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  1. fishwacker

    Prop for 2005 225 four stroke Yamaha

    We spun our stock prop this weekend it was an aluminum three blade 21". I called oylimpic propeller they suggested a 14x19 three blade stainless. Any suggestions on prop size for our boat would be great. It's a 23' North river seshawk loaded with gear ice and crew it'd hitting roughly 5000 rpms...
  2. fishwacker

    Optima battery?

    I'm need of some new batteries for the north river. Couple of questions are the blue top gel batteries worth the extra money over a conventional deep cycle? Also I'm thinking of moving the batteries from the rear to the front of the boat for a little better weight distribution. Thoughts has...
  3. fishwacker

    Flat tire costco

    To the bd person who left the calling card bd sticker with s note of my flat tire thanks. I was able to pull over to the tire shop and have them fill it.
  4. fishwacker

    Wtb camper tie downs

    I'm purchased a new camper and am in need of some torklift style tie downs front and rear for 06 dodge 2500. Figured I'd check on here before buying new.
  5. fishwacker

    wanted tile person

    Looking for someone in skagit county area to tile a shower in a master bath we just built. Anyone on here do this or know of anyone please pm me
  6. fishwacker

    neah lodging at cape

    If anyone got a cabin at the cape and down the road need to cancel for some reason please pm me. This would be for halibut may 9-15. We already have a cabin at hobuck and big salmon moorage.
  7. fishwacker

    Need muffler for a diesel

    So I straight piped my 06 5.9 Cummins dumbest thing I've done in a while. In doing so I threw out my cat and muffler. I am wondering if anyone has upgraded to mbrp exhaust or another kind and has there stock muffler. I would like to buy it from you
  8. fishwacker

    Tuna friday

    I will be arriving this evening anyone want to split a tote of ice please pm
  9. fishwacker

    Husqvarna 51 parts saw

    Just took to have woods logging look at it for repair needs new jug and piston not worth repairing for me so selling as parts saw. If someone wanted to rebuild it that is also an option $60. Pic would not load will send pictures to interested parties and will try to post one later.
  10. fishwacker

    No love area 7

    Fished area 7 for the last 5 days could not buy a bite. The only thing we got close to the boat was dog fish lots of those. The last few years the bite up here has sucked which sucks because its my own back yard. I don't think I will fish here much more unless I'm bored probably head to Westport...
  11. fishwacker

    Fuel tank

    500 gal fuel tank with pump and fork pocket stand tank has dents in both sides but no holes. We are currently using this tank but are new one is arriving soon.$500 obo pm if interested.I will deliver with in a reasonable distance from Seattleto Bellingham
  12. fishwacker

    pipe jigs

    New pipe jigs roughly 2-2.5 lb each made with stainless cotters stainless barrel swivels and 250lb snap rings. Can bring to neah first hali week. $20 each
  13. fishwacker

    bags for sale

    $20 each pm if interested
  14. fishwacker

    first time razor claming

    Took a trip to ocean shores this evening to try for razors for the first time. Took a little bit to figure it out. I was kinda following these two guys around watching what they were doing until I herd one say to the other" see that guy knows what he's doing ". Talking about me LOL. mind you...
  15. fishwacker

    what's next

    Terrible play. Now hali in may at neah
  16. fishwacker

    pipe fishing jigs

    New 11" pipe jigs with hook and large hootchi. $25 a piece or 5 for$100. Pm if interested. I can deliver from Bellingham to Seattle.
  17. fishwacker

    diesel slip tank

    100 gal. Aluminum diamond plate slip tank with pump. $800 pm if interested. Located in skagit county but drive to seatle daily so can meet up someplace if needed.
  18. fishwacker

    wtb fish tote lid

    I got an insulated fish tote last week minus the lid looking to buy one used if anyone has one. Thanks
  19. fishwacker

    kicker steering

    Currently I have a tie bar to the main. When trolling either myself or crew has to steer the boat from the seat. This option is getting old real fast. Tr-1 for kicker or is auto pilot for the main and stay with tiebar system an option?
  20. fishwacker

    buying herring

    Is there any place a guy can buy a case or two of green label herring other than by the pack at a retail store.
  21. fishwacker

    fishing partner showing up late

    I was scheduled to go to hali opener at neah but my fishing partner hadn't showed up yet. So I stayed home and waited on wendsday the 28th he finally showed up. I'm willing to bet in a few years he will never be late for a fishing trip and be the best fishing partner any dad could ask for.
  22. fishwacker

    mercury prop

    Brand new 15x16 four blade prop it was a spare for a 175 two stroke merc I had not sure what other motors it will fit paid 280 selling for $100 pm if interested
  23. fishwacker

    shrimp pots

    3 large square black shrimp pots for sale all are weighted with enough weight for San Juan's. $50 each pm if interested.too somebody who buys all thee I will throw in 3 four hundred foot shots of yellow poly
  24. fishwacker

    neah bay

    I called Gordy at the cape in Oct. To reserve a cabin for the hali opener and was told they were not taking orders till the first of the year. I called today and was told Gordy and his wife no longer run the cape and that they were already booked solid. My frustration level was pretty high...
  25. fishwacker

    Resurection roll call

    Who is all goin to be there and how big will the side pot be. I'm all jacked up about this derby and can't hardly wait. :2gunsfiring_v1: