing isn't about protecting fish stocks. If it were, we would have stricter bag limits and slot limits, not closures.
  396. dave_k

    weedless leadheads

    Not sure which ones are on Charkbait, but the Warbaits ones are sick! I throw them right in the middle of the tickets kelp for vertical presentations or run them through the stingers with almost 0 snags. I get just and many hookups with these as with a standard leadhead.
  397. dave_k

    WON Tournament at Irvine

    How crowded do you guys think it will be? I was thinking about taking the yak down for some trout, but if its going to be a zoo, i might try somewhere else. I could really care less about the tourney, just looking for some decent fishing. -Dave
  398. dave_k

    ok to kayak?

    Irvine is for sure a yes. Don't know about the others
  399. dave_k

    Sport Chalet Fishing Clearance

    I think it starts Friday, but I'm not sure. Might want to call one of the stores.
  400. dave_k

    Sport Chalet Fishing Clearance

    Hey Guys, I just got an email from a buddy giving me a heads up about a Fishing and Camping clearance at Sport Chalet this weekend. It will be 50% off of items that are already on sale. Last time they had one of these I scored a Humminbird 383C for about $175 (normally $399) and a bunch of...
  401. dave_k


    I was up there in the yak... calicos bit well early, and then slowed with the tide change. I was surprised that the water temp held as good as it did with the weather this week.
  402. dave_k

    I got a R-eel problem

    George, I understand not wanting your crew to get hurt. I'm with you on that one. I also understand that shit happens, and you gotta do what you gotta do. The main point I was trying to make is not to post about that stuff for everyone to read. Tree huggers are trying to close our oceans...
  403. dave_k

    I got a R-eel problem

    So you stuck an eel with a gaff and then threw it back? I'm sure he'll survive... Yeah right. That's almost as smart as posting it on the internet for all the anti fishing and hooping tree huggers to read. Next time don't bring the hoop into the boat before checking what's in it. All kinds of...
  404. dave_k

    Kayak Fishing

    No age restrictions. Just need a pfd, fishing license, and some basic kayak and fishing gear. I would recommend tagging along with someone your first time though. Check out or Both of those are kayak fishing specific sites with tons of good info.
  405. dave_k

    P Line Laser Minnow

    What hooks do you guys like to use on those P Line Laser Minnow jigs (basically a MegaBait) when fishing for albies? It cames with a treble, but I'm not a big fan of trebles for tuna. Thanks!
  406. dave_k


    Hey guys, thinking of heading up north to Avila or Morro Bay for some albies this weekend. That sounds much easier than dragging the boat down to SD. Can any of you recomend any landings or boats up that way? Thanks
  407. dave_k

    Fishing season

    As the water temps drop, the fish will become much more lethargic. They'll burn fewer calories, and therefore need to eat less. You can still catch plenty of fish in the winter, but its definitely tougher than the warmer months. I've also found that the bass will hold much tighter to structure...
  408. dave_k

    Hoop Net Gear Questions... What kind? How many? Buy Where?

    Eclipse is good, but I like the ambush better. They're a little smaller so there is significantly less drag while pulling them up. Check out the book "hopping it up". Tons of good info on rigging. Your local tackle shop or even sport chalet should have everything you need.
  409. dave_k

    Hoop Net

    I like the ambush the best. Pulls up much easier than the eclipse which is really nice on the yak. Also much better quality than the Danielson nets.
  410. dave_k

    Where to buy components

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some components to build some lures, mostly inshore salt stuff. I've found a few good sites, but none of them have everything I'm looking for... it seems like every website has about 1/2 of what I need. Any recommendations on any good websites or even LA (north)...
  411. dave_k

    seat comfort question

    Surf to Summit makes a few killer seats. I personally use the GTS expedition and can fish for 6 hours with very little problems. The seat has plenty of padding and I believe a 15" high back which is plenty for me and I'm 6'2". This seat also has "grooves" in it which line up with the main...
  412. dave_k

    What have you done with the money?

    Bought a kayak. Been slaying the inshore fish every weekend and it only costs a couple bucks each trip in gas to get to the beach!
  413. dave_k

    baby WSB??

    I agree, calico... Dorsal fin is too big and spiny to be a wsb.
  414. dave_k

    Found a new sight

    Thanks for the heads up. I was talking to the guys over there a couple weeks ago and they told me it was in the works. I just checked it out and all there is a home page saying "new website coming soon". It should be pretty sweet when it's done.
  415. dave_k

    Do scents actually work?

    Does driving by in n out and smelling it make you hungry? The fish probably feel the same way. I've caught lots of fish using it. Might as well try it out. Its not going to hurt...
  416. dave_k

    How big is she?

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Biggest yak calico I've had for sure.
  417. dave_k

    How big is she?

    How much do you guys think she weighs? She was 24" long and hasn't missed many meals. Sorry for the poor pics... tough holding a pissed off fish down and taking a pic from a yak. I wish i would have got the tape in the pic for the bass contest, but i wanted to get her back in the water before...
  418. dave_k

    Ever caught a fish with a jig in its mouth already?

    Found a rapala in a Mako's stomach a few years ago... cleaned it up and its still in the tackle box somewhere. -Dave
  419. dave_k

    Which rod holders to install?

    Thanks Mark, I really appreciate it! I'll be ordering some stuff soon!
  420. dave_k

    Which rod holders to install?

    On the scotty ones, which style do you recommend. I've got a set of the powerlocks but haven't installed them yet. I'm afraid that the butt of the rod will stick too far out the back/bottom of the rod holder and get in the way. Has anyone experienced this? The kayak is a trident 13 and they'll...
  421. dave_k

    GPS / sonar

    I'm looking into a new (or used) sonar/GPS for my kayak, and while doing reasearch, I noticed that alot of guys run 2 separate units, one GPS, one fishfinder. It seems to me that it would be alot easier to have both on one unit, especially with the ability to use a split screen on the newer...
  422. dave_k

    Keel saver

    I could be way off, but i think he's probably talking about this, or something similar at least. Megaware KeelGuard offers the toughest protection for boats and personal watercraft its basically a self adhesive high density plastic strip that you would place down the centerline of a boat/jet...
  423. dave_k

    did anyone get pictures of the boat that burned down this last weekend?

    I haven't heard any of the details, but I saw some pics over at Looked like it could have been a pretty nice boat but its tough to tell. Bummer either way.
  424. dave_k

    Offshore waters are warming...

    Not sure what year it was, but last time I saw red crabs at the northern channel islands we were slaying the yellows there. 98 is probably a good guess. I've got my fingers crossed for this summer, it's looking good so far.
  425. dave_k

    salmon opener

    Not so much a specific location, mainly just look for areas of bait. I've had decent luck around the oil rigs (not sure of names since I don't fish up there often). We usually just run the downriggers or cannon balls with release clips followed by a flasher, with a baited hoochie or rotary...
  426. dave_k

    salmon opener

    Anyone giving it a shot off Ventura or SB this weekend? Have you guys heard or anyone metering anything or catching incidentals? Thanks
  427. dave_k

    Good yak forums
  428. dave_k

    Exported bugs from Cat 3-5-2010

    Right on, I should have goin Friday too. I went out Saturday and it was quite a bit slower. Weather was up, seals were out in force too. Ended with 12 good ones, threw back 5 or 6 clickers too. Not bad, but not great either.
  429. dave_k

    Surfboard (6'8") and some snowboard stuff for sale or trade

    Guys, I've got a 6'8" Rusty Pirhana board for sale. A couple pressure dents and some dings. All dings have been repaired professionally. The board has been used plenty, but looks pretty good, has no cracks, etc. Also have some miscelaneous snowboard stuff. Helmets, bindings, goggles, etc...
  430. dave_k

    Abu Revo Toro

    Right on. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  431. dave_k

    Abu Revo Toro

    So I've done plenty of research on here and other websites trying to decide if I want to go with a Revo Toro 50, or Curado 300. I'll mainly be using it for saltwater bass, cuda, and occassionaslly lighter offshore applications. I'm liking the toro a little better because its got a few extra...
  432. dave_k

    Level wind w/ spectra

    Thanks again for the input and clarification guys. Its not that I'm having issues with distance because the spool isn't spinning fast enough, the line is just "catching" on itself and stopping. It's not birdnesting or anything like that, which is why I'm confused. I'm running 30lb izor, so I...
  433. dave_k

    Level wind w/ spectra

    So you think the non-synched level winds cast better? Not doubting you, but that just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Any other ideas? Thanks guys
  434. dave_k

    Level wind w/ spectra

    I agree. I don't normally either, but this reel was free. I'm just trying to figure out if its the reel, the line, or something I'm doing.
  435. dave_k

    Level wind w/ spectra

    Do you guys have issues with casting spectra on a lower end baitcaster where the levelwind doesn't move back and forth when casting? When I cast, the line gets caught on itself and the jig/bait comes slingshoting back or just stops mid-cast. I fish all my conventional reels w/ straight spectra...
  436. dave_k

    Flex Coat between wraps

    Sweet guys, thanks alot for the info. I'll throw up some pics of this rod when it's done, and I still owe some pics of my last rod too. It's a bitch not having a camera! Thanks again -Dave
  437. dave_k

    Flex Coat between wraps

    Do you guys put flex coat over the underwrap before wrapping the guide on? What about between the two layers of wraps on a double wrap? I'm thinking no between the 2 guide wraps due to it being a bitch to replace if I ever bust a guide, but yes on putting flex coat over the underwrap. What...
  438. dave_k

    Rod holders

    Get a tube from a bike tire and cut that up into strips. Wrap it around the rail under the clamp and tighten down. I've used several other things that work but this is one of the best, easiest, and cheapest. -Dave
  439. dave_k

    Turners Californian Rods

    I fished with a buddy's a while back, and it seemed ok. I didn't pull on anything with it, so I couldn't really tell, but hell, for $39 even if it sucks who cares. Just use it as a loaner rod or something.
  440. dave_k

    Casting with Spectra

    Oh and one more thing, is running a super short top shot gives you a ton of flexibility. If you're fishing 50lb spectra, you can change out your leader depending on what you're fishing (assuming the rod and reel can handle it). I can fish anything from 20lb to 40lb on the same set up, depending...
  441. dave_k

    Mt. Baldy

    With the right conditions, Baldy is the best mountain around. If you hit it within a few days of a dump, the off trail riding is phenominal. Nowhere else is so cal has terrain that steep, and cliffs too. Granted, make sure you know what you're doing since this is all out of bounds, but I would...
  442. dave_k

    Casting with Spectra

    Jonathan, I used to fish with mono topshots, but now I'm fishing straight spectra to a 6 -2 foot piece of fluoro (depends on how many fish I've caught that day). I don't have and problems. Just need to be a little extra careful to make sure you don't backlash though. Wet line helps, and making...
  443. dave_k

    ATV covers

    Hey guys, I'm selling 2 brand new, in the box ATV covers. I bought these thinking they would work for something totally unrelated, but I was wrong. One is an XL Standard Cover, the other is the XXL Standard Cover Here is the sizing off of their website (Moose Utility Division - Product...
  444. dave_k

    Guide Alignment

    I'm looking forward to these replies too. There has to be a faster or more accurate way than what I'm doing.
  445. dave_k

    lingcod special - Island Spirit

    Anyone have any feedback on the 3/4 day lingcod special trip on the Island Spirit? I've got some free time this week and was thinking of hopping on this trip on Wednesday. Also, what type of gear should I bring? I'm assuming I'll want to fish braid, but how heavy of a leader, how much weight...
  446. dave_k

    Thanks for all the tips! My first rod is done!

    Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for all the tips everyone gave me in building my first rod. Turned out pretty good I think. I've still got a lot to learn though. I ended up going with a JAWS 81020 blank, and the fuji hardloy guides. Unfortunately I don't have a camera, so no pics right...
  447. dave_k

    Depth finder/Fish finder seminar Nov 12th

    Great seminar, I learned alot last year. Hopefully I can make it this year too!
  448. dave_k

    gas grill, mini fridge

    Hey guys, I'm selling a gas bbq, and mini fridge. pics below, and prices are negotiable. Also open to trades for fishing stuff. Only had the grill for about 5 or 6 months, works great, paid about $130 for it new. $80 Also have a mini fridge. Its a little beat up, but works great, and has a...
  449. dave_k

    Rod Building Videos

    great videos! thanks for posting those. That helps answer some things I had questions on. Thanks! -Dave
  450. dave_k

    Other than lobster

    Last week had lots of bonies at cat, even picked up a few cuda too... Lots of halibut being caught too
  451. dave_k

    Split Grips

    Thanks again guys! really appreciate it :hali_olutta: I think I've got it figured out now. I'll defintely post up some pics when I'm done!
  452. dave_k

    Split Grips

    Thanks Raymond. Dumb question, but what exactly is a winding check for?
  453. dave_k

    Split Grips

    Thanks guys. So I'm looking at these 2 items to complete the split grip. Will that cover it or do I still need to order more for the grip/reel seat set up?
  454. dave_k

    Split Grips

    So guys, what's your take on split grips? Capt G, I hear you're the expert on this. If you saw my other post, I'm just getting into this (just got a wrapper and dryer). Never fished with a split grip, but for some reason, I dig the way they look. Is this something I could do as a first...
  455. dave_k

    Rookie questions

    Right on, thanks guys. Any suggestions on what type of guides to use? I'll be fishing with spectra to a short fluoro leader. I don't want to go too expensive, but don't want super cheap either. I was thinking the Fuji Hardloy Ring Guides?? Thanks again -Dave
  456. dave_k

    Rookie questions

    Sounds good, I'll give them a call then. Anyone have any experience with that blank?
  457. dave_k

    Rookie questions

    Hey guys, Looking to build my first rod, but have a couple questions first. First, I've wrapped some bamboo gaffs, and even done one with a rod blank, and they all came out pretty good, but thats all of my experience. I was looking on the Acid Rods website and thinking about one of the kits...
  458. dave_k

    Thoughts on Penn 525 Mag reel?

    Very fun reel. I fish mine with 50lb spectra to a 20lb or 25lb fluoro leader. Works great for everything from calicos to local tuna and dodos. It has enough drag to be able to fish 40lb, but I think that might be too much pressure on the small reel, but who knows.
  459. dave_k

    Rough Water Hooping

    Right on Jason, sounds like a good night. Not sure if you remember me, but I was talking with you on the way out to icast this summer. I might try and head out Friday, but might want to wait a week or so more for the crowds to thin out too. Thanks for the report and luck this season dude!
  460. dave_k

    Pac Bay Rod Wrapper and Dryer

    damn, wish I wasn't dependent on my severance package right now... who knows, maybe I'll get a new job this week and buy it
  461. dave_k

    A few Hoopin' Questions

    1. Is hooping still legal on the front side of Catalina? Yes 2. Allowed 10 nets ber boat no matter how many people are on board? 5 nets per person, no more than 10 per boat. 3. Every person on board must have own lobster card and guage? Yes
  462. dave_k

    Dana to 181, 43, 182 on sat 9/19

    Quick blackberry reprort before the drive home. Launched from Dana pt early, was at 181 at grey light. Trolled around, looked dead, picked up and ran to the 43. Nothing on the highspot but found 2 boats on a paddy a few miles south. Worked that for 5 tuna and 1 dodo. Lots of other guys...
  463. dave_k

    Dana Pt. to 181, 289, 43, 182 etc. Friday 9/11

    Launching from Dana at 4:30. Plan is to start at the 181 and work from there based on info I get today. Looking for tuna/dodos/tails. I'll be on a 255 whaler with twin 150s. If anyone wants to work together let me know. Dave Channel 72, okoboji. Also if anyone has any info feel free to pm me
  464. dave_k

    Catalina Frontside- Are there fish & where?

    I think fishhawk meant "in the grey" thats the book that focuses on catalina. Lots of good info there. There is tons of great fishing on the front side, just gotta know where and how. Look for spots with good current and lots of bait. Typically fish the upcurrent side of the structure. This is...
  465. dave_k

    cover for 36 contender fisharound

    Call Gideon at Lakeside Marine in Castaic. He did a great job on a custom cover for me. 661 257 4254
  466. dave_k

    Fishing Offshore Sat Aug 22, need crew

    Good luck Mike. We might head out on our boat too, either run down to the 238 area (or wherever the fish move to) or stay local and do the mako thing. If I run south, I'll try and get you on the radio. Also, did you get my voicemail?
  467. dave_k

    1 bft 1 albert 1 tail

    Nice Josh. Let's go in a couple weeks when I get back. Your boat, our boat or buddy boat, whatever. That's good those bluefin are eating, we threw everything at them a couple weeks ago and they wouldn't hit shit.
  468. dave_k

    Sat 8-1-09 157 Bank Offshore Report Albies, YT w/ lost Dodo & Marlin

    Mike, thanks again for the trip! We had a blast and hopefully we can do it again soon.
  469. dave_k

    Tranporting fish on plane

    Freeze the fish, then throw it in a cooler right before heading to the airport. Duct tape around the cooler a few times to make sure it doesn't open and you're good.
  470. dave_k

    Boat Ho list for 2009

    Name: Dave Age: 24 Boat: Dad's 255 Whaler Conquest, and soon my own hopefully Days Available: Weekends, but I tend to get sick when fishing is good Experience: Grown up fishing private boats (Dad had a 21.5 Cabo, and now the Whaler) and I know the drill. I know that private boats aren't the same...
  471. dave_k

    Where the ??? is Hidden Bank

    Hidden Bank - 31.54 117.30 45.3NM on a 197 heading from SD San Salvador - 32.19 117.54 38NM on a 241 heading from SD Good Luck Also, are you the original owner of your boat, or did you buy it used?
  472. dave_k

    Sat 7-25-09 Offshore Report

    Mike, I was on the trip. Thanks again for posting, we had a great time. All the yellows were over 20lbs too, with the biggest being 25+. Lots of bluefin out there and we threw everything we had at em, but they just weren't interested. Nice boat by the way.
  473. dave_k

    Is this paddy holding fish?

    There's really no way to know until you throw some bait on it like the others said. Watch your meter for marks, birds are a good sign as is bait. Also the kelps that have stringers that run down seem to hold more bait and fish than the ones that just lay flat on the surface. Like everything...
  474. dave_k

    Touble trolling.

    There are a lot of variables here (type of lure, fish species, etc) but I'll try and give you some info. 6 knots or so is good for a starting point with feathers for tuna. Slower with a rapala, and faster if the fish are really spread out and you're trying to cover ground. (i've hooked marlin...
  475. dave_k

    spectra troubles

    Why do you need so much mono? I've been fishing the kelp cutter rigs all year and was thinking about using the same set up for offshore (braid to about 5 or so feet of fluoro). Just curious as to why you would need/want a longer leader for offshore. Oh, and Albirght knot for me too.
  476. dave_k

    Offshore Fishing this Fri or Sat, need crew

    Michael, sent you a PM about carpooling down there if you still want. Look forward to fishing with whoever is on this trip Saturday, I'm stoked!
  477. dave_k

    Need help with family outing

    This is awesome guys. I know there are several offers, but if you still need a deckhand, let me know. I can probably score from swag for your boat too.
  478. dave_k

    MDR on Sunday

    Haven't heard of any yellows up that way, and if there were, you're not likely to get them trolling offshore. Best bet would be bounce balling for halibut around the reefs IMO
  479. dave_k

    No love at the 43 / 181

    Thanks for the report, that area should pick up soon. I'm running a pair of 150 merc verados on a 255 whaler (heavy boat) and get about 1.8. Try running different speeds. I see a lot of guys running a lot faster than they need to and sucking up gas and killing bait. You probably already know...
  480. dave_k

    Marina Del Rey "On The Water" Sobriety Check Point

    We got checked last weekend... Funny thing is that they didn't even check me and I was the one driving the boat. I pulled up to them, they checked my dad, said we were cool and gave us a T shirt, and then I drove off. Didn't make much sense, but didn't want to tell them and spend another 10...
  481. dave_k

    Nice Blue and wide Open Calicos, with my kids 6-18-09 Pics

    Thanks for the report Mike. I remember how much I used to love sharking when I was a kid and my dad letting me pull in all the blues! If you don't mind me asking, were you getting the cali's on squid or fin bait? I've got some kids coming in from Seattle tonight and want to put them on some...
  482. dave_k

    getting squid

    Check the top of the inshore and islands board. There is an anchored post for bait reports. And use channel 11 on the water. Good luck!
  483. dave_k

    Penn 525 Mag

    depends on the condition of the reel. email me some pics if you have them. email address is in the original post above. Thanks
  484. dave_k

    Penn 525 Mag

    Anyone have one in good condition or even new they would be willing to part with? Let me know. Thanks email: [email protected]
  485. dave_k

    .......SBI 5/16

    Manny, I was the guy in the whaler that came over and talked with you for a bit. We ended up picking up a few toad bonies about a half hour after I left that area. We went and worked the kelp lines after that and picked up more calis but that was it
  486. dave_k

    SBI info?

    Marlyn, Gotta check out a few things first, but if I do, I'll report Saluki, Hopefully they did well. If you hear anything back, let me know. :hali_olutta:
  487. dave_k

    SBI info?

    Anyone made the run out there lately? I'm trying to avoid the crowds at Cat this weekend and was thinking of giving it a shot. Just wondering if anyone has been out there and if so, how were conditions? Were you able to make any squid? Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  488. dave_k

    eisenglass question

    Hey guys, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, but it seems like when the weather is cooler, its a bitch to put the eisenglass on. Anyone ever try heating it up with a blowdryer or something to make it easier? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  489. dave_k

    Cat crabs on the crawl, and Long Beach Butts/pics

    nice going mike. I was over there too. You did better than me. Not much water movement meant a slow night on bugs for me. How deep were you setting your nets?
  490. dave_k

    mag bay info

    Hey guys, I've done several searches and haven't found what I'm looking for. anyone have any info on places to stay in Mag Bay? I'm tired of all my usual Baja spots and want something new. Thanks!
  491. dave_k

    9-10 Wacked um good

    I think he means spinner dolphins. I'll be out that way tomorrow too. Good luck and thanks for the report
  492. dave_k

    friday 8/12 dana point

    9/12 is what I meant. Call for "okoboji" on 72.
  493. dave_k

    friday 8/12 dana point

    Plan is to launch early friday morning and find the mammals and kelps for some tuna. Thinkin maybe the 209 181 or 43 but I'll wait for more reports. Anyone else have similar plans and want to work together out there? Like I said, no set plans yet but if anyone is going in this general area let's...
  494. dave_k

    catalina 3 day help

    We slayed the dodos on the 209 last weekend, so that may be worth a shot. I heard of some marlin and dodos at the 499 and really good conditions out there. Osborn could be good, but its a long run for a "maybe" bite. Personally, I'd check out the mackeral bank area and then work back inside...
  495. dave_k

    14 Mile Bank to 267

    Thanks for the report. I may try and hit that area on Sunday. Atleast you were out fishing, I'm stuck working in Sacramento right now.
  496. dave_k

    what was the worst injury sustained on the water?

    Got a toad yellow at SBI on a Rapala. When he was on the deck, he seemed pretty much dead so my buddy went to take the hook out and apparently he still had some life in him. One good flop and the front hook went deep into his thumb. Couldn’t get the hook through or back out of the finger, and...
  497. dave_k

    Dorado AND albacore

    Nice going on the fish, hopefully they keep moving up the line in those numbers. You can use a leader, but i prefer using a circle hook so that they get hooked in the corner of the mouth, which keeps their teeth off the line. Either way works fine though.
  498. dave_k

    Rookie questions

    Thanks again for the replies guys. Its a Hobie Pursuit. After reading some reviews it sounds like it might not be the best for what I'm using it for, but I can't really complain as I didn't pay anything for it. I'm just gonna mount some rod holders on it and mostly use it in the local lakes and...
  499. dave_k

    Rookie questions

    right on, thanks guys. The 45 degree angle thing makes sense, and I probably wouldn't have figured that out on my own. Maybe I'll throw it in the pool first so I don't look like a tard drowning in the lake.
  500. dave_k

    did you feel that quake

    Felt it good in downtown LA. 5.8 2 Miles SW of Chino Hills Recent Earthquakes for Los_Angeles
  501. dave_k

    Rookie questions

    Hey guys, I just picked up a yak and was going to take it out on Lower Castaic this weekend. I want to go there so I can get familiar with it on calm water without crowds. I've done some research so I know some of the basics, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions or tips for someone...
  502. dave_k

    DFG Trout Plants

    Thanks :hali_olutta:
  503. dave_k

    DFG Trout Plants

    Anyone know a website that shows a list/schedule of when the DFG stocks lakes with trout? Tried searching and couldn't find much. Also, I just picked up a new yak and want to hit the lakes a few times before going on the ocean, so if anyone wants to hit up Castaic sometime, let me know! Thanks
  504. dave_k

    MDR Shark Report 7/19

    Had some family in town from the midwest and they wanted to catch a shark, so off we went. Launched MDR about 5:15am, had the tanks plugged with macs within 20 minutes right outside the breakwater as well as another bucket full for chum. Ran out to a bit west of the boot and set up in some clean...
  505. dave_k

    Halibut tips

    Out of MDR I'd run up towards Malibu (pepperdine area has produced well in the past) and then look for areas of bait anywhere from 65' as far in as 25-30'. As with most fish, they will often be more oriented with conditions (bait in this case) than the actual spot. I usually fish live bait and...
  506. dave_k

    Albacore spots

    These guys have covered it pretty well. You will typically find better action on the SD boats for various reasons. However, there should be some schools moving north pretty soon, and Albie numbers should show up in the LB/OC and even Ventura counts before too much longer. I've also had some of...
  507. whaler1


  508. Boat


  509. dave_k

    Santa Barbara Island 6-21-08

    Thanks for the report. I love fishing that island, just too bad Mr. Whitey hasn't made it over there to find all those seals.
  510. dave_k

    Freediving/Spearo Classes/Help

    i know aloha dive in woodland hills has an underwater hunting course. The owner there is pretty cool and I'm sure he could cater the course to the types of stuff you're looking to do.
  511. dave_k

    Newbie Question

    Where to go depends on what you want to fish for. I don't fish too much out of SD, but from my experience, Dana Landing is my favorite (right by Sea World... 2630 Ingraham St. SD 92109). You can always start out at the local kelp beds off La Jolla or Point Loma for calicos, halibut, barries, and...
  512. dave_k

    long beach scuba show

    Anyone ever been? Debating going down to check it out...
  513. dave_k

    Pitching Bait at Paddys

    By no means am I a pro, but I'll usually just throw hooked baits out rather than chum since I'm limited to bait supply. I'd rather save the bait for when you know there a fish that need to brought up, rather than potentially wasting it on a dry patty. If there are good signs of fish on a paddy...
  514. dave_k

    horror in west cove

    Bill, I'm not trying to defend him or CSUN by any means. What they did sucks, plain and simple. More than anything I just want to know what the reasoning was behind this (if any), because it just seems crazy. Obviously it happened since there are witnesses and video, which I hope gets posted by...
  515. dave_k

    horror in west cove

    Not to discredit anyone, but it seems strange that CSUN's marine biology department would do something like this. Dr. Larry Allen is the head of the department there and I know that he is a very avid fisherman and I believe he used to write for WON. Not sure for what the reasoning behind...
  516. dave_k

    Fishing San Nick...

    Thanks for the update Mark. Hopefully the albies cruise through that area between SBI and Nick like they did a few years ago
  517. dave_k

    Fishing San Nick...

    I'm curious too. I haven't heard anything from Nic or SBI in a while. With the reports from cat as well as some of the northern islands there should definately be some fish around. I should have the new boat soon, then its on...
  518. dave_k

    Albacore at the Double 220

    You just gave me a chubby. Now I just need my boat to get here!
  519. dave_k

    GW sighted off Doheny State Beach 6/1/08

    here is a link for the story on Spearboard about the White in C-bad Carlsbad Dive Report Big Shark - Spearboard Spearfishing Community
  520. dave_k

    Trolling from Newport to Avalon

    also, might want to rig with a steel leader, we lost a few rapalas to sharks as well...
  521. dave_k

    Trolling from Newport to Avalon

    We used to do it all the time on my Grandpa's sailboat. We caught plenty of cuda, a couple sharks, and got a dodo once. Like you said, its worth a shot since your there anyway, might as well drag a line.
  522. dave_k

    bamboo gaff

    I'm actually about halfway done with with one right now and had a question. I wrapped over the hook and when I try to keep wrapping from the hook down to the base, the cord always slips off leaving a gap between the hook wrap and the base wrap. any suggestions on how to avoid this. Sorry if it...
  523. dave_k

    Is it time for a change? this should start some sh#t.

    I think slot limits are a great idea for many of our local fish, especially the slow growing, non migratory species. This would keep the big breeders from being killed all the time. and I'm not a tree hugger, and calicos taste great.
  524. dave_k

    Trolling For Threshers In SD

    I'm more of a mako guy, so take this for what its worth, but start a few miles offshore and look for big concentrations of bait, thats where the sharks will be. I've never caught a thresher on a marauder (haven't really tried either) but have caught several makos, so its probably worth a shot...
  525. dave_k

    This Won't Make Front Page - Sea Lions Not Shot

    hell, if we can't shoot em, let's just fish for em. they put up one hell of a fight on 20lb test...
  526. dave_k

    gaff question

    thanks for the responses guys, i really appreciate it. Now my next question, is what material to use for the shaft. I was originally thinking bamboo and have a pretty good idea on how to build a bad ass one, but i've been reading some mixed reviews and it seems like fiberglass might be the...
  527. dave_k

    gaff question

    oh yeah, the gaff will mostly be used for yellows, tuna, wsb, etc. thanks
  528. dave_k

    gaff question

    hey guys, sorry for all the questions and lack of reports, but once I'm done with my finals and have some time, I'll be posting plenty of reports (hopefully). Anyways, my dad is selling his current boat and has a new one on order. I'm planning on building him a new gaff for fathers day, but...
  529. dave_k

    Need manintence/repair for mercury 9.8 in Van nuys/san fernanado area

    might want to check with The Anchor in reseda. I know they service yamaha, but I think they do merc as well. (818) 343-1921
  530. dave_k

    Ghost Shrimp

    Anyone know where to get ghost shrimp? preferably in the LA/SFV area thanks
  531. dave_k

    looking for advice on a boat

    the only concern I would have would be that with only 120 hp it might be tough pull a skier up. How big are the people that will ski? if its kids you'll be ok, but adults might be a little much. you can put a different prop of there to help, but it might be pushing it. Should be a great boat for...
  532. dave_k

    new to spearfishing

    hey guys, i've been diving for a few years now and want to get into spearfishing. My local dive shop has a hunting course and i was thinking about taking it. Have any of you ever taken a course and was it worth it? thanks
  533. dave_k

    Tonight Charter 2 Days First String

    wish I was in town. i'd be all over that. good luck
  534. dave_k


    thanks everyone. i'll be at cat this weekend and if the biscuits don't cooperate, bonito will be the backup
  535. dave_k


    Hey guys, I've never kept bonito (expect for bait) but have been hearing some good things on eating them. I know you have to bleed them right away and get them on ice, but what are you doing after that? Some guys say smoke, others throw 'em on the grill. Whats your favorite method? thanks dave
  536. dave_k

    Catalina this Sunday....need a deckhand with experience

    James, it depends on which part of the island you want to fish. I'm pretty sure the west end is the same distance if not closer to MDR, however, if you want to fish east, you might want to go out of LB or pedro. Also, right now you can get squid in LB and I dont think they have any in MDR...